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res 88! TIIE S EATTLE ' STAR U&si
Regulars Now Being Sent to the Phil
ippines by War Department.
V.VNIU*. Mar 11 The I'tiii >« Ktatea tran*port Hancock. eonv*yln«
Ihr Tw*nty-flfth regular Infantry, nrrtveJ from s»n FrancUco thla
tnornlnjr and bc«an <ll**mbarktna* the troop* tmm««ll«t*ly Th* arrival
of th* 1 Uncork v regarded aa timely, lnaamurh a* It will <>•••* be pu*>
•»•>••■ to »rii.| fr*ah trunp* Immedlattly t» Han Ktrnado to r«ll*v* th* «i
--li«u»- I men of litm-ral Mil- Arthur"* mrnmand.
WABirtNCJT«">N. D C, May Jl.—Th* War d«parln«*nt la preparing to
•»n>l four r.-r n „'. of i.mit«r« to Manila by way of N»» York »'>•' Ih*
t»u*» ranat Th# rtirtmeni* that will probably *f> are th* P*r»nlh and
Nlß*l*i Infantry, and th* Ftrtt ii-l Mrain artlllvry. On lb« Pa
fine <-.•«•• two mem rr«lm*n!», Ih* si\th and Bl*t»*nih Infantry, will
l'">f for Manila. within a month. The former la r»i»-<!r.l In d«part pn
the transport Sh-rm.tn «n May 2. Thr*» troopa mta r*ll*r* th* volun
WABIIINHTON. D. C. May tl.—Th* remain* of Colon*! r»^rt th*
, ktro »f >r>rr«l t*hlllpplß*a battl*s, who «m klll*d wbtl* Ivadina «
rhara-* itcainKt Filipino tr*nrhi>«, w*r* Imrlr-I with military honura at
Arliniri.in tvitiftrrr today. »*wr»t»ry Atc«r. O«n*ral Mil'« end C.rrbin,
and a larv* numtwr «f othtr army officer*, wltn*»«*d tb* «t. m<tti.«.
Th* body of Cotnnrt Kjttwrt la th* Aral of mm allied In th* Philip
l-in«-» li b* br-.unhi to Arlington for ißUrmcnt.
ITUSI', In.l May ll.—Th* h •«•• of David Momr *•• d*molllh*4
■ 1-y a■ i. l.m. at midnight Ilia I lauahirr »a« UU»4 and »«v*r
a) members of th* family Injured. ■
WASHINGTON, May ll.—Th* following dlapatch waa refelred from
O»n»r»l O0» thla morning: "The dtuatlon la aa follow*: I bat* rue.
reeded In |»ai>iitrnt th* army gunboat* <• Oalumplt for ux- In th* Rk>
<lnndc "Hi* railway «rrn«-IW.n with that pnlnl «.» »«-.ir*l thu
week. The !•«»•'.n« of th* guabnala Oirough Marabeb* country *••
hailed with Joyful im.>n»tr»t(..n. by U>* Inhabitant* In th* country
from Qeorg* D. Mi-lkl«-j »hn. Acl-*ry civil «-tml»latra\ll<in haa been In
•tigurated, and protection to.th* Inhabitant* and ««*in»t the fnaur>
t/enta* aboaea. ha« t>*»n «ivm «• far aa »-o«lM««- The alien* of th« In
•urgent dlalniegrathm Is dally in*infaal*il **
Otati Otla rabled tb* following anawer to th* query from Al«»r.
aaklng about tb* return of th* vusun-twr • from th* Philippine*: The vol>
un!~-r ora;anlaatl<vna first to return art now at N<^tr.«. 41 mitt* from
Manila, at !► front. It la ( i|<"'"l that th* lran»p»rt* now arriving will
take th* returning volunteer*. The volunteer* underaland that they will
leave for th< United it«a about the latin part of tb* month. There
moet anjr vesael afloat II aeema ««rr*«»m'« her* at this time, and I «<■•
rept Hrri; which txi<-! States In'-rr«!» make Imperative. Th* trana.
I- rut returnliur thi* week ar* . «rry iir <h>- airk and wouml*4 "
UMRMtI, May 11.—Th* American deb>*at*a to th* pear* confer
ence deny th* report that their Instructions ar» Identical with those of
th* delecatta from England. ,
HOWARD Cirr. Ml Mar ll.— norrlM* crime occurred In Ihia
city laat night. J * Harvey a%M hi* wife, baby father-in-law, (rani
Wither, uncle, and th«n attrmpte>l to omit «ulct<le. Hla graMnwth.
«r and •net- were hlllrd inMart:?. F*mmlljr «iM». prompted the oV**4.
►'Later.—Mm.: Harvey dlel this morning. Harvey will 'll* lit «■••
fuaea to say anythlna; atuut th* trim*. Many of th* people ar* talk
ing him Th' i-oiu.- ha** taken nlr» precsutlons ta prevent any 4»a
turf. IBM
f MANILA. May 11.—»»»n«r Paterno ha* declined the proffered presl.
deney of the Filipino cabinet until the Filipino eonarress now meeting
at Ran !«ldor shall hay* authorised him to treat with th* Amerlnknt for
WASIttNrjTON. May It —Th* War department made publtr a mm
t-r>h»n«lve report '-.m (Irn. I!, <!. Olta, giving an arcount of th» opera
tion* of hla brlgvd* during March. Oil* praises the loyalty, bravery
: and perars i- of all In* men of Mi command.
NORFOLK. May ll.—Th.- plan i.fr-iverrmept which th* t-ntt*i fltatcs
<• willing to establish m th- Philippine* after the surrender of th* In
surgents »,*» been cabled to PreslO«fit (*churm<an by secretary Hay, at
* th* direction of tb* president. The proposed government Is to be more
• Ivll than military. The bead of tb* government Is to be a gmrvrnor.
Tber* will also be an advisory ••■■im 1. c«mp<M*l of natives of the Phil
ippines. Loral «>r*rnm«-nl» will b« entirely In the hands of the nallTes,
subject to certain supervision by the American authorities. The plan
propose*] amounts practically to an autonomous syelem. It la believed
here that H will be acceptable to the natives. It will continue only un
til ccngres* shall have decided upon a permanent government for the lll
NEWCASTLE, Pa.. Mir IL-T«ro men were killed and all other*
badly Injured thla morning by th* collapse of a trestle near Knrkpolnt.
Nine loaded cars were on tb* trestle* at the time, and they ftll upon
a gang working underneath the tretlle. Dml-Wra. M'alrutt and an
unknown man.
Secretary Mciklcjohn's Letter MMMMA
At th* meeting of tb* rh»mb»r of cwnmerr* yr»l»r<l»r afternoon,
IV*"! K. O. flravra read to th* member* th* letter r»»1v-! !-i»t
Monday by the Editor of lh» Hnr;i»"l over by lha tnwpa a Umpor
tnc »*••• r<iary of War. declining* to (rant th* r*'iu-al of ctllten* of H».
Ati!.- that th* r"ir>t W.i«li.n»t.»n voluntr«r* ahouM b* tranaportml direct
from Manila to tbl* part. After reading- th* letter, I'ree-ldent flrare*
■aid: II I* Ih* same thine Over and over araln. Th» official* at IV»i!i.
Inirton positively refuaa to vmi« th* fact that we hay* a dry >l.« k at
I'ort Orchard capable of balding all* now no Importance for I hell
thouich th«y wanted to irlv* fieattl* a black ey*. Th* quart*rma«ter
here haa written to the department *ev*ral tlmea polntln* mil the furil
lUea for handllnir boata, and yet thla town appear* to b* reirarded mm
lacking In an advantage!, and to b* unwlaely aerklng for a chare of
trad* to wtilch It i« not entitled."
Hevera] member* of the chamber were anxious to take action Im
mediately, but It waa finally decld'd to wait for a reply to the last letter
sent by President riravea to th* War department, ratting detailed at
tend-.n to Urn naval facilities ■• fieattle, Tmmm and Port Orchard.
It w«* expected that United States fU-nalor George Tomer would
b« at th* chamber of commerce meeting ye»t»rday afternoon and make
• few remarks, bin his auiM<-n departure for Spokane prevented. A
letter waa read from Ota. Wilson, chief ttt the bureau of engtneertnß.
stating that h* would be In .»■■ iiti.- about May 17.
A resolution waa unanimously adopted ihnnklnir President Orav*a
forth* letter recently written to th* Hecrelary of War about the advan
tage* of Seattle as a place for the return of th* transports.
Good Salmon Run.
'ABTOHIA, Or., May 11.—The run
Of fl>h durtn* the pad two I ■>• baa
l»«»ii <X" iiti.inally itn'.'i for I till >•«-■»•
■on of th* year. Their slxe la luric
and the quality <•< MM brat. Up to
the present da(« the '«l'h ha» been
much l«.r«'r than lii*t year or for
several yeara previous. There are
■till a iiufnlc r ot mull fl»h amoni
the catch, bat that la pxplalnnl by
the fact that linn amall tnefth >.• ■(<
are b«-lnis u»erl than *rtr ..fiirt 1.
That In also irtvfn an th<> rrnaon why
mi many blutbacka are being: caua;!it
ttila aprlnit.
She Met a Frost.
COL.UM Ht;s, 'i. ■Ma y 11. — Mm.
Heorgo met a front !>••• •• 1.-nt nl«ht
when »h. delivered hor lecture. The
theater *<rata .-.t.»ut I'"I. but only
fourteen paid to hear her.
*orm Destroys Property
ROD! CITY, 1,a., Mil A t*r
rifle hall and ruin r'.trm dentroyd a
conaldenblt amount of property in
thl* part of the utato la«t ntglil.
A Negro Cornered.
NHIUTAWnff, Pit. May It—
Im/it Lewis, Ih<- neuro who took r»
fun" In an old coil mini- her* MM
night to wii"- arrest for shootlnc
Canalnble Prank MrClure, .if 1.1n.1
--any. has not twen captured. Kvi-rv
outlet to the mini' In being guarded,
ami 1.4-wl* must fi<Kin surrender of
die of ularvatlon. MrClure'a Injur
■ ies tuny pm»» filial He In the Mi
orxl local nflu-'-r to auffir at I lie hand
of n>'i;rr»-».
Will Accept Terms.
!■.! i-'WI/i, May ll.—The strike on
between the urnln shovelera i m.i th«
- ..'i.|..i 111' « of iin- grain carriers, la
;;il.l.- to !»• m-tllnil shortly. The
leaders have ■<!» ■ ] Hi. men to ac
cept the term*.
. A Disastrous Fir*.
KANSAH CITY. Mo., May 11.-Plro
de»troye»l the warehouse of the
N"i-«l.y Transfer * Htoraire company
hi»r<> laat nlKhi, and th* loaa la ■ xii
inalcil at hi.mm (in,, (Irnnan, Jaa,
K. McMcllli, win killed by. coming in
contract with » live wlr» '•' >
m:\TTI.i;. WASHINGTON, THURSDAY i:vi:MMi, MAY M. 18*9.
Deputy CVlwtor of Internal Itl-V
*nu* I>. W. |l.irt.-ii, left yrairfttny
for Whatcom, Whll* !h. i. h» will
Inveellcate the t<iinli> »f the lir.'W.
(•Men ami ntli.-r .in <r .ll»llU.'ri>-».
ll* will alia torn i th* di«r t*rl»r-
Ira and k.<|. ,i >| l .<t |, 1...>k ..ill ■■■
any box*a ..f riicar* bearing the
ti.ii:iiii r«v*nue i*ii|.
Th» Jam** A. Moore Inveatment
company li.m I'unli.iiMvt 100 acrea of
coal landa In thi- vtrlnlty of l'alm<
rr, on Ihi Northern I'arlAc railroad.
Th* properly »• h.,'l»ll! of I' -11.
MfLellan and J. X, i tills, of IV*>
ton, and th* prlc* l-ilil *U 143.000.
Development work will li.' commenc
.••l at i>ni-ii, and th* product front
Ih* mliwa will I* brought t» Seattle
by rail.
•• • •
University L<» Court*.
llfKliiiniir with the n-«l roller*
>«■*[-. the lniv.r«ii» ..f Washington
will lia\r a law -I. |>.trlim ill At tha
inrrtiiij! of the buard of rtgtntt ><-•
lerday afternoon, (his *t4 't-ti »■•■
Unalilll>lil»iV .1. ■■■<• i Upon. Thr
mm <>,' l:> m>« ■|>|ir..|irut. I tor
;ih* first yoar. Many appltratlam
fur tb? poaltlon of .Iran "t lh« law
ii<-i>«itrnrm hay* in-rn triii In. No
appolntmt-nt will !■- uwh, h-mevrr
until May it. whnn a »t>.-<-lal meet-
In* of Ih* rr,n,n will ha liM,
Tho r»f *nl* !•*»»« -I » rvaolutlon
vivcrtby ten •tudrali, each fr»tn
Cuba. Hawaii. I'orlo It!>■••. «"■' lb<>
I'll | (•!»<-•. Kill tx (Hen luttlan
After th* mrriliK In* executive
.i.l building commute* of Ib* board
in. at lit.- -m. v»( It. ifrni Ktnc. I
»h#r» Ih* *|>*r!ncats»n of tb* lwt>
a*w dormllortr* !<• !>*■ thortly >rv« I-
Hi «..r.- ««ainln»4 and approved.
The Mil fur lh» tmilliriit ot dor*
mllarlt* »ill 1* l«t In » f«* day*.
Ci*Mlnjtlea*of*T**«htrt. '"■
Th* 'I'mrtrrly *xamlnall«n of
ti>ach«ra «-«.!nnwn.-»,i thin morning In
ih* library roam <•( tht mm cnurt
how an4 » ID rnWtl»»TI for tb*
balanr* of th* w«th, Th«r* ar* M
aaplranu for l*«eh»r»' f«rU8«^»l»a.
and man ar* <■«'.-• ir«J la Uk* «■»
«»iiiin»ii<-n on K*tar4a)r
Hui.l. Meredith •»>• th"* »» *
eteady ">•ri■•"■" cvrrv Mr In th*
number of teacher* »*«mlr»*-4 Ther*
• ri> lhrt-« ir.ili* for »i.i. li e*rtin
eate* at* rlvni. nam»lir nr»t an"
--im-1 stvi third, th* irr!inr»t»« of
which «rr k-«.\ for Ova. two and on*
mr r*»i»fit«-«ly.
Th» only dirferene* In in* gra.l»e
I* in th* m«i«*r of eredlta. Th*
flr»t «r» r.|ii!r-« an examination
In three more brunch** than l» neces.
ur]r In Ih* <>th*r two xr»<Ui
iVrrn- teaued In tit* a* nom
ination* entitled •*"• t"'»* "*'" '"
i teach .mv*'*!'!' In th»« •'»!<• All
that ■• r<<)ulrv<t I. ■ reritirallon of
in- rrrtinr«t» In th* county, «-ti*r»
in* applicant • l«t"«-» to loch.
Big rir* si tasgwae.
runlruUr. •>'. a dlaaitroti* -• x
Mmiti>*v on th* m»rninc ef lUr 4,
In whlrn * t>u*in**a hlork «( coven
hull lino «u> i|w.l out of »«!•• r> r.
wrtr brnuirtit her* thla mnrnlas by
paMwnxers on Ih* Cottar* City. Th»
... I* e«tlmate'J b*tw*«n tM.«n and
fiLon). rm» of th» h»avl*>t Intter*
it» IS. W. MaJ*r, who <*undurtfil a
veneral h«nll~- atnr*. ll* «■•■
tlrnat** b!a loa* at MUM. ftn. half
of hi* •'■»• -k «*» <I«Mrr.r*.l aa noth
ln> tr-m •»!<• w*rrhno»« t* eh* up.
per »tniTr o* Ma bu'ldinf waa M*ed.
hf at » k of th>" J<r«WH Hh»» company
... v»hi«l at turn, fully bait h.iß*
dntroye.l by the fir*.
Tn* •■h»r buatnewi |>lar-»« »tor»»
an-l »«rrhi>«i»n> contain**] liocka
raluf-1 at hvtwmn iv«"> and HM»
•arh. and fulSy half •■! kwt.
II was only by th* hard#«t work
thJit th* nr* »<• pr*v»nt»d frt>m
■ |.rrailinr Hmxll Hn«» «n all
.Mr. wer* hastily torn down by th*
The orlrin of th* Mr* w*« (till »
matter of speculation when th- Cot.
tag* City Ml " ••• rumored
that a family by the iwn» of Ilroem
•r-r In mnvln« out th* day before
th» Or*. .l»fl open a connection In
th* sioveplpo lea<llng through th*
roof of on* of th* huiiiln««. and ih*
■parka frnrrt the nr* In th* stov* b*.
low *w out of this opening Into • m
InrUrrmant* material. Th* fart
•,h»t O-e oor «v vacant gay« th*
ftre a ■ h»n - to b«t a start be-far* It
I was ii • ' '
• • •
Wn*■•< *" Thalr Nontimooa,
Amonr the paa»*na:*r» on th*
Whit* !•»•« 4 Tukan railroad train.
wrecked May I.,was • bride and
room on their honeymoon trip Into
Alaska. Mr. .1,1 Mr- William i.>«
celt left rVattl* during th.- latter
part of April and went to Hkaa-way.
where they took !■ >•«»«• on th« train
for Lain nennett. Mr*, i.imrit
• ml* ih. f ill- lr.it MM rla the War
telling of her adventures:
"We left Bkagway about 1 o'clock
In the afternoon. May 1. on th*
Whit* Paas A Yukon train for th*
■ummlt. About H mil** out on*
c(.«rh l« f' iti» lr«rk. and all that
saved ua from ifltir over n preci
pice waa a tarn* rork. There w*rs
IS pansenrrer*. two being wmnen.
W* ill „.,!.) with a few bruises."
Mr. »ri<l Mrs. I.!>rett have a ro
mantic history. While l.l*i.tl *«»
In the Klondike rr«lon In US", tok
it.it out vast quantities of rold. a
ni-wspaper corresiiondi-nt r«i>rw»«nl-
Inir » number of Knstern dallle*.
wrote a na»mlpilim of the Klondike
nabob, rlvlnr nome farla i.-l-nr.l.nu
his . ii Iv htntory ami his later Kin
r. ■», One of I li- |.'i|.'-r« wiiloh rnr
rled the story fell In'" the hnnda
of a \\ - i VlririMa »rlrl wh-i hud
known IJrirptt when he wa« a little
boy, but hnd lo«t iii subsequent trace
of him. On the lmpulae> of the- mo
ment she sat down And wrote n
brief note of congratulation, malllna;
It i,, Dawann. Ny a happy acrl.lcnt
It rearhrrd Bill In ''"'■ time, ami ■ .ill
ed up the me»norle» of . i.iiiii ...i li.
put the letter In In** porket. rame
out frnm the Klondike li 'I ill. «' nl
to Writ viii-iniii, found ii.- inn.'
Klrl ■ ii m he i. 'i once known urown
to womnn'a eatale—«nil nmrrleU her.
Aa I.IKKI la ralcil aninlii- the
wealthiest men of the Klondike, and
la president of "i" Yukon Order of
I'lonerra, his romantic marrlaire and
preaenl honeymoon trip bark to the
Yukon poMMM Ml Intrinsic public
• • •
Sheldon Jaokion Arrival.
Id.i >■■).■■• ;..ii Jarkson arrived In
Hi. city laat nleht from hi- east on
hi* way to Al.ul'.a. lv i'*y bis an-
A "■ '" I
tumi vlalt to ihi- Alukn a.hiHila and
• ii|i|.lv ').. in with Ihla year* •<i|i
pile*. With him I* William C, (lray,
•dttnr of the • in. ««" Interior, a
leading l*i < «li>i-ilnri paper. • lloth
gentli'inen are atnpplng at th* •'• cl
• 1.-niil 11..1.1 and will li-mo on the
revenue cutter Hear in a few day*
tor the north.
Mr. ,l»k ha« bern rrlllrlted by
many pi-.'i ' regarding hla reindeer
esperlmonla ami hia «*p*ndltur* of
larve ■Ulna of money on "hr came.
Today Ik amM "I pay lltlle alien*
■ tlon I" the ntta.-ka that have been
' urn.lr on me by lain IndlvlduaJe.
The (*n«ral public h>a faith In my
• enterprtae. and Ihe « I 'TIHII. lit
' Iruala me by appmprlaltnaT money
far rarryinat out my purpoaaa.;^ , I
have demonalrated thai reindeer ran
' be Introduced Into Alaska. We have
1 brourht (m d*rr fretri Itueala In the
' paat nine jreara, and alnce) then IMM
have been born, inaklnn In all tone,
Tha reindeer are dlmtrltmled between
ihe tovernment a(all"iia an.l the
. mlaaiona It' |
"The reindeer will be of rreat bene.
, nt to Ihe mlnera, a avail*> ran be uae«t
where horeeei and other anlmala are
j practically uwteM.|f Another thins.
, they will be u*ed TV th' rarrylrur of
■ mail In Ihe • rt<« and far to the
i north." Jr
• U*
' Paraaa of ■*« Ma*.
N..t« 11halMa4Mli_Blia rain which
poured In lorrmit Ual nldit. Ill*
Improved Order *^HM4 Men »*r*
out on parade, tad they marrhett
, from the «*t>tenun.hulMltiK on Klnrt
avenue lo Itanke i*ll nn I'lke elreet,
where an eihlbltlMffdrtll «a> dven.
, under Ihe commtall »f ' 'hi. f J. P.
fair. by th* unir»m rank ■' T*
i>ma i *tfc-;*
; The order will m*et today to clear
, up all unfliit.h»4 b«alneaa. A «i»i»J
rnterUlnment wllatbe «lv*n tonl«ht
at the Mad ana •*!»*< pavilion, and
membere »f the «rder will take a
rrulae on Uake VVk'htncton.
Spokane haa be*sß,rhfleen « the>
nest meettna of the grand p«w.wow.
• A •
W. C T. U. Oea*antl»a.
The **<-.>n 1 .Uy'a aeanlon of ih* W.
r. T. I. r.nivrn!Wi »I Mallard waa
mainly taken tip wtih the election ef
„'!i.n« fiw Ihe eniuin* year. Th*
r—mil of th* ilMl *aa ae> fol
, Iowa: Prealdent Mm. Mary 11. Wade:
vl'»-frra) l*nt Mra. Nellie M. Worth:
,-..rr«»i«n )lr« MfMr/. Mra Lmla J.
reboarc; recordlnir tweretary, Mr» M
C. Munm: IrtaJlnt. , Mra, Kale
Dartlelt; .lrl*«aW*l lar«a to atal*
convention. Mr«H.C.Munna.
The convention with a gold
m*4«l ..»nlr»t >•■«*—ain< In Alb
;,*|r hill. J. M Wllliama and S. W.
« lain, .f H-.llle. 1 arwl I* Maal'Pi
ef Hum,Mr wer. avljttd«ed the win
nera. l!!»;t.«--" - ■
a'e ■ •
Suiel4« «t Jatll*.
Paesencere *rrmm ■"• from At
•in on the »«»*-t«r "*«• City,
brine n+w af IM avlride of i»m»a
rrmnu, whU-h Mnd recently at
thai |.l*r.. , He »%»» Mtaaailf .u*-h
the head with a revolver, Freetnaa
anl hie wife went la Hka«» a yeaf
ago - .m California. Soon aft»r they
«rrlv* there th»y eep»rale«3. and
Mra. freeman mtvpori*4 h*ra»if by
working In r»atauranta -nil* he
■worked oa a pU*>«lrtvef. After >»»•
era! week* he returned to Catirornla.
About a month ago he returned to
f?kagway. im arriving there, he
found that Ml wife bad g«ne '•• At-
Im, ami he followed her. The meet.
m* ■ »a not a I l*aaanl one, and Mr*.
Pteeman refneed to live with her
huaband. whom ah* la aa!4 to have
rialmej cared . nlr for her money.
Aa i .-.««• without money, he
b*«-atr' diecouraged and ended hla
eilatence by ahoollng hlm»'lf
The CanatHan police furtilah*d t»
I—ll*l which a rovirh c«ffln waa pro
cured, and Mre. fYeeman Mjt.pll*.!
the reat if the money for the fun
eral arrangement a. .
Cottaga OH. la »>erl
•teamer ColUire City arrived In
port I hie morning from Hilda and
Alaakan porta. Khe brmuht down
•!«hty-ix>v»n r«*»*n*»r». none of
•hum wer« from the Interior. Th«
Catt*** cur l«-fi Hk»«»«y »n th*
7lh. and had • «m"«Mh »ey*«*. TW*
It th» U»t trip of l»i» Cotla«-» nij»
for *e»eral w«*ka. «**«• will t.« put
rm th* dry dork la b» overhauled
in prtparatlon tor !»kln» the eimir.
•ion • m to Al«»fc*. Her pl«>-<. will
b» filled '.-■ lh# »iraniiT City of
TV>r*k«. Th« pa>HH|»r l!»l *•• ••
fnlNnvn: J. M Tnmltn«on, A 11.
Waltbrtdß*. F Whll»i Mr* J. M Mr.
l^rUn-l. M" Ch«». IWr«. Jn N.
TliMlal*. ■ r IV»nl<»r i W. If. Mri»
.«r. Mm MrO»r«r, Mm W. 11.
Moor*, !•• X Unlike. FrH HlM
mitvn Mm It*»«mu»»i». I^o J.
FSoM. Pirymi l^Kh. Mm. I-lih. Ml»
I.ill! Mr*. K. H Nlfhol*, K<i J«m#«,
Mill* John«"n. ■' A. J»hn»lnn, Mr*.
M. I>u«n<» # C F. lUrrincton. Mr»
MrKrand. It P. C Oampb»ll. A.
Kernel*. M. Taylor. MIM Rmma ll«r
rln. A O. !irn'l»n»ii-in. Mm ll»n<i«T»
--.i»ln, Chan. Mllnf. Jno. R"«'r>. I. I.
Walann J. A Knnl*. Chaa. «ln«f-M
.r. I. Martin. Xi- I rnrlrl>l«». C. K.
PoUrl, W. 1. Paul Mm W«ll*r«, T.
D. rrrmt. I^mla Ku«r. P!. Mn.l»n.
Jn.. T. llhornlrr. M. n. Anltinnrjr,
T. D. M. N..nrl.i..|i. II 0 Md«««, W.
A. Itrv.lit. D W. r>oba«n. and »»ilr.
,y.H,rh, winnil rhw.
• • •
R-w Mill! Alaik* Million.
l(. v J. Hall Yrninir. P. I', th*
yell known Alaoknn mlwlonary, la
In th« city, accompanlfxi by it'v m
H. Kimnn, IMi.lv. of .J.nnrll.- l»a.
Ttn-y will ir»> north within « f«w
Dr. Toun« him birn appolntKl ayn
odtcAl ni]-«l'linrv for Ihr I'ri'nl.y
1.-rlnn ch<irrh In Al»»k<», mid »p>-nt
■Hifiio month* In ths i-.iHrrn M It -
raising mnnpy '** hi* "'* wnrk. Hr
h»a (urnrpil ibnut l""nn. which will
b* ullllr.oil In Mlabllirhlna: IVr«hyt»r.
Inn mtuirion »lntl»n* at flvn dlfT»r»nt
point* In 111.- Interior of Hi.- l.trlt
nry. Th* ml**lona will '"• lllnlir hi*
K'licnil BUl»rvli>l.'ii Itcv. J. W.
Kirk ,i, i wife, of Philadelphia, will
•oon follow Pr. VoutiK to AI«Kk» and
will t><- |.|.-ihhl «' i:««i>- City i:. v
Harry I*. <'or».-r. of I'"lhkk*l:ilT.
Arlxona, will I" 1 Another of the ml*.
■ |..mirl. ». but hi* atatlon him nut yet
1.. .ti elected l.v Pr. TounK. Iliv
Mr. Knonr« will "'" ' ll»vi- n *tailon,
while It, Yimiiik pominully mnr.«K<>*
ii fifth. The v.irl.'iis inlmloni will
h« ••ninbliHln-1 In Hi-- in.ml promla-
Ing tnlnlrm Ftnpi. The. 17000 ml**
ed by in Younir will t>« xurii- i. m(
to carry on th* work for on« year,
and Hi. ii I ln> I'r.nl.vl. lilin church of
I mini etaAca will wiuiii any
■MUM 11 ihni may hnv* tv
lif 1 nirt.il
, The flint mlulnnery In reach hi*
> ion In I1»7 anil Mttabllah a I'rui»*tant
■• nation «■• It Youn*. Ha MM
. ... .I• ■ I In lO'llllm th« rhurch on a
• Mlf.|U|>purtln« l.ilrli. within a rear,
I «nil Ihrll turned II vir M th« Can
adian branch ■•< the church to nun
i »*•• 'Hi. doctor linn apent many
r r*ara working aman« Hi' Aluakana
f ■!)•) mlnera, and I* ,unlver»ally re>
'. up... t».| an) lib) 'I lie Mated I" a
■ Ktar reporter HiU mornlnir thai he
i tipected to «pend the remainder of ■
i. I.m .Inya In Alaaka .li.liik mlaalonary
r work.
r CattU quarantine Rule*
I S JKKKri(Hi«N CITY, Mo. Way 11
: -<ii.v.-m.ir Htrvrna haa ar<t>mved
the quarantine r*(Uta(lona a<topled
. by the m«i» hoard of agriculture fur
, the puipiW of preventln«r the niireaul
I of eontaaioua <ll#e»aea amon« cat- ,
■ lie,
I n.l. r It* eondltlona all cattle to
. the aouth «f Afii'inn. New klmilcn
■ and eoulhern Ttiaa, muat be In-
I eped»d before betn* admitted Into
Mlaaourl. The lawa (OvernlnK the
f tnipectlon arr very MM MM
absorbed by Trust.
Md.WAI'KKK Wla M «ay ll.—
he I'uliith our mill of thla city »aa ,
, today abaortoad by the recently or- ,
. g-|r*~~* I 'ml >•) Htalea Msilln* com.
. party. The l"«i»y Milt haa alao m-
I irtr i (be combination.
Swedish Count With
; a Strange Story.
! SITS be IS BIGRTriI urn;
. ii i

' I*!? 11-*!*** 1 *r*atrt ' Lsfl b,
P ta.r.Maktr Wear* of
rHII-AMCl.rill* May II -<>n<
»t the meet remarkable will conleeta
' in the VMM ~aa bevun when CTount
, ItelnhoM yon ttoaen '»jt»n full for
I part ft the eetaie of thai late HI —m
(1HI v|im», the millionaire paper
m«i*rr. T»»«« rtalmant allrrra that
I he It the eMeet brother of Cnunt C.
■ • >— —jar yon town hlch chamber
' lain In lh» Kln» «f dw»-It.n. who
»narri"J Mi«» ~lla Moore, the Phila
delphia brlT'f.
The fortune at •!««• la lanre. Til*
other heir* of the Yon Ttoeen fam
ily of (iweden have rttaTneJ Kamu»l
' blckaan. one of Ihe mo*t eminent
lawyer* In r»nna>i»anl». to flht Ihe
claim. bT* Count Kujrene >"-. Ito
•en. a jrounirrr brother of the real
hetr, wat In court.
The claimant ha* been Urine In
«'..l Vlrrinla. lie ear* that he waa
dlalnh*rtt*4 by hla father f->r ynnlh
ful mledeevia. one of which •>• th*
runnlnc «-.ay with Mm. llarrlman.
the prima donna, of the lloyal opera
1 at «io«-kh"im In pronf of hla Iden
tity th* claimant •*>• that When he ■
• am* to New York he brought let
tera of lain*3ucUon la Mr» Adntph
I^idenburr. Mr*. John Jacob Aal.,r
and other membera of the "«0o." lie 1
onfedlnnl wlih M- ArJ..r ar«l men- '
' tlon* to hi* lawyera to|il<-» of conver- |
■ —ation that were dlftcuwd at the ';
i dlnnrr. Th* cUinanfa lawyer wrote
> to Mra. Aan.r and received a reply
, ■i) m that ebe remembered the
count perfectly and th* eooveraatlon
' refema] to.
1 Mm* llartmann, lh«- fa«n<Hi«
' a)—*dlal> prim* donna, with whom
: the Count yon H<»»»n Hoped, haa
I «in.- returned to Hlnrkholin and
married one of the hlrhent omcUla
of the court, where »he la an a> k
1 nowtedfed faviorlle. even with the
' kin*. Her teatlmony may be. re
-1 quired to aettle whether the |.r. •■ ai
. claimant la the Count yon ll«»rn
• with whom aha eloped aim yeara asn.
■ The elnpment la admitted but on the
• Identification of the lover may de
. pend th* poenteelon of a pxr. • for
' tune left by Mr*. UlonrndeM Moore. ■
II Clue Trust.
|H>—TON, May ll.—The n*»t tr«»t
to be organised I* a glue combina
tion. There are four compsnlea In
the country, and New York la pro
mntlne the organliation.
Cm tend to Mount Baker
\VMAT»""M. Wajih . May II II la
undrraliind hrri Ihnt th* ll'lllncham
■ lay * Hrlilah <'<>luml.la CH
. 'iiipony will build an MMttlN to
Mount H.ik.r
Eastjrn L«agu« Camss.
CMICAOO, Mar ll.—The National
Irnciti* »-'•""• rosultnl na fnllowa
yeaterday: M . •hl.iiß.. loral ft. t/outa
vlllf IS at t'm»liurn: l'"'il Ii Cincin
nati II; at I*hlladelt>hla: local 4. New
York I: at Ittwtonl I.«-.■»! 0. flaltlmore
J: nt New York: Hrooklyn '' Waah*
Initton 7; at «'li.v#lnn<l: IbMj 1, HI.
I/.ul» It
Dawey Is Well.
WABHINiIT"N. May II.—A letter
has |iri>n htWvi-iI '•' '■' fnmj A«11 tit il
li.M.y »li>lltiK that hi- Is 'Mi.i>iiiK
perfect health.
Tastad Nothing for Weeks
y m;i-u;ii. Ind.. Mtv ll.—Mm. B.
„i... at Miirl.ll/i. 4S si.. of nuo.
for IMrii' «n-k« main. I k>ek«4 In
li. t bedroom without food or water.
Th* 1 family mippoacd Kin' hurt gotta
mm)', aa aha frequently made vio
lin without irlvliiK them Himiini;
It Ml not unlit yetterday that her
door wan fnrctlily broken down, and
Hi.- f»inl'> found the woman reduced
almoat to ii tktl*tOß
Hlu- Mil Unit «h« wrnt to bed i lit' •
ui-rk.t fin". lurking llih ioor, And
when ah» awoke found lieraelf help-
Ifm to nrln> or mil for aaalatance.
Hlif nay a ah* did not auffer, though
sin- 4»4 tutted aolblqjr fur S3 days.
Three-piece Garden Set : ioc
Three-piece Garden Set ....;.......... ...i?c
Three-piece Garden Set... ...•■ 2?c
Three-piece Garden Set ■•.•• 4 oC
Household Hardware. 1219-1217 Second Aye
to pay .1 (air price, let ll' figure with you ■«
Third and Pike. star PAINT CO.
Moran Brothers Company
Oar Blent InrtiKlaa .i.M .nl «,»! ronatruetlsn *b4 eann all bmortml Ika
IwlarH MlMttiaad all nlher rtaMeaot »a*liln«rr tiolll and nf+irt>L „.'__.»
Ant nit tut "Vtorlblßgion" iubi|,lo< aawalaer/, <••• "Muabet aaa n»wr»«
• «i.i uU Iwllen •iii li»« lulled Maua n«i«tiK Iv L lii« Cum\+ny. :
Framed Pictures on Glass
From .'-> ConU Op.
OOO.OOa Fir»t Avaartuo. B!
• __£
© Howard, EUin. Waltham and Hampden Watches
4?7*^\ At l_ow Pnco«, *»t
7O* flr»<. Avonu», _«_
AUj tfiaV-T^V Th» mi»n a»tmil*e »t»«n el *m.m In th» I'-ly, li nlmo.l
/Wjßf ■Tl tl-r* I Inriru.allelli lh»w<l.r..l.»lU. ffi!«l4.l.f! <; ilt« »l«i..u
*if/>^7^ ■» JP«' 11. nil r.\ ni^iii. Ur.»tian. Tm Tint *w.
Buffalo Legal Tender Developing Company.
WHY «<rrlur>k lh« ff—•*■( o|.|-orttinlt» of »««r III. Two •' Ihtt* »iur>.lr<"l <Jw!!«n
Uf , »..|»fi) liii.nr.lii, ««•». |.K>wi>inc »lni»«»har»»»:il ■««• (Two a fortune. Voa
VV i...lti<'l My Ibal 11 taanoi I* 'lottr. or th»l you «r« not th* ii». * 7 uit»-. lur *r« «t
■ ■ Ii r i»i are km Ml' "••) ;..t. All m.i la tnwded U • little •"■•in »iv.
• mil* r,.minoo •*»•• «i»l • Irw <li.il*» In ■••!. la i l«r» •<— on ii.r r ■*■'■ 10 fortune. II
to«ar«ii»lar«l la mlki u~iii»iiu. i..'.i ■• 1b..«» »ho at* Inrky. a»d >ou •'■■ l.ran 1
In i r.»i«r « ( .r.4'[|>i l»r a Manual Uiur . nl) Ucal Tender «l ItiiU
■»■•«. li,lni«i«ill .... i. l»» ****»t mark !-'•■•■ many «.-.. 1! •U« .trlnlr
Bf»l ... >■-—>nn< ul and "111 Inaitre >*• I. . r»l«nn ler rowr »<»•»■ Th« Irml Trivler
l>i«Hiaf»la •».<! oa>ljr«em k-t dUlanl Iran tt» laraoua "M* ImSala Mm«." anrl oolr
•li rtat-< in ' on .....<■ •■!!• <"■» ilia "Ijifkjr '■.£• _!»*,*•>• ran 1 roll IB( Inb-ml, or
tl |»r .ni «l -»1.-t. .!•-* w.. rurally »M l«r MM > all •* ..ur i.«.«.« l«.«i»r
Horfcm Kant *>IMIH tot ro«i«. .b . » a rarry all ilanitart •■.• a* Kru.lt >.j 1.i.1i or
tl«m » nr-Ur. Ail •-' w'V* NICHbLS .CO
A Bonanza of Bonanzas.
Th' «rmt »tni»a »hli-h many of our >oc»l mlnlnjr ln<l-j*tr*—i *
h«vr mad* In popular favor (ii« past few w«k» are moit
t-ncouraclnc. Not .\.n Ihr wlMr»t Aluka exiilf-mvnl baa
«f"«-tfl lh» favor which haa «**r b«—n accorded ihn( n<m.
»m-h"-Ui<- fain.M» Htinart. ll* r»l«tlv*. the Loat Crrek—
now lUeiand 10 I— only a iVirn»• removed fn>ro atmolot*
•Uterbood—haa h»«n nnwla»ll|r foritlruc M the front, too.
Jim what UM ultimate mMom ;• n-ln«; to be, of atHM
«•• mnrv'l t.-ll; but If a macnliWtit fluaurr with prom
isitiK "or*-(hoota" count, than we may pipul a rival 10 th»
Hur.-ly aurh a alii •«-•!>:.-1 atork aa lh« Uoat Creek ><|
iit-vi-r before offered co cheaply? , i ..■
JOHN E. McMANUS & SON, 918 Second Avenue
= — , .
nnnnilPT CIPTO Keep your chilJren at home
CROQUET SETS I:■ turmshir^ them a.splen-
UnUUUL I OL I O J'J uut-J<«>r game; 4-hail.
X 7S c; 6KIII, ycx; 8-ball,
51.15; 8-ball sets, better finish, from $l. 50 to J83.50.
COON BROS., 1417 Second Ay*.
BHot Water Fitting
((■' Ml t. In New Houses
• t M *HJ—^ Iml tmlldlnft, ■» well •« |U fitting, >■ pot
m 44 1 Jj F ~*4 I •trony h"lni. an.l v* will chalkor* •n»uno
f" f f\ I i,.^ I >fc- ■■ I torciual our arla&tiftc anil p«r(»rt work in
Siflaj IK ti|^?|Tl77li9aM__L__ I triUllna. II you contemrlat* harlni your
t I ' 4] II n_ra4~«BKaV " h"i.«' tlthar ■ M or n.» fur.l U|> with
"Ti ■ %4all(l' I till W^aS S '■"< «al»r h'atinic or taa, ■Inn Ila. l. ■• 1
ll jUaßxillllli Illil ■__■_■ '"""M>'*l*'<"'l'"'' ":i'" :'° ""''''""'"
,rA ■'TWIi'I Kaaa^^aV Job. You »111 I", v.l It M aatlilactorr M our
*^<k ~«^__2SS*^ Cor. Third Ay*. and Spring St.
TUonw Baft 47..
Delivered Electrically (or MiniTaotarlng and Induitrlil Use*
Snoqualmie Rails Power Co.
Hi!'iM!;n titiioM ii oiun. inroi. si.ttie. Hunt in »i mi a.
\A/ LJ r~— C" I O Kept Cleaned, OiTeiTVnd
VVli r~ CL. I Cl> Properly Adjusted.
2;;v"zz^ $1 Per Month
Auditorium liicyclc Riding Academy
Third Ava. and Madison St.
She Shot at Ihe Burglars
v M.i.i v vinv Ky.. May ii.—
Km lain .iii' i..1 Hi- realdrnfe of
l*n*tmnirter <! If. l.\ ■"- I i'l nlsht,
ranaarknl hla pnrketa and utM-ur. .1
the keya to MM d'mr and |H)«lofflr<'.
wlil.h they rntcred ami bunt i'|nn
the |-.«i"i!i. .■ mi.ii' drawer. Tin
«.-iin. I I!.!.'• and failed In an at-
I. in I In open tho anfa. riuritlara ,ii
p.i tnl.t'.-.l the realdence of I»r.
\,'illn "11. but were driven away by
Mi'h Nnrthcott, who (lint twite at
the eelnir burglara.
Railroad Mileage.
i; ITH 111 Ok., Mny 10.— 8. N.
ll.U'kliiH, Territorial Auditor, tixlay
completed hln laliiilnllnn of rallro&d
llk'iir. «, ahowlng the mllenße nn.l val
uation of llnea In Oklahoma. It
,ilinw» th» total mil. :ii:>- I" rx> !>;n i;s
mll*», and the valuatlnn iii hi 11,33*,
--331.5:,. There art 6&6.13 miles of
nioJii tracks, » « s^-" i
\o. <;.">.
I An Unlucky Burglar. 1
. ' H \K1I: Tl'\, tod . May 11 Spot.
My Meyer*, now nurvhiß • term In tha
|»nltentlary fur having Ininrlar'*
tool* in hi» poaiwMlon. wa* i. lay
ronvlrted of robbing \v. H. Potter
two yearn us • He »an lilontllli-,1
by MM m on? of the Hire.' mask*
..] men who forcibly entered Mi ri>«l.
■It li" . beat linn aid hla wlf.- and
thrratrneil to h.itiK him If they i,.
--fuae<l to give up the money. Myers*
niHRk Bllpp*d on* while ha itnnM
with Totter.
JOVIAN, M... May 11.— ny th* ne
cldentiil ill!«cliiu(n- of a stick of tly
munltf. whfle in curing a «h>tt In
Che <*t -nttT t'r.tk inline yMtenlay,
Prank Slmmona, a younß miner, hail
an awful fate.
ITU eye» were blown out. his fae«
»n«l hand* w.i,. torn and hrulwtl
and hm iktlll «im O) ii ki I op«>n far
■ umiKh to let torn* of his brulnn out.
It this condition hi has llvnl for
more than eighteen hour*, but hit
«nU is hourly expected, _. .% w_.'
• ■ ■ ,•'■■-- - ..

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