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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, September 07, 1899, Image 3

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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Vi» Uaiy Mall, living
,ri <ti.-ot. wta «
day hv OoMaMa MaltlMWt . n a
■aiiaat charging [•■•• arttk p*4lt Inr
oaay. It ■• «•:*.- 'I ki iilol*. a |du*h
Ja. «ft fr»»i » «v-.unan by ihp name .f
Mr*, rilcn TrajaaNti
Thi.mr< Wa-lirl Mit>-t».-u. t^ *4.
Itnr ilaat < << n> ■ Pactflr \V«v». lh»
t'nlv»r«tty of Washington |. ip»r. l» '
making prcp«r«Uoai for th.. rltal
l»u» f»i thla y-nr ii will >>< |<üb
lli«hr<t.\. I Wa..tii<-*ti.-it in r.'rinoi U .
an<l lh» llr«t number will \<* Mil
itliimi dtr:«mt>«r "■" Mr. Mlirhrll
aiuiou i:i- faiK>wlnK «lafT for
UM coming j»ar; KrnMt \V. HohrtMl
at and Waltrr X, MorrliK>n. «»«oclalf
tdlton; ;'.' Kin. .iid. Illrrary: Ediiar
J. Wright. atlil*tli-«: T. m. r.u:..«,
m h.utf ••. Will Olln M^u BOCttUta]
Klla Allrn. l'K-al; Thuma» T. IM
• tnun '.a. «>. i !.-»:\ In in* mhly .
Th. cornmltlf* on punllratttvn haa
»rl<M-1 ■ QUMM M. !.«i »'n ■• tm*l
ti'»» manaicr. Til'- |>*|ier 111 l>f In
• 4-column 4-pacc torm. with an *■
pa*<- minil" r Mm • a»Oa>lh, for liter- ■
ary mattrr. 1
A Scarcitf of Staal.
NTSW TORK. «n'«- '■—Th» Trtb
in* M4ay •*)» Th( ararnty of.
at**l la cauainc «i<-.»" a.ll\ll> among!
ajarwafa of Iron rnln**v A n*w rom>'
I-any In cour»» at ln<-»«rpnratU>n n»w,|
Is IO b* f.'ttiir.l hy linger*. lii.-m a
Co.. of thl> rlty, ami Ku«»n<- Sim*l
m»rman of Onritu.atl Ii will <•- -all l
i-d th* nmrtU anil Alabama I real
c. mpanr. of <i. ■»<.». an-l the \Vr«i
»ri Mining »">-n.i«n>. of th# i»m»
--• •-it- TTi'ir Iron ami •->•.>! landa l!>;
n»»r C»dartv>«n. Ua.. ml <-»n»!»t» l
of ».OO* a*r»» ftva or atx iUv#top»4 ■
iiiliK-o ant fiuni.ru Mr. Zlmmor-1
man la vie* pmudrnt "f th» Cln>ti»
nail, llamlltnn A D*y(nn rai r.-n.l.
«- ! own*r of the TaitaJra-a furnac*
property In Alabama.
r**pl* *)f • Norvau* Dupo*ition
Shawl* Taha Wtminf.
' An *>poattlon guld* I* annwlng th*,
nrrvout Am»r»»n .>»»r the ground*.!
Tt« «u!d». "l.rt» **• »• bultdlni of!
■» ».lm.n'«!ra:i..n« . E»»> —» !*••-.
h n.r an 1—"
Th* American: ■ Wh-wh»t 1 » H-alT")
TDr r uKle: "What dlitur-r-rb* m«n
• leurT'
Tl.» Am^rfan "That »^un-I of
hammering r*
Th« (U|<l«: "7»t •*• noa*lng. R*t i
cc« only i* mol> building • btir-, rl
catf* In i* B->u<-\«rl llaua**man.**
Th» Am«rlr*n: "ftttt llal*n to that
booming nun.;?'
Th* vafc!*: "V>t **• ii'iMnc. mnn
>'uf. I awrar* you. Z* K«t» are,
blowing up i« parera*nl «ni -l)rn*- j
Tb* Vm/rl-an: "Hut »#» that <lull
red glar* «v*r th^r*?* 1
Th* KUld*: '.\!i>»«,rup BM unlulr
• rtl«-. i Ze red gtar* era n"«-«.n«
»vi i» gatMIMMM tr-r-yln» to bur
r n t$ it Quartler U:ln '
Th* Ameriran: "I'm «ur. I h»»r lh»
craah at (law
Th* »-iM» "t>t —» quit* po«albl*.
7* ih»ntl*m«n of I* rommun* tmut
lerasclTea br-r-reaklng .-• yin I >y«
of l> *Ot*l D* Vill- "
The Amarlran: "Hark, I h*mr th*
cntth of muakatry!"
Th* guide: 'Z» National* '(uirl la*
Crlog oat* r-r-rl-.tor*. Monalrur
ntu! not f**l alirme-1. /* fighting
U fully two iu»r»« *w4y "
The Afn»rlran Th-ther* lh*r goj
araln! Uatrn to th< yelling! s»».
«n. flrea ara in< r»«»,.-.«' VS°h-wb«i la
that that went tip by mv *urT"
Th* gulit*: "Par-r-dong. mon«!*ur. |
but fat waa a atr-r-ray hul-let. If
*mor.aleur w;ll tl* Oat »ti »■ gr-r-ound'
*l* rr.. t«r* «i!l b* no .ian»«' I t»ll
y>w e*t -•• ooolr.g. V*« haf »ta aort
of thing *r*ry day. V-n you g»t I
UMa*) to »»i you rill nMfeitnd"
Th« Am»rl'an • iff (rll
The guM*: "ilon»i*urTß
Th* AlT»r,'an "T*ll nl wh«n tIM
fir* train i**«-»a f'artiiß couMctj
with th* flrat h .nt fnr .^►w York."
Th* »ull». *K*mpo«aibl*. mon«l»ur.
K*t **• U!id»r-r-«|.»>l s*t it f*«na
of Üb*rt»* vlll btonr up all M 1.r.1r.«
an ai|a»llna>l an' r-railway atatlona
>»*• mnrnlng."
Th* Am»rtran: 'TJood Il«av*na!"
Joilat Straat Partoa.
j"i-i»rr 111.. «*p». T.-Th* compl*. 1
tlon of th" new a»phatt par*tr)«nt
In i'hi'a« ■ atreet, Juliet « l-.illnr
bu«lne*a ih-.r..ua;hf!»r». wan <-«-i"-tir it
*a hy l^» *ntlr* city laat night. Th*
atrart mi ri-ArM-fl atnd the n*w n»-'
|.h ill aurfat* wa* mail* Into I dan-!
ring floor half i mil* long and tlxty
f-.-i *I 1». wh*r* a,danc* wa* h»M In
honor of th» np«nlng.
Great ttrlka la Ended.
COPK>«HAOBN. fjafji 7.—lt hi now
KtiitMl thai the Inrkout of *mplny*«;
in th* building Iranna which haa !••■. n
In fore* h*rm tor *<>m* month*, haa
h»«-ri ended, * •atiafn-tory airro*
rn»nt having b*»n r*ach*<l. T7i< r<
w»r« IS.OOO p«ra<ina lnvolvr-^1 in th*
trouble, but It I* «>|>*rt(Hl all will b*
»orl«lnaT again by Thursday.
Union of Coal Intarasts
H.KVII,ANII 0., »*r>t. 7-Th*
> tttbvrg mil '<,«i mln* MmMmtton
fiaa b»*n formed and a m**tlng will
tje > • l<l within twi weok* 1.. elect nt-l
ft< »ri. Th« n*w corporation la th*
Pllt"!i trw Oial Company, and Ita!
natiital ataofe la 1M.000.000 It own*
th* coal prujianlaa uf IM of ih<- IT7^
Individual! and firmi In the biutfn*«*. ,
J,n« practically abaolut* control of
|h» 4oc lo and car-loading appliance*
on th* great l.ik«" in I haa a mon
opoly of all th* ■>l|t|«.t« to th. roal
■MrkfU of th* e*«t, artM anil north
Trial of Bribary Caans.
lIARIOSntrno. I'a., iept., 7.— Dl
» Atlori Mllar haa *»! Tim"
day. f'pteir>!>*r 2H. m the dat* for
trylnK th* men accn««d aa l*fla"lal|va
briber*—-Meaars. Coyk% Moylcs, Kv
an* and Byrne—and will numtnon ihe
wltnt»«a foi ihit day. The Indica
tion* «ra that iiv trial* will take
.10W M WriKLV
Tlic RtMttia Mining K*c»rJ, wiili
rttteiiiny'a Unu*. wiia cftingrd Irrnn
a monthly t.i a -vi'ikly. II l« iv l>p*oa
hi. itnt and contain* quit* a lilt of
:-i..'.M noli k, .si I I* Mi-It patt-.iulJr.t
hy adv»»rtli«i'ra, Tho Record r*pr«».
cnta llnolf fa thi' ofllrlal |>u|'i-r for
a iomk Hal of niiii. •
Fire Threaten* to Wipo Out
tho Town of Tiro.
roijcr>o n fl»pt. t.-A or* U
ruiilni: at ''• little lown of Tiro, <l,
that threaten* (v Irlp* out thetfltlr*
place. Prom Ktrlv* to nihtr.-n
li.>ii«.--. hiiv* alrv-ad) burned to lh>*
Xt 'Hii I Htnl .1 mi.ik.. i of othrra are
on n>*. The hu»lm>»* portion ol the
town Kill Im gutted.
Tiitin and N#» W«*htn«ton fir*
department* Have fo**n •ml fur nnd
are now « ■ ling to lh«" •■ >nrt*tara
lien on -i. -i.il car* furntahcd i-\ the
IVnti>\ i\ ,\ Itf ■!!.• « Iml in iV"
. Ih* tt.irm* more dlfflc ull to cumbat.
The fir* atartrd it 3 uVl.nk In Iht
. l-'Mim,: alor* occupied by A. W.
KtulTnwn. An rxplo*li»n w** heard
and shortly aftertvanl* flan*** wi-tw
*«*n laaulng from th* i* 'f lli'in
tng tmil liiiko Mon <-au«ht.
Peculiar Eye Trouble in Alaska.
A » ■".■« li.it myatrrliau* dlara** of t. v* ry<-» and throat haa
drlvrn a numb*r of i>m>(i|* out of Junrati, !>■ «! ■> Uland and Ihe
vicinity, of lal*. Many p»r*<na have b»m *uff»rir*. and metlical
men In Alaaka amm unable to c«p» with It—that la. a* /ar aa
effecting a permanent iure. J 11. nint. of Ka« Kranalioo. Sal*
■iaaa.il nf the AUaka I>rug aompan) at Jut>r«u. «ho returtird
fr.in the north on <(<■• «••■ m.. r To(>*ka. ha* a rather intrrratlng
-• ■. -mt to glir* uf th* dl**a*» and Ha effect*, Hi la a rtcttaj »nd
wa* romp»ll*d to com* *>Hith for t i l.■n.-ni Wh*n latartrt" a-i 1
at th* llotrl Northern today, hU rye* wrr* «h.i ' ' by a green
i-overtng. and h* aald th. > gavt him cunald*rabi* pall III! Utruat
affection wa* almnai rure.l nn the trip *»utb
"When : Uf! Juneau two w«eka agti." aald Mr rlmr to a (tar <••■
pon*r, "many p*opl* romplam*>l of aor* ey*a, tarn* even being
. o:«i .-iii-1 la abandon work for a tim*.
"The ,!■<•'"» of Juneau aaM lb» coaaplati wa* .lv» i<> climatic
condition*, the t»'n|i. -•• '•-i!'* patly r**t»»n*lhl*. W» had a
great deal of rain in Junrau thla year, an.l rbeumatlam wa« very
prevalent. Th* »-ak; uf lb« *y*a I r^l. to. generally follow
ed an attack of thla lltraai A number of 1 1 \ '■•■ whom I know
pvraonatly, however, were not affected by rheumaltain at all. but
they w*n* .ifni.tr I with th* tertou* ••><■ complaint.
"Vlaltlng medical men at Juneaiu ascribed the complaint to
th* blinding *now aaa bW graal aaa of ■:<• tri. light* during '!■.<•
long winter daya.
In my own cat* mv *yraight brctmt • • pour that 1 decided to
com* *oulh faf treatment."
Annaiation the Solution of
Samoan Trouble.
ATI-ANTIC. Oa., Hopt. 7.-!trm.
William L <*h«iT>(>T« chief Juatlre of
th» famoan *uprem* court, la In At- i
lanta viewing hi* aloler. Mr*. W. 11.
Atf>c»ivlrr In *p*aklna of Am*rlm
in th* Pacific otean Inajair he said:
"I am an *«pan*lonl*ta\ and bellev*
that w* ahould hold all that we har*
»« Tiir—t. *«|M>clally In th*. l" •• ;tl-!
<>c««n. by conqoeat or purch4**. 4n!
wh*r*ver th* opportunity t* open.
*tr*ngthen our paattloa In that
Itef»rrlng tn th* H-imoan Ulanda, i
Judge Chamber* • \ll "My own
opinion I* ihat ann*xatl»n nf ih*:
Iptand* Ii th* only rluttofi of the
Hamntn trouble. We •.;•• iI. own <
th* harbor at I'-i* • Pago, arxl our;
govrrntntnt II *xp*ndlng itoo.f-.-i In }
the fiiniru. t... nof on* nf th* Urgcft |
ite*l coal *h*d* In 111 world, —r»i
hundred m^n and th* »hti' Abarenda
ar* no * at th* harbor and work I*
pr?gT**alftg Thla looka aa If w* in
t*n ! !» hold on to our right*, and
maintain them, under any •■ n It
liMM I har* been about •■ lyiv In \
th* tropic* ■• oßtctal* «v*r remain,:
and poavihly may nnt r*tum to tfa
WABMSCriiS, D. C, Pept. 7— 1
The adoption of a ahortai route !■•
twrati Manila and th* I'nit-d RtatMl
haa had a r»lh--r de*-««*lng aff*cl
iii.t.n aoajia of the troopa, aa It re
d'i . « ■>.. travel pay. The old rWi:
waa MJo mllea, but of lat* the trnti«
portg have cut I th* 700 mill-* re
<ltrired by i.»-..a«i; at Honolulu.
Him* nf th* <ii.«. al Manila hall
received trav*l pay on the tjaaU ofl
th* old rout*, but part of th* flrat j
payment hia b.'»ti r^fund<*d lo tb«l
paymaatera. Thi* applied only to]
tho** *o;diera at ManlUi wh<» re-en-;
Hated, and received the travel |.ny tn
whlrh they would Ni-. been entitled i
If th.y h.i I returned '■• the t'nltivl •
THF, DALtiRS, Or., Rept. 7.— A
telephone ii..---,ii,-» fr<-m A fit flop* I
lat* thi* afternixin tirougM ii'■•■•« of
« ali.H.tinr affray at «h«* Pllver Kir
mliH-. II mile* from Hay creek. In
whl''h Th'»TTi«i^ Hfin.J waa fatiiiy \
ahol. N-r further prinlctilara of th*»
affniy could bi ohtalnH tieyond th*!
f»«-t th»t «n •lt*rcatlon tM»twien j
Hand und anoih.-- miner rcmiltrd In!
Hi.- wounding --f Hand, \ nit •*nrer
wa* • ■nl to A ni. 1..;... for ii doctor I
and to notify the county anthorltlM!
at thia j.l.i. c

An order ha* h»rn l*aun<l from th<-!
*uperlor court ilir.ctln(t Htnte l,and!
i • mi ii-«:<.ih i Ilridßea In l«aue to the,
Benttl* Improventcnt cnnifintiy a con
tram or d**d for lot! 11, 12. 1.1. liln<k
2**, loti it. iz ll,'and part of lot in.
block 121, Rfgitla tld Innda. Thla
wn» In the care of Peter l;.an ,md
th»" Seattle Im(;rov< ment romiiony
v*. 0. P. Btone. Tin parti bii
■graa<l aut of uuurt.
Mr. W, IC. BtrotlMl lit* ntrlvfd H
►>auli' jml «11l laHc ib* hu»ln*»l
m«nag«m*ni ot u»' P«nn«n pg'twr,
tin- Washington Btnalltettung, now
brtni conducted l>v hi* lltttti Mr».
Anna 1.. \V«tnha.*«ii. Mr. Ktro»li*l
In i bu*tnt'*i* mint "f 13 vtMM* *'X
pcrleiu-r .ml will .|.i-!iiiii ■* in.ii.i- it
■uacvM in iii" "•■* inttfpri**
Already <iu>ic . nuini>T <>r ipecial
day* Imvi' been i hu* n b) different
organisation* f»r the t*t>«>H«i!«- lndu*«
trlMl tgpoaltlon In iKUilirr. Pba
different *»irel •url»il*a air >klnii
n R:e«l ifforl lv outdo «••»«■>> olht-r In
Han.!, remarkable ami amua'ng feat,
urra f.if their pnrad** and th»tr •«•
rrrl*f» In the rinoaUlon building
Tl.- >|wrUI day* ulrrady choitn are
an fallaWß.!
Tu**day, October S. opening day.
Ml** J«»n U01.1.e Amm, of WMnun
county. 0 >ddr*» of IMenty.
Friday, October *. lt*d Men'a dnv.
IMcahonUf, Ml*« Piti**l» Terr«r!l,
lh« Hi ■* in.- l.r.Lily.
Saturday, Octobrr 7, Pr*»« d«y.
\\> tnrhtnv, October 12, Woodmen
of hi. World
Friday, ik-tobrr IJ. «Md KVll.>»*'
ri I'Mi.t.n. (Vtobrr 11. Prilled l'»m.
m- i. : tl Travt-lcra* day,
M.i, 1..v. I h tobatr It, Kaglra' day.
The Union Vateran la Found
tha World Ovar.
■BWIIIWOTOI* D. ■*. R«pt. T-
An ln<rrr*tlng fratur* In Ihe ft- rt
jof <*ommtmlon*r of Prnalun* Kvana
' la a alatement *howtng the numbrr
I of p«n*lon*r* In r«- h *t*t* an<l t'r
rttory on th* rulla Jun* *>. t- •' and
Ih* amount paid f»r prnaim* dur
ing" th» "-4 >e»r IW The wbol*
! number of p*n*k>n* on the <■ >', - I*
nt.Sl*. of whom tv* ar* no* r«-alding
in foreign rountru*, and th* total
: amount paid on r ■ i:=! of i- •,«-.•
I* « >■n at ItH tu.wi »l I > .-r. |a not
'a *tat* or territory without Ha j»n
•l<in flat, *yen Alanka harlnc *".. who
•lr»» |l».Tt«ei. while tho In Ji it. T»i-
I ritory ha* IMI. «h<> drew laI.JMII.
land Oklahoma IHI drawing l'»
--; 111 ZT.
> Th* penalnner* ar* not only dla
> tribute] throiixhout th# ttate* and
f t*rrit»rl«* of th* union, but thry ar*
found In •? • «-lmi r«)iintrlff«. Tht-y
are in Alfi-r» Ar*<.nlln». An'trnlla,
Aiiatria-llungary. ih* AMtta. liaha
mi*, llelgtum, I l.' r.Ti-i i«, llotivla,
| liraall. HHtlah Outana. Ituigarla.
| Canada. <"hlll. Cf.lt»a, Cjmtto lal
-. and*. CMU Hiea. Cuba. CyprrW, the
Imniah and Initch Weat Indlr*. l><-n
--mark. Kruador. England. Kirypt,
Frame, Orrmany. tJre*ce. Ou^lc
mala. Hawaii. Honduras. It. 11.1. Ire
land. t. . of Man, llil). Japan. Ko.
r»a. 1.:i..t!«. M.i.Vni. Miltn, Mi<irl-
I Hui Mexico. N'vth'rlantia, N<"n 7- i
- laml, NtraraaTU Niirway, l"i: i.-n 1..
I r»r-j. Philippine Inland*. Porto lllcn,
! pertui ItuaaU, J- m talvador,
Hi-"tl»nd. ««">chelli. latanda. H;.im. ih»
i«<iUlh African lUpuullc, H|.nin. *»t.
' Helena. Hwcicn. fialtlrrland. Tahiti,
I Ttirki-y. r nil. Kt.,t .it Colombia,
l I'Mia-i'iy. iv.iin and W*»t in ii. •
If there'l* any piac« on "•• clr.be
I wh»re th* t'nlon vetertin I* not famnd
and whf-r* *^>nir f>f I n-l.- Harn'a prn*
"lon money d"ea n*>t go. th» (>cna|.>n
(*'immi«slon*r h«a not heard of the
i country.
j Nativa Forage Plants.
.i>»:.viiAi.f Wa«h , Sept. : —
' Mr. M . >« and Win. U«aa*ch«r, of
[Cfdar valley, brought tt> OoMrodal*
; ymtrrday two apiclmen* of foragt
{plant* that are native* of that *•><•■
tlon of KUckltai Or^ la a whlto
cli»v#-r nnd th^ othT la a wild ■)..,«»
ont. The iMttfr had altnlni-d a
heißht of flvp feet p.-v-n Inch*-**. Mr.
IM#-*a«><-her. * p!ran«w kr i>f th* northern
purl of Kll'kltnt county. *ay» til*
iclfiit or nntlve rrii. makri an tx
cellrnt hay. I. n. Mavddock ha **nl
»(»•< liTH-n* Of the plnnia to Prof. W.
3. H|.|llmnn, of I'lillmnn, and l'r<if. A.
jii l^rkenby, of Portland. I'rof.
l^*< kenby I* anslotti to iwruro n nn .
tlvi> KraK* that will make » go<»l hny
It . - ' ill he hna found a aptcifi of
ry« Km** thnt <ln»» very well, bill
;nn Impmvtmtnt mlirht bn mad*,
; Prnf P|illlmnn l« lnter*.*lei| ! n the
! native whlto cl iver.
Objootod t« HaTchoico™
■ COTTKYVIVUS. ICan.. Sept. 7.— J.
Martin, n lixlf-brcid Itidlnn, llvlnit
I 2" Rtllgg «ii«t of i|er<". kli ked hid four-
I twn-yeur-old alater t.» dcnlh Inlay
ltOpr*T*nl her marrying Allx-ri Hull.
110 whom he obji-ctcd. Mnrlln m-
Icaptd. There I* talk of lynching
j him.
i Silvar Sarvicn Presnnted
DOBTON, Mum.. Bept. 7.—(lovcrnor
I Hmhtii'll. of Ohio, in 1., Imf of Iho
ii'ltizprifl of M rirlfttfl. hna pre^prvt^tl a
*liv»r (.ervlcr In th* i unl>" il Mnrlnt
' ta at the Chtrlagton navy yard. The
governor waa accompanied by a d«l*-
I Kfillon of Maraltta cltliuna.
Till v| \i i i.l RTAR.
Tin fiiii'miiiK i'"l r*tnlt (ran**
frin war* n-i i.rilnl In 111" i-miuty ninl-
Mima ultlri' >PBliiiluv;
I Ch»t»r Rhaw la i". C Itchrr. lota
;7 iin<i I, block 7, BOVfnnn'i mp plot,
j Rnumrlaw, Aim. it, Its,
Wui. Malldnr* ••! n» la I. p. I'ilr*,
1 tot .1, lilih k •' Kt.-vt -. ■ n i mt|i |ilut,
; Kmiu.i luiv. Aim 1, I'll")
j i.i.ii. i<> Thomaa Id' inn.l«"n. lot* '■
m *, block 17. i..' • I 104, i.:,. I "
I H; l<>(» I to 4. I'lix k IM| lota I i.l
[block «'-• A. lup M!•>■•■ I :«. Kent!!*
Tl.l.- l,mi.i». Auk 31, ».'.«!32
Kay W, I'.wli r ii vi, to Kiln 11.
Kltlrlitxc, ■ ', ... w- 31.
iwp It, r i. mrrpl road. Auk It. i| r .
♦•"•- .
Sarah I. I'-uny to <lr.irn.. 1..-
--mm*, lot Hi. til'irk 3n, l> T. l>fiitiy'»
plat. North Raatlla, .- |.i .'. |i.:iiii.
MitiMurri Hilling, by il.-mtc- XV.]
tMlllntf, aMiifiii'V, I" Muriiiiri'l Win
qultt, i"i I.' block 5. Nafla'a Second'
ii.1.1. Kept. s. imo
John i. lloium i ■ i hi i» a \\
r,>t(Mnon, rlKhl "»r-v. «y In ««■.' 2\ twp
JM. r 0, March 1.1, >| i' , li
*h«*ilft li» *>r**pc"M MtuiKrtp** *-»im
party, plaintiff, tract in A a. Dcnny'a
I>. r, Jim- r> n,7«.i«.v
> CharlM 11, Mitilry ,■. ii«. in Krun
cla s Mini Martha It, ManUy, und
H of vi..' |>arl \V, C. I f,.'. Kii"l)
lull mtfl . Knit. •! uki| "ri-»'TVr'l."
Aug. "X II
Aniirrw CMlbi-ri •' vi In Ilium hf
M. Ijhl-hoii. lulu 7. « an] it N t—4
lot ■« i i ■■ X S«. N.mir . „,ii , Auk. ill,
Hhrtiff (o W a'tiiiuiion National
I<U!I IlKir. l«"an Xi Ilivralmi-11l «•»•••
Ol'niiin'a lurk. Aun 11. I'AT «i.
elation, i .ii.- i!t int ;;. block .1
Idlfrl'il I'rlly In Jainrl KtfrH
Conatriictton company^ t'lin ll la -•),
i.|...-Ii f Walla XV*lln .. ! I . R»pt, 5,
q. ••,. li
r .M.:.:., XV. Cathay rt vi M Mary
X iltllM-rt. lot l«. him k 3. Vlit iry ml,;
Au*. :*, 11-.I 1-.
O. Ilinry XVli:|,,nnl. r« vi . bjr.J.l
A. Ucorv, attorney, la Wm M km
i(n. !,.!. i Hint 4. stork *, lota ii and
It, lil"<k 19. I'n!>.'«lly H ri.> all.'
H*pt •'■ MO9.
Mom* It Madim-kt el u» !•■ Ivirr,
AiMtcraon, lot t, block n i:.i-t-m
• .Id . I*. j,l «, II tn«
V. C Ch**a»ty !■» (irr«r K. Cor*n«-!
•..11. |..l «. hl'H'K V. Ma ■ --.'I, ilrnl ,
add.; (<<-|t «. ins
It .■..ii Acton «•! vi to O»f«r <1..r.
Hi' •• •••>. lota ii an<l n '•-..1. ■'. Mil j
ton -:•..■ xll, -•■ i • • I:,
--is ■<•• < >•• n. • < i .»• »i • • in Wm. An
.!•-,,,-n •■« i. ao* Jl. i» i' 15. r7,Ait t. j
11« view tnvraimrnt eompaay i»-
M»ivm and 1..t • » A. X i ">. »','
lot* |i «rul 11. blurk IS. O, Klnnrar «
.11. s-j.i t. U
North Aiiifiinn Tru'i MTipanr |a|
Th»m«* Anlft •■•!!. I>l .'.. Ii ■• « u>
fllMl, .1 II .'!. -■ i I ,•• .• I ,I'WI.
July », I at,
Cfctai M.T...1 lo dxirc K.
Wright. l»ta I ami t. Murk 1. ■'« ■■»
I •!•[•.i ill . Ik'Ulh >■• vi .-, N«tit. a.
<t <•• tl.
fj«">r«» 11. Wri«ht <•! ux. I'l Al*»
»nUr M Ilirl'i. IMH , mj-rriy.
Auf. SI. IU.
Camant Plant Sold.
AU.K.VTOXVN. Pa., fVpt. T —N*».
aotl-allona for th* inn Ii «••• nf til
(■'.am of lh» Amorlran Crmunt Cum.
pany at Iwj.f. Ihla county, i. nnn.
at*4 to*lay In iim aal* of th* > •im .in
to I. 11. Wmlth * Co, bankrn. of
IT.lladrlphla. Tin- ronald*rall»n la
I." ..... rii. plant ii» ii< of nv
mill*, with ■ daily nutput of 4.000
bamla. With th* plant ta ■-I I a
trart of land un<!i-rlal<t with cum nt
r »' k ruiiir th* riimparty an )n**x»
hau*tlbt« tupply nf raw material.
. —
ThurxJay Momma*.— Market i -t.,% '
*ho*r f>-- ■ h>- ;-• • In itrjcri All
'■- if h » BPf w»|i ■■ ■■ k- 1 i'- I tr.i :. '
• anlformiy good. '
T>,» following prlr«a »r» 1.-:n» of- >
f«rr4 lo ih» prml<K»r hr lh» Iwal
j««i»i ■ for If "»■ it In r -'in l .■■•• ■ n
th» ! ■ k UT la lh» r.tr at ■MtU*
Oraln—<•»!•. Ii to; t.u'lry. ll»*»;
»h«» h • ft»J. I'M*; bran. |!4. I
• hnr(». iIS.M.
M.iv l'uc»i iciinV |-»r ton. HB< !*
r««frn U'»«Mni-'»n 'l!.r. Ill.U
(»IJ »tf»lf«. t'-j:<
r.tt*— Mtrirtly fr»«h r>nh. JSc.
tiuiior — f*r»«h ranch. igiOc; b*«« I
rr'«m»ry. :r.. p;* ■
Huuliry — ■k»n«. llvo. I'niir
ducks, I.'. lurkcya. l:- . >:■<■■■. lOc.
Un •!■» k -<*h->i • t»rf ratll*.
cowa, ".i'v. . al**ra, l\ti !".■■. c --.1
ho««. llvx, JO6S '■ «». •'.■■ f"-i. 7c;
<-alv>a, -Uf *••*?. iarr*-. Ic] imall. >i .
caSv»>. Iar(«. live, «■■. tmall, i--.
)l!i««. r»IU a?i I Wool—Htary
aoun'l. »4l!r<l *tor>. nvrr (0 Ihn, m%r;
mnllum •■■■in I. i< r Ib. le; light
xiund, undrr it Ibn, tH*l m»», aoun<l,
• I «<-l»:?iii<. 7i,<- •!.•>«». buil* anj oirn .
«of^: »*l!»il klp», TSr; rolviMi, p»r 11.. ,
• *ir; *"»n hl<l»«, Ir !•>?• ''i in Mltod;
<lry h'.<\»*. p#ff Ih. IJ'; O'y rulln. on»»
thlr.l !»•»; aummrr iUrr, pw Ib. THI
Mr; wlnl»r <l>"fr. dry. l«f?1«c; t i| < ry
d»f, i-ji' . dry ilk*, >11 . . trttnl
tlk, *9'"-: »h»»p t*ln. iZtti>; .r»r
--ln«» i* .''■'. i.'.i>i'»' Waihlnfton I!
wool, IHc; %'*••• \Va«hln(!nn «o«i| |
12HP; illrty nr tlmhfr burnrd, 10V»c; ,
tallow, .'; J'--.
PolalOM <Jobbln«) — '.'.'iv. pnl«.
Ism, i . •'. per Ib. •'•> Iforala pnta-1,
lo«i, IHOIKo r^r Ib; bvtta, II.Mi
p*r ia<k; iirrol», p«r ».irk. 74romr:
*HW4f p«"r Ib; utrlrnr b"«in». Sc per Ib;
II M«l 8.1 p»r aiuk, p*««. ;O3r; cr»#n ;
«'orn, I&CSOr p«-r rtoi; runiinbon, !0© ; i
S.V; tum.it<w». <!V; Pnllfi>rnln mvif I
potato**, IJ.M p»f 100 |ba; ball ptp>
per». 11.0001.Ui nallvi- onlonf, II |n '
«'»llfornla nnlona. II M)tM CO; uarllc.
|o Mi. tinrman |ir»ni». l"Wf(ll 00, crab
apple* r>o'-; California Hnrtict pttn,!'
II ilti l.50; canUlopca, .'■». 11 :^i
Irwii Fruit ln«) '".illfornln i
lat» Valrnrtn. I' 00 n caMj |i ti m
ttMQiM; applM. TteOtl.U p^r b< i
tMii.Uii", iswfijrrfHi p,r bunch] nw*»pt
appli- rld»r. 30r prr Ballon: pe&chu,
oransf rHnfli. ttOBOo rt DOS! l'lin-i-n
--n'lni-n. 1175; lilarkb»rrl»a. fLf.1142.00; •
raapborrlet, !;■<;■• per m«»; ei^rranta,
II wt'u I -!>: walPr pirlorm, ll.(io^>2 00;
rh»rrl««. MO7sr| California irrnprii.
7teOtt.S6; i.^mN, II Mi; California j
plun i, f.filiiSi'. ; Iial1v» pluma, Me;j
Ollfnrnla nutm'a infliinKß, (OcOllj
Italian prunca, 68c,
iu'li CtlMMi E(ga <n<l Poultry
LlutUr—llanch, lowlJr; fancy ,i.,i !
ry. In »n««r*». 1101401 Waihlnt^on
ciCHniTl'i', pountl prlntu, Jflc; j:., .(.
rrn lowa »ii«l MiKin, 20^122c.
Chi-""- (J'llihlim)—Nutivr Wnnli-
Incton, U«fl2'tr; i:u»li'rn, lltiljr. ;
KM» ijcibhlnir)—Htrlclly f r «ab
ranch, 2U' 1. ,
llnnoy—Whlti> romb, H.i II . iii-i,i 1
nmb<r. USHr; ninti'r. i:fll3c:
■ train' I, 7HOSr. ,
roultry— HprlnK k*ni, 1125(^8;
rr\,,« |I.ll#t.Mi live turkeyt, He, i
.lurw.. lie; (i>»li>, 10c: llva w.igli:.
<:• A FulPiiJne ol Text J
J Booki anil Supplii ■ lor S
• University Students.' , '
I~ — i
j Denny-Corye!l Company *
$ t'liiiit! \*y. I ::.!•'.,,:■ jv iii.ii J
<• '•" Flrii In I 7.•> Klfil *vr. J
I'itult iv - H|iitiiif i IiIi*I»«ii», I4f; !lvp
lurkry*. >'■>'. >!uika, IJo I ti ■'■•■•■• 10c;
11 v•■ Aright.
Mv», Orcln »nd ftotf.
Mil (JnlibliiK)—l'uf»t •"ilii'l. p«r
tin, |o u<'t/7 mi. Kafftarn W«»liini{iim
liDvathr, lU.WQtILWi alfalfa. 17.60,
Oala i) iliMhk)—l'<-r t"». >-;■/ --
lUtiey—ataam rollrd, |:i uo, whole,
r i
Corn— Wh»i«. •:: 6u; ,<-r»ck«d, U>,
fri-.l m#nl. p»r t"n. IJ3.M
I".. I wiini, III; oil e*ka, nii-.il.
it: "i. iii' Ml. i,»i. UItMQZIM. bran,
II&M; alert*. ll«QO«no«; rin i p-«1
fi.-,|. |i >''■■■. l:l mi. ii.ii) , 1 :■■ ,1
f.^U. ll«00
M.jt Prlaa*.
r<-.»i M«at (Jubbiii*)—Cow b<-»f,
Tc i- i iv. ■!<•.: i,.. r. :■,, |»r iv.
inulli.ii. MrtltKr*) tc |i«r Ib; pork, IS
|.vr Ib; venl, miii, «< .-i Ib, •mail.
Prorlalom <»• .(••-. «.st» nm... i .> k --.
UHci hum, amall. Uoi hrKiikf 1.,
in. IP, . .lr> aaJU 1 •! I- «, ;>«c; Itri,
l.anl (JnliMn.n ~llom» mad», f*r
Ih, :». • Whtla Hiai. tr. C>ln tpclal.
»',(■; lard | iminl. llrrC'H, '■■ . lt»-i.
K..«h Kl»li (Jibl'liiKi-lUllhiil JSO
4,.-. naliixin. «©;c , flounder*. HI tc.
patoa, i • .■ • * cod, '' < ahrinip>.
It; «i.h It. ' j»■ . • > -■• i • • '■•".;■ i. IJ •
,'ji p»r •»"k. II W p»f e»ilon; rlan^a.
i. 19 i'«r »stk; I>oni;ni'"» irrab*. !!>•.
II Ml COOktd, II :o; IHIK <•"!. :■',»'•
Mai ■ cod, «v:>•: baaa, ■•««€-.
r.'»r- w-iinut" |.« 111 (irk*. ltO|
black K-atnut*. l>*. p""*"* I**: alm
onil», f»n«'y, aofi nh^ll. HOIIr; alm
• -:. i« ho, X. lie; i■> iii-i'v 7c; I sur,
I9r; rocoanuti. ■ • r dntvn, »-'i "' •
Lvmta- md aultdlnj MjtcrUl'
U»«-SiiMflof quality. p»r M. N».
I Mr, MO7; morchanlabl* Hr. , r ."!
li UUt; SO. i . r-imr. |' t . ■•i.|i.:i .
pal M. !«- ' . aprurt loga, 1110; cvdar
•hlnilr bolta, •■;::.
Kir 1.mi.1» i n...irh l». thick Rn
i«'i'l .',..■ 1 on* or two • i- • *.
10 and It lnrh»a wtda, IU«ti); I*r.«tra
1! lo l« (rri, .[ r v |«n(tha. tiw pel
M ritra: en*-lnrh t.rl«'.. jut i*. aU
vertical train. II r*r_>l «*ira; floor
it>«. ilrr»»<"i an<] mal<*h< 1 I1«4>1,
atiKk 1- .r !«, » ii.. h. I>S II; 10-lnrli.
ItloOlt. 11-lnch. II»OI»; f*n«tnr. No
« or «-lnrh f)rU»h. l». N^. J, •*; V *r
chann*l roatl of drop nidlnf. •.»» rti 1
coo Iba. Illull nr tlmb*r. I ■'•■• and
• ->i t:inir«. roua-h. |l|«ttl<: ■ t ■ i R.
S9SAQII. 8 18. lIIQII. 1»>I b««r.J«.
t* *n- h and up. 11'
Wcahincton Il#d Odar I.iii*« -
Roua><. It; barel • -luir «*lrl)t .'v
Iba. IMOISM. 'rlllfll «<lfhla. No*
I. I. and I l»>lnoh. 1.100 tb*. Ho*
I. I .1.-1 I. \ tn-h. TOO Iba. 1116^7;
xjiii.. . i!ir. ii tin, ru»t:r. !.- j.'.
•A* ililMl", II w. ittndari »hln
«!<••, II I*, l-lnru nn.»h II II and U
f-.1. IU«M. 11.1.k flni'l.. i:>SM. r-
.V.r H'| IW, 7. I. » «n.l IB ftlt. li
M. plckita. lir
KUa drlr.l. II In »ilv»r. or «rr»n;
4r>XM>. «*c
J*baii>( quatitlont
Th« l.il.Vlog qualatloca i >Wr w»"
aa rollowa:
Hutror iji^iblni)—OoM»n C$ In »Ma
IK. m", «\ In bbla. I. 71; |"..«.!rr
r.l. U.Ttl ilry sMii.iiiirl. I•■'-.<. rube
I. »i; (put raAa i>i • '•
Klour, *le. ij >i.t.,n» > )M!'nt Ftx
r.' ri,!. (ID; N. v».->- A. IS 10; f«t»r
ihv-r.i IJ U; r.nt-nnal. JS *0: OolJ
It.xk. 13 >J: California brand*. MS;
aam n.-al y.'il"«». ltd i- r 190 il>a In
10.1b aarkt. i: M 1.1.1 to-lli a«<-ka.
corn m»l. whltr. II 71 I• ■• \<x> n» In
t-.-ii. taeka, 11.00 bbl in U>-lb taeka
buckwheat n >ur. pur*. H'< p#r
*3 ll.> in 10 Ib aacka: rr»ck«l
Khrat, I: :: p«r >'*> lt.« In le-
Ib rarka; farlno, IHS pat 100
pounda in 10-lb aaalta; «t»»; cut
ulmril, II H i<r 1<» Iba in !■■>•!!■
hhliv craham flour. 11 '■'- it l"4 Iba
In 10-lb aacka: who)* »rhr4i flour. 11.
--»'■ i-r 100 Iba In n '.!> aa«Ha: ry«
■aal l: 10 r-r 1W lb« in i • ib ascka;
r>- flour. IMS i<r I'M lbs In 10-lb
aackai apl.l p*aa, toe.lh aacka. KM',
• (.lit p*aa, lltio i»i l'« ii.. in tt-lb
iKKri; ,r irl |.»ri.-v. II"'. IT 100 Iba
In aacka: rollrl Xnrlry. t:«CO;
«hrat t'ik-«, TS-Ib boi lI.UQ
110; w h<- it flakra, IJ.. " t• r r»» of
S« J-ib pk«a; fancy rol.cl tiata. II v..
par bala, in • ib aackai corn nn ■■
yrllow, ll.iO r'«r bbl It. M •< *i>k».
.-urn mral. « nlln, . ' * |H>r bbl In !<0-
II) r <- ► v lii, v» n. ii il.-iir. para, 57.
--:•> pot bbl In CO-ib aaikt: cm kr,l
wh»at. M p«r bbl In Jii-lb •»rk«;
«••■■ I rut ••I'r.'.il. ;■"• ."ii prr bbl In .'«
-'! i Rraham flour, If.ftO pw bbl
In KMb (ark>; whola wlrat fl iur, 13
par bbl in .'"- h MCkai ryr mril, 12 11
|.<*r bhl In W-lh -. , v«, ryr flour, 14
per l.l'l; (anry i .-!!.- i u.t», IM Iba m-t
In bbla. IS W; ftvnry rnllnl oala, '<'-lt>
Pitk». !s<■<>; fincy ro:i',l IB t», p»r
ratio. IXfil rhnp. M.lb «vki. |:HOO.
diaiy cow ■ hr. >0-lb aacka. |X 00
C"(Tp* (Jiibb'.nit*—Or.»n — Mocha,
P»r Ib, J»«/5li"; J»v», p»r Ih. :<a:»i ;
r.int-'t nira, chnlt r. lur Ib, littlia;
Houttril—Arburk>'». In IBO»lb ran-,.,
par ioo ib», nits, fo-ib aaaa, r^r 10»
Ilia, It: S5; M-lh mri, par 100 Iba,
1U.41; Java. M-lt. im«. par Ib, «'.c;
•ark. S4c; Ad»n Iforha, «*Hc; Cara
c iii, s?c. Hu»ii-m.'!.i. tic; (round
, , rt.-<\ I6ff:oo; I "n. 10<V«, III.::; C.'».
112 35; 36... Ii: 4".
1...-. Un| (•.. I ,111. >i,.l Ilka
ri,« iii.ti.n ipastellau Tri. PlktH
111 "
tiny n arr» tract Monm Inv. Co
In Hi" Jmtlct Conrt I>tiwaml»h I're
rlnct, iirfr.ri' Htnry I'snon Juttlo*,
T<> ()i» Jiiniiiu Trading company, ..
corporation, n».l to U. \V. F. John,
ton unit M. T. J.ilinK.di, h!» wife, de
In the nai "t th- Hint* nf Wimh-
Incton nil ■r<t b»f*by nntifi^o th.ii
ihi» Olob* WhII J'jiprr eampKnr, a
corporkUoiii hiit Rlfi " romplalnl
•gainst y" In Mid • "'in ' tJlch nl
mm* on to bo li< I">' «• my ullliu In
Huiitlp In Kind OiMiniy. Waihlngton,
on ih<- Win 'ia>' "' Mpttmb#r, A. D..
ISM, «t thu hour of 9 oYI irk «, m. t
nd >ml'«» >'«'*' urpcur and thon nml
t)i. n- jtiiH.-ii, 11l- vninn will bf
t.ik i' flu conffßst'il, mi.: di'tnaitd of
plalnllft KlAHtrd. Th>- iihjprt mill iic
mini <>f Ml i complain! la to r.
eovtr from y<>« itv»iity"flv« iii>iinr«
nml 4il Ctntl. with iii' from July
Ulh, IR3C. for (Ooda, w«rc* unit mcr
chandlit (old «nJ dtllvtrn] yoa «t
yuur r*QU*at*
rumplalnt ni>> I July ir.th. j.v.ih
Pacific Coail Stoanikip Co.
S^»;w for Sun I'rancNco I
ft"^S».^r\ Th« comi 'ii.vk olfff nt
li»>*,»v/fi rI - l'l''lil|M IJ II rfII .
jßJaiJcW^y W« lii Walt* an/1 I'm-
LtlVO 3KATTLC 9 t. m.
! K.- t .i. I. «, 11. l«. 21. «, on. 1, c. il,
1 lit, 11, U, SI, Suv. E, on«l ivtry llfili
| ilji^ llifii-nftir.
\Um UihniuM feaie ID a.m t
|fl»l/t, a, n, 13, l«, .'l, a. Oet 3. •■ U.
1 1«, tl, s*. No*. 2, »M 'vny nftli •! iy ,
j iii..tf.ifi.t.
linvi' Seattle I »• w."
(■■.ttnitii<M>, Hipt 13, 'il. •»• 1. 11, 27.
City «>r Tojwka, H-pi. T, !». Oct. 7,
■ AI-KI. H'-ft- !. '"■ '"' z- "■ "'>'''
| i-viTy nftlj il»y i(i-r.iift»r.
r<* imtiwi iafwmatiaw vMala tr-t4*r
\ ■, i- - <■] . rntiyri il - Ptaill • ■ rh.mf» i
j ffithaut i>frvii>uß iifti.*. ttaaißiarftj aalinta :
;■'- ati i Ix-ula ' i r,' .;.»
1 V Tiiowiinilion.
Puirai f.iui. • "nit, Oraa Pa>k, tWdll*,
Vp i «i- ttrk*t iffl«. fit* Ttrat avvnua, t
i«illla| llawltll. PtrmlM * C», t}T.9t>^
at «r*nta. Han *!■»> ,»<■',.
Washington & Alaska
U. S. Fast Mail
City of Seattle
(alia (mm Tatter Whirl at 10 i m.
Friday, Sopt.ls
hor Ska^wjy.vu Vancouver
Kt-tchikan anJ Junea, in
f,; Hours.
Steamship Faralion
tm »4»K^*» *t, \ I,*, ««Ul(tC kl Toft
:-!-.' (ijUr •iK-ri whnrfj \ „.,,, *
Vuinanr K»u bUtk Ifrim <« - v i*: * -. ;
Kunday. Sept. It, at 10 P. M.
000WCLI L CO., Ll<
ftfn*^! af#Rta, m Jam*a II . ' !■»»•
»t. n •:■•
... «AtL»....
September 11, 10 a. m.
. ...r0».....;:
Cape Nome
St. Michael
Seattle Steamship <>>.
It.t|M,' W«.u . »Hlll »!«« 00C«
Alaska Flyer
bkapway *l« Vancouvar. Ketchlkai
and Juneau
1*1.• InaHaiui
TUISDAY. SEPT 12. AT 8 P. M. i
H-j I'tc. •• lir.: tT««a»i i»>phm»
KuuMk AtilllfU* .'."• : | .o:i« I ,«.
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Seattle. Edmnnis and Ererett
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f v r. m.
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itiniivti*. (Mill ■. ira ul.
1. I. '"I 1. 1«n.,.
I Vancouver Line. I
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%* A I ««r fimii l «!..! 1.1111 nl i.r.irji. k" ;
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V vniiJ il uktu oti •■*
North Pacificf
'|J . ■ «i». [i -l.'C M ball ai 11 10 |> in *
IJJ M.:i,«T *'.lll»«.ll>< tli.l »tlaaf '•>( \
.aj \«i r«i IL t.. >t» Aoaaurta^ v
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\ tm Irrlghi or |i«>•»§•■ »i i y U V
•7 Tnltl W liarl nt oiling ul tbn llni. r
■ Vi.iu.u Ui« lit,- ul Bums ■■■! k,
In Seattle i
SenlpFmitCo. I
p 418 Pike Street
r """ -*i
>i \i i 111 I.I 1.
WAI *M D Millrr.ru, w >*Uni*n. raofcl *>»,a
traltfra Fr<j/)ii»*fii, Ar^fr^n f»rm Until*.
n It ftml f».r II K. «tvl N, r. H l'.'»|
f.r, i m f.,i Oarat* tfuin*!, SI i'i*w'
lil. ll'i « Mum »» Ttl Murk in»
j>ll»f>cVi i nr TITMt. *-;
owiwiii* »r TKRMf*t?ft 4 '*'* In*" tt'» "<4
•h) i.ioi.i. m.ai'k"! r'oniwnr: ■•■■"■ ■•-!■
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it.l,it.a .ijirr-* til i*h»rry ilihi
wi't'iTi.ii aim lii a-"r «"■■ , «i;i N v ik.
_ VM«'tllTK<'T<
K. W, J'nriiirHi*f An I , ' 414 in *:4
*n°l 411 (V IlIU* ■-!'.■ ]■
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Al llill.M t>All.t».
I. I" " 'Allk'll I, i>»)«r. iifi.i 1..r In .!•!,!■
full' „nt i.|:Hl"f i,| | Su it«
N«MI» ftallifflai Hint l.illttnt
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lAVI-nutHii ii i
m<*KrilTl>N •« bKVirTV ■oftUHMari, ml
fm.'tui*. I.M;/ |-|i«i ay. Tfl I'm* IMI.
ill •!>►.•* | 111.1.t i,i*
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umoat euautns a*u conimcigm
HCATTI.K IMIII'MK «■«>.-nulll»r« r.f bni*.
**. hl,4ii*i. ro«| bimktra, »t<- , |>ll«- my.
lj<ar M,<l f«AJB4aIIaM« ■'•■•."• 111 I'll*', ■ fa
BfM »j|if#
II A 14 I. HIM.
I.INI'HAT » ti«n» II ».!• kt«l f«k»» . 1
!■"'>. '■*■! in th» c'ly, I*!!*! Thirl m\*.
tiu. Hitter vj ii'>VAij~*ii*.Nir^or
*l ATTI.fc
I'lll Up '-.-,., .„. f|VM?*>
'!r|l*l«l bfUlflC |Ull||>»M ll»l*#*'l»<l
J»|. -. Ii 11,.. |r r.., i.n
>!■... -I ,M ■»■-.. „Vl<» |-f»» ■•»*•,
l^»t»-r T'iin*r - , ■•> >r
tt. I. I'.rkl.t.l •.,.•...! CukHf
' ** ' flllj l«"frsph!r *»i t,.if.c» |k/_!ji«
in Mil ti»' if.nr,^\i ■ I'-iwm it Ih* l:nH*J
*!ii»-» *r»rf jstlfßti».
I III: I'l.'OKT wil;,|. KATiuWAI, DANK
or CK4TTI.K.
Capital *' '» laM 1a...,. »'»^* *#w
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J«'.,l> r«nn rt«»i<l»M
i, '" fs»ilfll»r Vir» rii-.'^«-tii
ti v Anktnr.i i.CaibWf
In if I'utlrl ruUn *>u| l.v. !•
• •'.rn»r T»«U.f w*jr »^.i V'ml «%»i>««.
« *>l"l«! . „...,,..,,.. .'.»•■
An.lt^« .I,,ib.r» I'rral4*«t
r i. /,.... n ... rv«t vi™ ••..,.-,
H. I. I.r „i.1.l ttmtt V»-» I't»-M4»r.l
A II ».*ll,»t < ,-.,,.,
*'**n**'l* • t'<i,-,«l i-MH«ttf<S i*Hfi"^rt.
*^»5 IHAI I',/•-. A>l> i., >!.:>>.ui
lu»l\VI*B IsA't*~r .. OH it^ir»<-i.fi «n-»
_ *W!H»*». Ijiw \\r»i*rn Arr T»l. l»u?r IR«4.
ItAShALL «»Ti»r.ii jf«ttlf#.*"T*l *Jr*»3 t*«
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i' ■' «At,K er r*ni~T»nt« all iu»*. n«« ••. i
mcum »aa4. •'h**!;. ■*>* .! r',i»r cnair*.
It innr, turn «m r.m ,',.«(.
_JI H»TIU-» tl.lH*iUl»^
•iini.r. f;ih»« Pivrim > n ••<>» »•»
"«!»■•« in •■ .-• titf *I :> tr H t. ; ,r*lr«.
t i*s»t»inK, wfjaltu^. ijtt:. Tal llo"! I'm-.
Illli.l, 4MI .U.1i1.1,
ATI A* l',r Work*, Us L'Blni him ViTit
!•»-■« U^IT luul. ID* «nl|r dm l^»»
H.u». In l>« c.lj.
*^IH. *I . w . ~
Ii It |M.P|.l%*. dfMlll - *tM«:.all** in ••■»!»
'-' - !■■:'«
IIA .M IN.. A< >>>.M V."
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tl'mTili'lViiMitx. r ».l «*uu. U»u» «ol
lli«ur*n^« . (.rivata Itinli; It-w rttti; bi
.• I >•;••. '.".,"). tliilll.r I *(tl It '.'■••jr
Iwi 1.4. < Drift tiKii'tt) b.,i.
I l>l Mi
K'ltM.- it nlar« i" Nr . <•»•. funM
h»ir». <rak»rr, 1-: ••.
fxrmfarta. i*rl*f cbalr*. miiWb. t'laiw*.
• --,;« m»ehlr.*ft. i».)>il.u« a r J a*j.
• i • » I < >.•; n• .. «ll,») t(ur». a, i
a^'l «0J Pl>» nrxl.
ll>>l>l.» IN,- II HMilim K«»»M»
IT YOU « •?. a i - >n <r »*, lri,*f* a rh»r>(a
ll* th* I ■-. ? ..r-r I-''*; . |-.w» ml S»m,.J;
a»«wf twjfll II pur w*»«; r.;'» y furrtl»tt»4
. ,'• - f -.. |J i«t 41. iraMivnla =&« aa4
t-» ■-- i „'• -i. ii. llchia
IICiTEI. TOHI(->UM •«««• aaJl'Tk^Brit
rl«*a f - ii . • * t mt l at M !-• «#«k.
ll'-TKJ. CfiWtV—«.■•» I.irl jti.) "l"*»rr»i
»n ''^.I/'*^.* l*' .5' »>j»k and Ha,
•.I.l'vlvTw >T>" nBCi k-i i■, t- W\ »""nfi h. »iai
fl* iwmi |l. II Ui an4 IS f^tr «r»«a.
■ nTlj. tit.yiit -I'baTaaM raonn: «» rirtu
TMf HC.ATII.r I .i.i, C« r»T' l«»»«t Prtia*
t-ut • -..'*■ • '«•• I'H X«! r• | Iflßkl.
Tat • . . Ill"
AI.AKkA Jt,-.k tj. fa9a 'l».fh*Vi tom:
>•*,', •»■:-,% So. 1111 W<Hrt*f« An.
T»l r >■- ll*
"~lil«Mi A\l> DKUHAXCIi. --"
. i - *. ftr*
11» * •.!.!, I. ■i. ... r> » r ' -»
-> IMtKi
.■IS- M»NH£\", mi. 4thTnl Tin*, special
■ «1» n» all tall IM «ln'»i fH>-|.
M 111« i »•«•
MM!* JA"^'IIKT/. |-rv.l*MlPi»«l midwlf* .p4
i*mi«« I v'r.r 2Tlb all I Mail ton •!••♦!•.
KtOICaLJ^ItO t^lCtJIIC_J»l*I l«<t."J
Mil* fill. »'V«N-Tuik!.* *nl '-J '•!►!
baths; rar^*»a« viitrni p!ir*> ilar^a*
*• <<<jp«i. i«A4ir4t ?■• . ir. \^> nt .k
pim'i•: » v luM'Mi "'
METI nl*>l rrA^l'tint'^r"* I-: .ln« wn,
11} T«l*r <r*v 'l-ri.p* lilnf iwl
7. I. I KVHI>\. («>..«" )..Via"n 1 .»inniffc'«r
; ■ ■ ■ ' ■ : . ■ • 1... „■ ■• ■ ■ -■■
j-%"«K*rr'~A r ( urt.si v»
.•A':si> 4 It.^bCkTTi iT'iairiioja wTJ
I ;.Il iUA Ai.
Fi"»H *At^.~ l .uo-1 ,'XrT.o^ s|i,H»«"Xii"VVi »i«; v
on rar boat hlr.i m affallr; lUjj.
h*r.iin. I'l' Tit*. aTi>«:..
4Kt4 tfanavn l^C"r# purilntipal a aawitf
Fhinaa u<? mii • *»■ ? .';■. i '■ OaliiakUta
nrt^U ■ ii'-i^tl* gwUiAltia).
V.AM'KI>--T-. >•••« .'I! » II «nl •l»fr. 11.
)1.■!»«!. "-fr. j»<r>l*r. t' II l>.s:.-r >l«l.
KJ Ii i'UK* nra.CIAt.KT
itrrirut; rur*#] vitfeoiit kqtfa. sala i lota.
,' imif r.» !■■ «l li.i'io'.f i.i.fk.
»i,,n> >\ii mii»k~.sv>in.r«<r~
tIVkUKM *▼!■*■ atimin-.im ml .mian !•!•
'.■■ fur K|M >r! hnuai. r'jn !•!. i^taa.
Maalaaj. *'•■ Ifi mar. "- '■ Dlirk l*t:.
fcCWIIMJ *i\C hi> I.*.
NK.W lliiMl* »«wiri machine*. ii<i mix
fh»n|w*l mat Sin* ma 4*. iovl t»n fa.y pt|.
n'*r>,« '1,111-* I *»l it *<r '■> i- »t ;> "
WHITE If KIKtl if all i . ,nr marhinra.
k<ll b» II- ll \* ria. lonrt t«- .n I ay, ;tl.^
i,i>#r i.^'-i In ■ * T I mi'h!n.i an.l •*■* •
ma ■„-'■■■- • • ■ T*l. UufY 941.
PI'VIIR A FRI.*NI>. Tavlrr wharf, aatl*
mi««ta. i>Sk*:' and aiilp rh«ndl*ra. man*
„(».; i,i*i. •'{ tints, laryautiaa, intnltm
kWM ranvaa of all wliitha
.Jj<T<l i: \i.l \MI \^ VN! 1101 .1
H*<Vtt ft MOHOAN. 4'Xl-410 rw^*tl»ntal avf
\'» n I4i. «»n'l rt list. ,U«tr.tullnf bouaa
n.| Ilihr in-.'|.l. «,-, . U l».l n. mllttaral.
ll> >NI» Mll.r.T M|;TAl.^m>ltlt7~
ill t. \ Xl( V ■l«,«* tripll«t« ; tutg aii'l it|«irtQ(
mi'n^ci'.an 1 »ir.-l ii.ifpi; t,n roofing. T.V.
I lam, IT "'. Vaili.im si. ■■■h.,n»Mila»»J
1 4 11 fit
mi: r.Mtric Tallarlni r<>.-D».t iis. in
nnj l.'v iuiii mitita In li— eltr. i'v«tn«
riranme. rrimirlna:. IIS ! i.l,' i-nut.
....WILL IHT A,...
lie i icssi Tainni bctia Kilv
From $7.00 to $.«>o
Sherman Clay & Go.
[UMuiii'lAknu. • • ' •••til*

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