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The Seattle star. [volume] (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, August 08, 1899, Image 2

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li. 11. Wills »S: Co., Pudushghs,
«llerli..i.n i»xiv|.| Hmiiiay,
» 11, Hll.lA |,|.|M« . . „ k. ►". I'IIASII-; MIMHCM MIIUK
nil. -. i - \ . .= v . ii .t. ■ .*.-. k. .-I titrnl) tile Btttti |H-r liutiitll il«.|lv»iwl l.jf
Tolophono Pike ISO
i (in,.iiii 1i........ ...,.i lta»lnm <mi.. .... Nn. nut I id .t Hwii
Kliteri'd dl Ihf ixut.ifttiv, hi heAllUs \\ imliliml.ili. i« *rrt>ti.| fUw latttli-r.
When t'i.. nnnounivmrnt waa matle ».-vcr«l wcrku ..)•■■ tii.it the $ov
t-i im-.. n! :i ! .1, i. i m:!ii. t i.. ».mti: n nututirr of Inuispovll At ItfAttl^ 111
Hx*r ili-itili-.t to aiH'crUilni If |Hi»nibU\ nht-ther vr n i th.tn in M nrrjiviic
incii! would .iK- i t the original mtw iM-'H of lh« War .!• i-m ttu> nl -ii re-
Kdiil to niumi linjj (Hit the W.iithllvm.'ii volunliH-r* at San Xi aiulno. It
n.-!.i» vnilioly rMlomhU In •ii,-i-.--.- i hat with it in-;..! m |it> Inn !■<>■
twrin Srdttlo Mini M.ttitla, Hie vuluiiti><*m mmht I" iikmc i-.ui\ i-MI.-nlly
l<ri'UKht .In.. i i.i mi |Hirl. VivuiJingly a tt-UKram oral Mm 10 ll' Hw
rt-tary nf \\'<tr on July 24. unking whether i til. wutil.l Ih> (lune. No rrfily
w«* rt't-t>t\ until ycslfrJay. whvn a furml.lublt* liuiklnjc vn^rtoptf t-».u
ll'.K th« •*•! of the .i '..' -il .ml Kciulnl. n ii lldtMMr.l |.> Ihr |->«l.it mi-
Hi.mi Iti-i I.- .-f tliit >.nvvlt>|x> w»■ -.iii.l a •till mar* I ini'Ulil*
lixiklnir d.H'umrnt. wrtttin tn tlvi> >ll (1. i i-ijl ...lorn of ink. rwl, blue, nr.ni,
b..1- >> ami purptfa irf-'iiiiit'ii Hi.- St.ii that Hi.- li-lvitraill Kill lo Bwivlary
Alitcr h.«.l I«th linii-lU-.l rirm tiy th. »«M-retar>, who had rrfi-rn»l II to th»
a.ljui.iitt K<niTitl "for remark or rrivniinu-mlatlon," ami ih* lAiler. In
turn, hi i i-i«»,.i it Mioim the line to IJimrtermaiitrr OfMnl l.ii'lm»ei"ii,
uh.»mi I.- i "I'iH'omnivmtatloii" nn.l i<i*-«'- 1 the * *m,- oT#f i.i the ••■lsl
ant adjutant k*-ii-i d. who l--i«uirii!u rnur^ws-d the "rwomitiefiiiatlon"
I'll the .I s-uini vi. .mi ■!-' numrroun omcial t ij-. ■ n iik«. 411.1 r>lurnr<l Ih*
whole a.fTatr to Ihe Star. Afler c mililrrabk .MM.ii'.iy the Hur •>•
ir.i. ti-.i ihe dtctatoa of th<- qaart»nn«*ttr gtatnU ft.ifn ihi' nu»< of In-
HffllMli IM an I found a rem.irk thai "TtnTi- ban ken no amniemrnl
made f.-i the \V««lin r<Klmt-nt tv return ilin-.t to Mtftt from
Thla j»Cut. »nn..u!i.. iiifin rvaultlng apimrrnlty from Ih.- . .-mMnr.l
efT.Mt* of four atite i-.\ • ! :i»n i.i *>tnc|itlii, fall* lo - i\ whether any < h in«.
In the plan for munterlnt; nut the volßßlMrt I* . ■ nt. ni|.i >(• I A> an
ci«ii . of the rr<l '.uv »y»t. in ii v „ii.,.it Waahincton. this .•-iinitiini
cation I* northy of pr. i..-r\.it: >:i
The r-i'.lv alinlrVant thl: . tbottl the International 1 ■ >• <■ • -uif-r.-ii..
which ha* Ju«i .;.-•..! at Tho llaKue, id that for the »'»( tlm* In the
worM • hlntury arbjtrutlnn 1* oftt. tally r-vi>(nii.-.|. and rven favored, by
r..Hi. Nt .>f ii itu-iM i« ■ itu th -I ..f ■<■■ > ;■ • eofltroVfUlM betwern roun
trie* where no .it--kii-.ii »f national h mot ■ al make.
In frumliK lh<- plan* for Ihe creatl.in >rf a j»rtnan<'nl ri»urt of arbitra
tion which will «n !■. f >r>- \ vi mm raMnrta for final consideration and
l-r..Kii'l^ adoption, the Amrnvwn de-e^^te*. m mr .i-«- gta*J lo t.->i». Ml I
borne a r.rumtnrnt and an Inrlurntlal(>art. They have been •. lvi.-v* |.»
protect th* hut.Tie AmTlnn rU'i! to avn|.) . r.t hi .-n-.- Nt In ITuropran
dinjut'". «h:|. «tr >nj|l> utimii th» prin. ii '.••> of arbitration. Their ac
tion In supporting dum (turn !.ni:.-i• in.l >t.amt i'■ »c Ihe I ' ■ '-•!<• of In
vention !■> <xprrl«e It* .-nttlty In .1.-ii>.im newer, mor» tirlurlnc and
mnr« deadly wrapun* and mlanlli-a war wan a frUTOUa dinappo'ntrnenl
to many Amen ■ Neverth.'l.n*. they t-nve. an th- whole, <tr«#r«<i
Ihr ihank" of the lovers of pear*, with honor among their countrymen.
Ftair auxiliary MM «"i *i the Kurernment b^uchl fur Itw war at
the prtc* of MX hay« lux been »..|! for n3».U>-a l.wa of |li«.J«
This I* a »«kvit;n- example of "war prlc—." 1' > I sturdy patriot who
la not wtatnc to 4rt*« • fat h.nui.n with In. Ham
Remarkable Story of J. J. Fulton's
Discoveries on the Alaskan Coast. !
If lh» story told by J. J. Pulton Is!
true, and th-r.- ii|>-ar« to be no
reason »ny It should •<■ doubted. It]
1* on« that will furtiUh it Inlrr-*!
--ln« !•«»!» <•( fact* that > l-« nt in*
••-a romance* of Clarke Itutwll. and
)* nd« a, n#w enrhantmmf M th»
fairyland of Ala*k». Tht* time It
l* r..>t (old that f.i«.-ln ii>-«. but .m
--b«r. Kit five year* rumor* of am
l»-r find* alone the n ■ '<(>• rti • ■•utt ut
Al»»k< hay» been floating la I SYr-
Attl^, and now - 'mif* one who ha*
seen the amber; one who ha* «•■> n a
who!* shipload at itur. enough M
make a fortune fur any kind of a
Th» beginning nf Fulton's i(nr.t>
story Is as far back a* l*Tt At that!
time he ou one of she rr*w of ■!
Whaler which »i M I • the northern 1
eoautt of Alaska. He and a com
panion had <>cca*i»n In it • i«h r.- in!
a small boat, ami fortune rut them
on the mine* of amrwr thai hive!
for yearn I>vr discredited. The two
men knew they must k't'p the mat
ter a nwret, «m« profit wouM ac".
rru» to them. Tf<ry therefore de.!
elded to leave the new nnj and at
aome future lime thry wouM return i
and rialm It ill On the rtftgi lo
Ban FYanrmco P*ulton'» pnrtn'r •ll'-d.|
an 1 be iru left alone with hi* x-rret.!
Th MM another ebaplvr. Ful
ton landed in Snn Frttn« u »ro. w;i«
"*twin<:hi». I." an'l rnrrt^'l on a ««ll»|
Not a Business House Left
Standing in the Place.
HA!."N N. T., Auk. 8-The vll
lace of Tui i>*r lake -*-i" aim en
tirrly wiped out »■> fire Kund»y
m •ruing K«vf two hot**!*, the o|*>ra
h'rl|«.-. the Calhollc churrh nn-l a f'*w
• IrnirjrllnK twicmfnt hoii«e« nn the
nulaklrt*. not a *lne!<> block or houne
rtflMlnsi. Not a i.'i-iir-'i e«tal>Ush
mpnt of any ktml <"*ni**l. Thn-e
hun'Jrt'l parkin* aft.- Irft hom<l>»i
uti'l 'lcntltutf. Th>- .'•»>« la placed at!
WAaWIWOTON Ao«. *.—The fol
lowing wan re'flvcil from Oon. '»tl»|
thl* mornlnK: "Three dayn" typhoon,J
renderlnit work on lh<' bay tmpo*>
mil! I'ti'li-rt Augu*t 6. Transport
IVnnnylvonla I*BTCI for Hollo, C»bU,
Jolo lhl» «vrnln«. TT.e Hh>-rtnnn,
with •om dlsrharfted rn»«n and ihf
Mlnnexotj onfl Boolh Dakota voiun
tepr r"«flm'-nt«, IsAV6 for Hnn Kruti
ilf ■ on An.- i • II."
In '■• " ';orliln'n opinion th^ If
the storm will be fillowcl promptly
by imi'l cps?rallofH alonn *"'■ south
phor" of I.ixuna il" linj,* whire ll.cy
wpr« lnl«rriiptcil lii«t wsakjlftor Hie
raptur* 1 of l^m Hanoi*.
Abotjt 'VjO pftnorirf :i jno.'Hh nr'* r**
portfl for Jury duty In lh« Naw forh
courts. ■ ,
i In* *MMI '" Auatratla. Trim of
, • lru« ' «nl voyaclnal BaaaW and
after ■•'lnn all ovrr tb* writ. Kui" n
• I l*ii 4-i|ti!rr-l ablixnaatrr'a pa|x-ra
in I ?i t I "nil mnfi^jf *n«iuch tit rn%'
'bark on h-« lona-rherlahnj rntrr-
I; prl»».
■ Trrn run.- Ihv \-y.ts* to #'i«k»
■old fl»i«l». with tb* <ml»r «.■:■!• In
vlrw. Tb--n a*M lh» <l;«ru«f that
■~,m> m*ny arKonautu i .n •• known, .in I
' in- It'-nr.ok- bronchi Kulton (•■■■ « to
, ff*atti*.
Ii la no* i««i>tUtln« for th* I- ir
. hiM* cf a amall a**alina* *> t\ »>n- r,
i and with Implicit faith In bla rnirr
ilprtM h* will embark In «• in of!
I th- cov»t»>l craaaai Af to th*
(location nt th# <ml»r h* H very r»
--j llcrnt. t>*tn« f-.irful latM ho nhould
1 1»^ j>r#?*'r«l« tby a«»mr itb< I i H<-ntur
i|*r. II"- ailmlta that b» nnly know*
i th« libation nil r"ti!ii it-iv. lnvin<
A at if-- tiirn- of CiM nn-l l»* -'n I mm
■ | mon ■'tin in an-I havlnic na m. <»•
I of ' ik w hi* I-- I'.nf«
>' Kult»n b^ll^va h* ran lamj »nmr
'where n>-ar th* plure, ml wl!l pro*
' p«t tl»« who!* ...I*' Hla atory !•
jitrlklnitly rorroboratlr* of th* many
rumor* brought down by A!.i»k >n
mlnrra rraanlinx iha> amb*r flchl* on
i th* north- m rmat, nn-l It I* | •..»»!1.1.
--th* »»■ iii-il'•» «.i'. I'Tl.u, ' of Al-
Uka may i M yvt another to th* ll>t
- of ita unknown tr'-i«ir. ■
Pult'>n hat In hi* po««*M!on a
' i I-* •■ t.f amb*r *ta larir* i- an «elf
Young Man Objects ,to Being
Classed as Dead.
UJMftVIBH im Aug. «.-rh«rl«-ii
Hirst, who wan brllrved In have
rommlttix] sulrlde al Twin <k< a
year ago, haa appeared In <"hff"t"r
vt»ry mtlfh alive, .1,1 KO*h|-rwtur*Ml!y
refer* to the fart that hi" brother.
John Illnit, Idtnttflsd the 1,.,.iv .-,« his.
In connection with th" story la a
»<n«atlonal Iniur.mre lnrM"nt. Hi"
falht-r. tMnklne 'hnt the *ul< l<le wnn
hl« ifin,, rolleftr-rl on a life InHtiranre
policy, the money b^lng pnld to him
In kfassairhUMttS. Aft'T the ra*h
rin'l b»"-n bani»"'l rtver thore nj)p»>ar
*■*! in Mtisartinstfll a young iriin
who nnHwiT"'l Ihe »ln^rript|f»n of the
on* believe*! to be dead. Th*» M.-rro.
|.'.lit.ii, Ul Inaurarire Company,
wMrh had Ihe p'.ll' v, made an In
v*>ntlK«tloti of th* eta*, nnd learned
thnt <'hiirip« Hlr«t won nllvf, nnd
undertook to get bark lh«- money,
i Thire appear* not to lie any delib
erate fraud 'ii Mi. in of any one.
llurnt nay* if h< In not wanted md
In In the way he will run off.
The formir custom of vn'rlnatlng
*f hoo! rhlhlren hn« br-rri Chanjftd by
llsalth OftlraT McKechnta, When
Ih'l aft ool* open Beptsmbef R, chcli
pupil will be requlrad to nhow n vnr.
ftnatlf.n Mffir not more Ihnn liv*
jyenr* old, or present a certlfloats of
vaccination within .10 dny*. p|(cnr*d by
v physic lan,
Iluv [• acr* tract. Moor* Inv. <•■/.
■■■ • ■
The Shooting o< Mrs. Coroy
Miy bit l.ik M Up.
TAOOMA, Wash., Auit. ». — I!
I* nut unlikely th« >■■ m i jur*
wilt In- .1 'It I to Hii. niit .it. Ihe -• t>
cm..ii.tt »! .us -if Mra. t'ha*. 11.
i 'on by her Ii ml, " bill both
»'<i| allaep ii thrlr resldrttrn In thin
ilt)- Ht .(!•■.m t <>V 1... h a nt. Huniln >,
M.mli W, Unt. Krlrn.U nii.l rvl«>
iiiri ..r Mi*. Cany ,mi lb« nubile
ofltcUta «ii..» • duly ii In In lnv<ntl-
K.ite mt h oi'ourrcni'e* nrt» n»«t p.ttln
-11. 1 Id SHOW tinl limit, r In i. II With
a t-omnor'n itivratimttlim.
A i"HM Intimation tin* li.-i-n m» ■
*ti that Hi.- i. 111 i .in •ulmiuied In
IVIIrr Ju'lj-..- MntliKKii. aclinic ri>r
oner, w||l Iw presented t<> Hi kmi.-I
Jury. If this I* «,ii:»r.i, i.i v t ■ that
!-• l> the matter in ; thru !•■• allow
nl ai ■ ir Itol, • til -(..ilKti in • -Ml
iii-.ii win Follow, it »■>« "ii this
tintuimiiy thai a roroner's Jury of
•I* returned. <t rill. I of a.-.i.teiilal
killing, thurouirhly •loneruilrin l>r,
<\ It Cor*] Th» ln*l»teni«i si Mr«.
I.li V'» lel.illvia lilt fl -,!« nilullt
Indue* I!..- irmi'l hit > |.< i...-X r i<
ther than Ihe r.ir.«n*r's tvldsnc*.
Mr*. tVrey's relatives, it. ! »•£*■
dally her brother an.l br>ilher-ln«
l--iv». Un.-i.tlKir.il 111 raM t hii
months !»■■ lUr father. Win Km.-.
(if 1'..-.»t UIMVe. WAS not *(' -H 1
«itk ih.. rorantr'a Jury* lii\.-»i:su'
lion*, and John <!iht■■• . nf IVirllmui.
a l.i.iliii ir ! im, wai rvfii »triitiKrr
in h.« 4iaMtl«r«i'tlun will th« vrr
Mi Kiinr nn I Mr (Ilbbla hrM we
.-til . ■■ri»nlt,it si» n ilh 1k..11c-f*I k..11c-f* In,!, r
MattUon ami c*a|>l v \.f» nf tho
l'"ition.l I i.in. ■. nf ltnk**ri..M • aii*n
rjf >< .» callnl in Th* mallrr *aa
I - ■.!-•.■ 1 ih..f.iimh;v anil Mr. ■) M...
--r<>iurnr4 10 I'urlUn.l <li»|ki«*>.l |.> « •
the I ■ k. - '.turn at work on thr cat*.
A >..uu« I'lirllan't atlornry. form*
rrty a tnrltili.T .if Ih- Itcror munty
bar. "•■ ••!'! In T«>'«fn* an I mail"
an Invrdimiti.tn. I! •; . r.i ». v. t d
«•■• k» li.r.- and me '. th« t |>n>an-ul
i'i« alliirnrf «nl .■!»•• ..m. ..u id
tak* th* mallrr vi. II- nnally r>-
;uri:.-l t.l I", rtlui: I. »»M«n..| If any<
thlnc wan t •tw l-m.- It mud *' Uun*
at Waahlnrton. In',
Seattle Will Try to Secure the
Next 0. A. R. Moating.
U ti-n th* <5. A It. «-n« amwm-ut
mnii D««t r.ui In I'MU.! I-,.;.:-.«. •
acron* *nvrt Kill t.- mail* lv hay»
tt* MM annual •■ jib t • hois' j
In R**itl«. Tv prap*rly inirrl»:n {f.
n«n. .TS.iri.ul n „i ID* IS. A, it j
will (-■»».l»l> rill t r an i \;- v ". !>!••
al llO.tW by Mm i— . U of Mvattl*.
KIWI t.> i .fl»,<|. r th* Itv I.ii i.t , i'-.l
»■*• ant rm- < • « of raiting l»u« lh«
r.<. a n .n eummltl** of t"i. < ham!»< r
>>f «omm*rt* m*l at 4 u';i>» »»»t*r
l»r aCt»riH>on.
Ju-U- J. W. Laaclry. who In tl<-
Wn»l«in«-tr*n .l»l»-«4i. la tv I'hiii
l*iphl* enrantptnvnl, ah I A. M
1 llrnoka, pad r<«mman'l- ' of th« it.
; A I! . u['i-»»r<~l (M-f „r* t>i« i ommllli ■■
.in I »ul.rnl!'».| full ri>l»tl* aa I • th«
rrqulrvmrnla ffovrrnlmr lh* annual
rn< 4m|iiii'nta. Afire lak.n* < >>• mat-j
l*r un<t«r advia^m^nt. th* c«romltt**j
j concluded to r«-» ■ rur'i'-iit i.; it th*
chamber niikf <-»*ry rffurt lo t»mr*
! lh«* «-ncam|im»nt of IK** fur H»al>,
N<> 'I" li.ii> au arrlvr.l «t »a <■• I- ■«
I 'in !• »i I U- r t,i..-l. but It II •■•
I- ■ ■•.•■■ Slit:* pnrilmliuii .•<•
!•<•»•• » will !i» burn* by the ■ I; m. • r
■•f n>mjn»Tr»,
in l<» l-i' ('• > will be wimituwl
• 1 In th« <-bamtx>r (sf a| i"«-mtii.- it.
10 look af • r th» h..Hi- InlcrraK.
A alronir avpiMlUon U*ipwcl*d fr»m
Hall LaktCltr.
TACOMA. Ao». ». — Th« urniy
mulra i»rrt*»'l >■•»(. rim .rTirjf
from ("blrkamauKa afi<-r a in ltx«
trip In 14 rar». anil Will «t- o»rr
tot • p«rliMl of turn •«■*•, or iinill
th»y ar» put ab««r.| th» !'■>« Alban
' and ««nt to ■!•■ th<-lr M| im; ni.n.l
• 'if In Ih* ■iu»rln» of lh» XT p-
Inna. T»i- muloa at- a ■(•!• ii'li I l»ia
ln« II 4iii'l '*•■! In 'I'- b*Jt "■'
condition. Thi-jr wire lakrn out of
'i:- mm t«1'» on tb* trip m ' im IV
cminlrf. onri- fee a »»<or! ml it Hi.
I^.ill- .■ ,-1 ili» ••-• uti time till'
I iv«. M»nl.
John Sglllvan. or "Ilrnmhn Jnhn."
m he ta ni'»r» rommonly r*Hi**l, ith.i
hn» rnmi»nlirni»'i with mill*'* In rv«-iy
« tr of hi" tlm^. M In • harif** of th*
anlmati* and h-i« to n-.t arllli him
M «ul:lvan ha» the r<'putull<in rtf
rrHns* n# m*>nt p.itl*-nt man In fh ■
rctuntry. i!i-l la nl*>> i«.i! I to h« I||4l
only whit^ man who «»v«»r rh#»rmb#«l
any affection for a mul».
11* la an ■ «!■• n In the mattT of
tran«f"irtatl'>n of ;it titni". .ml «h«
«-mploycd hy thp «nviTnni«nl In th#
Hf.anlnh war In <'ut>* to hantlln .in!
riiiil" anit auppllr*.
Th» final rtpofi ■' i" It. Vnn Tuyi.
r*c«lr*r of W .1.1. a CO «i ,!..■..-< i.
I trot •m. ban •••••■n ni- In tho iniinty
rt*rk'i iffli I. Mr wna appolßtwl ri-
ri-lvi*<l In Krbruary l&VI, tn "in . . ■ 1
|i. 11. Jarknon. A 'I' ''■»>! 11l 15
!>••!■ cent. «*• I'.il-I on Hi-- rlalma l.^t
in..Mil. ll' any* that !.>• bna 115.
--"71 In . MR on html.
A rf»ptlon to Ilev. Poyntatl
K«-mp»r will bo *IT»n tomorrow
I i-v«-nln»t «t the .'.,/ Mr».
I'iiMnacin at th» <-orn*r of iju..n
Ann<- i ■ .•nil* an 1 Valley iirwl. The
reception It git .ii by th« Ih<ii<-» of hi
Peul'l 'h»i fl. iimi !• for the purpOM
of irttcomlM "' new rmntor.
Piano Recital.
m "ttn ttendls, mi .if ih« flnmt
am) brut known plnnlntn In Ihi t'nlt
. .1 Blali ». ■ 111 flf ii piano ri'ilinl
nt Hhirmnn. *""l«y ft Cn.'i hnll. ii
Hacond inn . thin fvenlnu,
l.i-tcliinlnK "' »:!• o'clock. M. ll<-n
--,1 1 x -h i'-i.utii ll• im la no wall l n-.v.N
ih.i nil lovrm of i'himl mm HhoiiM
fitli-mi, nii'l th.-y may I"- tnure I of
n i ii. tr*«t.
Tut Hnatll* nn>l VI. ill I v I might
: „,, i Wfilm »ilay. [.in, mdi i" .ni i. la
I ......i...
tin; m \ i i 1.1: sta it.
& . We i
I Want I
* BOY .... I
| ....TO CARRY A.... jjj
! Newspaper Route
/n m/
* Call at 1107 Third Avenue *
| Alter 3 p. .... |
j \iici .> p. m. |
A Quarrel Over • Young Man
Results in Murder.
lu-uUh Ktn |ft» .ii.l HalUi Hill, Inol
)<>unr " >" "i briamu n>\ ■•> I In ti
Ml of >«T !« „i tl..- •" ' ■! • l>( .
a y>>unjr man. a-Tinit. I hy f. ts,
I hi* morning. T?»- nar of worli »-*a
f..11.i»rl by a n<hl «n Iho i.-jhia- ;
ttrMt*. in *hlt'h the K«ti.l- ■ »..inin
gul th« v >r^t of 11,. !-M- rrtr<Mt*>J
inn trr h'U«". fn|<i«nl t>y hr* jri- j
lacoalat Mi.- mot Mi». II -i 4l the
■loir olih • |.i«(..| ami *h<>l hrr ia>V«j
thrmißh the h. >rl Ml» I*. Ir »
(h..-i i.. ■',■> t .*.-;..! r." I l:-r Illlrt «11l
«•■ rraily for th« poilci »>"■" lh*T\
i >vw i«i arr«*«t hi-r ml carrtr«l !.• - to !
! Id. • It)- Jail.
T: -r r \>
CfIICAHO. Aut I—ll haa ln><-<im» j'
kßown hrr* that »v»ry .uirl ..n thr;
| I ■-. .!■ »i: >' > • .'!• at Jullrt l« armrtlj
with a nra Maux-r nrv, ami Ihrl
flQra are !■•■ !■ I with ttumilum liul- 1
M*. lIM Ixillrt il.'ii-.iin.r ' at Hi
ymrr runfrr»m~r at Th« ll«i» an a
•.,•:■..(..;< !ni|tlnilrlil of »arf*r«-. II
It* mi t<> m th* it«i Utstanea of it*j
[«M In th<- I'nltoJ «tm<-» Th» bul-j
•■'« Mad at Joll'-t .it.- :n«.l<- by an
i American Arm
%t»• « • t
' •tmr
I • >.»!
N'roi riunrs fmm i ."l.urit In 1
tho wttttt ■!■ > i h >■■■-•' int. i" in that
: - •' •> han r.i!tibln«-<l «n 1 nx»-l a'
• .... of priira In nrm ft lh<>»» ft
frri"«l l>y the f«nn*r». Tin*) havp al-
T»*if trlwi la iff-riu&l** haniii at
w«rk I'l <lrman<! th* •■ • ■ «r null
thrir .l.«. bul with Htllff IIMWM.
■ ■ ■
Th» i^riN.nnl tan «a aiwu^'i b|
In* ntunty «p*«*««<»r. f. IJ. J<in«*n,
i, iti ; >' Klma. m .!••■•■•• •'••■!. -i- •■
Ita. 11-M|Utam «n<t Al»r l<rn «m»unl« ,
In $:^». »17 <tv hl.'l a* f'>ll»«*: i:iini. ;
I.TT.JW: Oo»m»|»lla. tTi.ll'. M<mt»- ,
ian'>. tftMti ll><c|ulam. listtw. an.l
Atwnl.-1-n 11»7.«W7.
• • • .
Th<- r.»i pro»pttori «i Monroa
null work l»»t werll an 1 pullvd up
Ihi-lr mnfhln«-ry. aft^r unklnit alwut
i;on tf-t. Th»y «r<- *pry rntrfnl in
i fc ■ ! I'l vivintf i'Ut in-. inf<irm4tt f>n
a* tn nhil thry fnun.l. If Ih»y have
Kn*rk a b<«ly "f ri.pil II II IIVrJ>- lhi>
r-mipany «11l |-n>rr^l lo w«n' th<
lanJ In that n»l«-Mi.irh<>->-l. and until
that la <l"n<» n«>thlnit «'an 1.. found
Ijiii-I ("ommliißl.iniT Hriiircn h.i«
tnaOf h r»i«>rt to thp «t«i" mi'limr of
th*» nmn*vii r»t =rlv«**l l>y th* atAti
Inml i|i |.«tlnn-nl for (he i|un-tr>r mil
Iriit Jutv M, l«»» Tin" amount* !>•■
low qii<>t«l »rp crcilll«I I" lh» vnrl
011^ nrr«mi|'Hny!nif furi«l»: Htntp
rharltiitilo. r>lui*.itl«niil, p>'nnl anil r»
fnrnwt.'ry run I |lt».M; Kkntlflc
ixh<«.l fund, I3S.U! •!»!■• nnlv.T»ily
fund It: rupltol '■" il, II": hnihor
f,i,,,l |1«92; permanent hnol fund,
|M.l4T.lti rurrpnl . bonl fiin.l. 131.-
MO.M; tl.li> i.ui-l 'in. i. in Id 17 Tu
mi. )»».:nc.iM.
Firpmnn Jniwrn. of lh« I>1« Jatntn
<•*•■ liner Klijim Mum han Iwrn ri>
ported nilnflntf. Jnncn mi •■•■ ii
. ■■■ ii I the Khl|i "I V •'■■ <•'■ y Run 1..
--nlltll. At IJo'rl'wh he rouM not 1..
found. Whi'lh'-r h<- ti»» f»ll<n <vi>r
l«iir>l or >li m rtid. tho odlCffl «rr nl
a loan to known.
Tim public mhonln "I ihla city will
bi» oppn«*<l M*»iit» imbf*r II —Thin trnn
| il.'f I.liml nt .1 mi-itltiK of Ihr li'iflnl of
jrdurntlon l»"l night. TTi" Khnol
' »ch»hti thin vi»r will Inft 40 \ri'kx
|ln>l*B(1 "f M Wi"*k«. rnntrart» fur
niiiiiilli'K «iro nwnrtiiil »* follow*!
|c*i«ii. Pacific Coal cofnpanjri wood for
I PrcmorH iwhool, K. C, Whll. wood
i for i ;,.,-. I. ,i.. rhmil I" Thornln rx:
clißkK, Chapman Uro*. .V C*.
Automoblla Beats Express
PAIIIH. Auk. *.— Two automobile!
ti.iliiy beat the Purl .-' Mai r«
pruu In ill- bPtwcpn llnmi. rltl<-«.
II dlHtflnC* nf !2li inlliH, 111 ilnin; Hi.
bi'pt tlnw t'ViT rt'for<li'il for nn titit'i
iiinlilli-, ■willlß Ihl .11 -(mll <■ »• ill "
bourn ■'.• ml mil - I Thf lima of 111
u.iin »-'ii 7 hours li mliiutra.
! San Diego Fruit Co.
•lift I*l Ice Street
I Tliat's tie Place
i [
These Days
• PM
Peaches, Pears
... AMI* ...
I Lemons.
Sale deposit Boxes
lot Ik* ••■• >•- l-Itlf at
Valuable Articles and Papers
ii Mi Ml* • »••» Iri) MM|
la* l*i
Sato Dopomt Vault*
M « > «iun.Ll« 'I t. |MO««nt» ■•«■>.,
Reports From San Domingo
Tell of Its Start.
HAVANA. AM i-T7if '•!■•»< h»»
hawn rrrrlvnl h>T« from Kan I*>mln-
I! . aaarrtin* iini thi> lhn-.i <!
r»««luil*>Ti a<» in- • ■>■ n .11 th.r. I
number "t i>r»mln*nt ••''■• • >■ ht%* t
itikrn up armi In tITOT if J-r=i •■• t
! Th<y h*\r a following of iw-«rl> > M
I m*»n. mi 1 l> i v■• <■•• hi ■<• 1 a numlirr
I nf i>»n« ,i!>u. It.< I by th«- ituvi-rn
• ■■
LEAGUE games
CIIICA<IO, Au« 1.-Oamr« In the
National I*«CU« > "'■ ■• I<\ rmutliil
'an follows: Al I'MUdilphla ■ li i'ti
"• :< 4. C!:, i I. l| lil.i 1. ttl I'.t l«l. :■ i
firm K.iMf si Louta 11. riitunura* .'..
«'■•!.-I r.i'ti- PHiahurg 1. hi i. v ■
I; II It'inton- A «*hlniit"*i I. Itoatim
I; at Si'w York—Mr »>hlui 3, N> w
fork #.
'I'l.■■ "Mnlliis of club* la •• ful
ciui>» w. I. I- c.
ltp.k!>n . «l 31 .tt*
Iloalnn M It .«.io
i-iui i.i. Ipbta .... M U .:■«.
liattlmora ....... M n .mi
CMfMO •• M 41 .554
si. 1...1 ,11 tl .64*
rin<lnn»tl Ml 41 .543
I'ltlahurc „ M i* Ml ,
• 1,.11 - *>'■ W .414;
. N. « TOT* . M M .404
\V««hln»rt"n ..... M '•! .»M
t'lPVrlnnil IT Ml .17«
New Transatlantic Line
IIUtK Auk. *.—-A m > Allan
tic BtVAfHShlp BtrVSCfl bfturrn Qlftß*
B«i»- • ill New Vtirk will X'> Into ■!'
rrtilan in hi' fail. Till pi onto ■ <>f
tin' Him ni' the lyixnn Company,
nn<l I! -hi * num. .in of iiln-.[.i\v.
O^orgf f t'llcllly, .. WniihlnKlnn
mni'l «Alin<n k«*p*r, nrru*<>>l «>f nl
)'*wlriK -1 minor to »t'i' his jmliHin,
mil yrslrrtlay illßrhnrK<*«l ■•* .lii'lk*
Cunti on Iniiuttlrli'nry ■' i» Mi n<
\i;\v VOBK. Auf. «.— Mi'mbon of
| th« cotton lUCk trA<l« tn thin city ir*
i In rcrtlpt of Important Informfttlonl
that the projvot to - ■ 1111 n K*n»rvl|
rnminlMlon of trimt hnn hi-rn |irnr-
Iti'itlly liT"tii;ht to II mi- ' > '••luf l«ni«
.in I ■ liil .i ni'-r! ink will !m« h< Id In
I t.i it Inv ■' •■ ' ■"' .* v of Icmhoitow i"
rotnplrtr th« RffW orKaiiU.itlun. Tin*
re 1 iii'i iniint" r of 001 ton -in' k niillH
' havi> Uv ii I'- ,irlt|ufii t. n In Kaltl'
Hi' 'f •■ ii lit fiutiir of tho li i r.- trait
n>nt|iuntt'H In thnt city ;u«* ihinni'lally |
Inti !■ ■' iin thin mm ' "i< in Options
1 Oil PI Vitl plAlltfl fXpll'il - ■ oil the Iftlt I
ilny nf July, hut It In Undffr.ltood that
nn anKcrn^ntu wrrt' mktda tit ! ik
i thfin up
Thf „.,■ll. of ttu n»»w corporation
1 win 1,.- the Mount \ .[ i.-ii Woo Hun \
Cotton i Mirk Company, with • • ij'i
| •Hli.Mtil.il. of $::i,.'.0u,(W0.
Seattle .lining Exclange
Mints Eipcrtefl aid Keijyrted ill ri Uatoa Strritt
c.bio Addr«» HIMINBM ■
Prom All Mining Centers
You are Luiuuily Irsviit-U In A.lcini Daily Call
I to 2 p. m.
Mines and rjmingStocks
609 First A?e. : Basnaee! Mutnal Life Boilimc SEATTLE, U.S. A.
Tolophono f\/l«ir> 273
■ ••• . tnd M ■■'. t.
UUll TUU M f MliU IU hi!) I! UIS U ECtUtUIO. RtUU, k lUM!> I
Union Bakery.
ah liti* el Brui. Cits ki Flo. ■ • HMD of Rir(!i:t u< Tin:
V. a. li vi i mm.. Prop. ii'ihktM.
Ma» Declared a Dividend
The Weatherby Bonanza Gold Mining and Milling Co-
Has Declared a Dividend of 5 Per Cent.
A Firat«clam Investment.
«V h»v» • f*w ili'U-an I »h ir- • of thU *Hk k. «tii<-h we offer for •
f*» day* at Mr. tor fall p..MI. nun Mil on.
Ol •nd «2 St»rr.l>[)ycl lluildlnt;
—£i__ "^iili 1!- 121* BTPVPT F?
>—^\ >V —s. iDi ai DluluLDo
If / \ • yfr\ \\ •<*° »3°- *a°-»»°
I <I T*~ ll II »-»»hur li«l»I!iu»uu
- - i■;,-- .■ - _ :;t
W ■VS JftVV Xi^V/xT? •" • !»!«!.l "< ••" I!l« Ui HIM
I * - **" 1 Felitz Tent and Awning Co.
117 Ytilcr W»».
Latest Styles
I •■lll-, turn )iuf I»l.<>r m* la Sain ,
t.i-iT :
I .«.!!>• X>-2S b*J* l"»|.>.ll Hu1!'lln«
j 50-Gent Books I!
♦■:•-■': ton- ] I
• tain about five dollars' i ■
!! worth ol music, it pur- ! ! i
;; • chased in sheet form. ;; j
• i Call and examine them. ;■ j
:: ■*■••»' ::
Z *O] kiHl «■• »».U!«. Wits O
»l»«ihll>cl<inHl liht* lUaim'.r
Linotype Job Prmtinn MacMns |
Jn fh« N«ithm-'l CatAlogaM, l'«mp i
»<>,(!«.. .t in l»llj ..■» fin ■•• -»vi{
MllNkY kr civiuk tu*Ui >u»|.|>oiliiu>U

' Cr««ry an<Or<Cooil> CPDT PICU $
I lt.cMßou|l<l(ar Or UI LAoH X
I; Highest Prices Paid. |
Ireum. Passtoitr and ham
TIOD! Eala i\-u i!i;i 6U nut lien::i
• •
8 Spot Cash J?
J* : r»n.... »; !
S Gold Dust Jv
Q full »«tj» V.lnt. A»»yu«nlil». »!
»J nul.rrry M. 1.-l. Iliitlillna J,
Makes Heat
Saves Money
. • lei FaTarlte tor! Hook.
Oberon's Ladies' Orchestra
H»rr It.in Darnell, Conductor.
Knim |i.ii.i,>ii' r«.|rrn ThvaUri mil
toaotrt Valla
Admlition Free. Sunday Mitln««
Every Friday Amateur Night
Arnatnurrj Wr»r ■> t e»cj
When ~n^~
You Want
A Bargain
in « New, Slightly UssJ
Of Second-hand
Remember we have Hm
largest and Most Com
plete Stock in the City.
C»IUr wtUm lor i ri™< ml l«rtni
903 Second Aye,, Barts Mliln
%t I im«trt. f
I luiiiii", 7'htrU Ay« *ii'l Idj mi ibl i St. B
I 'it<l.>|.i»ni.< Muni li bvaUlo, ttiuU. I

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