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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, October 18, 1899, Image 4

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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The Next Move in Street Railway
* Th» atatcmrnt of «h» Bur In • raeant IBM to tha '"•"' that *
* th* BMMMMid «Hr»«t n«ll»ay company will nol a»k for " "'" •
* fr»n>-h!«- for mm llm». ha» i-reatrj nturh ' • I""1"" >■"■"'« tlwaa •
* tnt»r*»l»<l In th* tno*«>nwnl. Th» preliminary »urv»)r» tor *»tm- *
* ■tana and l.«-.l-itif• •■( ii"- «>- linn now In th* h»i».U M Iha N* *
* pany. by which it will b« pram, ally c»nn»<-ir«l lata • »in«l» •»•• •
* inn. m umi ■■!■>■< Al W»#coropl»t»oi>. ■■""•" ihi» *"'- •
* and ../ th« i main : mi of lh» ru«d» »11l t>« wW Jl^**- *
* Th. U-»»l«rn Mockha » will th»n arlfrmlnt »h»t »"'• « « •
* franchlM ih»r «l»h la «*k for. Thai ih'>- »ill »•« t«r a eonanll- •
* 4at*4 fran<*l»». U an »»»ur*.l fact I ril»i Hi-- i>r»»»ru tftti *
* •• th»jr ««n maa* n-> •«trn»lon» or matrrlal rh«iw«-" » «*»• Hnr». *
* Uitl«-i than «|'i'l» tor • »»paral» franohla* for •■»■ ;' 1"11'"' "'• *
# th»y «i:l pr»f»r <•' «'> •*•( lh»y n»«a under on*. *
* T1»» ln>pn>v»n>rnl ■•» ">' •'■ ■»< •<" -' jH.»*r '' l** la lo »>• «-«hii- •
♦ V-J»i~l by Jaouary I. t»00. Th» MMMM will ihfn l>» In »ha|* lf> *
* rtt*Jl r*>w»r lo wmtimtn. At >•■' th» Hn«.|iialnil» paopla have *
♦ taken no »in«» •*» I. lit It* fi»n >«.• Ttw •m«mim#nt. »ht< hl» *
* la rourav ..f |»r»p«r«th>n. will >•• prwnlni I" lh» rttunrll afl*r Mr. •
* Ilaavr** arrival In Ihla .-itv Tl» t<iuH|ii |<.fl' reallto ih« *
* pn»i!|.»n la which it !• put. an« will aft pTDßiptiy In m««t th* "" *
♦ •■■•»* Mt| of in) l*n«th woul.l itivr ■)>• O*n»raJ 131 «■ trie *
* r>-n>i«4ny an i«rp>>rtuiilty i ■ nwk» lon« llchl fillWll •>•'!> th» >>'« *
* cmuunwr*. It l» •tata.l on r«-.-il nl authority rh^i with thi> am- •
♦ ra.lnwnl of 11. fr«nchliw. ||M M>»ltlt Calaract wmt-any will | ■ •
* Into a |>iirfil llkhilnc bu*tnt»*. *
m ******************** ********* * *^ * * *
The White R>bbon Train Will
Arrive this p. m. at 5.
Oonatfrtiatlon r«txn*d «t tb* W. C
T. I*, beadqaartrri thin mornini
In plar* of to* BaMM ami n ■•>» •
wh' h «rfi to kara oparnnl th* day.
th.r«- «»r» only anxHw* look* and
fvmtnln* exclamation* of dlamay.
Now and attain the 'phone bell ran*.
•n! acrap* of '>rra*t:on aurh a*
the following wer* heard »boy« the
hum of vole**: "No. n v nil 4 ..'.i>» h
tonight. tan llt too had? Ar*l all
th»*e cMkJrrn. ..lunt through the
ruin' Don't know. I'm inn Ju»t
Ilk* thrwe horrid rallr->at>. anyway
Th» Whl<>' Itlbboa tprclal »a» not
in for kxm r»»n, ■«!) only I >
■JMb» who control the d**tlnt»* of
Otm' Northern train*. It ha* been
<1» «»»-l until % o'clock tbl* »v»nlfit
Lai* la*t r.l«hi th. ladWa of ih«
fWM^IOfi commlii** rvtlrtd with th •
rm* Miat th* «i«ul »v on mi.
and wool! b* h*r« *arly in th* |
morning. Oa arriving at f»».|'|u*r
«er» at th* api»^im«-J hour, they
I**rn*4 th* dlJtappotntlß*; truth. ■
Mrantlra* ih- var', mm d*l*catlon*
from th* rlty r>B»"-lal». th* rhiml»r j
of ernnnwrt*. tb* T. M C. A., th*
MliM«l»r* a»»™-l«iion and «h« 1. "
O. T. «*r* ratU'rin*. mi«» WoM
vii cvtttnc t»««tb*r Mill- «' • who
War* to »lr»« fl»««ra in front of lit i
vi»i|r.r» a* th>y »nl»ri I Ika tmtri
purler Tn« carrlam for th* con
tntiKt of th* I* >■»• to ami from
tti* train "tr» st I heir plar**. For
• •hart tin* Mr» R. M. Wood and th*
todlm of «h» rf*ptton rommltir*
had thalr handa fax Th* t»t*phon*
wtr»* »«t kept hot wlth> nwugra.
I"M»»Jiy srd*r cam* from rhana. and
th* la4t«* returned I ' th*lr (win»t.
Today* »rt>«n»m will b* rarrtei
out a* nearly a* [• -aalhi* iiwtiliri
<!• pr»rlou* arran«»fn*nt*. Th* re
caption will (aka ptara on "i» sr*
nraj if th« train, and will l« (•«■
dttrl»4 aeeordtn* to th* first plann.
Tba national a««^itlT» conrmiti»«
win n--»»t varly In lh» »v»nlni at th«
Tlr*t Pr*«6yt*rlan church partor*.
nd» th*n will follow th* opening
Th« Parents of Chicago Pu-
pits Aro Alarmed.
CHICAGO. Oct. !«.— The fir*t al
♦•mj.t to have hypnotKm In- In.l- I
In the fouri» of atudy of the public
•ehoot* ha* proved a tailor*, At
terr.pt* were mad* by the pupil* it
the F.<im+n* r*l#ld • h.-l at ttobera
Park, and »a* abandoned on ac
count of strong pressure brought '■'
bear by teacher* and parent*, riev.
•ral tf ••* pupils claim to have at
tained great efHcl*ncy In th..
•Hence during 1 th* abort time In
which they were allowed to prattle*
openly, and Intimate that they ar*
■tilt eontlntanaT th* prartlre tn ••■
--crtt In th* hope of becoming expert*.
A hypnotlat who gay* pnhii ex
hibition* in Ito«-*ra Park a ahnrt time
ago la »•»! I to be reaponeible for the
dfilre of th* atudrnt* to maater ih
*<Mene«. Moon after hi* departure.
It I* aald. hypnotic t..t« wer* In pro
crraa throughout the achnol bullillng
and all over the irround*. ■ >• and
rlrl« allk* participated In th» teata
and th* auppljr of botH "|.r0f..««.. r «"
and *üb]»'t* mi aaid to b« bounti
Te«rher> bea;an la crow uiM-anv I
*lwi) they nim upon eirlted irnupa
•round <nbj«i», MajM Held and •■th
ant v»ry artlvc and nolay, and ■
number of complaint* v. •■;■ mad« hy
them to l"rinr|p«l Hmtth. Not*«
from mkiM parent*, who m, i| th. >
w»ra afraid th' children would aiif
far mental and bodily Injury while
actlnir M nut.)"■!•. and th«lr own
an«le'l>-». 'aniHxl th« tearh*ra to ■!<•
--llv«r many warrrin* lerturea I • the
young hypnotlata. Th.- principal ■)<•
rttn»4 10 Interfere, on the frmir I that
h« rnvld <•• no real dancer In the
prartli*. but th» .(Ton. of the i-«. h
«r* and th- arfmonltlona which w<re
liven to til* rhlt<ir«n it tholr home*.
It I* a«ld. have ahout put an end to
ambitions to become hypnottsta.
Umw Cabinet Officer,
parw YORK. om. I«,—A vr«*hi«;- n
ton i>[*' 111 to the Herald •>•■.•• I'm.a.
tdent MrKlnlav will, In hi. forth
eomln« «►»«»»«.. davota oooaMi i i .'
attention to another executive
branch of the foverprnent with a
cabinet officer at Itn li- .i I. to have
chance of tnter-ttat* and foreign
(iI.VMPIA. Ort I»._Sheriff Mill-
T* ha« returned from l">ittl* v. ith
leph Henrttx whyi I* »nu«nl of
taw th- lluroda coal mine. In thli.
ty He will be trle.l at the Nov.
r term (if court He - »rta his
'lit of tile trliiw tiJurK'.'l.
The Railroads Hava Business
Ahead for Ten Months.
NEW TORX. Oft. ll—That th*
ra!lr--» !• hive for iii..hil-.« b«en do
| Ing an *n.>rrimua huameaa haa been
nearly i;i™n by lit* report* of th*
I t.'air.i- and earnlnit*. l«ut vary '•«
' ouliKlt of the railroad nt*n tli»in- \
la*lr*a appr«ctat» th* extent of id*
| |rr.»nrr on the companl** for
' tran>t'»rtail farHlltle* The •<»>>»
ararrety tell the «lr>ry. Hlnce th* i
j flr»t of tf*pt«-rnt'er tber* ha« been ■
veritable car famine. It I* no *»•
•(■jankUaa to »y that every r«-lr«.« 1
, car In the t'tut-- ' " ••■ • I* in active
i •ervfee «l; 1 ***ry car *h«p I* bu*y
' i making new one*. The *<|ulprnent of
, the -ailng; llnef I* ta«ed '" th* ut
m* »i Never bat there been *urh
a Urn* id tr* hui * tt rallrmtdlng.
The cwmpanle* are finding It exceed
[ I Incly «ti-Ti- ms i- handle Ih* »-u«.i*. ••
<>(Ter*4 them. Jt •• no longer a qu**
; ; linn >.; rate*. Bnlp|iera pay the ad
vanced ►■ hi-lulr rate* without men.
: I'-aint. ani aak for »■> .•■!>.—a»'>n«
Ail they warn U that their freight
ahall be moved. A* there I* a *car.
. rlty of r»r» ao la there a acarrlty -f
| boat* on th* great lakra. Th» boom
1 In Iron baa led to an unprernt'nle<i
<l*mand for transportation facllnl**'
for rum or*, am) th* atramera, brine
| laden with ore. tmva Hill* rwim for
' grain and provtalon*. A prominent
' railroad man m>> that there la now
ennuch rallrnaxl bu»lne*a In aitht to
' keep every railroad car buiy for ten
month* to com*.
! : . THE HELM
CHirAOO. I" ■■" 1«.-Jame* •>
J"hn».»n. of Kinw. rtialrman rtf the
1 -rail' national exe<mtlve com-
I mnta«. baa returned to CUeaajo and
, reaum*<l ■■"rnman'l of hea4t)uartrt*
on the tenth ftonr of the I'Wly build
tn< He will rnak* KM hnme In Chi-
I cago until the i>>a* of the next na
-11-kmU »i>n»»nt: .n and prrhap* dut
ln> Ih* <am|>«lEH
Penator J"«*«. of Arkanaaa. chair
man of th- national c*>mtnttt*e, h«*
Intruaievl la hurt all th* detail* of
I the work, and «rven Iranaferred th*
>nl •> nf h» trial »rrretary.
l.l«ln l«*f'on. to Mr. J'>hn*»n.
Swept By Firs.
MAKANOA. 11. Oct. l> —Th»
hu(in*«a portion of I «• little town
of KM Inhabitant* waa nearly wipe]
nut by fire thl* mnralna;. Hl<t»«n
[ >.<i'ld'.n«> were ronaumed. tmlulina
two reaideticea, th* total Inaa being
, ,i»«.ut ic.un. with only about l).lr«
I _
_^ ww.,
; The Water Front.
: = =
in#r AI-K1 aalled for l.ynn
i , canal yratrrday with a rarir >I' |.mo
> timm and in- follnwtnit (lr*t-'-laaa
. I i-i«"rr,*-r» Jnhn Aantliaith '> A.
I M'K>nsi<. J. W. Carr. and Mr*. 1.
, Kvan*.
. . .
, Am .I,* the paaemirera «hn went to
I Ala«k« on the ■••■am*r CM? of C*.
, atil« M"n<tay maht waa llrlc. <l»n.
. }■" |h V. Href k«-nhrldge, ln«p« ■ lor
«»lvt». at th. I'nlted Klalr* army.
He will |.r>ilnlilr return on the He.
, alii* Bad will i* entertained by th*
, kajalaaaa men of the city.
flevrral of th.- halibut flirt arrlveii
' In port lo<lay »lth good ralrl •
'• • •
i! Steamer Dlrlo 'i\.« for l.vnn
ranal tnnlrht. Very few i'.«**<Tijr'-r<i
. [ have been l>-k» 1. but ah* will take
' hi a full cargo of mlarvllaneoua
i ght
• • »
, The N. A. T. * T. company have
r«* "■I no "■•, i yet of the ■loam
, »Mp lUrtinok", which la dv* from
', Cap* Nome an<l Hi. Michael. They
do not ei|»-< ■ ■■• receive any newa of
. her until atlr [.«»«•-« Perl To«r.
Th» rirltlah ahlp Qu«en Victoria ar
' rived on Ih' Hound Veaterday. Hh"
Kill lake ann •-•■r■>> '<( wheat at
Turonw for lh» t'nltel Kluirlnm.
The Vtotoria encountered rmigh
. weather on the trip from Hhanithal
ami .<- on h*T I- „m en<ta for five
, I day*. riurlnK » hlth hai l>allaat ahlfl
. cd. ii took her .'.7 daya to make the
, trip.
i ""*""""~*-^——— —
I AMI SMMBITf lit I.I.I: ii.
■1111 l AVKXvT: TirKATKIt
. <T'inl(rht>—"Yon' T<in»-in."
' Cur I on* Mlll»l|.|K.
, i ii-vi HKATTI.IC i;xruHiTi«i.v
, Armory linn affrnoon Hnd evening
, UTMPIC HALLr-Vaudevlll* and
Moving I'lt urea. , ■ ,
Bank Robber Captured.
IT.KIN, 11l Del I" A »tinnn.T,
piil'i>"»>'l I-. !•■ .in .'I "'" i'm 11 «tin
hirw tl\.i Mlfi* til Ihr hank al i:n»ion
ni«hi foil- last, m" >'<'• nftrrinxin
•h«l ami <-«|.t III« I '' KUnllo, hut hi*
> >'rn|..iiiUKi. who \\.i.t «Im.i iM-r^«(.«l
■ «■ .ipfit. !'.»•.• ara I ...lit •o'urlim
Hi.- aljmt lit •■Ktimry In th» ti.i|M. of
• »I>luriiiK Ih* taller, mil irrvat «■»■
■ !!• ■iiifiit |it« i nil».
From San Francisco to
II! Hill. Xi: liii INH AMki:
Inhini tat* Tw* Bad* Will a.
rurnnh.a I* la*bia Man la
Cam* ■••■ flrtt Clatt.
»an mANcm™. Oct. u-«m<-«
IN* report of ii.ai>Uiu KnuJwn.
»i4tin« thai a majortly "' '"•" ■ r '• ''
the First Washington were lit favor
"f -ing horn* by rail »*» m«.l«\
•..me .if the officers • u««i-»i'--t that
• ni'iir thorough and formal poll of
Ih* regiment »h».i) I l— tak.n. but
in.- arraa»»m*nt* mad* by Mr An
i krny )rt!>i'Ur mad* tl unu»<<-«
; M rr ll» ha* practically a*ttt«- ■ Ih*
■ iii.»n n ol fr*» traJ»*K»rtall««i by
deriding to «>» bom* in • <tay or l»o,
leaving I lit- details t.. (■«• . -»r«--l fur
by the local agent of the I'a.in
Coast Navigation company. Mr.
: Ankeny said tonight U>os* »'• • «•>
--(o go home rr*« *f »*p*n».- <-*n 1.. •■•
on th* b»al Th<»*» «■■ • car* to
travel by rail will fay the Mil Thae*
•ho iro a) water will be gMMI a
f!ret-et*«a (<•"•«• P|a*MM»l there
la no rhanc* In data of muater ••ui.
ih.' Uuetn. «aiiin« on M***mb« 1 01
1, "ill tarry th* •■■i«lirr» tn t«v»M!»
If mort *i»h to go than can be •'■
| coromodaled by that VMM. another
steamer will be despatched IhfWIIW
da I*.
v ..rJliut to Mr Anhrnr. It ha*
! b**tt imr «>• in ret a«jrtn»«a like
a fair rat* from th* "outh»rfi ra«-1fl«
"Hi* *abr* i-ur« h*»*.l '> the en
listed men or th* F"lr*t »•• | '•■•»nl
ed to Cet Wholley at Is* rr»«M»>
camp >*>t<>r<la» .itt'tn-n. r"lr*l
Herat, liullmxr. nl Company It. mah-
In* it brttf •*!.»• ll* t'tritr-l i"
th* charge* *>hk-h h»te bo« mad*
noiisiil th» MMMI »n<l »»tl
'ITxl there might b* no 111 Imag
\nr I oD the part Of Capt- r«>n» >r>'•
<-..mi»nv. II ha* been deemed fitting
to hay* It presented by himaelf."
CM IVli-*;nil h* "«• ahuul lo
h* return* I lo Man..*. •■ I referred
to th* campaigning of Ih* raiment,
and • : •-•! » ■•* th* remark h» ~ ■>; 1
>•*•• lilt »■.<■-! Bant* In the rank* »f
hi* men
She Was Vary Pious.
NEW TOHK. DM It—Two wmmh
*n"t«"1 th* dry « •-!• » ■■<■ of M
r Kennedy la*t ni«M «r 1 <h» eld
i «r. seeing a pfcJtur* of th- Virgin,
rr--«e»1 hrrwlf many I'm** h*fore It.
| and lh*n, Mr* Kvnnnly aay*. «h M
«-l two pl*r*a of Mia «»:•;■ I at 119.
uti'ST h»r dr»»«
«h» wa* arrested and In her dree*
wa* fmiwi a porket three feet deep
and a foot wide In which waa Ihr
Ju*t how great th* mine* nf \V**h-
Intftnn ar* de*tln*d to aaM la not
likely tn be known f'r a long time.
Every week mark* th* opening of a
new dUtrict In tals vial*. Th«-»
pro»pect> are uniformly «■-►!. and In
»omr instance* their development
ha* proven them of exceptional
value. There ar* quit* a number of
rtl-trwta erHl h. though th*r ar*
familiar by nam* H BVaf]
• **ti half it ■•,• ' -ahla
ln*tanr*a-if thl* >th*r»r «m->iit th*
Syaetata are the *v»«ui. an I Cle
-1 on dUtrlrta. Th* f>rmatlon i)f
mineral land* In the Cle-FTlum -ll«
--tnot U quart!, and the remoten***
of many of Ih* propertle* from Ih*
rallruMda afford* o ennrl ree.e<>n for
ika dl*tri<*t djbi having been bettfr
prr»pe«ted. I*l* cannot he aaalenrd
h* th* mm rau*e In th* Rwauk dis-
I trict, *a th* mln*raltt*.l lm.-i« there
are plawra, and th* dlatance from
the railroad I* not an Important lat
lur*. Ooml repnrl* cnntlnu* to uowa
from that *ecilon. and alluring op
portunltlt* ar* held out to the pro*.
pec tor.
The Inactivity of th« pam twa
| mnntha on Irani atork market* hi«
fmind a M« boom In th* |.aat ■*■•■• k
• n<l a great many firm-clara trans-
I action* have occurred In the. "til. •-«
<md «n the curli The moat Important
deal of the week In the wile by B, K.
It'.lt In th« hi Dorado Minim anil
Mllllnc ''"inpuny of th** llii> kl»l« rrv
group In Indei district. Thla group
of claim* ahouM not be • ■•tif.i-<
; with th* llurklrturry In th* Or
i:ium .llirtriri Ti>- In<l'i «r.»ni. la
In King rminly on the Miller rlv»r.
aNmii -.1 mllca trim ih» Orrat
Northtrn railway. Th* rlnlmi In thla
■rttup ar» known »« llucklrlwrry,
Twilight. Oi*y»nn«, Rowoe. Maarnt,
Midway. l>ri"li» '>t nrul Hawkey*.
On thrt* - latins a. mineral lead of
»t«.ni ltO tr>< In »Mih eit«n<la th*
»ntlr» lenirth. Th* i-i> nra will av
i»i»" about It feet In width, l.at
•at aaaaya run 111 *•» In m>pp«r, }) (1
In r"M and *S crnta In mlv.i nn thn
• urfr The tunnel tins alr<Ni(ly
been driven ahmit (A feet, and the
vein la wid^nlniE and h*«vimlnii morn
mlnTallied am I' •* tunnel deefiena.
A «-o<wl r<md rnnn within 100 r#*-t of
the pmperty, and will ho ■ «>-n 1. .1 in
It at one* The purchnaera of th'
property Intend putting; In n oonrrn
ii.iMnu plant ami tM-ulntilrnt hi, ,
; alve development a.
Th" lat- M prnmloe of a wnmillonal
nature I* found In the re<<-nt dliwnv
erlea In KltttU*county. ii ix rx'llrv
<-I hy nilnlna: enarlncem uln. Imvo
vialtfd that dlalrlrt II,.!! in-i-l- of a
yrsr alx «»r acven «»f the n» iw pfopar*
lii In thai county will In. a)il|i|ilnK
ur* In largo liuuiiilltta. Jl«rw 1* nil.
THK ST. A I I' 1.1. NT A It.
Dean Condon Has the Law Department
In Perfect Order.
ft Th» School of ln« of Iti.- KlniP I'nlvrrvlty ha* rapMiy irown •
ft Into |i"|'ir.uit) Thlriy-aevon •luti nt> «ro now enrulUd, mil th» ft
ft l. till n In turn .i mi '• • la Will ailvslli rxl. Tin- |i"'t in „i ... . ill .1.1. ft
ft liik it. .1 i>. Hi.- 1.1111.- «a all <iih.-ra In the IJiilvrrelty. but I" in ft
* CeadMl >'■>« vulutittttily doubled hla l.ili'Hn. nn-l (in* an t-vrtilnc ft
ft ..ia« tit I* >.nin« in<n «!>■. nr« iiii.il.i. In attrnl nt any othrr tlnM> ft
ft II la mil 11, purpuao of either tin- .1. .in or Iba rrfnla lo niak» • ft
|ft ni«lit «■ h.M>l ..fill.- law .1. I .'I'M i.i n»r to rni'iximitr what »'.! •
Ift Uii-I In unduly pwMWtl (hi ►inn. but kit Condon la rnthunl- ft
ft ••ll>' In l>la Murk, ami 1..0 1.. II |v rmlltiil to 1...; thta ua« of ft
ft lvi. «inr» time. a
• Tliw i"i|.:i. ».!."., ii.ii >i|.|irtn.i!i.i la In it>> nvivrd out of lh« olii ft
• unlvi-iKity I.nil.Him. Tin- rntlre WOOad atury of Dm- iiuiMlna will *
• t..- »»• I ly Hi.- ». 1..-.-I <if law, .111 I t tin 1.i.l |l-»--r Will >••■ UM>l l>>' *
* i'"* uitlt«'r»tty » hrnrv.-r the v*. t (111 MM arlar*. Th«* new !■ *
* i ifini- nt hna a apm-loua Mttd rtimfurtabl* !■-> lint- room, il.l l/i» #
* «.1J •■ tui.K a|iurlnulit> aiv wrll .1 i■i !• I n»»l n1 y >•> lllu.irj r<K»m». ft
• 11u* %%nrk nf ■<M'urinir l#PttSf*ni turn irnTi v \«rr\>\*Wnti ppab« *
* i. 'v i- |«, t jf •■•in* ■. v,'-' > "r- \i \ in Tiixi- ifwm 64CM lii«- •■ -.in *
• '-*■!> j us of tlm (itaic. lit i*r*li*r t . »-■- vi»- Ihr t>r«l nvnlinhlf* till- •
• rut An fur iv I* ptMllhll. i". Mirinl BlpaotJ »f the law Hill *
ft i- >pi>krn mi ■"i '•> Hi' >-■ who .in- »i •' iallir.l I I hat ]■, ulnr ft
ft brim h Hlm-« the ■ ■•! ->■"». ■■•■ ■ ■'•>' iimi.a th« lint nf lt-rlliri-l« wan ft
ft U>unl, XI r. I'mill i n ha* I• • n woikinii 1i.i.l iv rvtnfon* th* l'»t of •
jft all.- nini ho viii i-lv loa Kith rv,r> <]|nllnitul»hr<l !■ «»l Ilitht ot>- ft
'ft talnabl*. ,\i:i.iiu ili.v~ nnwljr n 11^1 (a th« Hat (>f l*rtur*r» la Hun. *
* Tfl nil i. 1. Hillm. furnwr )uaili'« nf the auprmup In m h « li" Mill ft
ft !«-• iiii. 1" It. MMI <!.<•• on Hi- Uw nf lii'ui im r Mil*
ft Abl»tt. «f Tarum*. < omiillrr »f Al>»»otra Krai I'ror^rly I jib ft
ft ai.il al>> i.r a work m>»' In ihr prvaapfl Win- »l»d the A4nMnl*lra ft
ft i •" of I -i.!!... !..n !•••" appOlnttd «a Ircluirr upon win» ami ft
• iti.' ■>lm!ril*tra!lnn ft mtulm. It
• K. Whll*.•!>. .. dlaiin«ul»hrtl lawyaf nf North Taklma. 11l »p«all #
* in- 11 th* law uf irt'u >*i -n It la iiniiiM "'* that Ju.t,- Han- a
* fun) will have lima In uka up In hla ■!. in., in. K»«lrrat Jurla- *
a irulniT. the law "f ..-linli ally out i ii.i,(. imlnal law will I— #
• Imtknl aftrr I > J.t:i .« llnmiltnn i*wta. KimlrrK a IlauanMlO. of #
• Ibla rlly. Mill l>-< lure pa tlt** law of |irlvat* ror|H>ratl»na. Mr. <!»•. *
* McKay la al !■■■ -< m i. •lunnK on th» (irlncl(>Ua ut ) irl«prii'l<rtr» •
«»h»r (ittc rh«no» for tfc* |.ni»jH<-t<ir»
Th« in'iM il rrnunrt «f KHllt«ii ar«
<^>ni|uiratlvrly m<ki. ■■•!.. l»ut nultl
rlrnt <li-»f|ii|«nwn» h«« alrr«dy nc
miti'-i ih«r« (■» i* jviaii! rti-nmi any
bwllt-f In tta |»>«>:Mllt^a. Th-» Wniih-
Incloa l\>f<p»r |>rrfrrtr<l •• n»wihnw-
Intf m- ft .-i «r ». 11 or* I hoi tuna
Itfl to th« ton In n.tt|«rr «ni| «»i'l
Th* | i ••|»Tt» i« in••!• ri.i-i.il. y !•■■ ii
ty-fl»» ini!r» ffin llw r»lln».| Th<-
Ituby X..-X la meOat Klttilap |>r»p
•n> thai la lurnin* nut w*l! II >>••■
f>R:yiamall %rtn •■'. «rr. but II runn
(fm | v»i in i'.«i lit ,thy tun. Tfn
pmi<#rty la a tnti** from !•■■■• N--m;i
.in r«. in. but it* ..»t .•!• «i- ..■■• •■!'
to nmkr !*•• .•)■••! in.-'.t . f t-i. k'r >
'■• th* ralln«>l. Th« Twlna ml IK* I
Jumbo llvll'lHt. HOI Itltrtl. A l.- Ml
*» U«*rl"j4r.tf lftrg# pttj»i.' *.», I'll!
lltll* 4a kn-.*n of <>■ r rritl vaiur..
Th* *.!!>■ ll* parmJM 'li.l fih I' -
mntintaln «.'i^» T:.- '•- ta a> Ik o|»
--i-"i!i! .1% tur bun\i%+*» **Fli'ri*'l In th»i
i-ounly. ar>> Hvatilo r— H* 1* •'• ■'•
rtady (trldnr r«nly t<« raftur* It.
f>r»a (rum all of tb*«e mJn«-« ar» I
n»» mi (intbitlon at in* Minina Hu
r«au •■' lliformatl.tn Urn. Mi InMf. j
rr»!ir-|jy rrfrivtA *prrlmon* ff«m
U <llffrrrnt pm|*<-U Ilio •>'■• *rt
btghly Briwmttavda -•'' ' !'-■" |!W'
• • •
Th» tti'tirn of Kin* rounly rnntlnu*
In t>u»h I i lh» fmnt li.iv •irk
th» rvporta »bow il># min<-» ifnpmv
ln« r»l»n*lv« drvrloiimrnt work la
(nine (iKainl trrnuSlx'Ut :l - In.i
n<untr>r. Th.' I'tluinri ha» r«-»ntl|r
l'« iti to *. - ' cut a U»n of off ) 4 i■> ,
ami la n » ■ .<>•• > »t- >.i < lia aerial
tram In to* I •»'-• nn.ii. .'. maklne an
• 1 !•: nof : -•■ :■ •« .. .t a total Hn»
..f i ■■... f.. i v ;. i, ii, .'...,.,..■
lh» mm* oil) •-■ ■*■!• to irtpto Kg
frr*pnl tmijmt TT»« I'uirh M::;.r,
*t ■ !i la «--•■ a K.lk .■■,:-•> | '■ ; *r
i>. I-.» on* »f th* '*#••' -»i -■- ,j. »
of (VBjpaf nr« that »•,.• rwr <■• ■ n din
ru%*r*il. n.! *v»n th* *i ■• . ; i
*<iualinar An !• ■ -•' '• \r- of • . I
chnli*i>|.>r*.l** **n brlrisiecl f^»r thoua
an<la ■■< la«C The o*nrra rlalm It will
|it tn fit a •'!•• or* to M'« M lr.«l
■rid h la it-.nr. .) "1 it ><■
. . .
Alnn« t»n> r.»»t nf Ala»ka lati ii*.
\. 1 (tl:. !,' « ':i\. If) Ii ' <"• ■ 1 ''11
• .-I -'; > 1 fir ''.■■ winter. 1 •.■ Km
•an Hay <>mi|»ny la stilt rmp'oyln* j
a lar«if tare* of mm <m Prtltva nf
\Vn|. - i r;i.. it .i'i> In lh«> «»« ml!l,
atnrfa .ml rhnrf.il la innlcniplat
my rr»- ii nit a l.'<-ton au!«mmtt«- ■ ..
trr In thp • irirtir Tho H«a lirp^i*!
h«a !■•!?• mm rmploycd, .•:. . »li|
conn b«*t>m« a ahl|i|>*r>
Better than Ever
I Wf lav Itis Da; ami Placwl 01 Sals
U pit. Mi.,.-«- Arcllo Overshoe*, ».i l^tillr*' l,!»ht ■ir»y Cap* ruin
Mil r. KiiUr far 11.40 <■"»!•. worth lI.M
ft pairs ll«>v»' Arctic Ovtnho**, the ''|.ii> It.m Wool latrines,
11. M quality, for worth 4<H\ for
•We 17c
*» pair* Men's Ar-tN 1 OrtrvtloM, »»5 M. n'n - |tv tin»n n«worn
•mall slirs, worth II SO. fur unit WrUthaM faii»<i«mi whit*
',' |. Shirt*. rt>«uUr | rlrr II M ...
»« [■«lr« M<-n"i> ' Hlnrm Ala«k» ovrr- 47i:
»4 imlrs U*n'i Itnrm Alitka C ' w
• hoc.. br»t ijiiHllly, worth lI.U ■ |U Mtfl M , n ., BttM Fin- Whit.
'H>C Bmbowtd, t,mthfr.tr!mnie<l Hut>
. , , l>cn<lrra, rrmilnr price tie I
M pain l««ill«'» Ali-ki <>vrr»ho»», ' II . t
Hi- tw*l in-fS'-. worth II 2u , 11C
'I?>C «4 r«lr» K«tr« llp«»r ni«rk niryrl*
119 pairs of W«n'« Ftr.ip Paixlnt llohp. ■■— ''i «. «S. worth 1ie....
Ituhhrr*. worth *'.o, for «)<•
•*" c Mil » 7,7', and I. worth S«c
inn pairs M.i,'» Vlrl KM mf.rl in.
HhM.-. worlh 12..'A '**■
$!.:}<> Hl.*'*''*. »«nd »'V worth He ,
I 'I .
•no pnlm l.ii'li>»" l.n-n ami Mutton lit
Hhf*"*. Hllpiwr*. <>nfi»r«l KhiM'K nlw| ,_, ... -. .. « .
HHn.mii. Hi ■!»■ «n.l Width*- -„„■>,».>, n io.h HuhW R«ln
worth IJ.Mi i-r ,mlr, for <:<«iti, navy Mu^. worth 12.74
$1.10 W«3tt
WO imlrn l^i.ll.i- Ml < Kipper* and 800 M»n'» Hrnvy I<<i.-»t-ktn Bhlrt». ,
O*for<l Tl»«. worth 1.1.60 per pair, lit fnut ColOTt, In prrtty ahacle*, worth
■ timiil »v.'». 7.V, fnr
H4c Me
Thousands of items in all departments, too nutner*
oun to mention—especially great values in Men's and
Hoy's Suits, and all else Contained in the store in Shoes,
Clothing; Furnishing Goodn, etc., at. the same rcduc*
In. as prices quoted on articles above.
N. E. Corner Seneca Street. lM- l»AHbAhi*.K. f
Opi). Stone, SaiiiM & Lane. D *-,
XT NMN it-.. Oct. l«—A till
fl* ord*r f«r u».ena pounds • * dfeaa
«»t poultry, making fiturtwn <-»rl>«W
.'. >• Juai Ireii rvt-elvn) hrrt by ■
parking ■<!»*• I turn L/<mlon. K.n«
latul. Mor» than 100.000 chlrktna will
tm •linilirn-l Una wr»k in filling
Ihc »>ff«l'r j»<>m#. of Into comajm*
nx-lit "111 l.r u» 1 by In* l!rit;»h
in) ami mi) Hlmitar hire* ordrn
fr«»tti th* nn« amjrra ar*> ••pcfted.
M'mry taJka, hut unl*aa >••• h«\»
plvsUr "f it. It •lutur*.
f IIIIX Hoimht from
uUUJJiJ |!kimiki^
RftVJ iii i«.
New York] in original coy.
ernment hales, -lightly
damaged by water.
'-«ivlt»' nrrrrnm* a i fjflft; in.
M* «11-« ■ I watrb Capa At Si-.
•Ttry man inline north or Into
th« 'i.■-•mt r\>: • MM buy new;
: ■••• pair* all-wool aorka at »»•■.
I,mo ■ »">• n>u<m • «k« at r»-.
too i in* ranvaaa l*cainfa at ".:*■.
ISO now r*rulallnn «hli- Bailor
•ulta at II '■" nary <lr*wrr«, 11.00;
lanrani*. !'■< .
1.217 FIRST AVI..
• ifri }i\g \ I'trtnar In • i'i«t>- * I
$• »l\t\ ' '*" •i. i • •
,y{f\ f, i >. i.ir • 1.1. •
• " «~T n»w»»»4' l«»c« !>•»• •
• ln« ••U •
• ili...tu. i: * ha: tut 1.1 Am •
J MArtu wa!>il J
A Look Into Our East Show Window
#\VMI give you a «ood idea of
the Latest Style
Shirt Waists, Dress
# Shirt Waists, Dress
Skirts, and Petti
coat Creations.
Better still, come in ami let our salesladies show
you the many points of superiority in
the makeup of these garments.
Latin' niaek MORI PKTTI- L*4M* ll'»vy Fl#—-#<l PERSIAN
riiATH, irtda doobla i.irri. n\rr\y OABHMKHK "WAISTS, beautiful
oordad mi bound; II.W v»iu«, only t ■,m. |i 26 valu*. only Me »rh.
It 00 »a<-h.
t+A\nt" lUayy M1.1.i-I l:l/i I,a4lra'Kln» WOOL WAISTS, body
■ATM PKTTICOATH. «M« lUMd, || DM] throughout, MVf. bl»«-k ami
.1..U1.1* i.ifflr. I rowi ..f l-rrli> ...rd- M - t , < WMrtniri wum rarm rat;
Ss,l?Kr!::.u^M irirrr-n: 'i— -x...» -<„.
I*di-.' r^" I""'" KN^LIHII t^dtw'H»«vy and rin» MinCtß
.,n ruff!-.. «■«, Wt, , rlrt h. J. ..tin MMM«,7w«t
Vttlur, only II •& wrh.
I" il. - rin* |tllf>CAnKl> HI. .UK UidlM' Pln» H»«vy IU.ACK
PIIKH* KKIHTX. nlc»!y lln«!. per- H ATIN WAIHTII. pr»lty yok« and
W mini; II7S v«:u«. only i:'"'-" „|M i ,,,t bark. t»o«uiifullr nm<h*l;
1ji.11.-. 1 rin* il.\.-K ..ii NAVY tiM value, , my |j>» m,*.
lii il'i-I.K tUIKIW HKIKTH. |.r»lly
tnortrn Mn«J, . ..tin..) bound. !■• r !,a-!l<V rinr KNOUBIt STORM
Ini ling; n.akiii* «lli»«t-th*r m. rlrh Hl*.lc<;i: TAir.<"'/t-MAI'K DRESS
k.hii • iii. ••nly l< :•< rnrh. HKIKTB. beautiful llnlnc. »»<"h (ram
Ladles' fin* TWILLED PLAID nn:>h-l with t row* of *ik lUtch-
BHIIIT WAICT«. i-Tfwt fltlin*. ln«; to «••■ la to buy; $7.00 vaiua, out
«ran>l «raring; only «0r ra<h. prlr* only IS.6Q «ach
l<lir>M BKIKTB WADE TO ORDEII <■;* BIIOIIT notice. '
208, SOB. 210 Plko St.
« ♦♦♦♦♦♦^^-#♦"♦♦^^>o<►♦♦♦♦♦ <*o♦ ♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦#♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦#♦ ♦##♦*
:: q. S. GOLD M. &S. CO. j
',', C L. Ih.r«to« I Co., OBiclal Brtktrt 109 Ckcrry St
4 ' . outp«rtr Ml Ii ala I I •t»i, |waalu: 4*o l"t 4**t|mia«at .
c. ink) „.,lrMii . «TiliiiK»l>«a'««"i".<lillJ i»«ll »« war« .
■ a ■ ■| a|T| f% drsisned and made to order by first-clajs
lln A M LI V eastern workman.
■"■■■■" IIOS Thlr.l A««. r.|.p. T.topkoM B«U4J.«
f\U. PorUr or &«o\it
o. up mi >•■> hoaa*.
Oiwcliih lainTt, |I,oa
t>a*qu*M*! ** li •"
WEST • CO.. Phone Bay »*
The Great Sale of
I - _j, - AND
At Half Price
H«» began. The best
■ltd biggest money-sav
ing chance of the year '<,)
Holden & Wilson Furniture Co.
1103-11-13 S«CS*d A»f.
WE request the readers of
Ml Star to call and
MM our really rare m
lections of Pattern Mats and
novelties. Everything new
and correct in Millinery,
and as low In price as the
best can be sold for. Order
work a specialty.
X>CO fecotKl liiuuf, cor. M«luou
It Is a Serious Question
rail c .ii u 1 ■ *• when th*r corat to
ronilJor, "WhM !• In <"1* »'>-' alii
• tnl sake*.* 1 liUMiiin •<!•! r>kei mxi*
»Hh Mtth I'llw >r««m l«il«r baklni
nowilf r •'• '• -uti'l to i uiiUiu ttellr
«nlt« wMla 1I>"»« uifl<' «lth m«tO.irn
rhw|'h»u» It* kin*: l"owd»r » r »- bun
•nd «hnleiwinis. i«r«<rvtl» iii« kiim
ul mixlrfii I'hmphal* |x)« J*r».
Try It "^^
And You Will Uio N. Other
Prices on Pianos
Oepi-ivri directly on th* i|ii.illly of
the workmanship ami niit.tiiii
Krkv to mnke m i li^ai> plann If
either of th.'M.' «n> »uiorlnce<l—lt
In tin' careful Kimntlnir >>( thrae
qunllllen and ln-l In lilt them
where ii la poaalbl*, Unit muke*
the wonderful |>opul«rlty of
I'liimkh will here. I'll' hero ore
very fnlr to the buyer.
Sherman. Clay & Go.
, Bit SeoouU A«.uu« • • BtMttln
A ,
A private wire from Chicago
Informs ill that the Cblcaso
piano factories ar» about to dose
down. In sympathy with the
Ea»t»rn (trlkes.
What with a lvancln« prlrea,
an 1 an absolute famine In planet,
price* will be at least 130 higHer
by th« flrit of Che year, Some
, *.'->ui«fe in th* city have already
advanced. Just a gentle hint;
"That piano you were rolna; to
bur at Christmas," would It not
1 .■ well to com* In anil Inspect
our stock and make your aelcc
tlon now? For a small down
payment we will re»»rve a plan*
80 days. Of course, the house*
who have been retting 100 per
cent, profit, heretofore, will cot
be affected as to their retail pric
m, but why pay such profits.
Our wholesale prices are open for
Inspection. We want 110 profit
on each plsno we sell. Hut w»
cannot guarantee a selection, or
present prices Ions;.
■ «
! Music
1415 Second Aye.
Near Pike
: disehsesljf women :
♦ ....AMD... ♦
♦ Skin Diseases ♦
I rniNBURo t
♦ 49-50-51 Boston Block ♦
• «*«♦♦» «««•*•* "ik ♦«*

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