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$ •t*ty>tv« Ctntl « Month v
£ Hi Mill Dt Cttiitr j>
Hopes to Land First Washington Vol
unteers In Seattle Instead
San Francisco.
To Ascertain the Facilities Mere for Mustering
Out the Troops Also Notifies Senator
Turner Today to That Effect.
Early this mofnlnjj The Star flashed two nir».v»^cs across the
: country to cabinet officers in Washington. ■ The first, addressed to
the >>,::• o( War, read as follows:
: SEATTLE, Wash., May 16, iS.«.
To Hon. R. A. Alcer, Secretary of War. Washington. D. C.
Can you bring First Washington volunteers direct from Manila- to
Seattle instead of by way of San Francisco, so that volunteers may
tbe guests of honor <.4 big homecoming celebration arranged here ♦
Kindly wire answer. - Editor Seattle Daily Star.
The second message was sent to the Secretary of the Navy
■nd read as follows:
Secretary Navy Long. Washington, D. C.
Will request wired you by Seattle City Council last night be
granted for battleship lowa to come here to assist in homecoming
celebration upon arrival of First Washington volunteers from Ma
nila? Kindly wire answer for publication.
Editor Seattle Daily Star.
Following are the answers received:
.To the liditor of the Seattle Daily Star, Seattle, Wash,
■' WASHINGTON, D. C, May 16. I have telegraphed Sen
ator Foster today as follows: "The only difficulty about sending
Washington and other troops from northern states to Puset Sound
i>i».ii.., < i< #iv« imftt r—tail* tTrrtitnti ii in 11 Idfl n ;»rnl
quartermaster, commissary and hospital stores at these points. It
takes from three to four weeks to muster out a regiment after rr
turning home. I am having the matter investigated as to the
feasibility of the care of these troops upon their arrival. If prac
ticable would like to have them sent to their homes direct instead
of via San Francisco." R. A. ALGHK,
Secretary of War.
WASHINGTON, D. C. May 16, 1&/)-
Editor Seattle Daily Star, Seattle, Wash.:
Request From Seattle City Council for lowa to assist in re
ception First Washington Volunteers has not been received.
' CROWNINSH!fcir>.
CWehration (iotninittcc Meets Next Thursday
Mayor Horn*! laaord a call thl* morning for th* mr«tlna" of In* joint
commttt** who bay* In cbarg* tb* arrangement* for lh<- c*l*rall<>n for
tb* homecoming of th* Washington v.>lunt*«ri. to b* held Thura.lay
afternoon In the chamber of com-m*rc* room* at 1 o'clock. 11. A.
Cbadwtck haa been appoint*'! t-rnp..raray **cr*tarr by th* Mayor, to
•enr* until a permanent selection 1* made, and h« ha* been bu*y today
notifying the diff-r^nt mimlwri, of tb* prnpoiw! meetlnc.
Mr. Cbadwlck. In (peaking of th» aproachlng celebration thl* morn-
Ing, «*. I Th* cltUens ar* fully awak* to th* Importance of th* *v»nl.
and hop* for » favorabl* consideration of th* proposition that th* volun
teer* anall b* brought dlr*ct from Manila to Seat!*, T*it*rday John
I^-ary approached me and aak<*<l m« when the commit!* waa going to
meet. ll* stated that b* waa ready!., contribute |100 to th* celebration
fund "
f**cr«tary I'roxh, of th* chamber of commerce, received a letter
from A*at*tant etary M»lk!eJ.>hn Ibl* morning In reference to th*
%Va«hlngton bor* being brought direct to Heattle. It waa In the exact
wording of on* received ny th* rttar two waaaS ago and publlihed.
Th* celebration commit!** la aa fullown !{*pre**nUn* th* city—T.
J. Hume*. Cyru* Walk*r. Daniel Jon**. John A Campbell, I. A. Na
d»au. ■ B IMpcr. A J. Illi-th-n. jr. i: .11. Well*. 11, A. Cbadwlck. J.
Jttdelihrlmer and N. 11. I-nltnT.
Itipr-K-ntln* th* chamber of comm*rc*--J. Furlh, W W. nobln»on,
jr.. A M. Orookc*. J. It. llaydcn. a. X. M»™, J. 11. Mrtcalf*. i:. 8.
litany, W. V. Klnchart. Jr.. I".. W. Tmng and Joalah Collln*.
Th* public Intereat In th* project for a grand celebration Ina honor
of the Wublna'ton volunteer* ha* by no meana flagged aua« of th* un
certainty regarding the time and th* way the hoy* will reach ihla city.
The people have made up their mind and nothing wilt be allowed to aland
i* to «lv«- them a royal welcome. In the way. If II ihould happen that
the Fourth and the date for th* arrival of the volunteer* ah"uld com* cloae
together, HMM la no doubt but what th« city will turn It* *n*r«rl«* to
**r>!» the home'urnlnK celebration. '
City Council Seeks to Get a Battleship.
The city council, at It* meeting Inat night, pained a aupplementary
resolution, Introduced l.y Orlrhton, regarding the celebration In honor
• t the homecoming of th« Waahlngton volunteera. It won addreaaed
to Hi- K. rrt try of tit* Navy, ami read «* follow*:
■■W»i ■•••■. i«. It la th« ni«nlf'»t Intention of the people of Beattl* to cele
brate th« homecoming of Hi • Waahlnjjton troop* from th* i'hlllpplnea by
an appropriate celebration; an<l
"Wkmti, Th- national holiday will alan b» fittingly ohierved by a.
celebration on th« Fourth of July; an 1
"\\ h"i. i». The prwence nf one of the battlaahlpa which hay* won
ruch flwlou* Victoria for our country In the recent war with Spain
would arotixc th- cnlhuataam of our loyal people and add to th* aucceai
of t!]■■•'■ patriotic demnngtrntlq.na;'and
"Where/m, Th. battle*hlp lowa will, about the, tlm« of th» propoaed
r^lrbratlnn, be In Puvt niurid water for the purpose of docking at the
l'uitp' Mound naval atntlon; now, th*T«for«, be It
"IlMoWtd by Hi" 'liv council of tiM city of Seattle, That the H..cro
tary of th» navy (»• rrqiir'ited to direct that the huttleithlp Inwa, or MM
v'.hir r< ;■(■■■■ -nill 1." ship of nur navy, !«• MBl to ff«attl* harbor to take
part la lhm« rclobratlona; an<l ha It furthrr
"ru-folved, Tlmt our (tnltctl fltatea lenntora and repreaentatlve* in
tonrreaa'bo requnnti-tl to Imlorae thla reaolutlon to the Rcorptary of the
Wary with their approval of tho r«<U>» and that th* city comptroller
m on l h* la hereby directed to forthwith transmit th< rcquMt herein
contained, to tin* H#crelary of Hi.- Navy, and ii our a*natora and r*pr*>
• Illvrll •' .
The i.».!nii'Ti « ka «ii. I In Msrrrtary l."iiic and ala<> In ll«natora
Turner .if r. ami tv .m.iii\.« June* and Cuahman.
Th* luwa (a . \|.. i. I i.. reach .liiiliix th* latter part of May, ami
will be docked at I'urt Orchard In rox'lv* nalva r<-i««i" a.
Utcivkip of the Princeton Riot
'I'll. remarkable battle which took i>l.i> •• yeaterday morning on th*
•Minim* or rum i i Dajnwirity i««i«■«.» too »tu<l«nti «n<t the cowboya,
Indiana mi.l l.oln thrower* of I .him BUI'I Wild v\>»i Mow, «iclualv*ly
i. |..m u-.i to Hi.- Mi.ir Mnii'iay in It* rant. deapatche*. prove* to have
Iht.ii a Vfry •< 11..11. affair, and one without parallel In American college
hlatory. Th* follnwln« *U|>pl«m«ntary deapatch today ahow* that th*
cowboya ami Indiana Ii«i1 * narrow r».-.i|.«. from • *«contl and mor* <li»««.
mil »nr»unt«r: ¥%
I'lllN' I r..\ N. J.. May 1* liti mediately fullowtn*; I ►!<• baltl* of y*>
l«r,U> i..i«,. 11 hi.. Itin. .i.ii piul..ni» and I'awn** liilla will \Vr»i
i.iiiiii. .if eowtoeyt ami Indiana, th* *tu>l*nta hold a, man it mm un«l»r
I lie trvv* and rrxtlvcd to ri!rnpl«t«ly (temollah th* Wild %Vo*t .mint, Itnt*
and rquli'tuiK* aa • ■-•» aa n!«hl arntr.l provldnl that th* ihiiw mad*
an attempt to bin.- lla advrrtlaoU iMTfurtnaiu*. rr*«ld*nt I'jii.m. «! th*
Unlvrralty, 1., in .f tin. Intsnllnn and at one* «ÜB»wli>ii«*d all of (ha un.
<\<- tcr.t'lii.ii. » to a «••• wi-l maaa m»*tln* at which h* prntd*d, and, by tho
ua* of pmuaalv* eliM|u*nr* and an lm|ll.-1 thrvat of punlahmmt, •*,■
u>»lli 1 ill arrMlln* 'h. in>|xi»<-J maviiiiiriil asatnat tit* ahuw. Tli« night
l» if-.ruiaii. i- *«a an utt«r failure. <»• < ■••"•I- r«fuiiin« to twtroola*
jit. and all .if th* atuJcnta remaining away. Tb*r» haa b«»n an unwrit-
In la* in friti. ■ (W w yvara that no «ho« nhould »»«f cihlhlt th«-r*.
! l'<t* ii. ■<• 1 till th..until that h* would d*fy MM taw. {,)
Th* *««-! eotortd man Ktllon. mho waa »u|.|>.»*(l lo b« .»«nt ■■ a r»
--• uli .f i:..- wound* i, riv«-l from th* weapon of • bnla throwtr, ratln-l
from th* . rr.-. i. of th* ahock. tlia»kull la rruallwl. how*v*r, and tilt!*
hop* I* •nt«rtatn*4 that he will r«-.-«v« Th* »lt»d»nl .>„ «r lUr.tnrr
la i..n.1.1.t,-.| t« b* In a critical ...nil. from th* »t»und« lie r«rWv»4
trvra * 1...U Dth.ru w..uod*-l ar« In a fair way lo r*eovar.i|
Bis Gold Discovery Near Owk's Inlet.
fleports of two Important gold dlwoverl** n**f *unrta« rity. Al
' a*ka h»v- jtt*l r*ach«d this nlv. and hundr«d» of •'"•■' a Inl«t |.ruiiwi«»
ar* *tampmlln* loth* new field* Th* mil la r uatlail •■ b»ln« founl
in large quantillra, an.l th* Bnd* proml** IQ rival Hhoa* of th» Klon.
dike. ■■*%*
Oapt. J.hn»..n ami UiU Ham of In* Oeneral Mglln. which ar
rived U.i night fr«,»» Cook Inlet. brought In* »••• of lh« Bnd Thl*
murMtit Captain Johnson Mild:
Th.- flr.l .li.o.ivwy wa* mad* at Maldovla by William Illpatein, • vet
eran prospector. Th» gold wa* f .und In a »m*tlrcV*ek within *. f*w
mil** of Haldovl. and th* color* «ft nceedlngty plentiful. Th* newt of
th* 4l*rorery spread like wildfire, ani miner* abandon*.! everything *l**>
ami ru.hrl M th* . r.-. k In one Jay*» claim* wefaj a«ah»-l oat. and th*
ruilrmrni reached fever hr it Th» new*»pr«ad for many mllei around.
and whim wr l-fi l«unrla*> in* »Urnt«-li? to th* if** *" Mill ..mtlnu
"Mkhael Worn, timl for th* At**k* Commercial company* •<"" at
Sunn** City, ml John Hroith. of th* North A«»ri«>« Transportation
• Trading company's *<«r» at that plac*. located •lUrr* number."=. of
rl.im. While the r«li»» of th* «i«'l •a» not knew*. |>r ( o.u»ntnu* *f
nu<K«ta wer* being taken out. The new dlirgli»f» >•*•• •'"" .lrv« |..i«-l
com* n*w copper r.n !•. »i-1 »h»fi« hay* b**n itink and la» or» la ra
jw.rt.-t In I-.)lnjf «,u»nil!ln - , *tf-i mmm .
"Th» other cold dtwrovery •>■ m »d» at HnMtr*»il\>lnt a! «h» m<mth
of ih»» Mia Mb Cr»'* »»ar llunria* Oty. Thl» dl«<t»»»rr «»• quarts.
an.l allluwura rwiatrtnir m'>r« lat».r «-• mln» th«« piWar. <b» Bnd In. r»a»
--•4 th< r«rii»n<*ni. an.l many *al.ial>l« claim* •»r« a»ik«d out, A aark
and a bo« conlalnlac Ik* or* >•• brou«kt do*» fcrlw* •* <' • '«» l»
t>» iiM>ri. Tb.l* dl««»«ry mmal*by A, U»w»on. Of Chk»«i>-"
?fiwv roajK. J ,a«>y <( l*^ <n>i>,>u>B#i iwwwiwMw* «t» tt>*»»«««a
--1«t-. ', .>•, mSrnir.* Mayor Van Wv>H «a» th» m»at Important »lln*M
• taming}. It* w*« «-i,...-i* qo*«tlon*4 rr««r llnr all»t»<l corrupt poltilral
prarilr** of <xnr«-bold*r* in N»w York, but notblnc »«n»nll «v *Ue.
|u»l«!«, Mar I*—r>»»ii»trb»« f rom Vl#nn» today a»»»rt lh«l ••
Prim* Mlnlater lv ' ml. of AuatrU, attMDl't^l lo commit •ul<-M»> tn ao.
count of lo»w» (uaulnvd »l rurKourwi. II etaad b«t» plunclnc b»a».
lly and I* tuppo»«Mt to ruir« droppf-l cl«antlo null. It la probable th»t
he will ll**, although In a pr««artou* r-i, :m»n.
)<rM'KN t*u«rt« nttn. Mar !«.—Th« fnltrd Blal»« Iranaport M*a4*
•truck • hi.Urn «r.. k laal night Juatoutntd* -»f tb* harh-r h*r» «prm«,n«
a bad l<-ak Tti« **•*•! «a« f-1.--.I t.i return for r«paira. Th» Xln»
ir.nih Infantry <v aboard of th» irar»«r«>rt, *n rout* to N»w Turk.
Th» arrldtnt will d*lay th# boat «*«*ral day*.
WAHin.VOTO.V. I». C. May !«,—Th* h«llh of Vie* rr*»M*nl Itftbart
<-.>nim«i.-« to alowly lmp»tr»» ll* wai al>l<- thl* m*nln« I • «•• about th*
hou.-.n I l«k* hi» m*al» with hi* family. Th» Hobarla upKl to coon
l«-»v» for Ihrir aummer horn* at t/<n« Ilranrb.
WAKiriNOTr'N. May U.—Th* ip*«-lal commlll** which baa rharir*
of lh» work of ralaln* fund* for Ih* <-»l» lbrallon of th* hotrweomln* of
Admiral !*-*»y. l» already at work with 111 preliminary arran«. mrnt«
Th* flr«t «ip to *"• takrn will bo to appoint tb« troTfrnora of all th*
■ t.i»« aa • \-nfr.il.. immtim of th* eommllt**. lUrh will b* »-«p«-t»d
to ■*• to th» .■..ntfll>utli»« rn*l« from hi* own particular atal*. It U
Wll.vf.l that IB«r» will b* a k*ar(y MBMM from all ov«r th» Union.
<■ wit. Africa, May It— Th* r*port l» r>i!,nrm*<l of a lar«*
numb*r of arrciit« at I'r.torla, It la b#ll*v»d that mo»t of th* prison
er* are I'ilti.h oßlmi who bar* lncurr*l DM dl«pl*a«ur» of th* I»n»r«.
■arMajl Irouhl* li lhr»ati>n*d a* th« Kn«li«h co»*rnm*nt will <-<rtalnly
tak* ai tlv» «l«pa to Mcurt th* re- l«-«a» of it» nfflrtu and indemnity for
their arrr«la •
I'lr.l.Al'll.PlirA Pa.. May Trii<- hllla of lmHftm*nt ■»*' r*
turnn) h#r» today By Ih* «ran.l Jury aa-alnat th* «-l(rht m«-n r«-o»ntly ar
r**t*d In connartlon with th- Jacob* coun(*rf*ltlnc conspiracy cm
Th.i ar* all accu»«-<l of p»rlle!patln« In Ih* work of count»rf*ltln* and
clrculallnc th* 1> «v» r«v*nu* »tamp» upon . l«ar boi»», and th* i.iunl»r
-f*ltlnc of th- Monro* Heal tl« ailv-r cwrUfleal**.
WA»»inN<fP -N. M»y —Att-.rn»y O*n*ral Monn#lt. of Ohio. irar*
him »»n»allon«l tmtlmony I lay b*for* lh» In.luilrlal Commltl**
which la lnv<-*il«alln« tin iru«l«. ll* declared lhat the wertl of th»
pr**#nt malntenanc* of truata la that thay r*c*lv* fa»ori from Ih* rail
road* In trannportatlon r»Ua. dlacrl mtnatloni In their fav.>r b«ln« th»
ml" ll* -Wlar. I that the trii»l« il*«J both »lat* and PWt*r«l pow*r
with which in rru-h liklUMiml*. Alludlns '" "'" Standard CHI company.
Monnrtt charred that cnmbln* with a criminal abu«« of pow*r, and d*<
clartd that It an throttling all com pctltora by foul .Tirana.
A rumor I* In circulation In the
effect thai the transportation of M
aoldlers and » large quantity of • If
„.|.- un<l»-r commind of Pal. Phil
Hay for the »it»t>H»hmi n( of milit- 1
ary atatlona along the TuKnn. will
•tart from Ran Franclaro Imtead of
tuattle. It waa publlahed v.t.r
day that A«*l*t«nt QunrlermaHer
\V. W. IlnherUon. Jr., had receive I ,
ordora to make preparation* fnr fur- ,
nlahlng th* transportation and »*
pile* for the expedition. it.iut.i.
authority ataln that an effort la be-1
Ina; made to have the party equipped j
at Hun Franclaco, and connMernble!
Influence I* being brought to bear In
th* riHit-r.
The Standard Furniture company
him commenced a replevin anil
a«aln»i <'•'<' Van Aiciii>■ ■. and the
caae I* belrta- heard to<l*y before
Judge Ilia.m of the mil" I-t«r court.
The Furniture company . ' ilma a lien
on the houaehold effect* which were
»old at auction from the houie of
Emma Norton on Waahlngton atreet.
Th". Furniture company la roprraent
ed by Oaburne, filcele A Auft. and
Tort Van Alatlne by Illclmrd Win
tar. Holllngcr, i: • ll I * Mottle.
The Orand i-- li of '■ Ih'ln" met
thla morning nt I" o'clock In Klk«
hall. In Hi.- C In, in building. The
report of the flrand fhancetlor waa
reail. In which It waa almwn that th»
total m'mhrralilp In lhl« alate Is
4320, or a gain of 210 during the year,
in.l that there I* a tmlnnco of mil 81
In the lrca*ury. Th* report of ll»*
■ranJ keeper of r»con1» »n<l (rand
maiter nf th* exchequer fallowed,
•fter which th* lode* a-ij >urni-<1 for
liin'-h»"n. ThU afternoon a rlaro
l.uk» la brine held at lieaaant bay.
Two Important real e*t*te deali
have Jnct taken t'l»r». Th* Moor*
Inveatment company ha« purrhaaeti
4" arret of land adjoining th» ITnlver.
•My Kroundi at llrooklyn for ll«.0O0.
ami It la rumored that aeveral of the
profeaaora at the l'nlv»r»lty, Imln.l
Inc I'reitdent Oravea, wilt erert real
denrei on th* land aa aoon a* It v
cleared, Mr«. .1 liruhni- Inn imr
cha*e<l the *» ft. lot on lUllrnai av
enue and Nil «treet from J. W.
Cloodwln for tIS.OOO.
Weatcott, nll.ia Tom Campbell, the
bicycle thief arr««ted by Offlrer
Ilrei>ae at Kromiinl yeaterday, hai
ri.«««',i to ateatlnir over » dnien
wheel* In Iteattl*. ll* admlta »i-ll-
InK th* wheel to Allirlßhi «i Houth
Hi ill.v which wa* recovered by PO
-11... omrer Downey aeveral <lay«
Mi- Katherln* A Tlnirtey, on* of
the Ir i.lliik (fortiori of tlu> tfnlveranl
lirnlli<ilii"il. will arrive In the city
HI. run. Oily of fle/ittl* arrived In
port late ')<!■ afternoon from Hkua;
way with 29 pMlinaaW and M late
Aluminum thimble* form the Mr
(real proportion of the output of mil.
firm of Connecticut manufacturer!.
Regarding a Straot Railway
Tin* illy ...iin.ll did not Ilk'- Up
Hi. B,Uaalton of a IIIIIHOIIUIi »ir. ••(
'•i franrblM hi Ita meeting '•»'
nlihl This iHillry at MM nrllfMl
•>•• 111 arcortlane* 'Mil 111 alate
infill iiin.lt- hy i.inn. Ilitinn J«ni'^i
an.l |Hitill»h. l In ywiterilay'a Hi.ii.
1 that II" | .11 | ■■ ltt*M commute*
would Imvfi to take com* Urn* to took
Into th* nattW lirf.itr iin- ruunrtl
fnul.l ■< I A number of »ln'l rail
way mm W*r* |.l.»rlll ssp«ctlfig
MM nor! «f action la b« i lIM " which
was all iimu .«-»»ury on thrtr part.
An ordinance? »*• tia«»>-l appro
priating* V*<i '» i'> i«> fur <(<••• I» of ,
land* ■■> Ihr clly «l"l» 111' Odar ,
itv.r H«!ii-..f.wuy by lIH N'.illi'rn
l*«. in.
| The iv.ur rlv*r m.in. i ram* up
In an nr<llnan>-« .rl»u.» City l:n
--i ■tii**^r Ttiamaon i'»»i»ii>i v thrro aup>
tiUiiii aulftant rtty •imlnMra on
111. Cedar rlv«r contract, at 1171 put
month each.
A i>ri>i»i»lllun «•» r»-t'#lv*il from
Mr*. Nfllir I'hlni.r, to I*ll Wimm]
land park (" th* rlty for llw.tM. .
A dinllar pr.)|»>»lll"ti from th* M
••r« ■■{ Itavvnna park, for th* aal* of
that tract for 117.000. «■■ infiwi
11..Hi an. rfftfi. I to li.. flnane*
eommttl**. %
Hill ■uucio'i Him th* council ae
'*pl th* Invitation from th* Rav
rnna Park •••»■• >*ll"n la vlalt th*
i Th* Invitation »■• • ■<•!'• I tb*
ilm« to t>* nirl later.
. f'aatlrman • rranluilnn t.-.|Ur«iln«
Ih* board of i>ii».lir work* to allow
bootblark and olnrr ttand* la do
u*ln*«* In in* «Hr« ef th# rity
••• tak*n from th* tabl*. Hill MM
In (Mi raw. In* 'iui->tion la. shall
•i allow a f»w ru>t>rn to mak« a
Itnaa* and give Ihr i«»r man a
irhanr* I' f*t » MM fnr 8 rvnta. In
ataad of ■ dime* And now th* urn
ll«m«n from th* Plrat ward (N'arln),
who pnsta as th* rhamplon of th*
poor, unfortunat* and down-trnddrn,
ir*ta up h*r* and ii-arci th* rra-.lu
llon lam aurprlfl an 1 paln*4 at
ib» «»n!lrni«n • attltuJi*.*' , , ,
• Mow and l»llirr foujrbl In* rr«
otutlon, Oaatl*ma« haitlln* for 11.
Finally a motion by Jam.» thai th*
n-Klutlin b« r«-?'rr«-.l la a ap*«l*t
rf.oiinlttrr ronatsiintr of «*»»»l«mao.
DNkM and Crichton •» .»• il'i'in) '
Tat n«nnin mat brtat* th» a*«.
•lon waa »t>.lr.|. and aCT**^ Is rr
port th* rvaolution "> as to permit
hnotblark «iatid« alon* <•• occupy
•par* In »!!<■*• not •armnllrnt K> In.
from th» abbultloc property. This
amendment waa • )>ptr« on th*
tn*».>ry thai th* roanrll ha I already
r4l«ts*nlrd la th* ua* of |tubllo Ih r
<M!fhfar«« for boalnns t<urt«»»« In
p*rmllUn« hanta t.i v*« M In.
et III* • .IV. to display Ihrlr fur*"
•a. t «K>r»l » r»»otmloi» -**» — I a a**
II 111 fUlffll •% T Psl*»T IW |OW ITfW *in«T
th* city librarian to «1»* (■> th*
Hs»ir«"«' "" Caulkera' and Jul—
uni.-n au<-lt b.».ka In th* rlly tlhrary
jaa hay* IsfJM worn anil nnl<-»ir
abl* for further rirrulatlnn.
Crlrhton'a Ml maklna It unlawful
tt>r r*m*l*rr ae*or!atl«n to allow th»
burial Of human bodl*a without a
r*rtlft<at* or permit from In* health
ofSrer was t l"'"'
Arrangements lira Being
WAKIIWJTOJ*. May «.—Cuba in
to haw a railway po»(*l »ervlc«.
Thl* matter of llliMilnar th« de
ll* «ry of mall* throughout th' l«Un 1
•II b* Inaugurated within thirty
rllnc* th« occupation of Cub* by
the American force*, great lmp«tui
ha« b»«n given the. Ml'nli'h anil
building; of railroad* and a large.
ar»« of territory haa l>r»n placed In
communication with th* principal
rltir* American ami KnglUh mpi
!•!!•!« have pun ha»»d many of the
nM road* *n I art now building new
llnea Into all part* of ih» Inland.
Ma) >r X O. l<»lhtx>ne, director of
i port* for Cuba, haa Iwcn a»pnr-->i >■>
jail of th* railway ri'm|wini»< .>|^rat-
Inc In ih» Inland that a regular
I •rhrdul* will b* furriah.-1 for lh«
I tranaimrlall'n of mall* In view nf
thin fart poitumce» arc twin* »«lal>
ll>h»'1 aa rapidly aa iKwalble In all
of th« —1111 l town* and villa***.
Heviral postal MM hay* already
been a». ur«"1 and « large number
are now In MM of ronatmetlnn.
All that remalm to ba don* It the
ra<atil!«hmrnt of a mr«'«-m
Th» Innovation In the rapl.l •••
livery of mall will l'» Innplrlnc to the
Oltian». aa for over four hundred
yeara It often required <lara and ;
even weeka for mall to reach the
»mall»r vlllaif a and plnntallona of
the I»l«n1 I. llli« If any mall »««
carried by rail, and when It ■ M «en!
'at all waa ronvayed Iv a ■Mnm
on foot or In a. cart drawn by alow- ,
1 \y moving- oxm\.
Havana mo»ln« paper* may nmmi
lw> read by l> plant while enjoy. |
Init their t>rrfkfa»t. Th« Havana am)
Hani • expreM will deliver and
collect mall 10 and from ill point a |
between the two rltlei. Tim train
I will not m»ke any llopi •»■!'' IB
the larrer towna, and the ayatrm of
, .it.'him mall on the fly a« In vogue
In ill" country, will tie Inaugurated.
In the aelectlon of pnftniMtWi na
tive* have been choaen In atmoat ev
ery eaae. except In the larger OitlM
where th« managnment of the. office*
require* tha knowledge of the •>•»
--tern* employed in thl* country. In th*
city of Havana over letter carrlera
have een appointed from th" na
!tlv« population. In the aelectlon
of railway poatal clerk* It I* expect- .
ed they will tie. appointed from the
employe* of th* aervlce In th" Unit
ed *»ii»t«'«. im It I* thought that It
will take too long a time, to nrganlae
11,, department liy tha employment ,
of Inexperienced men. : •
r.lillr- Harvey ili^»l« pena. ll
will not eat them at home under any j
circumstance*. The other day he!l
dined out, and on hi* return homeJ4
hi* mother nuked him, "Hnrvey, were I
yon polite at Mi I Chadwlck'*T" "Oh,
ye», mamma." replied llnrvey. "I
1,1 them help me to ir-is twice."— II
I llar|i'-r» 1 In z.i ii r. li
Buy Wisely^
f And you'll buy here. We sell household and
kitchen utensils cheaper, quality considered,
< than any store In town. The reason you re
not Interested in—but the fact is what counts;
|so prove it and see. - 'v ■
(213-1217 Stioond Avenue
to pay a fair price, let us figure with you —
Third and Pike. star paint co. ;
(A Pictures on Glass 1
Framed Pictures on (ilass
From ZO Coot* •—'p '■'
,1 OOO'bOO firmX. Avonuo. •
MTnUjHTfI) 0 pn """" Groceries
UIPK a LU. Wines .Lie, uo rs
Fisllr Tnit SolicJtei. Prlcet KsJtrit! ill HttMl GunUttl
Ici,|.li<m» 1. rmT»i "TnU*<'l»r*l<from *■'«. i-f (lUoa up."
Jtfln a—^ oft fIU Guarantees
Ouli ■SSON $L iUU Good Rider
"Auditorium, Bicycle Hiding Academy
•W.tj Third Ava.'and Mndlcon St.
© Howard, Hp," Waltham Di [ li Watcto
dSpt^ At l-ow Pnooi, at
TO* rir.t Av»ov^«
€™ "~§k -rti'" DANGEROUSNEGLECT -OF ike EXE 7
Wl Uk^ \ lt«»ci««t-i» la !!.•■•• Uf., li.t 'I c«, it»l't <a. rti»-' Tl.l .T
» J _rfr\ fc-^ 1 t! ':r r ( -t!: in«:it ;»>f lit*- i-tr ;utiuj OJ r»/u/ uj l.f. U »!i« ••*»!
4 'A, .^J_P_ ' ik»tc»»'™ I■•••■• 1 iniwi,tr»
■U j^-. _ .» .•^•" 11, imrt! H» il X, ni'i.im, T" urn A»-
HutTnlo Legal Tender Developing Gmipany.
WHY ..>■rrtoot th# •—«li • o|r«rtueitf ol y«i» iif« T*« or IhrM buodr»l dsllan
(.m)»t,j la*.»<■■. 1 ;« »..»1. |.rual,in« 1 ;in.i<it k««t-» will nit* )•■ 1 * turtuu*. Too
tnl u»i af <•>•! ii ■ •i.udi !«• iJuw. or ■!>•< ?•)'! «r» Dot Ik* !'"• ■» r •■"'■ tot «rr»i
taflaiM* v* ■•'."".!•; tan n«»> year. .li'■:.".■; '„ ■ Illll* aul'lll'tu, «>tk
ft mil* ittnnon »«!>♦•, »i« i a l«« lUtllftr* In r«»li. tm f»; •■■« fmi i»q th« n>» 110 lortu>«. It
fuu «r« ttnturfcf In i.,»|in| lntr*imrtiii. lo'U>v ilioav ■uu ».-»• !u« *y. *ut jou ,i Miul
i»tr<«|<r *» •'» >■««rii.«. f"i • llmlixl tlmi eulf. I*«it T»ofl»r t(« kM t fIU|HT
•l.«n-. TbU Mo** «!U fn-u Hi' tontl tii.il Uloro iu«nj ««•*•. Tkla It • Mrlrtlr
ctti» v«. itit)-»!u>' m «tt>l wltl luMir* ie" ll1« rtturnt Inr four montj- In' T.-u i-r
Uon Mm* v*ln, uri vnlf v« «• Irtt 4uunl Irtats ttt« ftmoci **Blc H.)ff*l> M,n#, «t. 1 only
•i» n«.iu.. m»I in ••!•• iiln, irui.t tv« -I ai »» K">y i»(m>. Ih* «<inroj>ii'f mi»r«t. «r
II |*rv«''l «< »lil« ti K.»k,».« iwiilir »i»l|ijt ll«*»i,l-«U«i «r*«n.Ul««Hl
H»i<« f»n. ha,»i>i i,r i;ir>, .i» **>rint •!) »i«»4*M •tottn. Remit If I'iui or
MsanrrtixMr. All ..M»n him in! in iri.nii.sir imp Iv.i IITI.
You Cannot Be Too Quick About It.
"To »u«-r^».l, ih<- ■unlfTllntltn cf the romln* itr«nt •
Copper Triini mint k*<*p tht i>rtct of copper up. and
In do this they mual control ib« output, Dot only of
the United BUtW. but of sh- world."—Herald.
Tti* imaclnaii'.n r«-fl» at tb» promts** ii.li forth, yet If the»
th.tm* i>» done il-ry »ill nut I*- man mttfrittmm than th* leap*
Inc boundlnir >I<>nrn of copper (hares In lh« la»t year. -.-
If It at all ■urprlilnc that «te am dumb-founded at your
apathyT of eMM you «rl*h to makv money—all MM people
do—then why heaitate I" nok a little In what mum be I'bvliua
In the mod thoiiihtledi, la .hK'-ly the cheapcut and Mfc<t
Investment ever pre»entml?
Tli»rr la a kind of heavlnea* and Irnorance that hurci upon
the mind* of ordinary men which la 100 thick for knowledge
to break through; but* as you are not of that i l.i»». we jr«
simply unable to account for ynur etrmlnjr Indifference.
JOHN E. McMANUS £ SOM3IB Ss:onJ Avenue
PiUiino T'lfK It* lh<" knl il^
jT ISII 111 A "WAIL home wit.i a lull t\is.,,y^
i.l«ir-5> i >*> ; *-n>H 11-. U n*r dorm, IOC to i M
it i.-.i r.-t« i" k«l«.!V. Of. 1*
-„|| ll.iu I--i 1 il> I '•• | Mil ill Tint H. <■!•. .'■■<■ •*
I »i'»t. mi to • *«. Kakini. »« lv I «a
•t.-lr«. O| >■- i-l-.l ll'»l 4 (U| h|».»ti i.- 10 U
COON BROS. I4l7~s«joond Ay«.
i ■ : — —' ~
ABE voi —*"-
•pi tpjl | 0 A Going to Build?
\\ "* ■'„ Mfß^'"'*" (\\ « '.mi i r|.«ilr« •;■■'■(«::.!• «n<l plun"
V T-" Vi*V''» iVt <•■ / a* V '"' 1"1" ""* boJMIB* or in 1,1.• I- >ntv to
• V >>- s£2yK*i>j&afi* [*'■'■ 7\i/\ !••! •]■• '-I «it.nii.:. 10 it.ut |>lumUai,
kfcA r-*Ci*faftllrfi4/l> II i'l'-, lit 1 Vi'urHr»'.ihilrp»n<l»iir<>n ft. Wetn>«*r«ii
: rri/i1 * ?<< KL^ray.,ll>, . !wl'! u..i. »t n»,.,, ,>>, in.iii- ■„..,, ■ \.,,,i-.
--*"*7"-- s^—m j«* OL.I' '■''\T7«I ln«-,«lth th* l«tr«t Imrnivnmnir, In op«i
.>' ■'-*' ' I■■ ',•! \— ' mninri rluuibtm. »« ■ low otimatt. our
jjjj^l^-^^*^ i,,««:..|. of our ir.rto In ill elcl»U».
x rautman plumbing co.
-^^^SS^ly■ V^^AM 'X Cor. Third Av#. and Spring St.
Delivered Electrically (or Mftfiufictwrlng and Induitrlil Utet
Snoqualmie Falls Power Co.
tuintmtmi sunon n QlllxK, »r,»TQ». SUTTIX SyoH in. m Km Si.
Mora n Brothers Company
cuir plKiit Inrlu '■ « •!•«! ant wnol rontlrurtlnn nn.l imrnri nil b»uoha« of ttM
I Hlaaai Mininr »nd nil her •■!•••<-• al muchluorr built mi>) rriitlrti.
AirnU lt>r •• Wantalnitiin" pUßpliu !"•■ -.ii'ir Hi" "Mother" uni "RobnrM"
vain ml- bolUn «v.l the I'mti 1 hum Sl»u:ll l« kiiM ComiMnr.
The nchooncr ••■ SlKlln, arriv-
Ins lli-ri' taut ■ v Mini; from Cook Inlet
port*, had the following pa»»*niter*:
.I*iti<>ii M. Union. Jam?* CunUff, J.
Hi.'iiwn and Mr. lloft.
i',,|,t;.iti .l.ihuwn. of the Blirlln In
•llKii-'inilv .Lull | thnt there "n« a
rare between Mi VMMI and thi»
■chonner Ni 111.- <• Thuralon from
Tyonak la •»«tU« on ■ waiter of KM
I 11,. ills" .1.-i. I- — that the Thurntnn
beat i,,, nalllnit i. art by making
,i,, trip in 13 tain ii- claim* ik D
I the rernril ««• h<<M by the Khooner
Stella Kinnil. which vea»«l mails the
i v.iy ;ißr- In nine ilny».
A ineetlnn of th« "tiimtic mural i
t.ii -• i- U »lm in l.i at the . mill, i of
commerce this .hum ii,"hi. Tim* ure
. ♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
i < Telephone Subscription* to i
: Pike iso I
so. »;:..
, JO ilfUtr.ttcn pn'Kpnt. nmi nearly every
r.'iinty OKsnrlatton II r«pr<-»<-iite»l.
HH|>n tiro liik taken towards organ
ding « »tat» a««oclatlon In which all
Million Inl.ivM..! in (he tn.uiiif •.-
turi' of uhlnirlra will In reprpsontrd.
A nnrrant wan Itsuril this after*
noon for th» nirri>l of Ki«nk M.>r
j linn. ili'tnic Richard* and John I >. **,
I Who nr«- . )i.iiK'"l with robblna- I(.-,J
Oliliilnira .if »:'l S.itiii-ilay night.
OkIMM InapMtOr V. U. H. inivl.T
lino til. a complalnu In the Mcrul
our I iiMrKiim hi i SI I'iik and Ah
Chow, two ("hlnrnp laborers were
found April 2S, rraldlnir unlawfully
In the United Ktatei, havlnir not
ln'i'ii ii'KiHti-ivl and Ml bi'liin pt.i
--\ i.1.1 with the nrc^Ksary certificates
granting them right of entry.

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