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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, December 09, 1899, Image 1

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25«s.i£f THE' SEATTLE STAIt p*i3fSc
TOla, 1.
Eighty Men Are Entombed in the
Bowels of the Earth.
r\nnONAl>o. wash. n.-. ».—
null.tin— A frightful roln* disaster
occurred her* at II o'clock thla
momma, rvaultlng In the probabl*
!■>•• of sixty or seventy llvea.
An *xploalon, rau*eU by fir* damp,
took plate In coal mine No. 7, re
sulting In th* raving In of a ■■ il.m
at th* roof of th* mine. The pot*-
OtlOua (aa Is believed to have com-
I'leted th* fatal work of Ih* caving
earth and moat of th.«» unfortun-
MM who «rer* caught in th* under
ground death trap are thoucht to be ,
past human aid.
Imedlately after th* »»fl.»ai.jti took
plow a w lid ■ cue of terror and din. {
trma was »ltnr<w<l about tt"
Th* »Iv»nt of th* Union I'arlftc
' In B*altl* within lh* n«xl mMtfil
* month* la an assured fart.
Purtnt in* pa»t f#w darn on* of
• tb* b*«t known encinmre on th*
r<>*»( ha* own In thin <Ur. kmklnit
«v»r U>« rreund. lit baa !•••• n in
, ; qulrl ronaoltaOoo with pmmla*nt
'.■' local railway attorneys an<l ha* in
' «p*ctrd jrard an.l terminal ait**.
■ Whll* ih» utmost »*tr*4*y hiu bant
od«»rv»1 r*nr*rnln> hia frmnrt In
. ■Mill', and th- purpo** of hi* vi.li,
a f*w fact* hay* |*akMl out.
Th* ."(ar it«t» I **r*ral «hlm aca
- that th» purchax* of th* toattto Trr
| ratnal Company* tracks and (rain
' alcvatora by th* Seattle * Han Kr»r«
ciaro Railway A N»vl.mum Com
' panv. rarrted mor* «l*niH. *n. . »i(h
It than wan ctnvrally uti'l'i-'
II now trtn«plr«a that th* I'm .n
Pa.-in baa an »y* to th* ua* of IMi
' •am-' property, Rome tint" ago a
' Aval <ru mad* bctw**n th* Nortb
,' •rt> paelfla ml th- I'ntnn I'm. ICr. hy
«btrb Irrrn* In* former »*• to K*t
' «r»tlt prtrlUKea In f>r«f«n %la, ►»

Jo* Harvey th* recognised backer
I Dave Arcyte. of the California
Hub. and Hill Dormer, formerly
a ar<m>ln«nt member of the gamb
ling fraternity of this city, are now
figuring In the courts of California
In a somewhat sensational gambling
aaaa V..
8»n Prmnciaco la suppoeed to be
closed up at present. Th.i la pub-
He gambling Is not permitted.
About two month* ago, Harvey.
Dormer, a man by the name of
I^aurer.'e and i'ti*rl-» Fair, son at
Senator Fair, organised a San Frsn
claro social club under a charter. In
accordance with the laws of the
■late. A gambling house on on* of
the principal afreet* waa opartlatd un
der the name of the "Club." Mem- I
bers paid II la Join and were <• h
given a private pas* key.
The "club men" had an under
standing with Chief of Police I<eea
that the houae ■■■ to >■» raid "to
keep up appearances." The raid waa
made and the gamblers had llcht
fines Imposed upon them In the po
lice court. They took an appeal, i
which Is atlll pending, to teat the !
validity of the antl-gambllng stat
ute aa applied to cluba. The gamb
ling hou*e waa not cloaed and la still \
The first of the year the police :
force of Pan Francisco Is to be reor- ,
O»n»r«l runhi^nit of th« tha
Whit* !'«*• A Yukon lUlea that b«
haa placed or<W« with ih<- thtldwln
for four new loromotlvr* to b« com-
I>l»'»1 and delivered next apring-.
Th»»» ar» to be fifty ton encln**
and of th* moat powerful muse
type. One In to be 1 10-irrr»l «ln(le
rii'irifl'in; another a compound <<>n
aolMated and the other two are Id
wheel almple locomotlvea. The two
tntrt powerful wf the new engine*
will be ii«»"l '» the flr.t dlvt>l<.n ml
the other two on th» aecond rilvldon.
The flaldwln I<oromotlve Co. com
pleted two, loaded tha-two now In
UN on thl* road In twenly-eeven
day* after th* nr'l»r wai placed lint
Agriculture at Paris.
WASlllN'iT'i'. 1. D. C. r>er. ».—
Arrvinir the) many Int. tvrnnx thin*;"
twins prepared lot th« I'iii- exp<>
altlon I* an exhibit >.f iilturnl
photocraph* and chart*. Th<- pic
ture* Illustrate rural economy,
iihow* farm hulldlnK* and «>j..-r»
■tlnn*, American appliance* 'if nitri
culture; and horticulture, vli'W* of
public |»«rk«. cemeterlea, private
a-ardena and many other Int'iixtliiK
objecta. . •
TrrriN. c>. Dec. ».—Whll» «rad
fn« a hill on a piece of land known si
"Old Crow Bottom," near Fort S.-n
re», yesterday, th* workmen un
enrthed *lx «ki>l<-l'.iK In » good «lat..
of preiervatlon. One »oa wrappe'l
In »l» tht<*knefme* of hucktikln, an 1.
tijr old re»ldentfi, I* tiuppofa>d to be
th» '""" of the celebrated chl<-ftnln
Old Crow, who»e trlrjp occupli-d thTt
t>art of th» country. They •■■ '■■ re
nttTri-4 n«ar where Alacovi I
iBAtTLB, \V AMIIMiTON. SATt'IMI.VV J.Ni.MN*.. I H!( I :.M It I". II i». IHU'».
mouth of th* mine. IJke lightning
th* word ran from mouth la mouth
that a trrrlbl* aiplnalnn ha.l occur
red In N.i. T and that many miner*
wer* dead. Men. women and child
leu, many of them relatives of th*
entombed miner*, malted to the *p»t.
rending th* air with their cries and
shriek*. It was baHMaatMi to con
trul the mub, which ran frantically
about th* mouth of th* dark hoi. .
vainly attempting to peer Into Its
black Interior and learn th* fati- «'f
th..«- far - law.
Within a few momenta, however,
•nme of Ih* cooler h*ada g*th*r»d
their arlla togvther and began to i
culean efforts to reach and releaa*
th* victim*.
' change for the use of the N. P.
track* leading Into Seattle.
The Northern Pacirtc, within the
nett few month*, will enter Ihla city
over the tracks of the Seattle * Man
Trait. Hallway * Navigation
Company, up Colorado street. The
V. I', has control over these tracks
and the terminal property of the
The terms of Its recent deal with
th* U. I*, it I* said, give* that road
entrance to the city up the Colored.,
street tracka: and the use of the
tide lan property between Colora
-1 • and Whatcom streets from Mai
gate atreet to the canal waterway.
This property will be, used for
freight yards.
The other terminal property of th»
Seattle A San Francisco road at
West Seattle would be of great ua*
to the fnlon pacific for grata rl-~.
valor* and wharfage.
This deal. It la aald, alao Include*
all rtf ht* .. to passenger terminal*
which the Northern Pacific baa to
■an I led ("apt Koaola will succeed [
Laaa as Chief and James D. I'helan,
th. Democratic mayor. will then I*
declared th* bead of III* potlc* de
He state* that all gambling bou*e*
will be clowd. Including the «...
called "cluh, 11 and th* H^atlle pmb
lers who have l-»n operating there
will be forced la aaak n*w pautur .
A representatlv* man of Han
Francisco, now on a vUlt la thla
rlly. In apeaklng of gambling In Han
Kranrtwo, today a.l ■ ',
"The conviction of th* petty In
dividual* who have been arrested
for running a gambling ••• rt on
on* of the main ilreet* of flan Fran
rlwo I* of no particular Importance
In Itself. The«» persons are too oh.
srur* and Inslenlflcant to have their
fate of the slightest Interest to th*
public on their own account. Hut It
happen* that they represent for th'
moment Ih* effort to make Han
F*rancl*rn a "wide-open town."
They depend on the technicality
that Incorporated club* and their I
arueall ar* MllaMa and above th"
i law* forbidding gambling, and If I
th. »re not punl*hed, gamNlng
game* will spring up In every .iir..
I tlon la corrupt and rob th* people.
■Thl« If why the rltlgena of that
city should watch the ....... In hand
M see that th* law and the morale 1
, of th* city are upheld.
COLUMBIA, 8. C, Her. —
Throu«h the .(T..rt« of th« Hey. II
»'«rrr,ll, the Hooker T. YVa«hln(ton
of the fulfil, it,, mull., ,„.. H..inh
Carolina imlnßtrlnl HofM for Nffro
Bojn anil CHrto, was .ir,!i<-..tr-.| h. r
todiiy. Him...,, nrant of Philadelphia
preaching; the dedicatory aermnn.
The It.-V Mr. rarrnll I a nerrn
and a riaptlm preacher, tin was the.
chaplain <.f In.. Tenth InauM
Hlnc- rnmlng out of the army he
ha* given hi* attention I* hrlnirinir
1., it «n./.-..f,,i lOOM piana for res
cuing negro waif* arvl orphan* lin
di t the ago of 13 ,ii,,i giving th.m n
thornuKh Industrial tralnlntr. Th«
home In th» rpnult.
Boys Plan a Murder
'AM»Trcrtr>AM. N v., i> r p. »_
Thre* buys, nc. i »bmjt 12 or 13 yrarv,
aitcmr-tM 10 wrc k a \V>«t Kh'.r»
fa«t pxpr«.«» train today In a riM
Mil. 1,.|»..ri Mln<l»rivlM» anl Indian
'"■•I hy plarln« rallroaii 11.■» upon
the track.
Thx train »n> atoppvil rx>f..r» any
il.-miOK" r.null.-.I Two of rl,. 1,,, v.
• -■'•■in .1. hut th» third nnp, Churls
Laahrr, «KPd 13 y.iirn, km arrettcd.
Tii<- announced m^Mlnit of N'.rri.
rriln-i". to illxtuHK the pmpoMd
Ktmi >■( rorporntlona to r.i1.i.10
lunrl luioi nnd wharf rlirhtii on III"
Nomp bi»«rli (lit'Cliir*, illil n«.t nrrur
lint alffht Thi mntt^r \\un .1.-lny*l 1
iiy i< ■ >■• apbl rii|ii.-Ht of prominent
mlneri who wild to be |ir«Mnt.
:| CITY NEWS. |=
The lighthouse I It Xlanaanln.
• '.tiniii . ;i. . it i. In on her way In
the Round i.i nii|i|iiy the llghthuus*
alallon. ,
I'.i.t Moor*. • mining man. re
! ported i■• IMeclWe riiinppi thl»
morning iH.n hi* room In thi N. I*.
1 lodging botuN «*• riilrred I**l night
i while h.' waa abaent ami a gold
wnteh valued at II" «■• uk*n.
James Oortney, a laborer, waa ar
rr.i,.| by Officer Wllk**> ill" morn
ln« (or atealing a ran of milk from
a Plk* street restaurant.
In th- Ktl.ral r.nirl th* raw n( 0
W. K.I i. against Ih* l'« in. Co«at
• '<•. for r.ixi kMIH no account
iof Iniurle* received whll* creating
> th* trarka of the Columbia an Pug-
I •I Hound railroad laat May. la being
tn.-.1, for the second time. b«(or«
Judge Hartford and a Jury.
A new wharf I* la >••• constructed
at For! l-'luaiiT on \t i rlatown Petal
Th* Improvement will |> >«*iMy r.m
IJ.ooo. Th* t>r»*f>nl wharf I* •! >■'■'«
"1 by irif.i.. It waa only Intend
«■•(«• ■ temporary structure.
Mr*. Henry H.hiiite. allaa Amelia
Wagener. alleged to ♦<•»■■ eloped
from Vancouver, It. C, Thuraday
j night with (Mrar Culeman waa taken
i to !-■!•,, headquarter* thl* morning.
She w». followed by h*r huib«n<).
ftrhulta .... I h. i.- laat night
after her.
Mr*. ." lmii» offered to return her
hu*band's I4W whlrh aha had taken.
and give up th* custody of their *
y.ir old *<>ri. Sa* aflerwsrds chang
led her mlng
Tte Vancouver police aar there
ha» been no warrant l*s>u*d for th*
| arml of eHher Ml Bchulti or Cole
man. Chief l:<r-I baa decided to
hold th* money and release Mi«
rVhuitg and Celeman. There will ba
a ault for th* i i.t Ij- of the rhlld.
The >.'•>».<• Hini-« and t>eveloi>lnar I
company raa Incorporated to-lay In
ll' auditor* office Th* capital
•I— « I* t2.w».W and the tneorpor
ator* are; vi U Wood. W. I. Ma
comber, C. o. Dlcn»n and wife, John
. li Hart. Will II |-r.r>j. i: o. Itor
don '' M, d rail n. Jorn M-hr»m, F.
A. V nl Jame* F. MrKlroy. -
Hi " llalley today purchased
far !.,*•* from the Trinity l'art»h
church, lot t, black I. ttartn an.l
l>»nt» • n.t'iiMi and from w. I>
lloltu* fat in»» lot 4. him Mo, w
and «dd ">->n Th!» property |* at the
corner at Third and J*rreraon street.
John Dull, who I* allege 1 to b* •
bunco main, anil who II la claimed
haa been running a "cloth Joint" at
i.-town for the |.*.l several
month*, wia arrested by Police) Of
n.»r HuM.a-t tan night about IB
o'clock. Hubbard la at present in j
>»h» W«*hlnct*n ni"i tw-at. II- «• «
'null walking lelsurrly down on hi*
, heal. Hul-harl tmm« !l«tet> Inform
ed him Is* h»1 heller move •* h» <liv
I not want any bunk*" operatic* on
hi* bea>t.
Hull r»fu**4 In la aa ordered and
Hul>l>ar<l •-nt him in hradquart-
Ml ll* remarked la Officer Hub
' bard at ih« tlm* thai th«r* »a. no ■
{ urn Mndlnc him up aa It* would »»
relea**4 ri«h( away. Hubbard .
' placed no definite chare* again*! !
llu!l. ||* »a« raleaard in a 1100 ■ «ah
ball, however.
**t»ral d*4rrllve* npriaanl them
aelvr* »ui|.i:«-l thai a prHonrr could
, be r*4ea**4 before a drHntt* charit»
hail been ptared agatnal him. Thl»
afternoon Hubbard decided to !■■•> »
• charg* at taaraorv again*! Hull.
Hull, it la aald. fca* been endeavor
ing to find r<v>m» In »hlih to np*n a
'•••i« mil ) .int ■ In the rlly. Ilia In
tenllona am In mov« to O<Mvrc*tuwn I
"Jolnl" la la the city and he aMert*
that there la nt trouble In •<-< urine
police prolectlAn. ll* will l.» given
I a hearing before Judg* Cann Mod
William Cooper, formerly nf th*
IT. B. V . who >NI 1. I in th* as.
IK.n of Auguat 13. l<»». at Manila.
waa given a ticket to Minneapolis
yealerday by th* county commla
hlMloner*. h* being at' an.l de*lU
Mr. Mary Hamilton riled a com
plaint ihi" morning Mating that
Janwa Thlblls, an Infant, aeven
weeks of age, wa* left with her by ,
him moth»r on October loth. lam. n
b* cared for. It mmm then km than
two weeka old. At prraerrt Mrs.
j Hamilton do»m"t know the where
about* nf either of the . h!l !'* par
ent*, and a*k« that the rhlld be giv
en Into the hands of Ih* county com
■ ml** loner*.
Clara Cli.«. n pray* for a decree of
divert-* from her huanand <•): i «
I on the plea of desertion, and alao for
the custody of the on* child.
Today tfj motion da* at the Bu
perlor courts,
K. \V Pri.c ha* been awarded
15.714.M air mit D 11. Oilman <t at
on a promissory note.
The motion of th* Fry*-nruh"n
On fur .■ new trial against I. I. r
ttound* wan denied this morning by
Judge Jacob*.
Harry H O*ttf haa filed a suit for
divorce ajtalruit hi* wife Ktta on th*
grounds of abandonment,
The i.i.ri.r road near Qraan t-ai<..
I one ann one-half mile* In lonaih. via
onlprwl establlahed at yr*ti.ri|»y'a
iii..iuii' of the rounty commliißl'iii
ers. The matter rma bean prndlnc
for over three y«ir».
A in.iiririi:» li. . ii-,. Mi Issued thl*
morning to J««. K. Chnrlton Mil) ami
LataM Habnrmn (17), both of Heatlle.
The minority nf the city rounrll
meet* tonight at 7 h), Th" Cam
ml'!., of 'in- Hundred and a large
numtier of other cltlsrn* will 1...
preni'nt. The meeting win lie In the
nature of ii public it i'h. i Ink to dla
ruM the propoa.d charter amend
m> ints and the baal mean* to Ih-liik
them throuKh. I. UK" tie Way n,|
Dr. Tllus will *r'enk, ii|i«> nl li. r lead
er* of th« ti mant.
TtllWiai Paly, a well dri-**i-d mnn.
waa taken to police hendi|uarter*
thin morning hy OfDrer Wllkca, who
Hi'iilKhl ha Hun 1 limit ill »wi
locked In the female rerrlvlng npart
ii.. iii in i Mr. Hoi Ii « wn« called.
Win ii th" doctor .i.'.i..! hf» found
I mil ii. "I Rl had full' ii ut.-itltmt
I Hl'iiin ii' Ills fail ,u.I liuli'la
were burned.
Preparing for the Coming Municipal
Campaign—A List of Possible
The managers of the Democratic
party In IMs city are getting ready
i" "inline a policy for the coming
municipal campaign.
II I* stated M rehab)* authority
1 that an effort will be mad* to have
Hie party Identified with a Clllien*'
ticket. Much liv. work la . >i«.i
ed when It comet la definitely shap
ing th. lines upon which this ticket
If hall lie named. The single tax pco.
pie will not tie a dnmlnatlng power,
but will gi\. first plac* I" the po
litical element represented b) Ihe
Committee of On* Hundred, with
lv new Idea* on popular legislation
and municipal ownership of street
i railways, etc.
The present fight In th* city roun
rll marks th* beginning of th* agi
tation which will prareel the nomin
ation of a Cltliena' ticket A legal
battle over the proposed amend
ments to the charier will probably
follow. The attentl'n Of ihr public
wilt thus be secured and muni.
ownership and the referendum Idea
will b*> thoroughly dta<ni*»*d."
Th* Northern I'a. ifl. railroad will
al*o occupy attention. The local
Mm will undoubtedly vole*
their opposition to that road's poll-y
upon the w.i r front, and will en
deavor to make good political capi
tal out of the mailer In Ihla con
nection I' la aald to be quite possible
that th* Republicans will attempt
Ilkewiae to use the bludgeon again-.!
the N. P. for political purposes.
I Hald a well known Demormelc
manager to the Htar thl* morning;
"Th* main question that occuple*
our atentlon at present i. th* future
■police policy* of the party. We re
alia* that a miataka waa made in ia»a
Ominous Preparations of the British
General for Another Big Fight
FflF.nE CAMP. Dec. »-O*n. Ilul
ler ha* sent an order to Durban for
I.JOO stretcher bearera.
Thla Is supposed to foreshadow the
Ilrttlsh advance to the relief of
t^«N|N.N. Dec. »—A dispatch to
'he r»'haiii» Telegraph company
says that President Hum. of the
Orange Free State, la falling men
ially. Free sin- li- t • are running
special excursion train* from Pre.
t.rla an the H«ef*' camp. Many
women are coming '" see the sights,
alao to look after husbands and eon*
at the front.
CAPK TOWN,"Dec. ♦ -Four Iran*.
port* wKh troop* arrived hare to
LONDON. 11" •-a I^dy»mltb
Flra« Terrorize „ Town
rut MIN'iT-iN V J.. Dec. »-
The rang of Incendiaries who twice
attempted to burn the town of Three
llrldge*. near Kiemlngton. rrcumel
their operations hut night. Kour
fire* have been "tui.l within a*
, many night*, and It ■•"«.. as If the
i town mi doomed unless th* guilty
ones are apprehended.
s'mv TortK. r>*e. » The alt
day*' bicycle rare ends at Madl*on
Hpuaie Oarden* at ten tonight, only
a few lap* aeparaled the flrat and
aecond leama In the rn< c thla morn-
Ing. Kveryone I* preparing for a
heartbreaking flnl*b. The Miller-
W.illa'■■ team l< ad this morning by
two laps.
NEW YORK, Dec. ».— IVrmti.
who are . iii>i"iio .1 to Inlying co
caine ban been forced to pay much
more fur II rerrnlly t tin ii I li.' nor
mal price. In fart the drug ha* rl»-
M from f ' .'. an .'lilt. .■ to $1.2.'. .ii
nuaea In tba InM (an tnnnth*. Thl*
I* rniiMi-'l liv lit" r.\"lutl'ni In I'<mi
That H'Hith An- i ■■ Itriiulillc ram.
c* practically all the. raw .«><-iilli»
ii, .• the world consume*. It I* mnn
ufncturrd from the leave* of the co.
ion plant, and to mipply th« demand
In tiii» country th" leave* am either
•hipped north and the, drug manu
factured here or a rurirne nntlvc pro.
.1 ii.-1 made from tin l'.t\.B In IVru,
I* brought hero and refined by Im
proved (.i.... taaa*
The revolution has prevented the
gathering of cocoa leave* from elite
pine their product to l.lni.i, th' prin
cipal nun I. hence a short nupply
and ii ii Increased price. The Indl
eatlona are, however, thut the top
notch In the riß.. him been tipped,
ii« I*, mi ibowi Rlgn* of settling
down nKnln for n short period of
Mm" hi least.
Mr. A. I Durwell delivered th«
until of th<> tarlaa of buatnaaa tnlk*
i' the Y. M. C, A. la*t evening, tall ■
Ing (or hi* subject: "Essential for
Success In lluslness."
when Mr. Catderhead'e mansgers at
i.iiil<. I t» hold the Flret ward and
nut with the church vote at the same
lime. The • -it 11 was the loss of th*
ward and the lukewarm support at
the church people, A strong element
In the party will favor the announce
ment and support of a wide open
policy, so-called, within th. restric
tions of law. They will object to th.
continuance of the policy adopted
by Mayor Humes of allowing ex
treme lailty, on th* ground that he
haa gone beyond th* limits of law
and order.
"The local I»emocraey will try hard
to regain the ground loM In th*
First ward IWa years ago A ran
didate for mayor will be selected
with this end In view John Collln*
may be the man we want Mr Mr-
Klroy la understood i.i he warmly
• upportlng him John Bertram's
name Is being mentioned, a* Is aim |
that of J. W. Ooodwln. Th* last
named Is developing strength,
"John Wallace will undoubtedly
make another try for the .rfl. •■ of city
- -O. A. C. Itoeheater and Fred Rice
Itowell are among those epoken of
for th* i.frlre of corporation counsel.
"Colonel Ororge C. l.ywn la again
coming to th* front a candidate
for the Job of city treasurer. Ilia
frlenda are puahing him. but II I* a*
yet a matter of doubt as to whether
he could consent to run, owing to the
pressure of his duties In connection
with th* Hnoqualml* Power . mi
"I give you the** tip* aa Ih* best
that my Judgment afford* at th:>
lime. There may be change* but th*
drift la in the direction of such pol
icies and men as I rave outlined."
di*palch sayt that th* tiiitlih made
■ sortie, stormed and carted a hill
from which U>* lloera were shelling
the town, putting out of acilnn on* '
llowttier. a big Cnaaaal gun, and
capturing a small Maxim.
LOMDUM, D* ♦ A Cap* dKpatch
•»> • that the Iloer* have made their
appearance at i iranire river, forty
miles south-east of Melhuen'* force.
The evening newspapers announce
another break In Methuen'a line of
communication, but belated cable
grams show that the break mention
ed In a previous Cape Town iiui.
p.i'i h Is Identical with the one they
speak of.
LONDON, n^-~T"lt la understood
that a new cavalry brigade will be
mobilise* today or Hunday. So ar
rangementa for transportation to
South Africa are completed.
Those In Whatcom County
May Shut Down.
If on. mill In Whatrom can be In
duced la loan down for ■ period of
Hsty «1«> ■. ten of the fourteen >hin
«l» mill* of that county which are
now running ill follow th« sam
ple. i:v*n without the co.«|.eratlon
at nil. mill there In ■ rhuti.r that
the other ten will clo#e. Over flfty
at Km Whutrom county mill* are
rliiMMi, but fourteen have remained
linn looking toward the rloeln*
of lli« l.n inlll* will 1.,- ii.km today
• I th» m«-^tm« of th« M'hMtcom
county ■•■••riniion. which l'i«i.|. Nt
MrN>»|jr and IWr*tary Ilrokman, of
Ihr \V/i»hln«iri X..1 i . u r MMltfii
Manufacturrr*' A»<>rl«li..)i, will m
I ha mill that la Unn'ilnn In th
way of practically nMMImOM action
la uno Of th» lnri!.-«t pMiiklt* |>ro.
■ lii. in In thff atatr. Hrv.rnl hi
Irmpti hnv* h#i-n irmd.' to Induce
(h- |>roprlrt(>r« la clou*, but h<>r»lo
for* ||„,.,.. rttnrln have 1..,n fruit
I.kii Today It In ■<>)>.<, 1.-, I Intl.. „r
no 1r,,ii1,10 will >„ had i., convince
Hi.- mill of th* n"< '•'■ally of Mich «<•
Ten *hlii(;|r. tniinnrm inn ra Imv.
--klkih-I nn M«r.- at to cloa* for n
1..-.1...1 of «i»i\ Oar* If thla an* mill
will follow thrlr p\:un|ilc. A* thla
would ifn \ ( . but fmir mtlla In ih«
county atlll In opfratlon nnd nn tha
mill* mum run for ftnnn. In I nnd oth.
. r r» i.,,n> th* aaoc-latlon I* particu
larly anxloua to MCIIN favornbl* at
lion today.
I ■ 11». it. 1 1 >• all Iho mllla In 11,.
--atat» aro ri..«.ii down under th« M
'I'"" iiKt>-. inrni mi.l whether I',.
■11,. in rlo«» or not the object aouKht
by th» m**... I ,ti..i, tin* been attained.
Over :•■«! of th« 24« mllla of the «l ,1..
are rloai'd and will 1),. i reopen until
January or February. Thin minim
liriwr.n M and W) per cent, nf ill"
•hlnitie men have joined the move
-111! 11l
MADIUD, Dec. I.—Premier Rllvela
Informed th* <|ii»>n ofil.-iniiy i. .in•.
of M, M Inti v , frlendahlp.
I'" 1! .ink I liiik:iii, anld to 1.. a 8. MM"
mmi w«a run ..\ ,i mill killed by a
Northern I'm Iflc freight train at
■MM Junotlon Tuesday night l»»t.
Estimates given on all classes of work
1 .00 r,u, st Star Paint Co.
.i^ni!\ Toy Watches
_^r/^i»^V \ Are email lliln»t. but otir prim are imall, too We're
/iuWT >-,» lbullmpour I..i.ii.m »lu»ll arlirlaa ■( •mall prlr#i,
V*Ht >r*"T V) 1 I ■'"< twlnjr «-•!,■.• on* of Ilia An«nl line* < I I"y> in the
J^^si*^^i I ril/' Ilullhepritee liar»n't eljMgM, THEY are Mill
r*\^~-^S *COON BROS, l(l7S(Ciiid Aye.
Groceries, Wines and Liquors
602 Plk* Strict, c»rner Fink. Pktaa Orcta 794.
On hand a line line of whiskies 111 bulk and bottles as fol
lows: Monogram Kye, Canadian Club, Oscar Pepper,
Burkes Irish, burkes Scotch. Mcßrayer Bottled hi Bond,
etc, etc. Mennessy and Martel Brandies, French Cordials
anil Imported Gin. - __________
A --> A Welcome Christmas Gift
%J\ ri«i> N\ ApprocUtod for jciir* i* v pair of Gold
"Up! "_rV_-«\ ' ' ""'"••'• ( »las*ci or a lino i'«*«rl opera glai.-.
i 'A--tsWJ, 'W ' l"% " 'I 1" lorjjeil »to«*k in fho city. Wo
**u,W»— ■"-* ivi. everything in quality, it fie and price- i
Mi'lkiA-. M. CLAY HVliltSOl.li. 7>u Ural Avenue
W«|MM a nice . >> # iy, , Igrii
; ; lull half ounce, In W&f&44&?U2+&7fd+l''i'-l>i^''. i
lull hall mince, 111 %hM£? VW?tG*(fttil% **■li '"hlt 1 '
<>« nice box. all for _||i.lliw4jn.|i#-.,,..,»; |
I ' 106 See window. *T *—*■ * y-ii«in— ntti m | p
t«««««»><><M»»M •*>«<»•»••♦»•••» MM* **»♦••••»♦♦
).aii>)ni«lnnlH<l Turn ftlnt Man F^
f^Jmmft YoM»h'«ill r>«i» ih«m »«r«lulf «n-1 ihi/rnui(hlr
*%JW^ rtaftiin»<l I iiM* i>»l; Uu>i li«riM"l ißMniiMnii
CMAS. O. MOLCOMB, OptloHn. glO.aiJ Burkai Bid
Dainty Wine Sets
>n.ll<lly dw<.ral«l Imported 111/iWN OUASS WINK BETB.
r»l»»'l drcorallon*. cold lined, brown (topper* and amnoth bottoms
—will n»l pfmi'-h tha flnrat jx.llnh^ MM S*t ronrl«t» of wrll
fh»r— I «I<T»nt»r nn<l all «;•»»•» Prlc* until rhri»tm»«. I1.H».
i-f iIU^KA JAVA • (iKKF.E, a ((-Undid I5»vor; an tun «aiu« at
miT frltijjL P«r pound. «0c ".' O ...'
*«£ ," -.!;
The Commercial Importing Company
JOOS Second .Ivenuf
>g>S3t>v We Arc Offering One
/• '^W*\ of the Finest Lines of ~»
iSiGßiiis 1 and Ladies' Watcbes
X^^j*^^ And at the Very Lowest Prices.
All. KINDS OF-.. ...'
Jewelry. Diamonds. Ladies' and Gents' Chains
7O* FirM Avenue Jewela*-
People Who Don't Care to Waste
I Their (Doney Usually Trade at
! Frederick & Co.'s
i Whtn the moit liberal indnremeoU FREDERICK A CO.
; to buj-rrs for the coming holl<l»y» are offered JI:.WI:I.I:MS
?i« nd At* llmckl.y Baitdiat '
« *.
« 'T'HERK is no other house on the Pacific Coast *
X carrying such a variety of articles suitable for *
: Christmas Gifts:
m o -, —-^ *
m Our stock of Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, »
* Cut Glass and Silverware, is complete in •
« every detail — *™ — X
* Vlhi-rl ll'inwiMi GOLD ND silver smith *
* \ I I'C I I I 1.1 I ISC II 706 First Avanuß «
« »
Isn't That Smooth? ~
That'a what tliry all mi when thrlr laundry work la dona at
the: palace ——^^
If your bumila la ready, call up Main 177. We'll get it.
mms:^^>^) "Th «* Looked So Neat
ifl^ feisL^V Anil they drmed ao sweet" that ev
wjK^Jk i-*ju_ \' *~*"*>**f"'^tL 'r>'onl> ln Seattle knew that they
fpiNt*J*» \(f*^ "Y^-V Jl mUit bave had their linen and fine
(Vvffj/r/ *»jT\ .-^C^^^y *'r' *'•'*'• laundered at the Quean
f r xj* T*!*'~r-r"-^/ L'J^Hi ('">' laundry, for th»y wen" Immic
l>'*•">* •"<•'! //" /'/ v'fffl J|l ..ul.Mr In their rleanllneaa. Shirt*.
/., I£TJ'£*j/ /. hrl ((..:. ifmji fflß^K/r.illarK, rufTn, uhlrl walntJi, under*
/ii'^itH'J I'■*>*;^vV *stJT ,' rHfty wfnr nni' everythlnf.
aim(p^ | , "'^*' **"r •**" ''•'*«■ prlr«Hi *<« huntiie* «!»>'
1^? V V'Al'UKjaHtFiry ('!■>■ ii*ii«-i 'i •!>»■«• rrlrmi Slilrta, ton
«iV .\, % y?*^ "'W Aji Hi.in Midi rollnr, IH^r; *lilrU. f«nrj,
"Cv^w**"^ r*«^ v' I*. 1**"; roll»m. toi <mffd, If. T«l Pike 6J
Qneea City Steam Lanndrj
4.m.■ *'.%vv^Bar jFirißw*^ K^-K ronrm Anne. Miweetnura ul Pit
IMTTHT Wall Paer I
< _-"-—- ■■— ». — .moo of the Twentieth Century pattern!'l
S ma piun Cfrsat to aelect from. We e*ter to thole who ! ,
I jT.-.ri!£.*TMrt*sf 1 want thel, home, be.utmi. I;
rnttQU etrt. ynKniSHfriQ"^ ■—-—•-
The lli^hmt Grade Work at Moderate Charge.
» - .... -. " "1r an kii ii mtCi anil A ii i i-.iHc ■ ... ■* *
NO. 247.

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