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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, November 17, 1899, Image 3

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Republican Committee Will Meet Next
Month-Chicago Is Favored.
• \-»-i;\.: r. .\ D, C, Nnv. 17.- Tho m.urn,; ■' th* v.n I
♦ i:-i-vii'in in commit t™ m Waniiinstnn Mil month will b« tho
» I'irliniiiiai v in..>. to (h« nmt nation*! t-«inf<ai«n T!i*> rommtttM
* will mrtt to ■ !.-. it.- up.mi tho iii.i.- mil plar<* uf tho nxl n«tloii.il
» mi -I!!,or Thor» nro wvrrat cl(i.-» r%-««l> tomtit* a •irucis!.' f^r
a (ho tiMivrntlon, «ni.>nii th»m PhlUdalphU. HI. loula, l>«-turr un>t
' San rr»nr!M>o. bui «>W p>Utivtana woull nut l>« turprtMd t" »<■<•
• CM.-a*ti Mttetfd aa th.« convenllun etty. If Ihrrp *h»ul>l t>» Ml)
' Indleatlon that Ik ilii.-agti |.< ..,■,■ d»«lr« it or will pro»W» «
• >n :>■ ■!•■ li Ul I'tiliai;.! i.,. runiv t» bo i. >• >•s.l a« lU<* '""t •"li
* volition city in ih« country In iv :>■■,. un4 h.vl KcmmmodaUoni,
• ami th* t-wmpart relatlonc of all «f • t.- ■—-- In lh» rrnt<-r of tli.' rllv.
• Tho i>'.■■"ni'iii I rl"ii-. for tho cuiivrnium ut Bt. I«oul» In l«'Xl «'iir
* «'■.«!. ami It Ip i r..1...!■;.- that tho orlr<lU>ri mil !«■ ollhrr Ih.tt tily
• or Chlrairo. D*nv*r hi* not th> hoiol amimmoOatlon* »" 1 Klin
* f*rancl»e<» I* tiw far from tho rrntor -f reputation. Tho Mm*
« objooilon apt'M-a tn J'h Uitrlphu. or any olhrr mttii city. Tho
• eonvontlon will !..■ h*4d In Jim- <« that haa lx.il Ihi month (Of
• llrpubllran r«nv*ntlona for many yoara t>a»(. Imt It m»y l>o In tho
• (alter ra'.f of th# month, aa it "i llm -Iran .to haw HIM!
• « I). 'inn b*far« ih^ convvntmna t»f both |iarllr» nio»i. m roinuvo
* tn. umpial fur . •tilvlly iiulliuat nit>nru\>ra In tho Uxly after
* tho campaign hogtna.
• Th«rr haa (•-■.•» murh ta'k about Iho iH-lorllon ol rhilmun for
• tho nrxt immlUr» ami WhaloVl may l» con»nlonn| »l»o nut
• yoar. thrr* la n.i MMM why Honator II i nhoudl ir»l«n lh<
• rhatrmanahlp h« n■» hnliU. Th. : l» but l»a» work to l>» dona
• by !h. pn»**nt MM <!•» Aflor II hi «■:.. t- ■' lh« tlmo an.l
• flaco for th« nott cninvontlnn. It will hay* n.uhlnt '" ''"' to •<••
• that prt>|'«r unifNMMiin m»ilo for la acfomni«<Ullon« of
• th# ronv-ntlon. «i ' «!«• to i-1»« upon tho irmiuirary roll ..f .lrlo.
# « • ■■- T>i» national rommltto* whlrh will coniluct'tho n>-»t na
• tlonal campalcn will b* toloctnl nod Jfoar, anft 'i ■«« aa
• jrrl «h> will br th» nirmh«t« from th» »arUm» atato*.
* s. int. llanna la not anl Bkl not a memlier nf the national
a •■ mniri Charles Kurtt Is lh« Ohio member »f t•»-• t rnminlttee.
• Mr. llanna was selected by Mr. McKlnlry to manage the ram
• palgn In l»M. i.,. I by courtesy ne wa* made lh<« chairman of tte
* executive commute*. The president may select Mr. II ...- . again
* next v»«r. but If he do*« It wilt be contrary t • the advice of other
• Hi-cull i.-an Iradrra, who bel.eve |h<* welfare of Ihe parly requires
■• the retirement of Mr. Manna aman*| of the campaign. II la
• assumed that tV« l>re*utertt. having per*»n*llr murr at
• stake than any otrer Kepablißin. wlil n-tcn t» the sdvlie of oik
•> ers. M did I'lt-aidrnt Harrison In int.
There Will Be No Timber Pro
tection Until This Is Done
WAHIH.VOTO.V. I>. C. Nov. IT.—
The gvneral land ornc«> la at prvaeat
•I»eply intemted In anlvlng thai
troblema of protecting th« tlrob«r
on the vaat <•»; «n«* of unrr«rrv« 1
public land* thr«uirhout the We.t
am •tat*'* and In devlalng iorii aat- :
Ufa. i iry m*an* of (topping the ■!••
frvdatlona that are allowalbe under
th* rx.tt.t.K law*. It mull that un- .
der the acta of cnngrrM touching
upon th.« aubjert. the moat valuabla
timber on t>«a« unrrarrvnl lan.l*
throughout th« public land ital—l
ran be taken upon th» payment of (
but •> nominal cum of I: i* per a*,-* j
lor the lan 1 Itaelf.
Another act •atbarlaea th» taking
of timber In re ruin ■(*(*• and ter
rltortea from landa tnbject to entry
under the mineral lavs, ant (hi* act
r»ptral*a pra/-tt«-ally aa a donation ■
I" th* pub!:.- at large of all the tlm- |
t>*r on unrtaertred land* In 111 Mi
»'»(»« and trrntorle*. In th* opinion
of Ihe land ofn< it will b« utterly '
lmpo*albl« to protect or properly
utilize the timer on the unreserved
Un la In th' ♦» Half- and territorte*
In the opinion of the land office. It
■will be utterly Impossible to protect
or prof«rly ut 111* the timber on the
unreserved land* until thoa* arta .if
ruf>e~re*e haw been repealed.
Thia «üb)e«t w-a» touched upon in
the annual report of the commla
. liner nf the general land office, who,
afier atrenuottaly recommending th*
repeal of th* extatlng ai-ta. make*
the following explanatory murk!
In that connection.
•The devaluation wrought In the
raar* referred to by part..* taking
eecure refuge tinder thewe acta baa
rr«altat«'.l ar>m# Immediate rem
edy b«4ng dtvlaed to *ayr the tim
ber while waiting for the formal vet
ting apart of th* land* an forest re
•erve* by presidential proclamation
which ha« resulted in having to re
tort to the expedient of temporarily
-withdrawing the land* from • ■•• I
■nrnt and entry.
"That need for *tich adion should
t>av« arl*en adda farther emphaaa
la all that ha* barn raid In the paat
by 'hi« office, for V> *ucce«*lve year*,
reapectlng the urgent need for re
pealing the art* najnrd ' ' ~.
. -
OI.TMPIA. Nov. It.—The appor
tionment of state rurrent *chool
money* for the quarter ending Hep.
t>mher 10 ISM. I* a* follow*: Adam*,
St.Mo.tl; A-., tin. tt&Mi Chehals.
I ««4 (Ht: .illam. f1.«7*.71; Clarke.
f, '.14 J'.. i .'.unr. .1. 12,1 .! (3 Cow
-1111. l:i(f«. Dougla*. II 47* 47; Ker
ry. 1U7.41: rranklln. In- - i;.,,.
r.eld. II MI.W; island. M-i*,- J. rf- .-.
• ■ n. t1.4»17»; King. tl*.7WA*.. X •
•ap. H,m H Kittltaa. 1i.4;l r.v;
1..-m » 14.f,:.9 -■'■. I.lnr-oln. 1.1.507 0»:
M i»-.ii. |1.2.'.1>4: Okanngan. l»7t4J;|
J'aclflc, li M»i Pierce. tIS.t»7.SI;
fin Juan, 1714.61; Hkac-lt. 5.1,672.12:
Pkimanlv r.V'.'i:i, Rnnhornlah. IS,-1
134.43; Kan-. tU.llt.tt! Btevena, :
12.J32; Thurnton, 12.M5.42; Wnh
klakum. HW.II Walla Walla. II i
4*2 47: Whatcom. SJ.4M.M; Whllmnn.
l» o7n -.7 Taklma. M.tettl ToWl, I
Superintendent* Young* and I.lt- j
tie, of the hoard of public work*, m- '
geiher with a few . rouncllm>>n. -
watched the recent ' •' of the »tr-»]
pipe west of Hl.i' k rlv»r. Th» pip
flood a pre»«ure of IM |>"iiri'ln to 2ii
pound* IB excellent shape.
Snowstorm in Now York;
PUATTHHtrnO. N. V.. Nov. IT.—
Tiie first genuine anowatai nf the
CHHnn prevailed throughout Ihi en- j
<lre Adrondaek reitlon today. It lie- I
, .in snowing In rinttrburg at noon, i
md continued Uirotti the after
,.,.,n and evening. At Haranac Inkr
#n.nj«h sn'»w fell to make (Ci'ml
•lelghlng, and at I.yon mountain
«nd I^.',n l.ikt nearly two Inches
Mil. I
An Actress Who Pints for
Life in a Convent.
M v TOIIK. Ni»». It.—Confined lo
her !>•••). racked with sain and un It
Ihi" MHIMM • are of her mother and!
■ trained nurse, M!»» !>>>' ih> I**
ncr, a recent member of "Why
Hmlth t<rft lltmw* company. In the
M*l!».in l««iu«rr Ib—tWi la*t nl«nl
In her horn». No *i West N!n»iy
third street. I ■•1.1 a —l- ''t of her
plan*. which include not ro*r*ly an
al>«n I ■'■■i'»ni to the »!•«-. but tie
Boealb Uiy of renouncing the world
and rntrrn* a convent.
Mlv t'sner attributes hrr illnam
< > a draught and a .l»r..|H-t!«- •lr»«»
An r». <■! »nt photograph of th» lal
tot garment »a« iVmn l>*n In th*
absence of th* draught th« lla«n >-
•la «•«• plausible.
Sh» ha» sent h-r resignation to D,
A. li-mt*. th* nuntpf of tb* orn
pany. and said thai her rw^n f->r
so MSB] was that »he Intended to
t>rc<»m* a nun Mr IWinta rarefuly
end*«vor*d to r.>n**a.l th* eataatro
ph* that had overtaken him.
A md-faced nurse »«nti» l a re
ported to Mlaa L'aner's sick cham
ber, Thrrr was nothing nun «
about the patient • rob*. It «*»« pur
pl». b*-rtbbon*d. b*l«r*.l and b*
bowed, and loked Ilk* • >:*.. But
th* v<*** •i« mournful.
"I hjvr left th*- stag* forever," ah*
•aid •ofiljr. • Hix-h an »l»nr» may
aery* to »*tl«fr *omr but my aim*
are higher, and ! want no mar* but
terfly living- In mine. I »ieii to en
ter a convent Of rourw, ■ tim
ber. I may rhunm* my mind."
Thro* of the government* revenue
cutters are undergoing a regular
cleaning up. (craping and Jamming
on thr ways of th» Pucet Pound dry
dork The three culler* are the Por
win. from Kan Francisco; the Per
ry, from the Columbia river. an ' th*
"ir.int. •fetch hi« had Ha headquar
ter* on I*ug't saund. All three have
put In A good •urr,m«T at II and thy
h»v<i t "-n In Alaakan waters a great
deal. Naturally they i.■ A cleaning
Manager R. C. Warner had the
'Inn! and the Perry hauled up ..n
the way* Wednesday, and work
started Immediately The fVrwln
will go on a* aoen »* there I* - . m
fT her It will take about a wrrk
to complete Ihe work on the three
— .
niRMINniIAM, A.. Nov. 17 -
Th* " ii'itu ii' • in.i i. •>, .t ion (KM
tuna 'it pig Iron hns been miH by one
■if th" rti< Iron-making « ntpsnlr*
1 if thl* fllitriet fir e*pnrt i-mi|. m '
' Hn<t hit ';■!•■* '« will be rn.i'l'
I lii»twf.'n now .ii»l the l»«t of neitl
' year Trie export vhlpmenta fell off
I cnnalderably »lnre lh» big advunrea
lln Iron quotation! »«.t in In thin
f'ountry, hut r«Tpntly ihHt part "'
th* market iK-rarne a«-tlve again, the
prlrea In f'.r. l»tl Inn.ln t>en»mlng li
I gr"»f deal more evenly '. i: ■>.. ■ I
jwlth the prl» *•» In thin country.
The announcement Juat mud.'
' niennii thai the riroilurtlfin fur Ihe
• ntlre year of I9O« wll he nhoui
t.ik»n up. Th» furnnce* in blaat nre
'not i.ink nit ■ny Iron, that la going
to Ihe ynr'lK or t'i th* «Mrr«nt com
i p.iny. Th>- pig Iron rrmrket v ■till
, wry BtPtuly iiri(l firm. The Trum.
vllle furnace vi 1)1 he r..».1v In about
threo weeka to go Into bias) Klrea
; nre I" in.- IlKhte I |n aome if the kih
j. ta at th» afccl plant nt i nali i mi
| iM<ii< xt point in the n<ar cotnple.
1 tlon of tii.- entire plant.
lluy •'. acre*. Moore Inveat. Co.
Wood $2 V., a load. Tel. Braille
i fuel Co. ' (
Coal Will Advance.
in ANHVII.I.I-:, liui., Nuv, 17— hi
railnny fn'lnht cln Ira II l> i t«.i mI .1 I
nlino>t .i" ii I'lMtKlnty lax Within I
in n»xl fi'\\ «..!,« tti. riciiitlv I
.l.l\ ill. . I pilcca «>ti Coal will bo m'lit
iti> Mvirml notchti. The inability
nf Hi.- milt.>.i.i» to pruvlda adtquata
faclllllea fur ii anapui hum the nlu
l.i > i . iiiilm'iii. ill ol I !■■■ r>■ • I to Hi
m .1 h.-i-. till' Unit! ma . <>:•■' ■> U i
will ii. ilirrttly rr«|<oiimhlr fur ihi« j
n I lit MUi.t I ,iitv.m«.-
Th» hom»a»»Ker»' I ill. • will >••• •'!••
cuniril by tho till ■ northtrn irnn».
rontlnantal Hum iiurinK lll'' lattof
ill* of Ihla month, la a im ■••iimi ii
HI. l*niil, Tho Himi North Tit Mill
nlhorra to thrao rntct, tliniliih lh»
• lh i tlnoa ■. laa to tlrop ?! ■ mi for ">■■
I » nilrf An rftort >• ill t..- m Mil lo
Indue* Mr. Hlll'a r«iail to abandon |
iinin fur in wlntor aoaion.
Over $500,000 Ooss to the
Atlantic Coast.
Wall *•....! l,,irninr.| fr<un S.-attl»
FMltrdar. IMI in iho Dial Hi•• •». ■■
af in.' i \t«i romlag tit ih. \\ *■■! for
monvjr. It mark* Ih* brmnnin* ■■'
a r»* HI, and » ni|> ahowa Iwo
thltita. '■.«■ in. «• ■i i. ii..» wo|t
•ton* towanl itrvvlu|»nont. ami in..
■ I.iii f.ir hrr*»lf ami mh«T». ami
that priHjnor.iy ha* born «,■ • v rf
Yesienlay • loans were amall. imly
being betwrrn I&uo.ono and Ikuo.mio
'I !•■• Vhola 11...I 1... it., slope waa called I
■■" for small amount* •- <*<• i ■■•
mnney haa ben demanded In Riti i I
r>;i Hi- • tti-tr. Ihe rut I.in and «h»l
crops called for more Mini 11.. avail
able capital. Hence th* l.ian by the
Pacific slope In the Atlantic slope.
n "all sorts II
«♦ I !
The height of ihe rock «f fllbrallar ;
it aNiut 1*47 feel.
Hen Wheeler, of Alabama, enter- j
el West p..int from n. .. York.
Kntllah Vrat.. •. ..n (Han are at
tracting attention by riding along
•hr airrela on bicyrlta In their lung
Kalaer Wllhetm la Imrntriff to » •
del from hl« l« v«. who I■•■ k. lup the
j. ■ nm|-ll*hment when they were at
The Street Itallw«y Journal eiit|,
i mates the life .-f Iron [«•>• ' .r over
head wire* at 31 years, and of wand,
en imlea at II years.
Ki-Hecrrtary Whitney's f«miii>
atablea at Whealtey are •■» feel in
length. Th» foundation Is cf brick
and the upper structure la of pine.
T» «■ •*> rrtary af th» Slaaaa. ■-
i :th ' •• i»!irl thr atala.
m*nt that "»in«h I* »a Btttrtltou* a*
■iri<>in «nki- r • ■ laeriarini
Two CtUMea, driving aatMaaati
through V*nr»uver. in an endeavor
to overtake a funeral anl drive
away the evil *plrtl*. ran oirer an.l
killed a chll 1.
The • ivtri engine which Is now
being lainit for the .liln.fr. rail
way will be ih* BjaM powerful cog.
wheel locomotive ever built There
will tx> two elrcirtc motor*, each . r
!;.'< horsepower.
A Vlennan burg!ar, 14 years of age.
»ii.. In alre«dy undergone seven
teen •♦nltnces. I* charged with ronj
mining over 440 burglariea and all
in th* last ten months
At prwent there are only II cIIW-s
In the I'nlte-l fitate* and ''milt in
»h ■ h carprnlera work ten hours a
day. One hundred and five have th.
eight-hour rule, urn! 4i< woik nine
hours a day.
■IwltierUrKi breaks 'hr record In I
rrrard to . *..» of Insanity. With a
population of a lulls over thre* mil
lions, ■ ....... at Ih* elna* of ll»7.
In the twenty slat* wrlumi, 4.144
patients, of which 1,243 wrr* malra
"My dear." he «aid In a mildly re.
proachful tone. "I have no doubt at
all that you are a good bargain hun
ter, and that you always get really
r«r»l|»nt bargains, but you get too
many of them."
T«»lay ther« are represented di
rectly >>• reporters In th* gallery of
th* hniM* of commons, about JO
dally l^.nd-n newspapers, and Ihe
total number of Journalists who
have entrance to the gallery I* about
At the nepubllran convention h»M j
IP iuii«r.| last n;MH. th» MIH
nomination* were rim-l* for the mun
icipal «-l»-. ti"ti fn l>.- h'l I tTembT
for mirnr, r\ipt. Thomas Tler.l;
f.tr (Irrk, <l W, Krnerunn; irtumirT. !
K. r. Kln«; nil (fni . John W. I. ■
»r; hmltti . fTI .r. l>r. A I. CrlH;
. <.■>> • ■ nt.tit-ii r - liirK*-. Tli"rtt i • fldii
Inn; rrmnrllman flr*| ward. t> .1.
WhH*; »pr»>nt| ward. M»nry r>orn;
Ihlr.l w*M. '' v ■ K. r Mbby.
An i-x»rullvf .... li> lunh of. :
«»r thr puny tturinir th» r-nmpa'Kn
«■■ .i| |">lMr.| ■■ f.iii >«• John \V.
I'pfr. (I. \V. i.i..«r» m o»pi K. R.
1.U.1. V. '■..-..!».. C. Hit. 1.. ... k Mfl-1 I"
F. Kind
Th» Poptfllll ron%-»nllon will li»
h'lrt htr» ■ .<■«! Wr.ln. • Uy . vfnli.K
UtTNCIB, I nil.. V.iv 17—P«trti»
mi in involving ri>vjilt nmniiniliiK
in ii..,itu ll.non.urio ,m ■„.[...
InK Harvvillni M«chln« ("omp«ni
«, i.. M#»rlfJ<*il fo.liiy In th* r««# nt
W. J.. hlK'ly. of Ihll illy, krv •• ■
n)> thi> 'llruprr KlnK" Mr. Whit- ,
ly Ik on* of »,. . » n#fi of Ihr U'hll". I
ly M>llMbl> f*n«t!n«n mi. my at
Ihln < llv.. ami '■• »»• Mli o« mm of
tin. VVhltcly Mnrhinr Hh"i>« whl<
biirnr'l down.
Th- 't<-< Ipilnn In hl« f»vor wan (rlvpn
hy a . nil la ''In' Iniml.. It wan «l-
Iric'l 'liv ih' D**lifl| M»r\»»tinK
Company hail viol*tad a contract
wllh Mr. Whltrly In ih> rn»^ of cer
tain pnti-nta i.vinfl hy the latter.
Mr. Uhllclv will now hrln« milt
HKnlnat other h»rv»»l,n« rii.ii'liine
eooipanlM In thin country.
i hi: SEATTLS st Alt.
Official Notice
_ (
Among the Additional 94 Cases of Goods
Unpacked This Week are the
4*o'pain Uoyi* and niii»' llu*y nibbed Woolen i.v
lime, wnilh lai; fur
IN dm. pain li.mV m«t Olrli' K.txt illark Hots, ' - , /,.
tor *rmlr fur , , n /' kr
III) dos. Un'l 4»«mleel Ktml in i. i, hi i llrnwn linn*. ( > .
a 14r «nnl», fur ■"■
TO il.i*. M»n'i I'".im Illark Hruml'-im I'ollnii IloM, >>f Hi.
the lOp nrrnK fof */ **"
T.i 2 |>alin l.ii'lt.-iT |-, t «i inn. :. S.i •■•ii v Wool l(o*«! m ,
north tit, tut ' ""^
IM „ Mvii IM.-1 lirrpii Hhlrin. H (Tiiod TS« .... ,
fur , *cH.
■■'«> Mcn'i While 1,mn.1r1.-.l Hhiri>. l-ply linm biweini <l - ,
it limn.l worth »f«', fur 'IDC
143 Mi'ii'n Hti'in of Atnfii. iin C«ihmvr», «i-ii talinrrdi 4i'l 'I "
r"-«-n>- |.«tt.rn», 11 i: i Hn.l rhtc-ka, worth I'JW, fur ... •>>.'»•"»
Ti 11 Ov#rcoatt ( rmuUr i>r(«« ft M. it > „-
for lT*.or>
<<l Mvn'i liliiik liravi-r Overcoats, »ilk vtlvcl rollar, j.., „-
well <lrr,l „.,.! w r || nn'»)i"i|. worth IIS.UO, f.tr }pu.'l<">
ton iKtim i.f i.i.i „ kiiip Quality Hubbtra, worth S(H-, ..,
for 1(»C
1M i . >r M 1..,-. 1 «|,,| Children'! ltublwr». flmt qtinl- ..,
ny. f«.r IJ>C
S.VI auiti Dr. Itl.i-'n Klrn-r Uiir.l I i. I. • ■,:.,,,, worth __
nn r..r 78c
iv nuiia ofAnother »lt*itv n«tc« |.irt«-<l i n i-. «. ..r. #
worth 7J<-, fi.r It.lC
The way munis are now selling 111 the mar
kets, our prices on the entire ■tack are at
an average reduction of about 70 percent.
You will find Special Values in UNDER*
VVIJAR, Men's Ladies' and Children's
Infant's Cloaks and ladies' Jackets.
1200 Second Aye. i. m. Lancaster
N. 11. Corner Ssnccn. hi I'l n.
NBW TOM Nor. 17— * dlcpalrh
from I".im« »4i». I'M- . t|...» U..11 I'
■Irxady iiiiilm up ih- ltiia(inail»n
of many Am<*rloana who .l-«(<- 1%
« "tif. but ran'l afford th« it <' ■ '
th# |hii.i|' Tie- it — ? IIBM «h- ' v -
Into llavr** th<* Kr**n«h llnfr lm '■
■ (nr bl Wig 111 In !».. ■ rl al rvawa] »,
alstera, from Wliknlairrr, l*«. On*
m I) > <••■ r» aM an<l < !>■• mhri l« ]«
Th'X in 1 •-;■• - Mng younc taili'a
When i.r*«uirr»* irf..r# Id- ta|>tatn
llaV] rijrr-.. ) «4t-rri.«aa to «»rl«
and orr* tr^.i'. I kindly. '• 1> !■«•
--■.■n«»ra b>.i «■ th»m rliaa t-tolhi^.
Tin-r aw hurt finally (> »« ( on a
trnup ot wrallhy » ft»-r. tourtMa,
■ tin haw brought I)m> cirla hrn> and
ratalna I th<-tr «wvtr*«.
A» pr»<Jlr!<>"l In Iha flu" y«trr,l*y,
fnii. ."t.il. • lii»t-<-. li>ra Bryant ami
<"h»rry rrn«l»ri"l a <J*»-t»l<in la\ta In
la» afternoon of r»»«»r»l»y ii th*
MMI«f of '»>» rulltvlon Iwiw^rn th«
ferryboat CH» of ivatiir an.l V. H.
ri»v»nt|i> ruttrr <■■•!• ii. to th#
((Trri that II •» <» <lut> It ■ )tn« • f. tc
and th» ipi'l'l rnndliian uf lh»
harbor, and that n.llhT vr»»rt (M
tv I4.iin,-.
Th* lnap^*rtom mm*-n»l th* ra
tal>ll*hmi"nt of 1"-iit h..ni>- fa
rllltli* in th* Lay ihr Pattpraim
IM dama(p<l I. •• than II '•■■ Th*
frrrytxHii <Uuu<i ■■■•• •; (hi.
rmi.AT»Ki.riiiA. ra. n",»v. k.-
A formldahl** fftrlkt* <*f roal f?i!n-f»
%a« rrportpi! ypotf'flay, wh*"n " i Hll
«nd« of mm ,i t work at Carl ff.
\\'al*«a. rwraua* Ih*l «.|M»r»t«rii r<*fu«
--■ 1 to ylrld to •!.■■ drmand for an In
rfMtM In i»ag»*». art'l. IS a ronm»*
<iurnc» . ..I:- c- hi,, rum* from Rur
ope with order! fur thousand* of
lout ' in to lutn • n ■"
for «hl(imi»nl In illotant part* of th*
world. Thta f>r«-l«n ili-maml muM
not h«v«- romf at ■ t>»tl*r tiro*. «• '
then* h«« h«'* n nn .»- mini'*i i.n if
• I^am l»»nn«K** Im-*-!|Up»* of th" tem
porary ••■•nation of th<* Trnn»-At-
Innlic- irrnln frela-hla. ■ ron<lltl<m
»hl<h will nfToril vp»p»l i« n»r« an
opportunity i■■ "hip ■ ...il at ■■■ MOn>
atilr riff*.
Frl.lay Marnlnc—Market! rrmnln
quiet. Finn ore iMfomlnn very I
•.•ari# In lh<- local market.
A.,i of i ina< ■ i•:•>i ill.- Mo I
hn« bffn ri-fpiVfO. tli" rarll»»t on rr
rord. Whllp Ihe frutt ■ nrNl, II «
no I •■. hl«hl> culiirril ■•• It "il*' I Im-.
Thi- ''rut mr of hu<k«h<-al I" In
from Ntw fork Hwkwlvat and i >>• i
art* iHi* two h i'<«t irrnlnn In Mi
i !,:'• I Btalra »i |iri>K»nt, nml prti
. » mi. up.
TTi» follnwlnt i MM nri. twin* of
f»ri><l tr> thu |'rni)iir»r hv the lOMI
dnilt»r« fnr d'llvi-ry In rnnnii tot! on
th» iiork or In th«- cir at Pn«nl#:
firnln - o.itn. 1K.D04|21.00j harli'y,
$l(! Mlfl 1* IK); V hi'it rhliki'll (■ ■I.
|I 7 Mi<fl» Mj liran, 114.00; »h<>rtK.
llt.AO; ry». IJO MOlt.00; popporn,
13.00 p»r 100 IIM.
iii I'lmi't •■mini, i" i lon«. %'■> Mw
10. M; Kaatrrn WMhlnarton timothy,
tK.OoeiTOO; alfalfa, lin.oo.
I '.UK* I rlitly fi*>h ranch, Hi
Kiinlnrn, 2'ic.
liiiii.-i Natlvt, ?<!«;«<■.
poultry Iprlni rhlrkrnß, mtfii.-;
live fryi>m. II.MOMS; llvr turkryu,
I.lvn >tock Chalet b**f rattlo,
saws, 4iq*\< . lI'ITH, IH9tcj Rood
h"lf». live. i'ir; beCt, iirri-n.l, t,'\r;
ralvon. ilir»r.l. lar»», *<•: •mill, »c;
calv»s, Inn'", live, 4a; ■mall, (a.
Hid**, I'elt ■ and Wool— lltary
•oumt. Mite] •I'-<t«. o\.r Co ;b«, ir, 1
mvillum • Mind, par i'>.b 11,. , ii«i.i ■
eound, iMm 1« 1t,.. 7H<-; row*. ■< m ii>:. 5
■It »»l«ht.. ?He mil. B.i la and «i. :
•»l V; -ill. ] kipa. 7.-. . c.l»»». |.i.r Ih I
'V,rr«n M•!»•. ii- l»-« than Mltad i
dry !.!!••. p»r Ib. ll«: dry r«!U en*- 1
Ihirl !•■••, aummrr -!"r. par lit. JJ9 '
Itr; wlnlT 0«r. drr. MOltY papery i
d»»r. Htl-*'-. dry »lk». >OIOc. |i*>n I
fik. 40t<-. »h"t. |>«!la. H#Mai ■h«*r- I
! tinea. ISO>S<; I'ait.in Washington I
) wool. I',. U'r •trrn V. «-Mr »tin wool I
ll>i< ; dirty or iinibar buriiad, »',r I
tallow. >!»■:<•. I
Vegetable! '
MMMI (Jobbing)— Native pot*
in«i. ll' 0«: Vakllna potato**, |S>oo, I
I. tU M»u:-.<- Baa »a<-k; carrot*. '
P«-r ■act Upo'-. . ...,» ii to pir '
MOt lomator*. .life' .»...< |h>. I
tnt<w«, l\e!r jor n>; b*ll i. i i'" '
!«. . Chill |.1|..r.. 11.10; natlvr '
nnion». • - (ii ;•.<•■.•■, onlonr.
II It] ««ri'o, Tk!"- |»r !b: .-miin ■•> ,
•"• !"•♦• tl ■•> p»r d"«. l>((ur<>. II n • '|
'•■'«■: lurnjpa. i.,- p»r m> k. ' ;
t.i I .!)••. loc; . i-iii'klto. l>il',r p«r
Ib; *qu«>b. I'
Ormt Frutf Ijal.blnt)—tll«rk fl««l :
:'• 11. 1~.1.-« tl (KKII.Ii. lfn»mi. m--.i
' li; •".. If tii > |U|'l whit* «r,.i
(■lark. 11 v „-■,::.. California mum,
II '■>/! IS. • i .i;i.. M. || :',(|| ;o |. ,
•■•■«. rranbrrrlr*. I r r* ■ t«• m. Khllo
r«rtorin li««, It |k( boi, ll.«tt|Jf| IS;
rwkinK «|il>l»». li'-'ui:-. « b.<i;
f»n<y rrl .«»-i :• i-. tI.»QIH; banan- :
aa. I: i.",j .i ■■!. pin, ■!.>■. I: ::»i m. |
• wit.- Ck««M, t ((l •*« Poylt'i i
lluiiir — «nhlti«l(.n i-rMimrrlni. ;
l«uin I prims, 3»e*or; I . ••■ ■r. lowa
and Klein. .■;«.■ '
Cl,r.-. Oobblnj)—N»llr. Waih>
Inctnn. Hi'i'V , ■"■■•IfTD II«l«r. 1
lii> . >—Jllrlrllr fr'th
ranrh. VO*So.f^i»trrn. n»i i
llon»y — Whlir ramb, lOtfllr; IlKhl I
■mix ■ IliiT . amhor. Wfilt
• Iralnnt. ICtHc. i
I'oullry — Chlrk»na, ll»». |20i]p ;
trym II '.fj ; r-i. i:>» turkr)■». ii,« I
I"- ■. riurka. Up; «>•••••. I>V l!v» w#|gh*.
Corn— WhQli", 111 to: rr«rk»<l. $11 '
trr \ rum I. \-r In. I! 3 oj. '
F--1 Who.t. til; oil r»k». nr.l '
I MX 00. mlMllii*'. tti.ooeiiOO: brat..
lltOO; ahorta. ll«O««ri:OC; rho,i«'l !
f.,,1. ll*O0(rt:i0O: dairy choppvd
f,,,1. fit 00. «
H»», Oraln and T»m4.
Hay <Jobbtnt>— Pu»«.« aaund, r"
tan. lt:.A«1lll.0O; Kkatfrn Wanhinn
i -•> tlm<><hy, 11*00; alfalfa, |tt M.
Oat* ()"l'Mnii)-!>r .ii. 1:4 00.
Itarlry — Slram rnll«l, nonotf '
21 on; »h"li>. 116.M; chop f»»t1. Mlb
• -»< k«. l?>no; <lalry row rhop. PO-lli
■ •■ k». 111 44
• ■■•Mi — Whol», 12100; tracked
|SS <«. f<"f(l m»al. p»r ton, t:S 00.
M..1 frloat.
Frmh Mi-it (Jobbing)— Cow be»r, '
1c paf Ib; at»»r tK>«r. "<^e t , r Ib:
mutton, «>>Uit. tc pi-r Ib; !"•
t.ttt'v p»l Ib; vrnl, !.ci »■ v. |„, ll>; t
an ill, V. .
l»rovl»l»n« ()ohMn«>— llama. lar»».
jlJVir. h«ni«. amall, 140! brrakfaat b«
ran im<-; dry aalttJ >Mr«, I\e; Rl :,
I.Tri (Jrl>blnp> —TIom» mad*. I i-r
lh. 7*. Whlt» f<i«r. «<■: Coin upvrlAl.
IHr; l»r<1 compound, lltrcn, «c; ll<|
• %<■
n -I, ruh '1 ibbinci — IVrrh, jft
.4. . hallhui, r. -a r.. •; illvrr tklmon,
l>l4«* ltf: chum aaltnnn lifir: Round
rr«. •m, . toltm, Hi 4 rock coil, I
fitfjflr; »hrlmp«, IS9ltr; «mi>!t, 4ff |
Sr; oy»t^r». Olympla. " MM ■«•■ 1
anrk. i- 00 prr •■ ill.m; , i,,,, II.Ji '
per .nh; I>nn|t«>ni>M rraba. |l»»,
II 41; „. Vi 'I II «JWI.7S; linn rod, !,<U
: 6r; i>i!i. ii rod. «tt7c; «ii Chinook hl
mon, 400 Ib lion-fa, for -ninkliiK pur. ! i
ponrp. LOS h<-rrln«. .IJI4e.
ft ilmii-. i:V4<JI4o; 1" Ml 12OI3R; I
mi.. rt», llt(14r; lofl -h••■; nlmon.l«, I
llOlTes Hr.itll nun Me: hlrknry
mi (a, IOIOc; rncoanuta, 85f|VOc p«i
Lumbar and Bulldln» Malarial. ;
Lo«i> Suiii>rli>r quality, vr M. No. "
1 fir, l'''n > mrri'liimlnlila fir, r< r M. '
llXflttS; No. I radar, 16117: common. '
prr M, I4BR; aprui-n log», 16 10; cedar 1
► hiiiKir bolt a, IJHI7B. 1
Fir Lumber—Houith, 11.60; thick fin- '
Inhrd, aurfacad, one or two alira, >,
10 and 12 Inctita wide, |1J«2O; lenjtha
A full line of office
and pocket diaries
For 1900
Donny-Coryoll Co
710 »"lr«.t AY«.
11 i.. it f. Hi iparial length ;." •i" 1
M "iii.. „ii.- 11.. ii Rnlfb, meie: ill
vriirai «t iii.. 14 per M• ■ ir« (100.l
U.K. )'■ »i 1 and rnal< i.- 1 |I"W-'I.
it.,, v board*, l-lnch. l»«l«: 10-lnch,]
in M*9II ij'ineh, liMil*. iin< <<■*. No
• ur Q in. ). Mi l>ii. ISI No. >. V V or 1
rluinn-l nutlai of ilrop alilnr. »l«h(
I,«W 1>... IIIOll; fir f.moer, Jo»a»i and
atai. ili.r*. 1 Ufh l> KOlti H I H I K.
|»>»jll ** < •-■ intjtli: 1j- - bi»r.l».
I!-I"'m ami I I-. » '■
Warlilnxtim lied '•♦!•' :..unb»r-:
II uri. 11. I—>"'.'. aiUlr>«. w~',.;r 700
ilia. Il4fj. iH ..!!•„ !•■ I. 1 1 ■!■ Ni»
1. 1. ami *, .'■» ln< h, 1.300 Ibi; Mo*.
I, : and I, '. In. , :0(i Iba. II1CIZT: '
wnlnarnlln*. IIO0M; ruatii". J2'iO:»;'
•A* »hlri«U-«. tl W. -'nvlur'! aim,l
fli-a. II |.i 1 ■„. I. flnlah. I!. 14 and II
fi-i-t. lzr.©34; 11,1 k nnlab I^OM; et'\
liar Mioam, 1. «, » .in I 10 '"'< ::tf
3-1 p<ck*ta, I! •
Klin •lrl-.1. II In a<lvanr» of crr*n;
dra»■•*••. Mr.
Jobbini. Quotation*
Th» -111, 11 I iiuutatluna I•'■ i» «rrrr
■I ! ...» a.
lurar 11 ,!,l.'r.»> ': ' Ira '". In I hi",
111. <". In I'liln. M •■»: po«d»r>
•d, I4TS. dry cr.inulairi. |S.»OJ cub#,
IS 15; aj.i.i raan rrtrra.
Klour, ale. <Jobbln«> — I'.'-nl K«-
Mtltßt, MM Novell* A l» i«: «Uf
<bak*ra'), U.»i; C*BUnal*l,lXWl Oo\t
I»r<>t>. II11; corn i»n>al. r»How, IUU
f.^r 100 11.. in 10-lb mirka. 11.4 i i«l
M Hi ... r.irn im-al, whlli-. II fit
1 *» p*r l' ii h- In IK Ui «.i' K<; II Ml bW
In W-.l) am ka bU( k« hi II flour, purr.
SJ.M vr iw llrt in 10-lli »»'k»; <rmk
r.l mht 11 II J". prr l<*> lb» In 10.
,1. »a«ka; fnrlna. l"ii |i«t m
13 on; >i ?i i-i-j». %::> i»t i'-i Iba In I
iba in In H, aatka; 6-|b ».•!■> tt.M
i.i.im !« in io-lb aacka; S-lt> aack*. |lOO|
p*r ewtl »!•■■ I Cttl (lalmral. IS id t"r
100 il.« In M 11, a:.. k« Kraham fluur,
|LH |. . r li.i :... In 10-lb • 1 Ka. who:*
vhrat flour. II f. i-r IM i.- In 10-lb{
aa'ka; r>- mr-al. I? 10 |..-r 100 Iba In j
10 111 aarka; rye flour, i; ;*. ].t 100 Il>a
In 10-lb aa.-ka; IpUt p'na. I'iO-lb aarka.l
II00; apllt p»a». 13 00 p»t 100 \<>» In 1
•.".-ili |...«.». m ■«■ I I.I". H.U, In
•a.va i- itl barter. ••'"• \--t i"* it*
In Ml 14 M ft I M In It Ib . v.
r..11-1 liarl*r. 1 ! no; «h*at RIkM,J
7S-lb »..■*-«. It Hi arhaal flakra. rVi.
t-r raat «f :■* Mb pkS*. In '■'••• ISM,
IM ll>* B»t! fim v rullrd oat*. » Iba I
nrka, I.* '", b«jrk« hral fl.ur puro,l
it:'' i-'r bbltaW-lo ... erafktdl
• l.aal. 14 pat bbl In U-lb MdMi
air*l rut natm*al. MID |>*r bbl in M
-1b aarka; graham flour, tI.M i»r bbl J
In :« V> larka; «hol* »(mi (1 jr. 1;
• fr !■• I In CO-ln MCkS! rv. rnral. 13 7:
p»r bM in W-lb aurka; rr» flour. II
lit bbl: fanry rcll«4 oali. :Kl ilk net
In bl»l". 14*5. fanry rollxl nata. >i-lb
aa< *' 14 70; fanry rollinl •". p*r I
. 1
Ooff»» ; .bblri-)— — M., .
r»r Ib. im:it. Java. pr>r t!i. SltttHc;
Ccata Mem, choir*, i-t ib, IH/llf;l
tloaatrd— Alb—bl«*l. In 10a-lt> raa»a.'
p*r 100 IbS, 111 ti; •Oh raa*a. prr 10* j
Iba. IIIK; «-lb riiM, p»r it* Iba. j
ll}«». Java. t«-|h Una, p*t Ib. tic
aark. 14r. A4»n Mofha, JlSr; Cara.
r..|a. Sir: i;ii*!"niala. tlr; ground!
eofTc*. HOW.-. 1.,0n. 100 a, IIMi; fla.
HIM; !« lit 4:.
Pacific Coast Sfpaissiiip Co.
•j^ Fir San Frnnci«*co
KMUtn ~h« rompany'a »l<c«ot
.DCbalW *!■"""••'•IP' gum,
■^aaaJ^B^H 'V,i:|, \\ , ::a. anl I'm.
Leivt SEATTLE 9 t. ■.
Nov. 6. 10. 15. ». H, 80. !>»<-. 8. 10. I*.
JO. «, so. Jan. 4. an.l rr*rj fifth day
it.T! sir rmcißi irrtttm 10..
Nov. J. 7. IS, 17. 12. 17. I*c. i. 7, It.
17. IJ. !7, Jan. I, and >-vrrjr fifth day j
lr«v» Sratll* 9 a. ai.—
Collar* Cliy. Nov. 11. M. Df. 11. t*.
City of T.ifka. Nov. c, :i. !)«•. r,
Al-KI. Nov. 1, It, !'•■ 1. 1«. »1. and
r\-tr Him day th^r<-afl»r.
For furlhrr Inf.nmatlon obtain
Th". company r»a»rv»a th» right lo
"-hunt* 1 Without plWYlOtl* nntlr*.
al»»m'ra. anllina: datm anJ houra of
calling J »' Tl«< IWI»IIIIM?K.
rugrt Sonnl |Dpl "• -an Dock.
l'|i ( • n tlrk^t office. «1* I 7 '"I i»v.
r"nu«. H»all>: <loo<lntl. '•!«*> '
Co. Or-noral aarnla. Snn Franrlarn. j
Washington & Alaska |
li, S. Fas! Mail
City Seattle
a.ii. itoni PMtM Wkart at 10 ». m.
Saturday, Nov. 2nth
It i Skagway, via Vancouver
ICttrtialnn and i.i-i-», id
C; l!our«»
Steamship Farallon
ror li«fw»T »nil r>r»«. ralllni at Tort \
Townn-ii I 11 tier atrrat wharf) Victoria, '
VanniuTar. Kalthlkan ItcltuUi/, range*.
Junaatl. tall* Iroin . raler wbarf
Saturday. Nov. 18, at 10 P. M. |
DODWELL & CO.. Ltd..
n«n»r*l .«rni«. 11l Jim,, 81., 'Phoaa '
Main AC
-—-—-—-———————————————-— j
laflEA' .a Ilk "«<■• ,MJ»ira< !
U n^ l( r0N I'b.ina Mniuii;.
»|nont''" i<-«\.. liaiir Aitlra |
NO" ' .i,aV ».UJ Hrirett Mi
' OAILW a m Ml. Varnon I' in I
pA|fc Now uii.ii.im I
4.10 D. m. F|ma»n'-ll«.>»lali.| 10.JO p. m |
Ml. I.vi, I ''I. h«.i an I r.i»*t.
«»vi.i;i i. no .in.* work" In ma shop.
V».'.j K>vi> >„ii 111. 1 ui.rll «li>-ii prnmla
.il and ... .lifiri:.- only what la fnlr ron
■idarlng our laboi anil tm»ney.aavlne; fa*
■ -1111 Ira Inn ilrallne; "Hit lia you ,1.
tint bar* to pa) tin- bill of llt» Hutu
who flaw th» town" — lip ill.in ow<
na nrvthtnK III" kind of p*»opt* par un |
In ailvmi... or «i« i|..ii i iln th*. work.
Pigott & French Printing Co.
104 W. Waablngton St., Hraltlc W.th
lint Hi.iTHI,
union in >v 14 yi-itm or ovr. to
• .mi printer 1* irad*. and da en
■ I ..I .... I, nhoiii (id)' t. 'Addr*ii
I' ii. llux i, ::i
MAM 111.11%
V. * "VI ! ( M|'jit.» t. .... n,< .. .i,4
walt.ra. • » . .... r)r*N,«fi farm hanla,
II C itim tit H W. .1,1 N, >• M I" •.
>». i..« fir • ..■ni. i it>f •) #1 fra«a-
I.» I . MO W V n M T.I M»t IHi
AIIHTMAI i ail lltl.l”
iihlkiiim:, IIII.MI'KK till, liw., Iha all
• ill i.l'itl.l- i' ,!.,.< ..,mi,.fi». ••lakiiih
• I I VI '.* * ■!- „ « making >l ■!!•■ • ■ .'
; hllalfifl Halma. Ml ' barn Hfaal
| Kruulu Almtrail Co lit N. Y. bin!
>i iii>iiMii.«|.|,4n,
11. r i '. M<>i I. .•» >•> m... i.» iii .1 n
■ >«nr aii'i toiin.iiu i.ii'>i<nu. n >,i u ;;i,
i Illlirklrr 1,l 'I
I CIIA I, X, I Not mm II IS ttall.r I. If
|J, 11. ;..v 1.'.11, fornn froa. Any
Hi,.,i,,,/i,in, »-., . t,l ... Hulllvun blk.
AMI HI I » rr«. "_
[ T:. w. HOI '.II 414, Tit. 41*. «I 7
("clllna block.
11l HIM .» < 1.1 I ( ..I « to
ttll.MJN■« li.t'n'Ti tolU«ir Tal Main If.
• TUB I 11-ki |;m|'.vji, HANK or
f»'i up r'aMUl.,.,. . IIIVi M
1 Oat»#ral bank < g L>,*n.*t. i» m "i
[ /am»a l>. 11.-a-a, )r I -•• XI
rVlr« »'i.«i.:>>.i
■ ...i T'tr«»r-.. „, „,. • ••(■ *r
:It V, l-.r.hural ! A-1.1.nl (.■* • "
• «M ».., i.,. al .|,i.c •».|.n- ►.•»•<"•
|i. ail it.. !..!.. lt i ttllta #-l i- • l.i.nil
1 -'.■•■ ait 4 !.„•»:.
ill*. fL'UBT Vdl-vtt r.'ATIOI'AL hank
r<r f KATTLti
'•I M.I am • i. l Ii .... !•?««■••
fc i| .■ - «:, ■ ■«»
J*< '. 1...1', „ ...,,,,,,., r*r»tlflti»l
i: •'. v> „l.i.i. , Vii • rr»al«««l
I: V a..,.,,, , , . I HIM
' . rr-.t, .. I-, ■• in »l. ii. „,,,-f' mm
I". tea l« it..! Hui*t anil Kurct*.
■ Mib6l lUiLUtKt *mi COktHACIOII*
»i.ai I t.r nni|.<:r • " - i ... Mi«§
--»■ »>!.«i\». ••,.! |„rnit .i . . ,;. 4i,».
I*l ...: . ..,.j«>, !,■. • »..#i. in i-.t.a. tatja
»• ■ »!-'»
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I A Kfl.L 1.1.NX ..f TiiMt^»rcook
1 fftovrn nni furniture of avrry dr.
trili lion at B. il ap.M'r *th & Pike
lin ami -ill i i mii .1. HURaV,
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I lark, XT « M.1.,,,,i-l , U..11 laliati'
1 rirp|-rla»» <lrf«amak»r. •:;: i«t «v.
IK YOU WANT to b# »Mll».l, .-nil on
K»lly. uii.|rrw>.ir draltr. Uls lac
avnu». Ray you law It In th»> Star.
! The San Diego Fruit Co.
415 Pike Street,
That' the Place
For Fruit and Nuts
I "Pop Corn That Pops."
Big, Red Apples, Dates
and Figs.
iC^ , M -. „ , ,_ „, „.,. ;
rvnaral I'lruclnri an 1 hrab»im^rt I
latlora. IBIrJAT* aui Columbia it I
r\m«ra, I'lractnn au.l Ktulitlman I
1* iv iiii;» vt*. aua Colutabta St. I
'irli|tliana UalllU. baalUa, Wats. J
Thirt f five room*; rent cheap*
WtQHIMAN. 120 Mtrttn 11.
r.urke ijlock.

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