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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, June 07, 1899, Image 4

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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Municipal Owner
ship Is Defeated.
Spaeth** M*a* Pro »nd Con kj
rrUnd* and Ospanaatt o(
N*«l»'t H«»olutlon.
Th» N*vln r»»ulutkm fi» »nnnlrt|»l j
i>» r«Jii|i ••( ilia atrw* ra4lwa>» of j
th» cßy wa» turn« 4 down by '►>•
oltjr ii.uml! !*.; mctil Ur. Crlch-i
ton, a frl. :il of th. r. wlniion. •■•
«bavM wttrn t! . nn.il votw waa i«k
en. The matter hj-1 b• n »*!« a
•portal .til. r fur 1 i.i nlnhi. «n 1 a
lanr* crowd w*a pre»fi»t to hwtr th«
lUKimliit. Th* jK-ti'i i> !l«H ha.t
l>**n t-in-ul*t«l for aubnXtltnK the
i|ii.-»t*.>n >'f muntctpal t«h l> to
m vote of th* |h-,.|.|... Hl:h."i»n ttta
miuWtlK numb** of a»Biialur> r Ji».l
tn-w o*H»in*vl. w«a n.« pr«n*fntml.
TJ»» |irtlll<m »Ui b*. furth*r clr«ulal
ad. iu».| «a many al*ttatur*a aa pi»a
att>l» an i^l. .
On a nation of Councilman Jua*a,
th»» d«alrtD« <<> «Un« In* oun
oil on th« fu:i,"i t «vr» iivfn an op
portunity. l.> mutual coo»«nt. in*
t*!t>- allowed Mch -.|i- «aa iimUr.l
n. urn hour »ml thirty mlnut.
hour for nituniirit and thirty raln
«•><■> for «n#«»r»n«
rro». J. Mid Kmiih. Dr. 11. r
Tim* ami JuJ«» W»«aor. afvtif In
favor, and Jacob rurth. J. a Qotd
aralth. ' • -•«•• Uono<r»rtn. All«-n I*.
MMion. Dr. 1!- C. Kid..urn* and
Jj.l«.. TbonuM iiurkr •iiimt il.«
TV- > Wauwaa-n km opened by
rrot. !«mtth of 19m mat* t'rtv*r*Ur
ll* -..! "Her* an- »-'m» tarta In
t*nd*d to afford a boat* for .-,mrl»a.
ton* rirvt tot vi n»e»!der muoMpal
™»,«tl|. at «*a i>lanta. In earn •
company haa an annual product of
1 1.0C0.0M cubic fret of ra». a capital,
l»«l! -n of 13.9U8.aU0. or po»«rtbEy II
IM,t«W «nH h* m«it*»-*l fair.
This would allow It or t*M M Uk>
capital tnvt-rtc.t for r*«n !•*> f»*t
of pmduii Many plan!* undtr
j.ri vaik own»r»htp ha«e ) »«•*, but
iht »vtmt la |»4«. «r m«T»
than ihr—- tlm*a aa Ntrw* aa It ahouU
«-•. Till* «44* d i a(>itali»»il.« la do*
~ ID dupix«lnia of pUnia and watrr*«l
M >k. >.< a «■•-» liu-nn** v i»«l»
on all of II s Th* ttMaJ •■•i>itaM»ll"n
..; ca» I'ltnii In thl* .-ußiri la «*».
. ono,oea, over .me-half of which r».
MvaiiiH do outlay of capital. Thla
ft la on* way to rnn*«n puMto and
I-riw»i» : owtwrahlp. Anotbmr I* to
cixnpar* th« coat of gu* under the
two .yatcnsa, Ilrr* la tit* prk* un
der prlrat* nrimr*l[>. 2* rlt>« pay
tI.W prr IMn ft . t« pay U. 1%.' U pay
13. 1» i-»y tl-U. and Tt pay 11. Un
«V» muHf li>al •>»-n«ra*ttf» the a»er»«e
la il.ll !■•! ll*r* *» th* «trrc« rail-i
way problem in Cirretaod. 0.. caplnl
atoch. 130.WK).0M; aullK>rl«td debt.
, (4 <•»); pool of ilupli> at:n« ara«»m.
fT.OM.MO; icroea annual earning*. It ■
M«.eo>. oet inline.. ll.l"f.j««. aJt M
1 rue a ''i par Cent. lawn on (■».«•.•
•00.. In St. l>iul«. th* mot of on-
atruetUMT and *c)uli>|>lnK th« *tre*t
railway* «tm I'.4«.!>»>; their value I*
IJT.tS7.ixn. The Income give* a aw<
return of Xt per irni. on th* «oal,"
In addlttoo. Prof. fNnlth tnnk up
•tfwet raiHr«y ayatatna «f f*Mlatd»t
phit*. <•?!!«»*•■ and a, number of other
"We only ask That thin matter
b«> left to th* peopK' *•••! I>r
TittMi "Tmi ran **ilft the matter to
•ii. |«nj)t*'« bamta and •»■■'.' tb*
rh*rr" of betnc under Inducement*.
)Vi*mWi at tb» franchW* cannot a*k
fHbcrwiM, I Bill— prmodtnic*
•■lll tie brouaTht. and yr»i will not b*
a,bJ* to grant tin frmnoMN for arv
eml month* *.( least. W» bar* our
t-ntti>*n preaent with thai a)«natur»-«
of M per cent, of the voter*, but wt*h
to secure mor* afntmtur**. Thea* :
w»r> •ecam] In three day*. I want i
to proteat asalnat tha robbrry of th*
many for tha l»-r> nt of th* few."
J. l« 0..!.1»mMl <frtt"\ th* .I* H-U»
--alon on behalf of th* frVrvU of th*
frmo<-hu»\ ll* <«n>l: "The man who
paya the tax»a 1* the man who lieara
th- burden. Tii»m *r» hl«h»-r In IV- j
axttte than In any city on the rraut.
Worktnwmen do not mm whntbrr
fare* in three or Ova "-nt*. What
they wmntarcr th»tr wage* paid regu
larly. Seattle nannot be ■ .»rri|»>r..|
<»f i;i«»k'>w. ■ r any other rlly In I
■■rot- What ••■ want I* outatde
capitai. Tin- ctty m not rip* for thi*
Jacob y«rlh MM: "I ham been
r»nnxrt«d wtth the atr>—i railway*
•tnr • '<!. ami I knnw wtiat they tvt
•nd what they earn. only two tme* ■
•am operating •xpeniwi*. They are
kept out of the band* of rvrwlvrn
by nt". kh- paying lh» nprratln*
c<|ffMM« out of tbMr own pocktt*.
A prtv*t* rorpnration t>sy» <"lo»rr at
tention to biH|n«*s than r»n * muni
It Is * riu.-Ktl-.ii of r>u«lrx-«« with
th* hjiwll." said Mr. Omwnrlh.
"We want irtr««t :lwa)m. and not
• th»ory. Th» con»olUl»ied rompanr
win Rive ii« «xt*n«lon«, mm] Ih<>
rlty cnnnnt do 11. !<■■•» ol>l«r «ml
wealthier rMIBIUM try thin ex
"Men who hiiv<- lr»v*ir|Mi rr>on*»y In
thl. rtty,' aaM Mr. \111!..n. •>h.,nM
carry tnor^ v.->lKf»i than t»m«.» who
Inv* no Drmii'-tal lnt*rent h<t# Th«
rtmnrll nhoiil't consider riiimn at-
Inf-hnl to the two pxtltlon*, b»-f.>r»
u> Mute on thorn."
"If any man l» M »dvanm money
on thin propoaitkoti, Im mimt hava a
franchise to bark him up,' ««M Mr.
Kirtiourn*. "If municipal ownw
•W|p la «ut4i a ti'xi'l thine, wthy dun't
lh.' !;vr«i- Kanli-in cttl«a tak* X Up?"
Judg-n Wlnww .. -i.>',•■.l up the mat
te-rln favor of municipal own*rahlp,
makmir a comi>rrhcnalv» arirum«nt,
ami Jii-Ik" Bui l<m<-l for th* other
•»!»>■, -tatlrxc that muniiipal owner
ahlp »■*» only In vofu* .li .|.-i|..,ii
rountrie*. ll* wanted to know why
the <iU>«na wrr» luklnK ix> much In
t< ri*t In th* uwn«nhlp of r-ill»>tyt),
wtien *hfey dU not hay» knouirh
—honl room for the chll.lr.ri now In
the rlty?
("•Him llrnan Jitm-n Mu-n nm\-«il thnt
the resolution ht r<vnt*4 hark |.i
the council with Hi-- rrcotnmrn<iat;on
MllklMlM 111 II ►I IN
!kl*UKi»-Thnll company In "Tli*
Ptrrt lk»rn,"
that It I- lifcU-ntrtlcly p»wl|»m«d.
•|'i»,« ti«l iinHluit waa carried by •
rota i'l t In «.
Til.. ..Hill. II *:>« Hi' r.-illp-l to or
4*r «««1 «h* report .■' 11l committee
of Hi- whale ««« rwtWrd by » \..l*
Of tto4. . uii.ii!ii«ii i-iMilnu t>»in«
The committee of one hun'lr«J will
mrci I'rl.l .1 nitNt In Hi. I mill, i
of f>iiiitiim r rottM, hi. .in !■•••• <'(
the iii.-.-im« brine lv «ske up Hi«
iimti.-r of .i more thorough >i«;ii>l»a.
11.> 11 for In* f>tni|>.tiitit '■•' municipal
..v\r»r»lni>. Now that the Nnvln
ri*w>luili'ii ln« lirrii .l>fr.iti.l, as
many tlrnaturr* »■ i«>«»!Mc will b*
»«->-ur.-l i.i tlip |kllll.>ii ..»kin» fur
111.- r. f.Tvii.liiiii In iiiv imll.r. Tim
petition arl: ■ ••• |.l«-»»lHr»l in ll»
. ..iiiKll ,n Iho iiiivtint: nr»t M..H.1.U"
ntvht. rti' (•■•miiiiiif h"i-« la have
the wrnaturea of at ■<»• 40 I" '
..in i>f in. vutrra of in. .11) by ,
lln 1 time.
4. \\ >i.>.|» in. i-hnlrni-iu of the
t ..nmiiltri- «< olu- huii'Jivt, hi* ap«
l..thu«'.l James Hamilton !*•« i«. Rich.
anl Wlnaor and J. C Allan a* •
.'»niiiiitii-p tv have charr* of all l>-«-al
«i.|.». If th* franehi** la (ranted byj
the council, thla rontmntea will. in
aU probability, t.rtn« an Injunction i
MM, ;
\l WII.A. June 1.-Th* Fourth j
eavwiry and \..nli t.iK . rvxim.nt
ar* carrtvonlnK Moranic temporarily.)
pvhurtiuin «ill l»avr Kn.Uy That
KUnboat lUnniniiiuii In >■» a tour of i
ttM southern Utandn. and m I" be
rune about ••»<■ 1.1.. 111 h
Cupid's Fatal Shaft.
<MUI.I.I<-<TIIK Mo.. Jut*- T.-Km.
m* lln.« n.. v a*wl 11. enmcnltl«<)
•ui.-tlf at th* horn* of her broUirr>
Ill'law, rMw-a.nl HfCWM a f(w
mil** aouthwrat of «'hHllrw»h*. by
•h.«.iln< fcwali In il»- bead with •
1 platol. m>* had t*» aultor* awl rr
latlv** oi>(«mi™l th« on* ah* I"**** "»•
»>.«( Thl» aa* U>* HMM of h*r awl
Of Harshness to
His Son.
Which Will •* Pjop«-i| l«»«*tll.
• I*t«* *r tha Bo.rd of
ruolia Work*.
John Umb, on* of U>* m*mh»» -I
the board of education, and alau an
employe of the iiir waater d«part>
ment realdlsc al ><>. (tl Twenty, flret
avenue, ha* been aeo—iil tiy real
dent* Of th* Mtal>bt>rno»l In whl«f>
be revtde*. of cruelty to hi* own
a.« An ladtcnatloo m^»tln« waa
beM in Mayor Hume*' offlc* yeater*
day ananttn*. ami Mr* Hardy and
Mr*. If, two well known K*att!*
la lip*, cave t*aucm>ny aaralnat Mr
Lamb. pMUn Ciinnim— I' D.
HuikM. I»u(»rlnt»n4*nt T»ut>««, of
MkU and «a,sar. ami Attorney* Han.
dolph and I.tmmi w*r* t r««m.
Mr TiMinm waa InformMl of tb*
i-tnrtn Itiat had km mad* a«*lnM
Mr. tMtnh. and be drrM«l to call a
m*<4liMr of tha board of public work*
to tnvMiiitil* «h«tn A* Umii >»
an employ* of th* water department,
and under th* rlvil »»rvt.-» rule,
flup*rinten>lent Tounir* ha* Ih* »v
ttiorlty to (ttwnl** him and then In
form <n« ••!»II trr\ it» department.
TT»t department will then »bv»«ii- !
(kt* tr)« raw. and If the arcunaUona
ar* true, they will *>rknowle<lar« hi*
tUlßllill, and. If not, they will on)
j er him r»-lr>»t«ir-l
Hertioa 1] of <h* nty charter, r»-
Utiin» ij remowila under th* rlrll
aarvtr* rantmlMlon. n<ad* aa fnllow*:
"Kvery ofDcer or employ* In th*
elamtfM rivß avrvtca h->l'l!n« an
oAer, *hall I— r>m.>»itl or retired.
Any officer or employ* In Mtli »*r
vlc« may b* removed by the appoint
ing power, only upon th* Win* with
rhe roinmtMton a atatement In writ-
In* <■* to* r»aa<->im therefor*. Any
offtr*r or employei ao removed may.
i wMhln in day* after hi* rtmoraJ, de-
I mand an Inveatltratloa. Th* com*
miaston all i,: forthwith make m
lnv<-»tlr»M"n and It* fln-!ln« and ■!«•
• ■i«l«ni« ahall l>" certified by the an»
I«>i!lnit nfJin-r, and If th* t'iw>nl I*
not *u*talne<l thereby the ofl1c»r or
employ* ••> removed shall at one* b*
I relnatated."
T)i«- rhargt* m«.l» In the pa** by
Mr*. Hardy and Mr* I-f at th*
' m^rttrif hcl 1 y"'»nhf In th» may
or* ofllc*, wer* to th» efTwt that
I-«mb had given hi* II year old »on,
Oordon. extraordinary work to per
| form each day. ll* «■• iv* «!■!•
tn da Ih'' work, and Mr. l.iml< it
i waa liilmxl. Ihr- ilfrn*>l to lriv»
him away (mm horn* unlem he would
i«!«n a i .mlrurt ta do Hi" »"rk If
h* would, OnMon would pay him 11
|.»r wnk f■■• th* work, I'rM.iy nlKht, '
llt la nll'K"l, Ijittnti drove Mi win
frnm home. Iff .1 v-1 it the homo
■>f Mr*. I«ee that night, and tln-n M
•e.ilm.|iy nut t-nt»lay night* *l*|>t
lln a *li»< k iiw>i by the boy* aa a
On Monday th* ladlen urir^l Oof
don to «■•• horn* again, hut he refuted,
a«yln« hla father had ln«truetetl hi*
okltr brother to whip him. ■• fin
ally con»ented tn wo and he went
horn* and went In h#l Mr I/amb,
{ II 1* claimed, reached horn* about
10:30 o'clock that night, and finding
Hi* hoy there, 4* alleged to hay*
k■k — l him out of th* hou*«. I*h*
boy told the neighbor* ot th* treat
m^rrt he h«i*l rwHml, which rrault
*d In th* m>-*iln( h*l<t yi-p»i<>r<lay
The bourd nt publio work* will
iii'> I hi* afternoon and Inv**tla°at»
ihi- charc*a thnroushly.
Excursion to Tacoma Sunday
I t'iir*l<»ii *team«r Mt-it« of >V;i«h
hiKton will Wva Vr«!>r whnrf Hun
day nt 1:IB a. m. ftcttirnlnir, Inavv*
Tncomn at R:I"i (>. m Hound trip
Mr. T|ik'"«^ t'<r watt at I.' <■'■ I'har
ni.icy, and at wharf,
Actress Attacks a
I Manager.
viu«\ Tiir: i.i»:b st. PAIL
Which Invalva* a Numkar of tha
! Matt Prominent Thaatrleil
Start oftha Day.
NEW YOriK. Jun* T.— HafM
| Mayer, formerly a Han Kranrtaro
1 theatrical manacer. waa hora».whlp<
ped on the board the hi i*«ul In the
,: harbor her* twlay. by 111* <>rt»*. a*>
j lr^»a In the presence of • number
Jof prominent peratma. Mayer Ml
ij convening with a parly «f frleml*.
,jamon* •>,. m "1,., Netheraole. when
;mim ninir | il»li<-1 Un way throuirh
ijrh* evrowd. * !•■>.■.!■' i- M<>*a«lth
■ a l.i«i with all her ml*in, Por a
. mutii. the enliwkera w*r» antmed.
and ili'i nut Interfere. Meven t>l>•«•
were ilruck directly *• roaal Wa> 1 •
fare, ral*ln« iiimaon rMtea. A* th*
i.i ■•>• Ml. Mim Orrn* nhriilir.l " You
' know me, Manua Mayer, you have
' hounded me ("' >rv«. an. had m*
' put tn an Ineaa* aaylum' Take that,
and that, you atfoundrel!" Mi»»
' NeU>ereote and many of MM •p*C'-j
• ■ at..ra iuth«l from the acene. Mayer
' «)• i, **r«ped aa toon a* h* rould,
' Mta.- Orm* «■■ arretted. Mayer r»
--' fuaed to prooaema.
J. W Cuiti*, • H*it known •*'.n|k
manufacturer of Rdntonda, Wash., U
re«i»ttred at th* UtUer,
• • •
William Dteiion, it., of lh« turn*
wnw firm of l»i»hop and I* ■<!», of
lladbick. la I tueet at th* iHtler.
•• • •
Ji>-Ik>" T. II Kervhmw, of What
com, la n*t*ler»d at «n* Hrattl*.
• • •
IV T. IWilnann. a pmn»ln*TM f<-r
nilaer of Anai'irii-t, la alow"** at
to* •Mill* i««
• • a
11, r McKay, a prominent bualntee
man of l*nrt UadlaiMv M rt«rla)t*ra«
•I the «»attlo.
•• . •
1 n*orce W.- Ha**n of the ravrrn.
1 m*nt eecnpt eerrK* la San rranetMO.
la • tthe Kutler.
■•to;* ■
' ■ J M.-Donald, a Dials* -»nn*ry
, man. to at th* "i«»b»
« • •
Capt. T. ntnajdt a prominent ■>«■
tint man. In at th* tt>vrna
Th« funeral »*p*tc«» over th* it
matno of IMton Itoffer* war* held
at mk« hall thla nwfriin*, lt»v. i.
' P. D Uwyd nmrlalinc A lan*
i eonc4«ur»* of frtenda w*r» pr««enl.
. and the floral offering* were beau.
; Mill.
Th* actlv* paltb«ar«r« t™lay mm
i at*rrfhora nt the posit* departmeat.
i T»>» h.>n»rary pallbearer* were
i rtioeen front aiming- Uia K!K» The
. actlv* palTbearera wer* ''*£•' John
I Pulllvaiw Capt. D. F. WIUarA. a. ,1
, Int. li»<a«-'iT» <%un Corbett. Jailer
John Corbett and ralrolman John
> Th* Idka eft"** aa honnrery pall.
', bearer* Mayor T. 1. Hume*. Harry
Whaubut, Oenr«e C. McKe*. Oty
. r'Amp<r<4)er Will 11. Tarry, Jule*
I n»it*ka*M*n>*r an>l «h*rt(l A T. Van
i de> Vant*r.
, Th* remain* wer* taken M Han
1 rmvitm thla mnrnfn*. «nd the ord
er of Rika at I'nrtlaayi »111 met
\ them Iher*. Th* Klka will have
! chare* of the funeral at Han r'ran.
, dura. Officer Pawera accompanied
: Mr*. Ro«*ra to Man rraneitco. '
And Mansfield Grew
The Motee aator Is »rr*.t*e In
Milwaukee en a Oharge
of aiteult.
MII.W'AITKKn, June I,— FV>r limina;
hi* Cyrano noae, artor Ilirhunl
Manafleld l«"« night umaahed thn
noa* of hi* valet and waa arreated.
The matter wan smoothed over Him
Tti* ootinty ■ „mmla»i"iir> » have
turned Oeorg* and Thonuia Murphy
over to th« Waahtna"ton Chlltlren'a
Th* Denny-Cory*ll rompany filed
article* of Incorporation y<"*t«"rd»y
wMh A. W. Denny, '* L Andrew*,
C. K. Coryell, 11. O. HnHenork, I: ».
Mttche4l and IJ. 8. Imtrahmn a* th"
ptinotpal Inoorporator*. Th« capital
•tock l» 60,000, and a general pub
-1,-Miik )>uirln«iHi will b* conducted.
INnirolm^n f**ni Hamilton who*ent
In hla «l*TnalK>n aeveral day* »«",
left fur hla home In Mnntrenl, Quo.,
tliln morning. Ill* frtomia on Mi
tun** |ir>-wiit<il him with ii hnn<l*ume
K<«M wnirliTh.-iriii.
• • •
Ida Hurt, i ' "ii>r«'ii umiirin who
ww i»rrini'-'l y.»tfiiljy morning ami
Till: s| \| || r STAIf.
an-unml ;>f miliMhk Nlrk llaiht, an
lUllflfl, •■• ton, i, ,„ i,,.,-ii ivu- i«i-r| on
ImII, . n.l will be li Ifil OD .lini.' 11.
•• • -
AUvlee* n-i'i Ivi'-.l n.mi Hl>«u«.iy
■ IKI. that I«k« lletilx-ll la iln-••■ ff-i
l'« Mil* niiiiiriii'i' than tl » i» I""'-
Mo »i<.imii« can !>■• i.hum -li<-l until
inn (Mm ahull ii.ivi- niwii ft or 4 fi
• « •
I:.!« m I !'. Trfiupafi renhlrr of (In
liiii.l "ftl -• ..r Hi- ,1 ii. «lye MttM that
tho |J.ii» of tii.- aurvt-y* of Iho i 'I
!•■« ln| lownvhltw hay* ln-«n rm-olv
«••! a I the ultln-: TnwitKlitp '."' north,
rails* 6MM ti>wuah!|> 30 north,
ranit« II «.»t: ii>«i«aht|> 31 nurih,
r.uijic 14 »i»i. t •»!• .hip SI north,
Kill' It «lt^l Th« i.in-U rmlirarwt
111 thraw (OWaiiUpt will '"' •>!• '« to
t uiiy on ami an. I Auaunl It. I"'
• • «
II \V. M N'.lll. on« «f tin brut
knuwn >-iial nilno n|x*rainr* ••" !'»■
Parlflc nnwl, la lyin# it«««pr»u»ly
111 at hi< i.-«t:.li-ii. i- an Hi- wi-at «M«
or Laki v ...hiris.-t.il.. Mr. MrNptU'a
health i, ia b■ n pour fur *• >• ml i
wvrka, «nd li- .... « tnkvn with a
•tn>k« «f rt|...|,)ii > M. ii'l.. ■• nltrtit.
Ill' iiii-iit >n.- la .<.mi t.t, ijr i.ir
• • •
W. A. .Mil. 1..11, i.r it.,- firm • f >;> >>•
A Mid It. -U, -.>.!.-1« of Ih* »lmm. r
AHlanr*. arrlvni in (h» rliy recently
frwin Ban KVam-taco. lit prmllfin a J
l«r»» ruah at i.'.il- to Mi- Yukon
I thta (mum, nitti'»i«ili »••' •■• nrvul >»
I that uf ■•»• y**r,
■• • i
ttrlwtiv* M,k.- I'.mrn l«ft thla '
ni-si niiiK for »»n rranrt«ix> to atv«n
[••in ih. romatti* of ' ■•=' '" ltu**rt. '
lir. P..»r r. wm i». anarat atmut (»••
MHn and trtlt also vlmt Itia m-'tlt
•r. »ii-mi (i- »■,■!• m>« -f m fur I: > <-.v • '
Hi- v. in ri-t-fi.t a ilar In ."■••» J"«- ami '
Oraaa VaUvr, N. v,. Ij. tiefure n-turn-
I""- ... '
. . •
! W. I. Wood, of th* rVatti* Vuk-m |
Tran»p«rtattim rcmu^ny. wWI lrav»
on the ■tranter l.ihi.i.- f»r ct Ml- '
• h«H. mhriii b* t-»; - - :• !■• b* irons '
M• mi n.Miiih.' irn- II" c •<•• nurili '
'to InvMtlcat* Uia v >v i«rj .ii ..f lha '
rompanjr'a trading ("«<* al It i-ninri '
City, and other 1.1.»•■••» on the Yukon. '
•• • '
Th* board >« tiMattaa aaali to- '
nli.hi. ami ihr BMat Imimrunt bu«l- '
Baas to Mm up «tll b« th* election '
of l<«ch*« for th* coming yrar.
tee '
i Th» bank <I««ranr»a i«U» wan '
111*»:; ana Ih* b*u«. r. %**. \
•. • I
J T. Mclti#»«jo. « MaNT. waa '
•truck by rn«liw> No. i of Ih* Kratll* '
* International railway Ihla morti- '
Inc. about *l*h< mil«-# north nt th» ( '
city »>i>t «a« B*vrrrly hurt. ll« t»- J
rriv..| • (>-» I «'t.h mi tb« h<-« I ami
waa alx> !iii.n>.]:> lijur^-l Me- '
l->><-r~>n ha* teN to •Irs'ji on In*- '
track, an4 aid not Imvii lit* train ap- '
' pr.«(l.ln(
• • • " \ '
On a motion ■'•' AMorn*r Da '
UrulT. Jul*r Cann oiatnlntHnl tb» '
munMpaJ •-Hirt ihi* murnlne' until ;'
f o'rlork thia afl«rnn>n. mil of rt- '
afxHi of th- (Until of Itolton lt..grr».
TV- l*«l»alW>» Armjr will boM a
b!c 4rm<iMlraiinn not Kunday, >"■•>
»*l>»i. ih«- «*.M a«*r»lary of In*
f.ir»-mn work II Am. rt. a. «l;t vMt
th* •r. and h« vltl h«>IJ ihrt- pub
lic aiT»lrw*, In th» m«>n»lnit at 10 M
a'chirk h« will <«•>!!•» tha pnlf»i «i
tb* rburch. con**- of l=\«aitli »v
tttu* ml In- *trr«l. At a o'etat Mi
th» aftemeon and at * o'riurk In ih«
•vtnlnv. xmm will tm twiil at tit*
timt hall cnrn»r of tlvraad a*«au»
ami r»«l#r way.
Colonel UrtWton will »>• »«^»m
panled by IM-ttra.l- r Maraball. IWh
of them are <nt<-r.« ■■» *|<eakvr«.
Tl>* former ha» aeen aervlcv In <«hrr
countnea. and now haa chars* of th*
' t*-*nlln*\Un. Ci-rinin »nl li»l!;in
work in tb» I'lillrl fttaln*. llerom**
ta lk-«ttt» id britair of (!>• n<■«i»«i>
*vl»n ■*•• _
etJSVßt»\>!l». Jun» T— *»natur
lUnna I* «-<n« to Kurop*. ll*l««vra
M-:.-Uy. .
HA>fTIAOO, Jun» \.~ n.iiix.r. ar»
' «-urr»nt of iti* nrimnltallon ■>.' •»■
riMlva itmtlir !•• th« ltalw Mafia, to
' aaw*atiMt» iS<NH> who urn nff^ndv*
' to th* mtml»n of th« orsanlsallun.
I.lV.:rui.li Kn«. Jun# T,—Tht
p»r» for th» rifb »«mnil Imp«rt*l ;
•take of !:■•' *>nrri(ii« lodar. ••» j
won by I*l»n» Lortltard'a Ca»m«»n.
Hii«in *m up. hr aim won ■ wlllnc
far*. p
I'niNCBTtl.V. m<. Juno T,— rmtm
Kiii-lr—l ••■ ln«i-l '.hip m<rnlnt
for »h» tnurd^r of Anirrw Alley. li.
»••• r»rrl»«1 i.. (he *»ll.>i»«. «ct»-ir
»irtly >»-ln« unrmv«clnu» from («-«r
Th» iv->~' <\\\ not •aril r'thi, «n!
h# M<nl profuiM"ly. The »Wo« an«l
two brnthrra of itir murdered man
wlthnraMMl th» nfi-ininn.
CHICAGO. Jan* T.—Ornrral And
■nog r«-»lv«Nl ln»trurtlnn« from
Waahln«ton la ncnd Comjmny f.
H-nriih Infantry, to Alanka. Th»
tr.».|.« will tan tar dm PranrlaMi
In « tr* ij.f>-».
CIIICAOO. '""•■ 7.—Martin Ml*l*r,
4 * •*« 11 h Bwim. irmm fmintl d«M>l lh!n
mornlnc In tv Hi"- hmiw ho ocru
| pl«l- Ha « i" muHfrrd. Ilia wraJth
•mminli-l I" ItM.OM.
I>o>TßO>f. June ?.—Wn«-k exrhnnir*
t« In • •••mi I' i' condition, the r»
--• ■ill ln-lnic lh» break of th» Kmiwr-
Mill.. tM-troilatlone. Hand «hnrri
f.-ll 14 i-.lntK.
HTKrtlv Owmany, Junf " ■*•■•
en |i»riww were -iiff ■ it. I In ft fir*
In » rciHilrnre here laat nl*M.
MANILA. June 7.— Oenfrni Unit
raritii ' aovrrnl »m«ll town* yester
day lietween Moronit and Taylay.
He met with almoal no rrnl»lanre.
The l>..i*..ii voliintecra have return
ed to Manila nnl arc to mill home In
a few day*. The California, Color
ado and Nflir.i'k-1 regiment* Ml
leave ahortly afterward* In Ihe order
ATf'IIIK'-N. Kan., Juno 9.—Th<>
pmtaenger train on it. iVnlrnl
branrh of the Mliwouri l"arinr» rnll
way, left the inn l> wtille Rolnx at a
high rat* of niwfil n«"»r HolT'a. at
rrl'lnlßht. The eonchea were lurne<l
i-ompletely over. Thorp were E.O i>.ia
*>nff«*ra aboaril, and few e»rap»«il b»-
Ins ii' by the flyinic Kiam«. All
w#r# Inken to Onffa ami rlvpn mcl
leal attention. Twenty-three paa
•enßer* were Injurwl biul ■evprnl
aerloualy. Two roarhea wt-re wreck
•■l nimoat bryomi r<T>«lr. The rnuar
haa not been <I*lernilntxl.
The pitrty of frrnrh It', in, n . ,-li
necUd nil 'h- mvi Hlnr Nhvlkh
(lon comoany '■ rt today on Hi
■ tenni'T Ulopln for Victor!* ri» route
to HI, MU'hnel. They >a-||l aro lo
i i.uvh.iii ami visit other points on i ii.-
Yukon. -" ■
A Letter From Wm.
Graphic Ooicriptlan of •d»»ntur«»
en Fir *«•» Philippine

1 An liil'-imtlncr Inter h<i« MM !>«•< "
r«-»l¥(Hl in this i-lly by tin. Cora
Th<»tnt>»<>fi from Will lain I. rtlrk-le,
boiler known imnni th. ynun* i""-
I .- m "(Mile" Hlrkela, who l« on*
of in* K.util.- In.)» with it.- \Vu»li
im:l- • vt.hu.l., i« In 1 In- l'iiill|<i.lin». '
ti... 1.-n.r i. dated April II and Ii
.« f .:)..« it.
i am •■>■ «ill at |r<»<-nt. Inn If
th«> «<•••!> »t"kir.ir u» rr.ti-it I'liuf-r;
M iiirjr h*vc Iktu fur the l»nt IWO
month*, I .1-■(!!.! If ».- will rVvr gatj
home ally*. W* h«v» ixit l>< m In
■ iiiiiin. ►!»«■>. the nlirtit or ivi.t<i»iy
4. but »'• IwVf l»<-«-n k*|>l continuous- i
iy on th* «••. on 1 In nit klnda of
wrath»r. Thi- bMt la •onwthln* ter.
ribl*, b»lnf about M J<-rr.-« In the
»l.»lr, • H'l M I* wry wl>l<mi that »(•
«•■< In • I'll- .- wh*r* ih<i<- • any
•ha<l*. I »ui-i»>»* you have brant of
«'fi|il, K«>rl».i»'» -loath lons lwfur«
ihU will tf-rtrli >"« II »«• • Irrrtl-I"
blow i.> evory if la th* rr«im«"i»l a*
ihrta »v not • man In II »> <1M
; not Inva him. ll* *ii »v*ry Inch ■
■MMtMWM *l) 4 • aoMlvr.
"Our l ■»• has b««a quit* h**V7<
but we hat* mar* than «vmi-<l It.
livery tin* or «n aft*r dHM me
! »-»r« m• Hiink »f our »><>>•• who bar*
I»th klll"l or woundfd ami thrr» 1*
n .lhinK that ran ■•<■ HI We had
a very hot •iiirrnifh »■.-«« wcj ay -Wt
»<•■<• out from 1 o'clorh In th» mom-
I'm until T o'clock In Ib* >-v)'iiln« . In
a h-.l boOtna" «'in. «nh"ul any din
ner and all the aftrrm.m «n» had no
water. Tt»«r» «rrv about »o« thoa»
an.l ln«urjr«-m« who «lt«'-lirl lh«- T»-
WUiK rtiurrd, »h«r<» «-mti|.»nl«-» I. X
•ad I. »MV qiM^' I VVw w»ri» or
if*nf«l «mh to nforro thrm end «<•
•imv« Iho nlcrm rrom hill to hill.
klillitK and .rxllt.ie about IM nt
<>.<-m. our tarn »v flr* ktllrd and
• '«.»! II wounded. W« w*r* In*
».. mi tln*t lot r»u mull Irndflnf
• h-n M i ■* li;i»k and Mi m<<rnln«
iM-arir »*»ry on» h»d »tltt lnr». • I
lay out In a lie* netd in a l-.tsu*
•un about I*9 y»r-l« from the me
[rrn, who wrr» .m » hilt In front ««f
ii". for marly an h"«»r th« i«r«p'r
atlon Ju»( i<>inn« oft of o« and th»
Mauarr and Itmnlnirton bullet* flrln*
■ n,vm.| ii» II » •• a r-« rvllef for
u« »n»-n '!>• nr Irr nun* for v* to
rharc* up th» hill Th# «w*J luck I
which *«• with a* on in- mttwt '•
atlll mih ua and althouch »*• hay«
!••■ n thrmich th* h»o>W-»< of th»
fttchilna. lakln* pan In all of lf>"
battle*. w« have «>n2> liad Ibrt* n.cn
• -.im-ld ,
■ <"..l \\i...;i»r '•( our rtjElmrnt. haa
bma actlM •• l'rl««-ll« r c*n*ral. In
In* «ba«nc« <•: U. n Kin*, who h*» I
l«t-n vrf y tick. Th» boya of >>>' line
am <irtv!ujr la* nUlirrra (Mai one
town to another, taktnc • number
of t-rn»wn »n 1 kllUiuc a rood num.
her of others. The boya look <SUum-
I'ti th* other day. which la about the
•trwncat plar* ihe Inaunrenta had.
Th» InaunrenU hart plet*y nt am
muntii-n awl |>rov!»l.>n« and th*y
n.ulil eaMly hay* held out acalntt
•/i mn men. I*ou can ae* "hat hard
|.lar«-» the b«>y« ■«■ up airalnat.
I'tKler dal* of April » th* totter
■<Mr regiment all lined op Ihia
momlnir I" **1 farewell to Gen.
Klne. who left for home. We> are
very »nrry to l'>a# him. \V# f«»rmed
a h..;1« •• anuare ant he i %l«.-l M u«
from the center of It. ll* «ay» that
h- will !>«■ <n Bea«Ue In about an
or a«ven werka. and If be «ivra a
public lecture be aura ami hear him.
aa ha >M tlw beat general wa had."
1 ■ "
Report of Important
|.i\|mN. June 7.—An Important
• •onfiTrme k&m lirlil 1m t« fi i> l*ir.l
Hillf)>iiiK ami Ambaaatulor Chualr
laat night, at which the mirotiatlon*
ii-mir.lniK the .VI ■►k.in boundary ilt»
|>ut« i. had * final alone.
Arrafiitementa an- bring complet
■-1 for the entertainment of th joint
hißh commlwhin when •they arrive
In S.iii!.'. Today iii- fn!luwlnK vom.
mli|.>- i>m appointed. In li.n ■< ■ hurt;*
of the banquet: John i. Nea«V, A.
11. Hl.«irl. J. li Mni'lhHiK.ill, John
11. A«?n. 0. J. Smith. Wtlllnm I*.
Pl ; uil>|.-. C. A. lUrrlaon ami \V. It.

T.-nklKn" Tanrtl, the Japanea*
fin tinT . Btad l.iai Hun.l g aa I""-
IliM probably connected »!!h Hie
murder Of lhe Japan**)* woman, «M»
ivl.-.im-l tliln afternoon on acrount of
Insufficiency of evidence.
MorKrniren filed trxlnv In Hie su
perior I'imrt w. i.. John Campbell
nml ,if., to John Camden, 143,000,
coverina" Inn In the city: M»rfu» R.
I'oivim -itHi wife to t'nlt.-l Htntra
\i rrtl i ■ I Trim! ' 'iii|n"\. HUM;
Wm ka 6 anil « on C. D, Horrn'a ir/inn
i. . of I ■!••
O. ii, in v WTiltromb, ■ prominent
munufai'tiirer of Worcester, M.ih.,
h«« purrhaaeil two lola "ii th» rornrr
of Hwonit iv ■ mi' .mil Unlveralty
dlrwt. Th« prlo« «.i JfiO.OflO, .vi.l
Mr. Whll.-iiinli will crvut a }10,VOO
bu»lncM block.
- ...
fMsfy ::::: WHITE:::::
JB? Shirt Waist
W%?M^Mw Weather is here, ami cur new
«/v! I lln'' of White Waists have
%.V'|fst^>^o arrived in the nick of time.
wIMIJmT ThtM are •the very lat. tf
-' •^^ni newest ideas m White Waist
|f '?^^jr^ manufacture. They must be
& ilvl so*-*lllO appreciated.
•jaws -
! 206. SOS. glO Pike St. '
;. r«iii • -—■«- * '—■»-» _____
; ! Hardware isste»k Stoves;
0 Tinware m*Vi)K£aW !•**••• •' ••• *••••
8 i'lumbing Wffliß "™%%1 *"•—•'•
'|| Tin Work SJfcgggfr >' "<M'M '";"*
1, „, Second Avcnw. Telephone Pft«44- , Sy^y^-i
; Sbob Coder Roles Wanted
P MtwM .nd .In tb» clt.« of l»-«t«fc- «n«J T«rom»
- rrr A° poles-"*—- «
_,„. ,„, ,- I. nl(h , n .| nln« «neb»« «t tl>» top. Pit— mint »>• »tr«l»ht >,
__^j_S . JT7« frm- -n •».««•. »»* »->* *<« 'u"h'f »»<«r«n«l-«
i call OH
srvrn.i: C4TAB-CI (<».
11wW i» v .,.!,i...'.- ■rtn^^.w.i.
■ y ■<> RAMBLER BIf!YflI PC
_^r—^U^ i *>kax— mblbLiiS
// fS\ /A v, «m»o. •ao. •«». •«<>
Aloran Brothers Company
A«»o« «»f -Vwthlu«ta«" ptn»^t»« »«*lm»«r», lidi ->lu.h« tM Bob»rU -5
•MvSfi £!»•« «" .l^cSi-t'S-i. »>'■«-■ l^iW Corner i
■ -■----
if .1 II X^PlKt 11 *'■*"h*""** tr" *■>v th%* w* *'"
JIU'^.jII /i^Sl____B II M'» up" ynur •hlrtt. <-"l!«J-» »l»1 rid
/iUl^ir-J] c3^dH^rT Lln • tn»nn«" th«t will .',»l\«ht th*
*} — T" irKwt f-»:»|].iu». U» »o! "W« #r» )u»t
BT*IVTi/ War "Kjl-j^^ <4» ■> ■houtln". hon*r. M *H*n wtt«Uwl
■Jj^J;/ " <£*^tt^Kt <""u!''' nr »M>l of linen ant your 1
E^^^lS Queen City Steam Laundry
- .. leu Pitt Riw
JnlEB Gold Minim Company:
la now ofT*rln« ann<h»r block of ]
trc**ury irtock for i%c a »**r* Tbla <
la a (nod purrhu* at rtiw pric«. | i
bud upon th» »howln« In »J»« work ,
now to pro*r«««. Our adrlc»» la that ;
you abouM not loa« an opportunity |
to «*t In rarly. for JutHl«« Heck »• I
a. safe and «ur# winnar.
SLATER 4 SMITH, O«eial Brokars
■|-biil» M»"> *'»■ •'«« J«™« *(.. VralU*, 1
You Want
A Bargain
In ■ New. Slightly Used
or SeconJ-hanJ
Remember we have the
Largest and Most Comp
lete Stock in the City.
Can at wtll* lor him* anil term*
903 Second Are.. Burke Bulldiu
....WII.I. 11l > A....
m nun Taitiu lacntu uu
From $7.01) to $300
Sherman. Clay & Go.
Ml Hri-onil A •••mm • - >• ''">'
i-|,r.\i i \M'. ii. Jun* 7.— Marfc
Hatiill vraa .luk.'il today If >> WHO
true a* ti-K-Br-ipliiNi frran VtaKhlnß
ton, iii.it h'- Maj(M rvtlrlnir turn
Hi.' rhnlrmanKhlp of the ii.ulonnl
11miitut11if ami iii. lead#nihlp party.
"My I. I Til I* chnlrmnn doon 11 'I ex
pin-. lir Ha 'I. until next . .11. I
i.mni'! retire until my term In out,
i' tiJ my MtOMMQftMM boon clio*un."
Popular Songs i
Popular Prices i
Call and hear the new <
one* played on the ', ; ■'
Piano. ;
i •01 t«HI Am. tram*. *■•• <
Safe Deposit Boxes
Wot Ik* MM IMplßf at
Valuable Articles and Paper*
}<>r rent mMi rear. You carry
ib. k«r.
Safe Depoalt Vault*
M wr. (uliisar*. m. 1 ihomock. imi«
» .... aij
Closing Out
Horseshoe Nails, per Ib 12 ".c
Oxshoe Nails, per Ib 12* »c
Oxshoes, all sizes, per Ib 3 1 >o
Foot of Verier Aye.
v v', Ycslcr Dock.
.KANSAS CITY. June 7. Th» inwt
lir,'i'"riHn! humneM traniucttd *t>
far i<y th* bMai c^inp of th« Mi<drni
\V«««.'mi 11 of Amriica ».<» to change
th.' !>\« <• wo iip to ilrt>.ir nil r«i>n»
<'|ib:ik<"».' In th* manufacture or mM
of llquoV (ioui ■MMHNI

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