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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, August 09, 1899, Image 1

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VIM.. |.
Routed by Americans at Calulut After
a Severe Engagement.
He Says Nothing About the Enemy's Loss
He May be Interrogated by Cable
For Further Particulars.
■^ vsll!N«;T">N D '" Au». »—The fullowlns; cablegram from Oen.
Otis was r««-l»<-d thl» rti«irnln«: "M»« Arthur, with 4.000 — encounter
ed the lnsuric.nl army KM ■UODJ concentrated around Hun Fernando
■ iII o'clock a m today. At I' O'clock he had driven the enemy n*e
miles in the dlrw-tlon of Anael**. Casualties were few. The attack was
crderrd for the Ith Hut,, but rsln lid nol permit "'' movement."
•:. :i Otis' dlopalch I* not enllrtly satisfactory tv the War depart
ment offiviaU. ll* m>'» nothlnj, for Instance, about the enemy's l>i*»e*,
th* l.k*lthood .if their rrcatherlng. or th* ability of th* American* !•> hold
th* around taken. I'nlrss a supplementary messag* la rex*i>rj soon, an
Interrogative telegram mi) !•- |.>r»anl<-«l.
MANILA. Aug. »—Th* American caaualtle* In th- battle near H»n
r*rnand<> thla morning numbered «*. McArthur continued to drive the
Insurgents brf.»re him today until a* reached Handa Mine, three mile*
from Ani(. - *tnre he will tonight. The advance will be con
tinued tomorrow at daylight. The progress of our tr■».;.» Is slow, a* Ike
roads and fields ar* flooded.
l»uriri« the advance till* morning Mac Arthur captured the town of
Calulut. The enemy retreated in good order, but lost hesvlly. Ktom
Ban Fernanda to ulut. the enemy steadily opposed th* American aJ
vane*, and it requlr*J *t«ady, hard fighting it time* to make th* Filipino*
give I round .
KKW T"»i;K. Am ».—lurd R.Co
ler. controller of the greater N*w
York, la pr*p«r n< rvcommendaltonii
for a, radk-aJ r<-.ln- «l n In th# rlty'i
budget for I*-* Mr. Col*r hop** to
mv. th* city is *«>«••> by th* cairy-
Ing out of kit [•lan*
Th« main fcatur* of th* plan 1»
th* ln\r»t.^ of all <"r.!r>l of th*
city flaam lncludln« munlrlpal
aaiarl*a. In th* rlly board of ratlmat*
th* abnlltlan of th« .";.-«•• uf !• 'r
oaicti rr»«i Ut.u m kwr (.!».*• h»
b*il*vr V to I— i'(i" ur» •. and a lane
ptAMttM In th* amount of mnn*y
approprUUd to •n.iriutl* w»»tilu
lluna and •.» l«iw«
is uaiy
Active Wore on the
' Th*r* »a« eonalitcrabl* of activity i
• lone th* »i!" front today, <.»ir>«
to th« movement of th* transport*
bow In port. Most of th* work uf
< han«lr.« th* ttaronn* I* computed
and »n* moved to the Arlinn» dork
In order to maJi« room at Mt«i> •
«barf fur th* transiKirt Victoria,
which cams over from Tj< ■■in.i to
Th» o»*rhaulln« of th« Oar..nnr'»
boiler* • not niu«"--l and ah* *■• {
towed down th' barbor by th* amall:
tat Dnci'.r, and a boat bu'^llchlly
lamer. A mum northerly hn—*>•
•ii l>"iw:nf at th« time, and the ''"
■teamer i r-.v»l a heavy rontrart for
the tag*. Bh* drifted r;«hi past Ar
llr«t r dock, and It •>< ••.me time
b«fur> she was brourht bark and il« 1
up. T.• Vk'torla ihmwMli docked
at Moran'a wharf, wher* work waa
commented an her without delay.
A contract coverlnc the revised
ap»<-tfl«-atlon» U b»<nir prepared this
afl'rr>..-.n, and It »1.l probably b*
awarded befor* evmnif. At the
Quartermaster* oR1c« they an- rrtlr.
•Nt as to who will «<■». it, but it Is
thoucht that M ran lirua. will b* ,
the lucky bidders.
Ti m - o[>|«>sltlnn la th* out
fitting of th* Victoria at B*attle hna
been very bttler. Th* business Btral
of that city oritanlxed and brought,
all pnsisble preaaure to bear on Capt. J
Jtoolnson. and even after the 0 il
order Titi'nit contlnuea la berate \
the quartermaster's department.
Caai ll«Mn*nn nrdereil the v«"iMel
to be tirouichl to H-.ilM.' In-, in-- i.f
this city's superior manur»<-tiirlnK i
an>l supply facilities, kn'iwlnic th<?|
work would \xt done »*tter nnd m.ir» j
eipedltlnualy. Tutoiiu has no »'■" !
enuiii|if«l marhln»ry houses, and I
ciuiil only I, aril ■•• the r>-|.»lrlnK of
lam» rafJMll thrr>ti»h a p'«»l "f p''"y
dealers, dlvlllna; the responsibility j
•M prolonging th* wnrk. This Is
tut Mrn.t!,, i- evidence of how H<-attlc
has tint „,..„ („ r nne-tlrne rival,
I' I* not stated definitely wh.-n the
Athenian will „,,v , , port. Tacr>m»
»*rh*nit»s say -h- will Co to l'i»t
city to foul, and that »h» will Ilk
take mul^d .in.l and supplies fr.im
th»t (Kjlnt tr» the I'blilpplnca.
The M.i,,,ri Morgan City will
■all fr'.rn Han Frnnrlmo with a \vmA
of recruit* tomorrow. Tlif ■< Paul
will take from H«ti Pranetwo to H<
attle about th« Mth ln«t.. I.V» raita
from the PrwMlo, i,l, „ h»ve b">Ti
nairn, • t<i the Third cavalry. The
hoapu t, ,„.,,,, r ri .in »i!l pn.li
ably sail on lh« lf,th ln»t with tin
trsn«port Henator.
! ud If.. bal«
tUUJI it.
KBATTUB, wasiiim.ton. W i:n\ l>i».\ v BVXMIKO, kVQVHT !». «^»:>.
PICK IN 111.. An*. » -After • lhr*«
roars' •-*!•> h W. 11. Downey, wanted
for III* • 't' I murder of I'erry %
QIM at Delavan. 111., In MM. mm
.-apturcd t.»tay ■! Own, 111., by
(*h.-rirr II P. I»mmrr
! The morning of lay I*. r*M. ,th*
; tlfele** body of Ur»»n »•» fount on
th* Chicago « Alton trsrks. The en
gineer saw the >--lr on the tri< k hut
could not stop th* train bef»r* he
had •irurk th* mv. Mi»t>i<tnc the
train and examining the l«~l> he >li«
--,-..v«t».) th.i II *•■ raid Thr t> eti
m.«ny brouvht out at th* coroner's
Inquest did not reveal any fact* re
i«r linjf hi* death.
John D. Mount »•• mtrsttal of !>•■
lavan at the tiro* and • u>i<-''<-1 that
Ora*fl w»* mur'l»re.l Last fall be
was #lr«-i».l sheriff of Tatewell nmn<
ijr and began at one* to ferr»l out
the evi.|. n.» r.inri-rr,ln« the death of
young Oreen. The T«i"»-i! county
Mar franl Jury thought Boraa action
•hould b* taken In th* matter. At
a result tn<llr*tmetiia for mur.ler were
returned against John Hlackbur*!, of
l>-;.iri.n. III.; Htnry Wyatt, of I'eo.
na. 111., and W. II Of '■-f at Mr
•in City. 111. Mark burn ■ >■ arrest
—l and I— I«»<1 In the • -.v• ■• v ).r on
May 11. 1«»» Wyalt wi» captured
at Alia, 111, and the third and last
man wanted In the ran«, l>-.n»)r.
«aa apprehended at "!ti*v\. 111,
IIAN.VinAI. MO.. Auk 1.-Two
■rparat* unia >r> working tor !h<
' (ovtinm>nl. rultlnt willow li#-i«h a
f«w nil!' « » "it of th' rlty. Thry ,
wtr* pal>l >.«t*rl ->■ mi I ram* In
Hannibal in I b*cam« In! a ■ .''l
Th»r bnuirht a numtwr of i>lnt»la an '.
with )u«« nf whlaky atari"! bark to
ihHr camp In two aquaria. T)»-v ,ir
tl\"-l Ikara about i ■■>!.» an<l at
"n. <• 'niraifil In a da>a<lly <*<>mt>*t.
T».» nt th* m«*n wrr« ahot, but not
■Un«Ttpimly. and fly« or alx Mri>rr'
! wrr>lr rut with ramra. c>n* man
may h* mortally wounde<l. Th» rlnt
ncrurrrri In Unit* county and a.i {ar
no arr<>Kfa h.ivo b««n mad*.
A bnnrn mm", hnary with ««•» tii
■ti .. nnf^illy wnrk*d on Jaroh Hrhul
' I" r. a r'»<-ni arrival frnm tip. Klnn
dlk* thin aft*rmwin. hallaf met
lh» MoMtaN man In th» K#riruaon
> boUt, to«k a walk with Mm, olillx
i inrlr ifivinK him »'■ nil »evrr.ll .- .M
i nUKK*ta to pay a "frt-lnht bill" with,
! (■,. atranßor ' ivitiK n 'hlriK with
! htm hut a I ■"" ■ ><■ • * Thi> dmrrlp.
! II ,n of a »*<-ll known hunro man ITM i
! nlvcn th* |H>|| ( .- by I* hill ■ r
Jikljt** ft- ti.« r*" - ■ ■-' 1 a t*-l<*Krnm
i thla afternoon from th" mijircmol
rmirt of th« ' nlt«-«1 Hint"*. atatlnir
I that an «nI«T for a may of ixtoutlon
!in th« i ■>• of Kord»tfon h»d tn'i»n
; ',p-«u."l.
Th* 1 annual toiirn<im«nt of th<> Re
nttti T.nnl« i hilt • b<.|nr h' I I today.
Tho ' llm mir »it« the BOOrMI
K. ii'iri- li.-ii Hmlth «l 0-1
rm twit Mi»n «-9 «-l !
Mill llu !-■ ti»nt 'in .. 0-4 10-J
1..v I 1., .t | Mr nut «2 (14 1
pnwell >„ tl C W. Hmllh. «-2 HI
11. i,l, 1,, it C llrnun 8-1 (-11
Mry.ra 1,. I I (l.nry (-0 (II
I'iiy la nil 1 111 |,r»«rm
•I . ... I* (SUM talk In I'll*'* Hound
■hipping rlrr|i« "f marina C("l«« on!
Northrrn vr«m>|«. partlrttrarly on:
ulrnmrra «f<ill)K to HI. Ml'hufl and :
fnp" N'oin", ticlnif advanced fttMUt
H<-pt"ml>fr 1. [nquli nt th» o(nci>»
nf loral rnnrlrm undiTWllti-r" alMtad]
1),,. Information th.tt nothing iloiin-'
lt» had bn*n d*eld*d upon In Mi* mat
trr of <>h«n»lnK lh» pr<-»»nt nt»«.
A rh»nr<" would not. however, be un
rxii.T i.-a la Ih.- near futura.
Clearod Hit Contclsnca
I ITI\. ,11 \M. 111.. lux I.—Ptrtt.
■iiunlur I. tnx.m, <if till* city, lii« i<-
, , !\t .1 a Irtt^t* "Ml A C'ltlSPll uf I.
tvttur. 11l with m riM|umit iliii ht*
h.iinl "Uin tnclOMd 10 rriiti i.. • in
ni.-i living out' iiillo «uuihwr*t of Bf •
niiKhtiin. .in I ankliitf I .Ml In lull I .11
tli« Mndor fur Hi iliiik ii wutrr in i"n
from him in Ittf." M >• II • mo Oil*
nn-lnii him ton rii. m nii-t ■*■•!> "t th«
til.ii Vko I'luliitlilv l.ipl th* mi Inn la
■ till living in ii.in vlrlnlty.
School Fund* Misting
• -111 • ■ Mil i. AU«. » Th- «ri»i«l
Jury today vnli>(l a Inn- I' II -hiiimi
Wi A. H. •lialiam. fi>rmcr »<sr*t*ry
mi t lu-in. «■< in.iv i«. t nf th» "■•r4
<>f •ducatlon, rhurclnic him with th»
■ -ml.. >«'.-m< iii uf I < ■«"! Tlil« -Hill
n-prrwnu ii , rtion <>f ■ rhn-h fit
I .11 i«>i given ■ iiiilmm lur < •■.lll. 1 V Hll
|»-rliitriiil<'nl llrlirlit, which nnnlnnl
uii.f'>'"iini--l for.
Wlf* Charfad With Murder
WKIUI CITT, Mn,. Aug. ».—Mm.
John Ttiomton ".i» today mii"i''l
on a. ».11 ■.mi • liuiiinK her with kill
">., hi t huabamt, it well known msn
I F.« ii^iimr. tthuit lt-'ly waa fuutul
two ii'.ilo » 'inlu mi »f I hi* pile*,
with ifi. hrntl i.r-.uly •■ \ • r<- 1 from
Urn i- iv. M-» Thornton i. '' btr
hu»b»n.| r.i ii i) ■ year .i«..
Masked Men Foiled In Trying
to Kidnap a Girl
CUtVBLAKD. ('. Au« •—An at
tempt tv ..!• In i two youn* womrn,
■ lv.i.• •. • ■ uf wralthy men. was made
««rty ii. I. :.» A feature t>t the
■ »«■ that sd.t* to Its Intrrrst Is the
fact I'm tine of the ...» Is In
Iw marrlt-d n*il f*ndar, ami alri-ady
her psr«-tit»' v .■.<.. the st-ene of the
*lleni|.|e<l outrae*. '■* MM with MM
«r,|l,ci( t/UrSIS.
The family uf Jacob I man. who
r*«!des at No. t&t Wi«>rtlan<t avenue,
im, i late u»t nlcbl. Mr <!'>l'l
man's -li'iiii'-r ■ ... the bride to
be>; her sUtrr, MUM Kannle. ml II
years, and mi<« T,.ii. (loltltph, ef
Huffalo, N T., ixcupird a room on
i : <■ «r «n.| !' --r
At I a'rlork th* room wa* entered
by two .: . n wht rhlornformed the
bride anil Ml** (Ictllleb, »ho iwni.
V- 1 the • .".«• bed They overlooked
M!»s Tartnte (loMman, »ho awoke
I an<l nn ibu alsrm. ''th« members
of th* family *Rt*red th* i •■«! in
Urn* to *e« th* intruder*, with Mi**
Oottileb in their arms at th* win
dow, ohlrh had \- • n left open on
o-. .Mint of th* rxresslv* 'i<*a* Mr*
• loldman attackeit tbe men with such
vlrnr that they tr.i;-(.- I the? Un« >.n-
Mtooa «■-!. leaped frum th* window
and • » n|«-l
The family I* unabl* la asrnbe any
■ ■tti- r m-iflvr for th* attempted %!>
--■l.i "I-n than the dtsappnlntment of a
suitor for Mi«« OoMman'a hand. The
i-"i• •• rtrpArtmenl I* " lltlllia on a
fltw which (hvy twlleve will end In
»he «rr.at of tit* emit-. ti»»n.
An Aeronaut Killed
unirjcnrti. in. Am. ».— Wizard
R. Tbayer. of t.> i ■ Mich., was kill
ed h«re !.-! >y by falltn* from a bal-
I-. „< .!••■ t»-. of probably 4o» feeL
Ills neck, bark, bulh Ii«» and bntK
anna were broken. ll* Ma M ><•!••
old. and was to dave t>..ii nurUrl
here the flrsi nf i.- >t week. ir i.»»,:
:<..••! |..,|. <■ witnessed th* accident,
the iMiaaiun I. Iks: th* annual picnic
of tbe Eleventh Conjrrvsslnnal Dis
trict Woodmen** licnie As*ud*t!on.
At th»Drattl» Mlnln« Rxchan** (a.
• liv ti .'.•■:.• and '•■l» ». ri- ■■
TMD stock*
A«k'.i. Kit
**«! fur UVg —
Juhllr* • —
*»■» I^-v<-l . tO —
rvia. Onli ani! Copper ... 1\ —
> • 11- r Vault « —
:■!.>,!.. 'I | —
Iwir Trail No J . ... — »
\Vi'.i:n> i«:iy llonanaa .... \"\ —
Hun ■» .m :•■ —
ft»Mi»n Tunrn-I 4>) Mls
l,»«al Trndrr 11H —
(J, a. M A M 11 —
Albert rVlwnrd ,11 14",
B, .11 I'nll . . * _
Ooldnn TunnH !>• v IT', in
llrpiihlk- „ lit 113
Tim Thumb . — 13
Horning <ilury .... 11 —
Ir-»-n»-• i.f 6 S
Qullp . — 10*.
I lliaik Tall i» —
Mountain U«>n ll] 101
l-l'n. ■ ■-% M..U 1 «S IS
K.l'.' lUv«ar>l v*. !•*,
i-ii,-|... is 1%
l:\ • -ipinir -■!"■ 11 1)
HnmMir <'arlTn>u UH —
llnrklrharry 7H 7>t
Th. fnlliminir ■*!*■ (ran made: In
nurncnt, 1X60; Pi In •■•• Maul, t.mpo.
Kate lUywanl, J.0O0; Ch«r«, 1.00O;
Kvonlnf War, l.tv>o; Ifii< kVt>»rrk.
Word mi h<-'n r»r««|vM h'-r.' of (he
■lealh if Mur) J. <lr<-i.n. . „i>trai
fr^lKht ngfot «t I' i! ml of ih«- i
|Or»m Niprlhern. 11 i" ». 11 known
j In lhl« rliy, W. H. 11, flrwn, nf the
)'llK<-l Xouml Mm hill' rv depot, !p- nit
hl« fnlhT. Mr. flffn (llpil I■■> i night
1 In th<> ho«|ilinl, wh"r« h<- hnp| 1., . 1,
jop*rtt»d upon for ■pptndlcltla.
Miinv I <■..!■'•■ In tlir i,m>;ii> -• nor«
linn nt flii» clly witp) nlnrniril nhorlty
i twfnri I o'clock Ihla sfti mo m by th<
lon.l Innllnf '.f th. whlill* of st.'i
toit'Pnat mil 1 ". It w.i» ihoiiirht hi
1 fimi In.i' iii" bla liiiiilp.t hi.-ililif ir
turv wan ■•flr*| hut It hlrni'.l mi In
h* mi-r«'ly n rail for Ihr» .■inpi.iv. m to
I rttttrn to work, ih<- mill hnvinir eIM«
j. .1 down ■am* tlmn )«-r rt fur re
j pair*
I Excursion to Olympia Sundny
Th" lif"l ' in "!"n the V in !.»• 'ir
(ton rotiipnny wilt trlvn thin n.:i-.m
m hi lit' thn inn- In ' Hymi'i.-i pail Run
-1 rtav. Mt'-nmi-r Htal« oi ■■hlnctnn
\ Mill li'iivr T»»l«f wharf .11 x In a. in ,
1 ■topp nt Turnmn both •- • ■ 1»1 ■ - nn<\
returning. Tlm mualrnJ aoni ti li
' Ml, |. i .-.I on iin «•• pxi uralona hi,. :i
! riltc fniitiir.-. TiikftM ami Ihtr In
: foitnnllnn at I^^'n iihannnr-y, nr nt
th« wlinrf. Th« pril I hna I.■-. T1 re-
In. p tin 780 H round trip ciiii.ii n
■in ■) rIB yearn, CO. I'lenty of unit*.
lllcyclrs lr—
til i in v ii mm siicM
One of the Frenchmen Is Killed and
. the Boat Is Captured.
|/VfDOIf, i:n» . Ann *— A lint »l. «utili.mi thla morning />" I <>n a
I'rrtii ii ruiiina amack uff I)ung«nraa, mi Urn Mimm < •>••■! Om Bih«i
man waa klllnt.
TTiv flahlng boat m.- i on waa lr«*|i«aalnv In llrltlah WKl*ri>. A blank
. mi.i). waa tint Mad but tho wartilnK nil not b««ile<l. Tb< m■■ X
■a ik . ii'iui. ■! i. -. I the raptaln hi. m 1
II M ■■ I
KnllK. Au« »-Th» v ■•!■•' ■• Mmm »ay« l'M»y: th» Ami-rli .inn in
Cuba in Imitating- Hi.- »or»t feature* nf Mpanlih rule llm rr un 1»> • «l>
l>r<>|>rtall"« wwm>*
Thin l» turn If an erpre*»lnn of the uirly frellnc toward the (7q|t«4
MMM iii-lmi-l by th* dinK of 11-..- ri v • Italian* in U>umun*. Th»
hostility even utenda to far M In evi.ku p-j ulnr dlaappruval of the rr
< • i(i"ii» Ktvrn at Naples to Itiwty.
!."M»'N In* Au( •— In Ih* Holla* of Common* today the col
onial *n-retary »*i I that th« farelfn "(tl. f had m >lvi 1 it • wnflrmation
of th« rtpoti that Hi" Transvaal "i* 1 <■■• •• I Uroat Itrttaln'a t>r»p«*al
for a Joint • •■ntftrn-'r' to tiarnln* thr value of In* fritn* hi**- nu»djflca
tlon*. ll* li"|w 1 lhat th« report *»»■ unfounded, *■ auch « •■»(•• nf af
fair* mull not Utng be |.j|«t«!.-i Hr »!»■• Mttfr<l that ('•- -s • r ti!ii< nt
did Intffi-I to order more r*«ttiirnta tv H»ulh Africa, «i> I would !• rra<ly
!•» m>fi nay cuniini'
-I'ntiiTmlnt th« Tr«in*vaat, th« Qu»*n'a »p»*i h Mil "Th» (-■« li! .n of
my •ui>!~ ■• In ib« IV>uth African republic M incnntlitrnt with the 1 rom
!••■ of ixjuad treatment. wh>>m>n my crant cf Internal ln<lfp*nd*nr<> oil
' .uc. 1-1 and th* unir.i numl th«r*t>y I* a constant »>urc« of KN
M Ih* !*■•.«! of my Jt.mii.lir• In Mouth Africa.
Doaira troops
Uprising in the Island Republic As
sumes a Serious Character.
United States Officials Take Active
Steps to Prevent Any Assistance
From This Country.
Cap<» llaytlen. H.iytl. Auk *.—Th" Immlnlran troop* «^nl t'> attrn-k
th. 7. > ilulloniati at t>nJalK>n inn I'i'i.irii i » ti. -. ri-il to thr ■ iicmy ulirn
ll.'- latter* tamp » .1« i..i. 1i..1. Not 11 Bo"! *•»• flrcil The revolu
tionary (ore* I* ki.iwlhk New* from nil civrr tIM i«l.m I fiivnra Jlmln
■ ■»' hum. Ailvam-pil |»>*ta of ii" rebel* are lnr*te<T at I<a*ai;uii» an<!
Miinift* ford* aeroaa tin- Yaqul rlvrr. thu* rutllnK OB cummunUatlun he
tw< • 11 M'nitf I'hrUiii and th- Interior.
I "1 1 1 I. Ml 1.1-HI \. l'« , Auk » —He(<re*pntnllrr« nf the Mm IVxnlnl
ran revolutionist* are trying to -urc imm 10 carry ammunition in
Hun Domingo. Officer* ar* watrhlnir them mi.l th-y will ii.> »ir--i. I It
ih. y attempt t<> *lart a illil>u*ti-i lux expedition from thin or any other
United hi.ii. « perl
WAHIUNOT«>V. Aug. ».—The, «';„ department Mm been Unnm.-lally
Informvd of the UivllnK at Philadelphia of r*pr**tntatlVM nf lh«- Hun
IVimlnlcan rev.ilutlon. N» ln*trucilon* have bren iMStd to I'hllml. I
phla f<••!.-r.il . Itl ■ ■ 1- but they fully understand their duty, ami Illlbuati ■ -
Ing rupedltlon* Will i.. prevented at all hnxanU. A<vorillnir to the
vlcn-* >.f (irflrtal* here, the full. I Htnte* I* un mil. h obllgfitiHl to prevrfit
11 Violation of the niMitrnllty law* in Cuba a* in the I'nlled Htßtet. The
Char** d'Affalre* of Ihe Dominican republic ha* ealli i itt*ntlnn to ih
cunlrmplßlMl 1 11" .lit i.iiiii. and hin born amiured I lint cvrrythlnK posatble
will be loft! to prevcnl any *uch priM-eeillnK*.
o\ the ORIZiIIIA
Chief Kniclneer .1 r: A. Miller, of th* *teamer Orlmbu, one nf the
olilent local employe* of the I'l.'ll. Count rilennmlilii company, Wai th*
victim »f a peculiar accident 'in., tar noon, nm i.-ii tool «■■ turn ..rr
)uat abova In* «iiklc. The itaamai win b*lni nuMired to th« northern
■lip of the Ocean .1.1. mi 1 hi. rTii Maiatint. tin *lrrn rop« i. i... left In
III* rll.llKr.
in mini Inoxplliuble mnnner. while paying the rope Ihroußh II"1
chnlk holt, 11 got t«ln<d around III* left .. k and drew II quickly Inwanli
Mi railing Miller luudc ■> llerriile, in ifoii to -iv hlrn»"ir. but h'
unerned In •I even entniiKlcd more and more In th. line. hlla hi* hor
-1 in. 11 companion! were ruablni to hi* ■■■itUnCI Ma fool waa drawn Into
ii,.- rhalk liiile and HVirtd from the 1, t a* thouirh amputated.
The 1 n 1111.11 man ««« rocueil bo fora ncalvln »ny further acrloua In-
Jury, and wan reumved to the Pio\i,| ( ., l(t . himiuiul, whan he nui rest-
Ing ...lly at a Ut. hour thl. .ill. 1 ... . • .
Old Style Granitewaro
At Thoso Prices This* Wook
P,.iiuri Tud.ilai lnn.nuaii Jo cis j.'. >,t.«;t T.-» k.nit. worn, »«, M cts
|^(trt Kdll«, iratlk li« JSJ £j^|«*tu»» li«lrf r«i«, w«rth »r, Ojj
liin»l h>U'< i'..i.«. ••"!<• *»'. IS .da MUH Jxltjr l'»n«, wuiih *v i>'J CtH
1,,r 11* Cm I i.-i ->•» Cl7>
li.Mi OWV-l>j „. i.,i . „,.»*VI3
Mou.t Hardwart anil Home Furnlihlng* 1215-1217 SECOND AYE
Glass, Wallpaper, Etc.
Third ami Pike. STAR paintcO.
Sell Sltitllu Pijtr: too Kirn Ftti if Peer far 3U. 213215 n;-i:>3:ai AT
', BRUNNER & CO. i
|[ vr.Aixitji a i
I Groceries, Wines and Liquors 5
<; 602 Pike Stfttt. eerier fifth. 'Phona 6reea 794 t
!' Bottled Deer on let b right In season. We carry '
• Milwaukee. St. Louis, San Francisco and Seattle >
> n«rk>a lort.r «-■! Holfaaf <.l»frr Ala. >
f^ Larg* A»ortm*nt 0f,,...
Sj* Elgin, Howard. Waltham and Hampden Watches
4\il\ Z n •*«! >">< (Jolt JIU.4 «M Ni?»r i **«■% L>Uluuli<U. Cli/Um. ..ari*w
Painless Oontlot.
*~ tm\ t..th. •*.« »« ft»»4 Crown*, n v Mini r,i;n r . v»i> -""
XV ftol4 ntllo«« (M0o» A •» |mi/ n.r.DW wilu ai; wart -MJ
tm ~ tIOO Riward t« tnyaat B.dlia aaythlag bat Flrit-clnl # - F
Hittrlal la tat aktva Mark.
*^ Offlc* nun it .11.. liuiinax Mi>»»»» M»ia *n ~^"_
mfjtrl Wfl to *** \ bMewbit m ti>«*a <£>r> '<" "•• r.;i.iui •(!• u»« «»•«.
f/t**M «T-^KaaaY*l *"" ■I"1!"" 1 '>" ">•'•«• uUoaoljuvu urtton v lk« k«ti
«i. ['^--ii!,- p WH*» 11. en i I»t H'Ol.r. OytiriuL TO Flirt A»fc
{>••♦>> >>♦»»♦<♦•»»»♦•>>> >»♦<>»♦♦»♦♦»»♦♦»»»»»♦♦♦»»♦
furr Hlnn «n.l tlirj !••»•• • K> Jiul»l •..»■ .____ fll A
| The fVligliavacca Wine Co.*
\ Of Nap*. California, %
i Caplurwl u» lii(b«it i»H m»l«i «l Uk« I'srn I ipmlii uin lv>J lur Zlufmadtk «
I Mum* iim, four jrartdi't. ■> Ao ur cut. ♦
* W.l^'i.;. »•*»..• M-l.'. 7. MIOIUMCU * COKOtAT. <
' »»to<»>>i>»>i(>ti>ot«t(mttitt-ffttttt-tt-r^M^-M L*-*-f^-K^ ,
ifVj-^ vJ? p] as Pipes Leak?
-„! '•*• . «^':**^f*rin <^ anl 'm "' If >•■• w<» »1I! put
jujrwll I »**» J*Ti^'t^T'\a?S'i * \^A ln "'*■ rlrh "n'' I"" '"■"'"" <h«n4«>
rj tv^^iVs~~r%\.]>ijßir^g»lLi jßftll*™. anil lay new ens plr*». at a
f , TJBi i^jnii' »-*(t'Jf iffty'lti'p r '*"*l *''" <'"'"■ A» pl'imbrr* an 1
p^jiJAlLvit^flJf;/. | l'-jft.' it^" Cua Hil'i'. >«ur work It unrireSlad,
fti*Vjn-^*7 V'O" 7i/ | VViW <?*■■'"» ""'' "ur '""'"* for I!r" ' u*l> '"or'l
f^mmjimy^- "* *I boo* Pu'l 4"L
■Tho Proof of tho Pudding
Best Coffoo on Earth "
1008 Second ItNM, tad 222 Plka Strut.
1 -=100^- )
\ choice: lots i;;
:; in S!
j| Walla Walla Addition *:
if Denny-Blaine Land Go. |;
I? Dexter Morton Hank Building. 5^
"jbiM*» »i a>» *«■ pi ■»»»,iW.PM^WW'A.WvWwVJI^
- ■ i
Pressing a Bosom Friend, j?%
and doln«t II In up I .-.lnt.- ulyl* l» on \J>{lV I \yf V
art. \Vhfn "" boaom '"' " ' " your jjfer^^t JBSC^\
• hii-i frunl. we can |>ri>»« It in flr«t- J^^^JHjS^ '^z^J'vtjV I
rl«K» rtylc li.ii we rlalm l» thi> 1 I JT*'.7/^S'(' s^^j3HflX' I
tw«t*iurerlntcndanr« ami the v»ry li | luifHr^W!* «**" Sv/V^r
bent method*. Our rail trad** | r ..i 1 (T"^/^/ V^^^Q l~~^JSTisfcSsrS
N.i I. ii '1.-i .!. 11v.r.-i nt ih<-»« \« jW* ||S.T\\Tj|Bß I
t>rlis»: Hhlrls, 10c! uhlrt with Collar, £fj //Y JnT Vi^Jiw JVa«!L_—ii
lS^ir; »lilrlH.rt>nc.v, IJ! l»o; rollsra, 2c; lyBTTjl IS\ '^wi^K
Queen City Steam Laundry ffillli^^iw
J | liihiiihiihUhl UV7." "U J
I Q. S. GOLD, IN/1. & S. CO. |
|| C. I. Thumton & Co.. Offlolal Broker*. 109 Cherry St. *
• nniiiij owm IK rlnliiK, l'*n<uti p*ndtnt; NX) feel dnvtloptueat work) ♦
V rndrliti; mPi-i iiiniui.l ill i th«ro« ..... k at'Al rnin par •h*ru V
Moran Brothers Company
. ENGINEERS AND siiii'iuii us.
Ova |>Unt tnrludi Mm »atl * -►• >t. <- httni<-tiga and oovrrti nil l>rnnchfß of th«
|ii»tn»i- Mniiiic «ni btl iiiur ring*** ot mt<-lttr.«rr bull! hi 1 i i-p.it-. .i.
Aa*nt* for AVorthhwi n ,HMn|.jiii« murhttitirv, O. "Mn»Vn" «uU ■M^4'iit«" *«v>
Ur tub* Uiii«i« »(*4 tli« Uulttnl tu.l,« JbUtalUo l'avkti.*. C\>inptii». '
NO. IS i

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