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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, May 23, 1899, Image 3

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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Many Experiments
Being Made
0 fit Raault* Art Cap»at«a
loan* far th. Purpo»*
• neap*.
Th* bollnuo fur many ymr» ha i>.. n
a p..i. Nt fartor In lav warfare of im
tl.wa. but ll* Brim v*..(i. ■«• I* tv
b* •UdiirMnl. if cvrtaia . < |-i ritnnna
now runtlucl«\l <t!rm-tly or liKllreelly
uinl.-r Ih.- »u»i»'V» of th« a:Kit it uf
fl«r» of the war tL-iMrtiiu-m ■lull
Hi(h. is » ih.. bAllnttn ha* b*rn nf
•M *ulcly far |>uri«<«ea nf «h»rrv».
ii.m. .ii.■! tn 'that raapapi It |.|j>r.|
• part a* far !• «. k a* th- Civtl War.
Hut th« n|»r.m..|ii. of «k»l <> ara In
two <tlr««Ttam>. On*, th* p*rfr«tloß
«.f th» .tiri«ib: bjuloun; <tM>* ..th-r.
tl>«- v** of the twltuon tn iti • trana
mlaaton «< *pt>r* or •>>•<-^Uri • rrlraa
l»l*craphy. ...
Th* war departrotat'a work thua
far ha« bwn llmlt*a tv the raptlv*
lMlloon «■> ' the only notrwortay Im.
proT«t>»nt m*dr Is the tran«(*irtablt
•t**t «->liiu!.-r *ui>t>lt»l with e»m
pr»»*»*i iraa. It was mi. h ■ banana
arvi iv.li ryirtkl«ra that w*r* rm
l>k>y*<] at •anMajrii iturina; th* war
wtth i»|»»lr The** »li»l . »;tn.t»m
•r* aupplkrd with «•»» at th* bow at
ap*raU>>n*> and each tub* contain*
300 ruble MM. Th* tub*n an I th*
ballmrti ar*> lo*d*d on a «>tv>n and
thus th* portabl* aaltaaj <>utm t« at
h*nl Th* (mi IOMM of th*a»
rylindara of tub«il •j< »*» at ih*
\v..rl.r*» r*lr, and their Sr*t i-rartt
«ml »(.(>»l.a»l»n waa In th» war with
Hlv«lo. • • ' * : J
G«n. A W, Or**tty, tb« cnlrf m.
nal o(B«-»r of th.- army, ha* faith. In
th* futur* |»t'ivj( *>< eh* balloon a*
an «ncta* of war. ' Knr |»uri-«r^ of
otMwrvwtJof• It la of th» >rr«t<>M
valur. And In raae of turf r«rap*
by baßnon *i«u:.| b* »n» of «hi*
a"r*ttt»*t ralu* i Srn. Oreely** pr»»
rat lnl*n*t In «b* lull.-un. ko«nrr,
t« in CO—«Moa wtth thr t**t of th*
Marconi arstvtn of «rir*]«M !*!»•
itr»!<hy, Th* cipvrinwnt* thu* far
matt* h »*<• bc**t> inconcliulT* ami
narcrtato of rwult. Th* ItMtrumrnU
u~-J »r» au 4«Uoat* «■ tab» easily
«.frttr-l by atßk>*|>a*<i« nrttlltlon*.
nrri th* rrcrtit testa tar* b«*n un
sattafactery further t^-.-aux- of th*
•fleet on these t]*llrat* Instrument*
,; of the mM mum or metal In ta*
V-joI -trr.f aulJarninaT lh« spot from
wtifc-h to* «xt>*rtm«nts m r* cm
• MOFCOW. !<tahn. Mar »—About
• dnsen men h*>r* arrtrad here r»
e*ttt!y from different points m Km
iiixi anil \\ls«ooain and ar* look
tnir After umber claim* in th* whlt#
ptnr li««TKt. Moat ■! iVm «rrr*
nut fMrr* two |>emr* aim an.l located
rtainM In th* while i>lr» belt, and
nmr that It tn apparent that Mm
M<«rnw and Knmern r»Ur«-» I mil b*
balM Into that valuable Umber halt
thrtr riaima arp of l»ct»aar.l Inter
e«t tn them.
C ■• Ilrown, th* vrotontrr of th*
rostd, br«mn th* final »urv»y Friday
wttn a crew of It men. <» They will
flrst run the line from w».r« saw
mill, ahottt I) mil** east of her*, lo
Oti4lin*. on th* Itttl* f.nliirh. a dla
tarv» «f about V. mll<-. It will taka
In tb* neirhborhond of *li weeks •■>
comptet* th« aanrey, and as noun
as th» route ta tnomuchly determin
*•! uj«.r». rroM-«ertlonlnjc will heirln
•■n this end ami contrast* for grading
will be I*l. Tb* capital for ImiMlnsr
«h*> road m b*ln« fur>il»h».| by Wls.
cooaln lumbermen.
News From Spr«fua.
BFTSAOITK. Wash.. May IX— There
has been quite a <I<-man-l fur horaaa
around her* lately. J. ltlrhar.l*»n.
of I'tri* City, bouirht ii onupl* «f
team* fro mMr- K-rirKn. paylnit MM
a team. Th* horsmi trettrh MM
jmunda. Th* icjvernment ha* n»u*»<l
bill* to b* posted around t>wn an
n..nn'-tfi»T that Cot. Henry mm- r
will be her* May is Ik bay horses
for th* fourth cavalry, to be used
In th* PhlMpptn* Islands. They r»
riutro Hcht honw*. to welsii nn< any
m«r» than 1100 pounds. Th* farm
em In In* surroundlns" or»ir«<ry have
!<>*» of homes to supply th* fovern
ment. and the officer will have plen
ty of horses to pick from.
Work has recently been started
upon a croup of niinfnc claims on
(ho north fork of the Halrmm river,
near Kr..-. 11. C. Th.- Maim are
owned by the Krt* Mountain Con
folidatixl Mining company <>t flpo
kan* Tn«- company own* the Iloul
ton. PriaMM tin. I and Iron Arm
on Whiskey creek, and th* Mnl/ee
and Oittlfonl within a thousand f»->-i
••r ih* Netsvm * Fort Xh>-pinl rail
road. All of them propertl."* are In
the virlnMy of Th" well known Ar
l!n«r..n mine, which Is a «hIH» r and
•whw-h i» sendlns; ..i»t hlirh (Trade or*
ti» the smeller. I '-if Merrlam Is
unt! of the principal stockholders "t
th» company.
Advices from RoMtand, 11. C, say
that J. J. W'arr«-n. Nt Toronto, and
John v Oats, of it «■ md, have pur.
ch*.»ed from Jrthn It. l!.-.ivl», of the
JlepubMr Mln«r, T. ft. Newman sml
fJeoree D. Munk, the Hunker Hill
irrwup, on I'rortor rn>fUntaln, In the
I"end d'Orielln river country. In
■VV'oKhlnirton. There are iw«, rlnlm*
In t h<> group, the Hunker Hill and the
Mormon Olrl. Th*. former owners
have l>«.n workins on the Kroup for
the p.a«t threo yciir* and have iinne
con*Merable In the way tif rinwlnp
mmt. Th.- principal work ronnliitii
Of a !Ulil."] ,-. .ii' ;i :. is been driven In
S2O f.«et. ' -*■■ hiin.ln-,1 fret ..f ihl.
tunnel I* on the vein, which li a*.
f*«rt In width. 1.. i over 100 fast .■!
till* .liM.ui,.. Hi,. nr» r»'> t».U to the
<>'i» In »-...i.| „,,.i aiivrr. II U trx»>
iiiMiiim or*. Thor» »r» t<*u I ll. 'ii.i.tn.i
ton* nf ..i.. | n » )lln i „„,! about no
UMta on Hi.- .lump
• • •
I Mil li activity In ml,l l.i 1... Ii in.
lirlnit .1111,»i K thp tniiKx i,.Mt..i .11
New Denver, 11. <;., ii,.lwllli-i.iii.|!h«
the ■in, mi i,.,( !.ii«..i ii.mili. Th.t
strike In the Horn* croup, Mill, .
««• Illrnl,. n-,-.'l|!lj, h.i» «TMtI)T IlH
|iivv«hl, .i.. l. Ik*, hat* Iwcit unrov
rnpd «n.i i i|i|>«-,t by v\»n cuts for a
.li»tam v»f t.t> fp*l. The • lulu mid
I* v In. I. |Ht}-ntiv.ik.« .if high «i.ii
ciity >'..|i|irr .>i.- running; nionn iin
li.-nuiiim wall, nrv cn<iiunlrmi tor
III.' v»h..|, .li»mt t <-e 00 far .i» the
I»Ik<« ha* lu'i-n i-v|.1..1t.-.|, mil In ad
illii.m 1.1 thin • far im.mo Important
or* 1.. ,»\ haul U■ n encountered. In
th" "li.l nf ■!« la elirht r. <l of low
isr.».|.. or* iiim<in«r from *■> to *1
>>mv •» *Hv. rto tin i.>» Ttii« or* im
of a < ii.tri.'tt-r that la In great .1. •
in ili.l. |..-liiii tMu -I l.y the eim-lii-i-n ii<
• flu* Kith thy li. ,i I. r | i! lit .'I. •
"Too Much Johnson."
WrMJAMMVII.U:. Mo., May :J --
jM. m. ii,,iih,». |.if»i>t.-iit .1 Hi-
I WlOUmsvllle, OrMnVtil* * H-miii
*a*t. Hallway <-..nii«uiy anil pivsl
! .1. 11l .in.l t.n. i il iti.iiiat,'r of lh»
I 11->!ll.tav .\ K!.-l« l.umlni i-.»ii|uitiy,
«.i» «h»t ami kilU-il ut Hi•■••nvitli' 10.
■ lay by hi* l»r..ili. rln I n>. ,\l..m.-
A. J..hiitli-n. The l-ill.r hail. It la
rl.ilm.-.|. t .iiitrhi the former In a r>«>m
with Mrs, Johnson, who li young *»•!
Stole His Friend* Wife.
ROCKVOnX^ \V«»h.. M»y M.—.A
few ; *va >>»,-.•. tth.-n J>-"»«<- Hall .un
born* rmm work he r.uinl h • wife
•ml l<'it»inlti» •>).! (MM rone. In
quiry .Snri.>i~~l th* fart that Mr*.
Halt ha. ■ been «.-wi walking oui "f
town with kM tiuiiMit'l'i farmer par-
Her nn.l rrh-n.l. Jark Kirk, « h.-.|in«
hiT baby in a borrowed baby •■•rri i
«*,:«-. l.iirr In th* .>i-nln« thry wcrt*;
nrvti n*-K-r4l mile* south of (nwr, i
Ih.ll .Ii»M(l»-«r.-l ■• iH.ni|'l*tHy urn If j
ih.. •■•rin had a*naltaw»a KM up.
Th* baby rmniajr* waa found in th*
l>imh.«. but no trac*a> of to* fust-
Much Destruction of Property
.in Michigan.
j— Fomn 0r»» are raitna* 1., th* west
, ami auolh of this city. A fin- north
west of this rlly yeaterdjy after
n>»*n waa atartnl by • wtudcbopprr
i.MvinK a llr*. ami th* wind, which;
■ *«< blow • small-*l>ed «»le. fan- I
ned It Into a i-unnaarratMin. A atr-t, h
>.f half a mil.- »i I. and thre* miles
limit ■•• all ablaa- Thre* farma,
owned by K.lwarl Harvey, Th*««lor»
. !.«.«• and 111. lull llennetta. ..f
Utt* city, wer* in th* path, and th*
bulklinir* and stock «■ r.- only saved
\by hard work. Kdward Harvey lo*T
as about 30* rnnta of w.»>l trial »a*
; piled in the wood*, Th* flr* shifted
to the east, and at • ••. |.« k th* Br*
department was called out. but dls
r.Mr»T»-l In*! th* Rr» waa li»yiM>.l th*
.-try hydrants and not aaeaaatata.
!<airr the wind DiiM^l and sent It
tawa.nl th* rtver. wn*r* It anally
burn*d tt*~lf oat.
The Congo Mine* Closed
:.t MM' H. «>„ May -Th»
Congo mines, part of th* Turner *
Jones Interests, ha** b«*n perman- i
ently closed, thn.win* '*>*> miners MM
of employ !-■> rtt. Part of th* men ar*
teavtna* th* Mat*, while other* are
•Mtking employment In other mines.
Th* Turner * Jones company la In
th* Mnda of a receiver.
Overdrawn by Sheriff.
lirNTlVilltfllii Ind.. May »—
Th* county cornmtssfcHMrrs of Imbm*
county. wii.-». wrth th* county a/tor
n*y. Mi* been rmamlntnc th« baokaj
of Henry Cartdy. i>.«-»h*rlfr of !>u
bota county, report that h* has over
drawn his salary «b»ul 11400. and
hay* clren him until May 2* to mak«
a sat><*fact»ry cettlemenl. ll* dis
putes (his. and will contest th*claim.
it nl»C*s upon th* allowance of tl
: a <l».y fir th* catr* of tnsan* patk-nti
and other f»* questions*.
Syndicate Arranges for. Pur
chase of Property.
■OH CITT. la- Mar «.-*•■«*>•
U.iit'>n» ■rr'prmtttiir for th. |.iin-lm«»
. A...1 «>nn!»<Jath>n l» » nyndl»-»le of
Chlcaira and RJou* City > nj.lt U!«>«.
of th« combination railroad ami •»■
(no bridal* iun« ih» Mtmourl river,
the »to«kyiinli«. »h>- Un« - k Na-
Unnal I.ink ami «-nr,il ih.m«ii'l
arrwi of farm land* Mar here. The
i<rni--i-iio.« are matured by nnmltial' i
]>- wi-ir >'■• mrpnrattnrui. but are ■«-.
timiiv own* I by "i- frvilltn C«mmu
tatlon <- ( .rtn>.iny. Th- capftaltxatlon
a tlhm alllwl C"mp«nl«i mctremttn
17.W0.000. WutiMiT ptac«a lh» prob
able <>npH»llxaU«*n "f Ihc aynttlrmt*
•t 110,000.000. Conn«^»^ with the
glory aji rrprrrt^vi («romotrn< of th
ronnolltiatlon are l»r<>9tiJ< int Ab»l An
.l-r«'>n. of th« Kortfiwentern Nation
■l bank turn, »f»l J. B. Om«lirln. of
Chl«-a*o. : ;
Swindled Out of $4000.
I- '(.THr, 111. M«» «.—K»-Hur»T
vt*.r John J. Hmlley. of Cutter l'" I><,
In the wiuthrrn part of • .!» i -.univ,
a |ir»Kriiii> farmer. w«n bunor>«l
nut of MM* In • «'•> |t>l" rnomtnv try
two ntninneni. Hmlley In nwi-fnm
munlc«.tlv» an to how th* «trnnifr.
««.rk"l him. but I"' iiwm up I hut he
t* fitted <" n#"t coixrtk-ralily mor«
thnn the Hoo<> m»t of the IniKaln
I Hrrl flrew the $4000 out of the
twink .1 Wllmtnuton, and Ca«hler
Whllnwin, l«f-<rmln(r »uspl<-l<rtj« that
•ome '•"•■ ■•■■•■• "I""1 I" t»k« advani
\».gr of Hmlley. drov» out t" the lat
-1.-r« h<.u to warn him. hut wn»
too Ist*. '"■' (5
Suicided in • Store.
Bltlß. Pa., May M.—Frel Blmon.l,
an employe of the fire department,
walked Int" A. Hklnncr"* harrlwnra
■tore, and anked to be nhown a re
i volver and »i» r«rtrM«;ea. i. nl
Inn the. WMipon he plari-d It to hl«
h»ad. pulled the trIKKiT and killed
hlm^i'lf- tik' »ti>re wan ■■' with
„„.-[,,it..T* at th« time of the nhout
"■«■_ „
The Name Clipper Slenina*:
1 Llicht. #a«y rutinlnit Ilenlde*, II I,
RtronK and durable. I^iok It over at
1022 2nd ava. V. M. Spinning, a«t. i
] John Davis, of Detroit, In tho
> Toils of ths Law.
l>tJTlti»lT. M'lih., May Sl.—John
■ It. EaavM, i....-.I ui»m >i • a mllllnn-
I air* ami pi..!.|... iiv,. hotel n\ n.il.- hi.
t jiro;m>lrr, it. now bxhlitd ihi liars,
i «-har«»il with rwrlvmsT mnni-y mi I. i
1 f iU.' |'ivl.-lt.\ -t. A I.w w*. Km ni;.i
■ Ui.-i.- .ii p.ii.. -. in 111,- ii, »->|> it.. i» an
■ >>.U*-I lii» 11,. 11l fill ll"l< I lii.in.isi'r.
I Ol» nf thiww Whit nimiv. i.-I II KM
I l<Yank n.ii.« of 3U lUßlcy avenue,
i l>.ivin railed on him. It la claimed
■ 11. i< in.-«.'iiii i himself as worth h
■■ million -li.il-««■:• and |.i »lv. .-.I 1.-ii. n
• frum »iiii|-'>»-"1 aaM< iit bdiikrra r.-
--■ aiii.liim hl« rrmlll.
t i;.ii. • ami j.mi. • Siniili, an .->it.-r.
i n«>y. >■ . 1.. in.in. , i i > ir» »nt« ih*
' company, tl«* former nit Ing Imvi*
• Koo in <-a*h fur «tm*k am] th» lat
' tw l^iral >»nle— for liuo in stock.
' lierimtlnc sunptcloua of ImvU Hi. y
I fin* -I Ms lun.i I m his person wan
i found a ■ hr. k fur il».B^0, |iil' |>..ftIHK
t.t (»i\.- i<.-. n »i(ii\..| by A. M i«i. it'.u
th* New \«<rk iMinkrr who »»» rp
•. ntly shot «nl killed.
. aged spinsters
i ■' "™^"*
1 C|l|. \... . III.; May M.—A pn^ss:
1 of .xi. n.liiiK an>l lawilbly ll'lililt
Hi.. *|ian uf human IK* 1* »*ld to
liavb been dusrt.vcrrd by I'rofwia.ira
J-». i*:t It. Hawley ..n.l Al-- ».u..1. t C
Wi.-n.-r. of th* I'hi.-.iK" t'ltnh-al col
_ !•■».'■ The r.-tiirn to youth. It l-> As
serial, Is prtkluceil by nyp»d>-nnli3 <
' inj.t.u,.!,. i.f ih- lymphsths Iliil-I of
animals. .-.irtii uUrly >„-ung K»ata,
, The th.-.rv I* that If th* mineral
' .l<-l">«;t • which accumulats In th*
' i>ii»» in tb» proem of life ran l>*
it-placed wrth th* ii' cella contain
|!*4 ta the> I) Ml (.tut ll< «rui»u of «"•>!•,
{deterioration of th* luim will be
| prevented and elasticity .in I > .uiti
' win be retained In th* *y»t*m liiutii
j lonecr.
In on* of hi* *ip*-riitM-nta of th*
fl!ii(.-«l school. Dt llawtry admin-
Isterol hjri->«lfrmii- Injeot>>ns of th*
fluid from th* lymphatic >tl«i>.!» of a
| r--»l la a .>>>» i known tv b» It year*
old. In MM months mineral depos
it* h»il been removed from the dn«'«
bonva ami th* animal was as lively
! a* a pappy.
A number of human brine*. It la
! mmM. haiv* been *.t|wrrti»rir, -I on
in «'Mn(ii in th* aam* way and
with Hi.- sain* results. •
Double Murder and tulclda
• nAYTMX. O, Mi. »-A trrrlhle
truredy nvurm! •■.m.-.n I and 1
n'rlork this aft.rn...n at Went Ale*'
i andrla. a town of about i:-m Inhabit.
I ant* a!»»tt li mile* Writ of Invimi.
Frank <"im|'«-11. * h«r*« trader,
i orel ahnut So yv*a)r». shot an>l In
istantty killed bisdlvt«n-wt wife l.v. r.
-(a«*d ■. and tier sister. la-rth* Oay,
: 13. urtl then turned the weapon «n
' Mmarlf and Innr-i.il a fatal ooUljd.
Inmate of an Asylum Chose a
Terrlblo Death.
ll"f-KINXVH.I.r. Ky, May TL—
Mrs lletl* OHpMIi an Inmat* of
th* we«t*rn Inaan* asylum hrre.
nimmm-l *>*< by .Irlnkinc h,.«
| water, Ml* •>• f..iir»l In a bath
room m. badly *...!.1..1 Internally
| thnt ah* >t!> I after crrajt «utl«tinar.
Mm i'.il>imn ira» •afTerinc from
I •ii.< |i»al mama and had mad* repeat
ed attempts at *rlf-de«tnicUon.
fMjr went Jr.: > lb* luili-n.'in and
ptarwd her mouth over the faurvt
and imi>.| on th* stream from th.-
Imller in full force.
mttm w«s fria-htfutly araldeil about
her neck and sbouMeni. wbll* her
nv>uth. thrr>at ami stmnarli wer* «l
jam ■■-■•
Demand by Flint Worker*
KAUT I.lVHHl'rir.t.. Mk-h.. May
tt—Th* Hint worker* of th* city
have asked for an Increase of wa
' tea to 20 r*nt* an hour, ami will it-,
out on strike Friday If the mill own
ers persist In their refusal M grant
•h- detnaml.
Threw (lint mill* operate hem The
product la u*etl In th* earthenware
The workmen In the mills » •>•« fall
victim* ... Dint consumption from
the effect of working 111 rloudl of
flint ■in-' an>l declare that for tht*
reason th»» should b* better paid for
their work. £_\_
Train Struck Uprooted Tree
Ih>v i i: I>el., May M.—«outh
haund r«"""-'Ml pr train No. »J. from
fhlladelphta and J\Vllmln*tim. ln*t
nlKh-t. nlx'ut s o'clock, at I.»ul*ont'*
startrnt. ran .<•' > an oak fr. •• over
turned by the Acre* wind »torni.
■ Th- tree limb* bratM th" wtntlow*
of two cars and four paaMasi r» In
jured by flyint* KHum. ; .
TTITi'VVII.i Term.. May a.—
A i -Ml'lr*!! 1* quarrel caused a ter
rible tru«.-<)y nt llaynes 1 mill, near
The quarrel caimed 111 frtllna: bo-
Iwreit Mrs. \! ••!■«. Mm, P^lwarils
in..l Mill Hrnfcdim on Hi. mm sld*
and Mm ' ' .'■ 'mi..n on the irthrr.
! The three wtvtwn first namt^i lild
on til.. aide of the mad ami l.iy In
wait for Mrs. r-nvlnsrton. Th- v wrre
innM' with dub*.
U'hrn Mrs. • .inirtnn appeared tins
thr^e iromi'H ru*tn*<l upon h.T. Th»
Covlnftton woman drew a knife an.l
plunuM It ln<'» Ih* h^nrt of Mrs.
Mat'iix. klllliiK tier Inaiantly. K-!i.
Hi'-n turned un Mrs, l'>lnnrds mid
-i ii.i. i hi*r twice, Mm knife pene
ir.ilmt' the woman's limn hi, Him
Injurliw which will probably pTOTs
fatal. Mlbb llroitdon escaped frfnn
the affray. {
Woman Roughly Handled
lAttCOWt, Ncli., May 2X— Miss 1..
X W'Hta.m, tencher of i.|>vuti.in In
Pf>ln<»r unlvernlty, was fnuml by ulu
.l. „' « lat* last nlnht, boui (Thkiti-'I
and unconscious in « room of the
university bulldlnir. Toinpr la ttio
sent of <he cThristlan church denom-
Iniiilmi il nollpffe, nil miles from Lin
coln. ■
• nlliiK to the «lory of Ml«
Wntsnn, fihe was nlone In H rl:i-■.
rwm on the fourth ftofir of Hi" t>uiiii
M i;l< ( and overheard two men plottlna;
Tin: t 1 it 1 1.1: si'AH.
to burn Hi.- unlvfi'dty, Slli' Mid
|.|i." .1 111, iii, » In ii Hi, y lvi.m (.. ,1 her
•t.nvii, I, Mil, I ,11 I i.iiKHi.l -II r. nnd
1,.: k- .1 111 I Ml -• room. Him waa 111,1
». i|,.ii-i> mini I
Brick Factory Starts.
rUlRPira.O. W««h., Mny n.-The
Itmldy-M< <>>rml<k brlvk yard 1.. i> m
. tnaiiufiii'turliiK i.i ,< i. upon th» IH-et
•Mill. I' fmlnry ronlrat ' HiU niorn
, Ina*. Tli" iNtiuxlly of iiii» phttit la
t 4■•.mm brlcka i. i .1 ii. M.im.ir. i M.
{ H. lin i vtat.Hi i hat Hi- plant will Ik>
run t<> It* rul!.-«i tupaclty t>> tnvet
, Hi.- .1. nwmla nf l-'.ih n.'1.l inn! Way. r
is Tli'l l.rli k in.iiiiit.i.-iiiit-.l art) of
Hi- pi. >i i variety and at* of «ii
perlor :.ll>'.
WAHIIINiITO.V. f>. i-. May IX—
rYtwMfnt MrKlnlty will -iv
miral |VH. J 111. rll| ■r t, J. 0.1..1
aword made by >inili..i ii >' 4 ihiikiim
,n a trwtlmonhtl frtitn %hn giivt-rn
nifiit. The awurd waa complvlnl
Him i,ii,. ago, inn owltiic to tta tle
llrary and great value. It woa d»
elded brat not tt> aend it i., ii. ad
ii.ii.il It la i»w ii, ,i t.,ifi-.d.-|«.»ii
v .nut ,i« iiMiiit h\'< . iiilnft.
'I ii<- jh. -.t-ni <i,. .n 1., i in- ••;M.'< -« an.l
in. I, of Hi.- Admiral » llaxwhlp of th«
I. iii-li'.tii.' in- !.11>• »u!it"i l««-l by
<"iiKi'-.-« will ■»■ "r im.i.ilil/ at Hi
■ante nm -. Thn n.'-l ill ara I.- I in;
i.. ..I.- by a New York firm, Tli.-i.
•r« about 1700 of them, «?umtrc*» i, iv
nix .Hi.-, i.-i H.'ii t..i. b 'ItIMT and
man In th« fleet ahuulJ nun.' on*
of 11, in.
The following ilml* *m f)le4 far
record tn lh« auditor* ..in. t. >.»:.r
ttorka. .<•, n. ', '•■■ 54. Ip IS, r I. May
T. V. V.nr -i»-(i.n to Kairsh Mad
-11. tin.
\\ . -i i■■".mi Improvement <"" to W.
11. v.ru..ii. lota 7 and ». blork II;
i..i« t aii.i 21. l-i... k 10. , man I'ark,
April if. .| c.. f.
Winjam lt>.l-r rt ux. to France*
Walker. lota In ami 11. block 11.
Holmea- add. May i, tlwo.
I'hllattelphla ••*>■. ur I! ir« Co. tn A. T.
lif-ytin. >■■! «. block », rrplat Twelfth
•*«•«• add. May IV rial
• •harlf* P. 11-.ilin» la ■ fi«rl»>« W.
l^-tin>. lot }. blork 11, Commercial
turret Hiram Motor add. April •».
Win Majhtara rt m to i»«nifi
ITl<-». lota I. 1. i 13 to IV Mai ► a.
11-.lni.-r a.1.1. l.num. l.i*. Muili :4.
iMnl.l l*rl.-r ■ • -,< to I. 11. !"ii. -. I
<.ir. in -■• U. tj. J), ( I, M.iivh :«.
Xavrr Hurley rt v*. • • Ivan I- I'ri'".
travt in aw ». tp r «. July IS. It**,
I'nHraima.t ra palrnt to KreJerlck
KtUaak. I.' i.-'» nr'i nw'i »■••• XX Ip
M. r «. January m
4. A. l> ii;! «tt-r.»n tn John MrlnnM,
l»ta I And T. Mark £9. Ilorrn'a pl»:.
May U ', cs. !>•"
J.-nM. 11. Hchertaer l» I.ydU
H. h^r t jrr, I ■•« I and *. block I. Sin I.
rr-11..*n...M II i:. Co.'i I1r<! «M.
May It. 110,
Mavrah I. (fenny to Wm. 11. <*n.
M I. block >'. I>. T. I MM| • add.
North ftrvittl*. May ». taoo.
(•hertff M Mary A. tertian. wH|
»<••.. *H ••'« <"•'■• awl nwH ••>'«
urn, *<- 3; »'» »■" •»•'. and n«<Sa •>■ '«
«'. *t- j. t|. l. April 4. HUM.
W. II rthrnrman to <". A. McKrn
ale. l..ia « .ii^l 7, 1.1-. k < IH«>.l*n.l«
■•M !>•- c>iil- r :. l*n. q. c\. 117 a.
l.ikr View t Vnt.-!.r>- Aatva I .t| n In
W. 11. Clark. <•>-, lut 7»l. u.k- view
(Viwt November 53, !•»•. Xi
D. It. inir- foriTieT rm^elvrr
Pullman Mercmntfta ■••. lo M J.
ii. . main. rw»tv«>r awiii,. rwmpany.
!■»(» .M mil 11. Oilman Park; lota 1
and 4. bio a 11. Mm * Knigbt'a oil.
April n. I"*
Pullman Merrantlle Co. to -am»
«in,» pruperty, r*ebrua.ry r.. lO*. It,
Provident Ufe A Tru*t Co. to I.y
man C. t'.miih. Ma I to 7, Maynard'a
plat. May 11. IM.4aS| M.
Oeorsv M l«hi«rfy to Cortta* P.
Him.- parta II and It tdork Jit. M«.
atlle TVI« Uiivl.. May 13. tttM
| Harah A. FVybenr to John P. Fry.
her*, M 4. lil.- k I*. 11. I. Tealer'a
Unl all. May IS. q. c. II
Havana Syndicate Arranging
to Consolidate.
nr.w ToiiK, M..> M OHM
!:•• k. of II hi i. •■> in lh:« • liy nr
ranclns n union of hl» tnbarvn «vn
■ ls.-it<- with Hi- n>-«lv f..rtnt-.l IJ.i
vawi <" ill" i^M-inl ri«i|.,inr. Of
which r. <! m i.i I* 111- I. i iinu *i.lp-
Mr. lkM-k'n *vr. 11. • !■• I* ' n»l!»h. At
lIM time til" wur In. • out I.- h»<l
the I'M" '• forming It In hi* pork?!,
but ira» for « lon* Hmo pr. v.-ni.-l
from r'Hnif Into Hi ■ w.«luni..| <"u
--ban «-■•!■!!. il to I •■•k aftrr Ma proprr
ll« Mr Bock IK>W ham «iih hhn
IM- rolHK'nt of I/""' Kl'iirv. who la,
n. it tO Mr. I! - V. tb* hi-.ivii •! »f-» k
li'.i-l-T In Hi.' CtUMßock «v" H«'.i!r,
onl II In »ti» .(. I that ,11 the nr
rini"!iw>i« fur tin- union with lh«
comm«^Tlnl mpanir will b«> rotn
!■!• -'••■) Iv Juno I. If It la mmpldpil
th.' • IT— ! will In- n in..ii'>li-.|y of nil '
tin- hliihrr ri-i'l'" of Havana H(>n.
Bids Rejected.
WASHINOTfIN'. I». '" . M«y Jt—
Th<» Niivr ilPi«rlm>-nt ho* r^Jirlrd
nil !(!•• hid* ft>r nn ordnutet bulldln*
I .ii Hi- I••- •»-»!-- l«linJ Navy Yard.
Tin- nnvnint nv.iil il'lo wn» 1.M.
--r.i.o. ati.l Hi- IWMI I'll ws* K4.OW.
Vhf «ulh"rllli>« M) Hi it Iho rrfmt
1 rrport>M cimhtnutliin In uti.l In !»«.
1 i trip* I" h.ivlnif ii nirtlrfviblo c(T«it It
;i.i> ,ii. imc Hi- Mild on ■irurtur** m '
| n hl'li i>i> •< i la ii"' i for Ih* •Iructurnl
i work.
Tip in M "nf —^Trailf M V\>Bt
, Hirl'd h.m nl.•.<•!>• thm "i.TlilnK.
I V'V'lnl'l'"* «r<« runntn» low mil
MMmi of Hi" khm'ii Blurt him Im'.-h tnild
out. Thf Han Kmnrlwii i. in,, i II
.lv" tmnorrow nii.l ithn will 111 l |.I|||l
ully liiintt a I.hi." funftlKnmrnt ot
• i:i < • -I llff.
i I-'ihli of ill kln4a ii re pl.'litlful.
Win-.it mn 111 I \* 'lull.
I Til' cnni'iy Jobblllß I i lItMM win
. ■Ironir nil" mornliiK. ninny ship
• in' nt:« birth .....I out of town ink
■ Ing pine*.
Tho r.ili.n inK prlcm .■ ■• bolnur of
i frroil i.. Hi. produ ■ i by in local
ilenlrm fur flrllVfty iii round lot* mi
Hi" dock or In the mr at 5.'.i111,-.
r| Oraln—Oata,t:7i barley, |:Sj wheat.
' . 111. K. 11 f( ■ ,|. 119; bran, SIS; ihurtu,
r 1111
1 it.iy 1 ■■.! 1 inund, i»t ton, I*.
I ' .'in Wai iiiiki.'h tlimtthy, in mi
UU\ ,I! ..If , >■
i.»:i:h :*uii liv fnuli raiifli, 17®
Bull I—l■ „„, ranch, lOfllle;
• rri-nmrry, l»»i 111.-.
1 PoUlll V • till K. II live, MWltr;
1 llrruw'tl, 101 To.
1.U.. 111,., k f||. .ll ■ 1.. ■ r .Mill.-.
1 Ol»«, 4<M%,■; «■!•■< ». 4H11',. ; |IKKt
■ h»K». live, i\'. h»K», draaaad IVtOl
' rulvpß, diraand, I.mk", Bc| nmnll, »i';
1 MIVM, I. iik.. live, 4., imaJl, to.
• Hid I'Hta and W.mt-lleitvy
' anund ».iiiii .1 »ii-.-i «, in it 00 1 .1111. In.
' «■ . in. -limn »..,.- i>rr imund, 7Hc:
'iiieiii b.iiiri.i, in, 1. 14 panada, 7c;
BOWI *nund. all wvlxhta, 7> ;
■•l'iit«, bulla and uxen. 4«l'>. . aultsd
ktpt, 7f; . .ilv.-i, per |i'>iind, *■'; »m..ii
lit'i. •. in li ■■ than aallrd; dry l.|.|. «
' i" r i""iii.i. ltc; dry i-niu, rm«-lhlrd
I, •«; •Minim, r .In r, I>t pound, 12V
\Ur; nmii r dorr, dry, 14Ol«r; papery
■Irrr, tii<i.V; dry rlki, VQIQc; mini
, t'lk, <«.'.. . ahrop pttltn, I'lSKc; «h.-«r-
Him* I••(;>; Baatarn Wanhlnict'jn
I VOOt, •<•; Wi.l.rn \\ ..»h|.|i:i.ii wool,
, I;'. ; dirty or tlmlwr kurnrd, l'•< ■ . 111
-. low, J^atSW.
1 Jobblni QuoUtlent.
'rii.- j..i.i.uiK quut'ttluna today wtr*
• aa l.'lloWli:
Htixar i J'.i.liliir) <;..!•!. iC, In bbla,
I II !mi, ,ii,i C, in 1.1.1-, be; i».» .. 1,
lit}; dry wranutnlnl. 15.40; rut.<-, 11.-
I »■"., i« H. 11. ■ .i«li pi -I. • «.
> Klour, i-i-- .1 .i.i>iiik'i I.ii nt '"«•
' MlWnt, 11.X5: Nnvrlly A, II M Hi .r
. ilnthi i«>. fI.7S; I'.ilif .iiil.i brand*.
; 11.10;. „i ii nival, yrll»«r, II.U pt<r 100
i |K>unda In I'l 11, •■» k«. corn m«'«l,
i whll*. II M |irr 100 !!•» In in Hi «... k-;
I hurkwhot flour, pur*. I 3.&0 p«r P)
1 Mm In nil. aa. k- . r.i. k- I ■'„ 1' II.«
i.rr 100 lha In l'i-lb aafka; fartna. 12 -
»s |nt lou lt.« In 10. Ib », k>. farina. I
IXOO 1., r 100 Iba In t-lb aarka; atrvl.
rut oatmral. lI.SO per 100 II.» In 10-th
. "«.■« «r.ih->m Hour I 1 75 per l'«i Ib*
i in 1" IN »;«.-k»; «)i..1- wheat Hour, i
II.U |x-r two Iba In 10 11. aacka; iv
in. ai. me j« 109 iba In I" li. M< ka; '
rye 1 -ur. fl ti |„r too Ilia In 10-lb
•ark»; aplll paaa, 100-lb* lantrf. IIU;
, ■flu i»-*». 1100 per ion Ib* In » Ih
I boxen; pearl barl*y, 14 li p«r 100 |ba
|In aarka; nh'il flafcra. ;i 1b 1t.,«. •.
1110; «th*at oak»a. I: VI per (■>' of
, m i-ib pkxa: fancy rolled oata, II.U
l>«-r bal*. In l-lb aacki; corn niral. ,
>.ll..«. ii.M |m r 1.1.1 In M-lb aack»:
rum meal, whlta, II.M p*r hid In M- |
, Ib in k», l.ii. kwheat flour, pure, f7 20
per bbl in M Hi aarka; cracked wheat :
II oo per bhl In MMti aacka; alee! cut
nat meal. KM par i>»i in iMt aack;
graham flour, II.M prr I.M In M>lb :
aarka; whol* wheat Hour. 11.00 par]
1.1,1 in 1" 11. -.irk.; tyr m. »l, II Ti per
1,1.1 In do 11, >». ka; r> - flour, 1400 per '
1.1.1 fan.)- rnlle<l oata, I*o Iba n«-t In
bhla. IS.4J; Bui rulled oata. M-lb
aarki. tilO; fanry rulle.l oata, per
. «•-. 1171
Cut Tee (jo'.blniO — <Jr**n— Morha,
IT Ih. -Mill. -; Java, per It.. ><O2*r;
i'.-i-i in. a. ih .)••-. pat in. inn*.!
It-.a.i. I. Arburkte'a. In 100-lb eaart.
I- rim 11... Ii: »•'.. «,».lli .■••'■. per 100
n-a IILU; M-l c»«f«, i*r 100 Iba.
111 i;. Java, to-lb tin*, per 11.. «Se;
■ark. J«i-. Aden M til. 3T<+r. Cara
rola. *:<•; Oualvmalak :i<-; around
roffeo. !«»>■: 1.1.,n. IDOa. llsn, Cfat. I
113 Ii; Ma. 111.11.
■ attar, •>••»■.. lrr> an! •'•altf,
rtutter—lUnch. KHIIlc: fancy dai- j
ry. In aquam. lac; Waahin«<<-n:
rreamrrlea, lib print*. IM)30c; Ka*t
•rn !..«» and Klajin. l»«a«c.
ChrrH tj.ihbin«» —Native Wa»h |
lnif..n. l.'Sttlif; Kaai^rn. ):<i<lia*<r:
Catlforr.ta, !•<?.
K«c« (J)bbln«>— Utrktly fr*a>h ;
ranch, inc.
Honey—<"«lirornU comb, 12HO
Ui, alralneit. Tr.
l'..iilTry—Prt-d.el ehlckena, l«V .
i live llllria— lie.
Wailnula. |»-r Ib, mcka. 14c: lU«t
ern Mart walnuta. IOr; iwrtnt, i;i/
lie; nil., ii. 14.-. aim.t..la fancy, tmft
ah*Sl. lie; .iniomto. No. :. Mai pea
\ nut*. «c; pln», He; hickory. 19c; co
roanula, |» r > n»t>, 71c; popcorn. 4c
per In
«ii Orala and Feed,
Hay i).libln«>- I*u«r»t Hound, per |
Inn. I7fr>; ' .- • m Wa»hln«l.>n tim- I
othy. USUIt. alfalfa. 110.
CM* i).i.■.,»!« i IVr ton. !»O)0, '
llarlry-ltolled. in.
Com—Whole. ta.Ut: cracked. 113;
("■■ l meal, pat ton, 123
Km.l-vviimi, 121. oil <-»«... meal,
IJS; mlillink-w. I21O21; bran. 117;
•harta. tl*. rhi.|.|inl feed. l»en;
dairy chupitexl feed. III; aeed oat*.
I wen.
■••I rVleet-
Preah Mat i).ilil>ln«l beer.
»r per Ib; MM beef, »i' per Ib: mut
ton, wether, »<■ pr Ib; pork. 7Hc
Bar Ib; veal, lance Ii l>er 11,. amall,
I to.
l'rnvlalona iJoliblntT- llam«. lar«r<\ i
lOHr; ham*, amall. 11. ; breakfaat ba>
■ ■in. IP,i . dry iwll.-.l «l,l.». 7\r; 11. i.
I^rd <]obbln«)—Home-made, pal
It.. »%e| Whlto Hlar, Re; t'..in Hpeclal,
»'5 C ; lard, compound, tlrrren, •"•'jr;
Itr*. »\e.
Ti. * nali<>obbla«) --Iliilibiii, :',«
-.'%• . r*nlumbla rlvfrnitlm.in. 7>i*i*<■,<■
lioundrra, IO4c; aolra, 4c; r-. k cod,
Sr; trout, US'IITm-, »hrlni|,» 10c;
.«litl. 104; mnrlt. itttk". «!.ra,,
(tlympla, II.M per aark; II.M pat ,
■ralli.n. ''lam*. II.M per BAck; Duniee- 1
nm t-r.iln. alive, 11.10; cooked, 11.20;
Unit cod, 60 (<■.
Pol«t.M<a il.iMitnit) White Illwr
llurlianka. I3K&4O; liil.tnd C.irly Itoie,
IU; ! tad ■) Mia, »<" Yakl
m« an.l <'!<■»•.">. 111; new pntaloew,
IMc |>er Ib; Oregon mi I raklma nil- I
vrr akin, fancy, t.m paf ton; beet*.
11.25 prr taeki carrota, !«vti|i prr
aark; itarllr, 9c; California aapara-
Kiia. r.<i«- |.. r Ib; Walla ilia aapnr
ikii >. KOlOo l»r Hi; rhubarb, 2<*,r per
Ib; tomatoe*. I* 2". per caae; aril
chokea, *'. per dm; wax beana, lnc
per Ib; atrltiK beam, !•■• pat Ib.
(Irre-n fruit (JnbhlnK)~Oranßra,
h.'i-lllmc, l.'li2W); n.iv.-l*. |:.7SCC4;
lemon*, t!.M>(i:i ."■<>: -• (-1-1- I fan
cy, |1.75«i.G0; iut box; ban
ana*, %2-M par bunch; Call
furnlA lil.H U •v.a. X Hi bosta, 11.
--."...; cartoona, %IMI Hmyrna flg*. 19a
per iii. ii. « ilatei. ~'w: aneet apple
rldrr, '■'■»■' paT cnilon; nn-.1. awet'ta,
I3.:5«.1; mrawberrlea. 12 • crate;
California, rhrrrle*. Jl r.'.'n I :.» h box;
Bun Jom> chrrrlea, 11.2561.80.
Lumber end Building Material-
Lori— Superior quality, per M. N.i
i fir, HO .. merchantable Mr, per M.
II lOOt -", No. 1 riMlar. Ifi'.lT. ram
lii.in. per M. |4«B; H|.ru,-i- I,<ki. |».6O;
cedar klilmkl.' bolt a, 13«3.M»,
Fir lumbar Hough, 15.50; till, k nn
Ihlu'il, itui-fmi'il, one or two blilp*, I
MO and 12 in. ii- - wide, Jl.'.iil'"; length!
liito II (Mtl apeclal laajattha, Id i» i
M extra; one-Inch inlah, J1...1 is all
vrrtlrnl srnln. It per M extra; floor-
Imr, dreaiiril and matched, 117021;
'< murk board*, 1-Inch, >:".i II; 10-Inch,
l II Mil II; ■ Inch, 118019; fencing.
i No. 4 or 0-Inch Hiilkli. IS; Me t, »-.'.
V or channel ruatlc of drop al.llnir,
, vcliiht 2000 Iba, 111014; rir timber.
Queen's Birthday
The Fast Liner "AMUR" ...
Will Sail From' Ifesler Wharf, Seattle, (or Victoria, on
Mny 28, 24, '2n ami 26, at 9 A. M. Kadi Day
11,I 1, nun in Kill II m\.: Vi. iiui* «i i ti|i ii., nri J. \'ij iii taaltla lii limn lo uki •lrn«t
far*. aSBO, i..ini.| mi. |..r ii'l-'-!■" I ltif<irinail<.n «|i'lr
' . l! A. NADK.AU, ii.ii.nl Ak. tit ,V. V. B. II IV,
DOOWtLU* CO., Liil., ll'. UmoiKtrmt
or «i 11.1. i riffle* i4i v. >|. r w i...11
J.>l«t • unit cnntllnitu, much, I* '■'*'•'
II; HIM I), 1' ">II. II 4 8, tilt*
II box )»• lulu, il-lni'h and up, 11.1.
Waahlnirtun lt«l Owlar t.umner-—
I!..iikli. !*■./'!, bevel i-..lliii:. weight TOO
Mm. IH'iM'. :.'i; i .ll.iur, wel«ht*. N'Ht.
I. 1 And 3, It-Inch, 1300 lb»; Nm,
I. 1 and *. ■„ In. li 7*l 11..--. ?i::-..'7;
« id, ..ili.r, il'i'.ill; ruKil.-, 125U2H;
•A* ahlnclra, 11. W; rtinl v I ni.iiu-1. »
II to; 1-lm-li iii.ir-ii, 11, M nit.l II (ret,
li.ii.l; il.I. a Ilinali. ' >'■!-.•;; cedar
r..|.| in i. 7. I, » and 10 feel, |;l'<j :.<i.
plekata, ftz.
X lit. .111. I. I! In it'lt.-iii''.' of it. 1 ti.
.liuj.i*;.-. We.
Safe Deposit Boxes
I'ii.l In »!.-l lln.-.l vault, for the
« cf.- k—rli.i: of vulu.ilil.- i.tii. i.-» and
l>..|» i». for nut at Ha yenr. You
rarrjr the k- >■ H if.- Uj....H Vnulla,
»4 Wf»l Columbia, nin ■ i, i:. Hh»r
--1 ... k. I HtUfl r.
"<T .. c= .
M j . ,
1/ r0K..,,
St. Michael, Golovin Bay
cape IMOfVIE:
About June 10 (under charter)
I . iin.Ttlni »ltd •"•■•iiU N<> I, "<••'■ Ko.
9.»««iil<- ,\u 11., i l!aii.|.«rl K<i;ukuk. !>•» -
•f.n *ii.t « •* |<orti:
for I '. »<lii mil !'••••«•■ to
Great Norther* Railway Company
flj tint Arras*. - ..1 ■
Seattle-Yukon Transportation Co.
11. « I *ffi«-e, ■•• tj«..ii.,i U .i,i.»,
W. 1. Wiiuii, I'm. A. I- ii.«.«. 11,,
faflLA" .. Tl>l>l«lH»,'linr<ni>
W »UfflH TtMrn. V.IBUT.
fir* fc .v>,«i..i<..»
IJ|>» •t«i>m».l!MMl»nl »>M|t.u.
M. I .Ui. C Blca«» 111 I **•«■
Cmnjlni V. a. Mali la all Oriental fatal*
I •' J«i«n, « hilt* «B'l All A«t«!l~ roru
About ,Juno 14, 1080
I <>H ...
Golofnin Bay
A hunt .May :25th
! For lr*lf hi and paata«* a|.plf fin '****'!
• 1 « I,ll* mar l»rk. »r r I". 1 uaintv
Mr-,. «M t*i<Mlt llull.lllK
Seattle, EimiiDils ETerotl
Tlrtt Ecu! mil viui-li:iii Zulu
l«ar» Umlll* * a m . I.' m. ml »IV m.
I <■•>•■ mult I 1., a. In , -• JO m . an«t
T:U> n
i'iiiimii «l Until* >llh Me«m*r Flj«
lor 1«. nm»
I «m» Ki»rrii imiod trip 11-15; M
■Hindi •■ ml trip '\
l«n.iin, i 01.n.n (Inrk. Rnltla.
IvU-j .tiom-, K»-.ltl«, H.l UI.
t. II »« 111 T. Man* K rr
Call for Sample
....or ■■m....
Th« reason why nit ar* vtvlnx (iwajr
it lh« motiPT, -n>\ wa want jr..ii
li. VIH'W It,
N0.1127 Yesler Way
Telephone M..1, I/I
Oil Barrels
In Good Condition
Foot of Verier Avc.'
Vcslcr Dock.
Pacific Coast Steamship Company
"ViA for San Franclftco
%)U«| ka v i «(-ain«llll/»
ilinClCfffH Uu*en, vv«iu Walla,
llr^^fc^g^ „„., (! m »tiiia |..»u
™ Hcaltlt! U.l* un vl»
! Port T.>wn»»n<l a.id Victoria. May 4.
I, 14. II 2«. », June J. ». 11. ". *». ».
July a, and every nflh day law**
aftrr. liU«v« >'.'"'■ ..
Son Francisco
Vor H.-«ltl« 10 a. ■ . via v> torU ami
IH»M Townionil, May 1, f,. 11. l«. 21.
M, SI. Juno S. 10, 15. *0. ■, M, July
6, mil evf-ry fifth day thereafter.
1.-iivi- H.-Ht(l-. » «. m.—
i-,.ii..i;.- <nty, May >i. Jiim- 14. 2»:
City <rf Toj«k*. ««y 15, Jur»« ». 21|
• <fUil.... May 10. 15. June '■" Al '•'•
May H, 20, Juti* 4, «n4 tve-ry fifth
; Amy Ihrrtaftsr.
Th« «jmt»«ny reiitrve" lh» lid' ">
rtianire. without pr«irtou» txAict.
itninrn, iwilliir date* »'«1 hour* °*
Kor further Jiif.>nrm«li«i «»/t»1«
l'llßi » HI Hill.l . 0.-.»n Ilk. SWttl*.
!,, town Oc* omce, Cit Clnt »v. #
K..«t11». <:«.<»lHil. IVikin» * Co., Gen.
Ac«nla. Han Kr»nrl»-<>.
Washington & Alaska
AlUh Ltiktiiu Emits stuuiis
City of Seattle
till! ffia TttUr Wkwf
FOR —»■
... •■*l!l*« *T....
YaocmiTEr, Ketcbikan and him
-«■.!■ (ram Twin li.if lor «»«•»••/ •» 1
l>>. «. f »..ti(>i vici..i:«. V«ocou«tr.k»lca
u*n. Hr»Sf«l, *ti4 Juu««a,
Friday, June '2, 10 P. M.
Utwnrir ifwmin^utlotK flrn *U»«.
lor l&iorintiUHi, rates, *(a, »j'i'ly to
i>«UCfftl A***l*
rh<*t>* Main 47i ftm«« t*r+r %
Empire Line
All Water Route to Alaska.,
nm smw tt a ii^i a * ittu
June 10, 1899
J (Ycsmilhi with €0019*07*1 Owl ]
ll«i tit lu» rr kiwuni lor
Dawson City
And AH laurn«lU«a rolau
aa Us*
Yukon River.
607 First A*e. • • SEATTLE
Or la uj Atrnt of tl.» Intern*.
l!i>n«l Sattgnllon * ■■i;i^»ujf tn
. I ulu-l SUM or i «u«.l»
Thr Ocfan-Going Stcinthlp
mil M. wm:e. Muter, Sills for
Saturday, May 27, at N«hhi
Kvcry Twain l>») • Thi»r»*(twr.
lor Frcl(ht nit 1 r«wnef r Ratal
awly to
Seattle Steamship Co.
« lulu BUr Ivwk. Foot of f>prln« Btre«b
Tin.in' Main .■..*..
F. A. BELL. Manager
'1 h.mo i-tka 1311. 1339 Strait ITtlll
Wm. J. ni AM a. CO.
All Work UuanuitodiL
Paintinn, Paperliaiijrinit, Kalsannninz
Imm 11Hinfn Ma i to Order. Lock*
n.iliii l.i | anil. •'! All K.'.i
itr.i.ioiHo. IWITI ii, «n<. 406 Pike Street
tH ■ .!,■•,.ii .si , h>v« l!io only
Linotype Job Printini Machine
In the North wo* futnloiruet, ramnh*
Io1», cliv, at •lKulitlty low liiiivs. H VVK
M<ini-.y 1') nun!!; tin-in an opportunity
to llguitf.
liinniil I'iii'i'lihi STEWART I
I 'UK I I nil i | .lllimllllPn.
fnrloi«. 'I illnl Wf ui>lColuuibta si P
■ nhoii ■ Mm;i U. » ..:. ■ Um|i ■
•1.-! .

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