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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, June 07, 1899, Image 2

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t.H. *iu<» m. riiiittJii
»>«!» itternooa ti.v|.l assess]
I. 11. "His laVrVCHatsV
KMTO* I II\1IM<" M.»»«l«
DM real |fi «•■■»; »l% ..nu I*' »"»
«r«i»l|li> null r*r munlli 4>ll««r»1
af ■all of Wrtssw v., free replet.
Telephono Pike ISO
■i*!.*. >*. iiv: - • 1..1..1 ......
■ Ji>i*i««i at Ik* fM>*ipf c* •! m>»tiu Wi ana
tea. •• •sr.-u.i -.-.•■ matiaf
The au.->e«sful trip of an auto.
mobile front Cleveland to New York,
maktnr a dlxtanc* of '•'' asfjai In let*
than 49 hour*' running Hint at a >"•••< |
for «li* emirw trip of a dollar for n«a [
otlne, demonstrate*, If .lrni..iisii«il»n
were nre>lrl that th* boraeliHW car- '
Kva-e bai* com* to *tay. Thu« far
th* chief efforts of th* ntakpr* of the
auttirm<bUe have l«r. dlrrctcd i<>
wmrd »»«o>n» fur heavy li»vilii>k ami
this I* vindoubtrOty .th» form in'
which II la first nee.l. .1 Th* bora**
us.-1 in heavy haultna; In a city am
as much obatrucUon «ivl a arrealer
dana-«r th«n th* wagon* themaelvea.
Aa It Minn to be .Ifmmatlrntnl now
that automobile* .-an be ua-^l with
•cooomy. II la not too muoh to em- |
!<•.■! in a abort time tb«t practically
all the heavy hautiiut of ■ city will
be done by the horerteaa w«».' Irt. Th»
deveJopment into a ilirhi and a;w»H
ful i>arr«nr» for family use will iimh*
IB due ***j»nnv !«.• one may evpeet
«o see th* horse \ani«h and tb* time.
tnd*ed. parbaps will he not far ll«
taat when the animal *!!! be *ome
thin* of a curiosity, and'kept al»ns J
tor pJf.i»L»rr ,
Let « be n.>t-<1 that th* ruraro. tb«
|r*at*at and ablest paper of rranr* .
ta emitted the chief credß for ihe
chance In rim* cubit, opinion In
regard to Dreyfua. . It baa don* Ita
great work not by argument or »i»
pe»i or <trs.-»asT n but Mmpiy by ,
pubHablng. Indeßano* '*f In* author
ities, aa tt aeemed. ihe full ,!»p««i.
Uona. reports of ' evKl. iv. •• secret
document* and- alt that In the case.
People roull r, X read Mum* doru
menta without ae-lnf upon what j
fttmay *vt<lenc* |»«>r Dreyfua »• •
condemned. * NothlnaT M «>ntrtbutea
to purity and honesty In fu*lt<' bust- |
iv*** aa complet* ? freedoni of the >
pr»t>* I.M the tight In and abuara I
are pretty a** to Mink away.
, Thar* may b* hnneat •♦lfj»r*nc»« of
nranhw among the cKltena of l*«attl*
up>>n the quee»v»n of th* murdrlpal
ownership' of' street " r»tlwajr». but
there la practical unanimity of Judg
marat against a new ■ coaaotMated :
frmnrhlae eatendtna over a period of
40 yvara. ' The member* of the city
council, with twn exc*t»ilon*. hays
already ' e«pna»«rl themaalvea
rhroogb the column* at the Star «j
betnc »tron»ly nfrpnaed to a «a year
franc*.!**, and there •eetna to be no
poaasMltty of one being granted for -
that length of time. '
Normal School Will Issut 31
Fiva-Yaar Certificates.
• 1
OLXHTtA. Wash June : Th*
ntentetM of pubfV- Instruction
ha* received . from th* prtnetpaJ of <
th* Kll»n«hijr* normal Kbonl. Prof. I
W. K. Wlisnej. the elemental certUt*
ca.t*a for th- rraduatea from the el— , 1
monetary court*. After the super
intendent a etamature the certlflcatt*
will be In full force and effect aa a
eerttnVate to teach for five yean af • ' 1
tar date The fotlowlnc are th* J
gradual**. Ida M. Irvin. y.ter K. j
K«t*um. France* Tounf. .VI tie A. |
MaMbr, FVwar T. Abbott, HatU* 11. i
Maaon. Hernia Annta. Katherln* Me. '
Curdy. Beth Danka. Clara ■ Mc-
Kensle. Bessie lllanrhar>l. Mary Os- I
wald. nmli man. Delia M. Hi- ;
jrer. Jovepbln* F. Oasta. Jrnnl* A '
flr-hurroan. Catherine Oarra. Elean
or Bbaw, Rnae Davlea. Heaale <lher> ||
ardaon. Kdna Dennis, Bertha K. Ml*- '
ph«na Anna KI»M«. Nepha, Trip, 11
To*. Margaret R. Vallen. Avanello
C«no. Mary A W*tkln*. Annie E. '
O«bso«. Lot* Whittle, Bessie It ll.rr.
OullgoM Wilson. Chrl*t*l HkMl-iiton
B*rnad*tt* Ward, I>alay Hughes and .
Kargaret Iron*.
An Eastern Firm Figures on
Starting One There.
SPOKANE. Wa»h.. .tune 7-1. D.
Voote. of the big *bo« manufacturing
firm nt "\jote, Rchuts * Co., Ht. Paul, i
la figuring with the Mpokane cham- '
ber of commerce to eitaUlih a *ho*
factory In thla city, for kiim Urn*
past ftecretary I)uck of tha cham
ber of coranerr* h.i» been correapon
«mg with Mr. Ft»it* with regard
to the project mentlone*l, but the '
prospective deal has been kept
quiet, nothing having been decided
deflnttWy. II Is now atated by .Mr.
IToote. who psjmhhl through flpokane j
last Thursday and at that time talk
ad Informally with several members
of the chamber of commerce, I* «•
riously eontrmplatlng either th*- re- |
moval of the. branch factory from |
Taeoma to ftpokane, or the establuh
ment In thin city of a shoa manu
facturing plant la ro*t from HMM
to 171.000, Uric* enough to |[Ive em- j
ployment la from (0 to 100 aaraasM
He recard* Hpnkane aa a mo*t favor
able point at which to establish Mob
a aised factory and I- convinced that '
a ready, capable and artvimtaco'i'
market would be found In th* terri
tory of the Inland Empire.
Employes' Hours Reduced
MILWAUKEE. Win. .Fun- T.-Th*
Milwaukee Hr-»«-r» aaaoeiatlOß to. ;
day voluntarily granted all the em
plnyea In the city breweries, about
4000, a. nine-hour working iliiy. with
the same waxen thai were heretofore
p*Jd for ten hours. Th* shorter day !
took effect at 6 o'clock thla afternoon
Thl* amount* to the name ■« an In
crease of witgen of ten per cent., or
1«.|».-i 11 |\ 11011 nn.l ||0.000 11 .lu\ .1
r 1.-in t: «»i t.. <
Members of Ih* brewer*' union say
that now the Milwaukee employer*
Ua\« conceded the d«manda, alinllar
1. 11l I ..I. In hour* will he a*ked
In Hi l<oula «n I other large «li.«
Miners Leave Sandon
\NIm i\ 11 C, June T.—To .how
the In. rrn«.- In lit' volume of hunt
ness over the Canadian r.uinr rail
way branch from h*r* to Nakiup
list week thla mmpany »»M 400 tick
et* a* agatrtot ** th* week pravloua.
The. cause la the leaving of mlnera
from thla camp, consequent upon th*
eight-hour labor iron!' •
Hivor Current Too Swift
S/saflON, Idaho. Jun* T.—The
attempt of the Northern I'd' to
establish a rlv*r tranvportatlun and
freight line between h*r* and Kam
lah In nnamctlna with th* railroad
to Mtuart haa proved a failure Fri
day the *t*amer J. llannafurd tried
to reach Kamlah. aa th* upper |>arl
of ■SaaiH river, but failed on account
of the atrong current.
If th* attempt had proved *urc«*s.
Ml it waa li.irn.li-1 to . atnbliah a
»uil>i> depot at fltuart for th* min
ing campa on th* south fork and
Buffalo Hump. Many contract* that
h !■! been tn.-4.1e for the tran*ttortatl«>n
of freight from Camas prairie via
thla proposed rout* will hate to b*
,TALO AUTO. Jum «.-Th* «T»«t
•at Intrrvat la ami brine ahown IMM
over th* m..ii of Mr*. liianfoi.l In
llmlttnit th* number of women who
may »u«-n 1 rh* unlvrralty. . It.
Jordan. In «p*a.lilnc of th* mallet
I •aid: "Thia action of i Mr* Rtanford
(Imply foltowa th* «'rintn«l 1 .tana of
th* construction of lb« unlvrr«u>.
an<i U In no mii*. a crltlrUm of th*
.r»hl(. or ebara«t*r of th* young
»<hmii atlredlnc h*rr. Th* prtcenc*
it >oun« women ha* cover kept away
any r->un« nun wli<«h> altetvinn ■
>v d**tr*d. It waa Mr» !»:«nf jr.l •
Mn bafor* the univ»r»'t> optntd
that about on*, fourth at th* atudtnt*
: would b* wontrn. Thl* *v the per
laaMßaW durtna; the f)r»i yean al col*
le«». but th* number h*» aradually
lncr*«M4. ahawlna thai Mr*. Hi«.i
•->! .li.l not fame* bow popular III*
.university <rouM berom* wllh wo
' men Hul'tiU
'I bar* no aympattiy with tb* n»w
- thai U»e prtwtir* of women le«s*na
collet* «i>*nt Col|r«* «; Irll that
will not abow Itwlf bef.re (trla la
not a d«*lrabl* « l:iU>r»«l feature nt
collrir* life Tb«r* la no f.iunU
tlon M the atalrnieni that any !•«'•
(mat* a'tlrtljr in athletic* I* cbeck
ed by the 1 rro*n'« of women. Th*
i main raoae of our failure In football
: Ihia y»«r waa the ah*en<-* of athletic
y>un« men «i Manila. In oth«r ath
l*tlca we have not fallen any from
tb* records of p'evioua years. 80
far aa debating «••»«. there n<->er mi
a rear when th* university ma 4*
; »■» -•! an actual abowlnc aa thla
year. ■ .
McKinl.y Is Much litttr
WASIII.VOTO.V. D. <■ Ju«* T,—
. The president la dertvlna' rreat ben
efit from th* dally •lrtv»» b* win
laMMal takln* a week aa*n. A warm
•an and a bradna; air bar* «lven a
i broni* tourh to his cheeka aufllct»ni
to dUpel that unhealthy palor that
, bad been rharacterUtlc of th* man
I for more than a y**r.
The president's new rig la properly
' known as a market phaeten. being a
sort of combination of trap an.l a
I phaeton It haa a high body, with a
seat In front for two, and a single
••at behind for th* footman. The
swelling side* of the seat and like
top afford the only exett** for attach
ing phaeton to th* name la all other
re*P<-cta It has th* line* of a trap,
and ha* become quite generally
known as the president's trap
One Million Head of Cattle in
Sight Farmers Active.
i DMA If A. Neb.. June T.-«tockmen
a] Nebraska are vary enthusiastic
over th* proepeeti of the season In
I their business The situation, a* re
ported from van.nja sections of the
slate, Indioat* that there la a much
larger percentage of young iti»k In
the state than was at first supposed.
In round numbers there are known
Ito be on* ml.lion head of cattl* in
Nebraska Th* percentage of calve*
waa believed to be more than CO per
' cent, be>iw normal because of the
extreme winter and th* extraordin
ary spring that haa prevailed In this
section of the West Mnce pleasant
weather has enabled the large ranch
owners, a* well as the farmer* who
carried a small bunch of itock to
•upple-nent hi* agricultural pursuits
to figure up their !•■«••** and ascer
tain exactly the site and number of
their herds. II la manifest that the
proportion of young rattle In the
•tat* is above normal.
Peppered a Princess.
■ WAKIirSMTON. I>. C., June —
nol^ert Mansfield, of Munc4*. Ind..haa
been apixulntad consul to Stantlbar.
The consulship at that place was
rmm«rt«!l«ed by Judge Itlley, of Vir
ginia, who, annoyed l.v the perdu
<-n<-e with which a duaky queen of a
neighboring tribe -Umbered hln ord
• ers about bathing In a running 1 pal
I of water near his house, let go at her
with his double barreled thotgun,
. which peppered her with fine shot,
. Huch a rumpus was raised about It
that ha had to be recalled.
For rWttle »nd Vicinity Tonight
and Thursday— fair and warm, with
Mat to south ■ in.
Huih la the blnn<l statement of the
' government weather clerk, and he
aeem* to think that he la "some
pumpktna" In consequence, Hut he
■Isn't. People will not soon forget
how h* p*r*l*l«ntly bombariixd the
community with i-aln atorma and
then pmr'heste'l "fair weather" twxt
■!ny. Ilia conduct In the manage
ment of the weather hai been utterly
reprehensible., and cannot now be
palliated by a June repentance.
Excursion to Tacoma Sunday
Kxcurslon steamer ■<< Ma of ■faaaV
. Ington will leave Vt-a|rr wharf Hun -
day at f> If. a. m Heturnlng, leavra
Tii'onn .' 6:16 p. in, h..iii>.i trip
tor. Tick»t» for sal* at Loe'i I'har
macy, and at wharf.
.—..T ,„ »»..,,, jfvia^^.a^g^g^g^g^g^gH
1 officers
:To Fill Out the
: Marine Corps
; —
■ Mini New Jobs tag • rly Sought far
, by th* lorn of American
I Navel Men.
, WAft||lN'lT<>N D. C. Jun* 7-
I The president i* now undergoing th*
i same trouble and annoyance over the
i ■»-;.-. ii.m of . M i, !«■..« fur appoint
' menl tv th*. marine rort* UlAl he
experienced In selecting second il»u
tenant* for th* fenny to Alt vacancies
created by tht leilatatiun of th* I**l
contra* In lncrra»m« the •ii.in.-ih
■>( the military establishment. ''"'
personnel act madt * laia*-' hi' r<-■».*«
in th* marine corps. ruing | 'he
strength of th« rnllai*>l men «l •"•»>
and lvi rcaalng the iamb*) of com
, ml»nnrs»-l MTlcrr* frotn 71 to 111. The
, act provide* for th* promotion of the
omcera In ill* corps »' tin :me v/
j It a passage, according to •<-nl<Tli>.
ami (or the appointment of young
' mm who ».rw.l ■« voluntf»ra In the
corp*. ri'.n.r.in>mlMiiici*4 • ■in era and
; p*r*on» from civil lit. tit fill th* va
tmnttrm In th. lows*". grade, that of
; ix«M lieutenant In th* ««-l«vi!.Jn
] <•( Camilla!" for th*M place in th»
iii»«i grade* It H |ruvl«l*d thai
! preference «hal! 1-* «hfn «10 , the
•aeaes named In the following »r.l*r
dm, graduates of naval . ad my
•ro>oJ. ih~o » Ii • Mtvrl In to* <•«(-•
| turn* 'he Bpanlsh «*r. thin! ajar)
tortou* ntw-con>lT >laj«sone-1 4>ft)■em of
ih* corp*; fourth. 1 >Ull| III.M. front
«-tvii Itf# The selection from th*
three riiuH fin* n«m.-l li*a !>»••>.
m*.u-. leaving a, Ur«» number of %a
eanele* t.. I* mint, nearly »<»• oa>
Irr the provisions of the art • r.r
tain number of th* appointment*
provided for r«nn'ii be ms-1. until
after January I. 13N)a 1 Th* plarra n ■
rtu »"i thua from lmm*dl*t* «.-ie.-ti,.n
*i* it captain*. It first, lieutenant*
and .It second lieutenant*. •"in
didatra mull I* over » and uad«r
» years of «■• an.l batata appoint*
mint win un<l. t xamtnatlon a*
lo ph»»K»l, menta. arj moral quail-
Oeationa. _• It la under.' I tbal th*
preesdeM contemplate* apportioning
th* * ilatinc v*r»n<l»« to Ih* rw|«"
tlw* *!»•*• according to t»>t'»ut'.-n,
»» «raa don* in th* r«»* of >*l*rlin(
r*arlli)at*a for th* army, p»rmiitin«
orn«tor* to d*«i>n«t* th* younc »<••■
' ■ appolntm*nt. Tb*r* »rv aJr**ly
MT*ral bumirvJ apptlratlona for th»
ti*t—. and >.n< of naval offlrrra an)
of offl<vr* wh*> **r*«d In th» v»lun 1
it navy dunn* th* lal* • *r MM
:«r««ly r*T*r***nlcil.
Th* t|'|*n-t»l t«M* than (hi
number of ofHr«r« in th* m«tti4
eorpa prinr to in* war with >■ 1 t.n,
and tb« numh-r th*r* will b* IA«Im
eorpa uwVr lit* p*T*oan«l •■ 1 :
N*w. OMJ
liriaailWi a- I'in.fali 1 4
Colonels • 1
Ural, Colonels t 1
Majors It *
Captain* .. *1 U
first Ueutenanla..... M 30
Henmd lOuitnan'i at> •
Th* above Hgurea Include tb* staff.
I'f»rl*r the old law the .1 if? consMl
ed of three majors and two captain*.
I'ntfr the r»e-w law It con*i*t* of
three rolonela. five majors iikl three
captains. Deducting the*** staff offi
tera from the figures In the taMe
will give the number of tin* officers
of th* •**•**! grades.
Hunting • Fugitive).
ttICIIMONO. Kr . Jun- 7.—A re
port from Jackson county say* that,
a mob la er«>urlng that county for
Jam** Mettle who broke jail last
Friday. Settle is un4ar Indictment
for assault It la said that feeling r*
strong again*! him. and If caught lie
may D* roughly dealt with.
Ft-ur persona were r**ponatbl* for
a continual laughing apell at the B>.
attl* theater laat eight. Th*> pro
duction waa that clever fare*. "On
and Off." by th* Frohman company,
and FtiU Williams. V.. M Holland.
Kaale Tittell and Madeline fieaifral
kepi the largo au'tienoe In a roar of
laughter for n«arly three hours.
Kvery member of th* company I* an
artist, and as a result th* perform
ance wia one of the cleverest things
seen here this season. The farce
will in repeated tonight.
*a a a
• •wlrur to Mi* Ilel**ro-Thall com
pany leaving for Han Francisco anon
er than expected, a Change haa been
mad* In dM program al Hi- Thin]
avenue theater. Tonlfcht ami tomor
row night "l*<*\ fora I My" and "The
K.nat Horn" will be- given; Friday
night. "A Man with a Past"; Kalur
day and Hun lay evening. "Th* Olrl
I bafl BetAßa 1 Ma," and Saturday
matinee. "Marguerite."
Tha first craft to |e«v* Ban Fran
cisco for Hi. Michael amte.) yr-ttrr
day. They constituted the ateam
■ff Homer ami the srhor>n<-r Kulvnt.
or. Ik>lh vessels left port heavily
laden with passengers.
The steamer Casfhi Ni-!«on will
, In- the next vesael to le-nve Bail Frnn.
dam) for the Yukon. f*he I" now en
route to l*»n rrancl»or> from Manila.
' • •
The ate*rner AI-KI, which Wiled
for Hknicwny lint Wun.lny. will he laid
up on her return la) fleattle to under
go an extensive overhuullmr. I*ol
, lowlnfr la a li*! of thn«e who w«-nt
north on the Al-Kl: Mrs. It. J. Wat
son, Geo. Hlcrvenson, William lir>i\
C. F. Hnyr». It. W. Wntson. i- W.
King, A W. Cro**M7, Mrs. i'r..»i. t.
T. 11 Thotnni, B. O. Liacke, I. Carte,
.1 M IClmer, Mrs. A. T. Davidson,
and 27 oti.l clam,
1• • •
i »l»»mrr AtlVanc*, which baa br«n
chartered by th* mmplrs Trampor
t.itlyii company, arrived In port
Hi!* M...11M11K ri .in
i iik
Ih* . .
nti .mi' i i i... ii.n <>r the Nurlmi
Hay Trnnatmrtatlnn rmnp«ny. l» rft-
Ji*ctPil to Uavr i.inli-lii for Ut. &il*
• Ii |. I ii r Mi I I nf Op*r«Uon Will
1..- 1...1»■-. „ f»t, .Mn ti i.l ami Ca|ii»
rfomp. Vt\9 l)l»i'uv«.ry hi. huretn
fi>r» lipon DpcnrtlDl «m th« Hmtltlt-
Wijalnini roilt*. Kirn hnii Im-pii Ihnr.
'■iiKhly mv.tliml.,l. ami n lirw whirl
prnvtilwl. «• hi iln lldhrrt II ill. «vho
ha* hail . M.«n-r uf tho lr.>nivrry
■ III!.' .ii th* H. mi,|, will continue to
•pi vi- mi maatrr.
Th» •n.Mtin-r i.miru.l i. which ar
rived In |*irt yertartlay «ft«-rn«n>n
rr<>m I.>ni> < mi ii poriii, h«» mn<li"
h.r I 1»! Irlp on ih.ii route fur th»
prccrnl, at lra*t, Kli.- In »< h.-lul. 'I
lo p-.til M in.- ntti fur hi. Mil h i.l
At iii.it petal ih" I,'iui.i.td will con
nect with the river m.-nn.r M<>n
ur. 11. ut 111.- C.luml'.i -.' ivlK'<lli>ii
rompuny, which will trann|>i>rl lan
• i/oftiM ii ■ iih on the utmmi-r
In i iv ma mil Yuknn rtver point*
«".«i-t. Hi' I: >i ■ Chilrutt. or Hi'- rum-
I'jnj 1, haa i.iHu-i .t.lvti ■■» from
l ■!«».. ii etiitln« that th» Mnniirrh !•
now *n rout" fmm t !•-■• t |.i • .«• to til.
M.t Ii" I Ttt • i»i- .mi. r H'.^-t. Iku. «■(
Ihtt Mim* comt>any will fi>tl»w Uipr.
ItOth •Nam. r« ar» .uii<i|iir 11l •!••• vt
Ih* Vuk'.ii II" I Whtrb «■•!.- • i! i to
i><" In • |...»m .ii »r rrrtatn <tr»truc
linn when Hi- (r» bmk* up. It U
• int. ! that iK'tilcr of iii.-i.i ii.'iti
• "■»■•• .Jim.iKt-i In Hi. nllirtltMt 'I.
p»* ■•"■:«:
It la -•■•.!• .1 th* rmt. .| Km. .
tratnina «hlp A<Unt*. ■ 111 i< IV* lion
olulu for 1-iif. i ■ .wii-l July II H.'i.
-wl',l flnt •!'<■• at J-.-ri Aw-'m. ami
Hi" ii rntne tn tlwittl*, rparhtnc her*
•boat July XT. She will al»» vialt
Ti'"iMi an! l\»rt T"«i'»»ii.l Th*
A<l tin* la a at*atn*r of uf. tona •!,»■
l! <r ftiinii rth* wit bulti at Ilua>
ton In 1171 t*h* U r..fi.'riii it-.i of
»•• ■>!. ami h»r n><t-l la of »» kMH
l-r hour.
v,l« !rr . rr. »i», i frotn Taconrn
•tat* th.it th«rc la an ilirmli n
Iftroily nf a*ame>n n»<-l<-1 tn > ><n
• (Kill.- . rrOI for «rv»r.il !ll|r Ilrli
.l. ahl|W now Uudlns whvat at that
port Amur.* liMWi \»■••-■» arv th*
Oorunna, th* InvvrnrMhlr*, th*
Ku>rlr-I*l». an I th* OllvctMtok.
Th» •chrtoiMi 1 Laurel, which ha»
br*n » h~tul—l ■<> will for (Ktlufnlß
bay for two wv*k« pant, tut-ma tv I.
•!<>w In «c«-t!t"i: .i» •>. tl*r iirnti
•r»nirl to ti>i<> It 1 trnuhl* fn l» ■■ k
liur iwnwrn. ami •!>• la now offrr
nl for aal«.
Ht«*m*r W.tUmnte ariiv*.l 1n p«rt
r«i'r!ir Afternoon. H4V!rnr on board
* r*rso ».' bitittht* po«ii*r which I*
i"<in»!<n« ) la th* mines ■: Nrwr««i|p
It U«i \u- 1 that tir >l- Wh*rf
No. I i • id. I-. :n<- Cnait in.~>m.ii!(
rntnpany, •' Ran Fr.im :••■■. >• " •'«
in* tn tb* nu-1. and I* In great -Inn
nr of cnllaiwlna- at alm««t in «••>
«i»m. Now !■'.!<■• hiv ir..fnil» Ik-i-h
H!»«-n la ri-rlalu Sf<llan» nf l.'ir
wharf. .»nj Id •-■ kit! jm-H-nlr to**
«un to link un... r Urn weight of th*
•>!i»rf It It prnbabi* that a lu-t
wharf wilt Uv built and :tir i.l I on*
4b.«n-l j-'ni*l.
• • •
T".<- offWala of lit* Parffle Cnatl
MmWliT' company r. i-rt • tcr«-it
nu«t( of tnurltO ll;i* »«-!•• «n '■• M
■*ka. Th» niatl I* •» -1 to far • «■
«•#*•! that of th* mM two year*. An
<Wf»<-«ai of th* company »>i!.l lhlt
nvrr.lrr thai nil «h» t»rHi«. lh.it h
• *■«-«.r*l «n<l find <-!» .« hi 1 hr*n (ulil
on lit* <*mv of T-t""»i». which m
b* th* mi! tSTOnion ttrnmrr tn
Imti fir th» Wfttl l »i» .>rTi.-rr« at
n*n J"t«i.>■!». i an-l Tamma mr» al*o
flondoit *lth application*.
It I* quit* probabt* that th* «f<m
<-r Qu*«a. n««r on th» Han Pranclvco
r>n»«». «»!!| b* lakrn .iff and |>ut on
th* AU«k» run Th« QMMI I* realty
th* Hrunifin •(■-.isiit of th* cum
pany, and ha*, until rw^nUy. t'rm
rHfrml «• (Mirh. In th* rv«-nt» ">r
th» y««>n brlnir r»in*»v#»«l from h*r
|ir*w>nt roul*. hrr pk»O» will b* flll~l
by th» City ef l*u?bla. Th* company
la no« n^f.|i«iln« with lh» vfrn.
m*nt for ih» r*l*a«* of th" t*u«bla
from th* tran*|K>rt MTV***. ,v« to
what H'-iiii'r mill »>" put on the
Honolulu rout* haa not jr<K born ■!>•
--..1. t
• • •
#H«irn<T City nt Rmttl* win mil
nn th* IMh on htr flrnt *xrur«lon
trip t'> Alaska. Cho will tak* In
Hi(k». <;i.i> it hay and bar point*
of lnl*rr»t to lourtvt*. lu-cnnlnc
with that trip, th* City of Hrattl*
will call at Taroma for fr. irht and
paa*#na**r». B<-*ttl*. how*v*r. -"11l
b* th* rhlrf r«lnt of rtnbarkatlon.
• • •
Steamer ICllhu Th>m»<»n nrriv» 1 at
Tacoma laat i-vrnln* tn<m Han I'ran
<-!«r... and '• dv* ll- '•■ today tr> toad
for ki. Mlcha*l. Hh-- la •-•xnmai.l. I
by Captain Whitney.
• • •
fH*am«r T'.rt All., of th* Hril
lah- Amrrhnn Htr in»«hlp company, la
e«p«^te<l to arrive tralay rr .m Han
rmnrliMii »«h" arrival th<i r»
r*ntly with a <anr» of coat. The
Port Albert will sail about th* 11th
for Honolulu.
Th» followln* .i.-!• w-pr* filed tat
r>" '* I In th* county auditor** oDice
lii»l).» Mattcn e( <■* to Vlnjtpn*<
<*„! iU»I. part lot 1. r<~r IS, Ip 24. r 4.
Jim- I. HIT
Dreiton M..rlKnri- On. to 15. I. Wtot
•on, M 112 nnl part lot IK. blork 4.
OilumliU, Hay ii. »>><<•>
.iIT i.i L N 111- ■• M It, Ma k
;«. y. *. r> i«i ..li .J.i... •■ |.
I |l 11.I 1. Hiv.lin | v t.lfllr
V \Villi,m« |..l» 7 iml «. 1.1... k I
Itnllnnix i
H ■ II I' 1 • 11.I 1. '!• '
Mv iiiw > ■- 'i-1->' in " ■ Hm n
|O l< -. Miilni'.ii .!1«:ri. I, .1 ,
•I ■ $1
Northwestern Truiit '"■' to Jonrph
A. .■■,.., part block* I In 21. all
1.1 U-. 22 tn 27, K.tiw.». I a<M; i.1...
7*. Iv.ii>i Hi iMl.'. May 2. q. r., »'.
Hum.- to miiip. loin *. 11, It, 29. 3d,
.IS to .17, 40 la 44. 47 to 49, Karl ■) .ill.-,
May L l. q. c, I".
.]■"■ | h A l'"T nil ■ ! u« I i Vllßtln
II BUBA I ' ■>; •i v i:i I. •n ■ ■ I ,I I
M i\ iv .| . . $ .
i pti \ < lei m ■' 'ix to \\i tin
V..111H,' Mo k« '. * utt ii. lota n to
M, block i. lota n '■• H, II la M,
bl ■. k (I; lota 7 to i >■ I ..' tot I
<* I to K>, block I; ■
ItoM, Mi it '
■i ■ . 11.
Nnrthwwirtern Trim GO. to William
H. IV.ipl, lot* 1, 2. 4. ■• I mi.l 9.
(.look 2, BaM Koattlo, I pti mb 27.
MM, 11.
tara <t in.- ii> ij
Nillni-H (if J«»u» uii'l M-iry In II in v
f Notice of Continuance
f Noticeof Continuance
HAVING secured a stay of proceeding for twenty days,
we .11. able to occupy tin premises for that time.
Decision has been ma i. by all the parties concerned tr>
ma!«- still greater reductions, ■•" as to be able to dispose of
the entire stock during I!;, next
In. departments are •■till crowded with goods, and
mainly better grades are left; as usually the cheaper grades
sell first.
Come to this final closing sale if you do not want '"
miss tin chance of your life lime. Hrst-class, A No. i
this season's gwds selling .it a much lower rice than cost
of manufacture. As space will not permit us to give a full
price list, call or send lor one. Marvelous new reductions
will astonish you. Now is your time to lay in a supply of
what you may need, or not need, in
doing, Sloes 5 Furnishing Goods.
As you are sure to'get more than >? lor $i. *£
The Management, 508-510 Second Ave.^
jg F»ir Dotn Him of itaa. **»»" „„ mrroi c^L
t| I Ins always been a surprise to mining nun upon 1
I \is:im- Seattle foi the first time, to find there was I
I no Mining Exchange established in a city recog- &
■ irittdtt the commercial center of a State so rich ¥
in mineral possibilities as the State of Washington,
and realizing the necessity of such an enterprise, a
-\tuik.iu- of prominent mining men have associated
thiMiisi-lvi's together, leased, and will equip and fur
nish the lar^e, commodious rooms at 609 First avenue,
in the Mutual Life Insurance Building: and have closed
contracts with the Western Union Teleuraph Coin-
p.mv f"r the daily transmission of the Spokane Mining
Exchange markets. There is no reason, with the re
-..i:ui-s v.. near by. and the intelligence and capital of
our citizens, why a legitimate Mining Exchange can
not be sustained in our city.
There will be none but stocks of merit listed, and
to gjvt every one an opportunity attend, the
management Itave dtidtd to hold e\ening sessions
for the present time, and all are invited to attend the
opening session on Wednesday evening. June 7th, at
8 o'clock.
If you are interested in Mines or Mining Stocks.
be sure and make it a point to attend.
Mining men from all sections are requested to
k make the Exchange their headquarters whenever in the 1
4 city. Come and bring your stock, and I'USH A GOOD V
T«i« P hon« iN/t«*rt 273 609 F"irst Avenue
l>«<-mr<l. block IT and #*4 Work M.
11.-.1 * Oarra l«t «dd. W*»l rattle.
May a. i c. II
John 11. Airen to T»i"m«ji J*»ur«J»r»,
lotn » ami 10. block «. ft .-i. *» Ii
Day* l.i clrandc. May :». 1531.
Kllxa It. 1 «inifrfl<-i.| toClar*nf« n.
lllßman. lot» I and S. block 4«.
u-.«»r« South Shorn t'lv. <",r<«n Lak*
nil. May M UOO.
««nnKl Sutherland tv Al<>*lii Oaa*
-•r. »H l'»l I, •*■>-■ '. 'I 1 **• r ♦• Jun<
ltw.-lvrr W«curlty Bavin** flunk to
W. 11. Hull, property In Columbia
nr..l block 11. Maynard'a t*k* \Va»h.
Initt'-n *>M. May XT, 'I c. 11.
Henry F. Itakrr «■! v*. l.v Harold
I'rtilon, attorney, to John 11. IVwell,
Ma 4 and *■ block I*. McClllvra'a M
.11 m .v 17, i c. 11.
John c%mptwli •■» vi. to l,ucy J.
Campbell, Ma Ito 4, >•"- *"■■ Terry"*
M <ul 1, Ill) SI, <]. c, 15000.
BUtf Ftowt * IXilry OmmWiniMr
Mrl>'tnM r»crtv*<l r»turn» from a
livti-h of mulrrUl isnt to Btme
Chemint Fulni'T nt Pullman y. »i. r
■tiy. anil the result* nhow that the
r.i.»l» »r»i>».i were cnythlnK but
bat* nniljiN" ma.lr of food com
pount.l* «ho«r ili<- f".lonlfiK:
One Imtml of catsup was found to
!»• iin.u. of pumpkins or carruta «r
--tlflrtally ooVwtkl with atillliH- cnlor
.in matter and lnad»l with aallcyllc
f ,■ • i\'rA rri-nm. OOOlaln
iiik f >rm«i I ' oui nxnpnund.
i ■, i, an art in.ill I
.1:1, I ii : |l| : i \ .••.!!(!.■ •'! Ml "f
Vm fjrtrnct— ii" vanAlllne, but
plenty of i .inn i.in tonka i"'iin In-
. i i ..f \ imi.i i>. in naad
a i>rli-ill» ni..lb.ibi-h. iiini ilnllvx
n l»rg>- iwniilaia »f «lvi •
Mi M< Don >;•! la quite MttMM
that the pure f«wxl law will wr»rk
well In Ihta state. He "'"I that both
wholesale ami retail jcrocorit all over
the •tflt* are complying •M ll the
liriivl.Hlui.s of the «rt ■■ ! ■>«' aa pun-
Klble. After July l. nil (oodi Imußht
I. V th» retnlliTs «n«l « ll'l],'K.llriH
mml comply wMh the provlslnna of
iho act; afli-r I .iii.it i. all aoo4i
r..\UHI on Hi.- shelves of both whole
diili'rs it. i retailer* 'i." ' he pure.
limn Dm* < .... I Iflli »".l like.
' , lIMI t i-»ii«it»t» 'I'huuu I'lkit 3fl
Thn rmml chortii of IM voice*
which h«ji b«i •Irlitlnic for wv.-r.al
monUi* under the l««d»raiilp of I'mf.
Joy, of T^Mxmm. 111 rive > remit-
Iton of the or«toii<\ "Th« Holy
CJtjr," by O»ul. on Friday •■v^nlnic. I
Juno 9. »i the Armory. Til* oratorio
la .i m«4rnl(kvnt composition, and
l*rof. Joy hn» wn»«li.| In woiidnc
out th* hartnonim ami muakaU rt
f«oti in the b«iil of style.
Th» aokjlara for ih<- I'venlmr are
•ruata. and with '•<«> vok-** ami an
»r<4if«(ra. th« irre.it'*t inn«!<-.il treat
of the year la In ponpectlve.
To Your I
We have Just received
the finest lino of Dress
Suit Cases, Oxford Bags
and Dress Gladstones,
made by the test man
ufacturer in America.
We carry a complete
line of Trunks, Valises,
Steamer Trunks, Tele
scopes; and all travel
ing equipments.
Biggest and Best Clothiers
in the State.
First Aye., oor. Columbia St.
* Two Carloads of Pianos ;
$ Mi- - • Irnra ll>« (MtofTJ juit «•
* >< ". *■ ■''. *v I I mi» i(/ii,inj *'
> „_$ >
IJ Ramakcr Music Co. %
: < vii :■:•:!■! ii ttt. I umoiia J
Acme Publishing <>>.
P.O. Alley. Teltplmn> Red 1004
Id lli* i..«!i ■ «"t-f nun/ ji «i< v.'i
well knuttu
B<V«T«».iti»o*ii«r ua MICKELuON,AsI
< „..0O T0..., 11
* Sparknuin & McLMM <;
J, n/f, i »i.,«i'>« n ' i
/nn IMatino Cabinet (})I7
Vh Photos reduced Vi
iOu t0—....^ l|)J
l_a Roche £S'i&S|
ij] I**l*rtla i»
8 Groceries, Wines, Liquors a
bos p»iu» st j;
li 1 M hi-is ynurphy.lclin prrwrrilwi a* B
fi' » toot'" a bottlcol - i
W, Port, Ansslla*. !J
Bharry. C«t.'^b» jj
« Mu>untol. Tokay »!
k » CaUoDtu. }•
J$ By the Bottle, 350 ip >'
kj By the Gallon. $1.00 ip 8
SJ I.lei hi'oo 9mm 7*l. Jj
£)Q£Qtt& <&3S&&9Q«SQSQQQSS%tI
! J. F. ADAMS !!!
!•' Bl ■is lbs *•"•■ ;:
T •>». 81 S.rond timt, b.t.t^ < '
T Ytiltf iikl <••>••. ' '
m M
( >^^ JJ**s
!> Our store is closed on |
]! account of Monday morn- <
!; ing's fire. We shall be open #
)i in a few days. v
i' _
|| The Seattle Grocery |
11 Second and Marion >
11...n0 i-ik* m 1329 it: 11 Airili
NA/m. J. DEAN & CO.
Freight Passenger ana Bagan
Ttcai it.. 41-44. ci;s 623 nnt irt;rv

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