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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, October 09, 1899, Image 2

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I:. H. W1.1.1.S & Co., PUBUSHERS.
tv*ry All. moon I xi^rp: Sundu, Ttltphsn* Plk* ISO
l. it, «rlij«. >pitoii. . • . iii,- mmh.l Mt^tui*
«■»■• •• i" |»l i.'l'> . «l . irtli |. t «■■ k, ut moult llta null |*r i.i.miili ,t< II».t. .11 i
■Ifn ac eartW* N», lrr# r<»t^r«. -■ .->.r>.r..o_^ f -^r^-x_- - L -J-i.nJVXfu^-ft)-u\
I .1i1.n.l 1..~.i... 1111,1 nu.liirn MHI,» , . . N,. II". I 111..1 .»«»nu»
I ii\n» l•< ili« |„>i.,mr,<. iii 'r«:ii ■ (\Mhiniion. •• •■■■"» i ■•!■•> .Hrr
Thf Hlur ti .ip llnirprnlrlH !»•« n|>«|<.-r II !•< li"l an itk.iii for imv
1>.'1.i.»-.»l parly. II h.i» M hobble*. Th* only mlaalun that th* !4ll«' >'"
I* to ft nil of th* new* an.l (> | in«. th* MINI In '«' '>" "■ "'I ■ 10
Hi reader*. IN objectionable mutirr will *ver b<> p«rtnltt«d to appear
•tthrr In ll* now* M 11* alvertlntnt i-olumn*. The Hlar will alwaye lie
Rom* p*r>on* r*mark ihn the Si.-ir la *malt. Thin I* trui>. 11 eon.
talna all of the n«w« Ju»t th* aam«. Tb* |>uhll«her* tiriirvi- iii.ii a amall
*+\c l which ran be mil within »n hour'a time, anil which prevent* all of
the world* nma In crtup. condensed fprm. will be appreciated by th»
majority of people There I* a notlceahl* ir.i.-tii.« throughout th* coun
try aralnat th* blf, blanket journal* in.l In i.i> ■! of id.- »'"<•" paper*
which aontaln th* *am* facia a* th» bis one*, but ■<" not "pad" th«
n»«>. In the*e tin*)- day* mi| r«N»drra Jo Ml have MM time '■
por* ovrr Mor SO column* of ■""* ■" in.l.-.l article* ••• h cvrnln'r They
want to b* Informed, but do not propo»e M >i"-ii'l all '•! their tlm« «<•!
--tins thl* Informal out of blanket *hr*la. if they ran h''t|> It.
Th» star I* print**! In It* own *«tabllahment on a hl« 11. prrfertlng
pr*M rapabl* of turning; out 11.090 rop!<« per hour. li ha* Hi. m»<
chanlral and editorial racllltl** tor mining- out an *l«ht or It-pa**
paper, but ha* tv Incentive far appearing a" a blanket ahoet. Th*
peopl* ef Seattle) have »,"■»«n their apprrrUtlon of th* War In tt* !•->•••
»nt form. Ii» rlrcutatlon I* $«■ vlily inrr<-a«ln« It* frlen>l* already num.
ber w*lt up Into th* ih .u«in 1« Th* ct>nrl»eneaa of It* new* M ' Ita
renrml 'mf!<ti>nrM ha* him. l.'.| attention. l*»ople tntlfy their ap
preciation ef the amal! paper by re-vlinn II
Ther* «*» a time when Innit-lrawn out termon* ami thre«-hour
•peerhe* were riin«lJ<T»il "th* thin*." Nowaday* they are dUtaMeful.
Til* hum feeltnit obtain* In f>a»tern HUM In mil M ne**|>aper«.
Th» amall MMta which art rap.ibly romlurted Ml ispl.tty .tlaplarlnc
the bhtnket abeet*. In th* city of Cincinnati, for Inrtanre. th* Pott. .
one>cent paper haa attaint the •n.>rn«>ua dally clrvulaUon of IT0,0O»
cople*. and hu MM dltplared all romp*tttor*. l'< Clev«land. <ihl<>.
the Presa. a on*-r*nt. paper, haa a paid dally rlrrulitlnn o( over !■«>,•■»>
cople*. In St. Loul* the ane>r«nt i'hr"nlrt«> la acann* up ne«r the 10*.
--•no mark The** ar* bin example* out of • arM of ca*e* wher* th* one
cent paper* have been recently received tnto popular favor.
The only eavtnir of *xp*n*e 1,, th* publlabm of one-cent paper* la
In the Item* of typ*>t*ttln* and whit* paper. Th* coat of «rit.« th*
new* for a on*~cent publication I* a* great a* it I* for th* blanket new*
paper. The entire new* field mutt ho covered each day. Aa a rule th*
one-cent paper dl*c*rda all aaa> rflu-in matter and net* all th* k<-ri.-!
of each Itory. The opposition bl* paper run* in all of th* uaelcaa atutt
that It ret* an 1 then pad* 'he woo!* In a mn*t tlreom* atyl*.
' Th* f.>r<»"in» »!»('m*nt 1* Mil for the l»B'ili of hunlr. .)• of new
reader* of th* Star who have not yel obtained a MMMMM of It* aim*
an.l purpo***. i
At th* flr»t m**tloa"of a n*«r i.attl tfintwr»nr» •<r*aiva<i' In
Chicago th* other nliht. a would-b* temiwranr* dynamlttr from Kan>
Mi City, atartl*d the t>r»lh.".n by <lrman>llna° '►•• dynamite ahould !••
■•rd «• a "•"'■•■•t moral agent" In blowing up Ul»iiii«t»» J. br*w«rl*a and
- Of r««r** bla notlona w*r* trown*4 upon, ■••u-h **lr*mUt chamflona
aa lhl» would-b* dynamiter. Injure ami dla«r*dlt. unleaa promptly l«
--owiwl. th# beat ofcauae*. The- trmprranc* m«v»m*nt baa aurrly «uf
f»r"l enough from milder r.tnk» In be entltlM to exemption from th«
load of rarrylnar a drrtarnlt* »t\<>. •
What ha* bwotiM of t>r»-r?'i«'' Tito famou* prl»'n»r of Dovll'a t«l
--and and hi* wronga ••■•mi to have »u.l.lf>n'r drot>p*<] out of alitht. ivr
bapa aa a nation »<• have be*n D*w*ylilng In an *xt*nt that baa mad*
at temporarily forget tk* barbannia rr*n>hm»R and tnrir unclvllla*4
courtnvartJal of rec*nt date.
.' Th» affinal tape showed that the Tank*« yarhl waa longer than
her opponent. r*t the riiral craft ha» ti* f.-t more call area. It only
prov«i that th* builder of Mm Shamrock »a« (Imply carrying ib« Am*rl>
can ldr«.to tb« Vitrem*. It woul<la**m to bni It.
->j The N»w York Herald ettlmate* that, counting railway far»a ami
oth»r thing*. 159.00a.00a were ap*nt to *»lcniw r>«w*y. It mum «*«»*•
aarily ten bonmotl bu«ln*sa to bar* IJO.Ortn.fin* put In circulation. e»*n
tboach ' pl«»»urj before bu>ln*aa" waa th* motto of th* viait <
The Do*n may b* slow In aim* r**p*rta. hut they ah>w remarkable
aptitude at cutting wire* and Inttr-eptln* communlcatlona wk*n they
dctlr* thai a poaaib!* and probable enemy shall b* kept In Uiaoranc* of
tb*ir pram.
Woul.l th» Indiana clergyman >h. pr..r>ho«-i<-« that ' th* worl4 «lit
com* to an end N"»»mr»r U. !>••. r*fua* to acrept a pramiaa»ry not*
from John D. Rockefeller tor tIOO.OW due. without dlacount. Dacaaakaf 1
n«xt year? * .*.,
The Columbia la aald to hare coat, directly an I lndlr*ct!y. |ago.noe.
Th* Shan»ro-I<'• coat, flrat and taat, ha* been or»r tl.mn.ooo. It ■ imii-
Ins what money mem.m*n have toapend on their toya.
Wall Differs at Chahalis Find
Such Indications.
CHEHALIS. Ort. »-Th» men who'
»r» bortn* for water for the Chi-halla '
Water Company bar* (truck irt'llr.i.
lion* of nil. Th» dlacoverjr became
known W»<1n»»'1»y »r>l thxtory «•• i
lmtn>~l l circulated that nil had
b*««\ ■truck. - II af—lt4 eon»l<l#rabl#
excitement in Chtnatl* for .1 time.
No oil has bwn reached, however,
but roo.l Indication* ha»# b*»n dli
cov#rt4. ■ . ..". ft ]'
Th» welt I* now down «om«lhlnK <
ov«r on* hundred U*l. The work:
wat 8»l«y«>d for about a w»*k on ■
acrmtnt of th* brraklnv of a pabM |
If thtr* I* oil It will probably b* 41*.
covered «d»n th» well la mink fur
ther down. . , ,
. , .. . —
NEW TOM Oct. ».-r>#twtlvi-a
• today art (tarchlnc Bv*rj- h'ni»<- nn
Went SevmtMnth »tr»rt. from Sl«*h
to Ninth >vtnUH, In'tho effort ..>
find »r>m* cliis to tin rnur«ltr< of a ]
woman, part* of who*« dlrnnrmncred <
remain* wcrt found Hut unlay, "i h
tr ponetmrn and boatmrn ar# m- \
Kitß'-'l in grappling; In North river for
th* rr,l»«ln« portion* of In* body t'p
to noon th« ncitrrh «v un»m ■« ■•■»»ful. !
Th» riaptl't* of th« (tat* loml In
■ ntuial ''»nv*'iitlc>fi thla »wk. Tin
Ural ■►••lon b*irlri> Wedrwcday. To- !
morrow th« p«*tor*' ponf»rcrip<»
tn*et* at 12:30 and 730. Ipl Itl
from nil point* In the «ttte will be
pwawill durlna: the three -I.iv" nt tin
ronventlon. Weinpudoy, Thurii'lly
and Friday. ' The m>ulon» will tw
held In UH Klmt I■.-«i• >1 — rhurrh In
thin rlty. Itev. f>'illlll 1.. Ilowcrman
will <l>llv»r th« annual lermon on
w«-«1im•» liiy afternoon.
Henry Williams' D.sperate
Fight Against Odds.
, DtTRANT. I. T.. Oct. »,_l^t* y*..
| tf>r'l»r *v*nlng. near Albany. 10
j mlloa fß»i of h»r«. In I!. territory
I known M "Thl*f Nerk 11..H0w,"
! li-puty fnii'l rHiit.» MarahCl*
j Walt in.l Bob Mitchell and «!lty
j Mnrahal fltlnnon and H*n Iteraon
i had a h»tilf wMh Henry William.
I .ill.in i! ,i, Waa*, in which 10 or 44
[ahotn wer» • %i ■> ruiK.-i
Willlama h.,« a number of Indlrt
i m*nta hanging over him. both in th*
[Territory rourt and th* fed*ral «v>urt
rat Taria. T- •. r,.«l |.« h* li« 1 J.J.I
atolm a hora*. aaddl* and lirilif
from a party near Honey arova,
T. « . and waa followed to Thl*f Nerk
Hollow, where he atoppi l with a
klnaman named Ixrtterdal*.
Th* aJßaaft her* were notified, and
went to make Ih* arreat and were
divided Into n\o naiMaa. waylaying
th* road wher* they knew he wnuld
pn»« A rreek mad* a b*nd at tr*
point .. i... i. ,| and ran parallel with
[a wire fence, an.l the road la] tie.
tween the fenre it, I the rreek wheie
jthe offlrrra hid. In a ahort lima
Wlllbima and l..>ltrrUlr ran. rld
: Ing along. Wllltama waa I*ll n« how
he would up* Ml |»i«t..l In rmu< thn
■ ofßrera ran 'in him. Ma wna wlth
' In 30 feet of Marshal Htlnnon ann
I I'leraon when he « ik talking, nnd
did not «• I them until they threw
' their guns on Mm and told him to
I throw up Mil it,■;. in i . ir'.-n ll r
Inati id nf obeying the command of
I the officer*, he polled till pistol ii. i
■ flrr-d ii .. al them; then left hla hor«e
I and took to the pnafure. The offl
j cera followed, nhootlnK all the lime.
IHe *»i followed « th "Ilftsnce, n h*n
i the orfloerp gave out. and Wllllarr*
*»" an tlrert thai h» went In ■ •■ .Ik
Th* ofneera think he »». nhot
| '■••■ ■ na he ri'elei whan find on with
I a ahotgun.
Plumbers Strike.
HT. I'AI I. Minn., Oct. ».—Prnctlc.
| ally ill Hi.- plumlwr* In ihl> . itv
atrurk linluy, loaina th« ihop and
i nu«p«-nillnK work on m.-mv liiill'lliik-'
j They Claim thnt non-union in«-n h.ive
been employed and tlv Hflkf wan
ordered l>ec-aui« their proteot «ii <i
.... i.
J;i|iaii»si Ware
Postal Scales,
Hill Holders; I
Cash Uoxcs,
lioiul IJoxc*
Denny - Coryell Co.i
710 I'irst Avc.
Largo Crop* and Good Prlcos
the Causo.
I'AI.I.AH. Or., Oct. « 11-.f cattle,
calve* ami milch cow* are In ilrmaml
In I'olk county, Th* price bring i i i
for beef la 1 cent* •.•>•■»• .ml ■ renla
dre*««d; calvea, l> lo Ji'>. aiinrvlinic
10 as* «ti-l ron'llil.in; nillth row*,!
ItS tn |IO per h- .i,l 'I I' ■>■■ |'ii,.. .i i.■
I hit and teller* arv In t,'i»r»l.tit.
There }• no ii i> «■ on hoita. mm* bf- j
-.« fur Mle nn account »l ii al>uiut- (
anre of chrap feed, 'I'd" ruin liua;
dama|(ed rona'drrable Hhrat. which |
will b* turned Into (>ork <ttirlnit UMJ
wlntrr. There lon* plenty uf h»K*>
inwni th* farmer*. It la r<**i>on*l>lo |
to etpect an abundant *up|>>y •■' tut-1
iOB the ...niii.ii •<•.!».■!! Muit"n ni:,l
Majck cheep ,ii* in b*tt«r drmaml |
than u*u*t for !Bla •■•»•• of the j
i yrar, owinf to the price uf >• ■ '■ and I
the vi.vi.-i.ii.. .• of i «>i • which l*j
now better than fur many ymr* |<u*t
In thl* county. The coal mm at> J
unapproachable. Nn iroai» are fr>i ■
•ale escept the culla of wini flock*'
at very fanry price*. « ,- r
AI»T«>ltI v Ore.. Oct. I—A party <>f ]
11 enartneer* la runnlna* a railroad
lin- on the north *Me of thp I'niom.
; bn river and now maklnc headqutr. I
' lera at Knappton. Tr.tr* I* no .p
--parent ».. r T , > in tbetr work, *%e»vt
ih.i theyplral lynurance a* 14 Kh>m
they are runnlna: the lln* f>". They
«t4fl | In la*t April at Wnllulia and 1
j hate *• their objective i- ••'■' !«>>■■!

■INUWM On Oct. ».-a urge
' number of Warm Bpr1n«« Indian*,
oho hat* ir»r> pirhtna u--\ • In t»> •
vicinity (of • month i-"". iUrtW
bark toward their remrrvallon lhl«
morning, going by th* old military
road. They hart with th*m plenty
of rltVa an.l ammunition, ant II «•
etippo**<l iii*) Mill b* miiw ** ■ «• on
rh* road and will daughter .l»»r.
Coming b*r* • month .i« lh*y are,
I Mid (<■ ha** killrd nh-.ut 11. >•■• t'.'
cam* warden « •» uoabl* to do aqy
thin* In tn« matitr. '
Alfalfa I* rap ' at ■•«!n« In f.n.r
In K«»l-rn itr- . n. Waehlngton ti. i
Idaho, whi«r« ■■ ha* t» •■« found t<{
b* on* of tl>* !"«i fora*"* plants cul
tlvat*d, »n I » here larger «.■•■•• arc
conatanlly twins ••■•■fir 1 «lth It.
Then* I* *uct) a il'irun I tot alfalfa
j a*»d coming from thin wrtloo that
on* "f tb* i!.. v il •■••-l«!ii"-ii of th.«
I rltjr If c^-nc- to t'tah, front wh*n<*
th* !■•••! ■■■«•! of thla V!r> ! la wruml.
to invmi'fi:- i!>" altuation anl th*
proapecta for utit.ilnlng a "■>;:'•
Th- r" la a (real deal of alfalfa » • !
I raiaod In California, but II la liable I •
••<• rnlixl » li v •• -!•«f «»• •!■« of W<
lout kind*, and a> la not In Jrmaml.
The »<■ ■ I tn» -I In t*tah li "> a better
reputation, .in! f» mor* In demand.
ir! r*r»orui who wl»h ! > « <■ 1,: I'---
area* with alfalfa ■!•■■.t. ■ > «■ . ir<
ih- rltanen and l«»t • ■ •■ I totrxr
trarta of alfalfa ar* t» b* «•■■ i .ii-.dr
ihr Hnake rlvrr, !n I I •■>•••. which fur
nUh Hi- boat of panturage for large
!» r.:« of cattl* and pr• -I I ■ larxr
I quanlllle* • f bay to f«rd th* raltlr
during the nluiT. and Plan >wh
Imcta Kill avon b* ac«n In th<- Walla
W.i t.» . .iin'ry an 1 other i: >• • « In
th« Inland Kmplr*.
BTIUNOriRUD, Mo.. Oft. •—Thn
entire* bui>lnr«9 portion of H'«-■»rr ri.
i a «m.. town rlicht mllea aiaat of <>>>■
Icily, on 'KrliK-o rallrosil. ««» !!<••
lairoyM byflr* early ttunday mornlMir,
and an a rrnult about I:-"" 1 orth
[of property U In •i.-n.«
Th* flr» nrlglnat'rl In I.ntu-V rlruif
( fttor*. about midnight. It (I pup
ij- "•-1 to f* tVf !>•■■ n the •.* "r». of an
I Inorndliiry. Thr Ma # *nn wrapix-il
j In H«mr> l>*fiir* th» flri» waa ilia-
I rnvrroii. «nii It »<>on Ipr < i tn al
: Joining bulldlnßi.
\ ■ .-';• 1
OMAHA. N*l>.. *Vt. t.O. n Mall*
mm in .Lint"- tin. an Austrian who
' nrrvcd urn y<nr In th* Pubnn Mrmy
I nndtf OMM I" In Omarn. In a>arrh
' of Toman K^tra/la I'almii. f-»rm M'u*
; l»nn mlnlalrr to thi- l*nltrd Ht.ilfH.
: Mr. INi.ma In believed tn lu> living
' ImoKnlln Irt Otnahn or In Ovnrtr,
irvl hi* I »'•• niiMorlntt'n ;ir»- nnxl<iun
: to locate him.
Hen. Jftut*<hfi pnltl than uiih nn
r«'«iM>n why Pali ■ iboul i M*l| in
1 hMi- hi« wbsnaboutav hi* union h«
\nic 'In: to disappointment over the
' fnllurp of " hi> mhi'mp to pay Cuban
1 aoldlera upon th>>lr promlpf In tiv
• down h- If ai mo I '.tlitm In Bald to
h>av* r mark' i thai h*« wml<l nf\rr
! return «') Cuba. Tll.il he In iI -< 11» ■ ■
' t.i form another Juntu waa dcnloil by
i .1.-lUtPi lIK.
Dakar District Mlnas.
BAM in 'ii Del ».—ThB Cop.
i per Queen mine, on Hunk" rlvrr, fid
! mllf>» itlntant from linker City, In ri<
i porttd In have bvrn aold to S| .k ii
tiri'l I '.i r, i'!l;i Ij I;i |i|t i !■<[ * I'hn prh c
la not alvtn out, IhouKh |1».(">0 « „■:
the in -i payment.
in i: si \i i 1.1.' staii.
FW\ ran ■■ We know BLECTROZONE is 'specific, and to Thoroughly.Con-
wWi* \n& 'U*fc^*.*v»>l^* i>»i' Prove these Facts to you, a sample will be given I ice
X II X■ X r^* wliocallatoHlcc. lELIZL First AVC. li 11l nlorr Sam
■ ILL pie and see Testimonials.lo^ lU>l J^ >t" Odce Opfl LTCDin X
\ \fiij — i* f< 4j /
i«T^ "^T 4 TTi A "I^TrT^"^~^ir^narv TbTCiire Any Case of Stomach
It %"T A < A \ 1 IH BH I a Trouble. Dyspepsia, Stomach
VI U X3IXVx3LII JL r I2i 1J tionrlndißcstion. Nervousness,
J^ lIJ Jl IV i 1 1 i JL J J^r J^ tion. IndiacMtion, Nervousness
Itheumatisin, kidney and liiad
der Ailment, Catarrti, and AH Blood Diseases. \\ r O,\II^X T lilectrozonc is uncqualed !
lor all Female Complaints. Sample Free, '▼^'**»*-'^ Oiiice, 1514 FIRST AVI-.
Open veil ings. .
list of Successful Bidders for
State Supplies.
T.M'OXIA. Oct. i.—Aftrr a »ctk"a
arduaua I ill- t tki board ut I-.: '.I 11. I ;
rnnlnil hn\« rtnl>hrt] making Ihr
4»«i< fur »'iii'i'> for th« .ll«'*«
public institution*.
Th- <«tr<li up to I itur !.«> nl«nt
«rr a* tollowsi
Paint* anil oil*—Jttan-Urit Oil corn-;
|i»nr. Portland: A. B. JotlMOn * f*«,j
T«. inn. and ■<'!•! I * ).::>*. l*e- j
• lite.
UruK*—W. I* l!!»lr. fftrllamiim;:
H ( -ik in* linir . .'i -.• 11 > 8|»ik«I>», |
ami flrrrn & Jarkx.n. Walla \V«.!!». i
leather ami nmllnic* — T»<«n)A :
Leather A I!»H!n« company, T»- !
rnnu: r-. »1.1.if .v Co., I'.irtlan.!. ami'
Frank w.-l.t» r * Ron, w., :.i Walla, j
Lumlwf 'Hi I'»u; a Taootna t.um.j
Jipr COBSpftfij^ T»r»t[i)«. »n<l tb«* OINj
bar! Hum lumpanr. \V*l;a V, ..; i
Crm krry — liholm Ilrot. an-!
H .n ■ - * Hull. Tii<-)ma; M. Mailer *
Co.. • :■.: 1 ii ftuU !.i«<u ii. I Krml- {
.f lik. Nrl*>i'n A M'>nr-». Hralllr;j
llartman * Nathan, Chrhalta.
Sat Firs to « Child.
BPRtNOnCLO, 111. <K-l. 9-Thlni
■ftcnMOa fh.in. l^linmn. sbi-1 ll]
y<-ar«. »PI drr to lh« ilr»»» of » llule;
clauithtrr nf ll»nr>- «'nrtwrlghl. hkil;
II yinm Vhe Child *a» M t»«-lljr |
burn"! that ah*l >!lptl. The bi>y «a».
nrrmfil «n a i harnr "f murilvr, it in!
In In Jail.
Th'- rollowinv la a Mat of iW.lr
n. >i with ii- county nu.iit'ir
11. h. Abbott to Joaephln* A.
Adam*. I >< i loti 7 an'! *. block S2.
UMOtfa 5 i mil addt Aug. 11. q. c,
A>lmlnl«trnlnr of J. II I. ■!.« to I
Nnthnn C Itlrhanln, »r<i mv' 4 nnil;
tiw^j Mil, acr 33, t 21. r 4, Btptaflt*]
».<r :». 11. i
Niithan •' IttcAard* *t UK. to Orn. |
F. Hlii<y. truntip, aiinir prop*rt7i
Btpt *9. 11.
('. t". Hf'tifr tl ux. 1.. C. M. ll«n
--xi'n, lota 1 tn 7. block '.'. Italnlir mt<!,
Cnunii Inw, Aim. 11l In ■
irln U. I'n'ilf rt ux. to name,
lota 10 "til 11. blink :. Italnlir .ill.
Knumi a»k. s, %m.
C. M. ItatUon tl ux. to John VVi-lle,
imm« propartfi Hipt. 10) i.vi.
M M M.i.11. .i i rt in to A'l' illii
J. Shorey, lot I", block 34, Oilman
|>«rk, Oct. 5, IR'.n.
llu' . r. Lincoln si ux. tn Omth
11. Hhulian. trail Bn, Mnorf'a C-ucro
tract*. <>■ t. I, liKw.
Ch.irli-a \V. Kllli tn A. E. Orr, lot
B. bln'k &4, Nllll'l mcnni! add, -i. pi i
:«i. not,
CharUi w. Ellli to I. I*. Mathenr.
Int v. block ■'■!, N.ikl- - <•■ ■• on I ml I.
H<pt. SJ, $XA.
Will I>. Kiimll to Amnna A.
fJurn lota I and I, Mock 2, J. It.
it.-riKKtorfT'a »M, Hrpt. Z7, III).
Oldeon W, Mnrii:y it ux. to John
(V ijtilnliivln. I.Mkp Vl<*w utlni",
Monty <ri'ik dlttrjct, Ftb. 9, iwo.
John "j.1,,11 n i( ux. to I*. 11. 1 ik.
horn, lota II .'"I R, 1.1... l< B, Hc-tnnd
Mutnr l.ipn- mill. Muy U, II
11. K. Hwrrnry to Krniik WeghaUpt,
ci ii i '.'. Kalnli i Uaach f. H ill :i tracti,
rw't. 3, MM
Th« Cotnmtrcial company to C. 1
?••• a . 1.1 - k !••. fraiii.- ii.|.- lan.!*. 1
April K. tit.
A. <1. Maria ta r. I), nnmn. Mi
1 ta 10, btiK-k 1. HufiMl llPlcht* ..) I.
«■. I • I!'.-.
«;..?«-■■ W. Kt.n. h ft u\ to H I*.
i-iii!. •■.!.. lot 11. bluck i:. Oilman
: park, Oct. ">. I*M.
Ami!. Har4n*r In Hum A. Oaitt*
; n^r. n'U »«i| »pv» »*<• so, -I
| April n, >•>:. n.
("harlrt Oardnor to Charl<-« \V.
ciarnrr, r.', i.« ', ► \ m\. •<■•■ It. t ■
In, r 4, Junr H9. l*a.
;■..■>.■ In it • i>> A. Malan. ne'i
1 »<■'* rwH. arc 11. t IS. r 4. Jurw ».
llirman I'hmln II II to Dttlaj
Uorriaoa, lot », Hcni«a itml 'i.
»«r|it. M. IST*.
l..i.:ii J.i and Arthur C Van
I iN.rtn !<• Hlmi.n M. rrc«t.in. l«t II
an,! 11. Mock ». 11. i: llolmra. nil.
Hfjit. 10, |s»0.
Ausuit Pctinoi *l ux. tu E. C.
M .!» ■ ;.. nw'i ■•<«, Ht li. t ::. r S,
; »<*;> l. JD. n r.. ITS.
1 Clmtflf 1* I'*orram4n et ux. to
llarvry It. llud'on. lot* I nn<l Z.
block 1. h >! ii Ili'ljfhU -!.;. ,i 1.1, ml.
:. tt,ioai
K. N. Kf-nny rt ux. to J. ?f. WaJ.
IliiKfnr.l. part »'i mi m>>4 n< \« *• c
«. t :s. r 4. <«-t. 5. is.ixm.
Mi rah K. M rn.i. th M. onl
Juillth «. Minor, llrnrl.-lia M. ami
Annlr r.'llallfr 10 li. A. Roblnaon
ami J. I). Kami!, |OU 1• to tl, Ik
I; loin 11. bUxk 1; lOU I to la, n to
21. tilnrk 4; i.>m I to 10. It tn 22. biock
I to T:'11 '
I Don't for t to «th rid I
I ,ti .a lir ol the
■ New York Jewe'ry Com- ■
pany's Stock
; 11 immisino 1
\ Diamonds ]
I Watches j
Jewelry |
AND —'
j Silverware
• m nit
817 Second Aye.
I Wt give away FREI to
J i 1 em itt. ii,l,hi.■ .i H, .in- i
J iiinl Silver Pi a Sel and !
• I. n ( mi. iPn nl , ■
• i omnun I
• < ;ii.ni ifi I Ii
b BE
■ II
A jirlvate wire from ChlcaßO
Inform* ua (hal the Chicago
piano fnrturit* arv about tv clone :
down. In sympathy with the
Eautcrn »tr!kp».
What with ndvanrtns price*, t
and an ab»olut« famine in pianos,
price, will be at lta*t 130 hi? 1 !
by the l»r»t of Ihc year. S.mio j
hoUMS In the city havr alri-ady
iilv.ui' • I J'-' a bpiiUr hint;
"That piano you win Kolnic to j
buy a! ChrUtmaa," wouM It not I
tn- »rll tn come In and Innjiect
our pink and milk your *<*lf-c- j
tlon now? For a i>mall dovn I
■T - - -; ' - !
payment »t" will Itsciv* a piano
30 day*. 111 coumc. the hou*«-s
who have bci-n BPttlnit 100 per
rrrt. profit hrrctofore, will nol
b* an>rtrd a* to thilr retail prlc
i*. but why pay ii, h profit*,
our wholssal* prices are open for
Impcctlon. \Vi> want Jin profit
on earn piano we «ill. Hut wa
cannot iruarantfc n Bdoctlon, or
prrnrnt price* lonit.
Music .
1415 Second Aye.
Near Pike
I R Dslrllinllni Cars i specialty |J
& liphono IN/lalri 380 <
% IIIIIViM'ur. Hcrlilrnlnl A»O, %
X Mill Jnl'kx.lt »trrnt J
Wo bare nat opened a shipment
of ill.- latmt ponies, oand p|fo«*.
rtr . for th« Grapbophone. All new'
r la hint mail- by tin' latest in.
provtn] ri.Hin llk M records ara
loud and i I. ar and are by far tin
Ix-st yet roiidc I'rico, Me each, or
IS.OO !» r tloxvn.
15.00, 110.00, 111.00. 115.00. ISO,
$-.'.'•■) to 1160.00 each.
Winter & Harper
Burke llulldlng. Seattle, Wash.
Dpflpn We shall jive
ijjiiu away a $?0.00
111211 Bedroom Suite,
an a $4?.oo Star
<L U . Estate Range, a
EIPGSI-Svoo Rocker.
tinn Every person
Hull. who buys a dol
lar's worth gets an up
portunity- .'. l
We lead with low
est prices.
Mien & Wilson Fnrnitnrc Co
103-11-13 Second Aye.
•^■■^-Mutlcul Isntruments
The kinds that are usually gol.J
at .i rmi»lv' ilirv, ii.l in,my mar*,
an here In ft lnrci' v<irirty,' and
at price* fair to thp buyer*.
Nuppofli* you iinliTKlainl that you
nrc <il«u>» welcome at thin »tor».
N" harm to Invite you ntuiln la
r.uno In.
Sherman, Clay & Co.
Hl4 *rmlll' AtvuUit * " "■wttl»
----- "
Makes Heat
Saves Money

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