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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, May 24, 1899, Image 4

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mm i\
High and Dry Near
Cape Mudge.
Suoh l« th* Statcmtnt ■•<• »»
th« •■••ra ol th«
Acconlln« l« th» ofl\«»» of the
•tearaer Itumboldt. which arrived.
thla mnralnit, th* Ilrlttch ateamer
Imhulx- U MM Minn In the vicinity
of Cap* Mu'Uv. and the pro«|MK-ta of
her belnit floated asaln »r» i>.»ir Th*
•tntmer I* »tu. k hard and fast on Ih*
!>••<. b. AI I>w (Mo the I* almoet
hiiih ami dry, and her whtel can b*,
plainly ***a.
II ii I my «irry «i the otTk-er* of {
th* Ilumb.il.lt •■ la hoar th* I>*nub*
happened to b» •lavrlix a court*
huh took her four m I. < out of th*
r*«uUr • -hannrl. am) uUlmately hard
till full aahor*. Thla part of in*
oast I* considered to be («rtl> uUrly
■lan«.r.>u*. and vestel* Invariably
•leer ■ certain midway . i>ur»«-
When th» HumboMt p«a*«d the
T>anuiv no tuff* or boat* w*r* at
th* *cen« Of tb* dluaUr, ary.| to all
app«araac«« no '(form *«■« bvinc:
n*d to «M bor off..
NEW TOKX. Mar M—Several
t*r»or« who Claire t.» be on Uw in
•id*, j>r.»fr-«n to think that in* nti
• I:nmvna-Jrrtrt»* flirHt la grin* to ba
■ frost. Internet U«< «nd b*Utaj( i*
•low at two to oo*.
for mkinley
HTOW TOIXK, May U— Th* Kven-
In* World announce* that Ptatt ha*
i*Kbr»J for McKtniey an.l Ilohert
•a the H<-publuao atandanl bvairr*
•or rxit year.
' Shamed to Suicide.
CllAMncnmt'RO, Ha May 31 —
rr»f«TTir>« death to Khamr iirott
IlurkhnMer, an *mpioye of th*
Omil VHIa»» ' <*rearo*ry company,
took hia life thla morsln« by ruttlnii
Mi throat »tth a raaor Bom* tlm*
•«o »p *«pr««a i>... v«»- fur th*
Creamery eompaajr w*a r«rrtpt*d for
by IMirkhol4*r It* tl#nl*d havine;
r»<»ivr.l If. an lit* r«i>r»«» com
pany waa ao*ii for n"n-»l<-!lv»r»
l^aat Right nuckbofcWr ronlMMl to
Ma employer that b* had rtMSrtved
th« parkair* and approprtal«4 M
content*. IIS. tie waa forgiven, an I
the matter aattefactortly adjusted,
but »>u<ht death to «*c*p* aham*.
It* waa 10 year* of •<• ■ ■>■■ yon «f
Dtniu"! Hurkaotder, of Kill plac*.
Th«| StoUThrough the Amtr
loan Line*
Running Fight Between a tear of
•.•••It •■><! the United
SUU» R*f Ml«r»,
MANILA. May 24 -M.)-« (lulaaon
and Mapna. two m*mb*ra of th* Kll
it'lno c»o*ral »laff. atol* thr .u*h th«
Ani«n»fi line* and aurrendered thia
roornlnir. Ganerai U«in«'i rear ,
ruard. . iinalaiinir of d*tar-hm*n!a of
th* Third and Tw*nty-«*eond In
fantry, whll* ea«ortlnr the »lrn«l
<.»pa from Han Mlruel to Ttallnam
today, ha.l a running Birht for th*
whole dlatanc* of ten mile*. The
Americana kM on* killed, ami one
officer and fourteen private* wound
ed. They captured twenty Inaar
Santa Fa Confronts Southsrn
Pacific in California.
1/>S ANGELES. CaJ.. May J4.-The
,jcood (••-.f.1. of San rrm'-Uci., who
hay* b*«n flirMtng and praytnir (or a
relief from th» m»moi>a!y ■' rnir<««l .
<mn*t«>rt«tlnn for >•":'m, «r« about
to b* rratlnmi, for th» Kanli Fm
company will l.« running unbroken
trains from <'hli ,t<r" I" *»■» k'"t, by
th» flmt of July, ami experts to *«t
Into th* city of Han FraiK-.iaro by th.
Br»t of October n»«t
At pr«w>nt in.l aJ«*y* tho H-.iiih
•m I'acJflo lUi.Uv.ny company ha*
rantrotlml «very Dm of rallroa-i, to
the north, south and eamt that ent'r
#d Han Pranrlaco and of raurw ic-.t
tin own nttp» for irnfispori
Th«n> la a d»ot<!ed dllTn-i>ru.'# of opin
ion i« In thi- manmiernpnt of th«
mrmopoly. Th» lluntltiKi'm-Htan
f'.rl I'm.i k.T «>ti-il<-nin haa had
many warm «upport«r« and defend
er*. l>'ri popular flimi.r h;i« nlwaya 1
b«>«n • i«.<;ruti them ami what they
h.'ivi- done to butM up th<> bmlnrm
of Ih" atatc and develop lt» r^iiour
«■>■■ haa counted for nottilnif *ti th«
public mind has underlakpn to ron
f>i.l.r whet ih<-y mlKht and what
they irtwnjld hay* dmw.
About MM MM l» ti>n of tha citt
ern* nt Ca>lforn»a Kill tr-n you that
the Southern I'aclflc tlallroad ram
j.nny la larely reapon«ll<t« for the
).roKW« and K'^pn-lly of Hi.- mat*.
Th<- othor ulna wIH «l«lari» tJrat It la
a aoulleaa and »l(lih nnitrrraiUm,
'tuifi'K <■•■ l for th« excluirive benefit
pAWtitgMicwT mii.trrix.
Tinnn a.vknub tiibatkh
"Th* Thre» UvmUmtrn."
of « few plutnrrat* «ii ■> hay* nil
*m»rmuu* f>>riun** by robbing 11
i •••i'li- Without fiii. tine mi., ih
<li». im-lnn. « M. h li t« jlmh l».| « lit
pun «>f the niiciuioii of the <\illf.n
Ilia |>. .>|>!f fur in il IV n .|il trl.r of
century. ii will tw muv. r,.,i|y ..:
mltted that » ramiieUnr rw'.livay »yt
l. pii Will I* a KiiMt li.lvill to Hi
«t*t* ami thrivf.irf la .» matter c
K< llfl.U <'<>llKr.ltlli.lll<>tl. ft t» \iT
likriy that (h.- «.inif men xli ' tmv
tnatl* m murh fu» abnut th» K>utl
rrn r.i.-m>- In Hi.- |ut*t will -.ii I
• K.i.mn.,- th* 6«nta IV «>«!fm wit
■mjiml ffr.x-liv. hvnUH, M • ruli
r*jln>«.l m«n prefer 10 MM|I thai
tnttmti after their own methni
and to follow ih-ir own In t«n)«*nl in
atrtwl of follow log popular clamor.
Delayed Till Friday.
TACOMA, Mar Si—After r«n»W
erabl* l<n il n>arrl!i« over dlfferer
motion* ini.ri...»,.,t by the county 1
th» eoiuMnnitUon !■....( loatl
<utt<l by the Sooqualmle K.ti:« !••••«
•r company, Ju.l*" Carroll flr
ally rave th* . Mull twenty-fou
houra to m* tta anawer «>'.] contlnu
*4 it.,- hettHna* to Friday. In i»i
meantime >»iin»««<-« .in behalf of th
county ar« to view th* mail whlc
It I* proposed to rumiemn, and b
ready ta be he*rd at that time. A
thu la preliminary to the queetlo
wh«tbvr a Jury •hail brxnirr *4 t
appral** the damiMt**-
j Chief It" I and Detective Ed. Out
■ th*« an* In Victoria today.
• * •
J. 11. Your*, a, prominent »■■ ntnjc
man from Anacorfra. la rc«'»ter«! at
ilm f>*at*l*.
. . .
F <} FMter, a lumberman from
lloqutam. I* «i lh» timUtl*,
• • •
R. W. Johnvton arrived this morn-
Ing from Pkagway and la atopplnc at
lit* iV*tll*.
• • •
I! M. Ilalnr*. MMI w**t»rn ««t-r!
of th- PbllttfM-JudMHI r.nniMiy. baa
returned from hi* irtp (■• V'a tcouver
mad P»riUa<t :
■• • •
A, I Cronenwlll. m-«iwMr»r a! th*
l*hllSl("»-Ju-l«»ii company. l« aronn 1
u<m, after having i»«ii confined la
the homo for w<rral day* on ac
i count of iilnna.
. . .
C. J. Ht**pl*. <U*trlcl paaM-nirer ant
freirht i«<-nl nt th* ffouthent Partite
railway, ha* con* to Cwilralia to
• • •
B. J, CoyW. ■l!»irtft r*aa»-n«a>r
agent of th- C I" U. left for Tb
coma ihi« moraine
• • •
j: v. fv.> r*n*r*l ar»M ef th*
• > li. * N. Itallwar. i» oat of town
far a f*w day.
• ■ •
' A. M<*t*MMiM arrived recently from
Kan f'r*m-i»< •■>. and U a runt at lh«
flutter, ll* la rmuiKlri with th*
m-hwab»rn*r «ir)s«Ty c«tnpaar of
lhl« c«y. # #
" • *
! Dr. •rhrib»r and mitt ar» ««<■••« at
' th* iiutlrr. Tti*r cam* out rrevnlly .
from I>««riion City.
• • •
f-.-»r.X It. llubbvtl. of Ran rr««.
. r!«<». la r*«rt*t«rnl at the !lul!-r
ll* M in th* city looking after hi*
« • •
N-»AI'. May M.-Jark Dalton.
th* f»m ■•!• KUmdlk* p«lhnn<<*r la
In th» rlly from PynmM bubnr,
vhni h* la m. vm« 1S« t»n« of cenrr.
■ al m*irbartdlM> ov*r th* waaron road
1 from Pyramid harbor to J"omipl«»
Oty. which l» th« n*w cHjf tprang
up at th* Porropln* mln»». "Mln-
In* <I»r»l>>i>m<nl la dolnir vitv nlc*»
ly." aaya Mr. I*!t..n "Calhoon
cr»«k 1* «h(nrln« op wnwUrfollr rtfb
and th* annw If rapidly dlmppcartnir.
1 bar* tw*rtl iKithln# aboot a com
pany Rotnr to t'ulM * railroad thU
■umm*r nv«r th* trail, but I do know
I that It la lh» only iw*<l to th» Tnk'>n.
Tli* trail from th* Mlialon If proving
a fallnr*. •• It w»iiVl «w«t MA.AM) or
ISO AM) "'. put In a rood road from
MMm to Porrupln*. and lb«n 'ho
wooli ha»* to I,*- two f»rrl*a which
I wouM >■.■•! mnr» for toll ti» run thirm
than It wmild ro«t to cro*» «T»r an I
»o op th* Dalton trail. Th* rat*
for fr*<rht from Pyr»ml<l t» Poreu
' pin* City, a rliiitaiK' of forty mil. •.
*»«• th» n*w lialton wa*on road. l»
now fly* e#nt» a pound, with a de
livery in about fifty hour*."
Tar a>t,tfu and Vlelnlly.—Tonlrh!
and Thar»day. ocraalfltul !,(hi rain:
memo, In omlhwmt wind*.
Th* l-»w ptvMur* irra. whlrh *ti
y«<««rday central In th* Walla Wall*
country, haa mov»d ntl>t> I to ih»
aoulha*.*!. and la rentral In th* \l> ■
Inlty of IVHim> nty. It hiu b»*n
< h<-*-»w I from advancing to th* taut
ward by a hlch pr*Mttr* area It. lh#
Iloricy mountain rerion. and ,i« ions
rontlntianc* In th* |>lat*au r'ltion r,-■•
' m it"'-l ralna to continu* In Vi««h-
Inrtim. r>r»r'>n and California.
Alon*; th* coast th* hlirhrst pr*f*ur«
la 30.M.
' Th» trmp*ratur* In th* com' If
rlon haa not rhnnif I m»t"rul!y. In
Montana It h«« rlarn * •Ir-tr»»» at
Kall*p*ll. nn.l 12 at Helena. It ha«
fall.-n « <I.k-r.-<-« at Will! i Walla.
fiola* City and Wlnn*mucc<i, r««p«c
Th* ***eullv*> oommltt^o of the
Quiwn City Oood Honda club hold a
martin* IW nlcht In the C\ly hall
and ili«<-iimH^l th* « h"i>lrn in'« unir
«ion to Olyrnt'l" IH > • Htinday. Thoy
rrfblvod th.it 1f tho pmr*nla from
[th* *tpur«lnn w*re II larir* ai thty
i jnritlrliwiti^i work would b* com
. im^nc^d lmrnMlaitely on th« blcyrl*
{path lo the army pout. Kxrhnnir*
mlil" >>>>■'» >"•■'! on i-llhrr rtf irn
, boat or train arc on *.*!* fit varloua
plaroK In the eily today for the ex
AM: \NV M»y !4.—flov. rioowv^lt
■*nt a tnraiiairr to th* li'irlxlnlnro to.
day i i<ing for en >pproprta,tl n «o
, that llir date could take part In
Ih" i<Tf-ni'iril<'« ..It. n.llriK Admiral
\ licw-y'H return.
F»itv lot In fruit Ircci. I'rXt'a Orchard
THE G. A. R.
• ______
. For the Convention to be
! Held In June.
' Th* program for th* seventeenth
annual encampment of the Urand
' Amu of iii K.i.uliix. f.iui i.-. mli
! iiiiiiinil convention .r iii Wo«n*n'*
; Id lit f Corps, a ii.i truth annual en
raini'iiu in of tin- ItM of Veteran* to
' be h.1.l in Him illy Jun* W. 11. :3. SI
[ • 11.1 it la HUM- In th* h»ll<1> of th*
' printer Thr commit!** having In*
' iimiirr In chin* la doing it thin*
; poaalbl* to iivak* th* affair a grand
•utv***, an.l It promt*** to I*' on*
; ■>( tin- larv**t etwrampment* av*i
' Ih-m in lhi« stats. Fully KIOO d»l*.
■•Ira In III* thr** organltatlona «i«
expm.-l*d la be pr***nt.
Th* grain f.»r th* four day*'
, ***alon ha* been arranged a* follow*:
I Tuesday, JlllU- to—l p. 11l . council of
, iflmiiitatrall.il. lull. . hotel; t p. tti .
, ■ of V dlvUlon . mil- U. 1.1 Hut*
, l»t . 1 i> in , reception. iuiik« tmbii.
Wednesday, Jun« Il~» ii iii . M
. II C '."in. .1. Kik* hall; 10 a. 111 .
. aMxitiMliia of in. 4tii|iriil ami i .Mi
I \rniii«i>-<s. A 11. encampment,
, ; liana* hall; \v It. i" convention,
i Rika hall. H of V *noampm*nt. Ma
, •..hi. hall. 7 p. in . parade; If «> .
I ii*nip Or*. Rank* hall.
, Thursday, Jun* 13- 10 a m . *n
i iani|.m.nla and convention rnnllmi
"l. * i>. in . (land *ncompment ball,
lUnk* liall
ril>l»y. Jun* IJ • a. in., excursion
ml clam bak*. purl Orchard.
Th* minmtr llumboldt. i"ar-(«ln
' n<Minlfl*l4, arrl»*n In l-'ft at «30
o'clock ihla morntnaj from I.) mi
canal port*, having «n board turn
' panlea II ami P I iill«l Hlalra *•*■•
' ; lara, conaUtlng of 107 men ami thr**
"!'!"■<» t«,ii,,i,,i r. 1. Hmlih. Cap
lain it. R)4rM(* and explain it T.
| Yateman. Tb* »»Ml*r* ara from
, r.«ii !>»•« and Wren**!, an.l have
been relieved by th* two c«np*nle*
of aWI tfwpem m h.i went north
on lh« laat trli- of th* llumbuklt.
, Th* returning companle* Ml ittia
i forenoon on th* train tar Ih* bar
rack* at Vancouver, Wuh.
CapUls W. W, it..hin. „,, jr., I'nll
•■1 Btai*a quartermaster a' Heat tie.
who went north on tho Kxc*Mor, r»
, turned on th* HunibaMt ll* »a*
accompanied by h.i **>(•-
Th- llumboldt had a tars* number
of paaaenitr*, nan* of whom wervj
from Dairtoa. Uutln*** I* hU to
b* quiet at Bka«*»>. and no ut*
particular* of th* bis tin- at Daw.
• mi wer* Iwtwa «rhii» the llumboldt
■v tber*. Tit* |*at»ntr*r Hat of th*
Mumlwlll Maa ■ -■«. .'.(.i W. \V.
lUiblnaon. Jr.. Mr*. ItoblnMn, Mrs.
Ifaili-y. <*»ptaln It T. Tatvman. Cap
tain 11. TMrllc*. J. I!. Taylor. Mr*
Taylor. John Claivrjr. -J. r- Karey.
Colonel r. U M. Hn.lth. W. Hmlth.
Mm nora HuthtrUnd. Mr*, o p.
Anderson. '■ 11, Griffith, tin Mun
far, lien J»n~-n. O. It Tayler, Mrs.
J. W. Ron*. !• C. VMM K. W.
Jobaalon, and i:» second da**.
The chamber of commerce r»c*lr*4
a l«tta< lata yettvrday afternoon
from f»#«-r»i«ry tone, of th» navy,
wblrh had been tent to Senator To»
--irr in anawer to hi* qu««tl..ni a* to j
why work on th* Port Orchard dry
dock had be*n •iiarnnlln'i'' 1. and whr
II waa that workman w*r* <iwin
brouchi her* from Han l">»nclaro to .
work on v#n>!« docked at Port Or
• hard
| IWcretarr Ix>n« dated In hla teller ;
that an appropriation had been male >
for II MUM buil1ln«» at Port Or
rhard. and th* rontrarla for elirht of
them ha.l already been I*4. and bid*
ar* now b*inc opened far rti» oth*r
four. ll* stated that an lnv*(tla*a
tlon *how*d that ■klll*d workmen
atwd mechaniea could bo iwured her*
on «hort nolle*, except In a few
Imbßßßj when extra precaution had to
b* laktn In docklct »<ir»lil |.« Mar*
Island la at pr»»»nt belter fitted for
nt» work on battleahlpa apd trana.
port* than Port Orchard, for th*
reaaoathat tb* tool*, etc., needed ar* j
at Mar* Island.
*t*rr*t*rr I»na* al»» atataal 'hat |
the drpartment la awar* of the fond
v*» Ij«k> TTnlon roul-l h» mad* of In
r.i«- a fre*h water Hf>r«f» .a d»lr
TrITTAtyX V T May Jl —Two
i well known member*of the Chiiatlan
ftrirncr circle*, Mr. and Mrs. rteo.
11. Klntfr. arr«it»<l hero ye«ter>
Any on the afkßfg* of man«lauirhler.
In rsusln* th* death of nln* year old
ItaJph U Haurolera. They w»r» held
i under IJV*. under the tlnrt—l Hi«l*a
' ' 11« • a* th* death wciirrM at Fnrt
i Porter, which la f*d«r*l rr<mn<l. Th*
parent* of the boy, Mr and Mr*.
Jame* <". Kaundera, wer*al*o arr»»t
--i »•!. They were rateaaed lajt night
on ball. The child I* said to have
' died from pneumonia and without
i medlrat treatment. .
Jamas Hauii<l>Ta was formerly col
i lector of customs for Tviift sound.
, and m aUtloned at Port Town*.
■ end. ■''-■*" '"
Ho Dacaratad th« Queen
TUP) IIAOIT, May «.—Queen
Wllticlmlna ir«elved M Da Bta«l,
' Hunalan peare del»«at*, at ">•■ palac*
[ today. 1?" amxed th* ortlrr of Im.
preaa Catherlna of llumla which
the Czar had conferred on ili« 'in- I
i Th* American d*lrjr*tes are bird II
' work In th* Interest* of irbltratlan
In th* conference.
Appoints*) a Cadet.
i JtfortTll v ski.ma May ».—Chun.
• M Bweeny, Jr., of B|>okan*. mi y«
terday appointed by Coincri'imman
Jnnes a* cadet for wv«t Point,
! Fi. I 11. Smith or Seattle was tiled
; ,i~.iiii'riinta.
■ r
I The liank rlcaranciHi today w"of»
1tM.11T.46, ami th* balani•>>» weft
mmii '
i-.u Ml l«tt in ivaii'ion ii.r.i Add.
Oen. J<lm M. Wllnon, hemi nt th*
Kirn r |orps, ,will arrive In ittt
rll \ ItiMlKhJ and tomorrow, nccum
|.iiii|.v| l,y M<iJ.r Plait, !..-.•■» •<( i'< ■
.1. |-.i > t m.ri t •.! 1",. i 11..in1. »nl QS.pt,
Taylnr, who I* th* leu I ut lh« <lr
paring In thl* fliv. Kill »■■• out
over th* •■*. A I, It. It, tn look uvrr
ih* i>ropo**<i sit* of I 11. UIU. Union
ranal, and to tnsp«-t M.mii"H > Illurf.
A reception will b* «lvrn to Uvti.
Wilson at th« Ilitliuri -iii..v I KrlJay
t *—1—« 111 I Si II I >i
; COUK, May U.— Th* K*amln*r an.
I n< 'vi. ih* retirement of Juclln Mr- j
1 Oarthy from Parllamrnt and pubtUj
! life. McCarthy I* • ■•. ha* •11 In I'nr
i Ham. for iO year*, rvprreentlnit iv
' (HMinty of Lion«furd and l>< ny ("Hy.
MANILA., May :i 'i.nml Ijiw. I
till wlthth* main body of hi* troop* '
ha» rrj.liri M»|«,!ii Ii ia learnel'
that ■ Inaurfents wer* killed and Ml
»mm.l.-l In Hi' i lictta.l mi HI With I
Ma) ' tleir* soouia wrti of lloruli.r:
j yewitrday.
i tacking to Chang* Rates
j I*T. PAin* Minn.. May 14—Th*;
, hardware Jabbers of Ih* MlaVlle
»»t eaaM wer* In onfrrrnc* v.« |
tentay with lh« Irafltc ntana«rr* uf
th* <!r.-»» Northern an I th» N<irth«rn
Padflo road*, Th* I'artno •-■>«•!
Jobber* ar* aaklnc for a hlffhrr rat*
of tariff to b* appHnl <•■ v irt» of:
r«rlua<ia than ar- applied to car- j
load *hlpment«. Th* Jobber* of th* i
lar*rtt house* In the Middle U..1 f
ar* oppoclnir lh«m, it.. ronf*rrnr*j
I la in |.f.i«ti»i t<«lay and a rompru*
I 1 mis* IM-.-'liii probabl*.
Th* (learner llrunswtck with th*
•leel barer* of the Kmptr* Trampor- .
talktn company In t»w. will not r. i
away for Hi Mlrharl inranrrnw a*
•cheduled, mint* to th* delay Ii Inad-
Ine th* l>arc»* for Ih* m«n trip.
are] Ih* lat* arrival of lh« MeaaMf
National Cur, «hi. I* to awi*t In \
tawlßa* the barK<*a, II waa vlated |
today thai both steamers hur been;
rharterwt only for in» one irlp to
Hi Ulcha*l. Th« AUlanr*. however.
I* eipertvd to l*av* en June 10 for fit. j
Michael, carrylnc freight and !••»• .
■eiicer*. and Ib* company I* now
' nenotuttnir for Hi** charter of two
*t*am«r* at Nan Frawlavo la handl*
Ui. Klondike traAo. - ■ -,
Charle* K. Johnson. e«-«h«nff of
Peorta county. 111., na* arrived In
' th* ilir with th* nernaary requM
llon M tkata Mr, and Mr*. Dr. lull
i ll..ward bark with him ha aiuwer to
Lhe cJmic* of murder.
.. - .
Clark M. Nettleton ha* re*titn«d hi*
pnalllon •■ prtrat* aerretary of Pres
ident J. ti rarretl' of th« iw.nr
Coaet rofnn*ny to met+pt a p»*ttlon
with C. J, ttmlth. Mr. Netttetnn was
; private *erretary i™ Mr ffmlth, when
hi. waa preatdent of the Pi<*ifl<- Coaai
company and upon th* taller* rvslx*
nation Mr. V- '■ •■' • remalnrd w-lth
Mr Karrrll In in* • »m» <aiu«.-tiy.
. • •
ProeerutlrtK Attorney McHtroy haa
a*rv».| nntlrc on Col. Jam<-* Hamil
ton l/ewla, attorney tar the condemn* '
•d mttrdtrsr. Cbarlea W N. rl«tf.m.
that no Juno 2 h» will m»k* • mottnn
lie ilm *upr*m* court at Olymnta to
d!*mls* In* app««l taken by N..ri*a.
trum from Ju !«■ Jarotia' decision.
• • •
' The I!nl'<n Tranait company has
rnmmertcwd suit In th* aupertor court
ajratnat M. 11 . lm|»»»..n *t at., to re
cover 11401. Ttp»y allcv* that durinc
Ih* Klondlk* *xrltement Mr. Him|..
Ann rhart^ed the aleamer ITtopia,
but has only paid part of ih' con-
Irani prtc*.
• • •
Jinn M. Cnrn->r. an architect,
brmia-ht salt yr••■ r.! iv In the auperl
or rourt to rernver 11110 !/) from ih*
M[i-..i>i.il:nl<- Fall* I'ower comt-any for
•ervire* rendnred In .tra«lna- |>!ana
for th* company's bulldlnsa.
• • •
Wtlllam IMnnir.-l I»tnc 1 n. of •>! •
city, and Katharine Krarxe* IHiyle,
of 'hi air". wcr* m»rrl«-l FWKMdfty
in the parlors >>f th* llotol H-»i;i».
Jiilbi W. II Moor* ft the nuixTlor ■
court performed the r»rmm>ny. Mr.
and Mr*. l4Aiiff-ti>ti !• ft thl» morn-
Inn for Victoria.
• • •
The old building adjolnlnir the pub.
m* Hbraary, wtili-h w*u« at nnf time
ii». i i* -i coarhmen'* hmiw In ron-1
nertlon wllh the T«*»lpr manl^n, h<« j
been opened an a rn<*n'» r<"mllr>it I
r*vwn. Carpenter* h*v »»i'n at «nrk
fur the pa*t month rttn«|pllnK th* :
build I nit.
• • •
»*ranl< Johnaon. the victim rt Mnn-1
day night's cutting a. r.ii»-. I* In a j
•erlmi* rondlllmi today. He ratal*
ed In leaving the honpltal taut t «hi.
and aa a roita<>j he look rii:<|,
and hemorrhage occurred this mnrn.
Ing. He •*•■ taken back to the him-
HIM, and I>r. MrKm-hni* waa railed
at * o'clork and attemle<l him for
a*v*ral hours.
• • •
The funeral aervlrMi of Vina Jn«e. |
is aa Tlirht were held a* tho rhipi-l
of lhe Hoae *ernlnnry Mil' aftorncxxi,
at |:a0 o'clork.
!",•■• •
The Philharmonic am I. iv gay* a
rehearsal In Sherman * Clny'ii mutte j
hall last night- The society II m.ik.
I Ing m.*i prepanilliinii for Urn *Ot*T«
talnment in the. M<>ttl!•■ 'thoalnr nrxt
H.'itiint.iy *venlnit.
Three <HphthTta niu«rnntln<<« were
raised by Inapertur Hmcry thin}
morning from the following r*»a|. i
.1. in ■«•*: A. IVI.■! ".ii rnrnrr I'u •<! i
nv.'iiiii' «'"' and K.|iiil.l . atroct;
CMcar llltkum, T. nlh nvmue went
and Oarfleld street; ami Hurry But.
tii win Ih, {31 Olympla avenue. Ortr]
Ii in■< l ft, of furiii-iilili-li.v«'l<" Kit* «.im
utod In Mm fumlKatlon.
,: \ • • •
I At th« tvmiinr wprkly ii 'iic of
the HltlFlf Tux *" II I luki rrlxht. In
the Ml. .■ .if the II- i iM in the It 111 •- v
building, the ""HI- t of fr;iinlils.'.t
waa dlacutf«d. Tin expressed sun-
Hun ni was agulnat the Bmntlng >>f
fram lit»i» up-l In (4VOT «f public
iiivniTkhlp of lh» dtini-l railway*.
lti*Muliitliin* wrr* ili.»fi. 'I mill odoft*
«"l i• . .. 1 1 1 < 1 1. - 11 - 1 1 11 f. lhe imii li.i>,- liy
iti- rlty of nil «n,. t rullwnys In
•<• mil. and ulm Hi-- f.'l.ir river
Miilt i |Mi«ir ami light r> ■'■ ni
• • •
O. 11. l.cwln and M. Nolt* * Co,,
<if <'uinlii ihind, h.iM bean i i..Mi,.1 a
liquor Him** by th« fuunly cnrmnls
a a 4
Th» ItiMinl of county cominlnnlon
trs has Ikhlmii tot County Auilllor
BVMMS lo call for bhl« for a draw
• ii-l.lt-«- lo lie ciinalril'li<l arrnaa the
White riVfr near Urlllla.
• • •
The county »..innii»»«ii.-i. i« have
■ wantiHi Hi.- .i.i.ii.i, i fur p.ilnllng III*
Intrrlur of the county li> -i.iinl to
I. « Hiniih. Him*.- kit nf tail was
the I ■«! r\ out of nln« sulimltled.
• • •
A, II kiiik ii,« l.n.iiKiii *ult In
the mi» ii"i- court .tjCultltft J.-mn •
Illalop, hull he allege* li.m rrfuned
to lay any attention ti a nollrw to
vacate the premlKr* at If.", Vi •!■ r
way. King aaka thr court fur an
■.fir r of restitution and 1100 dam*
e■e ■ *
Th* funeral aprvlci-i nf I- I,
lti« '•■ — were held at tin- faintly real
'!•••;••• In llrtmklyn at H o^etock I hi*
morning, Mr, Itrerr* «a* the falhrr
of IVIIr* < iltli i-r lin ■•■< <-, atatlonrd at
Th» four- mantel whnonrr Car- ,
r\rr J»ov#, which arrived t»*r» yester
day rrnm llonnluhi for Ht. Mil.-.1
with ■ canto of freight vn ■■ charter
of th» North American Tradln* &
Tmnapnrtatlon company.
• • •
| Tli- IIHtUh »hlp !•.«)• OaaU* h«»;
f ii!|.i<-ii"t loa.llnir ln-r caret uf fi»ur
; at (he i Vnirini .! Mill, an ' hu hnul
r,i nut In th» Ktrvam. H»i«- will Irsv*
•nan for China.
• • •
Th» «twH >»,.rr'« Bmrtr» Ml Tin
«ii,i of th* Kmplr* Tr.mi|..il.ii|:.i
company, »r» alnncMdv llw xiuih
I'iii't'M rw-rtvin* a r«ro»» «f r<«al.
TtK-V Will Ir.iv- abAUt Ih* !•!!< r |.ir|
of <h* m.mrt> for Hi Ml' li.i"!
• • •
fllciim frHiffiirr H.itr! t Crut. of th«
Parlfli" «"-i«! Kt..im«h!ii rnmpunf,
will l'«» ■hnrtljr for l.nn canal
part* with a <■>' t<» of v •* ■'•< r,
• * •
Th» \VA«liinßVin * Ala«ka H'^un.
•hip mmpiiiir, <>t>«rallnt( th» H»»m>
«r» Oly «f Sk-attlo Hid l*.ir it! n. 1..«
m«v»4 Inin Hi iw* »n I rand *pa
rl'iu» .|iinrtrr» M II" Jam** atreel.
• • •
I KiMimt-r Plrlffo, nf (h* Al»»k«
Hlmn^li company, la • !>•• \u'.< ! In
•all I •ntKht for I.ynn rsnal i»t(h.
The fWrlnohaa twrn ovjrhsiltcil from
jbow i • •irrn, >nl la practically a
i n»w vr#jprl Th« <<«l<*r«*nrnii hay»
'•«n ri'lr-1 Otlt R«W. 11 i" «!!"•• 1' I
that <»• I»irt«r-- v.ii! Mai i..ti.r
tlm* than ah* dl 4 prrvlnutlr.
• •f •
Bt*amahtp Qur«n nrrhvl » .rlr (hi*
mornln* frm » Han >*ran<"l»o>, having
on i»"»-l a tarv» niimlor at i -.»••<
tra. Of ihi-»i» vtrnl w*r« book
•4 f.-r Alaska. Th» t'matltU aallnl
at II *> o*elort far Ran Kf»nc'« n
with • l«nr* I"' of i««!""-nit"-r»
• • •
Ii«n»r» t« «<^l »i ,i. o»m l««u- 1
In William IMmun 1 I^anrdon. *c<- 4t.
of H.«n!». and Kathartn* F*r*nria
I•■!>!<• at* 11, «f Cht<-aet>: Bl*phrn I.
I H«i»HH. «c* JS, and Marirmr:'* Van
r r ..mi h«ni aa-* 21, both 0* K«alfl*;
I'hii A. William*. •«• «l >n'. Anna
Itoardaon. Ac» ». both tf 8*«!il»; ,
rharl»a 11. Krtkln*. a«# it. and ll«». .
ll* Sa!«!»l">n. at* 1", both of IWatUe.
• • •
Dr. Francis C Olark. tounil«- of
ih« Oiri«ll«n Rndvavor ornntsatlon.
will arrlr* In th* tlly tnnltrht on Ih*
t U o'elnrk train from I'urilm I.
Th# "M w»nv»ntlon rawa4 rom«
mill-*' will m*»t him. and fr->m th«
train th«r will «<» to th» ruin!»r
«it in 1, wh*ti» <1lnn«-r will b» wrtrl. j
' Tint* will ►•<• a «-■«•• m«-t,ni< at j
1 th» F"!rat Baptlat church In fourth
•t«-m. n>«r fawn at • •" o'rtm-k. to
which, pvcrybodr <■ cordially Invlt
11. C ftwlna*. chairman of lh»eon.
v«-nll«n commute, will prml<l*. and |
Dr. Clark will talk on Chrimlito F.n.
•Ir-ivor Work.
• • •
Auru*t Ilomburir»r h«» '»lt' not
a t.itiMinr pfrmlt for alfrMlcr.* at!
1W Jamra alrwl, l« co»t >«5; 11. f\
N:»«-m. fur alirratlon* at r:. 1 <■ urih
avrntie aouth, l« fo»t $T0: P. E
H-iriiini for altrrnllon* at tS» Blxih
av*nu#, t . .. -t !••.
"A nurhrlor 1* Honeymoon," «' »•»•
*«"»MI«! !hf>*t<T. In one nf the few
!•!• «Mmk f"m»JI« »een In s< ittl# thla
tnuon. The ntemh»-ni of the com
pany are itiiod «r»l In* i»erf<irm«nev».
with the m ".v Tunny «ltu.itlnn« nnd
computation*. In eicellent. Ton'irlil
the Irouhli •» nf "A Unr-helor'a lloney
miwn" will be »lv«n fi»r th» ln«t tlm*
I ami (ho** who havx not «.-■!! rlthM*
lof tv olh«-r p*-rfnrninm-eii »HI do
well by cine i 'umiii.
• • •
At lh» Third WMH lhra(*r, "Tho
Thru- tluarilwnrn" In prnvlnir a
mron« .ln«»iMK i nil Tin- HIM. il»
--ifwli that w»r» n«itlr**bl» In Ilia
lor^nlnit t<»>rfortiv«ncp h»v» all <llka,«
-!■> 11.-.I an<l last muni Urn play was
rlvrn fr*.llUbljr. , '"Th* Thrr«
<liii«pi)«mcn" will h"M the boards for
Ihe balance of th* »i»k.
• • •
n»y ripmcnt will op»n an cnra)t»
mrnt «f two perfnrmanrm nt lli<?
H«Mtile thwilfr tomorr«w nlirh< Th»
ni-l piny will (><• "A BMMIMn rji-n
--ll>-mi»n." now hrr*. !•■ b* fnllowiv!
F*rl«lny nhfht by 'Tlii- New Dunlin.
h>n." •■ ■.•■■:. r Mr, i']. M< B( anil
til* company hay* BpiH-arinl thpy
I, ,v-» rn-riM-ii moat tint ; i t!tr nuilr.i
from th» crltlra. That iin- jilayi «r«
npprw-lntwl ar«> ilpmotißtrnlmt by the
liimri- << i-' « thnl have Rrr«>4<Hl them
• • •
<;.. lnt<Tf^t la lioliik tnki>n 'ii
Hi. (•mln^nl iimlrnl event which
will !"• glvrn «t the Biv\ttlc theater
Pntur lay n!f:ht by thi> I'hllhkrmonlO
imr|i»ty of Ihla ill v Th. li.'i' ■ of
i the evenlnir will »>e *«•■ i alike by
! tin. i... .ii trllata tad the Brim i
• Htp|nil>"l . amp niv of Ohleairo. Tho
liktil noclety In «wn|>oi<cil of theii'wt
! iiInKTK In Iho rlty. Dm Bruno Stein-
Idel company have 1n yen «rct»rth»<l ovi«
tliinn In nil Iho liirne clttai of tlio
Unlfpil Hlntcn. I<arßi> outllciiri'H hnve
llntriioil to the nwpPt mraJim from
th* '< ■ 110 an<l the rloHouh VOtM of
Mr». Oimi" tin. nrtlntlc «ccr»ntpaui
mt>nli" .r Mm. HI i In I. I. in I 111.- touch
Lot 111. li.it |. by Mr. HI. hi.l I
B .
Hiii Mull . in A- Uiililm .ii (in I'rutt'iOr
rlif.nl Aililltlim.
Hosiery Department
They readily recognize the many
Money Saving Advantages
UUME3 1 Isl»ck Hum, r»..i1r,,( CItUMM Filr» Tin* Jet-***"
«.m,:i,,-, Sk vnlu*. only tc - pair. l< M.-l Maeo Cotton Il'iw. allM
LA2HJCV fin.- h. ...hi. «» mi in... k fliil*h<Ml. h»*uiifully flntihH. only
!!.«.-. r>- . j.f..r < .-■) In rU and tor*. V*- » -)• ir.
n.ui'l w<>«rlnr. actually worth li. . MI.N H K!n» HramlMi &rck», tan o*
•>»ty !'•■■ • pair. black, hiMKlnomoly nunt.<-i rrarvt
I.amiu 1 i:«> i.tiiin ■ '..m,lm»i i'..in.n mtmrlnK. He value, only i'" » pair.
riOMy flno Hliit.- rpllckl »■,!.-•. ii.*«« mi:n M Bstra tin* SumlcM *•" <<•,
.in I lota, perfect [111 in«. Kr,.n.! ina.t. of fin.- M«"> «otton, MMM
*» .-.Him*. :".■■ « pair. furce<l bwli and !<■••«. 2*r vahi*, 17a
CII!M«lli:.VH r'u..- X..-I Black Rib- ■ pair. I (>«ir> for Mr.
1.. .1 Hcntnlrs* !1,.»r., «pl«n<Jl4 ; ,r- IIKN'H K»lr* <ju«lll> Combed K«>p
ii.i-. iOc a pair. tUn >°'>ii'in Holt*, whit* •pikd
i'lill.l>lti;.\ H Uxtrs llnavy ln.-yi* tn<l«. aulm and tors, tb* MM of
II»m. >!■■ni.l.- ..I. ami i <■.-», Jim •<« manufacture, only 2Sa a pair.
ths HiiiiK for h,ir<l arrrtc*. 17c a Mi:NH V «ir« llvavr #«.-»mJ<-»« Ho<k«,
pair, 3 p*ir tflc. bulll for bard Mrvlr*. te a. pair.
206, 206, 210 RtU« St
•flfc DOrsTT
vr^&B^k *'"''•'• 1""' laundry work to any (■!•'*
&_/^/J WVHV °"' >■•" •" not •'"* w|" •>••>'•> "■*"»
JaWI / Vfl ear*, *hll« warning or Ironing; It. *• nil
JBf\ '. ■ /9 eßlf turn '*"' "'"■" oat wklla •■* »!<>"7
jdlM % r .^L fc,/ •» ailow'i irln» l.»l ■« nrllnar Injure th*
/ Mkr \ labrlr frar ll,« •>)(*«. aa>4 oar |>rlrM an
/""^B^W - •• '"• •* aaroaja'a, <»••« fmd afark
' •%t/^3L2l^ Queen City Steam LannHry
«i4p ]i»-i4» mm in. tturmaint
IllW s^J^Sr • — a-,,^ - >—« , I.iai.a»ii* rtkrU
50 - CENT
:: ...0»*.... ::
V '
m «f>*rlal dii|.".a> ii.i. *nk. CaU ml i '
<■ < 1111.101 t!.»l». < '
:: ■>■*»> ::
•> tOI tacaa* *.» taatti*. <*•■■. i > |
....WILL 111 \ A....
V* nua TlltlU gfctU. lilt
If ..Hi $7.<H) to $300
Sherman. Clay & Co.
Alt >n<i«<l «•*»■• - - ■vajltla
Self i
— 9
iu-tit, in «■.,; i t,.'-i ii«»n mih lh«
I'wttt" flan--* U ' BiTHinitu
fr.«.i. of pcnpl* .t our »tor«
4aJ!r. Tb4 •S«rt« -ir» * i-n-Uiiul.
N-u'i »■•!■• t.«**rinc it A (*•*%*-
Jiff to >!)»« It > on.
' 111) fecit in k! Fill in Him
When -+
You Want
A Bargain
In a New, Slightly U»J
or Second-hand
Kcmcmbcr we have the '
Largest and Most Com
plete Stock in the City.
Call or writ* lor prica* and Mnu
903 stco.il Art, Burke Bsii.iu
(|)[l Platino Cabinet (h|7
Vh Photos reduced \/|
tl)0. - OD
i_3 Roch© ajm
Acme Publishing Co.
P. 0. Alley. Telephone Red 1064
In iii*- market o«*r thirty v«-»»r» tha
well known
ivl^pliono liar »"••'■< MICKELSON, ASH
I Heal* nt All Hours. S
* Mrs. Cob. A. Rfdeoat. - Proprietor •
i I'nr. Tlilr.l Avn. and JalllPiSl. i
.«^«.♦♦♦:♦•><»♦♦♦•>«>•>♦*♦•>« '
- '- urn • '
raMtaa Caaiui .... , I■■■ "•»
<Wa*nl I .nliM I nalii — IniuHUl
)uon It Hot*. I' .... l-raaHoßt
M.urlr* M. nictu . . . Via* rraaM*al
lnl.l Tttru«r „',,"..".-. OHM
k r. I art . .1 ... »«I«ini liUto
Hiki ait'l ulagrasal* ncb*nf« »*r*ata
In all il.. i Tipci|>ai dtia <d liiul
*t*l»* aa4 Bump*
111* fCUkr ff>( <(» •■ KTiCJSAL BA»aT
Of IlilllX
rapltal dock »*44 1a.... «■/*•
•ari^ua »4.'JJ»
iw»» r»rth,..'.._ «.... >ral4«l
» i s.-..1..1«f Vl»»rrf.:l«at
k. V. Auini (.aaalar
i«rr*apoa<lrnsa In all Ik* aria<-IpaJ cUUiUI
la* Lol I*4 «U1» utd E4u«*a.
or (>i!\rn.r..
Ctmi r..i.i War ao4 rim tim
' a| I la] ......fTV*
Anilnw Ckllb«r< ~™ ! ~rr»u<l»Bt
A U. IMIUI, ....■■■...... (UhlU
Tt«r»«u a ■..-■.•.'»! U«nklßf Buaiacaa. '
'. . miii ~M«UP.~~-~~T: _
»«ni«l-H(if rillr^i Utor*ra for Trl»>
Mid, »••( of mnQnuiint. Omt Jtartbwa ■.
h. relrr Mrs*. A Lar»oaa— work ; t»*r».
• t*r«. <r*<lrn. rvl»>n . •«**». . lr»» P»» I
»htr» i.^a» <|. m < r«»lr>M lliw. M»latt.
iiotill» amp nmJUMumo loom
M'>Tri. Htio-v«r>\" tn» r\nt ira«
Oood ilua rwriu tlnfl* or •■ »alu;
law rat«« I-..; (Km. M«««tt.
II rr>n with a mots at utlctMt* a rbanfa
try ib* RocßMicr Mo'al Mk* and ftwma:
pml room II par »r»k; Dlxlf (araUaW
itil.! 1» noun fi in M; tr«n«cltnniV a&4
■•• . twtki: atarirlr llfhU.
uT ii AKMt UH>st
S"oihl>( bciwrlot Alaaka ilmb»r. country
or bard «nrk.- Cavalrr Trouaan. doaMa
orrncat, R7l; dt»d black. (too. Oi
Mlln' •term and coll «t»»r bo*wl rcati,
li •• Array Mark wool bats. «oe. Rai.Ur
M*nk>u.wr. v tT t üßd«>«hlru ani dra.«» t«,
lt<u»aeh. H)*nkti> 11.00 ao<l up. iroTfrn
m-nl i'«u, »i». tT.CO. OnnUrU, (101
kirk 1217 rim 4<onaa
Mi. >- AM> HOI UK M MB KB*
Hult-r 1»t-», «lurnl»um and «namal
I'll'r» lor iltiu an'l boUM niirnr*i« ihn
MMi»n. n« Y**lar Way. 'Pnona Klark nil
*" . ~ r: JI KaV. ~~' *~~'
TbaHaanta Jank Co. par* I«w«m priraa,
tin aauar* btutn«M All kin<l« of wa«la
i-M|M>r I ».s:f ht. an<l oil riM »i «|«rt anM No,
: i Rallruad avtnur , leirpbooa Bl»c
So. 1111. ,
v'-w llama V-Inf UatblnAt »V.t «n<l
rbrapaat maeblaa ru«4'. Hold on rut pay*
in'ni* Offlc* n«lt 4oor to fn«U)fllra
Tail oßrloihinc.uuaki and Tallmbotubl
at US *»' .m.l a**. Thorn RaJ lU4.
>ii-ik*i 1 or TITLE.
Hraltla AMtracl Co.. 41» N*w Yolk Block]
V* Ilantoo r«pfor« ptur-haalnf a aawia^
norhlna. A la* (nod Mcond-Band mi.
chlnw for Ml* r»a.onahla. Hi Columbia
ttrrat, nf|M>alia roatoflc*.
Wmii, ~To huy oil (nl.l anj itlT*r. H.
Mm-. I maul* . J*w*ltr, 28 Illnrklar block.
1 Ijkllt* and «cnlltmoo who atlaadad oar
■ajf ollat* )•• lr\ an nOTelliri will if.l l(f
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«» want all to com* and •'• oar m«tho<l aa
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