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The Seattle star. [volume] (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, May 10, 1899, Image 2

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t H lIUItCS. rillllMlt
>1«1J •IWnifKHI mi>vi »tm.!«T,
*r. ii., «ku.!». IK. r. nuns.
rpiinn. I !ii>iH« >t >"<oir«
Ore r^ttl |^f tfPT ; »|1 rmtt 1 1 I «rr k.
rl litfnlr>R%«» mi*» (»r lui-nih deliver**!
It niiitii N» IrvM rvpto*.
T.laphon. P»IUo~IBO~"
Mm II..! - ' - >1,1,.l .««»■>■*
tli l»nl »t I lir |"f«lort' at l>»lll>, » ««Miii.
ion. •• ttMIuUIIM mim
INMMMI mi: iii» \>t -
!l«c«nt itivrlinim.nt« In th« Dray
tut tut a* lnvt»:;K«t- 1 by th*
>un of Caaaatlon. indUati' almost
»*yon<l the |*«aatt>>ln\ of a doubt,
hat th* «rrrtrh*<l prl*on*r of l'rul'a
• lan.l la an tnnorvnt man.
ShouM th» court d«clar* thl> to h«
a fact, lhen th* m->iairnua Infamy
which h«a l»»»n *liouk]«r*tl upon thl»
unfortunal* ofllccr of thr r*r»nnh
army, «iiv..|vlnc th» mewt humlllat-
In* ami d»cra>lln<; |>unl»hmrnt «v«r
mrtr.l out It any man, rail* for a
mo»t th.*rmiih rrt«r«tK>n on th»
part of tht Frrnrh j gvvrrnment.
It.-vf«» Innocent In th* moat frliht •
fully outr*c*<t man upon the f».••• ■<(
th* w»rth twUy. )l«.ln» ftri. b**n
branded •* a traitor and then aub
>rvlr.| to th* humiliation of having
his shoulder plrapa tarn from hi*
uniform ami bis in.irl broken In
the presenc* of th»- ««»rmbl.-.| •rmy.
h* in ftrnt Into Uf»!<>n» exll* on an
■ •land of (Ufieatlr* namr, hr»n !>-l
throu«h"ut th* work! »• an outcast
• n.l Inhuman n»n.l. fit only to ex
pa tl*t* Mai rrtm* unMil th* devils
of creation It «null have been a
mercy to thl* man la bavr nh.it or
banted htm— at Waul such w»* ih«
opinion ot mankind until the unify-
Inn proofs of I'r»yfu« Innwrart ■*-
ran to (lowly unfold ili*m»-! to
the F"r*nch propit aod.wtr* r*lue
tantly allowwl to to forth to to* »■■
Uk« i » <'frtcbtfst ; ih»n! >m th*
shadow of Dreyfus «rr<Mas*d . hover*
ov*r th* fair land of Frame t»Ujr
and threaten* to prm-iptlatf a revo
lution that may end In another
r*l«n of terror..* The' armr. di»
rr»c»-1. Is'pltted aaalnat (he twopl*.
No man knows what moment th*
great explosion will com* that will
rend th* Republic from end to end.
Tb* day of Preyfua trnfMno ap
pears to be nUb at hand
1 II would sera that the only re>a».>n
able reparation thai could b* offered
to tbla man wr«n be « bumble » rtt
ten apolocr, *lgn«<l and •••]«<) bjr tb*
French, covernmtnt, And 4*llrrr*<i to
th» rHtlm. with th* prtvll*ir» of pub
lUblnc It in ih« uttermost »tv!« of
th* earth. » h*r»v.t tit* Morjr of bla
)nf»my Na« b**n <Irmlat*d. aVf
rial rvbaolMtatloii amour hi» coun
trymen and r*ln»lat»m*nt in an hon
orable offlctal pofttloa would b* hla
by undeniable rta-bU Fr»n<», falling
In th!«. would t>» plarvd in a mo«t
contemptible p*»a*Uon before all na
tion* of th* wnrl4. 9
Granting , him . hie deserts, she
would by this one act aay to all
other people*, that a man wronged
by bis country la entitled to the
Dint complete reparation^
Btran«*. but true, la the fact that
up to th* present time la the his
tory of men no nation has ever pub
licly apologised to a citizen whom It
has by jul.rui mistake publicly
wronged and made an object of con
tempt to III* 'fellows. The United
States offers no e*c*ptlon to the
rule. In this country today there
are no laws la existence whldi
provide for proper atonement to men
unjustly convicted of crimes and
afterwards proved to be Innocent.
Tet not a year pa«se« by but what
a number of unfortunate*, who have
been branded as felons by th*
courts. in released from peniten
tiaries, because of convincing proofs
of their Innocence. These deplorable
mistakes win continue to occur as
long as human Justice la liable to err.
Special rehabilitation laws with e*sb
Indemnity, feature*, should be en
acted, so as to partially atone to the
victim* for the mistakes of criminal
The woeful story of l>re>fu» may
yet result In some good to th* world.
If It should Instigate a movement
for »pe< trie atonrmvnt lo all ir»-l<v
Iduai* wroiieTly eonvirled of Crimea.
Our treaties j with . China, provide
that whatever right* or privileges of
navigation, commerce or Intercourse
nur he grantM by th» Chinese gov
ernment to other nation* thai! also
be enjoyed by th* oMlxen* of th«
Ilnite4 States. This treaty will en
t«l» un to demand, even within the
"spheres of Influence" marked out
tor themselves by other nations.
commercial* opportunities similar to
thoae enjoyed by Kusela, Cl*rrri.uiy.
Great Britain and France an long »«
the sovereignty and Independence of
the Chinese Empire shall be main
tained. In undertaking to guarantee
that Independence It would seem
(hat Kussla, and Ore** Britain have
equitably bound themselves to main
tain the obligation* of treaties which
China ha* negotiated with other
Powers. With surh an understand-
Ing the arrangement entered Into
between the two great European
Powera woukl be of the moat obvloua
advantage to the people of the I nit
• 1 Hlatm. It would Inaure a ol.ii.ll
tty In Chtneac affair* which would
warrant great effort for the ext«n<
alon of our commerce In that vast
market. ■
Captain Coghtan remain* on the
rrulaer ItaMgh ami will proliably at
tend rio more banquet* for MCJM
time to come.
Father Tim* la reported to be hla/h.
If grstined that Runn ii. Anthony,
I* MM! more president of the Wo
man" Suffrage- |M>lllll»ll Huian
I* certainly oM enough to vr.t--.inwl
•» otiid probably vet* right If the had
the cU«c*.,
Itooki cxpUtntnir the rlectrlral ap-
PaWatlM of ii,.il.v i.ii« air now pub
u»h, .i fnr the ii, m. Nt of in"!, i m
• • •
.i I til mi. Ii ii recently been
mail* 11l Zurich m oi>eral* Mil -I
rart in liquid air.
. . .
Duploi f«rn, that MM be "•■ I
both In aumincr <m>l winter, are •till
being nrojw •■-■ i by the ■ .n btilKli
• • •
The employer* of th« ntl«. n»"
'Slir-i Hallway rampnny, of Inillsn
, apolla, rerently prlillonr>l the rlty
authnrlllra not t» advocate a I ■ ' mi ;
(ore, na thry ««>nl I ulllmately !«• the
rhlef aufferer*.
■ * *
Durlna* tho I .-I month Ilaltlmore,
by (rlllidrawlni the u»t or Ha rabl»
j.'ara, hi< placed lUelf .'ii th* roll of
American rlllm employing rlilua
-1 Ively elertrle power for *tre«t rail
• • •
The talent «i In-rii.- In steal the rn|>
per uae<t In nini railway conalruc
llon work I* to deal th* i*opprr rail
bond* on auburban ruad*. With
I copper at 30 rriiia a iwund, thla la
very i i>ni»iii.' i 'i thlevra.
• • •
Huv.-t car builder* ar* worklns out
a plan of consolidation to embrar*
all th* principal companies, ami !■•
lak* In. a* well, th* principal truck
builders. I'resvnt Indication* ar*
that th* « h<mr will b« .aii.t out
' ••fully.
Doors Blown Open by Dyna
mite and $3,500 Taken.
AHIITAIiI I. V Oblo. May l«
--(Ufe-blowers entered ihr banklnc
rooms of th* Tropic • llutlltr.it and
Loan company at noon today an I
cracked in* bir «lrt».«li «»fr with
dynamtl*. and cot away with th*
oaah content*, somelhlnc tike tSZBO.
It «raa during the noon bouf, and.
contrary to rujtum. th* bank »••
rioted while the cashier and *>cr»
tary went to lunch. Th*rrook», who
mul have been waichlna* for the
■! tunity maul* quick wofk of the
job, but had they been on* day
earlier they might have obtained a
much larger sum of money, which
had been deposited wKh a (oral
i bank.
They forced a rear window, and.
fltilma- th« outer saf* door* unlock
•4. put In a dynamite rartn>t«e an I
ehMrd Ib* door*. Th* riploMos
wrecked th* Inner daor*, ami was
beard In th* adjoining bulldlna'*. but
arouwd no MBMM TIM mon*y
■lra«e.r» wm rifled of all cash es»
<-«pi a Wo cold r*r.-e
Tit* alarm wan siren In lea* than
nvr minute* after the robbery. The
Ml- •!...! In front of a biff phil*
■ law window, not twenty feet from
lit* *tre*t, yet Ib* robber* cam*,
completed a nr*f } >h. and e*cap*«]
uniwi. and ther* I* M clew.
Wrong Place to Stutter.
1 It wa» In on» of th* elevator* of >
•ky-»crap*r. A> the elevator »h'>l
toward th- ten!th • I.lll* 110111 man
wttb • mourntna* bin! on hla tllk
h»i, a mourning band Ilia far* (Ilk
hill, b-gan !■• npuM'-r Hi* fare >•
sumed th* complexion of a lobMer
ihtt haa i'i>«-l away In boUimr «a
--■ er
Hub-but. rt—st—-»t—b'rVr." be
• aid. as the velaa stood out upon his
MM n*'ll have a stroke." mut
, tered a passenver to the rlvvator
, man, while the latter rated snxlous
,ly at la* man who waa iputterlnc
Ilk* a lamp soles; out.
At the top story the stout man's
eyes were nearly startliur from bis
n«ad. pemplratlon sought Its water
sheds on the map of hi* countenance,
ant as he grasped the arm ef the
elvrator man the latter nervoutly
pulled the lever and the lift started
for the bottom at a terrlffle rate.
Th* solitsry passenger danced about,
gurgling •pasmodlcallr. and It seem
ed an If th* threatened stroke would
■ get him before the ground floor was
■ reached.
As the <*ar struck bottom, however,
he ru«h«-l thrnuith the <|.«ir. ami up
to an Important Individual wna*e cap
ibor» th* screed. ••Btarter."
"B-s-s-say," he sputtered. ( (thin
Is the th-th-'hlrl trip II I li« tali
en in the d-d-d — elevated.'n I-l-I-l
I w-w-wanter g-g-g-gel oft at th»
sev-sevHieveath fl-fl-fl-floor. Ilefore
II . . .«n say »•»■-»<•»■-»»v»n 1
-1-t-I-lm up to the ta-ta-top, 'n be
be-befor* 11l ran rat-rat catch my
br-br-breath II I m down h-h-h"r»
airaln. n I II I'm In a n-h-h-hell
of a h-h-h-hurry."
The starter put him on a car. clos
ed the 'l<-ir. said "Seven," and the
ear started.
K»pr*«* companies are enperl
meriting with refrigerator mr» (or
shipping fruit* l"nK distance*. A
train of berries «> rw«-ntlr ship
ped from points In l<«iimrvi to
CMeM* 111. which arrived there In
perfect condition.
Th« H^itMwrl Air Urn railroad,
which runa through Virginia, the
fnrDlinai and flcorgla, ha« Intro.
'Jin rtl the novel achem* of ertabllah-
Ing circulating libraries for the n«
nf th» ppnplv Uvlng along th*' line.
The booke are all atandard wnrka,
and appropriate to th« torallty In
which they are circulated. They
treat principally of farming and
bouaekeeplng, and In Improving on-a
«urp»>urnlln<(« A a soon »■ the hooka
are read In one community they .ire
■rtil to another town and replaced
by an entirely different '<■<.
Th« Canadian government hiia re
cently contracted tr> pay Klder,
iH-rnjmliT * C . a bonus of tIM.OOA
men for thrtr two new twin-screw
nt*>rirttfrK. which will run betw««en
Montreal nnd l»ndon, providing
they make 500 mile* per day. Un
der the terms of the contract fhi
comp*ny muit ;>.i.l at leant one n»w
•teamer every yr.-ir. nri«l carry for
the government l.v» Immigrant* «i
tho iii- of fit each. This move on
lh«> i>art of ih<- ('.•na<lliin (lovem
nii*nt hni for It* object tlif Mttllni
nn/1 development of the North
territory. It will undoubtedly <1«
--rr'.i«» Ihw number of Immlirrnnf*
arrlvltiK at the port of New York.
"A Ihihli.'im'l who mlvlNi-it hi* wife
to nmnke." liix been writing to the
i. in<l«n l»>lly Mull. ■• thlnka thnt
' If imoklng U miothlnir to the, nervy,
I women need It even more than men
I do.
North Y«klm* Is Arranging a
Great Program.
NOItTII YAKIMA, Waah, May 10.
—The, >mii fair rommiiMilnit la ar
ranging: for a hi mi i niton .f it,.
herora of Manila tturlnix thn fair
week. ' Mir boya will have returnwl
from th<> Phllliiplnca before i«pi
ti, whan the atate fair opaM at 'i,i.
ll.it r. and all the people will Iw •!«- -
alroua of tnef^lng tha voltinteera and
«h«KliiK handa with ttIQM who
fought with I Jewry. Tin- rommla
■!<>n haa th« mattrr under way, and
wilt make every effort to effect th«
One of tha moat lni.i. at Inn feat
ur<» of tha f.ilr will b» the Indian
exhibit*. Thr ' .',l,|lll»«|..ll prop.Mea
Ki^itia the Indian* ramping ernund
in»H« the encloaur* and to furnlah
them with wood, hay anil other
ramp equipment, and give them a
barbecue. There will In- Indian rai'ra
every afternoon. Indian war danrp*
and other axhlbtta, ant a new f.-i
--turo of Indian life naver betora ex
hibited will probably b* among the
happy auri>n*e* and lntrrr*<lng
alghia. l>.-«il» of all lhea« enter
tainment* Will ba annoiiii i-.| latrr.
aa plan* ara completed.
The i-ihiMt* of thla year promise
tn exreail anythlna aver hud at the
'•••I* fair. A* the cnmml«t«n haa
— .<-«! a a|*«ela.l rat* of IH DBI car
-1..n1 on liv.»t.«k all |M>inta In the
atal* rr^f h-il by the Northern l*a<-t
--fl<*. many t\nr exhlblta of cattle,
■hrep ami rrns* at. already Haled
by well known bree-lf r» Home tit the
flneet atock in l«ril»ti Columbia baa
Ik- n |r<>f!ii«e ' and Oregon Mock
men «in ba well represented.
Stand* Upright In Death
UUt.VMtK. «•»•«.. May M - out on
th* t«raml* plain*, west of this
city, there in a trim monument to
Ih* terror* et the pan rtcornu* win
ter. Metween th* two l.irr.'T' . riv
en Iher* aland* a bora* which wa*
fro»n M death durin* 'no nf th*
very sever* alarm* of Ih* past sea
sun. The animal »a» troten while
stan4lnc, th« snow hsvtnc drifted
in about him and held <h* carcass
erect. Tb* snow has sine* melted
away but th* eareaas i» still stand
in*. Ills forefeet an' e*ten>lrl In a
brarlmr poslilon. . /
Foraolosura at Oarfiold and
Good Pricas Obtained.
OAH»'ir.l.l>. Wuli, M«y »«.-Tb#
•hirirr yr«t»r.JaT aoM Uj* >•'■•'- < f
» h«-»t at aavrtff'* Ml* brr* and at
Walter* •Ular, iwn mll«« *a«t of
(iarflol.l on <lt« 0 » * N. trm<
Th» whral wma tb* pr»ii»riy of W,
11. Worl»» and waa sold lo «all*fy
a rhatlrl raortras* «Ir*n by Worlty
1., ih- rtw-.nl National bank ■' •' 'I
fai .Th»r» «»r* l»»i bu»nrl» of
th* wheat atorwl In th* «ar«bnu»« of
Ih* Oarflt>l4 Harl*»r« «nl Utrt-an
lll* company, on tb* Haftawn l*ael
■Be track* In <larfl*ld. Thl« »m nil
to tb« s.tr<]wmr* company for •!'.<•
>rr »uah*l * '
Th* r*malitd*r of ihr wheat, 411
bushsls. waa stored In th* Purirv
('•«M Elevator company • ware
house) at Waltvr** al«Jin«. two mil**
east of >)arr)*l<l. Till* sot.l fa» tic
per bushel, the Second National
hank of CoitU bataa the pur«-h«*«r.
Tl»* sal* M considered a yon] one for
a forced etle, ihr train brln«ma al
moat In* market price.
Chinas* Invasion Planned
*r*T!V Te«.. May !♦.—Th* fed
eral authorlilra Ml th* western dl*>
Irtct of T>«« embradns; all of the
fUo Qrand* bortler. hay* received In
formation that a «I«»nti> plot la now
under way to »mu«»U Chines* In
-1.- this country from M»*lco. a few
months •«.• th« Western ■ nlrwj
Itallway company Imported about a
thouiamJ Chine** to work on exten
•lona of that tin*. They wrr*
brni.uht direct from China anJ soon
after ihrir arrival a prnfrsslnnnl
American Chines* «mu*«!cr i .i In
with ihim and caused many of the
men lo desert their work, and they
ars> inakins their way toward Ih*
Me Grands frontier 111 small band*.
Rallroatl Citonaion.
VA >■"•■••' < ' '«. Wa«h.. May 19 —
Contractor I. M HMd< n. of lh«
Portland. Vancouver A T »lilm» rait
r«.i.i. will muroa work Ihla Turk on
th« «-xl«n»i">n of that road. Th
work of (radio* wa» atoppo.l a*»
--m! wmki •■'• on account of heavy
rain A compute irrmdlnic muni left
h*r« Ihlii mnrntnt for th« prwnt
tcrmlnua of lh» ton 1. n.->ir llalll*
Omumt. Th« work of «m<!in« «nd
track-laxlnit will h» pii»hr.| from
now on »» rapidly •* po*«lt>l». on the
|.ri-«*-n* Tiropn—i t»trti»l >n of the
road 10 Yarkolt pralrir, -i >ll«(»ni.
of iMrty mum from h»r«-
A Secret Service Operator to
Look for Counterfeits.
I'IIU.MiI I.I'IUA. Mnv # - Th<-
Tnujiiirv i|r(mrtm»nt h«x »-nt 1 .
l'hla.l<»lphk* an operative of the Mr.
rrrt 8«rvlr» Itureau, who I* coneld.
•r< 1 an expert on the *ui.|i»t of
n-vi-riti" pHim|i», for the purpose of
ascertaining whether any of th»
counterfoil rrvrnuo stampa turned
out '•! inW fnrtnrjr In I.<uirM.«ti r
may not have, bwn disposed of
amon* other uimcroputoun cl(rnr
,r iMIKtWM In this city. The
alii I In nutation, who ho* 'i ■■ii.
mm' excellent work In connection
| With '>!■ attempted IMM of forirfd
hon'tn In Now York, «nd in lMlptn«
to lir««k up tha r\<y (yvlem e*tnh
ll«hi"l nt U'a»hln*ton »l the h<mn
nlnit of Ihe lnt«> war by "'■ Hpsnlnh
Ri>vrrnment. will nitiM-in In thin < 11 v
for the. Ti'-sr three or four we«'kii.
The trfDAiiry deparlment ha» ii"
M-iKori to 1.. ll. v that any of the
. ..iint/rf.-li utampi h»v» h«en .ll«
--powd of In this way, hut It l» eofllld«
■ t.-.i not Hi hI tni|ir..t>oiit. that I'a
coba may have aurreeded In Rettlnß
k'.iiii- miiinif.irturrra to purchna«
»<>mn "f rh.- lurv<- Mock whlrh he
l«(vl on hand. If thia *up|>««ltlon
provta to We 11ii»« th* purrhaarra of
the atarnpa will be proceeded n*nln*t
cm lh» i-linrifi- of aiding and 1.- 11 ii.i
th« con«plrary.
The government ntuiip nprrt i«-
it. "i» tin. kii-iiiii'.! ■>! iiiimii :iiiim for
Ihf vvitrk il'ini. in- Taylur ami ilml
all, "Why, ainuv »f their work." 11.
» ill. "«.m I.elliT In Mum n »|.i 'l»
than Hint turm'i nut at Hi- I'm. Nt
of I'rlntln* anil Ij.m .v Ihk In Wni.li
liiKl"H. Ha. tils |-.i|.-r "ii Hhlrll
(h.ii |20 aihrr i. i tin. Ati ■ w.i.
I .In' .1 1....H i.ii-i „ llttla 1,. 11. i Hi.
f'lunlerfrll « miM have il»flfil datae*
ii..ii Their itnll ill.hi of tlui 1. v, mi'
-in. waa m.i an itimhl, |...r»ii.l> I.. I
raii»# (h«>y itlil not think ii nwwi.
•Miry tn iivvntn «•■ mui'h iilli-ipi|i.ii in
11. «a It In not arrullnlicl «« If ii
w*r» in.mi \. Hun It would rr«|Ulr*
a vi'ry rl.no obaarvrr i. i. M i ii. «lir
fprrnre h*twv«n It and a »■• "uiii.
■tamp. A nr.-iit r.mii U. Hi It" hrml
of i■! ii All rounterfi*ller* .ii .in
liini.lh, for ill, Hi n i I'd- ii-.iioiii Ii ii lint
pvmi the beat otiitrover lii lilt ri>v
ernmrnt mervir* c»n exactly rrpr«»
--• in. ■ hla own wurk. Th<<re la aur*
to Iw »..in- iiirr. r< in •- In It. not |..r
--•■••I.illi- <<■ the naked ••»•-. but evi
dent when examined by mi. m|rn>
ai'ope. Taylor and llr*d«ll have Riv
en Clay an ..... . different ■ «|.i -
•ton r,...,i that which ho bear* on
111., i- iiiiritni- note. Ilia right ryr,
l"ii will ..I.*. r\f, in aha-htlv lilmi.-l.
and blacker ! H.i ii It ousht to be,
ni> ■■• am •••».■■.ii ■li.i aiurht tfa
ferta In the note, nearly all nf Hi. in
t. •.iliiiik fmm .hi lm|« ■ i copying
uf dvfeita In the n> iiuiiif note. The
• ..mi!. rMii i». however, are • »i>ii
enough i.i get ,i aalary of l"ll-' tn
l.iooo a year In the i.m.iv of print-
In* and engraving al Waohlnictnn."
Oat Company at Terrs Haute
Had Fast Motor*.
TritltK UAOTB. Jml.. May 10.—A
bitter fi«hi la on hrr* i-.-i».-. ii P.
Noon, of Bj, I^uula, and th* Trrn>
Haute <3aa company. N»n. whu l»
an aMpatear h.i aaai h<-» for "fad"
nteler* and «••(• mclmlp* (I'm Ih*
rampsny for ruslamfr*. f mn.l • bin
itumbrr of m<4*ra that wetw fast
from tto 10 per r*«t. When thla
fact beram* known l-u I complaint
wrnl up fnim the conirumer*. Then
I-ito »,l. • hit.-l Uwyer*.
Tho aaa company has apparently
com* *r»n from Its ••ruin-il ->i \i,n
t..-«-a i*a today II I* >nni<unir| It will
lest all im-i<T» fry« In th» presenve
liT lbs i<imuii»r». William Klynn.
of th* Indiana:-i ■ <>■■* company,
111 do the ln*p» linn >*• tar ti<> r«
bales hay* brrn paJil over.
Mistaken Identity.
A Cleveland real estate man say*
that a few day* *«■> a* hr was walk>
Ins alone a certain ntm<t in New*
b*r»T. wber* h* hi 1 been to Intpect
a l>uildli>< lot. when a small boy
; leaned over a cat* and a<Mre*s*d
him lie wm a urturm I •mall boy
of i"-rti»i • nln* years.
'Hay.' hr Mid. ' ..ur hlrr« «lrl«
layln I
Hlnl • Ihal • ' . i . I :h, r.*l rt
MNi man
•our htrtd citfi Uyln* f<r y.>u "
r»|w.i- th* amall boy. "Jib* »ay*
•n*'ll rnaah jmur l>ra<] '.In- next tim*
you com* around."
"You mu«i !»• mistaken." «««|~-d
(hr man of land* «nl BOMM* "i
MMi H* In* |.fly."
■ Th«! don't nvak* no dltTcrcnc*."
•»ld th* bar with a broad itrln.
( pbt'H pinaah > »iv Ju*t th* aanxi. You
■pelliKl her raiiix all «t.>n« an' h»T
beau* don't know *hrr* *h» !ivr» an'
•h> » noll«r an' t.i •«<■•"
Wtti I i .. r ajpittMl hrr nun' In
' p|itlH Ihr ■
"You did l<«. Tou spelled it with
a <• when It should be with a K."
Ihr dralrr
Th«- tllr.Tiry man-ain't jrou?"
v MM a h«l )ii»< likr
hlan. " »« d (hr Soy.
Thrn Ihr dralrr |'«m»I alone
PalousoWill Entertain Them
This Month.
COL.PAX. Waah.. it*y M TT..
fi>l)<>wln« Invitation* (*•>•• b«rn >•
■■•d by "i» (Irani! Army or Whit
man cwuntr:
Th»*th!nl annual rvunlnn of the
Whitman County Veteran aaaorlm
tlon will (»• ImM in r ii'iiiw Oty on
May 14. IS nn I M n»>l(. lui'l>-r th«
aunplrr* of MnJ'ir An'l»r»m i ■■«!.
N.. :■». i». A. 11. Kv.ri u.<y la ror
illally Invllnl to nl'.n.l nn I partako
of th» «-in">nu(it of a fin.- patriotic
prn^ra m nt*.
Hon. J. XV. Held, of I>rwl»ton. Ma
h•; Kpv. 11. 12. !"•». of Kpnknnp;
Itnn. V Tl»s»nk»upt, of Hpokanp;
Jii'lir*' N'"rm»ti lluck. of Htiokani>:
■ •..I J. r. MrLaan. of Walla WaJla:
awl William f»«««1yMr aod W. ||
llarrravr, of (*o4fax will aititrrm ua
uinn th«- living luaura of 11m- day on
patriotic Iln.«.
Out on Permanent Ball.
D v i.I.A" Tex., May 10.-The bond
of C. H. Alr«.ni.li'i. ' ""• ( '■'• «il' in
of ihi- l'.ili»» i*..ii»->ll'l.«t.--i i::.-. tri<-
Blrcct Hallway rompany. rharitrd
with havln« I"-. ti an R«i.«iM,r> to th*
mun|.r of Col. J. O. Itnmlall, ha*
i»-'-n made | ■ i n. i -.■ tit tuntil ih<» rnp<*
against him ahall nn trlrd on IU
tIH-llln N>« bond WU »■ rliri- I With
]. 11. wii« .ii nn. i <■ K. Bird aa nan
lira, llarnrtt Olbba, who m on th*
temporary bond, la not «n tat p«r
inmn tit Inatrumairt
Milwauhe* Is Sorry.
MII.WAITKKPJ. Wla.. May II).—It Ik
a«»erted that the antl-paa* law will
coat Iho city about 11000 per month.
I in|. r the law liM policemen and
city employ** 1 .11 11 1 longer ride
free on the «!!.-■! cars, and It la said
that the work la mi. that th. city
will have to pay the fare of thn
policemen and sanitary Inrpectora or
l.m*. nun h valuable tin." by havtnjr
th. in walk. Wo provlalon haa ln-.ii
may for paying the fares of the po
licemen, and there la a dlapaaitlea
not to do hi* for a llm. . hut to at
ttmpl lit miki Ihi !»«■ rthnnxlouD
i.v . rlri'lliiK thi* flly bualneaa by the
Int.. of time rauaed by III* men*
walking in«ii Ml of rtdlnaT.
Wage* Advanced.
iniii >.-! 1 ■.< > 11• 1. I'a.. M.i 10.—The
.•lll|i|m\i-H Of til" 111. I fill MM • - Of the
K. * 11. Brnol Itmi company have
i.- 11 nolineil of another ndvnnce of
10 per rent. In wiik.k. taking effect
on May 16. They will then I- 11
tln« « rnlao of .' ■ per <. nt. over th<>
Im:i'< wairca.
H..n, !>..,* I ... I Ift I. and rikr.
l'im.il|'ituii Hjrml«lt«n Tbuua I'lkc jr>
Sharman Can Only Bn Beaton
by United Action.
I!. |.|. •inl.lllvt' IMlllVpr, of 1..W11,
who i» piKiiliiic Oenernl Hi lit' i •on
fur Hpe-aker Of I In- 11.1,., of ltr|ire
«• IllMlUn 1., (.urir.-.l 111. It. . ,1, I"
■in In mi iiilii\|im mid that Mr
Hlin in.iii. i.f New York, In hi* oi.ln
l«.i>. would In. union* lli< Wmlirn
> ■'!»« 1 ' ISM II Ullitr'l on ii candidate,
.•rut that >'tiii»ri|iirnlly he would atla?
i'i-»i 1.- tlir viitin r>irclhl;ili'H that
ihi ». •»». iii men . til - ' into 'i ii agree
ment lo vote fur Ih* wral*rn Hpeak
• ■i»hl|i Candida!* r.-nlMiiic Mi. lilkli
■ »l iiiimlii r of vviii- nfi the tint bal
l|i-|irr«crilalhr« Mlii-rtll»ll liHli-vea
that he will »>«• Mpeaker of the first
lliiii«». 11l |.ri».-iii«tlK« William -M
l«n ■in.Hi. Michigan, I, •» gone, I"
that Nut* to *erur* Hi. neceaaary
vut«a to «lvf Mr Shi riiiuii Hi. place,
ItfnMl Ii»" already born prwmlaed
„m i v«ti-« ' .m Kantian ami four
from OhM 11. rlaltna that he la
now H««iin-1 of It vote* mat of the
Atleghenlea. Thla Kill Kivi- him ■
t.rial of II vi.ir. Only M«< re.
quired for Ih* raurua nomination.
Mr. Kmltli la anxlou* f«r tho Uul.
ernalorlal nomination In Michigan
„. ,i year, and unlea* he i an »roure
an lrnt>t>riant cmmHtM aa«lgtiment
al thi- neit <■• B»l<m. Ihi m- la little
probability of Ma «u...-hn«
ii.,,.. h* hai .tifl.'- ' t>» raat bla
1., with Hi" Hh*rm*n i .IT, 1i.1.L >.
The Shad Cellap»«d.
TOLEDO. 0.. May !».—Pour m»-n
wer* mlurril this «ftrrn'»in «4 th»
Armory lM*tb«ll park by Ik* col.
lil.v of a «iir-l n<l)"liilii« Mi. baaa-
I- ill k-ri.uni* Orw nun, Frank Har
mon, will •!!«. ll* It Injured Intern
A (Jim «■• In |>r"«TMMi lw(*mi
Tort \V«yn» ami Ttol«l'» •*•■ '►>•
»h*d r.>i| U |.anl. Tti«r» *«> nearly
V) people on th« top of K. but th*y
II •• »j--J with th» ■• •;• " of
Harmon. Frank M.*an »a» alan
Intrrnallr Injure! Ft ink Wllaon. «
. « broken, and Frank lUnk*. «til*
broken. "Hi* lnjunr'l wtr» taken t»
rniapttal*. and with lha exception of
Harmon, will rwover.
The Murder of Five Children
Deliberately Planned.
■UK II Kan.. May 10.—
Th» irtal of John Moor*. rharr«l
did murdorinc hi* five ehlldrvn hrr»-
In March last, baa t~(tin Tin-
Inrnat* .if th« children w*r* rot.
th#lr akulla «r» cruihed an* Ih*
rou«* <■■ flnrd to ron«-al th* ■ rimr
In Ma opening* addr»*« ihr r..un«y
alinrnry staled that It would ■
!.!•«»••■■! that Moor* and hl» wife had
«w»n unaM* tvpronir* employ
on •• .'runt of tb*4r rhlHrm. tbal
Mr. Matin had told a t>ro«t»*tl**
. m|>l«>y»r that hr would .|»i»>»» of
lb*m.- and that hr drlllTairly pra.
parvd to murdtr th<-m Tb* drfrtir*
will Ml on Ihr *r»und of rpllrpay.
Foul Play inspected.
TBXAItKANA, Ark. May !».—
T>»l»r. wbll* now >")• at TV*ark
ana Junction. By* mtles west of her*
«*r» Xm<lln« ajone' tit* railroad
track lh»r found a netrm lyln« ne*r
the rails In an unM»« condition
lit* head btiDt cru«hed and In the
tu. k »{ hi* neck were two knife
II la believed lh«« f nil play wan
perpetrated and to* -.m placed
nmr ■!»<• ra!lrt>» I track lo shift MM
li. l->n. Th» ne*ro was a stranrtr.
with n» idmm of liWstincallon.
Followed Him Friend.
RRin, I"*.. May «»■— Bdmund
llarty. despondent from »lrkn.-»».
L.i •hi«»tln«h'-r<-.u ••ll|-IW shrdfwy
rcimmlttml »wl<-i<l<- her* yesterday
ii.v «h-»<«itMr Norman Hate*, a friend
nf Marty, re.i.l of th* «u>- 11. in an
eventn* |*[« r, and. reunite Ml hi*
t.-l room, put • bull** through hi*
head, killing- hitnarlf. ■
Cut in Two by Car Wheel*
NOIUUKTOWjr, May m QmMtlml
l^iki'ii*. 10 y.-«r« old. wan Instantly
killed thla afternoon un th* Hiding
r.ill* ay at llrldeeport. A coat car
had Iktk den»llol and l.uk.-ix and
• '■■II IsrMr William Hlmiilit were un
der th* car aaststlnit In itrtllnic It on
the i rack. An fn«ln» bark <I up
i»iiln»t Ihr car. >h»vtnti It M I.u
krna, «hoa« body *v cut In two.
Want a Big Advance.
ninDuroßO, Mr. May 10 - r.mr
hundr<~*l marhlntata •■ n»i ■ i •>' I In Ihr
»«c«> «n<l 1 -.-t l. ■ «hi)p« h^ro h«v«
at ruck for on a4v*nr« of JO per
rent. In ««►.-•■».
This Trust is Disrupted by In-
ternal Trouble.
• ■Illi-Aiio, Slay 18—The IntPMt
atrawboard combination may be
broken. \v.-«t.-tn m>iiiir.« of
the commodity mil all day yesterday
nt the "irnri.l I'ndllr t««-hlrMi rl.wr.l
doors and tha »<'»»l..n wim far from
harmonloua. It la Ml.! that nome
of tkdM iir.-».-nt declared that they
would then anil (her* withdraw from
tin- trust.
Thn in. .!iiik waa rallnl for th.
l>urpiiM> of »rrliln»t « r*wa<j for
rrriiiin wronira whirh, It la oal.l. in
fame appnrt-nt inn. .- the formation
** It- 1n..11 '1 Industry. At the meet
-.1 Hi.- M,OM,Mt combination of Hi.-
Inn held yvaterday th. M matter*
wimo bfoiichi Up for inl.llr.iili.il in.)
iM-tili'iin-iit, but *.mr of tka iiniim
farturcra refuaed |.Hinvil»iii the de
mand* of others and II waa then the
combination WSJ '1..1>u..l l.t.ik.n
B. H. Wenlon. of hi. I,mi in, waa
.liili.l prraldent of III" • mill.ill.ll Inn
when It huh formed at it minting
lull In the elraiid I'aclflc about nix
week* ago.
Robbers Use Dynamite
JACKSON, Term.. May 10,—About
2 nVlork Ililn ini'irnlnß tin- |>i>n(>>tllri>
nt H»lm-ir, county *eat of McN.ilr
nounty, forty mile* south of here,
wna broken Into and rubbed of |87.
I lynuitillr win* um-iI In blowing op«-n
thi> nifp. Tim robbers escaped.
Two »trunf cri were arretu J her*
Ihln in."Hi •» auapaeta, hut they
provi .1 la i" '" H, Mutlmwa ■"■' ■'
11, 1 !,i,i.. two imvelln* iii. 11 reprn>
«.-hiiiik ''111 1*" fruit and commit
nimi lmu».». They w«ro promptly
II Vast Capital.
NEW V"I(K. 11., ■;.■-■!■
,fil la an- ndlni th« un-l. 1 l.ikln« to
obtain •.iii,i..ri|.ti..n« In Mill country
la Urn J«wt»h Culunlal 'im-'. lUta
titr whlrh. In |Mir«u/ii.' nt aPi » >ln
lion adopt' 1 at ii" /.i"'i' " «>«n«r«ia
in-11l ,1 »"!»•". H-.ucx.-rliiii'l. In Auk
h«i. I(M, « ■ '■• "I'l n- I «n Hlorrh ZH
In N«w v,,ii« ami Unxion. Th» oti
jet* of th* Hum la to rive practical
„i.| to 11,. ..lijwtn i.f /loiiloni aii'l to
anatirt In th» Mtabllahmrnt of *•»•
lah lUln In Hyri* .111 I In I'almtln*.
un.l.-r Hi" auterainly of lh<- null.ni
of Turkey.
Jawlah Colonial Trust.
NRW V<il»K, May 10-Kormat an
nounrvmoiit of '•" orcanliatlun "'
th* American KM* «n I l«.-«th«-r
• >>ni|>any »■»» moil* Unlay. Th»
<iniil"«iiy will !"• Incorporated with
a capital of 170,000,000, ..r whlrh 130,.
000,000 Mill li« 7 |» r rent. ••tirinil.'illv«
prvfrrrnl -.1.- hi,.l it MM cam
in.. Block. Th.- I'i.i'i ■■< "1. or«iinl
i«H..ii la 1" haw 15.000,000 of «arh
■Ink r. 11 ,iii In th- Irtaaury. II '"
undi>ra(u»l thai 1. A W fWllicman *
i company will Diimi'. th« nimblim.
(lon. Alt.n,l> ..(.Ilirin nn U l< :ith< r
rompanlv* h«Vt- b««n »■-< Uli-I
So "Tim" Hofan Left His Job
at the Penitentiary.
•■hi.l Ml I•«. r>. May 10.—Tim
l|.««u Hi, ixilml mall box mill* r.
who •■i~-r«««-»I In Clovrland a* well
• • In all th« oth«-r larc* rUM of
th* country, and who *v «rr<-«vl
|MI in Cnlumbua » year »k» and
■♦Nt to th* jwnlt. Mlnry for flva
ytmra, y*«t*rd»y afttmoon mad* his
--•«!- from that Institution ami hap
thus far rluili-l <h' ■uthoritlea.
I llocan waa at w«rk In th* •»![>•
ping driaartnxnt of th* rlnr factory
and «v waiihH nvrr by two lru>
tl*a nn-t Ouanl Fo«t»r. It wan hla
■luir t" nail up <*!<• box*a. Th«-n
Cluard KnatT Inspected them to n-m
that they were all ready for •hip
ment About 4 o'clock yeaterday af-
tf-rn»»on ll'>a**n rlimM Into ona of
Hi- empty rmjum and an a#ti<irlat«»
nailed the bni up Atone with th»
rrat of the fr«-lrht r*ady for «hip
nwnt th* hoi wi> carted to the
llnrktnc Valley freight depot.
N't a thin* «v »u»j"-<i""1 until
th» men at work In th« frHrht <1»
--pit ti««r>l the a<|uakln« of ih« nail*
am Hue*" waa prylna- hi* way to lib
erty. \Vh< they »pp«-ai»<l on the
on* h* waa free and mv apewdlnc
toward the door. He w«» drened
In the prtaon uniform aave that he
had on an undershirt ln*tmd of a
Moua*. No trace of him baa aa yrt
been found.
When IIo*»n »•• «rr«-««»-<J here *
r*«r am k»r» which w»»uld (It lf>»
mail bn«»* in 114 rtt!<-« of the coun
try were found on him, ma *«* alao
<-l*1»«y-fnur letters taken from the
bain hr had robbed. The law mak*>
the «-arryinir of «-*'h key » aeparate
crime. TJit>-for*- Mr ll..»«n had ■
mod rh»r*r» of ependlnc the r»t of
hi* naluml d-iv* In prlaon.
The nirl*' Athlete ananrlatlon will
five a bnn.lS.ill inurnami-nt tomor
row and Friday forrnoon al 14
o'clock. In the Un»irer«lty »rmory.
II will r*.n»l»l of doublee and *lniil'P.
Til* «SH-nlna; rontrstji will bo play
•<l Thiir».|ay. ami the -final and
flnal pnn on Friday. I'rlir-. will
b* r,(Tiri»l by I*r-<f. Van der V«r In
botii «lnisl<-« and doubles to Ibt
ycmnic U-llm winning the i-vrnt.
• • •
Tho tournament will b* a handl
oap m»»t. Th# f»ntri«-« for th»- mm
• r»: Mtaara Hhrlrk.r, Walker. Mr-
I>..nn«-11. Uhl'r-. llul-rt. Btr«*U
f»nodi-r, r*r*»Uffi-r Ilrrrro, Caae.
Lornch and Kouican.
• • •
Th» flrat «t>rin> outdoor athletic
iTKr-t ■>( !h» fnlv»r«lty for lhl» y»ar
will be hH.I on Friday nt I So ..Vlu.li.
on th» riilvi>r»lly Aihl< tlr atrounda.
Th"- m**t will tm IM»r-<la»». Th«
event* will l>i" aa f.Hli>w»: On* liuir
drwt yard* <la«h. runnlnir broad
jump. 110 j-nnl hurdle, putting 16
--pound ahot. 440-yard run.
Manna the Natural Leader
Nl-W TOUIC. May 10— "nnntrrn
rumora that Senator Ilanna ahoutd
Civ* way to •xnno «n< laW aa lie -
publican loader are f<K>llah." ».il 1
s.-nati>r Chauncry M. I>rp«w today.
Mr Ilanna baa nhitwn a wotHlrrftil
irentu* for ori.-nnU.iHnn. ||.. did
more In iret th»» party Into battle ar
ray In I*M than hin been done by
any chairman In th« imrty'a hUtory.
Ilia »orvi<-.-« to (he. part yam of In
••OllrnaMc \nlin>."
New Kiiltn Illod in the Kiip»r|r>r
court y<"»trnl«y nftrrn...in were:
frwnk 11. Moran v». I'.-r. v \\*. H.>. h
eater— pron»*iwn'fy note; Ada Power
v». John Hharp an«l wlfe^—wagr-n;
Mary M. K<*o\vn vi« John Mi K'-'\\ii
<ll»T>rre; Jane It \\ .ilnnorlh va.
l»ard of county cnmmlmilonen*—ln
junction; i.i.i J. lirrirrrt vs. Ckaa
HfnnlKrr. «*t at.. prnmlmKiry note; J.
>?. Waiting v«. A. Thompson—
writ of r»««t Itutl'in. V'lnjt-nxo Cila-
Itsl vk It'Mii.i Wnttpo—execution of
dMxi; Kmlly I, Ihivt* v«. A. T. Van
I)e Vanler—dnnMßea.
Kansas WomenTaka the Placo
of Soldiar Brothors.
■VVK-lItTA. K«ji.. Miiy M The
Wtva* mi. i »l»l«-a nf mMIi n of the
Twentieth KmiKiH rcKiiPfiit. In the
Philippine*, have turn. -I li. r,,1n,.s
ami many of thrill atartcnl to w«rk
In the tli-liln today, "Our crop" air
bmlly In nrml of in.nil,m," Mid Mlrk
Miiiiili- Dlx, who»« hmthrr «-n» Rlaln
111 Imtllv. "ar»l «<• frwl II our duly
ti> take our bnothera" plat-en hi UN
fli>ld. Mwll ill tho immln i of 111
Twrntlvth Kaniwt arc farmern,
h#no« th*ro tin- hundroda of girla til
work on rnrn>n now."
Th« rlni.nl of having bath
tuba In one of th« public ichoola li
bunt" tried In Chicago,
G>me to Sec Us.
We will be open until 9
p. in., Hid we want
to show you the
We know you don't
have time during
the day, and now
that warm weather
is coming on, we
think the Gas Stove
is just what you
..... SAVES .....
And promotes happi
ness in every household
where used.
lias Ranges
Sold at Manufactur
er's Prices, freight
deducted, and con
nected FREE of
Seattle Gas
Electric Co.
*-~214-216 Cherry Street
Eastern Capitalists Purchase
a Tract Near Pittsburg.
riTTßinißa. Pit, May 10 —NY-
CoUiUloa* h«v*> )•<. n «orn|>l^t*d by •
■yndlcat* of prominent I*ttt«burr
»n<l I>«i«<rii «|t<.Ui«t« anj < .ml op
«T»toni, hf-n.Ji-rl by J. 1. I>*wson
fl"-<T. of thin < It y. for Uh I'unhw
of 4000 «rrr» of n«l lands, romprls
anjr Ui* larif«-nt un level.•i»-l coal
vrH« In th« < nt!r>- l'!lt»i>ur»t >1t»
--lrl«i, Th<- <i.-«t approximates about
tl.onp.OOO. Th.- tract In located on
the banks of t!i<- ToughloKhony rlv
it and has a fronumf of two .ml m,
half miles alone the Uaitlraore *
Ohio railway.
Sawmill Blown Up.
IIOPKIKBVIM.R. Ky.. May 10.—
M.-Kr.iiEht » large sawmill. nv«. mllva
north of H pklnarill*, wait blown up
ihHi MUfllllia". killing the owttn, B.
MrKnlght and KSIe M.KiilkM. J.
White* h I* m ■■ blow oft and hi> II
dying. T. T. MrKn:irht was «eri
oualy tnjurrd. TIM mill Is it tola]
wreck, i
«*•■ .HERE
On Your Bnsiness Snit
\\ i u-ill m H you .i suit of
il.'th.s \\>irt!i every penny
Of J2O.CX3 for
We carry .in assortment of
these wearables, decided
novelties, very swell and
tony. Made better than
your tailor can make. We
tit these garments to you
M. ctly.
J. Rsflelslieiffier & Co
klrongsil Top Coal Houll In Iht Slat*
First Aye., oor. Col«*nbla St.

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