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ilw.slj.s.*!. friii. a t'oiiih
: I, Bail tt t.irlsr
Vol.. 1.
Wm. Plnkerton, the Great Detective,
Hot on Their Scent.
Has Been Trailing the Gang From San Fran
cisco Towards Pugel Sound Other
Detectives Also at Work.
On* at ih* shrewdest gangs of counterfeiters who tsars worried th*
•Treasury ..racial* for many year*, are now operating on th. i'arirto
coast, and their headquarters ar* somewhere between Han rrsncls. and
•teat!l. It ta claimed that one or mne members of the gang may be In
■eattte or the near vicinity, aa much bogus money has taltty been found
tartulaiing here. .For some time lb* Treasury depairtmenl has ha! sev*"
*ral of it* »hr..s Lai detective* .1 work on th* as. and sensational de
■reiopments are expected within a short time.
T* 4* *»*—* anresun. »d exclusively **v*ral day* i|<t lha! William Pinker
.on th* prince of detective*, would be la Healll* Sim» time next week.
presumably for pleas • Today In for ma was received thai Sir
Pinker-—, has been turn morel from lh* Bast to delve Into Ih* sea-rets of
th* counterfeit.r*. ttflMswMßMHsOßt
Several *•**• «■*•*» ■»- J - Wtlki.. th. star of ih* l'ntir-i Hi at** Secret
tervi- department at Washington, who has lust created the greatest
sensation of modern police aansls by the unearthinc or the stupendous
Ini.rn*! ~>ae*u. frauds at l'h.:*d*lpttta. arrive! at Han Francisco. It*
teas also sent out from th* Ileal to try to run down th* counterfeiter*
. It happen*.! that both W'llkle and Plnkerton were al Kan Francisco at
th* same tirae. and with the ski of*-—-rial agent (leorge llai.n. snd ths
•lever Hen PYsn.'».■ • agent p.- s,, several days wer* stent irailing 'tuts,
but they I "in I their match In the subtle syndicate of .-or.i». her. who
•r* flooding ■ the roast with bogus .._* dollar sad halt dollar tola*, ao
perfectly f»»_ lured that they pass as genuine through the bank*, to far
the quartette ,af sea-rat service men hay* i—en baffled.
Mr Wllkl* I* alas expected In Heal lis. perhaps , a*xt sreek. IB com
pany with Mr. I'mkrrton < Ho far ssran be learned. II I* s**am*d thai the
eenißi.rr.Ming bend hat* become *mhold*t_*4 by Ihelr sure***, and have
recruited their rank* with Ist clever Bole plat* counterfeiters, who were
recently released from Eastern prison*. The band may be near Seattle,
or for that matter. they may be la the (Its
i'l with GOLD m
Th* first Klondlsrs to corns down
from Dawson this season arrived last
arming on th. steamer City of Se
attle. They had with them a large
•apply of ih* yellow treasure, which
waa contained In big* and grip
•arks. ". Th* exact amount at Ihe gold
la difficult to aaeertatn , Purser v.. T.
Pope estimates It -at S3SO.«*O while
E. C. Allen, proprietor of th* Daw*
■on, Nugget, who came dawn on ih*
Beauts. fixes the amount at sSSB.Btt.
Th* Klondike-* cam* out from
"Dawson on th* river steamers Flora.
Canadian and Columbian. Th*
Flora waa the fir*! vessel to make j
.a* voyage, arriving at While Horse
Jun* S. Th* other two steamers fol
lowed In the Flora's wake, and ar*
rived la port a day later. Each of
Ih* boats carried a big crowd of
Sawaontu* with a large amount of
gold, According to persons return
ing from lb* north. Ihe Flora car
ried fully SlMi«*o» th* Canadian near.
ly twice that amount, and th* CM*
gmtiin a similar sum.
Th* majority of the Klondike- s; '
hay* . been working on Kldor.d"
creek, one ', of ' the most famous
stream* at th* Klondike.< All !h*
claims located on this stream are.
producing large amount* of gold.
• Purser Pop* . efflr* aboard th* .
Seattle was a veritable treasure
vault. Forty-six pas«*rtg»r* depos
its! In bis rare tucksktn sacks and
hand satchels containing gold dust.
net*. <2t*. ' and .I^.ooo was i
stor.d In his department. In many
of the staterooms large amounts of
gold were also slowed.
P. W. Wood, of Newcastle. Wash.,
who waa among th. Klondike-.. bas
b*»n working on TJonsnxa rreek. If*
slal.a that Intl. work Is being don*
helots Discovery, hut that above that 1
place there is rr.ai activity, and lh* ..
claims ars making fin. development*. 11
It. p. Burn* tt* awarded .son
damages by a Jury in lulg- Jacobs'
court late yesterday sfternoon. He
claims lhat th. North "Amtrlcan
Trading a Transportation company
damaged inn, to ihe amount of ISO!)
»>y falling to land him st Dawson
City at a certain specified urn.
-_teSß_s*l* lias
A. D. Smith, a laborer who recent
ly cams from Denver, reported to po
,llce headousrters last night thai he
(hsd been robbed of III) m |h« Hlg
tVonsnxa saloon. When Smith was
Lr-*rrh.d he sllll hsd IIS In hla pos*
I cam. from Daaver, reported la po
* head«|iisrt.r. last n | K) ,t ■!,.,, hi
d h*»n r..td,. d mt Mo | n 11,
msnti sal.,on. Wn.„ g, „|, - M
arch.d he it;ll had 113 l„ hla bob*
* . *
■ Th* well known English seller,
■ell S.. owned by K. H. ,„,,, _]
-combed to poison y*xt*rilay. The
■ng nrsi took 111 Thursday, anal C. H.
indall. th* well known dog fancier
t called. The two men worked
versl . bou r* i .a,lh Die dog, ,_,,
ought they had counteracted the
ison. but a sudden change took
nee, and th* animal died, Nell S.
When he left, the miners were work
ing rockers on th* bench.*, and most
of th* best claims on MM creeks had
Just begun sluicing, II- also says
thst Dominion cr**k is making good
A P. Allen echo has been working
oa Eldorado for a year or more, re
turned on the Seattle. He rtale* that
the .id output will be much greater
this year than thai of last. More
new claim* hay. been opened, and
experienced miners ■■ are - working
•hem. The supply of gold on these
clan— I* .on. '..red prsrHrslly In*
exhaustible. Within th* next month
he say* the really large shipments nf
gold will begin to arrive from the
In lh* cabin of Prof. Lippy, on
his claim No. 17, Eldorado. Is said
to be stored toot) pounds of the yel
low metal. It Is the result of th.
spring operations ,
Following ars th* Klondike's who
placed Ihelr goM In th* keeping of ;
Purser Pope: W. E. Trevarro. Wm.
Tuitl*. Ls lluller, W. J. Darling. '
Wm Osrrell, J H. Mr Knight. F. W.
Ward. M. Souch*r*su, Mrs Areht.
bald. C. W. Chapman, I. Morris, W.
Rodger*. J K. hearts Jessie Knery, '
Mrs Hal-. Wallac*. Days Burton.
Jo. r-iarher, F. J MrQued*. Dr. Day. ]
is. T. P..Sl*fin. Archl. Allen. IVm. :
Morrill. Frank Fox, O. Maimers, 1..
A. Mason. M. P. Peterson. A. J.
Huntington. Jo* Ileckman. It, Sler*
rymont. It Met mar. Thomas Olllls
ple. J. I' 'lonaale*. F. A Khali. J
L. li»ah-r, A. J. Krom'iuH.!. J. W.
Raymond. 0 Shea. O. Odin, le.wla
R. Shorte.n K. J. Trevarro. T. J. !
nyrne, J Hutchinson, ft. Olbson. 8.
Msgnlsen. I!. It'dints.
At S o'clock this sftrrnoon ther*
had been 51 dep'fsit* made st th*
„..av .me.. Th. sum aggregated
WMH ll__Gß__i
I hsd * long Use* of bench winnings,
•and came from royal blood.
Park Commlsaloner Choir also
state* In th* report thst h» has t.ili j
en Hi- task of pi.icing statuary In
th ■ diff-i' i.i parka, ins* lbs money
will be obtained by firlval" sub-nip- |
Hon*. II" slate* that the H. i. ltlsll
residents of Sealllc ar* In favor of i
a 110.000 slaiile of the poet Hums. I
The German r.is|i|e|ils hay* express
eal a desire, of having the statu* at j
Schiller *nd Ooeto* rrecteat, the Kng
lllsh niadStOßß, and the Irish llot.'it
. * s
| In th* est* of F. «'. Sharkey
■against the Part Illskeley Kill com
jpnny In Ihe federsl court yeslerday
aflertnitin, th* Jury decided In favor
| of Ih* plaintiff by granting him |C«7O
I Several r—ldents In Hi-- neighbor
hood of Jsfftrson .Ir.el. from Third
| avenue to liroadway, have filed an ,
I .. ....rfmrew'MtsiMMaaJwt-aMfeatsa..-■■
ippeal to the superior court against
I th* re aatrasm. lit of lh* above
• • •
Isaac Teller ha* been appointed
special eels peMeamaa to (111 Ih*
vacancy mad* by v. dismissal of
! Officer Donty, •
• * •
A l- llll.m attain* thai an ordinance
Ibe ens. i. I to prevent snd prohibit
Hie emission of dense smok* frum
sny tin.ike at* .. and rttltnney, and
to declare Ihe emission of den**
smok. eliliin Ih* city limits of Pa*
sill* a nuisance, was lilcl wllh llir
alt> clerk Hi's mm nin« Th* petition
«*• slglle I by in mv of lie In, litis
' business in,-i, of Kettle.
Howard Prart-nraugh. a yrning boy
II years old. redding at SIS Third ay*
rime, wa* reported la. the police tht*
morning as missing from his home,
l.*i*r In the day lis as as fun. I s*leep
In on* of ihe i.-.tns In sb sdjalnlng
house, having gain* into th. wrong
door on returning; from ths show last
evening,, ■
• * •
! Park Commissioner M. Choir filed
a report t.slay In regard to the ptaor
ctml.ti'. of th* perk deji.irtn.etu A
portion of tb* report read, s* fol
lows: "I'srk Commissioners Chopin,
i as in.li Williams and t-unberg hay*
held a meeting, and the re.uli was
discouraging. The reimmlf alonrra ar*
i highly Indignant at the Ink ■' of".
rial power."
He .1... state* that lh* pioneers of
Seattle should erect a rials* of
th* Chief of Heat He.
• • •
Th* money to be used will be ral»*
ed by public subscription. The park
commissioners also t—n*v* lhal ih.
council should grant them legal p-w
* • •
' Mayor Humes received a letter of
Inquiry from P. T. V'l'.iush of 111 j
tlroadway. New York, askingr for in.
farmall-.ii «on<<r'iir._ Ihe where
abouts of lie-lira J. l>unwm*dy. who
1* aupi«i*r.i to be a retldent ot this
. . *
Th* (Iran! Street n*-rlrie Hallway
rompany will • ».n place a row of
sests around triangular park al the
junction of |st*cnnd avenu* and Wa.
l.r way. They Intea. Ie pier* the
•.sis there a* Boon a* -ermi.sion I*
gTsated by th* aft**.
Mrs. t.u.U* A. Stelntyr*. a wilt
know* resM.ni of *l*a tile 11-! a' h*r
home, til Tempi, street, of rsneer.
this mornln*. Mr* M.lniyr* was
ih. »if. of Peter Mainly—, aad ihe
lush' •' C. It. iv. .tun. They
hare resided In Heattla for SB year*. !
• -••--■'•
A building permit wa* Ittued Inday
lo Mr* Aiii.it 11. King lo build a
two story frame residence at Ill*
Sltteenth avenue tn coal !'...**..
The funeral taarvlce* over th. re
mains of tiewey llushy were held
from Itor.r-y A Ulewsrfs chapel st
It o'clock this morning.
... * • • • .
, The remains of fieri. August D,
Ksuit —II be shipped to Washing.
ten, O. ■" this afternoon by Mutter
worth * Bona, where they -—ill Is* la.
lered In Ihe Nation .1 cemelery a i Ar
lington park. Hen. Hauls diet In
this .-Ily H»pi* m Her S. U*»V Th* re
main* w.r.- then interred tn l-ake
View cem*l*ry. A* II it provldet
that all army officials shall be tinned
in th* Nslle-nsl cemetery, th* re
main* of flcn. Kant*, who bore th.
till* of major-general I retired, st th*
time of hie drain, were taken up. and
Iconsequently sent Ba»t.
* * *
j The following m*rri»s. license was
ls.in-1 today: Tn Joseph Sfathlson.
| age IV and lill.n Nelson. a*e SI. both
of Kingston.
. . .
I/als K. Mol, a Nor-rvgltn, was
admitted In rltlt»nshrp by Judge
field this morning.
. . .
Jills. J«. ob. today *en!*ncrd P.
Slartis snd P. Richards lo fit* years
st hard work In the peidttnllary for
highway robbery.
* * *
teitrl d* 1/ib.l and .wo daughters,
of Pari*, are at the duller, en rout*
to Dawson.
* . .
John Minn, an experUnced mining
man of Han Frsnrlsrr.. gave a short
talk at the dealt!* Mining exchange
this afternoon "peaking of Wash-
Inst..i, future, h* said he had left
aSn Francl*co for a better field, and
he was quit* sure Senilis was the
pi*.-. "A year's work In Ihl* slut.
lead* me lo the conclusion thai
Washington I. the coming center for
gold and - upper mining, and there la
nn reason in th* world why Seattle
should not be th* exchange cenler
for the whole region."
s . .
T. Tamisnha. a Japan.*** who Is
li* 11 I, the county Jail under a mm.
milium! from Ihe tJnliivt Slates coin.
mlssloners' ' .'Met. hn* applied In
Judge Hanfonl for a wrli of lint—"a*
corpus. Al, Ing will Iv had nn
June v Taints*. Is held under
Ih* pauper Imml-rsHon law.
* * .
Joint grsdiiatln* exercises at .eg
held by Ihe Kingston. Houghton and
Joanlia hoots last night, nt th A.
O. I*. W. hall, in Kingston Ther*
w.r. the following seven grmlu.tcs
from the different schools: Arthur
I Wlltenmeyer, nf th* JuanlU school;
Maud O'Connor saw latum O'Connor,
I Hie Houghton school; I " I'lig-r
--i berg, 1.. hi l\ Inlinor*. letur* Tee*.
nrilner, hi..l (lcnrge ll..light', Of ths
it and school.
The county commissioners this af
ternoon swarded Ihe contract for the
construction ■•! the bridge across lh*
Snoqunlmle river nt Novelty la the
Pugeat Sound Dredging company for
SStSO, The ferrytioat cnnlrscl *'"
formally awarded la the H*» is Braa,
s . s
P, Zimmerman, sheriff of Hinihnin
lah county, It at the Btsvans. ',
,ii.v-fe^..^ . ■
For Another Big Fistic
NEW Vi i UK. J una 17,—Jtffrles and
Sharkey wer* matched this sftemaon
In fight SS rounds the Isller part of
October, In the i lull offering the lars
e.l purs*. The •'■■li'lllliina ptcivll*
Ihst Hie winner lakes all Tbs fight
la 111 be ri'.etn. I by ill. el'.llshl
Qusensberry rules Al, Hintlli was:
sareed upon ..s stikehnlder. The re- i
feree will be .li..»eii Mi.ti day, Hid
din* fin* Ihe fight will he ..pet, mull
August 1.. The negotiations were,
conducted by Heady ami o'ltourk*.
Jeffrie* aaa. pi.*, ill st lbs .infer
tncs, snd mid* no secret of his con*
Itdenre In defeating sharker
Last Rites to Memory
of Bland.
LEBANON, m.i, June 17. —The
body of Hon It I* Hiani lie* In
stair at ihe Opera hois., watched
over by •ie I'a'han guard, a Ml* .
hundreds of friends of the great Mil
sourl commoner file sorrowfully past
hi* bl*r. W. J Ilrysn. Senators
<•'erkr.ll and Vest. «lov Stephens,
.-.tlm-. Stone, of Missouri, and other
'distinguish I men. will all.nl th*
, funeral, ahlrh occurs at I.SB -. m.
' today. v __': it* !

MANILA, June -Kvery precau-1
Hon 1* being' ,k to guard against |
th* uneapea-ital return sf th* Fit*
ipino Ira-op* under (Ira. Slot sh. and
a consequent assault on the A inert*
ran oulposla In territory from which
Ihe rebels were driven T.le.l*) A
force of Insurgents is reported lo he
at Still.! an. and a battalia* at lh*
Fourteen!B Infantry has been a*nl
from imu. I" eaith their mov*irt*>ols
nn I to reconnoitre the adjacent iota-
■ •
MANILA. June 17.—Violent vol*
rant," disturbances are In progress in
th* South renirel Islands and Phil*
Ipplns An hipeiiigo Heavy earth
quake shocks have been frit st I alio
A volcano In the Island of N"g-,s
I* In a slslr of erupt,on. and seismic
shocks have occurred In various
Th* peculiar construction of build-
Ings in Hollo and other places affect
ed hss prevent. serious damage
from the shocks.
A Idler ha* been reived hv M,
Kalian, manager of Us. steamer
Humboldt, from Hobi Ilaiighman.
one of tile pilot, of the vessel, stat- \
ing lli.it the Humboldt ran athor* on
Calumet point Thin- evening In
a den** fog. Th* point Is shout li
miles north at t-Wyrrroiir narrow*
Th" let ler .talcs that the Humboldt
was straining In MM wake a. th*
steamer Cottag* ■'■„« vessel
had muni!**! that point. The ..Mo
on Ihe Humboldt's bridge heard a
lil.-iat from the Cottage City's whls
ll*. and change,] his course . thinking
he was nhoiit 1.. pass lhal vessel.
Instead, however, th* ll,i,lit
went ashore. When dia light cam*,
on Invrstlgatlnn disclosed that th*
steamer was resting easily, and In
nil probability stir '• oil.l 1,. floated
wllh Ihe next Ugh tide.
The mtialc-l concert to be given
this evening at Madison park by lh«
Seattle Press club, in in,nor of th*
Canadian etlllors, promise, to at a
in, it, „. and no .in,' should ml*.
It. •I'll.- public Is cordially la. .i ta
1., prrsent. In addition to Mi Jen
nie Houghton-Edmunds, whoso ser
vices 1, iv.- been secured. Wagner's
band will render a splendid program.
Wm. BStt, agent for llalfour, flu-
Ihrlo A.- company at Hand occom.
panics! by hit wife. is at th* Italnler*
, ll.llid.
President Starts on Ten
Days' Trip.
II"! v..KB, Mais., June 17.-Pr*«.
M I. i i.y and parly arrived her*
•h"i altar 10 o'clock Oils momma.
A bis crowd thronasd ih* MaUa* ;
and eieeie.i the president enlhuslas.
ileal))-. The preildentUl party waa
driven to Iks hoin* of H*pre*enlatlv*
Whiilna. whoi* guests iliry will 1.. I
while here
! bfIWtPOM, Eng., June 17 The
Sporting Ufe today ssys nf th* Sloan
episode st ' Ascot, thai Sioan only
picked up a bottle, and that the
1 blows struck war* by • friend of the
; American Jockey. I Th. Time*. how.
ever, confirm* yesterday's slory, and
declares lhat Sloan en-aped arrest
only i.v paying Ihe waiter her as
saulted a hundred pound*..-
<*I_b-VI-.aND. r>, Jun* 17.—Th*
only matter now *tandlng In lh* way
of * *eiii.m*nt of th* iirest-esr
sit Ike is th* proposal relating to the
recognition of th. union The com
pany make, a I proposition Ito deal
with ths men, but refuses to rerog.
Bis* their anion. The strike feeders
• 'line, lhal th* mailer I* on the
verge of settlement. A number of
.(Til* were mail* this morning to
prevent tile running of cars by plai
ing huge boulders on lb* Irsck, but
wrecking wagons soon cleared th*
i wag.,. .- ."'"**"* : _ ....
n am
MANILA. June 17,— trunbaMl
Nspiikte ism* .loan Ihe Past* river
y**lerday from lb* lake, where .he
had been milting. The ofli. .rt re
port lhal on June 10. whit* Oeneral
heal .n was engaging lh* rebels
near Tagulg. a flanking party of
Filipino* was discovered creeping
along under the rover of Muff.
The Filipinos did not discover the
N*pi lan. which was ihl. to *t*am
withm SAO yard* of them, when she
opened a tire with all of her gun*.
The Insurgents were rut down like
chaff, and those who strap*.l Injury
fled in disorder. Th* Napldan un
doubtedly saved Wlimton's troop*
from » serious Onak altack. Afler
proceeding down Ih* lake far a short
distance, Us* Napldan annihilated the
Filipino supply train. Still further
down «he destroyed new barracks
containing SOO Insurgents. A land
ing party found nearly to dead and
many wounded. JfiCMWstHl
LONDON, iiir June 17.—A dis
patch from Pretoria »ay» that seven
Hrltlsh warships have entered Ny*
ark at th* entrance to Hektgoa bay.
The report I* not connrmed.
PARIS. June -President Isnubet
today held a conference with Melln*
Hoiivl.r and llrisson. relsllv* to the
formation of a new cabinet. The
former M premier at on* time.
College Professor Indicted
OsAteBBDURO, HI.. June 17.— Pro
fe.. r 1.1...1 Willis, until a few d*y*
go teacher of elocution at H.dding
college, Abingdon, was today Indict -
.1 by lh* grand Jury on charge of
burglary. The young man I* the ton
of a prominent cltlxen, ami. II I*
•aid. entered ths home of Prof. rush.
Ing. of Knot college, and Hole man
uscript* and books. It is said ihsi
Willis has fled.
When the Elephants Pranced
the Mayor Was Glad and
Lewis Sad
I Mayor Hume* took In the circus
Isat night. So did Hon. Jam.. Ham
ilton Lewis. Neither gentleman
in iI. any pretense of bringing Ihe
children, but est on opposite aides of
il,,- let, and maintained the political
equilibrium of the .evening. When
the elephant-, gnu to prance, the
. mayor looked vastly pleased, «• taped
all) when the elephants at a banquet
table demanded "more pie." A* for
. .Imiii's Hamilton, he looked anxiously
several times towards the menngerle,
and Is reported to have Bab* I why
Ihey did not bring the tiger* In for
political purposes to offset ths ele
C, D. Topcl. manager of Ihe fan
adian I'sciric at Vancouver, loft for
in,me today.
We Bid for Your Business
On tin* merit of our merchandise. A new offer In
Dinner sets— English semi-porcelain, (4 pieces,
they are worth $<>— Monday we sell them for $„9>.
Glass Water Sets—pitcher, six glasses and tray, 85c
1215*1217 e«e«Bd Attn** -
*~* a — -nr aa iC-_-w_>*
(.lass, Wallpaper, Etc.
Third and Pike. STAR RAIINT CO.
-—————______________________________________________ ——
• '_s_iEza--Z22&_-?_-^^ «
I Can* BBS B*. Oar New Lis. or .__ |
I Crockery and Glassware
I Just Received. It Glassware
lust Received. It >Vill Pal You.
i -908 First Avenue. Bl
0) ?XW?JU-*z*?*r-I±J<-f>.J&?-sr.'*:j^„ .....a. ar,; - "^_-s*7_-.' a -J^.Tr*3aJ-ys f 3 *d_xr f/"'-".'e? >T< %
Ml !S:i:»!:iP»:r; .00 Swire Fee! of PiDtr fsrJl:. 213-215 Odtalil it!
£ ■- * %. i km oi j
ii Groceries, Wines and Liquors \
< 502 Pit.* Strut, eorscr Fifth. *
*. W.rtS*. ** harfl a ..nefc nt .etc, nil islllnrnls (t-ortm*) -lar*ts sp-l whits *
i .In., tint. ..I laia ).«,, lsyjl. M 1„. hearts*. lo Ssst. sn ol I l-.r. in 1.--I tj
* yearn* at sis, sad in fit i sttrnitti li. I*. i!r| rrlt *t ii,..1. rata isii.ilrt.si* ( i
* ■_HMI TiWehes* i.reen IB*. ■ __!'» • ! i
Painless Dentist.
*** Beat Ttetß. «« « »Iv Held I us*., BLOB. ; Sir*, rttllagi, M* o* "__"
V '""l * rillliits, 11 .*' up A Sat y.-*r,' ru*r*a'e- wttk all earrg —_RJ
mm* HOP "..wars' t* a***** • sdlnj saythiaj bat lir.t-il.ei <y .
. Mat trial la th* abet* mark. .
*** _ "•— MM Half., Bslldlsg. Telephone vts'n an •**•*•'
2*9^ Oh ! What a Difference
s_f_**^**"e*tN \ I Any 111"!*! list liven Initial
_„_ , SffOa ,'* I *-» li.ii.lbrlsi. steal . -
f/^jar^ |*_V** **Al US Tkty ktes stood Ills test *i •*•'
***** I l_C\\ Pt.' We Oi.*r*nt*o Th ß m
■g""^ „y"-"" *■■ Bacaa<'*t»>?aaV Calaa.Ha St.
**_!** Hits *detnr*d la i nee. from II to ft* par mat Oar priest art Hill
_**as~B k... ft alette* at ail pi Ice* "
\_T 7Q* rir.t Avsrtu* -JEWgUER
Learn to Ride a Bicycle
Auditorium Bicycle Riding Academy
XHirrl Aye. atrac. BielSldiaora at
__Nh_J I BPtfli*Va\ Tb* rami een-Htre <-nr«n t>f erne* In tbe lv,l- ft el rail*.
t*ttsU \ ini-K u-aMe In tbeae Oar* for 16* r**tlef of effe<!-tlrt Tl.i'.-s
/_•**■/-» v M _^_^_^* 1 >UI v^uir-ment for th* .it>tullvD of jrour order* it tU« v-»*.
A ""A* *-T^--IP^ •> ll*el> .an >>• fuund *n*r«rriere.
*4a^-B *-, ■■ s-^*-" 11. CLAY KVRIUMII.R. o r t!r-Un. T7- rim -.re.
A Nest-Egg. Sure Enough.
Th* glowing r*|vc.rl* which com. to tie from th* ".liver
Creek HM Mining Company's mines sr* exceedingly grati
fying. The ore bodies aire every promise of widening am ■
rlepth Is male and Ihe gold, silver snd copper values gel no
less Kvldenlly the filter Creek mines sre destined to have a
• world-wide reputation.
W* have been earnestly urging you to buy this slock, be
cause we hsv* slwaya had great confidence In th* property.
Pis year* ago w* male a careful examination and at that
tlm* entered Into an asreement to promote the development
of th* claims, but hard time* knocked v* out and w* had lo
let go. Th." present owners are careful business men snd
eaperiente.l miners, so that the management la all that
could If- desired. ,v - i({
Ily the wsy. 7 cents Is a very low price for this stock;
a little bit more alrength and s cent* —_* tr the figure*. ..'
JOHN E. McMANUS £ SON, 918 Second A.d.ms
s-fT l-jl.'l r» ft*-***-' Such as the Romans Indulged In
t"**?_ lyn'*'t^fc^.*" * e*n '"' reveled In in a modern bath.
J.—e-t- Tfn_ V\V "t""i"_rtW ____ * '""'o. **'«•!> tilled up with porcelain
1 -_ft\_~- ~<: '"'' ' ' ho,v"' t'.ih. tiled walls and
•—7—•TTT"^.. eaiylSy-t^-Jy'SM^Jr" ",1"" *"'* *SP°»crl plumbing. We
*-__3"- l»V^*, If J J^l_ra- \rm^ "'" f,< *'"' "I 1 , *,a'nroom such a"
*"1 1 J C . ITiBV . "__"I%J laurullus never laved himself In, with
"ill |j_i-^ ■<n___. | ft^g*. all th* motlern Improvements snd
-ar*" *___*. ''' -**ea|fy9 conveniences, at prices that cannot
■ _*j_..-e*ar"'"*',., .a. , '*3s\*a,' .miteled With.
• :'^^^^F^-^^^ ,■:.• Csr. Third Aye. and Sorinij St.
*>s^»-*.CJs»«**<S.s ,>"".....,„,-. Thoßsßußin.
Everybody Don't Know W*a Soil.. V"*'
But you do. Also Hammocks, Croquet Sets, etc.
COON BROS!, 1417 Saoond Aye*.
Just Opened ___■_■_
LsttelCkritty lit! rsclory. London. Englsnd.
Ths only plsce In Ilia rile lo hive your hit made to order tad rtpslrtd by rrtctlcal
I'nlun llsl'.si. a.a.m. I I'lrilareuus Mid lulomtresf.
NO. 117.

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