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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, May 23, 1899, Image 2

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I I wblu »rD. ruiiinn
»%«r> m.iii.».i. r»r«i>i Maaa)
I. 11. till, It. t. rIUaK.
Kixtoi. I i.i.i«•- M.Ni.m
• 'n» r»»l f*t t"|t i >li mil. |*t »e>k,
ft I««1H> • milt |«r nouta •l»llin»l
»y ratii* v. li»« nt 1"
Talephon* P>lhi«> i»o
•>».«. Ms 110 l * • Iklr.l A.M.«.
laund alUMpMivretalOeatUa.Muklai.
i*in a. Mv^Hld^lM* lll»f
Strictly ludfpendritt la Politic*.
I >•! II l< » 111 mi; HUN.
Th* queMtun «a rrtntientlv aakrd
by p*r*nna wbo .li* not •*• th* Arat
lour of the Mar rAiiialnlna Ma fUt
lam of ptin>'lp>« a* to what the
polltlra of IMa paptr may be. !U!*f.
ly lh»n. the anawer la that th* Star
baa not at prvoent, mr will It ha>r
In tb* future, any political blaa. It
will nnt !» tb* i>i-aan of any |<ul|tlral
party Tb* »t«r It pejMMMal for tti*
e>»l» purf>>«» >«« ai«.n« th* peupl* th*
n»«a in a truthful, atralchtforward
faahion. Such I* th* tru* mtaalon of
•II American nr»«i^n-»r«. lull noel
of th*m hay* atray*d far from th*
mark and are no* fa4teiU>Mt at th*
corn crib* of political partle*. They
tell tb* truthjMily aa far aa "policy"
dl.tato* anl a)a* (r*at dUlcunrc In
■■p|ir»a»ln«l i»«i urfa»-r«l>.» In th*
parti** from whK-b they draw a
f/oodly portl*aj of thair *u*t»nanr«.
A* a mult. tb«a* Paper* ' »-» not
n*>w« dw*»miiMl'T< la th* tru* **na*
of ftie word.< ■ They ar* rMaard la
■tal»m*nt. «a>t tb«r»for*. unrvllabl*.
Th* publiabtr* of th* Star b*ll*v* j
that a MrtcUy a<n r>«ru«an r>»-» •!■*
p*r haa a field In tht« or any other I
wn«-lli«»nl e*m*nan4ty wb*r* peopl*
wan! l-> know th* truth an.l th»
who!* truth - about - *v*rythlas.
There ar* km . peopl* vbo ar* •>»
bt«**d and pr*)udlcvil by political
rancor that tk»y will not. If they ran |
h*lp It. read any-ihlne- of a political '
natur* «|>p««rtnc In print. except It
I* th* production of •'nv* wrlt*r of
their own parttmlar way of tkiinklna
They patronia* only hidebound par
tisan or«»ne. lumwin« that no d*a
(•mm h*r*«ir« will b*> printed. Thrlr >
bortxoa I* Mm« 'an>l \h*y r»fu*»
absolutely to.kanw anrthlrr about
th* broad *w**p of rn«l»f« pulttlcal
tboua-bt. a* *x*mpila*d by tb* an
tac^niatu- b*4icfa and i«»ltrt»« of ail
of tb* contentlin*; part
Tti*«* people." fortunately for th*
Star, ar* comparatively few In num.
ber The larv* majority of Ameri
can ritla*fia ar* aaxion* to vet •' Urn
truth V all matter* and to form i
tl»»ir own' JBd«m*nt» «a on*>ta»»'l
Ime*. Tb*y look with a pardonable
*twpi<-tin upon th* *tat»m»nta «p
--p*arin( In partisan or«»n». aad ar*
always on lt>* lookout for a Journal
that ha* , th* ■ «oura«* to ''" th*
truth, and th* who!* of II T.i thl*
lanr* and ;. rrow!n» <•!•»« th* •tar
look* for Ita rapport. Fly r n>'.at»nt
adherence to the simple prtn<lpl*<
*nunr«ata»l. It capita in Urn* to corn.
man 4 that publk- conftdenc* which M
th* only uu* f9«Ad«.tl*n upon whir*!
to build a *ue«r**fttl n<w*nap«r.
Th* Star la not a lar** ocwapaper, '
but It contain* all of th» o*w*. It
endeavor* to avoid *sajcn«ratloaa of
atatema-trt'la Ma oorumna, and will
not deaceod to tbe level of vltupera*
tlon or i*raonal abu.«.
Th* effort* of th» War department
to ascertain whether or not th* ■trat
vT»»hin*t.)n • vohiateera ran b*
brourbt d»r«rt from Manila la rV
attl* to m moatered out. win prob- '
ably miiililn an early order to carry
the project Into effect. Ther* la no
r*aann whatever why th* soldlen
should i>6t'b« iM«(r*l out at thl*
point. Th* — i-r*tary of war ha* vir
tually pr«rr.:«*»l "hit tb* troop* (ball
b* broua^bt to the Round Indead of
Ban rTanctscOk If no serious ImpixU* j
menta ar* discovered In th* way of
poor <-*mpir.a' rf>un la and th* like.
The ramping faelittie* ar* excellent,
supplies are pleatlful and the aunv j
tner climate salubrious and d<-llcht
ful. Th* Inarlral aequenc* of th*
secretary"* promts* Is th->t be will
order th* troops to"b* brourht direct
to Beattl*.' ' Tti* statement* tele
graphed from Han r"r»n'i«"i to th*
effeot that th' military authorities at
the Presidio barv* batn ordered to
plac* th* camptnc Bround* ther* In
readtne** for fh^ reception of return-
Ing volunteer* en route bom* from
th* Philippines, does not necessarily
concern any of tht regimenta betang
toiic to th* northern tier of states.
Ran Francisco la the natural point of
debarkation _ for th* regiment* en
rout* to Kanifta and Nebraska, Inas
miKtt aa rhoae state* lies directly In
th* eastward, but 8«-»ttls I* th* Kate
way thr'»urh which all troops travel- :
ln«r to \V»»«hJr.rlr.n, Montana. Idaho
and the Dakolas »MI And the moat
convenient «nl desirable rout* home. '
STn«l»rn conditions of warfare ar*
quit* fllaatrnllar from th* condition*
ttrhlcb axkitrd a century airo In
Manila th* spectacle In presented to. i
d»y of an In»iinr*nt <«mrnl*alon'
holding amicable aesalorui with the
American peace commlaston and din- i
running a liberal form of government
for th*. Philippines, while a. few miles I
away th* American and Insurgent
*.rmJe* ar* »nmired In a fierce strug- j
gle with the ata ■! fntalltief.
Ru<h thing* would havo been Im
posaible even a few year* ago The
old spirit that thirsted for fierce r«
reng* upon a ron/|urr<- I enemy *eema
la be giving nray to humanitarian |m.
rniliuni that preface a. bettor condi
tion of thing* In th* near future
Perhai* th* Czar's International I
peace conference la not luch a prem
ature affair after ail. ' ,< r*
The i »«r,ytrr,Bn general assembly,
now i: Branlon at Mlnneapolt*. kai
arrang*"l, a* a »[<»< i.M order of biial- j
ness for next Thursday, to conalrler
th* ' i■• of t'rof. a T. McOirfert, of
Union Theological B»m!nary. who In
accused of unorthodox* teachings in
hi» Ikkili km 'I he Chriatlan Church
In th* Anoatolla A**." It Is *fl»>
K.plrti Hi. .ll.i-11. »!,•!• Witt |.|.ih
nlilv b* taken. Inasmuch «• the pru
fewtnr resolutely refuara to admit
in it he If nut of alignment with the
' rhun<h en vartoua lmi>"ii.>iil <]uta.
lion* «n«vtiii* Old Ti»i->iii.-iil hi*
tory, *tc.
iiffrrt h» on* at th« "liUli.-r
i-ritii-« ' of th* Hrlggs' »■■!••■: who
created •mli a rumpui In fluutrn
■torn a few imp ago, ami II la not
Impossible that ho will secure th*
notoriety that ettmo to Or. Hrlirg*
IhrnuKh a hn. ay trial
Ther*> «miM *c«*m to '"• tin pre
tense for ronlrov*r»y on one point,
ami that la aa to th* propriety <>(
any man remaining In » religion*
communion, to th* principle*- «f
which !»«• la oj>po*«d. Th* ir»|.i r
thin* far MKliffcrt 10 do I* to lofty*.
th- Presbyterian NM altogether ■<
hi* beMefa ar* tnromnatabl* with
IVesbyterUn standard*, and then at
lark th* church with a itw lane* If
MiMMM •■< ' •■■>■!» II la not
j In (»xl taat*. how*v*r, to dint 1.,
| th* clerical otllr* In any <4iurrh whil*
attarktng It* doctrine*, directly or
Deputy Collector* Must Have
No Outside Work.
WA9HINOTO.V, D C. May ll—
Th* romml*aU>n*r of Internal r»v
enue today ;•»';. .1 an order directing
that th* deputy .'.11.-I m of Inter-
I nal rtimu» »!>all Klv* their undi
vided Mm* and attention to to* gov.
•riwnerU. Th* action • baawl ni—u
reporta that deputies hay* b«n en
gaged in «>tt»»r buaine**e* and have
p*rform*d wn'lfii not required by
th* collector* of Internal r*v*nu*.
r.immt««l»n«T IVUaoa lab** th* view
thai th* 1.-|ut;r» if they « i«h la
»nr»«»> In i>ut«sir work, should re
algn th*lr government petition*.
Th« Schema Is Presented at
an Opportune Time.
MAVTt.A. May 14 -iv«r« Cbannla
•!..n»-r flchurman mi I today that ih*
•cbenie of government auih>>ria*d by
PresMent M. Kim-y had b»»n pr**>
•nt~l to th* Flrtpiana at an oppor
tun* lime. T*.-- i>hfnif." h* 4'Mfil.
"»h>ul 1 satisfy In* legitimate aspira
tion* of th* Filipino* for partk-f;*.
Una In th-ir own r>v*rnm»nt it
<l»r« th* ln«ur«rnl« • «-"•"! oppor
tunity la lay down th*lr arm*. I'n
d*r II th*y will i»jm»m more fr»»
dare than nailer th* Malalo* irov*ri>>
menu *v*a thouch th» latur -I
rl«r«« lh«ta to b* lnd»p»i«d*nt an4
•r>vrrrl«n "
Dial May Attend
CItICAOO, May XX— M a m**tln*
of th» FwlaraJ cominKt** on for*lm
(Ufttt at th* t'nl'in l<-»«u» club
y**ttrJay, Cot. \V. II Itobvrt*. ••*«
» avnt to Mexico, ryporOil that h»
bad no doubt that a,»>r Dlai will
b« IB Chlracn durieir th* titrctaxa
of Ortotwr ♦ Th» r»miti!t(», of
»hn-h T. Ii »ry«ji. it ebairman, con
•vUivl plan* for formally invMin«i
tb* pr*itd*nt of Mostrn. and a *ut>
eommrM**, ron«l*ttn« of Mr. llrr«n,
and t'oottnaatvr C U. O»rl-.n. w*r*
.|ln>rlrd tn |ir»|»r» th* Invitation.
Th* rommlttr* will atan invlt* th*
rov*rn<>r «-r>»r»l of i'»mli l>r. It.
Cameroa will riMi man and •*■
tend til* lovltati..n
Phelps County, Mo., Man Kil
led While Hunting.
TUBUUIIHA, M-. May It—lllrti.
.- I rnrt*r, of l*n*!p« county, waa '
my*t«rW>ualy mwr*r«l at a lonely ■
•pot In th* wood* n»r Mary*
Horn*, Mtll»r rottnty. <
ll* »a» out turkey hurrtlMt with |
a eompanlnn rmrn.^l Marl Cappa.
They had *«para<r4 and th» fatal
•hoi that n\r*~\ l*ort*r'a dratb waa
nrr-1 fnim an ambuth.
IV>rt»r ran 17* y»ni« b*for* h* f#ll
and Cap)*. hMnnn« th* *hnt, and hi*
erle*. bMMcnrd to bi* Md*. I'<irt»r
coukl only ita*p out "I'm ah"i." and '
th»n b* <U*d. I
Cappa hurrVd bark to th* dlrw
tlon from wMdi b* »nM th* ahot. I,
but all h* found wan a fr**h knr* ; .
Imprint and a «run» ,
Th* drad man bad a dl»orr*d wlf«
and on* I MM llv!n« In l'b«lpa coun>
CIItCAOO, May 23 -Tiir. ar* In a '
truvt. Th* ««u'y amokv-bflrhrr* i
that rhurn up rtv»r water and *mlt
ear-apllttlna; «hi«ll.a will anon be '
taking- Ml In dM naim> nt an up
to-date combination of N»w Jirary
m.inur»'-tur»-. llarked by th* mil
lion* of th* lUx-krf. ll.m an<l Allied
Int«rF*t* In tha allied Iron trade, ne
rotut,.irm ar* on foot t«r th» ah
»..ri>ih.ri <•< all th* Important t"wln(
i<.mi>»nl»« on the treat tnkra.
Among th* prop* ■' ■to be m»nr»d
ar* th» Dunham T->» ln« and Wreck. ,
in* company and Harry Urn*.' Inde
pendent Tuff line of Chlmso and the
rnnaummatlnn of the pinna will mark
the retirement from marine affair*
of «'«[ t. J. H Dunham, who baa been
■i dominant flxure In river in! har
bor affair* In the we*t for over 40
W. A, '"..IM<-r pr.-«ld<-nt of the V< •
■a] Owner*' Towlnir rompnny, of
Cleveland, hi" hren ths prime mov
er of Hi" lallfir-hlnir of the IUX mm
bine. He ha* arrtired option* on ev
ery line of I StM*qe< "• ■■• "I the prln.
rlpal porta on the lake*. The oeOana
will expire June 1. Nothing; definite
ha* yi-l '" ■ " derided upon, .lilh'-r na
to rapilal, : :t If or "Hl* Ml of tho n»w
rnmpnny, th'iiiirh the amount Involv
ed In th* pan hax of the rompon»nt
ptanta la in tweam of 11,000,000 ■ ,i«h
Thf tui line i:.r« will i". •■!•. '■ •!».(
mull for thrlr hnl>llna:*. ri<'kanil>,
Brown * On Oil Clavaktud Iron
round< ii, .in i Hm kafallaii «re
crclitf'l with financial ipenaoraMp
i.f th* deaL
WAHIIt.Nrvro.V. EX Oh May Ji
j It Hi becoming «|'i»r.'ni «•• pOUtMWa
ti>r.' that free, allver wtll not >■•• ■«
prominent plank 11l the noxt Dtntt*
cratla platform. Th* party will mv
r.-i»ik.- iin- doctrine, but will malm
It • an'oii'liirr 'Mur giving pr<«n-
Ini-ni-K <t» lli» |.i|ui'li-.i! luim to ,I.J. .
•hi.hi I" th* IrtlMi or antl-t:aipcrlal>
l*m, I- ■iTillnit to flit uiii-"iiii.-i ' I'
I* poll .1 out th.it It would !••• nti
miu| for rh* I viii.« rji« i.i c i bttara
Hi" rnuntry at th* n«>l |>m-»i■!• mi "I
rlr.lli.ti « lilt ft*., .iiv.T ,i» 111. m.i.n
IWM, Rhould th.-lr r.m ll.l.tii- I"
--.In let cm MUCH M plat form hi would
he hi-ii-li■»» to iniliii'ii.■>• frr* ailvt>r
1.-h!ilui • n. for the rea*«n that th»
•«•!!.« If for thr n«»t clx >'»i» l« «it
».'i<-limiiiiil>' In favor of Hi.- «-I I
' • UmUnl.
Bhoulil situation In the Miillp.
l-in.-« .i».| j-«.ri'i 111.-.i warrant, ■nil-1
Imtx-rUliam will b* th. '.iii try.
wrth fre* »llvtr «n<t opp«e>ltlun tn the
ii-uni» i» running main i< X' • p ti> • i
■liver mm and lV(>ut:»'• In llnr. II |
i» «ii.| that a tunlrsl on *u>h mi !•• I
•>it- would be plraamir lo Ihe I>emi>>J
. i.ittr tr.i tcr*. fur tbe i. ■ i« ><i that i
<• H h freo Oliver In the barkKmund J
they m**. lnrr*«ea their c«m|mi«n:
run.!* Andrew <"«rn»iii' and othtr;
I wealthy opponent* of the it, -■ ■■■ {
foretin potN-y of the *<tmlnl»tniiion \
would be liberal contributor* to an <
■ntl-lmperlall*rt« platfnrin.
If the pttuatl«n in th* n«w rm»>ra.
alont Improve* during the n*xt yrar
to th* extent of adding airengih in
th* expansion policy of th« • imu.u
mi! oppoattlon to the « ii ■t » ill
b* mni t for sr*t pntrtlon on the
Uamncratk* (HWN ami antl-es*
l>«MM'>n and free pil\«t wtll be rele
«it*<l t> mrond and third plare*. At;
any rat*. It I* ilvrtami by many that
all (Urn* [K»4n! 10 the abandonment • t
fro* •ilvr m th* rardtnal ptinrlple
of Democracy.
Noit Cart Callldas With Car
C*l»lA.^Ar<>U». 'Iml.. May M-
An rlectrte car, running I] mile* an
hour, collided «itn a ►•■■*• o«»"n
K<'ina to a Ore It>J«.v. •ii.l two men
may dl* aa th* rvtult at the ■<■• I
dent. Krank oweoa, the driver uf
the hf" <••«.... and Jim" t-Vniicr
an. the (MmnMn «f the Mr, were
<au*»il under th* wrerkas* ami bad
ly cruehed. |iriitan>i>i |Ho«k>« who
«■»• rUlnir baatiW th* driver on the
hoe* wairon. ••■ al*o badly Injured.
Kansas Farmer in the Hands
of Undo Samuel.
milT »COTT. Kan. Mar »—J
IVir»< • ••••Hhjr furttwr. •>•» »• ■
rr»r«-l «r»l i'i4cnl In J*il her* to*
■l«r by I'nttad Ht«tm «fil>-rr». • 'i>r« .
«-l with ob«ir»«<inc lh» mail*. A i™
w*»k* ago Mr Ft»r»on iin.vr to >ur
•nh .* ).<•<! of cm, ll* •tsrtnl to
rf«i in» B*nta. K» Utwk. bo! •*•
• pad tiy • (fight train on a Mil*
(reck. \rhsi» «aHlnjt tar tl>* froltht
train to pur out It* maintain*! hi*
l»«ntnn on ft* main track. ao<l .!*
--■pit* ih# !hro»!« of th« 018 lala. ok*
• tru.*i») U>* track «">■' d*lar*<i IDt
fa«t ma,l train t»*ntjf minutta.
No Carpet Trust.
ifAnTlvmO. Conn.. May ii-n
It i-f. treaaurvr «f the II »rtr.«rd
Carpet i»«mi«i>y. aaya "I ■!•• not
think th* |W.a«a.»W r*n>*t truat la
practloasle. On* *■*• trt*l aom*
I y-«r» >■-> ami fallr4. TtMr* ara too
many of us.",'
Whipped In the Street.
I'AliAO'.l I fi. Ark . May 2i-Dr.
M. I. Mode**. a prominent |>h)»i. . >■
w«a pubttely whipped at Cardwell.
M>. today by Mr* John King, the
wlf* of a a»lixmk»»p« r
Mm Kind waa with her huabamt
when eh» mat the ptijilrtan. Kiiht
a-rabbed Ik llnd«*a and held him
while th- wotnao piled the laah
Tb« phyatctan ta arcuaed by Mra.
Kinir of *i>e«klna; m an tiwwnpU.
mentary manner of her alater. Mra.
Miller. with whom Dr. llmloa
j boarded.
Information ha* been received here
from Mexico and Japan la th. effect
(bit both Boverntnenti prnpna* to
—: il.!i»h llf«««vlna > and alirnal •>•«
--tema al-ina* their roaita an I employ
I'mtun ni«M »i«rMil«.
Druggitts to Combine.
NEW T'.ltK Mar «.-The l*te»t
ronaolldatlon nf bu«tne«« Interests to
be announced la that nt the whnle
«i!» iMIWMM The prnnv»trr« rail
It an anial«am»n«n Th. v emphati
cally der4ar» th*< It I* n-rf it tru»t.
Ninety-one Jobber* In the li i.r tmde
eaat of th* Rooky tnountalna and
nnrth .if and In.Hi. Memphla and
1:1- fini>n-l, whnae Invexted lntere«ti
are ratlmateO at 117.m0.0nn, m,i an
nual Mir« acxrevAte l«n.000.Au0. have
been irsvlt»^l to )(*n. The amntriim
atom e«p*«st tT»t before the flmt of
June M per r*nt. of the trad* will
have been brought wlt_n the "re m-
I lit lon.
Reunion of Rough Rldors
ALIirQUBnQIJB, N. M., May 21
—The city of Albuquerque ha* re*
llnquKhed Ha effort to aecure the re.
union of llooawelt'a Hough Htder*
In New Mexico Juiw 14. -■'■ .'« «nd
27. Thia action waa taken in favor
of L<aa Vearaa. where aom» I /■" ha*
t»en ral»ed for th» purpo**. «lov.
Ilonaevelt haa mforme.l the n.fmkrl
In the anuthwert of hta Intention to
be preaent, and the whole territory
la preparing to attend the in—-tins.
He Kopt HIS VOW.
BJkNI «V 11,1.8, <> Mi' 2J-Cnl
umbua llrunia*', (a, iraa burled at
Itoaevllle yeaterday. Hi had lived
within half a mil* of l(.*..vllt<- all hla
life, but hail not he*n ln*Me th«
corporate Bn*a of Itneevllle for 20
year*. In IK) lirtjiiiiic* whn had
a aerlea of aMerratlnna with Rom
rilli people, waa arre*te<! and tin. I.
and when the fine w«« Itni»«e^l be
ViiWi I h« would never arnln ent'-r
the. town. M" hapl hla vow, i" i not
until Kin body will taken to Mm Ml
laira cemetery yetierday *«« he »-<-n
In th. place alnre the trial of ,10
year! ago. ill uniagi' wita a bacho
this SEATTLE star.
Pratt's Orchard Addition
I I I I L_
LEE streeiJ
■ i i ii i i i I r^ 1 I
1 i " > . " !—
h W
X >
,■o»■ < M ' I
—: — Z z^: zz: m L__ DC
3y"2. . « • 0
. > —7— —T— §_« !__ z
< o ' '
i . ; d ■
It»■£ ■ ' id
L » 2 " "111
I—l L. h—i r~j ZHMII2
I'r.nt's Orchard of over 6 acres of large beirlng fruit
trees has just been put on the market by Holman & ** "
Robinson. " —~^
For a Home or Spculation • "' !! T
It will pay you to see these lots. Beautifully located. a " C
fine view of Lake, City and Sound. Extra choice for • : £
desirable home. En- IS _
Take the Cedar Street Car ; ; 5)
Every Lot Cleared, ready to build upon. At least
ten full bearing fruit trees on each lot. s , 17 .
Tomorrow Will Be Too Late -— t '..
Easy Terms to those who wish to build. " | I _«»!!_«-— j I
Price #260 per Lot. No Reserve highland drive:
a representative to show the property will be on ___—_—————». _____ ■
the grounds. I
For terms see any of the following Real Estate I
|'f/,Li>rt- I
11 i Columbia Street 1 12 Columbia Street
il l Washington Building 405-406 Washington Building
Rooms f^ Colonial Block Sullivan Block
" . ' ' , ■ ■> . ' ■
IIF-IJTVA. Wont.. May ».—The
arid land itrant nunmlMiKn "t Mon>
( lam, in addition to work already
'•rii««l forward In different parta of ]
the atate, (a prtparlns for the Imme- •
diate c»natru<-t|nn of a lar«p < anal
«> «t-m In Carbon ■■ni*)', in the val
ley of nark. • >*. rk rtvrr, an la de.
•troua of 1 irmliu a ri lony upon the
land* In >- lit i-.-l from It T»ila
vall«-y la In the extreme southern
portion »>€ the Mate. It* lopnfrraphU
ral at.'l cllm»tle«l rt»n«llllona are In
many reain-<t» MentH-al «Ith th««e of
Ih^ rair.»i« rialtatln valley, and It
embracea a l«r»e mi.! of liml, that, j
with lrrhja«l"n. may M only be ren
dered available fur agricultural pur
pnaea but will rank mnn the mnat
nertlle laml- .f th ni*lhwe»t. Th...
beat acquainted with thla locality
|.r..n-.iinr.- It eeperlally de»(rable f .r
farmtna-. «• the laml* are the rholc
cent In the date, an 1 the I I. I aup
ply, once <llrwt«-l upon ihrm. would
be abundant and [•rmancnt A tract
of about ten thousand acrrn la <<• lv>
•rrlfat'-<l by the new canal and of
rhl* tract It la estimated that there
la now enmiKh unn«-upl«l land to
furntah funin of I*° m ri-« enrh for
40 famlllea; or If amaller farm* are
dratrvl, a irr«^»tpr numtier ootild t»c
ac«'omm«i«lai~l. fur. a» remarked by
one of the 1. i linit memlwra of the
conmtiMlon. "eluhty acre* uttllKHl
to the brat ndvantnK» will e<|U«l In
ne* prraita I*o acrm f*rmi>U with
hired labor."
•A tlachelor'a Honeymoon." which
or*n»d at the Bcnttle lh..«t.r last j
night for three i •' ■"Him • • la a j
v«ry funny an-1 cleverly written
fine The many aorlpn of highly
anualna" eomplloatlons .unl *ltua
tlona prenent ■ rare novelty. Wnlter
Walker ana Mies Bta< »> who appear
In the lead, "i. exceptionally well |
ca»t, awl th« aii|>|«>rllna; • ..iiifinv la
atrons In every ihi T'lilKhl ami
t<morrow ihe MpaiHaiMM of "A
Itjrhelor'a ilotii-yiii(»ui" will hi re
ptateil. and n<» doubt bi«m| hoUBM
will «T»et t»iia funny fan. .ml the .
eirellent company. I
• • •
At the Tin i 1 avrnuo theater, Th»
Three <lilnr.|«m. H.i« «lnt|.-l f.i I
kt»«1 waek'a bUataaM I.iki Ik tit the
theater h.ik well 1111. I. nml the
mmantle drama Inti 'pn '■ I by a
«lr.in« company waa cretiltably till
«n. Mr. »<• .-it ■■!• D. Artaitniin 1a
•plendld an.l hla »upporl I" K'«>d.
■ a •
Clay Clement will itlvp "A Woulh
.• ii i tooth man" ■' thn H^ntllc thi-n
--i.-r Thur. ' evening, to tip followed
by "A New I > .'i .1 In" Krldny even-
HI. Mr. <' » in. ii ne«la bo Intro
rlu.-tlmi to a Hi-.iitli> mi.11.-in i. and
i no doubt but tliJLl hi* <M lini.ili and
hi* tninr new or.rs «'.:! f\\r him •
r..> *l »»lon>e at both i«-rf..rmanc*a.
• • •
A moat extraordinary nii»i»m»nt
.> (hat which will »— at the Seattle
ihr.irr for three nlchl* beginning
Hurnlay Trtgbt. M»n««»r Howe haa
axrured Melbourne Mcl»i»«-ll an.l
Illaarh* Wal.h who will appear In
"U» Tow*" and -redore."
• • •
The AlKe Oerftßd* will make two
Irlpa to Victoria tarrying 'irur»|oi>
!■!• for the «jiirrn'» etlebratlon. The
first trip will be run lonlcht. l«-aTln«
Ih- i "Hy dock at mldnl«hl ami arrtv-
Inir at VKlorh» tomorrow niornina*
Kh» will then leave her* Thursday
mornin* «t i** o'clock. rMtirnlr.it
that night by leavlnir Victoria at 10
I' m. ';\ 2
CHICAGO. 111., Mar »•—Ferrla
wheel, the irMnt "merry-ifo-round"'
th it haa been one of «*hl«".nro'» won
■l. m ever ainc*. th« World'a Fair, will
•!•• li« next turn In HI. I»uta or New
York. Th.- bin revolver h*a whirled
through C!hlca«-t» air for the I"" era.
■on. as neeottatlona for Ma tranafer
tn one of the c4t|e« named ire now In
prorrm nf i-»n<-lu»l<>n. Hi l..Miln de.
«lrm It ai< an attraction for the I-ou
Ifrinna piiri-h«»>" centrnnlnl In I*o3.
hut a New York imiuapmi-nl firm ha«
filed ii rnunler propoalt l«n for ■- re
moval to » location In the vicinity
of Mnnhattun l»lnr>.|
Maniirr I. V Wee. of FVrr* Park
ml 1 la* nlitht that the wheel"* .1. •
llnntlmi m not vrt ilMrrmlrn-1. but
It* Chicago career «M «lm»n at an
•mil. ■•■j;>_- ■"■'■'• ~.
A Marvelous Escape.
CHATTANOOOA. Term.. May 23.
— Wntter Froat. * younir »Ml« b<,y.
foil 100 feet fn»m a. mcky bluff Into
the i mm river thla afternoon
Ami »■■ not drowned.' He « i« >"ir»
|y «,i,,i.|i..| in.l vni i. -in..l by a
t»>atmnn MM by. Fi'.it. with Mm.
• .mi in:-.tin. « ■■<» |.li\hi« .in the
I.luff, whrn ho got I ■"• ii.-ii the H«p,
Iran hie fnallnit mil fill IINI. A
number of <Irnith» have "Mill. I on
Iha am »|m»i, mi.i no ana ma •*•»
known to mm been mml alive
Bryan'* Eagle Rfissing.
i-i H.ril lll'H In I . M.iv 23.—Dr. .1
W. Hornar, who *<>rv«l In UN H»v
rn<h «rmy corpa, ■-„,,!■■ Into pOSMaVi
«|(in of the «-n«l<> which wan i tci*li*.l
bj Col llryan'* Nebraska h-klmi.hl.
hi.l he iirwu-nt^l the blnl to Dr. W.
11. 11 iil.-r. of ii • cMy. The iilKht
before i >• i the • it: I.- win either Kt"i
■n or ih. :l |,.,| from lid miii. Ml Dr.
Itllll.l home.
1....ii lima 1... I irth «nil Ilk*.
Mcttrli'tlvu t|«.lallil«. i'livu* l'lkt 15
MKMMK.. Ind . Mar MMI La
bor r"«nnml«taon»ni hmll an I Me
-I'nninfk hare been hert for the past
day or two endeavoring to •ettl* the
difficulty between the planlnic mill
1 owners and th* bulldera, the result of
which trouble had dosed every plan
lr« mill In ths rity. Their mtaslon
rtre* no Indication of success as yet.
The carpenter*, airarnst whom lies
th* chief srlevanr* of the planing
mill men, have suffered no Inconven
i ience. Mnc* <h* shut AMP! of the
local pJanlnc mill* the carpenters
have been nntalnlns thHr supplies
from Indtanspon* mills and from M
r*l lumber yards. Tho mill men say
they cannot •perate. unless th« car
penters airree. to purchase the. iup
l>lb-*. mostly frame*, from them
alone. The carpenters heretofore
purrhaaed frame* at the lumber
yard*. a:H occasionally have made
j them. To arr*«V to the request of
■ th* mill owner* VMM be to ill"
criminate aolnst union contractor*,
union lumbermen and union pianino;
mill* In other title*.
He Killed F. B. Lloyd a News
paper Writer.
OnEK.VVILIJi Ala.. May H.— I
After belnir out s*nc« 7 .10 o'clock 1.-mt
■ nlrht, the Jury In the ca»e of John A.
(lafTord returned a verdict at 1:30 p.
in. today, flndmir the defendant guil
ty of murder In the flr»t decree, and
filing punishment at life In the peni
i tentiary. <>affard killed F. 11. l.L.vil.
a member of the legislature from
Batter county, and a well-known
, newspaper writer, In August, 1 miT
II- alleged that Uoyd Nil been
Good Patterns....
Don't Show Dust or 8011. Won't Fade,
Never Look Worn, Excellent Wearers.
I «SH£& $10, $12.50, aid $13.50
Beat and Biggoat Clothier* In the State
800*802 First Aye., Cur. Columbia.
criminally Intimate with hi* »l !o« 1
• i»;t. At >.«ff.irl • first trial be
was sentenced to bane, but the su-
PM court nv. r««-.| the derision.
All were prominent The trial ha.l
been on since tan Thurw 1 <>•. In her
testimony. Mm. Millrr. ».»irr of Gaf
fnrd, admitted that improper rela
tions existed Mm ■ her and Lloyd.
Coffin Trust Dead.
lUCHMo.Vt). Ind.. May »-a r»
prrsentallv* of the loeaJ casket com
pany Monday rava out the Informa
tion (hat all attempts to form a cof
fin trust were a failure. The opttona
riven on the local plant urn with
Scorchers Struck an Aged
Woman and Are Drubbed.
1 CJII&AOO. M,v «L—Throe soorch
••f» *»r» In Imminent danger of los
ing their live* at the handa of an In
dignant crowd at the Oik and Or*
li-.iiin streets lam evening. ""<• o{
the trio had rotlMetl with an axeil
woman. Mrs. J. t«man. cauamir In-
Jurli-n that may reault In her death.
FV>r more than ten minute* the
I wheelmen went klrked and beaten
unmercifully. A man In a bumty fin
ally p'liinl one of them. The other
two took advamare of the diversion
rnii'i'l by the newcomer's Interpo
•ltloa, Jumped on Ihelr wheel* and
rode <%«■«>■. Later the three wheel-
J men were arreated. One of them,
liimnti- llennett, n Intitlfl he had hit
Mm. Wlsman. Hi' elalmed th.it ho
I was unable to nvold the collision.
At His Mother's Feet.
—At Wllliuri■•!> today. John l'-n
--eefe, section foreman for the Choc
taw railway, dropped dead a* he was
about to embrnce his mother. Heart
dlnroM? was the cause.

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