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Arrangements for His Reception Made
by the Navy Department.
Ar»KI..MMi: South Australia, May ».— Information ha* )u»l reached
this port that 11.. bark I--lill.-y »m wrecked April It, on Kangaroo l»l
-->nl Ftvr |>a*sxiiavna a»>l twenty-fly* immbrra of th* craw w«re
drowned. One of the four •urvlvvrs bring* word «hat in* .<ih*r three
Who escaped death ar* lost and wandering In the btnli. They will
probably rail Into the hand* of ho.til* n«tl»r» and b* ■lain.
ZANZIBAR May » -N»*» ha* been receive.! her* «ha« a NMI car
rying a rarco enslave* wai wrecked In a «>Tm ulf th* SfSantlbar coaat,
and that thirty m.iiwi'!nl M|MI wer* drowned.
MANII.A. May » -«A battalion of MmimvU volunteer* led by Major
XMc-gle*. was in hi wiling today towards San Mi*u.l. about on* mil*
w*»t at Calumplt. when an un«*i>* attack wa* iua.tr by Filipino*
concealed In apparently deemed trrnrhr.. Hevcral volleys wer* flre.l
at Ik* American*, who charged and *i*t«tlly <In>v« «h*> enemy away, but
not until y.Ajjr D(ff*ie* bad been "hot to the b**A, and one privet*
<*\S . = /•/■
IXJXDON, M%y »~Ad»lc«i from Apia, u«wl»r dM» May «. a<"*-<willn«
]to • c*U«fr«m from AiKk.iti I, N. 7... rvporu thai »wr>thtne la quiet
In Samoa. Malaafa'a ajrrxment to aunpend rxwitKiiMi l»mlln« th» ar
rival of tb« !<ii:mi»!) Jolot tilth roascnt«at«n. kit n<< br»a broken.
v»«Hiy<»T«>V. May »,—There hum been no .ha nan- In tb« belief of
tti* Wnr »nd Mate .!. iv.rtmrnl .ifnxfala bere, that the, mitrm 1«r at Ac
u!n»l.l.' lit n->« a qaraihm of but a ah.-ft ttme. The PrMi<li-nt'< x-tlon*
aj*t> *r«n «o IndirsKc th« abfctlnir f»lih In that pr»|x>e4lk>n, and b« Mid
before !•■«vine fur Hot »l.rln« that tie npected to ■•« word that -»»
t>inald'< hail •urrrnt*r»J unroaditi *tally. No official advice* r*««tv«d
frum Man.U up M a I*l* hour ihi* *t\*ntonn.
■»*.\»UIN'JTi>N, May » —Th* K««y department t<vtay la«u»il an r.m.
nil vi r detacblttr H.-ar Admiral WaUon from th» romwvuiA at Mar»
latanj nary yard, and ord«rtß« him to r»ttrr« AdnilraJ Deirry. The
Navy de|>*rtment baa already l»iun to plan fur a rrr*i>«tua «» Dewey,
On bU artiviU In AnMran waters be wtll be met at aea by the North
Atlantic *iutilr»a. un.Jrr th.- > xnmand of (tampaon. and ewsrted to
New Tork tuu-bur OUter detail* at a ruualaf recvptlon an Wise
.;_ . . • *V< _______
WAmilSOTi'N. May » — Dawey cablad th» Navy department today
that Its had ordered the cruiser Cr»arl«-<««fi to A{*rn. In th* northern*
most p*r' of Luson. lit did not arlve th* rt>—aoo for .r Irrtnf the Taa»il
there but » I* bettered th» a>imlr«tiHUp*«ta thai th* place, I* being
MttHsnl by in»ur««rt» aa a OUbusterln* r-nt»r,
- ... ■ - y ■•■ y :; ; .1,. ; .-..- ; i
' 'TA Jn:«t. Vonxv.\ May » — Hear Admiral lfowlaua. -a bnard th.
UniteJ Slate* cruUer Chleaco, an* her*. t>««ay *imi»W of the Sul>
tan of »!.!■'*«•« a aitlinwl of rMIMMaiMI him by tb* Am«rv.an it
izen*. Th* admiral tear* notle* to th* Sultan that h* would bumbard
the city If a a*ttl<-n«nit was not mad* within ta-roty-f'HU' bvura Tb*
Uir*a< wm* rffectlve. and *000 afterward th* claim* w«re ••ttlt-.t
.vrrvv touk. May »— The grand Jury today r«fo*«d to Indict Hotairid
Bi-V.nraax for the murder of Mr*. Kat» Adams.
CllAlllJiaTOX, May »—<>»♦ thoumj.nl e»«fada*«l* THmM h«ve ar.
rived h-re for th« annual r»unl<.n. TSitrty th«u».n-1 ».altor» are »».
NEW YORK. May ••—To* funeral of Mrs. Wm. C. Whttner took
I ■lac* today In <T*rrl«-n City. I. I. The burial «*• la the >* hl'.iu->
family burtai ground. I
WAMIiIN'<;T« May ».—f>r»»rml Oorhln th»» morning rw«lve4 a
fne*M«» from O»*»rnor Th»mi»*. of Colorado, deny tai> «Ut<nD«nt* at
tributr 1 to htm c-actrolrm th# return of th* Colorado volunteer*, and hU>
Intestton to Invite Uic till of tat <»•«. Secretary Aljpt wit him a
r«t>ly th*nfclng him for the di-nUI. and *tattn« that every effort woaM
Ivr itm&a to effect the *p«e4y return of til* votuotrcr* now la th» Philip
i mm
CHATTANOOGA. May » —Th» fin* »■■—ir>n at the n»tk>r«l jmllce
cbi«.'*' coaventlon «m betj her* Ihu rr».»rtiln«. ItoaliK** meeting* be
■in tomorrow. Nearly every city <tl iro|««rtai»c« In the United mam I*
r»fi.««nt^l AWg dwlegarion from the we*tern •tatra ha* »rrlvr4.
t Th#. publication In yeettrday** Star of th« l*tt*r from Acting Secre
tary of War Melklejohn. declining to bring tbt Waahlrigton volunteer* dJ.
reel from Manila to Rattle. ha« cau»*d a f«*lln|r of a«rj.rla» and dla
galtofactlon throughout the communKy. The Secretary* position In the
matter 1* generally ascribed to th« h«til«- Influence ft NavaJ Constructor
Kndlentt, who, for a..m» mion beat known to njmarlf. i* working per
•lntently aralnM. the marine lntere»ta of Puir*t »<>iin<l ami In favor of
Kan Kranrlaco. Many <-x|.r«-*alnn>- to th* effect are heard on th»
•trreU. Attorney J. P. lUrtman. who ■ personally well acquainted
with Mr. Metklrjohn. Informed the mar thla morning tha* he hud Juat
written <I>r»Ti to th« Kecrntary, encloalng a ropy of yeoterdar'* War,
■ n't a»klnif how II had happen*! that ■"' erroneoufi conclusion* had
l»»en arrived «' 'v the War d*partment In regard tf> the **«rt "in.i. I
drydmk. Mr. Mailman amiured the ♦'wretary that thtre w«» no rp«»ori
why a tranari'Tt ■'■» not be docked them after l.rliiKin* the Hr»l Wash
ington volunteer* to •>,. city, frther proWrat* by prominent men will
be made to *«cur« n reconsideration of the action taken by Hecretary
Melkl»John. „ , I
K. O rirave*. |ir-«l ■!« of the chamber of mranwri*. *nl<l to »
Btar representative thin nomine "The matter contained In your let
ter re<-«lv«d from a. I». M*)k -J..hn. Acting H-...i.irv of War, will be
bnm op In the chamber of commerce tomorrow. Th»- onlclala at
Wanhlnitton »*em iitterty Unorant «f «he fact that nw of the larKuat
dry dorkit In the ITrnte/1 Rutri i- located on Pu«ret ••urxi They iwrtn
to dtorritard the fact that the On>«on, the ower •■( the navjr, prevlounly
to betnit w-nt to Manila, *«• on the Port Orchard dry dock, end m. put
In condition to make the m<*»t remarkable warahlp run on r>-v.rrt They
a l«, «-*m f> '„,.( that the United »ll crulaer lowa 1> now Ml her
way to the dock to b« overhauled.
"The offirtala ouitht •.. know that at QuarttrmftMer harbor, nrar Ta
t ,ma. I* a d<« k capable of holding large chl|>« and E«nulm<«l» M » Hrlt
«r<h dry dock that la ft/-r«i»lbl< not only Vr llrltlsh wnriti!p», but aluo
In t7n4l»d Htatea boala. Then, aacaln, the fa< i I ha* one of the flPllM
torpe->o boat* the Jtowan. *»« built her*, and that ■ revenue Mi the
Ooldi-n Oat«. waa cfmwtnictwl here. . mj alao in b« i*' iilnht of.
"I will """ I a leIUT alout the drydnrk, mi|.|i|friii ntlnK the bMtrr In
relation to 8«-nttle aa a. great commercial center, In • f«w 'l«y» to th-
Kecretary of W'nr."
Ortmth r»nv(l>. In «p«ikln|f of therrfuiwl of '''•• re'iui-at on th« plea
that thrri- were no farlllllea for dorklnn and repnlrinif <he tr«n«p<>rta on
jh« Hound aald; "ThH Quartern™»ter General of the Army tun anveral
„„.„ .|vcn «4>attl« the uliip by n-fUHInK to rrcoifnlae the fart that a dry
V' v multablv for alrnoat any bo»t,l» «ltunte<l »t I-.,, i Orchard. Why
don't the offlclalit K«-t n map and atudy tlto geography of '"' country,
and tn«n>em«mber a.it in lolng on out her*?"
m:\ in.i:, wasiiim.
Ktjen, the Foot Racer, Brings
the Scoops.
LONIKIN, May I-J .Ini llarrtt.
ex-llßlted Stale* inlnl»i< r to Rum,
brine* back a Hum ■■( k.k-I Manila
"The only trouble with the volun
teer*," tie ml.l. "!» that thry won't
*tt>t>." Th* WyomUifa wer« clear-
Inn out a ili'lut lim- ni of li. la when !
lliilr t-olnnel u»d«l»«1 a hall. oh.
not now, Jimmy.' rcrann(lrat*<l th*
men. ■!<!■» flnlnh ill' th* Job.'
The colonel n I .i.l and the Job wat
Knur im-11 were |>U) Inn rani* bark
<>f the ntir.ic line. A «|-nl hall killed
ont* uf rhv mm. After a decent In
terval for Hi. i• in .i ii of <he i««lv a
fifth •■in. r .i-ii-.-.l In and flntah<d !
the game.
When a man arrive* I mural D»
--»«•> • nr»t inquiry v fur patwra with
l>.u.i.) «t>>rtr« In ihnn. ,
Th* • ■•i.xaiu camtMilfnlng keept
the n"-«»i>«i*r nun .ii th* ]ump,
Jantr* l'rv«lmitn ha« a pull) way of !
Mrulilag aUing the ftrltm Use, M If
he <*er* r<imi»ander-ln-chlrf nf the
nh<>U> uutrlt. k«-i the H.rli|»-
Mrllae I'rrn •**K'latlnn Currrn
|».*fi.t> itl (*.i..im and other* *peml
their lime i«-t».m the fltlna tin*
and doing foot race* bark la tb*
eabl* oir.ru
A Mystery In the Town of
Wausau, Wit.
WAVSAU. \vi. May (—A prom.
Inrnt f»rmer nt rra«kf"Ct. Marathon
pounty, 1 .tin* to town thin morning
to demand th* .li«'iiirmi«ol and ei
amlnatton of a mSb containing th*
budy nt a woman an I th* boom Of
another unknown i*mn.
The hhimii cam* to Frankfort a
ibort time ago »i»h ber hu**>and
Merently *he lai taken 111. and « hen
at th* point of death 11—arl her
hual>«t>l <■• « . up aMlr* *r I bring
down to h< r cerlala bones, that »a*
mtaht i-u»i. th»n> In her arm* a*
an<- died. ll* left the room* and
neighbor* wer*° aaloolahed la •*•
him return with an armful of hu
man boa**. In. ul'.»« a (hull, to
w*ik-b *»m« short hair wa* < linens.
all of wblctt he placed Ui the dying
woman's arm*, and ah* wept orm
them until life |mih<l away.
Th» husband put th* b»ne* in Ih*
ea*kel with the ■•«!» of bis wife
and they wer* butted together la*t
r*rtday. Th* coroner 1.l for Krack
fort at noon today.
Rational L«agu« Cam*.
PafWaVHTI. M*y » Th» National
l*«aru<* game* mulled a* Mm
veaterday: At IfcMlon: li«-•! I. llrook
tyo " at Chicago) local *. Cleveland
:. «i New York: l-al «. Wtiblngtm
i; at Pltuburc: local • bouurville (;
no «am. it Philadelphia with Haiti.
mare, on account of wet ground*.
Aivlc** received from f*«n Fran
eimrn utate that Captain Rdwan) n
Reymtda. tornrer nul>r of the bark
Kat* itrtiiwrt. died at flan Fran
ri«rr>. yeeterday, a«» eighty y»ar*.
lie wa* on* of the moe| prftrnlnent
ehlp maetera en th« Panfli* mm!
He win bnrn In !»•••■ '■ '•*» an4
In l'"'T waa aalltng the ml - nf
i ... t »<>iiiMl In r»mniAn>l of the hark
Madonna. In l«*0 be became r..n
i.x>"l with MM l*ft Illakeley Mill
company, a* master of the Kate
WASHINGTON. May I^.Admiral
W*reon. now In command at the
Mar* i«tnn<l navy yiirl tai yeiter
day uliii-l eucreMtur to Admiral
Ih'iiwi, Ju*it all >uon a« the Utter ;
feel* that he> ran a.if- report off '
doty at Manila.
Wataon la penlor to Bfhley, which
account* for till appointment II la
■MMMI here that Walaon a*ke<l
Secretary Long to be appointed ••
I" »■■*» MMMMQPi when M *n made
evident that f>ewey would return to
th* I'nit. .1 State*.
Admiral I"»»y will undoubtedly
rellnqulah hi* romman<l at once, hut
will itay In the Philippines In com
plete the '• rnnil«»lim'» work. Whtn
he I ■• return, he will go direct to
New York. ■
New York rddrnt* have cent
tfe-wey an Invitation to be prewnt at
a dinner in Ilia honor, and the dtm
er ha* accri'ted. The dinner «11l be
an elaborate affair, and prominent
New Yorks-r* have already *lrnlflrd
a wllllnrne** la vubiKrlb* tIO.OOQ to
ward* It.
The fir" complaint undtr the new
U» providing for the j>rot*ctlon of
orphan* *n>t li'iii'-I^Kx children, waa
made ymteniay In Hi. »up»rlor court
before .Iti'ln. H<-ni««in John A.
Weather* filed id'- complaint. In
whlrh he alleged that two rhlldnn.
Thomaa and fli..,r*» Murphy, airi'd
five Mtrl Mtiht ■— nrn, who live with
their father, Kdward Murphy, on
TwTity-flrnt BVMitic. witi> being M
«|».-t.^l and allowed to live i\n they
|.1< !•■• or a* nec«Ml«lty r<»qnln 1.
Their imiiht-r i- dni'l in I Hi- fatnar
1* a confirmed drunkard.
Judßo tlrnmm eluncl nn ord*r 'ii
rci-tlng the ahfrltT to •cure the
cbllilrrn an I 1., turn them over tn the
eminly .■..iiiiiiloKli.nl r» In he cared
for until a hearing ./in !«• had upon
the complaint.
m i- 81 v.nn the dny d»pd for th»
hearing, nn^t th* father mat cltfd to
»Pii>- nn'l *how pnu<« why the
chlldrrn aliould not be taken away
from him. J
TON, TUESDAY ■VBNINO, mas •>, ihi»i».
He Nat Strong Support From
the Eastern State*.
NHW YntllC. May I In th» la.l
IWIaHHM id'- lp»akei of ili.- ii ..mi.
and Iha, chairman of th* eominllte*
of waya and inran* were Main* men.
In the neat • MUT Mlt if la an ex
rellrnt rhanre of t.'Cti nf Ihea* |>ti»l
Hun. Im-iiijc twld by N««r Turkfrf
The chairman of th* was a and
iiii-itn* rommlltr* will lt« tVirim i;
I'ayne, who auecevded It) itutt poal
ti'.n on the death of Mr.ilnn«ley.
Mr I'ayne ha* an ambition to b*
epeaker, but It la nut likely to b*
cratlnrd. lie will have la l. con*
lent with th* an "lid place, j He out
rank* Jam.. ft. Kh'tniin, Of t'tha.
In years ami In length of aervlce,
but Mr. Mlurman I* the better par*
llamenlartan, and, moreover, haa the
mor* powerful pr.lltiral barfclna. II
la b*ll*ve<l her* that Mr. aherman
will have the *upp»H, not only of
the New York di-lrjEKtlnn. hut alao
of a Write number of ennfreaamen
from the ratal and central we«t. - It
la aait hera t'>nl|ht thai Kfiimnr
llanna will aupport H.ml I'Uii in
l'u«himc Mr Kherman for Ik* Hp«ak
.t.hi,. Orlalnly Mr. Wierman
muat hay* th* aaauranm of the mutl
powerful imlitlcal aupport, or hr
would nut have decline*! a lift pn*|>
lion M (lenrral Appralaer. at I?* 0* a
year, tot a met* ahadow of a cnanc*
of th* »{>e«ker*hlp.
■- f ■
Whan Awakened Wat Ready
to Oo to Work.
HKAMNU I'a.. May » -A pusilln«
: mm <» nanlk-al and «cl»»tlflc men
la that of William T. Moyar. tit*
twenty>tw«> year .44 ami a fttu*b*a
M M«i»rr. who waa in a eomatoae
eoadltton for twettr* day*. Two
weeka a»r<» th* family mu**d from
lUrttattnro to Jllrtrttde, a lie* Una*
• utiurb. Cm Ib* way up with a
tutm load of food* th« young man
rf*i«J by ly»n« am a rhaff ka* lit
waa •—n to t>* *>»plr.«. but •« It
waa taxwchl M *•• ****** tlrad. no
attention waa paid to him until
lUv*r*U* waa reached. Then th*
family »rrr uiut-lr to awafcrn blra,
lit «•»• lifted from «be aiaa>-n and
walked up and down. Itvrrr meant
la awaken him that could b* thought
lof «*» trird. but without ancmta.
ll* **■ finally |<!»>r-1 In f *A apd a
l>hyaJcUn •u<am<M«d. UltiU could
b» dun*. ll* remained In Ikla rod
ditloo t«r<4v«da>> until I »l»y. when
h« awok», t. audktrnljr aa be fell
aaWf>. and » a» r*ady to >" to work.
John I*. Ko)e, U>« fueKlvr from
Ju.t|i\-f torn lloatiia. baa beta re
' man l»'1 to th* iu»t'»)y of Mi<ha«l J.
Morrtiiaey, who cam* her* tail week
frtm linaton for th* purpoa* of •!>•
prehendlac r.>yr All day ytaterday
Juii-r Jacob* lia«»nrd (<• It* argu
menta on Ib* reply to th* return of
I'riwrrutinc Attorney Hart I" th*
appttratton of Kay* for a writ of
ha be** corput.
Th* alatv art«» 1 'hat th* pro
>**4jnira leadlttK up to th* arrvat 1
r..»» h«r» In *«Mitil» wer* r*cular
and letrally tarn-I ■ut In their r»
ply Haaara I">>r» and Jetiner, who
re(>reaenl*d Mr. royr. ail'«» I that
he wa* not a fua"lU>« from Junler;
that ho bad lived and <l>n» buslnr**
In ihi* mat* for over a year and
that lb*> rrqutaltlen paper* wtra not
t>roperly attrairii They went aiiil
further and aald that th* prnamii
thin *v baaed on th* teottroony of
• man chanred with perjury.
■. Mr. r"»yr w*a release! on ISM hall
pending an appeal from the court*
Th* work "I raJalnt: the aunken
IlrltUh aliip AnJelana from th* but.
torn ' f Taroroa harbor la prcicre*a-
Ina* favorably. Ily mcana of a «rap
net. fifteen fathom" nt her chain
cabl*> hat* b««n taken up. A fee.
lion of al«ty fathoma of • »M» now
He* between th* acow and th* *hlp.
v hi- h la In water of a depth of thir
ty-four fatbomt. li I* tipeclw) thai
when th« *ntlr* l<n«Ui of th* cable
ha* been taken up. the AndcUiu ran
b« «id Into ahalliiw water, where
the work of raiting htr will be com
paratively eaay. > .: -■."<:'
Desperadoes Captured.
I I. I'AHll, Tn.. May »— Offlcerp
hay* arrived her* with fWrir* aix)
Voley MuNtravr. Danl*l >hn*<'!i.
and an unknown man. dee.p*rad<ie*
I raptured In th«- Or^an mnuntaln*.
rieor«e M>Hfr«r» la twlleved to he
the. mrtorlou* "Ulark Jack."
Slitean Sprinters In It.
Ni:\V YOIIK, May ».-^There were
alxtetn atarler* In th" tevenly-two
hour »t.i.«H-yi>ii-i'leimr race >t»trr
day nftrirvitti llaitrlmiin. the New
; York Drrimn atarted in the lend and
I ha* mnln»nln«-l It M far,
To Map Out the Line*.
MII.WAinCKIJ, May I.— Clovrrnor
Ht<-no. of Mla»ourl. and J. (I. John
•mi of Kanann. have laaiiMl a all
for a confrrtrwa In at. lynila. May
.'•.. of Hi' I •••Mi' Hi. commlttc*, for
the purpoew of tlli~ila«ln»T nnd nf
mapping out the next campaign.
Killed by a Street Car.
I^iH ANdRI.KM. Chl.. May ».—
Mm. W. T. m»nn. fnrmrrly of
Chicago, waa Injured i v ■ atrrot car
Ihla ifiriuiH.ri, raualiiß dinth an
hour Inter. MM M" ki i.i a frltnil
a* Him car wn appriin<lilTi(f. ami
hum I around inlnvit for her homo,
when aha waa run down and dr.ia:
--ki-I a considerable (tataan • Her
■kull win frarturrd to atrlklna; the
car • ill**.
Mit. Helnemnnn «n«« 111 - wife of
a Chlcnito <IniK maTiufarinrrr, who,
with hlii f,mills-, came ii boa Angel.
|O« about alii }-oan ««o.
Eugene Officer* Unearth a
Suspicious Cat*.
ICrilKNr Or.. May »-!.«»! Mrhi
• fmul 17 o'clock <"hl*f of I'ollc*
miir» ■ nil HtirrlfT With. went 10
tin* lit.in' of a girl named Ixltl*
lUunaran. a««it about rl«ht«en
yvara, and ixi avarchlna* under ■
rloaet In the li.irk <>f (hi- *«ril. found
Ilio «iy Of a 1.«1.t- »'l«li!tik iitxiui
elfllt i«iuiit» 11 hod a «'.■■■! brad
■>( liNit nncvr-nallt wer* formed,
ami It tra* well «r*|<i"tl In rlolh««
and liur i«-«l to ■ depth >>f ">• '• on*
fOOI liter* IWIHIIIIHI Indicated
that the child hail 1.-i ii naturally
burn, and Ili-n killed In mum- man
ner and Mm Imdy 1.»|>..»r,l ..f The
n.'llni. learned at .IT.. tiling* wr»na°
eeveral days >■>'. but on questioning
Iha girl and her peo|>l* wrr* told ■
iht child waa prtmatut*, having
bavn burn dead, and that ther* » ••
nothing wrong. N»t being HIWM
with these alalementa, however, «!«••>■
made a personal examination la*t
night, unknown to any MM tla*, with
th* all-".. reiult.
A coroner* jury today Invratlirat
"I th* ■ ■••■»■ The verdict waa that
||M child w»a born alive, but cam*
'.. It* death by mean* unknown to
the Jury. Th* evidence of wltnraa
ra. and »!•■> of ihi poet-mortcm ri>
aintna'l-m ■»»• Inconclutlv*.
Mrs. Witlard of Springfield
Arrested on Suspicion.
fll>MNOrmi4>. Mo., May »—U#.
tween II an) 1] o'clock lot night at
H|^<rt». ther* •■■ an attempt made
to aaaaaolaate »«.1I«)..r David «1«JI
toy, «hi- ft iw-t-m* to b« »hr««ilrl In
•ome iti>n«ry Wall* h* was at
home In »- I and asleep nnu twrwn
•r«d into hi* r«xwn through a win
daw, the ball taking effect In hi*
'" >«. lnrir!ln« only a painful
flesh wound
Tracks ratine both way* between
Mr 'lalilT • haus* and a hoarding
hove* nair >» led to «h» arrest .if
Mr*. M it. Willard. who I* now hell
for a |.r»ll/iilnary * r«amlnaii.m
■ A freshly r«pl<*t*d tt^callber cart*
riita ••■ found .an a table la the
mom of lhe> accused. * A <-ta|i>Tii near
th« h Hia» of (he a. • «**■! »aa emp
tied and al th* bottom ••• found a
i«.r-alil>rr pl»ii»l with one empty
chamber. Tti»r« la ••t-1 to In. oth
er rlrtume4anllal • vtt'ttre.
: Mr*. Wlllar4 la « ye«r« old. th«
wife .>f en* of the mm! rrepvrtabl*
pioneers of Rirajt rr»» F!*-Mayor
O»llly waa attorney for Mr. WUlard
in a recant difficulty with hi* wife.
II Laundry Trust.
TnEXTOJT. Mar 21.—Th» •} RMW
t-«un.lrl<-» • "nil—m Kith an author
»..l capital of tl.~vj.ii..>, «a« Incor
iwrair.l h*r* today. Th« eorporat
.ira are JimM I> Trath- «. William
Huff and Tnnmaa J. U. frank, all
of lUworlh. at J.
Mail for th* Orient from the raat
by way of ftcattl*, han Ithi *ir»i\.
Itjr In. rra«ln« In quantity a,nro the
llreat Nnrthern wfuri-l tht mntrart
for carrylDC Iha mall* from Chicago
to of«ttle. ]*»*tma*trr Mcm *ay*
that qulekrr tlm» la matte from thla
pnrt to Japan' than by any other
route, and If the Nippon Yu«*n
Kaiaha puta on new fad ateamahlpa.
H»a4tl» will take »■-- Im4 In the
«<|ul|tm--nt and tha efflclenry of the
mall arrvlra.
The Government to Assist the
Puerto Rico Teachers..
RAN JUAN. May »-Oencral Eat
on 'ir»a. In order to give the pub
lit arhoot teachrr* Ml Puerto lUcu a
fuller knowhnlv* of American life
anil inutile ■ • to MM «■ many I
ax BMMMa vt»ir th* l'nli.-l Mt»ti-a
■lurlnr the comlnir luntiwr vacation
front July 1 to October I. With thl-
In Wtrm II ha» b*>-n euKKaated that I
In many town* ynunit r^ople and
olhera !nt«-r'-»t"<1 might form ctMBM
for a Ita week*' r.un*.- In Hpanlah
tbk* aummrr, iillh toarhera prorlied
from thla lelanii. The I'l'iiiiimtii
will provide transportation to ami
from New-Vnrk to K*n Juan, and
the mirti*' of a. cUtaa would there
fore he conlllMMl '<> railway far* m
and from New York and th* hoard
of the teacher <liirlnii the. time the
elae* «™ held. Whenever (hll la
ruaranted by r»eponelble partlra a
oomp<-trnt tc«Chcr»wlH b» ami by
the iMirro'i of education at Ban
Juan, .i ■■ . . ' , '.'
The arhimnar Mary. another vcp
»<•! of tlir Alaakan fli«lilnj; M..1 ar
rlv»«l tn p»rt lint evenlna: from
Wraniifl and Mary Ulii'ni fhe
brminht down in.nno |<r>viinli" of hull
but. The MMatM Ml the ■•'••. which
arc mill In Atnrhiin «;i!■■!■• «re thi*
l|lot, Al'-'-l'. W. T. Ti. kit, nnd
latoriilliaT Star. TN» Pilot in.l the
Momtnir Htar art m).. I' to arrive
at any time.
Th» trial of V^nU MflFall, rhirir
e«l with pW-kln« tIM j»>rket!i of H.
W. HI. I" b< Inn h«ird tmlny lirfnre
Jil'ia*' 1 .li'.it»ii In the crlTnliral d<-i«rl
mMi* <>f "<" Kiirnrlor rnurt. Mr.
Itt-< alli«Ki*« thnt on February 14.
V'lota M. Pull t.Hichfi him for a roll
of I.llia of IIS" value.
l,lr.n»'-» to wed havf hee^n i*»«iirtl
to Kri-t liny Hutterworth, aitr 11. of
H«.fiHlr. "nd Anna Mnud H<-"lt. .urt-
JO, of Oreen lllver; .(..tit, W. Itnt-
Ihli: «i|ted 40. »>f Arlltn-'on. ml Ira
tmrnll, are H. of Heattle.
W, S. I'llman. an i x|in-iHiiiiii re.
*.!>llk In North ►'• iltd rt-|."ti. I ii
i.t.H''^ headquarter* Oil* mornlna;
that exim* Mat la making ■ prnrllre |
,f (Mill •thlnafß fi .in Mi wn«r>n.
t»at nUht lavaftl l>«li» ami mita
were Inken . .fT 111* '< IK"P. ami a few I
inv> nr« he rei»«rte-t that a c4«ii««
ararf had been »tvl«u from th« wag
"ii. . , ■. . « ■'.« .i •»!. -ji:
That is Old li No! Good. Onr Goods are 1899 Stock.
50 let Jj.ro 50 feet £j.75
50 1.. 1 .. vs" JO '•■'•' •■• "■
50 feet 3.7$ $0 feet.....; 5.00
' ' I .... AT,
f,V lert.... . f. .n
|O( r-l 5,-fQ
1215.1217 Second Avtnai „
to pay a fair price, let us figure with yomwn
Third and Pike. STAR PAINT CO.
Moran Brothers Company
nor „..i tnrlwtw *t.r| »u1 »-•• romtnictinji an4 a«w« all *""«*«* of »>•
lv 1n... M>»iii««n.|«ll«.iß»rcU««Moi ui»r»«>«fr bttlu •"d 1 !'l';"*?-.-,i ..iLofa.ru"
«U>t lutM i-i;«i« •u>l ilw 1 1.H.-.I »ut«« jUullU: I «*liU» Cob>|»b/,
• *
A SNARw»»— —
Framed Pictures on Glass |
I FVom 2O Conti Up. X
Framed Pictures on Glass
From 2O C«nU Up
BOe-000 f Irot Avtnu*.
© Hoi Ellin, Walthasi and Hampflen Watctes
At L_ow Prlc»», ot
7O« rirmt. Avanun.
: nowNiNG. hopkins & co, arfctta&sa brokers. :
Z U »••■• D (Hi E, Billry Building. Siittlt, Walk. •
U Rica* D ■«« C. Bill*- RulldiKf. tiilltit. W.ih. -
J ( MMM M*ik*l ,uou-1»n. M |.fi»-l|«l t.oi.n ol ir*4« i-rrir«a o»r <mr «Ir-- v
* (.>•(*• rottUuJ. -MIIU. T-rv-M. W»ll_ Will-, Vanroturr »n4 VI. u>.-l« •
/«jM ■' s** I ln.it«..M.l!> UMilir<,M |l w r.i!<-10l» lJ»ilr»»t.loa
tyPSt l»i «|kl|'iuM l« ih»»-i>»-«i«'-»ly<»r-M«» it--•••«
'i~\^ Jußin I i_*i 1 •,,'- ■•,!.! •!!>• k«ir * i*. •'».j-::
T-.^ -."».'»■ .1"" 11. 11 II I » » H>nl >. 'ifll't.- '» fin' Art.
Buffalo Legal Tender/ Developing Company.
WHY ■ »r.i.,..k ih» «.r«<««i ,||.u«unii> ..I jour 11!» T*_o»i-(»» ho ml red 4oU*n
I ■«!- rlr inuii II- i-ri 11 r nin-t Mlui&f -'■--——"■ —->■-■. .«■ ■■::, Tew
Jm^l ml hi Hi.III c«m—l W iloim. "♦ m«) »-« •-> »"«•*• ln<-»r »•>*■ •"' rt»««
IMI»n «f- »»iiii m.i» 1 '.-' r>*r. AM mil I. r..r '„-.| !■ * Illllr •!»' HUM, «ttl>
• mil. «M-Hi_a •>!■>•. -Mi • l»w <tolUra In ml, to |>1«« »ou on lh# »«i4 »I- I ■'! ■.« »
tu«*i*aßi«rlr lt> »i«il»« »n»mi»»e<«, k>lli>» 11.-— «i>» «f» ln.*J •»<• r*«»»" haUßd
.... II , ". ■ ■ r i .1 ■„ !■ J». ;l.tl .1 -I'- k• ■ ..»l.!-!~'
•h«^ Thi« .««■»• HI >»rh ih» nn-rrat murk b*Jar* *"" •" ■ ■>• T' '■ I- « «t<!> Ur
tmrl»»ir,»..ii».«i.»wl «ill '»«ii» im I>i« tti«»» ro»f «"••» Tk» L»f »l T*n.Ut
!• 1.0 ««ln .i>4 <*>> »»>'l<x 4UKIII Iran 11. Utaom 11 1 lUlUlu Mlo»." «u-J only
■l< ti.ini.. «v.l wn hm wm. Iiob» ■■» -UKkir Hot" i»I»». tl|O«aain>niii« »ni»t»««. or
II H>n« ..I * kirk ««k. »m »«»«iljr «.tll lot MM <"«ll •« »•» ■'■*■ - l*ji<r
llorvm Dank Imiwiln.. «oe imi*. •!<■• *» *»rrt .11 .i»n )«H .locka. l'.*niii *>j Ui»II ot
Your Opportunity Is Now.
Peculation In eopptr uncka within the lust two yrnri
t.»« tx-<n without it t-nralh-I in hialury. Tbr Hoaton marital.
» ttrr»- copper ■torka arc !.*/£* l>* on n^^i. ha* I>< < n given ov«r
alni'Vi ii lu«i%tl)- to i-ofi'i r. .<lih Ibe r.nult l!ut eoormoua
f>rturir» Uir been mn.l» In a vary ft«r niuntbß.
In rlew of the poaalMllllea— nmy, 1!n- struncest probahlll.
ilr« «>'Ul'l It not I"* w**ll tn Im. ..t a llnl* m.i>> In L»*t
«?r»»k atwkT At tin null a »Jiare—prrnent price—lt
would perm thill thin atnek la an . Invratmerrt »hlh you ,
«hnuM not ,'\irl In »riti|«thy alon«>— *,iy nuthlnir of
th.- work whlrh I* t>»lnK done an the property—a material
advance nrnr MMMMMIf hr rxpert<>d.
JOHN E. McMtNUS & SON, 918 Second Avenus
ft nnn 11 rT otto Kttpyourch:drenat home
I UllllllP I \b> I V by furnishing them a lf n-
UnUUUL I OL I 0 diJout-door game; i-ImII,
*• ;jW*t>-ball, 90c; 8-bail,
51.15; 8-NtII sets, better finish, from $2.50 to $3.50.
COON BROS.. 1417 Seoond Aye,
1 I |l I Vj f*!^ And 1 iii linir» «■ »tll ** (•• ffttlßg U o*ir '
II •-, ;. IJr^H »trnnii folnl, oml .*.»•-., >!i>»u>.
"- .J't f^ I I ff- |> I |i.«l ...11 .. 'Ivli'lfir «tlj prflrft work in
?S<BBjrC•ll^TMi/J/i^Bk,! JK-JjL tttt> lint* If vim roiitrmpUtc h«\ inK > "iir
''""-I|-' 4l'{ ra*v*\ <'7\ huOM. rllbar pll «r new, HH.-.I up uilli
"*t L\ A 1 i Ti "• * > »X *l j •ifHin it «••. »?on" i I,l] to in ( u«r i*ihi«u»
,ii.V \»SIJ I !'"'. iIH 1*f..10 .\.-i Mttiii nh'ixlll .1.1 11,.' J. 1.. \\>\t
WijA^SXi I L.idß'^ifjl I *'" f'"J " " nllllHl(l7 •" "llr w»'k
" '•^f^^'^^i^i^i^S!!!*'-- Cor. Third Aye. and Spring St.
'•"ll L :"■--. • • .m-^"" »> '►•linn.' Hi-« |-|
Prlivrrfd tlrrtricilly (or Mnnutaclurlnn and Industrial IKi-i
Snoqualmie F"alls Power Co.
MlinlltlM SUIICIU »l mitkt, KtllTOI. tIATTM t>:ni kit IH lIH tl
Saction Hands Hurt.
nAVIENNA, 0., M If ?.—Two hand
ran on th« I.ii.- railroad, MIMI
Inn ■<< h other, came together thrw
mllM • <ii| of li.rv thla morning.
There wi-ro 21 ■..-.lion h»nd» on Hi.
car*. I"M ii.ii" I -ii 11 ti . > ml Aiiki*
-1,>1.i Valla Jumped In front of the
moving car» »ml rrr'lvril fatal in
Jurlr*, ln!nif »■> wound up In MM ena*
«-»,,.. l« id ii Hi, ii clothlnit hnd tn b»
I «tripi»'i off In after i" "I' ■'"■ them.
iii Berp* iiii'l Hi'Jiiiondo m.ii i in
-1,|!ll|" 1 to Hi' «lile I" I «•!•■ ■■Ml
badly. Tho i*i In , - wer» uninjured.
Investigating Trusts.
•WASHINGTON, May 9 Tii» In.
>liifiti:il ronimlmiliin will lioirlvi Itn
lnv<Mil«it'lk)nn of iruita sin ii Tin
31-anilnnl oil, mm.ir ami .iii,-in
truola iif nmotiK the in »i combine*
fo bo probob Into, New cracy. taw
will I" Invcatlgatwl. . .
rnlivhuna $ab»crl|)tlnna I*
so. «i;{.
Dfly lhni!>.ui 1 mil.'.M of the earth's
mtrtm t la hi Ist covered by two iv.U
known Anal i>i I dim Jnumalliitli —
»1. Mrai F. \Vhlli.>n «nd IV J. Uvi.i
--•••II. who are ttnppln* at the Ituti. r
>!■•!• I T'l. ■ rK-pntly arrtvr<l from
M.inlla. ami are ..n th.lr woy Float,
I Inli-imlmk In »top nff at Chlfairn nnil
I Now York. TJioy are on a tour of
■lKht>ar«ln«r. .in I writ* up th»lr ■•!>
--•rrvatloiiK fur ii». <uil>' pr^aa of Hi.
i' i.llnir clttc* of th» wnrltl. During
I Ihrlr trnvelu throuch Japan, China
anil the I'hUlpiilnr* l ii. y hi- . „|-
lorto<l many ruilo* nn>l rar« <t>ln».
AboUl •i- lilf ii in.' Itll I wH! b«- Bppnt
on iii's trip, taking In Urn countries
of til old world ,ii, rptiirnlnjr to
Aufinilln by way of CM ■•! and
H"ll'lulU. (
■i. if ' liver, of Victoria, report.
•dm Urn police thin afternoon that
he had bwn buncoed out of 1117 at
thi Bum* hat*].
Sh«ri>cr» did the ».u-k. . .'. _ _ A

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