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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, October 17, 1899, Image 2

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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iTTir^VtIUS & CO.. ll HI ISIII
lint Afttraotn txcrpt Sunday Ttlnphon* PUr 18 I
«mi» i.ir.'. ii' UmislHi U4»»jl«
On* ifin f*t rpft I ill .mli (*i »*r»k .. iwvhii n»« rtuu |*r month J»in»ir.l br
■Mm of r«rrlar« No tr»» fsniln_ .. n,n n _ _^„ —,^,^ — -,—,-- -~r~>-~*
I .lll.ii-l v........ >.'.! 11...1.,... lin.r .... >»• I I•> I I lilr.l .tiraue
Knl*r*4 M Ik* |««lo*c*, m ►»«ill». W »»hln»liin. m • i.l »'la»» malKi
«)no* «(aln 111.- controversy over th* u.i«k.ui boundary la r*port*d
to br iir«rli>« Its *nd IhrMiiah ami. aMr «ri -mi. M Th* flniahliiK
touch** to th* asr**ni«nt. It la MM, will <»' «'»■" at WMbtktTMi Within
th* n«*t two .m thr»» daym. Th* ch«raotrr of MM modus vltendl ha*
not k*M r*vpal*d; run It la not v*>y dimoult to *u*aa what It will I.
Ilk*. In all it.>i.»lm|.iv th*- boundary ln»lit*>> u-M-n by th* aovrrnmmt
irutiniim throurh th* »»ninilii< of thr Whit* and fli!lk.»»t |u>Mi and
a«i<>a» th* Lynn «ana; nbov* Klvkwan) «l!l form lh«> l>aala ».f a«rr«
mrnl. and by «k> of rom <h»Uii I. th* I -.11111.in bondtnK (<rlvll*Kra '"
h* «-rant*d in Canadian .<•>•> I" ««nli<niM< at iMa Kalrr anl In ii.ui-.it
thrtmrh Amrrlcan t*nHtory. TMa hi 1.1 t» a •*nall^« inHfinNl and
VMM «lv* h. th partln thai for which th*y cmt*na*d ih« I Btt*t
Btat*t would rttaln *ov*r*linty "'I th* country and Ha Inliabltanta.
«hllo th* c\nj.|l iv. hi I I rain ace*» to th* •••« for th*lr ..iiiiii-
Tbrouch tbi rnt.ri<H«- of th* N.» York Hrrald. m. m.«»t aatl«ra.|..r)
• irmplinratlon at Marconi'a ayatvm at Mlrrlvaa l<>lr«ra|>hy ha* Imn |lv
»n in th* »««<*a»ful iri».rtin« of th* yarht raira. a« vl*w».l from an ti
rural.>n ilnnwi. Evld*ntly wlnrli'ia «-..i|h> la both a |«r.n- »i an<l
uarful ail'llll'-n to th* *urn of human an-i>mi>l!ahm*nt.
Who irrla th* huah MM) from th* ftml.lirt' Th* Bt»r mlli-1 tHa
■MOM yr»i»ril»y and r?p«*ta II to.lay. ! '■ ■■ Ktanilartl itamtnc h.'uar,
ari'.>r<Jln( to th* t*atlm«>ny of a wrll-p«»t»«l *Amblrr h.i «a» one* »m
--plo>*d In that Iratltuilun, contribute* 1344 •rarjr day to krrp th* !•«■«' •■
with thr authorttlr*
It frr.ju»ntly haitx-n» In .-lti»-a when law» arr l|air«ai.(^.l th»t blark.
mall la rxa.lr.l by ..fTlrlal* «a a condition for ih* ni>n-*nfi>rr*m*nt of
*xl*tlna alatulM. ami ihrrr la M r*a»on l.< bp|i»v* that H<p.ttllr la an *••
«-ptk>n. On th* r»ntr«rsr, lh*r« I* th* heat of rraa-ma for aaarnliui that
cvrtaln city ■flkaJkal «rr pmfltlnc by th* pnr»«m la»lty In r*«anl to Ih*
• nil-gambling *tatut*.
It Is Going Steadily Down the Hill
side—Geographically Speaking,
BITTK. Mont.. Oct. IT — Thai city la on a ton. eran allilr It la «ra.|
uall> al.'l.rax down hill.
Th* rv.4rn<« of II la »-en on a number of Urn- i.uil.lna-" and ml
d»n.«-a\ mr u<llr.« in. county n>urthuu*o and Iho !>■•.■!<•!.'• of l"nli<-l
Slat** mutter W. A. Clark*, which bar* bava crarkrU »nl flssurtd
from on* ctd» to the oth*r.
O<K>ta«tftla. who hay* invraniratr.l lh.' I hrm>m<-n.>n. nprvaa th*
opinto* that th* balkllnca Linn**.! ar* I— atnl on a ar>aju of rork ■ r
*arth at'.ns whlcih, a alMr separation or '■>•>!«» la taklnc p*lar*. Thr
rvMtw-f of a atl4* I* ar»rn from ih* county courtnou**. «hi. la !..-i.i..|
on W*«t Cranlt* atr»*t. about h»lf way up th* one hill ui-.n th* alop*
of which the city la built, an-! from that point «r«t two block* and south
west m nrar th* w*atsm fmtta of th* city.
Th* hr«\> brick inaxlr walla of t.'<■ rourthoua* havr tracked from
top to bottom.. Th* iwrulfHiir r*a!<S*nc« of B<nator Clark*. attu*<»l a
block and a half furthet w**t. haa b**n n*«ur*4 cl*«a»j throutn ih*
bulMlr.s (rom raun to w*at. anl on ih* w*>t *td* from Ik*. r>»>f thn>u«h
thr** atort** down la Baa crouml, at In* bottom tb* flwur* b*ln( ovrr
an Inch wld*. a» If th* wmith*rn portion of th* hou** had followed lh«
a;i.lr wh(|r the north htlf rrtnatn*! anl|<l. Th* hu.tu work and d*r«r
atlv* Ti..lt»r« on th* Inaki* l-ar through thr h >.ia- from on* pla. «■ to
th* other la slmMarlr Manured
"Ton YoiMon"* dr»w* another
crowded houM at th* Third Avenue,
theater U«| night Mr. Donala»>n. a*
th* •'«»»■!♦ man •••• » <!•■■. '• I hit,
and hln >S»»f r wnrk * ■• heartily en.
cnc*<l TT»*r* la not • weak i*r
rormer In th* comp»ny.' The r««t ta
nV-«-ly balanced thrush Th«
lumVriT'n • quarmt* wa* very
rood. »r 1 m»t with much »:sr-
ci»!l *i PartlcuUrly *>«»! work «■•
Aon* by Ml«« lw»rll»n and Ilia* llaa
•rd. Th* ;.|iv 'a filled with thrill
ing Incident* and quaint humor. It
on* may Jui*» from th» apptauw
with which II was erected la*t nlKh*.
there will b* a crowded hnua* at the
Third avenue every rl«rn thta week
Th* M~lJ»«ka repertoire th!*
a*a*on la an eic«llent on*, an<l
will enable th* famoui actreva to
tftaplay her match!*** talent both In
comedy and tra«»djr. The rcme
dl»* are respectively Bhak**p*nr*'»
"Much A«o Abrrut Nfithln* " and »ii
adaptation of "The Ladle*' Flat tie."
a Mcht come Jr. and on* if the moat
popular of the modern French rlaa
•tea. T!» rt«t are traiedlM, »li .
"ifarWth." "Mary P'uarl." and an
entirely new pay baeed on th* ev
entful life of -Mar!* Antoinette," th»
last <jae*n of France. F<*r each of
thene playa Manajr*r J^hn C Fl*h
»r h»« built artlttle at 1 •ut<n«p>
a»nl' produ«^lon§. "Marl* Antoin
»ii»" !• th* wnrk of Clinton fituar:
and I* rtalmed to.b* on* at the m»nt
»tlrrtn« play* of authornhlp.
With the arntrlattlon of th.- w»ll
knnwn a<t<ir Mr. John R. Kellerd •«
leadlnc man. who dlvld** th* prln
rtr«J rolea with Madam M"lt-«k>i. a
nMable performance may.,lndeed, tif
ant»Hp«ted. no matter What plajrn
are •♦''•/■ tail fortre *nv*cem*nt her*.
In •<•!<•' Mn» "Mary Illuart." "Murh
Ado About Nothlnr." and "Marlp
Antoinette." a very brilliant r^pir
loir* 'a a»a!ir-<1 at the B*«tH»
the«|er. T1n«l<1«» the (rail* ri" tn»m
♦>«• wnrtiir of mirtlon i* mi.« Bali
eT, a jrr»una: lady «hn» ambition Hen
In the direction of pp*r». S*h» hue.
ptiii'** wlih the bent manterii. »n<l
hum a pure soprano volre of rnnif
and power. She la by no m*ana an
am*teur In dramatic wnrk, but be.
tleve*. and ■.•'«*!<• •■ (hit .■ «< it«'»n
with Madam Mnd)eaka will ►••■ <■'. In
raluabie «nMitm!i> Y+r In Inf. r
jr»»r» There will, moreover, he an
opportunity, a llmltrd nn», of rmit«»,
to UK* her volr*. Mlaa Ittker la n
rare beauty of the r.»Mt<- vnrlrtr.
and la rrovlnr a marked addition \i
th* Vlodje*k« T'mt«inv
Oorton'a MlrMtrel'i are the attrar
tlon at tie- S. ..(il<- theater We<lne«.
day and Thursday evenlncn nnf) ■%
rreat attraction they are. Ther» |«
not a better trnuoe of artlnta In
America today than IfMM Mr. \mt
kin haa rathered tnKether thla paaa
on. On* will not llaten to ai nl •■< -
tlon of more norxitar aonga and
bright )ok»a than tkwM ■■' • I■■■«• nr
ttirta. However, n.mvn mi Jok<-« el i
not corr.f.or* the procrnm. There are
at .ii*>i to telt. rpeerh«-e on the "In
• uea of th" time*," wht'^ are irlvi-n
In an Inimitable nixy, »l«ny» cnlllnir
f,,rih roar* of r!| | lli.k lnuirhter. Th'
rreat i -„.,.,■■ Qtwrtltt*, In It*.
medleya, melod|»« «d lmhatl'in»,
V*« mm aajMl; munlr-al artlftl and
•bmtrdlll'*, ath!rd<- and arrobatlr
• l—i i.ili.«-«. dancing by whit* am] «>••
or*d folk* ill ■ •"• iii<-.l in a way that
la eminently pl*a*lnr,
Th* a«ram»r CM of Lttla «>ll» 1
Ik* I.run .anal teal nlcht with 100
] i»M»fin»r« Mr*. A O Ilr*ld*n«t*ln,
< Wm. llotltn«*worth, Mr* V. 1. III*.
r*r and at.n Mr*. V. W. Maya, Mr*
<I*»r(* l.yon*. Mr*. II V. I>a>n,
Charl*a H. Hunt. Ml** Nail iCM A.
Bloom. William litc^onatad. O.
Thorn.'*. William ITaWWII Mn. >l.
11*11. Mlaa t.a.ir. li-11. H.i»h (I*ll. T.
J. U»rby. N. Dlktlrh. F. M. PUkln«
ton, }*>»>> Gill. A. NrliN.r.
City Council Decides to Buy It For the
Sum of $100,000.
♦ I.am r,l»h' a council meeting pre*ent»d an unuaual elirht. "II ♦
♦ a. h:at:i« war* forgotten, an.l the. city fath*ra lataad hand* to M ♦
♦ end. Tha purchaa* of Wand i"l [>ark «Ame up .1. tlr rp|port ♦
♦ of the Joint ■■"tnrrMtta.v to whom It ka4 W«e rtftrrad. Th- lob- ♦
♦ t.ylat- mere i >!;-! oi-n to "»-»•!<. J. A. tif*tt -t»r "1 la* kail by ♦
♦ an arrum«nt a«ratn*t the p oaoaHMjaj t.i la« M«l'•ti i>4 «i-.k.- in ♦
♦ It* f*v<*-. Then Oaaaafliaaa '111 • r.-e "I have nl««v. I.e. n in ♦
♦ fa»or of the |.iir>-haa* of Wraidiaml |>ark." naM ha. "and alnc* th* ♦
♦ tiiill-hnlnii and blarkmalllnr of the i»<«t (■« day* I would vote ♦
♦ to buy It were II •■■ coat 11,000,000. Whrn we anaM to th* truth of ♦
♦ 11)" matter, the \Vo<>dUn>l park prop<Mtt|nn ■» belnc 'i .11 le-l by ♦
♦ thoa*. who an> dlrertly IrrterwutiNl In ftavenna park." ♦
♦ Niviti «'lvc. nii'.i the purrhaae nm a irood hualti<-«a |>mp<ia|tl<>t>. ♦
♦ Mtjil-. m onnted to know "why thla h>n| allem* by th audden op- ♦
♦ r*>»!tl"n of the |.n«t fpw <lay»?" I'lller wanted more tlm* !•> *tuily •
♦ th- proposition; anil. i».|rm reminded by Navln that he had h■ f ♦
♦ all month*. Indulge*] In .1 brink tilt with that a>ntl*man. ♦
♦ Crtcbton «» In favor nf I. ivlnK Woodland part but v.imt, .1 *
♦ to do mby meana at a *|>erlal a*>i'**ment. 11.11 *poke at lenirth In ♦
♦ favor of th* bill. «
♦ \t'At'll<- apalM of thla <hari'< mm "the opportunity of our ♦
♦ live*" On McArdle'a motion (h(- rui.i were tuipvndtd, and the ♦
♦ bill *>■ put on ll* final pajH|i Th. vote Hood Tea*— «'»«tlr- •>
♦ man, Crawford. CrteMon 'Jill Hill, McArdle, Muldoon, Navln ♦
♦ Hill, Taylor— M . Nny* l>lll-r and nimlkin 1 ' «
♦ •
Th* n»mormtlp County r"<ntr»l
r'^mmlti'**' in- ■i* lomnrrow. Th*>.
mnltrr of Irx «l party |i'.ll. y 111 b* !
dIaCOTMd. For i»im» tlmo in mrltn- |
tl«m tn* bran rwii. in f»vi>r .if parly |
arllon and th«- onranli itl n of i i.-m- '
ocmtlr Blob* Thl» will 1,.- filixuiia
«"l ami (irt»<l on, anil th«> party will
oViiibl •■»« < nmim i acilvp work In
that ■!.!■■ 1...M lit mi II Iv .|,il.
llllll'linK | Illltx haw baan l-r>ii.,l
'■■ '. W. in. i. n»..n to build ii two '
• i<.rv Cram <lw»illnir at »2«-H2X
llrnadway, la rout |!>.200; p, f|. wil
aon la build a on» «tory fniin.- r«-al '
.|.ii.. in I •~;iii v * l|..yi a addition i.i
' ■•"' IW1; Thomnii M. Orffti for r».
I.i r- at 316 Fourth avenue to i ml I
A Wisconsin Woman Coughed
Up a Frog.
POND ii LAC Wl*., Oct. IT.—
Mil .••<!■.< ttll.t *H>li, Of till* < II), wluU
' in • |>ilM'k)>ll| t.f llallni'il. lltii M 111) a
I it*• frag, full frown, „nl hi-I«liliik
Hut •' mill iMI nunrti, Mr*. Hull
I.<il l.irn • aufTrirr from a i"- 'ill .i
, form of >i.imai h inmili!•• fof >«i«,
' and none of lh<* i■IV > »!■ I ">» by whom
i Kill' I-ill I In-ill 111 »l. '1 K'llH Bill* 111
' dlajrnoa* her •••*». It* Hull ,i.« ill.*
fi"K on rihltiiilun lit li.-r horn*.
The j >i> Hi ■ .ma of ihi> ill) •■>
•ruined i~. iMtuui anil In im-n
. ,-ir to ■••)« * (tie mi«l} Th*
1 nl) Haiti It «l f I »*Vi ■ >l >••«■• ah*
ha I l*-on .im mm .-.I that her ir.Mii.ii
»•! 111" I • • "'l' willn.it. nlljtt't In
h«r •luiimcll. that at tIRIM II would
' um\r ■ill )uni|> |i.-r<-r|>;il> *. I lii. li
aymi'loma h«r •!■» t>>i* Itl.l '- iit.> I
to ai^awnodK" mu*rular t^mtrartiun.
Ti .■ rt'<.|i «■!» m'lMiii-mlv liHn.l.
.■ mi
IX)I'ISVU.I.K. Ky.. Ort. IT.—The
lirown ii.'kf-i la .••• .-. (.~l to |>roy«
th* limi.illi* of ■'■• (Imlwl f.irrra.
Hi i.-.1. mII la. by John Tounf
llruMn. .»iw of til** li»«i k'i--\» n mi I
mi ■•* ir«i-t-> i.-,l in. ii In lIM «' '"• ■ >la
|'l "■!.'•■, ••!•.• lull) In Illr >.<«i (■■*
wrrka, h»a »■>— n markr.i H.tn* itf
Ha iimat «ii. ni «u| i-.r• rvm pa)
It will pall a* >«r«» a rat* M Ike i. ,
til* tvntiarattc t.ckrt 1.-" »w. •■■'
«h* auptrb ..r«»nl«ail-.n I. ■ ■ ad II
Will Ha«a Who Bread.
lIKI'MI ''1 IT—A ct.nalanl 111
--rr.-«w In thr pilir of n<■ It 'M I,.in
I. I Ih* lm|M>rl«t tiilUt«r> BUthoiitla*
•>f Ui tmni) I. i ■> • Irr thr mi —ii ■-
linn i.f ..ur-fhlr-l h. it Hour Into thr
a»ktlrra' I". ..I Th* r«»mml»»«ry
drparlmvnt Kill try th* '»i ■■■■; inw nt
In Ih* , ' *:.--.'»•..» Hhire th«
prir* la rye I* now tt'ch*r ilan thai '
'? *hr*l.
i ■
llamm and Crhmlti. of ■■>■ Hull, r
h«t«l. by th* pur.haar -T lh. j
Ifcrurry |'f'»[Tin or* Thtr-l »n<l Janira. |
row own tb* tntlr* fn>nta«* '•>
Junra «it>-i from Third ami K-.«<i;
tmtM Tbta «111 )»' umhl fur
hotrl i-utf •-•■ I' 'f"r Ihil'inl .1...-
Ur* «a( |Mltl for Ih* urr> prnp.
IH-I.ITH. Ulna.. Oct. IT.—Th.
«v« Ha<e»r4 *v i»vrrtutn»-l In _ii_f t
harbor ! » a at#am*r'lala mnrntnf.
and lla-ry !:ih». th* Arvman. »it
drownrU, Th» nUrr u.»nji«*r« of tv
rr*w got ■-'ii tb« llf* raft af*l n.«m-t'
i .in It until th*v «»r» r*ck»<l up,
Th* lv* wa» lowln* th» aloanwr to
Ih* or* '1 'k« Hlim nfiptjmtr th»
liil -la! nit la th. »<<-jiti.-r •tartx)
■ii Mtil). rnnnii'» (Mirt II i-ik. *n4
itchtrnlnf lh« tow • n» In mn 1 a
| MIMf ovrr Ih* • '•■ that th* tv« j
. •«• Inatantly turnrt! over.
A Panic Near Paris.
I'AUlft. Ort. IT.— Durlnr a hultriatht
tialay at Knih*in-lr*-lUlna. nlt.f
t mil** frtrni I'arla. a bull >»i»l ov*r
! th* barrier ami fell art^-nc th" ap«a)>
|la torn. A pint' ■.:•<■.! • «• f»npi»
' ru«hln( about **«lilna* to km ■■■." of
j th* plan A numh»r of »oiwn '..|r.i |
j *<J ami «M( iram|>l<-<t ut-.o Uxn
» hUa Ih* bull nan Into th» Nr*« ami
Ml ahot an 1 klllvil by anaiarmra
At a m^etlne „f th» r.-ntmi Pun
•»n«.r aMortatlon In C'hlragn ro-
I ■ ntljr, atepa wcr» taken toward
rhar«-p» on blryrtr* an MCM ban
*a*t<-. Thin will undoubtedly com*
lo : "1 In th» n*ar future, i» 11, .In
clalon of r:r.Kll»h oourtf lh.it I 1,.
blryp|» la nil "lung-ait*," I-;,- .4 th.it
urtlria at the mtrry of hi' raauil,
Th* fall mrrtlnir of the . ii.fin
llnllway n«m,i ,;. ■i. in iii Nnv V.,ik
<• iv »■»« taki>n up I.hk«-I.v with ri.il
nn- hiMlnMm. Bio k >lcnal . ii, ■
in. ,v -i.,,, and ii,,. Mun.lunl dl.
mmalaiM nf box can w«>rf' dlaCUUtd
111 IIIU li>nKlh.
nutani lltm lire moving toward
nr> a'lvanrf In iii. on lumbar an I
■ i>«l. Thl» niTillra la th<- rintiHl
w<-»t na wrll -in Ih' Atiimtlc *..„
it. Am,lf Maaaan
1>I»«ii«<!» of women, 04 Illnckl»y blk
Till: Si: ATT I. X NT Alt.
II- you have b given this copy "f I m
Dau \ S i \i' .it the I-1 r t Seattle i
snioii, kindly read 11 thoroughly.
It you like it we respectfully koUcM your
It you wish to subscribe telephone to
I'lKI I<J.».
rheprice of Ihi Dun Si an is (> cents
ptv.a k, ot cents per month.
lin h\m Siak \t published each after
noon •■. ; ' Sund iv .1!
Mil l-11l Hl' MUh. Mil '
which ttokr ..til laal l,l«hl «l •
u'lkrk .1.«ir..>.-l about half '■' "*
i.ii-.ii.»" portion <>f th«" t'»«n. Til'
rtatnra atarlnl In Mark* A Prank*
K->-f«l alutT by lh» r»pl<»«on of o
lamp. Hliirni buatn»»» h.>u»»a »■ '•
.|..!t").| Thr vlllac" la *h»il>
Hlinuut ftr* p ■•• •! ■" Tli* Alin«
• 11.1 ltharo flir ■!. ptriwiii <•■
"i-.ii 1. I. but 100 IBM to bl u( ■»*>'
Tb# Mlowlnit d«<1« wrr« l»l»4 fr*-
Urtay for .nl in in- ruuniy audi
tor* urfirc:
i:.|».<r.l V. Nrlacn cl u». to O. W,
Nataon. part #H •» "•• ». :«. «.
Aitil :■.<. !'•'
Mcllmla J. Illalr la Kmma An4*r
ton. M I- '■'-•> ft, MrMllltn'a !•«
a.l I. K*nt. Jan, It. ItM. t*>
Keattlr Trwl <•. I" Manly H
lU>ti». (at 4. ntork W. A, I'ontlu*
nil »up. M«» 4. tU*.
■ : fi*tman H»tr»n,« rt.'u*. lo Hrnry
1 <ti«r«rn*{i. r«rt l«« «,">l*-k n. Co«»rt
.r.flmja .14. Oct. ».»»«.
! iT.*« «• Cnaal Imp. <**, to Ol« Lokrn.
ih •. i-i .* I. »m park, tvi. t«n.
Wm, Si>"ii.ii>i»ii' rt u». f» K. X
Tvctt. D«0 '•>' ••■«« lo*. rkll
«.julrr park a M S. i-i r». l«-"
Kannle I >nl T. C <N>llln* lo
N.irthrrn rountlr* In*. Tru««, .«i 17.
block I*. ■oMaaa mm ■« I I. Oct. U.
1711 34
Arthur r. l'r\«n M 8«. '" i l;
T'w>l». lol* S and •. b|i» k 11. It'll
llrlra' Id *>dd. (let. l«. !!.»«>
II II M .»ti..>. J'»»|h ll"»Wy 't <•»
i, I. Whltrlaw. Charl«-« 11. Oray ct
vi,. «*<w«» «'. WTillrh'f rt in and j
J. K. !<•• to I."*! "larnrt Uol.l *
<Vfp*r Mtnlnc * Mlliina; l>>. mm*»
In r>n.>homlah Co , i>rt. In. ■, r.. 11.
Auiux Frmll.-h lo Aln*n J, r"ro>«
llrb. M 7. Wocfc «1. laura* J'l *<U.
«krt. l|, lino
O. Mrnry Whltcomb to Anna
II All»n. l»ta II and IS. Mark «.
rnlv»r»liy «ht» a.H , rVpl. *».
>. -
K. I' llwk rt u» t" BUM li»U «.
7. 1«. li. Wo«k I. May add. Jan. to.
■■\vii«i '1 ■ you •■>:• i ■■"• that Hit!*■
w.man w«r>«>-.l *' naked th«- furnl
ur«- il^jwirtm»rit rl«>rk.
"I don't know," uH tf» flnnr
milk. "What • i" I' * '
"Hh» aald rh' would like to lonk
at • •in'- '■< our >nT*rtalnmptit
burraut' "
Capl J. 11. '■•«lii«n. commnnctfr
of th* I'iiic' Hotin<l n«v«l utatlnn. r>"
luronJ *uh Mm. fmthWin from
id- t'jun >i»irrf«y tTtnlns. itoinr
• ir.niiiM thrmiirh to Hrrm»rion.
C'apl. ''•♦(linn >■■ MM nf t'" r»m.
mlll»» appvlnKKi to rwlve A<lmlr«l
. I'fr.v It* •-•■ » ■ll»tln«ul«h-.l
, «!«. it In th» Munll* flf»l.
AliliMik-ti ih* drmand for railroad
Innnrrr* rnntlnuea hrlak la s»^Htti>.
th» apl>r>>arh "f «lnt*r 'I, ■' -' ■•!
ped Inquiry for farm hand*, ]■«!;■■!•
or wikhl chopper*. Inquiry for Ü
bortn alunc thmo lln.»i II »111 l frp
■ in- tit. mid • ml. r« J.»li« »r«. offaTtd
at an «■!> UK ■ of 30 to <" I" " ■ "'
OTtf vnn.» ..rr.i..l ii t»m yum iik.i
TA<*<>MA. \V»»h.. October 17.—
l\ ]..•<•. '« Clark, of (he Hpnkanr
! firm i>f Clark A Hw^-n-'V hn» t>o..n
In T»r'»n»a, arrnni|tanlr«l l.y hi* at- J
torney. 11. M ll"Vl. mv . Hill illi . til*
firnjwt of I ha .-'• ■ '•!•■ A TVirotnn, Kl
rctrlr railway. «n<l a ntatrrrnvf «■■■
htld ymlrrilnjr l.i uri ■ii Mfiwrii
flark .in I llnyl, N. Icon llpiin«-tt »n.|
KtMTIi lltrirv Hurry nn<l 11. 1"
ttvnld N«>l»<in "i" II may Kit
th« contract for th«- eonatraetlon ol
th» line. Ihouith h<< i>«lil l»»l pven-
InK h» Hwl ri..i yrt |IC«h 'I I li- con
"W« h«v# hi>»-n Inv •"I I Inic th#
project," Mid Mr. (""lurk, il ih.- Hntrl :
Tiiroma ln»t evrnlnit, rrfrrrtnic 10 I '
hliriKilf nml hi» attorntx, "anil in
m-p . ink* itvrr to S. Ml!.' tomnrrow
In look Into ii further."
I'l.uti ailmlll- -I thnt ha Ihotnrlit
th« eonatruetlofi <>f ihr s.i m;i<>» •■i
track hptv\rnn | h« two ' Ml. ■■< WOUlil
runt upward* nt n 000,000 Th» truck
IK to 11. broad I MU'. . nil.l 1.U.1 with
llutltl'l HN-fi Mill'l
It in n.hi that ("lurk & s«.
--► l.iti.l raadj la |.iii up ■ 'innl'-r of
I ii million rlniinrn Into 11 «• Irrtarpti**,
I hut ilils i <■ would ti>-iih..i «nirm nor'
1 .li n\ Th' further Stall in. "t ii :
mnclp hit tin. total rout of Iha Mm
nnil Its •'inlptnpnt han ht-pn mtltmt.
pil -.1 »i '•' 000 and thai n4* for
nt li aal 171 M h >.i nl>'i->i.lv Ijpoii
lliwil>-l in New York and II ( .«i»ii. ■!•-!
Corner Spring Street
Th» K.-jtu, Biramahlp company
•till .1 •!•«!. h th» dram •• ii.-mi.
T»«ii». i.l (1 , Hi Omtiicr l»l«i»l lo
mv», |f I-hi»H.i», |h* (tramrr 1,., ir
••la an.l h.-r valuable I «i«.. Th«
r..«i.»»ii.| will la*,, fr,, m nan Kran
rlaeo. Thla momma <«|.i Whit.-.
I'utwr <••-,. f4li«.ti ii, four
flrnmrn left f.» Krtaro i., ,i,, lh»
'"•""' Th» i..«r..»nl will put to
■M .11 Tliiir<hc nrriirx r*»n
1Tl"« '»■ !•> •• thai ihr 1,mr».1« can
I-. IMIII ami that • «™»1 i->r.»- n
■f her cargo nan h» pt\.-i |f th»
»1.,.n,,r la *u<Tmfully n.«<«•.! -■.
will b* • •••u«ii! i., PamlUa . Th«
i.iurvli «aa la*ortd fur only IJu.ooo.
Hk owner* (iQBltdM t>--r worth thre«
•■in. • h.i amount.
A Trail*} Wrack.
WARM O. (M 17,-On. man
*« klilnl anl four |«-i «.-n. ir*r* In
jured in a «rr*rk on UM Trutnbull
»l«rirtr lln* lux nl»hl. A •• con
talntna tnrnt|r-ihiv« paawnarra » i»
Mru< k by « Italtlmorv * ti1,,., irmln.
RMMi I I%m •«! Utoyl •!•
• h,, »•..»,..) ,v ooiManr
U\-Ht fR Knjflinh A!ch
and Porter
■ -I** «Ir*P|ih fa -• -'.» rritrwa ma
«•>:•!■ .|i«-«-!..n >a 4 li.lii.rt. t4
r»f»*ih •■ •.i>Nit>«r !■- ■..,..! m
l<«« l">r) Mil of Ikt till l||n
•i ...■.,■(, Up. ii, r /•■
West & Co., Inc.
A hard fur-1
Cnnf»ctlon«ra. /
Bt*am Tiol|«r«. "
Hot Water Fun >''«.
All order* win b* promptly
Seattle Gas &
Electric Go.
IM>M Cherry ttwoi
We Mil Wri.buch • and suarantp*
Makes Heat
Saves Money
111 on day
will lift the I.lm ilny of my offer t.i
; rlr^nan iiihl |. .lit Ii Nil h free of
kcoj 11, M Hjl.il, U ■ .I*llll, vt%
4MI ■ him.
i L .11- Mai in
*i M. twill, L»i .. ma Maaagar
The I . .1 T. '
\\ r. Hunday. Oct. IS. Matinee Hat
.lay Th. urlcinal H».,li»li dlalrct
' .fit*- I > I; im«
Yon Yonson
»:v»rytlln« N«w.
No •■lnn. t In prlr»»— !<W\ 10c, Mr,
♦Or, and (Or; box*!. IS. boa •*•!*, 11.
t. V. Iliot. «tuiac*r
VMM Main It
Tim nrmtnt. Krlirhteitt. li.-»i of all
M «l«-rn Mln«u< »>. t-n mule in
ihHr own train »*t > >< «•.
T«<> nixht* »tar:tna* >• nlt.«-> lav. Oct.
II A inaiarlaa altrsctlon.
•erUa'a FB«e«l N*w Orleia*
Orrat*r than any similar rnt*rprla«.
l'ri< >• a> usual. -.
tv»l» on Mile Tu*a<lay. 10 a m.
•^7 .1. r mm r. <i u >|ir
I*t..!t> and fiatunlair <>v<nln« and
■<«lnnJav inulnr.-. Oct. 20-21.
fmrtm til liar '< <>' Kfrikvi
Rnoirmrnl of (irai tr«itic «i ir.-i-i
UI. ■ I i.i Mr. John I. Krli.r.l
Art a i -ini-nny .if j.lar'ni ur !«-r thf
mjn»«"n«iil of John C. Ki«hi-r.
n—illlliu on Friday r ,ln|t
Saturday MaiftMT
Muoh Ado About Nothing
lly \V,l:inm Hh:ik»«i>««rr.
Saturday r\. nir ie
lly Clinton Stuart.
Elaborate ami nmnlfii-ni »>nir
X mtuctlont.
l*r»r»^-lSc to II.»0. B*ata on Ml*
If I 1 rota y
N. ll.—Curtain will N> r»l». 1 at »
p. m. *harp for rvrnlnit performance*
and at 2 I>. m. for the matin***.
Will be continued from
Oct. 10th to 22d
Votln* for ta« mn| popular retail
irrnc»>r, fold medal »«irl, the re
n<>wnr*l Bhleld Co.. afternoon and
•■vrninn. manual arms rnmpetltlve
drill, open to all corner*. M.i entiira
to be made from each company com
peUnc. nwirl irold ii.».|al Warner'*
band. IS artlniii.
!• ta limn 001 Ale on tip
In ihr . r li.i
West's Air, Porter & Stout
Will krr|. until i..rl .ii Improve In flavor ••
It r nltlpr
Our »l«th l.rtrl I. on
onr-qnirtrr b«tt»l |,
MH**tH ii. rnur horn.. Mall Tour ordrr , 0
Wait A Co . or I'hone to Bay 96
Wo havi' Jlist oponod a ihlpmcnt
of the iatrit koiikh, in<l plortii,
etc.. lor the Oraphnphonp. All new
rooord» and mado by the Intent Im
proved procma. Thru., rorords urn
loml and clour and hip by far tin
boat yet made. Price. BOc each, or
,5.00 per ilutcn.
15.00. $10.00. »1200, $15.00 $20
$25.00 to $150.00 «nch.
Winter I Harper
, n«r»e llnlldlm. Seuttlo, \Vn»h.
MAM Hill.
... i
»v.iii..» -■■r" *■!• firamim, Mf»i *»a[..la,
I- 11. man fur <1. N. vi■ i X. I. K. ?• ■!
fi»a iof -f . (i*ft4# i ;.t ■' ill r r«w«
r mi . [la iv Main »i T.| ' ln.h 11.ii
Aim ua«:t «»r Trn.if
CMfaOllNlt, Tiu;Mrr.ii * '.'». im , •»>• «ii
• ii ». i «i i* kbttrwt r<.nti«afi»; •«i»tiitte
• I IM3. v. - ... 11 w making ..••'..' la «rf
niltitrig - liimi 114 Cherry alr**t.
Ai"ilillMl.lr>-A'f I» W. _- _ _
I. IMMKKxI.I, lawjar. |,r... |„r 1., a-linr
i*n ami w.lliilior ..(I,*! 111. l:waih.ii
llin.il.) i.i.K-k,
CHAM X KNDU, n*,ma it r. Wai if MO.
HI IMTKI ."l».
K. W. ICil',ll |. .:.. 414. 411, «I«, 417
Coltlni i.i... fc.
111*1 ft cm.i,t:i.i;».
WIUOWI Uuilnni dilla-r*. J«L Ml til
Ii . (HK
i.ii up >■„..!-! tieo.ona
.;■...,.( liai.klttf: !...••*. *..<•■ L
J.i.-« li 11-,« a. ,■ HfliWl
MattrlM M-M.. k... vi.« II
I" -f Tiimar ..,•«*......•■ .Caatitar
it K. I'arkhurat A»i>tanl €'••».'••
high! au.l !.:.»..!>.■ ... ■ /-'■'•
In all llm jci.- ..I ..U.« ul IU lu.i'l
Ht*l»« ■! 1 I ir i«.
or inrii.i.
'••|.li«l m«k i... la l'- "•'
f „ »i.l»*
Jur -I. 1 |'l«.l««rl
C. <■ ■-. ,r.'i,r Vim l-r««")«'«
ll V. a-.. , »*!>,•■
l ..ri»M • >„!^. '• In «M "r- fj( :;.l jitt«»
ii. Ih* i"/, •• ! futa* . l EurotA
Cant V»* v% */ *»-1 Kir»i
<«p4lal .|7&t>«
An4(»w l"hllb*rg..., „ ti.•''->•»<
r. i. J«<-M«.k./B rir*l Vlr» I'm d*i>l
I. i. ... n-U'J b». .... I Vlu I-..-. '..I. I
A 11. r..».-.» CM.ht«r
It.i..i la a r""” «- . ■>! " « l.u»ir.. ->-
HI MM -» «II SI I."
(ink nt ih* priia-winncrfl at th«
Hpukane exhibit. ...
•hi: i >.'•> ore, and are effaftng a
Untiled amtiunt ■■' th» irt-Kiiury
• ti>. .i| lie a «har«. Kor furthrr
{.articular* conc*rn!n» »*»»>• an«l
•Mil' Call or writ* to tb<- •.".<;•.
l.'utii.l avrnuc. Tel. Main '.:*.
M. A COltlllTT.
«i.a r; i.i. nitliKiic <••• - |!.:i.iin «> >■>. i»
aa. •i.ohm < j * i .--..< i- |* <lt*»-
I. c an l fwvbdattoba; ••..••• In t».»*. ■*•
anj >[*M>
i imimi iiik» ami hi iuii.ih
imi.'M*. m.i»f«ni a mil. «w«ira«»»» ••>•
b»l|.|a>a. ll«a U-.al.tn An. 1. l.yft Ml.
"*M'Ali |l»lf»l . i.l. < T«l. 'Jf»»T •*«
iamiimi ifir^rT*
ro,'i «Al.c of n«l l«ni> all •!«••. new aj.l
.... J 'i.*»f. tnv«U4 roll** .i~»J».
t .l»fln Hull .»! I ». a<r*^t.
I 1 ••■ 111 > I I I.IM.VU
• KATILK <.<-ii»« I-....1'. Cay »t»f r^»»
cl-th«« la »l.*t* ftt*- IIW ■"*> a/alric
ll«ll) '.( f«.«iiiti Ill* M I*l null IUV*.
iiy».1»«» a>7» . .»-!... ~
ATI.AII lip* War**. SZ3 IM>l <I.a«t lala
rtuax l/uS U-l Ik* MOjr Ikui Im*
I«m#*« in <>.« ■ if _-*
I! II IiKrKW. d'T.lln at»aeta.U*t in «-*•■
a»4wwi t . »..f«. l« li.i.. l.«l.-l.-j.
ll*>« IM, U till HI .
•Matt ar.l n.lr iha><n.fl> J«rwir« ackaol la
mr. Maal >all, »I?|N a,m Hi
lIOTUJI AMI ■• i H.MSiii:i» ni.inii
IF TtiU «■•/ a Mum *r »<ir.p*la a r» «J-«»
1.1 |h« fl .^..*l*r total. I'kfca »!• 1 ••>•« EMI.
ff9n4 pacm II Mr •*•*. »!••.) ru.mM-4
awla'4> r.« .». 12 I* II: Iran.l.ai. Si a>*4
%Ok tr~* t«itt. iIkIIM 11«. .a
i::ii..it. prop.; tic, Me r-" day. II 40,
1200 p<-r «a«k; •• f-riilr llfbt; bath n«,
4lh and Main. 'Pbonr. Black 143&
ifoTr.L > IC Urn a»»«a)a aa4 Plka; Oral
rlaaa r.»n.. and 1- . M .1 » l« »—a-
IIOTrI. COt-PT-Tor. Tt irt a>4 A Jill!
I*l . ..•• r>-«» and hail »* w»«ll and •►
H'HtcL. aAVOT-Pl»«a»al •»•»■. •* > "t.
""NBATEf" "KUJlNlsilED~hoOMal
ItH Firml iv*nui.
ji ■>.
TUB IIEATTI .* Ju»» O». »«Ta l-waal prlcat
in >«<!• >»i»*i> MHi.lr«limMi
i.i Illa«k lilt.
tliivi Junk <■*>. far* h »>-. i aaiaaai
!.<• ii nturna. Ka> 1111 Uiiliin An.
T.i Ilka 111
■■>*■.■*»■.■»»■..*■■ w*.»*»-;3f a
I»«IK« KOTl{wr.M^M<>l|l(i Mat*, art
-• A .urali bontta. Tv Kirn black.
" Mill IM Xi .. ..'
Hit- m'.-l> ror. <th an I I1n« Cos.
»i>l« fall an.l Wlnlar*tofli oltlllllnarr
MI!PIC«L_ lll»*UtCIIIC lit«T< 1."
URR I'll BWAN— Tut aah ant na4icata4
balka; Mfvoua «*ak!*il, ohrr-ajlf .1 ma*
•a cur*4; t., lio«. Sic. »>l I'aclfta t» k.
riimitu >H0 Mimuina. ~*
UMn"fi|.lT«N ritrllr.i • Ilindl/a OIL.
111 r«tac »ar •Him Dlua (01.
1. r BKADI.IY. book, )9( ■•) n>mn.'r(lia
|i<n:iDl Uiliilrl*!. 'uwiMnH
HAHNIIA A CO. '.VJi Mart Hot I tuu.|l*n<
IKIE M«ia bafora t>inh**ina a i'hiii
anachla*. A (aw c.km! »•**.!»■!-i^and ina
ehin«a for Ml* .n«t»l». lia Columblaj
■tr«at appa«4la poat. (Bra.
W»s'lt:|v bur 1.1.1 ■.1•■ • .'War B.
11.1.M1 r..fi t»w»laf jS Iliirk!*.*- H v a«.
»ION« »>!> HOW «ll|lß>Kv
liriillKK l»i-a. aluminum aad finmtl >t>
lara for • in* an. I houaa nambm Chaa.
Maaioo. lIU Taalar war. Tal. Iliac* i ul.
-i « i>i. Mii iiini t. t
NKW Mi)MB a*wtr.c marlitnaa. n»al an.l
rhaa| iTiarhin* mada. Mold on aaay !•>
--mania, I '111 »■ first dnor to i^-»!OwUa
• I'M i « Kill.A Ml. Taalar wkarf, ami*
mak*ra. ii.hi ai.t iMp chandlara; man*
Ufa. iui#ra o( tanta. Lan aul.ua. miuli^
fa—i ranvaa of all wldtlia.
>liill M.» (Mi WAHEiIoTBVa
HARKH * MOROAN aa>-4l« Oimum «a»
Main 140; Bin I «t rax* dlalrlbutlna houaa
ft i'»i.» rarrlpla a.. . r .».i »a iTataraL
THR PACIFIC Tat .n« C. «-•! IIS. lit
and t.'u i,lli mada it. i.» city. l'Ti*llbß.
alranitiir, i.|mili i tit Th.i.l a.,..0a.
lit ► \ I 111 <li»rrli>tloa : lull »n1 npalrnii
liiiii«fi-i»ui.:.. .'..r«i I.ii iio'iiif IK.
i lam 107 U. Ha.ll.on At. Tbona Main
i \ f'khii nci d w maM i
•hort-hour work. Portland nstiiur,
» an i i ii ii iiTIUM
CAIT-Otl cUiimng. ttiioki an) Tall -i
Uiiiiit at IU mm .iii.l ava. Tel. Kivl lIM
S Spot Cash
Spot Cash J!
*5 ....w>».... 3
:• Gold Dust 8
% v" Atll, Vain*. »i, yua^t.l.. 4
J» lll.rlii-n m, l'..|, liuii.iint ]
M rnnrrai inraeton an.| Kiubaloi«r> D
I] I'arlon, Ihlrvl at*, ami Columbia «. J
FuniTiu |.it.<.-l.in .ul t.,.i 1.«,;norm D
rm.om. Uhlr.l Ara. », , t . i^iul .4 1
U <alt|ibuna m.iii.i M'»iii,v Haw. 19

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