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Thero Is Too Much " I " In tho
Party Managomant.
\7AWUNUTOX.,M»y 8,-l««nator
v"h .n.11.r. cm being «akod .-.liiy i.i
vtat* a|»*<'in>'<illv what he meant by
hi» r\|in-«>li-n when ha tnaletnl that
the "•rlfcrf.ii .in. ni" of Him >i.>r M
All. waa one of the thln«a d.
--•ir«-.l by th* llrpubltcana befur* the
tMtltmal campaign IlllutUt*. Mill
"There shmiM be !*•• money and
inure iu<M«»tv. The vrntleman re
ferred la •lu.uiit. in »iH-.iKinK al par*
«> innttera. v*» th« wurda 'he' and
'<*. iifirntr, The pronoun 'I' d* «
not •■ un.l M well.
t« II was quit* plain by Mi Chand
l*r*a imininrih.it he had ram* trt th*
tonilu*ton that ther* la too much
Itanna In the {tarty nulling.' ■
and he bad no betltanry In ivlnx
that It would b* better fur Ilepub*
liian pruapert* were l*rf>«: I. il Mi -
Klnley to take thlr.o n\t*r+ In hand,
eapeclatly the .liff«i»m'» altvcrd t»
•>lt between th* leader of the rival
faction In Ohio.
Mrs. Starch Was Murdered
KVA^*SV^tXB. Ind, May ».—The
body of Mra. Mary Star >i waa *s
humed ynterday art*rnooa and • :
atarUlaa* dtacurery tnadw. A enrd
*a» found . illy enctrrllnv her
neck, which had evidently rau»*d
her death. It earaped th* a<Mt«* of
th.- doctor* at th* t'.mt esamlnNiliin.
before tb* woman «v burled, hay.
In* bpvn hidj.-n by the awollen lleah.
Th* murder theory la i»u» urnerally
believed, and the •tramp* man who
rod* wtth her th.- niKhl ah* dtMß
peared. I* badly wanted.
Negroes Hold Special Ser
vices Regarding Lynching
ran TOIIK. Mar » —Th* Natton
•l Afrw-Anwrt. »n o-umrll of lIM In
Hod *<»<<-• haw Muni a, l>fcHll>ma
tlon ra!tlrur Upon the mt»rr-l f.wt>!r
of tills country to wi apart t-ViUy.
Jus* }.»».» dajr of f.i«in« and |
r-rajrr, and ku riiir-1 upon alt col
ored mini«i#r» to devot* tb* •unrl»r
hour of the f.-IKiwinr fan-l»y. Jon*
4. to »jx-«i.il «-n>ri Im■ In ont«r thtt
~O<«1 lit* Father of M»-r<-tr«, mar
take our d»>pl<*»l>l» «■■»»» In III* own
baiula. aad Uui if *mi»»«iic« la to
be macot out. l-t CM hlmwt( rr
Tti* |>r»'Umitli>a Itmtea all th»
t>ramtD«ot w>iar»il ttmrmr of all da
nomlaatk>n« to c->-of»r«l». an.) *■•!•
forth th- pnwai "loiSfwrtbably
b*ibw»<n tr«-.lro»ci" wf itw lt*«ro
In thl» cunur- 11-trtmt- I* mad*
to lb» loraitjr of dM n»»-r» In f >r-!«n
war* aa.l th* recent !> n. hini:» of
tolor»-l f<-ni>n* la ib<* aoatb art da
nooncvd in th« moat f»rrlbl* but
■Wort hi» b««n rtc«lv«d at th« lo
ral iflw of th" ;.\>rth Amvrtcan
Tr».liiiir * Tr«D«|wrtatkm mmpanr.
ronßrmliwt the r«rrnll]r reportad icokl
dtaru«<>rr »l »r Mlckwl TIM l«tur
•!»<«• thai on D«««inb*r 1 tbrv* men
broucht tbe r.-w« of tb* -v«. ..*«rjr of
(be r«4lt>tr matat at <■»;.« Xonxv
The «*»Iil la MM to b* f.nml In ih»
irm»ll cntki fiowinK Into th* llnak*
r|v«r, which cmptlM Into th* u«
• <*»[-" S«i». and too «-l«in>» hay*
b*«n a«Ui«d out. Crow da of ptopl*
l>a*« Mi for <h» k«m •■< th. n.»
dlarovarr. tb«** tinabla to accur*
<!-K» pulllnf thrtr al«da. It I* al* >
atatad that men hay» ariircd at St.
Mlcha-l from the ■>•* diCgtagl who
have takm out MM In on* day
For AnUtla and Vicinity.—Tonljtht
•nd W»iin«Kj»». fair weather, warm
er; «i*t *a 'th wlnda.
RaJn ha* fallen during annta part
of th* [>a*t twenty-four hocra. in
IVa*h;nffton, ■••■vm and UonUna.
There has been none In California
or Nevada.
The temperature ha* fatten In the
northwoat. on an sveraire of I to 10 !
<Jf<cr<-.». while In tb* middle plateau
' rr*lnn It ha* rU-n.
A wll-.l<-(lml are* of high j>r»«-
MM ha* appeared over Western
Washington an I Orerrm; M I* Mo*
tral at the mouth of the Columbia. ,
Scientists Visit Mexico.
N. Itosw and Dr. Waller Hough, of I
the Smithsonian Institution at \v*«!i
liucton, will arrive In the city of
M-% tomorrow, travlaa; at once
on a nix months' ethnological exped
ition throughout th» republic. lir.
Koae'a apectalty In economic botany.
I>r. Houch'a the primitive . rt» of the
The Indianapolis Session Will
be Largely Attended.
INI.IAVAf<iI.IM. May ».~ltem
l»ri at the Epworth )<■ ir-n.. fl ( tt,e
United Biate» and Camilla will tmnn
trntrn their faces toward <hl» city, :
where on July 20 the International
convention la to be held. Dnzen* of
committee* already «r« busy with I
the arrangements for the s/reat Kith- 1
• rlriK. It Is i-otlnmt. I that not fewer
than S#,ooo yoiinjt men and women
will attend the ronventlr.n. Plve or I
»lx bishop* of the, Methodist Kpls
ropal ihurtli are comlnir with hun
dreds of the bent known mini*tan
of that tlf-iK/niiniitlon. The princip
al convention ■ i Unit* will l>e h»-lil
In Tomllnson hall,> aril In ii gr(>»t
tent, to be <Tfceteil »ri II) law r,f tho
state c*trlVil. A (mi./iy of enter.
t.-iinmcnls will he" provided for the
visitor*, fine «f the excurirlons out 1
from the city will lie Into the natural
Kan territory.
Th«. local committee of inlnhUn I
has renHVi""! proof h>ii-ci« (if the ram
vrt.l'on prr/Kram, whb'h will lie Ih-
MMd In alK>ut two wevks. Thr cm.
ml topic for the op<-nln» <lny will
"MHhorlUm of T<Klnjr." Follow
•-tns;. oddmS'St nt welcome by flov.
Hottnt and Mayor Turgart, thi-re
will b« rc«pon»e» by Hii-h'.fi W. X.
Ml«4a, <,r Detroit, In behalf of the
\iii»K»i\r hii.i.i:tin.
Ikibby Uaylur, iii "Mc Bui i. ) ■
M.ih>Hii«i l^plat'ii|«vl rhurrh; !■>■
I'tjlitip \V. A, Camlltr th» Mil,
ixllvt Riitaoupal rtinrch »»uth, and
by Id* H«v. A, t'arrotm of Toronto,
f.'l- <* Ml.i.hi il Mi Mi „t.-1~. A rltli
rla« lovpfraat on Ihp Hi.v« H»u»«
»iu.ui> »m tnauiurat* th* fecund
day of Hi«- cunvrntlott.
.\»arly all th* yimiiK m*n uu.l wo*
mm who cum* in altrnil Iho ran*
• ntto« ■hi be taken ■ ■»" of In priv
ate hum**. The I.Mat rnmtnttte*
on liMu.a already ha* mads a can
vsM of th* city, and reports that the
people will be kI i I tv .v . ..lilii "1,
--oao pvreoua. If i.'i.il iiMnv should wUh
to «m«.
ST. UHtS. May » -Harry Wack*
ford, a f.iurlm-n ynr ..1.1 nvnoniirr
fir th« Mound I'll) Cuup* ami M'«
«'H«rr company, iipiuti-l • |>»ir of
Imrly niit.i burgrara thl* moraine
*nh."in either f»rr* ur «i'.«i*>ii». On
btirnvtuurk ho <•>> .»..| them lor **ver*
il t>l<* and finally ran them Into
the ttnu of • pair of policemen.
Marry ka* gut >ur >>" on linr «tr«H
about ♦ »Yk»'k ihi* niormnc to •!<•
in »r a> mr—»»a w hen Iwm* a mao
. limbo out of tb* front parlor win
li>w of m . M. 1" .• ,!■•» h..u*- It*
■>»» lniM,.-.!i»1.-l) followed by an
.■thrr. At Drat Ih. y >U1 not notice
that a buravtnan •>•»» approaching,
but whan tbey mw that they had I
N^n liim .vtr.l ih.jf martod t . run.
With mill . rl.« of -(.uritl.ir*!" |
"help!" "poiicer Harry tu«h---l for
ward os hia her** In cumuli of the
tt«-ti. ■ ho bad alr*«dy K«inn} a con*
■t<]*rabto Mart. ll* kfpl •>'«» <■>•• on
iht-ui an-t >4i ■>« at>rra>i with
tlxrm. They lurn»<l ar ran MM la
nitr* rtrf,i on irn».'» avrnu*
Harry «.>ntinurj th* rhaar. . allln«
all th* »hi> fnr hvli>.
A f"« rani north of Ollvt at ml.
on OarkKm avenu*. th«y ran Into th* )
arm* of .. MM* K.-lly and tv.svu.
Harry »i !!■■ I up la th« *t.!r»*!
\ raM ih.— m*n." b« Hal ii"
taM hta atory, nut ih" men wrr* l«k
*n to th* fl«renth DlMrlct »!n!!..n.
It was not untl th» i>iv..-ir» rallwl at
•h» h..u~- that any erf th* family
know ih»i tb« |>tar* aa'l bora l.«r»
larliad. --^VMMMMWMffiM!
Wb.g Marry hart d»ii»»T>i«l hi*:
l.rl»Tc«r« br •■■ ■ on nta way with
hi* muni-, takln« UtU* Credit «f
--on hlmavlf t*• th» eaptur*. Mi will
b* a promlntnt witiM«a at th* trial.
Dr. ShaMoa Jarkvon. t'nilc>4 HUM
Otnmla*lon»r of aVlaaallofi In At
»«ka. la n>« ■ !«-l to arriT* In »«■
--attl« from In* i:»»t tamorrow. It*
will probably max* v »«l.lr«-*- be
fore tba Akuilia Uat.»r»phi. «l •>•
Undressed by Machinery
- .>«nn-rK\.-»lii |t>l. Fa. Hay • —
.■<!!*• Ilß«ttrr. an •mptoy* at a pi»*m
•aw mill In Rtsippcniibunr. had *v*ry
•tltrh of rlnchtnf, trill th* excep
tion of h:» n»ilar and ».•!■"-» ao4
atorklnim, torn font him body today.
A brll bad dropped off a pull#y, ami
ho «•»• In Ih* art of; r»t>la< in« It
» h»n IM waa < tuaht by a rapidly r»
vi.i\m«t '■>vit. In an Inatant M»
«.tr<iwut» w*r* torn off and h» was
thrnwn tnat- .1 -t»n <■ from th* «n«
<*>ln*. ll* U rvport*d aortoutly la
_________ JBMEMHI
Th» JapartMe tr»lnln» «hlp l!lr»l
Will lrt»f tomorrow for T*<'*ma-
Ml* Conk un a rare of fu»l yester
day, which was Aipf>l»*4 bar by Ik*
«<<•■'■ 11-li-l! Trmrtatt. Hhr will
remain ■ few days at Tamma. when
•*• will Mil for Man FYanclsco and
thenr* lo ll<>n<4utu.
Steamer tHacovtiy, whlfh h. r»t>.
fon» ha* !■■ • v operating on the .■*»
--* til« - VVliAimni n<ut<-. hit* l»-«-n
transferred to <h* S-aitV, Port
T>itv r.-u n 1 and Main* run
M!.-«m-r <-iiv of H««tU«. Captain
Conwll la *•- h.-lu'-l In m I Tonight
for mtaa-wajr. Kh* will N> h--.i-.ii>
IloA4#d with f.*»!u nf *m ami fr-liiM.
Th» r»r*nu» cuttrr nrant W.III
• li>fi«"! th* M<i'ti*>>n •»r"«-t bunk
' r% th'« ni ■ruin*, taking on a •unptjr
nt ••'ml. fth* waa rvportm to hay*
aall<4 for (h* nnrth, aa the a'lvanr*
of th* Ilrrinir M 1 •» il'-«*t. but wa* only
out '-n a crvliM about th>- M.miii.l It
!■••-" ' that n»ni> r.t <h« ruttrra
. „nit-'«irit th» tt ■■ I will I*av« for in*
n .rth until all ha»» arrived from Nan
Fran. •
Schooner J. M. '-Iman. a wtll
known lumber cnrrlrr on th« <■>! i»i.
will ico to Ht. li:< In. l thla lummer
from Nanalmn.
Th» N">r*-K ii'imfr Tvr haa
boon rh.irt.T"-l to load lumbrr on
th« Hound for >»•■»' hone. China. Rhe
la the flrat "tramp" «t«>arner to load
rargxi on th* Hound thla *■»«.
V A. Wadlelith. K<'n<T.il pamwmirer
airvnt nf the Rtn (Irani Weatern. at
Halt l^akv City, and II Man«n-1.1.
r»nml a>f»nt at iNjrtland, an- In the
city today.
• • •
D Wiiiik J.irn. • and wife, and Mm
Walalrom, «>f Npw York. arrlviKl
lh:« morning In l'rmldf>nt J. J. IllU'a
prtviite 'iir, ami are the «!l"lttH of
J. W. Illdbon, «i-»t<Tn trnltle man
■■■■•r of the Orwit Northern. Mr.
Jiimi-n la i.ii" of the dlrectora of thi
<!ri .it Northern.
a • •
-'nil MaiMUTfr Miller, of the H.
* I. railway, I. ft for th. north Ihla
morning In hla (itivnte rar.
a • *
William <-„rll»l.. of the firm of
Carllale A Co., operating lumbrr
mill* at Onaluaka Oik., <■■ tiirulla.
Wtuih.. and i;iy, Minn., In Iti the
elly, II" will leave thin lift, r noon
(in th» H tt 1., for ii I .in of ln*|»-f
Unn of thn iiml/'-r tans* aloni thai
r'M'l. with a vli'W to 1..«.-■ 111 ik -i mill
In "•■in" fHVir.hhi liKHllty.
Young Wife Found Dead.
■OUT ll' it' 'V. Mich., May • —
TJii- -I- "I body of Mra. .l;tni. • Mark>i
the Klrl wire of .Tnmra \ln I. a Mil
itary ttraat barter, wa* found In
Illnxk rlvrr thin Bftnrnwin near Ihe
O'N«"ill let* h'MJKft by cumi. men UN
wwp Ml work thrre. At thin moni"nt
I It In 'lull' nil to tell whether the srlrl
<-..mrr:ll(.-1 aulclde or not, but thcra
ara rumors "f (OH) play.
Schooner Arthur B. Will
Carry Prospectors.
Til. ■vhooiit-r Arthur II la "ii III*
way* near M-<rui4'« •hl|>} I nml> r
ti"ii<K an .i\. i iiaultnM |>r«p<tral»ry lo
itiunii mil fur .1 i i tilt*, In Vl.iimli
»ait-i« wtifii ready, ah* will l»«Vr
r.>r OMofßia bay. with a .if. mmii
" r «>r milter* and |in>«p«clnr*.
Tii iltallnatlnn of four of lh» mm
la Uutufnln anuiul. whkh la •Unit
t«'*nty-flv» mll«i north of OoluftUn
hay. Tit* party of fuur » ill |tv tv
«)ulofnln muml, mi l»i th« mii.luM
uf a mliirr namiMl Jutinaun. Juhnann
claim* lit lijvd born thvr* tat aunt
mrr ,1-1 Him I. HMSM c«t*n»lv* auld
di«.\»\rrl.». ami ha Ip vatd <•■ It* th*
eir»i i" discover e-il.t In th* nin.ln
atxtul •lol.ifiiiii •■>»». l, ii- -I. hi* f*«
(urn to Bmitl* lax wlnlair tut loM
part of hi« .Ulini l.> th* party of
fuur men. ami lh«y. with Johnann,
«M- now H>titl|C t-l th* Hournl t>» tw
ain i«ti.n« un llwlr ir'.i-H>
To rrtu It ■ .ruin »miid i.i.,a|H>r
tnra ■nj*l •ill up i.- Hi. MM north
«•»!>• i»hi\l tit (KnMnln bay, at uhl.h
placv they n ual th*n trav«l t.vrr
lan I a fllitlafa of iwenty-Av* mli»«
«o «h» rVmnd. Th« |.'Uiii.-r la a.u.i
to If wry har4.
I Jacob VVuodrln«. Ml Ilamlllon. who
■la In the county Jail cbargt-4 with
dlvtllllrui oiuikv without a K»irtii
ment tirenae, atr»nu>>u»l)r .Unl. * that
ha I* «uilir ..f that ..aVii-< 11-• ala..
a**«rta thai ha never •»• I any mn
nectlun with <•» or Wi«.-ii. now In
Jail on a .-ham- of ••Illnr n-i>i»r
without a Itccna*. ll* la «l-> m. m
entphatle in denytnt th* aveertum
that Wllaoa r* th* •• -i»nt»»i luHiir «r
hta <l4UKhlrr'a hand.
' Th* Ragle* eiectoJ tbHr Grand
, A*rl« ofn><*r* IMI nlcbt far lt» •>
--•uln« y«ar. II r.*<tl» lode* ' »r«d wall
'ml be •lectlona. rvi.i..«h: « 'I. Urand
worthy tyf»«|iUm and i-*»t trtnl
worthy pniHiiil. aM>ret»rr. an I la I
truatava, Jnttn CurMktlae. on* of
the barter nml*n ami f>iim-l«t«
of lb« .rd,r *** uaactmoualy «•!<•»I
--«d «r*nd worihy pr*»l4«nt. Follaw*
Ing In a i.im|ii*« ll* ot ojcwi «!•-«(
--mi: John Ocrt. rram) worthy pa"
pr«ai4«nt. lla«tU». 11. li. lJtlkn*l.l.
«r.i»d worthy *1e«-rr»«id«iit, J*urt
land, Or.; Maurtrt KlKnl" « crand
worthy, chaplain. ItjM.. Mont; K.
Lincoln. irraM worthy »wrat»rj«. •*>
Mil*, Henry lUehr, rimn-l worthy
trvanir*. Han rnin.Jf«: IMrt Mar-
ria. crawl wortkr <-o«du
■MM! A A. lln.l^ ■, «-ntn>l worthy
inn»r suard. Kter»l«; H. M. Hha«.
■r»nJ worthy .ult >uard. ll.»»:an.l.
11. O,| A T. Van HÄ» Vaniar. lm»(»»
Keattle; Stephen O-nrWn. tniatee.
T>t«rm; A T. Ambroa*. ln«»t«. IW.
Th* consottdatlaa of the l'.rlfl.
•\>»al Cracker farlocMl haa >-»<•
pon(lrm*d, and the pu»ln«»« will twf
b* run under one man»««m«it- Mr
A I", tlurwetl. prealdcot »I th* Se
attle Cracker * «'al»«ly company, h«.
|vat inuriu-J from Han F*ram-|*co,
• her* In* rloaina*of Ih*deal waa ef
fected. Th* capital alack of Ih- o*w
company IB li.w«>.<x»>. and I* th*
amount of ll>«.** wIU ba la»U«»
About «IM.M* waa act add* for Im
provementa and txtenaion of bual
Som*. of tb* fa«rt»rlet will be (iM>
til, but It la underatorx.l thai th* Me-
ll* branch will ♦»» kept running,
and poaalbly lla capacity will be In
Ha* a Contclanc*.
WAWIINOTON, May t—A. ■ ■ »
Secretary M*lkle)ohn h«* r»r<- a
r.arl»nr» eorrtrlbatlon of lit in foil
.-..in. Th* cnntrtbtitor. In hi* letter,
■aid. "T"hl* la for atatlonery of th*
goT*mmeiil d*«rtror*J *J»d u**d by
m* while a clerk In th* war omi-e."
Mr MeikScJjtin tr.tnamitte.l th*
contribution and the letter to the
Mcratary of U>* Irratury.
Fishing Season Opened
KKNDKICK, Idaho, May »—The
flahlng aeaaon opened up the fir"' of
May. but on catch** M any con**- '
|MM| hay« Ha yi.t be«n made, the
water betn* -nil too muddy and
high. Quit* a quantity of "now haa
t.i com* down fat, although aa far
na th* I'otlatch la concerned, all fear
if an overflow la gtm* for tlila year.
Mra William It. For rot ii'a-l yea
terday afternoin at ( ■»<l.irV. at th*
realdenr* »f Mm IlarrMt'*. corner af
Hummtt avenue and Oilumbl* air. - I
Hh<- hail be«n adilrteti fnr th* paat
■l« m>mthi< with enlargement nf the
heart, and hi I >■■ M eonflnnd to her
h...l for Hi. paat two week*. Her
huibaml <■ ,m alltlnK hy har n».ln.|.
--,.. nlirht readlna* i.. her. Me atop
pe<l reading for an Inatant an «li«!>
pml to Hi.- window to rala* It III*
wife called him liv name, and n» a*
turned toward* her ah* rlrva. I her
eye* and hreatheil her la*t.
Mrs. Knrrriit waa well known In
H.nltl>\ ami ha* a hoat of friend*.
Hh* waa a mrmlwr of HI M irk
i;iii«i-i>|iiii . him
Robbary at PandUton.
ii \ , i.i.T' Or., May •— Thu
J»wrlry (tori "t Lawtf ttiir*«>r, itninir
builncan undrr th« nainr> of tin I" i
. irii- ('.mi Jewelry company, at 207
Court »lr»«t. was I'.lili'il taut nlu>»l
of (ixMa t.i the vain* of $2M)O Th»
Illli-V'K tltok M Willrhi-H. 100 ill.l
ni'inl rlnica ami .llnr paM rliiH"
Mr. nurtrT It/1" 'iOYii.l a r«wnr<l of
I2SO for Ih* oaptur* at the robh«r«.
Tho I'orilini"! potto* h*v« been ihXl
Salmon Run Improving.
AfITOUIA. Or., May ».—The run
of Huh ttni ron»lilerahly t>Mti»r last
iiirlil mil lir.iny, and ■■wry fl-.ti.-r
--iniiri la imllllUl proportionately, no
n»ll n« " i ii. i .inn- m i mf n and
Cold ■toni«« mm. Tim latter, how*
hi itii. be#i *»l hutnor, aa
• mn. Ii I.ii ►■. i Hi
■ ■ I ■ !
■ »-,k la li.»v\ n. ' - !-l|.ill.
■i-iiu i.iiiik a
i> li. ii i hii
• lii h li aa )Vt<*
Alv 1.. • from ftkaKway alatr* Hint
a ii.'« roM .li"' ..\. i>■ hna l» < h tna-li*
on a crock within Dva mllni uf n.
• jv. Tii- itir.. >«.'■>- waa niadv i-v
Mayor John Btanl<ty ami a t «ny of
nva, lhr<iuKh a trip (lv«n them by
a |.r<»|.« i i.,r. Thry art uut l.iimi-
dlalrly fur th« . i.. 1., ami •*) «x«m
lolnc It fount] r»i>4 eolnra, Tii.-y
•i.ik. l every claim ami divided tna
i twenty w i.« .mi.tk i!i«-iu«. K> ».
I 11 k *
i:il IVrklna. |h« iwtH hutnnrlat.
will larturn In th* lltxh H. 1..-.I hall
n. »i FVt<tay ewnln*:, hla th#m* will
!■«• "Th* Itiltnatithy of Wit: or, llnw
ta IHI |yiu«iitt't." Th* |.rn«-»«i»
uf th* l«ctur« will r • !■> «!)■• I- i,.m
of "Whlnta." th* WlMMll paper.
Th»r»- will l*> a irallm tomorrow
nmrhiiur In the chamber if ran
mere* of the Joint rammltle* of Ih*
I'mk' t Hound llurean nf Infarmatlnn.
It la th* tl<«.r«- of the cnmmlttea to
have an many i>u*tnr»* men pre«*nt
aa ar* lntrreatrtl tn th» future proa
pertly of Ih.. l"»«.-i aound country.
Method* ami waya ■"> i ni« ana t-r
...ii lv.-ling th* uurmu will t- <l:»
Th* at-.i irn'« and faculty of In*
rn'.i'f«H)- werw given a half hall
, day lti!» ':• - ---I to vial I th*> J." i
anea* trulnit * ... ,- Ulyel. The
uffl.tit of in- lllrel had extended
I » aptciAl InvtMtKtn to vUll the ahlp,
and Hi" Uuik :>.-» mtm-i them out
tbia afttrmnn.
Victor it. it.. k«ii.tn. at* two year*.
• :i of V. 11. I!«rknmn. editor of the
t'actOa I.ttnitx-r Trad* Journal, dlrd
yeatenlay nvvnlnii at I o'rlm-k of
heart failure. Tho little Miww «..
, Brat Btrlkrn with diphtheria aeveral
w*tk* «»••, arxl had nearly reewvor
"l when ezhauatkin, or heart failure,
eauerd hie death. .rt fallut».
• »ii»l (!.• J. .ih
• • •
I" Rereral daya avn th» Hi*r pub
ii»>-«-i •»> artlcl* thai th* body of an
uiikn""»n man had been found In
tne> ai»«>w near Juneau. Tuday In
formation »«• received In thla city,
•!»«ir.« that th* I--1* waa that of
C. A. \\h.sl< n. of .-.ana. H««al*n
»*rt>ni tndkartlona It la »vi i-»rt
Whalta J"«-ri»h».l at Icaat two year*
Teamster's Narrow Escape
flriu.wuMtx. \V»»h "I iv ».— i
On* "' th* teanwter* at the Wa»h-
Inrion I'M'k an-l ii* company*
' k:. urn h*.l •> narrow rccape from »-
•*r* Injury y«-*t*T«l*y. White haul
m* a h»ivT load «f lumt».-r arm** a
I bridge Mir th* work* the bridge
-<iiii.,t» gave away, ami <>r. - by
'aen ■' effort, rnu-.-i by Miri. the
' i>-am fu):«'l th* wiucnn *cro*». The
lumber •Mti'-t off the hint part of
th" warm an-! th* team r«»!!y lift
ed It atralght up. The brtdg* l»
nearly as feet high above the water,
which la now quit* ■■m.
Til* Tied V>-n are h >M!nr « mat*
rwnwntton tn ihu hw tM«)r in
Klk'a hall, and there am about •••v- !
• nty ilrl~>t.ite« i>rt •■ "it for all pat '
of th« »' i' Tlii» fntrnrain, after I
•>»■*•» ■ B. fVOnntmr, of Hpokane.
*v M i.-1 firm! B«rh<-n Ij*te ihl*
afternoon the other nnVera will he
»!»"t<"l nr.fl tonight i!>" <l«-t:[■<•«• work
will b* nvn
Tomorrow a parade will be the fc»
tur* In th* forenoon, ami In tin tfH
ejilrtg a ball anil reception will b*
: held at ■ mVr hall
■ •■:
At th* mretljig of the board of
•duration laal ■ v. -r,'.r.r. the queitlon
ft rnlonrlng achool room MfWMMO>
•Intli'ii". waa a prominent tnjjlo dl«.
cumm>l. It waa urtanlm agreed
that "I- 1 • ahmild >■■• takrn at onr*
to i>niviil» bettor quartera fur the
pupil*. The |Ttn.||Mil hindrance of
th* board's erwtlng th* new ijmir
|M I* th<- fa* I that !rn- (limnu-n art
very low. Btaaa will '"• taken, how*
•v*r, to r.il«- »iiir.r|rnt Fund* fur
new arhonl houana before tin' open-
In* of th* next »■ hool year. Instruc
tion *•(• luued '" Jn*enhau» A
Allen. an-hl!<Tii, to draw plan* ami
• l"-<-liii A.ili.n" for aililltlnna in th*
fUlnlcr, Minor. Rnuth and Quarn
Anno *r.h«o hllll<lln|l«.
Tli- matter «f Imihlinir addltlona
<<• th* ti!sh m boo! «.i" 'IN.iijw.-.i. anil
*h» majority of the b»«nl wpra In
fav«r of . i m tin* Hi" ball llni ni".i\
th« Mork recently i»Trurri| for that
puipi— Th« t«*acher»' p»y-r«>ol for
I 1,.- month of April »-.!< ordered
Th» rrinjlur qunrlfrly mertlnff of
thn board of r—anti of ii.•■ Prilwr.
»lty will i"- ii. i i ot the chamtwr of
<i>mmerco room lomoirow nrtornonn
at I loci At ii -i lima the board
j will h'-.ir tin- r. |."i-i from th» archl
twta who mr worklnK on th« pinna
for th" two now dormltorle*, nnd If
they ar« , „iv completed, a rail for
hi.lk for th* r>>n»ii>n lion of I 1,.'
l.iiii.ihiri will in laauad,
Th« multt-r of I hi* Lbtlatuni hi
nt a l«w i|fiwrimcnt iii ■'•wtwvtlnn
»Ilii Hi. I n! • THlly will »l«.. I" I,ik
m up. Thi» ixmrii »iii riin»liliT iha
rcnoiuti'^n of I »••- uimt County Dv
•• - - ..i 111 j. >i> nt th»-lr mcctlnK ln»t 1"p|
.1.1 V. «ml rrwUdent Or*,v<*> I I)] Hlno
Iny f)l» ptnn<i !n n-irnrit to th* Mill
t»r 1., r.-i ■■ iii. mp»-tlii|» of th« btmril.
It In vpry iitolwil'ly thai »lrpii Will
1... taken to ii"» " law „ |..,, tiii- in
for th» < ■■•mini; ye»r.
■.i. k Uii» iiioiiiinii fr■••in Han
> . i • hint a
■. ■ X
■ HIM,- |l| .1 .
llw i>:<»wiii;«r Hal MM •<» follow*:
Mm I'l.ijt.-r. W. Kraarr, HIM <>.
.Mkn (. r. Mr*, nttvtrui, JuiU« T.
t'li.uv, \V. II llcuch. It. J. l|..iui|ll.
Mm. A. \\iii»'-i|. ('. XV. Wintriiii.
Mi» C. A. llarinan. B. la wort W.
IL 11.n1!.y, J. A. U ti-.11. y, Mm.
Wh.., J. Mff»«*ny. C. X, Will
num. Mr*. Will 1,1 Mil H. 0.
li..wman J. I! Hall. Mr» IUII. Mrs.
M J. 11.1.-..1.. W. A. .Ml-1.. J. I M,
Mm. H. M. J..hn»..n. J. C. Upright,
Ur, W, T. Martin. Mr*. W. K. Prow»,
I*. 11. iiii'im, II M H|><«r, J. A. Jlf
< N.i 11,1. M.U Z.li J. PVMCkI U. II
IttHintrr*. Mr*. 11-»iiili< • , Mr*. M.
i:. l«.j«t.n. MIM |*><laon. MUm L
Champion, 11. Hrunrr, U II Mart,
Ur*. Hart. J. J. Carroll, J. Tlllon.
i. 11. Olow. Mlw Hannah. Ml« A.
II Hu.k Mr. K. W «-ari.i..fi Mlm
I* H. H.-I.|Hl, Mi*» M.> h. I. W.
Itrnwn. i: x k..i..ii». W. J. Mr
-1..-H. C ll Him mn. <". V. lladlcjf.
Mm, lUrdlcy, W. I'olehenen. W, K.
lloltnmb. Mi llotcotnb, •: 11. Cop-
Icy. Mm. P. Im»-i!«. Wr», 11. lli«k-
Icy, 9. 11. Ktrven*.
Tli- Wi-miiiT l'iii«illl.«. CTupUln
CoUfHi*. Mll*4 Hit" mornlnil at 11:30
..■.!•- . for ftan Kr»nel*«>, with
pa***nfvr*) mil ft.lrht
rvn.ANl' Mo* I.—Th* ail*
truat la •ptit up th* bark. The llmii
Hprint * Alt* company, of ClmJn-
I nail. one of th* tru*t'« former mem
ber*, today a- • ura<l a temporary In*
Junrtlon In th* common plea* court
laa-a- th* I».HU Manufarlarvra'
A depoatt of njan In r»»h, and a
.•■•Kli rtot* for 15000 la required.
In* plalnttrt CM Mi '•• ttuarant**
obedience to rulea. The He** com
pany had a row. and on April 1 "
pudiated Ha agreement. It •«• fin
e4 $TVM. The plaintiff m*» up that
the> aKreement !■ In vlolatUtn of th*
f»hl» antl-tru«l law. The court la
aeked 1« make the r.»mpany «1*« up
111* caah and not* depualt..
President 11... ..f th* llea* Uprtm
* All* company, »a4d ronrernlnUhe
Injunction: Tn» a*aoclatlon la ruln» J
Ins Hi- buatnea*. \v» h.%v- placed
the matter In the hand* -if attorney*
•ml we ,>*• to p«nt 11 m a fiaUh.
iTh«» dealer* «f Clndnaatl. an 1 other
1 part* of th» country ar» In *ymp*thy
with ii. and »11l help flitbt the »a—
elation. Th* «p*rMl<»n* at thU «a
aoriatktn ar» In »!.»l«tk>««< lh» "I*l*
An«-Tru*t l*w."
Th* tenth annual convention of lb»
King County Women* ChrUUaji
TVmperanr* iin*"n. e«tnmenred thla
morning ii I* u'nine In the Method- I
<M Rpiaropal i hurrh .i( H«)l«r.l Th* I
devotional en n-|i« «ire r.iiilur'- I
~1 br Mr*. K. H. Wood. «N.I wer* M- |
h»w*<l by report* of offieera and *«• •
loßlrio member*. A memorial **r
»i. - til I.tUI ii U JO. led t.y Mr.
A. Parker Addreww <rf wtlnmw .
were 4»M%r»r.! thl» afternoon by
j lie*, Brook*, In behalf of th* church
'<■. and by M»yor Purtup In behalf
of ih» city. Th* balanc* of the aft
ernoon »a* taken up by department .
rrp-.r<«. thank • •fTi-rtiur •frvlc*. par-1
llanwniarx drill en 1 ml«i-rlUin*»»»
hu.irvi—.. tin. M«r»-arrt I'l.Kt will |
-•> I I )rv-» th* »v> n,n» m««tln« on
ilr|'«.rtnic-nt 'Um'»i»"r»tl' n.
At the mr»-i|n« of th* chamber M
rommrrr* tomofrotr afternoon at
1:» oVl.«-li. l'ntt*4 Hi«i«« (*■■!>•««•
• Ironro Turner will ■■lilrtm In*
chamber on matter* of lonal InterrM. ,
An InvHution I* <tt-n i» I to all <itl
srnn of the city by th* chamber of
•-••mmiTvr to attend th* meeting.
Mystery In Indiana.
■RTIIOUR, Ind., Jl«r ».—The ',
body of • well drwwd man •■• dl»- i
covered on the Ilalllmore * rihlo '
t- ■nili««-«t'rn mush near lir..«n» ,
town, Inil . thin morning by a farm I
ii;m-l. A Inilli-t hole near th* i|>ln« ]
Indlratcd that th* man had I- I ,
murticred „n aom* I'UwtnK train' ■
and thrown off. \
Tiirre warn no Indication of a flirht , ,
where the body wii found and t»•■- I
murder la a royaiery to th* peopl* '
In that vicinity. The man waa »p- i
parently about iii year* at ag*. «ell |
i.iiilt. ajnooth faced and «H«!hi-i1 (
about lia pound*. Ther* *«» n.nli- ,
tag nn •>!• peraon to tell hi» place of I
' residence or hl» name. .; - ]
Murdrrer Otmr\r* N"r<li« raw |
cornea up tomorrow afternoon In the [
crlrn«n»l dopaHrnpnt of the auperlor i
rnurt fi>r a final lir.irlnic. '"' •' '
M.iinHl"n tmWfa In*! week niM on- \
).M-i!on« to 'hi- proci>*dlns« of th* .
midlral commlmilon appointed i.v
,l\i<l(rf Jarol»«, and will tomorrow I
iirituc a point of law and attempt to
•how that tin- Moral ixMiiilnnlli.n In- I
to the sanity of Nord»trom »•!» II- '
Rev. Moora's Last Sermon ■
THKOA. W«»h, May ».—ltev. Mr.
M\ior«>, p«»tor of Hi.- M< -ii- i
ITplnropal chuo'h at Trkoa. n«rm-
IniTliill ail<l ' 'ML■MI. |i|r;lftlr.| hit
fnrnwpll I BlOn In I" Bumlny. Hi-V
Mr, Moore will give up ministerial
work her* hi I leave* thla track for
I. Hi In.' mi I Hie lli.ly I<an<l v. li.n
he will kii.m.l i.iic ynir In travel and
miidy. lUV. liidli-y. late of I'" '•"".
will am .. .M li. ■, M« ■ i>« i>a>ti>r
, ..f Hi. Tarmlngton ili.ili Ii t
Government Wark Stepped
ARTOIUA, Mny ».—Quite n liii.il
lnr of thr> employe!* mi Hi- itovrrn
nn>rrt foftllli'allon* at Fort Htevena
hnve been InJd off, and mi.it ■• wilt be
■ iilK.-hiirKi-i! during the coming wrck.
• Tin- npprnrrt«tl»n haa been t x h in-41
<«l, and no mori money will lie avail
-1 a bin lir fur i. Aug\iat. •
.1ii.1.:- Hi iiK.in. 11l tin superior,
i rourt, nppirtntPil %V. t». Iledilnn to
: act fur Hi" Hontilu Land . ■•i•i i- my as
rectivtr. , j
rfiH pi Correct Colored
/v^sW v Correct in Mate
vv^\ Correct la Shape;. „■-,.■
< \. Correct in • Every Particular
* '""■■'^J^^ Kvcry Pair is ■ Splendid
where else can you secure so much real
true shoe value. ,; '
I.ADIKft' rill' Tv Colored Kid MUM'S Kin* T«n C->l"r*l KM «ho«t,
Oifora rv«, «,,|hhll.llv made, plaia c;iob» or n«w Derby l«»i«.
tl »•> vitlu*. u«Jy II,!." <• l«ir I ■• ''■<■• 'i'i.r». »i»r>.l »r«rln«. 11.71
valu*. only It It ■ pair
, a Sk«»., » H . -M-ts-i a^ s.r«;-;
>*" p«Jr
cy VMllna toi*. «<iu«l In Mvlt. Tanned Vlr, Kl4 W.".. »««»•*•
, „-•_ tlful dr«*» »ho«». ll^« worth uf
* "*"• r,n. T.n roln^ VH rood —' — rtyl*. only $» • pair.
KIJ •>.-r on new l,...uilfiil flttlnn UTTI.R <l»iH'* T»n ''..lord llui>u
tail* grand wearing, »l»« «la «. Call «h.--., •prill* lw«L • Uf*. on
Ii P. a i>«lr: IH to 11. II.«. US i« 5. n»w atyllub la«|a, «r«o« w««rtn«.
li'.Ti. . . 11 « valuta only li.li » t*ir.
206, 208,,2i0 PiUe St. 1
' ....WILL. HI A...
m mm nitiii ucuit uh.
From »7.00tn $300
Sherman. Clay & Co.
"Not How Cheap
Bit How Goof
. I bit Uo» -t j.»r, aa4 ln«
41$ Pike Street.
In Seattle.
You Want
A Bargain
In 11 New, Slightly Used
or Second-hand
Remember we have the
. Largest and Most Com- ..
plete Stock in the City.
Call or aril* lor prtcsa *ni u-rni
903 mii Are. Fttrtf Billim
$w - - — --,--.* wi:
:; COME TO THE_>* . ::
I! Inaugural Sale
! I ... TOM BARGAIN* n».... !
!! F"urnishing« '•'>
|| And Mat*.... |;
■ I _ ''
: I 11. LEWIS & CO. ::
;; 1 nit Avenue and Cherry Sts. j;
ZVi*****«*^-^ ♦»♦»•»♦♦♦*
$n Platino Cabinet /hn
\h Photos reduced \A
o>3 ",...„. w <Pd
For 3<> !>«».. T''
L_a Roche S3-i&ffa
Acme Publishing Co.
P.O. A liny. Telephone Red 1064
< ...co t0.... <J
/ Spark mini & .McLean !>
• | rum lui.dtiM in <[
(' -*-:, i
,1 .
<» \V« nfTor » in 1*!, »|v roum hmi«*. 5
, 1 \\*« ofcr 11 lit Rt. »!i ro<>m hoil««, , '
.1 „ii.-i,ii.li«)l\ built, in b.hml nol|th< ,i
, 1 I<urhn<>tt, lot tWxltiOl >mnll |«] m.'iil /
/ itwtiWHM in 1 > 111 i-in* toiult. ,i
, > fi<• .«i <iui •» 11..• •••* ■■"•;; Ul'i
1 ' .. . «»..».,• It.*. . . „:-. 1
!! -*.»^ . ;
1 Ml tt»M *rt. (MOM. lul. c
♦ <•!■•>< MMMIUHMH
Dewey Invesment Co.
603 Ntw York iUck •
Contractors •■• Builders
I I 111 !••■•••• M»«il on r.ur T«nu -
i Mmwr ■« I •» iil(U c*nl iB CttT ml '
l.m pf oparur. ,
: , . !
3 Removed to *
Second Avt«
Pike and
. mult. Pmtuer i:: Uuit. i
Ttnt 11 41-4*. cia in rim irau
• •
All Wetk iru«r»nl-»t.
PalntiDi PapertaDCßi Kalisnjiiln
1W»» lnm« Matt I" Urdar. tut*.
tr.itl. lU|i«lrtU( ni All KloU
Kniiinit,i*t:»iiimc. 406 Pike >tfMt
' VW lf*f V■ W • iff TfrTtfff '
f MtaU at All Hstrt. ■ '
• Mi. Coi. A. mm. ■ Preprietor ; |
X for. Ihtri *•»». art J«m«i si !!
!♦♦♦»♦♦♦•••***** **+*++*'
TUX riRST national bam Of
!••> 1 tip r«pii«i .... . itm.wt
'■-I' >»• MnklQi k<ul«tn tr«uMc<»l
.'«!!.■• 11. llaaia, 7c ..... I'rui i->ai
Maurtc* MtMlckaa . , . flc« K*tM*nl
Ir.lrr 1 ■ "- ■<■ t • . ( uhlM
K. 1. rtrkhunt .... 4«.ii'«iii 1 aaluaf
81f M M>.l l«-U-»r«l><itc <>CB>M« !«)•!<;*
in til lh» 1 rlnnp»l cilia uf tb« fnli«4
• ■ *• *uA Kumfi*
TUX " >uukt i>o"v p NATIOJIAt »ASK
OF ««ATtL«.
r»pii*i itock ifki.i la »««"•»
•urptu* „rr..... Maw
Jacob Punh „. rrMl<Sant
K. ('. n<-ui>Mkt , Vloa-Vr»»i Wut
R.V. Auk«n>... Cuhlot
ODrmcondtnti la nil ik* i-n»«tr»i ulUMla
llu> ' 11!" <l«l»t« *<>•! Ki.f. 1" -„.,..
or vkaiti.k.
1 ConkM Y«lm »•) *u4 >'lnt A>cum.
i cupiui 7. ~^ $njm
ABf)r«w ( Ml tori ...' l>r<Ml<Unt
A. It. Bo«lhJH , 1 tSBm
Trmi»)i«i« a 44#n«rat h-.nkini D«tatn*»t.
LOAM »>!• Ikllllttll.,
J«ln.-> flulhwcll •Mor(;ari>lA*ai>«. Flrr liv
•uranra l - 11. i\ iion.lt .'» nation f'l» . Tut.
lint and only thurnugU Danrtn'* %-ho.ii In
clly . '••> 'anil *\inilnii Tib an.) CollimbUH
Mr«. Hanwn, mrii.r Fourth •Pl Pln«.
lax -1 H|>rliiK iTylrv l««o»l |.rl.v».
(I 111 111 -. « I.KAMNU,
H.iattU rinilir. I'rMWlllf ('•. k»»» »mir
fli.ilu'ii In «1i«,.(.,r|l «i nor mouth ) .t(iiii<.
I'U'Hlilliii. rrpolrhu ll«a.lav. Tal.lluS tuJl
1111 l H.11.H-llrV KK.AI. ii»TATa\
II" your i<ro|ifriy «llh up Wt> rjftu i^il
"i rent 11. Tk«i'« pan tor non-rr<l^rnta.
11. A. iiliiKl.nw * CO.
Krai Katata au Ucut.il A.outJ.
NO. 910). J'lk« »ir««L

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