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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, October 23, 1899, Image 2

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li. II WELLS & Co., I'l 111 ism l.s
I >ti Allrmoon t«o*pl Sunday Ttlaphon* I'ika ISO
ii ir (in ....
<>•• rent i-i-i ci>j> : ,li irtiu par «t*a. n tirsl) St« itnli i-ri btoiilh iUli»ri bf
*■ •'.! ,»r mrtlrn No lr«* i-r^le*
i .mi. .I.i ii,...,,,. „,.! llu.lnr«« Itflir* ...» >•• ii"' ii.'-ii %*eitu*
hi'ti. i *i ibt |„ti..[i'.». at M>«itU, w aanla|ta>a. aa K*n>tidrlaM iitaitor
Sir Th.mmn Ulptoa rujwrta to mak* enough extra trn " "i" I '"" of
hla > i, ii;m« advertlaementa to .nil.- him to build nnuthrr half million
dollar cup i-h.tltrnciM for MM in I «M After all yaihting fan br mil.
profllabl*. If on* knowa how to no al.oiit the bualiieu In Ih* rial! man
I'rrhai* I her* will yrt hi ■ rac* t>«tw*en Itepubllcana, 1 '•■in ■• rata
and rr.'[iil.sti.»nl«la. to ».-<• which .an nominal* I>*wey runt for th* prtal<
ilrnry. If «u.-!i lurna out to In' th* caa*. It mlflhl I".- well to make ilir
thine unanlmoua and give him all thr*e noiutnallona in a bunch. Th,
♦ \rryN>,l\ wouM feel *atl>n*tl. and 'i. r»t Would hay* all eaay IMM
fighting hla campaign to a (urcraaful finlah . Aa It >■ neither McKlnley
nor Mryan ar* >liiMit'rrlti( any to.. |.ra<i(u:'y Ihea* hit.- October niiilita
Th* craven lma«» on PllUml aquar* II eaualnc all aorta of Iroubl*.
Th« lattM mm wan cr*at*d by a drunken man who. i-.»»;« that
way. took >iffrn»o at mmiilliliii «hl>-h h* hi ha.f-way "i 1 th* t»t*m>
rol», and d*trrmln*d to cut and maah ililn«» Police Captain Hull * an.
who happened to hr near, ran to th* >pol anil raptur*d th* tncenaed In
*brlat*. artwuiK him to lira l>|u.r t' ;» In Ih* i Hi I wagon. At I lal ac
found it* totem «a> •tltl h.'lilltK lia ground agalnat old drunka, r»
|>l*vin« ami other unfriendly thln*»
Tti* Hni oa an.l l««#r« ar* now at It. hammer an.l tunga. and th*
cham a**m to b* In favor of an »arly antl*ni*nt •'! Ih* African dim
cutty. ll.vt th* l'>'» t-.fii auccraafut at th* l>. limninn. th* outlook
would hay* hrrn for a prn!on«ed anil liapint« ilruml*. M"lln« with
• ii. h alinal MMH a: th* outm-i lh* llo*ra ar* naturally dlaheartened.
and the £n(llih corrtapondtndy ■•lit -I Th* rourac* dlaplayrd M both
•id* ha» In-rn *up*rtK but th* aup*rtor military training; and equipment
of th* ijurrn'a aoldiri* haa told cffertlvfly In thrlr favor a* again- lha
raw and almoat •i-i|.iinnl mnwi of th* lt-»-i«
WASHINGTON. D. C Oct. ll— |
An (•Unit of th* ..turn* of patron
air* in th* Philippine archipelago In!
th* *v*nt nf th* subjugation of th* |
naltv**, .in only ,-r mad* by rom-j
paring tna opportunities there with!
tho** In th* West li. la an.) other i
Kan.la Th» latest government re-;
port on their population, commerce,
and resource* show th*m to be even |
rirh»r than Cuba. T. • pair naaT-". >
th --f..r». will b* vnnrmou*. Manila.
with Its >4).0UO.«O0 trade. Its II i.-»»i
population ami Its ,-•!•.. m as th*
mr:ro|»>.ia of the Island of I.uj. n
will require a larc* for. ■ of official*.
In tin. taland al»n* Inert an IB
•MM having a population of from
».«0 to W.OOO each. In addition t • Mi
elites having a population of I***
than • Ann and mor* than ♦."**• »arS
To admlm*t*r th* irovernmam af- '
fairs of this single Island, with Its 1.-
IM,«o» Inhabiunts. will raajolra, at
a conservative eUlmatr, th* service*
of I.SOO patriots at an annual c>«« of
tl.ioa,ono. This assign* only one to
••<•.•■ X.mo of population, which .»B»
--cial must be a sort of compos. t* rev- 1
enue colleotor, postmaster, judg*.
cl«rk of all work, and hr muit b*
satisfied with aa average salary of
$1,000 a yea^
J. Homer Bird wlw.ls charged
with the murder nf J. 11. H*rllng, es
caped from ta* United &lat*s jail {
on Pi- Michael Island recently. He
waa r tiirr<l after two days' fiaa.
dom. The alVre-i murder was cutn
milled about a year i(n on th*
bank* of the Yukon.
Th* state board ■•! pharmacy be- ,
(an Its examinations this morning
at i o'clock. The examinations are
being conducted by J. W. Me vnhur.
of Spokane, and Dr. J. 11. Day. of
I>ayt,.n Th* examination* will tact
threw days. About II applicants
will b« examined.
Large quantities of merchandise
•re still b*tnjr rushed north. When
th* steamship Humboldt sailed for
Lynn canal yesterday, th* had v«
lnr«. Harry wiiiiama. Mils Mat Fo».
following flra|.-«lasa passengers were
booked for the Humboldt: H. <: Tor
f>*n<-» D. M Hroran. K. C Hawk-
Ins. Haary Williams. Ml»a May To*
t*r. J. P. ru«ers. XV. A. Bryan*.
Joaeph Stanford. Wm. Holmes. A. M.
Ito*a. Mrs. A M Ross, It. *h<-arrr
A ■ Keel. ■ H. Piper. A. D. Allls.
on. ■;• Wllsen. W. A. John»«>n.
Martin K'.hl*. M. J. Rlddlsa, T. H.
Boy**. Jas. Ploaaant. <■■•" Stewart,
Wm. Vaughan. B. 8. Morrlll.
TACOMA, Ot. M.— 11. H. Teunjt, i
t>*mocrat who served two terms 41
deputy sheriff of Walla Walla roun
tr, and was th» defeated candidate
for sheriff last year, waa Baturday
made deputy warden of the atate
penitentiary by th* hoard of audit
and control. 11. J. Bnlv*ly, of North
Yaktma, and Jodjre .1 C. ftallctiii,
of Ta«im«, w*r* the only member*
of the board, aside from Secretary
Llat»r In attendant*.
For ftrati* and Vicinity.—Tonight
•nd Tuesday, probably fair.
aVattrrlna* ralna hay* occurred
•long" the coast and over th* plateau
region during; th* past 24 hours, be
ing mostly Cloudy this morning went
of the Cascade*, with the exception
<■'. light rain at Fort Canby, and
generally clear elsewhere.exrept rain
at Poratelo.
Th* atmospheric premura ha* rl«
--»n sine* yesterday from th« I!.- ky
mountain* to 'hr roast.
The temperature baa generally
fallen from I deg. to « dec, with ex.
r«r,tl of Itosehurc and Harra
mentn, *-hr* I: bag risen, leaving
th" weather In an unsettled con
Two Passengsrs Killed.
OAXACA, ••!■ » Oct. M—A r«a
senger train on the Yur-atan I. i«t<rn
railway ■•■.•» derailed near Tunkai
today. Two p»»«engi?rs were killed
•nd fourteen others srrlnualy injur-
TACOMA. Oct. ».-«lgiM.r J«ni.«
t Toll died uf .-nriinmiiia in London i
! faturday. Th* r.*wa ram* a* a
| nr> al ahnck to hi* fii*ndt In Tacuma. |
| wher* h* haa a(*nl lh« laat fly*
[ • UtllM •
It la but fly* w*«ka a.n< hr l*ft
! Ta- «.ma. In *pl*ndld h.a'.th and It*
rv.iiir.* !■■ f.i- hr left, a frw friend*
*njoy*d hla h<>*i»lailty at la* brau
, tlful biinw hi- built for hla alatrr.
I Mrs llara"*ar. »h*r* he apent U •
Hignor roll Ml on* of th* world*
«r»at artlita II • «arly Itf* waa on*
of atruggl*. and b* Hal ahlr to atu 1>
| but a anort tltn* before It waa n-r»«.
•ary for him to arrest an *ngage
, m»nt to earn the mo«*y l.> rontlnur
ll* «iflen M I h* bMMI *v*n mor*
from aaanrla'.lon with artLata than
by actual atudy. Hla nur.ru Ml
Immediate. huw«v*r. and for th* paat
M ) rar» and mor* hr haa b**n th*
Idol of London, Ih* f rtrnd of artlata,
•nl a •■•.mmandinc flgur* In alt
rmialra! rlrrlra- In oratorio, ■•i-r >
•nd ronr*rt ll* haa he:.l away, hi*
pun b*iit( I'attl. A bam. G*r.
al«r. and hl« trtumpha compUK*.
Thai arhooiwr Il*ra. from i"«t»
Some, la In .||atr»»« • If Tap* r*lat
t*ry. and th* Puxel ffound Ttlcboat
company* tug aY -» I- * haa gon* to
Iwr a*»Utanr*. Th* Hera Ml Cap*
Nam*, aa v.a« tod In bi Htar Hat- ;
ur-Uy. on Se;.»ern!»T it. a day <— f >■•
th* a*-h^>rr*r Nellie Tlllllll n xltr-l
aouth. Rhe haii abr>ut *« min*ra
aboard, and wh*n laat b*ard from
waa lying out at a*a about 1M ml!*«
,'ff Cap* Flattiry. Th* Hera »4«
•poken by th* (learner Uakm* on
1 Haturday. Rhe was th*n abort of
both, provlalona and water, and o*.
Ing to alronc off-*liore wlnda. an-
could not *nt*r th* alritia. Th* pur.
arr of th* I.akmr y*at*rday wired
from Port Townaend to rVattl*. teii-
Ina; of Ih* Hera • troubl*. Th* «<■«
1.'., n la expertud to bring Ihr unfor
tunate achoon*r Into port mm* tlm*
I today. Th* tug rarr.ra an abund
j ant »'>■,.! of provision* and watrr.
Frederick William Ori-aa. a randy
maker employed by ■ M. Thurlnw.
In th* Palar* of Hw**ta. at •«.. H*r
! '.nd avenue, fell from a high porch
' In front of hi* lodgings at «:i Tra
[ Irr way at about I ■• >l - « yetierday
morning. II,• n*rk waa broken by
th* fall and death waa Inalar I
OM Of ■•« death was the reault of
a drunken ■(■-<•
--CSrota waa aat aeen alive at i "-'i
'fi'rl'vli Sunday mirnlna: In company
I with a woman at the H.tlaidr saloon
on Teller way. dmaa baa a broth
ier wh'i la foreman at Thurkiw'a
' Candy factory. Another brother
arM mother maid' In Portland. (Irons
was 2» yeara of age. and a married
man ll,a wife left him some time
ago. It la nil. on arrount of h.<*
' heavy drinking.
Will Build of Steel.
National Hank of M- < ... which ha*
a 'ar.lta and aurplua of im.DOD.OOii. is
I about i" build a magnificent •-lin- •-,
probably adopting if* plan now b*>
I coming popular of ate*! frame Mru>'.
I tur*. with atnn* farlnc A new bank
her* |.i ipoan la r-.i», nit It* capital
largely, as It flmla business rapid 1 7
I Increaslna;.

PHILADELPHIA, Pa., Oct. 21.—
| "Ja< k th* Hl»ah«-r," who created such
J runaiernatlon among women aevrral
llr.nlhi ill"., haa agnln returned to
work M.■ iv vnluahl* aklrta nnd
nllk shirt *»lrta wer* ruined during
th* former •ru . 1.- of Hi,, mynt'-rl
nu« vandal, and It was »■-•(•> I thai
he, h»d been m .IM'.I off for good.
Hi r*ap| ■•■'i- I howrver, „at**rd
sy aftf-rnorin, ami while Mr*. Adi-le
11. Bcott, the wife of Aanlatant l>ia
trlrt Attorney Hcr.lt, wan shopping; in
j Win. mi.ikni, her haDdsonM allk
'lr.»n waa nln«>">l Into nhred*. Prom
ml rbnrnner of the ruts It la i..
Hived that Ihfy were mnd>> by n pal i
r.f adssori. Th* rrappearnnr* of the
(lanhar In hi> old haunta hai rained
I a acnaatlon among fair shnpiH-rn.
nd all Hi.' (|i-t«f-i|vi.» >„ the big
■"■'■« are I •■■.•!.lr.ir « nhnr^ lookout
fur Ihf* li.l' i r,:t ti I
Two Most Nindiomu W mm >■
in thn U S Wantud.
I in IT vi.i i. N v . Oel :s.~wh»
mi the two mom beautiful women in
(lie I nil. 1 Htntcn? l» th« uueallon
I hut Aur. v"i I.aiiK<ti>)>»tin, it veil
rmlile ••nli'l.M, in whom h*a Imu-ii
grants 111 conetHlon for the 'it iii
ufacturtni nf ;.l is: of pun* !••
produi tloM of Ih* "Mil i.. Inn Am
erlrmi rmhl.nl Tut' tie- IlufTitto ft*
l •►»!!!.■!!. wants »ri(rt| without
"mi ! d>-la>. fur hla v i»!i. i i<i h4*fl
111.-*,- WO M..111 M |UtBO ftir lll*' lUull
Nothing r->uld niir«- ti. nit Uu ' . *■
|irr«» thr i.lcn iif binding loan I It- r uf
' Hi. iwopla of in.' i 'itln in central
■ml »>>uth dlvlatons of the Winlnn
Htmlapbtft than III!" beautiful pic
lurr, which shu»a Ih* »»•. i fared
nymph <t North \ ni.-i! ■• smiling
wrlromw aa aji* I- >k« down and n
tend* a MOW] arm •• r>.~ Urn lath
mm of r.iii.4ini> In greeting to lh'
r.|uii:v a»rrt fared alaii-r of th*
**.iUth. who, by thr way, M*ma fully
•a r.iirrr In Olalp Ihf MtMldsd i -1.111
mil t« •)■! li. i -In. In Ilio sffori lv
: bind i-'Kriin-r Hi.- North »ii i Booth
' in Ihr holp bonds of an .ill Am.-i
1 I. an »i.i-! h.. -1
MM • Hill beautiful • <■• • .;■ in tii
prlc«-t«HI aa tt-e official ayinh.il of
Hi.- i.iiiilisk fair. It » ii» pi i r»l in lh)
hand of Mr. 1.i.-(u.'.ilni. ami ho r»
|.i.>.|ii. ■1111:,..' It «aa a rrv.
elation of beauty, .ml thuat* *7bQ
i ha»> seen ihr i.-li.f werr . ■ -ir l
r.l at th* beauty of I (if >• ik V
rommitte* "ii t-*'n<~ra*ion « -i« - • d#>
1 t!i. I thai In Mi umr ■•■>■■<>>•> ■> "
voted th> tscltulrt prlvUtff* el mak-
In* Ih* reltrf*. nut they » 1,1 l>e on
»il- In • *hoH time, ami * magnl
nv»n( atrlli tir r ill !•■• •■<•■< '■ i«n U»a
«-«|..-.!tl -ti (I .ill..!". «ln-li- I -■ V Will
l-f mult anil « !
II '>■ i..- 111 it 1 to 1':.- aru'|>l<>r (h.ir
; th* relief would I<• rvrn n, r, 1. 1,1
; tlful tut «-.jil 1- 1 •• •• -> slgnifi
..lll » of fr**t merit 1 ■ all Aim m
I ■ 411. of two of Mi- mutt beautiful
*» 'tt-.. n of 'hi- country wrr* i«>*rti
for ih* IWO figures, .nil he I* trying
Ito t-> \-\r which women wr ul-1 *■• ■•
aull Ma 1 vii-"- v- rh* B.'uthlanl
r<-%rla in l'.-4i,i> ■■' In* -!■■>« •• • n\
crn I >,■«•. • 1.1 "I • ami > lirunrtt*
wilt b* in-c 1.-1 Th* Man.- of Is
! Han I:- !i .».. 1 Mailnv Kill 'll h>v«
I-- ■ :i ausfrattd. M hay* «•-.-• namx
■f V.I 1 Ic—:>.«>> Julia Marl'inr. Maud*
Adama, M.' v Hamptnn \l 1. »■ Man
n.ri t. Anna II.; 1 Kalhryn Kl.t 1»r,
!!•-••.1. Tyrt*. Olita N*tb*r>ot«, l»a.
b*ll* l'n>uh«rl. i>.ii. i ii 1-I .-. I" i
brll* Kvmon. Nanr* o'N.-il n.i
I many of |f» Mrr f»m«»u* Iwauilri
: of th* dramatic oprratli- *tag*.

It Will ■•fin T«t»4*i, January I,
ItOO. and data M iundi),
Th* K>th ■■■ - 'mi ) «rt:l r»mm*nf*
' January I. if"! Ii will <u>*n on
Tu-a-la* an 1 ■ '..«•• on Hm.'i. ,It
•till h»ti- Or |i. i:.>' mm. t- of
iMprnn poaalbl* for a r»ntury— I*.
Th* ><-»r IKK will >•• th* Drat <•!»•,
thrn tv*ry fourth year aft*r thai
to and in. 1 '.nit In* war :'•«.
frbruary will lhr*« tlm*a hay*
five dundayft—in 1»}«. !♦»• and i >'■*
In la*>l Mrin->rial d>) r.i4.''i nl
July and Thn,nk»clY!iur day will or.
'ur III* •*:•!• 'ay la In* »<-*k
Then, aftrr that, ih* aam* thine will
happen at ti* following Inurtrala:
«. 11. II I tl, ii i■ ..•• and »• nn.
or In \f'. >•:«. i■>:■<. IDS an<l m «n.
In Ids >' ii• Ittl 111* !•*'< and I*s*
,-h-rr ar* fuur hulldaya ball will fall
ion lh« Mm* day In th* »• k ihr
tiir** already »•< n:i.-ii».| mvl VVaah-
I Incton'a birthday anM> rr»ary. a>
all , Id* 7»th . ■'. Krbruary.
Than««« day anil Chritlmaa
•II „/• ii- on Mm- day In thf
w*«k In t>M. an.l th«n at •>"■ ••>•.-..
interval* of 11. * 11. 11. « LI >'ir«,
! and ... on: »'•■• In I •:• )">"'■ and ;•■ i
March l will fall on f>n !•■> In ih«
| ifu><»ural >-ar« Pi: IMS and ifTX
Th- aam* yrarly raUndar Ihii >»
•>•- I In •>'•> ran >«- u»—l attain In
; I»M.
Th* followln« ar*. In ordor, '->■■■.
nln* with l»»l. <'■•■ dat*« of 1.. i«- •
fnr th* drat JS »r*r* of th" CVtlturyi
April 7. Marr-h Jo. April It i. U, IS,
Marrh Jt, April IS. II Marrh :7,
April I*. 7. Wan ti «. Aprlt U, «. tl,
«. XUrrh 11. April M. 4 March It,
April I*. I. 20. i:.
T: - *«rll«al poaaih:* dat* on whlrh
Bsattr ran ex-cur • Mart-h 53. Thi«
!-■•' llm* II • ■•■ tl- r 0.l on thll •! !••
••. •> in ]•>• but it will n»t occur
•in .:n till after th* M". r-i-mury.
Th* ;.i:».#i Kaater ran 01 cut I- Af
rll :■'. ami Ii win thua occur but ooca
In Ibl c'imlns century. In I*ll. Th«
laat time It ociured tv Ai rll r«.
Whenever K««l»r «ccura on J.lArrh
t!. or April 1. I". 17 or t4. ChrUlmaa
.•!•<> o -i ut« on Hum liy
I. W Oray, a returned Klondlkvr,
corrvjilalne"! to Ih* pollea Hnlur'lny
niarht thai h* had b**n aaaaulinl nn-l
robbed In th* Cltrmanla cafe of tv«>
In nu(i*l«. Th* vlrtlm . He.-1 Wll-
I lam Blocb. proprtelnr of th«> Mloon^
: with the rol>bvry. Th* j-.' . - do not
l>*,l»v* iii.iy p aliry. and 111 > h hi*
not iiwn arrrated.
A Barred ronrrrl hv W«»;per'«
l»*in'! drew a Inrr* rrnwd In Hi. -■«•
poalllon yp»terdiy dflornonn. After
the ronr*rl th* tipoalUon rloneil |||
.1" m afler a aurreaaful run uf thr.c
Th» work of dlamanlllnK th* expo
«iri..n NHIIMMaJ loda) The bed
r....rn net Riven by the ll.jlilrn Ik Wll-
»n Kurnllure rompany t" th» jr-r.
ton ku.-unliiir th* nearcat numb o(
heana In ihe Jar. ivai awarded In
Mm. J. C. 'lerher. ItN P*venticnlh
I avenue. t> numbtr of bi irta in
the Jnr waa l.i.r.T". Mra. Qtrvey'l
Kiiena m 1 I :.7.'.— wllhln two I. .ii .
of III" number.
A. Damaacui, n flre«k Inhnrcr,
rlnlmahp won had) up and r"bl»d uf
l"'i lit ml'lnlsht I i"i nlKhl In front
of the r.uri.jn-un ■.ill*" on «'h<-iry
hit. ■••( bttwi 'ii Fifth .in.) Hlmh nv
The Corn Crop.
■PRINariELt) 111., ii. ■ M.—Rp«.
I rial r.'iKirtd to 111. X' it. Journal In'
(If v rorrr-pp'indpntH rrtir«'»* nliiiK a
|doc*n i uiiti- ■In Onlr.-il I! in..l*l in
[dlCAtl that th" torn crop of (I* i,;,.
' fnrn bell nf tfie ntnl<. for |v!i!i «ill
ri< i In- Tr4 rr ihnn HO i>er cml. of un
. average • i.p.
&^jffi*"*s/&J!% i T. I'-. I'avlor. A. M.. M. [)., writt-s: I considoi Kl< i trozone ' ! ocific for
(^^&^ b:°\'l£>y^A st..muli Ir.iul'lf, Ki.liu-v. 1.ii.1.1.-i .mil I'll'him in in. I'.•■it in my
P^^SlA i"ift^£^ practice, ill! recomim'nd Hlectrozone as a great remedy.
T-c'* rim I 1 > "F^Tl^ '"• :uul '-'el a I'rcc Sample at 1514 First Avc.
X Hkfay I^lvlili OPEN EVENINGS.
Mra farollnr Chapman Call, rhalr.
mini of Hi" organliatiun <<>riniili!••••
, of Km National Woman's HutTum'
1 aaeoctatlon, la m tin- city, Mr*.
| Cull milvi-it l,i»l HatunUy. On H..1-
I utxiu) ufi.i |i ...a iii' Woman* Cen>
j lury . '.hi. i. ii.t.i.-.l hrr n recvptlofl
«l 111 t-luti riHinm. ||| ihi» rvrnlnii
'■ Ml* Ontt apokr to « niiiiilirr of la.
dlt* iin "HurTra«« Off iiiiiutiiuii." I
I Sunday evening ibe Blind th«- pulpit I
In !!■•■ Kirat ■■ I: rhun h, ".I >..»■■
■ In-lurr on ' l:.jual HiirTru 1 ■ " To
morrow pvrnlnK Mr*. l*at| •|'«-ak» at
ISJlenatMirtT, omi Wednesday eveningl ;
at Bpokan*.
M.ti ..... .if the IV N. A. hrl.l »'
inrcllna f.dut.U) nlßhl at the 8 A.'
, «'. club roOml lt«-|.l.-.rtltiit!Vi « of
; Iho TnrnniA V, M. C. A. Hit- IMim
Itriilmrrit \ti :. t.•, — .iiof I
! I'orll<«it.l. ii>.. t'nlvi-nlly of Wa>h>
• mm .ml i ?«■- Heatll* AllllrlU'fluti
jwrro pnwnl, Tf«- folliiwins t'"ar,l
lOf n .•...! i< 111 rlr, If.l for the en-'
[•tttna )r»r; ii. T. WtlU-1. Klr»i Hi-*.l
IA, A. I', r11.m.1, 1,. (loMatnith,'
v i n>- ■■■ .;• a. A. C. Vmm Portland;
r i- Kri.ui. a.i.i'U rootbaltrlub;l
\V, II M.»ir«\ n A. C, H*-»tu<-; T. M.I
lU'luM, i :!>.■-.!> of Washington;!
and a. K. (!ra(i»n. T»™i«« v M.I
C, A.
■|' .- '*■.•! of mftnmrTa slotted Ills
Culloalnc officers) K. IV KimUll. An- |
lorlo Ko. I I'm 11 rluK pnalili nl: t%, T.I
Willrtt, Klmi It^e, A. A . vlrr-preal,
d*nt: an.l T, M llarlow. f, of W..
at« r<tary*traa«urer.
■"'...• rrCalratl-.fl ...!•.. n... ■ • mm
f..1|..«a: VV. II M . t. M A. «'.. rlmlf
■ man; c T. Wiiieil, Finn Itrir, A. A .
and A. Id Orafiun. T.« •= , V. M. I
C. A.
M.«.i. K.-t>.lsll. Wllrlt. ltarlow.
Vtiwr*. ilr*ri»n anil lloltlamllh acr«
j fif rt«J aa i)> i-«jl. • from mr I". V. A. |
ItO altrnil In* annual m..«.ui c nf the'
Amalrur Athlrtlc union at New]
Th» f»r| that lh» T«mm« T. M. C !
• a VeT» r --I Ii I■.. .1 i. that II j
will i. I in- ) 'in Ih.- - ;m •■■... i r. M.
■' A.'a In withdrawing frum lh» IV
V A.
Til" >l*|. t«'« 1,, lls» I*. S. A tm-t
earlier In th« fv#nlnjt and iranaad
' i muiiiw bu«lnraa. O, T. WUMIt,
Of I"- riUl.l Oil ■ ■ '•« |>r.a. I. Hi.
i an«l 11. ■• Cnffman. of th* U, of W..
I «v a«cr«tary an<l trcaaunr.
TAfTJMA. <V|. «a.* Th* Ht*|p of I
Wft»hin«i<m l.»* c«mr law*. mhith.
If ctif.-tw j. w»uM mak«> It a l.uti |
!rr • i«r« MM In * f*« jrp*r«, at
(hrrr H pi—l> "' r ♦?•«»* In *< ■ »' »'■ ,
if left •*<»«€•, or properly prouettd
t<>f » f-"* i. i • The ?!.«•• .m' aH
n«hi. i-m ih»-> >*!■■■ >>*> rnfun rd 4
pftattd f°r lh*» |*uri»«'ii<'. A. C Mltli
!• «' *• •••'; i <}mtTi'!ii>i-<n<*r «>ml *;<!;.
«Anl«n. hut M Has tffhintf tf> « *i>
wlth r «■■■! ■<f a» j>r*>ft** ting Knnir U ,
Th«» **.unt)f o*tmmlp»^on<*rii *>f «*at*h
t^ouniy in (h** mm* h«v«* j»o»rr t«
• I'jmlni a ffftßM '■■ -r !* s» fOF '.''■ i"U!l
--tay nit) i . ■ him a «...n but. • -
fur «» Mr I.'Ulr- |# inf trmril, 9po
knn" bounty l» thr only or 9 in tlwi
• (•!•• th»l ht»)i a vt«r>|rn Tft** «t'm-
BltMioft^fal t»f Vi+r* * nmni j" hnv *
Imhmi H*k.-1 lo Appoint OD«, but f
f i*■ I lo -I I . .
C 11. ftfiKlf*y h*a h*rn «i>|H»!ntr-l
•Trrlnry «»f lh^ NmT'l uf public
.» li.- 1■• flit the* Yftrnri'')' ' >'*■■■! bjf
lrt«* r^«lgnation of Frank Olsnß.
Mr. llAKtry fnd nrt^-i »* deputy rtty
rotni'fnttlrr f'"r ft*i* yr»r«. Illn np-
I*"ln frn**fi! wa* *ovrrn*M 1-y hi* |rt.m.
tton on th* ■ -! "f riiKitiit'» f 1 prom
otion b.t»r«l on hi* tim#» of ffrrvlrw
«n-I Planflin* nn ".. ■ th* civil #«?rvlcr
fnu'ntli^n" ll#* will !■-■-;?■*. hl« «Itj«
tlm kn ■<>- n «» h« ran qualify. Mr
FU«!ey I* sn •at-ratmbtf nf th<» 8*»
--atiif 'iiv rouncll.
Th»> unnuiit r*porl of Bccrvtary of
War Hoot will in. lij.l. i number of
ImpOTtaol r>-roimnritil<tth>ti* In r«*
K'ir*l to thi* nfw army. ll<* win ur -
K<ntly recommend that ■HIKI..M
■hall rnliM< lh( >■ kul <r > itabtlßh
to at i*-fi<t( i€o,ooo »n." H« •rill alan
ipprova Mil<»' ■U((Mtlon lookinf to
Hi.- ri-ialnlillKhiii'-nt ft >>■■■ offlr* of
i-'ii.i.ii ai 1 iitMii.- (?f ii'-inl. Hllva
I hlmnlf would fill tin- hlKhi-al rank in
!!•• army,
BY rebels
WABHINOTON, D. <'.. <i<t. 21 —
ilincrnl utla • uhlin ihiit i ' i|l <luy
Itowardi Quartvrmaatvri wan kilioi
>rnliril,iy ti. ,i Amyiit, 1,.1., in a
launch on ii" river, Li cnnrealed in
»nrnr/iin. Mi--" ill t k Hi I ■■>„ natlva
«"tp wounded mi lha fdinip lime. A
ki'oiiiliik driin lntiint nf ■ ii. Thirty*
«ixth . .limit . i encountered lustir.
Kint» in in- Knnci Rita (oatterlnß
thrin, kllllni all and rapturing elsht
I ... 10 rlll«'». I'll no rnKiuiltloa. Urn.
itiiwton, ut ■ mi laadrtii I" forward"
I Ink mppllea tn him, imt hecontlnut*
i" encounter dlfficultlea on account
or .i iiic ki.f tranaportatlon.
tin Aunt* Ii ii...lt
i"r. women, .I* Itlnekley Llk
I MM' i of 'A ..in. ii . i 11 li.. k'• y l.llf
Young Boys Rob and Beat •
Lawrenra Cramer waa arreatad
Ui«t • Hit mi it < h ii»-. of robbing and
I'- »' UK W*MI I ...., a i 'him «' i .iin«
'■I at th* ■ .11. i of fin., i.'li nv
fiiui> ani Vr«lrr way yi-ati-nlay
morning, Ki-<*uy Oouncllman Mr
man, who » in mi ■ «iiiii»» to thi.
affair, Identified )...inK Cramer m
bea4quarlen nu iiiorninK Hi an*
arvrral t- v* runnlnit • .iv from the
frlfMtned Mongolian, ami h> .n.) mix
■if ■'..-mi remark, "I havo hia wan h,
Hiiyuay." Th* !>->• Dial took a
h h)|i from id. Chlnaman'i ■ i» -n.
ami whin ttr -iit.-ii,|.f ■ I (■> rfi-nvi-r It
Ui*y 1., "i hirti. V .uir*' '"; iii.^i h«*
fullrl I" r*¥P«l the Imnira nf hi*
* .i|||| aolona.
J. It. I: 0' i* who hag an v for I!
ymii »nh the (Irfat Northern, r#
'■m I lila position *• auixTlnlrn
■lrnl of Ui.- ii:«i" ;l dlvlal .n to be<
i o'it«* (rnrral aui-r-rlnti-n«l«*nt of Ihf
Whit* I'aaa 4 Yukon i •■■ I
• • •
riuilfi Murtarlty, rua.lmaatrr for
i..- a real NfwtKrn on vi- I'tx-nii.
iitviatun. haa !.•• a . ! \ir. Mori
• titjf la w#ll known In Wratrrn
Waahlnirtun ll* la the only man
«:,.. baa ev#r I ■ 'ii ahii- i . in . i< ihr
»...(■ ti»... it »r*r Hteveni fan at all
ttrnre . .- ir f i m atiaar.
• • •
Th» rrporl la «urr»nt thai \V. I. [
Curl! rh will r*-tlr» fr.'tti Iho |>r»al-
Arnry uf lh# (ini'in Hh»rl l^n»>. am!
I: 11. llarrlman, who la controlled
l.v t?. "ill tnirrrMa wilt ancce#d
him ►!!■ h a rhtnii* would m»k> a
f ' • ■»! ahak*'U|>.
• • •
T)r acarcllr of car*, or ralhfr the
•urj-10.1 mf fr^'jfht. ln*"r«"»a^j> In th*
1 .»'! M anajfi ra «m In • •lumi.lary
Th" war aarajnut tlrkri ..«!(., i« la
l<» he i. iv. «» l in .-.rir'-.. Krnat'tr
!>• i • > will rnglnter th«* m«li*r in
V - 111 I*' Ji-">ar
• • •
Th* i!nn.| Trunk aiorkhol4»re
have -In i !•• lon duubte |ra< n( ih»
r il from Chicago I" HufTalo.
• • •
Th» Canadian Parjflp railway ha»
t>Ured ontrra for 4* new |.■.-...
llvta with .-Iran manufa<*iu ■
Thla la a n*w departure for that •> •
A mr>v*mrnt ha* Ha rrntrr arnanc
• 'h:- n-'i rallmatl ofTKMala that la
»l l'« '••»• It i* no laaa thin th*
a (Million nf fr»» !»»•«■« ,\n mil.
rnmia ronarnt to thla la hard to «•• t.
but th* rffort will In- madv.
\VA.HHINOT<>V. IX ■• (V!. IS.—
Th» follOV In* ral»l*f ram wnn r»
rriv<w| from Urn. Out thin mernlnff!
"X i!n#. inmuVntf at I'l'iinl'i.
rtiroroualT attackad an in*..- i.t
fofco ■'« ht* rr ;»t i-',.:< i then froto
* lit . r iiM.'hft Ba4 y urru**<l :hni
■'.?'• • „ •« ii • Maaltl** «frn
imf j-iii.i!" Wii'fl one * para lan I
thrr<r< prlvat«a » sub !• i |:n< n v «
,• t?>-* in,kn " n '
X; m iraa tar th(*r* hi" '••■• rx
»>l oil lilrnllc-al with Ihut of bltlrr
Tl. irr»w of /in Allan) tin^r r»
--veil-.a ■ 'hlr.K Ilkr «30.000 hum
between Liverpool ant New York.
Nature -t 1 v «t ih i«>i«'kh-iii ««r
--ii.na I* to h" * part of thr eouree oi
instriK-tlan In Pnlla4*l| ■" public
In II in labui i K% . thrr« la a
nnn who Inn a private CO«1 mine
thnt h" ueea aa Mil aupply mil
will a>ll ninir .
Th** Katiaas farmer kaa .ll*p.>ai»'l
of h!a octopui mi i bouaht a rubber*
tltcd hurio', |.Hlntarl a bi.i-iii red,
Th» I'nntil Nmtre m.inufa< turMi
i-xlcnalvfiy |'i. rum**» from winter*
ri.'-n aaaaafraa and k-m r.il other
«o.h1» .mo h' hi*
Th. Hal ;.iiiKuniti' Ii apoki by
more thnn 40,(100,000 prraona. It la
-.ill to I."- rnav to learn, m it h«i>
iilltiofft n-» hi,i,nni.ir
Wolve* nrp r'-:«>rt«Hl t.> be quite
fnllllrt In aOH aertlona of the
AiHronncka. ami Inatanrra ,*avf> iw
iiirri"! whtr» they have attacked
Kreiiille—ll'a alwayf In damp pliie
• ■ where imi^hrrMima i?r(»w, inn't It,
l'n|>rt — Yen, my lioy.
Kreiiitlf—ln thnt iht rmaon Mm t
look like mnhrellu*. papa?
Mfihowine, AiiKlralln. m-emly rx
perlencvil iho Bral full of baow in
im hlniory. It rnme late In the Aim
trnllnn Winter anil wim h«*fivy enough
for th' rhllilrvn to inaki* Ftiowlmlln,
The liul.y -11. .0. kwi, 00. oof"
Mother—Jual hour ilii' child i ilk!
Wl-ul mum |.. opla think or Mm
Kalhi'r (vrry mi* |. intly) -I. i h.i cm
ha ■■' '"■■ ■ pedantic to othera,
fun) piuywiK haa Inrri i i i of late
in itritnin. Th. number >'f new pu kn
brought into urn- lail year exceeded
IiJ&O.OOO, iiti liMTi-iixr of ISO.OOO on tin
year |„ f.. T . .md of SOO.OOfI on IRM
It la 4'i y. ,n« since the flint Uritlah
?oluntcera donncfj ii in unifoi in and
ii that time It wan "hla" lii iiulllv.
for ev#*n prlvntra In thoae da) ■ |iro
viiiffi ih. ii- own . n»h and tvefeponi
of war.
in addition to Ila prim raal
•loin i-». im lehoola, municipal bu!l<J«
ii i- iiikl i/illmili nl ihnt at-ata r.,"'i i,
Odaws, Ktmalii, ln.*«i> |..il.nluJ kij'h
wiuvliaiJsM and corn el»v»tora. li
la funotll for lni-aj<* grnlll > ipnrtl
A IIr!li«li in I "f iLirMiumfil If"
qnlrM ihnt haliltual fi-mlnlm- ilrui.lc
m: \' <.'■.!. l )>'■ ■ nl t<> linmta fur In
riiiuii-n, but ibrra mr* zw hi**
w<itn*n aripiti-l la»t yiar, «rul tli*
Komi *"«» rtr^ipriinnKlMtf only **
II in . Dtmtll 'I 111 ' lli# mi-Hint
paid In Uondon at Buetlon *uUn of
•.i oh'l-uui'l booka ..«i yi-ar «v*
ulonii Ifi'Ji .<*»> A tnaiurx ft llMjrMf
till. l>r»n Uif Urg>' iiuiiilkt »f riirc
i. . 11l ofTtrad, „.,i tin- tsc*ptionall]r
hlKh prtOM otituln"! f»r them.
Italian Catholic* pfppoai to ri-l-
brat* »►>•• l»th ■ mtoi t liV •ractlU
II eoloaaal mutum of <'hrl«t In f>n
j «i>!< noun |»niita of th» |»i.lnan-a
Among tba |il»< r« uri.-. ir«l nr«- Mount
BorwM*. ",. uraii Haaaa •I'ltaiu, «ml
Ih<- to<-, tlii> tn-«l nrui th« lrmt<-i> of
Itir ttoot." T)^h »tatu«-i* iifr to !»** o(
y, 1. I ■*••{ Iron.
III«kF-B.i yuu didn't «■• abroad
Ih a lumniT?
l|i>l«<-i> N<>: I *>• thinking <>f «■>
! in* ■■ r. •» tn tha Owcadolta, but •'!■•
h»'l hanlly tny Kf»-pr»a»r»ars and
mi l«-wta t,r Il(^-r4ft» to t.|«-i»k of.
Itlnkr —Hut you rould h«v<* mil i.
ii..- lin bai •>■ <
IlodCM I kn-iw; '.in «h»- h»>l «'i«-r>
a pom plat a outfit of lifr-iMvina' '!«•-
I vlf-m t)mt »t rrally |.K>k-*il HMpiCloa*.
I I dxln't think It M>fp to Irum nnn.if
In bar,
Th<> farmer—Ttn-r<" li» «•»». poor
rhup. Iwk to the olty and a *!u(Ty
oltlrc, aft»-r a plrnaant tlrtr «nki
In th* riMintry
Thri'it> Man (»altln« for th» lrui>
i.i takr I. m la thf lt*tlon)—'Wall, I
ahan't ).■ aorry la get bark. The
country la ,i.l ■" <■> »«*M, hut y»'U
run liavn t'«> .... of It. Tbam'a
that fii-N.i, for ir "i <.■!•• I aiip-
I *•- h*» nrvpr J. i- a rhariift., an<l h«v
--«•! irla to ttia rlty: »i'M ttt-rr fwra
out «.."«« . i. I ■<• anotixr, poor frl
An Ohio man. by |.«i i ■(■ t''. h»»
«'• hi. 1 a j •!] otitrar-rl|>tlon to
a I- .i.ll' r id4|iii:r* Thla aum would
pay *"r tim ;i ..e.ut n«- for only IS
>. ■!-• but it ■ to !••• Bert r*d ihn
I t.i rrnf. of It la 11, »>,!• h ta ih
annual «uh»<Tt|»tlrtn |»iire of th* pub
l;< -i.- ii Top »•, .• i ii'ii--ii la «•
--• n..t. '- to th* autxM-riljrr'a hrira and
aim-* thrre ran '••■ Mi • doubt hut
' that tha PWpTaslIM v ill be puhli*:i<-d
fnr at lfjui IS >• i-« f ■tn:*t. the •:
, rinirrntnl irrmi to b« favorable tv
bnlh j-irti.a
:- S VI I: r
Tomorrow at io:}O a. m. •
• «
; •
• Of the Bankrupt Stock •
• from the *
! New York I
! Jewelry C 0... I
: At the :
: 817 Second Aye. :
5 Diamonds, •
'• Watches, J
: Jewelry, •
• Silverware S
• For whatever they will j
! bring !
• ,-,,.- - ril -. r *
I Oon't Miss It! I
» It's the opportunity *
• ol the i .ii... J
IlllllX Bonghi from
uUUIJo N;|VV Va| .j
New York, in original gov«
eminent bales.
MO ■allora' ovetroati at WOO; 10.
--"XI ail « a •! watch capa a; JSc,
»V»ry man (oln| north 01 into
th moiintsliiß iihmilil buy one;
:.<■'•■■! pain all nol aocka at Me;
1.000 tinli-i> •iitton ««ki it IV;
100 jialrx canvaai IfKKdva »t ~.">c;
2mi np\v rrKUlatlon tvhlte tailor
aulta .it tl BOj navy drawi i li 90;
IfllO'ilrilK, 35c.
* P. Ditnbit]nCinißpKiiiti I]
X JJ i ihoni rvtiilo 300 m
X Offlea.'eor. Occidental At«, J
a nn<i Jacktoo Rlraai i
?♦»»»»♦»<♦»♦♦»»« o o-»»o »» '■
I SIKINNLY »lt 1 Kin Imi man 'rj
|| )»rl»r«. Ihlil An UlUColuial Hi M
J|l i* ■• i luiiiu Mala ii t. am i^ua, El
g.A111.l J 111 Ai J X
k > J. I*. Horn*, M<na|rr
Thono Main 43.
3 nit;h!« • ..ii.trii m iriK Sunday, rvt. 22.
The "Hniyth * lll<V f.mn-dlitna,
iWHh It* iJioll Oirn<-'1l«n.)
T).« Orlfttnal A. Kwn» Khawr.
<Th* TUU- Iti.iß.)
A ■•nlllß*i aoll-l niiri-u; (treat com*
«-»1y, Kri-at com!.
rrli-m. II IW. 7.V-, Wlr, JSr.
Hriiti on >-i!" Halurday, Oct. 21,
! 10 a. m.
'I'Unnm, M.i. .V.7.
«. M. lUNII, !.•••• «ii.i ■.!•!,«
' H|.<ri«! return rnrar'fn^nt b»«la»
ninn Hunday, <*rt. IS
tmb: omaw COVIPANV
Hundny, Monday. Tu»*lay. and
i Mr A. M. Palmer" nr»-*t aoHety hit,
A jiiny thut iin'l* th* iiJii-nomentl
run of *"> n'Khta In Wa'll»'in
K»iuar«- Th*ai»r. N«-w York.
Thurwloy, Friday ami ■»■..•! .jr
matin*, ••-•. i ■ if h!
Moat llWftf fwl war drnma of :.!«>•
V/ ■ llll» Krnip.l A»rn»»
IS. I*. Kunklrr, M ■ <n»r.
Kv»ry niieht at * Wedneaday anl
K.iiKt Uv inntinwa «t 2.
i I."wry night II I v. ■ ■■':;• -l .) and
Huturday il.ii:i.ii- at 2.
Prlnut Ixinnn.
: I-at» of Jo!<n I'hilllp Hou-j'» b*B<?l
ajaa Dairy* band, of Waihlnrton,
! D r.
(Mhrr «r««-rl«l<l»» ml IlloVjn* ptc
' lures.
♦ specialist x
♦ ♦
♦ Skin Diseases ♦
♦ FBINBURG. ... ♦
♦ 49 50 51 Bottoa Block ♦
♦ ♦
No Home Circle
la an romplvt* ■»!•■• chi b« tf
II haa n<> it.■.•!■-. Mualp will da
mar* f> Ti • ««■ horn* attrmcttv*
than any <.! r ■ • on# thine- Tou'll
•M I all kind* of mu«i>«: mer
• * .in-!-«- at thla ator«, from th«
piano down, and the prtaaa art
rlKht. Win you wra» In?
Sherman. Clay & Go.
At 4 *•«**••! Ar*u«t " " tMltli
, I days make you
think of the warmth
In our Fine, New Furs.
c c ui:ho
We hnvo Ju»t opened a sblpmrnt
of the latciit pours, nan 1 plocei,
! ate, for the Qraphopbone. All new
] records nnd made bjr the latest lm
-11 proved i.i«» •..■». These record! are
i loud ill. 1 «ii\»r ami are by far thi
' best fat made. Price, Ma each, or
1 $5.00 per doien.
$500. $10.00. 11l M $15.00. $201
$25.00 to fU.0.00 each.
Winter & Harper
Ilurko HulUlliiK. Seattle, Wash,
1 "Ilman
Makes Heat
I ....AND....
i Saves Money
| jof pun Rngi »h Ale. J'oner i.n.l stout nr«
nek uuwlfil^rO, tin- woi hi DWtt
! Wc»t*H English Ales
- . anil Porter
j Olvf RtrwßKtk t'> Itir weak nUpvrti unvoiis*
nr»«. n»*t*t^ ilik* "'inn Ati>l induce*ound
v In-tin tin *l ii in her. l.'.unf,! til
kcgn to any mii »>i ihc city, slxr*
*.' ovntttMHli I Imtif Hny oft
West & Co., Inc.

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