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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, May 13, 1899, Image 3

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Physical Culture Class Went
Through the Drill Anyway.
LINCOLN. N. •. M«y 1J,.-ll.<rau«e
*me nauchty aplrlta t«*uml ilimtni;
1 i-1.-in noun, inn a drill of »>o
innntwra of tht> jomm ladl»«" phyai
«-al eultur* club of th* Krbrmka
►tat* unl\>-ri<iiy aa a "vpWndld calf
«R»l-Hr." th* faculty ami th» in ut\
hundred ntudtrtta .in- «ll In a *llr.
The »» rlrl« w*re In appear In »h«
v*ry Ut»»t bloomer *tyl*a. Th* drill
*aa tn tak* |«lac* at the armory and
M>» !•«.»!« i,., i btfli rncuKcd fi>r ,|,,
• xhl!>iti.-n, .in ih* fon>no»n imm*
ro*t«ra «i«fH-ar*>l on th* dead wall*
ft th* rtly, (.1 u-,-,1 ih«r* by aem* un
known l»r« .>n».
• Tho Inttmat* friend* of th* «1rl» ,
In th* brootrier data took In nhe alt
uattnn. and ; ilartnl commftttr* In
•II parts of, th* city to remuv* ur
"tillttrat* th* nbmixtuu* circular*.
Th. unlvcnalty faculty Joined In the
vßorta,' Th* .My » .> m an uprtmr
In * abort time. It la known that I
■» committee of two dacrn student*
rommttted the l ike. but ttirr.it* and
l-iMiuia.'* ii.iw thu* far availed n>Mh-
In* In uncavthinK th« irullty onra.
Th* drill « ii (dim through with.
h»w*V*r. With t-hcrre.
President .a Hard Smoker
• w.vwnx(mw- d. a, xi«y u
tl U -.ihl by friend* or th* ri-nl
: ilont that h* 1* bt'tvutiin* a* much I
bf an lnv*ter«t* #in..k.r a* (len«ml
f.rarn wma, and that hla prvacnt con
tUtlon la dv* t> ov«r-lndulirvnc* In
Inlunii. Aim,' every officer ahu
baa returned from Cuba, .11.
or th* rblllpFliwa ha* brtHirbt th*
]*r*sld*nt a ' box or two of rtictra
They liav* bc«n of th<- nmul tobar
oo prorurabl*. and hay* pmveU a
temptation that could nut be with
•toad. Th* ' }*rrsbl*nt itrra ala«
lost am kink «!>>-a him rrllcf frum
rwurnliria. from whkrh h» haa bren
•uffirtnc rercattr,
■. —
) New nulu filed In tl"" : tuperlor
Court ye*terd*y w»r»:
O«oTK* I tv isurr. executor. '
v*. John Iwun ant li.:>.« l>-,rin. a
Judgment and restitution. Jo*l P.
Iw-nham v«. Xrttl* A. lUnham. ill
\i-rif; Florvnr* lUm-rofl >a <"h«a
11. lUncnrft. Jlvrt-t, Maurle* I^-vr
\. K.r.t.) Vtrj. dtrcrr*; \V. a. Col-
Una n I. H. Urimth an.l wtfe, en
a ! r..iui««..rr notax . >
An Engine's Wild Plunge
CHATTANobtJA. TVnn^ May 11
—A tbrtitlnir aorl4»nt an>t tntneu
loua **cap* ■ from d**th, orrurrH
)'«atrntny nftrrn-xin en lookout!
mountain. A narrow (Ban en<in» I
fen over Tn* west brow of th* Mil
Inn an overtMDainc tr**tt* an4<
l.ml «l humlrr J» of f-*t b*)ow. Th
vriilin* . <rita> ttmiH't'ly 4»tn.>liah.-.! j
The *upertnl*ad*nt of Om 11.. D. i
M.^Derrtckeoa.* and tn« ' nrvman.
lumped to th* upp«r »M» '•' tn* "■•»• (■
ft>v«al faortlocs. to ua» • eommeal
•tplxMtnn. ha*» b««n rt)na|>i'U"«» j
by th»ir ■»»a»i»i* ■lunnit tb* wwk.
It la iuat b»tw««« lh» time »ti«-n thy
wlnter'a * socletr whirl I* avrr and
the (icvparwttixw tor the auromcr •«• '
}..urn» to the country and the like- i
•Id* bom«» ar* »>rtn« mad*. T)m «t- i
traciflnn of MnrMl KnMiMhal at th'
B«a.rtl* Ui*atrr «vlnri»tay call*4
oat many of th« »w*W«r I' >»'■■ ■•*
--iral araan tartlm sod U«i«. taw
lajt of th» a»aaxm. have been given I
(Bins tk* week.
»* * '
Vji Ma l|.-n!y haa RBtaHMMi
from her trip to th- li»«. Muai At
treda H»-.»ly. who baa been \l«|f nir
In i*)»i«»r.- for »»veral week*, baa
alo ratitrnfd Ut the (Mr.
• ■ •
Th» Neatka dub irar* a dancta*
tarty at th« Qn*en Ann* club bouaa '
Thursday •v»nm« Thl» irs» the taut
rorntal affair which will b* given by
the dan thu m»hi
m • •
Mrs. «. I*. W«st<«i and children,
Who have been rlnrtina- In California, j
ban- returned to B«a.Ula.
• • •
Jodc* and Mm M O. Wniv. bar*
r»«iirn.-l from f*allf"rnia. and aro
Hoppinc with Mrs. W. A. Il4rrlti«
• • .
Dr. and Mra. Janvea W*bsl»r re- |
turned on the Varralon last nlnht
ttvxa a abort trfp In I'yn.
. . .
Mm. Htlttto* haa been conrpelled to
yusayiin- her visit to Kurd* on »<■
count of Hm>
• • •
Tim death of Mr» T. 11. F.rr»iK,
ra*t a t/lonm over mlny durinic the f
j>a«t week.
• • •
Mr. D. I* WillUra*,. of i-ii.i*.
Imh arrived In the > Sly to re«kle h.r« !
a r«»r.
• • •
Mr M ■ " 1 Ward, ftf BverHt. la
vlal'.ln*; Mr. Krank Worthy, M Ds»\- I
i-n Hill.
• • •
Th* «nm«*ment of MIM It' •'<■ Dro
*ln, of Chlcatro. to Mr. Itudolph
Cr«»», of tbla city, la announced.
• • • .'.-■//
T>r. K. Weldon > ,i,r haa returned
from ."i».l<in".
t *» *
A • mr^rt | <M> be irlv»-n by the
membrra »f ] I choir of Trinity
«.m»t...| by i |S of the be*t local
talent of th* wi Th" date hi» not
jrtt titrn ««t. I
Mr. i;. ! M jr. Blnnerman and
family hnv*. ■, • ! from their
hfrmtt on WamrTiK'ni stri to the
Vendorne, on Flint avenue, wtiere
they will re«M« until their' new rc*l
d»nc« on Blxteenth nv«nue M finish
• • • r
The P. K. r». club held Iti rr-irii
lar meeting In lh« aam-mbly room of
ii,. public library Monday after
noon. 'Ths l>lti rature nt Pmnre
1/urln*. the Hsvcntfrnth 1'• ntury"
received the attention of tho mem
• ■ *
Itcv. W. ft. 0, Tempi? and wife
leave on Monday for a week'n trip
to Iloiton and othrr eaitern cttlea.
• • •
Th"- Ited fjfow #oclely held .i
rotftlnf In tin library Tui • Ijj fort
Bine niul '.. th* cnimnt. Th* «n I
xiiif u«a pulllim ... i. tlnil>»r In
hp ut..l in I'p.uriiiK a «.,tk irrntla.
Thr iiiiih.r w4n v*ry ii.--i>> and up
art the rim I in-, .Irniiviiiii it uvrr th*
, Croat C«» Trust.
sN'KW rouse, May 11-A new
f.l. l.n- li.'in .it- \n I In the I'll! Kit*
war h»re. \ tnp '■•■> «'iii 111,n00,.
("" imi>ilal Is tn be l.uiniii.-.l to makit
rln-.ll> Kirn II la mm In cnnthnil a
patvnt which will revolution*** <ii.
Kna bualnraa and itmui. n profit of J:«
r<>nta .* i »i.mi» md cubli 1 fwl, Th«
Journal im.-.ii.ik that 111. fi>rmatlnn
nf a tr.i- tru*t with t^tHW.nou I'll.il
« ill tak* |.. i >• In a few i|.i> • tn run,
Irol Hi.- «•.«. .-1.-.in. Ilk 111 and heat
of th* illy.
Oliver Lea, a Wealthy Ranch
man, on Trial.
HA NTH PB, N. M., May ll—Th*
urrit iHUh. of •■xritnucitt In Now
M< ■ o Juki now in the trial ••( >*v
•ml |>rumln«nt cltliena fnr th* mur
der of <■••!. I'i'tiiit-ilii <« i.i» Crun-ii,
In runry, !«»•, ollvvr l.t-r, a all
lur**<]U« and r> •■■■iitru- character, on*
of th. «rralthlv«R mm Ism, n In N*w
UrxlrA, who ha* apvrn ■■■ "*irht
rinchea between hrrn and th* M, »l
riii l-r-l.r. and lOV.Ouo tt—im ami hla
hrother-ln-law, a drvprrat* ih.>t.ir
tir, umr.l ■ .i.'.i «• --1 ar* Ih* prinri
|<al ,1, fi-n l.ml» Mi-.NVw. mi.'ihrr r*>
inttv*, wwa alan ImHctvd for th*
rrtm*. but h:« i»r w .i» n.-lli proa'd
laM ».-rk by 111* •Hall I. I attornvy
b*o»u»* Ik pvldenvo njc-tli<*l him
wtu not \i-ry atn>iiK an.l II •»« fi-«r- ,
«1 hi* acquittal would "■ ■'!■• » th* I
-•a.- acalnat th* teat .if th«tn. M-
■ldea «ltl«. I* it 'turr-ll In.- f•m.»u«
• riff of lon I'ru. •••. who ha* b**n |
wnrklnit up th* •-«■»-. ToM not think
it good pottry li» diarlna* «hn «vl
drnr* uf Ih* pr»a*rutl»n until th*
principal tlrfrimfila ar* on Inul
Surprised at His Escape
••Hl'. 11 NT. Idaho, May IJ.-Mr.
II .it I «rho >».<» alirtitly miur. i In
In- ««r.-. k on th*> Ur.»t N-rthrrn I
roll** went of town Ib* nth*r morn> j
Inc. la an nnjrlMiman about M ymra I
of air*. ll* Ka>l btra to th* Hn.nr
aho* mln* l,«i«ini for work, but In
fallliur In **"! *mpk>fm*nt, waa ..n
hi* wnay to tn* Co*«tr d'Al*n*m. ll*
waa rl'Jin* In a but mr Wliwi h*
Ttt »!»• » tott*Hnusne** after In* «><••
rUrnt ha> faumi blmwlf away from
th* oar «M cannot amount far hi*
ralmruiou* Mn|K from dmtti.
Received His Appointment
K11.1.r AI4I> Wash Miv 11— J.
rVba*f»ra ha* l«ii n«Miß*d of hl» ap
pnintnwnt lliulf rh* i IMI * r*n-«
rulra la ih* {•••ttl»n of a railway
mall ri«ra. Mr Srn**f*r« la a ni».
chin* operator In th* Orml Northern
■hop* b*r* when th« *hop* firat op-;
noon and tWifl delegate* to the
mmr r..n*»nlK>n wMch will lo- h«-M
in TWpdom th» talttr paj-I at thla
• • •
Th<-»- will ale vUtt N <r» IteoUa
'iurtne ih»lr »»i««nre. Mr Tvmpl*
*'»■» •• a aj»»arr to ih» annual rnia
■lonary fimf»iitln«. wblrh will b«
held In Hartford. Omit.
• m •
Mrs. C. M. MlMtf* an.l Mr*, ft. D.
Crockett havr b*«>n elecitnl dcincat**
4o the June ronventlnn from th*
n.rtnirSaly club.
• • •
Tim CLaaatc i"iiltur» club met Ihli
■fttrnoon In tb* inil.llr library. Of
flc«r* for Uie enaulDa" year wcr* to
Iwtc Itfn elected.
• • •
Mrs. R. D Keen* of ftpnkane, la In
thr city vtettin« her nxHaer, .Mrs. 11.
H. Yl'rlirbt, at rr«n«»nt
• • a
Dm the trrlval of Mr and Mra.
F*. K. Mnivr In t»nrtoti they war*
Joined by M!»» IHaooti PurUi.
• • «
The epeninar mr«-tliir of the Beat
tl- T^nnla Hub will probably take
ptar* about June I. '
• • •
Mm. V. V. lsrw\* entertained ■
party of ladle* at her home on
HlKtiteenth avenue Tueaday after
• • «
The Udlea of St. Mark'a rhuifh
Itave it inirr fur the ventlemen of
th" romtrerati'in VV^.ln- night
In the guild n»rm ot th* < hun ti.
a • •
Mr. M M AuKii«tlne la vlaltln« In
Oakland. CM. •
• • •
Mr. fW"n«"«'a '1. Ka*x4ium, editor of
the Hkmfflt tVtunty Ttmra, »*• In
the rity lurln« the week.
• • •
Mr. B. II lit^r left Thur»lay far
,i r»ln>rt trip In the Hnat.
• • •
Ml«< Nellie Youn«, »tm hi" been
vlrttlnß Ml«» Con Oark. h i" i"Him
cd to her home at Btanwood.
• • ■
Mr l«l<lnry Btewart and MIM Km
rm Wary with married In Ihlx i-liy
la»t nlKht and left tnr their future
home ,i Whe.to»m thUi mornln*.
• • •
Mr. and Mr». I D lUker, of Mil
wnukee. Win,, arrived In th» city
Tliurixlay tn ai>end the miintin r on
l'u-;"t exiund.
a • •
Ml** Vera Allen, a, prfimlnent *>•
rlrty belle of Chl«i«»>. »-»« ii. th«
rity tm Thursday on her ii IV »'• Han
Franrtwro. $\"here »h« will apend acv
eral montha viaktlng her broihir.
• • •
Mm A II Tovld, <if Tamma, iipent
Tuewlay with Mri. Thumaa It. Hh<-|i
iii. l [Ml city.
• • •
Minn Miry Brrttth, nf Th. -.inn, waa
vinHlnK fHenda In thin city Monday
and Tueaday.
• • •
KM Saturday th. him! exrur-
Bloti I" Hii>.'|ii.iliii!' Kalla will be *lv
en by the irtudrnu ot the unlvimity.
9 • •
The Kntr.- Nous abaft *»>■• a dance
taut illicit.
• • •
The Ninptepntii Century Literary
dub held a mteting Tliuniday after-
Second Suction With $75,.
000,000 Capital.
N'MW YOUK. Mi Il—Tho second
»• tiiim of iho en- ti <<<i|i|wr irunt will
in.i L.ii.lv Iw formed within » furl
nlsht. Th* .-.Hillul will Iw nil.Mil JT.i.
■M,(M ami ih- >i.Kk l* <li'»lk'< in
l» i-*<-tiiiiiiii'<i for th» mlmiriiy »in«-k
of iik- Aii.n .•ml.i. liirmtt, Wnnliiia
mil «"<•!.irmi • • *>iii|>.iiiU •. 'h- i "It
lii'llliik liili i. xl In which wan Ink. ij
over In Hi- mil— null i <*"i !■• r
iiMiiiMiiv. f.ii i i.'l l«»l .<• i X mi I iln
anrrd fnr the Um-kufelliT* by Hi.'
National Cur bank,
li m umtai-i that iii minority
■ I.', It will Iw .i!iN.rt> 1 on Iho tm>l*
of tl tor butt) AniM-'Wi.tii mm I l'.«r
--: r.il. at which r.n- th* majority nlork
wan t.iln-ii !■>■ itu< underwriting »>n
Thn third arc! lon of Hi.- ii ii WO6
--'006,000 tru*l la a 11... iil-iiim-l. nnd It I*
*■• 1.1 will embrar* Hi.- 11.■»(••» anil
Montana, the Hull.- and llutlun and
Hi" Tamarao itilnf»
A Cargo of Snakes
tfKVT cmUBANS, I*., May ll—
Thn arrival l» inmiunml at iit— Mi>'.
• ii>«ii'i>i river quarantine station, JuM
U-I.iw In 1.-, «f tho I'•■iitinu•••«• tmrk
.Miami.... fmm Hrasll. with v mren
of amtk* •* fnrtn Ih* Atn.iw>n, There
... 100 i in-din "f them.
Clgarett* Fiend Ound.
CUaiIieHLAXIX Md.. May IJ.—
Win. Waahinxtun, ii <lii-.t in r, In
crvat ajrony from the •fr,< n nf
Tinting rlxitr<-t<r«. "'■ lmtl|,r
»<»>• I hit: the buy mink..l at leant
U> a tiny.
- ■
Now British Columbia Muni
cipality Is Growing.
Columbia; m. Cm Mai a ra
lieutenant K>i«<rm>r'> pniclamatlnn
rpormttaa ihr city of Columbia
takea effect from th* fourth mat, '
Th* r.«un«ll la to ronalat of ■ may*
or nnl alt ol l> tmrn. The nniiiii i
ili.ii« in to (•. place at I-.uirt.-r
•mil. I'.'lumbit on Thursday. May
I*, and the H--«"«i"i! a w.-.k lalw. Ttia
jr.k A11..n gati out ">•■ quallflc*>
tlnn tit mayor mi-1 aldrrtnen and
<-l«« e.>m. ant] numrl J«»«ph K. Hun-
Inp ■• rt-iurulnic iifn->rr. Th* Orel
nwtliiic of th* newlr alrciMl rounctl
I* to ■- h.1.l Haturday. May IT.
• "harlra Hay, who ir|.r«MM Co
lumbia At tori* In lh» Innirpnr.
aitoti |.r...^l:n«», r»<*elr*it a moat
<*n!huala>ll<- •-f.!|i>ti on ht« rrturn
h.nni-, fit* crl,l.l»l|i.ll ln« Hi.luiif *
tnrrhlliht procmalnn ami a i>uMl.
m»*tinir of Ih* •■-llama
A ItaptUl rhurrh i» la I* built In
(Mi <-ll> un.|'-r th* <tlr«t«Uin of lh«
H-\ li^ii-t. \\", Trutur. Th* alt*
has iii-all> br«n ih<rldn) on. »l-
Ihouirh aMH •Irlalla r-tnuln to hi
IMM In Rika' ball. In ih» I'-tein
Mock, I>r. l!« h-Mf, of the i-iu
univ. rally, mad*, a abort » ! !r> m „n
• • •
.Mi«n Mau-t* 1. Wll.on. of Helena.
Mont . formerly of ih!« ■ My. !» v.»-
MM Mm. Itrubrn W. J.m«
• • •
Ttif M-ntnr rlin of |h» unlvrtlljr
will irtv* it (rotor hop Thill-* la/ rv
, <>rMna. Jud« I. at lunkr ball.
• • •
L*« ni*ht Mr t::i IVrbJna rave a
Ivrtiirr Id the assembly hall of th*
tort a<«v«>l for th* brn«nt of th*
bleb *Hm»l |*i«-r "Whim*"
. . .
,\» th* romßKOft day* t r thr
gradual*-* of Ih. unlv<r«lty ami the
Mirtl «i'li!«-l n|>i<n>*r'|| th* i,i. mint«
•if th* limn > ire l>'i«tn<-«« prepar-
Ins r>r the Import** I event.
Ju-lr- John I 1 I tort «a« la the city
*i 't •i • •
A very pretty wcddlnat win •4
--ofnnli'-I \Wln.wlay evening .it lit*
reatdenr* of !!»•■ ofTktotlrur clerity
nun, Itev. 1.- J, H.i-*\-r Th* run
trai'tlnit partlea were FVard I! i> Hut
-lerw«>rth. of lint 'My. and Mt«a
Maud HnrU. of On M rlv*r Th. y
wertj attended by Charlwi N. llutdr
worth an.l MIM Maud Hubbart. Th*
j bride » i« drtawd In a dainty ».-■•« n
•>f Mmwrltne de «•>!» -.or lamlta*
down with iiji'ii'i"" cnimn trim
nwnjri". The brtdeatrmld «v drr*i><-d
In n «*■»« n of vitni.- orirandl*.
T>> Hi- mr.iln« of a i'lln« march
the hri'lnl forty tnuk thtir plare In
,i liowrr of flowera under a larK<*
wedding hell nf white nwi mi! car
nation*. Th» rlnjt ceremony waa per
formed by He*. Hawvrr. after wtilrh
the ymiiiK ooupl# wrre the r*rl|>lenta
of the beat w\mb>-* of all prment. Af
ter the . . I lit..- min»r the yoanr
l.<i»l'lf !'K,k IhHr il» i -irfuri- for the
new h"iiif amid » vhnmrer ■' rlra.
The itr--.ru l« the a»n of I*. It. nut
tTwirOt and I" DM "' the 1.-.i'l:nit
ynunc bunlmfni men ■•! th« city. The
l.rM'- 111 the •! iiiitlrt'-r •' Mr. and
Mm I. I. '• (tt. of rin-en rlvi-r. dn.|
wan one of I In- aortety ladle* of th.it
awtlon of Him country. Among the
many Kin-»f« i<renrnl were the fi>l
lon Inn Mr. and Mm. I. 1,, H ■ ,-t,
Mr. ill Mr- i: It. Hutterwnrth.
lli'v. an<l Ml* I. .1 (lawyer.* Mr«.
iim- A. Ilultiiart, \v C. Wllber,
Mr* W. (',. Wilier. Jamei '.hi-.
Hi .1-iiM- Mill", Ma .Irr.i'.<- Hub
i.hi. Mm. J. i: ii.ii.i. nt, Hi and
Mi- A. Da IluWmrt. Sin, 1 r Hub
Imrt. I*. I. Vii Mini Mary B. Wll
ber. Stiawa Ili'ltlc. fiihth Wliinl.
and Harriet 'in •>> irt, Atbrrt B,
».-.itl. Mr. mid Mm. O. M Unit, r
worth, Mr. and Mi- Clem Ulikn.'v,
Mr. and Mm. Mllt-a FHavkMir, Klmnn
II Hilton. Ml» Mm. Iliitterwtirth,
Nathan Awlcrarm. J. <• Kin C.
W. f»r«»ham, John H. Hull, Wllllnm
J. K.lhim. Herbert Mull, I, P.
Knliclii MUM 1.111. Un K"nll.l, HIM
May Kill in,. II I-" <-.iii|.ioi,. Mr. and
Mi« 11, W. l!<twi>ii, Ktai Aim • K.
lt»>wc. I'r ami Mm J. I ii hlon,
Mim Minnie H. C«»ok«mn, Mm Myra
l>.lK'. Mi-" M. J. H.iwy.-r. ij.ik.
(' Sc-nri. C. N. Iliitii'i-iv«>rtli. Man
t,-iK Harry .ml Ban Ilutteriw>rlh,
Alnnio Hull, II C. KwltiK, Mr*. 1..
M. Woods. ■ '
tin: siaiii.i; staii.
Never Iwiforo li.m ttu-rn bi>en • .
Mill. Hit. i. -.1 «vllived In athletic
niMii-i« In Hi.iiili- a* at Hi- i'l'i'ci 111
time. Thl» ni-tt.in |,i..mi.,, k tit tie an
■ .II I flit "til In many w*y*. The
V, M. «?. A. Athletic f.iiU haa bitO
put In t'Xcrllent . -.ii'im.-n. and ac>
live 11 . mi I* Kitriit nil il.tlly. Ni'W
.i«|.li nun f.-i field hniiorß m.- In
irranlntf In nlinil'. , . ami It U expert*
.•■» that .in- tcotxl 111. hi will, lii
lii.iirhi out Ihla year.
• • • -.
H..»i • 11 prufeaalanal blryrle H.I. m
havo nmi..nil.'.'l their tnlinil.in of
innkliiK their liead<tuarli<m In m- • •
'•!!!.■ ih,« lummer. Among the
iiiim'i.-i- titay 1..- in. nil..h. i tit.. Hall
liruthera of i 'nmiii, liuilm- itf Itua
ton, and <7hai>man, the nouthrrn
■ tmmplnn. The latter I* trying to
k<\ up a it.it. It i .i. .- ill. i'..it.-r, of
• • •
Tim 'Drat im •! of the oeaann will
to h.-l I on M,k :», at th« Y. M. C. A. ,
l>«rk, wh«n th* tlltrh »• n • .1 and fni
venuty t. ttim will match f.ir honora.
J*alm<T, Morford nmi \ „,. t,.,»,.
b«^n Imrreit from thla event.
roiiowinir tbia win 1..- th* r m.
>' A. 1111..11 n|. meet, often i.i mem
ber* only. The date* have nut l» > n
ulitcuin . I.
. . .
i On May SO there mil 1,,. „ bicycle
and nitili ti.- meet 'at lha park.
2ii.ni., ,> ,4 th* t». a. c. tr. a. c..
T. M. C. A., Tf -.mi niii'i-11.- club
.111.1 'r.n oinii V. M «.'. A, ill 111. M-- Hub
wtil ...ii.p. !.• for I'm;. I •..nut 1 ti.tm
pbmthlp. I'altner. of toe I!, A. i" . ;
will attontpt I I break the PacWc
• Mit»l r.« tti.l fur l-.i. —Mil lll|
• • •
"o June I will mv-ur the V. M. (".
IA. hantlrap mml, Which I* open i"
1- :,'i \V,i.«?iiiiKi..u and OVMMi aid
• • •
Arranxetnent* are tx-lnat made for
a dual meet between the M. A. '■
am) th* T. M. r. A., la >k" i<l.n-e
either >.n June I" or I."
• • •
Probably the (rroateni errnl of the
•ran :„ arlll l«- the l>:<>. Ik meet which j
<ak'« plac« os June It, The O. A.
11. an I iHllan t'ndeavur runvtn*
llun« wiil be In aeaaton then, and It
la np>'ii-.l that Hi.-rp will ba Hi .in
Spokane Po»tofftce Eniployes
Aro Happy.
HI'OKANn. Waah,. Mar U -Th»
nnl*r,r« of M¥Fn of thi> rl>i;.|"Vr« sf
Ihi' Hl-.h.n. poMaOtW a, to b» In
rmtmrtl 1140 ».i<h i» r annum.
THe Itrmu* la dv* In th» -lafk
«l»i«* ir.i.iii nf liu!t>nr >a .|.>nt> by Ihi
{•wtnßlt-ot. Th* Inrunnatkin that
th* •<tvanr» «m to b* mad* ram* to
rVnMtnitatvr Trmtdc from <(><• dvpart*
J mi-iii at %V*yhlna*ti>i>. lit li-
J <"m»* will t4k* ' ft< it on Juty I. Ttu>
lurk/ onra ar* J, f, IjaajlliHll. a««!»l
--janl i-.«!in<i«i. r. John II Kuii'ii
w«>tdpr, ntonry or4*r clerk: F. '/..
Alrxandrr, mmuf «*•!• r ckrk: ll,u-
Irr I: Ilrown, aatrtant r»ctatnr
Nsrkl Iftlward MrO»y, dlatfihutor;
VA. llrurkatay, ■: n;.i r. and J»hn
W. flyh-r. ki v.' rjl delivery clerk.
Many Important Cases.
■ I.rAX. May IS,—(teputy Dh*r-
Ufa Carter and Plewart arc trvrn
me th* county aumtnonlnc Juror*
and wltn*e*«** for i* -- trrrn of court
brarlnnlnx May SI. Thrr* will b* a
number of Itmwrtant man at thla
t.-im of court, am«ii( them the 1:>
--dt>r nip« •-■»•-. rh* t.'ani|ibrll murder
..in- >n«l th« li.irt«-'t aniault <■■«»*.
■i--.| avvcrel <iiii-m of /nlnur Import
liirhrirl Tlarr*tt. who la chanted
wMh «~-iult with a dradly «ni|»ii
on I". S. Cook, an <> U * N. brnk<
man, waa brfor* Judg* Mrl>onal<l. of
th« mi;~-r!.ir court, mil the til.il of
hi a ..!«•- a«t ft May 2T.
Th* Alaaka Miner. pu1,11«h..l at
at Jim. in. contained th* followlnit
Itrm r-fc-itillnß th* l.iur > 1 ■
11. Mil >. formerly rtmk for till"
Amrrlcan Oold Mmlnic company at
Sh«"<*p Crc*k. hi a paaarnitrr on Hi.-
I .'1111,111.1. and In- aaya th<- ]>a«*Fn*<>r*
«■• I" m> !■!■ ;i-i- I at th* IfHiii-lit
tli-y it" t with, that th* following
doeumrnt waa »t«rn*d, which hi- d*
•lr*d u» la tntl.||ih
"W* th* umlcml<rn*d »*pond-cla«a
!■ t»" ■-tiit-i « on •in l»mr flu In her
i >•■ ■mi trip from Hi'ittlr i.i Mksiim jr.
wl*h tn x [.i. *« our appreciation of
th* •iv aji-ntlcmanly inintirr In
which Ih* i.'ii. i-r« and rrrw have
tri-atetl ii- on th* trip. The at*rplnß
arrommmlallona ar* the b*»t to be
found on any boat runnlnit In Hk.lH
way. and th* fo'nl pnivldi-d I* has
!>.•■■ n Wliuimimi ami plenty .■' 11.
■ \v.- h»v* .mi I Captain Whit* In
in- a tuy riiti.itii" and in rul man.
in I a Ki-iiil.-nuin. nnd h* M> a c»m
--,_ imt - i «>f titllrira.
'•Simt lhi> ali"»i li iiit.r.lv un
n.,lii Hi-.I on Ihflr I 'I' Hi 1 w* K'Ullil
rherrfully rr^nmmt'iid tliti bnat to
any „< our brother minim lu.ik■
Hi. trip:
"K. 11. i ■..i VA Olvi'n. CD
llniH-n*, A. IC. Knum, P. I". I.und*,
Hrvp%'ln Johnaon, Imnlpl Klanrr, (1.
Criddork) T. Thompson. ('hn«. Xlp-
Ihintifll. It. I* IVrk, Jmnm l.lttl*. If,
l.nnupnlmi'hor, U. K. HoK^ra. Al!>rrt
Mcl^irln. «'. Wfhnrr. I 1 MrKrnnnn,
Jo* Hhi>rtl>rliUi». P. .1 MrNslly. W.
Pr Mnnnry. A. '.-. Btr»wlnrir, i hm. -
„ llarprr, 11. 11*111 <». W. ■<
Roswell P. Flower Dead
NIIVV TOIIKi May 13.— li.iKU II IV
Plnwer, fnrmor Rnvi-rnor «f the ntntr.
dlol vry un<>xp< ■!• iiv lam nl«ht
aitmit lO^SO «'cliKk nt tin KanliMirt
«*<iuntry rlub, nt Kcn»t|>nrl, l>, 1.
I>urlnit thn day hf nunVrecl from nn
hii.m k of acutf indlßcitlnn, in I latrr
pxjM>rlcm-«l th* aytrvptonwi of heart
fiilliirr nnd urrw warm, (Inall ex
piring. Mr. Flnwrr ■»« -i ■ 'iff. i■ r
frutn acnxtrltla for n lonK time.
Th« Rime Clipper Sl|fntfl«s:
Unfit, f«ny running. llobl.Jpb. II |.i
■irnnx »nil iiurable. I<uok it nv*r it
1022 2nd uvi-. L.i inning, «t.
."-■'■, i ,- ', -
«n>la .t>f ficople In the rlly, Hume
I 1,1. I. Ilia >.-!•- | 1.1. in. Who Nil Vi- In iII
ll.llllK In I!"- rli.llil Una In Hi'
■<*ii :. ■ tu■ intr I i•- winter, will bo h*r«.
'I'hi r.- will hlbh in- inivli i- and i.n.r.-i
--vlonal i.ii ft
• ■ •
ii.'vn.il I.«nl 111. 11. In ■ .Illl'.J.hV ,
with th« .loiiiilx « !i" art> i-x-
I--.-I. .1 h. 11-, Will .in. 11l Hi.- Qui-fll'a
nun. im-i-t at Vain hum i "ii May
. . .
Th- Illilli M'hfMil in.v* arr raining
iirl In .iiiiii-ii.iiii.iii of a in.-.I at T. -
ranm wild 111. .I'lli (• » ut th» Ta
• .mi.i high i* hi".! H.>rii> n*w lalmt
la i.'-iiik .l.vi h i"-1 wliii h la >li.ih|iik
»i' In r."'-\ •tylf.
• •
mi» tt. A. C, will h» reprmtnti-d
thl* '• ■•'■■ll !■>• v'.iini: I'arrlnh, th*
ctiliirmi athlHe who won Hi' rrroril
for Hi.- 100 yartt il.tfli fr*im IMJI*
I.i I. ■•■.!!. Hi- |.»i yard rhamplon of
f.m.i! i on i-iiii»»|i.»••>•. r.nri«!i ha* |
a iii.- 'in ti ti-r >-f a mil. r i-1 nf I
■ nJ». Muldaon I"
'<i H A •' itmn \\hi> hu» «
. ;•■'•
ManaatT inirLilr hn« aim ,vi i I
that the aeml-profeaalonal baceball
«. inn will it;-.-ti i..-lay and tontor
i..« at T.f.'iM.i. when th* Italnlera
i.f »». il:l.- wilt . i Ml I.at with the
TjwiMna (Iraya.
The Illirh «. •,».l t>uya will hold
a preliminary m.-ii at Athletic park
in «i Wcdnmday aflrrnoon. tho win
ner* »f *. M. h will be entered tn the
in't-r-at-h.ti j»h-- ti. 11 and track irame*
to Ik- held .ii May IT. at Athletic
The «i"trtlnit fraternHr o< thla
iii> and •urruuntMna' country were
treated wltb a (ra*i lam Wodnea
■tny hiklil ,<• the Cuban club In tt'ni
Wa-iiiiia-. when "fit- of the greatest
rocking malna ever ||. 1.1 In the north
w«at tank plac*. Caualderabta money
dianced hand*. Wm. 11..1..ml a well
known 1-ir.l fancier of tbia rtty, lo«t
heavily, ttealtle ill reprenented by
btrda from hill coop. Tbe opponent
Mrrla were .mn.-l by Anthony
flreon*. of •'allfortiia. who won about
13000 aVillara. ThKNarramrnt.iblt.lii
» >n el«tlt "ii Of twelve nartiln
Batsman Struck Over Heart
by the Ball.
NT3WJHUC. N. J. May 11-J«m»a
Caranauch waa kill.-1 by a pltrh<-d
ball •lutiri* a «imt tM'tnk ■•• i. ihp
\V.tjih!f.i;i..n At hit U.- lub f Mt. Clalr
an4 (>•.■ Kmorald AlhUtli* club tram
•rf N«-irarlt. ytmrrday, at Ml <"l.iir.
The ball «v Jf!lirri-I by I. n-.mk-
Iht T]t.< her, i Itt hi-r of th* I Jn»-i »M
. team. <Tav4t-..itiK*>. who «•• at in
l«i. had atrurk at th« ball twice,
ami th* n Tltw h«r a>t>nt ■ »*ifi In
ahoot. CavanauKh rui It at th* ball
» "!i all hla miifh;. The bill caught
IMm fairly ..vi-t th« hrart. lie drop*
l-i hi* hat ami began In rub th*
"Hit *hf r<- the ball had •truck him.
Then h«> al*rt«d to run for fir*' bsaw.
Whrn within trn frrt of in.- baa*
h* alairtcraxl and f«*;l Hi- waa car
rlnl tv .> bi-m-d uncunjirlnua and ill«d
.(I two minuiri.
Uc»nawa to »»1 «••«• laaun! >'•
i.-l«>- to (Vrm4lua H. Orul, M, of j
Nnrman. and t<arM-n* Itrtkhua, 11. |
of ltinii>-.ii».!i». Minn.; Krnt-sl It
Kumii n. 2*. of Hfiid.-. and Anna 1.
I M«itl»<n. It, or Tacoma.
Two Girl Heroes.
KIUNKU.V, fa,. May U.-Th*
r»«t<lonc» of Wlllalm llowaer, an old
f.irtii. r. liiirn^l here today. How
a*r airi hla two «mii,l lAiicht.ni, It
and 10 ynir». w*r* upatalra and their
rwapa « m cut off. Th* two Ktrla
finally *<■• .■.-•..!.-.1 in luwerlna 1 then*
i-tiin lf.iituT from a window In a
»h«rt and < hey were afterward r*a
i ■!.-.! with difficulty.
Michigan Wheat Suffer*
I.\NKI \.) MMi H (May n —Mlrhl.
Can » h«it «u(T. r»-,l a Inan of trn i- r
crnt. tlutine April from «hr warm
wnather ami lark i> fraln. The con
dition of th* rr.»ri In th* atate la but
« r*r ■ . nt of that t.f «vrn«r y«mr».
Fully II i" r cent, of th* crop will Ih
ii|..ui-l under. MiM.|.»« and paa
tun-» ar* In fairly i">«»l cnralKlnn
and clover l» *«f»lli>nt.
A|if>lea liivr li«-«i iH-arri-l)- Injun
til all, and a fair rrop la pmmtcixl.
MM* I—.ir». piuma rhrrrtva ami
• iri»lMrri<d will )rtaM »■•!! Illack
brrrlca and r.i>pl» rrl. » will, hnw
• mi. be an eitrpmcly ahort crop.
'Causa He Cannot Go to
A lit IN-" mini, trrlHlad nn<l nhronk
•ll In form, (at In 111.. I .1.1.v
of «h<! Arlington, 111 Wnnhlrißlan,
I' C, a t- « nlKhln UK' "lid hi*
h>';i'l lnmr.l. 111* "hlu nutlliK In Hit
palm of iii« liiiml, while hi* ryr*
k.ixi I ill n Hi'oi mii Hi.- floor. Fur
wvi-nil mlnutvn in' Ml In thin po«|.
lt'>n M a form mnlilnl In lironie,
Crnnils <>f politician* nn 1 olTlre
li..i i i. - .1.11 in. .1 Ihroui I) Hi.- lubliy,
in- hum of rnnvprnallon und Un
rlnmlitnf t■• 1 •«.<•■> HnoiM Mil d tin- .il
mi»t>tirrr, whlli* Hi. soft (itriiln* nf
» np«ro in. l.ilv 111. li wa« bdnß
ploycj by m (irrhcutra hl'l'l-n li..
hind h bulwnrk nf pnlmti In tin- dln
lni{ roatn wrro w«ft»d llirnuKh the
rorrlilni'n nml into tlu> lobby.
No DIM f-i-incil to mitlrn thl« Mill.
iniiii nil hr mil 111 I- Mil 111 Ml,.| 111..1,.
A . -.1 r. •;.- 11.1- 11l ilrlflpil Into the ho.
ti-l, inannpu thi> far?* of tho nrowd,
nnii rtrr>mil*ln« Qm "11l 111 of Ml.
i hi. ahrunkan nmn ippi , h.-.i
Upptd II nn the «hoiilili-r, nil Mnjor
• lonrral Jo*i>ph VS'li... l»r, f null.,ii I]
know n n« "nehtlftg Joe," i ii•- (trlm
vljwpf'l hero of two wan, loofci .i up
.mil . XI ml.-.1 III* hand.
lint there wan •onipthlnic Inrklnx
In Hi. haii.lKli.'iki'. II wna n«t Hi.
win in, affcctlohntr, Kl"<l-to-iio«-yoii
; ■rip which the fifhter usually put!
; mit to . ... one, Thu 'I warmth
"•I iii-..! «■ I. i ..ii.- mi.l In thi-lr
I>t.-• •.. i)iiii. wan Hull wtilrh iniclil
!•■• dMrrlbad »■ 'i imi my
Hut Ihl* wan not all lh« CorrwpOßa
'I' noted a« mlanlnCi Thrrx via*
; 11..1 that 1.1.1t mi .-ii.il.- and happy
I .HI. I . 1..1 II- i- wTiirh ..If iiri'.l to §M
when Immiii'lii face to faio with
Oen. Whi«-liT. In their plß<'»> then
wn* a. luiik of .i. j< • nmi. of dlaat*
polni tin hi. ft wirruw—the look that
onn ttiti-hi ri|iui on tho fare of an
otil liiiiy Iriln I f-tilt. -•:, Who, In hi!)
lii.-im hi h„f in. ];ilii Imm „ f It that It"
had In. .1 in vain. 111 ."! • . aiwayß
••in- iky mi,l ini|..ir.. i, v. ,» alniunt
limiullble, Illit in Hi-uliiti.-ii, often
tlmea marreil i.. ■ am-.- ol the rapidity
.r iii» »|.i-i-<h, «.m now alow and dla
llflrt, yet ferule.
Them «.■« palhna In hla volr* and
aorrow In lil« heart. It waa ii.ul>
apparent that "a heap of II .ill.
waa mi .]■ "Ii rnnn'a mind." ll* ii.nl.-1
On- ...ii. ■■!. .ii'l.nt bo anated.
'< "Ar» you truing I- Hi- I'hlllp
plnea, Meneral" the cormapondent In- j
"No, I'm afraid not." bo All 'I
vlnwly. Mi llli. rutt-Ur and fc/ 1""1
painfully. M m
"ltut you niiiii'ii «r
■■<i>»i-liii»<. »-r . J.iS yea," and ll'
turned and \wimi flla <iuentloner
••luarely In the Cfe. "Hut." he i "ii
I l'_-g| "' .1 .1, l.». 11. V- I Will iv'r
I- n iii Hi. I. '
I It wait In .in*.- In- had 1.. . n told -
• uli-r in Hi.- day that he could tia> |
1..- •■ni to the lii-MiiiiK 1,1.. that in,! • |
Hi.- vrm ratiln nH man »vl It m
b.. .mil- he routd nut be In t)i- thick
e»t of the fljchl that I ill ►•.!: In
Ml li- nit. It »« bm-aust* tie •<•■-
HevriJ th* war department ' Ink"
!•-»•! mcccMfiilly pl.-tlim- I tv nI, k.i'i-
Mm tn Ih" niir. Mlf i > them l« no
flVhtlnir to do and ; I* nty of i .It > -
to rout. 111.*! |>i'wlu<f-1 thin ir>..|.iiin.r
--' |iliimh> In the uli^fii r.wi. li> waa
■orrowful, p.i'i .1. i-iii.l. downcait,
(l*'t-ri,#»- -1 bermfne In- i ..nil not fir lit
«int' i;n<t.- liatlle |,<f.in- I'utlii r Tlnn
lull* hi* Hit il hour.
At lht« Juik >urt' a •»■•! fact 111
-11- VKtrnntt In bUrk cam* t<» Ml «n
--limi i- of i»i i - l'M>ti>. »< .him I the nn
niiriMi" rim and ttuirli-l nn-r to
wher» «!•«!. Wheeler and th* corre-
I «pon.|i>ii Ml ft«-Jllf»d. Hh«- li.ili.-I
In fn.nl of th* irrnrral, «tn «|| mill
MM with hi* twit t-iil forward,
Ml in a •■■'! < hill Ilk' v.ii>«-, ad
ilrmnl Ine little roan, saying:
"Father. It la train time."
i Th* K<*neral looked Up, »mili-l at
the Iltlle woman, ana*. shook handa
with th* rorfmjKinitMit. and bowing
hlmaelf a* ay. mill
"Yr*. •l»u«hl<-r. lfii romlnc,** '
And I In- two «lrp«qted. LMI ■ h*
will b» placed I™ command of
Ih* department of Texa*. Hut h#
-will In- bark In c<» «ri-«» next l»a-<<-m
--l»r unlrn there I*- flrhUnc to do.
Will Leave Tuesday.
HAM \Si'll*>\> May U—Word
, h»» kin Kinvnl h>-rr that Admire)
' Wateon will Mil from her* for Man-
I ila Tueaday. Captain A. >*. llarktr
I ha* l»«-n placed in command of the
i Aahttl* «'iun<lmn «fti-r 1 »■•«•■■ y"a •!•—
I parlur* and until Walton arrive*.
f You Want to .Make .Money
' And Hi- end of your deatr* In this
\ direction can b« in -< •■m[.ll»h.-l. !• i
! n.'t , it nil of »"Ur money lnt« on*
] |>ni|—ulll^n. a* a miller of ("titty, j
for thl« minni-r iff •>!•.-> nl.nK n I* n.it
' builmoa; but If you have l*«. lit. or
j $30 to »!■»!<■, and ran afford « little
' ; plunir«- there l» nothing mor* Mke
1/ to brine you r«' 1 money than In
| vrftniMil In mining alorka.
\\" ar* offering promoter* utock
' in th* Kant flan I'oll (luld Mining
' company, on *übarrlptlon plan, at *.
' of irrnl per ahare. It l» a fr< "X 01
, proposition, on* mile from it' pub
Hi- mint-, and you can't afford to paaa
it by. IT M will now tray 1(X» enarea.
Aft. i next Tueaday", 1000 ihim will
.•■!•! 110.
SLATER 4 SMITH. Official Broker*
■ 111 linm Mrrrt, Hrtilte.
BARK hunter
Golofnin Bay
About May 0801
For frrlirti! ml |.uun ICF'T on •«•'•' I
.' »lni» Mat I-Mi or F lv (ominti, j
Acenl, •* «••!•• spoilt nulMla*.
. THE......
' -i uon. Ilk* m 1329 tali ATfi&t ;
Wrr*. J. DEAN & CO.
i ■■■■-■■■■ -- — ■ -
all Work uttanuiMtA.
• Paintiny, Papcrliansjnsu Kalsoraininj
i liiur* i Mi . m».i.. i.. OHir. l<uck«
unlili l(>-|*liin« i.l All k!iil< i
Rr.i.irnce.v«iJ«th.Te. 406 Pike Street I
1,000 I
In Good Condition
: Will
Be i
Foot of Yesler Avc. i
Ycslcr Dock. _^ j
l.'l Waahlnitnn si . Imv.i 111. only
■ Linotype Job Printina Machine
111 the Nnrlhttflnt. rntninßtica, I'mnnh*
lt<U.rtr., ,it tpaclalli lan pi i.. . hi\i
monk i.y glvlUK ilii-ni mi oi>portunllr
In IlKuro.
Pacific Cant Steamship Company
fepijj^ For San FrunclMco
i*h. (v»ri,p.in> •'■-
Wi**^Ai <juwn. ■■• .ii... Walla,
*^^%3{^ll iiiil Utnallllii Im»v«
l'.irt Twmtn'l «ivl VlHorid. May 4.
I, 14, 1», 2«, », Jun« ». ». 11. »*. M. M<
July 3, and wvrry flfth day Ui«r»
alter. l^ave
Son Francisco
It («<iiflle 10 n. m.. vi* VlntorU *nd
I'nrl T<ntniu>nil. May 1. C, 11. K. 21,
20, n. Jun» f., 1», 15. **>. 25. W, July
:., anil evmy fifth i!ay »twrc-»fter."
l.i-.-ivi- s-M-.iiil.-. 9 a. m.—
'•■Hi ,i-.- »»iy. May S». inn.- 14, til
Crty «f Tm^ka, May 15. Jurw» ». 21;
Orl»o3»«. JlJiy 10, 25. I"'" '»■ AI-KI.
M»y B, 2». .In 4, owl ev«-y Bf(h
•lay tln-r«an«r.
Th» txmiirany r*»«r\-«rii th« rt«M to
chsns*, .without t>r«vl«u» notice.
rtfnmin Hilllnir d«tm ami hour* of
Viir tarttwT information i*l>taln
j. v. nwnvr.rtTixJß.
I'UKrt IM. «•*»*<•. •«•*•» I*. Hmtttl*.
IV |.»wn «lek«^ frfJl'-n. «1* K!r« «v.,
!'■■:.• i !■•; Oixidall. IVrkln» * Co.. O«n.
A(frnt», Man Frnndifc-o.
Washington & Alaska
Ainu Uito'.u tarn siesKtip
(Sty of Seattle
■ ■■.. ■.
tali* '.«-« Tlllir rtiurt
FRIDAY, MAT I9lb, AT 10 P. M.
f-OFi —■r
| Sut-icqumt Sailing., May 29ih
< «l!m< »l Ylci'irU, Vtll'onwi. V • lrb|c«n,
Krißial, inu- «j. f k**;««T mu\ l'y< ■ ••■!•
Iron Vr•!« Whan, -..ml.r. »Ur It., W |„ la.
r«-»tliif«r irtt.mtu • lituim* ?.»' # •
for .i.t .im»:i-it. raua, «l« . *|#r "*
t.«i!'r»l Afrett.
1 •l'h.m« M«in IT) II» Ymtrr « «f
Sire Line
All Water Boat; to Alaska.
I not MUf v a. immi a it unt
Juno 1899
\ CimikMbc ftta romi*af< Own :
tlixt at klvvr -!'■• mcr. lor
Dawson City
And All lni»nn*ll«l« I-utnu ■
oaU* ;
Yukon River. *i
607 First A»e. . . SEATTLE ;
Or (PUJ (m! ol lh« laurna- !
11.ii.l N«rlf »llon >..h, 1 ..j, i a I
lUMtuwgiOudt, j
Th( Ocean-Colas Steantblp
mil M. will!. Muter. Sails far .
Skafew^s Way Ports
Frida^Jlay 12. at Noon
Krtlj Twelve [u>i TiirrralKr.
for Freight anil I'a«.c»jrr lUle*
■ii ir to
Seattle Steamship Co.
Whit* Star !»«■». Fool or Knrlof Huwt.
'I'll^ Main &3.
W. A. BELL, Manager
IV* 1^ «lj.Ki.ra
1A 1.1,1. Ppokunß-notiUnd »ttip. la.
M. l'.Ul. I lili« mi CHI
r.rrytnt V. K. Mill i.i all OrinnUl fotnf
"Kiojiiii Man/SVillSuil
I.i J»|an, (limn «n I All Atlallo Portl
About. IVl.dy 17, 1699
s -v. XT co.
On or About June iotti
Will mil UU<lur i hurlrr for
St. Michael
And all Yukon River Points
■ . '
rliiM- nnm (Inn with nmpuiy'i own
RWi r Boms,
i lor freight i%n«t rnuwnßtr »par* apply
Seattle Yn^on Transportation Co.
90-92 West Columbia St.
i urn mi i>tu i.-n. I
1 I m loi • Thlnl Ats. <u»l Columbia M. |i
H 'Itlriihuiia Main LJ M'Hlll,', IV||h. n

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