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Ttataty.fvß Cat. * Month
a, Malt .. i,.,i„
VOL, _.
Which Is Soon to Be Located ii
Seattle by Theo. Ludgate. j
Milling Enterprise at Smiths Cove Which
Will Give Employment«- to Eight -I.
Hundred Men.
am - i, to. lav, one „, th . _,_,
•M Industrie, m,, „„ mlll.n,
line c«» Ih* Pacific coast
It win h. ... „,„,,. that wat
»r*ctK«U» driven tun of Vancouver.
__*.<*•* °** to 'he -|„a-,ti,.„ of „.,.
•em --.list, resident* who said that
It* *et.l.il.s. N t on , ._._,, m
2_T__!_*-__• entrance of the har
bor would "spoil , hr -.„ i 9
Thecal l.ate. ■_•-) '. build
l!™l?,._*?**, **• **** mill hen. »<*•
wdtnjr to new* received in the city
**»'« .riertwoe. I. at present In Bt.
l-wsil. «*onferrln« with th- at. North*
_-_T ,lr o *-*«-*l» "" r**T*rtl to th*
mm term. _„ „„„„, of _ _„„
bk. frimitta company near Umlih'*
___• Tee new* received today
states : *-_--"»-' ■•nnliell* thai Mr.
l-ulsate „,. . .... . , „, - , (Mdc
turn l"** *««**•■- Peeisl*. Th.
•urn oa, j „ r , , h> . , J J
on.. e at t_, r ,«,_ ..„ w#t »%_T
•low to sre tit. ,aiifys>. .a— -BT
etUMlshme-l of the imnnente mill
—t, ..... property would brine them.
Mr. 1-s.le-t* who. with hi* broth
er lac*, was In lh* city _—« week. !
leaked over every pottlble sit* far a
-■til en P—Y*t ta-und llrfore he left
tor the Kaet he inform. I a Blar re*
-scarssr that he bad almost decided te
take the Or.at Northern site, a* be
considered Heattle one of the most
pr-—.i.ms cities -in the coast.
■ Newspaper readers will remember
Mr l-udicat* • k>as* strut—i* le ee
tabJish a mill cc l>eadman a lalaiul
* st VBoeo-rer,' It. C 11- had tor
•_■*«••-. ' Stewart' and Weils, the
C—lt-Mte capitalists, cured s leeee
erf the Island for » year* When be
arrived in Vancouver, he met with
great ne*"-sHl.>n fretn the rit, c.vin
eft sad from certain _-_tl.h .reel.
—— . ,
For the State G. A. R.:
Encampment. •
*""*!'"> *s ■.>'.'...,", ■
', ' '
he* Heathers sf the Wsbisb's >
KHellst Corp J Osthcr la
ThlsClt*. '
' i
' ■ i
Th* seven!rent a annual encamp
rttent ef the Grand Army of the lie
public, th- tee nth annual flee I
vention et the Women* Relief Corp*
(nd the tenth annual encampment at
Dons M Veteran* will be inaugurate,!
In this city tomorrow, ansi 1,.1 ay th*
rlty Is Milne up with th • '..'-ran*
Bn l ireir families. . Th* beads-ear-I
leia of th. (1. A. It In Ike Haul DII- |
l.r presents! a duty and inspiring
pmey, is. Is this morning. Th* arrival
e,f ,i.. d.l'tai, - commenced early,
tad by noon over Ut had "If n- 1 th*
1011. As titers ar* Ton leg ties en
titled to sit In th* convention; sad
a* miii; more- veterans will he
• In altindance in irllneas Ihe encamp
ment. Is It esltmaleal "' II there wilt
be ov*r l«o visitors. |
Th* -ritepllon ro—mllte* of the
Women* Itellef Corp* have made
►reparations for *"• vteltors. The roll
wai opened this afternoon at the
headquarters " the Ilnlel Ueatle. *'<
.Igners ar* being Istued their er*.
Th- Son* of V*l»r*n*. with head*
quarters st th. Hol*i fluller. MI
test » delegate, tinny of whom ar
rived this morning.
Four day. will be Oe-eted lo Iran*.
Bating the bualneae of th* order* and
entertaining the visitors. Tomer
tow moraine lbs different organisa
lion will meet in lli'lr halls, and l|.
! prd*r of Bee—Me* will lie taken HP
This afternoon tbe council of a|
mlnltlraii-.r, Is being held '' th. I>l
-ler hotel, and this evening: a reetl-
Baa will lie- given all of th- vl«!l*u
member. .' !h* Ihr* ganltatK'S*
** *••"■•• *"•"• V i
Convention of Mutes. \
, MAHI'iN. Ini . Jun* 20.--Th* fnl
terstate mutes' convention WS* tell
'In this <l'y. closing last night, "thi
crowd In attendance yesterday wV*
very large The Rel Mr. Mann, \t
Ohio, 4*l|veeed ■ aermoa In the *!«"
language. Prominent mutes from 11
linois, ditto and other state* weP
Here. _^
. ,—_____/ _.... h
• •lent-, the litter eltlmlns that atari
t l.y pars which th. laiaad adjolna,
would be spoiled »h „ 1 ■>„ mill be
, erected.
for months Mr. l.utlsair has been
• si-nun*- * manly battle far las-sea.
•ton. Twice he landed tars* forcea
of men en the '■land, Bel v.a, war*
driven off by the cliy an prot .octal
police. On th* •era.nd ra-,alf..n. lh*
bis mill man offered resistance, wo*
hr..ari to in. ■•stand, and finally
handcuff,-! and taken la th. city.
The matter I* now in the provincial
curls, and Mr I.ul.al* si: It Is
ee4eretea_, M * lbs City of Vancouv.
'. and the province of lii " '.' Col
umbte for a larce sum for dare»«re
aad lessee sustained.
The for a lars- .urn f.r lamas**
and Insass •u.ialrwsd.
Th* tmii Mr L_ni«st* mjmmtt
erect IB Sea l lie will be a mammoit*
( affair, ll will, with the men employ*
. at'the various I test as camp*, -five
werk to lis..ill MB employe*, and will
in. Iv 1. a sh'nsde mill sad Bee far
f w~rat-~e* ef wiwerw-irajm tut**-.--
--| tahllahmsnt ef the Industry here csa
easily be *****
II I* u-4*r*ir-od thai work on th*
mill will rawnmes-e lie— .edteiely ■»
en Mr latdt—le'a return t» Meatus.
which "111 Be satse* lime lurln« lh*
present week, r-t-aklns of the up
roe! Hon he met in Vancouver. Mr.
l.ii.ltat* said la Me Star lull befnr*
■joins* Beat, "I am * Canadian but I
am ne Utotrr a believer la Canadian
justice Mr chief opponent* warm
KB«li*hmer»--rstrdtt*tM-B me*. I I—-k
>."« rail ie*in.-'*-'lf"eeelsl per V an.
cttever to rive them I*-"* a piece lo
leave th* country for ever, MffM
cotnl&B* lo Ihl* *ld* - **** ****** ***
reived wllh -pen a— I am «l*d
bow that iheoe-soeltlea ol Canadians
| sent me to thi* side.**
j-_Hj*_tef-Kf«Paßa.eiia.l.(,.";».ißsfi.M i_m« i«aWi* .iHTIM
Mauachusetts Secures Both
J. E. Foye and W. E. Baker.
Th* eta*. supreme court yesterday
banded down two opinion* stTlrm
in*- the Jtidsment of IB* • up* rise
court of King county In th. Import.
Nt aib.ii aswpua <-**** of John It.
Pry* and W. K. Haker. Th* order
wa* lo th* .."feci that both men b*
turned over Ie th* authorities at
Hasai'liiiselll !'• be tried, one for
Jury bribing and the other* e-nbci
Inspector U. J Morristey. of lh*
Boston police, who has been tn the
nty several weeks walling the out
come of th- app-ala. la Inclined to
MBit that his watch Is now nearly.
at an end. and be will soon tak*
' hi* men Hast
i royr claims that h* I* Innocent of
•he crime ..f Jury bribing charged
«galn*t him, but th* He-Ill* police.
However, are Informed that there It
a strong cast against him. The
crime for which linker I* wanted I*
for th* embeislement of .**> from
the Adam* Express company.
Th* new * post off! •- building will
not be built on the Meydenbauer
properly, corner of Third «venue and
Colombia street. Home time ago the
owntr subrnllled * bid for ,h con-
Istnirtlon Of a -tc-lrrtTle* building, lint
Isom* d Iff!rally arose over Hi dl»*
jtrlhuuon of floor *p*re. While thi*
.as bring rratrled th* owner made a
tale of the property, end •■ a r»sull
tew bid* *r* , all- I for on or befOf*
Juris* M
Th- ptwlofflce building must hsv*
*l least MOO f.r! of floor space for a
five-year lea*, or IMM Nat for •
It-year I, i*. The building mil"' tee
supplied with all modern convenienc
es In lh* way of lighting, heeling and
water families.
A Terrible Duel to Death in
Making an Arrest.
HKI.AIIt, Md , June 20—Policeman
.'i.in. Batsmen wss Instantly killed
I and John Hays died today from the
wutii, 1* received In a '1- ;seta.!, duel
i fought I*l* last night at ti,- home of
1 the latter. Hays hsd been drunk and
1 disorderly awl threatened I" shim!
* anyone i... .i.,,.-1 to arrest him Of.
f, fleer* Hut.man and Jones were sent
, to Hays' house to arrest him. ,i- th*
town authorities feared he might do
sworn- harm.
1 When the policemen arrived at Hit
, ' \ '
(ATTIs.I3, \\ \*-i! im, i on, TUKSDAV iVKMNti. JUNE -.<», 1899.
Ills* Ihey found Ihe doors barrlcad.
It and locked, iirtlrer 11,11, in m a.11!
v*'- Jinica to bring nn ai wllh
lahl.il to break In ths door.
As soon ss Junes left |Uyt sudden.
lv threw th- diajr wide open, and,
l>Olnil!ig a Plslnl at Hal. hi,,, fired,
•lh* ball entering the right side of th*
"abdomen. Al ths „,„„. 11,,,.. ii.
pulled his revolver Ihe ofTlcer pulled
bis, an! a ductal short range fol
lowed, 1 •iiii.-ii. were afraid lo Inter*
I fere, and Ihe men emptied Ihelr re.
I" tuiicta at .«, 1, uiher. They then
clinched and fell In the doorway lo
gelber. the policeman ea lop of Hays
wuh blood gushing from Ihelr nu
-111.11.11. wounds, 1,,11. .iii.in Hale*
I man .Ileal In a few minuir*. llay*
never recovered t<on*rlouanr*a and
1 died Ihla morning.
Sale of Class Company.
pi i r*~M it.. |'8.. 1,,,. SO.-A .p..
rial meeting of the »tuckhulder* of
the Called Hiat.a 1 ;i u s. c nitiiiy
yesterday approvetl Ihe term* of vale
I by which the company'a property I*!
. to go la ti.c |.i, „.-r 1 Tablewar*
I rilaaa enmpany. An appraisement I*
ie be made by dlelntert*ted expert*,
and th* plants are 10 be 1ta,.." ,'. I
»a the Beats of this In cwse Ihs ap- !
praisements are not satlafartory
I Jsdge J. 11. Heed. acting a* art-tire*
tar. I* to adjust th* differenrtr*. The>
largest Intn,.ta that arw to enter,
I It-.' raHahln.il are tbe L'nKed
I sf.n'i-a 1 lia-a eaampsny, ti. ea.- 11,... „
j * Co.. aad the Ik-Chester Tumbler |
tompany. The Interesls that hays j
•tready sgrsed to Ihs terms ef fs.ni-j
Minna sail on sppralo.in.nia, show'
actual values aggregating over IS,-j
B».s»e, and whatever tht* agyr.gat. j
. I* It will ha. the ceptlal stock of the
, sett eufnp—ny.
, The War depariment this morning
. was notified uf a fire and a heavy
1 • .p1.,1 ..n which lias occurred st fort
, Ptcksns. Kla. No ail* ha been
I received.
i ■■„■ o '" •
OL-tieiOW. June SO.—A dispatch
from tuition, ways tbe neurhollard I
I'll, at the mm. . there, were Houdrd
todey and IS men ar* mls*Uf.
I'Vlllin June SO—Th* family of ,
Prsyfus was not:-;, todsy thst the 1
prisoner will arrive In rrance next
Bat unlay night or Sunday morning. 1
No member of the family will be al* I
lowed to wttcume him. 1
The Filipinos Resist
Quite Stubbornly
the -.mavmm,m
Which I* round te S* I* Ol.gar
a.ti, rilthf Condi
Manila Junes ja-Oen. fTfce.
who Irttnuacr Ila lh* li-1 1 test night,
advanced OB Peres Daamarlnaa early
this morntne. The advance was con
teste | tit the re!)*!*, but after mod
erately hcity • ghtinx, th» Ameri
cana occupied the rlty Wheat on
lmme.llat.it examined th* -„,'- ran.
nation, which be decided wss •<• bad
ss lo make tt dangerous for a garris
on place. Wheatnn's force* will puih
on tomorrow to llu. Nt Vista, which
la supposed i.. be the sll* of lb* rebel
;-..as.J. ' mill.*
TA<"«>MA. Jut..- Sl-Prellmlnarles
are now complete on the Palmer cut*
off, and in a few day* bids will Is*
ask*'! The surveying parti. • ar*
coming in and nothing remains now
bul •>. actual work of ronslructlon.
It Is understood ocntrsetetrs bsve ihe
ground preliy well looked over, and
not much lime Will he re—ulred to
make satin—lie* Th* lucky bidder
| will put his men In the field at once,
and employment will he given In sev
en! hundred men if Ihey can be «-
Thi* I* Ihe chief problem ahead of
the ctnnlraclnrs at present. Ms. ar*
scarce, and II will he n.. »»*y mailer
1., get even too men for the grading
force. There »re no Idle men In Ta
coma, a* Is evklt-nt tram the short*
eg* of held on |—a dork*. Wllh
|w*ges offering of I" renl* i,, hour,
there Is difficulty In getting Inst,
shoremen enough to load ihe •Me*
now In port. The ronlrncinrs rnap
ing the rxlenalnns around lh* mines
ere working small crews, ami hays
trouble lo keep I hem lip tn a iiunla.
Public, scnllmenl I* strong agalnal
ih. employment ■■' Japnnrae, and It
I* not sn easy mailer Ie gel til. 11l
The ■iiirnlgi ill's brought by Oriental
•learner* till*. ..mini.' have nearly
all sons on 1,, the Interior anil are at
The Northern Pacific Is alto aboil!
1,, begin a general overhauling .if
bridge* over lh* whole line aa far
R*at a* Dakota. Old brides* ur- to
he slrengthened,' pier and abut
ment, tiulll, and bride* work —ner'
,1 v placed In condition. i .i.i of Hi..
■ llockles several eritliely new bridges
1-aII he built ,t one*. Th, engineer
i,,„ deparimeni I* busy on plana, and
order* for lamb I „re already being
_— ■
HOLYOKK. Mas*., Juns 20.—Presi
dent Mi X Inli a went 10 Mount 11,.1t
„f. Ilea*, south (if Hadley, this
morning. M. will present '1,, dip*
Ictii.i. to a largss rials of student*
this afternoon. ■'■ i
M V'l'll-I.l' " June SO.—A re
markably heavy etnrm passed over
Mansfield l,i ■i night. I'very factory
' ill lo'.a aa* flooded. No live* were
lost, lot ii, ,ii v narrow escnpe* ar*
reported. Th* lees la t.o,o<e- -■ ,
..at a us.a.. P-wraaoe '' I'l-'if, or iron,,., any
■21 i 1 11l lli! -''**"■■ °" •'"" I""'' as mailer*
111, ll VI 11l BOW .1,1,1 I bat-.. HO rr.ponsll.iliia
1/1 /I I^l IMi I" evade, and no apology i,, make
*_■_ _as for „._ courf , 0 , -c , lon .hlch I
have deemeal l>est in governing my
children—JOHN LAMB
Th* . olliliii... also rejected five
applications out of SO for Hi exam-
Inatlona which are 1.. be held Ihe
rlral of net! week for various |,0.l
lions which corns under civil sn a *
For Federal Building
In Seattle
Sent Out by the Ooesrnmsnt—He
Ossllass te Oi«e Inter
P. B. Han. '* ii Ihe special agent
of ihe Treasury drparlmrnl, who baa
been hem fur several dsys on bust*
n*__.-_-.-.„_ wits the fc!~tfc?-.nf
a sll* fur the new federal building,
let! this morning for Halrm. in Sir.
(larrelsun ts chief of th* division of
account* al Washington, D. C„ but
aa lh* last ramgresa mad* appropria
tions fcr sltty federal buildings, of
which one was for Hesilie, be ha*
been detailed to Ihe I'aclilc coast to
e-lecl slits.
Mr il.rrn.on am submit bis re
port In per..,!, to ih* department at
Washington, aunts on- about lh*
mt-Ml* «f July, It « 11 first be sub
mitted 10 in- attorney general, as
there are some points of If Is- lo be
cleared up Il is i i ,1, ible, however,
hat no difficulty will i.- nasi with
her-. and If things g» • ninthly, work
will begin on tbe Health- bull-ling
within a sdt..tt time.
The f..K.wing is a list of the sites
offend for the public building in Be.
Ily Mr*. Mary A. Denny—Two
sit*-., one tn. black hounded by
Eighth and Ninth avenue* and I'nl*
verelly and Vnl.-u etreei*. and th*
other on the nskfth side of I • ■ -rally .
•ireet. between I" ret and Second *r.
Ily Eahetman. t'urmtan A Co —Two |'
_.*.. *"" ,h- north and south sit*s '
Ily st■ rwsr* ta-q,i_ a bet e.n I
state of Marlon straw*, belweeiTThlra .r
•nd Fourth avenues
Dy Jamea A. Moore— on the north
Side of I'nlon slreel. belween Fir*.
an! Hri-on-i avenue*
Hy the Ye.!-* ratal*, through
Maurice MfMlcken, secretary
block bounded by Third and Fourth
avenue* and Jefferson and James
. JJ_-_ t-MMfS *i- .Ha vies * Co The
Mock bounded by .urlh and Fifth
avenues: and Bitring and Million
Ii is Mr. aarr.ts.-n • opinion that
the price* a*ked are all extravagant.
but he •aid be might easily be mis*
taken tn this matter, •• be wss not
familiar wllh real ratal* figures in
setive growing town*. He declined
to make any reference m the alte be
re. ..mm*n !*■! This I* hi* flrit trip
west of Bt. tr-nl*. snd hi predicts a
gr-al future for Beattle. "You hate
•eeourt-e*.** sab] he. and Sealtlr in
the future will he Jaw what you
make It There **--.* to be i... III*
tl* regard paid to the future. t*very*
one searrns to b* it. f t'lr present
benefit I think this is shown by '
the c-ani!tti,»n of the *tr**l» sod city
Miles IS~
Over the Situation in
the Philippines.
! NEW THICK June SO.—ln an in
terview here, Oen. Mile* declare*
hat the Philippine .iluatl.sn is se
rious. He does not believe that the
question of oiling for volunleeia
ha. been decided.
Acordlng In sdvlres received
through a latter written by «'h , K.
Chard, formerly of the Seatlle Hard
ware c»mi«any, an ctpatlliliui. of
which Prince —eld, a nephew at
the King of Italy. 1. itM head, he.
made rich flnda on * creek near Purl
Clarence In i be Onlofnln bay dletrlrl..
Pnurteen claim* In all have been 10.
cnled. A 5..., Intel with Prince I.ul
gl ir. J. 11. V! „ I f..ii«all. A. 11. Slew
art. Clarence ll.uiford Bed C 11.
Hlack. all of Seattle. a
Lamb Matter Dropped by Civil
Service Commission.
The civil service commission met
In lh.. CHI hall In*' nlghl, and lh,
rhsrees which have been made
agalnet John I..iiiHi aim.. psrllally
Investigated. 11 was decided to drop
the matter as tee complaints had
1,. i come from the heed of Ik* water
dap ii iin. ni, In which place Mr. Lamb
la employed.
The following , omnium, from
Mr. r__mb.ts*t_ i «ad
"Arthur 11. (Irnut, Secretary Civil
Dervlce Commission.*'
' "As I .mi .in employe under the
civil i Via. rules of till. rlty, .Hid
charges haw been made sgaltut mo
which, if i in. ar* very serious, I
deslrs that your honorable body
Should have every facility for ascsr*
I.IIIIIII* lh* real fsrls of lh* 188, If
> ,11 think lh* mallei •ufuoi. i,,,
Wheelmen Collide.
MlHMi.i'i.,%. Moat; June to.— Miss
Illanrh* Smith la suffering with a
In.-ii arm aa a result .if a bl.y.lc
collision I—St night. Th,- young lady
•a as riding Basse th* air.rt In front
of ibe 1 nun house when ah* collided
with Ml** |!n_ Hawkins. The taller
escaped wllh a few bruises and s
badly damaged wheel.
The authorities are determined lo
put an end to fact bicycle riding on
in, builne** streets, New Horman
was arreeled last nlghl by th* riiy
marahal and booked for lb* offense.
Reported by Otis to the War
' ll'N'.if'S' I». C, June t».—
Oils Informed th* War dtpartmeni
this morning-. ihst Aye American*
arte killed and 11 we— i In yes*
lenity* ban*. Its say* the enemy
It ft over 100 on field,
Brought Mono* Out on the
Steamer Teei
Vls'T'-ltla li i- June >' -rift)
paeetigsri just nut from Dawson ar
rived her* is.i nlrht on th* Tees
and they bad all the way from MO,.
•** to l."..t***i Th* paa**ns-r* .tat*
that many men are arriving at Ska*.
| Th. T-ae-*lVf.tt» with fully
I*. l-.rß»tl. of l»»at' - was drowned,'
■ near l_tt'- Salman, end Ihst Tom
Hmllh. of Ottawa, a.as also drowned
on the Klondike river. .
Tht . (learner Sovereign r**rhed
I Dawson Jen* I from Circle City. ,
Klondike • Yukon . Bteain com.
pany'f or* at Isawson was destroy -
ed by "re June *
Regarding Trusts end the In*
trial Commltilon.
tVAHHIN'IT. ,N D. C, June ».—
Itev.ral daye •so th* Industrial com
mission suddenly decided to drop the
inve.siaail "ii of th* trust*. Much
•urprlee tt** .spree—ed bec*ua* th.
...•si.sn.rs »*»m.d lo have struck
part dirt II cropped out today that.
In turning from th* trust trial*, the
commission wss simply obeying ord
ers. Word wis passed that the (torn*
mltalonera were advise,! by the ad
ministration nßlilala Ihs! Ih.y had
heller drop the trust investigation.
111. prediction it made today lhal
the matttr wll not be taken up again.
Coming to Seattle Today
From Vancouver, B. C.
A party of dletlntrulshed r,»n*r**s
men. socompsnled by their wives, sr*
expected In arrive this . afternoon
from V.1|,,1i1.r, H. C. There sr*
II In the parti, and It Is hen.led by
Congreaaman rier.no R. Payne,
chairman of the wan and mean*
rommlltee, and alar, a member of Ihe
Joint high commission
The other distinguished members
of th.- party are Chairman Hull, of
thr committee on military affair*:
Mr. lailirtl. of the foreign affair*
and census c..mniltt.c», and Con
gressman Hcalrtatle and Hleele of Ihe
way* In! means commute*.
Mr. Payne will be especially Inler
ealed In Ihe Puget sound country, by
virtue of his position on th* com
milt,,- ,i, m „ ham marine snd fl»h
1 The party have been for several
day* visiting In llrltl*h Columbia,
and will pass through Hctlie on their
. way to California, Prom California
ilea .111 return I" Seattle and lake
I passage for Alaska about Ihe laat
of this in,,nth.
This afternoon the party will he
met „i ih, .|e|,.,l by a committee
from Hi, chamber of commerce.
BKJWaiMHBStSSV— "..>■. -I ' n '-"m
HT. LOUIS, Mo. June 10,—A pr*>lty
romance, begun In quarantine httpi
ml sevsral weeks ago, ram* In an
end today when Miss r!.,phle flerhlg
an.l •;, in,' Hchuiijt were married.
rVhulli Is 7", years old and an engin
eer al Hi, HI. 1,..i11s Cold Storage Co.
Three socks .is/,, he waa sent to
quarantine wllh imrtllpox and never
. _),. i, ,1 In leave Ihe place alive.
While tufferlnf wllh the antral ma*
llgnant period h* reel Ml*i Serbia,
lh,. pictt) daughler of th* chief
laiinaltea* of Ihe hospital. It was thi
ol.l . n.e of love al lira! sight. When
convalescing ike evenings Brer* ile
visit.l lo 'I, a, i .-ill 101 lby the two, but
it,, one -a 11 -1 lei ma 1 1 liuony. Wed
nesday Hrhullx was discharged as
cured, and following pre-arranged
plans the ceremony took place today.
I Screen Doors...
i Ready to Hang, 85c, $1.00
', Fancy Panels, 5 1.7*;. 5^."-.
I Window Screens, _<-„ joe, *;*.c, 40c.
, I2I&-I2I7 Second Av.Bl*
Glass, Wallpaper. Etc.
Third and Pike. star PAINT CO.
• IffiWiat-W.^-'^ a
Cotis snd St* Our New Lla* af — j|J
I Crockery and Glassware!
Crockery and (Glassware
Jurat Received. It Will Pay You.
]'I 808-808 rirmx Av*nue.
I ».•^yig/rW'-iaa.asys^^ - c
fell Slei-tu Piper. 500 Hun fee! if Pi,., (or Jtt. 113-215 Odleitil An
f I *»! I lis ,N i
i; Groceries, Wines and Liquors \
t 602 Pike Strut, iiriir rink! J
4* »'• here fm b*»d a itetk nt arts, old ' •lifnrnU <*..*»•-it.* | elareli tad whit* , >
£ wlats. I'litej-. el ls»a. UM, issl. list. Ta* Unerase leant* *ft 0.l J.. foil l**l £
.I } i.iir.| MUD an.l lo fit* ilia-as tB is IB* .!'! 11-• •• mo-.r I- .—il> trails A
) Mllctsc.l. Tf It (.In,or 4_r<*-*n ~»C #
i-V-% »%V*%\*»VV»»»»*V\%^%VV^-»\\ *
R. WAGONER, D.as.2
Rainiest-. Dentist . _-■
•*- Basl T**lh max it X s.el4 < r-ratu. >-.■•> Him nillos" 'st up *""•*
gyW- Leila Illlir.-a. II -V. up A At. rear.' fusrftntt- witl. til a.trb -_U>
—— ■ HOP Hewer* I* a*.oar «*dl*| t*ytbl*| but flrti-ciatt g ,
__. Material la Ik* ab.va work.
___ MBS IMS IT li-jltr Bal-las- Ttlet.li.an* Main *» *-°
Wea. s*-2T__,V ****" „?* Urta *** '■'•I"*" SlT.a In.lsal
• jg'"'"'^ll_*s_ fHr Wy ._ n.) bar* .le«4 tb* leal al **ara
*^£ i \^__\\ --V Wo 0-«'*in,M Them
f I \%j v /rzz>
\ 1 \J/ J.
* ______________!_. ______ *"• "' -•""*"st*
!--£-. 11... B_MeBBI ■! m .M,-.ls,a»MS|*ieM Oar prleei art stlU
_jr*»3»"fV -"*■ "WsUbs* «i .11 prteea."
\f km \W 704 -let tv.nai* JEWELER
Learn to Ride a Bicycle
Auditorium Bicycle Riding Academy
Titled »v« *___ Msdieon tSt-
MKJ __sK——'Ai**V **-• mt.fl Kn.lltTt eresa c! sens. In lb. ho!*, 1. •Irna,'.
mjKL mWI e^ \ DANGEROUS NEGLECT ler th* IHE ETE al.l.ai
__pt__a,_*»sy Tbe m.,,1 mil Hie. e-*aa o! sens, la lit* t->l*. It a!ma«i
VI _Bf7# \ la.icasst.ls In Ibes* .Ur». lor Hi* r.11.10l .IvUi. vlsl»a.
ftfyjm tg 1 21_^^t 1 liar *v|«l(.»,raal lor thee.ssctiltua fs«ir ur-i*r, I. Lite l-atl
A s-_ft>—_^sfswfl|flr* " U,*l ..a l. lotin.l .nr-lier*.
lA/?*—,—^.! ~**—'" 11. II.IV 11 rSWII V. optirlsn n» rir.l tr
ea '* ■"»"• I
No Time to Lose.
' One nt th* arns.itlonal mine* at the Inde*."liver Crerlt
dlsltlil 1* the Clapper lie!!, «nd It I* not Improbable that the
rex! big *trike IB close at hand In tills group of claims.
Word just received say* the 1-dge will shortly be cut
■ nd, If Ihe ore Is *■ good *■ the level above, look out tor lh*
wildcat kind of an excitement In the *te. k The "shoot"
may be farther int., th* hill then has been anticipated, but
there will, undoubtedly, be sufficient recompense when th*
mineral »h<its* It* tare.
We advise quirk purchase, hellevlna- the next Jump In
price will reach 10 cent* If you are misled by followlna
our sdvlce you will be the flr.t one Never mind what the
olher fellow says. IH'Y AMI AT I.Nl'l ' ■ ' __. '
JOHN E. McMANUS _ SON, 918 Second tonus
!S_ifc_. LUXURY '
, '■:■ ._ ♦ ;*«ili| --£_£• ** i Such at the Romans Indulged In
1 4- -1- * ,*_| wVti' * " If'.T.JL*' * ran '*** reveled In in a modern b-ith
j_._L iiiß «». , . jjaV't • room, when flited up with pom 1 tin
1 I !_J___KsVa\i-—^"Am"--..-- tub. ah.iwer balb. Illod wall* and
' ! "*"—"r~____B^___P*K3r' floors and exi-aae 1 plumbing. VV*
'*•'■ ".__^~^*^^__KLT*__r y** *'"' fit y'U up * bl,,nrm "u''v, a*
_1' 1 kl u~ (J —I LlJ_iu^HU laiciillna never lav*.* himself In, wllh
—+c !_tl—*- k'^*^'ij .gg,,. jt^Ksj all th* m°d*rn Improvement* and
. —»- ■*■- j__-*-«^ilear^CTy /. i-iinvenlencca. at pries that cannot
, 'll^f^^^i^^P^; raotaFpllbing CO.
„"-^-».et^J_^ks^--!^^*iiV Cor. Third Aye. and Spring St.
n»j(isr*^j_*x<Cs ■'■*'■•*•*•*.• ■"• ■*. .*. The—* Bus in.
• jsßaßl wa—^sssa—_ „. ss, ■ .. _^^^________________________——__—
Specials in Toilet Paper __-.-
: Yon Should Buy It Freely, Becanse it is Both Good anil Cheap.
COON BROS., 1417 Second Aye.
I eiiceessiirs to Th« r«la«rt rompaiiT
; Stationers, Printers and Binders
l-raOHß^tW^ .... 716 First Avenue
.. ' " ■ '■ "-'■■-.
so. .».>.

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