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ii welu * it., ftHUUtt
»»»r» ili.t««» UH|4 »u«.l«r.
■.■• »IU» it r. CIIA*F.
>rrtf« I 1 1 ..«>•• Mt«nt>
c>n* .ml r*r •.(•* t »ll c#nl» i«i »••■.
rr Imnh Illr tent* |«t month ilclllrlr I
r* r#rit*im No I i
T»l«phon« r=»ih*» IMP. .
<>«lrr* No. HOT • - Third v«mw
l«l«l*d •! ■l>r«lllr »u(l«|
•■ ■■ i» »ri'itn.l cU.« mail*.
The, letter ii.'in Acting Secre
tary of Wnr Meikli'john declining
to bring the Hirst Washington
volunteers direct from Manila to
brattle on a government trans
port, will cause ,i profound feel;
inn lit disappointment throughout
the community. It had born
confidently expected that the
war department would accede to
the urgent request of the cham
ber of commerce and the citizens
generally that the soldiers should
come here instead of being sent
to San Francisco. The thing de
sired seemed so entirely reason
able that scarcely anyone ques
tioned the action that would be
taken by the authorities in Wash
ington. It seems, however, that
the hostile influence of Naval
Constructor lindicott, who is
strongly opposed to the develop
ment of the dry dock facilities at
Port Orchard, has again made
Itself manifest. The Acting Sec
retary of War states that he re
ferred the request from Seattle
to the Quartermaster General of
the army and the latter, juJv'rig
from appearances, consulted Con
structor Endicott, who declared
that the Port Orchard dry dock,
opposite Seattle, was good for
nothing and that not even a
transport could be properly pre
pared there for a return trip to
Manila. Hence the adverse ac
tion taken by Secretary Meikle
Of course, the citizens of Se
attle know that linJscott's hos- .
tility is not based upon any good
reasons whatever, as the Port
Orchard dry-dock has ample 11
--cilities for handling any transport
that might be sent to this port 1
with troops, but the unpleasant
fact remains that Secretary
Meiklejohn has not rxt-h made
aware of the fact. It is possible
that an immediate and energetic ,
protest on the part of the city '
sent to the . secretary, might ■
have an effect despite the antag
onism of .'Constructor f:ndic,ott,
especially,^ if reinforced by per
sonal efforts on the part of United
States senators and congressmen '
from this Mate, In th« mean
time, however, there is no reason
why the preparations to receive
the soldiers should languish. The
boys are e'tititJed to a grand re
ception aridithey'wrSl get it. The
thing to do is to arrange Id have .
the regiment mustered out in !
Seattle. -.*;/■
General Otto cannot recncnlt* th*
authority of «h* ao-called riliplnn
cofi»r»M to an upon the tueatlon of
peace or war. on- of the hbrhrst pre
r*V««lv»« of »>vir»l»nty. Ilia courM
with r*»p«et to the racocnHlon of th»
AirulmJdo |DVtrmnfni haa b*«n rle-
Hly eonaltUnt. The qu«atlon of the
number of Fillpinoa who acknow
ledve Acnnai<l'<> nil* la not Import
ant Aa a matter of fact he com
mand the uncertain t+*\ty of a \»ry
•mall percenta** of them. It ha*
been ahrewdfy auc*««ted that Aculn
aids la hoi line oul for a money offer
for th* purrtMta* of p«are and Iran
qalllry In l.uion. No proportion of
thin aort i»mi to have been ma-lr
in the recent conferencea, yet mjra
trrlouii ■ I!union* hay* been made to
l*»nri«»nt Mop** In thai <Hr»-«-11-.n
Tbe rain payment to Hi-air. for the
Philippines and the ta.MW.OM bouo
if about to b« paid to the Cuban In
aurirenla aa a perauaalv* for their re
turn to their tabor are Incident!
presumably not unknown to the
Philippines Inaurxent . m.. • • it
would, therefor*. occaaVnn little aur
prlse In thla country If the Iniur
a-enta In L/Uton ahould Imitate Hpaln
and Mm Culmuis In (Mag him
prominence; to monetary considera
tion* In aulna; for peaca.
The report of the *nihalm»i beef
board mad* public today, MMMtt
jrrmt Mraddllna; raparlty. Beta
»Mm of dM '|iir«tl .n «t«-t the beat of
trfe'argument and neither aide loaea.
Mill la partly euatalned and Inrl
dentally roasted. Kairan «•■! m. clip
undefthe ear ami an enronlum U|«>n
Ma peraonal honeaty. The "»pe<-lflc
uncertainties' In the report make It
almont fqual In quality Id the aver
afca political platform. l-t ua re
joice tOK^her that after digesting
many columna of embalmed trail
rrfony during the wmrjr werka of the
Inveatlcatlon, w« urn now happily
relieved from the apprehenalon thai
»V ■-•.111 flnally know anything il'-lln
lie aba*) the beef.
The Crave* Were Empty
IIATAVIA, 0., M.. «.- The two
mjraterloua' and newly mate itravra
near hera win- reopenrvl by li. nu
rri'.m but iran empty, tl vim
thought a mlaalna buy, Krnnk York
■.- t .
I , mill 17, milklil be Mini. i la Oat "t
i |ih* giavM lii" itirvU for him will
b* contiuued. ll* i« an Important
• witneaa in th» i tat a«a.lnal miry
Vorkman. charged with a,a*aultin«
l.ucj- liiiiufnnl. M Foul play '* «»•■
. peeled. A warrant for lUley York
intii ■II taaueit Hunday, He vrnlv «M
• Ktiiiiiinntinn antt waa committed.
" Hair waa found In our of tht> gravra,
r A in-" hark with rubber in.». of
■ tin' kind Kiiuii.li to ilxik.l" la »"■• In
• iin- i-iin. i|..ii rlltva of iln* »a*t. «r
--. rlvnl In in* Hly r»f»n<ly. Tho hack
la lh« pr.'i.iTiv of tu\l.l Wrlah ami
. la iiir only «n» «f Urn klmt an I'uart
, •••mi.l It la lmii.l«.<mr|y Mlll»hl-'t Ml
> »i.1.-, th* metal iwi« twins nlrkol
I plain], ami III" womlwork mahim.
any. Th« «i,!- .1. of Mi. t>all
-1 b*arln« lvi'«-. mi.l si ilu- iii.-t lin
. |prov»m»nl. Th» tlrra am of hartl
rubber, ,11 I «llrN In 111..11.>11. lll.ti'
' m.'n.-lt »«lv alone th« pav*m«nt.
Tomorrow Ih* MMt4 annual tun
■taatM of Mi Urrat Council of
.kiiimiii.iii. iii i. 1.. :»i. I.i Onltr of
li. .1 Hi .1 will bo h-l I In thla city,
■ ■■mini.mil. * at M o'etMß and rnn
' llnulnv until Thuraday nlcht. Chief
IwM Tiltx» No. r.i. haa madeKrcal
|.rr|i«ri>ii for th* entertainment
•I th.- vuiiuik cu«ata. Th* pro
gram for th* a**>ton la ■• (ollowa:
Tomorrow at 10 o'clock th* t)r»at
rounrll will Bill in Kill* hall. In
th* IT—IM ■>> I o'clock, th»r* will
b* competitive ilr«rr<- work by Ch#
makum Trlb* No. .7. Hn<x|U*tml*
Trtb* No. i, .ml Chl»f «<-«:i!r Trlb*
N.i H; » to II o'clock India a aupper
tn vUltnr* and la<il*r only.
i W*<ln**day morning* lhrr«" will b*
la (rand paia4*. ami la th* r\rnh »
a rx-vptlon .nil ball wilt I"- «lv*R at
flank* hall.
Thurnlay »v*nln« tb*r» will b#
a r»c*ptlon and rnnr*rt at th* Mad
ihid pavilion, followed by a moon
lUhi *icura!on on th* lake.
Shot by m Sweetheart
HIIHErVRIHIHT, L*.. Mar *■—Dur-
<n« a !•».• at Aleiandrta a man by
th* nam* of Br «rt.r.~a »•• ahot and
killr.t by hi« iwHllwirl, a attrl at I*
The art ••■ prompted I.) )ral"U«<
ll«lw*Mt <l«n ■'«. ■■ ik-arbruok (»«•
ih-. a-lrl •ki •■• of water. »h« • .-w a
rvvolvtr and ahol biro. Hh* waa ar
Roo»«valt's Criticism Is An
swared in a Lactur«.
WABIII.VOTO.V, May • J-hn P.
flrccn. of Cleveland. 0.. a rotor*d *«•
( member of ih<> Ohio »»n»t» and now
a hi.h r>nV't*l in th* pnstorne* ■!••■
(tarttnent. lr..iurr-] l*»t night on th*
crlHrl»m* by Roo*»v«ll of tbo color
ed ■ i llrr ll* Introduced hi* re
marks by condemning tb* recent
Irtooemett'a crttlHam nf lh# color
ed >.>|.|irr* h> pronounce-1 unfair
ll* MM: "Colored men In the day*
of Priam helped Ib* <lre*k* la dorm
ancient Troy. they fouiht the Turk*
'In th» Holy Ijlmi they .Ir.v* S*v
l*«m*» lr!» 1 lagtaM fr m ll«yll lh»y
fotKht unl»r llutlvr. In loral«Una
uri'l w»ili—) wr the «»i»nly flr«i
N>» Ynrk to Mir* it-» llvr« of Hum«
v*ll and his m«n on flan m hill.
:-— ~-
Illinois Professors Look Into
College Barbarities.
CIUCAOO. May I —Thlrtton mud
• ni« oT lh« N»rth«rr*!rrn unlvrrdly
»»r- Initlatvt ni<> • <Jr<-»k lettrr
fraternity yvatrnlay mornlnc, ami It
In *\\~-> t»<l that ilk faculty will lad*
aecton on th# msttrr. Th- unlurky
tblrt*«n »»r* 'ti»-f»t.»i of roat» «t i
v<-»!«, their hand* fa*|rn*<l behind
Ihem and lh*n trwy w«r* blindfold
«l Twenty member* »f th« fratern
tty htlabnred tbtm with amut attrk*
In *«c tow :■■'!« they ■-■>»! I endure
th* h-atlnc wKhOUt fl.m-hlnit
! After this the can'ltd*te» were tied
jtosMtther and pushed off a pier Into
tatlH MlcMran. They experienced
|treat difficulty In c^ttlnir bark to the
| pier, onty to be drubbed a*«ln with
Will leava This, Port About
June First.
! Captain C I. Hooper, command
irr officer of the revenue cutter wr
vlc« of th» Pacific <'>»»i, haa arriv
ed in the ritv for the purpose of
making ih«- final arraniemrnta re
nrdln* Ihe salllnc of the fleet of cut
tern for the llerlns: sea. 'ruin* If*
aUtea that the it-i will ■ ..r,«l»t of
Ih* Grant, Perry, ltii«h. Cnrwln.
Hear, and ■ new alrrnwheel steam
•r. the Nunlvak, Imllt for ».rvl<» on
the Yukon river. The atenmer In
now en rout* to S-ntilr. In l'>» of
the liii»h. Captain Hooper ha» re
ceived word that the Ituah and h*r
•i» had put iota Kurck.i on account
of n.nirh weather.
Th' fleet will all anil for the nor In
ahout .Inn*- I. the Orant ptirtlriK a*
noon .i* tier atorea hn\>- Keen rerelv
• • ' The old revenue cutter Thetla
haii been remodeled and la en route
to in* rnaat of Hll» rl i fnr a herd n!
reindeer. It la atalrd that the at
tempt to dnmeatlrate the anlmala In
Hkely '" prove MM ■ ' ««f»l
Absorbed by th« Trust.
OMAHA, Neb.. Ha| «.—The "ma
ha pun li'-r, late a »-ir t of the ' »ina
ha A (irant I:rm-ii rompany'a
property, now irnnuf'TM I to th«
romhln» known ii« the American
and n»nnln«; <<imi>nnv, n»l<iy paaaad
Into th» hnmta of H« n<-w nwnpra.
Hupt. Pane l>«omr» nuiucr nil
-hi. Clerk '"i auditor, l'mridnnt
Hurl.m <l«-i !Uk h new honnra and re
tlrra. Mr. Ni-li. Ill' «•■' n tury «nd
treaaurer. birornra pn aMi nl of the
new rnmpnny, with headiiuArti-ra In
New York city.
HT I^MIH. Mhv I X V Urny, a
it, ■ •niitnii I I
ban thl» morning by tbi u»" "f i>rui<
■tc jit ill' iu'i a family in
Wodland, California.
Pnysloiant Say That She Can
not Possibly Live.
NKW YOltK, May ..-Delia Fn«,
Illr |in|illUi • .•Halt .p. m "'<' '« MM
la be -i> Mm Nii Ism lluii ■ lih-i- pa)
Mm who have paanti Upon i" '
.11. 1111, mi have a«lar.| thai *h* In
rapidly RoInK Into I' ■ •■'■• Tar •• \
■Ml mnntha her health ha* !■■ • I '1' ■
I'lminit, an<t recently ah* «'*■ com
pelled in leave Hi-- atage. A nrrvo
•pet-lallat waa Hi.- Aral lo warn Ih*
actr***. Hh» r»fu**il In fxllnw hln
.1 lvm Hut aoun h>-r atrrnalh r •> ••
..111 rompli>t«ly, and ah* h*a i« • «
"•HI to HI. 1...,,:, l.i .Hi- I r.-r f illi. t
I* a |ihi>t«<ra|.|irr •■' <" •' rlty, anil
urcrd thai hia iUii«lii>-i <•• crnt lo
Ma hnm* m hi!* ahe -«• *MII ablo lo
• lulu! Ih* lrl|i
11. p. . llll'li I* * .Hi.. I fault of
full living U. Hi lii an.l out at th«
|.i.>r. n.i.iii |i haa lunic l>«*n known
that !>• i.il h\<\ waa firm* th* "par*
iii«i kill*." "h» *•>• pl«ad»d with In
vain. Nothing rnu ' prvvall upon
lit lo ■ li«m«i- th** rmn»- ah* had
chnwn. i .111. on I frirmt* nutxi th*
. .«l'.«j.«.- of hrr vukt», and ramnwitf
•d ui-on ih* |OM of thai vivacity thai
mad* In l r > rharmlnc II >■ «r "l«
rin «»•• Hut dainty I'.-u «i • ■ i»i«t ■
••■i and th* t-inl ..f II all ha* «"ni>
ll*r (rratral ■!••* •>" • • ■•» nil
i.-hii-vr.i with Lilian 11(>>-- it and J
t)'AnK*lll* in "Tit* Wntdlnc IMy."
llvr laat ap(>««ranr* *»» in "Th*
Uttl* lloal."
Harvests of Other States Di
minlshed by Freezing,
CIUCAOO. May < -r<!imi:M on
111 i'ipit.i rondltlon, ihf winter
' wh**l of IIM Ihmuvhniit Ih* Mid
dl* Wrail will not be a heavy on*.
I«*t**l n-iv -\rrm »hnw thai in many of
lh» mlddl* Wr»i«Tii Btal** thi .1 tin.
Ml by trrrtinit ha* brrn Ifnmvn**.
Illlnoi* report* th* crup a* alm*«t
•nllrvly Milr.t and ih« field* ll •»>.!
1 tip and davotrd la olhrr u-.■•
NVjaconaln ant lowa t«r.l litll*
better. Ncbraaka'a ahortaa* in the
winter variety will (»• •u|.|.ii<,| by a
rrry heavy arreac* In •mnr wheat.
lad ana report* «..mr fa»or«bla lo
■ lino while Mlrhnaii an '»• an
a»rra«- crop. ' 'hi • ytetit pr«ml*<-«
la «urt a— that of any of the ttalca
For Paary's Relief.
«T. JOIINM. S. r.. May •.—Th*
•«-«l!r.« •l*am*r II": • w*n| Into dork
hr-r»* i-i|ay la b# thoroujfhly nvrr*
i h«ul.-l and repair**!. pr*par«lory In
pr«r**<tlßC northward n*it monih
with an (ippdltlon for th* rvtM «f
Ijr.ut. r*arr. th* *r«lir r»|..'.irt-r
who w*nt ioo.tr 1 th* p«l* la>i »um
mrr with a •px'tally ••tac'll I parly,
and who mar now r»<-l tulfltnr*,
a* hla «l<-am»r th* Wln.lour! haa
b**n frown in In* lr« fine* th* fitly
part of U»i >«-»r.
Big Increase in the Annual
• •ITT OP MKXICO, May i —The
trra*ury repnrt ■f f'-tr'jji, nunnwtn
• («<>»• that in right month* nf thl«
flacal year th* *iporta hay* Inrreaa
• I nearly t*.000,000 and ar* now at
th* rat* of nearly llMMma.ooo yearly.
Th* Impnrta hay* Increased II i • r
r*nl. an'l ar* now at th* rate of I •■ ■
■»■••■■•■> In allver annually.
Th« B"*>**rnnr nf !«iii»l->» In order
to *!»•• crratrr •"nrlir to life and
|iri]'Ht, h*« «u>p*nde<l «h* «<.!!»•!
--ttttlonal pmi In •■«»■■• nf k ; ! -
n»i'inr |«ifM.|». premeditated in'ir
t'r an-l hlshway robbery. Hlnaloa
Is on the l*arlf|p roaat anit l»n)atr<l
from the rail* »> »)«lom of Ihe coun
Thla meaaurv m#an« that nffeniern
of Ihea* clap*' i will be nubjort to
rapltal punt»hment by lh<* r»n*lltu
t 'rti.il aulhnrttlea. without >h» fnrm
■ III? Nt ■ trial wh»n 111. ir irulll «hall
b» clearly evident. A almllar mm
ur» rea-ardlnc j< r»..n« tullty nf put-
Una ohnlrurtlona on railway tri'hn
«a» taken ■ few »-«-it« iir . with em
inently Mtlifartory rciult*.
Tropical Fruit Trust.
IUiSTi 'N Ma», May •-A truat
tn control the tropical frull trade
haa been formed her* and a charter
taken out In New Jemty. It la to
be known a* the l'nlte-1 Fruit com
pany, and I* capitalised nt 120.00n..
•m far the propertlea taken ii" -
Son.nnn m at<wk and tl.VM.nno In raah
Han paid. The director* are: Andrew
W. i'realnn. vice in all lan i •>. i «■ ■
eral manner of the Baal Frull
company: Minor C. Keith, of Co>ta
Rtra, l^irt • O. IMrtih.ifn an.l T.
l.rr-ro it •".■■•liiU-*. Jr., prealdrnt of
th» Old Colony 1 mat company, of
RRrimi.lC, U'a«h., May •—Tin*
atato waitnn roml -iinmiii«i"ii. -■. J.
i' K-!Ut J. K. llwi «n<l fl. M. Itl.h
antann, rime Into rump y«-M<rtlny
afternoon, mid pl«rl»-.| on in- return
trip at an rnrlv hour tlit« nvrnlnir.
Th< .«|-t.-*«..| thrmaplvm n« hlich
ly I'l'.i"'-! * Ith 'h- roll!" Tli. v
will miik" further Inv-il itiii nn
the nun trip in.l hop* tn li» .>1.1.•
to avoid bullillnir morr than four
liriilicni Acronllng to th» aurvry
mad* by J. C Italrton l.i«t y:ir. ii' •■
i.il'lk"" «■ n i""» '•!-■* f-'i Mr. IUI
• i..ii tabmltlad plant for the brl<lKi»,
■.< hl< ti «■ ■- KM*ptt4 by thn rnmnilit-
Nli.n.T* 'Ph. V iin- to hp what I*
uaunlly t. rm. .i iin">-n truan. Hawed
timbori will tip u«pi| i th'-lr con-
Kirn' lion, with tip- exemption <>f th<-
Hoars, irbirti will ba nt p<ilp«, Th«
I.M iv■* will I'" Kh.irl. varying from
fifty to .iKhlv fret In l-nrih and
Will li"' be pxprn»lvp.
Tlip hrl'lgm innl n '•■* r-» kv |>n|ntn
will in- put In rtiapa at thin ■n ll«ll
poaatbli in.Mr., that th» road may
1.,- trnvp|"il by horix-mpn ■"' i'" ii
train*. •| hi rook anil I" i'li-.' work
It la rxprcted will practlinlly «■«-
I, ii.-l th» dial appropriation, Hut
the amount that will •>. rnnlv* i ..in
i...ii i ix ui'i tin money i" imlai i bj
private Inrilvliluala ii la ii. ii' vi-1 will
1.. iim|it'- tit ptaca lit" road In Kootl
conilltlon (or frrlKhtlnic inn pom
Wllli lln ix. ' iiU"ii of • If.- i i
THE IE \ i i 1.1. STAS*
point* iii.il' in it fair hkkoh "■■ i
frnni Hi. I'nliiMihln lo the Hun I".ill.
a attorn ■ vt thirty rail**. It will
raqulr* Ih* r«|.. i..uiur* of but little
money ti> i.ii' lhl» |.«rt In (mid
ahaps, l**.vln« about tw*nty-*ev*n
mtl*a !•> h* mn»truci*4. Th* total
'llalali' •• fi mi Itepubllo to th* <?ol-
iimbla ■ ''"i>"
i i In Wll
l'ln« la a
"i lia>
ii Hoi* li
M In. h fnm

Raprasant Chanay School*
i-IHM.V Wa.h , May ft, — The
public ». 11....1. have chiwen Ml>* IHIle
lon. and Ml*a Maliel I'rlce In rep
resent them In the Wmtdmen uf the
\V..i; I elocutionary ronteat to •... ur
May V at Mntlral lake The Aral
1 I will iniilrnl for the In llhrtT
tea act and the laat mentioned for
th* sold 1 .• ki 1 .-. for Klrla under
FI'i'lCVM:, m.h 1.-Klv* i.an,l
Ml him ii. I (■■ i la it... i .1.1 |,n..
»i. •• mad* In the boring %'t th* Ureal
Northern •'.••■ •!• tunnel, iin- bis*
l»l work of ih* kind now In pru
rir.. In In*. rnit«-.| Hiata. When
• ••■■>•(-•• ii I i!.i. .!..»> Ih* mountain*.
Ih* tunnel oil b* n ::.: f*«t ii.it
»> Ih* workmen m». %. t in !■<•«•■
IM) frrl II v . .!iiu«i» i that ■■
ih- |ti» nt rat* of 11■■,!<••». but »i
I•» • < for i!i<- iii .!■■• of (inking
t-.ii i r miim!.ii throurh which •«
• ■•ik. Ill* ioi.ii.-I will b* . ■ ns l.t- I la
■hmit elcbtren in- i '.'I", "i by No»
--vmbtr of ik*i yrnr.
y .it 1..11. i..-i ..i. i fifty mm ••»
w"i w i-i; on th* tunnel. • Vnvr, »■• -1
air furnUhm the •-••»n far Ih* drill*
u»"-.|. hi iv- work n otherwtt* w*ll
«-i'»:ri- I »im iv... ii.i,. i > Th»r* i»
* lift trmiht* now anil then at tb*
<■>»! • ii) .if ill* tunnel •••-•»-I •!■• -i by
iii- ■ rr< i... of « it. but pumps
remov* that, Al tin- w*#l ■ •,■!. Urn*
brine it •!<[.• .1 .» n»*t 1 toward 111*
«. «i. ir..iiM.. wtih water <• i»«rr en
.■■ n.<r r.-l Thr MM fret already bur
■ 1 are -in 11. I about equally between
th* n"i an ) «• »i i-ii 1».
Wa» Charged With Receiving
Stolon Property.
iUUk • M l.» Mlf I—rtirar
l^mtnan. an attorney r th*. ily ••! Me.
attl*. who *v arr»»ted ».\-r.l
in -<ntha •«'• on » I >< >rt- .if aiding In
Ik* concealment of #i .!■ o |tov*m.
m*nt if'■;-•!>. waa • fitful by a
jury In Hi. fun- I -' ■ ■-« dlatrlcl
court Kti lav 1/emman »aa »m
--!■».->•-1 «a rounael for Ihre* bunrlara
•> »i> • rrr- arrr«t'-I In IM« rtty about
a <ur ■«>>. and r<-. »'.»nl from on* of
Item i.ur iii"i »t(!i of . •!•«•
• Mini* to drfray Ihr <-»prn»Mi of an
j«!>(m-«i to th« •U|>rrm# i ■■i.r( Til*
t'nlt«d Klatr* otn<rrrm ImriiM of thin
| fact, •ml after making an !«":«•■
i 11on. cam* to th* roni-lo>lnn that ih*
• !«n>| • wi>r# obtalnr-1 through th*
r-t.if.-ry of Ih* N»rth Taklma PMt«
offlr* « ahort llm» b»for», Mr.
l^-mman, ll.«. r»fu»«nj to giv*
up th* (tamp* until It waa i r »v.|
' that ih<-v «• r.- «(■... ti j.r party, and
hi* arrml fallowed.
Old Cmployas Co Out.
IIIM.YAnr*. Waph, May l-O, It
Pi mat 1 h«« r*«Kn**t hi* powtlon an
ma*tfr merhantr ..f the Itpnkan*
rail* * .v. i Mir-rn branch nf th* <1.
N, a B«aKtoa hr h. f*^-upl<«l *»»r
• .»>•• lh« Inception of th- road. ll*
haa alway* Im—n ■ favnrtt* of the
•mployra ctf that r.i I and Ma r**t(
--r >■;■ ,-i will !••• n•. 'v.-t with f'-a-f-t
by lh«m. Ilia aurt-m* la J. Hlavln. nf
PI. l*aul. who •• • •!!•••■ I a almllar !••••■
Ulan wllh the fMratn A Oreat Weal
cm railway.
For a Catholic Church.
: COL.FAX. \V«»h. May «.-Ilev. I\
!<• •'!.« paatur »f HI. Patrick* rath
<■lr.il rhurrh here, today received ■
«lee»l In five acre* of !»n 1 on lower
Alknlt flat. i».i.!i.r t -!ii mile* ».-«t
of O«lf»x. from John t: mrr. r. Th»
land I* '■ >••■ »«-• «i for church pur
!•>.«. and I* tv>w lii-iii.' f. m ••■! iiinl
ai• ii •••■■»• I >i-l nut. I' iili- r I -urn*
!i- i- •In have a new Catholic nun h
built on Hi. ir-i- I next fall.
An Ounce in a ISO Pound In
dian Causes Trouble.
HRIC r» T. May »-Liquor
'■■lliiiif anv>nir tin In<llan* him h-.-n
pretty well aupprcaard. For allly
year* the (tovrrnniont him attempted
to enforce prohibition .im >n« Ha
ward* 'i Indian Territory. '*.>nitr. •••
>n.-• •••- II a !•• -n.il ■■n- n> ■ In ■ irrv liny
lnif>nimlln> liquor Into an Imllan
ri-»irvntl'in, nml a similar penalty
was Impowd n (■•>n ll* «.il« In Imllana
anywhere. To enforoo Dili law ihp
murln have Ix-cn Incri-anwl nil him -
■lr«xl» nf deputy mnmlinln hn*'<> br«-n
eitiploycil both In th» Ifnitory an<l
llooi the bfirder.
v. im ,n'i.. vh. :i thi Indiana were
prartd illy »loo» Upon thi-lr rpupirn
tlnn, It w.i* a ■lull" ill tank to eon
trol thplr thlrat for flr» w«t»r,, but
whpti JfiO.ooo whtln mm werp mMcit
tn ih* population '•" i" .1.1. i"
ram« almoal Inipnunlblp of anlutlon.
If hp ran bi ki pi ■!•■ r Ihi Indian
m.iki-H a i;"" I rll • ii down hprc, but
whpn hi> f-t- n few minrpA of flit
■rater Into Ml vein* all hi* rnivnc
Inntlncta an<l paaalom ai nroii'dt
an«l hp bpromra a I 111-M, Nlnnty-
II\" i" i iii' of the crimp* of nil
k.M.I" < oiiiniiitr.l In In'llnn Territory
ran lip lii. . I I-, drink in I nearly nil
Hi, buxiiii-.'H of th« cnarti la provid
ed by Hi■■ whisky pi 111 i»
Wheat In Oregon.
INI IN I 'IN' 'I <>r.. May «.—
The qiinnUty «'f wheat In -I. .|. In
11,, vicinity of Independence l< over
three UmM What Vll In «|nr« nt thin
ll in.- last Vi '•' Th« quantity NhihJ
nt Alrllc Monninulli. Tnlmiißp, liiilp
pandanci ami in it I- Bbolll IM.OOO
btmhela. «hi lad year it thla tlmp
ih,,. mif prnbahl) not ovpr ao.oou
nr 0,000 bunlirU nt ' I"' mntl, Wnrp
houiefnen aro bcclnninK t» wondi i
wh-it thry will do with ' hi- n^w crop
If tht r.il in. is do Dl I ■!• ■• l-h- to it'll
_„ M (I 1
i...i. Dm « .>., iiriii null i-m,-.
lu»ilii'iU'ii , . iI»UM». 'I'lll.UU I'll.'- •;.'.
A Passonger Coach Overturn
ed Out No One Killed.
HKAUW AY, May I.— A alii(iilar
acclilitnt thai indent hnv* had ratal
"nit". ...-.-iiir.l mi in.- lino of th*
Wliiii- paw «ii.i Yukon railroad Mmm.
I*4 .afiin ii i.v which a paMea
rirr.mili on I In- up bound nflernn<in
train «a« derailed and .... Mm n.-l.
forlunalely without any ni i Imia 111
111 l .. » 111-. th* . Mi ll
'Ilk- train waa k"liik at th* rat* of
.il'.ill i-Iklii mile* Nil h..11l and had
r**rh*d a point hctwrrn I li. lunnel
and i•> ■■ iri, wh*n 1 ..in ■■.ma- defect
In Ih* track, the forward roach went
off tuward Ih* outer '-.lie and. I" Ii at
•nmewhal top h««vy, cot off It* cen-
Mr and went over.
It happened at a |«ilnt where Iher*
«at BO danger of th* . .ar fatal down
the hill, but I narolnir over II (truck
a rnck that inn in the roof and
I •m««hed every aiaaa In Ih* car.
On* panKenerr who Man aiaitiliniT
nn th* platfurm lurni'.'l off and win
tiiiiißa<«i anm* tcinit down the hill.
Tim lh«»lll« of ih* i<<- 111 Iha
■round ha« i *u»r.| HIM .|t.f.ila
« lii. h nrr lirltm remedied am taut li
May Have Been Murdered
VANCOUVER, Wand . May I.—
Word waa received here thl* morn
tag that <*»■ iKtdy of *4alpli Miller,
a hoy II year* old. •>■ found bane-
Ins by a r.|— to a limb of a lr*« one,
mile rrom Kern prairie, thin i-aunty,
wllh hi* neck broken. It laaapaoatd
In b* a < »»•■ of «uMd*. but Ih* party
reporting Ih* <■«.<. here stated that
auapl etialed in the nelxhoor
h.--l that in* hoy *•» a victim of
fnul play. Hheriff M«r»h and Coron
er Hmlth have left for the MOM I"
mak* an InvevUratlon "< the matter.
UKAOWAY. May I.—Th* railroad
haa rrr- ''I a n*«r »»Tfh"ui» at I/*
Cabin within th* paal wr*k, SO by
JO" tut. an<l h.i» alrrady at.iri-1 hun-
Itr-in ef tuna of «<»>l> in ii Kv»ry
. thlnc that rap I* Mm iu-h.-l In
tin* point. Th* trail "Vpt th* Inkm
la fair, and «l~M!n« la bvlnir don*
n**r th*m. r*rora Ist <"al>in on
ht* rontlltlona ar* txH ao cnod for
[iravH, and on* rparhlnc that point
will h«»* a looc. weary wait In th*
• • •
Trunk A. 11n..1i«. th« . aahlrr of
th* Is ! l.lnr Tr»nnt«rtatlon com
pany, waa In town yMtrrday, and
rrpori* ronaldrrabla *xrli*m«nt over
th* KaJlon i"r«-*« dlacovrry H«hl
m!l«i from U>« Cabin. Th* airlk*
la »«i I In to a |>romia.ti» on* and
«nod rolnra ar. l-in« fmind In all
' |<rr«-ll<>r»a Aa anon a« th* w»ath<-r
parmlta of pro»p«-l work, awl th«
Htl of th» atrlk* hor<im»a mor*
■*n*rally known. a «r«-at «tamp*4«
la mi».l'l in thai diatrtcL
Arrested on a Telegram
KIM! V.I y Wa»h., May I—John
I*rk"-n. a lat* arrival from t-r»inir-
Inn. Mn.. waa arr^»t-il by Conatabl*
Campbell on a farm -iifht mll*a in
'hr n..rihwr»« of Ihla ••!•< <■ on a t»l»
--rram from a ah-rir! In sil»»Hirl. h»
t^-ln* »»ni<>l to MOM a charir* of
a-raji'l larr^ny. ll* <* hold awaltlnc
th* eomlnc of th* ahertrr in th* city
J*». Cameron of Oakesdtle
Sun Misting.
OAKF.«r>AI,R. Wild.. May *.—J.
C«niT ii who a month ■«•• a»um*d
.-■in.fii.tl i harer of th* Hun. haa
myvtrrtnuaty dlaapprarrd. W. A.
lir.f ki.. r. hla partner, «n I frlrn'l*.
art- at a loa* to account for hla \r
rullar lra»r taking Wh«IHiT hr haa
met with mlafnrtunc, mental troubl*
or haa t-.-«-n aandbaicim] at *>im* *pot
unknown, or »h<<hT hr drridrd tn
So to flelda «.-ri r-nT than thrar. la not
known, (or ail *fforta to local* him
bar* utterly failed.
Mr llrmikner i ■•■••»« the belief
that Cameron deliberately departed
for newer paalurr* to tarape pay
ment nf mimernu* type, patent anil
I. .ml I.ill". th. holder* of »hi. are
now on the |....k.<ut for the man. He
place* little faith In th- thr,.iy that
ni!»f.Ti'io" or accident have ovtr
taken Cameron.
Warm Waathar Walcom*
IKM-KF"' ••(!•. \Va»h . May «— v. v
er wan ■unahlne mor* welcome than
that of the la»t thre« ■!.! - ill
ilamp weather ha* bwn a great draw
back In all kind* of work. Karmem
are n»t only amlnua about the ■■•■ 1
In the «r"iin 1. but the »hiili»«- .if
panture h«» made It nere««ary to
feed even ranee atork at leant 10
in. lancer than uaual. an emerren
cy for which few were prepared. A
week nf weather Ilk* the |-r. .ml will
work wonder*.
Log Driving in th« Potlach
KRNDRICK, Idaho, May «,—Th»
•tAiiP of thp ««t<T la now favorable
for log drlvlna". and mini- work la
now under way on Ihe upppr Pol
liiiili to Start th« bltt drive for Wil
li» Arnold* a»wniill, which i" ex
l,,-,t,-.l l.i arrive here by tonlirht.
The mlvance cuanl of a. few laolated
loss ha* «liv.«.|y put In an ■ppemr>
in, |
Every Indication Points to
That Result
WASIMN'iT' >N. Mny « All Imtl
cation* point tn th.- MS I In*! of Mil
ihi » HUnlry Quay by the t'nlteil
st.ii' « •..nut- upon the appointment
bj ' i"4 Htone.
Tinl corrpupondpnta In Wa*hlntr
lon ti.i \ < Interviewed the r. » al>na
i..ik now here, Mid i' IP.i.huh al In
quiry hi \ ..■ If iII Krlit to Illi- hull of
nvrry »fn«lnr li"« In the United
ItaiM I) i.l- Of thla illy. It m
Impossible to reach every *' -ii-iiiir.
Hpveral am abroad nnd a clnxcn or
mom i" 11 '>• Una about thp coun
try mi rapidly thai menanKc* failed
in ll'ill'll til' 111.
Quay* personal popularity Will
have much I' do with, KulniiiK linn
the aeai. t'nr It yearn h» tin* l.rrn j
it iM»fiii rr nf th* aenatat ll* ii-i ■ !
lorn ■ alwaya a ftrlct partlian and
li«« fought a()>iul<l>r to «h'"il'lrr with
ih» m»n of hl« <r»n particular faith
now moat prominent In tha upprr
branch. Th*r« will !><• a few r«:al
' iiikiil lupublloana,
|>il) l<-n.lti«, I kin., llanna, Al
Iliion. Warren, Kalrbankn. Mpwinfr.
Al.iti. li and Hoar am MtfPOkan In
favor of aratln* Quay. Vlre '■'• "
i. iii Hoteli «ii 11" lnfl«••»»«•• l» !"••
ti>nt, ha» ripri-^wd him* fr>irn
hla al'k 1,1.1 a« favorable la all
gu»y, • ; -
Th« rommlttM' on iirlvll**!-* «nd
(iK-tlon*. which mall th» prrllmln
ii > rriMirt "li gubernatorial appoint
in. nil. favora Quay Th» rh«lrman,
Chandlrr, of N*w Hampshire, !■ f«r
Quay. TTir<H» or four olhrr Itrpul'll
c«n -inl.ri - I'rilrharil, Hp<»onrr
aii'l Hoar, arc >>iiihail> di'l '
Muiri.wn. of Ml< ll>««». who votrd
««a,n»i «'orb*tt. idla thi«rorrr«punil.
enta iii a '.i.ki.llll that hr haa not
. h«n«».l Mia ruin I on taaUM «<it» i
natorlal appolnti-«-», Howl tti»ri
will lit- an «■l.nil. ■ »f on* p«bll
can t'> I 111. ...ii,ii,lM... to »u<rr-»d
H^nalor All.li. and 111. new man la
almoat certain to '■'■ with Uuay.
In r«-bruary, !»»«. th» amatv, by •
vole of M to M. refueed to aeat 11. i
11. . ..rl.ill of Portland, <>r.. who !
applied for admlaalon on the erf
■i. mi.i. of <i..v Lord, guey will «et
mom of the H. |.ul.li. .in votaa cant
a«alnat Corbetl.
Tim " ■»ii,|.lm ;i ■■!.. aakfd: "What
in the constitution Mfn.iiii frl#n<la?"
Ilkt Tim .arnatora do not regard It
■• a violation of their oalh to con
' ,1111 to Milllllill eourtmy, even
though ail.-h conformity limy not I
•lrktly In lint- with the Idea* of
atrlct construction.
To Await Arrival of de Areas
rial announcement •■' the date of the
arrival 'if the Hpanlnh mlnlater »>•«»
yet bmi mad* to th« alat* depart
ini-nt. Inelructlona have l>een »ent
to Mlrilairr Mof«r to proceed to Ma
iirW whenever convenient, but he
haa been «lv*n 10 understand that
he l» not to arrive In BpaJn until af-
Iff the Duke do Arroa ahall have
preaemed hi» credentula to ihe J'r«»
"ii hi
E. n. AMrW-h. the m«n who win
injure Friday afternoon by the ••*•
atMMI of • nHrlr mil lank near th.
Vi-«i<t wharf. ■li'-l of hla Injun." «1
« o'clock yeaterday nmrnlnr at ITov-
Idrnc* hoaptul. Th» rt-malna will be
«hli>i-«*« to Hmkinn. <■.). where Mr.
AMrlch'a relatives ttve.
Suiclda of « Chinaman.
WAI-I.A WAI.I.A. llay * Jim
Mine, a Chinaman. . .rnn.lll.-1 airtclde
vmli-rrlmr by takln* opium. II re
r»tvr»l a letter from OHM * IN
day» a»o ami »>rr«m» d«-»pon>!ent.
An effort to rvvlv* him pruvol fruit-
fishlnis on
the columbia
r*i|rTLANl>. Or, May I.—TJj* Ml
man ratrh on tha «;olumbla ron
tlnuva in tx> Ucht. a* la ««ual nt thl«
llm» of th* year, but from th* num
ber of r>lurl>«. ka brine raurht, ft«h
--• rm»« are l>r«innltm to b*llev« that
!l»»t» la rolns ti« b» a bar run "' them*
Hall Ihia nra«on. Th» blurbai
■»n»raJjr ronw a IKtle bfhlnd the
main run of rhlnooka, and •■ th*
lan* rhln'X'ka and th* llttl* MM*
nark* cannot bo rauirht In the nnw
rillnrl, many flahrrmen, whrn tba
main run of rhln<«nka la »v«-r, lay
• nil* thrlr lanrr-mrph^d nrta and
Mi a, amallrr on* for r»i< hlnit blue
backa. If both kinds a| Unit come
alone at th* i"ain<- tim«-. the brat
■MtlMi M b* adopted la a conun
drum. Sum* n*hrrmen ar« provM
ln« them»lv*a with »mall im-«hr>l
MM to be I " i •'•-' for an etner-
«enry. while other* «r» putllnpr thin
off. and at the Mm* lime feellntr that
they may ml** It, *hould a luk run ■'
blurback* MOM In tarty. Fiaher
men are on velvet the*e day*, a*
there I* n.> end of a market for all
th- fl»h thry can catch, an.l ra»h on
delivery. They <!•• nnt need to hunt
for a rinnrrvmin who want* thrir
n«h. for a DM I* anchored In the
Irrer ruin* a flax, which offer* C
„,•• per pound for aalmon.
Work on ths New Structure
Has Commenced.
OOL,FAX. Waj>»>., May « -The In- j
ration of th* new O. It. & N. p.m
"■ncrr depot ha* been definitely ret
tl<-1 and work on the atrurture be
■an thin mornlnir. The depot will
be erected on the lot formerly occu
pied by J. 11. it.T'« re«ldcnc« on
the •■««! aide of Main Mreet ami lu«t
north of the nnln line track ■( the
'1 II * N. The depot will aland
lenitthwliw MM ami we«t, and .1
track will be built on the north Ma
of It. leavlnr the main line track .it '
the euro aouth of the I'actflc Coaat
Klevator company 1* elevator. Thin
track will be about M feet north of
the precent main line track, and will :
probably 1.. u*e<l aa the main line aa ;
41 will *Ive more room in which lo 4
make the curve for the norteant aide' ;
of the V which la to be built through
the tract of land recently purthaned
from 11. K. .•...» by the O. It. & N.
company for that |>urp<»e.
Cook to Quit Normal.
hum .\n vi-, ii iM 111.. May •—J.
W. Oook, prealdent of the Itllnnl*
Plate Normal achnol, todny lr«n«
--mltled to the aecretary of the board
of lril»te>n of the Northern Normal
iichool ii IV Kill" til* arceptnncy of
Hi.' it. p.|.|. 11. > of the In- Kiilli In
atltuti"ii The i-"«mon 1 .111 .- a • il- j
at of ISfIOO. In addition to which 11,
--coil I* riven by Col Klwoud. of tie
Kalb, « millionaire.
-i.l- HI Cmik will .1 ... hi* SO
year*' »■ t \ 1. •■ with the Illinois Nor
mal at the end of the pn "'til nchmil
year In line, and Intend* moving,
with till fitlinly, to De Hull., lii Ju
Probably Struck by Train
Ti:i;i<r. 11 \i 11 in 1 . May B.— a
\\ Taylor, 44, Of till" city. Ml .ll«- 1
coveml ilf.i'l thla mornlnK nl«nK"l>li<
I hi- \'nn<l<ilii\ track near Mi- fair .
around*, two mllea from th- city, |
There mil- britl»e» which »hn\v«>.l a j
rain hail mini him. Ill* »if« «c
--ruii.l a divorce (rum him lasl «tvk. 1
.—_ ... :_^
!| J. F. ADAMS :
; I"""""-'" 13 lbs "" *M ;
' ' ■• »•? •..,.nrl A.nn > , L.l.t.n I '
, , Tllltf anil Jam«i. ' '
l« ih» I. -iii.i- ».*i n » HuhltM. || r.n
I- umrlii »i m»,n.T,ln i.m, ... „"i "ti
••»«f umfmrnU. v (■ i'lCKBi
1127 YESIER V^y
Sell Imperial, I'atentPxcel
lcnt. Centennial ll^
Olympic and Pure
For 85 Cents Per Sack.
I '. I ..■.,. Main «27.
John Montpetit Is Working In
a Railroad Camp.
HTAIIIII<K. Wash., M.,y -r.«|.
'iv- it,f-.mi,i11..i, i.i» »• .n roctivat
that John M*-nt i'«-t ii. mho a* I4«a
--ini'-l aa tin- man who eommlllail
■■ii Ma at Walla Walla .. *. i 4 l ••..*m
<«... la ally«. On April 17 the bud/
of a man, mj ■[•• ■■ -I to i» Mompctlt.
waa found under a warvhouav, the
faco f<i\.ii..t ulih a hbr.dkf-rrhltf
(hat li.i !■•. v •aturato'] wllh i!i|..r.».
form. Th« man la worklnf In tii«
ramp Of It. J. t. *>-<- •. a aulicontractor
in Hi.- ttoal Itlv.r v..n. >■ rmtlroad.
mi*, I! iv. financial ••' t>-;.iry of tba
FV>r»«tfr», of 11,.- place, ■.■.'!,*
IfttK-r Torn Monlp«tlt today. It la
Moatpi in - handwnilnx and la dutM
May 4. Thr Forr»t*T» «re lakiui:
miiaurr* tv r«ov*r JTI whkh th»jr
alluwnl (or if..- funeral • »[--r«. « of
tin- man who waa 1.1. iiii.-I by tv»
coruner'a Jury M Munlpvttt.
OOLJ*AX. May «.—Colfa* la \a
have a minialui- truat. The Culfax
i:i<. !r!^ l.itrlit enmpany, which .i!«o>
!■•■!« In wood and rual, la about to j
• ■rut the fui-l trads of Cotfax. and
now lian but on . "ut • s.t.-r in th«
bualnewi. One Raturday a ilral IX
i i(.».-,t by which the licht company
KKlna control of the wood and coal :
bualnraa of Ilulln Itnw. -ml or J. W.
Mrl< k- ■ Thi* riven It control of,
ill 111. furl liu«tn>«* of Colfaz. with
Ihr Mneli- rxcrptlon of that of .ha
Ularkhurat. Hulia lirr.a. »«r* *«•
ttaaiva il-al.-r» »n.l the aato of Ihtlr
i.iimri. •• in. lv 1- » aln>ut 1""' corda at
wnod n.jr Kn < v.an. In apakaafl f
Tin- lattrr Orm will rnKaic In tho
!umh«r i.u»iir r* here, and will,
handle VukK auurrd fir and Ortgoa
I ir>». Ita yard will he on the O. It. *
ft <". *nur, n.-rth. t<i of the depot,
and the building of abed* began ihla •->
It la > •Unni'-I that the local ■!»•
mill. m'hl<'h baa 6.<n«.no<> feet of l«*a
In Ha pond, and la turning out 49.000:
f»et of lumN-r per d»y, will be on«
able to aupply the demand for turn*
bi»r lht» year, aa It waa la»u owln* ;
to the larire amount of 1.v.! liiiK to
lie done In Colfax and round laf| J-:
rountry durins the comln*; »ea»on. l
und Ilulln Hr..» e%iwct a large trada J
In lumber.
Ceneseo Farmers' Institute
OENESKK. Maho. May «.—a:
fartnera' Inatltute will !.- held In J
rleni-nee the afternoon and evening J.
of Xlay IJ, to be conducted by the
profeiwoni of the experimental ata-' ?
tlon at Mi>«...«. The auhjeel for th«
afternoon "wnalon «tll b« ••Or»lna^":
and Oraasea." Much Intrreat In th«
meeting ti> man.: and It la «•
(wcteU that murh K»od will result.
Seating Wax Explodes.
eOVINOTON. Ky.. Miv «.—Wm.
Stelnhelm. anxlatant county pr.v.-u
--tnr. w.m n-allnK docuinrnia Saturday
rvenlng when the wax exploded, H
l.innli!« hla hand neverel)*. William
McNally. a county employe. *a» at |
hia aide and Buffered aeriotu burna ;*|
ll.oll! th.- I i
We will demonstrate
that the suit we sell
you at
IS Till.
Best Made
Best Fabric
Best Looker
Best Wearer
Best Value
Buys the best suit
of clothes obtain
able HERE
J. Redelslieimer & Co
Strong (it Tap Colt Hotui In th* flat*. "
First Air., cor. Columbia St.

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