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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, May 13, 1899, Image 4

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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Physical Culture Class Went
Through th* Drill Anyway.
I IN. .1 \ . Neb.. M»y IS.-lln-au9t>
««• naiuthly tplrila IH imlnK
iHMtrra announcing a drill of 100
tnvniliera of the youna ladles' physi
cal culture club .i th« N.-Im.i«k ,
rt»«e ualvi-ralty.a* a "eplendld calf
»JS»l>»ay." th* faculty ami the m»ny
hundred «tud*nt* are all In a »tfr.
The sw> ctrra wer» tr» appear ii lh»
very latest bloomer style*. The drill
*a» to take place at the armory and
K|»» vents trad been eninmeit f«r th*
• xhlt>itl.>n. • In the forenoon fiamlnit
pesters appraml on the dead walls
tit thertty. placed there by some un
known persona.
The. Inttmatt frlvn<li of ihr «!rl»
la the bloomer ctaia took In the »U
--uatlon an.l ttartod romnißltn in '<
«H irt» ,if tin- iity ti> remove or
•<t>llUrat« th» c4>ncudoua circular*.
T*h« ,nH.-m(i> f.i,-nil y Jo!n«l In th»
r-Korta. Tt»« city waa In an u|iru»r
In a fhnrt Mm*. It Is known that
» rnmmlltti* of two <]oi*n •!u,l.ni»;
<-ummittt .1 th,- i -kr, but thi.•.»!» ana
ITtnniM-a hay* thus far a«*Uni » -th
tx* In une«rtlilnK tht* sullty >»••■*,
Th. drill waa «-«ne ihrouith with,
however, wtth itii-rn.
Pr«sidant a Hard Smoker
lt Ila MM by friends of th» l*r»*l
dent that he lii *■■.-»mlnK a* much
M an Inveterate tmalrer a* i:.-n-
i Irani waa, and that hla prwaent i<on
liitum la duo to over-lmtulr'nc* la
tatMirca. Alme«t every officer who
ha* returnnl fn«n <*u!>.i, oPrtn Ittco
or the I'hlltpptmc* haa l>r»uitht the
l*rc»i«l.-nl • box or two of rtcara.
They hay* been of the flmx tobac
co procurable, and have proved a
temptation ttvut coultl out no «ith
•ti»>.! The li. M, drxiarra nlan
that amoktn* >ive* him rrltrf fru«n
tw>ural|rfa,'from »hi.-ti he h«a bren
tuCCcrlns rerentty. c,"*-,;<}
» New cults Bled In Uk* . superior
court yeattrday were: .
Oeorire V- IV Bt*Druer. exnrulor,
v*. John Dmi an I BaM luran, a
JmJ«m.M.' *nl reatltntlon; - Joel F.
llenhan v*. Kettle A. lt<>nham. dl
v«>r. - FHwew* tlanrroft va. <"ha».
11. lUnrmft. dlvrce; Maortee L>vyl
■\' t' >:,■■> I- » v «Jln»rc«: W. A. Col-1
till* *■ I. 11. iirlttUh and •tf». on
• proinbwory oaeftk
An Engine's Wild Flung*
CHATTANOOGA. Te'an. May .11
•—A ihiißtn* if i rt «n-l minru
l..ua em-*tre from denth, m .-urrr»t
yaMtervlay afternoon on I^onkout
mountain. A aarmar saiur* en<ln*
fen over rhe wewt brow of the hill
Fnirn an orertwßetas trestle and j
tar. I M hundred* at 1 ■■*» below. Tti*
ensin* (ran enntpletely HÄ» n.ili»h»-l I
fTbe aupertnleedent of the tine, D.
M I■■ • «»'>n. and - the-' nremaa.
Jumped to th*l upper aide of the en
Airtal faiKtlona, to «a* a common
ti;,m*Hi. barm b»t» coßn>t«>oua
by th«4r ■!!■>■«■ 4tinn( the ««-k.
tt la kM b*t«r*«a th* tltm »ts.-n ih#
widi«t » aockHy whirl I* over and
th» pnrparmtkma far th» wimwi •■■-
Journa l.> th- <-ui»iry and th* l«k- -
ald* nomea ar* betnar made. Th» at
traction of Mortti HU<M>nth»l at tha
•*»rtu> tn«at*r ttvin.-»l«y r«i'.r->
oat many of th* tortetr p*or»*. H*v
anal atnall pmr*Um and dance*, tb*
l^t of tn* •<**»n. luv* been «iv»a
>m ins th» •'•
m . ' •i* •' 1
■laa Helen Ilestjr hi« returned
from her trip to th- l-j«a< S»»»» At
trrU llriljr, who baa been nattlnK
In l*pokan« for »vrra! week*, baa
Blao returned to the oMy.
• . •
The Nmika (-lull jrave> a c»«n-
l^vrtr .*» the Quwn Ann* <•!»»». boua*
Thursday •v»n,r,« Tbta waa the ktat
r.rmal affair • h!rh win b* given by
Kb* club thin a*a».n I
m • ■ •
Mr*. S. P. WeMon aod ohlldren.
Who have been vlatttn* In California.
have returned to *raUI«.
• »• *
JadK* and Mr* 11. •>. ."trove have
returned from California, and ar*
Mopping with Mr*. «'. A. ll.trrlr.it
Dr. and Mm Jam#* Webater re
turned on the F«rr.i)<m last eight
(rum a abort trlf to I/rra, •; _ ,
• • .
Mr*. (Rllltoe ha* been compelled to
postpone her vlatt to Europe on •<•
count of Illiwaa
• • •
The drath of Mm. P. I I".rr»»t
riurt a scl<<nm over ao«i»"ty during the
intirt week.
• . «
Mr. D. 1.. Wtlll.mf, . of Olympla,
ha* arrived In the city to retkje her*
a rear.
• • •
Mr. FMward Ward, of Everest. l»
Mailing Mr. Frank Worfhjr, on B*a
«on Il«t • * •
Th- «-nc««<-rn.-nl of Mlaa Iloae Uro
•ln. of C"hlc»iro. to Mr. Iludnlph
Crocs, of thia city, I* announced.
• • •
t>r. F.. Weldon Toung haa returne-1
tmm Fpokan*. -
• . •
A .no-rt In to^ bil^Ven l>y the
m^nrtxr* of the ii .Ir of Trinity
aa»l»t- I hy WMM of the h<-t XnruX
talent of ■-!<■ city. The date ha» not
}• 1 been *>•!.
• • •
Mr. ami Mr», I". Rlngermnn and
family have removed from their
Ji'»me on n'«*hlnct»n »tre»t to Hi ■
Ven'lom*. on Flml «v*nur, wli«r»
they will i",<i !•• until theli" new re»l
•i.ti' ,' on (■.!»:• .[.Hi avenue I* flnlKh
• ■ • • ■ *»*!#*•
in.. I. B. O. club held It* regu
lar meeting In the a**emJily r»om of
the public library Monday after
noon. "Th» literature nt Kranre
I*urtne the H«vrnle*rith Ontury"
r*r«?lvc<l the attention of tho mem
be n.
. . .
Rev. W. If, O, Temple and wife
l»»vf on Konday for a week* trip
<a ISo«ton hi.'! other eastern title*.
• • .
The Ited Cro»i *«xl«*y held a
meeting In th. library Tun lay fore
nine nii.i to th« Krmni.l Th.- »n
slut' Ml ihillliik it „v of tin... r to
M u«rtl In I't'iiitiriiiK a uc-ak Ircvile,
The timtirr m very h<-«vy and up*
"I Hi.' i imiii.-. tlniKiitiid It over Ihi
Great Gas Trust.
m:\V ■ 'UK May 11— A m »
( »-tor has <i|i|HMri-<l In the bis: n»
war here. Atmmpany wMtl iij.iuhi,.
oiM .-.i[Minl it to be lautirheil In niak*
cheap »;:>■ li la MM to conthrnl a
pat.-itt which will revolutionise tin
Kits huslnen an<l Insure a in-nt of 7,.
.i DM a thousand ruhlc fir I. Th«
Journal in-etilcta iii.it the fm maUun
of a m> III!-1 III! |t*,ooa,o(M capital
« ill Ink* |>tare> In a few days In . ..it
iml the s*«a, elrctrto Until ana h.-ol
of the city.
Olivor Lee, a Wealthy Ranch
man, on Trial.
HA.VTM PK. K. M.. May IS Tin
' Kn-.it cause of mill tin nt In New
M lira Ju*t now in Hi- Ml of KV
.■ml prominent < ltl«--n« fen the mur
der <•( Col, Fountain «>* l*a* Cruccs,
In *Vbrusry, l«t«, Oliver Lttj « p»c
uir«-»i|Ui' and >i.. iitrl. 1 4 liir.i«-tiT. on*
of ih« wralthlrtA ram-hnien In New
Mr^li.», »bo tin •■•\<ii ur .**ht
I »iii-li.'» iH-turrn hem uti.l the Mi-iJ
ran l» nlrr, awl looi"" steer*, «n<l hi*
brother-in-law, « .l«-»i« uii> rharar
t.-r, mmnl OiltUand. ar* In* prim t
-lal .1.f.1t lanu M s. <> . »ihHhi-t tr
i.isn*, «•»* slst* in.ll. t< <I for th«
crime, but hi* eas* » >» n»llt- pros'd
I-mi »f~rk by «hfr district attorney
because the n llfiß^ ajtaiiwl him
was not v« ry •iit.HK «nd it hum fear- j
>■) hi* uf.|u!tt-il «.«i! I «Mkta lhf>
• a«<> .mt.il iti.- teat of them, lie
•ldea <hl», 1"«« <;»rr>-(t, th* f.»m.>u« I
• hftiff Of Uaa 4*f*Utt'«. who haa been
working* up the raw, ■!■■«•• not think
I! ki*»l pottry to disclose the evl
dvnre <■( the |ir»ar.'utVin until lit*
principal Wrn«nn are on trtul.
Surprised at His C»cap»
■•(•riilNT Mali-.. Mar I*.—Wr,
li.nl oh.- wa* >l rnitr Injured In
tn« wreck on the (treat Northern I ,
mil** *«■•( of town in* <>th*r morn- ,
Inc. la an Kn<rll<htnan about X year* I
of ae* ll* h*-l txrfn I" th* Know-
I aha* mln« t.«*ln« tor work, but In
| falllna* to (vl »mpi..rnM-ni. «■«» on
hi. war to In* Co»ur <*AI»»i ll*
was rMtnx In a box nr. ' \\ h.>n li<
r»« iln» > 'BHnmim after In* ar
ri.li.nt h* foumt hlma»ir away from
lh« r«r sill nnm>i arrount far hi*
mlrarul'ni* w»p« from d«atti.
Rt)C«l*«d Mis Mppoiiitm«nt
lItI.I.TAHK W».h. Miv IX-J.
!*•• twti-tn has born r « m«-l of hl» an*
- i«"int:t>rfTt un>t<T rh# rlrtl arrvlc*
> rt«lr< 19 ih' i«Hiitl'in of a rallmvjr
mall clerk. Mr. H--ha«f'{« I* a ■*>
rtiln* '*i^-rat'»r In th* Oroat Nortbnm
'tit- her* wb*n to* abop* flt»t op- I
I noon and rl*rt*4 d*l*a~at»* to th* !
'Ma).- rnnvfntlnn which will 1- hHI
in Tikiiiu tn* latter part of IbM
• • •
Tn*T *!ll ■»!•■> vl»lt Nova K<-.|in
durlnM IMr abacnr*. Mr Tempt*
c.-« aa a «i»»l.. r ■•> th« annual mla
«|..n«ry mnvniUnn, *nlrh «11l b*
held In Hartford. Coon.
•• • •
Mra. C M. Kh*asf» and Mr*. 8. D.
Crork«U hatv* b*«a *t»etc<l d*l««at>« :
slO <}>» Juno onnv*otlon from tb*
I i\»tnlcMlr dub.
• • •
The Ciaaale i'ultur» club nr-t lh •
tf>*rn"«in In th* imMir library. < >t
fkwra for lh» rnsutitaT jr*ar »*r« to
ha** b**n rl«-tr>l.
• • •
Mm F. D. Kc*n* of IV'luii'. la In
th- rlty \taMln« her mma»r. Mr» 11.
11 Wrl«M, at Vremoat.
• • •
fl-.n th* arrival of Mr. unit Mr».
r. K. «ru»» In I^it>*>n ih»y war*
J<in«l by Mtas Ht-lonia Purtli.
. . •
Th* aprnina* m»»<lnr of th* H«at
tl" T"-nnla club will probably take
ptar* about Jun* I.
• • •
Mr», T. P. I^pwia f>nt«rtaln«l a
party of tadl*a at her h<>«!"- on
Ml«trt*>-rrth avenue Tueatlay after
• • •
Th* |.»<ltr* of H!. Mark* <-hun h
(iravp a Buin^'r tnt th* (r»ntlrni«n of
th«» eon»rr*r»tlon vv..|n. »l»)r nl«-ht
In lh" guild room of th<- rtiurrti.
. . .
! Mr. M. Ii Aunimtln* I* rl*i:n« In
Oakland. CM. -
... .
Mr. Brnr-r» U. Kwtrftum, nllinr of
the fOcaflt County Tinwa, »i In
the city durin* the we*k.
Mr. i: 11. I'l-r l#ft Thur*»l.i> for
i ahort trip In th« ili»t.
• • •
Mi™ N.-411** Tmmar. who ha* tn-rn
vl«;ilri« Mlaa Cora Clark, hit* r.-turn- 1
•.1 to her home at •,.■,.•!
. • •
Mr. BMn»y f»l«.w»rt and Ml" ITm
mn Wary wit* marri.'l In thl* .i'»
I.iki nlßht «nd left ti<r their ruture
hnme at Whwtoom tf>l« m.irnlnit.
. . •
Mr, and Mr*. H D Maker, of Mil*
I muk«'. Win. arrival In the city
Thurmtny to »i»-nd the iriimTT' r on
I'uaet sound.
• • •
Ml**) V>ra Allen, a prominent no
r!««ty b*lle of fhi™*'). »'"■ I" tn'
city on Thur*dny nn h*r wny to Han
Vrstnrtmn, Wher* «hi> will »T»' ' »»■
••ral month* vinKinir h«»r l.r-.lh-r.
• . .
Mr*. A. 11. Tf«dd, at T .•«-'-in.-t. »p*nt
Tu<>»"lay with Mr*. Ttmrn.i" 11. Hhep
ard. f thl* city.
. • •
Ml.. Miry Btrrllh. of Taroma, wa«
vixltlna; friend* In thlt city Monday
and Tueadny.
... ' • * '■'.
Next fhturdKy th* iinnu il exrur
nli.n to Bm»l|—111! Fa lln will be giv
en by the «tuil'Tii« of tho unlviT«lty.
. • •
The Kntre Noui club gave a dance
(out nltfht.
• • •
The Nineteenth Century Mlerary
dub held aii ling Tliumday after
Second Section With $75,
--000.000 Capital.
NI3W YottK Hi 13.—Tim wh-o'ikl
«. . lli.ii of iho »,!■>-.11 Mpptr tr»*t will
jiMiit«lilv i»< formoil within « forl
nlicht. The rnpllHl will >>' tiliuut ».'..,.
niM),O*M) ami the m.nk I* .!< -mv.ii. >i hi
tn> ■>«rli:iliKi- I for ih. liillinrllV Block
of ik All.uoll.l.'i. IMl'lott, W.lilloc
ami t'ulnnulfi •'«ini»iiit, -, Inn inn
in.inn. liit,-iviit In « in. » ■■■ tnkrn
over 111 tin- AiiiitlKumH"l • '.-i I• i
i-oiiiiuiiiv, furmmt lull week omi nn
anc<Ht fnr thn I(<H-ki<fi>tlcra l>y the
Nail..li.il City bank.
II Is till. ■ ... I that •If mlnnrlly
■ lurk Will lif uliwirl" >l on Hi-- l>i»i»
of >3 r.i both Anaconda •«»»• I I'nr
rnt, at « li. h rale the majority "'"'
, waa Ink. i liy the underwfltln* *>n
Th* third arcttnn uf tht> ci.- v t«00-
OQD.nnil Iriiot I* uln» |lLn!>n<-<l. Unit It I*
•alit will -ml.l i . 111. ikMtnn and
Montana, the ltutln uril lUxtun ami
tli.- Taniur-iM- mln'i.
A Cargo of Snakes
NIIW OttUSANI. JL*.; May 13-
Th* arrival l» NiiiKiutit < l at th* Mit
•lml|>|M river quarantine atatlon. Just
In-low her*, of the I. > nn!u,». bark
Atlrtllllm. ru'ltl IM.HtI, With It i.illl'i
of nwkH fmm the Atnason. There
are low rhrst* i>f thrm.
Cigarette Fiend Dead.
«'t\Mlir.lU.ANl». Ml. Mar IX—
Wm. Wanhinitun, 11, .11. I in rt- In
ttrrat au"t'Y from th» rff. ii* -if
•mitklnc < isnrtii. ■». Ilia iivllitr
■■y* that the buy »mok«l at u-nat
. M • day.
New British Columbia Muni
cipality Is Growing.
Ool.tTMlllA. II C, M.> IS.—Th«
!l«-ul>-n*nt i£«>\i riiiT'n |n- !.ii>i.iii->m
In'■>rt«'r»tlnif lh» City of Columbia
lakaa i-fT.^ I trnm the fourth li>«i.
' The r<Kinrll I* la concUt ** m may
or and «l» 4>l li rmrn Thl ii'Mnlna
it..n« ar* to late H^ ■ <■ I^aurtrr
j •tall, Columbia, on Thurailay. slay
It, ami the riwKlon a •<■■• k lat*r. Tli«
lf.»lanmti->n ••■ti out !>>•• qtuilMa*
tlon tar maytir ami aliirrrtirtt and
torn. an! named J..••[>»> K. Dun
tup «■ rt-lurolnit «t)i-t-r. Th« Hill
mertlna" of In* lt««ly »>cli-l rnuncil
l. i.. I- h»ld >«iiiar t la>, May V.
<*harlra Hay, who r»i>rr»fi«i.| <•■•■
lumMa at VtrtorU In Ih" Isrorpor*
allntt (•n-«-«M!tiit», trrrlvi«l a m««t
<-ri!hu«u»tlc <-|i|i't> on hla return
llxmxi. ih«- (vi*liraUoci inrhxlina .1
tort-Miaht immnakm ami a lul-110
| >nrriin« of lh> letlai*na.
A ti*(>ti»t <hur< h I* to h* MM In
thta city un4*r In* dlrtwtlon of Ih-
Raw lU!|.h V". Tn.lirr The alt*
haa |.r»MI. all)r bnn .|«-ri.l«l nn, a!
thourh mm tlrtall* remain to i—
ni»B In Rika' twit. In th* f>4maii
Mark. It MMI, of |h* f«srt*
university, mad» • «hort *1 lr< •* on
• • •
Mi** Mail*- J. Wll.-.n. of 11-'lrna.
Mont. f .rtrrrly of Ihla t», la Via-
MM Mr*, Ha An « Mi
• • •
Th* **n*i>r tl.i«« ../ lh» unlv.<r«lty
will irtv* a Millar hap Thurw.Ur rv
»mnif. June I. «i liana.- hail.
• • •
Laat nttftit Mr. Kil tVrktna «-»*• a
lentur* in th* assembly lull af th«
bi«tl ■*•** for th* t» 1 -'11 of the
jhljrh MM** paper "WNn«"
• • •
An th* commend* •!»>• f,>r in
graduate* of the university ami Ih*
Mati a»*h'wi| n|>|>ri«.ii-h th* mrmhrra
nt the «•<»•»• • are bunlne** prrpar*
tn« f <r Ih* Important MM
Juvtc* John I' Hoyt was la th* city
• • •
A v*ry i«rr!«> we>Mln« win ant
.-ninll. \V<-ln«-»-ln)r evening it the
reeidenr* ■■/ th" oftM.iiinr clenry
imn. ll^v 1.. J. &»wyer. Th. eon
tr»««(lnic partle* wer« KYed liar Hut-
Ifrwi.rth. of Ihla .-My. and Mix*
Mai*! Hr*m, of Dr.. •i river. Th«-y
«t<- attended by "'»milr-» N. linii.-r
--wnrth ami Mia* Mini Itubbart. The
l»ii<|.- mil driawd In ft dainty c .» n
<*{ M'HM>«'Mnt' '!•• latf. over Inmba
il<iwn with kit'l'lih- <-Mff.>n mm
nnnic« Th* hrMemimld wa* dre**e«l
In a n'"»n nf white ■ ••trm-Up.
Ti> Mm mr.ilti" of ■ • ■ i.in* rni»H
th* bridal I'.irly look their place In
a l«.iv. r nf Hcmtri under a l«r»*
»"iMlriK i" II of whit* row* mil rar
nntlnnn. Tin rlaj rmiiiiimir ■■ |»rr
fornwd by Itev. Bawyrr. aftor utilrh
Ihn ■unit "tiuiil" »!!■■ tin- r»'"l|'l< n!«
of Hi" i.. «i Mm of (ill |irm*nt. Af'
t>r Hi-' svi'l«ltrift niii-i" r tha y"imi:
|,i«.|,|,. t>Kik ih<.r J»i>«rturi» fnr th*
I n»w hratn* amt'l a ntir»w»r of rlr*.
The (rn-.m la thf win of K. It. liut
trrnmrth nn'l I" MM of th* iraiHne:
v*iun« l»ll»ttl-<r* Ml. <>f lh# rlly. Th»
lirl'l* la th* il uiKtrtiT nt Mr. ntni
Mm I. I. »r«tt, of Orr»n river, nn<l
waa ii.- at Iho noHfty Vr-« of that
wetlon of lh 'irilry Aiii.iik th*
many ittMii pn ><• rii w«r* the ful
l.mliiK 111 iiikl Mra. [» I. .- ,l,
Mr. ami Mi- i: It. Ilutt<»rworlh,
I lev. anil Mm i. J. ftuwyer,' Mra.
Ifnrri"! A. MulilKirt, W. C Will.. r.
Mm. W. C. win., Jam*» M. Part,
Mr*. Jim Mill-. Mini JrMli- Hull-
I. „! Mr*. J. i: llulilKirt, Mr. anil
Mr*. A. T. !h.t.!.;irt. Mr*. J. C Huh
l«rt. K. I. Valentine, Mary B. Wll
-1.. i. MlM"'« 11..111.-. IM!i#l. win nix
anil Harriot Ilultlmrt, * '•>. ■ X,
>4, „i- Mr. nn. I Mr*. (1. M Hun. r
■Ml, Mr. anil Ml • I 'Ict'l I | ikll"V.
Mr. H. I Mr*. Mll<<* Illnkni-y, Hlmon
11, Hilton, Mlaa Oraf-e Multrrni.rlh.
.Vlll him Awlonmn, J, <' Kill. '1 C
W. i it. ><li ii ' 1 Hill -' Hull, mi mi
J. KIIIIIIII, llprhort Hull, I* V.
KnlKltt. Ml** I.HIIIIII KrHKhi. Ml**
Mny Klll.itn, 11. K. OOtnpCno, Mr. mi
Mr*. 11. W. Howon. Ml«x Ann. K.
Rowr, I>r. ami Mr*. .1 K. I'rMhtnn,
Mia* Mirmi.' H. Cookaan, Ml«> Mm
l».r.lK«'. Mr*. M. .1 H»wy<>r, (I«T(Cp
c H<"j>Pt, C N. BIIMM DM Hi, Mat
i.-r« ii ii : . .hi i Hen inn. i north,
Ahinzi. Hull, 11. C. Kwluk. Mr». 1,.
; M. Wowla. •
'i in. RE \'lTi.i: si \i:.
N. I Ii ll lli i. Ii .-ii »•.
urn. ii ml t . t ii.
. 11l Hiiiii . i
I . hi. I
-^riii ..ii. li i i
» Mi- \ v.tii ... |..,
■mi i H.
uiu 111 i,no
.1 111 l>
..-111 1.11 111
Hoi. i il in-..f. ««|.in il hi. yi I.- Hdrra
have iiiiii..iiiii'<"l Ihi-lr lull nil .ii ..f
maMna: i.'i-'r 1.. • «lju hi.i i In Hi"
■i I !l" 'thia (Hiiiuin r. A in. .111; the
numlwr tuny lie minii-.ii< I the Hall
I.mill, i < of Omaha, H.h iim- nf 1t,,«.
lon, and •'ii-ii'tiiitii, the anulhern
rtmmtilon. The lattrr I* " Una! In
«rt up a match rote with Cotter, of
. will
•i . ,

• • ■
■ tkta »-i'! v m
lb»r» m.i» T!i. . r > i-. i
i <>n May » 111
.i. ..f th" rt a •■ i \
IT, II •. . V \1 I ■ \ ilhl. 'I ■ 1.11 l
Will ■ :
i \ 0.,

I I f.-l i-.l wu'
• • •
in. I.,i■- 3 it,II Ml iir th. Y. M. «•
■ * ..|H-n to
at h
Arriniti-m. Nt« are 1» in* made for
a 'In.'l in.-'-' between the l< A. C
an.l the Y. M C A., !■• take |>lace
either "ii June I" or IT.
I'robably the arreateat event of the
MM wtil be the bicycle meet i»hi.-h
take* pure on Jus* 24. The . i A.
It and Chtiatlan Kndeavor ninvrn-
Uona will be In aeaaton then, and It
la rspevted that tit<-re will be Ifima-
Spokane Postoffice Employes
Are Nappy.
HIi.KANi:. >'. *»li. Mar U-~Th<
mlar of »mvta •<< the <-mpS">f ■ «if
Ihf i*|->t*m- !«•!■ rt;. «• nrv la be In
rrMuml si'«> r.«< ji' i— r MMMMi
Th* Iwn ,>•■■ I* dv» In ih* ■ ark
alii* 1r.11.1h '<f liu«i«t«» W.nc- by Ih*
[%■»;.if!l^ T»>- inf.rm Hl.in that
ld» *il«*an» won to t— nrnlt rime to
iv«!i:ii»trr T< ni|i<- from lh« ij. ii^rt
mtnt at Wajrhloxina. l» •". Th« ln>
■ r "-•*" will lake rfr. . t un July I. Ttu
larky nnr« «r> J f*. Ixchiut, a**Ul
•nt i'-«tin*Mr, John It. lino-
; welder, mum y order rlrrk; K. 7..
Aleiander. money onler clerk; llar»
ry tl Ilrown, aatitant r-tr •Ty
• l-'k. I1I»ji| HeOoj, .llmrli.iit'ir;
I^l. Una kx ay. atimfx-r. and J >hn
W. riylvr, icrneral .1 IIv» ry clerk.
Many Important Cases.
<"OLr"AX. May tl—»>eputy Pher-
Iffa Carter and Ktewart am irv. r»-
Inat the .•irrty iiumnv>nlnK ]umra
and wrtnew* for the term "f «jrt
Ix-Klnnire May :.' There Will be a
number of Important man at thin'
i.iiii of rnurt. tmnnf them the I:-. -
d<-r r.i|— raiw, the Campbell murder
roue ami th« lUrt-M aasaull r«M.
nnd aevtntl <itber* of fnlnor uii;->rt
ItMinl Ttarrett, who la charts 1
»il; awault with a deadly wnapnn
on X, N. Cook, an O. II * N. brake
man, waa before Judce mi of
! the mjprrtnr oiurt, and the trial of j
hi* caae *«t fur May 27.
The Aluki Miner, put.l!. -I at
at Jtini'iiii, rontalne'J the following.
li it) r'cardlntt the l.mr.vli:
11. Itllry, f.-Mtii'tly rink for the
Aim rl. an ••■•ld Mlnlnir rmnpnny at
sir . [i Creek, waa a i >■•»• iiK'T on th.
1.-uir I'll, and he anya the p««»i-nifi m
were co plpaaml at the treatment
they met with, that the fnltnwlnir
i!". in.ii iii warn «!tn—l, whlrh he de
elred Hi l-> ptjbllak •
••We Hi. iiii.|.-iii|i<ri«l eerond-rUaa
[• i«>. Hit—i• on !h" Ijiiu.i'lm. In her
re«-«-nt trip from ,Mlr t.i Pknrway.
wlnh tv e»preaa tmr apprcplntlon nf
th** very k. i.tl.-munly m iiiii.-r In
whlirh the ••'!!• •■'• and rrrw have
tri-atfd ua .ii th.' trip. The "•!•■• t>lrtar
nrrommmlnllnna are the tw>at tn l>a
found "ii any I-- ii runnlnit i.> Hkntc
way. and the fomi provided un haa
tx-rn w-holi-aome nnd plenty of It.
"We have fmitid Captain White to
be a very rapahle nnd rareful man.
•iii-l a ir.-iiH.-iimii, and hi- Ii m A rom.
l».|rnt •, i of oirirrr*.
"N«w the above I* entirely un
millillcd on il.. it part, ii. I wn would
chet-rfully rerommend thla !. •ii I.
any «>f our broOwr miner* making
Hi trip:
"K. 11. I'ltman, 1-JJ 01»..n. C D. |
it,... A. K. Kniml. I*. P. l.und*.
Kevevln Jcihnnon, Imdlcl Kl*ner, O.
Crnililix-k, T. Thomi>«'in. (.'ha*. Mr.
I Mini. -It. 11. !» lvck. Jamm LttU* 11.
IrfinKFiitmfhrr, 11. K. Iliißfr», Allx«rt
\i l.n In. C). Wthnrr, I*. >l<'Krnnnn,
Joe »hi>rllirlil*« 1. V -I Ml N Hl* W.
K. \\ „,,. . A. \V. '>.l- I- I I 111,. I
a lUrptr, 11. I(*illy. a \V. Me-
Ijniu'hlln. ' ,
Roswoll P. Flower Dead
NIW TOOK, May ll—Uomvoll P.
Kliiwor. former K"V>-rnor uf tlm »lnt#.
illcil vi>ry ufK-xpeflo'lly l»»t nlirht
nlnn)t .10:30 o'clock nt fhp ii |...i i
<'ounlry Hub, nt Braitport, i.. I.
Inirlnff lhi> .in ii. ■ uPr. i. I from an
nttni'K of uriile Inililtrrfllim. nml Inter
rxperlpni'wl the niitonu of heart
failure nnd grew wurnf. lln.illy ox
l.irliiu Mi Kluwnr «■■ ■ lufTw ■-r
from (rimlrltld for ft lotm time.
i —~— n ' ■ ■ ■
The Nam* Clipptr Sli;nl(ips:
I.lKhl, iMiiv running. i:. Mm, ii f ,
■Irnnir uml iliiralile. I<ook It over at
1022 tod iivp, V. U. Bplnnlnff, act.
i in Ik frf |. ii|,l.- In tin- rlly. Hum. 1
i rrmk lilryvl* rtdrrn, whn have l»ni
I i I'lliik 111 llii- circuit mi i-« In the
i •.mill ilui mi! thx « int. i, will be h«re.
i I Inn' will ulan In iiuvlce and pmfea
i alunal rui'ra.
• • •
> Hpvrrnl limil ii-i. i ■ ii fompmiy
' with I In* |irofse*lonala »||.. are t-K
--| i»-.t.-,l tii'rx, will .111 111 the ij'i'-' ii'»
i lilt ilnl.iy in. 11 at V'atirouvrr mi May
• • f
I Till* Illch •■ Ii »■! l>..y» ire training.
■i ... In mit ii-i|mi|.>(( of n in.ii at T>
■ nnnii a in, .1,. ,•!!'. . - <if the Ta
■ mmn lilKh Mhnol. > Hume new lalrnt
I la li.-iiik .1.-vi-|. ■»-I «hii-li la avowing
' iil> In Kini'l etyle. '
■ ■
i The M. A. C. will be rrpre»enl<<d
' lhi« ei-nann hy yi>unir I'arrlah, Hi
rolured aihlrte whu wnn 111. "■• i
for Hi" 100 yard dnah tr<im Kddle
I IMrkwm, Mi- mo yiinl rhiiniplon of
Canada on rim* 'In- ■«. I.ii rl»!i haa
' a nii"-«ju ii irr *>{ a full" r< '»i>l of
, furiy-anven ewonda. ilutdimn la
i ,iin«lii r H. A. '.". "111 who ha* v {
r«-«rd for lilsh J.iiniuiic of & Ini
»'j liH'hca.
. . .
Manager Ihmtlale lian arin..uri .1
1 that Hi" t"-mi |.r.fi ••ii.n/ii bad ball
H.-i>.,n will ojj n today and ■ 'iw«»r• I
row at T.K-.iiii.i. whrit the Italnlrra
.if aWatU« will ■ i■»» tula with the
T-k'.uiiu Uraya.
• • •
' Tii.- Illeh n-liii.il tKiya will hi .1.1
' a | i. tin itiai y meet nt Athl. H> park
n> «t \v. I!.- - 1 1>- afternoon, th* win
-1 ii. r« i.f vs in- ti will »i. entered In the
Intrr-arholaatln field and trark .••:ll>"»
■.. t«. held on May XT, at Athletic
p"rfc; • • •
1 Th.- m.'.rilnir fraternity «if thla
illy and •tirruundtna' rountry were |
If till ■ t with a f.-n»t laat U'nlnri
dlay : iKhl at the Cuban • lull In Wnl
H.™!tl». when <me of the • a*realei>t
rorklnß malna ever heM in the north
weal tm>k claw*. OMtalilrrntilc money j
.•!i»n«.-.| hand*. Wm. Ikrfond, a well j
known MM fancier nf Ihla city, lott I
heavily. ri« aill» Man r'-|.rr*rti'- by
blrila fr.'tn Ma coop. The ufipanefit
Mnle were owned by Anthony
Oreene. of California, who won about
i;i.»i it..llara The Sarramento bird*
won elltil MM of twelve fitilta.
Batsman Struck Over Heart
by the Ball.
sinVAI'K. .V. J. May IJ.—Jame*
• '.iv.tnaiiKh warn killed by a pit.!-,.-I
hall durtnar a (in. between the
WaahlßSton Atbielli? i lub f Mi riair
and the Kmerald Alhletlr. club team
of Newnrk. yevterdajr. at Ml Clatr.
The ball waa delivered by I. Prank-
Itn Tilather, pitcher of the >?m»-iahl
imm <?avanau*-tr, who wa* at the
bat. had (truck at th- ball twice,
and then Ttt«i hrr sent a »«jft in
•hi»,i I 111 UK h *trurk at the ball
with ail hi* mlrht. The bill rausht
him fairly over the heart. 11. drop
ptd hi* bat an»l l»j.in i.i rub the
•put wher« the ball had (truck him.
Then he »i.»rt. .t to run for Brat baee.
When within ten f.«: of the bane
he ■lacKTed and fell. He Waa car
ried tv a brnrh unconociou* and died
, in two minute*.
U'fwi wed were l**ued y<■••
terday to C«rt»4lu* »* lirul. 3*. of
Norntan. and Umiu lit. kin • XI,
•■f Mlnneai»tla, Minn.; (fir .1 It. I
Vii«.ic.n. tl, at f*eattl«. and Anna J.
M.ittl»>n. l>, of Tacoma,
Two Cirl Heroov
riUfiKM.V. l*a . May 11,—The
r>»il.i of Wlllalm llnwaer, an old
f*rio<-r. hurniil her* today. lUm
*«-r ami hla two a-randdauchter*. I*
and 20 year*, were upelatra ami their
■••"i|"" waa rut off. The two Ctrl*
finally mi. ..•.■.].-! in loweiinK thetr
trrandfathm* fn.«m a window in a
• h.-'t and they were afterward res
rued with dimcully.
Mlchifan Wheat Suffer*
I.WSiS.; Ml I. /May U.-Ml.-ti|.
ran wheat mirTi roil a lon of ten i- i
«-ifn«. durtnir April from the warm
weather and lark .i fraln. Th. r<>n
illtlun ..f the i-ritp In the MM* la but
O t>er rent, of that of avrnni- yvara.
fully 11 per rent, of the .t.»j. will be
plowed under. Mpadrewa and paa
turra lire In fairly ir»>«l rnrn]Klnn
and clover I* exrellent.
Aif.ii> iii\<- i... n >jMnMI) h
nl all. mil a fair rrnp la prom
«"hll. |-.im. |.luni» I lia|| |a« .m,|
plrawfjrm<-< will »I.M .v. 1! Mla.k-
Ix-rrl^a an.l r ,i«|.l>. 111. • .\V.',, 1,.,\
>\ii. ki M • « ■:• in. Is r>fl"l t CfOf
'Cause Ha Cannot Go to
A Ililli m.iii. yrlr.j.X■:•} ami ahrunk
-n In form, «at In th- lobby
of 11. Arlington. In \V i-!mi.
l> I" . a few night* aero with 111*
li.-ii'l l'"«.-l. hi* i 1111 ln — (11: In 111.
palm of hi* hand, while hi» rjoi
raii'ii ill a (pot on in.- 1),..., For
ft'tiiiil tnlnuU'a ho '-it In thin jioul
ti"n ;ii a form imhM<<! In i>mmi<
<*r'iwil» of |Milltlclnn» nnil o(Tlop
hiiUli-m km .i rmi I throucli tho lobby,
I It. hum .■' riinvpriMtlun imd t||,.
clmiil* of tobacco Mnofca iiii. i Hi. at
m.-«|ili. i '■. »liili- the mift ulraln* of
» ni'cro in. 1. >■ I which w«» in,,
playnl h) '" orchi -ti i hl>ldi>n hp
hlml ii bulwark of [minis In the din
InK mom woia «.ifli"l tlirnuKh Hi.
corrljom nml Into the lobby, I
Nit oni- »eiMnnl tr> notlrn thla Mill.
mnn n* In' »iil tin i ■ kill in .iii.i hi..ii.
A OOlTMpondtnl .ii ir i •■. i Into i in- ho.
til, nnnnnl 1 ll.' fncpii of hi" ITiHI <l.
ml i• • • .rnl7.uu: Hi outline of Hi.
I til. Klirilnlo.il ■ limn.. atiproflrhml,
i i|.|.. I It on tho *hoiililrr, «n<l Major
■ ten i.i Joarph win. 1.1 fiimlllarly
known n» "I'lithllnn J"..." (hi. (trim- .
vlhiikiml hero of two .-UK, looked up
iii.i .\i ii 1.-.I in" liand.
liui ll.' I.- wad aomcthlng Inrklnß
In tl..' li.m.l^li.i It mi not tin
\riiiiii, iirri'cilniiiiti-, lilnd-to-aee-ynii
Kiln which the P.Khl.r usually null
out t«» rv<*ry one, 'Ihi ol't warmth
mul vlK«r wmib iriiiiß und In I heir
I'l "i '■ Ihi-M v..i<: I hut v.lilrli ml,-hi
Ii" dl-acrlbfil ft* film Illy.
Hut thin wan BOt ill UwfOTI—POU«
, dent »ot«d «» mlMlnit. Tlirie wu
not ih.n raiilnnt ■Dill* *ml Impiiy
roiinii n:tin ■• Kirn ii one u«"l I" «»e
when hntUKht f«<i» to f»»'» wllh
flm. Wheeler. In their plare 111.1.
wn> a look of <).-J«-<tli.n, of 'lit- i|>
. pointm< lit, of -•,! ■■.« iii. look that
, Him mlKhl i »|,i. i tin th« face uf mi
. "I'l i;i.i;liiliil r.illi' t. who. In hi*
muinrtit* of iih linn iii>i., fill Ihut ho
, b\i lit nl In »-. In HI voice, ulvvayn
»i|in «kv mil Imperfect, M I" nil.i.-I
iiiiiii'iiiiir Ill" 111 Hiiii.'ii"ti. often
f linn » in.111..1 i. thiim- 'if the tpldtty
, of hi* ■*!•• i * li. won mi* alow ami Ul«
--, Hi.. t. yi'l fccljliv
, There wa* |..il|i«h In hi* voice nn<l
■••iimw In Mk heart. II wa» clrariy
u|i|i;n.nt (lint "a In- 'J< of trouble
, ( »ui> tin i!" 1 nip 111,111 mind." !!<• I. .'!•
; lIM correspondent I.' aeated,
"Are yi«i K"i'ii; la the I'hlllp
, plnra, iii'tii-ml" the rorre»pondenl In
. ijiiin <i.
"No, I'm afraid not." I,- flfllird
■ luwly 1.11 i.. r.it.U Ml)'I I ■ i ii"Cl
I i"iinruiiy. fl 40
, "Itut y»u v/nn\?h go!"
I "liiKMiuvH. cr.i juA X'»" niiil •■'
I lill ii> I ..111 I. tjl Ml* i|in -"lint., r
. Mfjuarety In the j». *• Hut," ha ■ '•»
, lln^g "I ilnn'rl" H'vi- I will *vcr
. 1,.- mm Hi. i. "™
, It waif I*. - hum.. In- 1., i I lii-i-n told
. • ntlli r In tin- ilny that li- • miM i '
l,i- «■ tit to id.- iifiiimii line that m.n.
Hi" >.i.. r«lil.. old man vail. It wa*
im . ,m«.- he . ..ill.l not In- In Hi.- thick*
. e»t of the flitht that put aorrww In
• hl> heart. It wan 1.. • .in*, hi- !«••
lleved the war department "rime"
j hail •»' ■ -«fully [ I i'.ti. 1 In i. I. Kali
t him to Hi- r<"«r. where Hi. i. i« no
tilth* t» do and plenty of i iff. <•
to root, that |.r.».lin «• I thla metam»r
phuee In Hi- <>t>Vit •■'''■•■■»■ ll« *a«
a.irr"Kful. and, <l< j'li-l. d<iwncn«t.
it- i>n »»■ -I becauve ho could not lU-ht
one mini' l».ilili- In fun- I'uthi r Tim.
' ! toll* hla fin il liinir.
I At thin i Mire ■ «»r. t-fili-r In
tl.- • •.mail In I.l*. .line to It.- <n
li.in',- uf Hi.- luUtiy, scanned the i.ii
merous fai.» mi.! hurried over to
I «h. I. (i»ll Wh.-I'l- ami 111. corr*»
1 , ■imndrnt «m antt#!l. tth» hali.-l
j In fmnt .if t(i- a-rnrral, who «n» ■till
»-nl>-l, with hi* h"i.l bent forward,
and In a ■••fl. . nil 1 llk<- M.1.-, a I
-1..'- I it"- little man, mylnn:
• ■ J'niiii-r. It la train lime."
1 Tlir «.-i..ml limknl up, umlli-d at
th* Illtlv woman. nr.* 1, ationk band*
with th« -[-..ri'lcfit. and 1. ininir
' htm.. If away, Hull 1
i "Tmi, daua-hter, In comln«.** '
And Mm tiro <l<-|i.n!»l. Uirr h«
will !•>• jdar<-d lit ...inmanJ of
th* department of Tm» Hut he
'will be luck In (inirm neit Ilvretn*
lirr MlMi ">• ••- >»■ flshttnc to do.
Will Leave Tuesday.
ran nti>rCXßCn. May U.-AVord
haa lw»-n rn'lv»»> hcrr that Admiral
j Wain.li will aall from her* for Mm
lila TuoMlay <"»pl«ln A * Itarktr
hi* >« « n |«l»rr.| in command of the
1 , A«h<' aquadron .ifl.-r ln.r'l d»>
partur* and until Wataon arrlvm.
You Want to .Make .Money
And th* «nd of >..ur .1. «!r. In thl*
direction ran b* arcotnj>llihnl. I>>
n.'t put all <•{ your n>..n. > Into one
piMpnalilun, a* » mattrr of policy,
for UiU manner of ■!••"< uta!l<n I* not
tm«iii>*». Mil If you have IS, tlO. er
%S> in »|.«[.-. ami M afford a little j
ptun** them I* nothlnc MN like
ly to brine you i? -• I mnnvy than liv
■•mi.-ni In wining atocka.
We Bra offrrins prumotrr'a atork
In th. i:.i«t fin PoHOoM Minlnn
rnmpany, on •überrli'tton plan, at ■,
..?a-.iil p. r *hir.-. 11 la a f rco irold
pr(»p«»lll<in, one mile from lUpub
»•• fnlnr. and you < ant aff.i I to paaa
It by. tT 50 will n<iw buy l»»l (harra.
A/I.r'n- xl Tur*day*. 1000 «h«r.-« wit)
coin 110.
SLATER & SMITH. Official Broker*
111 Juntw Hinii, ►- «iiv.
run .....
Golofnin Bay
About May 20th
Fat fr«l«l>< *<"> )>•■•<• Jl IT on boar)
at «1,... HUr Imrk. or If I' Coming*,
Aonl. . i Hal Hcpoilt lialMlB«.
•i u»n. tikt i a 132) SKMI aTrllt
Wm. J. DEAN & CO.
All « aturanu*].
Paintinz, PapcrbanjunsL. Kalsomining
li.-ur. I■limi « >Uiln to ur.t.M lock
>mltli kepalrlnai ol All Km
itr.t.i. nee. i«n«h 406 Pike Street
Oil Barrels
In Good Condition
uU' U
Foot of Vcslcr Aye.
Yester pock.
PIGOT & I NCII <:<).
l"l Wiuhln(tnn HI., I'm'' the only
Linotype M Printing Machine
In 111. Nnrtlmnit, r«ulngiK>>, I'mnl'li
li' IV 111., ill >(.< . •utly lon price*. IAVI
MUSKY by mint iin- mi opportunity
to ilkiiiu.
Pacific CcaKt SteauUp Cm]
ifof*^ For Sun Francisco'
i |*'*'*^<Yal *■' " ' "" ""Khlp*
it*i'st'<*JlAi 'v" 11" U. 11..1 Wiili,
li^^^iiEyW nn4 UinstllU |i«v«
■""* .-'. Mil' 11.15 ». in- via
pf,rt TVwn»i-n<l «nJ Victoria. May 4,
I, 14, 19, 24, 11, Juni- S. », 13, l«. 23. 2*.
July i, and every im)» <Uy -ii- m
•Her. lyr-IVQ 1—
Sao Francisco
l-'nr H«iHI» 10 a. m., yin VUJtotit nm\
l-nrl 'f..«iii. r,.|, M.iy 1. ■, U. 1«. -1.
2«, tl, Junu 6. 1», IS. 20, 25, 30, July
(S, iui'l nv«?ry tirth (lay th»-reaft*r. '
f^RVP »i*.itll*. 9 a m.-^
• ■••it !(■■■ Oiy. MJiy 20, Jumr 14. 2>;
<*Uy of T"IK-ka. May 16, Jurwt », 74;
urltsLlia. Way l». Hi Jum- It; JU-KI.
Way B, 2'», .i.h 4, ttn-l evtrry nfih
«lay thrnmflrr.
TV <»<riH»any rf»«n«t tti« right to
(rhunifp, without firvvlou* iHrtlri-,
|<rtramfni, Mlllng <)al<-x uml hour* of
K«r furllii-r \i\t»rma*\>m • i.lain
l'u«i't H'l. Hin>«.. <»fean lJl<, K*4ltl«.
I'i> luwti tido-i oAlea, ci* i^rrt »».,
'.•••.I'll-. Ouodall, ivrkirm * <-'«., (J«o.
jAif«rrt», Han Krsndiw.o.
Washington & Alaska
Alan Ugllilu Express Seiisklp
City of Seattle
tali* from Tt«l*r Hktri
FRIDAY. MAY I9lh, AT 10 P. M.
KOR —"
A Sut «rquent Silllngs, May 29(k
Ml -.l— ,„■—.! — . ...
1 «'.llnt At V.rt'>r.A. '■'•D'Ofivrr. KMr&lrtn.
Htm. Jum «i. fk«««.r and l'y«. MiU
, Irnn V«>l«r H barl. h>, »l«r I*. l«|>. m.
ri'Mnr«l'i"mni.!«'.i"ti« fi«i / •
tac .Llnnu!i.m. •Mi «l« , •; r ) to
•fh»n«. M.in «?9. IU T«!#f Way
Empire Line
All Water Edits to Alaska.
n.ii Saihit Da. Delta « it 1M
Juno 1899
C'oßiMrtlaf with f°om|Mn|r'» Own j
tint <>i liner Muutn far
Dawson City
And AU lot»rtiiotl«i» liulbu
Ott ttl*
Yukon River.
607 Firtt . - SEATTLE
Or lo mr Km n*. Rtf ib* Intern*.
11..ii.1 Smicnilon I i.tiii.aur IB 1
L'kllwl W*t>. « ' >:>• 1.
Tan ocran-6oing Steamship
mil I. Will.', Muter. Situ lor
Frida^3lay 12. at Noon
K»etr T»*-l\ "(••)> ;r«(:#r.
for freight an 1 !'•*-. nf«r RatM
• 11-ljr to
Seattle Steamship Co.
Whil« Star Dock, root otl>i>tlng KtrMt.
' •l-l.wi" Main ;,.■■•.
V. A. BELL, Manager
fifl£A» ... Ticket Office. «tl Vint
Un •I'honf. M«ln in.
KflflTHt" , I*«* l>»llr *rt1»«
1 QA LW>*' •-«a- >H.V»mon p. m.
4-.li>. vi Fpi.k'n- I.- •«i«n.l imp. ■,
m. I'mi, ct>l«(o »uJ Em
< «itiln« V, n. unit to all Oriental Ivtnti
••Riojun Maru^VillSail
lor J«lxn, Chiiin Ml All Atiatla TorU
About tVI«v 17. 1898
-Y. T. CO.
111 ' '
On or Aliont June loth
Will Mill mi 1. r , linrlrr (nr
St. Michael
And all Yukon River Points
< low miini tl.ni with tin pomMny'i own
Hlvir Hunts.
j Yin Kri-lKlit und l'miwnircf hmu-* apply
Seattle-Yukon Transportation Co.
90-92 West Columbia St.
X FuuirHl litrwtom an<t Kmbalm*nL I
; H Nrloi*. 'iiui-i Wit *iut Columbia Ht, I
p| iilrphuiia Main H. Kml ti». n»!i. |n

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