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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, May 17, 1899, Image 1

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C^ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦••• ♦♦<
Mtkty-ftt* I'rnli a Munlh ! I
£ Hi Mill at Car'iir i >
♦ ♦♦•»♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«■ '
vol. 1.
Boers Have Seized British Officers on
Charges of High Treason.
English Govsmmenf at Once Orders Three
Batteries of Artillery to Leave for Africa.
LONDON. Slay IT.—The critical rtindlttao of th* relations between
nrrat Mnt^in and th» Il.«r« «>v»rnn»rnl In th* Transvaal was brought
to public attention h«r* tuday by an order which was promulgated fur
th* Immediate dispatch <>( Mire* balt*rt*a of flel4 artillery Xi» douth
■*frl»-a. Th* l-.itt.rrlM ar* to leav* on next Monday, and pr«|Mirall»»a
*r« b,mir rushed Ik consequence.
Thr action taken la regarded as h a-hly sl«»tnc«at In view or th* re
port*.! Mtnti of Itr i«h «f9c*r* In Johannesburg. Th* Transvaal con
sul bar* ha* received an «<«rlaJ telesnun «utln« that th* »ac*r».«r.
rested ar* charged with hl«h treason, their alleged abject being >•> create
• revolution and then Mis* in* Johaanesbarg fart aad await th* arrival
of itrssimh tnwpa. The dtap«tch (utthrr MM) that on* nt th* sfflcera ar
rested uy* that he waa actln« un It orders from Ik* government of
t;r#«t nrttain.
It Is hett*v*4 bam in well-lnfarmed circle* that the arrest at th*
Ttrlttsh officer* In th* Tranavaa! ha»<ttpp*4 la the bud a a»cv>ad J«imim
Hat II la suspected that Dm pttajaajaaj bad arranged for aHK of
gigantic proportions. Th* Colonial Ofßc* today received new confirm
ing "' reported arrest*. Many Knullabmrn hail in* MM) a* giving
•n MMaf Bail] for Knclaad lo forcibly Inlerfer* with th* lk>*r gov
ernment. If anything a*M«ua MMM to th* ar>a»ia*ra.
At a anf«!;nc of the •hlntt* Mill'
facturers la th* chamber «.f •-.,- m
--inftfc (viirM iy afternoon. It was .!*>
eiled to elti** ali miU* of th* alat*
f»r two wHka beginning M»> J».
N»»rlr all the ■ Ii ««r» repre
sented at. Hi*- meeting .4 (w«i|.
MrawiTup ict<l unaclmoitst* adopt**!,
'fttwa* provkWJ in !h» euMtllution
I thai * 11 Mm! commute* composed
of three metnber* ff <m »»rh nmnty
organisation *heuUl hat* the power
to hold meeting*, «i i->*iii commit.
tt«* .print *»»■! rir< uui<- Ininwnli
In the Inter**! of th* association;
establish rul»« for rra.lln*. anil a
system of unlfurm wrt«hi«. rvgalat*
I>rlr**; .»rl»r lit* rioting <(..>• of
mnia. anil to i..»» all oih-r »i.p« to
run.til the out pot according to their
It »'«• r**j|\»l that thsm-inufar
turrra work In harmony with th*
dealers' association, «n1 r»fu«« to
•HI in anr 'nil legitimate dealer* and
to those who rut prlco*.
It wa* decided ■.. maintain the fol
lowing prir** for fair shingle* on
l-wrt at mill*:
T.. wholesaler*: -A* ■ ll.» i»r M:
»-J • War*, ft.<« per M. To retailer*:
"A I*." IIJ9 per M: dear*. 11.41. Th*
alandtrd weight* of the assnrlatlaii
were adopted a* follows: « r«. l*i Ib*.
per M Hi. l«n. Eureka*, too; and
l>rf-f (i.rfi. a* i>.« N-> unierwelf hti
will ho allowed tha dealer*.
The following oiTlcer* of the Wist*
iu>».!«<Krn were elected: President
V.. J. Hc.Veeley. ef SIM MM rice
president, Michael Eartes, of What
•Baa county; secretary, rranrts
Jtntch. » fMison cotinty; tr«a«urer,
I"ivi.| MoVcy. of Batlard.
Th« commute* on permanent or- !
ganttatlon to draft constitution anil
lawn. consisted nf It»lph MM* '
ralf. of <"<>»|f i county: |i li I>»
Can, nt Whatr-om county; and C.
£. Patten, of Sk.i»lt county.
Cudahy and Others Arrive In
a Special Car.
John ••nUihr. Jnm»j<h <\ finr'i'rii
rr and Mxnry 11. Mteel*. who (arm the
executive committee of the Pacific
American Kl«»i company, accom
panted by Itoland Onffroy, «Ti»rsl
manager and vlce-prr*idrnt. who**
}i*al'|u;irt"r» an- at Falrhaven, ar
rived In Reattle laat night In the
private car MlnnMota, liMM|tttl«.
men h»v» been In F*alrhav*n for th«
paat week looking ov»r their ran
n'-ry brimM with n view la onlarK
tnir th* capacity of the — titllllll
A >„nf. r»n'» wai h»M In the priv
ate car l.i«» nleht. In whlrh »'vr;il
•if the I»H.|lr>K I'll-"-' aound parkrr*
took part. Mr. Onnfroy nil thin
nomine thnt th'v merely talk* ' ovr
matters rrlallnir to parking nn<l
I ri<•••«, but no mtw-mi-iii at any kind
waa (nlrred lnt», *xcept that pnrk
«r»' nnmi« mimt appear on evrrr can
of fluh aold.
"W» hay» !>«>»n la P"iilrh(ivin. »ill
Mr Cuitahy," looking over our can
nery. W« »hal i.r•,i>-ii>tv wilana our
plant, providing we can terure ri-r
--t»ln tills land* nrrt-tnnry for (h»fx
t(n«lon of the building*. We nr<>
%'«ry much rrKouraecd xt (h» outlmik
/or the parkin* Industry rin I'iik.-i
Hound. Th« »"Tiir'.- of nipptjr tin th»
Hound la «r«at«-r than In the Colum
l*ls or KrHdwr rlv*»r«."
The parly will |.-.iv« tonlßht f«r
Chicago via Purtland, H(>«kan>> nml
Pt. I'aul, iifFpiidlriit « nhort tlm<- In
•arh city.
The number of blryrie n> nic- l«
--*U*<1 to dule, 3444. exceed thu nun
b«r Issued last year by over 100.
Report! of an Important * >! 1 strike
an Clrarlna Island was hrmirht ta
this r|rr this mornln« by Pur**r
Hush <>f th* steamer Al Xl Just
Before th» boat left MeUabkatla,
which la aero** from Orarina Ml
»n 1. th* news r*arh*d then of the
}■■"»« »*••»« cold •■« *», rr
or* MaWtMJ led«e. Th* boat mat **
tayed far a abort Urn* until a baa ,
at th* or* was packed to t— ship-
I ped ta Ibis city to b* assay*). Th*
.-(>., of the Bad caused «r*at •■•
The *te«mer Al kt arrtvHl In port
this morniOaT at I o'clock •> th 41
passenger*. Col. Pat Imnan, who
1 went »i- <>• the Al-hl. a«mnir*nled
by hi. wlf*. far la* besedt of hi*
health, returned, and he stated this
mernliMt that he was very much .m
!'-».. ! with th* procr*** Bka«way j
was maklnf In th* matur of com
mercial Important*.
neports from In* Atll* district are
very favorable. Th* claim* that
hair* been worked durtnc the winter
hat* showed up In „,i. 1 form,
ml recently work haa been dane on
**v*ral n*w claims and a (nod •u»n
tlty and quality of fold ha* been
taken out.
Th* new* Is also hr>ui-ht down
that CapL W. W. noMnson. Jr. «f
th* quartermaster's department of
th* I nlt*<l State* army, who went
north 1> superintend th* At Hat oat
of the Cook Inlet and Capper riv- \
er expedition, la chare* of Capt.
''•li-nn. has purchased ">• steamer
iturhansey, for th* use of Capt.
The pas**n«er Hat of th* At-kl la
a* tallow*: fir C. W. Chsmb«fialn.
It. D. Omllh. Mr*. I. Itriffhtman and
rbll>l, Mary Officer. Martha Officer
and child. lUnna Officer, Dana Offl,
e*r. J. T. Jones. Col. Pat Donan. Mrs,
I>onan. Ilel*n lloehrlnrer, l^n.i Kal-
Ismlen. M. X Vatkman, <»*»r«* K"r
kra'l-r, and fT second class.
Fortified the Courthouse
IinVRKUY, W. Va . May IT.—On
learnlnr thai a fore* of MO cltlatna
of Klkins, W. Va . «a« on the way
' h*r* to remov* th* ountr rarnrdl
i pending settlement of th* question
of the county ••at. eltlten* under th*
leadership of Ma| J. r. llardln*. a
Confederat* soldier, fnrilfl»,| the
county bulldlns;* and prepared m re
sist the ntklns men. The latter re- '
turned to Rtklns on heaiinc of the**
prepsratlons. Th* records in •till
under guard.
Jnnlr Carreau. a younir lady about
l« rnN of a«*. arlrvf I her* yes
terday afternoon from Portland In
mstndy of Deputy fri11..,1 llattM
Marahal Htrlnaer, and I* now In th*
county Jail charred with vlolatlna.
the l'mt*d fti.itcs postal laws. M!m
Carrrau was arr««ti>d laat winter,
| but waa released upon her own re
icoKnlinnrea, on condition that she
nppesr before the federal court at
a specified time. Thhi she failed
lo do, and up to this time has b«en
at lure*
• • • '
Deputy Marshal Rtrlnp-.r t.mii»ht
ov*r a fThlnaman from Hiimaa y**
terd»y charged with r.«i.|in» unlaw
fully In th« I'lilii-l States.
•• - •
John <llr*rd. a miner, act- 3« years,
died on a Columbia A T'us:«t Bound
rillrwid train between Ilia'k Klv.-r
Junction mil Resttlit tniisy, from in
juries received In the mine* at New- '
, .i• 11» ye»t»r«<ly. OtraH -i- wnrk-
Inn In the llastey mini* nn Coal creek
nn<l wtm struck by a falllni; muss
of rock. On* of his limbs were torn
off, and 1i",i1»., „|V".| Internal In
]iiri<-« He. leaves a wife at New
• • •
The •■: iml I pillar.- of Mnaons met
thl* Afternoon at 1 o'clock In the
-I \ I I I i:. \\ kMIUNtiTON, U IIIINKSIIA V liVKMSti, M\\ 17, ISM.
Mannnld Tempi*, and Irfi for Ilu!l«r4
111 1 ItVllH'k. '11l i"II" I' -»lii|l.> Uf til*
• '(!> hull nt 1..i11.u.1 »<■ UI4 •11..11
-1> nfifi- 1 oVlmk, Jl) I the ivrnl »••
unit* * 11.1t.1bie tin*, man)' Mason*
attending Hi- .».■[,!».■. Th* until
of Hhlliii'l .hut sown at noon. «" I
|irn|-t-r Am hi i>lr it I hum were maul* la
honor of lln evrnt.
• • •
Tim f.- 1.-ril < „rt Mill »>■ In »<raalon
I. .III. ill..« rtf 1.1 11. ..ill, .111.l «..\.lul
bankruptcy an. l civil ...tin will be
• • •
I'llllf-I ««ti«t.-a |»latrl. I .Ml.irnrr
<li>- h-t • Ju i i.. r\\ <■{ a .1. .im.in .if
llu> I'lut* I Ki.ui » Treasury .|.|.arl
-111. 111 1.. th* ■•fl" ■ I that rrvrnu*
■ iam|>< mi mining ">'" * • •rim. it. •
1IIII»I lie utlUr.l to th« rrl llfl. «!.- nil.l
11. it la tli« <iuh. a* heretofore.
• • •
Th* chamber of comrorrc* MM
1 hi* «fii i •■•11 at t0 v , it
• • •
Th* mrruiiMi 'iiill«.» .if th*
f>m i lull oil hold a meeting Ihla
afternoon at 4:M ■> 11"> h In •■iMhrr
th* arranitvmrai* for th* r*c«|»tlon
.1 in* vimtlDtf rdilur* wb« will k*
hrrr In July
. . .
Tomorrow un.Tii.imi al I M o'rlork
th. Joint i..mmitl.» - >i limn in
iliaur ib c.. I. i»mti..n In honor at
jiiu hoiiiri-nniinH if ih* Waahinajtnn
vxlunt-^f* will hul<> th* nut im-»t.
in« al 1 »' o'clock. Id tlir < liamlxr !
of cornmciT*.
• • •
"A tJttt* <!•>" la announr»4 to tali*
(•tar* tiimurrow r\wnhK at th* Ocml'*
lUKUIar Army hall al ill »• r.m 1 m\ 1
»nu« Buuth, 111 1 lut. t'oii-.m.«n Irr
and Mi. I'm 1. 1 will I- I 1 """
tl*rrulti ara tv t># aworn 11 ill 1 In*
• ••mn:aii4« r aitl f.ir«»■-!! for !,lr«fii '
and N.» Vurk to ,<u Itraach** In
law two MM
Paintings at Auction.
CinCAOO, 111. Mat IT.—Rdouartl
lt*m*nyl'a «.!i.< iin of palntlnca.
Mhlrh hay* bnn In <•• art Inftttut*.
'..1 111. - roar*, will •■•! at au. ■
lion May II l.» ordrr «f Ik* court.
Tb* Mil la to Mil*fy a I ■ 11 thoviwnil
•lullar m'*r lK'**" I'la. apnn th* • >»l -
lertlon by Ik* vlotlnltt snortly b*for*
hla drain.
Student* Took No fart.
ftIMUMWIKWtt. Hi Ma; 17.-Oo»
Tann»r has r«*l*-<i«l a r*t»ft from
the rommlttr* «n-^i'l ■.. l»»>-*ti-
Kir in* allrnnl l.l.lltl« 111 ttv.tr «f
■he K«n*tiK« br ib" >lv I'nia .if lIM
lnWrr»itjf of Illinois. Tali report
aayt th* affair look il«« al «■!
MI4» i-aik. mar* than • mil* from
the unlr*r«lly, an<l that tit* eommll-
I** »•• unai.ir 1.. nil ih»t any •<«■
l.m »i tb* iniit.tnir look i m
Man Who Raided
Ramaker Store.
'. ;
THE GOODS \\.) til. ECTI R\H>
A Clint C*at«ra («r*e(«d •■ th*
S**ttl* F*h«« la tki Muila
MM •ebb«r f .
■When the pollre. irreate I riabert
YVMtrott, the bicycle thief, (hey
made one of m.> moil - . riant cap-
MM that In- taken i !-■»•<■ in Mr
• ill* for several rnnnths. Westt-att
| has nil only «..nfi-»«« I to sieallnc
over a ■!■•«. ii »li-.u In hUUi, but
ha •!•■> ronfeswd to Delectlr* Wil
liams as being- one of the buriclari
I who entered Uamoktr Uuslc mm
ipanyi store at th« •on.cr of like
• tret: and rlft'i avenue, about rl»»
months «<>■•. and carried off seYrral
hundred dollar* wurth of inuil<al In
Williams hail 'hart* of th* <■«••
at that time, but he was taken Ml *
and i.olhln* was done with the rase
for nearly four months. When '>(!)• '
per Ilreese arrMtfl Westrolt at l"r>
mont arrtsted Katurday, hi* dr*<"rtp
tlon tallied with that of "fir of the '
ftamaker robbers, and petecttv* Wil-
Ilinis •'>■■»» lilrntlfti*! his man, who
ronfeawd yeetrrday to dolnr the Job.
«■■■•• > I sune of th* shrewdest men
th* pnllr* have h«l to 1 .»i with for
•mmi.- llm«. lie h'« been operating
.ii. . . ••fully In this city for nearly
a year. Thl* afternoon ■'■ ••«!<-.ill re.
v*af*'l the place where th* Instru*
I ment* taken from the music store
; were > ■ r-'il*'l. nnl they ha,v* been
Trust a Failure.
AKUoV.,O. May IT.—Th* US.'
[MMM sewer (dp* trait Is further
from rmll—tlitii today that It has
I.". ■ for m .nth» ITii'i i I ha It
Dai Paanaj, who endntered the i»it
t' rv trust to a failure, Seem* to he
hi -ing no t» Hit »uri i •. with the
wxrr pipe Inlereals, Akron •••wer
pip* men who returned ' -lay from
N*w Tnrk are illaoouracd and | i <i
fea* dlsicuat with I >ti| I'iwao* and Ilia
methoil*. Hfvrial of them i ]»r*
tli.it they will hnve n<i|hlnir more
in.!', with ii,.. deal Until Dm I'oasos
prove* that h* Is not "all wind."
*IO!TX MULM, Ta., May 17.—A
dlnpatrh received he.r« any* that
f.ili-i'i. IW'lHwnr* county, ■i« I
practically dHtroytd tiy a storm to |
iiny. .nnl two men nnl one chlM w»re
• • •
Mi lulu ft nii'd as well a* hint
brlnits. Tcleirrii|>h wire* «n belter
rnniliiolnra on Mnndny than on Hnt>
unlay, nn account of their Hundny
real, ami a rent of three w< lv ill' .I
10 per cent, to the cunJuctlvlty of ii
Want Western Men
in the Navy.
_______ ■
Mat*! With Or.it l .f.ct.on That
Th*j *r. M«a* if tha Ki|M
Km* of »Ufl.
WA«irtN»n>>N. i>, c. May it.—
Captain lUnry liawl'r, • ••i«ni-<1 by
"Wr»turr bon* ml*? to i'»nimiinl
th» old mlMf Hartford f»in.>u» In
ItW war of Ihr rebellion no ih* flag
•hlp <t Admiral Kuriiul. haa a i-Uu
lo cunvtrl Kritnti faritirrt Into Mil
i ••plain H»»l-y ha* nntrl with
■atlifactton that WwHrrn m»n on
land and •»••» hay* dltltn«ul*h*4
lh»m«*lvr> during th* war with
H|>«in ami niiln>! th* Klllplim*. and
hr ha* ■ nation that a WWM farm
rr, If |.n»i»rl>r tralntd. will m«k* ■
llp-li.p a«ll«r. Vtxnil MM,OO« bU
been •|n>nl In r»m«»]« Un« and r-iuli/.
Mint th* linrtfonl, anil <'•!>< Maw
Itr wilt «t.-I<-«»..r l.i man hi* old • mi
•• r with \V>-«l<-rn»t«
Th* lurtf-rt la «i« bring uw<l
primarily •• a training ahl|. an4 now
that It ha* t-^-n 'urn«! ov*r io«"«|>l
llaolrt 'h.- IniWr will ha»f an op
portunity lo put Into rfl». I aom* unr
•iv» Mrs* h* has about th« 4«vtlop>
m»nt nt iwl tailor*. Th* llartfonl
U now at Mar* l>lan<l CM. and will
•oon bo i»«>lr (or Mlllnf J H*vrral
■aval officer* ar* *ip*ct»d la b* d*>
tailed to lr«v»l iiwm In* Wm«>
Utatw an "■< run m*n for th* navy.
Tb» f«n*<»ra will not a<---»pl **»ry
nun who t>rr*»nU him»*-tf for • idiii
m»nl. but will pi k nut th* brl«hl.
IM*tllr*nt and rarn*«t ymina* mm.
who |!ir promt** ■( makitiC d*ttr*
abl* Mllor*.
Ttiry will r» .hi r i--l to Mar* l»|.
and and lah'n (or a rrul** on th*
liar!.' ' I. afM r about IM ha»» br«n
r»rrulli»l. A imlM of (our or ■ •
month* la »ip#rt*>t to »»»bl<- th»m
to gala. ihHr am !•€• and acquire
tb* t»f**nrr nautiral *ip*rl«iM*
that will make them raluabl* m»n
on our battlMhtpa anl rrui»»f•
a/( Intvnd In m*k* th* rrul** of
th* lurtf >r l a* altraettr* a» poa.
»»»!•," **l-l »."»pi. II a airy. "»n1 w*
will I>VvoriMri« In milt ih# ••»-••-
Ir* o( th* Itnlinim plvaama: I ha«»
bum l»fi»rm»< by «immau-l»r* who
tiara had rwrulta on b-*r<l from S»
bnuka. Xtnu*. MKxnirL Illinoia
, and oth*r arMlrrn •<■!<-• that lh*y
in . la ">' mo«l lemptrat* and Intel-
Ugaal l«t of • all ■- • 'v' ahippr<l by
iHtii Th«r ar> ••11-b»h«»r.|. qui»t
and ord»rly. «n.| what th*y lark In
Mafarlaa; kn c«Wi» th*y mak* up
In Mat and Induatry Whin w* had
..ni» ll.oii« (urn i- *um-i>- far our
»>1 (■« *•■ found It d!3Vea!t M ■*! >ood
•atilora/ but now that Ih* farv« ba*
b**a inrtnwi In ITMs. our troublti
hit' «rowa In proportion. 1 har*
a hank*rinc far Wr»l*rn m*n and
hop* to r.irral a lot o( ih»m btfor*
I am lhrou«h."
For the Use of the
Battleship lowa.
WASiiiNrrrriN. n c, May it.—
Vf. 11. Parry. Oily Cnmptr<»ll»r, *♦•
attl* \V««h.. lH|>af Inwiit r«ir»t
,lhai It cannot (rani lh« IMMI eon*
i»lnr,i In lh» resolution M In* city
dam 11. that in* battltuhlp low* !■•
'at B>attl» en July 4. Arr»nc>mri,i«
already nut* and r.l. r» laeued to
varioua branch** of th* ..-rv|. <• make
It ImpoMlbl*.—JOHN li I.ONU.
T-r.l !«■>. ohl^,. May IT. - A flr»
which lhreaten»d t«> ilmtmy th*
Hot*) M«'1l»"n early thla tnnmlnir,
ant which It Man f-nfil at on* tlm*
wnuM mi' a holoeaunt, »i»,»««
llnculahrd with nominal Inaa. „ . "p^
(fnoi» hud narrow neaps*, tmtv.fl
ar» arr..uril""l for. Th* Ma<ll>«ti wai
a fanhlnnabl* apartmtnl houa*.
Troops for Idaho.
WUHMRMOVDM I). ''. May i:.—
Th* War il«partm*nt rrr»iv..| a l«>l»
--vram from ii"ii. Miriam. In rharv*
nf the trooft* at U'nrlnor ,Uhln, aak-
Inn for two troopa of rnvalry to )■<•
t>lnr»il it Kink* am] Mullrn to |>r«
vnil flirt tit illiKinl'T.
Royal Arcanum.
\\ AHIII VtlT" 'N. l> <" May IT.—
"I'll" miprcmx court of In* Ilnyal Ar>
MMM I* In annual tnaalon her*.
Vli'i'-UfKcnt Apltnr Ik «lnt>-.l to iuo
ct>ed Supremo lli»ti>nl yvnr.
<'.'i|Mirnl I^nnnrd A. Cowlm, who
h««i liiM-n In rhiirir* 1 nf Cm lof«I m
rrultlni; 'iffli-<t nndT Capt, O'Nfll,
l> fi Uat nlßht for Mm Imrrark*,
whtrc he will Join hl» company, It*
la .1 mi-ml>»r of Troop V of th» Tniirth
■ nvnlry. which haa bp*n ordoreil M
i ■ i|.i J. N. O'NpII Iff I last nlßht
for l.i llnnl after spending two day*
looking ov*r th* Hffalra of th* limkl
rccrultlnf ofTtc*.
i:i«hiy-f.>ur in*- hay* In-ill *nll«t
--•d at III* local i.ni ■■ alii. I It «a»
<>P*n*d Junt two month* >(" today.
I iKhi of Hi. mi hay* » ■.-11 aont away
wllhln Hi.' laal i.'i day*, a*v*n in
Manila mil on* i-n|.irnl man to th*
Twenty-fourth Infanlrf at Tort
H|>okan*. -
A r. | .ii of th* *r>ll«tm»nt at th*
vartuua iiinii-« and vtallona In th*
United KMtm for Ih* month .if
Mann hi. l«-m r<> rlv«-1 from th*
Adjutant it. ii.-i»r« nfll<. of W««h-
Ington. Tin- total mum.i.. i of m*n
• nliai—l fur Ih* infantry anil ravalry
»>■ MiM Ttld N«» York City ala
lion lead! with a total of V*. I'hila
■Ulphla II •<■< uri'l with 411 I**' wr<»
i. )• ■ '.-.I at tb* %'.•» York «m< r, ami
, ITU at Philadelphia
<'a|i| << NVil itat** that Ml order*
hat l»«a KM rlv< <] to «!•.»•> up tha '
■ m .- her*, and hi I* ..f th* t>i>inlun
that the omc* la p*rman*n<
Loan Ord«r«d Home.
I/'NImiN, May IT,—l«p*>. th»
■rlll|.Sni »*. Nt In I- haa n**a ordtr*tl
In return 1., tha I'hlllppln**.
Th* •■•■■nn<l day** m*«lln« of th*
• Irani! UKif* of l(alhl»>nc llUtpr*
commtnrod In <•**()«• hall th!» mmn
Inf al I* <i'rli«ti. <lran<l <Thl*f Mr.
J*nnl* Munaon j.rpaliilna; lt.-|».ri»
of ofTU*r* w*r* r*ad. and commit-
MM wr*r* appotnttd. A mraaac* of
rr**tln* waa »*nt to th* brother
I—1»»- tb* Knl«hU of rythlai. Only
routln* work km tranaartM today.
Th. vrand offlrcra of th» |.«1«» will I
not I— rin ii-1 until tomorrow'! »»a
Th* Int«rc«ll*aiat* dttiat* b*tw**n |
th* l'ni»»r«itr of Waihln>t>>n an.l
! th* Waahtnirton A«rii-iiliural Col
<l*aj*an.| *< h«"l of N«l*nr*, will lak*
i-la. » r^ulay i v*nlnt In I'fnny hall |
Jn-lK* V. A. Ml •■nail will ail ...
chairman .if th* riming Th* team
!•■ th* Unlverally la working hurl (•■
! win th* honor*, and r»porla from
I Pullman indleau that th* alulrnla
ih#r« ar* »try «nlhuiUatle MM th*
Tills BAOXM, May An<lr»» D. |
Whit*. I'nll*.! Siatoa ambataador to
(Wrmany. ami Iral»r of Ih* Am*-n
ran drltcatlon '■' th* J'»»< ■ Con>
f*r*w*. arrtvxi her* at mldnl*ht.
'Mh.r m«mbrr* of th* delegation will i
• rrlv* today. Th* .-f>nf*rrnr» op*n»
tomorrow. M. t»r«laat, ItUMta'a
'•hl*f d*l*irtt*, who will i■r#«ll<- at
th* Co«f»r*nea. I* hi-1i»i«»i-i with
rol I. but It M i"ii b*ll*irnl that Una
will int»rf»r* with hta dullra tumor- i
-- ..-.,.: —
On the Tapis in
- New York.
rt.amw.ms TO JOH FORCES
T» ri|M t»* ■•*!« •« Lit* •■ • •• > >
• f Or.»ttr Strength k| a
•VI7W YOIIK. Mar ITA*a »«lra
-Unary mor»m»nt I* on foot look-
Ii ■ to thr mmMUIN of Pr»«hy-
Irtlan eontrttatlnn* In thl* cllr.
••■iih" ft ih»m among th* rlfh«t In
til* t'nl I*^l t*tatr*. Tha ron«rec»
tton of In* ll»in ivtniv l'r»»hy
irrUri rhurrh hat* unanimously HÄ»
ri.lr I in favnr of rotmrildallna: with
ih>" Philip* PrmbjrttrUn rburch, In*
firriKT church to b* said.
Candltlniui which h*v<> »«!»i.-.l in
ih» i hur'-h for »om» ttin* MM b*\r
T»n4«r*il II lmp»ratlTrtr nrr«-»««r)
that ihTf ihall t>» «'-m» raJlcal
ihinr» «nI afi nrml •trrn«lh«nln*.
Probably »l no ilm* In Ita hi«lory In
' thl* r»r h»» I"rr«tiyiiTl«nl«m l*fn
«■• unr*alful and i«Tiur>>'-1 .i» II I*
at iho |>r*ftnt moment. Internal
variant*** havi- dr|)l»t<^ th« ran
ronfrtiratloti*. and, ron«<-i|U»nilr
tha *h>r>»llhil nf UMIWW In
many of ih» rhurrhra of thin «<rt In
NVw Tnrk. Murrnvrr, lh<> ronatanl-
Ir Inrrmnlnir mlcratlon up to town
haa left the rhur<h<»» which ramaln
In tha low»r portion* of th» rliy with
• •illy AMminlihfl flnanolal rraourrr*.
'Th* majority of them. In fart, find II
a hard atruxKl* to hold on. and II I*
no arer»t thai a numh<*r of thorn >r»
labortna* unl»r mnn»t«ry dlfflpultl**
of nitre- I'll .l*nr»» It »<• thin •'«>•
of affair* which M In th. Fntirth
artnuc rhurch Inviting Ih* Thl r
!««nth «tr»»l Church (o Join with It.
f»honM th* project fall, thrr* I* fv»r»
llk*llhoo>l that ntcotlatlnna will b*
hi>|un for th» trln*lnir lo««>thi>r of
th» Imprint «tr»«t rhurrh ml th*
Thlrl»#nth Mrrot rhurrh Th»
-flprln* atrrct rhurch la without a
'pa Hi or.
Hut « ronanlhlatl'<n of much wMfr
• .'•!'*• and mnr# Important pn»alhlll>
llr^i that \t> h«ln« 'iul»tlj urn"" 1 by In.
flii»nilal Prrabylrrlana la Ih* ri»m
blntnic of Hi' MadUnn HHH rhurrh,
of which l>r. Parkhural la pamnr. lhi>
llrlck church, which IV. Vamiyka
will loavo In ih« i nfiir future in tiik**
Up lh<" prnfrnanrahlp h# ha* aor#pt
»d at Prim "lon, and tha Fourth «v
--«nua rhurch.
Th# provfrtli** upon which thi-w
churrhr* atand, II in pointed out, in
Mir. tixlV valuable, and could he mm
for aaum that would provide for the
tmilillna" of » irrwit rrntral I'rmtiy
(itljiii church and auppbrt lir.ui.li."
In varloua pirn i>f th» city, mich a*
Trinity la «nat<l»<l In maintain with
rich funda It Inn In Ita |inaii»i-MOn.
Th» e»labll«hm*nt of a nr*at
churrh mnvumi-nt of lhl» ch«racl«"r
la brine ur«»d by promlnnnt I'r^ahy.
t«rlana, for th* rraann, an ihi'V aa*
iiert, that It would Irnd nut only to
Illlin th* financial atrtln of thr
iilh.T downtown i'liuri-hi■«. but would
Itlva Pr*alirt»rl»nl»m th» MrMlgtrl
ami linp'lii" which II la n«rr,-,i It
now ltnr>li much In ni*rd of. Th it
a ronaallrtatlnn of th» thr#» churrhwt
will come about hoith 1 time, pcrhnpa
In- ii ihort Him-, la beyond queitlon.
;■■--. i - ■'- - -
GOOD iriMiis SAV f> -HUH""'
Are the BEST VALUE in town. These
prices for this week:
i a i». i. ::::;:::::::::::::::";iS
14 In. I. . * 1»
i::;^::::::;:::::::::::::: _fcSS__
12131217 Second Avtmii
to pay a fair price-, let us figure with you ■« ■ -" ■
Third and I>ikc. STAR PAINT CO.
I Framed Pictures lon Glass
Framed Pictures on Glass
■; From <B Cont» Up.
I g06.001 firm* Av«>nu« 11l
recur Tnle wtciin Pitta Mmente til uuitonn euruieet.
T«W|.l.oo- o iKD in "T*U* CUnla from 1* ft ««llon op.'
tVt»rr>ba»r»Hlp fan. (1.00 a Month
Auditorium Bicycle Riding Academy
Third Aw. arid M«dl»oo 81
O Howard. Kip, Walllam and HaipHen Watch
' At Low Prlooa, at
fifMt VTIj^W \ li>»iru.»M» In lh«~ -Uri lit ib« rrlltf of 'Mm »|.l «v
fJWiM h.ZX±M*\ «■>" r.,ul|.n.Kll l«( Ihxssr'ilhWVll'uuiul.Ul* >• U»« U^«
*4v2xLi_il. "•* ii. ii.at r\rn«<ii.r. Q|»tigt»n. m fir«i ay».
Buffalo Legal Tender Developing Company.
WM V »»»rtor.» *!.• rrr*iMi«M*rtnnitr r. .' lilf Tw« or fhf« kaclrwl doIUn
Mfltrtt '.i»t».i*T in ««»1. in.u«l.ii,« nlgtni •r,«r»»»ill m*>» y>» » Ktrtan*. Too
omi dm Mt Ilial II r«nr«ol !•• .ion., « lli»i n»v •"• out Ik* lv. «r *■••. < " •'«•>
kn<w in t-ti<« MM inn >t«r All i»»i it nr«->«"! .. • lliilr anUlion. with
j • iiii!>r.-.a»»a m», •»■! • l.« 4alUn in mt. 10 pl»i» r*>> ™ <"* '""1 u> l""««« I]
' >«•» «r» ulwk; I* .»<t,« l>tMin>iii>. M..,» then* »h. .r. iv >] >■>■> T"" *n '"'■"»'
t.twi.r • ar* t (i»tli;. for • llml'nl HIM only. l-rj.l T>nl*r •tort «i 1 rrnu |^r
.1 .-. Itl. Mark all! iMcb in* awni nail t«t«t» •»«•■! ***k«. Ihu I* • «mutr
liiulu> toT»«l»irol,«rxl »HI In •or. fan M« Mtum»lor r<«nr »owr. Th« l^««! Tmijr
It Mi mm < .In, «i.i <■»!» lan |»i ilnunt If .nun. turnout •■«.« D«f!«» Ml»». '»l oalT
•v ri»ip»«. «o I .n him triii Inn th« "I-m- i) »-i ■tin*, ih* .<u«ui.>i.im int. t«-.i. .»r
»l l-e >•• ■ ef whl«-» nark, a.. frt.nilj »M far I■»,«». C«ll «i uur «.•».-. ■■ lui-t
li^nou ruai Ku>klia«. lo» ■>•!«. «t». *. rarr» .11 ti.n.l.M .la. ii lirnsst t.J Draft M
Hulir) Until Jkl! aMen •ll«i'lr< lii prT>«|.ili T<• ■ 2* ■ 11T1 . _ „ -^ > _
What to Do andjtow to Do It. /
It m«y •■• ti'fv*. but if you "1«uhl» manty In * rt»!it In
ir.tmfni. it i* i-»ll»ii K'»»l jul«mnl Funny *h«i •!■»•
ii< i*r lh»r» I* in the play of on» ■ r«nr>-! »
Kr»m lltllF »«orna tall mki arow anil from i heap. r»U»bl*>
c „,|»r atockafurtun** arc conaunly l»m« ma.l» All Ihlt i* :
l>r*llmlnarr M telling you la ukMh. ►■.«►! „UI <)u.-«ki-r'« a.l
--vlc«: "O»i moiwr. Mr «on. ami r't It .|ii:.ktv " Haw? Noih-
Injr .•••.■■!• If you will follow our wake .>■ ! buy Unt Ct.'k
or l>llv*r <r».H (lurk*, th* former at ten MMi ami the lal
1. rat »l« e#nta |>»r phut". TH'r» la all «f * hundr*4 per "
MM I" out In ilih« atorka thla mmitwr Tb»y font* from
• airtrlct—th» In Ici-Hilvrr «*r»»li -«hirh t>rnmlMa to make
Hull* look »i.ni«-«h*t »»rr|r.l ovrr the |M.»altillliy of loalnr
h<-r proud poaltlon as ih» rn|>|M>r-|T"lurlnc rentr* of - th.<
Inn.-.! Hlaua. Thtr* MM* «■■ a bird which flew M high
that II ill In I hay« to MaM down to water —and Hut: la —
oothlDC but a copp»r bird after aIU * ■'-„, fti —
JOHN E. McMANUS £ SON, 918 Second Avenue
iHlci-linfT Xif»lrln The'"Wnd that sends you
JrlSlllllg IcICKIC home with * full basket
Uf.«.i r<»l I mi MrII H.nKl-i da»n, 10« to ..I'tS
1: i.-.i ■ -I. in I !■•«!•. lv. xv .. is
.-lilt Hknikno r -I. .. I Ofl|Matttpl?lM lif»l<. v.- M
l, nor 'i to ..... l:« lm-««i«. la ... IN
I.iif u|-tr (.!«■! Had « "'I F|*«r«. iv 1C «
COON BROS.. IAI7 Second Avo.
AHK YOU "" •
oil^ Goin 8 to Build?
A .«'mH IH|//^4!i\] *h»ti preparing «i»«1flf«tlo«ii and pUnl
\ 'Jl' <^!B*B HCf I: i'At *l.\l lor >'"" "*" MiiMtmi or hum*, tin tun to
i' \ I !i XU m(l 1"> »i <■'■"> I • innti.n to s««r lOnmliiui.
t >?.l 'i^- UllllM'l I "■'!' .Jlvi Vonr limlih it'imil* ti|on It. Wtmakrrnn.
i^-i *•" JL^^^*^^J*V I i'l''' i**^^ 1 lr»t v lor tit* < t>nn Wl« ruling u|>ul bml !•
.i' 'P""^ 1! lnr',»Ml> (h» l«n«t Impmvnnmt", In i>|fti
far y* / TmPHk a 5i"W I M"i"«rr rl>imllnt, «t • low r»ilm«tr. our
fc. «*■ > .-'_aV*ii*^BL'»t>'>w «i"tk ■■ l"*"iil riiii]|*ililon. >»l w« m*
'V ' i- c§r> Thlrll Avr> *nd s Prln9 St.
"*^**" ■«!««♦ Bui 171.
lifluriril I trinlly (or Ma n uf»r(ur In q and Indittrlil Utti
Snoqualmie F*allo Power Co.
mmtiim tiiiiitt it Bum, EEmn. mmi aatt m. m nn si.
Moran Brothers Company
Our pUnt IfU'ln »io«l »ni wm*! MaMfHAtUMi mil cmr«r« alt *>r*arhM of lh«
liniliic^m tmiii m nil othercl*«M>a «»l m«*« liin.TT butll nn«l n).*tr« I.
->«'"'• tor '• W <-nil i mi " pumptu mac bin n the •' M«*hef" mi t "lloberti"
wafW nil-*' bolltn «ii I the i iiMc-l Mhii" Mtit»llic I'm kin« 4'niiH'Mny.
T'..l iv linn b<>»n lnk»n tip by 1h»
Knight" at Pythian with 111.- work of
!lh« varloua rommlttMi. Th** grand
ofllean will In- pli-noil tMi aft*rnoon.
At I hi* rvililnn ■ ■•'union In C?satte
hull, thi-fi- r.iinlliliilrn lire to be In-
Th« nti<n)n »<-h<>onpr Jpnni.», of th»
I'n.-iM. Hi.vim Whulliiu company, will
•all tonlitht for Dnii uti.l '"it Vnl.lr*
with n iti»-i InAii .if cnnnrry ■iij.
pltMi i-<iiinl*tlnK principally of lv.n.«
»tnl tin fur tin- ri.iii|,,inv'« rannrrlrs.
Tlii> Jraiilc will take north six or
I Tin- 11111 l "HI lak.- noitli ,-.\ or
right |ia«»eiigiT»
1 TilephoM tMbterlptlont I* X
? RiU«» (SO
♦♦«>♦♦■»■» »♦<■>»■>■»■* ♦♦♦
\O. 70.
\VARI!INMT><\. May IT. Th» f..|.
lowlnit t'ltMi'Krniii from Hon. Otla «r
--livail this in.'i Minn; "t>awton with
tact ami ability HNNI MMM pi.
vino* with hi» column, an.l ii.il
iirlv^n th» InmirKPtit tronpt north'
ward Int., Pan Isi.lr.i. which he rup<
'mi I thin mornlnß. Hi la now .Iriv-
IliK Hi.- . n.-;n> northward lilt . \)\e
in..mil. M" |UM I MMMII n^lit
tnir. liiillctltiic h< ,ny Insnoa nnd puN
ffrlnic frw CMIHIIm The ap(ir.ir«
ance of hid troop! on the ...k» „f
th« nit my behind tht tminchoii
thrown up at .vitv dtr.ii •«!■• point
mill town him had i demoralizing la
itluence upon 11.. Insurgent*,"

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