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hi Ml] •*.* Cent* ;i Month
I, Mill si i sin,,
Vol.. l.
' r~ .
Overwhelmed by Numbers
of Filipinos.
Takes the Aggressive and Chases
the Insurgents Away.
Manila. June 10— Hard I Siting took pbee south
°-*m.is today.- Wlicaton sent .1 reconnoltering party
to ermine that territory. All went well; until the Am
ericans 'reached, Pere* Dasmarinas where they were
suddenly struck hv the enemy in large hit*. After a
sharp: encounter the United States troops fell back
I slowly on" Imus, carrying on a running tight with the
: insurgents over five miles of territory. The I 1 -- ion the
: Ame>iirbn^side? j Vv*as five killed and twenty wounded.
When Wheatoh learned of the engagement he personally
„ took two batailionsrand some artillery, and [chased the
* rebels back towards Perez Dasmarinas. inflicting severe
losses.. „
Paris. June{i9--.\Vaideck-Rousseau this mominß
formally accepted i*, the task of constructing a new
BMMttp**l*»->->t*iy'* Jff*r<-Wf l'* # * ,i" fi ""-*- %
emmmrmem yan— m*•>•*•»** ,T ■ . v *> ..-Via.
,-• ■■ tiTT_lfTiissCK." Ark.. J-*. ii—
•It t* report*" 1 here thai a land* lie
occurred at Ross llatiew and eti.ulf.
»4 SS men. sit of whom are supposed
to have been killed.;
\ Roes Hollow Is a pass between ten
email mountain ran*-** about IS milts
west of ttlttls Rock, on lh* tine of
' lb* Choctaw A MeSßßs—— rallro*d,
now under construction from Little
Rock to How*. I. T.
A tare* force of grader- has bee*
engaged In cradle* Ihe road through
th* pass, and aeet.rating I.- th* report.
It ass a part of thi* force at men
that were caught under the falling
earth. The report cannot be eon*
fir-nest tonight. '
None of tbe official* of tbe roadfl
nor any of th* contractor* who ar*
, at present In this city have received
new* of th* accident. Th* report
was brought In-by farmer* travel-
In* from the locality. Th. scene of
the accident i. S* mites from here,
over a rough *tr-trh at country, and
It Is Impossible to (el news from
there tonight.
et'-rordlns tn th* farmers bringing!
th* news, a I*— forr* of men were
engaged In exesvatla* In a deep cut
wrh*n the earth shov* which had
b**n loosened by heavy rain* recent
ly, suddenly . ,m* .loan upon them,
burying tt men un 1 ertnns of *irth.
Volunteers Ask to Be Mus*
tared Out There.
—-ArilUS'lT'iV Is C, Jons 1. .-
Oeneral Oil* informs th- War .It -
par merit today that all volunteer or.
gsnltatlon* In Ihs rhlllpplnes desire
In he mustered out at flan rrancl»co.
' The Sixth Infantry, which arrived at
Manila thi* morning on th- Bher
man, leave* immediately lo relieve
th* Callferaiaaa, was depart for Man
Francisco aa soon a* Ihey can t
collected. Th- transport Indiana,
with ISI officers an i men, left for
Pan Fran, yesterdsy.
..»• BsMCAOO, June IS—Western tie*
publican congreasmen are nearly a
unit for the Ides of selecting the vice
presidential candidate who i. t» i...
McKlnley'e running mat* n*x! yesr
from the region west of the Mla'la
•lppl riv.. During 1 l*onirrtiman
Ilend-rnrm's .lay In Chicago the
question of aelerllng a running mat*
for th* prealdent wa* dlaruaaed qulle
■fully a* lh* apeakershlp corneal.
Practically without exception the
aaagpaaaa**a who conferred with
Oen. )l> ri,|.rrar,n were Arm In Ih* be
lief that Vice-President Hobart la
out of the question a* th* party
r.omlnee to succeed himself. The
slncle objection offered to Mr, Ho
bart tv-a* —Mil he hall* from ths
• tale of New Jersey, • ti • home of the
trust". Henstor Invls, of Sllnnrsn.
la; Thurston, of Nehrsikn: Wolrott,
of Colorado, and ex-Senator Slander
son, of rfebraska, havt liven men
HEW YORK, June 19—The dualh
or Simon Fry, grand commander of
th* ancient *-repted Hrotllsh lilt.
for the Untied Slates, la announnced,
1-.IU* was the cause.
' ■ .nmii*i.s«i<is*»iiii i, .1 .iiiißn—TlTrf
r i^f w it< oi li*. A rnmr it* orp A l> fntzsssss.:
-A- 11 J_di |Q,1,.,/irj 1. 1. iJaVj olAli. 1m.mT*,^....!
'_■ -a-, ' ■"-■-- '';■' ' • r: ■ - -^i':;.-^-_-s^__
tare.' Ti-tRSt. June _-_. slab!
*"—•**> Mas Mureaklnd 11**4 wllh a
hull.! In hi* heart. It* suffers! tea
I pain *r>-l *-emtn«ly was a* healthy
la* any man.
i.- It waa act ..mil the ballet left _M
• 'heart are! worked lis a. . a dawn Intel
* hit abdomen thai It cause! bun any*
,' bother. ll* then decided I* ha.., it
' j rem-evt'l.
{ Sueaakind went to at Mark - ho*.
I piial anal th- doctors **'- lo per
i 'form tIM operation Fir*! th* -V rsr*
„ met. used upon htm and Ihe bullet
i [was l'« ate-l In the cavity t.l th* *b*
:j dome—.
• I Th* o-ferstjon era* performed and
j th** bullet remored. fluesaklnd was
! jdeUghled and Mi- he would .aery
' the bullet In Ml pocket as a mascot.
I! Tor lb* first three dsys after the
operation Bu**«ktnd progressed fav
orably, and boih he awl th* allsnd*
' Ins physician* believed thst he trull
, \ ..»n be well. On th* fourth dsy,
however, i—rit'tititl* set In. and yes
;t-r!iy Sueaakind died.
j More than eight years act. Bu-**.
'J kind was shot in ih* neck Just below
'! the ear by a woman. Th. bullet to.
a downward fairs. After rt-rover*
.In* fr».—i th* wound Bii-s.ki.! I never
tried to have the bullet removed.
An examtnatltw! of hi* body showed ;
the physician* at I*l. Mark s lhat th*
bullet bsd worksd downward Into
the pericardium, the cover of the
, heart, where It lodged many years. j
Aug -stir. Daly's Funeral.
NBvV* Y'.KK .Inn* IS—The funer
a! Auguelln r»*ly. th- famous _——a.
trlr.ai msnager, occurred this morn
ing. __
ST. I»t*I*l. June 19—Oeorge l!
Howard. convicted nf pen*lnn fraud* ,
• .Mound City. 111.. In I**l. and sen
ten- »1 to fourteen year* In th* Beats
tentiary and who ewaped afl*r be
ing cent lo the government hospi
tal tn Washington In I**l vi* re
i.-aptuird at Arkansas Cliy. Kan.,
taken Ihrough Hi. I .'tills . Ie morning
In rhsrge nf 1.-iuity marshals and
|..lr>-d tn prison „t Chester, 111., in
serve th* remaining thirteen years
of his term.
In the seven years In which he
hit. been a tugltur* Howard changed
his nam* to i'laws.-n, fhanred his
appearance and mod- of living a*
> murh as lie enuld. studletl medicine
and h—sam. a prosperous physician.
B* ar—l on* of lh* "■". respected
men In the community and berore
, ih* la. election area ..IT' rat th* nor- i
1 Inatlon tor mayor, but could no! be
i Induced lo accept It.
, —__
, American producers are air.,, Iv find.
, lug an enlarged itl,. i In Cuba,
, Puerto Rico, M— — and th* I'hilli,
-, i pines. The figures of Ihe treasury
bureau ot stallsllcs, just Issued, In
dicate that th expurls of tin. ft—ami
year, which ends aiilti this month,
i will show a larger exportation i,,
' Hawaii and the Pblltpptßefl than ever
i before, and larger i,, Cubs and
, Puerto i',... than In __-■ previous
year except those In which th* reclp- ,
ii „i .sags*, s, i.nri ii,ia*,.iiia'iiii,iiiiilisir"tii ■■aimi
r,s Hy r.iiiiir- if the MrK lnl.-y law
•a. I 111 operation. The export* Hi
Otitis In Ihe HI iti'itilli* rmltitit a,.,ii
SO, IS-*, were 61) per cent, in etc***
-it Hi.,-,, .'I l li. i,-s|H,ii,iinß lll.'ttl lis
nf M, ami in,,, than .1 ..mil. Hi st
of 111,- same in inlli- In the IWhI yeur
of IW7, Ti> Puerto Itlc.i ihe rxnprl*
wer IS per cent. In excess of 111* cor*
i. spsr—Un— ii,,,mil. of las! year, and
lo Hawaii Ihe exports of the i,,
waal! ar* 17 per rent, in ••».-,••* of
ilioac of 11,, same month* In !•**, snd
tla'ul'lc those of th* correspondlna
months .if lltT. T.i the Philippines
the export*, ■ spit* th* omtlnuou*
war conditions, „,, thr-* limes a*
much *. In ths correspond Inf
month* of any I in 'Una year.
The total exports to Cuba. Puerto
Hleo, llitrtl! /i|..l. [I Philippines 111
Una full ii..'.ii years, whtcb end. Willi
this monlh. will reach about ' <"«•'.
is«i. acalnst 111.05W.000 last year.' Our
sale* In three Islands tn the fi*>—,l
year lis*, even unier the unsetllwl
condition* which have prevailed In
all of them except Hawaii, will ex
ceed those of any previous year says
ItaSS—the most .ii- ■ ■•■**'ul year ef th*
r.ilprstriiy lerm. The*e naure*. ef
• i.ursr, do n.i Include any of the sup
. plies Ben by the -fovtrnmenl Iv lh*
surf.-1 lit. lii lvi it*
It Is <ii*__. ter**t!n« to mn* that
tbe Vi,.,,. in Spain are sp*
proachtnjr their iittmnl conditions,
those for Ihe i'< monlh* ending: with
Slay 1 belna I* '■-"»". attains! 11".
--issti-ara | n the ■ ••ir. «!■ •••Hi.. month*
of lasl year, arel less than 11«m».0*s»
In th* eorretpondlng month* of the
tl.ial year IS*.. „*-*-» t
Of Wholesale Prostrations of
American Troops.
j WAsslllS'-l-'N I' ■' . J. . l».-
The rep.. 11 of wtiolessle prostration*
ef American troops In the Philip
pine* ran,i.it be ,-..,,ftr—in! at besd
quarters her*, officers oa duly say
Ihst the rvnaiilton of the troops Is as
•aii»r ii-i'-ry as "ml I be *tp.-- t. .1 In
i any artny • nm'J tn a cainp*lsa.
.... ■ ■*-....
NEW YtHIK. June IS.-Th* h*«d*
, leas i.-l) of aa— *** fished out ait
th. water oft Hay Itldge < hie mat*
tng. and boy* *aw lb* ghastly human
remnant bobbin* along with th* ltd*
and ran boys as from the sig-ht.
rrmnanl b..l.M.ig along »ith ih* lidr
and ran • rv,„ -isht
Several membs-r* of the Crescent
Athletic • lub haul.-1 ihr mat It* led
trunk ashore snd notified th* police,
who probably have another mt.lert*
J etta murder rase on I heir hands. A
cursory sxsmlnallon ot Ihe body .lis
etatar-l "page. Miosis**; tr*rtc*, It-*«sal4 tow
Heniin*-!. about half of the ,_ _,— In*
tlttdlß* the head and parts of the
teas, wss missing. From the ap
pearance af th- trunk tbe man to
whom it belong**! rould not have
been dead more Ihsn a week- The
| body was well nourished an>l apuar.
iently thai of a man of considerable
This Will Be a Con
vention Week.
SHTTLE TO _R_m, _om
D.l. f .t.a to Orand Irrti in. In-
IllSrlSS, Wumeis'a Club* set
the C.t. Soeistlst.
This la convention week In Seattl.
Htal'.n i..- tomorrow .and continuing
until Sunday night, five d.fferel or*
ganltstlnns wil >!■! Mat* meetings
In this city. Tomorrow morning four
conventions will I..sin. ii*iii-; lh*
11. A. It.. Women's Itcllcf Corps, Sons
of Veteran*, and Washington Slats
Federation of Women's club*
Tomorrow afleraoaa Ibi councils
of lb- O. A. It and Sons of Veleran*
wit lie held, 'In former at th- Dlller
hot.l and th* lull., »t Ihe Motel
Mistier In lh- evening at Itanko
hall a reception will li" held by ihe
a, A. 11.. Hon* of Veteran* and II"
men's Itellef corps. Ileglnnlng Wed
nesday morning Ihe Ihr** organisa
tions will gel down lo bua|ne»». The
W. 11. C. will mccl in lh* I'lk's hull.
Ihe 11. A, I! In II mi" hsll, and the
S. of V. In 'ii Masonic hsll.
Th. federation "I women's clubs
-ill meet In Ihe Kii-i Tretbylerlan
1 hoi. tomorrow inornlnn at t .10
o'clock. Till* aflrrnoon ill 1 o'clork
the meeting of the I. IS .<! Nt direc.
lore will Ise held it the Ilalnlt-r*
'flrand. Itelcgalcs from all ttver the
elate arc expi't'tcl. mi the r tlnns
iwlllti* ntnai int. r,-.ting.
llcglnnlng Thursday, the tenth an
nual convention of lh* Port! Hn
deavor soclplles will convene in Una
cliy. Preparations are being made
for eanlerniilnlna at leas! lino drle
gat**, and from lei!ler* received hy
the secretary ot lb* stilt. organisa
tion, the convention will he t,n« ol
th* largest ever Mb. '" this state.
HONOKONO. Jun« 19— New* haa
beat! received here contradicting tho
report that three 1 in laiiini mission.
arte* were murdered recently In
f.'a-u WIhI.
Californians Would
Go to Manila
AW mir .-rim THE REBEIsS
3«n*tert T*l*fr*eh th* Offer of th*
Rsglmant Ie the Prsti.ent
St Wathln-ton.
—*—fr— —
The War depart mem r»ei ilvi I a tele*
kiam tills morning from Hetiators
Per kin* and tl— B_j -SB which I bey
said that Houtftrrn 7 California sup
port* the a tn-.lr.Llrjtl.in In Its ef*
furts Ie suppret* th* Philippine In
■ Uriel i|,ii, .ti.l lander* the president
for Immediate,Mfviee, a well organ
lied and thoroughly dltclpline-i regt*
ment of i-imit) Th officers and
men are ready m_ aaihi k for Slan
ii. as soon "*jmm\9itr*"*"' field
equipment Can —_Jt—*W*h<"d.
RIOUX Kll4it 8. 0. Jim* II —
Tbe proposition lhal a bounty be ..f
--ft itl for lb* Hi 4* of rattlesnakes.
Which for seler.illsea.ai,. have been
very numerou* I**» particular local-
Ily In Aurora cotthty, may be with
drawn. A r»--*n!'pr,,tri« lire, which
swept over a portion of thst part .if
Ihe stale. '"' nAammrer the favotite
Inrklne: place of I "*** venomous rep
tile*, ami the reran that the tnak
**. not having adiintag* of the shel
ter of the heavy tufts i.f old grass
and underbrush Hf hiding place*,
are easily ,I*l, A and are I—ln*
killed by the wl_fcaal* by farmers
ill in* In th- ilclttity. In Ihl* panic
ular at Ice*! th* 1-S-n- Are proved of
beneSt. *i If'ta-'f-. ■■
watch (Jut
forJhis man
.. 4* »*-* ..
~ T _. |'l . **■# i
His Express Package Is Only
a Gold Brick.
A man repreaentlnt* himself to be
1., i: Air..asrih. the known
r-nneryman. It** been making lb*
round* lately of tb* dlrfrrent busi
ness houses title, tin.,- money. Th*
msn's system la lo ask for a sum rat
money, statin* that he ha* a p.. a
see a I th- -tores*, office «nd •!'«*
no! want to I '*■ '■'"-■ '" I" to the
rsnnery for money. The polka* hss ,
been rrollfled lo keep a look-oupt lor
Th. I'uy.iUup Chronic!* In It* Issue
last ■*» slvrt some hop news that
wilt be of Interest to ths dealers and '
growers at this vicinity, and It la a*
There Is nnthlnc at Imporlsnre In I
lb* hop market to report thi* week '
The warm days ar* pushing th. tins
• Inns and Ihe Indications still point
lo a rood crop. There are more lire
through the yards than In farmer
years st this lime, '-wins to the re* I
cent cool weather, but th* * rowers j
•re prepare! for them and will be- '
gin "i ravins In a few day* Where '
sprsylna Is taken In time and thor
ough work dons the loute an be got*
ten rid of.
"The loads of ejus**!* and other
spraying materiel that Is going out
of the city Is an lndl.-i.tlon that the
grower* sr* declaring war on th*
boa lou*e.
"r" Ilalck, a prosperous hop grow
er of Aldrrton. *iis In this city on
Wednesday. Mr Batek rsnnot apeak
very encouragingly of th* outlo-.k
owing t" the unusual cold weather
of late, but thinks that with th*
warm as., Hi. coming on now. the
vine •a ill catch ill' In growth what
the rold weather has held back. In
regsrd to other yard* some sre a!
grrat deal farther advanced titan
Many Come From Frisco On
tho Umatilla.
Mi. unship .ilia Walla, Captain
Oiige, aallr-l yesterday morning for
Han I'l'.iin I.c, Hh" had "ii board SO]
passengers. The I'M' ' 111 , Captain
Cousin arrived during th.- ,L.i a ft •>,,,
lh* California metropolis aa it I. an
p.-i.-i-nic-r* ■ ii,l ,i big freight cargo.
T, C o'Dnnnell. present purser of
th* ('111.11111.1. served In I]nil csp- '
aclty for three trip* on Hi City ■'
'.'ii. 1.1 i The following Is th* Ums
lllla's Mat of passenger*! Sir*. J.
M. Ilrcves, II M. Joseph, Mis I' C.
Dlcbmers, Mr*. St. flreenhatim. Silts
1.. Oreenhaum. W. 11. Arm-irons,
Mrs. J. A. Manlsy, Ml Thompson,
Vis A. M. 11,,11. T. B. Hale, .Inn,,. 11.
Tiinghll!. Mrs. Tnnghltl, 11. Clemen!,
P. A. i'lnderall, SI. trfiiioherrau, 11,
K. r*. \. ben, Irene Dtrsaferd, Mrs.
C. J. Mot i ,*. J. M Jackann. Mrs, J. i
F. Mitt-hell, hi 11. 11 in.-.a star, .
Mra. N. 1, Cook Hen". Mam I-mini
Waaaon Maxwell, Clara Clnrk, Vcrna
Cook, 10, LaCrosse, Thomas Dunn, T.
I>. il, '.ilintn. 11. M. llaststllt.se. 11.
Ohristta, 11, A. Ili-IRK*. John Peters,
fuulln I', Graves, C. 0. I—tthrop, A.
H. Ml Donald C. '." 'ii* 1, (1. T.
li.-iiu.-ti. J. H. Mi Millar, W. I* Wil
liams. IV Itulsn. It. Hoe, J. 1i..i..,i
son. H. .1. iloriii.lly. I' liar i C. Sic.
, 'ull . h. J. M Coin.-. A, ilregg, Mr*. ,
Ijisiriiiiii, J, llurke, Mr*. 11. Travis,
John <lr.ih.ain, Cora Olaeii, A. (Irltnes,
II 11, Crump, Sirs. K. 11, pi,,,, T.
Mull, A I ..-Hum, .lam-. Rrnlth, T. ,
Thompson, Two Jspanese, J. Ihnkels.
pi.-l. VI 11. Ilutler. Mr* A Ilentlvy.
A. Mrhul* N. 11. Il.tmlk. I*. H. Hell
er*. 11, tl. Msges, flsorgi It"" ,is W.
I. !",«,,n, A Japanese, D. K. Tin ,1111,.,
II A. Muller, 11. Tarry, V. Ityaii. J.
ciraham, I'.iiiirn Campbell, J 11.
Camplii-11. .',,'
Occurs Between Portland and
Tacoma. ,
TACOMA. June 1.. — A Northern
I','inc trsln lli'le-t with an ex*
filial. train returning from Astoria
la Portland las! night, ene mile rasl j
of Linton. Iloth engines VI. I. de
| molished and *r\rral rare badly
lamasbed. The a, Id, nt <" ■ ml at
» p. m ,
Th- Northern Pacific train. No SI, •
contain,-! it freight ears anal was In
charge of O. A. o.iusli. ,1.1,1,
• • < a Jennings, engineer. The engine
was Ita lit. Hie Astoria * Colum
bia Hirer excursion train contained '
seven roaches and was Inchsrg* of
Conductor 1.-.-ic and Hnclneer Mel
lon, engine No. IT. I.inlon. where i
the accldenl rsreurred. 10 miles north i !
of ■l.nd A wrecking train was
dispatched from Tsrom* on receipt ! I
of th. news. '
<'n* man on th* Astortt train was ,
killed and Aye persons Injured. '
The man killed la D. I' Hell, of |
Portland, who "*• • nxas-.i In t.rv- ,
Ing lunches to th* rti-Mr*t--nl»ts i
The Injured arei llnm.r Merlins [
severe; llirdl* I'ulrrsan. Sirs. 11*11. ,
wlf* of |t P. Hell; Juries Slallon. en* '
glneer; I* It Hsrnee, hrakeman
Tut. rsrs eea**s___g llveelnck were ,
mollsbrd. all of the stock being kill- i
ed- I
Shot Fired at Jailer
i Corning
tt&i , ——-———— -
«a affair Thai la Involved la the
Deesest Myalsry.
An attempt was made yeeterdsy
morning la murdrr Jailor Corning at
police headquarters, but th- bullet .
Intended for him went wide of lis
mark snd struck one of the I acker*
In the asaembly mom.
Th. shot was fired by sn unknown
assailant, and lb- weapon used was
a II caliber rill*. Corning wa* stand-
Ing In one of tbe toll.! room*, lean-
In* out of the window. He stepped *
to one side and raised th* window,
A* he did so, a bullet crashed
through th- window within a few
Inches at Coming's, srsllerln* glass
In all directions.
Corning went off watrh about :
o'clock tha! morning, and the mat*
ter haa been kept quiet. This morn*
Ing there were a number of officers
expressing different opinions as to
which direction the bullet could have
come from.
Th.re Is not !h* lewst doubt but
whst the shot was fired with evil In
tent, and officers think tt waa done
i,> some em my of the Jailer. No ar.
rests half been made
I CinCAOO, June -Th* rnrnanr*
of a miner who returned from Ala*,
ks with a limine! fare and a Link
, .tint to claim hi* Mouth Chicago
awe.theart. * farmer school mlslrt-**.
only to find that ihe wa* tired of
teaching the young idew and had
married a widower wllh three child
ren, .am lo light yesterday at the
i|*hll Hherldan school Th* scholars
had Juel laken Ihrir seals when a
knock wa* heard at th- door of the
eighth .ml. mom. Mia* Ida Ilona
viin. the lesrliir. ansa.. ,"• I the knock
snd wss brought face to face with
Hi. miner.
"I would like to see Ml** l,*ta
leike." said th- miner.
"Mlta i.ii.. la no longer here. "Hh*
gave up teaching when she married
a tew month* ago."
Til. beamed race turned pal*.
".Married, you - ,a , I rata married! II
'can't be possible!"
Th* miner was assured the! It waa
not only poaalhle hut a fact, an! that
lit. , ,el aa Met teacher of the Phil
Sli.n.l.in eighth grade was now
rocking the baby of her predecessor
In ,i Utile town In southern mil,,.
Th* miner gulped down . lama as
big a* .a Yukon nugget and depart
Tug New Kngland Ballad Saturday
evening for HI. Michael, having In
tow 111" river atemer ''ill- la .(,
.. as ii. I I.a Clnflln Urns. The schooner
. in.- Oilman, also owned by ih*
same partlea, left port nt the same
lime, bound for fit. Michael. Tin-
New lliialinil tan. heavily loaded
wllh lumber, which will he lis.-.! In
Hi. cnnlatrtictlnii of ii large barge.
TheColnvtn carried a Urge amount of
freight, constating ot mining mach
inery and ! general march* nd lac.
11/ 1 J That Is I resit and New
-* l^^***^!--' it Will Last
$...<mi, $3.25, $.1.75, $*..►<>, *'..7ft, $5.50, $0.00
_ 121f.-1.17 Verona AvtSSS
Glass, Wallpaper, Etc.
Third and Pike. STAR paint CO.
, — _ ■—————*■—** 1 , a
S !___,.;_^^i;£,_<l££.r^?r ■--*„ M **
Caais aad Ss* Oar M*» Llss tf .__■_
Crockery and Glassware j
"', Just Received. It Will Pay You. ;
!l • BOt-BOt rie-sßt Avanu*. * — I
Sell Slutliu Paper. 500 Ivan Fee. or Puer lor 34c 213-215 OtcUattl ire
» • _ i . . —» " i , ... „.. i_i
_>*e»ee-s^*>»VVV»^-V**-l»aVaV»^^ |
)! 1H.A1.1.11M U Jl
|i Groceries, Wines and Liquors i;
I't.lll.Ka IM >
Groceries. Wines and Liquors t
|; 602 Pike Street, e.ratr Fifth. <;
|l W.1..*..*a la.tal • .tort ol Bus. oil I •IllnrnU («,ne.ms) tlareltarul whin, ,l
* -1n... ilnlsfe...) isaas. |.*i, |.vi, la-—. Tk* U.areae to rnsk- »n oil p. r.on l-rl > ■
* twin* at.ln. Ana ... tlrssirensih Ist Urn sick. trite, —„-lt-l«te. F*llilly Had* <■
* twin ltd. lilepßOß* Ore** Tat.. < *
ij£S. R. WAGONER, D.D.S.^
Painless Dentist
, " —' he*! Teeth, aim. .-;■ X '.».! i ra.srn. aun. M 1.., ri:iln«*. W- op "*■"
IV oel4 rilUsat, .1 JO SB. A Set years' g-araat** stitr, all cor .Amjf -
__-1100 Rtw.rd t* anyone fading anything bat Flrit-clttt _—,
_- Material in tb* above work.
****** otic* 11-lt-H llslier BmUlatt- Ttt*|ars->ri* Main *** ******'
/^^ Oh! What a Difference
—B-*-*s^_\vl Ant fclmlsl H*ialaeßetclt*B latlaal >
_*--*•• • '• VfeW r«af-_* V "♦'*». •**.*■**•*--. IB* bib el ■ '-^'C-fN*"
''^A^tWH LmiHMCHE wafers!
#0h! What a Difference
An? kiti-1 ol H*i4MbM flrvo It-st&m
-^ -UUa4 iff imm am of
Thrjr _*•/« f tffts* ttii t*M Of yvllrt
•L* | \^L*\V*/3*--***V Wo Oucrantoe Thotn
__ ' „, 'f"*" *" S.c.ad Aye, tad Colsisbla St.
Q "DIAMONDS"^"-' ;
js-J-s—- liar* -^T_iTrMh4 In larle*! tree—, I" Ie JO per test Oar priest sn ttlli
_H r ~st*l —k •*>»• • "Aair_« si s,l „rke."
tHJr rOt F"lr*.t Avnnain -lEWEUEt-l
Learn To Ride a Bicycle
Auditorium Bicycle Riding Academy
- • ■-' •______ Aw ssi-id Ma___a__r» St
__P__J ___PKj&____-^ Th* most •**•-.-Mil** or*«n ol ken** in lb* h»>lr. it altaV.il
_%Mr*l \___!_i* 1 io*ic«*M.r.l« In the** >iit-r«. lor the r*Uef of rlsnlw tUi.i-i
[J***K\ J_>^__t___ir* I *-'ur -Kiulpmt-iti for ib« rin-uliuu ul your orJ«ia t« the but
A ar-ftf*^, «^-->JH * * *t*i t*n Imi ißTllbir*
*a.a J2j_-k > «> W*** ii. < i.at niHMHi Oj.tlrl_in.-f- First An
Rely On Yourself.
It Is said thai there ere S3 pound* of bras* In the car
bearings under each of the 1.'.5.0i0 car* of the Unites] St.it, *.
which have to he replaced four time* a year, and this uses
up a tremendous amount of both sine and copper.
This Item Is given merely to show one source of consump
tion of copper generally unknown. The deeper one go, Into
the subject the mora he Is umated at the magnltnre of Its
It Is quite possible that some odd. unsccountabl.. fellow
will endeavor to swit, li you off from Investing In our copper
stock* with hi* substitutes for facta and logic, 11.-tter clio
heed to your own common sense. ■'■!"
JOHN E. McMANUS £ SON, 918 Second Avenue
wfdjhflu LUXURY
•-" + rll'll »*-_*»** •■*♦• *-" cl' as the Romans Indulged In
A. 4--PW VvM; f" TaKjyial*" * can be reveled In In a modern bath.
-|- — -f--*__LViP» * _ME ISf' roomt "Then fitted up .a in .lain
' ——*.!__■_■--s»-ATi. r>»'* L: '"''■ shower •'•*" tiled walls and
- „. a-- "sT~ alT—y *^'-t*rV>f' {" fi'".". and exposed plumbing. We
—_. i. --• al tf —li tf-/* - /*/**!*. "'" nt *"'" up b bathroom auch nt
-~*4 ItlK Uj lltY • _&. I-ucullua never laved himself In, with
""' I _H_ i__t____~. nil '"• modern Improvements and
'fr~ _—- i "*-'** ' '"■rTfJi . conveniences, st prices that cannot
fesife3-^i_ls „c comrei -- - -
*>IP"^2R&: &^^yi' •"■ *'or' Third Aye. and Spring St.
*Tsl*a-*5Bl»"»v-5. • ' .».—.....- Thon* Bolt ITL
Specials in Toilet Paper ______-__.
Yon Should Boy il Freely, Becanse It is Both Good and Cheap.
COON BROS., 1-117 Seoond Ay«
Just Opened______
Wlt_l_lAlVl TAYLOR, PROr*.
> Latin,! t'lirl. list Factory, lainalaan. lii-land.
Th* only place In lii. illy to hate your list ma.l* to order sua! rtpttrtd by Practical
l'nluii llsiieis. Ovrnar l -i si-in.e si„l I i street . ",...,
NO. .im.

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