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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, November 17, 1899, Image 1

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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s^m, . .. v ri^i "¥""¥" i-^ nil 4 rpirrvi" ~V~7\ . O<r.n A T^ » -phone subscriptions to
28 »■» THE -SEATTLEI STAR.<' .so
VOL. 1.

Boers Make a Desperate Effort to
Capture the Town.
English Suffer a Third No'able Reverse
Great Excitement Exists in London
as a Result of the News.
LONT>ON. Nov. IT —Th# War ortVe haa been Informed that ♦
th* bomt>ar,l merit nf I. i.lv »»..■ n hy Ihe IW*-r» »a* rriirwr.l )n-*ter- ♦
day wtth r*iliMiblr<! fury. The nrw* rirllrl alarm heie, a* it I* ♦
b»ll*v*4 that th* lk«r» arr atra nin« rverjr nerve to lake th» |>M> c ♦
t'ef.ve the arrival uf [trltlih rilnforcouicntii tn>m th* vmth. ♦
A despaK-h tram J tin n.iliuil via. l^irrnio ManiU't. »ajr« ♦
thai there l> >■(!!. mI ...iirti nn'] ,i of the -ri .it that S.i»K> H«>er« ♦
•re advancing on Kitiourt. Thi«. couple.l ollh < de»pat>h In th* ♦
Tlm*a Mylna that l:-. K»(.ourt «.vi!< v mlitt fall bark lv M»> •
rlvrr. Xi mile* »..nth. m rrnr<\ I a* ontinmia, ami • >•!» <>• the ♦
«l'.»m rai»e<i by ihe .!,..»:. r rau*r<l 10 th* «iit ■'• I train north ♦
of Edcnurt. If Katrourt I* taken by IIM BOMB, another bar ♦
r»er will b» thrown up fur Hulier'a relief forr» to overcom* b*fnr» ♦
It ran rt'«.-h Tusrlar rtv*r. *her« the Miprvtn* <rlal nf atreneth ♦
•■i MM ■»»- pU- c If iii-u.-r I* n»l I'll) '•% an «•!» am —In vhort ♦
nrlrr, it api»a;» that th* lioere will ecorc on him b*«vlly In tac- ♦
tic* *outh of Ua>ly*niith. ♦
An official dlapatrh from i'.ii»'"»n My* that n«n. IllMyar I ♦
report*. Horn K«i-mirt that S» men «t th» iMiiiin Piuil»n who ♦
w»r* In th- armored tram ar« miMlnc. tof*th<r flth rapt Hal ♦
•Lan» •■< la* o.ir-t'-n HlartiHinder*. The general |M tum»a ..f ♦
known caaualttea. it- *1 v • that h* »ent a mounted fnrrt to *>
rover the nrtttat) r»rnt l*p to that time an even hun<!r<-<1 »<re ♦
ml**!na. •
Th» report thai J.aoo l».«m *'* a.t»an<ii»« on i;»t.-..urt la .<lll ♦
dally cenSrmexi. " ♦
Oen. f.-ilier rablea that 196 llritmh aoMier* ar« mtaainc M • ♦
r**ult of th* .li'iMT to th- ams ■'•-! train nurth of r.i-vurt ♦
Th* dlsa»lrr In the armorr.l train at fr.-em •tatnn. Mll ■! m ♦
the inr-l notjibl* i»uiw 1.1 Ih* ItrltUh la Natal, tvt* nr< ♦
e-1 Rturh ■ » Itawii In Encland ♦
* • •
PRBTOIUA. Nov. 17—Th* ll>*r «ener»l reportlne; from ramp ♦
at Elaihl*!*aft* nn KoTtmfee* » •»>•: l,i !\ amlth I* rnmptetelr a
encircle.) by our forcee. «Hir ««>«>n>) lun ha> b**n *ur<-e«*fulty •
mounted on Itulwan hill. The i-i n« nf -«v)r him . 'rtiiii»n —! ♦
this morninit. with no !•>•» on cur ulte." •
Ilottia h-l'«r-.; h i from th* »»uth that Ihe ilrttlth haMaftaa ♦
»p*n«d a heavy flrv with bl« Run* and rontlnuoualv dr»pp*d «hri it ♦
Into Ih* work* around 1.1 l>»in:th. ♦
PRnoill * Nov. l»—t)»l»ye.l — Th- Htan tart an<l Dl«a-*ra' ♦
n«i»i prlnta a Hat of i -Hi Brll A prtaoaan sow at rar« irai k ♦
LOftRNZn MAIIQt'KZ, N»v IT.—AdvWva nf a reliable n*tur* a
(ay that th* Doer* *u"'j<-. I. I l.ilx-n in to a •-»•» bombardment ♦
from runt which en. ;f .'•• I th* Ah.-i- Inwn »h»|]» raln*>l on to* ♦
■•■■■fill ri d C |t|r from all |>,j|nta of "■' cimtpaaa. a
.^Tllliiiif 4 • t <* i l<llr>.
A •mall bl.tt* wu If ft 11 Iml
ntrht la in* tuvniml nf Kr-'.Ti. k
Nelaon ft Munr • »tor* (■> the -.\-r.
turning of ■ r»tvl> on- employ*
ha* bia hand burn—l whll» Min
cuinhtn*. th* fir*. No other dtnM«t
WAS don*.
• • •
A temporary nrl-r r^'ntninir''■!.
Pl#rr# from making further r..l!w.
tten* of rent on th* Armory build-
In* » in yrkttrday »Uri-l ny Jud**
• « •
W. J. Marvin, who Is Mkl by I?*
potte* li b# i de*per»te nun. » v«
»rr»rt»l on Waahlnclon «lr«»i U>t
nlcht by t>*l*rtlvr* < ".i.iu.- - ftmt
Wap|>*-fWii^ n a* a minplrlou* «-h»r
aelrr. Marrin I* 2' )r»«r» of «ie»
• • •
Mm Ollrer, mother of Vn*\i\'.* Oli
ver, who ftimflmiif I yr>i»r.)<v of
h*r inn hetnr jm»vm'*lv whlpr** by
Prof. n*bcm-lt and Mlm Cook *t
I>»nnr «^*h'^»l npn^iir^ti b»fori> JiM**
Cann »h • aft^rnrv>n aivi mart* a
fofnptalnt. Th** two t«**rh**ra wilt h*
•rnimonul lo apt>»«r b»fnre the
Jikl»» tomorrow. If th» tnv»«t!»a
tl«n rrov«i 'hat »*•- . uMM'.n 1*
(ru». warrant* witl b* iBMMai fnr th*
arr»«l nf t^^ two t»»rn<.ro T»»lrn
both if th» atro- lor* >nih«t>in'iai*<l
th» r»t>ort nf th» "hlnp'nr. hut
r'i m*«l that th»y w#r«* p«rf<^-tlv )■!•
--■ • •
H. V^. ftrhmlilt, of An»rnrl»*. who
Sri* lnjur«l on th» w»t»r-front *»v
--ml •••k« ito by a movln* Iroln.
dIM »hU mornlnc at I*rorl<1«-nr«
• • •
Thlo «fternrton <*>f7lr#r .fuhhsM
raptor»4 IVorr* W»*t. •!••■ <i(f,
ll» '• a -Mir'n»r of Vf. J. Marvin. «
IW'nri'kWi rh»mrt»r. »rr. •!. 1 lant
nlirht by two d*t»«-tlv»* f?oih m»n
are want<»l at Cnp» Nnm» for dru«
-irln« an nM m*n «n»1 rohhlnr Mm of
tI7Aon. B B. Attorney liny «n mnk
-1n» out the [<ii*r« »n4 th» two will
be »«)i»n to Hltk*.
• • ■
H»l»n t.'Al>h» w»* rmn*. ' a div
orre fo>l»r by .lni.. Jnroh* from
Oeo. I^'Abhe, on the arrritiridfi of In
romp*f!hllltr of rriT>»TJi r»Tt nn'l
dl*po«ltlfln. He «■■ iclven (MM vi
h» who «lv»n the ' ii•" '!>■ "' Mi- fhll
• • •
Henry Mi-Duff a -.m.f.r him
*»en rh«.r«e^ with #-riil>'-i7l«-rri.nt
h*vlnr In h!» [.'.«•..««' r, a typewrit
er he wa« to deliver to a nxrrhmt.
• • •
A warrant wa* thl* afternoon In
tin***! for Ty>ttla fain, an ißMinutca
man, '•hnrir'l h» John I ri'itl with
tOTKTT "i 'h» «mo«mt of $1,000.
Curiosity for Paris.
MTJrUDKV. MIM.. Nov, 17— O.
X ri#', of Ihla rlty, rfmimlnsloncr
from MlMi>f.|'pl '" ">' Pactfia rx
position In ifM, h** arrariK' '1 to M
rnre at the rlrht MMOO '.in.ii'm »••
-]»rt»<l full (crown rot ton oolln, to b*
mM at the I'arii •■position ''.• orlit
lr.nl Cotton fl< -i dnrklo, is «n>V«nir
Of the AniiTlrHtl Cfilton tStllMt.
The** will b* the nr»i cotton hnlla
ahtfpe<l abroad, nn<l fir*- i'«i.cct«l to
lie ,-"r.y *otisht l.v pt rpli who «»«
Amerlran cotton, I.in havo never
•etn It In It* natural furm*.
OBUmn O. Nor. IT.-Tt>er* I
will (><■ bMbM funny mliup* In the
ne«t •!.»!- convention*. THe r**jl|
of the .i~ii '. nf a we»k *«■" Tues
' day meant that Ih* vole of th r.tlei
, will be rut down In both parllea and i
I there Ml a) I rnrreufwndlnf In
ereaUM in th» rural "■uni;- ■
Ottet that hava> ha<] the larre«t
de>ira!lnna will have a amaller num
ber of rtelecatea than f-ountle* ron
| talntnc i.-«* than a third at many
p*i>pl*. K..r mint" tn th* newt
FVmorratlc ttat* wimilin. if the
j ham* of •- nt«lxvn in th- vote
of the ♦!-.'i..n Ihla fall, <u,<h«i
rounty will only hue IS a*aaaaM a
ln»a of S» Th* ltepubll<-ana will
. n-end la their ronventlon only forty
thre* aMaaa4aa »a acaln*t »my in
hast aummer.
In l.vi a» rounty ih* Iwmn-rii!!
I will • vA nn',y twelve d«te|ntea to
th* «tat. . r,\«nt..n in iit-i't.»i
I twenty-*ev«n laat tummer. \i •■
iromery and F*ranklln rnuntle* will
|o*e twft or three delegatea earh In
»»>th [.aril*-* In Hamilton rr>unty
the ri>tiwfil« win he «hr ar»»n del.
> K.it-« and the ItrpuMlriana thirteen.
- — - - - f^,
nAtr ruA^nr.. wi«. No*.' if.—
Tli- b.«ly of rapt. Much M.<lrai».
the rillam Wiarnnaln aoMler who
died at Manila from wound* receiv
led In a battl* with th* FVl|.|ni.« will
1«" hrourht to hi* home at Kan
flair* for burial Th» remain* left
Manila "11 the trnnapnrt /• -i! iii.l I i
Copt MrOrath. who had an envl
able record for bravery, waa wound
ed during a movement to rl*-nr the
rounlry Iwtwren Il«cro#»r and Imui.
A bfaee rtnnnn loaded with «■ rap
Iron torn .'li^i-.iiiri-d by the ln*urv*lltl
! ami an Iron nut »lri|. k dipt. Me.
lOrath in the thi«h Death M »up«
j-.«i..| t<> hay« ln-i-n .111- In r-ompll
cation*. M* » m taken after th"
little to a honpltal at Manila nn.l
entiled to hi* wife; "Wounded, left
thigh; ilnl worry." I^it.r h* died.
CRDAR llAflliX. la, Nor. IT
t'nknown partloa at in early hour
thla mornlna; dentroyed mm office i,f
Ihe Urban a Monitor hy dynamite.
and ™ few niln -. later lilew up i
I>. Hurreirit Kiiii-iiil Mii-ii'hnn.loK
•tor*, killing Clarence llurrell, who
Jumped out ■■< b«d nn henrlnir Iba
j flr»t exploalnn. llurrella building
nnd nl'ick. rallied at liii.ni.n, w.m n
j complete iim, h« Ii the Monitor anise
land plant, valued nt |-.»,.. Ther*
I in no cipw tn the perpetrator of Ihi
joiilrnK". Ilurrell'a mife, i ilnliiK
1 111,000 In ii.il.- nnd m .1 '«..!•> i nml
I t.'H.'iii'i raHh, bad not I" .I. tout I' I
I lii-ni-o revenje Ik iiurmlted In l.nvp
I btvn Hi'? i..'iliu for ... crlmi-.
Stoln Ravonun Stamp*.
NinV YoltK, Nov. 17. -Wurnli'k
J. I'rUf. lira,l !. Ik of Hi. policy .1,
lin. in ..f Hi Mutual I.it.. Inmir
inn i'i>ni|. my, «■■ unmd today
»n (ho i harm- of MMiißg mure than
|l(U»io unrth of n-vi-nuH »latii|>« J
A. Mrti. . hi. i.-,, tlf>»lf<r -it No 23
l.>!>»iiv mrof'i, \\n* .!!«■• .n t. .1 for
t■■■■(>. iiu; (hi* utolrn I lodl from htm.
j Th** MTMtI »■•!•• mi li- In Mr»'l''»
ii-iiv Vilm- ronft*libri* 41 Ihi'ft of a
KiMiif iii i dollar*' worn nf th*
• lami'i. bttl Mr.i.lr woul'l innke BO
flairmvnl. I'rlri- i ..I tirrn In (tie
•rnploy »f Ilii. Insure oca company
for two j c»i-».
McLean Leave* Columbus
COI<UUni7B. <>, Nov. IT.—John
I! Mil.< in wll |l< up hi* Iffinpur
»ry riniilPiHf |u-r» lomarrow, ll« U
In k» to «'Ui. liiiuill, i.ut ti " not yrt
n». .| it i mi for in- roturn |o \V«»li-
Infton. It I* r*pnrt«i that h« may
Ilk. up ii i<i*riniinrMt ?i-*)>lt-n« i* 11l
iii.. nlloll. 11l oii|<r In • ■ n— III"
■ t. .• k -,-. »b*g hr rutu fur Hi. I'nitnl
HI 11. » ■• ii.ii- 1,..ii i, ■■ > n«t a i. »;
.irnl of I'hi.
No Female Doctor*.
LONDON No* I. —The Marniila
of l«an*|o»n«, •■><rel»ry of m .!. for
war. ha* Mrllm a Irllrr In \l ■ -
Wail M It. Mho volunteered to t ■
!•■ M<>uth AM. a 4a a iiiv <n In
wtii< h ho Hti lint »hl.- n.- appre
..«i.« her offrr. he l» nut jirrparnl
at pre*e4it iti allow « ■"■ n 'I«h Uir»
«■> Join 11*«- form in the nelil.
A Tragady In Chicago.
CHtrA<»O. 111., N<»r. ll.—f*r.rn«-llu
- Cnrroran. a laborer. »h«>t .ml kill
' ■-•I three of hl> <hlldr«(i Ihl* m-nn-
Ina After fatally »'i ■■■i:m the
fourth hi- i'im..| id* wrapoa upon.
him*. ;f ait'l mini h - l,f<
l*»il ('orn<-liu* Corcoran; John.
**• I] Margaret, act * Kill. ««■■ I
FSttallr wounded: K»t*. a«e,| II
i! lull ago Corcoran a linln
lat»-r. t i-iii l.mu'si l.i hi* children. AI
j thr- lime II ¥■ urn m -1 he !■ * 1 given
I ihi.ni i; *• drug by M Ma.h 'I "i<
i«r».~»lln|| itrutrpil At 19 it . i" W a!
< • v ■ h'>u#*
MILLS idle
Two Thousand Men Are Out
of Employment.
CI.r.Vr.UAST>. 0.. Nov. IT.-ln th*
fac* of all thai ha* bwn prncUinie 1
• I |o Ih* I'r- »i »-r-«3|« • •♦■ 1 U. ti . f (h •
lln plat* trad* In lh« t'nite.l Ktj»t«-«.
1 th* aroaiina* fart e«mr* ?■• light lint
nf ih- 8* tiUnta controlled n Ih*
American T(n IMat* Comi-any, l°*
milt* »r*» »hut down. Th.a l« ■ iv * I
' to Ih# li-l.il ■ i| >■'!> nf I* plant*,
' •nil mean* > !•>•* to Ui»t of >.• n r
l:"l.'••' • month .la th* Irum nf l>.
--•»•• monthly tn ir^i. r.»t an 'ir>i >•-! i •
llvr ln\nißMgl it'l )••*■!■;» mil.
I! Mi* in |i>*t profit* It further
mritii ih- Idlene** of over LOW men
In th*- r- :;ir« •)■ . inn -nt alnne. anl
trinoundt mon in lh» other depart
In th* faro of ih ••<• fart* no »l«te
[ m**nt that la at alt adequate !■■ ex
plain th**** ••ton" I . MOtfltleM
.an h# a»rtire<l fr<>nt any quarter.
Th** workmen irlrrply point It th* i
ill* rnllta an<l r*ftr t- the i»Aice«
that th--y ar* trwlnff, th« tru>t p«ipl*
f»re«*TV«» ■ »;■*■ <■! ' k. »Uenre, «hll#
«''>n*umer* anil forrlcn manufactur
er*. h.n*r<! all »->f ' ■ nf ronjecturea.
HOIM '4 Mi"' 1 are |ii*u« . t' ■r.
b—f their refutall^n* ur>nn their
fare*. <>n* fa*t i!on# utan'ia <nii
Ike tlis in-tiilnt !■ Hi.) • r'"> i nn th«
nil in the hall of HeUhaitar. th*
mil!* *r- rip—d.
WAPiIUNnTON. D. C. Nov. IT.—
T-.- mo*l healthful i ••!■ in th«
fntte.l Htate* >•! year *•■ Mlllrn.
town, I'a . » »■.T-'Tf..- tl^alh rj' *'*■
le*a than urnl i«r ?:■.'!•'■ •! | ■-; i:.»
linn, while, bi • .r.llrtir |a the ".-re
reenrrt. rnrnplled hy Ihe marine h"«
--pltal iwrvlr* from reporta, Ihi- h «rh.
e»t <l*»th m'». 14 IT per tbOOMftd,
wma •chieve-1 hy Uverpo-»l. N. v
Thf p>i(iuut!'>n «f the»« i(i*n« l«,
h'ippvpr, only 12')*> rarh. . The m'»«t
heiitthful town In the country of any
ron*l<lernhle *If# wan II ■•>.• «tf-n<l,
li . a rlly of ten 'h ■■.!• i" I Inhahlt
!in'" th" <l lii '■"•• there !■* rt LTI
|>er th<lU>lnit. «;.-<■ nf ti>e|r<-[-<>;|i.in
rlt(««. the nvmt hi-.il'hy. Uppnrenlly,
tv Clev«l,iml. with « iirmh rate of
11*3. nn>l the moat unhealthy. New
<irlra.ni. with a .1 .n!i nit nf .(I. i
Lady Aberdeen Will Arrange
for It in New York.
NTSW V"FtK Nov. IT,-Wlth th«
r"rn!nte«» "f Aherrt'-en, nhi * illel
fnr Kpulnn'l thi* week '»n In* 1 <*am'
I m .». ih ■ li "'i In'tuitrh-a Amh<m-|.i-
Itoa h.iN bocofn* n fn't. I*l.l v \u
i-nlec-n rnme t<» N<-w York wllli Mm
Peter \Vhlt»- to make nrrnnci-mi-iiU
for .in Irish fair tn 1.. h-i 1 «t the;
\Vn|i|<irf■ AMorla next (prlni umlir
the ii«j.'. of hi r nrssnli i
Thin HKwirliilion *:■.» formed in
|iM ifi liinitt tlit* miinufiirtun-ii of
I lrt I • r.■ I I ■'.. itt l-i'lv Ahenleen'li
1 pr'»J#'« h^i- bMfl tc» • ►[ ■« n d#potj fur
th*» flnl«- nf wnrf» trifiiß* In Irelnnd.
Hr>efl«l t. ill i' in hi heen pnld t.i
women* work. Mm. l>lir While In
In rhnrg* "f one of her dfpntl In
<'hl'n«o. H|enklna; ol her »'■•. the
count?*! taidi
"Now I* the opportunity fur lh«
Irl»h «ork.-i«. The nklll of Irlxh tin
|»r( Ik h'-lnu iinin-icilly reromilK-d;
111.- currllf-n'<• of Irlnh hothlm la lie.
Inn , unlit. I Ho now In Ihe tlm* tn
Ki< In .1 n't win. lIHi thrnfiiro. wtinl
evr i" the lnoll«tr,V, |rt nn effort Hi
apnretl to pro'lui r the vory heat, tn
i take .i'l v.< 111 1 i-i- of ;i:l Inntriictlon fit
talnnbl'', to K'l III" l» I ilcblkiik, .ui'l
to |tn on. ... i il'ilnif Im-ILt mii.l bet"
ter work, un'l iloliik rvrry detail P<T
fi 1 11v. nml ik'li'llhk It off tn the unir
kft piirfectly rlrun unit perfectly
peeked, Ami 10 Hi. reputation of
trial) Induitrlei win become hixhcr
and htghfT and we phnii be pruudp^
»n<i prouder of liuvluk anything to 1
i il.j with llicim" I
Reported Violation of Interstate Com
merce Law With Arrests
in Prospect.
Th» Iran* • mnllnrntal ul< war
ofTi-ra Bom* fiplry drvrl<iprtivntl tt>
day. II In »l«l | nn r< Itnlil" aulhor
iiv thai iii.- agrrtta «r i?, Northnn
Pnfinp havr ovrratr|>i>o(| th» ulrlr
!i>'i.» •■( Hi. Intoi «mi.- rnniuwTi**
law anil mad* 1 turn— |vn aii-liatltr
to i i "i«- -ut i >n In ihi- murta Hival
liiM*a, throiiMh their t«-|ir«-»riitatSvra,
caught on to id. h.nn i. r of the N
I*. ml writ Ik» »"i,. fnrih i hit ar
r««l» may I" r»i-.'.i, l within i*
' h-'iitp
A. i i in i; In thr law mill.la art
iibHiiil tn notify Hi. int. i ttaii dim
rnrrre mmiaatoa ID ilaya In i I
\.iii.r, tx.forr rhaiiKltil ratr*. I'ur
lliK lhr |T>»cnl war Ihr n>n(rn'lln«
lid.■• iiiv. avulilni thla i>rovlao by
miking all »*1« ■» thrnurh outltdfl
broktra. Th* Ullrr w«r* alluw«l
Th" Tnunir Mm* Chrtdian m
. iiii ii l> vniagixt In a tnn«t t>ral»
worthy ritari thai .f t/lla<Mp<lAg la
«li>* MM th* lar^o .1»lii that h>a fur
>■>!• i>"n h«l.(-l>v OVrr It. Till*
.1»l.( amount ii. |ja.v<m, Nrr.l.J im
prnvrrnmta in |>ut lh<- hull I n« an I
nrnna In pmi*t cnmllimn to hand*
ih~ crratly rnltri'l »nrk of In* ••
-i4ii.il riwinlrnl tnorr. tnak i.s a
imal of I". ■•->.
T. H l.iirr. on* of the dir^lora.
atnl f'irm»rl)r iriin«l «nrr!«ry of
th» iMxiation, ma 4» a v»ry »#n
#roua ■'fT'-r lo lh# hoard nt A\r*rtan
r'>rU'.i*. I 1"* -lr-\ 1> <- »ti»> llA.Odn
«*» Mb* f >.'■•-! on or t.rf-r^ I"- .l«
--r>* r I. TTi» |»r^|i*i«itt«>n a* taken
up b> lh«> b*»ard with t>r*l rkrnrat*
n-•• and ihrri* «a» niMw^d amati4
ih* It nirmh'it of i!i- board * total
• r i.» «•>
Th* «••■■«.ittt-in "'■• atka tho t*n
rTAl |>uhll<- lo lak# up th» , --I wnrk
an.l aut»rrtt>* th* mnala i« I! .<■•>
Th» director* hair ni>i h*»n MM
•Met th. » put Ihr'f »h 'tiM<r» to lh<
• h«fl. • ivl ti«\. »rruf»-l nut*Klr «üb
•- f!| !! >n# snwTuntlntf in ll.ffiM. |r«v
ifni only ll.'"«> tn i~ ralwd i»Khii
n>« and I'".-m).»r I.
Namra nf mv. >:<imi to ihr V m
C. A. fund: T. n U|fT J. M •'■ltnan
• Til* (ln»nr» rommlttr* of ih» rlly rnuifll fln!»h"1 It* work •
• on \tr ta« l»vy \\»ih»»i»v nl»ht An th- raaao auditor • >■ ft
* \rry mi • In hay» th* r.-n l»vy (.»«••<■ 1 Imm' !'«"<-lv. a >|»f|»l A
A r-»:.-. t iiijt ■■'. «li. rounrll i ii ■ «M—l la»t nl«ht. mi *hlrh th* r»|..irt A
• »i« ad'>pt»d, an 1 th* ordinance i »wl through all ihrf* read- A
* .!>«• mi I<t .ii«i-ri»l..n nf th» rule*. •
• i '."in. man Savin ro(Md a i ml. »1 a«aln»t a low v\ v ml •■■ *
• I !>>i,..l hla *<ii» for lh> MMMI by aaylna; (hat h* h. i<.l it ft
* would hrlp iff- lahorrr*' men. +
* Th» rh»ir. b»f<w» a>l)ournm*nl, i.«"k n«-ra«lon I* thank th*> *
• »»ntl»m»n tif lh» flnanr* mtnmutrr f"r ihrlr )lm» «n<l l«tw>r. Mr •
• Jamil, "f lh» nntmniH, Ihankct l*lty Comptroller Tarry for hU ft
ft ••■ •i»n. <• In |-r>|i^rinir th- I#TJ A
• !■-■ :■■!!>- iiimiiurl—<. lh* rommllt** r«-i-.rt«-d th» follmrtM »!- *
• l''Hm>. an'l !»vl#« in ni*-*-» thun: ♦
ft i ;.-n. t.il fnii'l. J.i '«»i, water run<l, lr.;.'»«. rlly park fnn.l. HI ft
ft '■«'. L.t.i .iiv nil »: "•■■". hlryrlo r»a<l fiiip-l. II ■■»•. .mnrat fun.l" ft
ft MUM Your '"ini!'lM.»> autMnlt* a vu'iimary <>fan .•'-nut. of A
ft thi* Inborn* ..tt«r ih.'n ih<- i:»\ l>T|f f"i ''«■ m» ".»1 ><nr !>■». •
* •m'»tinlinc 1.. !'»4*.9lft 34. If avlnff amouni tn (*•« !r\i. I fr>r ix|. nn* A
• of Daral year !»••■ |:i;:U M lioiOr la priHlur* IMI ■ 1111 111. It A
ft will he rr «<'^« ir >■ to imk« A l*vv of nln<* rnllla "ii all pi i- i• i In* A
* in.L.l within I lie old llmli*. an 1 nf mm ant on* halt on all A
» properly Iw.n I»-1 within the n*w llmio. th* rat* tor r>rh fund •
a being .i» fnllnw*: a
A (Md N«w ft
ft Kuti<iß ' ' l.uniin. I.lmlli. ft
« Mill- Mills. ft
• . . <l»n*ra! fund M 7 I«7 *
• library fund JO .10 *
• i"ily i ">> f'iii-1 11 ,|j *
ft Inli>rr»i funda— £
ft Wiilrr work* and fewer l> >n>l», I' 1*) ... ,»2 ... A
ft rand Ins iK.n<U. mi , t\ ... *
ft Judctrfnt romila, 1*93 It It *
ft <l<-ni-ral Imnda, 1«92 IS .11 *
A \\ i'■ r lK>nd». 1«»1 15 ,j| w
• i lading bnnda, ISM first Mrtw . 13 ... *
ft dim bondtt l"l' 1. p»- n.| »t-ri#*ai .. 19 .3) A
ft B»w»r innni'l bund*, IMI 01 .OS A
ft Hf*fr bond*, IMU j» 19 A
• Total rat* • (00 TJI A
• Your rnmmlttf-r <v>nrM*ntly r*rr>mmrnda ihc adoption "f th* a
ft ahnvo report. i „ vim that it will fully prerM* f<n th» propi-r a
ft »X|iinata of •>. oily. It ha« b*M 'irciii.,l Bawl* and unn*c*a a
• nary at thin I m. to r.i -• Ib* rutc of?«xntlon fronj thr v«-ry low *
ft l»vy of laat ypar. which Ima provcl In t.c ample, *■ In shown b] A
ft Ihf f«rt lh»t a rnnh liilin. ,■ 'i go »n| |„. .in:. I over A
A in ih. funda lo apply nn n<*t year'a r«|>«naoa." A
An Unusual Burial.
■WIM.IAMHPOKT. Pi . No* 17.—
I, .1 Hhrffrr. of thin nty, i., I ii car
rlf'l out the unique 'lying wl"!!"* of
a frlirnt. « in n he ronveyM the body
of Wurman FteM, In an open ««Knn
ami nlotie, 10 mil-» overland '■• a
remetory hire, »n«l mi* the body
eoneliued to a (crave.
Crazed by Philippine Heat,
WAHIMNOTnN. D C, Nov. 17.—
Klrvi'n milillrra mifforlntr with mi n
1,1 ■! . >.!!-,»*. who i .|\ "■ He. I) arrvlcn
in the Phlllpi irtfi brought tf>
thlH <liy i,-i nlKht unit plan I in It.
Kllxiilirlh'H lloipttal fur the ln»«n>.
Their condition i« due to the Intent*
tirnt of thi> tropli .Major I-' : iii r, a
volunteer aurgfun, under hoe»
chnrup (h»j wen liroiiKht la thin
I country, miya thai they will rroovc
lin thin climate with proper Iftat*
■MM. .._. '__ V „!;■
(liberal ■v.imml«»ton» " whlrh ft"-*
*|i|lt with I'M' " nci-i.fllnn toonl'ra
rc<vivr<l from «h» l««-al tli*a»t i.mi*f»
Th« "< •>ninil»ti>li»," "f enure*, w*r»
ral»<<! 11l nllKimil IV lh» i.<llwn»«.
•■ III" r**tucltnn In ral>-a lnrr»aiw<l
All thla »aa l». Imi.-nlly "Hi ii Hi.
llmlla. *llh'>u«h i.■■! mi-..r'tlii» loUM
• plrlt of III* law.
l>urlMK Hi.- I .■! '-<• Ihv> rl«>«»
■ran ii Ik' h»#n -i ■ "ii Hi' North
ern !•«•!«« l>>' rival r<.«.l». Th» '•' ■
t»r rl»im eoiuiu«v# »vi<lrnr* iliai N.
I' .«• ni. In «hl» «Hy vai.ila>
bolilly •'■!'! r. -I■•• -.1 i.ii.- Uck»ti '■•
l'hh»K'> ntrr Hir ' mUhl' I. WilhOUl
ii .> B« r..ni|.ll<-.| With lh» law inlni
in tat • 11..1 .•- A* Boon «a thi« f•< i
■■ ,ii■■ ri '.i,m. il a »»rr»l iiKfltn* "'
Hi-- oppoaltloa «v bald, to roncutt
«nl male* | r. i«i«tl"n« tor arrriili.
A »rn»«llun«l outcorn* In i<r»<llcted.
[A J»on». rt»r\t* I>»nny. A * l««i-
».ll. J. A Moor*, fnlftn Kiwirlr
Co. Dr. J. H K»«l»»-n, \V. 1> «■ •m
--rr. O. A. in. •■ 11. <• Rwlnir. Mr»
: Uanti. tVlan4 («i»-n< <-r PtafUrtVanl*
Mutual lJf» ln»ur«n. «■ <*'>. Juiih • A
• •athrart. W. II !• • > A *. Allen.
Ja« l'uii»»>. 0 WT, K«rry, C. 11.
lUhn, Th"Kiat Ilurk*. J M I-nnat
Ira A. J!-,>n*.r Fi»l Wrl«ht. Oto
(•«rl»r. i:»t»ii Hmllh. I»utl>. Aii»u»
tin* * To. Mr rhiUbo*. !■/>»•!i W.
Wand. ».<i««m Hr»<lr. Jno. M^r'".
C. >■ *tin», .1 C, Hi ll J. P. K-llr
Juiln> M maid M D rurn«>, W.
II Vion -■ I" i. All*n. A. U r«<lt*n.
J A. O«iuM. lloniMT * rllmil' O#*
K. Ki»ii»t». A lUmMck. Mnrsn
llpo* Co, Jad(* lUllin*»r. rr«»fnr<>
* Connvvr. r. K. Klravr. J. P. lUri.
m»B. D. A ■;»!.> Kv»r«ll Mntnn.
Wm. CallMMßil I>r. K. C Kltlwurin'.
IViirr llorlf>n A <••■ bank. A ll»n
--»»n. llnr»i> Cornpmn. A. W. NVl*an.
J T II MM I- J. r,irn.r J. I Mr-
MHUn Mr K«H. Jiitih OIbMS. I»
11. Kln«. K. •>!! Nu«»nt. A Fri»n-1.
II ii Ttini *..n. J. I» M»<-r*r>u«»l. J
W. rr>« y l. MPAIU»I»r. A. Hob-
Inarm. l'r "' A. H-lin. •. Jam-> C
Thornton. 0 T. K»lw.
Total amount pUp<tK* to Nnv. mh-r
l«. |B "-'I ♦» *
Civ* Young Men a Chance
OinCAQO, Nov. J7.-Jt.hn 11. ■* i
man ha» tendered hla remsnallnn an
president of the I'nlon si.« ky.ii.l-
Company, to take effect January I.
For thirty-four yeara Mr Sherman
liih heen an officer of the corpora-
Una and for *1 yeara of Dili time It*
•lir«" tliirf K*'fihlH.
"I Hunk It la I in. to give the
young in" • chance," he unlit.
Swore He'd Kill Croker.
NEW YOIIK, Nov. 17.— , mi, . .i
■worn enemy of Itlrhard Croker,
whom he >«■! »V( n attempted to kill.
John i'.imiiiiiiikli now lira lUml In
Newark, N. J.
Hi» r.iiiiim out with the Tnmmnny
Ii ii, i \vn« .in- to the tatlun to rim
.i contract! which he claimed ruined
him and drove him to New Jersey
to X"l .i».i>' (i "in III* pclltloaj mci
i mli... , j
— - - »
Estimates Riven on all classes of work
300 -... s . Star Paint Co.
_». it might be i greater thing than
r~w~r^TM|tH'rt-' shown, but large or small,
"S LimidsMftff* • ■■'• have it <>ur PRICK is moil r
and you KNOW It. Better get our price before buying
GOON HMOS.. 1117 Second Avenue.
Groceries, Wines and Liquors
602 Plk* Strut. c»r»»r Fifth. Phoa» Ura.a 784.
On hand a fine line of whiskies in bulk and bottles as fol
lows: Monogram Ry», Canadian Club, Oscar Pepper,
Burke'i Irish. Hurke's Scotch. Mcßrayer Bottled lv Bond.
etc., etc. H- MM •-y and Martel Brandies, l-rcnch Cordials
in I Imported (iin. ———-
«™ ___jsl DANGEROUS neglect OF the ErE
1 1 __» •*, x "*v 71.. v ..•! «rn«mr. utj.n of •»•>•• !• t»« l^^r. '« •!•••<
l£»T VT[F*t 1 mi, v.m i> uw bn i« "t »iul»' * ","^t
f*f>.b ™Jjsl)^i\ lui.,uli».nl lot iu««i*a«il<>a »l»ou' «•»••"
* it. li.ay i.trnaoLK. OpticiM. n• fu»« *»*
. — ——————IH =
mi km.wlhc value of ======= niHI-HSclmß to old
w , W en r ieased cu s - ANOTHER II m'thods « «r ttm«
ff , „,,,-r, and nrvr, in J 1""* ""' U the.r customers' mon
himhv.y. until he v DIFFERENCE •>• «1 "Men let them go
pleased, so that he may -"" ■ „ - away displeased and de
i, .1 his Iriends and thus S!ll1irl TlllOTilf CO. nounce them to friends,
our trade crows. 1012 Third Avt. ' '
m-£S*fßt^m. f ~V_Bf«_i^__B <•'"•'• •'• • •'-•' •'1 w "'•••"< l'«
•TS- B^^^P^ 9 tliiuii Ail tftori til nlr«":ii» «r*
x!^Vi.»«j?V ~_^3SIHF miimuil tr <»< UtMt •citodAe
OH AS. O. HOLCOMB, Optlolan, £if»-»IO Burl<« Bid
■ __________-^ — ;
1 Walla Walla Addition |
! Denny-Blaine Land Go. 1
- Dexter Morton Hank Building. g
Retail trade supplied by our wagons. S C u rfce* ar« good.
Retail Ira h .an-iieJ hy our wn^onv
I 1008 Second Avenue. 222 Pike Street
We Arc OflTcrinn One
#We Arc Offering One ffatdes
of the l'inot Lines of
Gems' and Ladies' Watches
X^^V^ And at the Very Lowest Prices.
Jewelry. Diamonds. Ladies' and Gents' Chains
7<>l FirM Avenue Jeweler
The Life Your Shirts
Depends largely upon the laundry. It's worth while takln
a little trouble to find out which laundry does the most carefo
woik. Those who have investigated employ the
Sixth and Pike. Tel. Main M Palace Steam laundry
■ ■ Engine and Ship Builders j
5 LUMBER Mill - 1
No 7— V. In IHHTiiN I!ANI> SAWS fill
No l> »-2« In I»1HTON HANK UWI ISO
No •■ .■« .n nitmN HANO HAWS tl.oo
ilANl> AXES TOO to »'**
Kull tin* Hnllny l'l«n<-». *t i*ro prlc<.». Many muHtlm In Hi- tool line.
1331 Second Aye. GEO. H. woodhouse
Popular Cafe for Gentlemen j
Occidental Aye. and Washington St. * i
Anil I A Of the Highest Artistic merit made to order b >
(■ill 1 I V •' first-class workman direct from Chicago.
ll! LO Art Furniture & Lull < <>.
m ■»■—■—"■—■ lion Th | r ,| \T<>.opp Trl«|<hnn« n.iiuiint.
STilil ,* W1...
g * O In the cellar.
8 wu uuvt?d qifpp I West's Ale, Porier and Stout
Sj Tit, niiVrin OlJ&Iir |i tv,,, k<- PP untll w« « na improvt v
'. ->^w^« % flavor •* la Kt t« oldrr.
Barriniton's Dm. Store § ?-'" t*' bt? i »in «
6 fc • S One-quarter barrel, 11.00
8 l^or. Second and PiUc SL „ ,
fi »! n»llvrri><l to your home. Mall you*
{i "I'hono I'lke 82. order tv Writ A Co., or 'l'Jiont ta
NO. IfS.

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