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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, September 06, 1899, Image 4

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A Large Increase in Enrollment Fore
shadows Crowded School Rooms.
Parochial Schools Opened Monday With a
Large Attendance Other Educa
tional Notes of Interest.
N>it M.n I <v ihr *,'■■■■■-. of the oily ]
will oix-n their di»t>r». and uv»r
t.Oui) pup! » will rntrr lh« ttllTrrrnt!
rooma with brlsht ■hlnliiK lax a, and '
toe tea. h.r« mil !■•.•-!. thflr )ear»:
The rntrance e*»m;natl<>na fur thi<;
lll«h n-hnol Mill by h-ld toTjiorrow]
n.l mday of th!a wnk hi the Illifh
•chool bulMtnii. It vtlU he n«ri- ]
•ary f,-r all «h < hn- not Kr*duat«4|
from th«- srammar «;■.%!■- an.l a#rur
•4 Ihoir .l!p:..m.i" to r tV. - lhl» rl> ',
■mlnatlun. Th .:i ■ •■ ■ ■.'. In In*
H:*tl • h«'.>l will !•■■.'>• Hi \ reach *•«
• I th« rr, lof th« flrat month. l're;>
aratlona m bvlns it: .»-!•• in Ihf diffrr- \
*nt (choola to mi-nMini.Kl itt> H..VM |iv.
pit*. L<a*l year IB* •t i ■ ■*•■■.■ ; ■ at ]
lIM ■•: I »f Ih* tin: month waa l.«wo. j
ami b«-f.'r ( ihi <-n ! uf th* vmr It!
r»«phrd * tutal of i.U», It I* rx '
je.-ie,i th« ii [„[ r<«l«'.r«'i >n «lil fur* '
th* W.tkMt mark t.-f r- i!i. . u.i of thoj
prvsrnt year.
A forrv ■■< S3) I—ih«n w 111 tn> em-1
pioyrd to handl* th« |iu[>il« of th»j
flty'a h.»"i» at the ovnlnir. but
hff'>r# fh» *n<l of th- \>->: tUa will'
hava b»«n Ifn re.i».-1 to about ->' .
"Nln« yrara •(»." aald C.tjr Hu|><r-j
tntcn.lent Ilinurl. to a Star r»p"rt
• r today, "I.V- city »■ h - :• opened j
with M l-arh-r» in eharc*> ■>:-1 in j
th* iiowlnic Xl4v tax • ctoaol with a!
fOM-» »f <-'. trai hrra "
Slr.rt. tfl« announrvment of th* «»•
tlltnrr.rnt Ml lh>- t»a<-hi-T» !■> th#ir:
p«*ltlona, th* followlnc rhantx* h n* i
t«-en made: llv*t«r alaliinn :•,•-•. r
r»d to II r l-<) arhnol: UliMn DoB»]
ald*on to Hnuth fc!six>l: Kr.u.'- « Dot)*]
an to Uainl^r Allr* Lea!.* ant tt*i*|
»n O. I>» Vw to the l>-nny; Kalhi-r
--l- Quinn to I>»rlflir>; M.ire ir. ■ llald
wm to Queen Anne: Maud %V»!k<r 101
Booth: Mirthi like to (imn Uk>;
and Harriett Hello** i. l*ntv«-mltr !
Khool. M!»i Lilian N i»>i ha* re>Un- I
»4 ber poarttlon. .-»h«- will b* rn.ir-.-i
•oon. Th* number of teac!»er» In j
th* larver arnoola are: Hlch ». n -i.
» teachers; Cascade »--h -■!. IS; !>.-■- !
ny, SI. lialnler dl«trlet. •;«. t'nlveralty ;
<Jl»trlrt. r; Bouth dUtrlrt, :>•
Nrw bulldlac* have bren erertr-1.!
and addltiona to old on** ar* lirlnjt
rornilete.l whim l r..% i:.- an ION*
■rat* of I* new rooma. The«e i- ■ ji*. ;
tiibuted aa followa: KM ImllTImI"1
A new two room bulMlng on lUg<-m
bill cmtled th- It- t- >n Hill arh.xil. \
and a new two room bulMintc near I
Lakf Waahlnirton on M-r !(• :i ••■..- j
called Ijak* tchool. New roorna-—.
Klcht new r--'.' in ttaln'.rr H-h.ml: :]
new rooma to I. ik~ Valaa vhwl. and
I new rooma to Quern Anne x-hool.
Wtth taea« If new r»v>n-.» IIM atteni
anr» la atlll ao mtKh lariter thin the
•ceommoda4l<>na provide thai the di
rector* »r compelled !■> rent Z>
rooms. Theae are dlMrtbutad aa fol
lowa: Old I'nlTeraity. »; St. Franoln.
I. Jewish Hyi ■»» rue. 3: Wnlta Walla.!
I: Day school, 2: Armory. 1; T*Mf
Naturallata' hall, 1; Trinity Oolld <■
hall. 1: f»lk* an.l Madison strrcta. 1;
Itnaa. I.
The l»at of name* of tear hers In-;
«-lude II new onea. and In addition I
Ore old teachers are rrturnlns; to!
work after ■ >.■ i> . leave of atuK-rtre.
The latter are: Mrs. Adah K. Core,'
Mlaa Mayro* I; t;iii«. Mln X jr. . M.
L<- Iloy. Mlaa Ell-t M. I'rrkham. and
m«» Clara K. Adam*.
Superintendent Harnard r-n'i- •'
--all the teachers Id meet their prtn- j
rlpalu at the r-nnertlfe MbOoU al !
t l>V! . Saturday, with the exr-pp.
tlon of th* High arhoo! teachers.
frln'ipal *ni teachers are to m«-*t
there at 10 a. m fir the purpone of
making arrantrementa for the om-
Ina* year's work.
Dta<ked up In thi hoard of educa
tinn's rooms are the ptana trrt the
new Illirh sch'iol huliiUnc. Th-». nre
to be opened at thi m-.nion of the]
board Thursday nlirht. Awaltlnrj
ttila examlnatlnn are fifteen ret* of!
I>la i.r.i.ir-.| In all kind* nf!
ways, and making all sorts of!
packaxes. Bom of them are eri-l
dently nlrety framed. nhil<- 'ith"r«
•re simply rolled, The plana are
>übfn ■ under n grafr-d mntfst. ao
it t» liapoaaltili to tell whope ih«-y
• re, but It i. known that tdarwi are
there from lloator.. New York. VVI«.
conain, California. Oregon. Waahlnit
ton. beelde* other idacen.
The pinna are for a Izno.nno blind-1
ln« on the iv- (h«t has bven MCtind
in nroadway, !-!»..„ ollvn and
riti- streets. The site UVS x 300 j
feet. Th.ii money will be stwnt in
HMM Inafalmenm. The -, n:,• .
phin* will Im. picked out by th» board
at Its mer.fii,,. Thursday, or as noon
afterward ■■• i«-.;i,;
The four Catholic schools of Be
■ ttle h,i\. already opened the fall'
term. Mondny wns regljtrollon day. I
and tod«y t'-arh»ra and pupils ore!
t>urkllnic down In work. Th'-re nrci
four rathollr schools: Academy!
of Holy Names, our Ijjdy of Lourdeaj
lion. John Uarrett, fx-C*nllHr|
Htat»» minister to Hi/im, will deliver
a ttr* Irrturf thin tYenlna nt Rank*!
hall under tht ttuptcf* «f On- i hnm-i
\t of rammrnf llm (übject will
b*, "C/rli»nt«l Coinm*-ri-f» from a I*«
--clflr Caut Btaodpolnt," Mr. Tlar
rett hnn rprnt ninny y«-nr» maklni
both 'iTii i.>i .in i unofficial vuiu to
all pulnla of Inttrvft In Asia, and In
pr»-emln»ntly oipaljlp of m;ikln(t nn
Innrm I addrtm. f'urlni? hi* re
• ••til -i«v '.ii th« Allnntlc roant he
.1 'i murh to anakm thw Ball to tha
Itrf-at fllM. p of thu rm-lflr coH*t, nrul
tti<- Kroat ojrportunltli"* off«i->l hi-rr
for the profitable Invtetrnerit of cap.
"-1 . i
eoJleg*. Church of the Huored llrtfl
*radriu>, mil t'hurrh of <h« lmm*P
uialr t*nn<epili»n I'aro* lilnl school.
The nr*t of ih««e, the Aividrmjr of
■ !■>■>- N.imo. fur Kirl*. U lot-ated at
Ihr •milheasl torner of J , >-■ i
•tivfi and .•.•■•■! ..%. t v ■ »■ m ii
On* !•■■-: * and thirty >>> pupils
'hi rvgtataftd up tj turn morning,
and fi> ib» m,i <>f iti.> month tht>
«11l rrich I*o Thiw, with the M
I'.w !.: i: studcnta, nUI bring the
total ui> |o ion. i , i:t teacher* are
in chart*.
The (Mrm of study Include* nil
th>- l'l-:H'.il\ Sm.i: ! -i. th*' *r it:iiii.tr
k' .1' *. and four year* of s'-aiieinU'
wurk. I'K-llir with ntun>< In muilr
and elocution, I'urinic th« summer
thr hulMln* ha* l»-e» rrnovatrd. unit
repainted, and several valuable ad
dition* ha>e been made to th* lib
Thi Htrr.nl Heart *»*« Ifmi, lm-at
ed on - \ ■ >-. ivtr:'i-. bttwi^n Hell
v; t |s.*tl*ry. I* very similar to tr.e
Academy ol tl-ity Nit!?i<*i In course >>t
-• :\\ enrollment ami numher uf
teacher*. Tlie Churvh of th» Immac
ulate Conception l«»r<whial »nuol.
■>n M.i.'. • i. ■tr—l ant Tenth avenue,
ha* opened up with a Sareo attend
tnrt of ictrlt. This school only In
. .1 l- • th« rtumntr »t i !■ >
The I'Mvrrslty of Washington will
open it# ' - ' * to •' v ".■ ri'tt n- tl -.v . • a.
Tuesday will be registration day. an4
• . ••« work will >-.:-n Wednesday.
iTrsldeivt •;•!..« .ii I several uf the
pr»fe#*i>r*. especially l*r<»f. A. II C»f
f*y. have •>-.■> untiring tn their ef
fort* to awaken Intertat throughout
th? -- v with * -I result*. II is
expected that th* year wisl op*n with
t«f • .i»t .Too *?;i !■ tit*, ant) this num
ber wltl be ik- 'v i» .-. .i». I b*?..re
th* m.l of lh«r year. The ln<-r<-»».d
lnt«re*t In It* t*nlTer«ity, ami thf
fatl that fmjr jr»ar» »f iir^t^f'tnnr
work »-.t>- ! ■■ r, ,«!...!!.•,.). civr* a
nu.u >;,t •■» of a. Ur«* an attendantv 1
a* h«» *ver b»fi» ha.| in the hl»torjf
<>f lh« l'nlvrr»ity. Th* .> lUs n of
th» f>rr-i««r»t'iry bran< hr» .WBI b» a
«rr»at ,\ Ii .lns.-ci tt> fiupilt frnra thr
•li«iruti that ha?« no tilxh xhool, **
they Wtnibti rrtablr-l In »ntrr Ih*
univorslt} 1 illrfrt. At the ••">.- tlmo.
It will not Inlur- hl«h -• r- -.:■<. a*
[■!;-' will nut t» >■■•.*• .1 t>» ■•fi.'- !
--f •■•■■- •»■-••, that Mvi hlch •■ h... ■'«
A"•'■ v ■r . .--r«-■ in i ?»-«• -■ »• tf »•
la>rn 4!|<W. This wl.l !«■ un-lrr the
<tlr«rtl<n« «>f I>r. II iratr •;i ■'> fir
am, profMtaor of rh«>ml»try. Tn*
r«njr*«« ftfT*»rp*l •;.- ■.• !... n i; i r,.\- ■!
by «'.■■ .'••!>.. ii .■ ; nf j'liiriri. ..
«n4 will nivfr th? (tr«iuß<l o? arm.
arrilnatiun for a Inure!*!'* lli-a>na».
All »Iv Irnt». .•■ i ut nrw. muat ••»
the frmid*nt hrt'iTr t*fi*trrlnt. Th*
nrgtatrmUaa tiUnka ar* t> (»• hars'l'4
In thl* year Irttkl* tivr i>> • of .n
--tran<-». At th^ r»i]»nt of th» titi
d»nt a*«*ml>ly. ih» b*Wr4 "f riTt»nt».
at lh»lr Ini mrrtlnv, 'trtrrminrd to
•■«' t'. !.«h nn IcrKlrnlal f--- of '•■> rrnta
a t<rm. Thl* <:••»•■ to th«t •uiiport nf
«tui|<nt rntprprlnca.
Two •■r»mm««lu)u» dormalurtfa »ri
l^lnir litillt <•!» the unlvrniltjr ramp-
U«. T' ■•■■■'■ !\ i-. f «t||.|, „•«
■I" ! Will .■■ . -.TH.---I .1- If) ••,, I. „•,
wUhout rr>j*(l.n«. The irirln" durm
lti>rjr "111 »r<T>mrrn»lat«> Ut, an>l th<
bnya' m. In th« «!rl»" <lormitory will
In- a ■-.:■ dlrtlnc hall fir th' ui>
«f both '10-m!ti>r!«>». i>.- ft »ni f>*
prortdad for all •■ i I- »•• at artu^l
Th<- rooms ar» if 1; ,•. ! after th»
m»«l mn-lrrn i>Un usnl In Ka*i>rn
k hf»>!». Th«- null* contain three
r"flm«, two ' . '-- v * n-l n atttlnt
room, »n-l nrr lnt»n !<•.! t« Iw ui^'l
hy two ItQdmtS. Hath* art; phirad
••n »ai>h d.ior In h>>tb dormitirlo*
Thi> rlrK <t"rmltory will contain a
larit* laun'lry. In lh<> bor>* dormi
tory la an *»xerr-l»M* room fur >-■■ In
rainy weather.
The r.jntraclnr* arp im«hln« tho
work «n th» ilormltorlra a* ra|ildly
«■ pojmlblo, but but will tv>t b*
ready for w»« b»fnr<- the flrnt of lie.
wmlwr, ami poMlblr not thrn.
Librarian f'offrnan haa jmt turn
•d from ".!.-!• it. Win., where h«" at
ten l<d Ihc l'nlv.r«lty of Wlncortmn
Bumrnfr llhmry Khool. lly f«»rre»
pondetir«. with vnrloun ■Oclatlm and
rnmml»«liin«. n« h»« nerured alm<»l
a rarload of new bix.kn f,,r l>, llh
r.«ry. The»» ..■.■!. .■.!:•• over 1,000
volume* In numlwr, und «r#" now be
in* plafad In th» llbrnry.
The I'nlferoity of Waihln«ton law
ii<-h«ol wilt opwn for It* Urm ye»r of
wi.rk next Tuesday, Trof, John Con
don »»» ♦■i«»<*tcl derm In M«y, nnd
he haa atriin^ii r.»r « r<nir».. of ntudy i
and Mdirsd « faculty from amnn«
tin- liii-lln^ nttirrniya of ihn niate.
The niurie of ituily IncludM a two
ye«r«' rourn* of l«rtum and r<vii.
•ttlon*. Th» a<-K«|,>n« ar« to !>.■ hr-ld
In ih« rvt-ninn In tho old univcmiiy
' ' M >r

the ftouthetta*tei It ronat of AlmmNu,
iiud made h th'irutiifh hm.l pvatt-nitttl*'
nVt#W of ttle Work v, ..ni|«lluh,.l tip
to the time of li-itviiiK the MhiniiKirlii
I I in-1 ■• on the lit urn voyni*. A
nuittbt'r of iiimv *|t«rle»e of ln->- i
life wrre ■ .iili.l. whlrh htivt ii-l >i-l
iM-t-tt . I.i-w H. .1. ■ii 1 Impnl i.uil .tl»
t-ovrlira uerv tltrtdt' r*'K*trdlnK ►'■ "
Hiuphital distribution. ■>n Mull
i! i. !■■! SfVi't-al hont'y bees \vt*re
found. » hll ii II nt- lni|»>rintit fi'nture
to the t-ntomoloniat, as none httd ever
twin round In siuli ,i hliih l.tinu-l
The HhumnKln laland* »i a iwitl
troaii in thf ai. hi. im irrhlpelacn
Imliik inil-\ i\ l>rlwf*en KiMllitk tatiind
nnd I ii il.i-h:t. KM) in He a from eiith
Tho tmiiit 1 Sluiiii i> in »t»a the imtne.
of one of th. .- til -i" »f Hi illiit. the
famous. vKyam-r. Thl* »Kilnr died
"ii :. llerlnir waa rx|ilorliiK the
northern water*, and was hurled on
OtM Ol the I.! ml- and from this
f»i t Ihr Inlands Inke hi* n mi. on
the laritiat uf the Inland*, known '-
I i-i: i. nlmt l» pi-.i.tii'\ tfi only
gittld mine ever found In volt'anlf fur.
O-.tii. ti Is now In active operation.
At the tin,, ttf I'nif Klntnld's vUit
1., the laland 1'" nn-ll Ma-re ein|.lo> -
r.l In the mine. The ore formation*
Atv of very ii i> ;.u it fhrtrattrr, btit
the srold found Is of ......I quality and
■•'■ • ii. i- In iii Hid quantltisa Than
I* at*>> ii mine of low irr« If ronl <m
thl* lalantl. but It I* of •uch poof
quality that o|H-rattt>ns have born
The \ I-1 \ apt nt nio«t of its time on
l*up|«if Island. «!n h Is only Hi" third
! in. -i of ii.- null, but th* n. •'
.i.i. :. »!!• ,t t ' the ■< Ifntlst. The
I'tMat-llne uf the laland Is very
Irirfular, ml. ;it.tf i■. 11 i- .»
everywhere. The ■. :i uof the wa*
t.- • has i-auaed here A pri-ullar furm-
BtIOII, H. f -!. a liufilbt-r of these In-
Ifl* or bays, the wave* have. In llmr,
i i ■■ 1 aand-bara, inluplrlrly lUllhiir
them off from the wattr* of the
• . in and •<• farntlnjr mam small
lake*, the water* of whlrh have. In
time, brruitw fresh. In r ■-«• take*
ar* f.»ittv I intrreatlnsT atutlle* In
adaptation. The animals wht' k er*t
while lived In the salt water* nf the
orean, and ••• formlnff many small
the in lual freshentrtaT nf the water*,
and are now puraulnsT life under en
tin-ly altered condition within 6« fe»t
of their fellows of the- ooean. The
• !r- !ik wind* which nearly always
sweep over the lalanda have rtuinl
• similar <.•■' -. »«ity fur adaptation In
in-.-, t life, aa wlnce<t creature* are
lonatantly |K-In« swept off Into the
• ■ t and only those that stay on th<
! vrounil continue la exist. From thia
• ause, rlit-a and ireaturea of a like
natur*. an* r-e<-«wnlnar *lnces* and
pursue the strurKle f-T etlalem-e a*
crawtlnaT creatures, I!-1 t'l. • <»f all
ktndu ar* ahsent. anil the t.nty forms
of hla-her animal life are h*»ka,
lowU, and millions of »m«'.l mlt-«.
KANfAH crrr, m«, **pt. i-au
the local •l<':-«r<in--iit store* are pre-
I ir',r« to fight the new vi iaw, «•■>-
Ing into efTert rleptenib»>r It, They
1--;....- io carry the caa* tv the)
h!«hr*t courts. Th* slncl* line mer-1
(-hants have m !■!■ up a fund to r«~
tain lawyers to Rcht for the rnforrr
ii.'rt uf the law.
Th» i.' .< statute ta the mall of
concerted efTort* throuchout the rn
'r-- slat* to •!'•■'.'ir it tf .■ th* xeneral
j tendency toward* rentraltxatlon A
lax of from imn t» tvw i« pi .m. i
for each *■ i -tr■••• itan* of *■■-!• sold
in store* etnplu)in« fifteen or more
persons. Thero ar» two storm In j
X ii« ta City «|..ne I (ml n>me under
the law and haadla *> ■-..••■• ..f
►-..'• each. Hven at the minimum
rate the tax oa ■ .■• h • '. these would
!«• i:T.«« a year.
MNfJ JlLI'Vr. Ark., Hept. «-A
pnrty nf Mtraturers whn refuse to give
t'i- r name* Is seeking tn unearth
treasure whlrh Is Slid to have heen
taken from a rl' hly ;■. t I. I \ ■ •' I »n.|
burled In tte b<-d of an ntlnCi Inke
|iirin« the war of 1»I3 The men have
elalMirate rharls
MTU. Sept. t— The company
whlrh ha* been laeorpefstod in thl*
state, to tiuild a new Imn ore carry
ri« mad tor th* ll<-nry \V. Oliver In.
terests. htfh are in>M| nt mi with
the Carnegie ronrern, has surveyed
a line 'r..»n th* Mt-sHha to the V'ir
mllton range.
It la ala projected to the shore of
Uafe< Huperlor, where It la prt>i«i»f,l
to r-etabllah ore i» K» 1..| a new har
\> t for lake vessel*.
WACO. Tex.. Pept. *.—A hnltatorm
p.i-i..1 through the ii. U' I, Jv .; 1,..... 1 tif I
H.witt, r-lKlit miles south ■■< here,!
this »ftertn«in. accompanied by Wind]
nnd mln. The cotton In a atrip five!
tnllea I'-tIK and IV. ■ i inllts wide » nj> j
stripped of Us foliHKe, leaving roilh-i
Ing hut tro Itrctr i,h,i.« and (Town]
bolla, open cotton m nil kaocksd
out itnd burletl In the dirt.
Bui k Hmllh lan ri"liirn»"l lo H»>
atllc after hi* nunint'-r varutlon
•i j '■( hi hlfl l»"mr in Auburn Mr
h.m Jiint tirrn nnUflvd of hfp appoint.
mint to a scholarship In Vnlf unl
vprnlty, and hi- nlll liavx In almut n
«■. v la taki up ii> ItudlM thir.v
Mi Hmllh Krndu.'iti'd fi 'in tha I'ni
viTHlty ■■' W.i h ii/: ii i i -<t lummii,
having rnii-rxl ii tha full at ivi.,.
wear the pants
IM>I ANAI-i'l.tK. lml., H»pt, «.—
Suit* McKlnUy, ')■>■■! 19 Hi. ilinich.
Ii i o( ■ i. .ink. i »f Olrard, lit.; nn<] n
Ktiitliiiiti' tit Dip MlrMiitiirl ptitfn tinl
vrrftlty. wim l.i i i.WJii fifrmti**! for
iniiH'tiK'rftrlln^ Ihc Htri'fttt in ni:tli<
Mtlrc. Tin- im.lli f «ny tlat ih* him
a husband in thin city. Tin Kin wmt
promptly r«l*utd Imciiih (her* in
nn Inw In Indiana tn pn vint waitfttl
from vihiliik tr'^ !"■».
A Girl Killed by a Young Man Who
Subsequently Commits Suicide.
PINR BLUrV, Tpiiii., «r|it. «.--Tlir|
lnt*na»|]r 1.11i.r r. ■ ;.i»-- agiilrwt thy,
MoMn><ita Hho hnvi* lipt-n i»" ■ ' • ' J'-r
in iiii« iiiatiiit i.ii.ii-.i a rttmai on]
Tuoatlay nmht. whrn Mlaa May liar-1
I. ii iru shot and klllMl from mn
liunh. ii.i -ii.i .I promtnanl firm
rr IliAflH-d linMittl \\ IIIIMMI, r.iMlllllltf*<l
«uh I.I" at hla door»l<|i juat >• tho
t>liMHih<»un<lit s. i a p<*«in* to hID hum».
lit* *t»nf^i»iM*d lit* ctlmtt.
I'hr Morni.ma of rMe«art rounty
h .v. br«-n rt*tM'4ttvl!y warned tv iMip
'i ■iliiiK mt-rlliitta «nd t't t<*:iv*> |}||
.ii-'i ■ ■ under i■ < < • > of •' >■ ■■• !''■■
thrratM had n<> . rr. . i on t!i rlilrra
ami th* Aplnnvnta at M"itn"nlant <!«•
-- ■•■.!.- • .'li more dr«»U'" '•'■ ' ''■-' *
in* i .-• i i :.i „ mob Han •• r..'
-->.-■ I fur i;i purpoa* of siiaiktiiir ih»
mi i-llnit (i|»i >• at Me M'irinona «f lhi»
■i.c.itli). Ovrr it hundred mi-n, fully
..III:. 1. ,irtlvr 1 ■,( thd SChOOI lIiHIIT
•horily after • oVturk, Hi* < Idrra
*»r» i ondu.ilt k Ihf •rrvlwa, .■. i lh«'
Oral lnl!!i>all<.ii tt\ty hi I of trmibl*
»aa whri) r«H ka wtrv thrown]
IhrQUHh the windttwa. Pur a f**w j
ttiUiut.-* thia funHu4>- of ptonr-a un-l i
rcsa roatlnuvd! ii« pxrpta »->ui!hi t"|
r*>«i> by uri'lrr Hi" ilmkit
'11.. build m »un drmitlUhrd and ■■
dOMfl or m«ri» of Ihe M»rm»n* »er«
arrlounly Injur.-.l lwf,r» an attempt
««■ ■'„!. la force an r*U from tho
.. 11.-.l '!■■ !-•
i:i.|.r» Itimm niaon ■■• i 11. C. IVf.
tr Iff! thr i. . t , ■ nrnl %f.»* May
llardvn, a i i ... n young wi.man <>f
•i • !!!■■■. walked i.. ■■-.•. t!i- n, In
, an m :. i» to i hr< k tho fury of Mm
A i-urtv of I .■>■• i v • v 1 ■!.•!• ar
ii\. I (ram Huflalu ■•I nighi In X*.
if n •—!»..ir « [irllslo car 110, ar.rt
i •- •!■ it i»r ■( !.'•■ 11.-11 l Iliillor. In
lh» party are *•* 11. <|.»«l>r»r, rhair
man of th«- board of «llrwiom of the
lluffalo A ri.i*.^.!. i. h.i... ralnw I. ir
...in|.»nl-~l by frank 11, IVavjrf, «n»
of ih.« Ur«-«l (train (>|M-r»lar» In Iho
I i«i. A. I' lllmm-11, a prominrnt
Itankrr if, 1 tjrnth«-r of (It* r|.|«t»t*.
•.!•:• - (rni-ml. i: •■ ■ I'irkt. a
famous suigron an4 author; I*. M
• ■-• '..• '■' |ir»«il«.r) of the Marine
hank, all «f |luff»l«: ". ! l^rank M.
(ttnllh. »f New York l""llf, N- V.. rhl#f ]
|altnrn*y fur Iho Ituftalo, Hi. M .rj>
* Avuthwrflrrn.
The Water Front.
J W. <*»m|'Jwll. f»rtnrrlif ir»*r
»n !!•■■ •'.■ '■.!■■ Vmalllla. l» MCk
wtth ■ • >• r In Ih* !:■ •;;.»: at Han
l*i •!.:«■■■.
• • ■
Ti ■' ■ .i;r • i I'tof'la ttUI ! ' '■>>• r
!.. k i i on th« TuniiM-V|rt«rla run
for a few ilayn •» a freight urrl«r.
• • •
Th» ntmn!<»r ljiur»<l» will nail f.*
Hi. MKJini-l MiT.'tay with an »**••>•
tKmailf ii.-- .:.'.•■• t>f frrlKht. tnu< n
of whlrb will ■'> to Car* Nomo. Nh«
la is -n at th«* Northern bunk<-r*.
*hn« h«-r ir«« *r» l>u«y rffulntlin!
ami otprhaullnc bfT, Tumorrow thf
Mvmj will «« u> T«ronu t« kh «n
i*. ■Hyl.xk. n- r >-• •« » !■• ■ '-, will
b# 'iK ■* 'ivt-f iil -, . '. In i ■- n
i tb«rr. The 1., u• ' > will makil na
more lru«t north afii-r lh<« pnn^nt
on*. 8n« win not, howt*r»r, >-n-
Xt, \i ■. .. I i« tin- rrturn trip until
about (Vtob»r 10. Thn work of
loailinir lh# vm»l wlih tn-r latim nn.l
...••.!>■ rann will onmmcnr* Kriday,
It I* now ]■■:,•. \ •..■!•.•■ i that
lh<- N, A. T. * T. rutnpany'a Btcamer
Itoasoka Kill nail fur Ht. M . :
runt Krl.Uy at 4 O'clock In thr after-I
n'w>n ll*r rargo will t>c * prry larpc.
•hi will Inrliil.- I*ji lon» of tiii». •■!
lanfotu •upt>ll<>» fnr thp l"nlt<"il
Hl*|p« troopn at Kort nibhnn I !,'.'■.
t<w« «f !h<-»<" ItipptlM ar>- »tor»(| In
the war<"hou»» at thr WUtl H)nr
<li«-k. Poor v»ry l«r«"> l">u »l«*iith«,j
>li.."!" ht-atorn, br.»miii. d«>kln«
utonall*. In fsrt, <"vrrylhlnit r<*nulr«wl
for thf rqulptfirnt Of tho P"«t, »11l
t>p l.ik«n north TJi" fii[.i.l,'« nro
l«ln)r »"nt north by thr HiHttle
Htp«m»l Ip pninpany. It wan rumor.
nl yMtrrdnr tlmt thr lto»r, I wmftd
not kk ri"ftn «R:iin thin jrear, n* th»
I'nlloil Htaif» K.ivi-riini<iit 11.
rld*d to u»«~ h«r ann Irafippfirl. In
•tutry at thr nf!l»«; "f lh<> N. A. T. *
T. rompnny lmlay. howrvrr. rlldli»d
the i--r--1 m. .' i tlmt lh< will ..i,i
without rail li . :i\ !'!• i,i ••!,
• • •
Ktt*ftrri"r Uf'orKt' K. Ht.Trr (irrl\r<l
from WhHtiuni Ihla mornintt with ■
food !■ .■ ■ i , . 111 l ami a r > i cargo
of fr.-lsht.
The Rovcrnmrnt ilp»iwr Oi-n. M. |
Wllmiii. whlrh ran lurn hrt-f nlnr»]
Mon.liiy. l*fl t.Mtiy for I'nrt T"hii». !
pnd. l« prnvinK a itaunoti and
-!■--• Iv VMatl,
a • •
Thi' Pacific r"omt Htnamnhlp rom-|
pany'n -I. I 11./ I Tojfk.i. wlii*h nrrlv-l
r<l '. i Kynn -„i. i IrtJit fVrnlnir. |
111 leave for th«* n.»rlh ngaln I'l !
• • •
TI.. 'Krlmo «t»nnirr I' nm I i 111 nall-i
oil limlhv with « liirK'" nunitiiT of j
|..-inm*nKiTf<, r»otiii» of whom arrived In
Hinlili- only ytlterday from the
\,. wonl haa yi-l been r Ivtd
of tin' Htiamcr i:»rr!plor, nhlih UI
OVtrduil from Cook Inlil.
Thi> llrltlnh BM'llliiK«lil|> HlaJpOow.
rip, wlihh iirrlviil hrrr rwintly with
I?>>.M h.irrctx "f iitmnt from Ant
werp. li* now 11 "I. .' ■ "■'■ ft, '. I i.ir
i.l. Ht TartimA. W'hll^ lying her**!
l»«t Milliilny Fume of (hf iti'lV lii'C.itim (
Inti.xlrntiil iinl iinim'il a rarki t
,ii. .i- the iblp. One of the men
\\fi!* il:ipi>iml In Irtinn. Tli** I'lsilutow.
rl<- will. Hflor ol'rhircliiß hr |irc«
ont nirKii, comtnenpa loud nh.iil nt
Tacoma for th«" rnll^il Klnirdmn.
■ • •
Th<'"ili-ni.il iiiiit lilonocli'd, which
h;lrt lii-f>n rlmrtt'MMl hy the uovprn
imnt im a irampoTt, »«,< Itthtnl off
<%iriiiunnnh point y-ffii-riliiv after
noon lltl«l If* I'Xpirti.l oil thr Hilllll.t
today, Hlit' him v full . .i■ j:■ •uf tM
and »llli. *
I i,,.,1. Tl,. •three »«« allowed to P«»"
'to Ihf nmd»ay. Then- many «h.n»
jttirK dlrwtml lit tluin from aml»i»h.
Thr miiniiri wan hit l>y "tic of Hum
buIIHa mid «•>» Inaiantiy »»hi. .1 'I'd.
--! in.ih. after flrliiK many more bulli-i*
■ t Hie iU«ln* il4ar* and utlirra, dla
A brother of M m Harden ■••«• In
formed of her d.-ittK. and hi- Initiirdl.
nlely organlird a «»»•«. aeiured
Ulumlhounda, mnl. vowing veiiK-»n< r
on «h* uluyer of hia ulnlil. >•'••' I In
[IWrtttllt Of Hi* in
i Hit* of the nn-mliera i»f th** 111 .1.
«hl<-»i ■lormi-d •h.- m h.-il bCMUM »••
llaamn Wtnwin, » i.romlnrnl v'.iiiik ;
f«rm>r mid Ihp »ii|irrtntpn<lt-nt of *|
lout Hunday tekool. ll' !•<•<■«m«- eon»i
vlnvr<\ thai hi> ■ m Hie ilayvr "f Mimi
lUrdrn, and h^ wr«>le a <«>nf^iu<li>n t"
ttiln rfTwt. rl«lmln« lh»« thf youn*
»..man »»a killed l>y ml»l«k*. ihr
hulIH whlrh rud<-<1 h«r llfi- • vln«
b.-cn Inii-o'1«"! tot im of ihf Mormon
, .;!.i- !■>■ ml'.in\lr X hi i
I Aft*r man)' fulll« ati'in|ita to 10.
jmt#* ihr mrmlirri of th» mob th* j
j li|.B«lhoutid» nnnlly (irii'-k Hi.- rl«hl
j aipni, and Win win »v» lrM*4 from
I !><• m-rnii of thf ahnnlln* M hi a homr.
Th«> |»«iai", undrr Ih* Iradrrahlp of
young II •■ (■ i, arrived at ih>- arrnr
Ju»l aa iMOfl l«U||hl • «Utll[MM- of
thr tilmirhoundt Tuiti!n» 10 hi*
: « If, he li.tiuli-d drr thr . . nf»»«!..ti In
had «rltti>n. and. il*|>f>ln( In th«
d'«ir. In full virw "f hla fainlly %i*\
Ihf in. Mii.-<« of ii.. {»•»«'. h« rut hla
" i .• from rar <•• rar, at lh» Mmr
i.ii,.- •'. . i i.if hlmaolf Ihmuirh tli»
I:.-a.l. IU .|i.-.| Inatantlr.
TACO*tfA. f.-i,l. «.—Pursuant la «
■ill cent nut by I>. H Julinvtnn*. of
Taioma, ami •ik>->-I by rvrry il»al»r
In t»nr«nn. \V«»'iin|rti.ii anil Idaho.
■ tin- i ..4iv. .in I <>r«*n >I<-»1< t» of the
((AIM 1..1 M.1 I mrt at th» lloifl f>«»n
nriiy laal night td furm what will
Iw 's'nii U Urn llano A Orcan
l^ralrra* AnxM-ljtion t»f th«« I'arlfic
KarthWMt- Th^a* prrarnt at th»
mwilin U»i tii|[l|! w»r«: W. 11. Al
loot. PWtUn4| M..rk r J ■.'•. H|«.
k»n>.. John I»»r»»n," N>» Whilrnm,
II V. !..>:», r rt;«n 1. II 14. c (Tin
br<>. It I*. I'ilicr. lUlph Itamak
rr, an>l 11. <>. Itrlchrri. of Hcatllc.
A. I Tiw! .'. .f Olytn|ila. and l> H
Jnhnitiin aivl .V W. 1-.. k.tlll. .f
D. 8. Johncton waa atoi i- i |i'»i
--' iii .f th* a»«L» lallon, aad II O.
I: I-- h. rt. of ttllr. .r.r.tiry All
•h<- irrntlrmen i r»»r.t wrr* fmrful
!•■•! Ilir lltipra ■■ M S*l MM that tlil»
a«k>rlatlnn irii am>thrr t*ntarl* of
til oitnfiu*, an<) that a MMMieaJ tn
■lrumrnt truit waa to t»- f irtnr-l.
{ No attrmi't will 1»^ madr. » ■ Hhv
aay, tr> •Ilrtatii prk'rf. ►• ■ i. ■ cuinblnv
I* i -.-'.'.■
A r«mmltt". r«IMrtMIM of Mracra
J^hnpton. Allrn aivl Ch< ilim. was
a|i|Nilntr<l I • .Ir.ifl a ronalllullon anl
I > !«v.p. .it. I thi-y wt:l trj-.rt to t! <■
convention tixJay.
THE G. A. R.
> Tho rhamtw-r of ■ >mmrrr«« yencr
' day f. r»»i 1 I lIM Invltall li th*
ii. A. H ii i'!"iiil f»ru'« nip merit o«-w
In ..■--•» at I'hlla'irtphta. la li.»l lh»
I n>'Xl rnrampmrnt In Xrntllr. Ttila
t >',■■ r wan '(■» '!••• 1 in Ihr « harntwr
about Iwo month* ■<#O. an'l vlnrt
'li.ll I In-- nrT.llU'i ll>. (.(« tl|l<' lw. !|
coin* forward t,» iii>lu.<- th« N'atl'»n
al Cl. A. 11. to com* fcerr In !»00. The
Imitation wa» *»nt to Cat. J. V
! I^nnirley. of rV-ittlp. tummanilcr of
th<- ilcpartnwnt of \V«»hlnitt«n, who
In now a •!• !■ kit" to th. rnnvrntlon
bI I'hnailrlphla. *?vl h<- wlil prpwnl
<h- m*tt*r t<- li» attention Tlv In
vitation «>ft» forth < l«»rl) Ih' manl
;| f'llil .l»«nl««»« ihm H>viiiii |„.«-
-■ ■ ■f. - ovrr »ny othrr city for the
JptlrpoM "f »uoh an rnrampmrnl,
b.'th fof ■> »wnilllfi wrnlc location
ami eomm*rclal importune*.
-■ ,
I CHICAOO H»p|. Oiirnid In thr
N it.i.iuil li-anu* yratcMay. n mr.i.-.l
a* follow*: At l'iii!.il< i \V»»h
tncton i", I'hii.i i i•> . II .ii t'ln
>i • Inimll—m*t «nm» — Omlnnatl It.
MCNveland J. iwciinil a"«m»—t'inrlnnall
I». C|, v.lnn'l 7; at lt.Mil., n Bo»tOn 4
i llßltlmiirr ». Ht <'lil' nic<> —t'l livilt'i 1.1,
I I'tttnluirar t: «t New v..rk — New
j York S. Rrnkl) Mj hi (*t i..,iii-
Ix>tlll 4, l."iil-\ !!!•• 4. Ounio rulliMl on
JMirniint ■•' iiarkniioi
Thr Mumling Of cluhi In hh folinwa:
t'luh* W. I. I' C.
! HriM'klyn . HI .id .fins
: i lalphla .... T< 4i< ,U]
J IlKHtun . 71 45 ,tl|
, llaltlmnra . «T 4« ,M!
[ Ht, U>ul« r.:< r.4 Ml
j <"lnrlnnatl M f>."i ,f.%}
; cii mbu .. *o m .r,OH
Chfcifo . «i tl UN
. l.ntilHvllli- . H M .441
Nr* V.nk .... 50 «7 .4J7
i VVllßtilllKtoli ..... 41 77 .347
Cleveland 20 lIM .16<
wTfe wanted.
Ilinry A»h»«rlh, who Kudirnly
j dlaappaarcd from n liHlxinK houM
"ii I'llrd nul I'ik- utrni-tii, over a
w.-.-k bro, .vi.i who ih poltrr tv^r*
Mr«l in beltovi hii<l mi t with fniii play, !
luivr bobbvd up. Amhvtorth wnn
ili'rt'il Ilih. polll lifMiliju.utri n hit*
.MKlinliiy »ftrmnon iui'l loll] i' ii i
Will.ml thai hi' li.nl i>, n lookini fur
wurk. Thi> |mllrn miy Aihworlh l>
n,i in his in-lit mind. lit. .iiv., ,|.|
the pollri' i llj I hi' , miic Hill k i<> H<>
.. 111.' lo look i.i h ■ wife.
«sii«imi;m 111 i.i.iitin.
Third A\i'»uo Theater, Tunlglil—
) I v_^x fc^^^ f \ T Mill I
V 9W£[\ >h\\ < W«-pl;i''- on sale our first -.hi[ -
Ls^|' ( r/| ' ment ol I idle Fall and Winter
OSJ9 Handsome fabrics, put together
in the most artistic manner.
u<JuL You have only to see them to
II /y^^k want to possess one ol these
» a _ Beautiful Garments.
Kin.- TwIIU-'l PUAID WAIKTH. i-< 1; (<•»«■« la lv "'" v«lu«. on!j^
p -1,.i. v-ti". '■ pull* *t tick, ttork lie • ■<• >>
<-..|lnr. Kilt button*; Ti<- valu«-. only s>w Va,,,^^ PABfUC HUIItTJ
«o. .U4h. WAIrtT. In rt< h lolorlnir. Kivlnif lh^
Km- III.A'K gATBKN \VAIf«TH. f4rm , n , „ .trlhlnK cftrrt; h»tj4»o.ni
tMsuMful nnM I. •• |.l.iil» «i !..■■ k. | r n n |,hra; 11. 3i value, oolr 11 Oil
parfaet tmimt. *4<- vulur. only «6r
'•"ku, W.-,l .-AHMMK.U, WA.HTH. JJ« JJ* WJIg^UrtUMIM

I rto'IKIUTAN WAIJITII, ll>bl °"" " t""h
i»h»lj- .ln».|. • |.l«ll« ■! l«rk. |...n'.,l| Kin* lll»rk MATIV WAIH! p»r«
y..kr; hnixlaoriu-ly m»'lr; 13 50 vulur.: f«t fltlli* \*»\* llnln*; • rlrh, V /■■!.
only IJOO rmi-h. ; iiful gmrmvßl Itock eolVu* «f him
K-i l*lal<l TwIIIkI KLKKi'K nmiirlal; > h«ip »t IS.Wi, our prlt«
■HIRT waist, lunilaiimli nnUb-looly KJO *«eh.
AitnrviKo I. MI.V '
206, 208. glO Plko St.
11. Bi Wcymouth & Go.
H«vc rrmovf I to
...1207 First Avenue...
• • •
If you want to buy or sell mining stocks or
rent or buy real property, call on them : : :
I "Popular With Our Boys in Bluo"|
I i OUR house: -
Corner Washington and Occidental.
• • -•*• j •
i" •■ M^mut^w^n CHILDREN'S PLAY TENT
l» .» K^t>illf>^\C >'\*fj_ 1J t I" ; k«l«6« ot ••11.1 il « la.; tuM.
'* ———' ■-*— ' —...i* * ..M '«"""» 117 Yttltr Way.
Seattle Jiiiiiiig Exchange
Kii3 DpertH iii EBcnti Oi wo&i Uiiea Serfla
From All 3lining Centers
You are Cordially Invited to Attend Daily Call
I to 2 p. m
Mines and Mining Stocks
609 First Are, Basemcut Matnal Life BnlKUni SEATTLE, U.S. JL
Telephone rvioiri 273
Secretary and Manager.
tfTrtflhi WEI A'E: sole: agents
l|||f Garland Stoves and Ranges
; _Ta- UJ"'l <:':o- "• W(> Mil St\onJ Avenue
Mas Doclarod a. Dividend
The Weatherby Bonanza Gold Mining and Milling Co
Has Declared a Dividend of 5 Per Cent
A lirst-class Investment.
f.w d.y. at IT** „-,,r 411 , „„,,„ llUlß '',',',', M n ' k- •*>* w» offer for a

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