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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, October 18, 1899, Image 2

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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I 1! \\ I, I . \ ( . • . I'l lil IS!
tvtry Altrrioon I mm pi B«aUa* Tclephon* Plka ISO
>. 11. uu.lA tt'itva. K. r rllA«k, -1..'!...-
Our .ml per C.'IT ! 11l rCBIH |*l »**k, W l«.lll> lltu Itllll I- r .1. lli.ir.l hi
liMMW.r riiiltn N»» Iree riiplei ,^n_ r^ . ■i_ w _mT_n^ jn^ _
I <tll..tl«r liojuo and 1i,i.!..... nm.- „,.>.•. I Mil llilr.l Ai.nu.
Inlrtrtl ftl th* i.'!. ' . , Ml .'. «'...1, Mil I n^l.'ii, ,- IHMIItiI
K.r I mk' lime a few .if the Idle arlatorrary el Krunt* have been in
Ihk to Inlrvduve bull futhta Into the i-vtuntry, I.ill ill'- ..i.h .taliin
the allempt hi* niinraril" 1
<'n Sunday the attempt »a» ««aln made hi U.iii' a fr» mile* from
I'iirlK. »li.-ie .i new "i'laia, ,1, Ti>n>a" waa Mbe Inaugurated, Tho bull
when tii.T-iiln 'lit l.«ik..t annrlly m the Kim.-h tour hundred*, and.
Jumping the !. ■!». made a •*»»«« iu>h at i»mi uf th* cholre»t aria
ti«-r«r>- of France. '
Several «ran>le«-» *er» nearly I • «mi :—' to death, and after creating
pandemonium th* null eacaped Into : > <• open Adda and took to the wood*.
They «ay that ihla will b* the l.mi allempt ever mad* to popularlM
t'lillrtjihimie In Frani-v. It txlntr a dtaiuming paatlme In th* nia»* ot pro.
pie. If >.>. Iho null <ii|)ll to I" li.'n 1-1 null a munum*n<.
T.*-.. warlike Tranavanl new* jre*ler<Wiy rituned an Immisitate quiet-
Ing ■' -i ■ ■•nlni!..|i and Int-reati-d aCttrtty In the tXpori trade In grain.
The Khnrnd f»<rft«n buyer m'..«ii'i. .1 In Ik* aliuatM.n the psaatbtltttM of
l>ri>ad<.|- roitiplUalKin* attendant ■■•■ the s nili African knbrogil . » hi. h
might b*«vme a nirnart to th* uril> of ix'fan iomiii«ne, aithouigh no
linn r*i .n . with the latter court be np*c<t4 lo result from a i-onfllit
ci.ivnii. 110 thr Hi-rm and Drltcna. T'..- «(■.-. uirtt.n« v«.r, almllaily
minded, and the rr*ult au an *<->r«»i..r. of activity and atrrnnth to the
A millionaire Id N*» Y.mW ha* . (r.-i.-.l hl« ann ti.ooo If he aiaya aober
on* ton*.-- usu.> week, and a hand*»me annuity if he krepa reformed.
What wan the father of th* prodigal MM to thla latter-day parent?
Opposes the Extension o
American Institutions.
NEW Vi>KK Oct. N *•<!..!<« th*
l«!trr* rrorlvttl by llnlion 11*11. tem
porary run of :'>.- Ann., vi
Lvaieu* rueatly ornani*#d ta 01 i> ••<■
militarism in th* tint* 1 •!•(•• It the
foil. ■in* letter fi>m liroirr Cleve-
Un I
Huiurli Hay. Mix . Oct. »~B
Hall. ••: : I war Mir - V..ut leiur «ml
th« MMaMtM of tfe* b» »* of ia«
tr.|>< ■■•«■■! American !.<-«* ha»*
N- n ft.rvunl.-1 tv mo 1 think lh<
»!«(..i-rr.i I* t*ir l"-i. ' n»v* tt<-n
oa the quratlon v( antl-<x|uin»b>n,
■ • It U at [•?'■•<■!:! elh'.Mti"! to U"
"Th« <■ ;!i. li;,iir.« i>«-*Kr«j 'i com-
I>i !»<■». in mi r|>ui.»n. lh« I'Uh of t)«
nu'.irt. The up* >< |»wtr In III* »»
«rn»i.*n of American Institution*.
pr-»*nt« ail ln« .>n«i«<-n. jr whu«« tvll
•nd 'lannnHn ltn>nt'ir ouch! to be
■ l>t>«nrnt to all «"ho • >»•• th»«* m«t »
tutlons ami im>lrr*tan<l lh«<' in ••
111 ajvJ i»uri--w»
"I hay* iv» cbj«ctlon to being
■ moms th»«r who •übn.rib*- to tit*
• tai'nvtit you • -ml mm If II U <ii
l»r»d. h'i««v«r, I Irtiii to t>« «dvl>«<l
Of th» change '"for* I am rr-n.nl-1
M f|vorto« It T««rs .truly, «ir..vrr
CMflan I » •
PAN \ 111. Oct. 11-Th, tWO
yr+tt mln» l.» kutit la Mttlnl. For
two ■!»y« IT-Kl-n" J M Hunter,
Vie* !'r-»i.|»nt J. H. Huh*!: «ml X
f**ll*r«. of tt>* ' • ruliv 9 Ifwrd of tn«
--0 M. W. of A., lt>*-*!h«r with the
local opvrators am! hoaln~a« n- of
the city, hat* twtn In * r r-i • ««i r.,
p«ndln« a Mtt'«rn*nt of th* dlfftnn
c««. •
Last niithi a d •» n»n «raj r*arh«l
->•! ihc Pans mm*** «•',:: at <"-.•■* r»
aiMin .i->T«tt. n» umlrr th* unkra re*
g\mr. The 40-c«nt ••hI- will by i .i. 1
and thr mimri •!:■■»<■<> 11.44 for M.»
y.ir<la«». a rwliH-tlon of 10 rent*
from the acal*.
Sh* Wants MeKinlay.
MM.TtM .!< l M<t. Oct. l» — The
Republican lrai)»m her* ban plan
n~l to )^v.. i'r*». l«nl Mi Km -y on
h!» return from th* Wnl Mop In
liaJtlmor* •n't b« clv«n a public re
reptlon by all the Kepubllran club*
In Baittmor* city and county
Hill vim down from Albany laat
nlaht. Meed a »ult» of room* at the
Hoffman hou**. nhere th* |>.-nM>
rratlr atatc commute* Is to meet to
nlrht. and [>r-'(*r« I to make th»
fight ■' hi* '- t.» keep th« allied
force* of Richard Croker and Hena
tor Murphy from g«ttln« control of
the committee.
Btrarmely enough. ex*((«nator Hill,
who bolted r>rv«n In Hit, will have
bark of him th* solid aupport of th*
CMram platform member* of the
■tat* committee If th* Crok*r-Mur
phy fnr<-#> prmpltata th* fight It I*
expected. i , ■
MR WHAN, fin.. on !«.—Mllllon»
tit KTaaarri'i'Pem • ■■', n nhow.ru nil
n\~r a wide ••■•■tton In lhi« pan of]
th»- Mi l.i«i night. The ltr« -in
came down like rail, and many per.
p.r ■ »»re i alwnc 1 b| the patter
of them .atrium th* window p<ine»
and on lh* roof*. Fn rr<r \<\»ve*
the Kroin. I v. ih covered with Kra»t-1
hnppera, ■m» of them of KrMii Blue.
The unwelcome vlaltum anon *pr«al
over th» farm*, playlna; h»v«x* «th
everything In the flrl<la. They ari>
il*.ii«-iie to be of the Texaa variety.
Iteportu from t*very town between
here and Wastpolßt, a iHatinrV of
about M mil**, »ay there mi a rain j
of • :■!•• i" during th* night. In
many plieM thi |n«»"-i«i awarriMd In
rnMtlHOi arxl made life uncom
fortable fnr the hounewlvm. It I*
trupixincd ih.it Itity were blown • .i«l-
Hiixl fioni Tail by the wind.
Southern Judge Killed.
NEW roM Oi-t. 11. — Je(Trle»
rnme In yemerday and had Mi In
and brother «.f the onled Dr. L.i
I'lsce. of I'hlladtlphla, won klilM on
Mb plant at toil ;.m night, * few m!l*a
above thl* "i'y. In Ht. '"li«rl»-» i>.iri»h.
The iihot that killed him waa fired
by a BM|a relative of a girl he I*
altered to have wronged.
Ha lived Alono In th* All •
ghanlos Thirty Years..
OAKI.AND. V.I . .si |> I |,|.,m
it! .i. a. the hri v I of ire AllvfhvOle*.
. haa b*rn found de-ad in ha lonely
.-•(.In ll* waa eighty yv.ira of a«».
About f.vrly year* *«•■• he. with n«
[ mif*. Hve.l in Hyan'a llLiin, .ir.lt
county. ll* «a» a!«a>> •eO»nlrW a
j though a man of »-tu-al. a, and m
the early day* of hla married lit*
he would fin- horn* wlibout any
'il-iin,iH'H and remain »*»y Ml or
twrlv* mt.ntha. About thlrty-lhrt*
yeant ago the r->up!« i*ai ii«l. th
wlfe g»lng to I'Mra. ..
For t»rni> y*ara M» man liv
ed alon* lo a rabln on ;he »a*t tk!* !
of ItatkhuM mountain. *i * .-«•! for :
■•f Hiwll>>"iM> mmnuin Thon taf
•Ight yearn h« lived in a hut .n ih*
•Me of a hill In the forrtt. two |/ille*
! fr..m Itakland. Two or thrr* y»ar*
ago hi*daughter, who II.« n Waah*
Ington. came here and tried i. In
duce him to abandon th* henr.lt tlf*
and live with hrr. but her .fr.ru
I HIT"* un» j.< r««fui.
For tluirty'thre* ye«ra Mru ■■* had [
never been known la i) • a day* work
or engag* In any bualneaa v leave'
h • hut more than an hour or tno
at • time. » , - ,
W. E. Manw>l. who ray* he In in
th* employ of the Oulumbia * l'i*-t j
Xound railway, wa* my*t*rlou*ly cut
In front of Ih* t>»reg «a|oan on H*c
ond av*nu* *>uth ii«i night, Man
*rl went lo the •.il -.n with a w»-1
man. and wa* «•• n:it..| j-,.i m h. '
enlereil the door. Ill* wounda wer*!
dreasej by I'r. ll■■' '• Manael
could give no •!-•< rij.il .n of th* a*,
aatlanu but laid 1.- would know him
let OFF easy.
Helen W>»t. who «raa arrede.] |a*l ,
week on a charge of atcallng money
and Jewelry lo th« \a M of lieo from
■• V Hun!.- I', a civil «n«:n-»
whll* out hark rtdlnr. ■>«• I.
charged by Jute» Oam y*tt*rday.
Will Soon Raise His Flag.
* WASHINGTON. el. U It «r Admiral S^hlcy «i:| rmlM Mi •
♦ rtac on th» crulavr CMotfo about the lith of ihi» month. a.- n •
• rommand of Iht J«ou!h Allanttc niuadnm and Mil for Capetown •
# Thi« i'''if«mm- »v amnc^l II a r-onftrtnr* h»ld Ihla afi- •
# noon b-i««n th» admiral an.l artin* »«-r»tary Allrn of th« navy •
♦ d»p«rtm»nt. T>«> admiral ha« •-'..[-.! hla [„.,„.] »tafT. whlrh •
• ail rnn«l«t of Lt»ut. Commamtor J. II M*«r. now on th» K^ar- a
• »ari;r, and M»ut. \v*li«. temporarily on duty at th* naval r»«rult- •
* ln( n Hlon at i"hlrn».*o *
WASHINGTON. d. c •■• !».—
Surgeon '••n»r»l member* ha* r»
--<»lv«l • personal Inter from Major ,
Val»ry Harvard, rhlrf »uri-»>n of th#
d- pnrlm'nt 'if H.in!;i« i an I Puerto
Prlnrlr*. In »hi>h he «lye» detail*
of an e*tended Irip Ihmuiih the two
provlnc-en with Hen. Wood. H. m>»
th»y liive quit* a numlwr of p ■<•
cm th- north kI, in.l h«- m« been '
H-lri-lim-'i tO a..- how In.ilthl |t«) I
an*, the pirffnUj" of Kirk arldom
exteedlrm f>. the trouble li.-Ink mostly
malarial fev*r of a mil I typo. Tw
(>.■ n In rump* are doing: writ, .-i- -
rtally In view of the "moral anil mili
tary r.' mm..11 whlrh pri v.«i «In thin
"n»rv«tln» i lltn.i' ' lur Holilirm an
usually «<-ll rarril for. TlMf m■• ail j
k'|/t »»;iv from i|m nun, ■! i no r*
tl«u* »orl«. ilrlll r.iil IIHI.-. .Irlnk I
rni!l*-f| watrr, morr* or lena hnr anil '
vry llttli- »hl»liy nr rum. Thr j
numtl'in of talilm mrr of Amrrlrun
tr....|.» in thla >'iiiri:<it- will alwayn
Ih a fliOO* "li.•. mi.l •nni-iili of M
lutlon. I l,.||»v» w.' ahould rixlur# ■
our troopa I', tl •• minimum ruin.!.' 1
poaalbl*, ami oriciimio natlva rpgl
m<-nl». piirtly otllrtreil by Am.-il
M.ik'ili.-. formerly «n .i".,rri-y at
M«rrqu< rti nnw at the inlnlnr >1I«-
Irlct of Honor*, Mexico, linn wrlltrn
that hlii two mlri.MK r I ii'-i ■». Hum
►••y mii Millar, liiHl'Tlimk to work
«nd pro»p • i in territory nvrrmn liy
Yuqul Iri'llum. Pr, ] Mere mpturri)
rikl buihi lat the mil,
.www._ . .
Th. r. la mi niiiiriii.il.'.- eurloail}
■• ■f Hi.- iMii.h. ia pry lulu Hi.- pi .ii.
-||VM*OI 111- pl.if. »k|..|i.il rljf. «, .iii.l
I'ir ihi illrr-fi-lk are ulnnetl -•» .«in-t
In 111 » I • »|.i i. |.i iiin|.». mort II .111
All) i-tjl. I. Mr..- Ills.l Ih'l. . 11. A.iil,
Hlf l»»"lll ii IllMllH l» Mil. i. ] iiiiiii
t**tr»m and i»»i»m - ofTVr mi i(Tm in.ii
I.ii to »u< li uii|.iiiii»lv.il. .- ii. Ip i««
Of »m I- .-I Ii i| « ll«-ir I* i. ■ tietlrr
Illuatratton than that ettilnrtil ur
i ii"i Mn.latu m.i |. VhoM com.
| IHK . HK!<Ki'liii-11l I* * II ill. I of ail
i much |il><»kiiruiil« iiMllrl|«tl"ii No
mix* hi|w.r*'>. imblic ,«i.-, • than
I lift ■ .-an b« (••.•itllr.l. Hi.- in i. il or
i othtrwlaa. Hi * ha* ii< \■ i •■niciii
l"l»"nil (■tvt'tll»t nirnl. alt* li.m ap
|..ii.m:> ■lu.iliiualy m»iii. i 11. I4k«
all publli |n »i>i. of r?n*»un. *he hi«
I'.-.-n mil t \ ii.ui-'i ofirn. without nutti
txr. ''HI either from tr» re»pei"t »!•■
. .ml. I l.> Ih interviewer*, »r ho
| .in.. ah* hnn hemclf drawn 111. lint*.
lh.» h«\. i". ii un ilili t ■ >i .■!■■ h> i
' ■ >.. I.i ■« „•K»rd» her .Hi ■. i i. ■ it i .i.
1 11l III.' *|HH;tnti>r. Hhe tin* Volt-rd l.rr
j V|«W* ill- II the Ii llill.l a* 1.1 ll* !■!.•;■
J rr nil*a|un, «v ' her hup. ■ BOIWfBUH
|11. .Ill'l lll« ff-'IU. l|l > Hi. HIS.il. I
n.i'ji. -. I.ill <hr h..« never ••f. ii I I
by ii. inn In ll* lr««. huh i • i •■•i, ■:
tier i'iimln« appearance In Hi char
ac-trr* of Alary Hluait. Marlr \i. i...n •
. !<•■ .ii. I 11. .il:l r. will I-' !li. orra-
I < .hi uf many i-*.-i '„■ trains l<> the
j ttrolllo t' r«i -r «rh« ar« rarely. If
■ ever. MM ih«r<- It >• only the
I H1.a1.l a. II .'\. lu.-lil. Of |1... *■■«.•
I that *e*m to attract ii. ■ clement nt
j ail. Thli tnortitnv ih* line ->? i>r<>*
paettvt »«-al i-ui,.. ■» i» atnM id
-10 Hi.- •ii..-i The advance ..... •»
I:. 11. -11 !<iu*
ilortnn'a ■tmlnili will >■ - I <'<■■
h. -vi !• at Ih- Hraltle ih. „'.-> ttmlfhl
•■i I tr-n. r; „ „ i,,,M Ii la it.. „; i .
*»t nunittvl •':..< un th* • •■• i hav>
!n| I.', n ..i < .»■>.<■ 1 „! Ni .% •■:',■»
In iwt: T.i- i ist.-1 hi- (worn*
llrll) |>l - iiifSlV «■ .|.|l|Mlr! M ItN It
ty thin tini*. i.. 1 II mud !■-.«•■. «l>«
It - u-I not h«v« linilllllllxl II- «'«i"«
th* i. vii-!* tmm )-«r to yvar, .|r»«
ir* >ii."i.'tnuilf It ha*. -V fratur*
■•f th* ana* thai . .m»« In I ■< Iv^lll
mat. »..n».r^«-r, ixit -ii fr-'tn any p«iuit<*
11 It hand Oortgn'* hare >■• • h ..:.--
Ibratrd for v<*«r« fnr thr r» . li. n.-.
o( th* ninli'tl orcanlulliin thry
<«tr> »Ub Ihtm Fnr maintaining
I Ihla >l«nl«r<1 of n, »;irn It I* nut
*.|il*:rt t.jr any „l!,rf mil- I ti. I
in th* ■ ounirr Th» min«trr| nrai
|>art nl.'unU In •■n»« .| m • . |oki.
an<] ■'h»r fratuiw* •.•nut. .■> i . all
niin«trH •*» » Tti«- <Mlo I* mail* up
ot •prrialllr* «tih-h .<- ernrrnlly up
to th> ««»r«»-» N>» U il-.i • . Inu
I»-«ti Itllri.lu. » | wltrt „ i, Hi . . r,\
•>« yrar. Th» ■••» will app—f bm
fur ton n!(hta on'y.
Th- ulymr**l thrairr ;-n»«t lhl» I
aftvrnmm un.i»r iivh mannc*m*nt. '
Th» •(><•»> irin MMIMH •> th* old
prtcua, hut mallnrvt will only 00
--cur vu.tnM,!4) • anil diiiur lii -
I Amnnii th» performer* ii «TirlilUn
| M*(i»^n. vlollnal; Ira Davl*. hanjo
l»l. Mm iv.iti |.l.>t. Jaffa to tm
j u«iVrn; Ml** Jim!* (tortlon. mil ih«
'■ i*lnrnta|i>cra|>h Th»»» will Iw a («r
--'■""»ii.i im $ <i.nmi 4iwtnn <»••
Th« fart thai "Ton v ti».in" ha*
• i --\ i«-..|.> up «t «v#ry p»rfurai>
' anr» cli »»»k. lihliraW* that -••
•ill* I* not only • »■•.«! »h ■• town.
1 but that It know* • f< -i i<i i.
--■" Ton toiuon" I* nun of th« br«l
I- •>• wi IMV* ar«n In a»>v*r«l y*»r*.
; and Mr. I'..n»! !». n I* natural In th*
[part <if Tnn. Ynnann. a* If h* »*r*
;I" lh» manner Ix-irn- Th. »|.. •■■ . .
ar» all of Ih* v»ry Itrtt oi-J^r. *nl
ar* «lv»n with « *im that ;■ ■•! .-, '.->
RttlMl II «::• [■* •! r» ■*c ih*
pvrfnrmanr* until after II o'clock
*»rt» nl«Rt. "Tun Ton*on" nlll do
' th* tarfrtt I ti.ii..--. thuii 'i r •
HMM C»v»r «.««» p»op!» h»«-» al
ready »!' MM*4 th» threo perform
mn<r». Th* •*!• for the >...'is . if
th* Wl*«k la Hill iV I If n..nir'!ll
N. « ■ -l« th* Ham T. It i • com
pany In Jim th* IVnman" and
"Held tiy the Enemy" • the attrai-
wa«min<;T'.n- D C. Or) l«-
O«i. (Mill disapprove! of (.fficrm'
f«mili.-« Joining thi-m at Manila. lie.
Ki.r.lu.ir thin IMM hi today
■ jl.!~l th» lirpartmottt aa followi.
"Population Manlln mur-h ronr<-«t
--•<l. Trtnlilon for om^ra" fjiniiim
cannot I" iihl' Tt«'«« >\r- •1, , r .
rivt"l. toicnthor with families of «-n
--ll«li-il mm, ho • i.n:v.i much \n-r
--pli xiii Woull noi i»>'.| my own
family to romi> umlrr »*liHln« clr
emnMMWWj '■■ ■•■ * „1 ..«ii ... ami
mi-n Y\ttv nil- ni from Manila on
■luty; fanilllm *houl4 awult morp
li'acfful COMMUOM."
I/iNDON, Orl. m.-Forty p*r«oni
arc r»p(>rt'il ilrnwni-il, arror«llii(j to
» tprrlal .11 .p.iii ii from Naplta, by
I "•■■"I" Ml ■■■■ I'm MVir* riilnn, nit.
prnvli of H.iU-rno.
A nurnrwr of amall vlllmcn in.l
fartnrlM havr lj»»>n dMtitqrad, nirl
tin- |irni>i-rty valm- In tnormsua.
Troop* have brrn fni with r»lli"f
to 111.- Inhabitant)!.
Prairie Fire* Raging.
PANA. 111., 001, I«.—l'rnlrli. firm
\> •<• ■ da] ili-vonieil I v country thrca
mil. ■ north of Mlllfrxvlllr, nnderlng
"■■v r ii fniniiii ■ hotn*l«u ami d»
mt'.ylnK all (hi bajoafftnjra, All
ii,. hny and thock rom In Ihr lertlon
waa I'ftr'.v.■■! .in I „ , , |owi hon.l
--| ar*d valualMi.
l,;i»l iiit-tit'K rain. li-c-ilkt With Hi.
fntir irarh by f«rnipr», itayixi i:,,
flri'n i>ri>Kr''fw. The lon will reaih
1 111. si Nil I I SIAII.
Goim! GOING! GoiD[!
At 25c to 50c on tin
dollar, the entire
.. . M tut. .. ,
New York Jewelry Company
Now Is Your Opportunity
Sterling Goods and
Silverware at your
own prices.
817 Second Aye.
Ten rkgant prrtentJ given
away tree .<< cjcM sale
i^S^kFor the Stomach
Mfc-pw "*0 ' * ai^JaJa^a^a^La Don't suffer; it's your fault. Is your health worth more than Si.oo? I:I.LC I I'OZONI:
S^IPTHSr ,iaa"r^l Don't it's vur fault. Is yui In .ill!. *■■ r tli niorc than J5l.O0? 1.1 IC; I HOZONf
- jjti** ■ '^t^9iiKfTT% *"' Stomach, KiJney and lilaJJrr Ailments, Klirumati .ri:, Nervousness, (Catarrh, and
fjto/f&+jL?si**> «^H?^'^^^»f a" '"'"X' DihraM-H. I"f \ rr.-.,\\f Complaints it has no equal.
Wlm? FREE SSli— 1514 First Aye.
They Launch a Crusade
Against the Government.
«-»«!•" • ■•• i !< AIh.I ia»|
anil -n |< iti<! r!«l» f---m .|IT.-r^;it
!->»;« at the MUBtr* yrateMay
Uun< !>• I ■• ininilr atattnal »!>•• i- ■■< ■
uy fef ih* avJmlnUtrallnn In th*
I'l.'.u i i it..- • 11.. ••'..!!»• >• . • held
In Crntral UiuK all, wbrn '!"• » i - f ■
ary Chalmtan l^'» m lurritt Kmith,
• f >'ti . „ .. .|«;,-., i.. t .in .l!i.«» It.
• > I h» »sn *tnmgly nppcmd to a..
\:i. -i in ii - i i occupying th<* l*hll>
i ; ii. Inland*. Tii.' Mar thrr* *■*
ofif nf rrlrnlna! i. »:.-■-. A com*
mntr« »n urganlattlm »• ■• appoint
lUMMT Oily of Torwka urnrr.l
from t.< i.-, •!!.>: at !■■•:■■ o'clock I <•• >
r. Kin *<»f !i.-l »J i ...... r k -« •• |l. i ,
!•■».»•: nrr.mlii ,i.- ...i.-i ('apt- 84-I
win «Ju<»l»1l »nil J»hn K. Trn«brM«<\
both "f lIM I' > •■• "■tin s-. .!•,;->.;i
rnm|.«ny. Th»jf ma«l« »hi- i.m» I
trip '■• (*-*»*< In t\\* wcrk*. K. II
WotMlmtT. it niir. »*nt«li\ r < th« I
Tut imii (hAßilur of rommprrr, who ;
*• ■»■:»••''• I In ii.iil tlio Alanka
territorial omvrntlon m Jim~. r»
turniil on lh^ T"t>»kn. f<»li"wln«
• th<- i :!■>••■ r.i;. r 11*1: Mra. A, H» hijiMt
I'm K«rr.n I. I. Hood. M. K.
S<-hlv»l>-. lv U \V»h»i»r. W. W.
«*iK.|>fr. Mr* 11. I. Turner. Lout*
('<•»!<•. a. M. Howard. Mn >;..u.. >-.
Mrs, 11. X, Iliirili-il. Mi« ►:. Hray. i
Mlm Clifford, Mm. M"ii'.!l. Mr. M
I. fVr«u».in. Mr*. M«rrry. «"«|.t. T.
11-innM. Mm N. D Mi' Mil Mm
11.- Marauly. (". A. V-iw-" 1.!.-. Carl
J... „»,«.- tl . A. 11. Ik Mr. A. II
\Vllk.». K. Sunn.!. r» t, CarTrry, A.
ItaniMiTrr, Mi* A. llniiifc>m*. C A.
i.ut.i- v. J. M Blmer, II U || .|
Unit. J. H. VlnliK. II I! Hmm .1.
Krul. i ii. Wood! w. j. M.i.uih
J. W. Kiturl. 11. 11. Knlchl. J... II
Kmrrm.n, J. P. Waller, V H. W.io.).
ruff. I. <» Daeh, H. \V, Ml*. Mm. W.
w. li ■• N< iic n BpJctf, .1 Durant,
Mm. T. C. Prl.p. « Ki-nn^y. W, 11.
Iliurlt. O. Mn.lHin. W. M. Mi Inliwh.
iii . K. A Dajrion, Th<iman K.
Tayl'ir, Mm J j'ullfy. i|. 11. Kirk
patrKk, Alr« liny, Kdwin '■ ~-I.ni,
J. V. Tronhrl.lirp. K. 11. Tr«ry. r>. 11.
llumjifrpy. Mr*. J. W. Caustln, W.
r, Hhra-1, J. W. -.ion.
A I'M.T frOTTI -*<-•''■» IU(
it,.- «<>rk Of Iho Alaftkn iorrltort.il
ronvrhtlnn In iilntui r4tm(ilo(c«l T"
uar»lß ih*» clirtio th** <*nly <n tins lon
Of lrn|iurtnii«-f< m In fh- ntmniltttc
•»f (h«* wtiolffj whi'tlirT In iipk n»n-
KT?Mi f**r two m lhr**f* JudUial <lih
i tr)<-(», one iimij 11- .m* (hi* Yukon
i wat#r*Phvd ami Cllpc Noun*, arnl tii*
1 nthcr all the rrmnlndtr of Al.i.ik.t.
• WATER'S edge
TACOMA, Oct. !».—The bark Wll
ii i. i ' i|.i Hlalpr, * i- inn n< 'i to tin'
i v. ii' i«' *d(a la»t nu'.in Her value
1 In miminli"! Nt 138,000, ami -ll- will
; 1.. n '■ i.i liikh. It In lllppoMd ha I
I lii (In-iirlKliiiiliil iii the Rnlli-y. Tin
I Wllnu In owned lii Hun FVancrioo,
i ;!Im- ivhh i<i h.i\i> loaded I.iiihi.'hh) r,-,.i
• if luniliir hi'rr for Hyilmy. and hml
Inbuilt I.O'Ki.WiO fict In i.. i hold whin
• tun ni 'I
, i ii.. i■> llrii| Ci», rifih .nil lit.
r • i IptlOß ipedalllta. Tel. PUm 25,
IF ymi have b ■■■■ fhen this i opy o\ IHi
Daii i Star i 1 the Flrsl Seattle 1
in.'ii. kindly read it thorou ih\y.
ii you \fku it we respectfully solicit your
It you wish to subscribe telephone to
Tiki i<j'».
Ili< iii aof lin Dam v si ar is 6 i
pel week, "r z>, cents pei month,
hu Dam v Star i^ publfc ;
noon excepi Sunday %i
1107 THIRD A\i M I
Cornel Spring
The Earth Quaked.
KBNOIIIIA. w.. <*•!. II. — The
' r*rth<|Uakr •li<«'k irliHi »■* frit
I h«-r«> about ? o'clock t««t evening,
' i«u«< 1 aMMI alarm In portions of the
lowa n i-.j-t— »how I.ill lh» »!iik «
i ■ i> fill In all part* of Ih* county,
; but no damagr aa don*. Tn* »lwxk
«aa '• •• violent than I bat of Ihrr*
year* **••.
Wedn**4ay Morning. — Iluain***' !
• ■!•< n»l Vary *!<»• thla morning Ml
'■■ • ai ■■.-.. The only Important
arrival » >• *' '■«■ p»un<la of halibut.
» lii.-h «*» rnt't<-l> nut uf Ilir nui ►• 1 I
>■••«*•!*<>. |- • ■;» la Mill ovtr*
»t - k.i an 4 ih. iti - «i i i outlaw
i ■■>• for »-■•>.■ tlm<>. fruit *n>l vrsn.
able •!■< »• are rather light.
Tr» following price* arc being of
!rtr| lo Iba (>r >duc«r by the local
fa* "• for <lttl**ry in round lott en
th» !• ■ * nr In •'..• car at I) (ItJt
i>r«..i •• . i :•>«!. bailry. «'.:.■". I
wi..-it cMtkrn fnnl. II»"O. bran.
Iuoq: ttort* lisoo, t,- ii>M«it«o.
Hay— 1' MaM • -uni! (xi-tona. 17.00Q ,
• 00; taattrn Wathlndon timothy,
114 00: alfilfa. I*ooolo 00
1 tg» ni:ri!y frtvh ranch, tv*.
r..in-: » rf.h ranch, lidlV; beat
' cr»»m»ry, !*<:.
I'outtrr—Bprtnc hi. l«-n" lie Itv*>'
' dmi. II >v: ««'. live turkry*. U.
!.!»• nlocli—t:ho:p« b»«f caltl». '
m* (mv. •''•'•■ «',•<* . «'~><l
hoc*, llvr. IS". h'<k-». .It- Ml I. **»r.
ralvt*. Irct^.l. '.Alt'- %c; •mall, »:.
ra|v*m. liic, llva, 4«; •mall, a>
II <•• 11.I 1. I. and Wool— ll»avy
anund. ■» ''I »t««r«, our «i ib«. (<■;
m»d!um • >•»»»•!. i*r lh,l> TV»r. ll«ht
ciund. un'lir 14 Ibr, THe row*, •oun.:
■ I weight*. " V Mail, bull* and oitn
: iBV. **li»d kip*. l%e. colv»«. p«r Ib
"*'•. «r»»n hid**, lo law than **ll»d:
' dry hid**. j<t lb, He; dry rull*. on»-,
i third !•«•. »amm»r d**r. p»r lb. lie!
Mo; .iniir il»»r. dry. l«Ol*<-. i-*i rry
d'tr. ■•ir: dry »lk». )81*o: itn-n
I k. tl»» . *h**P r»l" Sl6»Sr; ahMir
line*. 1(0!^: ' aatrrn IVaahlniton
wool, "'«•". Wt*t*rn \V**hlni:inii wool
12'tr; dirty or limber burntd. lO^c
tallow, i'»olc
rotatn** (Jobbing)—Vatlv* p la
In**, fill "". Yaklma itn:r>.»
I.'""!: !■■■ i". fl.oo p»r an. k carrot*.
p»r »ark, M>O*>f, miinc bean*. :■ pat
Hi. «i.m. It oii-jl 2& |.r *ark; |.< aa.
IllSr; . imbars, ?o<t^:» tnmntof*.
t.• i« — ; California ••*al <«lo< ■,
II N#l M I" I I'"' Hi". ball i-|'l"r».
ii '"in! :■'.. I'llH p'i'iw. ll.MOlJt;
nallv* nnlnna, II I*9l Jr., California
onion*. II 150' Hi garlic. .'»■ ll> ilrt
nun rpui ■ 7'» . rrab ippui «>■■.
I . anl. |„| .-». '" «li 00; eaullftowara,
Tte par dot! Itttuc*, 11 ."■ i <t box of I
i clot.
i:r. i-m li ill (Jobbing)—lllark flira.
is-ib bn»»*. Jl.M>; coooanuta, djc
per ■i I. m.ii.«. li r.n'.ir. r.o. «p. |
fiMiiiMni prr hunrh; ■«*•! applej
rlilrr, i"r pi>r «t■• i:• •n . ptachia, oraiiK«>
. ni:>-.». Jl ""■■< I "■" a 1.. i»: bUrkbrrrlc*,
ll.Onoi.SS; «nt<-r mHonn, lt.ooOl.Hi
nnllvii i>lum«. He; nntm«« RWlona,
tino<ii;r>; liiillnn i t uni ■ ■".<■; Cali
fornia grapm. whit* ami |,i I, |(.
ii iHi-,11 .'.".. '' i if'" nla imiarat, n am
1.21; (lulnce*. H.lsf/1.2.1 ftr boi;cran
-1..,, IK 76: whit* cirluon ng*, 10
|.kK box, 11.26.
Butter, Cheat* tfci «nd Poultry
liinl-r — \Va*hlnKt"li rrpnmrrlpn, '
pound print*, IScj i;.ii>(> 11, lowa ami
Elgin, 2»r.
ciir. X (Johblnir)—Nallv* \V'a*h-
Ington, ll'uU-'ir; i:a*t«rn, lia)Uo.
i:ik» (Jobbing)—titrlctly fr**h
ranch, 29c.
l»uii#> —White comb, HSJir..-: light
niiibi-r, 13014 c; miitiii, i:ODc:
ulrnltifii. "'it/Hi-.
I'oultry — (.'hlrk#na, live, 12013 c;
rryara, ti ;r,i/2r,0. live turkey*, lie;
duck*. Mr; ir'fi". inr; Uv* wrlijht.
Corn—Whole, 121 DO; rrHrked. 123;
f.-.-1 m*nl, per ton, IJS.Ou. (
Fitil ■ -Wbiwit, (21; .ill c*ki>, mm I.
|.i:00; m Idling! lil.OnCMOO; bran,
H6nO; ahorta, ||f,OO©l?0O. chopprd
fpnii. 119 imi^iji bo; dairy chopped
r.-.-.i. 11l N,
Key, Oraln and Feed,
liny (Jobblni.-) — I'ii(«t pound, per i
ton, !■ '■" i . "■■. l.ai.i'iii Waahlnglon
timothy. 11l <*(iti;oo. alfalfa. IT M
Oat* <J'»»il>!nit' I'er ton. :•.<*;••-.
llarl»y—Mtaain I. .11*4. |SU, wrtiole,
<-.m Whole. M.M; . rmWi-l. 111,
f<-~l mral. per ton. IN 00
Meat rrltit
rr..h Mwl Cjobblnf>-Cow be#f.
Ja per ID; »<e«r b»»f. THo r*r ib;
mutton. wether, la per it. pork. 7',
I" ,!>. v*al, litfi, He per Ib; imi.,
Provision* (Jobbing)— Mams. Ur»t.
USf: bam*, amall, Mo. break fa ba.
eon. llSc dry •ullrl etdea. I\s; IU
L*rd <)«hbin«> — Homr mat]*. (<*r
Ib. :*» Whit* Bur. t'.: C In •i^-i.il.
•He: lard compound, ilmn, tc; Hei.
• S'
KY*»h Fl»h rjibl.ln«»-rcrrh, JCir;
halibut, Ie; (llvrr Mlmnn, 4 \
rainook. .'•« . flounder*. Sfttr; •■.,■»
JCMo; rock •-i -*>■ •hrimi". ««■.
mnflt. 304r; .>.!.-r* I >l)'mi»tjt. $1 f*o
til M pay Mirk. tin* p»r caltun; rlama
II II p«f park: I Mir i-. .-..«■ crab*.
i:\f. ii -r.. cook*4, UM; line c»i. f.»
le; •■», k I-'-! *07r; Mklt (?hlnni>k »;l
mon. I"' Ib H'rrn, tot nmnklnc i ur.
PMM to; herring, S©4c.
II (. M. blanks
1 Contracts |
I Mortianes I
i Deeds Bonds i
| Minimi Blanks. |
Denny-Camil Co.. 716 First Aye
>f purr Kttettfth Air r<Tlft and hi,ml tr«
West's Kn^lish Ales
and Porter
Oh' •Itrr (•> ill' weak ir~li*-*f« -lrtvuii'
■MM *••!•.)• li|(f«i ■ an 4 Irnluv*m>ui«<l
rrAr»hlnK •Imuter. Itrhutr! in
Writ* to nt rait <>i flir fit)*, sin •
♦ 'Jv«rtri»li l-h.n* ll»\ /I
West A Co., Inc.
We h»vp Ju«t oiictifd I shlpmont
of tin' Ifltißt notißK. mini piece*.
ptc, for Hi.' KpitopkOwM All now
riTiiriln unit iniuli" by i hi- latont In
proved prnrcNii. Tlimo rornriln nro
loud mid cli ■■ anil nrn b] far thi
bent > >•! DUtd* li ii •■ DOc t>acl». or
15.00 per doirn.
|. on $10.00. $12.00. $15.00, $20.
$25.00 to $150.00 i-iirli.
Winter & Harper
Burks liiillilliik. Seattle, Wnnh.
II! be III* Inst day of my offer to
rli-aniie nml pollnh tr>. l[i free ,>(
looa 11, r.-L Hiuitui - MM, wast.
tii -1 >i i >f -
i a !.- M.ln ,/;•
W. M la<ti,. I/M' .i .1 Mai|«
The r.«t ret.
\V.-. k Bunday, Oct. IS. Matins Hat
• urday. The orli.nil •wadMl dUI«Ct
Yon Yonson
KvrrytMim New.
Me ad ranee In trlcri — lw, *><■. MB.
40c. and Uc; bozra. $1; box »<-at» 11.
»■ ' .1. I', lino*. M.iKirt
I Thono Main 41
T»-i- <:-.,,'.■•• Ilrlithte»t. np«t of all
Modern It itiM »■!■>•, en route in
tri#lr own train atrvlce.
Two n!i'!ii.< aiartlnir \. i-<lnr«<lay Oct.
It. A icuarantee attraction.
Gorlnni Farnoy* New Orlnnt
QreaVtef than any Himllar enterprl**.
l"i '.<<■* «" Ml,
(*..,!» on ».»!<• Tur».!.iy, It a. m.
W » J. I*. lll»V»r. Manacfr.
Friday and Satur.Uv nine and
S.itur.l:>y matinee. Oct. »-11.
j Fare will Tear or the Northwest
' RiMrni!>'in<-nt of urtit tragic uiir«aa
\..ui. il hi Mr John r. K»l:»r.l
: An I a ri-tii|>.i<iy of playrra under th#
| management of John C Fisher.
IT*»entlnir 'in Friday i-vonlnit
Haturday Matinee
Much Ado About Nothing
My William Hhake*pe«re.
Saturday ■ \ • tilnn;
Hy Clinton smart.
Klnltorate and magnincent m-^nlo
l'll.-M-Jic 10 51 :/). Heats on M| a
N. i: ■ I'uii.iln will be r..1«. ,1 at 8
I p. m. Kliiirp tot i vi>n'.n« perfurmancea
and at 3 p. m. for the mntlnce.
Will be continued from
Oct. Kith to 22d
Wednesday— MERCHANTS' PAT.
Vntlpg for thp moat popular mrr-
Irhant In the city, golil modal reward:
I lha renowned Rhield Co.; eeJte»walk|
j \\Bsner"ii baad, M artl«t».
Kvrry merci'.ttnt In the city will
[patroiUae tin- e»poeiUon Illis day.
V_^ ■■ I lea MNk> Amn
11. V. Kunklcr. Mamißpr.
Xvi ry • •In it I Wednesday .in 1
Snlunlay matlix i - at S.
Fine Moving Pictures
Mtoa IVsrl Lloyd, Mlw J,.^i.- Oortlen,
Mr. I' i Dbvlk. Nil.in Hntvsin
And other Virot-fUsa Artlnla.
Qenvral admlaslon loc. iu-aerve.l
Ft*Ht« tBOi
ci,i;.\.v. MORAL A ri.KV.v II
t —-_.■_.. "^
: Makes Heat
Saves Money

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