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)ii.\es m
Which Pay Rich
mmx \nslll\6To.\ DMWh
Sam* Intaraitlnf Stalamtntt Mid*
by • Milt From SnohomUh
'Arthur Hank*. * well known mln
lnr man. arrtvrj In th* rlty today
from t*nahoml«h and la r»«l«l»r>d at
th* Hull.- He apeak* *nthii*la*tlc
ally of Ih* minr» In and around Sim.
homlah county, and «>>» th« outlook
la v*ry brutht.
"That la a part of th* country."
Mid Mr Hawk, "which haa not twn |
hair d*v*l«p«r.t. and Ih* rtchn*a* of
tta mm. ml* la practically unknown.
Only r*o«ntl)r haa work i>.-- n don* to
any *itent. Th» lar«ip amount of
■now which f*ll tail winter hat !•«••••«
■low la mcltlntr and ha* Intrrfrrrd
aTTcatly with th* d*vrlopm*i>t wark.
"Another r*»«oii for llttl* d«v*li>p
mrtit work la owln* to the fact that
many p*opl* h»\* br«n d«votln«
thalr au.nll..n lar«.ly to th* coun
try In th* neta-hborhood of Krltlah .
CVlumbla an,l lUtuiMi.-. It la true
that th* cTound la rich MM ihrr.-.
I'Ut th* ttm* will ao«n con* when Ih* j
public will <<•• looklnv toward Has-|
hom!«h and Kli»t reuntt*a •■ on* of
th* moat Important mlalnv e*nt*ra
la th* United •<»«.
"While at ttnohomlth I vl*lt*d tli*
majority of th* prrnelpal nt!n nf
that a*etlon and found that coud
work oat brlnt; don» on nearly all
of th*m. In ihl« diitrl.-t th« M«n>
Crut.i. n#«r Index, ta d«v«loplnr »*•
trvnwty *mo 4 or«. Tb* 1"r'..1« of th*
Mountain*. own*J by Ilanton. Mer
chant A FVllow, It alao abowlns up
w«ll. and a tunnel hi- r*<-vntly br«n
driven in to Hm extent of »,'"0 ft
■The Hold baM claim, near In*
Monte CMatei h«a recently been sold
to a Pennsylvania (radical* (or i:i.
•The Clotd ■■ mln* near there Is
also products*! good ore. and assay*
11.So in gold. Th- rarest claim ad
joining that, I* yielding rich ore in
termixed with k>ii\ <>r
*Th« Slltrrt.m mine. It mil** south
of th» Meat* I'rltl". I* another m!n*
In which good work la being don*.
Th- Uonasx* Quc*n Is eh mine up
to covd advaotag*. Th.»» claim*
ar* locatati In what It known a* tru>
Copper r»m|> Th* latter ha* re
cently b*en porcbaned by a Koaton
MMM fir »•»,»•. On th* Hul
tan Ilasin tb*r* ar* is claim* which
contain a larg* body of h(jcha-rad«
or*, and thla ajaay* ll»»i per ton.
Th» prop*rty la owned by a ryn-JI
MM composed of 6«atU* and [toston
MM? tb* Sultan Ilasin thrr« ar*
II claim* which H. Kruger. .if flno
bomlsb. recently ■ bonded to New
Tork parties. The snow Is stltl deep
on tbes* claims, whirh prevent* any
work bclog .lone until It nulta.
"N>«r Index, tb* ftunset mine,
»wii"l by John It. McUanus A X n.
I* showing up to good adr&Qtag*.
Th» drifts hive been *xt*nded a con
■lderabl* dtstaac*) and nearly tha
witoi* of the or* body is «xpo**d.
Th* or* Improve* In raluo a* th*
depth Increase*. On Money f*r*«fc.
th* Apex claim*, owned by J. I'
ft evens and Mr. Ma lon*, of ftoatll*.
or* I* being taken nut to the value
•f ISO par ton. Tb* Monday group,
belonging to 11 11. Palm*r and Hand
of Hrattl*. la also producing good
"In King county th* '! |M Tun
nel I* (bowing up good. A large body
of or* ha* recently been uncovered,
the values of which ran a : th*
way from IH to CM per ton. Th»
property 1* located on tb* Batno
cr**k. near In '.<•»
"Th« Cleopatra, on th* Miller rtver.
1* a!*o showing up hlsb-grad* or*,
valued at lion per ton. This prop
erty I* owne-1 by th* Silver Rtork
company, r(im[i"«"l of iteattl* and
eastern men. TheT* la good work
being don* In th- Monte Carlo mine,
located on Silver Creek. Th* mln*
I* owned by Mr Hrhnelder, of Bno
homlsh. A tunnel MO ft In length
has recently MM excavated. The
Troublecom* mine, owned by a Ger
man syndicate, is also turning out
good or*, and tb* claim Is estimated
to b* worth about fsO.DOi)."
Mr Hawk* will go to Dawson about
June, 1. to took after som* claims
which h* has located on 'quarts
Creek, near Eldorado. Work mi
begun on the** claim* tast summer,
and they ar* said to be giving spitn
did development*.
Object* to Extension of Ex
clusion Act to Cuba.
WAHiir May H.—A recent
order by the military authorities at
Havana, providing for the removal of
Chine** residents outside of th* city
limits, upon th* ground of their al
leged unsanitary conditions. Is to ba
mad* th* subject of protest by the
Chinese legation here. Tb* Immi
gration law* of th* United Ht.it..*
have been extended to Cuba and thus
exclude Chinese Immigrants. Thla
extension of th* Immlgrstlon laws
has already been mad* the subject
of protest to th* Stat* department,
and the matter Is now under consid
eration. At th* Chinese legation
Mr .Hhen Tung, who Is in charge In
the absence of Minister Wu In flpaln,
to which country he Is also accred
ited, said the matter of removal of
the Chinese beyond the rlty limits
of Havana would be brought to ih**
attention of the State department,
and a request made fur a revocation
of the order.
Speaking of this action of the mili
tary authorities, Mr. Tuna; said:
"'Cuba Is under the control of Amcr
;• ;m troops, and all Injuries stmtaln
< i i/v Chinamen or other resident*
will be • M subject nf inTtltlSatiOfl
by their respective comtrlM. We
understand, that Mr. Chan, tha Chln
.Ml .1 »l IN I lit 1.1.ri I*.
Th« tUjrl 111 "A IJ"t Old Tlmt."
••»•• Coßttti 111 tl.iv.in i, haa n»k,-.l
Ovhrral l.ii.H-iw fur protection r.l
Hi.- l.ii ,>. ami, of r.nir«i>. It I* #*•
p.-. i.-,i that he ahoutd furnl«h 11, If
protection 1* nut cui'u hi. 11 ih* t'n.
lt»d *Uat*a I* mtponaibl*., an<t will
!••• *»k#<t In make innniiwi.
"Thl» itu'iuiUa nut only th» prolw
(Ion of Ufa and property 1, li.it th*
iliii,...- mum .■«!■..• iir allowed word
nli. ih.t !h. % nmy obtain employ
ment without twin* tm<Ulted by dli
«.i:i»tl.>.| atrlkera. An in the rmwy
al itf lh» t*hlne*» quarter* out (Ida uf
the i-lly Umlla, It will never l>e done
until the mo*t vl«ornua protect ha»
f.nir I It >»>• iri.-.l In Man Fi.tn
riven, but MTtr ronaummatetl. It
th* hralth of th* • 111«- "• I* threat
i-ui-.l i~y iihin"ii«) i.i»!i.lhir«. th«n
thi> »!>•!.■ luwn wltl hay» to (><• burn
"On* thin* l« errt»ln. th» ' ' »•••
quarter v Junt nil iK'tiihv a» any
other «.-.-tl..:i or Ih* rlly. If II la .I.'
-clilwl In forcibly tftol in* Chlnca*.
th*n th*y will not Mly hay» \a 1.
--1. -imLiii ...I for th* lo»i of their |>rop
ir>i. but .»i« • fur any lncunv*nlenr»
iiM.nlipliti tilt-Mi."
Fall on the Stova.
OWC MM 111.. May I«,-Mra. flu
ab*th Kvana, » »l>l'* (9 )Mi" of
..«>-. r«*l<llnc at lO.Tid Calhnun av*
mi.-. «•• |>i.i h.t|i> fatally tmrn.-l ><••■
t. ri.iy ..ri.in.i ■» by fAllloK la •
faint upon th* rod-hot atov* .1 th*
tlm» ah* WAS iM<*t'«r.nK • mrjl «h«
was acrleudsr burnrd alwul bar aid*
and 11 mili«. llrr iwovcry »»• pro
ni.um-r.t doutitful. Bh* waa removml
! to ih.. countr ho»pltal. ,";■;
- - .
An Ohio Woman Meats Death
in Chicago.
■ ■'?!■•»..■> May !*.—Vllhelmlna J.
Prnbst. st year* old. rmm* to Clilc*g«»
from Clrc!*vlU*. 0.. MonJay, to vn-
II her dau«ht*r, Mr« t. It ran.
No. It Whiting Mf»*< Tl.«> her
rvmalna w*r« taken back to th* Ohio
Th* woman wit etxiklna* <*n a «a»
•toy* whttt a draft of air extinguish
ed nam* and allowed In* «a« to •*
--cap*. Not belnc familiar with tb*
odor of gas, th* •■! 1 woman did nut
rvaJlt* her danger until »he became
w*ak. Kb* fell in trying to lt»Vf
tb* room and on th* <i-r b*r daugh
ter f >''n I' —r Kb* dt*d an hour at
t*r. Th* eort>n*r*a Jury a4cr*d a
vrr lit t «f accltjontal death.
Clever Scheme to Defraud th*
cnncuoo, May 14 — Th* ro*t
i>m".■« ■t.|«rtmrrl ha* l» •■'» Informed
that • scheme l» un (not In Chicago
whereby ii In *«{mtl«l by <■• tain
promoter* ro derive i >»fl!l II th ex
pense of the * ivrrp.nifßl. The |>ian
I* to lake a.lnnlie» of tb* f*cl that
American dollar* will brine twice
the-tr i »•<• value in Mexico. »al to v«»
th.it r -.imtr» »• a center for sending
mir circular* from Urn »iialn«aa
h.«!••• Id tb* United Illatta to in-:r
ru«(..in.r« throuiehout the e.mntry.
Th* promoter* of 111* wheme •<!«■
«■■•! (■< «"hlra«'l bU>ln<r*« MM haY-
In* • law mail oril*r business, thai
they «hu< their circular* to Mexico
In bulk, by 'r-iithl or expreaa. Th*n
th» malting turner »n'.« th« circu
lars to th* customer* at ha!f th co*l
of malting- In th* I'nif 1 States. Th*
[postal law* of thla country t> not
[cover such a ■" hn»». bat. according
to I*nstof3c* Inspector Btuart. this
<rholr*al* fraud ■ an b* prevented by
th« provision* of th- custom* law*.
The** law* provide that circular*
or books «<-nt In bulk are »u»>j.« i to
: a duty of IS M* cent ad v.ii.r* m. and
at tbl* rat* th* cc<*t of (hipping th*
matter to Uexk-o by freight or ex
press will b* greater than th» uaual
ivurw of lr»n»ml*«lon by mall. In
spector Hluart says he '!■'»• n"t look
for an extensiv* use of th' sebem* by
< reputable buatntM bout**.
Considerable excitement ban been
naua*<! by th» discovery of a can* of
•mall-pox In th* little settlement of
sumi*-1-. at th* mouth of th* Caa
cad* tunnel on th«- Northern i'aclfle
railway. It was-reported yeaterday
to th* county commissioners, and
tb*y lmm-.ll«t»1y ••nr Dr. Cha*. !.
Neville to Investigate. Dr. Neville
r.-iurt.- ! this morning and hr stale*
that a v»ung lady, th- daughter of
th»» landlord of th* only hot*l In
town, M down with th* smallpox
In a mild form. Four other*, ho
, wer* exposed, ha 4 loft th<> I MM and
traveled westward on foot early In
th« day, but Hi»y w*r* discovered
and taken Into custody about fifteen
mil** from fttamped*,
Upon Investigation It was found
i that th* probahl* ....irr» of thl* '11
--wiw was a man who ha<l worked
! on Hi" section gang some tlm* ago.
It was noticed that h- wa* broken
out, but no particular attention wa*
paid to it at th* tlm*. Th* where
about* of th* man or hi* nam* Is not
known. He lefty Htumpede a ahort
I time ago f»r parts unknown.
j iJeputy Wherlff Wilson wan writ up
there li»t night to take charge of
id- quarantined hnuae, and strenu
ous efforts will be, tsken to stamp
out Hi'- 'imi-aM.
Two strert porter* In Ilonn got In
:to a row lately, and Instead ol
punching each other** head, W9T%
persuaded to fight a •In* I "under ■#«
v»r« conditions." They were strip
ped to the waist, blind folded, and
armed with revolver*. One shot was
to be tired at flft»>'ti pares, blindfold
ed; then the romnntnntu were 10
rain* the. li.iin.-i.iK'', advance to ten
paces distance ifnd fire ngaln. Two
round* were fired In this way with
out damage to any one. not even th*
four s*conds. Th" iii then ■!'•
rided that honor was Hntmfled. All
(he parties to the nfTnlr hnv" been
nrcsted. Ihn authorities apparently
tielng furious at Mm ridicule brnußht
upon dueling by i he low rank of the
flen. John 11. Oordon ban made con
nl'l'-r.ilile money as a lecturer'ln th*
i^aat year or po. He Intends t'» In
vent a (tnml shnro nf It In a shecp
mlfintc venture on his Georgia plant
a'.lca. t
Depend Upon the
Great West.
Thai Claim Ha Will Com* W.it
This V*ar (or ■••lltleal Pur
■•(•t alon*.
WAsJirtNOTON, D '• May It.—
Th* itlat'itaiiiiiii among Itepubltcan
I'.ilm.laii. to predict a walkover for
McKlnley In I*" la M th* wane.
Present Indications point to th*
nomination of McKU ■ and IJryan.
If th* conventions were to b* held
next month Instead of ■«! year, '■
there wouldn't <•<• any doubt what- :
soever un th* .ui.Jc. 1.
Infection 111 McKlnley'* home
•tat*; Ih* Atgcr l»>ue and Mark
Manna ar« th» burdens of the Presi
dent. Itrpuliiii an politicians say !
when not talking (Of publication.
Ilryan has Ih* west and south
west behind htm. I tii«-«a the present
movement t.i ir.lit him In Tax
as. Missouri act other states should
succ*«d, hr ha* but Hill* to fear so
far aa Ih* Ivraw ratl>- i-unrenllon la
Th* question of platforms I* as in
t*r*stlng a* that of candidates. Th*
Hr-r»ubll< ana. II la believed, will com*
out ..purely ,>n a gold aiai- 1n I
plank. "IMmolalliam baaed on Inter
national agreement" la a plank that
appeala to th« pollttrlana. anil th*
adoption of on* of that sort la not
a.i unlikely. Kipanalon will be In
dorsed, and •• will th* protective
tariff, although even now there I* a
tendency In certain quarter* In al
low competition more freely In this
To* Democrats are expected to
reafSrnt th* platform of UM A*
tv whether liter* will b* a plank
against Imperialism depends upon
th* future If Ih* I'hillppln* situa
tion shall by that Urn* bay* a4Ju»l
--«d Itself, there may l» no such is.
The battleground of f>« will prob
ably be In th* Weal Th* Western
mj. t.f M-Kinky this summer will b*
th* beginning •■' the campaign. Del
• war*. Maryland. West Virginia and
Kentucky, which McKlnley carried
in UN, ar* virtually conceded to the
enemy, though to orTset th* aa of
the** dtsl** Watt Virginia la atlll
held ■> In doubt. McKlnley's mana
ger* want him to capture Kanaas,
Nebraska. In* two Dakota*. Mon
tana. Idaho. Washington, Nevada
and fun. and Wyoming and Col
orado If pD***bt*. It I* that, rather
than recreation, which seems to be )
th* object of McKlnley's tour.
Frank II More* ha* r>l paper*
in tb*tuptrlor court commencing i
• ull l.i I *••■!"•» • fnnrtrnr* Qtl |O(
1 bin I. WMhißfi-iii IT« ' M I . own
••I by Perry M ltorhe*l*r and Em
ma I. lloeheeter, el »l.
• • •
At m recent m»*Hnir of th* ■*%
Bl—— Mining r«inr«i» th* follow-
In* (Ml w*r» »!«■■ i»1 to hold of
fie* for on* y»«r from May 4: l*r«
•ilent. linger *. Or* vk-» preal-
I'lil. Jotepn ll«mbl»l and fWcretary
in 1 tr»a«ur»r. Auatln i: Griffith*.
•• • -
Ilotiert M'Mjmil, « ».!•>;•> thief.
•■I «rr»»"' '- by Officer Hr»»«» at
Fremont y»«l*r<lay ll* nail a 11*11
wheel In hi« j«i»««-«ti<in am) gay* lh>
• •K\rrr a lana- chaee h«-f'*>r* h* w«»
rapturrd. Wcatrott «v i»»-->«nln-l
br D«<*rtl*« M«r»dltb a* h*vln«
»»r»*<l U dajr* In T»f»>rn« Mr h»vln«
atolcn a whmri. and It la thought
IF.at wvxn.ti haa tw«n th* on*
who ha* beta to buar taklnc • h-rl»
• • •
John Htan!»y a martn* flr»m»n.
»«<■ 41 yi-«r«. 4!rd >■• ■■■■ ' 'ar after
nf>on of pnturnonla at t'rovtdenc*
• • •
Th* fir* and wattr commute" of
th* rlty council will m*«t tomorrow
afternoon at th« City hall to con
• il-r th» ft,•;...«-.I purchiu* of two
n«w fir* «nclnta. Tbrr* ar* «»v
--i-ral r»pr*a*ntatlvca .if fir* rn«ii.»
. manufavcturara la th* city who ar*
dtalroua of making *a!«a to HM city.
• • •
l»r. W. i:. Auatln '1i»«l at th«> r«-1
d«nc* of hla aon. Will V Anatln. on
Kaatlak* av*nu». b»l*wn It«publlc
.an ant Harrlaon atr**t>. y»*l*rday
afternoon. It. Aualln wita a prom
.ti'iit I'hyali lan of lUadlnc. \V»»h ,
and h* ha« b**n miff»rln« with ran
«r of th* atomarh (M MMM tlmr. and
Mint wail about two wr*ka no In
hopra of retting better.
It Auatln l.nv.'i a daughter an>l
brolher In Ml hl««'i. two lirn|h»r« at
New Whateom. and • brother whoa*
' horn* la In Michigan, but wko haa
been In th* city aeveral weeka with
a vlow of locating In this mate The
; remalna of Dr. Auatln will b* ahlp
ped to Heading, Mich., (Of Interment.
• • •
■MM) J. D. Farrell, of th* P».
clHo Coaat company, haa left on a
two weeka' tour of ln«|»'Mon of the
rompany'a docka and bualnane f«cll-
Itle* In Alaaka.
• • •
A package of rl.ilhoa w»a f.Hinii
flo.iilciit In the bay thu morning an.l
taken to police headquarter*. H.-v
• r«l papera were found In the pack
| age, on* hearing the addreaa of
Minn Ollv* M. Trlndell. Wonlley,
a • a
The rnemhera of th* Maaonlo nrand
1.. Ik- of Waahlngtnn will meet at
Maannln Tpmr'l" tomorrow afternoon
at 9 o'clock Th' v will then altenil
th* grand lodge at llallnrd.
• • •
Pour new cabin car* from Inn
Hammond Car company, of flan
FVunclaco, have arrived In the city
and are being unloaded at the foot
of Madlaon atreot for th* Madison
fltrett Kallnny company.
• • •
I'oatmnater Mcem ■...•if . I »'i
acta af rare ncwapn|tor find period
ical atampa v<hkh are to b« • .1 I lor
1 ii. giivprnmout st *3 per *>-t. This
Is Hi. soruinl lot In Im> «m here, I'"
111 »l lot li.nini,- liven d*ipo*od of Id
a very .in.it time.
U C HIIIIIII the New York mil
lionaire, who lisa purrhimed upward*
tif liiim.ium worth Sl Hi-.'illl.- iMi-ilw ■■>*
Mil. kH, ha* i... in.- I iiniiml i.r tha
Wlrlh turner, at 111 corner ut Bed
"ii.l avenue and V. -I. i ««>,
. • .- * ..
Th* Whldby Island Orchnrd com
pany has Ikpii liii'(ir|>urmp'l In H«
altl* with .i • it.ii.il itock ut ' " '.
for the puroie of eiiKaglng In fruit
growing ini-iii. m nn an • »i. :i-.v
scale. Tin ineorporalor* nrv A. J.
M llusom. of \\ hi,|i.v l-1.ii.1. »hi I*
prvalilent, A. 11. KrllugH. "f Whlilliy
Island, smrvtary ami »-•■■••■• -• 1 man
ager, ii"l It, 11. iNrnny. of Hentlle,
i treasurer. Th* company n»iu IIW
mere* of fruit land un tit* Inland, flvo
mllrs from f'nupeville. which Is j
planted with wlntrr ,u|.t,< and cher
• • •
l',.«imi«(.-r Meem has received
. „| !.» of the iilnii and •|..t!l|.-.hi..ii«
fi>r the i i..| ..--.| .i,.rni in i. -. meirs
hall, inn Ii > water ami sower sys
tem In I-- i>iiiii by Hi.- government
on the i'uyaltup Indian •■ «• ' \.iu..n
The notlr« to ronlrm 1..r» which sc
. ..nip mi. » the niMn-lflcatlon. states
that the commissioner «f Indian af
falra at Washington will rwelve bids
for th* wurk up ta ' oi lv. k May It.
• ...
Mrs. Juna* Nordhasvl made appli
cation yesterday In the superior
i cuurt for sprclAl tetters of admlnl*-
I irai upon the estate of her bus
band who loat his lire last fall by tw
in*; swept from th* deck of th*
I «. !i . in r «',i|.••!!.! The estate Is valu
ed at uvcr flooo.
Another new resldrne* I* to be con- .
structed In this city, and arrbltn-ts
Mt-Manua and tUibertaon >•(■•-tt ■ -t bid*
yesterday fur a S7OIM resident* to
be erected by Capt. V. M I ••,. at
i Ih* corner uf Hi > ••: i. ••nth avenue and
' i:*«i Ik.-;-' Th* r- - lrn... will
i bay* all the modern Improvements.
• • •
! Mrs, Ulisle H lUiper. 4lsutl«n#d
1 with her present name and ealtllng
1 condition of thing* In her married
1 Uf*, desire* to resume her maiden 1
1 name, of 1. II r H Itoger* and ha*
petitioned the court through her «i
' lorneya, Humphries A ii-..i*i. k to
grant her a divorce frum h*r hus
l«in! .Ms. it i:. Itoprr. «he allege*
' In her complaint that he abandoned
her last July and h;.a wholly failed
in support her.
. * .
Mayor Humes received a letter to
' lav rrom f4upu U II Mir tin of the
' Northwenl Mounted I'otlce at l>»
win City, announcing the .1.-nh of a
man named Kiln*, formerly of tht*
. :t v The letter (tain b* WM hill
ed by a bear while carrying ir,.u>
lons to Seventy Mil* Crmk.
, Chim !•"»■ and lung <)■■» wero no- !
■•I 13.54 each for *moktng opium by j
Judge Cann thl« morning.
C McCnrmick, Ih* buncn man wha
•It in r l'! by Detective H«m Cor-,
betl on a karat of Ming a disorder
ly pvraon, was r*!«as*d (1 111 th«
charg* this morning.
W. F. iviiniiirr, the alleged arrotn
pllr*> of i:««ie Winter*, th* shop lift
er, waa arrested this m-.rnifi* I>•
ixne+r on a - "m('l»ln! sworn
111 by ontrer Hubbard. Wimmrr
Is charged with h-ii ii..' her steal l«ra
rloaks from K*wh*Jl'a dry m ■■ -'■•
star* on Second avenue yesterday.
Haute Winters, the shop lifter, l.» 1
a healing before Judge Cann this
morning, and her trial has been rvi
for tomorrow morntnt; »t 10:10
• • •
I|epre*entatlv# rannerymen of the
Round held a me«tlng at III* .lulu
ber of rommerc* last night and
talked over th* condition of tb* ap
proaching season.
Htr-amahlp Centennial ha* been
sold by Mortis Thoin*»n to Charlet
Nelson. The Centennial Is now used
by government as a transport to
Today W. J. Clramha will assume
i the management of the Heattle Kteam
i Heat aY Power company. The plant
I ■ v recently bought by representa
tives of the inn. nl Klfrlrlc com
pany, a* stated exclusively In the
. Htar last werk.
. . .
Advices Just received In Seattle
i confirm the recent .irlkes made In
the Cape N<imt> district In i«ka. 1
and stampede* are ln-lng made !<i
the new finds. Otflclal notification
nf th- strike was «nt tn Washing
, lun ,1... a month »>; ■ by William
A. KJellman, aup»rtnt*ndpnt uf the
government reindeer station at
' 1U11..11. Alaska.
The executive commute** 0/ the
1 different county (hlnrle nrganltatlon
will meet In Heallli- thin aflernm.n to
, arrange for a permanent atat* or
, it iiiKiH'inn.
.. • • a
The ••"(mil annual convention of
the Rpwortk leagues of Iha H<-»tlli>
1 district will convene In this city to
. night and continue until Kunday rv
. enlng. The program, an puhtlshed
In the Star lan) Wednesday, will be
carried out. Th- meeting tonight
'. will be hr) I In the Itattery street M.
I K. church.
• ■ • •
Perry Off- « notorious crook, was
»rr<" by I*>te«ttveii l''»ir« ami
Cnrtwtt yeaterrtay afternoon on mi
plclon of being connected with sev
eral recent hold-ups. Oray nn« ar
r«--»t•-•1 about tore* mnntha ago In ■
Hooond »v> ink drug "i" by DatMN
11 v<• Mpii .lit li. and when acnrched a
riiiiipl'-ii' net ..' burglars I -••!- wan
found In his \< ..«•■■• • (■>n A note-book
(Wing Hi »dilr*f>« of Albert linn-
Hit, the jew-HiT, 1104 M.clM .11 ttTMt,
wait ■!•■ r..uti i. .in i II i« thought he
bad l< «lun» on th« lviii""
Gray Is on* of iii" (i-imk of opium
•mokrrß ho wprp arrcMrd by Ivtrr.
tlvi-a Powers and Cortx-tt nbout thrre
yearn n»C" lor .nil. liik >..iipit «lrl«
Into a lodging hollar on Pike mm i
and CM avrnue and I- »• Mm them
to amok* opium.
• • •
Tonlßht at the Mndlmm »lr«.t M.
K. 'mi. h Hi' *»^nttli> ''<"'• i con
f. |. m ■■ of th« Mplhodlnt rhurrh«a
! will ronvenn. Thrrc .11, «iin
.mil pr«l««> wrvlrp b( 7.JD o'clock led
by >:■■, W. 11, WHlrck, an<l ol »
o'ili«k Kvanitnllnl Htuart I, NobU
will • i.hu I MrVICM.
Tom ■ " f"»>il(iii
i . ii .•> "' 'i tin- r.i
lowing order Of I'M*!!!'" ll.i- linm
•irniriK.-l \.i iin day: f>cvntlon*, .1.
M. l>«nlM»n; IninlnpnH, "Curront
nuoartlnna In rvllßloiia thminht," K.
II Chnmbprlln, J. \V. Kendall; r<w«».
Afternoon (3 o'rlork): DtveUoßl,
Rowland llnui" nyinpoiilum. 'Thn
preacher -In - rbarga a« admltila
irHtor," "III* raUllon lo in tru«
tMtii 11, ii Brown, O, A. William";
in. ii'liiiinii In ih» Hmi Ii 1. It.
Uovi \oy, I .1 llurk; "Ilia i- l.itl"" to
Mi,. I. ,ikii. ,■■ o. 1.. 1..■,.,!•-. <l. I). Mill
Ick"; in. relation la <><■ Humluy
acntool," H. V- Hrook*. W. M.
I •••mi I; "III* i.1. i11. .11 to III* i-l i»a
m»«tliig," K. M Wright, T. L. Dyer;
"Hint* on ■ iif.ic ■> iim'hi of it)i>' IplllM i"
!■■ .1", Itrnke, It. 11. M !•>• > Kven-
Inn <T ::n o'clock): Rung nnd praise
service. W. i, Helleck; KvangHlst
Htuitrt I. Nohle, I o'clock.
Tii' t hiiTi inn •' will be In K.—«inii
ThUI <■ liiv. n.tj'iin hill* name limn In
111* rti' i iniiin
• • •
Mi« I* Y..IHIK. a v-u-li.t«..in.iii
living In Non Hi-all*, was arr**li-d
yrstrnlay afternoon by li.ir. nv.-
I 1..»••!«. and ihf !« ih Ht' I •I Hi
m. .iitui- Ml fi.im William T«a... a
ii' :»;lil>.,i, miinf time Haturday morn
j In*. Turn In a < at|><-iif Ir. an Ihe
in ■<•!■■. in.,in >• In I.I" tool • h.-iit in hi*
ttf.t.ii-ii. .1 at nliiht. \\ lii-ii In- mat
i i wurk t-'.itui.lay morning In- for-
Itot Hi'- ii.'-in v, and »in n li'- i-tiim
■ Ia! i. "in It wan missing. A search
warrant wai laau'd ami Mrs. Young**
in. !>■ wm searched, hy IMectlve,
I'owera Sunday. 11. mil ill
• I rvvry nook and •nm i. and
w i» starting to leave when he found
■ mull • ••(.! on the floor which prov
• I 1.,- a laric* ■ ii -r rent. The •■■■nt
(ml a iii. k in II and »*« on* de
scribed In 111 report xli being In the
».i. X with in.- money. Mr« Young
will hay* it hrarlni.' before Judf*
Cann lilt* afternoon.
• • •
William rturfce, father of Chief
I I'uty Hl.'-ilfT Th'iniM Hull. WM
ah.it In th* bark of the h««d and
11., ii r.'Mn <l of a (old watrh m,.1 sev
•Ml dollars about 10:10 task liU
night, MM th* i.iinrr of Hummll
avenue ai.'t i;«i Ilk* »lrwl. Mi
llurk* iiii\ * a git**) »!<•». ri|.tl..n of 1111
highwaymen, and lb» |»,ll< ■ sr* mak
ing ay flu** s**rt-h fur him.
Mr. Hark* *Ul*d that ha heard
footsteps at th« bark of him, unit,
turning around was blinded by a
Tl«<- bullet entered the right aide
of lli» hr«d and iir»»<-l near th»
buer of Ih* brain, coming out on the
right al4e. Jual •• the robber fired
the • !i'l he strutk Mr. llurkr anil
Ik-Kan going through hill potkets, A*
Mr, Jlurke recovered ronsclou«nes«
he >■IK '. far help and the robber
Mr liurfcr reached hi* hnme, which
wm about • Mm k away and a physl
' tan urn aummoned. The wound
was painful, but It i» not mn»i Irtt >l
■!.i'iK. r>u»
Mr. llurk« describe* hi* assailant
aa being young, fairly well drrawcd.
aril wearing a slouch hat,
• • •
»:««> Winter*, a well known ahop
lifter, »*» arrested yesterday after
i n »>>■ officer* Corbett md dew
■ m an-i ah* I* now In Jail on a • harir*
of stealing l«o rapea from Newhall'a
•tore, the account of which was pub
!i»hr.| delusively In the Htar of l»»i
evening:- Hevaral articles. Including
■ p«rk*t book, with aeveral dollar* In
It, waa stolen from Uon March* U»t
«**k, mi I the? manager went to |>q
lire headquarters thle mornlnc io as
certain If she was the thief. Thry
»cr- not positive as to her guilt,
but several « lv. • ar* l>- ire worked
up and (he. may be chart.-'-] with
th* thrfta.
W. T Wltnmer. who •■■ a.rrM)ted
yeettrday aa an accomplice, of Miss
Winter* by Officer llul.ii.it 1. claims
to be ber brother.
I :••*,- Winter* la a nutorl<nischarae>
ler. About three year* ■■<> ahe wa«
arre«l*4 by Detectlv* C'orbett fnr
robblnc* a man named '•• vil Crab"
m, i! ii of 11*0. fthe was r>-l. »«<-.!
on ball and niarrlxl Overton l« ' ■"
her trial came iff N'otwlthalandln*
this she was sentenced to on* year
In the penitentiary, but was pardon
Bt«amer llumboldt. Captain nonnl.
field, aalled fir the north Ual even-
Ing*, having had on board a bla; dele
gation of passengers. MM took
north the company of colored troop
ers which will garrison forts t>yea
and \Vran|»l The llumboldt will
bring down tb* troops relieved from
The Itumboldt's passenger list was
aa follow*: M. 11. Anthony, C. l.iv-
Ingaton, 11. Anderson. A. T. 811m
■m, K. It liu»h W. II l>. 11. O. K.
Tugnot, i. A. Mcl'heraon and wife,
tauter W. llaworth, O. II t««inrh*rt,
T. Ii Knapp, J. J. i:n■-. J. A. Mil
l«r, HIM n«.r» Sutherland. Mrs. J.,
Mmlth. Mrs. 11. II 1.11. Mi« J«r
nuilnle, Mia* Kir Jarqutlnle, Mrs. 1
Kirki-«tri> John t. Kahaley. It. J.
M.-rrmi. 11 Wax liar. Will Murray.
Auatln I: <!rtmiha, Thomaa H k. W.
A. ThompWHin, J. M. Itarretl, It. O.
Orldley, C, Hears. IVof. T. B. Uppy,
llev. R. M. Randall. C .J. Umnnt,
William lloney, J.hn Honey, Mm
I) V Anderson. Vltaa Alice Anderson,
i:. <• Hawkins:*. C, V. Wennlker, 11.
T. Cable. It U. Heading. It M I. lit.
Mrs. M J. Campbell. It. [I. Heading.
H. M. MM. Mrs. M. J. Campbell. Mrs.
r. t, tin, c-»|ii. 11 W. Ilovey,
I/, ut. J. C. Jlnki. I'r. It. J. Marsh,
101 soldiers and li second -clans pas
• . •
Th» KnlKhte of rythu« held their
opening meeting at Armory hall last
night, and a large-alied »v lli-n waa
In attendance, notwithstanding the
Inclemency at th* weather. Pre
ceding th* meeting at the Arm
ih" Knlghta formed In line and
marrhed down Ftrat avenue to James
up Second to Ilka, to Third avenue,
1.1 the Armory: '4 patrolmen led the
procession, followed by th* band
Major Madoi, grand marshal,
mounted, and hla chief aide, r. .1
Powers. Then camo the Uniform
Rank No. ". about -." strong In full
unlfnrm, flealtle. Uniform ll.ink fol
lowing. Tin 1 two companies form
ed a Ku.irl of honor for the supreme
nnd grand lodg* ofneera, who ' ■••■
In carriages and were escorted by
».mn- SCO civilian Knights.
At th» Armory Chancellor It H.
AliM-riaon. chairman, opened lh«» •*
--rr.-lwa with * few remark* bear
ing 'in the Amirrtcan characteristics
of the I'ytlil.ia order and ending with
a pretty eulogy to th« d«ad hero Cap
(■ln Portion.
Mayor Itumrx. on h^hulf of (hr
rlty, gave a brl*f addr«aa of wrl.-.nii. .
which was r*aj>ond*d I" by CDI. A.
18. l,k of Tin "inn Other aprak
era of Hi' evening wer« (tmn<l Chan
cellor K. .'.I .ii Young. H\l|.|- mi
iMi in. .-I. r iinpl-. Major (leneral
i-.n i, ,!, in. and James Hamilton
V. in n. iii .\. i. (i procnliu Hpo
knne attnrnpy, Is at (In- llutlcr.
• • •
j'-rn Wi'ity, ■ prominent Htevcns
. "iiiii yin n.ii,. man, ol Mnrcua, Ii In
Hi- city, a Knlh-hU "I l'ylhla* dele
Nothing PutStki I inhhiiiK 0^-
Touches on Your F]
Sprii Hoe Beplenisiii
I |m ; i (,<»od Supply "f
Stamped Linens
< >ur prktf make easy buying.
Hire 7 i 7 In Linen Poyll**. pretty
I »fiitiil» 0 pulton, only lc each.
H*i. » » » In, Him Hi«mi*4 Unto
li.n-lim, rb»«|> at »i", only 4.- «-«<h
Hi«.- Hal In. Fine KtamtMxl Mnen
Doyll**, rich haml«»Rte i "«"•■ 10c
Value, only 6<" rarh.
Nil* IS x If. In. Kin* Hlampj-d Unen
fenlir I'l*c». brautlfu! pattern, 12c
vali>», only 7c each.
32 x SI Klne ritamiH><i H« i»» Pillow
8!i«m». handauma patum, only He
a pair.
6-4 size Heavy Fine Tapestry Table Covers, beautiful shades
of hrown. tan, green and red; rich patterns; *i.so value only
% i. oo each.
206, 2OS, glO Pike St.
]p—*) « A.MHUK mnynrpp
G/\~ /f\ \V 11>ai Dlv 1 ULJuu
\\\ Sit\ vV •*©• »»o. mmm. •«€>
t S • IIO» 11)0 »»«»»« »w . W«WK
■ . Mill Ml I A....
m rum Tin it Iki h lai
In.in $7.(H) to $300
Sherman. Clay & Go.
All •»r.»..l A.ri... • • SMIU*
You Want
A Bargain
In • New, Slightly Used
or Second-hand
Remember we have the
Largest and Most Com
plete Stock in the City.
Oil « • riu lor |>rt«> an 1 torn
903 S?:sii Aft. Birle Biti.lu
' Not HowClieap
But How Good"
Tbla Ura. of r*". »m» Ik*
41$ Pike Street
In Seattle.
flip Platino Cabinet (h|7
Vh Photos reduced \f%
iDO «R?sra=s VU
La Roche 25v?i«!»
Acme Publishing Co.
P. 0. Alley. Trlrphnn* Red 1064
<f I 1
J ....OO T0.... <]
!; Spai kinan & McLean !j
<' roii lIMUM 111 1 '
j! 'l-lioa* Rod 17H. «H5ll«llrrllM«. \\
<> __^__ I '
.k «r o(f#r a neat, fit room hmi«. ,i
,> rohatantlallj built, in (nod n*l|h. ,1
I,| borhocxi, lotllOllUOi unnll [■■tinrnl , >
. , mil I'HlMic* In tnrnla totult. 1 '
c wv» vw» vw» v» v» v» wws
Sell Imperial. Patent Excel
lent, Centennial Best,
Olympic and Pure
For 85 Cents Per Sad
'1.1. pa Main M
MM New York Blank
Contractors OP Builders
of Hr»i rI»M lloinmi on R«.ajr Trrma.
Mont) to loan nt I pet uul OB city ami
Urtu 111 9pt 11)".
Hi. 21 « 21 Tin*- XUmr«<l t,tn*n Cm
i< r I*l*o. b«>ull(ul (/aturn, *'< u»i
ly worth I l*. Mlllln* ■« Mi '«' n.
M in l/>ni nut Swlm Op*n-w«rle
Krobroldcrml I>r«M*r »'«rf», la
h*f><>»»m* rkb <l*«l«na, 70c value,
■inly tH •-•••(• t
Nil' It « II In. Tin* Mvln Ot>«n-wnrk
f:mbrold*red Pillow Wiiitu, b*aull<
ful patttrn, »t value, only Uc •
1 r t
: FOLIOS : |
I Music i
• ►i«^-i«l di.j !«r ikit ml C*B u< i
i •OS HUM At*. •*•«•. ■•»« ,
Company •
Removed to
Second Aye. •
Between "
Pike and r#
; Unioo
-, - * '- - '
11 ■ ■
| ■(■!• «t All Hun. '• |
j In. eti i. Went ■ Prune«r ' 1
! <<.. Third i*. aa<l JaoiMft. |!
-~~ ■ ■*»■*.
mi nMT hatwwai »axk of
rii(iiipr«rii«i ... tin.na
Oman! l-au.ln. frrnini inniiiui
.'»■•■• 1) llc.«, ..... l*f«*i 1«m
M>uri<« McMfc*«a . . . Vio. I'tKl.ul
U.UI• Turaar . ..,,.,. , CublM
X r. r*i.hur«t . . . . »IIUI| fulilil
r (hi ml Ulwr>p!kM tlrkuit : «)«;■
in ..: th< |.riocl|«M aluw alliw Cmi*]
IUM an 1 Europ*.
iv« ran jfocw katioxal bark
r. T n«t tuck |«i(t la MH.OM
► •■>!.• TT7. v'»<
(wtrmi riMM
r i H»>«>4« Via* PmUwl
h. V. auiid) Ca«til*t
r«rrMponil*ni> In all Ih* |>rlDrtr«l ctuatla
it« lulled tKt« m.l Europ*.
OF »«atti r.
Corn»r Into Wi| »a 4 rin< Huh
C»PtUI '. 7 |TJiOO»
Ainirnr rh|lh«rg rt«tl4*ot
a. H Rn»lb«rt ■•••... (whin
Tr.ni.ru » r>»n«r»l Atnktaf RiMinwi.
-• ■ • »' ■!>». t To., m .v«w Tolk Bterh
~.. M,,..,, b»(or» ]»i huini • *»«inc
in»<~hibf A f«w voott M»oni h«n^l ma*
rhino lot Hi* S .on.bU Jl» ColutnM*
•tnwl, of.iv.. i» l'ni|i>(tl,-f.
11 II m-pvw. ii«tiii>t *i*cUtt>t lirntg
•nt Bil.tKii work. 414 Dork* BulMin*.
~ AnoKNKTI-AT-UAW.""'"
J. A. KKLirxiO 3P4 R«U*jr BulMlni.
*roTT A MoNKN Y. lf~l 6«lli>t Until me.
Ml- I. liAMKULMNtw Y.rk Block.
<'ium.a x, i.son. inning hi..i
~ "' "WAKK»'liii. J
l.liii«T» homa-M»t* dntd, r«ki» •«•»
|K>try: Ihmi IP th» rliy. I«M Third At*.
LOAN* AMD hui-Wahck. "
'"»" Bothw*U-J«or«t«tJ U»»n«, Fir* l»
■ „,.o. i A >ur«lx Booa«. U Bo«l»n Blk; T>!
~"'"""" I'AMINU ACAItMUfT.
P»l Mid «n)7 thonrafh l'«n<-iu« ftrhnnll*
rllji | <1«7 «nl «»»olm. t>li .nil (\>lumhi»il
M 11.1,1 » r.~"
Mi. lUnwn, rarnit Fnnrlh Mill riBO
Unit »f rlni »trl»». Lowtn prli-.-«
Hratil* i inthM l't»iln| Co. Imi join
rl.'llir.ui>li«i. lot!) tipar month , .\v«ln«.
>i, M,iii|, iu|.*iriiii UutMtr T>> Bud 1>»I
List rour RmJ h.talaaa.lbotiM* wlih ml
nit mil til hom«< H«t>,l, «t onci'; w»c»n
i, m iiiiir« hou»«* Ih.u wo ran ant
„ ; It. A. Illi.M *C*
No. llt<(llk**tt**k

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