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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, May 10, 1899, Image 1

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1 mi ti|>.«vi> Ctntt « Month
VOL. l"
Captures Seven Cuban Bandits by a
Bit of Yankee Strategy. j
RANTIAQO, May I*.—mv*n hr»\lly arm«l banttSU who attamplotl
today to IkoM up a IKt«t»n man uiin.J Maurte*, IUM«In and thrn*
Tubaa rioiip.iru.inii. wrrr all rapturi.l by a el*v*r trlclt. :> lUld*in ni»h
*a upon Ik* bandit*. waTlnx hkl hat. ap|iarr»tly to persona f.Jl..«in« l»^
bind, ami rii UimlPK. "lluri»h, l»n, her* th«y ml" Th* t*rrur>
•trtckrn oullaM*. •u|.|».«in« that a detachment of autdlrr* w*r* upon
thrm. threw down th«4r arms «n<l bmevd fur ra*rcy. Italdwln told
thnm that he would i>i»«r» their llv«* only m eorxMlon that ih»y |>rorapt.
Iy ■übtnitted to be bound, dm-larln* that th. *nldlrr* mMM I th*
bsuhca would shoot at th« r ,i «t|tn of rtsotarx-*. Ho then > atl*4 to
hi* Cuban •-<>mi>anlon« to cecur* th* bam!* of tb* robb*r* behind their
back*, while b* kept Ih*m MMMI with III* r*vi>l»»r Th* warh of ty
ins *»* quickly acconp{ts||*d on I th. a th* bandit* w*r« mtormad, much
to th»lr chagrtn, that th*tr wtm mi *>.».li*r« pr**ent. - iuit»tn com
r*U*d th* luu.iiis to march to thl* ■ ity. »ber« they art now In )>l
WABIIINIJTON. V«y |i>.-«J#»rr*l OtU ■ »bi->1 10-Uy »» follow*;
"Tr«n»i»>n IVi>n«>lv«ni» Wft tor (tan Fr»n«-|»«'-> t»l.i>-. Nolaoa lea**a
on Mm lUh. Cleveland on l!ih. and Hi Iviul on Uth. j
Th* War deportment I* not Informed an M whether any of the vol
unteer* now M-rtlnc in |b* Philippine* mil b* Mnt horn* on the**
WASHI.VUTON, May I* Th« failure of Urn. Otl* to announce th«
4»p«r(urr of any vnluntr«r* for hem* I* [<u>llln( in tit* War d*partratnl,
jla% Wof Km- offirla) iram-* that Ik* r- lurn of lh« voluM*«r« to Ih*
I'nll^l out*a wu attnpty ■ qu*all<Mi «4 jr<>viitn« ir«n»|"'«»"'>iv If
Otis t» in ndirx h«t-k anjr empty tmnvport*. M« action I* utt»rlr at far
laiwv with Al«»-r • tciccmn t.» th« Governor of Colorado. Nearly
tarn work* ajtt> OUa *■» ur«^j In ih» m.'»i ••mphai ■• l.rinw in ha*t*n
tlk* Jt*-barcr of Ik* vi.Junlwm. an-t M?n4 tbnn hnm« aa »i*«llty ■» l-»
»ibv. Th* rnttrv Callfornte reirtment «-»• *xp«ct»d to b* tit* Urat mrl
»»ik to leave, Hvcrctary .\lc-r ha» cabled (KM for a , Jt(»llrJ report
upon h:» plan* for »i«riln* th* voluot*«ra boot*.
WA^HINHTuX. M.iv m—Th» b««f i»irk»T» of CM<i«<» ha»» mar
• ballea tb«tr torn* amlnal M»j.»r Otneral M|l*«. and are •ndaatronng to
, Imvv Mm retlvvnl from Lh* commanl of th» army, a* ptinianim-nt far
hi* action In •tlrrfn* up th* embalmed beef lnvtotl«atlon. Tb«y claim
bis :nii>e la l«fmc«lb4« for a lan** ratline off In in* f.r»tftl d*tnan>l
i far American caanmi rail) ami canned ran be*f. Pi-.-ti.lrnl V. Klnl»r
la, bmrevrr. reportnl to be Indl*pu»«d In tak* any ..flMal *l«pa In th*
dlr-.tlon <l*«lr«4 by th* packer*. t»l Ml>» "111 probably net b> <Ju
turbetl. >
WAtntlSOTOit, May !«.—Th* lndu*trtel eonmlnrtoa »ill b>arlm Ha
-jfrlri ■ laqolry Into iru«!» on Rest Triur»tay momloa*. A tar«» array of Imi-or
■ s-! tant wttneevea ,b»v« been ! au*'ii'-n*^*l 4 Iwlodlns J hi. nor»*f;ller,_ rtp^,
: r Jt -•"■•—-■"■;-"• ' "i >yitHnwi^a^i>Trri*rytr;.?
*-and John Arburkl*. tb* b«ul of th» NiM r.imWn*. The** thrt* men
'wtll'b* among th« tint «x%nilne4.and oil! b» aak*>l many •'•rrhina
atumllnn* .-.il. vi-,.) to brio* ■ light any combination* which may ■»»!
; araloat Inlrr-Mal» trad*.
WAHHIMiTtiN, Mar tft—The f >ll"winc despatch from A4mlnJ
Kami la Clven nut by th* Navy department:
"Apt*. Mar 3.— TIM Ttrutu* arrived April XI. All I* quiet at Apia.
• •..million of affair* I* much Improved. Have withdrawn marine* from
tIM »h..r». their (ifimiti b*in« no loa«*r required.—Kautf."
ROME. <U-, May 10.—Th* residence of Dr. la. P. lucwei! waa /Ih
«rr>j».l by fir* early this tnornlns*. Th« d«-tor, hi* Bra cbtMren and U>*
bouaekevper, at) perkfber] In in* flames.
IjONDON, May !».—The American'coaunltJitoiMTs to th» run dis
armament conference arrival her* today after an uneventful voy-a«e
acron th« Atlantic
IIKItI.IN. May IB.—A ferry boat carrymit a pl<-nK- party wa» e*p
stxed today near lima, and fourteen of th* paaaencers werednmned.
lIAVAXA, May l»-HI*iy ease* at leprosy was discovered berw In
on* bonpltai. '
• ■II » l-.I.K!<P>X. S. C. May l«.-Th» ninth annual reunion of the Con*
federal* veterans formally beran here today.
Rlr WllHam Van II m. pre«ldent
of the Canadian r»riit< Itallroad, ar
rived lam mm In his private car
from tbe south, wher* b* haa been
eojirjrnln* tor a-viral weeks, ami
left thl* mornlna; ormr th» H. A I.
road for Vancouver. M. C.
In in Interview r«s:ardlnir tha r»
j»>rt from New York th»t he would
r«litt> In favor of vlce-prewMeut
Rhauirhnraay, be said this mornlns;
that he would neither deny nor
affirm It
It Is nnt generally known that Sir
William la an American. He wa*
l«-rn in Illinois, and commenced his
railroad career when only thirteen
year* old. In l'tl, when feirty-une
years old, h- became vtre-pre*ldent
of the Canadian t'acinc railroad, ami
four years later he wms made th -
The Improved Order of fled M'-n,
which mi* been In seealon In thl*
cHy mn<» y-atrrtjay, will . «lv» a
rranl parade thin evening, followed
by a ball and reception In Itanke
Tni* following ortlrer» were elected
yesterday afternoon for IB* en*u!na;
year: (Jreat wh-m. 1. O. <Tonnor,
f<pok*ne; er'-ul senior Miimore, In
M. Hill. Walla Walla; icreat junior
•ajrati. >' It. B. Wolfe, Hentlle; itr«-at
jtruphet. i. I^ "I" Murray, Tavnmai
ereat chief of recorMn, J. I' Cans,
TftM>mn; *reat keeper of wampum,
John Hlebenlmum. I'ort Townii<»ndn;
delejrateii t» gntU council of l!ntt«d
rttate*, F.» V. A. nhaw. Walla Walla.
T .J. Hell. Tacotna, W, V. L—fl 1,
Port Towniewl.
Th« eJty council, Comptroller Par
ry and i:niciif*r Thompson left Ihla
moraine; for <vinr lake, Frank < >!-.
•on. a»<r»tary of the board of public
work*, 1.-ft yrat»r<laj> afternoon 10
prepare accommodation*. Th* par
ly will mak«- * tour of th* water
•h(~l tributary to th« lake, »'.•■ the
question of the p«a*lt>l« pollution
»111 be dlacusavd thoroughly. Their
will return ftaturdar.
Judff* Moor*, of In* equity depart
m«nt of th* superior court, la con
j rlrtcd to his room by an attack of
Tfvir. In til« abaenc*, JuV» Wil
liamson, of Tacoma, will hold court.
What might hay» l.»rn a serious
( l<|. nt. involving « l*i*;t» •mount
of •! im«i», ncrurred thl* morning at
Hi" «uih cnaJ bunkers, . Thi- bl*
Mrlentnl »tfvitnrr Kaikurn Mam left
tier berth at the Bmtth <v.v.- docks,
»'"' steamed up to the bunker* to
coal. Captain mini i. appeared to
be In a hurry M ««t hi* vessel alnns
•Me the hunker" for h* run the
imnit at full *r*ed until «he *««
almoM oppnalte the hurik'r* It la
claimed II i" li« did not rW#fM hi*
engines until tw> had rnrvl..l th«
buoy, and the blark bow of the
■teamer waa petntlm Inivanl the
bunkrra abotrt ISO yard* dlitant.
The ni'Mii>-i(tiim of the bin ntpniwr
bore h*r swiftly forward to the left
•Vl* of the 111 >■ k I n.i ri'l bunker*,
where the »hlp C. V, Harirent waa
lyln«r. it wa« Captain Ollmorf'a In
tention to dork the .Inkiir* tin the
rlKht ffkle of the N«weaMlf bunker.
A* he nrarcd the liiitik-rn h« rang
the hall to back, the rnilite* full
apteU, but not In time to check the
•ix>ni of th* H.ikmii, and i in i.■ «■■
a • rum hum sound., and th* knnh at
Ml I """I anchor vmtwddod Itself 111
ihi* *tarb«mrd Md* of th* „,,, iii
As) th* steamer i .nun. ii. . .1 to back,
lh« *nd nf th* .in. .i Wai pullod out,
Iravina- a n.-ni hoi* of about six
Inch** In alt* In Ih* ..111•'..I.- plunk
ing. Had th* K»km • i.'ii |nl»l hi
i awltter rat* .[ spevd, th* dama«*
1.. th* «'i«iiil would bay* b*«n
much greater.
To Itttli Dlsputu.
\v v^iiin. . ToY, May 10- li la un
derstood line that wh*n th* disarm
ament conference tn**t* lit To*
(Incur, May I*. th« member* from
both iht t'niii-ii State* and Cit.-al
HrlUln v.II ixiih • h.M-.ui. th* Mill*-
MM of Innnational .dttpute* by
I*-- Ingraham, *g* sliiy-*l« yr«r».
died hi ItmM, ritiinlay. i.f i'on>ti»i|>-
Hon. Ill* remain* wer* tak. t •
l>..|lilr) A llxrufl l.< Iw prrparrd
fur Interment.
• • •
Th*> work of r«l«ln* tlio •iink»n
Itrtllsh ship AiMMaM M Tarnm*. la
MM to be Kr«-«*lnK favorably
fhrr*. powerful l>i|* »rr» fxnerlM
'•• faaion on to tho chain cable of
the veeael ii.lay. with I In- I.lea of j
'tr.iitKlnit hrr Into ■li«l!»» »»it.
MhnuM they (••• •in. .««fui In doing
*... Ih* Mil will be pumped out of
the An-1. LAtin, an I th* work of r.ils.
ln« h*r will ho comparatively aa»y.
• • •
Herbert I), Itowley ha* been com*
mittrd to th* ln*an» aaytum by •
Juljf J».-,,|,« He v ihirty-on*
yearn old. ami boa been • pailful for
MM Urn* at th« £«alll« ilrn<»ral
hoat'ltaL 'tMBMBAMtfI
.• • •
Viola M< r«!l. • 11-known pick.
pork*t. was Uat nlchf acquitted by »
Jury In th* superior «->iurt of a chart*
of irrnrt 1 Lid • n> Kb* wan trlr-I ea
a ...nv|.i«im mad* by ■ W. Ilk*, a
■MMM " ■-.«» «bn sll*g*4 that
• *»- rri.»»r,i him of 1110 on Ih* night
of February It."
•• • .
Mr*. Hannah Plersoa dl*d yrster
'lay at h*r home, IM>t I>*xter • v*nu«,
nf ; m unwnU. Mb* w»* the wife of
<*ui<. ivnun, • well known »••
--f »iin* man, ami ram* • to Meaitl*
with him from Norway about Un
year* s«o. ", . . ,
• • •
A meeting of Ih* Hrat<>*> Red Ormw
•>««<•! y warn hold y***ar*)ay la In*
club mm at in* public library, and
tti* f..ii.,«ti»« 4oi**;aia« war* *leetet| ,
to «tt*o<l the at.air *.nvon'l"m hi bo.
h*l I In i^rai, May » >«r» 11. It,
Holme*, Mr*. K. W. Iwkmiii. Mia
C. M. l*an.l-ta.n. Mr*. A. ror'lixj.a. !
Mr*. O. r. M*<-m. \'r* J, W. Oodmln. )
Mr* l.yman Uank*. Mr*.' Kra«tu*
l»r*lnrrvl. Mr* J. I! Harden.
Th<- regular *|.itru» drill of Ik*
polar* i«ilri>l» I* la Im r»asimr«l n*ll
Ttinr»l«ii urnl-f lha dirr-rttoa of
rVnrt,. Irvine Ward. itf .-«»«. -.
Joseph Oral*, an Indian. •<• f>n»d
IT*, ami *eist*iK*>J I" thirty day In
Hit by Ju !«■• « ann ysMerday, for a*
a«urlin( 'i»>ir|t» X <>u»ti. 1
• • a
Th* funeral terrtees »f Mr* llanih !
B. Oil eon, held yesterday «i ll.it
i«t Htrtwt M. It rhurrh, »«a v*rf
largely attended. It*v. 11. '• "'own
and It. v. l>anM | 1U«I. > «mrtat*d.
Th* B'-ritl oflf*rtnini w*r* »«ry pr»t.
*» «n* |'HH« tioln*; rt»rn by i*>».i|*r
A I*»v. atxl another by Mr* lMnl*l
liaKlry The Intornvnt H'U In Italic
Vl*w rvmetery.
• a •
Th>-r H <«■i»n«t Labor party b*ld a
m»-«-tln« la*t ni«lii *( UU Third av
•nu". atxl Altnrn«y !<«»*ry m«.lr an
ad'lr*** on "Thr rrtvailln* tHavaa*
*nd Unreal in Kocl*ty t Ita Cau*« and
Tt*m*dy.** Th* tU. c of th* me*".*
in«« nn> * hanit") ant) hT<**fl*>r th*
party will m.—l in th* Maautilc Tun.
a ' a •
Two prla>.n<Tß w*r* rtl«a**d y**
i.t'Ut from th* custody of th* '
•h*rlff by an ord*r aicncl by Jul»
Jacob*. On* of them, John llurr*
ituni, won riUmlMi'd on «ri ount of
hi* y.rulh. and the cKh*r, IVrry Oray,
l.fH-Mlia** tit*r* wa* no prnof of 111) '
Intvnttnn to burglar!**, althiurh
«b"ii arrnt*d h* had a rpitklock"
in hi* fKMWM-Mlon.
•.• • %
K. A. | • •-.!«•. ih* •tiih.n a»-*nt at
Int*rbay. ha* a*kv<l th* aa«l*tanr* of
th* potiea >t^parfm<-i>t In brvaHluc
up m ««nit of hobo* which continually
hanir <irntitnl tb* station. I»al nlicht
th* »tnil"n nt broken Into and a
if>M watch ami chain, *<>v*rail raior*
and *. number of *ult* of cluthr* and
an overcoat wtr* atolcn.
a • a
W. 11. N»vlli. a rtr*man. r*port*4
to poll" headquartrr* thl* mornln*:
that Ma room In th* Pint avrnu"
hrni»> w«a »-ntrr.-t antn* tlm* l«*t
nlcht and Ma uniform, a crip, ami
*»m* cloth** w*r* *tol*n.
. . a a • if
llnvmnn I'nrk I* irtlll rli»«»l. V>\
J. Umi.il*. man*«<r of th* Third
fktrr^t and Ruburban railway, *«ld
today tlint- ho hnped th* city would
buy th* park. Improve 11. and op*n
ii to th* publlo, »a •tiirr»«ti-t. It
ha* b**n over a w*«k atrwa th* Mar
published th* first account of Hi
< I..nine of thr park, and matt*r»*tlll
r«mn4n th* aam*.
•• - •
rr**ld*nt r-irrrl, of th* TadflO
Coast ."n.]>'iM\. atatr* that th* com
pany ha* i>iirrhii«<"l th* larr* coat
hunker* furrriTly Mi by th* Oak
Isnd '' nun. i .1 company at Oak
land, <":il. Tlhb» bunkpr* hay* a
rapairtty of roninlnlnir 10,IKM tnn* of
mal, and th* company ha* I>«-om «r
--ronains; for th* purch*** of th*rn fsr
a lonir tlrno.
• • •
Th* hunk etMTMMI today wrro
13t:.13«.«i. and Ih* bnlan'o* wrro
_• • •
A rirllficnlr. of Incorporation of
th* 'I T. Mills Machinery company
has heon fil^l with th* rminty audi
tor. Th* tru*t»p* who will rruitincf
ih" ...fn|.iri\ for th* Dmt mix month*
a.ra (I. T. Mill* and J. \V. Ilartwlrk,
■.r :*.-:>111.-, /iml T. K. l'.'ixla#. of
OrnyllriK, Mich. Th. ripllal stork
af th* company I* $10,000.
Wonl wan !■•■■■• • i h#r* thin nft
»rnoon i.v I'hli-r !;.••! that Hi. >'■•
rifii' Jowclry A Optical ■inpnny,
•■■ hlel wan in ijiiNin-id in thl* til*
•lurlnK the hutl'l.ivii In th* N«w Torle
block, '■■" robtMd o( t:KO or jtwtlry
at I*cn4letun, Or* .
President Will Prob-
ably Call It.
Alt* la o*nn* III* Fulyr* Poll*f
In R*«B*et to th* Philip*
sin* l»l«ns».
WA»IIIN>; i ■ D •'. May l»—
PVilhiwlnc th* ■nnfiuiu finent that
th* caucus iiirniiiltiM. of Ik* houM
" has aarvod In th* Atlantic City con
r.r.-n. • to a dvltntt* ni».in. mi policy
fur lecUlatlun In th* nfly-atlth con
err***, I her* la a r*poii that In*
president will "'all rorta*r**a togvther
In *>tra ••■••ion n*it Ortotwr.
Th* ohj«c< of Hit early meeting It
to dltpo** of th* nnanchU measures
a* oarD a* possible, to «i»«- <'" for
Ih* matdrratlofl of war legislation.
.v.«t only i 11 ii.<MM*ary on Ih* *v*n
, lint of a pr#*ldeiilUl campaign lo
I •will* <h* MVfMJi * question, aa far
!aa may b*. but It I* absolutely necv*.
mi to d*t»rtnln* a policy for th*
I'hillpianra and to dl«no«* of ih*
t'uban problem. If »>»nta will |<or
To ha* th* next i .inimi mnl In
D*c*mber would throw th* session
wall Into Aucust b*f»r* any liuu*
coukd b* .10-Hkl. Th* ronvtrrtlent
will M held In Juii- or July. and th*
ronfuslan thu* i«*sibl* mud b*
| It I* not *Ipewt*(! thai ther* will
b* any rr**t slrucd* ar*r th*
measure*, which th* c*wu* tttpub
lima*. «H>"l by th" venal* nnanr*
i-omimti**.. will present. Th* linra
of Ih* prvstdent'* mn<«i will >• •
followvd closely providing for th* r*>
•lemptlon of (tfrtibai ka In ar.»t 1. pro
»l-tiii« fur th* Iwriai*) nf .mulj
tkin to th* fir valu* of bond* it*
l»>»itr I by til* national basks, for
th* reduction of taxation on rlrcul
! lati'-n. and far suthortty In orsanll*
n.itl.n.l bank* on a capiul of l.i.ora),
lo iiif th* rountry i4»i«» fa-Hitlo*
In eitrrem-y art"! loans.
| Thrr* ar* othtr Important <iu«a
lion*, th* S*los>r»«u* raßal and Ih*
•hlu«n» an.l *üb*idy bill b«in« tb*
rauaH prominent. Th* election of
a B*w "|«krf wilt tak* rontlderabt*
tin* Th*r*> will b* ilrlay In Ik*
appointment «>» remrnltt*** In Ik*
%<n>*f< *«»' " M> i"»t»iv*y •• allow
777? *p«tk*r four at fly* week* t»
malt* up hi* rommlll** a*»vnm*nla.
Of th«a* member* of romrr. >■ ho
haT* con*, abruitd. th* I r»«tJ-nt ha*
Inquired parilrulary of th* l*n«tb
of th'-'.r stay. ll* baa Intimated 'h<
.vl%-(a»f..!ity ft Ihrir rvturn b«f»r*
(fall Men »h.i bar* tailed with him
recently bar* r«r«lve<l th* lmpr<*'
(Mr that hi- wilt rail ib #xlra ••••
sloo. hut th*r* has been no dlr*«t
■Utrmrnl to that vltsct.
Thi- vfTort baa bren t.> wold an »i
Ma aosaion for fear that It mfcht
laa>l to !■•!»« and us*)*** i|l«-u*al •»
•I rurrrncy l*a"llH.tl<>n but *ln«* th*
.*>u<ni« mmmltt** has *froo«t upon
a Mil whW-h •Mint iMtlafartnrv to
Ml. an* In all part* of th* coun
try, thai dancer la lessened, and It
I* roruftdorad a.lwa«l-la to ret th.
legislation out '■* Iho way of Iho
crowd*4 work which will com* b*
far* th* rocular session. Such an
•ttra **»*lon tv»»ld b* railed In Oc
tober art.l «lv* conarre** th* Urn* t »
oryanlt* awl hay* 1h» Mtnmllttw
appointed bof..r* <h* rrcular *e**l«n
1 i»-irtna. much tlm* belnar «aln««d In
thl* war. which would b* an *<lv«n
tac* a* rroat a* that of dl*po*lnc
of currency l»»l*latlon.
Will Take Troops North to
Wrangal and Dyoa.
Th« •i"iinn-r llumtwildt haa hfwn
•■- uif<| by ("him W. W. ltoblni»n
Jr., of !n» i|U«rt»nnaa«rr'ii <lr|i*ri
nwnt, for the tr»n»p"rtatl<in of
troop* "> AUaka oh* will l»ar* h»rr
Mar 11, with 1M wiMlrra. And two
'•fllcors of U>« Twenty fourth Infan
try, a.f»l about thirty ton* of fr«l«b(.
Tha aoldtera and fr«t«ht will hr d*»
llv»r>^i »>»t»*<-n Port Wrmnc*l and
Troop* of th» PV>tirt»*nth Infantry
now »latlon<-1 at th»»» |.olnt» will
return to Rmittl* on th* Mini
ateamar, and aithougrh It hi not .l'fln
airly a*ltl«<l. It la thought that they
will 1..- uriii to Manila, Th» In.i
company la i oin|MHit*l of alxty-flvr '
men ami on* offl'or, under corn*
tnand of Captain. 11. T. Yeatrrran.
Th*r» art- a*venty-two men and MM
officer at Fort Wrunrel. un«l«r com
mand of <i|t lioirardua i;i.lrl.lit».
Hol>ert llrtdirra, commlaatoner of
public lnn<la nt olymrla, hn« rrntlflMl
Aii'lltrir IVtMM that i.ro,.,,»|in»r»
for a writ of prohibition ha»» bOM
tnatltnli-1 In th» auperlor court of
ThurWon company by thi* attorney
[HWIII of Waahlnitton aralimt the
treaaurer of the county to pmhihtt
the anle <•( certain Khool land* by
tax rertincalea for 'Irlliwlllcill taiea
.in. th« county. Thin beina: a teat
r-.i».. It will apply to all nrlniiil Inn.lf
In Ilka condition, and In event of
the court'a <l»nylnit tha writ of pro.
hlhltlon. (ilirihaiirr* of aitch Unda
will 1... obliged to pny al drllmiuent
taxes with accrued Inlt r»«t and
I!. B. i tut »• m > i! airent of tha ■
O. if A N. railway, la In Tacoma
W..T. Kelly, trnvelllnß pa«*<>ni(rr
agvnt of the I'iilmii I'llilflr, nt l'"i I
l.iini. la In the. -It v today.
. . .
i Th* Orrmt Northern train, duo here
at • o'tlock l««t night, did not or
rlv* until Hits mm nliiic. The delay
was .inn..! by d*rallm*nt of • nr
east of th* mountalnt.
• • *
11. M MiriiMns. 'lli° l.rla dltpatch
itii'nt. la lii 1..1 Han.l
*i . . * ,» -
11. M. 1 I.ii-a of th* I>h'tlll[it-Jud
a .ii i:*i inn.hi . ..m| lot has return
<~l from a trip 1.. Portland.*
To Laivg Seattle
HAN ntAJfCttOO, May 10.— No
tic* wat recHvr.i her* ye*t*rd*y by
Collector Jackson, tint I*. I). Hrlniy
l*r. (Thine** Inspector at ftonttla. ha*
been aaalKii*^ to duty h*r*.
Affairs at Wardner
WAHNKH. Idaho, May 10—Tha
minaowner* In th* * -.unly ar* obey
ing th* order* of <1> n»i«l Merrism
that Ml union miner* will b* allow
led to work In th* mitt".* few of
Ih* mine* art* making sny prvivru*
at working at ii.. aulhorlliea ar*
walling far a ilr*ir*lii< tlass of men
to com* Into th* country.
Flour Mill* Combine.
CHICAGO, May in.—The . ..ml.ln.
of the flouting milling corporations
at New York, HufTalo, Hy rat-use and
In* h— 1 of th* lakes, ha* botan af
fected, and th* trust I* capitalized
at I »».•«*.<«(».
Detectives Capture Several
Chinaman and Sots.
I i*tof-tlvt** 1*..*.-'- Oorbvtt and
Wappentteln successfully rsldM
thro* Chines* opium MM Ist* »■«-*-
Unlay *ftrm.«.n Th* Aral raid wa»
mad* at ll* Wa»htnitton •"• ■ t and
Ah Tlk and <ii.«n« Ma *•*• cap
lured with tnelr oajtfll* Th* deter-
Hves then MMM th* -Wa Chnn«
building, whom thoy MMM ' r. .-I to
br**.k the door* open, and found Ah
IMb and T. I: <*Will. m. trail known
bunro man. They wer* liken to
potlc* headquarter*.
Th* d*terllv*t then raided a d*n
»n Washlnrton street, between
Fourth and fifth avenue* south,
and seven CVitnaraen w*r* taken to
gether with opium outfltt.
Tie • *hlnamf*n were brought before
Juda** Caiin thia morntnc, and fined
II.M etch. liHlt. th* bunco man,
who la know a It th* potle* aa
"tmady Joe." waa fined f*n and ro.ta
and »n»n thirty day* In Jail.
: . Wti^n JoJro Cann ordered lbs
atrium e-t« d»*tn>y*"l. h* pr*«*nte«l
illr Attornoy D* Ilrulor, th* Times
end th* aUMtl* Utir. earn with an
opium pip*
It Is *tat«l by marl no men that
tbir* la llttl* Ilkellrtom] that th*
achonn#r lanyal '.fl*ti *|<na*n of a*
loal In Ala*kan wat*r*. baa mot her
doom, and that th* t«»tv.- m. n who
•>*•• north In h*r have found watery
rrar** ' Tti* l^iyal left Mvatll* May
1, ISM, h*r dectlnatton twin*. Kotie
bu* sound. • It *<■ Ih* Intention of
tn* m*n tn spend two jmart in th*
north. Th* latest tlj.nra of ih*
MMM ha*» boon re<i-l*ed by
Mr* Isaac Taylor wit* of one of
th* men who wtnt north In her, and
th* l*tt*r wat datoil sit. Michael,
pr|<.-m!irr l«. and staled thai th.
l^iyal would Mil for t>«atu* four
lay* tour. Th* fart that th* schoon
er «m not at Ml Mtcha«l. Keptpm
b*r U. when th* schooner M.«>nllaTht
s»lli«l, •ivl had not be*n hrwrd of
at Dutch barter whrn U>» mnonllitht
arrival rh«r* a month later, gtvva
rts* tr> th* belief that »ho la lost.
Word has b*on r*r«4vrd that on«
if th* »t*am*ra which left ft. Ml
chad on fVptemtwr IS, »pok» th*
l«>y«i In St. Michael harbor. 8h»
had apparently not mll«<] at that
Dm* for rVatil* From letter* rr
c*4ved by parti** In th* rlly who**
relatlr** w*r* on tho schooner. It Is
poalbl* thai th* m»n on th* Loyal
■ l<"-i<l»il to n-miln In Alaska st
•liber K'.U'lw sound, (lot.ifnln bay
or «l( Michael. Much time haa j
rlan«M-«1 ain<** • »■<■■«• I Mrrlv»-<1 at t*»
--»lll" frr.m HI Mttha.l. or even Dutch
harbor 11 I* |in>b»hli- that th* n. >i
• l«-«m<T or Railing v«-*»#l arriving
fr«n that part of lh«« north will
tirinit Mm! drflnU* now* of the Lor
Monti lto»rnthjil, th» wl»ar<l of thr
piano, will <ii|"-«r tonight at the &<•■
•ttla theater for one performance.
The «!<• of wmta'haa h**n larirr. and
(he indication* art «h«t th* theater
will b« crowded.
- • • • • '.
At the Third avenu* theater l«rff
audience* ar* nlihlly laughing at
th* funmnkir. th* original Bobby
(Invrnr. «upt»>rt«'<J hr an r«rellcut
company of . •niMtana and »in-.i/il
ly «ril-t» iioliiiy I* * jolly MOM
■ linn and hln joke* are n«w an.l
• • •
John Orimtha pperm at th» Scamp
thrttlrr tomorrow nlalit for thrrc
I—ifnrm.iv opening In "The
Av»nwr. "
To Supply $oed».
WASIIIN'i I' 'N. May 10—ChurlMi
I'rtrk'^r. of S,it»t;i Clurn, twin Immii
:awar>l'il • oiilrm 1! for I In- illnlrlli
uti.in •<< mvi'rnmi-in nooln. Th» eon
Ir.u I kM w«a M 4.000, ami the a»n<la
muni lif r. ill by January I. 1900.
At th« m**tln« of the Imnril of r*
r'til" In thr* ilinmtxT of mimm'lro
rooma thin afternoon, a. rp*nUitlon
I for th» •«t«hll»!iin(r of a Inn- ,tr|. >ri
m»nl In lh<» I'nlvcmlly «n» p«M«d
Th<> rout of raialillahlna' aiii-h n ■!•
rmrtment In not to • ti Md MM
Flftv H'liliiiix "in' r—inillMlli
«-c1 for viirliiim iIPRi-rrn, miltjrct In
|th» approval of the fnrulty. The
apportionment of monoy for Hi.
•nulpm*nt an.l WtppeW of th.- ln«tl>
tutlon waa r#»fi-rri»<l to th* *x«>riit|vif
pommlltco. II"' mretlnit Id atlll in
Col. Jama* Hamilton I^«1« ii >"•
fora Judir* Jacoba thla if tcrnooti prc
acntlnir Ma argutnanta In th* Nonl
•tn>m <*»•» , . . J'-' ,■•- '"- '.' •
Sunrise Alarm •> ■©$
Tattoo Alarm (rings every 20 seconds un
til you get up and stop it)-.—. l.fO
121V1217 Second Avtniit
to pay a fair price, let us figure with you »»i
Third and Pike. STAR PAINT CO.
i ■
Moras Brothers Company
..,„ i.Uni iiK'hKin Heel .... mflitruritna «■• 1 «»T«n *:i bncehuoi DM
twlnnn. Mining •ii't nil i.ilii r. !«••.. „f 11.. ul.irrjr Mi 111 «n1 n|.«li.L turn'
AfrnU few "Wprtblßtum" i<ini|.iD» inarhin»rr. Ik* "Mo.har" •»» "Kobaru
•■UI luW iiiin. .i.J Ik* run..) ki.io. M'lt.mo i'Kkia« Com|«inr __^___
A SNAPw*""'
Framed Pictures on Glass
From 2S Cant* Up ;
nuS'OOH ir*t Av*nu». B
»v _____ __•
© Howard, Bum Walthai and Hampden Watch
At t-ow Prlcon, at
, 7Q« rif»l Avow
MJta fj.Sf 1 lo»tnj««bl» la ihM> dar«.lor Iba nltcluf m«i;tl»« *Ul<»a.
#TO>V »I gj___»*l <iut njuiim. 1,1 |r,e ll>. .<«. 111 )O'4f ur-li.it tU« 1~.l
Tl/Tj"* .'- ]>"■** 11. I !.*» KVKWMN.It. OpttcUß. TK riral At*.
: —tJ/r .—_
~ Huffahi i'ixffll Tender Developing Company.
WHY •rtrkwk Id* »t^«ir«i »1 rini.ny °< j.nir IIU T«norlhr«* hun-lri*l dnl'«r»
MW>l>l>" in »i»»l. 1 '•»•« >»inln« >l»w<li a>k* ><«i a fortune. Yua
i>*r-| not .«> th.l 11 i»k<ii I* tarn*. «r cl «l ran «r« B«l tll> lvi l> ana. l"i «r»-«l
t»iluu«i .1- Ulßf n.^». «^i» >.»r, All ■■>•< - BMttatt I. • Illtla ■tuUllon, • IIU
I • ][••■» ..•.».. ma. urn • l«» tlnllai* In rub, iv plan >o« on lb< rtwl u> forran*. II
{ too «t» ablerki <■ n.«» ln»r.nn-l.li. |.ill->« Ih"**- •ho ti- llukf, ."'I »■•■'! •'• l-.u/il
'bMnwi M**r*l>ffltls«, lar ft llmllxl llra« onljr. 1* r- Irn.Ur .|.» • «l .'. < Nt« |--r
• h.r« Tbl««lo»k "111 rrarb Il>* •■iml aatk Wlsr* i«.iij »««k.. T(.l. I. m >lrli li>
Ini^laao ln<«iiarni.»n.l "ill in.uro ji"» l> '* mnrm ler f«dr monrj. Tha Ist al Tmu
I. in him „..■ I . r., *■•>■ (r.i .< . i.i,- frara ti.. •„...!. 111. I! .W. Mlna, J .i. I -•. >
•U rlalro*. an<( an ran* «*-in, from Ilia -Ijnttr l>«r" mine, in»roottul:in« lniemt,«
:.I |«r t.m «.( able* .i« I. iv rr«»BilT »M »or MM* <'•!! •• o«r offica. i. lt««l*r
HaiiMi Hank BitiMlni. h.f ta«i«. "' *v ■•"> all »i.n.l»il Macks. iumlt by I't.ls M
Mv«) l>«l<l All -V3cr. •llt-o.K-.l I.i |*<nu|'l_r »-,»•,^^ U3 » co .
Get Into the Swim at Once.
nil uild th»« ih*'*ha'rcinißiry la r<»pp#r mad. and (hat
th- drnvtnd for f-TP'T 1* •" irr«<«t that II cannot tie MI.-I.
If lhl» lw> true-■■«nit »r must •••nf>»» U>«r« appear to be
(nxl r^n»m« far •■■ t*Uevln»— what rl*k do you run In iur
rhuHnir au< h «ml<lo *d«-k» m* Loot Creek at 10 c»nt>, or
Hilv«r • ■■■■ k at « rent»?
\\'« liavf- had a alight Intimation that before l>iuc the if
• I<«-IH<- manacemrnla at the«« comp«Bleii tna> f.. i warrant-'
4.! In «r<l*rtnir a r*i»« In prlc«—more im ||< ularlv lafMM
thff •'< v. .i>tn.rK» In both prop«Ttk« «r.- now brinir c«rrlol
on In hist)-era I' 01*.
l-.|.i>« art ilinccriiui-nfvfr m»r» •<> than wh»-n conlemp.
latin* lh« purchaa« of Ml on m. ruin* market.
JOHN E. McMANUS £ SON, 918 Second Avenue
nnnmirT or to Keepyour ch||jren at home
I 111 ll* I \kl\ by f urnisliing them a splen-
UIIUUUL I Vt I V did out-door game; 4-Kill.
* 75c; 6-ball, 90c; 8-ball,
£i.iy, 8-ball sets, better finish, from $2.50 to ,<3.so.
COON BROS.. 1417 Second Aye».
JgnT 553*^? Hot Water Fitting
I Vir"?^ Ami hall<t!niri.u wall •< fu Alilnt, U oar
1 IL ™14 >lt<'ti« wiinl. iii'l *» will rlmllrnci* intuiM
1 fltc* m ioe«iu*l ocr ■eteullflfl *»<! i-vif'-ii hhiL In
1 AtIIIHV, W-\ j/tTL ih)«llr«. If you ronltmi'Uio havlnii >nur
•41 (ll■■ 111 »^k\f«!V h"ii>*. rllhir »I 4Of luw. H!!<-l up «i(h
■n.y—^ «U| illli II I- - Ml h>>! wtktrr lirnthlg IT en«. «If<n't f«titii|tit
iHl»( lrOlillll II In'^l onr«ilm«lrhf(o™<l<Ti.||iiitwilowlll.MllM>
' !*'A--*My I|Hll (l Y*4irxn J"K >"U "'" find II " **"cl"r'"uur
"^. it-"^**"'"' * —* or- Third Avt. and Spring St.
tWUV^.-^T'' ' ' ' tl^*^..^ Thou* Huff til. ,
Delivered Electrically for Minifactitrliig and Industrial Uses
Snoqualmie Falls Power Co.
nuntiiiii siituii ii Gim». ttrroi, Seattle. sr;ei *» an iii» si.
Opt. !/<•«• ItiKrnh.im <Il(sl».il\iiilny
at Sim .1 ii til. Wa«h . of |>ti' inn mil.i,
after an Illnrfs of only tin • ■ Jay*.
Mr Ir.ivi* « wife mil dauichti>r In
New Hampton, N. II . n (liter, Mr*.
1,. „ i ■ i.rr■■! I. I Mini If \\'4»h., anil a
brother. Major I-:, i :nui i i hi.. lii.
I* at imnpiit hi X i." «lxi • citind,
Can. liwnhnm came hir«* from
Main* In thi>'7o'», hut returned about
p\x year* nro ami fettled In Now
Hampton, N. II Ah mi .1 year n«n
hi* health bcnan to '111, .1 ml ><■ runic
l>:irk In S-ill!'- T\vi» niiinthi iiro
lie wi-nt to S.I TI .III,II' in,l vena h\\\i
l«»i-.y !.,■ (trltlnic ulcum nlc«ly.
«• ifn Itimiihiini <m« a arr>ut n»ail
,i anil ti m iniint wi» n itorohOUM
nf kn.i\vic.i»:c. !!.■ «'M -i brother ni
llik famnu* mountain rllmlioi. Mn)rr
lllKl.ilrllli of thU rltv, .1 |i.-l.<.m ll
frli'ii.l of I mil n. niiiini''.
The Steel Trust.
('I ll' ■AH", May Il> Til.' |
•tr«l mint In nearly completed and
the I aiilialliutlon will be $800,000,000.
felnphone 3uli.i:ri|itionn t«
Pike ISO
no. <;i.
W. C. T. U.
Annual Election of Officers to
Take Place Today.
Thi- |>n>(M-.im »f (hi- ti'nlli nnmnl
convention of Hi.' Women* l^hrln
linn Temperance union at King
roil tit y, which I l* in aexiHitn at llal
lanl, a* frtv«n In y»'HU-i\l.iy'n star,
wn* .'." m out laat night. Tuday
I tin annual . I. .Mini of otlirrra will
lake I'lar*. Thin »V«nllUI the il.l
ini'iHl oratory .iii.-i iii be held,
tad the apeakeni and Hi- *übjc<rta
Hill I" : Mm. A. Freeman, "l>own
with the win.- KkiM"; Mi Muaetta
l.lliliy, "The tattltr'a itory"; Mrs. 11.
F. 1(... .11. "A I i.i.;. .H of Ttoy";
Mi MHbrt Worth, "I'll.. «... ;,! wine
Rla«»"; .Mr*. M. ii ItntellfTe. "Ser
mon In the iwwnillln"; Mrs. O. U
MlKKln. "la It worth Hi.- *acrlf»ee?"
either conteatarit are Mrs. Wllmot
Whit Mr 1.1 :ni i Mr*. Ithoda Miller.
The lirmouth T:ill<>rlnir companr
has been Incorporated «iii, a capital
(took of $2600. The orpoi i ira are
C. J. Smith and 1, C. timltli.

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