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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, July 28, 1899, Image 2

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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fc.'x*iy aftstn-Hin . \ ■ i-i Hmi4»>.
T.Tt." «"».!.!». Itt'-V.'rUAkR. ,
>.l.|Tt>». ! »l< ♦!>>»« VI Al>M_r« j
iW .»ni i»r <%•>'> i »l« trail !>•• •"•»■ ft j
i«.i.ii in- mil .•■■ i.i. r.ili .!.:!>. i' I '•
mmi ar c«rri*n. Nit ( '•■ .--.-•
i alaphon* f»IK» 100. i
'l«i,,< NuT i lO> • * Iblnl .....
Knltr*^ *l \h* pu.iitnu* lit rt^.iti... \\«*h- '
<>*'■'. ttA ... ..n i ,i. ■- imiter. ,
Ocrantonally .\ orilU-Ism I* n-«-clve«11
at the Star ollloe la the rffrtt that j
th^ paper I* "Util*,"
"Why don'l you print a but rap*' |
like 111 othrr Ml,i«« ilof i-i-'.l MM j,
wvll-meiinlnd frieml r«H-ntly.
Thrre are MVYTmI r*a»<in« « hy. In j
Ih.- ttmt pUe« th«T« la a KrowtacK
jiutilh- .i.-Mi.in.i for a *mall i-aix-r j
fontalnlDß all »f the ncwr* '•. a rend- j
•blc, roniirnx-J «hai«-. Ilu»y people j
have neither the time nor the Imlln- j
tion t.' watt* itti'-.iish dreary i"l
--umim of ni-ilirr la M*l*l to let at
« few fact*. Th* blanket n-w»i ■ u•■ r
la like unto * li« \olumn i»-.»»■•-.! be
fore the render evtry day with an
lini'H.l .-..11.111.1111 that he ni'.i'i i«-.«.i
It ihi.iutrti in order Io icet ttt*
new*. Some people are wllltna" '"'' ,
di> •«, but Urn ma)oHt> >i. not. pre
ferring to *k!m .h- ln-«.|llll'a an
Uwn turn Is wther thln«*. A* a r»- j
cult, th* patraaa of blankrt «>•»»- '
,|a»|iin MMMaI know what I* nally '
going on In Ihe » irid A*k them It
they law »«. ti and »u< h Itfm*. and
they uaually ray "No!"
In .>rd.'t Io read a bk»nko< n*w»-
I'j|.r throuih 'ii. muai lake from
thrt-.- to four hour*.
A paper like th» Star, which r»n
b* r*ad qutc-kly, rootalM oil ■■' th* |
turr^ni nr«» >-f ih.. .la» both tele-
Kraphlr an.l lucal. Tht* fact can be
• •t-vrlaliMKl by anyone who will tak* '
the trouble to cont|<are pstwr*. In
the ca*e of the Btar II will be found
u*ual)y that Hi.r.- i» aM n.»«
printed than appears In ihf* other
l'u«r! •nin-i dilllea. The newi**th- i
ertsc suiß 'f the Star I* l-«r»* enouth
to supply iiu'.'iii (t a l: of l*-p*t«
paper, but th* product m asaaV
so a* to meet Ihe requirement* of a
•maJt newspaper.
People whi> t«k' t»p*r* l>k*
the «<tar are alw-ay* wetl Informed. '
They read what t* put before them. j '
. A «'i.<nJ reason why th* J*l»r I* '
k«|>t down '" '""Jll •>««■ I* becaus»||
tt la enabietl to tlv<» t*rit*r return*
In •Iv--rt(a^ra and can nnii-l the
moat >!r«:r»b|r .'.*••• .-f |>aln na
OuflHH mm ad\rrlli»- almply to '
get return*, and not to help newi
paper* Rnanctaily. They will uae ,
thnae paprr* which brlna* th*m trad*.
The am.»ii paper* «dverll*emenl*
• re seen and real, wberea* the "*•!*"
in blanket |>«i»'i *r» usually lost
In the mua of oih<r matter. Mer- I
chant* (.mi perceive thia f»> t. and [
In all Eaa(»rn i-ai.» <r,-»r» th« amuli
paper ha* been #%tabttfth«tl. they *rr
MMTt-r to secur* advertUlnc *p*«.. I
Tb« mim rule hold* i-»»l tn it>>aMlf.
Althouch th* i<tar ha* »nly been
published live month*. II !• atrejdy
recosnlied a* an *«relltnt adv»r<la-;
Ina; medium an>l nearly M of Ihr
leadlna* Arm* of the cltjr no* iMM
recular advertldnic contract* with!
th* p«|>»r In fact, Ihe oftertnc*
have been *o heavy on certain day*
thai some ha 1 lo be refuied for i*ck '
cf »f a."»". Tt* RaVI intend* i-. limit
It* adv*rtl*in( *•• as nt to Interfere
with a complete new* service.
The Xtar I* making new friend*
every day amonaT that lan* etas* of
people «rbo dealr* to he welt Inform-
At th» meeting: of delegates la the
International Maritime confress at
I»ndon Ml KriUiy l.i»t. th« t~- «i tn.
portant r»f">rm« Mir. «"■ I «rr» the '
aasimllailnn »nl ■Hn. «r,.in of all
maritime lawn. It Ju»t!y -i-ci - I
that In Ih* event <>f a collision be
tween vrnttt nf ittrTprrnt nationali
tlM the verdict ou«ht not to be ef
fected t> peculiarities In to* laws
of the '<unlr» In which UM <••»«*
tnlf-hl be tried. ITndrt th« »«l/>tln|t
multiplicity of maritime cod.« Kr»al
confusion arise*, and lnj'jstlc* ls|
often dune (» "h;;;xr" which »-ouH i
be ay..!■!•■» >.y uniform l»*s for all •
rountrl'K. Th»- r.<>l of a reform In
the corxllllon* BOH prevailing I* *•'■!•
evident. An International aurrt
tnent «m a unlvereal maritime code,
however. w«uld be another nuj, t<i
w«M the perfertlon of that confed
rmilnti into vhUh Ihe requlrrm-nt*
of comnn-rre are icrailuuHr fiirrlng
the cKlllied nation* of the world.
The itreat atlfn<lanr» of member*
lit the Bpnorth I- imi- at their fourth
biennial Ininrnalinnsl ( onventlon.
In the rltr of IndUnapol!*, Indl
rate* the »'<■...iy «n.»th r,f the or
ganisation. The ronventltin enn
cldered some Important questions,
nolably th» ama:gam.i!lnn nf i|i
younn r><*ople'* MWs*tlM of all thi
ev«nitellr."il ilrn»mlriaUoi>*. If ihc
prof»>»lt|fin tv eff«"t thin unliin ran
hi- favorably drtr-d upon It will rnfan
the etmtoltitttioa of a vast army of
young pfiple enllnlo'l In n narfnrf
M»r - evil Influ^nre*. Tht* np
worth league ha* l.fcnme a polrn'ial
fartor In the a'lvanrcrnpnt of rhi'rrh
work. ir. I the dslU>tr*tlOflf'of tl;»
Ir.ii •«.»;.'•;;< 'unvriitlnn »huul<l : n-l
to further Inf-r^ap!** tiif? fuciv^s of Its
worldwide labors
The tr< amir"! ajitiqaitlM a! H-irrie!
{narrowly *«e»p»d destruction from
th« mlichty eanhquakß 'llnt'jrb^r.fe
ivi.'.i ii recently undulAtad nuncath
thnt rlty. Th" foliimn* of the Torum
•w*r'- r ik»n. and some of the -hlffi
*fon»*« -rf th» COIID >t»rn f"ll from th?l^
plac». It would be a sal miah:ip
If thi-a* ir.rtinirn»*nts nf ar.cl*»nt ir.!i
rt»ur nh'iull »« en'lr*ly ('•»«troy«-fl:
for tb*y rtprtftsnl in rrTufr dtfera*
th»n any uther rffunant* of olden
times the InUllaCtUsM (lory md 1(10
!■ mr-ip• tr *■ i' r,^ of a pajopttf whose his
tory :* ;."--jii.ii .v llfniOouit and in-
MruellV* In th*M day* >>r might v ami
n-i'i. in»; nation*.
A grossly exaggerated report con
cerning i\w «!..■.' rue. it itenion,
\\tilth » i« i Ircululml through 'ho i
City 1.1 »> cvrlilng. RMdt *ome people
•■■ii. ■. ■• thai Hi" in- !.■ ii«inii wannih
»f ih<- w.iiih. h»r» w*» directly
llm.'.il'lf !■> that MlblU b The fact
tli.it (hi- Si 11 .ii.l n»l limit* an .mii
should h*v* given them nn Illk!
of 11 . i.i i ih ii ta< in «i" n'«i aii
eotviumtnr. \V«trb. f»r lh« Mtar'a
•Itra.l w it. m -.iiiii-Miiim If Import*
m... occur*.
It.- Wuahliigtim \ lJUtti ■ ■■« hay*
.'K.i'ii !■.•. 11 <hx»lna Kilii'lnoa, lh!»
Ulna Ihi out: Ii water flvr feet d**P>
Hllt'h mi i! .>i'.-i .ill 'iih Writ' nol .•••ii
1' :ni'l >i.-.| by I!!■• boy* when 111- ■ «•••
li-i' I. but tin. v mrm |.«-i f•-.-it>- Will"
Inii to assume ill'- .iiiisii-"ii.»>' In in»
ol<l nay ih.it Hi.- native* inu\ tlr*tr«.
Manager of an Alaska Navi
gation Co. Missing.
llecent arrival* fmin Hkagwmy
••run ih- ru-tt« llMt K*lwanl TonKlli,
iii»ii««.i fur Ih* Itrm al Hell A Co., |
Ilennett Ijtk. a Klondike Navigation*
. .mi|... i and the itrnu.'i steamer
I'ut.h h«a t ik. n "■French leave." A
■hortage uf |.'..i»»> I* Ml In have l»ni
found In hi* account* Th* » twir
aboul of -nkln *r* unknown. °(\
IMmiN'k. K«-n.r«l au<lllur of ih. llrm.
went i.. nnwti Ml ih- la>t Irlp uf
the IMI.i |.. ihlil Tunkin In hi*
»otk but iiyri hi* arrival T.-Mkln i
failtM to ■■!.'» up. It t* ••-.innl 'hil I
hr wa* for a time In i. ii'!'. I'ul !
left Ihrrr. an-l nothing ha* be*n
hrjtr 1 ffj| Itn *inc#.
Tunkin wa* hiKitiv ir«!>r. i.- ! by
ihr member* of ih.- nun. ami ■!«.«>»
. nixi'l. r. .1 atrlrtly hone*l ami relia
ble. • ll* wa* **en. however, «n«l '
me l«wnv hmjr* i>!avlfi( faro. •" I It
I* Ih.'UKhl thai lhl» .a th* c«u»* of
hi* downfall.
A«"<-,.r I to |K«*>ii(rr< arriving
frnm UN) north, nn-<lh*-r *t«rnr*-l«"
■« urtrl a>t IMWMItI July 1* Thr
«ynf of ih*- nf» . nn*l wa* on thr
• >uih fork of th* lUk Italmnn ll'W
aboui I* mile* frnm Ih* mouth of lh»-
II K>(a:ii»iu • A larf> number of
peopt* atna up lh» rt*"er on ih*
• t«-«m»r Nor* h-or I of the itrike
«n.| *tamp^>lr<l '■•r ther*. A imrtv
(•■mini! out ta Hkacway from there,
r*p»rtnl that four men worktnf one
. vim had laJßa '«ul MM In II h-ur.
• ork.
INDIANAPOUS. liml. Juir »-!
Ralph f>rh*llr. • lltll* boy, U-* ■'••i
in tla ftofn* at Montp»:t«r. a* th* r»
«alt of a tlrlou* atta k i>|«>n him b»
four of hi* playmate* Th» ba]Fl mi
all i-fj)ln* t<HEMh«r >h»n khm dif
ficulty arnae ov«r « trlfUng matter
nd th* f 'Ur rnnii>in»l In thraah him ■
Tm•■• of them hr.|<l Hiiph while* ih*
iMIHH ku-kmt him ar. pounded htm
■»n tha nrvk, h«>a.l and bark wll
atonea, ly» kt<> f .||«m>-l and then
• l«-.uh
N»wa r»*»ived fr«»tn lh* north
atatea that th* r»v*nu* fuller i*erry
wll, b* MM to gllka Uri.irmh-t I
to iik- ■; it. ftrady on a rpul»» abnul
Ih* Alaakan < ■>«»! H# will vlalt
all th* toon for t| *■ purpoae of (alh
'■f,nt !»■'"-man"n for hi* annual re
port whirh h* »IU prfpar* and (or
ward to Wa«hin«!
• ■ •
Ail* I' «■« fr .n. Hk.iie • • nut* that
t>» BkaK»ay t>ailv Iludcrt la In br
miiv.-l abort ly tn liin.-a
• ■ •
Faritu arrttlnc In th- illy ffOMll
lM»nin atalr tt>ai th- rrpnrt arnl
down r«crntljr thai Ih* ilrnn'r Kinra }
had bwn f)n--.l I'JKt b) th* runtnm*
nlllrUI) for m>t <>»rlnir In li4«nn,
la untru*. Tha Flora h:i* b**n (I'ilnjK ;
a S"-' I bualn*aa H.n> * Ih* a^aaon
opvn*d and la on* of th* moat (■••|iu
lar <-r«ft« on Ihe river.
Reminding One of Fairies and
the Fish That Got Away.
TACOMA. July £«.—A report lhat
Anna »lrl|t»r. th« l«-y*«r old »i<-p-
U>iic!it>r ntCharU* Mundlnit. of 2.111
IVi.-iII' avpnu*. waa l>..un I and xajr-
Z"\ In broad dayll(ht at 10 W a. tn
yealerday l>y two men, on* lontr and
lh« other abort, who ir«fH through
th« houa* and fto!e •*• n money
fr'>m an up»t*lr* bureau <lrnw>r. waa
t.-lephon>"l l<» polk* head<iu»rter«
and Detecllvea \.«htiv and Thompnon
were detailed to follow ih«- matter
up. Tho police, however, are dl«
--pi/neri to look unon th* »t>iry with
a a;r*at .|.«l of Incredulity.
Mundlne li «n *nain**r at Tab
*r'» mill ami iraa nt w.rk. and Mm.
Muii-Ilt:;:. It iai atatefl, waa out
•hopping at IS" time. When Mm
Munding ratal I home I'm- girl told
her •i it WMI* *he «nn it«\vg winif
jjM'wlrK two m**n en|pre<l th<» houa*?
by a li.uk door. «he auppoalnf the
ni*lre wna mad* l»y her mofher nnd
:h< r' ' not |i.i>tnit nny rt.trtlruUr
itt.ntii'ii i ' It; lh.it one of them
threw i bandage over her ryca nn>l
plaetd a |BI In her mouih. thre.iten-
Inic her v IMi Inatant death If ahe at
tempted ftny d'-monalrntion. hi I
that. »hll* It* atood gunrd over her.
I the other rana.f-krd th» b*drooma
|tip*t*ln, nnd found hi i." tlld up
In a handkerchief In .i bur**U, »n
overlooked n gold wall h belonging lo
' the rlri. which wn» In n drawer Of
>i room where ahe iva« nt work.
After *hl«. nnl<l Mia Striker, tti*
two left til* r>reml»en, nnd. going
■ -i a vacant lot near Ihe rurner
of Twrnty-thlrd afreet nnd ParlDr
avenue, tnountpil their bicycle which
Hi -v hnd lift Htundlng i/p ngnlnKl
Mia «oii(i factory oji the I'MrlflP nv
*nue corner, np<l nn\<* oft Ip the tiv
eniio. Hh« aflid flhe iMil not jci»t v
'.iik at their facc-a nl .my time, be
caua»> they wor» tnatki.
Fighting Joe's End
Is at Hand.
n»i!(Hrnu;rMian;i»M oiiki
allrr Hating a High Old Tima in
• nt.ih Columb'a Nit
VICTOniA. B. ■' lv.> Z*-Bp#rlal.
— K1»hllll« Jo«" Martin, atturney
Krii.i.l of Uritlch Coluinbm. and Ihr
"i.iii that luranl the übni'Xluus alien
inintnit law whli h tloludad Amrri
can mlnata from Atlln. ha* •■ • " d*-
Ihratv At Urn «avernmenl caucus
lir wa* aakrd to re*lnn by th» mi
jurlty itf th* membero preaenl. and
he did ... relurlantly. d*ryllf| hi*
enemle* lo the ■Val ttiiii Mnrlln
out uf the wajr, one <<f Hi- ni»: U im*
■m Ih* '.frli tal prvaram will be Ih*
throwing open of ih* northern gokl
n-i i« lo American ihrift and capital.
Martin I'l only • » aui>|Hirler* 10
his H(hl. and when ih*y mm In
f.'inir,! hy Finance Mini-i. i Coilon
thai Marlln would have to go or the
(<>vi>rnm*nt would be ■■»• > tin ■■> n.
thry lurn. I <>n their old '. i 1.1
W. W. II Milnnr* a..i, of Lieut.
--(lov. Mclnne*. of Ilrtilah (VlumMt,
la announred a* Martina protwblt
• in.'■•axr. Martin's iKuml'-il '••
now in th* *i>4a of ih- |>overn»r'*
►■"■h'lni Jo*" ia one of the m<»t
remarkable ■I. uUM la i'jh" ' to
day. ll* kj known •> Ihe "atomy
{petrel .f IJomlnlan putltlc*." It. -
fore coming la lIM cnaal he broke up
hi* political parly In Maall >toa and
wa* flnall> f..r- lo *M*t the pratrl*
r*taThllnc lo* tw not l->nc in ar.
curing • political foothold In inn .h
Columbia, lie ipa-i the Turmr part
ly walrh ha.l be«n In i»»«r f»r
year*, and aspired to be leader ■-f
hi* r««rlv Martin lived In RBI atylt
al trte VaailWHai hotrl. and hi. l!l
--reputatlon "f betnc the ■ i >• k pokrr
ptayvr of mr *w*il crowd that fr»
■lurtiirl iiiai noatdry. Oa,l| a »(i":t
lime a«" h* went M a public Uail
In Vancouver «ttb. two taiir-. ac.
irmaaa*. and hi* ■ t-«nrni« 88l h'«
m«ra| llfr wa* not aa it ahott ' '»
Th«- principal aaajaa vt Martin*
duwnfall wa* Ih* •lien mining ■>■.
hiih he wa* Inalrunwnial In |.a«>
ri(h!in> Jm la a man af alrlk*
In* r>.!«in«lit>. I. la MM at him
thar |M *ouM aa aooa n«hr •■ vat,
Thla waa »*mplilk<> yratvrtlay w h ;i
h* trt*d to pl< k a quarrtl *IU Wai*
Irr C Nlchol, (4itor of th* Vmo.oiiv.
*r rruvlnr* Nl< hoi bruurht Martin
to th* front, and lh»n wtnt bark osi
him. Th» acrap oourrrj In VUlariat
Th* application for •> wnl of
habe** corpu* of l.» ■> Haaaa) «■
up In Ihe *u|xrtor court yesterday.
Ju l«» Jacob* mUr ■>*( II a* ht«
opinion 'hai he eajMMI grant ■ writ
while the appml tv the •ni-r. m
r.»urt «jaa paaailajaj but na' * .i. »»
in- defendant furnlahna the court
with evidence that Ihe rax- h»« l>om
dlami*se»l In UM supreme court, then
• ii. d • writ will i.- Muai
Victim's C«p Comes Off and
Ha Oias In Agony.
IIAI/riMOHK. Juty « -Jos >ri«>. ]
Corntllus A. <l»rdnef. Charir* Jame*
and John Meyem, were h«n«t~> on
Mt scaffuM her* this mornlnx.
All the n»"»n were n>«i They
confessed before jtotna; la the • >r
fold. As the drop Ml the rnp» J<-rlt
•-1 Oardner"* i-«p frtim hi* head. The
dylns; nun's distorted fare » 1* thrn
whlrUHl towards th* spectators,
ni.mv <>f whom lurti«-<l nmv r>- «
Ills death •iruirßl'- was terrible, Iha
h'Hr: t»»f»« itisr for Z't mlnuten. I :> ■■
others died * ith .tit a rlrn««»-.
The crimes '<>r which QardtMT,
M>» r«, and J«me* wrre ev^'utrd wnn
the rs|>* of a little colored k-lrl. I'.ry
an killed hi* mlitresa,
Klre, r«u»r.| by th« Mptoalon of
an oil lamp In the biller room of
the (>lympla laundry, near the cor
aar of Main Mtreet ami Plrot avonur
■outl did IV) damsirrs to the prrm-
Ises •bout 2:10 o'clock this ni'Tnlnw.
For Bea.ttle and Vicinity.—Tonlsjht
and Hiilnrd iv. fair.
The atmospheric prf""iir" h»«
' ■>->riK-'l Komewhal slncr yesterday,
.iltbuiiKli the "hl«h" CdntlmiM over
western Montana, with « "low" over
Nevada., «n<l the appearnn<<» of mt
apprwi<-hln*: "hl«h" In the ' irth
wrst, maUlnit rondlllons favo*atbl(
Th. trrniMTflttii* h«n rlx- nil nlonr?
lh» roimt from 2 •!<■«. »t Hnn
Krnmi«<<i • ... ii'lT. Nt Hi'nlll". an>l
ha« fnlltm over thi" plnlriui region,
r*ic|it at \Vlnii"mti'Tn. irhtrt It iii>
rl»<n :k ilrg. r-inr. y«»tprilny morn
ln»r. it in recordtd *< ■!' c at . o'clock
thin HiiriiilnK
A • r i• • »f rain fell nt K.i11.h,,. 11 (
H.ilt L.i.i.- City, .-, i tlrlonn; It *iv
raining at the two Inttrr piuci at
the time of ■■■i itton It a.i
. lnu<l ■ at Kurt Cunhy nn^ at Hun
Friui'-'lufo, <li-ar U- >.t\y. reported at
ntinT ntntlonii.
i i i O
Excursion tn Hoods Cnnal.
Hi-'iini'-r Ktnt» »r Wiihinjrton win
mnk» n H>«l*l rip to Hoodl C>in;il!
Mnii'lty. I'-nvlnK VfKl'r wharf nt
H V) n. I", nl'Miplne at I'nrl Oambit
nn«l Ulllwntip 111 Thl« will bo
ii,. i'i"«< tlMrarrtoii trip nt th« Haion.
Tlrk"it» ati'l "ihrr InfoimaUoii at
!*»"* rhurmary.
THE sI.A I'll i: sIAH.
SVB * / \ I I
/ ( ■*■ ■■ -t \'l
V „ „ . - . \\
No sucn clearing has been recorded up to the present moment in the store's history, hacli
daj sees more enthusiasm— more eager buying. The dullest month in the year
is transformed into the huMiest, and the big store
And no wonder. Note these store happenings for
I ■ ■■ """SATURDAY
Any SS *u» I «^ TateAnyParasul WUB
J^g. Hiii ' millinery }jl £5" Some were two
. * > 2 ■ > Some vm r- i
gg^ir.mmcd header. I ..... v . SffijKJFS mHtil&3s\
353SWK1 worlh "VT- ••*« scvt"n i ; <jl*»iA * a dollir and for- **A
«ls!ii Basement Specials -s WM&
W es-s \ Day Saturday We Shall Sell ssi-fflP
in the Basement: Mb::, .^
nS&" TV'!, *°i l£ One thousand(-.UvoT.hlf Turn- I orchlffon;cr<x*,|^V^^©
„ „ , *" ' !'" lT ..«, f ' blrrs. »IJ« «" a customer, none ed Congo h.in- 'A %
to C^v! that you eoud well .Ktord to Mve ; ■ fc ; fc • dk . s an / stpd , ramt . a do|lar and
the Uimmlnes tor another year. forty-elght cents. Hurry! for the best !
M II . Ai nr f\ x ' ucina AH'cuc 5 will be gout-bdorc Saturday night.
flnV Hfll NhUHP /T IiTQ : One hundred and dlty 5-inch '
Mlljf ndl Olld|jD L\3 UIO. J«dimrr.- S . regular a s c ones. 11 ) ft_ w _x |J_|r
.*■»!.■ .irr i,:,n ir in. i « i.!' Th«r« it- <•»•> in all colors, beginning .it ii fyjPji c \ny HI llnl
ii-ki )•■ i .!• i >.«ik n.•'■«•<;> N«t ant bui i* , / m. and as long as they last.... itiwii v> VU/\ vi uuiii
'">» jii-I ••»i:»ii A T«r»rb«nc#thl». No llmil. _ * *" _ , W* «rrv lu< kjr rrwufffc to rtt four ras«a of Im
i, . i.- rv- rh'xMc *h4i you will. «nil wh«T» ||J Lents t3cn P"rt«l 8«x l.i *<ll at haif Ihrlr worth. Kln«t
yoy mtt. any hat athaiw In th# I»lk» »tre*t , «.r M«. ■> <: I'm. »llh r'lil..-,| 1..p». «wt ,pfT wllh
•turn for < Decorated Cake I'latfS, 9 Inches color«l line». ih* lor* ud Im-la are in vaji.mi
oe r*antQ ! in diameter, cold border, floral ™ior»; thry're th«- *irt you've p«Ud fifty c«nt»
«=o woriL» . desißiw. worth 25c, all day i'; r ■ml "'v% r««-« "' «'« ">r '««• •*•'"-
All ih« Bilk h i^».. |tnnn»i» Mr cimwi : Saturday each dm> >"UCI" '•"> -' "J '
•am* •«•«• nriy. mm* a iiulUr, and »om» a ' PSC Q F^ail"
r':.r::v^^'r.:: v. l:. mvr 1: fi. Kr. lh; n: l 5 Cents. i««t2£»f«;II
25 cents Apioco Yod'll Sa?e Half a Dollar «._„, «„.,_„„ at n|f p..
Chirf U/nkfc arp in ThrPP I ntQ On lhrsc clc«anl f^''^lll Sllver c" l Ilftil'Ml dl n<lll r'lu;
OMirl nUlbld dlB 111 ■ li»CC LUIS t.amps tomorrcnv. They have t.. begin »ith. th»y-r^ not old .tyi^.. Tb* I
Afi4 clt.«ln« will «»»r. All r.« all roo«J ninr.il draught hurnir. <>P4l I idilht r mttamtat hLa HWas iHiw»m, «n<l
Voa II "H ilm-iii en th# hl« tal>lr> n th" N»w »hi.li» vi It an* , huninv lhl" ltrt of l*»'n<y 'l"*«-n w» rot from ... Tork
Mtor^. .\'« rotrMiw. no tf»»rv». T>.*m<»t ,' ' „ w i emmney l» ►n at j,, t,.. the |ir!r* w» *.M lh*lr mal«
«m».h«llc il«»ran<^«»«T known! Complete, WOflli .i dollar ailO flir lWu miilu mm> Thl» vrry accurate de»crli>- ■
I , Waists will po for Jo cents. BT3K2S. Sf teSSSI -- «-« -h^„,,.„. J,,„„„,..
| 75 Waists Wll for M.OO. ; row> an j Mu n sell not more •''{« »-N*« «.r M iln All have that unmUtak
|2.?o WaiStS Will go for $l.so than two to a customer, at l';l\\ SJtffiUSKt JLZ
Tiu« »r. 1..1. nil fUtuntay n.Khi. 10 p. m. ' «l Ot farh ! «hu. .. rii- . Ml., blu.-, tavciHl< r. ami > aoora
> *1.*3 tdUII. , O other color* „
25cToweling at IOC |: Fruit Jars. ! soc Tics f>i 25c
No, tit* bargain w.*n la NOT famine "' *n - Ban mcmm miJ( f, ul . j^, 25c Pflffs Will Go for 10 fnntn
«dy»u u«.vh« «f ail un*n cra.h To**|. I Ball machine made Fruit Jars JjC'rUlIS TfllJ 110 IOF 1U 16I11S.
ins .!.■-«.ui.« i* r n'> ». t-n in. h'« widt: *>• i are priced this way: ', «,.,«.- .» \t'Ki.« .. v . ... „
Si ."HI? gP :::::r:::.1S .-,::,?:;
IO Cents a Yard ! Plrnty ol Caps «o«l RuNwh. ; NBW o , Ui . ra()STi !
< per dozen 23c , j
5C Flannelettes at 2'C i&m \ Ladies' Collars at Half
> I- .••:».■>• bo !.11,,.tr. I»>' v it. •<■- I .•. run »i::l,. . «fc £• i I 1«» • rwl n«r>. Hunrtr.,l» or ' ■'•*'■• "f n»w '
n««ular icqiiallir, tawll at half pric*. Limit. ' ij ' <*.llar«. Incvrry waatad •ij-l», to wll at aam
l-i >..>.!. I ....-i«t „i..-r. .1 fit • >i4rr. »t |i -5».«.»ii5. >! " " "Din apiece. Not mow than a
2 c a Yard ,| **»»».-* }; n<> mail ordcks.
! Deßomj_ The ma pr-i r^ ■■ The New Idea
Seiiu Machine BON MA R C M jh. Pan ßr
$195O f t-*7?>*r//t^f/; & Patterns |
GuaranUtd lor rdUBIIIb
TcnY"rs 1419 23-25 27 29 Second Areooe anl 115117 Piie Street IO Cts -
Martyrs to Their Belief*
KANSAH CITr. Mi.. July I« -Ilrv.
W. 11. Tr»>«lth. a dlvln* hpulrr. dl<-<1
In a ti-nl In Ihe »ltim« "t Ihe illy.
»h«T* hf wn» holdlrt* r<-vlv«l wry-
Ice*. ll» h»'l b"n »ulT*rlmc for «<•*•
er«l <J*>« *Hh*««t>lC<-<illVr thllU. bill
r»fu»«l n • -1.- •) »I<l.
HtfVrniino, iiropertel"T o( Iho MM
lan-l Varnl>h «'•>. who •*• »»rlou»ljr
hurnwl In i»n I ilon "f "il in hl<
factory. I" *ufT<Tlii« wvrrrly, but h<
!••?>i—• U» «JI"W ■ phyntcUn 10 trrat
him. ' •
Makes Heat
Saves MortE
San Diego Fruit Co.
415 Pike Street
.ilWiublnßtonai.. Un\ „ ilm - 'Mr ,
Linotype Job Friiifiim Machine
Jn Hie Norittwmt. Cnlnloitiitti. I'liiTinh
i. v, 11. ,Ht kiMirlHltr tuw i■l< ■* to\VK
UnKhY t-y Klviu Uinu Kit ppporiuUty
X bguiw.
When ~—
You Want
A Bargain
Jn a New, Slightly U»sJ
■ Second-htnJ
Hcmember we havr tha
Largest «nd Most Com-
kte Stock In the City
(•11 11 »tiu ki | tloat «n 1 Uimi
303 Se:op3 An.. Eortt Bailliu
J; spot^ eh "' ]
S Gold Dust S
kJ v.l »<i«t VIIHI. *M QuintltT. 0
»J lUCtMrrj -II linlMin-: S
Seattle's Fa?ori!e Citcer; }\m>.
Oberon's adies' Orchestra
Htrr Iriln Hi'nrh, I'nndii, Inr
.. WITH.Tr.
From i-rl tic t i»»t t 1,-ui ilu'Htert «n 1
i.iiiiii'it Mnll-
Admlillon frrr. Sunday M.itiner
Evnry Friday Amnt»ur Night
AmMlc>ur» Wanlnd.
rrtltlit. Passenger • and Baeiau
Ttwi iiii H-4U, Co:i hi rim knw
i • •
Moran Brothers Company
Antita f..r "Wurthlnilnn" |„,m|.lt>« m».hlwrf. tl,«"• VJ*»••'TnT^n,*-. ••
■•.-... > «r»
f?\ /?^\ ' I)I:a ' JJlululJiu
jf / V\r/// V VI **°' »30, (ZB S2O
2000 Cedar Roles Wanted"
PKOroaAt^S ari< wnnlitl for rurnm.'i.im « n d d«ttv«llaa «lon« i.rt«j™
>U"-i« «n.l -llr In th*cl(ie» of BaaSUa »nd Ttcomj. " "~a
rifly f»*t lii l-n«tU «n.l nln* ,i..h.-. at thi top. Mhim b« atraJsat
«n,l MMi *" rr». from lo" k''ol ».'"1«l P«l*a. V«r rui lli.r lnf»rm«Uoo
IKTO«inw»mi """« '-»' W«.hi,,t nn ßl o^.iM.m
i 50-Cent Books
... V ....«11-l. IH'T ,\
;; our 50-crnt books con- ■' nni ninniiAiii*
tain about the dollars' | N X A M ! PHll N F
X worth of music, it pur- %vJIIHIf IU I II UII L
? chased in shert form. } la Fuest Tamil lictiu tH\
♦ Call and examine them. " R EIO IN AS">
| ■*•••* ;; From" $7.00 to $300
\ winter & HARPER ! Sherman. Clay & Co.
««««««««»««»««««*««4O»*« .mi-.. lAnw - ho»m.
- - ,
Safe . Oeposit Boxes Latest Styles
For the .»(« kotrlnj >i( J^«.liL'^>l OlylCS
Valuable Articlos and Papers .
tat rtut «i |.i » ynr. You c«tr>- Inrtli... Imvo your T«llor.m»J« »uln
ih.. Ui V"'' 1 iV
Safo Oopoalt Voullb i. i i pry/I C~ CT: o /-*»/~n
tl W. leluuibU 1 I. IMORROCH. Mamgir nUIVICO OC UU.
huvuu»a Halo i>«po»ll Bulldlß*

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