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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, November 17, 1899, Image 2

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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"^^"^ t-. \\. Wins « 1.0., I'l.HI IMII ks
l»cry Allrrn.iiin I >or pi Sunday T*l*ph»n* Pill* l!»0
k. II ">■ mnt ■ • a. ¥, i Hank, MMkni ¥««»»•«
I'no trni »ar afM . ill r#m« |«r «ra«. m «.hii Btt ivitu |«r i.u-uiu d»litai««l itr
g all "f rarrlara. S»» lrr# .<t ».*• _^^^
Iflltnrlal ((»•>■•■• .i..l Hu.li!«••« <>«r. , , , No, IIUI I 1.1r.l 1..11.1.
I i» tf ii *t it ma i ..«i.,r>.. at rraltlr. w a»ltlit«»Bl«n,i#coli«l*la»t m.H»r
Ptiritifj Ui<- '-a 1 »!fhll«« the City of flnrlnnall wan In Ih* clutch of
a lirapr rat* gang of rrltnlnal*. ninny sf " ••". wot* polhN unlforma.
l.'lrrllon* ««r« a f.m», hanmt ..■'.Him i.rinii driven l> .l.llv from th»
folia, mi.l ballot box*a itoUn 11..|.1-U|.a. robtx lira, and tnurtirra wrr*
iim mmum, Junta «r«rt justT)o4 ami '■ 111 rrfua*d la con.
Mil .'time »*.«|it""l in ni<(*r« In Ihr IM( of I-. .n.
Th* r*«'Pl» ro»« up In th'lr misht. Ttmuaanda MMI nun* am! "
vc>l»»ra and maneh»d ii| .m (hr 'iirih,'!*.- and Jail, ntatvtln* la lynch a
number of eftictala and ITfprotaett4 nutr<lrrrr». Hkl rollltla Ma* tall*d
out, and a bloody battl« «n»u<-.| ovrr li» p»r«>>na b*IM klll*d and
woundfd., ,Th* covirthoua* »aa hiirn^.i i.. th* ■r»un.l «'rlin» c*aard '•
domlnat* th* city, hut th* |>i:.<- |«i,l for Immunity »«» frightful.
Thr city of sr«iti.- m following b thr I Maaa of rinclnnall. Ciim
mala ar* rriurir th* uppvr hand Bunco mm. thlrvr* an.l thuga walk
th* itrr<Ha baldly. Th* pollr* drpartmrnt M hyrnoturd. Th« attUook
la dlimal.
What foollrtn*** Ml thl»t A rorr»*pondrnl auggrata that «r«n!.
■houhl orgmntl* » company of 101 lni p*>l* guard* ll* donn't MaM to
know that th* o«;-.«lalur» haa mule no prorlalon for aurh a military
organtiallon. ■ • ;
Th» country pap«r» ■!• brglnnlng la '•" about th» lotrm not*. ■»•
war* afraiM of thl* calamity. Thrr* In aa Irlllng »h*r* th* troublrt
Into which w hay* b**n i MP ! «r» going to »top. __________
Tncl* dam may thank hi" lui-ky MM lhat hr did not hay* th*
n»*r» to fight Inatrad of th* Spaniard*. TaMM African Putrhmrn •'■
not app*ar.to h»v« , ona'irrr.l ihr | r..%rrli that 11. who fight* and run»
away will live to fight anothvr day."
Th* Northern Pa. fir owna two and a half mll*« of th* wat*r
front of Tarotna Man anybody hrr» an Ira that th* City of Pr.nt,>
>«4na<l pr«»prrlty by turn ownrrihlp?
Rrglttratton fraud*, with a th-.ui»anit profraalanal rrooka In town
may be >«p«fi*4 next January. A diahoncat rtrctlon will fo!low.
Report of th« Quartermas
tar Gnnaral
WASHINGTON, r> C. Nov. «.—
H*\»rai matter* of particular Inter-
Mt lo the entire- Pacific tMM art
touch*"! upon In th» innml r»i->rt
•f tfce «im,termi«t»r-«»nrr»l «f lb«
•rmr Atid* (ran th» work »nl Mi
l*n!l!urf> of thai d'f.nrtniml on
the l'«-:f)«- coaat, much «tvhc» >• ■'"
•Mat to tb» army »r«n»i»>rt »«rvif»
In th* I'hUlpploes «nl at M • .!u!u
ar* all tak*n up •- w .••r.i
Th« «rrr mion (or mil t«ry
ro«!« mad* by tb« l»»i concrtM ntn
t»:r»l pro>v!*lon hr th» ! •' nxrra*
r«ntaln*d |f»»M >n far FVirt Hi»»»n».
Or.. U*cn<nia "Itlurr" an4 Marro«r>
•ton* I'oint. Wilt, and ttu quarter
mtMTi drp«rUneat has apportion
•d to ir»M po*t> the . "<lnit
■MM: Tort .li*\»n« Ii« V> .Max
r.oiu Bluff. 115.* V and >f»rr>«.i
Point. 141.ru. A' Tart st»vm« bar
ra~lu are b*lr,t r<>o»ir»ft«l for two
batter!** of artillery, at MaiTow
•ton* Polot-for one batterjr. In ad
dition to tlleae prortitnna. there IM*
been %¥>.tm a«allabU for the new
poet near As>"kan*. . rmpoaala were
!nT.t»l for the construction of one
double barrack and one double «-t
of officer* quarter* there, •>»! »win|
to the treat rUe In the price of ma
terlaJa and .»»».r, the lowest >>: 1 in |
much In rtrrmm of the amount appro
priated, and the controller of th-
IMHM} having ItW' 1 that th'
•p*<-lal appropriation rruM not be
■upplemeßted by th* ctneraJ apprn
pTUtlooa. It m deemed bed t" re
ject all bl It rerr)ved. and to #rrrt no
more buU<llnc* until contort* ha I
appropriated »o3lcient mon-r for
the purpose.' Tor road*. «ralks and
rro*»;rr» nowever. there wan allot
ted from the amount available t»«">.
A Milalav-tnry all* for th* art.l
l*ry In <-o»n»rtloi) with th« adopted
proj*ct fir ■•«.ro««t d*fcn»* haa
t>**n a-quired «t ir>tn->n Point.
w»«h.. and It la *xp*ct*d thai proper
tit!* will anon b* acquired..
At th* b*«innlna- of th» lad n*cal
ytar lh*r« war* II *-»«••:■ aadir
»h«rt»r fir **rrlr» on th« Pacific
or»an tranaportln* tronpi «nl »up.
pll»» to lh* PhUlpptn**. D'ir!n»t ih»
fiscal y*ar IS otb»r »*'»* l« wtrr
chart*r*4 for <»r\!" on th* l'*-.ltc
oc*an. Th* total amour.l paid dur
lr.« th* laat fl»«al y*ar on account of
r»a**la r^art»^•^l on lh* Paelflc wat
1J.40.0VM ' i
Th* fall «»»»^n ha» h**n a prnflt
•hi* on* fir th* fUhtrm*n at flray'*
harbor. Ti>* aatMn and gflln*tt*r>
hay» profit*<l mfr»t Th* trap m»n
ha-» a* a rule. loo' rrwn«> Th»
United Rtatri •n|rln**r In chare* of
affalra on tha harbor d*cl«r*l 'hi
pr*a»nc« of •>•(• lit-moatl .|«ralitl*a
to b* a m*n*«a to th* ahlpplnc and
th* trap fl»h»rm»n «<-r» ■ »hat out
of th* b*at flahlnir «riun'l» At nth
*r points th*tr trap* m« l» small
A D. Boardman. d#puty Dah ton
mtaalon*r, who hap rrlurtifd rom a
trip to 'ir»y'» harbor, a.iyn th* fluh
buyer, hail >p*nt •ken! 140,000 tut
flan b*tw**n Aucuat 24. th* »p*nlnic
of the fall a*a*nn, and M ■■ -•• ■ ■ ■ II
the day h* left. AH th,« money rr>*a
to the n>h*rn)*n. Mi Hoar-Irian *■•
tlmat*a moch HN lar»»r portlnn of
It waa divided among 'he ae.nrra
Th« He»tt!e Nt«»boy»' union will
hold their annual mn«Tiifr,i-l« hall
and mke-walk In the Armory tomor*
row evening Th* Interior of th»
hull h«« b*«n handnomrly <l»r"or«twl.
There will lie Itid worth of prl*»»
awarded far th'.btut ianeem. ion
lumn, etc. •
I«r> ItUWe, a Waahlncton utrrot
naloon keeper was yll^r iiy ar<|ull
t»»l In JiKite f'«nn'« court of th*
rhar«' of k»<-p.ri« rJ»i pajlann open
nn Hunday. July 23. Only ihr •■•■ of
th» all Jurorn «ummnn*4 were (pr^ii
enl Thf>«t wre J. W. Allen John
T. nanil ami F. I. Jarobnon Th*
Jury re'urneii a verdict of not
(tuliiy after being out for five mln-
Articles Stolon and Wood
work Slashed for Relics.
B<»««Tr>N. M»«» . Nov. -Vandal*
!n if-' 1 •hr« m«!«-«r«..l )r*aiiT'la>
on f>*w*y'* flasthlp tn* CMympia,
whi*b !!-• out of r»mml»lon at th*
navy yard dock* and •• • r»aull «ia
llors ar* no t.-n«»r allowed on l->»r I
li «r«» <-l»»rly d*mon«trai*d |TMl*f
day 1 "at r»»p*ctabl» »|-f«-ar«nc« l»
mat »!»a>« a warrant of h n«»!»
for. although Captain J..hn».in »a«
ran-'. to «i«» !•.»•»•'• only la thoae
«N ap(warr<l to tw i. li»h!<-. tb»r»
«ii M murh lakrn from th* *hp
that M *11l co«« ">' rn*»rnm*nt a
k't-I -I*! to rotor* what •••
Ivrlun a hun<tr»4 p«>pl» w»r» on
boaM ti't«'»n morßln* and nlth',
an I lh- danvut* thry .11! will
amount to many dollara t»r capita,
K»ya »fft »lal»n from door*. dt>k*
and lo»k»r». K*ya ■».•• ir»r<rr»-!
and wh«n lh*y ray* out bnlta «»r»
<ak*n. than !.>.r knnba. and at lait
i*(knlrrt »»r» brought Into artion.
and th« loon and oth*r woodwork
ala«hr-l and chlrpf«l for r»llra
Th* looting rnW with rrm of 1-
Incli <-*!>>. !.-•!• ma<*hir>#ry an 1
iMlla. TTwjr ar* • itiltr!ii» at th*
yard «li»r> If »•• pM>|>> *to**d th»
m*m*moa on th»ir liir*- Admiral
itwmpvnn i»«u»l or t»r« that no on*
b» allowed pats** to th* *hlp till >h*
•■I r!*arrd of *«>rythln<. HUH th*
vt*tlr>« »l*m*nt ronllnu*d to •tonn
tb* offlr* of th* captain of th* yard
today, and rrtltMaJ th* uaual aav
• ( f*«llB« at twin* rr."n»» 1 [•••»■
Chicago Broker Missing
r.Nvri.i.r. m • n..v i: -I> B
William", a wealthy CMaafi (rain
brokfr. haa b**n myntrrloualy m ••
inar for th* laat l»n daya. Kv*ry
train arrlvlna' from O>lcajti and HI.
Louia baa b«*n m*t by hla w|f». whn
M h*r*. anxloualy awaltlrc h-a com
in« f»fi» brllnrra h* haa m»t with
foul play. H» waa h»r» thr»* w»»ka
net, and whon hr 11 1 rri *"-*! to CM*
ra«o he promt»«J to -m» back Im
mediately after Iranaactlnc *om*
tmporlanl bualn*«a.
R<>(«SI^AST>. n. C, Nov. 17.—Th»
Ml lumlxr rnmWt* *Hl«-h will prar
llrally control th* mlllln* tnt«r*«tt
if v\»»i K-»t>n*|r anil Iht M»• .il
«rr "-ounlry haa Juat h**n ln«-'irp»>T
at*<1 with I ra,[4tal of IM.M II
mill inrlii<]» »l*lit mill*, harlnc «
dally rap«rlty of ov*r MO.noo f»»;.
and th* tlmb»r r»a*n*a b»hln>l 'I
ar* totlmated at nun nnn f*»i.
lx>ula Mlu*. P. O»n*!l*. I'idim I'ou
[,■>[» antl A. fn»h*r ar* th* barkcra
of th* n*w corporation, which will
b* known a« th* Yalr-T'olumhla
|jimb»r company. Th* h*ail tflcN
will »>»• at f»r**nwno<).
"There will r* no rala* In th» (in.
of lumber," M 1 Mr. Mine, la «lla-
DM nt th» altuatlon. "The con
• ■•I! .tl'-n la rhl»fly to i.erfe«-t our
f*rll [.«•• for mir»|»lylni' the publlr,
nn'l « •■• to "• ' tire ' iflMitlty In man
agement Will the mill- op*ral»il
«>•[ ■ itely, It In often a difficult mat
ter to maintain MpptlM With lh»
i ->mtilnatlon. earh m II will he In it
[xinMlon to help any of the 'hera
In » plnrh. and the mull will be
(real «■!vantaiM all around.
Th« All Henllle football team no
to Tasini* tomorrow to play the
f'uyallup Indiana. Th" latter have
Improved mnrh alftci the enme In
thin city. The AII-H<atlli-» have be»n
worklnic more of late, anil «'a|.t Al
len dm put ronnlderahle (timer in
th« line. II al ouM lie a lively cam'-.
The l'nl\'r"iiy of WmihlnKton
play wiimin'K Dualnea* <-ollrjrt to
morrow afternonn at the V M C. A
Wllaon'ii have a r(i 'I team In the
| fl'l'l thla year. The \nr«llv hoy"
have ma.ie vnut Improvement Ik>lli
In line work and arnonK the hark*,
'lurinif the Ptial two viek« They
will .-.in up k .lifferent frame than
their laai.
Thanlua-tvina the D of W. play
Whitman for tf« atate champion
' i nip iii mil city.
He Made a Full Confession While 111
to William Rigler.
The Sensational Story To d by a Cape Nome
Miner Regarding the Slayer of Mil
lionaire Amos J. Sneil.
# Will!* Taa. ..II Kir lung-huntrd ruurd*r*r <>f V,,,... I Hnrlt, .» *
• working ■■ ,i mil" r aonn»« hrr* In Alaaka Thin l» III* alury that *
• ■ 'm«-» from «"«|i» Nnmr. and It la told with ao muth corrotxiratlva *
• .Irlall* thai ,|-|,■.!.».» Who (, ,i (lUillnl Itio (■*** aeirpl II .- 1.. a,
* li( true, t>iirln* the rlcvrn yrara ilmt Tumult n,- tn-rn In (1.1.UK •
* many «il<-«r.| cl»wa, hnw l»m Offarsd th* txjltrr, but In n<> In- *
• *l»no* ».i» th* rvhtrn.-r *» illrnt a ii,i runviiii liik aa tliut which a
* la nnw arnt from th* «uM I •<,,■, in the »\i|«« N-.rnr dlalrlrt. ♦
• Ittnort of th* iMlni "f T»«iiill la madp by William I: > ■ • *
• ■ miner, «l\i ha* latrly i,li;rn. frmti Cape Nome. on* nlnht •
• laat fall a man 100 111 la arork »«. n i into Itglrr'a <»hin He *
• gr»w wnrw rapidly, and. lin-l.i i tl , firm imt>r<-a»|i>n th.it b* w»a •
• dying, lh» alrangrr null.. «ii«t h.- itippoMd •> .- a .1. »i1>1..-.| con. •
• fflllon ll* Mid that hla namr Maa Taarutt ....I Oat f.ir rlevrn •
• yr»ra h» had b**n In hiding from th* Chicago |<"lir«\ »hn want- •
■ »d him for ihr inur.iT ..r ma* J. Hnrll i.f thai illy, ii. futilur »
I • Mid that at that I m. Hi. r. had hrm a i. ■ n I of iM.nm fir I. < a
• captur*. In lh« hnp* «f rarnlng- «til. I, drtrrtlvra i. .■! viaitrd all a
! • parts of (>■» world. "Thry n<-*»r «■>! nrar n\-. boxrvcr." Ihr •!■ k ♦
• man *!Ir I "h»i"»un I «a» In In* Inlrrior <if Ataaka all lh<- limr. •
• and nobody Ihouaht of look mi f,.r m* ihrr» " •
• Ta«.-f>it «•>•■ man» parlliulara of thr i.v ' on Hn«ll'a bnuw-. *
• «hl"*l rn.lM In lh«> mil! I--t Of In- n»..| rnilllunalro. a».l told bla •
■ •! TV In • manner wblrh ••»n*in t r^ hit hrarrm that h» *n» U» *
• ■•« hunlfi man. f»ali»n<-.| that h* „„. c-> i.« la .lie, .■■ I lhat no •
• coot] <-<.iil<l lie •' i-nm|.lli>li- ! by arn.liits nut an . ».ii»rr >■ ■.'. t!i« *
* nr«a .1 Ih* lias, Hi* M ■>. Ik - ..■•.,!..n >i-.- k. i i !'!.■ tuatlrr •
•■ qultt A (** <lay» aflrr the rnnfraaion «■■ mil'- Ta«.ll >:.. > *
* »u4.l»nl>f b*tt»r. II • > «i mw thai tlin.- «a* a rhan<« f..r !la •
* recovery, but .Id not put him un.lrr «uar-t. aa hr »v •nil ap- •
♦ i'*r*nily |ne ««-»li lo m«k# any «it«riipi la rv»t^ Th<- nrst J»y •
* T«ar«M «raa mm ni having Irft mo <-am|> In lha miiJtln «<f tin •
1 • n «hi *
• lt!sl*r ml hi* partr.rra at r>ni* look thr trail an<t •• <■• word •
# to all Ih* ntarby minlnir MBPr, i,,, •• .»;■! cri .... trar* of ih* a
• muni man It wan plain that hr had not takrn f f>. ■■ In any of •
* th* mlninc *ftll*mrnta h'i.tik ih,. „ „r ;<• t■ .- nrar.by |nt*Hor. •
♦ <'Ip» Norn* la or the araroaat. on I aftrr * i.'lim fruttlraa arnnh, a
• ltl(l*r <nl kit fallow iral.rra >-•.., r>..- .nn i.- ■ I lhat Ti> ■" hat •
* mad* hi way nut to ••-» In a HMD i->.»i an I !■■.«: I. I a»>ini> i >•• •
♦ in* whalrr or tra>llnk- vmmti bflund for the Arctic ll' would a
• hardly run th* rlak of rrmalnlnt; In Aiaaka. »nm n • iIOTF « •» •
• known all ovrr th» country. *
# Th* 9n«ll imirlrr I* nn» nf thr mo«t arnaallnnnl In Ih' [■■'.• •
* hiat»ry of th ■ rountry It arrurr"<> In Krbruaiy. !«■' and I- > . i •
• th* fao« that Wtlll* Tn .ft arai k».«n l.» b« on* or th* |>rlnrl> *
# pal*, if* aharpral and ni..*t p*r*tst*Bl kind >>t il«tc<tiv«< «nrk h*« •
■ f*lrl to olax-loaMt ajiy further farllrulara Thcorlra <>f many k.ixla •
• aoitif of lh#nj of a mo»t |*rull»r nature, havr b>^ii advani-r<l. but a
• no rral *vld»nr* la arrant lh*m ha* >•■ <t. )>r»ua;hi out, •
* Amoa J. Hn* i wa* a rirh man *«ll ml\an...l in >'iira. t>h> a
• 11 v •-1 in an oid<faahi»n<Ki manstan at the eomtr »f Ada «■■■ • i •
, • and Waablnfton boulrvani ll<- «aa a Ur« swtwf of r..,: ..!>■•■ a
• In ill* lmnr.l a'» vlrSnlly, Ih" r.nt!n« of «hl<h <*■• ' '"■"■"■' «
* In an oTt> n th» baarmrnl of hla houa* On* nKM In ihr <•< i a
♦ 1 »r! •"'f F«t>ruary. 1W». lhr«» men hr»ik* Into th» Snrll i- •. !• >■ - a
* by bnrlßff a kja • tbmuith a |>anr| In th? rrar door nf lie l<>»rr a
• floor an! th*n (lipplnc ihr boltaV. Thrlr flrat move •■■ In brraii a
• Ml and rlflf a *mall aaf* In th« ntr.rr, in ■»(>. h. It >■« (Itppos*4 *
• Mr. dn«>ll had <-»nitd*rabl* m>n») takrn In for rmtala Ntxl *
« th#y want upatalr* t" th» |.*rs r !t<wr, »h#r». in morlng .la
• tb*y w*r» haard by Mr Hrc'.l, T. «• tattrr, a liravr. ,|,.i'»- . I •
• man. ram* down Inn hi* b*dro«m in hi« nlxht rob*, i ri i In *
• hand, arvl rr!*.l «ut a
* "*iij'i ih»r«? Ah. you A <l »rnun<lr»l " *
• A* h* apok* Mr Pnrll flr^i a ahot in th* i.i.- : ■•. of ihr bark a
• parlor, which waa an*Krrr«l almuat in thr anmr ■■ -', by t»« ' ■ •
♦ rhant** from th» burctara' jliloa Hnrll !■■ ;;- I dead wllh l>.>th *
• Initial* in bii l> >-l» •
• #•••♦••>♦•♦*•♦•♦*»»•»»»•••#»••■»•••»
Canadian and Pennsylvania
Capitalist* in • Schema.
A Washington dl»j>alrh '" thr
M..r.tr»»l llTiii aaya; Ilimol «r
--i Mill»n. of Michigan. I* enthualaa
tlc jit*c tv>wr In d»»crtbln« • nv«v»
--i m*nt by which, hr a*a*rt*. Kaull Hir
Mar:*. Michigan, ml San • PI" Ma
rt.- Ontario, will *—m (mm on*
of the gTeat manufacturing <*nt«ra
of th« continent, and (■>■ whlrh th»
whole commerce of the lakes from
I'tilulh In Puffalo will b* enormously
Increased. Incidentally, northern
I Pana-Ia will b* Incalculably b-ni-flt
•d, thouth rot at th« etprfia* nf
th* fnlt»d flat**. Th* senator re-
I lurti—l M Washington several Amy
ago from a trip which he made In
' th- rxirlhrrn t«nli»ul« ' ' Mlrhlf»n.
ani he waa M 10 1»* n>.- briefly '
at that t;m# th* p->)»i" hjr wbirh
; •>><• upper taka f»«lim M I" *♦ >^n'
fl(»1. Tvii»r h# »11-r1 to «h!« ■!»•■ • i
> «|in —in* lnt»f««llr,« d«talla
Wry f*w p«mnnn p#«*m I" b*
I awara of th* mnfium*nl»l railway
pr«J»«"t by »hl'h lh» »r»at lak'ii ari
to b« ronn»<i»' with -th» lladann
1 hay. M"i» »*aflly, th* railway Him
| . to #it»n<l from Fault HI! M«r!<v
Ml<-h . ti l«m<-' Hay. th» «r»l <-n<l
.' lluia^n Hay. r*«*r prnmin
»v*n hay» h»«r<! that a part <-f thi*
lln* la alr*«ily complrt*<l. Vnut «»
t»r farllltlca h»v* b*pn mail* avnll
abl* at HaUlt St». Mart*, «n<l tIIMW
will hi »nhan<-*d In prapurllnn b)
rft'in of th* 1 rail COnntCtion with
th* rraat mineral an>l lambi r«".
■riurrr* ..f th* n'irth*rn wiM*rn»«»
Th* railway lln* farini a mod In
t*rr«t|nK if"i- ■ ' N"t '>nly i" It I"
ronn*rt th* il»*l lak>-« »' th* 800
with th* HiMpnn Jiay, b'll It will In
t. r—•■'•! th* C.<ria>l an I'arlfV ral!rnn<l
at a point «>" >••■ rra'iy »' ■ma » ill '■•
ha.l to th* rr>ni mineral in<l ntil
ruitural rr»tona of llrltl'h Colum
bia. .
II W ".nyler, whoae reaM-
unknown, reported to rnllre Ofl1e«r
I \.llkea MM nlichi that he hud been
•lunrtl «n<l robbed nn Yraler way
between I'tflh mi.i Blmtl tvtnuei.
Hnyder rtoe« nil know the exact
time the robbery (rrad !!<•
i rtalma that he hni ll*. on h • por«'>n
which wa» taken.
Intjulsltlv* Sir's.
WH.KKHfIAKItI I'll.. Nfiv. 17.—
Annie Kalian and Muni'- Prltl, a.-. I
17 and 1* yearn respectively, wrra
befora United Htai»» CommlMloner
llahn today rhnrnKi with r>p»nlng n
j letter n'l'l rrw"*"l fi M ?■ ■* Ar'T')(V'l If
In aii<-*eii that ih»y itMmH 111 Irt
! irr «nd read till inntinln. All ih»
part I*l rtatdt In Kinrrnf borounh.
I The irlrla were Ji'lrt (ur trial In lion
•nn -.i \rri.i: STAR.
tmtrxi s Colony Profit > From
R.ibb'-r Industry.
LONDON Mm 17.-t.lb.-rla. tt#
flrai Baton} ol thi> United Rial**, ii <•
fminil in* rubber I dtlMI > •<• profit
able !■ tl «'■• ! ..>• 1.. . i-. «hli- In pa]
ihr innr<-»i nf hrr iiriit after nearly
ii quarter of A rrntury «>f - i-.k -;i '
i v «l»! la »'1) M h<r obllffttion* <>n
favorable !•■!*!;•
In I*7l I. '■ • > floated a Inn if
Hoo.flnn, . h . •'■, in Kniclanit, bill xhrrr
>■ ar« latrr fallal |o m*»«*t lhi» Ir.!rr
| «m, ami ibla rnndlllnn ha> |.ri-vallri I
■ rvr fcin<*^ NOW Ijlberlft*! fl»fiil rr- j
|ir^#rritiittv**« in I>»tH)<ifi, in- , . j
I tul th» ftivrrnminl 1p tw* mftpi in i
■ poMUoo l» ni*«i I'- obUcatktlM, j
Thl» M*p »«• rMHlcrf'il ("im^lilc hy '
, th» n*w noun* of r'-i»-rim il*r{v*^l |
I front rut ■•. r HI r «ha|>r 4 1 > i!l|.-» ,
I l-»i I hy th» !.!!•• f' in mM.rr Hynitl-
I r»lo. an KiiKllab cuncrn Thr nr
i rf«m nf lr.tfr»»l «;«■ prnotlrallv oh-1
llttratrd, M It* homihoM t» unt
(o airrj.t 1• I non •r, MtU#QMRI (>f lh<»!
[ full amount, though thin will not n«* |
■pplttd until th« rxtlnctlon or th»j
flft»t. Mcannh.lr th** lnl«f#st ha« !
»■«• n r« ilii- • it from 7 to S p*r <<-nt,!
11« iK 'if t |w>r rrnl. »vrry lhr«-o !
I yciim UDIM II r^aih'-a ■ l»r rrnt.. i
.which rat<- will In- mAlntnlnnl iinlll i
it" ■ xUiu'i.ori or thi- loan
R*ilroad» Combine.
\i,t 1. \k 1 s- . n 1

Hi. I'
Th* P««*n« ** Mill Co Offer* » First
Ctait Opportunity for
Th** orcnnlziiil"n °f H" 1 l**#fiwii
Mill .![.!■. In Ililn illy. In utn 1 "t
Hi" ill -' ■ • ti■ I ti n*l •■■i.kli.r II-
Ptiinrrfi "hit BhOtV th^ hoi.l th.it S**
ntlli- In Retting on lli» "rifiiliil trnil<\
Til'- -1. ;nii i; ' f<»r American t■ •■ >>\*
hi« hi*< unit 1 Hn unfit, that In < i rluin
llnM it i* fmpowtinio (-1 supply tin*
trade with the goodi of thta pectlon.
**<'»■ it /.»? * nf ihfdf i oniliitonti
Mr-**rn. X • if' \ Vriyni' nn<l ArmltftK* 1
In nil hii i-xli'imlM' (•»•? U'R <tf |n\ en.
tlffatloni Thry fnund (h.it th** Hour
tradfl -.{!■■■ ' one of the IftFffcfff
n^lda, »ri'l, in! ■ .- *' hit- aonii <*f th«
beat*known ri.< n of thut t-i ■■ in thli
MCtlon* with tht*m, ih'V have or«
Kfitiiz'*'! n company thai will proceed
at 01CV to th< ficttlon of a plant
with ■ rapacity <>f 1,000 bbU, iijiity.
At prtf>int It Ih ImpOiVlble In ri
(|iilrfl atock in any in 1111. r. - itmpfl n
In operation t*x< * \*t al i nrin> fur
■bovc par, and M li aafa tn n^iy that
in n ahni t lima tha little atocfe of thfi
F*oerleai Mill company thni i* now
on the market will bfl Hubftcrlbcd.
Mlh i fT Vhii (It* Vnntrr nrnl I'■ [■'' ■
ly 1,, riff Wlllon, Mlurn.il fi "in
Vlfiurln ymiiT'lny •ftrrnoon, h.i
(iik In rimlmly Allan ■ iplln, «ho
Jumped liU Imit In ill ■' flly m-vi-rnl
wet-kit ,>•.■ ||' itti imilrd by III*
VlttnrU |i<i||i<- M..i,.|.n MlKtil.
Mclntyr* Bound Over.
dm. J. |i llrlntyn of Hvitllc, hu
txvti bound avvr la th« I ►■' < iiiii'r
Ifr-liH of riMllt to in-a. i In |hf
iMiii. uf ttlM'in ii» hill wii» ll\* '1
*i i '.uiiii ii. kh» „„. mil .1 I,*
Oo| 11. II UndHy, i.'f Ht-attlc, .ati-l v
lociu mii'rnry, Tin proivcutlan
■ inly Inlmiliiiftl >ultl< i»nl •vl«l*ncii to
' Hivri 11, b .In. Ha n\ur of Hi >1«-
I fni'Unt. (Jun Mlni>ii ami hi* mi
' imir l»fi tor Koaul*.
Ovtr MO mlln nf hi k wen la '
in th»- t?n>tfd ki«ip» ii-i October.
Ip to Novcmbvr, thin iimk<-i s.mo
I milH "t B»W Iriuk iiurlnK lh«> |.|. ■•
•ru yvttr Inwn li*tl nil .»!hrr nldl^«
Thr* !!■-■■ t<*ort |)«i'li'i* A i itittihn Mini
- th<- (*h<M'tnfi ■''■'-. l.ti- h art' Ihn |
| ...!!•<.■ Of Ml
unil of in., Mult „r th< I'nii* I;
■■' .1. - hit* n-ri! In a t. i- -t t on 14 |
Ir« ulsur t. iii'i I «Ml Ii !>■ foun I In!
■ i.i.tis"ii In ih« i-.iit.iv uf liowii,']
I ii- 1 itxl II l« ■ . ■nil. i.iti.i. of roll I
j nii'l pay limit, It,,i at «i..i. ■ndl
I <'ii ii run men or l**a eeavanllonal I
i rnri. w l(h nani(*.<l w li^t-1« tn|iln«n'
by the #am«* locomotive fi.- * m J
«!♦.■-«" wllh unfiilMK' 1 v«...-i-.
* 1 !■ h on r*-n< htntf 11.. rri.in of the
railway fourMjr•«ll i» only lhr.«
--! niili-« Inns -i-Ltiiiriu' on ihnr Joorn»y
: <iv#r ordinary i)<«nJ» «t <i>' h»^l» of
' ■ I lll«l ) ||.-l •' •
"All ih«" ir«ln»." »»y« !h»* nonsul,
"at» mlinl li«ln» — |Miii«rn«iT ami
»-•..!» on ft iin hi combined. T!>«
-- •-•- !!>■< r Hnr In bulll of ttw] r»ll».
■ ■■I'-'i 1- ■ ' ■ n I ii 1) -'f; ik wh.rh is a
lower till' of utrrl iii!> T!i- uncnii
run on ih* OW4 r -.vi-> !■ rmilli t■ <■
lnn« r rsltl fur th« • »'<• -i" hlxn
•i. *r'i abort Ih" --lit- • ralla t<> a>-t
|■ ■ a »:•!.!- tO II •■ .»;n-"l-». h • |-.11(
Mi'-n . ii • *>+ ir«. k Th*m ar# no
terminal • half -, M thr <■•»! • ■'.
h*n ! til la t'jt'il 1%«-f' la H" d<*>
■I » > or -t Ifl nil-- m (rttinc the
ttaffutia on or off th» mi nf ih«* t.n*
Th«- rott "f th» road, .In* lin.l
iii-i a!!. « if about fTT.fcfto,"
It ha* (•.!•- ntirK r<ti- I t ? ji i a ni'-li
fli i! .ii of thai pan mlnht j- or* 800.
irnivnt .ii.t |ir«*fltah> on *omr «>f tht*
suburban troll*? line* In thl* eeua
M!l>l>!.KHlu>mi, Ky. Nov. IT.—
Informal ■•» >■ •* <• »■ ii<-1 hero of I
ItfHblt linltlr t val In"* |>la<» b#-
Hmi i •»<■!•■ ami a l>.u, 1 of moun
tain out'MAp, who ha! < • • ri trrror
iiin« the- rmunly. In lh» nitlu ihrr»
■■'. th* nul.aoa wrrr kilted Thrrv ta
KTMI r«i id n,< tn «nr Hi.- Irnubl*
an ! tb» i^='i-v ar« mi; .njc ih«*m
t»|y##, Th* mm f»*r»- rryutntora.
«rbo hail »*<n abu*ln)t «ir«-1 »*»m*n.
i iii ..I it ..;!.. .-k .it. I Curd.
Don't Forget |
We Give Aw IV .1 }
Gold Watch I
Diamond Ring ;
«»Silver Set i
. urn .. ]
*>O i
••• Mm \.f%mm .
other presents at the !
Auction:-: Sale!
; 817 Second Aye. i
r^ffz I'^^^ in the rnce fnr
/rtCVri supremacy In
(faSUM „,,. B.Ring
I^*' jr- \ '}M Powder line.
p^»«) 1 Crescent
h 1 Baking
fAKiNG po^i Powder
Leads them .ill. Makes the
fooil pure ;irul wholesome.
Try it.
For Sale by All Grocers.
For Quick Sales... j
I Ut jour property « tth c
Real KM.itr, Mlnnt, Loans )
i •.h«m IT mi in. PHONE 337 j
■ in: BOM v,M.1.l • rum '""- ">*'""*
The Bon Marche store news is like a contin
ued story— brimful of interest to thousands of
economical women. Space is limited and
! costly, so we confine ourselves to notices of
events that are of the greatest good to the
! greatest number. For example :
Toy Land ii Open - Welcome
Canes and Costumes am Strikingly Reduced
! Millinery Price* are Halved
and those noteworthy events are augmented
by the events scheduled for tomorrow and
the following days.
i A very rare collection of bargains from th< sb<xr store
greets you today. I hi- most unusual selling results In
j (Ins moit unu-.Li.il • leaning up at stri lots. All .si/cs
,| in-!, tit' selling starts.
Wmwn'i Doncola Hh^n. with Men'i Hatln Calf Kho*», with leather
1 i Oiariymr »fll, »ol* mention linlntt. duul.ie »ol«- of oak lar»
| r.liff. tared and buttoiwtf—-arioea l<-ath>-r, bulldog lo», tmual II M
' Ihm usually rclntl for 12 M>. are to aorta. •» wr-JU'lKr valuta, f»r..11 JS
lj ■° "' *M 1 Womcn'f Ahoo of (In* vlcl kid, Uead
i Mli Ml' and Chlldrait'l I>on«(.|n !»«•« or buttoned, h««vy or dma aolcs.
!i mill i.ii!i.,n.-l Shot*. «|.rln« twin, ""» you l--r«-f«-r. w* to*, (hapea.
ij all »li<-a. i. inn II K<«'J». tor 7Jc unual 11.51 iw>u. for Wo
', Another bargain as good as thf one you bought so eagerly a
I week ago. The difference ? This: Newer, style. A little lot of
I ■ hundred .in.l fifty Top Coat* for boy •*«! from ; to 15, in the pop
11ular Herrlni bom Covert Cloths, are ready for you at
$:?.7o Instead of $0.50
| Since there art* only ■ hundred and fifty why not hasten?
' I is a rare buying chance
Boyß Suits Cheaper
, liny* 1 lUaftr Hui(» nf Bo« \V.-' of II •>•« OuttnK KlannH WaUta, U«O«I
Knclind iliitd. In <|.itk l<•••« rm |0e »ort. »ii Him. You |ay U'»c
h'.vrry ».-«m ii »lll« »* »<■•!. »:»!«fii Th<" K»w Illur Htrfi- Mnm •'•
llnlno. fau •: ■ *'> ■'• T..r yrl-r rr«<l> ; •!»»• 310 li, at •*u
SWKATIiKS A vrry iirclty #ult f«r *m»ll bo>«.
Another Mat ftn^ l»ni»ri will »•' 'lullo rcut»" — "r"> "r"' hr"*n
r«<lyln«hi. morning «ll wool.tob*} l«r*<l». ™llif« «f ri«l or blu'
Mini iirut f»»t eatare. N»v>- wild bracdclath, ••• «ff ■IB >■!»'•« mj'l
«hllr «xir.t<-r» nn<i m»rt^m with whit* ».iiil»«-h» br»ld — all •!»••
«hil»-fiilrl> worth II M An l«n« from 110 I—<ralM* falr!y «t 'f, Jf;
•■ thru* nr« lota !»•« II 00 tt>^ can »>M Ih.ni at IZ.il
We kwll cottons as we •■<■!! everything Hmt—very prosaically,
md we sell the tiner things just as we tell cottons— (air wage
for Uttering and distributing. Incidentally these quotations are
i tine tribute to the store's buying power:
Cotton i !rr.l"«n» In prelly Ilitht i M-ln. ... in Ilitht and darlc
and i.tk l>r*!«n »ff«ru worth »k ) r«.lor». ll^c qualtty, for *V»o
• >»" ••<■ h^r* «l IJi»r ] (lrrmMn <•.;..--. :: iivh»» *ld*.
All »o BMardovm in prvtty color. W)>rlh ,„, C€ , w , for «i, c
' lti««. ir« prtcM thlt way-
Si lnc-r»» «*c Kiiturfd l>r«iii H«lln<>». JO In. h*a
V lnrh»« Kf wld». a yrrny culorrd flower on
American Mhriinit I'rinl*. u«uai V" hl«> icrounda. worth lie, for ..190
M^U'f^in/n.nnH'ln'rr.^ % C'Hlon '"• "
I only, u»ual »<• »ort H»r Comforter I'rlnta ♦«
Dress Goods are Cheaper
Some coculs that ■■■ destined to find owners at very short
'notice we tell of today. Fine, worthy stuffs, all of then. Hints:
A tablcfal nf French KlannHf ln(A tableful nf darlc Tweed* an I
Mlthl and dark color*. IT •■,-,.. arc |ower«>d to «o quick
wide, arr mark«l for quirk clear. l> A I „:. M , nchM *M* and
in*. it-., run thla way- qu|tr ilr|Jiri Muff> f<ir rnlldr , n .,
65c Sort. BOc <lroM-; u*ulU for •
7.Sc Sort, S'»c
. _ , Illurk Fi*urM !•'• «« ftiifT*. St inrhaf
I>'(n of navy blu»- or I.lnk riourlp « , I
h.r. HlnrhM «14« and wor.h M *'; Ul>u»l f-v quality, for •
a yard. You pay *9e W,)£
Among the Linens Upholstery Bargains
| Mill Kn<l» of Indian llfad ««»i !■ NVw Cirlons at half price: they'M
■MMI HHo aort, for _.- ,„, >„« v. .]. «nd worth Me *
-. . | yard, all are marked
|j Mill Kn<l» of Wamiutta Twill*, 1 «^.
bleachrd. ulual l.'S 1 for (
! (L.
i Jni.i>ne»» Tinsel Drapery, 77 Inches
I Table Damasks are Cheaper wide, worth ioc. for
I Here* a M-inrh unbleached l'.i!im>li _
1 worth 4V » yard, la to t>- MM at.. BC
; 2tte
; Full bleachrd Table t>ama.k. «< In. Kn*!i»h rvnlma " Inch*, wide,
1 wide, worthJUS. for worth » a yard.
; Ur>C 183 c
14 9 to MM SECOND AYE.. anil 115 117 PIKE ST.
..PRIOR.. :
To our REMOVAL to the »
New York Block *
we will sell our handsome , :
stock of »
Regardless of Cost J
Come in NOW and Get !
Mrs. E. H. Johnson, Mgr. »
1000 S'cond Ay. cor. Madison •
.......... ..«»****
Wall Paper;
Just Arrived o
o —-One Car Load
Latest Pntlornn
219 PIKE IT. iiet. Second end THrt i
k. » .1 I' 11..™,. >U,,.. r.
Its a Kins mi. i Saturday in.uiiirt,
Chn«. E, Ulaney'n great ! i:.rn
■Ul ' . !>»
rniCRK urn floor. Mo ami 75c;
biiiiuny, 36c nml IOCS KHlliry, ISO «nj
■< ill" on mill- on nml nftrr Sun.
10 n. in.
I !i..|i M«. I .V.7
« M Kuurll. l>»ro >ul Mnn*i«r
TON'iriHT— MI. THIS w i! K.
Th. Camoui oriKinai 11 lah < 'Mil.-titans,
Murray & Mack
Th» hurrah eomtdy Ihnt h.i« con«
vulted ii ii .it. with l*U(htl r!

All Fun! ill •unablni I All
I'rlors »» iisutil. UK', He, 30c, 4IV,
BOc. Boa Hcntn. $1.00.
-^^ — IIUN-. I \i.im«
11. I. KunkKr, Manager.
•• • • ~-i i J •• • •
Otter Specialties anil me Dre/tns Tr ii

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