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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, September 06, 1899, Image 1

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25«u» T UX SE ATT LE ST AR. pTke'Tsc
N OL, I.
Intimation to That Effect Received To
day From Germany.
The Generals Declare That Dreyfus and Ester'
hazy Were Accomplices Jouaust
and Labori Have Trouble.
T'.!\' Sept. (—A tr»rn nl.jua amaatlon wa» cau**d at t.i.
day* a. aaton of Ih* Dreyfua irtmartial wh*B M. l*al«ol»«ue,
rrprrarnltns munt Yon Murnater. ih. Herman amba»*ador In
Parla, *tat*d that h« had Informed th* French f'>i*l<li mtblater.
D*l CiMe, that Col. s ti v.■ ik -tt^n. th* C*rman atiadit had
»em many i»tu bl*u«" tv K*t*rha*y. of which ih* i"-ist bleu In
th* l>re> fu« caaw waa prubokly on*. Thia wa* practically an ail
mlasion that I :•>■ r!m wa* th« trait..r It I* »ln«i- m- I that
I'^le-.loKue'a r. v.- nil. it la Oermany'a rvaponae '• l^ttxnia call.
Thr »• • r.-t x-ulon tixlay In:- I f«.r two hour*, and th- pr<x> • u
tlun'a n*w wltnran, C*rnu*t-ni. «a* aubjected to a »«v*r» namln
at! .ii Oreal reticence 1* nvalntalned coocernln* th* **<-T»t ■*••
•lon. but It I* Hated th it whIU Ih* wltnva* *luck |.> all th* paißt*
at M* *tory. the .|.*.!\-. aho«*l (hat he ha 4 an *vtl rvpuiatl.in.
and mi a (windier aa I Rambler.
I'pon th* OfMa of the puMlc •.■-•i..n. \| Tnarleut wa* .-♦•
called, anJ contradicted tlte evidence of tUvlgnau 1. I" .|Uart •
orderly, cvwcrrnlnc Ittquart'a t«tteri to Hch*ur*r-Ke*tnrr. the
former vi.v jit.-«:.l m .f ih« a*nal*.
Thar-»ui -il lhat Si\i«ti»ul wa* a worthleaa . h«r«. it
Rartsnaud thereupon mntradtcie4 Thari^ui. ln*Utln* that h«
*»» nil a irurihlraa i-han. i. in I that hla evi.lm.e had b«an
I'lrquart aro*w an 1 d*arrlb«l Havlcnaud a* a r*l*a**<l prlaon*r
whora h* had emptoywl t>r iw> daya. Havlcnaud hereupon re-
Ur*d ■Ml ' • ■
M»J.*r taSBIa, l"i<.|ii a moat determined d»trarii>r, lh»n t..-4
a hand and crltlcU**! r..>i'i >rt ■ (*n*ral -.^nlu.-t in th* army.
ijauth »ald tha! lt.-.|u*n had • .iiiht prn*tttut*i to a reception
where oScera* wive* wer* present at th« tlm* -if Ih* Ciar** vlalt.
"I prolrH." . rio.l I'i.auart
"Hi- prottat. ar* fa!**." relortrd I^uth.
Thl* »tat,ni«nt nr >u«i.t loud himr* frnm lit* audience, -ml the
* court had la call fur order.
O*n. Zur!lr.<l<-n then te*tm*l. rTferrlna* n> th* Rdcrhaty trial.
He aal'l that I' ri>- ■ Drraecvitton* of Raterhaiy led ll*nry to
help the kttaat .*.
Labort then <}u**tl<>n*d Zurllndrn concernlna* th* poll! bieu.
which h*<l «mvlnr*d Pinjuart that Ral*rhaiy wa* a irnt.tr
Zurllnl'-- read fr.tm a letter that h» had f >uni no tenabl*
cace a«a '■■• Plcquartun account of ih# p«tlt bleu. ll* MM he
hlre*«lf r*mark*d »<-r»t. hlr.«» >n It a
- Th*n c»ro« Pa>MIMjBJbMMJMJB^MMMMMat. Ttw ]u4re«
«-«TT?rtl»r'JttTTrj*6l*off m*Tr"fi>*l aT*lh« r*»*Utlon. aivl thera wer*
wblap*r* (a th* ronm. ~ThS* (a Oermany'* reply; Ih* *mp*ro» ad
mit* ■4t Kat.-rhaay waa Ih* traitor": "Thl* wilt cl*ar t>r*yfu>";
"O»rmany ha* KM iriven hrr word. N*xl »h- mil •■ n I docu
menta and m'n'M.*." wer* aortic of th* remark* heard.
M. Th*n*ux th*n mj|- anoth'r briUlant oration. Ihl* tlmr In
Whalf of ■iii-iri. Ill* eloqa^nr* wai pven Rnrr than -»n y**t*r>
day. when h» *pok* In .!■ f. i.«- of I>r*yfu*. licquart'* ra*« wa*
• umrni'i up i■■■liu by point, ml hla - r«nr-1.-M tftort* In b^^.aif
of Ju*tlr* lauded.
Tharleu* rorK-lu<te<| hi* »p**<'h wsth a a alhlnc rebuke I.i ih*
central* for (he farcical trial of K*terhaiy. Oreat a|Mai- fol
lowed when h* finished *p»aklB(.
• '•■•n lilllot made a •;-■>• h •! ■;• -ii.t'inr rnaiy'a trial a* a fln*
achi*v*m*nt of military Juallcv, H then *tart*d a Maai hon
aTmnkaij. ■ilinitliin that he hid ahown hlmnelf a raarai and
■wtndl*r. and Intimating uti-ly that if b* wi* a traitor. b« *a>
an arrompllc* of Dr*yfu*.
Thl* wa* th* Brat Indication of tr* lon* expected mov* of th*
general* |o declarr Raterhaxy an accomplice of t'rryfu*. a* *oon a*
th*y perceived that (hty had to admit Kat*rhaty'* (ulll
"Oh." rrlrd I^iboii. "ao yoj are now maklns out Kiterhaiy
an accomplice of Ureyfua."
"I pmtcat!" «. im. 1 l>r*yfu*.
A gr.ii uproar followed In court-
When ar4af wa* reatorrd. Dlltol *ald. "1 would not undertake to
ee.jr whtth.-r ih- - w»r* only two acrnmpllre* or not,"
Dreyfu* a«-aln lalmi*.|. "I pr.'t»-at'"
"I do al»""" cried I,ilc>rl "Thl* la a new charge for th* nr«t
tim* Intimated."
Labort vl|C-T"Ualy prateated until CM J"u»»t threatened (o de
prive him of th.' rt'H.r.
"I maintain my rla'ht to b* h'-ar'l < r|. 1 .i».n «n1 nearly
fell fmm hi* r-fcaJr with exhauatlon. ilia wound appeared •. be
(ffectlnir him.
After a pau*e. ntllot ».v,d. "I haven't Aaahwai flatly that r.a.
terhaxy and Ureyfu* a>af« accumpllc**."
Laborl ncaln took an exception, and nillot ahortly afterward*
left th* aland.
Mi) <; i!> >p-n waa (he next wltne**. ll* r»l«t».| how I>r*yfua
one* photographed th* outajd* of th. Ml ii'l burrau. "Dreyfus."
he laid, "waa taklnv [dcture* at the order of my efctaf
"The depoaltion of Pity dv Clam wa* then read, and proved
moat dlaappolntln* to th ••- who. ■ i| • < t.-.| aenaatlon utterance*.
I>u Clam' merely repeated h:* (e»tlm.my brfor* th* Court nf Caa
•atlon. te'.llns how he wa* dlre.ted to make a t**l of Dreyfu*'
bawdwrttlnji and lo draw up an Indictment. ll* defvidrd all of
hla act*. Th* court then adjourned.
IHinnt, *4ept. «.—ljibori I* aerloualy r"ot>a|ili>rlna; tendering
hi* realsnatlon frnm the !>r*yfu« caae, Iwrauae of hla trouhle with
Col. Jonaat t'xlay, and owinc tS the court* hoitll* atlliude to
ward him. At the rloae of t'Hay'a .-■• . .11 M. Dnat. Plcqtiart'*
brother-in-law. •hn wan In th» audience, trl<il I-, reach Major
Lauth. In order t.icall him to account for vtllyfylnv atatement*
made today about Pirijuart. fJ<-ndarm*» prevented a meeting be
i»»n fiaat and l.i r . hut i rhallani la expected.
The Dairymen's Combine.
Th* Star innium ■I on Auitimt .'i, th»( ■ .inlilnitlnn of dairymen of
thin Hty ua* about to br i ff.Tt<"l, (he object t>rln« to ralwt the prkea
chanced to rotißUnn-rn. Laat nljrtil thp deal waa ni'rrMfnily carried
Ihr'iiiifh .it a meettnii Dt 26 dairymen h'l I m Ih-- I. X. I. dairy. Then*
m»ri r^prmftit") over <>n»--h«lf of th<> tnllk-iiuiiplyinr ln«lu«try of th<»
rlly. »n'l ih-y rlalrn to I* »'<!<■ to MCUr* thr ■cr«ptant:A of their romhln
■tlim projtl t>y all of th' uth'-r dulrym^n.
AcrordlriK la thi new Khrdul* of prlcet ndnptol, 17 >iu>tii <if rollk
will br «nl'l for tl to cu»tomer« who buy but nn» '|uart a day. T>. thoM
buylnc thrr* or four >|uart« a d.iy. 20 iiunrt* will be «ill fof 11. Twenty
*lx plntH will >>. •.: i to iimall ronaurnrr* fof ii. Cn imi to retail >i*
tomem will he tnr i»r quart. ISC pt ran waa agreed upon ii« thn
uh«ii'».ii- rate for ml k, aiid 11. - - wholciali' |iii«- of <reum waa iivl at
f)c i>er gnllnn.
IC'tall pried bavc herelofor* Icen 20 quart! i| milk for II to Kmall
ronaum»m, 22 to 21 ouarti to thoiie taking luricr iiunntltlen, pint* on tIM
•artif pro rata ball*! cream, p<r quart, 30. Thn b ilwli pi • for
milk li.i h<"?n 3.V i«>r <un, and rrearn »5r per irullon.
A committee was fipfiolnted to ronMijlt an .i t t'»i n*-y iih to fnr-nrporat*
Ing lh" <-oml>ln»tl<iti, and lh( dwellng «iJourn<Hl to • •■■ < next Tii*-'! Nat
ij,,. vv-Ki Central Labor unlun un Third .•ijiii-, ,it irUcb time p«i
manent officers . ,11 b« aitcttd.
Mr*. \V. I', l.mi. n- ... of Torrlnir
loll, '■••mi. dMrirrt iii(i>mutlt<H COfl*
renting 111* " i • !.■•m« .tf (it I Ima
Imml, William I', I..nvi. in.- Hits
atatr* In .1 Itllcr to -in.-r lleed Unit
lie i.-rt ..in.- la Mm. ii !vs Mi. re
ceived one Idler from liltn tii fol
low Irul ■(.!. ml »r, ilat< lat S.'.iiii.'
tl* Informed h> i (hat hi- »aa cm
p!..)!■ I a* a i.-i-'ifi.n ii operator In ■
I.M-11l tlffi- ■- I..it. | r>U<- I . t'l RH UV*
r.iunt In the t>.i|i«-r* lli.it a man liy
the name •' \V. l,awrt*n.t. hnd t«*en
• li..«n. 1 In Ih Y«'llow*ton» rlvrr.i
Mi.ntattA. Hhi* h»* not heurd fr.ini
li.-i huxl.ttit'l "it.'« then, «n.l ah* haa
tiM-.il from fur lip MfttJTi
\- I O'clock !-.-t nliiht a 1.-|h.i I »■■
•Mil (v c •!!.■■ li. .1 Lin nt. i» Him C
liuiK'-ii. •> young bay II year* of
.ii . . »n ii.i-i'm Ilia parent* re
■ld* at 'IVnth avenue .<nl V■ »>r
N. K. Weatnvcr, ,i i. li nit of
Itlunl, H I. « i«ii. ■> Infurination •-■-<«
--crrnlng tin- whereabout i>f hi* bruth.
»r. liv. i>. n Wratuvrr. Th* latter
■rrtr»d in this •>'■> Auguat JS <m th*!
•trainer Collage City from Wanr*l.
A .•■•nii-jii > Of genuine Japaneee
actor* «ii i *ctr»*»r*. ;'. In numii.-r
■•rru.'l •'■ • Ih.- llramrr QUMII 'r..m
Han Ki.ui ••... i"i » morning Th*y
mr »n rout* tv play tl th* I'arl* el- ;
paall and have •••■. ■! i>!«>l>ia al
tri<- Kafl Franti*<n thrafrr far •.■me
tlm* .mi. Kixki'nl th* Hmt>
Imni ■■' Japan. ■ at Ih* haail »t\
th* company. A performance may
I- «•!.
Far Healtle «n 1 VMnlty Tmilgkl
fair; Thur-dajr. fair, «inn«
I M4lllm(l4UlMMl#
:| CITY NEWS. ff
*j|»AMia»aiaiiia >iai»>\
M D. I .ri. ■«<■ v, .ii«J y**t»r
--■ !»> at Providence hoapital from tr*
reaulta of an >■■•. r<tt;..n
• • •
Ft a f. « mlnutt* l*>t ntfht th»
nberon c«in<**rl h«ll on Cherry atr«"*t
Klllh'fl-' r , imm i'ijii I: C. Mf
<'atn. a atu-lmt. wa* a Illtl* »b*
wnnw f.»r a literal ir tii!«rr>r. nf
whlaky »nj h* rnt t» th*. (twniii i
with Ik* Intention or "cleaning .xit
the plan-. Th# alt*t ■ of tti* man
ager. Irvln flarufh. ««» > •H<-1 to Ih*
v-unr man* a.tl na ll* ruahrd
frnm •h. •<■>£■■ »nh th* Intention of
«*aia':n# th* hltarloua «:ii I^nl to th*
•tree! tn quirk order. lUtu.h h#-l
hardly r»«. hr.l - McCain »f"H th*
v.-vi » man aha! nut i!h hl« rfsht
. arm an4 lan.lt-l lUr»i<-h a hrarr W»ir
[ -a 'hi- <■ Mil Aff^.M n«■*■ *rt **>.«»■ ■
I • Unnlr/ «t'!ti|.l- Tn« |.r>ai—i fa of
< n«hl brought in antl-xja .-■>>»■! of
*t»<-tai«ra arounil Ih* two mm Mrt
It.fu h ruah>--l In in* MataUM of
hrr hualiand. an>) •■- *>• qnlrkty
rt «•!.• i MaCala (U tak*n t■■
i<.|i... hva'tiiMartrr*. «h-r.- ) : I will i
wait far trial.
■ • •
TWlay A. \Va<S<t*ll an.l It»hert ll»»- '
in«i..n wh«> ar« wantixt "n a rharc*
«>f grand larr-eny. »a.k«l ln(o J i l«
--<*ann'a • urt ar»<l tav* (h«m**!v«'*
up. It la -n- «• ( lh-> a»--..iL- | J -tin
J..ti.ii out of a rhrrk ft I IMI
mtttlnir '1»»l Waddril -in • thai;
thrri" in rm ••■Mn-!i- Hr <M I!, i ■
!'»«• "Ii • ■! I ' r ■• LOOS, .j,a'-« iif Mt i
li «k-r mlntnc •' ■• k and Tnnn lirt
ih'-m tl.< • h. . h ott t 'i\'i.^r.f, at t**rt
payn n> ■ I II.OKI. Jltf^i'.im h*l<l
th* tun r• i. ii■! l> r I; . ■ nail. !,ii«
thia afirrtimm lie v ing too >v rvltaa
rd on t»<>n4».
• • •
Ttlr • ' '»i I (lay *<■•*! 1 of th* H* -
• ii!.. <"hrtailan ,In»tltut* an<l >*<-^o^l
•if M»thi«la i- iii I >..• rn'irnlnc at
> I" ... I k It. -. X A. II •) In-lit"
rontlnu*4 hla talk on, "l"»r»nnal
\\ ■■« and ll*v. It. ;. 1,.w!-« |rav<.
a talk >n flcl'l work. Ma •u-.j. ■ i I- •
ln«- Tnkm nr lota»H hui Movr.
• • •
Th. dlaatHN-eranr* of Captain
Tr»utman l» atlll a my*l*ry. When
hr- Irft 7ur WhJti om hla Brtfi •.; I
hi ha.l In hi* p»*ua«|.in tTO<). Th*
aloamrr 1>'»I». of » hi«-h h« wa* cap
tatfi ami part ■>■< n«-r. I* *tl!l <!■•) up
on a 1.1.- I ■■( l>«
• _ a : a
Tl\* « t:l'.n» •rtii»on*r O»n M I'lirr. i
ton, uhlrh r.. ■ ■!.'!»■ arrlvml fr .rti th*
n«rlh aftrr a ac>ry paaaai*, «v
!..■.) tixlay by X V Oraham and
other mrmbrri i>f th» cr*w, ov*r
dun wa««*.
May Enlarfa Iron Works
POTTatTOWN, Pa.. n. 11 «—Th*
•tnrkhoMvn uf ih** l'.>it»t Iron
Company *■" • •■iiaM.-rini; a propoal-
II '» Id ralac ll,(>o0.000 for Hi- con*
atructlon «'fan >■:■• n h*arth atrel
piani r.'pj.r- In ih" bl^at furna.c
•iii'l for w»rklni( capital.
Th* ftrat 11 ■ r. ir• ■ I *har*i of Ih*
company nmrrnln .J.l.'rt.ooO. ami tr.«
cumnmn ahan-a, tSH«.iXK>.
It la r..iinl.-nily (■■ !i-v-I by Ihoaa
favorlnv th«> linj.r.f. .'m- ni thai 1.- -
for* many rmmth* th#« cnnntruftl*>n
of a l»r«n opi-n-hi'orth furnarr will
!>■• r>f<iin. anil th" b»«at furnac*.
Which hna h*'i>n lillp for ovrr am year*
will ..Klin Ih' put In ■■!■ i ill hi
CI^rTVRI*AND, 0.. H^pt. «.—At 10.
liyv KMlan '.t Ih. llaiik-r« Nallnn
al ci.nvrntlon. » rranlutlon • 11 inir
upon coriKri-an to •■iiu.'t m<>ri- alrln
*.'■-•-f law* looking t'.w.ir I a k-.m
atiimlaril, waa adopted.
I'IIII»AI>KI,I'IUA. Fcpt. I.—Thn
flrantl Arttiy fnnvf-ntlon lirffan Im>*
bind i<oa< i doom t.xtay. Th* «d
--mlnlairatlnn of Ih* i Mtnn • niiifn
alon*r imiii on*, of in. RMal Import
ant in ii. i-• ! ■■ UK I
Col. Kli.uv. of N*W rort looka Ilk*
a winner for th* nfTlre of roinmnndi'r
In • hi. f
ChlrHicri wii« ItlrCltd «« th<> plar*
f.»r Ih"- n.'Xl riicmnpmiTit.
A lirt.'f ' . I'l' I^l . 11l Mlll'lilll Ink th.
uutbn of H ri'Voliitlnn In Vrnriu
(ln ara r»C»lvw3 liy th" fMatr .li-|i.u i
in. nl thl« nlllK.
lIAI. MM' B*pt, «—At Ihr re
publican itatx oonvvntton heri* to
■ i.i\ • i.i\ lA-wini'a »■»« rmomlnated.
The .>■ i r.i in indonwi thi MiKlnlcy
n.liiniiiiiiiiiii.'ii. anil (j.-iliiirn fur
1 "*oun<l inuncy." > i. i daoton
"■uuii'l lii'iln-y."
• III'MII.IN. ,S,-|.I I, — l'|i In •
• n..on today tio olTiclal r*.|Ueat *
0 from <France that <"o|oii*l a
• f. li»al t«ln.|.p. li aliould >- nl- •
• I.mid i.. lr*tlfy at Krnnei, •
2 n.i.i been rrirlvrd .ii the •
• f-rrlmi ortlc*. •
• When delivered ii will prnb *
. übly t>* refUtedi hi I Culonel m
e> H.hwdrtikuppnn will nut !■■■ •
*. ajlowad In i — llfy i-illin her* •
J or al It.mi. a Tti* ixivti *
a in.-lit annaiili ■ thai Hi., dec- •
• l.ii i11..1i of Count v .ii liueimv *
• In the I'pp-i llouae. to th* .-r- m
a> r.-. t lhat I>reyfu* I* unknown •
• at lli» •!> mi ni Intelligence *
1 i.fflr*, 111 amply autn. |.-tit v
• Miini- thl* «t.it. in. Nt of •
• Yon Hurl iw ha* i.. . n cntliiu- •
J ally neglected liy Ih* pr»*r- J
• rutlonat Helm.», Oermany •
a doe* I,,it bell*v* that drpoal* •
2 tlon* . by h»arl»k .||.. J
a would *ff««rt any material a
• .ii ii k-e. and might reault In •
2 natl.'iial complication*. a
a l ahei. trlrgram <" the •
• Kalaer, however, wai a prlv- •
2 at* art, and ran hay* no un- 2
e> toward coiiaequrnce*. a
a •
• l(. l\tl H<pt. «-It la atatrd •
2 here that Panliaardl will not 2
a> b* a11..*.-l to go to llennr* a
• and traiif) for th* drfrn** in •
2 t^• I r-fua IrUI Tin- gov- 2
a rrnrnelit ilciii** that II ha* •
a tiao! an> direct or I nil ■• . t a
• Communication with lit. -yfua, •
a> and *!•• atale* thai it kaa •
• tw-ne of Ih* 'I.m um»>Mta *num- •
2 eralfd In th* bordereau, 2
4> It la r*|>orte>l that Italy wa* Ji
• wilting enough t>. hay* I'anlt-* 11
2 (ardl te*Ufy, but wa* r**- 2
2 trained by Dt-rmany a
Throw ap your handa. and b«
quick, or > M won't llvi to i-ll about
Til* .on»man<l *•« (lvtn I" O*.ir«*
Hlrbard*, an *»-9*eattie potlrvaiMi
near ■ .ii.. Lan *u«t I o'clock ><•••
irrli) nicrnlr.* Twn maak*d hl*h
waymm arlth -l-N-kinar r*vo|v*r»
apl>»amt la front of Itlcl-ard* and
hi. i»i cortiwiiii/n». anil th*y wrrr
not long |a • .ti.|.i»tn« nlth th* d»
m«ivl *V<
Richard) arrival In thl* rlly laat
nt«ht. and tr.u momlnc wa* arm at
t»<i>t c I>*a4quart«r* by a Htar r*pr*
•rmaitw. i."- ll* t'.;-l lh« following
»t.»ry-"I M»r-te.| (h» train al Rnum
«law Mnjs4£« < iisj*«.Uat in* in-'
i.ntf.i. of «>li-.« t.* Hi^kan*. and l
fmm th*r* Ka**. Tti* •'• Bln|ip*4
twtw**n Rlamped* «n I Ch**l*r t..
mak* r»|.al • I l*ft th* train. •<•
cvmpanli"! by C. Clvmmln* and a
man by ih* nam* nf l.ul»i. h. both
ot Rowland, tl. C an-1 walkrd a -■•,«
th* track In n.» darknm. W* w*re
•n«ait*d In a coovrraatl.-n, »*»• -n >U'l
d»nly w» wer* ord»r*d t«> th».'» up
our handa. Two larr* r*volr*r* wer*
polnt*d dlr*ctty at v*. and our hand*
wrnt up ln*lanl*r.
"(m* of th* hl«hwaymen t<»ok both
revolver* while hla partner rtliej our
|.--keia. Cl*mm*n* »*• r»l!*vetl of
II W In money and a aliver watch,
' l.udwlck had only MM It <• an my
turn n«*l- IMI on my peraon.
%'ja In on* •'.•■• and I 4& in th* other
Tearlnc that » n.> thln« ml(ht hap
■■• n. I i '•> . 1 tr,* m .!!••> thrr* b»
for* UavinK '.urniUo. and 1 cer
tainly consratulal* myaelf now. T
talnty • nieratuUti. myaelf now.
Th-y took my watch and ISM In
Chan*** With a command paf v*
1 n..| to mov*. thr two m*n baik*d
i away and dlaappeared tn (h* woo<l*.
"I don't think w* wer* too yard*
from Ih* rear roach. W» Informed
th* trainmen of our *ip«rl*nc*. My
twu companion* continued on their
I way to !!■■••' i'i'l and I concluded to
rrturn tn Hratll* and inf.>rm th* po
Richard* ha* a t ■—I drx-rlptlon of
the two men, and detective* will
•ratrh for their arrival In thl* city.
Work on Ih* Palmer cut-off i- pro. |
(reaalnaT •* rapidly a* too mm, work- '
I in* In fIM different ila'ea at one*,
ran handle (h* dirt and ahape up thr
road-brd. It la eupmted t» hay* thr
ralla lal I and th* road In wnrklna:
order by January 1. and every «#T>irt
will b* bent to "ini'lmh ih* r«
aull. Th* work la l>eln»T don* In a I
aubalantial manner, atone culvert*
and at*el biid«ea 1.-lnit put In. which
hrtnea th* ruad up to the main line
It wa* reportetl Hi ii there wa* a
ararclty *-f nun and t.».1« .>n the
Job. but th* men In rharc* aay th*
work I* not batlH r*tard*d any on
that ik ' mini.
Tri.' J*wlah New Year rlo*»d yea
tiT.lny ' iiliik ut * o'clock. 'A.
rnrdlnl to the Jewish calendar. New
Yenr liesrlna at i O'clock "II Krldny
ii nd Inata 24 hoiira. Th < .in«ri-ii-i-
I tlon of Ulchor Cbolam, which i» an
orthodox Jewlah nur.-h. celebrnt*d
it,. New ■ Year at hforrta hall
Friday evenlnic. About «^S worahlpT
part were preaenl. The »rrvlrc* weie
enndurlad by itev. D llrook*, a**l*(
. .1 by Itev. Se. liullii.
llnnt.' N i'..iiiii(T dlaappenred from
l!i i.H AiiKUKt ."!!. miml hi* where
alioul* nre unxloualy ■oiiKht by hla
wife, Mm. I). N. Contllff. The fol
lowii deacrlpllon of ConnlrT hai
been fnrnlah.»l the Seattle pollrt
i i. . upa n..n ahlnKle weaver: a«e .'■;
welKhl IS! pound*! -omiilectlnn iuih.
-ni"..th fine, connplciioua »■■ ir on I. ft
I 1". near point of Inn. wenra bVai k
cutaway coal, no ve»t, rrddlah lirown
Ir.ni- cotton ahlrt (fii.l-ill mnl
■uft, llsht Imowii hat.
Now Tolophono Co. Must ob
lervo Suntat Co. Limits.
The pro|Hi*<'d fmii' hla.' of the
Autnmallc 'ndephone mmpany.
»h:.li ti ii. i.. .ii In th. handa of a
ipeclal coinmlltr* fur **veral Wf»k«
f..r in., i, Imi. hi created nult* a di»
•Uttlon at laat night* . ..ill" II mewU
Ing. The fruiH lilac, a* now amend
ed, ].i..\ i.|. f"i in underground aya
t.'in of wltea, and ulimi provide* Unit
th, city oMi. • H-.ni: Ira »ni'i'i.. I with
fre* *ervl<».
C.iunclltiien <*aal!einnn. <*rli'hton,
Crawford, Hill and Narln compOM
ih» •(!■■.'i«l .-.pii.n.hi. •■ Hrvrral inrni
brra of lh« coutn-11 apent unneci-a
-a«ry time in . (piallllnf huw inui h
lunger tt "ul I take lo operate Ihu
new 'phunea than th* prwtenl »yt
tern. After a nurnher of anM'iniiiienta
(he m.iti. r wa* rrfi n. i buck to the
•amvcoinniltlrei to ln*ert a provlllon
that ■'. new company. If given a
franrhl**. *hould place U« wire* un
derground In all the trrrll.iry »h<ie
Ih* Hunaet Trlrphun* company haa
tta wire* underground. The commu
te* will i. |...i t at the next meeting.
Th* 1»... of pul'ltc work* w*« au
thorlxed lo u*e IViO toward* auataln
ln« a home for fnn.n women.
Th* llnanc* commiti** r«*. ummend •
<-d. and a bill waa |<a**«d. allowing
11l i"l fr..m the nn... fund In pay
ment .f l/ilina allownl by ih* audit
ing commit!**, f*.1K.17 from th* wa
t»r fund In payment of water fund
claim* N- a ti;i, urn and IIM; «'.«: "s>
for i if park laima. an<l \'<" '■<" for
library fund claim*.
(luataf Karl (lru#n. whu I* taala.
.1 In Ih* county jaU on a a.-nirn. .•
by Judge Muoro for :o day* In Jail.
•nd i. |ay a n>i" .if ll*», haa Hied
a petition f r « writ of hat>*a* rnrp
u* In ih* •uprem* i "iirt Th* altrrn
allv* writ 1* returnabl* Brptrmbor t.
and Jii'lk- KuU. tt'.ii ha* algned an
order to lh«- ihrrlfT or Kltiif county
|a ahi.o cauav why th* writ ihould
not b* inaiir nrrmancnt.
Thr** children belonging to a fam
lly by th* name of Morn*, living al
Ikminn liive i—.n l>rv>u(ht Ii th*(
police ataiion by friend*. Tli- y <U1«B j
that th* children* rather ' ordered
th*m "Ut i>f th* bnUlu-. and toll (hem
B*v*r tv return. Th* children are ,
two girl* and a buy, ih* eld*»t be
ing 14 year* .f age. They »i f turn
e.l aver to Matron Tkylor. Th* ioun.
ty illllllaaliiaiia will be> aak- to
provtdt a fcom* for th«m,
Jam** Muliln. a logger, wa* bound
o»*r la th* *up»rtor court by Judge
Cann ypeterday "r all*«r>l Mark
mail Th* pniaorutlng «n»"<
agalnat Muliln waa a man named
Wattle II- claim* that Muliln ap
pr.-«. him with a I .a.i. .1 (tun and
forcrd him to aim a prnml**«ry not*
f .r ||i-. Mullln *ay* that Wattlr
I nan! t.- I hi* wife, and vowed t' «t v.-•
tea* .- |*ll th* I'.OO he would kill
TACOMA. H*pt. «. — Michael
Itaphael. r»preaentlnir th* Clgarmak
*r'» latarmatlonal union. I* In Ta
.■■•ma tryinaT ta or«anl»e the local
clcarmaken. 11. I* almi .1 m a
Hill- mladonary v..rk a* he kin-*
alone, vduratlnit Ih* peopl* up to
what IM union iabrl mrana. 11. la
makine a fiKht on clKar* mad* In
Kant«rn »■■<■ m ihopa. 11. »iv» by
uainr only clear* mad* by union
witrkmrn the amokrr I* «««nr. I that
th* cl^ar til ni«-1.- in Ix-althful aur
M Rapki .1 mak*« lh» »t«rtlin«
.-..'■ mont thai th»n- ar* MM>oo,ftOO
rlarara amoked In th* flat* nf Wa*h
ln«(..ii every year, .if which but J,
mn.otio are pr<«luc*<] by WaahlOKton
labor. T" pr»«luc* fAOOO.OOO rlnnra
wouM renulr* l.(tt ilaainnki at
an avrrac* of HIM a week, which
n.iul'l mran ll.t*Q,ooo a year In
A Cheap Rata OfFerod by the
Northern Pecfic
.V<»UTH VAKIMA. s^|.t. «.—Th*
annual outl»iurlnit i f r>-a:.|> I '» of
I'UKt i x.iiiii'l lo the \ iklma hop ni-iii«
will In Kin att .-ill at tMn a 'X
anil • oiiiiinif for aaVtrml .]..\« .if
h*«t wr»k; (al acv*rnl. ymr» vnat
thoa* ,|...lrin« a |lr««ani an.l pr»nt
«!.'.•• outlnar ami a radical ca ihk'' i f
rllmat* ha.v« availed th.-maclvca of
th* opportunity ofT»r»d kj th* hop
Ki'.m'Tx of Yaklinn county In nuik*
an rxi'tiral.m i.. the IM-Hiitlftil val-
I, v of v .k .i i vi.l la pi. k th. b-iunt
if,, . i..|. ol hop* which i» iv. hi. .1
thrr* Hnnually, and ihli yrnr will
i... no . •pi lon t" th* rul»,
The N.riii- m Paell Hallwny rntn
pany hB« «g.«ln in«'i<- at i"vi trip
|.. of |* ... In i' in ,i of M A Itt
tlp difficulty haa Inn rxpcrlrnced In
|„«i y*«ra tn formlnv tbra* p.irtl.
of I.t, hut (hntil 1 th*re b* inj ilim
culty of thla natur* thla yr;ir tboat
Intrii.lliiK to X" caa, by applyln* nt
■ i,,. r'i.. I-wlior baraaa tn Ih* City
hall iii Hoiittl*. b< (tlnnliiK Ith Frl.lny
n.'tt. 1.. In. In.l. ■! in t'Hill.* tlmt
atnrt from thai point. Tlila nrrniiKe
nicnt i* nFi"e*Klta4«vl for tln> reason
iii ,i ih.- itv of Tacoma dewa rmi
nii.iiiiiiin ■. fri'o ■mploynunt bun au
.in arrival »l Vaklina the hup
jrrtiwera will prnvldf tnennn of cm-
VtyanM lo Ih. different >n|-tla. 1"I k
i-i'i hottld provide thcnmelve* with
i.'nir and cooking Utemtli. At tlie
*nd of the pl.klnar ai aaon the Bt«ii
fin I* hold, In .-Hi" • tii.ii with in. h
will lie given ail Imlluii Jul>.l.l .
You iin no) mak< t mil take In this lump stock. Ihe bes*
designs of the season here at lowest prices.
This week Juno Nickel-I'latcd Reading Lamp, <r I -jr
with Shale Special ... J>l. / 3
| Horn* Hirdwir* md Hou.r rttmlthlno* (215-1217 6ECONU AYE
Glass, Wallpaper, Etc.
Third and l'ikc. STAR PAInY CO.
M. rsi RICHMOND paper CO.
ftl! Eteniiu fmr, 500 Sciire reet if Paper fir Ml El 3-2 QgHfltil at.
♦ »♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦»♦♦»♦»♦♦♦
: Groceries, AVinesand Liquors I
j; SO2 Pik« slr»tl, comer Fifth. 'Pbti* Grein 794. |
;; Old California Sweet Wines .i Sp<-ci«lty. Port, Sherry, Z
;; Anpetica anJ Muscatel, by the bqttle, 35c up; by gallon, $1 |
'' up. \ imlly trade solicited. Telephone ordtr* promptly filled. J
< Mt»««MMMM«I» »»«»«»M»M«I»I»«»OM«»
ysSL. If Vmi Want a <;«hh! Timekeeper
X&/ 7QV 1 ir«,t Avenue JIWIIIR
lihMiT W'J CiC*» 1 U.rirt.«bl« la Ifc-w '•!• for It. r.U«/»l •Cr:tlr< tlJa*
fJP^S Vl aMI! l»mulfM»l lot llw<l«uUW aIJIW Wltn UUI M>
•4 ■iNjTfMf*' ' luiiunliml ur>t«i
i[^ ■>! I' M^'*^* ii.ii.tr l.unuiir, o»tlrl«n, T» rinrt A»».
, i*mi- hii... at..l Iliry lUtr > H«|iul«ll«ru .mmmH^. X
The rs/Ilgliavacca Wine Co.||
, Of Nap*, California, t>
i < .i^-ir»J i« i>i(b»i ><•«• imiu »i u>« I «tj i.ip»«iuaala Iwu lor 7lol««4«. •
I In»it.« ifP*. lour l-Mt'U ■>« Atl iml [in.
Uiu.i '1-l.wi.a Hall klli.llllld at fll4i.lt I. <i
■ I •—*• tI *lltilt*«usi4''i an<l >'oul" room* «r» warm, wben
!l . "jr-i 11 •Klllr^K/'ri Tour h<itn«> I* fitted uj> with hot water
VI **-•• II » is||r.rl*»'i h«-«tln«; «ri>«"atu«. Now la thr tlnw
L——lJ I 1 1! TV • i i '" i.r-i ir. your homo (or col-1 we»U>
-5 , | I'tavVtf'. 1 er. ami ri«nfort durlnc tlw? »int*r
* ~—IL.JJ—-~Z -tftm ■•■f.-.'. ' montha. th»t will prevent lh« babte*
'•■7*^s»<'^' ' laklriK told ai;J y.-jr »;■!.-- pipe*
I Vnii I(l*'TT?>' I fr"m '"■•*'•»■•• Hot »»i.r heat U
H tf iJmKJe <-l<-«n. efflclent «n.l «I».<>» on tap.
MAMfc : ' iii'>nth». that '"" th' '"' '"""•'"" ln
' 'i^t — •* , takln« ■«ld «n<l >"Ur
I «Mt-J»»ny>i an.l w- will l>ut th- ii« In
Ij |J | \±KvVSiyS """ '" * ■*''"'"'''' '"l!'!11'r v"1 ot
. ■vi+r**- . ftp Wt Cor. Third A»«. and Sprlaj SL
w"~"**^" ' **—J—' l¥ . H >n> Dud 471.
■ Proof of Pudding _^__-_-
Best Coffee on Earth
1008 S«C>l< Atlllt, »lij22^Plfc«Sts«'i- I
On ihe Defensive
TUr exrrllrnr* at our work—both &**// J&
In menu »..rh unJ Umily w»*hln«— vt^^^/lk v>E[}<SJ3l2*"*W.
r uli «ur rival* on the defen.lv*. /(* fs sfi*i! SlrtH
Bu<-<-eiui h.«.->. Imitating, but «.ur Im- / Ai. A*WT^*\Wft\V'\
IUlor« Mil »m-l 11 •MBO«t» to <<iu«l 1 AJS^^d y>SljilXyA\ ■
u» In <iuniiir mi.l |.iin-«. I / / &yiJ-«@fi/
)t,,i .mil lr»,l. prlrM »o hnnillra ■!•■- T^"X / Kf7^JtrJ
l|,rr<-l «t lh^.t- |.rl«-.: M'lrt«. 111, / A& J^ri/'
.l.lrl »Hli nillai IJl,f; .lilrl.. f»n< r. --'^^■kj^^^^
l»',r mlUn. He; r««r«. »«. I'houo llk«J IM ** * **^*_ J
Oneen City Steam Lanndry J/^y^
i4»-a reitu i»f*ii. mirni nun m W f iy'^
_ _——_ -—t
I -=ioo=- I
I choice: LOTS I?
•S in......... =•
j Walla Walla Addition |f
| Denny-Blaine Land Go. {
r Dexter HoVton Hank Building. 5^
Htm i.ku 5 WU4IIIIIJ CirtT UU tpeciti iuia U lauiruu, BJitu, & Kiuuui*
Union Bakery.
All liuds ol Bread. Gate and Flu. • - - Maaulacinrers »F Harltrt ail Tns
1». A. uai.i ih:k<;. Prop, ii»i' t kcSt.
• Can Secure Space and Electric Power ♦
2 AdTuntßßroutlf In the Uulldlug no A u-uu muHrucicJ, Maiutiruui J
* Kllll »•« UU«I •U'lllll' MlUttl. A
? Annul m for t(->«» now Snoqunlmlc L. 11- »t t
5* •••♦#♦•♦*••♦•••••••*••♦ *•*»•***•*•*♦*•• *»**«*4><i
Moran Brothers Company
OW I 'i*'l' 'in lii'li>» •' t-l «n>l wi' 1 i •n'lrnilinn *nA i\i*fm «ll t t hm« hi of 1' •
tiunlii> Minitnc nl nil rthtr <iv-< ••( |Hhohtn*r)r buljt j«i,.' t^^.,!i i
AK»>fit« fur "Wuf-thlnMii'n" puniiiina mftihtmMy. th« r'Uo4»ir' «u-t "li^btrta" «*
--ur lub* butlvia **uj tl.« WalUa HUtis M«t*lU< nUt.« Cwii>»i •
JSO. Ulii.

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