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The Seattle star. [volume] (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, May 08, 1899, Image 3

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Is Responsißle (or the
WABUINOTOM, May *-lf th.-r..
were no iihiaiini;,.. i in the WurlJ,
probably (her* would be mi mnUrln.
Thin la because malaria I* mm hy
a microbe, which I* rarrled about
from t«>ii |,» |..-i-.'!i l»* Ihr moii' :
quita. In other »orU». innlurU I*!
« hi.. i!l«iM».-, In lllAt i;l.^.|ilU... t
surk up the iti'.< r.-i»i from the blood
of MM person mid th«n fly off *nd
Inoculate another person wii:i th»«o
«»rmt. M>.tnt:i:i>'. the m»D>|ult»rii
hi«\-f ntaUri.i t'lW* tnin-mil llir
«Tnu of t> i'.i.h i fever. ltca» dissem
inate authrax ami niomiutttK* are
t»» i>iirvrvnti> of nun* which Nam j
<lv- r!r|ihiinii i*ii and of the f!.i«
truttlium whlih ..ui».-» maUrla.
The ir.>n«ui'.««i..;i of the mi. i..i.i»
TiuUrU ha* i»« • n proved by the ••*
--1-ruiK-M!, of l>r. v. ti.t-l Rom of the ;
livlun i»< is. U (talf. U« «.nk>- I In
thp Üburatarr »f Owl. U. D. nine
him In Calcutta. He fad ».-m,- mua
qultu** on lutllcnta ami. t«-.l wllb ma
laria, ami thro nllouiM thrw> MUM
III>"rl> til |<Ull< tUtf th« I' •■!!' • Of
captive Mnli The iDuculAllon *«• !
quit* •■••til|.!<•!••. H «. ,-i,>,-.l |.r.•»».«!• 1.
--that (he malaria Krrin waa >u< k. i
out of Ih* human (.••.!> by thr lira.
th- 'la. th«> INK lh« l«n-h, tho
«■"«! Ny or the m»»'iu!lt>. The «•»
irraphlral dl»trlbutl<m of the •!.». .i«
{Hitnlnl tv th# It«i i».i uit'l oupvcl
ally the m»*t|ultn. ?"■• Or. R»a •■■■
«-ui»-»l Hum* •jwiti.-n* at th« gray or
barrr<t back mcwittllu an4 i!imvi
them to f.i I .-f a man altccted wttb
ntalarti Then he »»«nun-l ih»
Mood of the mn*<iultu u^.lt the ml
rnu>i'u[» and ."..ur.,l pu-ni. :i:» of
the disease. II tlw Inx uS.it. I the
blrda by Inrloalnx them under a itet
with miUr'n-infn-tr I m.-» ]u 'l ■■ •
«■ I ' itir.l th*t the •!!« 4»" wan
tranamittcl. The Infecttun ••! th«
bint* «*• itr>> 'f autlXclrut uf the «'i;i
po*e4 tr«r.*miatii<>n on 1 llta: III*
tniHi.liiU.^ < «rt- iht> m- - |.it.i. ■
a^snt* for pmir.uleatlna' the ,1,•.-••,•.
It may b» mM that the nu>w|ul
t>. kinc human Mi»>l lnti> It*
atomach. wnuM sot rauto th« trans
mi«ion at the t«rmi. ■a II Is claim
ed that thla i» why th» microbe !••■
v«Io|« th« puwer at voluntary m >■ -
mriii: ao that It may •ttach Itself I •
■ ••-I |>enetrat« th* «a!l of the !»•«•• I
qulto'a allnwntary ranal. and i\< -Hiv
r.-^rh tlw circulatury triirra «>f tb»
InMrt. wh<<r» It rtn t>«r(.trin th* or
dinary ftincllana of Ita . »!*en.-«s .11
--vtJin« and .utxiu. lvi« and grain*
rrady tor Ita Introduction aciln tn
to ■M unfi>rtunat* human hmt.
Dominion Polica HaveTroubls
W ih a Mob.
IK >W IMI 11. Que.. May —An a
TiHUlt of an expedition of th* Do*
minion |->ll- 1«* a^ainul th. oba'rrpee-
MM IndtatM •'. St. R*«l* today on*
Indian wa* kill' I. two were aerimi*>
ly woanded ai>4 fnur arreate-l. Th*
dea4 man wa* Jak* lew. who had
U-m arruawd of killinr hi* wife. The
wounded ar» Jak* Munday tod l'-i»
Kom«b»dy. J«k- Klr«. I'»t«r Kir*.
Ivier Thompson and Angu* lut.m
•au were arrcaled.
Th* pottc« arrtvad by, tut from
Cornwall and Imtr." !i inly went to
th* hon«* uf ■«• mra whn w«r»
charged with the preventing "t h M •
Init *!«rtl»tu on th« reservation. Af
lat *rr»^«lnß th. nun they >■• k
them to the h»ua« 'of Ule Indian
agent. A trmil of M Including
Ame r Iran , Indiana, aurnunded Itia
plar* and «h>utrl for th- r- :••«•■ «f
th»ir frtenda, Th* ix.lii - fired on Ih*
crowd and tn th" ensuing; ronfoalun
(at away with th>.r prlasners.
At • m»»!ln« of i!).- H- i»t:- V.r am-
lati in and <•• i»«i|.'i nMrrnt* uf
the t'nlvvralty, Friday afternoon
la th- chamber "f < -■■iirn-r •■ r>*"i<-«.
th. H«t »»•« Inn >n v.(i-l that a law
department I.* <■«• • I•! 1 yr>• lat t'r.H ■r.
any of Washington. Till* practic
ally *ettl*» the queatlon of 0,1,1,.
H«h:n«r »«<;h a department,"fur Ire*.
Ident <;■ .v.« .i». iirr t during th* •)!»•
ruiwlon that there wer* »ufflrlent
fund* on h.m-1 for . in , i* .1 a ■!■•• I
I xrfm'-nl If Ih" liar nmtnrlatlon •»[»
proved ih" |.l.<n '!'!•• rnevllncr wa*
« larK« M beinr attend**] by «l- I
, m<i»i every prominent .ui.tii. >■ of
1 th» city. , • .
1 On It* final punt ">•■ motion wan
Irarrie with oniy one •!;»<•■ iiriiu: vote,
■that <f J. T. i;..h ■'•;. ami hi t>ut
■Urn*. ' «n r.. ..r 1 aa -ir .nulv In f.iv-
I r of ih* law » '(i'i-.i, but h<- was not.
lur* whether X »a» Iran' to ■■•
I 1 lit..-*] It al Hi- |.r > >■ nt iiiin- an.l
i.akn a »m 1 • ■-« of It.
|Ju>t before the meeting adjourned,
mi )«••- ll.> 1. • f ■'<» l> 1 iril of r. ;;■ n'«.
Ik.- 1 for id-"' v hi would be wllUnx
I aialiit by <xi'a»ion.il lerturva to
I >. and more than half of the at-
Ir.r , 5 pre«»nt volunt'»»red.
j h" rnntliT will now bo taken up
■ Ih" board of r. .-.n! < at IhHr
luUr quarterly m«-ting nr*t \V«">.
litay. Th- action will In all f>rob
•lity ba to Inatruit I'rrnMcnt
•'■).-••« to take *tr[>» toward Ih* m
t4,ihln( "if auch a «■ 1i.^.l fur next
NIV TOBK, May B.—The arrival
of tv-i l-'ii John W. <i.ii-.«. of the
>ni»-Srnn Ki«p| Wlm company, ill
<*hUn<i, from Houtham|>tnn, waa ro-
Ineldkl with the formation nl 111-
Wa|.!rf-Aat<.rl» of on* <>t the RrP.it
eat trula In Ihn hlntnry of manufac
turing and commercial monnjjolica.
Jlalf idosan of tb* hiriint pltal
l»ta Init<«l ami Ir'm met In 0 jirlv.'itn
room ,t thp WnMorf-Aitorla ,11 :
connuntnatod thu monnter lomlrlnu
lion InrntUt. The mim at thn ron
f»rrnc..-.v»re: ir. JnAgt, William It.
Moor- .f Moori> TiTO*., i,rtrmot<-Ti>, nt I
Chlraic >,J. li. li..|d, Vrr%Mnnt of th«
ADMrifii Tin J'lalo rrimpuny; ».'. H.
• JuilirUt nmt H. A. I'.ilntt-r, of 11,,
Anirr|fn« llteil Hoop company. H<v
•r»i onicer* of ths Nuiloijai tStetl
Company Weil* I'lixrM, It I* »«M
Hint M.ni i«it Ki'i'k*, <if iho Carnral*
| >' ■!. m '. ii;m-i::, wns liter* i'»
■ ■■n.->.|.l.ii ...ii i>r «i.. I Inlercsta was
accomplished beroro night,
• Th»»» oonpMilw are In th* ■'' i;
Carnegie Hteel company, National
Htnifl company, American Hoop Hteel
IMltnfnT ■■><! Aitterlcati Tin Platt
i. ill I
■ i in 1., known
ii- XI, •
I, !. I . 1.. ||. -.'I. lit
„f Ih,- tni.l
f.un! i .ii. ■ i ii.». limply n.Mum
i u\.l f.mr liumli'.l mil
li.mi .1-
Tho ttattWMl Oarni-dle Hlppl com
pany will . ..til l ..I Hi vtiiuv output
of steel In the inn HlM|r«, with
lh« txrrptlon of th» K*»leral SI. .1
anl thn Ami-rlfan Blrrl Wire.
Thla ■■••mi>in."l nulput amounts 1..
SSa.wu tons of hard metal a week, or
between IS.noo ami n,«oo tuns I day.
-!... k ..II i '■
. II Ttlry h«\|. All 111
r ih.
--\ M ■ »»l«t
I ih a .. n<.n
-Iron In i:ur»n>« l« worth i .ii.l.
«h.«t It wa» In liM." »ald Mr. rlatM
"Uurtilw *»uld »» Kind to UI some of
her bunlnesa come ovrr here, b«
rnus* she has more business than
she ran hull.' alone.
f..r Ih.- laal Ilir r f.mr \- .:• iM
| .. 11.v.Hi! I" > alrh 111-
RequiMtion for a Swindler
From Chicago.
C«>l.t*MlU'i*, N»b. Mi-. I.— Harry
:H. Mi. i* «b« **a arr«»trU aevrr
>l y»ara a«« on a i.li kt.ii-h or>lrr
from > hi. >«•>• itinl of pottre, today
>•■ rii.' I ■!.>■• that th* (uvrrnor of
V. ii.nii had k- in!> I the rcquKl
tlon It hla return to i'iiii'ir», re
|j>-«'..| by th* j, ■\.-rit-»r of Illlnnl*.
A I'lii. «!■ diHfi<-tiv* la un hla way
her* I • rrturn with th* fugitive.
lludaon. 't M>M:«(..:ii.ry. «» h* In
I better known, la a man ai .tlntln
«ui»h»4 aptwaranr*. and. »■■ ■" lin«
to l«tt*r* from th* police «l*p4irtm*ni
.f CMaaaa n-alu^.| 1.-o.«« Ihrouich
1 In.lima- operatlona in that rity rr.
rrntly. Ill* plan. II Ii Mid, waa to
work boarua rtiorka, mirpcnllnit
hlmcrlf in b* a writ-known man In
Cliifaa***. He traa arreated h<*r* vthlle
atnpplnf at th* tradln*" r».t. I. rrpre
msnlißg h.m».-!f !■> !«• a «ye and -*r
dortnr. ll* |T,if.-*><•• that h« I* Dr.
I John Iliiarh. of t^aa Ann l< »
At tho Kllckitat Academy
OOUDKXDAUE. Wa*h.. liar «•—
It I r. '. ni i!i«<- \\ '«I-y I. Jonra haa
a. • i -„(■• i In* Invitation to drltvrr th*
innu.il addrvaa to th« craduallns
(Una of th# kllal aradrmy. Tl>*
■ irrimi n.inunl firntm* *•( thla In*
•tltutlnn will take filar* May M lt.v
Nathan • inn, pailnr uf tho M. X
I'hunh at !.-n.l*lr. will .!>•»». r
th* barcalaurato «. no .n un th* Hun
day evening prevloua In ctimm*nr»»
ment day. l'rofe*»or Chart** Tim-
Win. prtwlpal. la wrll |<l*a»e<l with
lit* t>roc;r*» of the « a 1« my for lh.«
Molinsux Mutt Stay in Jail
New Y'i|:K May «.— Ii '.' I 11.
Hottaaaa muat remain In Jail. Th*
■uprem* court co or»J*r»d today. Ilia
••»••> <aa reaubmltteil la tho >r<nl
Jury Thura<lay It haa not >'' been
I— ■ V'l whrthcr M»llneu«'» rrqumt
tn far* that body duiirc the lnv»»tl
cation of hla caw will ti* arredod 10.
A Trust for Them as Well as
Everything Else.
NKW VOItK. May «—A rnnaollda
tlnn of the peanut In !ti*'f|. « «f the
enuniry. und»r ih» conlr>»l «f i »mc
!» company, with it capital nf <">,■
■?*> '"■>. la about to bf* rffoctiH). Th.
pmmnt«r of the ronaolhialion »• > -r^l
mrmth* a«o >«• nr>-l optlona from a
srrent many of th* i<-.um<i croweri.
S».m« of th« l«rit«^- one* l.'i IIIH-il 10
4lv» opll.iin, but It la *ald that, now
lint lh« plan nf conn .11 l.itl'in la wrll
known, most of thrm ar» willing to
%i\\ amt tako «i.k t< In the now com
pany. Th- opllona explr* M May 11,
and th* pn>m«t<'r» txprr«» confld
"•ncß that the n«*w Nimunny, whlrh
la to b* called 1 '•.' American P- mvi
rnmpa^iy, *l" •» Incorporated brfnrp
Tlic main "«■■«•• and war>-h'iiii» • of
■>i" company ar* i-» be 1, Norfolk,
V 1 . and «hli>nvnta Jfeuil •• nml
, from that point to tnw lar*« rltlca
•if ih- cminlry. likihl of b< 'i« 'ii«
--trlbut<-d from New York, aft h.m I" '-n
lh<' cuatnm In th» ■ i»t The valu«
nf the m'ii'ii Inditatry «f the fnit
■•l Si.iti * annimlly la i »tlm»tad nt
)..■(». .ti »«.O>JO,OOO and »,...,..., One
lof th- plan* of tin ronaolldatlon la
to !n«-i>- in- the pnxluct and export
part of It,
Th*> ppnnut > ■■••■■• «f th<t ITnlted
-4t.i 1> 1 la i.il«'«l aim entlrrly In
v.r -mi i. North c.ik.Ho.l and Ten
A Faarful Accident.
BANTA nORA. May «.— BrMa
Hmlth mpt 11 prob.ihly fatal accident
thla aftrrnnon. Ha waa ;ii«m«ilnK In
..[.• i.iikh: n alump-pullcr on th*
Ktoncy rnnch, near Olen Allen. whi-n
hi* lift ii.nil wna rauicht In '■■ ■i*.« n
tho new coB-whP'la. Ilia arm wan
> alowly drawn Into th« m <■ hi"' IT un
til th*t nhoul'l^r v aa rencned, hi-n
II %vna lorn from li« aockel He waa
I broiiifht to Hnnta Bowl for medical
1 treatment but ll- la not expected to
' nurvlve.
1 Murder at Cheboygan.
riIRIIOYfIAN. Mlrh., May ».—II.
nilllr, v 1..• 11 known rcaldrnt, wna
\ murdfTwl nt aoprrvlnor hn i 1 now
rn'» farm, ne.ir «>nawny, Saturday
j evenlriE. It l» thought the munlcrcr
vna waltlnK to kill llowin on hla r«
--\ turn fnim the • rUMr*i Hn'i tinn,
nn'l In tho ilark h» mlntook CIIIIh for
■ jtiotmi and eh"t him <lead.
Th* N*mo Clipper SlKnlflat:
1 I.lsht, eauy runnlni;. Dealdra, ii la
• ri 111 ■- and durahlr. I«ook It over nt
I l-i.'j 2nd ava. V. M. Hj;lliliili*, u a i.
The Territory Is Only
Ten Years Old.
I OKLAHOMA CITY. <•. T, M»y «.
I l.ici Hitturttiiy the territory "f «>k
lahiinm was trn >. ■■•<» ul<t, .m-l II l»
, a lit. l.(ii. ■ naniple nf mn. i. . mil It'll
. I'm ilvllUHtlon. It did mil .ii.|- ...
In the 1..-I . nma, Inn In the next It
' will |>r»liiibly allow noitiiilMnK Ilka
, :.•...»•« |>o|.ul«ll.<n, fur lh« l.i«l count
, in4j» by thi> kn-al enumeralur. In
I"•■<••. w«» 511.400.
The «niiu. i - uy kai ftot MltbTOt*
( .-I in any f.-> mil nuttiiier notpi «t
, i In. Inwn of l\hi>;'i«!i. i. I.vi II >m»
, a ir> i! ■) iv f»r l»llllllll*>nil»l. and
, j the olil x-tllrm, whu ratite In with
lhi> ruah, t»IJ im Inrlilcnta "f l|>e
, Klitl event whrn fel.ooo |M-»|.|r, at 111"
1.....in of a cun. nt.ii i> -I .pvt-r the Ixtr*
. ,|.T« of X .n- «• anil 'I ■ » .» In a ni»>l
ltd for I: in. * ami fortunes. Tim
nave fruni (ho ».>uth IMrl the wnvr
from tii,- nurih at the <*.ins<llan riv
tlrtury la •.mi.-.i hy northern mul the
■>>uiht*ru half by lututhrrn mni, but
the latter haw !••■• n linnn: ami (O>
Ctrl Kills Harsolf.
LA HAI.I.K. 111.. May t.—Violet
N'liTuro, of I'tlra. «k«~I (N-Tenln-n,
• .mi.null. I •in. il.' last iilkl ■ by
itrlnklns rartxillc arlil. A woman of
the village d i.l I..it Mlaa NU'i'um'a
fortune. ll»r muthrr rej'r«ve4 her
for n«tmnl»in»r th« fortune-iollrr
and I In minutes afterward »Im» .
Orank the poison.
\ A male adult Hum half an ounr* of
su«>r In his blood.
Htn<« uty I last. i«- :v «'ii|'« h*.v»
limn named fur Admiral !>•«■).
(II I* FiilnMlnl H'«! I'
>irr«i iiru.iit tfmmt tn.M»,m» .
[..ii ■ilk >>■!■
A quart «t milk contains lbs the
sam« amount of nutriment as three*
quarlrra uf a> i ■ ■•m I nf 1..■• t.
On «>•<• i.itiv railway » i.mii.
■lurk In a »t lt,Ti M..U- window
mr,int map; Ita itlurncv »«» a »l<!l,.ll
t<» «" t'ft
-.'**;• •
Th* CMt ir > :,i «■■ m..r» milk At)*
oualljr In pr»|*iriion (■> Ita live
weight than any ■■itur animal krpl
(•it milk i>ri<4ucli»n.
• . • ■ *
A fly* y- ir ••! I rhtladelphla boy
fell "Ut "f I lh •■! «! .ry win |. ■» n«.I
i hl> life waa • •>• I I') lighting on a
| tn*n wearing 1 * Mlk hat . The hat
w.a ruined! m
. . .
A r*nnayl*anla !-■»• leased a Ml
with kin. n. till • »>.• jjn,,- I at him
• n.l man* I Hi- • .»lf <>f hla !• »' on
thai he will probably b* a cripple
for (a.
• • •
What tn'i'T aanltary regulations
will .|.i f..r In* h'-aIH of • treat clly
la ahawn by laa fart that In •• •«
thar* »«• but •>»» drain from email
pox in lon I'»
• •'. •
"T«*. h*'a Hot ■ irrrat nrhrn* on
f.»)l ll* r»|--. !• la !>fln« th- li..iir
■lino rltora to t-rma In «!.'H Brdaf."
I "Whal'a th» vhrmtT' "A dtalrrt
tru»l."—n»*rlanil Plata k
• • •
A jroun* man In New Jenry !>••
r^Rid urn kMia --11 * Tl •! n. r**a
■nvrrxl aumrlcntty on WVlii. > liv
lo a»k what ilar It wan. p. *'■ I In
wnol.l ill- on '■ ■ li>. I-.. in-- unron>
wlona tin, ami on It, l.iy kr)>l
hla word.
B • • • i
Canada h«« a f-if' •' ar«"a ratlmalrit
at i,;.» '•« »quar« mil.«. or »■«■ ■»•■ ••»>
»rr«i, th« lara;»*t format arpa, •«» far
aa th* wo«Kla t>( mmmrm ar«> c<"n
r»rn«-<l, of any rminiry In th<" w<irlil
Ita fnrral prtxlu^tlun l» ifIO.ODO an
* • : • ' • »-
Th» Chln*»» tlclcrtlvr- firro la n
•••■ r.-t l .-I .. ami th' I• ■' i.ft-.in .-■ I
In Hi world. Th- v have an *r«
ui»in >\iry man, woman or i'ui t.
I ?.in<irn or mtiv.\ In China, and. In
addition, watrb over rath othrr.
John fl. Hiiitiii'. th- nriint. ti i> a
irr««t deal of trouhlo with olhera of
hla name. The death of on* of the***
recently caused ft report nf hla death
to be pubtuhed. -1 Ml mm* yrara «Kn
a man In Kn«land named Harirent l>e
c»me 11- iv nt. am) the «tory went
the round* that tin portrait painter
could not (iv hla debta.
ITerr 11-, ll' ■ a well
known ■ '•• 1 man Journall»l, relrl>r.it<-d
hla jubilee the other day. He h.iK
.11«■.»>■• hern nn enlhualaatle advo
cate of democracy. hi« been prone.
1 hi. >I morn than fifty time*, and
haa been aenlenred on more thnn
twenty ncranlon* to Imprltonment.
He la attached to the ataff of the
Volknielliinu. the proprietor of which
paper entertained him "'■'' hi rol
1. .i.-ii.-r< nt a dinner on the day of lUa
Three elephant* In tho I«onJ«n too
eurn C2OHO n jri-«r t>y c.irryltiit nn
ih. :r h.i<k» the vl«lt»r» la il' ■ i:-t
--!. n« The elephant* nrr> •• f.• 11■ i= • 1
In -ISfT'-ri ti» part* ■■' Hie '/.>><<. nrui
them h -- = rit« tfi l»e a tilt nf profi n
• iiin.il |. il.ii'v I" iui ■ ii iht-m Ap
pnrrnl\y lh<y are nn vrry itoK-1 tr-rm«
h<<twfrn h'ltirn. hut when tHMInrM In
hrlnk. nil Iho Inrßint DM I- rnln-
Inn muni y (fur he Is Ih favorlt*).
the other two try t» l'i»li Mm with
their trunk* an he ptHH.
Tli" Hit U-|lK,,ti Cirlil", m. I ,r "f
Hi M ■ 1..11, In 111.
1,, lit. 11 Ii 1 ll' taki -it r..
' with him lilt" ''"■■ pulpit, «nd whin
the ulnclng boCOTDOI B|i|rllli»n, hr
llvi Bf It HP with n f«w blimm on that
Inßtrumenl. Durlnß the groater
pnrt of thn fiiTVlro Iho ■ bun la
rtarkenp'l. nit'l th" hymtm, |ir.iyem,
n/icreii nnii othtr pleturof it* thrown
1,-, l;m. III!.I Oil a hiiKP MTHD »iii<
penileil ncrrißii the oltiir. ll"nM< nnn
nrKin. there In nn orchestra <>f KlrlH
wearlnr *urplle<l nml college m ir
• • •
Rumli In Kurope h<m n forrnt .iron
'i,t about KW,WO,OM nrr.'.t. fine-thlnl
of the niunlry. Indetd, In 'ii
In to i.- noli I, howi'Vi-r, thnt iii.
[whole uf the fgrvit area of itunKla la
Illi: NKATTLK si\lf.

\t Iha

1.-r 111

I I:
I .lit
A Nnw VutU •i ■ I who f-< ■': ■ i
!■ : t . « llf . ,!i:iij i Mitt tlUt'H till'
1...1 .*....!■. {Id tl> I 1' .! V llf llohilt It,'
"I IIM « \fiwrl l.irar# BlU>Ufft) In lln
iiiri'**. Ui«* iml. *l'ln ri* nhiMtltl tic
ilir<%- iviitrrn. »!l ruiiifurtnlily wurrn.
I |iut a few itropn of v Mi In
lh<- Oral wiilrr. 1 wi<;tr « , .11,1.. I
•il'Diii. iukl fur lh» Hi it h.iili map
tlli> <•«( Will. Tin- i'llht two m il> i >
itri* rli-wr. If i '■■<■ ta rii.'ii.' I rill* It. i
ili'y. i" i 1" ' ii Illllw iitnl iMifi ht*r
1 i.i.i. If nhit 1* '!• li- .»'■• or ytiiihfr,
I ritli li»t i|r>-, Klvln* hi-r it uurtf of
milk, put hrr In v I i/k. i uri'l cuvor
hrr up. One* In two >..•:.-, v nfirn
. i, .in n In I'tih- .i hrallhy cat."
• • *
BveraliK* llm WIM Wnl »how «t>-
I'rurvit Itl |lllil,l-l'l«tll, |hi> lillnm l>».
ll^vp that ovrry Am»rli»n Ik In tin*
li ii.ii uf iMrrytiuf .i rijvolvrr. A few
nlKtil* In ri.i,. my arrival ■<<< Ani.rl
.ii !i.. v. I r v I hIH frlt-tl'td li "I
'■' • 'i utttlnv At 'i '■»!.!.- lii t\ imiwli*
hall ••'.:• hi :• i, U linn- .n • an may
Iw . iii.il-.. I nl Ui.il bhl i.r it i>Ui--.
U'hi vn lh« Aini-iii-an lalli"! fur hiM
rhmk, t(i« ««ii«t |wrfi»rm«l n fi>m
In ! i ll'i. m I'l. .• 111.1 I. li .:■•■! Illltl
111 l■• Hi" ■■> Ih!' ■■ in i I- - >iii)..ii
rti-- Aiiirrlian fiiund fault Mlth thl*
"> «!■ mi uf mulllpllcoilun i" i dlikml
hi- to it ••!■ -i I !.i > ■ .im: witnmn
«hi> nil i i •••■.'■">» lhr»w hi ti.. :r In
fn>Al of him ami —:« l I.- • arm,
TftMM Jin'l." >iii. tii'. l. "hn In it
l»H>r man. 1 1 •- ii .-. i w!f» .ml fam
ily." I'M m»t]«K<r ram* runninu. '
"Wull, mall." in . i.ii. .i!..| • Tl'unu
dv not inako any lruul>l#. I nok you
ii' ii you ►':■•«.:! nut »hull!" Yirdl
!n»- I • Hi. »■■ iii. ■ Hi.. Ai-im-tl
ran -i- ii. i I';. I-'. «t Hi. irvmhlliiß"
waltvr, oho ii . I n « I- • run for lhi>
p|*lr*«y. Tttri* »<»• «ii'.ihir r«m
--• U! s: i .;.. mt>] It >•..'< .1. . . !. 1 tl.il
ih;. !•-••- ■ ihr>-e mail* nlni*. — Cur»
I - *J-T: 1' 11. -■ I'M. 1.'.. I.' ..I I
It Will Now Cost Money.
|?ANT»>N. 0.. May *,- Urn. tl««>rsi>
la iifltrf nwnrjr n»». "I liavo bwn
I ■ >.X t >•■>! Ml:.- «|lh»Ut I ■•>," »h«
Mjra. ••Hmi|.l<» <t« not r*»li*» hnw
i~ > I am. I ii.ii"' r ik.- irtamy in
•om» way l» i- • my Mill at tho ho
trl. If i:..- i-n-!» want thin*
it -r.- th<-y mint ij> (<>r it. I will
I puairtvtfly »■>( >.:*>■ tny picture in
-n.» !>»•. I- iI- ■•:•!•• »•'!' for my
i. ■ -k I rii i/i <■ ' I n niHlrn to In*
<■.inv.il ].!.'■ r> i|.h. <■• that !»!■>• will
h.ii i • ■i-m «• vii.i." >ny |.i- iui ■ • "
They Demand Rates Paid in
Other Sections.
iv .vii.i.i: la i May I -All
ii>. miner* In nouihrrn lmlUna !■.>>.■
<t» >. I th«* • i i. ** to atrlki* *» I thrr*
ar* no tr|>ort» of Aimt&mT. The Ml*
mil.. r# in rrmalnlne away from tin
m;ii" «al i!<-' i' ■!■'•< 'lf l?" national
t-fwnmlttr^man, l"r««J Dllrh^r. Th#
mm. i >!• m- m i-l thy rau> nf •* •• m.
[■ i.m for wfr»n«l rnal anil 49 ttnli
» i.-n for URintnnl coal. Thl* la lha
rut- In frnlral antl Northrrn InJI
ana. Th'r* will br a tn4»a m^t-
In* h»r» Thur».lay nI«M. whlrh »HII
tx> j|.|:.-< 1 by Mayur Akin, who
!--:....• that Hi mlnrra mrm rntltln]
tv t:>- ii-.i r.-.v». l rate. Mtkhvr. the
natlnnal comintllt'man, ha* '■•-• i. In
r»Bfrr»nf<» with th» o|*ral»r» anil
b»ll#vra thry will «r*nl tht d«-tn»ml.
Movement of Trojpi Leaves
Fort* Without Garrisons.

I . \ \\ >•■
I „ • .if
A Heartless Throng.
NnW V'lllK 'May *.--Joirph NH
ilrnh'ifrr. • pilnt. r. r«-II from it Inn k
In is- i-iii i;c hi nu Fifth nvinui-
I. • nlithl. nuxlalnlno it hmkon l<-»
ami Intrrnnl Injurlm. NHdrnhofer
gn«M •'» 'he ■Mpwallt aivl In srral
aifi.ny eallad f<vr htlp. I-Vr fully li
mlnulr* tii» i• in ■He ■! tintioti t. nl
iti urli n. th'iui«anil |K-n*<inn pilNfl,
Klnally a bicyrl** |*i»lU'^man ralUil
inn nmhulanr*. Nrlili-nhtifiT will ill.-.
To be Sent to tho Philippines
From Shiver to Sweat.
WAHIIINOToV, Mny t>-Ord«ra
h-iv«« iil«<i iM^-n l««ui»it to tin ...in
iii ir I - i;rn«<riil of 'in- 'I' ]. II I HI. -11l
nf ibi i' 'mini' ■ to reli'lvi» the two
' '.ti!j»,iric ■• of Mi - l^uiirliM'nlh Inf.in
tfy now In \ I t«ku liv Miirh riftnrh
||.. 11l fru n h * drpurttTii'iit im h'*
may d«M'iu niiwiiflrtry «n«l mini'mlih*
ihcm iii Hun Fraadaco praparatory
to nvalßnlnic them In ■h. Phlllpi
A rompnny of tlw Twr fourth In
.nil v. now In the- I'renMlo nt Him
KrunrlKco, will b'l - in (n VI i«k i
llrlc rim. H. 11. M. Touns, who
ha* boon <>n 'Inly nt Ain-ii.n.i. (In,
n» chlr f niUKlfrlnir .111. p| ..f Mi,
wolilh. hn* l«'«'n tllroflril to procwd
In H.in PVartOlaoO nml report to 11,,.
roinniamllnd Krmrul of tha depart*
menl of L'nUl'.irnlii f«r duly In the
rbtHppln* i MBS*
Found After Twenty Years
MUNOm Ind Mai I.—Twenty
yearn ntn Mr*. Mnry WIIH mr< loun
i"l h'T tinby In a thrntrlrnl company
of "priipiriy." it <ru not i' Mi i. !
nt Hip llino ngnrA .".nil rh» navvr
nKnln m* her < hlld III)! n few day*
«X», Hfie him returned icm m.. lll
tlt> rmniylVßnla town trhvri her
• IniiffhtiT Ml loinlwl by Ihi polli ■
Tin- Mmtl neat ton *v cotnpltti and
Mm. WllllnrnH ulll make licr home
« ilti licl UiuiK'il i.
Hold Court in Woods
to Avoid Arrest.
l'Wl»m, ili>,. M iv i.-Tlib r».
|>ri l«-i| nuitili t liil«i-fn I'nltcil Hut>-«
■I. put mnrnlinlii nn<l the Ihrrs Juilk-
M uf HI. «,'la!r rounty pr»(Usl«d for
l.xluy did niM ii!..- iilaip. Th» inl(.>
tMVlnjf lii-i-n nitrnril thai Ihtra
M'nuM l>f it furrp Of i|. I'll! i. i IllTw, iln
■ Ili-I tint to i..mi. Id i.,...i,, but In.
■ liail. It I* ill. I" I I I .in I nTnlir.
whfro In tho wooda. II li ix ili'Vrlii|>.
nl that (do tax k'Vy fur llm rofiltar
Viiunly funiln li.i» aln-mly liwn rnnilf.
li ii tka
1 ■'* I ■ la „f
n h< M
I. Ml Hh-'l! I
lll.lt |
A Nuw York Man Frightened
Into Attempting Suicide.
NEWARK. N. J. 11. > -In ,
'"■>' of Irrror. rauiint by what hi-
Ib ll<-v<-.l to tw Kluwta. 1£..!«. r! Hli.r
rjr, a h«tp| krvp-r. i'm»-. I a Knlf<-
Into Wa I.r<-««| j |inip«. lnm<tln«- f»
lal nijur.. i.. Two w.h-|i« aeu hl» h»lr
was gray. Mil it In a* while a*
Whrn ho took th* hotrl a nlirtii
»c« ><■■ ».<« I. 14 II «4> (mil!.-. I 111
i.un:t..-i. but .mi Hi.- Ural hi,- 1 >>•■
lii.nl »lr ii,i;.- i.oUo an I «. Nt down
(it Ih* <«)Ur antl »<» il|. >>■ .-■« turn-
I>Miik all #1..ii»1. thuueh n<it»Mly «.i«
• *»< r*. I >.iy iii«lii w*lr>l crtra flllol
I'll* Lull In, k. thirty ttlll in..rim.k
• li.ii'k-.- han<ln n-linl hint, mil h<
• i «l<i .-I hlnuH-lf, he »•!>•, tv •*• .•!•'■
a mot* i>.ii ril>i.- death.
Safe Combine I* Off.
CINCINNATI, 0,. May *.—lt wan
• niHHifirt**! nn th«» •»« (t.ii'rt- lm\ay
th .t ■if |-r-'(->»< .1 « if.* roifibtnw »■»
>-f. f r tb* |-r<-»< ii. nwiiijf to the
fiiliiri- tv r. ..ri.-.uili.- Ihs ll< rrlng-
Mill Mmm . ..TMlii.y. A !• I-Kf»iii
frum Nr«r Vnrk un .<in. .-1 ih it On
i'iii. inixti «|f- ki».>i.l< r; In Hi. Uttrr
fuwni hmj i' fii». I tv »!.ni.i for an
■ «M»*amfnt aii'l ** It ntrio '|<i no
• ■■in.•ii.-j.i imiM be nnt'li- with the
To Control the Houte.
\VAHH!V<IT<>N D. «'. May • —
He; u)>:i>-.«n *i»*-r« of th»- h">i«<- of
Ihnm ttittra In the wo>t thai 011 l not
|.n -r.: . .li*]).!*!. • for 111" pi« «k«-r
--«ti(ii aro nritanUlnjr with a vlrw 'if
Influrnrlns tho !'•>;•> i . rnntml In
ll>« nrcanltallun of th» h >u»i- Thr(»
li.i« barn a etui •!■ jl nf corrfapumi
■M on ih<- »ni'j.. I II la ».i) Ito ka
th* i>ut| ■■».- of th« rnmbln* In with
(••■l I i :.if ■• of nui>|iiirt far the
«! , \k. i.h:i> until il>.- »!!Uat!-->n haa
« • •!. '..:■■! • 1 that Hi ••>■ will be abl*
tn mt loothrr In th« rlrctlon of a
■!•• ii>< r .ii . i.i.tl.;. to Ih-lr XTllun of
ih" iuuniry.
M.wi.Uy M'.rnln* I ■» aaj
ilntihm A <"<>. rwelv«l • carl'Wd of
bMM .« >■ p!.T.|.»>- mnrnlnic. Ami In
■d." • > n* Ktiiti-ni w«-f«. two btinrheH
■if ml i>.in.in.i. ■In" I from Havana.
Th» ii 'i. in i« ar« • r»rt ■ Mm In H.-.
„ii,.-. an<l i> .•■lil)- f .: I for 17 a liunrh.
1 , . , ■i, l I'-rt. r i in.Hit
Th. I!.'i mnrkit id mil firm.
I^i» fottnwtne |>r|.«-« am (.-In* of
(»r<-l to tb» t>r<xlucer by th* local
1. »l.t« fur delivery In round lot* on
th« duck or In Ik* . «t at Hcaltl*.
ilr-i — OaU, I i;. barley, J.i
irhnt, chicken !>■>!. lit; bran,
ii. abort*. ll*.
Hay — r.it-l NMI. 17 per tan:
K«»!"rn Washington timothy, HIM
vi;. nit '"••. '»■
Km ■ Sttl< <!>' f>. »h ranch, )•«•.
liuttrr — Pratt ranch. 109 He;
rrrnmtry, I«lil9c.
I'oultry—Chlrkcna. live, ].<||l)V.
llv tntV-vn. ll<v
l.iv» Blnck— <"hnlr»l>»»f r»tll<".rnwa
lag •Uara. <',iij.-; koo<i hoaja, livr.
«■.!■: hO(«, ilr."»r.|. »',. . ruli-n,
■ lrr««-.|, I:wk", (■•■. ■mall, »o. ralvea,
llvo. Urc*. #OJ (mall (r.
■Mm >■• i< mi.! W.i .1 — Heavy
•.■iiiii K.illml *teer», iw (SO pound*,
•c; tedium «oun<l. i" r pound. "Vie;
ll«ht (ound. under Ml pounda, "'".
row*, (nund, all w#lshtl. toi ■ (*(■,
bull* ntnl mm. 40Sc; «.ill#-1 ktpa,
TO] rnlvv". par pound. lo; icrton hld«a.
]■■ ■«« Him •ult'-'l, dry 111 — . f.r
pound. Uo| dry cull*, ■ ■ Ml !•••«.
■ iiiiiiik r ■! ■r. per pound, 23(f!4r;
winter dr>er. dry. 14MI*o: t>»pery
• Ir.-r. 101 .11 V .IV - WlOc; KTrfn
elk, 4'.i...-, imp pill S.'ni'J.V; ■ imar-
MnK«. UOnsl i:«»l«'rn Wmhlngton
■v sol »c; Writvrn \V«»hlngton wool.
12c: dirty or timber buriicj. 10c; tal
low. -''ViU'.r.
JobbinK Quotation-.
The Jil'lilim <juutatluna toilay wrr*
an follam!
Siikt (Inlililng)—floMnn r. In bliln.
i . ■ , I-. |n 1.1,;,. 4'y . ii.m.l. i. 1,
Irj p inui !<■ ,i. :.%.-. . iiii», l%et
, ; ■
Flour, flo. (]<ililiiiii:) —IVilmt R«
crllrnl. 13.35; Novelty A. 53.00; Kmr
(linker*'), i ■:... c illfornU lirnndn.
4.10; I"i ii meal, yellow, II. M per 100
Ih* In 10 Mi ffnrkn; corn meal, white.,
II.US per 100 11. In iii iii wehal buck
vvii.ii flour, pure, |t.M per '."> Ib* In
'.i ll> *.ick*; rr;i< ll«d li'- i', |UI per
100 ii.. In in ii. uotu: rarlim. J-' H
per 100 Ib* In in Hi iw'lu, furlnn, $1
pal 100 Ibl In fi-lli lanln cteel-cut n.-it
in- ,| $3.50 per 100 It. I la I" li. *ork»;
ftrahnm ilnur, $1.71 i per 100 Ibf in hi ii.
■■CklJ whntii wheat Hour, 11.82 per
100 III* In 10-lb Mark*; rye, meal, 12.10
i .i 100 lb« In 10-lb pucka; ifa ii. in,
U.M per 100 Ibt In i" Ib aarka; *pllt
1...... Id" ib mm ka, $2.B0; aptlt pen*.
JJ par 100 lb* in ■ 10 buxca; i>curl
tin-' /. ti:. par !'■ i Ilia Id i...■;<•<.
»vli.iil linkim, 7].|l) 1,.. v., 11.19;
«ii. it riukpn, i' ■> par • i'u Dt as Mb
I'hf". f'il"'V I'.l'-I ..ill. |f>.. |..-r
talc. In »■!!< aurfcn; rnrii meiil, yellow,
I. vi i,. i bbl In i.ii Ib • i«lM! torn
iin-.il whllo, I■ vi p«r bbl In M-lli
I nark*; bl fcwii.-.ii fluur, tiur*. 17.20
' |ir tilil. In I.')Hi rjirk«: .i .. 1.. I
wlical. II i"i Mil In .■•» 11. ..... t- . , i... :
ml oat infal, !« ',<> i-.t Ifbl In Co-Hi
Metui ri .ft .in flour, ti &0 per lild In
Mi ii. «... I, .>. « lihlm « Ih-.il lluur. 13 (it
i.i.i In ! 'i IN «.k k». i >•• run il. t:i 7: pff
' Mil In -■' Hi »;i' k«; r>i' Hour, v |>«r
1 M.I. !,,i.. , mil. | nail, 1W II" Ml l,i.i i. j
|Lit;/an<ry iuii«.t vi*. ko-iu »n<ii«.
ll.ni fainy mill"! ii iin, ji'i caw,
<'i.fr»-*» (j'il>b!nj()-^'Jr<|pn ■* Morl.i,
par Hi, rJUSIr. I iv i. per Ib, Ulir'r.l
Coil a Rica, llmlif, |" r 111, I ,'ii l i. '
, id, ii". i \i bin kl< '■■ In IM-lb ... ■ .
I-. r rwt.. 11l 7.: f. 0-lr> i'UM(*m, |,-f rtvt,
' 111.15; M ill ranea, per rwl, 111 0.",;
- Java. '*• ll> tin*. DM Ib, «.''■; ixck, 34c;
■ Adi n Ma h«. ■!.■ ■ . ("ar»»-olii J Sic;
I liii •!• m.ilii. :'!■ . uri'iiri'l roffw, )CQ
Mr. I. I'm, 10.... til .71. Ma, 111 US; ■.■>.
'in Ml
ButUr, Ch.0... Ctft and Poultry
null«r — Urini lOCl'r; f»nry
dairy. In wiuarra, lCtfl7c: Waahlric-
I.in ■ i'-aliM-rl'«». I Hi print*. !• ■■i.:--i. .
ICititi-ru, I ■ i.t it. I Klfln, UOtOe,
• 'In i-ii' C'liiiilm-i — Nallvs V. i->i
> fnKt»U, IJ'v'-'H.-. 1..1.HU1. 1.-'-.Sf
. I:'-.' . Calirornla, 14c.
I r:*is» IJotitiing)—utrictly trtmh
, ranfh, 17'*«*1V\
•i.n.li hanry — Callfurnla, 12V40
ll^l en -inn .I. 7e.
[I roultry-lir*awd fhlckena, '/tao; I
li\ .■ . In. na, lit . ||v< turki-yn, H«
IL.-; li.-.». ,1 |„»-. i:i|Mi', Ui.-»j. J:
1 turk»>». l«UI?c.
i Walnuta, |T Ib, aarM. 12OUc;
Liinli'iii black walnuta, 10. , j.. urn«.
UOUi . nii"it». lie; ulin..i. i>., l.v» y.
•oft ulirll. l«i(."'i-. ■ fiM,ll<la, No. i.
l«017c; iwuiuta, title; plno. !'•■;
hickory. !<»•; rucoanula, per (loxcn,
"it; popcorn, <>• prr Ib.
Hay, Grain and Fend.
Itay ()obUn«) — rue t Bound, per
lon. I'll*; !■:■•■ Waahlngtoa tim- i
othy, li;un. alfalfa 119.
oala (iubblng)— i.i ion, lit.
lv..- ■ H»ll< '1. in.
«'urn—Wbult. ttiUt: cracked, J:3. '
rr.-1 mi-»i, par ton. i:3.
Krnl -v. hrui. Ill; .11 eafet m»al. ,
I".:.: inliMllnsa, HlttZl; bran. (17;
ahorla. Ill; i ii.'t i l r. <l. l:i''j.':.
dairy <li«ji {><•■] (crd. IK; •<-« J oala,
M«at Price
I'r.«h M. 14 O>bhttl«) berf.
• o |rr Ib; »i«f but, "i^,. ptr Ib;
mult..ii. **ibrr, »<■ |..r Ib; pork, THe
per Ib; veal. Urge, ko jrr Ib; .mail.
I'rnvldona ln«>— Mama. lire*.
lOVk- . hatnk, miall. Hi . brrAkfaat i
bacun, IIHe; dry sailed atdra, IKo.
Ilex. »«.p.
Ijard ijutiUlne) Ilum*-maJr. prrlb, j
I\r. Whit* filar, »• . Coin IfjaetaJ.l
IV; kU4, cimi|>'iul.<l. Uerfea. t%e; i
Kreah nab O"l>t>.n*>—ilnliliut. ■;>., J
mm. *(/*< . a.tin trout, HHe;
nounlrra, 394: lataa, 4e; rotk -I. &■;;
trout, KSUlix-. ahrtmpa, lOr; ah»«l.
(O7e; nn.!!. 4«i '*-; •'■ilmrbi.t river
COTr; "iii'll, 4US; li.-rr.i.K. lOIr; loan
'•■"I. 4c: ii-r«. < >l>n,[. |1M |<-r '
aa. k II W per Italian; ■ Urn«. tl.so
|. r aark:l>unsrne*a rraba, live, 11.10;
cooked. II XV
I. •ii M «' I.r.|n«> — Whlt» niver j
Ilurbanka, |]7<|4»: lalan-1 Karly Ilose
I»«*4S; ■•lan.) Wbltp, J3iO-*»; Yak-
Inu ami nr.i.-"". 144. new potatiw*.
So i«r Ib; Mil ■■ m!v. r akin
nnlena. tin ;■• r Inn; Urrcon
and Yakima aiivrr akin, fancy, i
I*o |-r Inn; I" • •*. II :'• i- r Back; I
rarrol*. »o>Oll jwr aar; rulabact>.
'•'«• i'.r aark; Kurllc. ».■; California
<»|.»ra«ii". Ft/t. |.i i Ib: Walla Walla
aaparacua, |aj|#i jn-r Ib, rhubarb, 3c
per Ib; tomatoe*. I: .■ ■ per •-.•>"
--« v ■•* .1 ■mi. garlic, '•>• . Ca,llfornl«
a«|>»rmrua, tCi^c (•■ r ;i>; rhulMrb. *»i
I" ■ per Ib; lomtlnrf, 12.2S |H>r i .!«• .
iwnti |:::.«J, alra« it,- -. 11.7; a
itiiU', California cherrlwi, lI.TS I box.
Or.*n Fruit (Jobbing) — Oran«««,
arfdllnc. I2O1U; mult i:7iU(;
trni.iiiK. I! Mill 14; •pplt-a. fancy. I IT.".
UtlO |ht bo*; cuoklnK applea. II j
per 1. Ii bananaa. 11 60 per
bunch; California black fl««, TV Ib
boxea. II.SO; cartoona, II IS; Smyrna
flira, H« per 11.. new dales, "%c.
sweet «|il.!<- rll.r. JO.- per K.il: mcd.
n\v..-)«, i:::.ti3; itrawbarrlaa. 12 a
cratr; California cherries, II.M a box.
lumbar and Building Matarlal-
Logs—Superior quality, per M, No.
I Mr. MOT; merchantable fir. 14.U0
i 71; Ma I cedar, ICO7; common, per
M. ta.l*#t: tpruc* locs, It i«. ce«lar ;
• IiIHI.-1- tolls. 11.UQ2.C0.
Fir Lumber—Kouch, U. thick fin
lah, surfarex], one or two aides, S, 10
and II Inches wide. I16<j:o. length!
II to 16 feet; special leneths. Wo r»r
a! extra; one-Inch finish, I11SU: '•!>
vertical crnln. 14 per M extrt.
riuuiliic. dreaa< I and matched, li.;c
li. at. boarJa, t-inch. 1*011; io-
Inch, r.i Mi(/I«, l.'-lm-li. II«4}1>. l-viic-
Inir, Nil 4 or (-Inch ftnlah. If. No. -'.
I); v or channel rustic or drop aid-
Init. wrlKht ZOOOIba, IIICTI4. Kir tim
ber Joists an.l acantllnjrn, n.iiKh.
nw«i«i 8 1 ,s l l:. MfJ 1«. s 4 s.
tiluii- Ban boardt, 12-Inch and up,
Waahlntton Ited Ceilar Lumber — ;
Kmiiih. t*O»; bevel aldlnir, welirht 700 |
Iba, 1144] U celllnc, weights Nos. 1,
I and 3. H-lnch. l.n«i lbs; Noa. 1. :.
and I, T.-lnc-h M Mix. 111CT27: wains
coting, I10Q14; ruKtlc. HiQtt; 'A'
shinnies, (1.26; standard shingles,
11.10; 1-inch Iliilnh. 12. 14 and lii feet.
M9Mi thick flnlah, |:«U3«; cedar
squarea, 7. «, V and 10 feet, 1:1030;
I'l.k. la. 112.
Kiln 1111111. II In advance of erern.
I ir.iv:isr, M»c.
Chicago Market*.
CHICAOO, 111., May (t—Cat tie—
rift'VrH uiuhnnKtil; .-.1... ki Ip. t s .'.«■. i
S.M; cowa. 1304.191 Ti'xans, »:t;.<i
lloim — I.lt-lit. |.1."iHf3.93: niiirrh
mixed, .■■ hlKher; pIK". |3.30«)3.50;
heavy. |:i.*)'ii42.
Sin .|. Natlvrs, 14415.20; western
uriiiiilii'.-'l. 1.1 lit.-., li-.iil'.'rt
Notice to Stockholders
Nolle* I- heroby trlven Ihnt Ihe
.Innn.ll inrotlnK of thn atockhnlilprii
of tiip Miii<-r Kivt-r miiiiiir Company
» 111 1- bi Id nt tha olll<-»> if Ihi com*
puny. Nil MO I'l.iin-.T Imll.llnir, In Hip
city of rirnttli-, on Saturday, ioih
day of m.iv. 1889, at th» hour of 2
o'clock p. in . for Iha pun*"*l" of j
sl«ctln| mi \ >'ii truatMfj, and for tha I'
furlhir purpose of •un ring th«
advtslblllty of i li.umlni: tha onrpor
ii.. name of thi Mid corporation, anil
for tho trnnniu'tlon of such othor
bualnsaa m may ba brought btfort
km. ii mat ; Ini;.
By "i li 1 of the Proaldi nt,
OKI >ROK FOWtifsn,
Attest: C. A. UoXanata, ;
J!l'v.ii'l,ii y.
Pacific Coast Steamship Company
tev^ 'for San Francisco
Krt>*<Yr*\ Th» • r.r. ■> y« •■!•
--UHl] until atramahlps
***»&9'»!rSl '."■"". Walla v/.i.i-.
"%^3 m..1 MmallllA |eav«
~" Realtla l it. "i. vi«
Port Tiiwnnmi *i-l Victoria, March
6. l«, 15, 20. 30, \r.,,l 4, 9, 11. l». 24,
U, May 4. ninl rvcry llflh Uay tl.nre
ofl"i\ It^avt*
San Francisco
J fur Hi-Mitle 111 a. m., vu Victoria anl
J'ort 'I „!•.,,«-.,.i. March 2, 7, >*. Ui ".
April I. i.. |j, || 21, 2«i, May 1, «u4
every I,fin ,\ny theienfler. '
Tile ■•!■ j; tut «t«»lti«llll>» ■ ■'!•«•
f'Hy. City or Tupvkn and Al-Ul [ml**
•■ • ..ill,- v „. m . «„,,), 1, v, 11. IS. 2*.
Jl. April ... JO, 15, M. 21, 20. May *.
• nil «mry llflh <l«y thereafter.
for further md uij.iit'>n Obtain
The romfiny HNrvtl Hie rl«hl »o
'lv !.»•'•, V. .11,., it |>r«Vloua li'.lK*.
steamers, sailing <?»!»-. ami hours "'
j r. TitownninnK.
}•„, . 8.1, Hupt.. Oi«n I.ik. H«-attla.
Uptown ticket office. «ll Kirst ov..
Brattle; «;..-.-i.■:!. PtrUM A Co., Ciea.
Ac-nt*. Han K r inrliro.
Washington & Alaska
Alaska Li7tli:nn Ultras
MM lre«j MM «mi(
Tocsdb?, Hay 9111, at 10 P. t
pQ f^ —""■"-—<»™a»V
Skapray aid Dyea
SutMfqui-nt Silling*. May 13th
'Tlei'llilj; lib YELK WAT
Empire Line
All Water Rale to Ma.
nm :*i:.u ii li. licsid 01« mil
Juno 15, 1899
I'oui.r, tint * Ilk i ■•i;ij «r,y- i Own 1
*»*•! ul ICliu Huiun lot
Dawson City
AO4 Ail i ■ n ■■ ton loiUU
Yukon River.
607 First Aye. . . SEATTLE
! Or to any At. n! »f the Intern*- !
tlonal Naricalloti <'4impa.Br la '
1 i.i!'-i fttat«a or I ua I*.
Rfl^A -i , Tick»iom«!.«iinr«t»»»
•Jf^^pOM •"bun* M.ta 117.
O>)"D> f|.k«n^ 1....!«1il «Wi>&
M. I'aul. iliiiifiu an b&aL
c«itylnt D. ». Mill to all Orirnul Tulnu
For Jn(«ti. I'btn* **>'. All A«!aiw- Ft>rti .
About fVU»y 17, 1899
The Ocean-Going Steamship
mat M. wills. Master, Mi for
Friday, May 12. Nt Noon
Inly T*clv« l*ay« Th*ro«iujr.
] or Freight v I Panwiiger lutoi
■■ft] i I
Seattle Steamship Co.
Winu-Mnr !>•><).. Foot of Spring gtreet.
■fi. - Main '■-"• -
F. A. BELL, Manager
Oil Barrels
In Good Condition
loot of Yesler Aye.
Ycslcr Dock.
FBIMnI Ulrw-ion mil i mfaalmar*. ■
lirlon. ThlM Ar<«. muKVluiuhUm. 4
Trltphniio Main ii M»«m ■ Wa«h 1

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