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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, October 17, 1899, Image 1

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,> „ .. rnfin • m T~^ A mrnr T^l Cirri A T^ phone subscriptions to
25 fes h THE SEATTLE STAR, pike .so
VOL. 1.
In the Second Race, Which Took
Place Today.
Columbia Sailed Over the Course Alone, as
Provided in Joint Agreement.

• llli'.m.AMi.< K. J., Oct. U.-Flush«U with victory, th* Ml*" ♦
♦ or» nf th. Columbia w»r* early astir thu morning examining th* ♦
• >-•«. hi to »*•• thn no part wa* at rained or 'u-ok.-n In th* rac* of ♦
♦ yesterday. Like activity »«» disputed <>•> tta Bhamrwk. A ♦
♦ rattling yachting i»i«-«»- wu bin* Ing, with a velocity of 10 or '- ♦
•> knot. per hour. Th* In* and hale had almoal completely lifted. ♦
♦ The r.» .-r« fft !.-r iln- •larllim point in.i. i tow about »a m. ♦
♦ letting today showed th* result of the Columbia* vhiorq. Th* ♦
• odd* on in* Yankee boa! «rrr« lOto t, *
0 Th* Martin* signal waa given .>i 11.01 a. m. Th* Hhamroek ♦
♦ rr >a*r.l th* tin* Brat. Th. Hh*mrwk'» tinmen** topsail, "' which ♦
♦ •■> much ha* bf*o written, waa n -i»t.-.1. Her lead over MM ttM ♦
♦ «•»• ■ g".»t one. Thro* buata' 1.-", n « **—«tir«l la **paraM» IN- rar- ♦
♦ *r* Art«r rru*aln*> th* line th* rhal:eng*r ui'l la outfoot BM ♦
• rival, Instead of outpointing- h-r A f»w mlnuif* aftrr th* ■tart, ♦
• Cnhitnbta began to .it dawn th» sh.mi.. » « ' «-I •'■' *■'* '■"'■ ♦
• Jolntlns h»r. Th* wind «a* |i"'"ii »tr»n«*r in minute. an-1 ♦
• it Iliti m. the Sfc»mr<,.-k • club topsail w*» carried *«a<| Tin. ♦
♦ Pritt*h Immedtatrly turned about ami started for horn*, (Vlum- ♦
♦ Ua «pt>»«'«-1 to b* slightly In trs.> l»*d w>-»n th* accident ur. ♦
♦ curr*d. C urn*:* continued to salt around th* coura*. I'nder th* ♦
♦ agreement entered Inl ■■» by the a****! It Ml stipulate*! that ♦
♦ abouid either ... b* ai.»i.u~l. th* «nh*r Mi ahtnil-i mil ilw ♦
• roura* alon*. Columbia turned th* firm mark at ll« p. m. Th* ♦
• extent of th* damage to th* Bhamf la not yet - wit. but it i» ♦
♦ doubtful If ah* will b* abl* (» i ac* tomorrow. ♦
♦ Th* yachts rot across th* lln* ■ n MM!) *v*n term* anil start- ♦
♦ ♦ ! on th* li>-ml!r **II mi (h* taißta Th* Hhamrotk hal l«a»l ♦
♦ not mor« than half a lmrth, an 1 had th* weather berth; but th* ♦
♦ Columbia ate ml her win I. and within a rnlnut* fortwd h*r to ♦
# tack. •
♦ Th« rar» for th* nrxt M mlnutM waa a b««ullful »lillt- Th* ♦
• wind *t*«4lly ImlwiKJ, art Upl«n> wUh, nuvtwd M Mint. •
♦ that h- mlcht bar* a MM •■■-«-. «aa ra|44ly bftna- tall ♦
♦ At II M lb« yarbi* w*r» (rolnlt thrt«u«h th- waf»r MM ararwl ♦
' ♦ ninaln* nor»ra. They w«rw null •im"*t no MM t*rm*. ♦
9 Suddtnly !.s»r* «w a ■*■ of *""' and th* hoc* ftub-aalt of ♦
♦ th* Shamrock •hlvervd. r.1!..) ui-. and th*n ram* down with a ♦
♦ rum*> flUtlns Into tf» b»;ly of th* main-mil ♦
• A try of con*t*roati»» went op. Th« Bhamrock'a •<t>m»»t ha>l ♦
• • *napp*<l oft rloan. If lirM »ix)« th* top of ih- main ma»t. ♦
♦ Th* (thamrork'a t*nd*r cam* up. Mi taking th* Hiktmrock in ♦
. • tow, *iart«4 for bnnt*. ♦
♦ No "ft* on board »a» hurt. The Rhamrork'a m»n apent th* ♦
• r*»t of th. day •tvwlnc a nan t.|>m«»t and pr*partß« for tomor- ♦
• now* ra«*. Th* rhalt«>nr*r< pt«rot*d a *«rry afcM «ft«r th» ♦
" • rr»»h Th- ■Hnnbl* tut* h«r el>*ao»«*f a»aTiil— a •*. «
■■ • "etatnV r-^r ah* uan*<iilately took to h»r babr Jib and I [>••!•. ♦
•> th»r»by «uinf th» atratn on th* ' [•"»«• •
• Th* i\tluntM> aallcd rt»ht on- Th» wln/1 .T>ntinu»« In blow ♦
• »trtvr« Aft*r <! ■■ Columbia n>and*d tb* flr»t 'urn th* prtwpecu ♦
0 for flmatiln* within <!.- llmo-llmlt "- --I ♦
9 Th* Olumhta went around th* • •■ood rtak* at It; ♦
• Th*l CnlumMn f)n:« at IS*, and. aa ah* MM th* lln*, ♦
• th» wir>r.*r of tb* »-r«n-l rac*. th* f«rur«lon t»«ii», MMIH and ♦
♦ all th* rrafta In forth a blast of «*>•«'•• that mu*l hay* »iirt» I ♦
♦ tr* nrart* of th* Columbia* tni'.or*. ♦
• TH* Columbia rrnawd tt>« anlak Una within th* tlnw-llmlt, ♦
'0 th*rcby «mmr.| th« tic. ♦
• A n«w National Guard r-«im-tii, and poaatbly r^orcanliktlnn ♦
♦ ef th* militia. t>riranlsa:i'>n of II Itata la proposed by moat nf th» ♦
•> o<&e*T* aivl aonut "1 Ib* men o( the first Waahlncton. It la pro- ♦
• poani to oftmli. a rta"irrwn! of th* National Ouard with m*n of ♦
0 th* Firm Waahlncton aa aMi • ua, and to admit »* oth*r* aa ♦
• win Jin. ♦
0 Th* rcorcanitatlon of Ih* National Ouard mlcht follow, but it ♦
• If not a n*c**atty. Tin nun of th* r»a"!m»nt wh« <I"iMr» to r*'*nl*r ♦
•i th* a*uard hay* no particular d^alr* M r»»ir««Dii« th* tiurl it ♦
0 <a to bar am any of th« c»tnpanl>-« now In ni>i>r« and wmiM ♦
• almply rather MM a new r«jtim»nl. a»'i»ir;;on:n« a •••mpany ♦
0 to *ach of th* cltlca rrpm>*nt*d In tun pr*a*nt rrirlnwnt, • »-n ♦
0 lob* mtHttml out of en lv. ♦
•> Th» r»irtm»ni *a» tar 1 larc*ly of iu«r!«m»n and many of ♦
0 Uvm had be*n m*mb*r* of th* military orvanltatlona far a*v*ral ♦
• year*. Th* *xp*rt*nc* In th# T'hillpplnMi ha* Dot dampened th*lr ♦
• ardor or ■■#■ them with to Intve th* a*rvlc* of th* «tat» In- ♦
• a'^.i>i th*y want '■• com* b*rk. ♦
0 Amnna: lonia of th* oßlcrra who ar# anxlnua to a»^ur* a n*w ♦
• r»«tm<Ti<. ttjrr* I* a f^etlna* that th<i r-nin.-tit will hay* to wait un ♦
0 til l*a"lfla!l>n la a»'-nr«-l h.-f>r« the rrirtment «• "ill b* f •rm'-l. A* ♦
mV th* men themaplvea fret. It would Ml Impoaalbl* to ua* a part of ♦
0 th* fund* for th« nj(>i><>rt of a new reclmrnt. ♦
• *
♦ T>'Nlm>.V. Curt. 17.—^Th* *xtraoTdlnary aawalon of parliament •
• op*n*<] today. Th» que#n'a »;■.-' f» van -|.■%•>•. >j rxrluvlvefy '" *
* th* Tran«va«l trouble. 8h» urjf-'l th* Immediato a'.ren(thenlnir *
» of th» I'.rttlnh forraa In South Afrlra. *
•> Th* IMMNMi «v>n>lltlon of '>• BrilWl fore* ■) Maf'klnc la **- *
• rttl»( all rr«li«n<l Lard ftalintjury'a fourth aon la with ih« rm- •
♦ piUionrd rarrlaon; «!•• l*<ly Bjrah \%'il»in. »ho. with htr hu«- #
• ban.l. t» th*re. 8b« l> th» aunt nf th- Dak* of &Uriliorourh. *
» Ther* are aewral other hlirhly ronn«H-ti-d p*r»>in«. mm*™ k»v» *
» Imi) aent to do everythln* to li« ■!• ttw-m. •
» Th* prwarloua condition of thw lintmh troop* thrratened on *
* all »Wwi by overwherminir f"rc*a of r...r«. la rati*ln«- th* h"m» *
• *overnment to hurry forward rfllnfornrnrnta an rn|:l"lly aa i«.a- *
• albl*. Within th* next clx day a It tr.in«i»Tta will'anil from *
♦ F.nKland. carryln* lt.ooo ufftrtrt »n'l m»n, and much artlllrry »nd *
♦ supplies ♦
* A Central N"»i denepatrh reP'-n* that Sno MM and 1« Ilrlt- *
* lab wer* killed In an enraio-nvnt at llitrrklnc. *
♦ . Britlah aoMlera on armon-d tr»l". vhllf roronnolterlnif n»nr »
* Hpyro»i*4n, eniratted the i ■--• kllllns fir* and wounding ■••vcn. *
»V There were no Hritlah caaualtlr*. A
♦ Tb* ci»«uli 'ii Mafrkln* l«»i> In > nrtM »i thla >rnln« Tr*> •
*v battl* pr ■ w.i... i «tublx>rnly, the H'x'ra attiirklnc on th* north of ♦
tfr th« town. They were rfpulsod throe tlniin. They, however. r»- »
♦ nrwr-l th* hmiili for the fourth Him-, when CronJ* ram* >!•• from «■
* the aouth with artillery. The Dona lad Inat 12 VIM"! up to th- *
Mr hour when thla d<'»p«lrh wna 111' I *
♦ Advlrea from Pretoria aay lh«t heavy fighting occurred at «
♦ Mafrklns on Baturdny and Kunday. The lirltlah rorcea retired #
# towarda the eMj after the *«-<>n'l mtark. but returned later and •
* rraumad the ena:«trem*nt. Three liurgh«ra were killed and live *>
* wounded In the vartoua flirhta. Ilefu««*» frrmi the Trannvaal who *
# hay* arrived M I/Ore'nzo Hal It* rcpOfi tii<t th* i •••ra wor* re- ♦
■> pulMil at MaMktMl In th* Mil] ;i»-lit«. (urrcrlng heavy loaa. •
0 -»-■ ♦
+ NKW YORK, CM 17.—The fiiJ-nrtiitif Pr»»!<l«nt McKlnl<-y arc *
♦ In no ftar of « «lam|i»<l» In lh>- Itfpuliit'-an national convention *
♦ ne*t year to Admiral Vrvy, tvyn sliouM th« n'imlml'» ii' lln - ♦
♦ atlona r»gar<lln« the presidency und n « chnn»ti». ♦
♦ A BIOM fr".• 11' lOf th« prm;.li.nt oayn that If lifwi'y'i BOOM be *
♦ 1.r.-«wr,:~! tr> <h* convontltn ifo HoKlnlty paopla will K'lll Maty] •
♦ by the PN|M< Thcro rfln. UP '" ■ '"' '"" • -ncra! Hmmtlil *
V (.bout th« matter, ami «h*>uM the dplcKalni l»! Instructed '"' "■' *
♦ pr««Wlenl he will '''• nomliunUid. it
¥ A
d*****^***-*** **** ******.******«•***** _
♦ «
♦ W.ABIIINIITMN, 1). ('., (K-t. ♦ !
♦ 17.—lti» llrttlnh government haa ♦
♦ Informed the Him. departmrnt ♦
♦ of Urn ailhealnn to tic tiuidua •
♦ vlvrmll iipun th» AlUltU iHiuti'l ♦
♦ ary. Tina i- an»ther wav .r ♦
♦ auylmr that Hi. CHnadlan ■>■ ♦
♦ thorltlii h«v» iixnihi. ■! to the ♦
♦ temporary arrangem**!)!* pro ♦
♦ piMHil l>y f--• ii inly Hay, an aa •I
♦ to avert a rlaah In Hi* dlapul«U ♦
♦ territory, Hay la nivi. ii *• i■' «-■ I ♦
1 ♦ over iii oulfoin*. ♦
a ♦
♦ * *♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Warranta were |j»m-l by Judi*
Cum ihia mornlnc tor Mm affoai of
William llelund, Dtva IMak* and T.
Clancy, iih'luil Ihem with \l"lat
, liiic the Hair law i.v keeping their
a.it«ona op»n «m ButiJay. Th* r<>m
plaint* •■■!•• BWOm by It. v LMWI ].
lawyer, of Hi. North Hrattle llap
tint rhurrh. arid ulh«r rcprraenta
tit. •of the Via'i M..1 ■«.« ]•-,>» !>■■ Ar
thur C. Ja< k»»n. Am".ii i: i!rimi>«. i
Ilev. Imu\* 3. ft»wyer, on 1 ft . i ii
other* railed upon ti;-lit» <'«lill tin*
iii'.rnii:tt. Aft»r i... iihk- Ih* n>m
plalnta the Jurtee • r-1.-i. I hi* fl*rk
tndraw th* a*atTanls, and they wcr*
aervvd by ■ i illy Bheriff Wllaon. I
Th* . air* hay* Ml art down for
hearing tomorrow uu>rninr.
l*'.<i aeveral mr^itha paat tiM op
ponenta to th* u«l«v aalooo hay*
■Mai •videavortna' 1.. «"■' the pi>.»«
•'itiiilt altorn*y'« MM ti tak* ac
tion In tl« mailer. l*»tltlona wer*
prevented, 111 filially proavculur
Mc»:irn» derided to llaten to th* ar
(uiiuiit a] the l*agu* and bat* th
law rtif..r•'<■■!,
Complaint* ha»» *la-> been fllnl
airaln*i William M<-Atll<- l« M>-
Namara Bad Charle* Xmith They
will M given a b*«rtng later.
For de«ttl* and'virlnlty.—Tonight
J ai>l «>.tfH-».|«y. fair: tight t.i frrah.
•outh '■■ w«*t «lnda-
Italn ha* fallrn In Wachlnrton.
«»r. r -». Idaho, Montana, Utah and
Nwthern California.
•• « •
!nt*r**t In th« romlnc arhool *ler>
th>n la Irw-rravtrif dally. Tb* bonk*
thla morning *how»d that 111 had
regtatered up t> I o'rlnrk lan night.
Mr* tiertha riper Vrnea. ■>>.■ had
ha. nf Ih* rrgtartratlon ban 111 laft
year, la again In rharg*. It haa been
• •il |>M John <•• hram and II I
Hulmea .■■ protiabl* randldal** 10
th* *l*ctlan ■■( •> b»ol director.
• • •
Th* ••mmlttrr on hoapltaftr for
ltw» rr4unt»»r»* j.tlvn aa» «-nm.
pl*t«>i a raaraa of alt of the bnte]*
and rr«-ul*r In »i in J_k«ii»'ji of^jh^
"* *tty.t» Mr*rtslai*Ui» eaaeft.umW
of lodging* that can n* aMured for
MMfM Th* <anva»a hat ■!<•
i.;. i- I th* tart that urgent n-» I
exlata fir liM*r**»*d arrommolatloo*,
whlrh . an beat b* t«rur*d In i-nv.
at* '• ■■!».■• To fir 1 the** ntcom
mniallona, the ladle* nf th* It' I
iV»» •- ■'■. will b* aaked to tak*
ai-tivr -'-I • In conjunction with the
committee on h«*pl!a!tty. *n ■!'►«»■
<riii« hnmea for Ih* thouaand* who
: will rial I Hr«- during th* lhr»«
day*' relehrattnn. Uf • .ur»*. It I*
rtj-.-i.-i thai all vlMtnr* will pay
I f >r their l. «rl and lodging.
Cltltena * h'« h*tr *par* r aM tit
their h"«»r« »' urged'to HÄ» th«lr
*Mir* Inward* making a H M nf
thr v..liifjf rrcepthm by opening
thrlr hmi»ea it rec*|v» atranger*.
1,.t«1n» wilt hr «urn<-trnl. aa mnli
ran be aorured al th« down-lawn
reatauranta anil hot*!*.
• • •
On* of the m ■■! remarkahle itfmt
that h*» tranaplre<S within dM le*al
hlatory of "i» county, «t« fmri.
'I In Judir* Jncoba" courtroom iMa
montln. It »M>-! another ». t-» iv.-.n
«"hapt*r lo ik« f»mmia I-vi»-n»r!ln-
I'h!Ill|« • <•••■ Th» argument 00 •
rh»n«" of venu« wan In <">*
l'rn<MH:utln« Attorney »lrr"-lr*iy hml
I.r. >• r,t- I affldarita fur the •iat«
fmm hlm«elf. (<h<Tirf Van de Vantrr,
Deputy Sheriff Wllaait ]. D V. Far
tin I »nl Jn.ir' <"i"-n: th.- affidavit!,
a* Mr. MrlDlr"y »tat»*t. h»ln« Intro
duced r«'h>r to firntrrt th« inly
• •T!r il« than l<> romhai th» <•»»<•.
1 After th» rrftl' « nf thru* (>ar»r»,
an<l a trm r»m<rhn by th» prom^ut"
Inn alt«rn»jr. th« <v>unaH for th» 'l*
f»nro. John F. Dor*, -■* (h» fl'mr.
Ill* artruniKnt for • chanr* of »>mn
wu M-niattonnl «nl unlqu*. Aft*r
dw»ltln« on th*- <llff»T»nt rounty '>r!1
--rlala «v>r»r»rn»il In tb* <*«M». It" turn.
•-■1 hla attmtfon in th* prr«« nf th#
dtjr. T'n'l»*r the nat»nalb:» purpn««
nf nhnvrtnff th«* < •►»irt th» InHuenCf
whlrh <Ilff»r«'nt |<«t*ra In fl««ttl« h».l
rxrrt>><] on Hi" oiln!« of th« i»-nj.l«
throiiithotit th.- county. l>.--» <sevot»»l
in mlnutra i-> a iH>r*onnl adark on
one of th« r •■■ ill r« | • Mot Th»
attark waa hitter, ami thn Umcuara
u»«><l i"tri..!l Mr »par«-<l n*» terms
of nhu«e. II" en-led tv atatementa
wtirh were fur »tr»n«»T than In
nurivi'w nnl » hi. .nil never t"
unrhallen(*<l In the atreel.
Th» Irv Mcnt. ri>rr.irir a* It tilj. in
entire ilenartur* from the uatial
•r.-.ni arena, took the aj>eclal<>r»
very murh by »urprt«e.
At th» ronrlusl.^n of r>nr> ■» re
marka, the <.nirt atatrd that, while
mm unrnlied for rrn!<-rl»t had be«n '
brought Into the matter, he <-i»ni»til-!
«red th«t thr d«>fenp» tn^J around*
f >r a chanre of vpnue, In that the
nena|>npera h«<l a wide drrulatlon,
and mufti have prefudt^ed the puhilr.
Mr. M' Rlr v •i.iir-i thnt ho did not
wleh to tipxmm a chnnir«» of v- nu»,
hut hid broiirht hi* tildiariti |o
protect hla 11.1 th#» iih.Tifr'« ofllea
Th» <-<mrt rranted ehWVa of venue
in KnohomUh 'iint)r.
MANILA. Oct. 17 — *„,r I-Vrnnn
de«, the editor of the Palrl/i. haa
b«-n arrentml and hla plant «eli*d.
Fernande* hn« l"»n prlnllnir pam
phleta until the headlnir. "Drop the-
Mank." In which the American re.
Klitii- M denounced.
Palanca, the rli he*t ''lilnntnnn In
I.uxon. who 1 mtroti tho (Tlilneac
Ifihur In Mnnlla, him i>w|i-1 ,i proc
lamation about th« rlty, cmlllnf on
th'- Chln«tn< to n-nder him rwp*Ct
and obedlenoa, Tli. I'li.n. •«• ronanl
hnn di-nnunrwl T'al.incn, and h - ■* hud
nil th pottir* torn down.
H \-.ii. \ r»p| 17.—The American
force iind<*r Pol. II"I 1 todny , ]■-■ in-<|
thi» 1 . li. 't out of I'ornc. Th<* rminy
r.-i lm<k tn tho wmlwnrd. Imivlhk n
f number of tli><lr ilond. The Amerl
i rnna' lout »m one klllt>tt. Thin la tliu
»■ i i.o'l time recently that Hit i'l me
rcOdva Vi\m Vstia ijcaWU .!• „i,.
Marconi System May Be Adopted on
American Battleships.
♦ NEW YORK, Oct. 17.—Th* Herald (.iilillnhra today the follow- #
♦ Ing from iik Washington rorrrapondrnt: * .
♦ CunWru'ed »f th* great value of wlrelen* telegraphy, arrange- • (
♦ tnenta have bain iierfcx-trd by th* government for experiment- • ,
♦ trie with the Mm. ..ui i.i«i.:ii, wi.uli may lead Ml lit adoption In • <
♦ Mrvvrai iini"'i tnni *<•! vlf<-». * I
♦ Upon the concluMon of thr ya'lil race* Hear Admiral Utiil- • ,
♦ ford, chief of ihe naval bureau of equipment. ex|—rta lo axmfer » <
♦ with Mr Maroon) rolatlv* to th* naval *mpeiimenla. It la under- • ]
♦ at.»»d th.it Hi- armored* < rut*, r New T ik and a*cond rlaaa bat- • ,
a lliahlp T.iu will be equipped with Iniirumenia, and a ahort • i
« MatlM will bo ratalillahrd at Iha Atlanllr Illghlanda. * )
♦ Negotiation* ar* In pi iar«M 1.. iw.-m th* algnal corp* of th* • ,
♦ army mil Mr. Marconi Ii experimrnta itnMi~ll»lrly after th» • •
♦ yarht rarra lv drmunatrat* the prartlrabtllty nt th* ay*',*m ••" • '
♦ land. Automobile*, whlrh will furrH*h th* pow»r and tran«p»rt- • ,
♦ iii, hi. have I--, ii purrhaaed, and baltoMM and kite* will I-" uiied • I
♦ In ih* hup* or lni.re.iing th* dlatanc* trav*r*«<l by th* «■■■'■! *
♦ *\ra. *
♦ w
Its Construction Will Cost $400,0001
-Rooms £3 to $6 per Week. ;
N»:w >IIK. Ot. 17.— It I* IhougDt thai th* ronatrurtlon of th* I
t>rop<i*et| hotH for women In 'h» city will begin In January. Th* capi
tal •(.- k i* to b* tluo.tmi, and It will b* nereaaary to hay* If.Tr. -t»urih«
..I It aufcacrlbed befar* th company may be Incorporated. Th* total i
aubsrrlption to dal* MaMU to ■OBMtaIMJ over lIEO.oou. Th* rntrrprlar <
Involvra th* con*truriti>a of « twtlve'Vtory building, with all modern
Improvemvnta, c«|Mibl*' of accommodating about WO women. Patron*** ||
mil i— •■•■lahl imoei profeaatimat w«m»t>, em h *• artlat* t*a«her*. phy
an tan*. ) uraaliat*. *t»nographer*. trained nur*** and other*, and th* Bo
tel will b* run alrVlly m buain*** prmcl;«le* Th* prevent plan prortdea
for ihr tent of *M artngte room* at II to 14 ■ a. h a week, and 71 rooma with
tow a!..•*!■•. at It each. Tim r**taurant will Slav b* run*>n low rate".
Thr exact location of th- O*w,hotel ha* nan >»t been d*lermln*d upon,
but it baa brrn teamed that v Brill b* built at »>m* ; point bvlwavn j
I'nlon *'iumrm aad Thirty f »tri-eL,i ml not far from 'Hroadwayv |
Th* total Ml. !m-.u<lln« the land. • 111 b« MW.Mo. half of which wUI be
CQVtrcd py a Mow*.- iu«rt«ai(i-. ,, t -, 'r . :" ,-
t .V- . - ' ! ,
♦ SAN rtIANCIBCO. fVt IT -Mm of th. Tlghtlng nr*r hat a
♦ .«•.:■•■ I tii.nwlve* v fini.»!« Mr aa to I heir » l«h«- •in III* mat - ♦
♦ t*r of tranai-orlallon home, and if Mr. Ankrny. or th* rttiartu/ ♦
♦ commlttt* of "cattle. or whoever haa th* *.iy In thY matter, con- ♦
♦ Pall thrlr dealrfee. th* boya will a" by rail. •*■> much talk lata been ♦
♦ arouaed over In* propoaal I ■ fix*' th* regiment another do*e of ♦
♦ *•* - . .. .. that Col. Wholley naa be*n forced to tak* rof;nltan< ♦ .
♦ of it In order, however, that (hr talk of a f*w abould net ho ml* ♦
♦ takrn far th* general *entlment of th* r*c m*nt. th* i.inn»l pr ♦
♦ quested CHaplaln Knud*»n 10 mak* a canvaaa of th* MftoMi com- ♦
♦ |.«i.,.. and h* haa auMnltt*d the r»«u!i of hi* work In ttM follow. ♦
♦ Ing report mad* to Adj. llrtafja. ♦
♦ "October 1«. ♦
♦ "Adjutant Kirn Washington Volunteer*: ♦
♦ "Sir.—Having conaulted tb* men of our regiment aa to their ♦
a «irra In regard to boat txcuralon to Seattle, I find that a targ* ♦
♦ majority of ih«m have long deal ml to make th* trip north by ♦
♦ rail However *orroy they would t-e not to yield to the *l*he* of ♦
, ♦ Ih* MMM eotnmltte« to go by pawl and view that grand par- ♦
; ♦ »■!■ of decorated vtramatilpi In Elliott bay, th«y at 111 prrolat In ♦
| ♦ their dotr* 1,. go by land, giving a* a r-aat.n. therefi>r, that they a
♦ dread IMI ■«** voyag* *yen under th* nv«l favorabl* clrcum- ♦
*> atanre*. and eaperlally thoa* who art paaMck every Urn* they put ♦
♦ to *•■». rVrundiy, many aay th*y would not think of anything; •
*> MM than flr*l-<-laaa paaaair* If going by ft *>
*> "Knllitrd men and ofnren* will b* on a common footing when ♦
♦ dlwharned. and ther* would not be enough *taleroom a> *-ommo- ♦
♦ ii.tt.ona for all. Thirdly, moat of the men BMtN to go by land ♦
♦ U".u~ they will probably never gat anothvr opportunity to en- ♦
♦ i >■ th* *• •n. rv of the Hhaata rout* unlr** they wer* to mak* a ♦
♦ special trip for that purpose, ♦
♦ "All men of the First Waahlngtnn dealr* not to be dlerourteou* *>
♦ In manlf.»tlng their ap|>r*cutlon of the hearty reception and ex- ♦
♦ curslon which th* dtlsen* of our *tatr offer them, in.l especially ♦
, ♦ are they grateful for th« «rni-r « offer of Hon. l^vi Ankeny. ♦
♦ "i:«t.*i>i fur tit* atxtv* raaaun* MM men would be glad to a" by ♦
♦ ara. . ■ ..•. -j»: „ ♦ ♦ .
♦ 'AI.HKHT I- KNfI'BO.V. ♦
' ♦ "Chaplain." ♦ I
♦ Thl» report will b* pr**«nte«l to Mr. Ankrny for confederation, ♦ i
♦ and in the event of his having Ih* matter turur'l over to th* IV- ♦ '
! ♦ attl" commlt*.e<>. It will t>* fnrwanted to the latter. ♦ \
♦ Th* boy* in hltM art. not satisfied that i'o| \Vh"ll<<y shall ♦ II
| ♦ aloi" b* th* raHßtaail of a token of their esteem. A fund >»• ♦ '
♦ been Ptartad for the purchase, of • nroH for MaJ Welsenbercer ♦ |
♦ th.it »ball rival In beauty that to be presented to Col, Whollry ♦ I
♦ It la possible that the presentation* will be made at dM Him ♦ '
♦ time. •
♦ ♦
■WAHIIINtITON. H. C, Oct. 17.—Admiral D«w*y la making a fight for
double liotintv lot th* men lM'hiii'l the gun* who won for him th" battle
of Manila. ll* ha* (lied a rlahn far l.''« each for Ma men. ln*t*ad of
H«o. They *r* entiled to th* doubt* allowanr* If tUt American force
i »a* Inferior t.> the S|>anlah force In the Mnnlf.i bay fight. Admiral
li. »••>•. In a report to 1%. navy departmrnt rlalma that th* Miianli>h
force. Including th<- ahora batteriea, «a* auperlor t.« the American lint
' If Admiral Dewey'a vlrw* are auitalned th* aggregate bounty will M
about 1360.000 rnatead of $110,000.
♦ N." - I.l*- ltrkerlll, a pretty I7>r«*r>old nirl llvinc with her par ♦
+ ents In North Htwttle, wanted t<i ».... th<> town. J'roourln» * milt ♦
♦ of li. r brother's riot he*, she donned the male attire yesterday mil ♦
♦ i>i/irt«"l i.in on her invn«tlirnt|..ii» After several hour* in th» ♦
# I. ii'lnloiri .HHrl.t nh.- ron.lii.l.-.i to upend a short llm<- In th« vn- #
♦ tii t v thratcm. Hh*l rnt*TPil a Well known rnmrl on Hmiih H-rnn-l •
# »V>niif anil W«nhlnirtnn WWI The «lrl» Identity «a» soon mn<l« ♦
♦ known, anil OtTU-er Ad»m» wan Inf.irtn.'.t Her arre»t followed. ♦
♦ N'lli" "i-i't lh« night nt poHre h.-».l.iiinrt^ni. niwl thin afternoon ♦
♦ ru brought tn'f'.rf .lii.lir<- <'«nn for trial. 8h« |.|.n.|i.l guilty to ♦
# the i (mix" of ■lri»m>lriit In male mire. «
♦ City Attorney l>e llrul'-r 1|1tt>tlO»»ll her very cloaely, "How «
♦ oM .■■■ you?" 'liii.in.l. ■! the prnwrutor. ~ "Seveniecn >ear»." ♦
♦ "Have you i>arent«."—"Yea." "Be they know what you were ♦
♦ .I..111K"" "They do." ■Uli.i.. dirt you n»t tho«« doUmt" -".Mv ♦
♦ brother iravo them 1., me to wear." "Well, he ouirht to In. »ent ♦
♦ i. lull (or »l* tn'iitln," Interrupted Judge Cnnn. "Sit down." ♦
♦ continued the Judfte, anil 1 will ,in, i,.1 to your <•««• later. Such ♦
♦ a dlnßrui-rful case an thin mu«t be dealt with in ■ proper way." 4
• i. it. the Jihlk.' fined her 120. +
♦ Nellie In an nttrin ll\.- Kill Hht- hns larße blue .% > h nil.l Mm. k ♦
♦ hair. Hho vs..p.- ii .l.irk -nil of . 1..1 h. i. Md K,.!f cap. Nelly's ♦
♦ mother and father .l.i not live Uiircther. .•ii ■ 1 ah* him been permit- ♦
♦ ted 10 do a* Mm liked. •
♦ , City Attorney !••■ Uruler «ny. ha will place her In the pr>llc» ♦
♦ matron's '■'!•■ lor several weeks. >j( ■ , „• «
* « {
I stimates Riven on all classes of work
300 -... *, Star Paint Co.
'OPALWARIi Have you seen it?
IMb in our window and a»k the price. Pin Trays, ioc;
Jewel Hoxm. 15 to -"«., Collar and Cuff Boxes, 35c up to $oc
It is new, brautiful, fashionable and cheap.
COON BROS., 1417 8«oond Ay«».
♦♦♦>••OJM ** I « >•»♦♦ >Q» I MlM?♦♦ >»T«YtOM MMHM ;
j; BRUNNER & CO. :
', , „,.HIUU »... ' 1
: Groceries, Wines and Liquors :
' ! 602 Plk* Strut. rorncr Fiftk. 'Phon* 8ri»» 784. <
; ; California IfNl wln*« m »t>»<l«.ty l'ort. Hhrrry. AsftUca, ] |
l! M,i. .'.I. by in* bottl«. lie up; by th» t«llon, It up. Fine IU<S « I
|| •nil W'bltt To-K«r. '
! .nm»tto•>•••••••>>>>»>»>>>><•••>•»***>•>>•*>• :
~ a^j^Tlangerous neglect OF the EYE
dfmi THW \ ivikiii;. .a lb»» ififa lor ".. r.ltfo' .»• [11l r • . ■
fTwZt a^iHli^^ 1 °"' ««»'i•"•'•' •"' "■• •»•»••'"• •!»••» *•«•«• v«• •*•■
m^ r^^~** nui KiAMHtt^iiiwnniKiu
g^ V^^^Rk| Contatt only '!•• b*«t optleUn.
1^ I'»" rr»i.)ii«tli >. Only fir»t-cUn
CHA ( O, HOLOOMH, Optlolart. iie-HB BufW« Bid
• Can Secure Space and Electric Power •
• Aianl* for >»>■> r>*w Onoqu»lml. l_i()->t #
■ HOT I fill on r VVe are fo^d to
II llli I 111 aALt move- jr! to reduce
It UU I lull WMLL stock wj || cor^nU e
Mm . »vir auction sale of hardware. Last sale Wednesd
ay 10: .i am ipg Railroad Avenue
• ■.;- 1.4-.V ■ ' ■ -' ' ■ S
I Walla Walla Addition |
I Denny-Blaine Land Co. I
.• Dexter Horton Bank Building. g
1 1 Pleasing Reflection
£f^^ fl^^^^^BaV\\ ' tr> "i"»» who «r» about to bnnir
'-/wfetiltjl fin tv fl ' laundry work \n v* I* thr f*^t that It
jly^Bß 'V Kj^'B ll] "'" •>• munwl to you In perfect
lli3l-\^ I ■r'l 111 ' condition, ■nd done up in a manner
jr^T y^^^l^^^^^Mli that "1" '» IS« hlrh»«t credit on our
[vA> a X" t« ■Ls ■C^F'bFM l iklll and fln* m*tn<><l#-
J / ' »' % '' -^^JK V »»'i^l lr»<1« r n^. o« tnmdlx d>
L / / /V Y*■••SdT^** "••■"'l •< l»i»«» prlr««. Kl.iri. Kir.
I I l/AV W watfl^J*<ial '* ' ■'•"• <rltl> t'ill«r. II 1' tlurt*. fur/.
*| ( i Y^mV \Y^^ -• It >• c«U»f». »c. ruffs, ♦«-. ru.iu* fin 1
ay \\ wite^^4 Qneen Clty~Steim~~Lannflry
\,.^-.Xy.^r|j.is «ii— • j un-n Hivx ivnt.yitt'l cuts til piu
I "The Proof of tha Pudding" ~^
Boat Coffee on Earth
I 1008 Strand Avion. ■■< 232 Pik) Slrfd.
jj Engine and Snip Builders <|
! . ■TEEL AM) WOOD !|
fl LUMBER mili ' v - V
* - •
j "Popular With Our Boya in Blue"! 1
Corner Washington and Occidental.
!JvM^A W x.MUUMU i uvn i^aut , lM uu^..l.u, m . h .Ju J L 1
Steel Ranges 20 Per Cent Less
than »r» snk<-.| for ulintUr quality ItANGES
The Word "GARLAND"
In an ««»ur«n. <• of quality, durability an.l flnlah. No paint to scratch or
burn off. Mad* > i|>tr*nly for aoft r.i
1331 Saoond Avanua
Filled Night and Day
Barrinnton's Dma: Store
Open All Night
M Avriiiic and I'iko t*t.
, 'l»hipne cire»n Hi.
NO. tOlt
[ Mr,; -, r > itlni.'.M full of
1 ■ M'i.htl. md .-itlam
| ing uunliliri
! West's
I London
• Porter
:-•>•• V.i •••■ i ■•'»! «r"1 •••!■•• aatart In
tormina; a aurngth-glTinf food for the t»
f.uil ftt«©mmf ndedby ail phyaletaaa.
1 Diikimi ■■ Ml M am MM o> c.i
! West & Co., ""• w,oo«B. r ««
DlitrttitiitCir. i specialty :
' Ptiono Mai ri ISO i
OIH, r»r. OcrldrntM At*. |
1' ■•*■ Ml (VrlilfDUl AM, ilr**! c '
Mid J*n*»#ti itr«>el

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