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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, December 09, 1899, Image 4

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One of the important matter* that
•rill com* before th* illy council
arlthln Ml next few week* la th* ap
pointment of a city engineer. Tbl* oc.
curs on th* flrat meeting In January.
Mr. Thomson, th* present Incum.
t*nt. will be re-appointed. He haa
been city engineer for eight years.
Since the building began of the Ce
dar river water aystem Mr Thomson
Tnaa become a necessary factor to In*
■ur« Its completion on present lines.
RFOKANR. IV.- Th. Arm of
Ml.-.Mi. I. Warner * Co , *«tci>alv<
dealers In wheat an.l general in. r
rhan«ll»«- throughout the I'alouse
country, la In MMMI] financial
.iifAvutty. and In consequence many
rumor* have been •-( afloat concrn
lac the itrm'a financial atandlng.
N. W. MMMI and William War
ner, th* principal members of the
' Arm. are In Spokane, an.l last night
the gentlemen r*f<itr.| the rumora
which are In circulation. They said
that their purr*** In hi* city *v
to secure an eit*n»lon of time from
- some, or the principal cr**ltt»r«, and
that matter* w*r*> afiaping them
. »«U»» satisfactorily toward an early
I a»ttl*»irnt of the difficulty. , ._
No other Arm la more widely
known In the Palcue* country than
Hleetand, Warner * «'•> In reality
there are two firm*, a* the Illeatand
* and Warner Warehouse Company
. **• organised taut spring '■' handle
* the constantly •■ Increasing grain
, buslnesa M dM old Arm. Th* am
era) merchandise buslneae la (1111
carried on under th» old name. It
' la reported that the liabilities of the
company would foot up >U.noa, be
ing partly with wholesale grocery
flrma In Spokane.
*• WA\"rRI.T. M h . n#«\ •-
W»-ln»a.l»v marka>d Ik* bfclnnlnc of
a n«w eßOch.la ik« ln4u*trUl •!<•**l
<>pra«nt*of A** lnUnl Cmplr*. wb*n
- <(»• vhftli e( that .Waanlnslon Slate
H*»t !«u«»r Company <r»r» a*t In
motion, and th* lnl»r»a<ln« pro»-»aa)
of tranaformina ih» raw malarial In
to th« Cn>*b*>l product h*»»t>. Th«
»v»nt la th* final mutt of yra.ru of
-■ p«rst*trnt labor.and aatiattnn by th*
clili»r« of thla mmmunlty. and In
■ Cot. G. 11. Morrlaon, of ralrfWld
more than to any oih*r man la honor
da* for MUMIiMni th* Industry.
ll# »a» on* of th* drat to c«-nf»lv»
th* Idas that auga-r b**ta r.nill b*
t>r--Atabi)r aro«n in thla country,
and proc**d*d to dvm^natrat* th*
fact to th* to<*Tadu!u<>ua
City Comptroller Will H. Parry
baa a n«w *y*uro for k**pln« th* a-
count* of th* nuiiMn of th* city
water. ll* haa *p*nt him lima In
lo*aatlsatina* tba wat»r iriimi of
over on* hundred cttl*a In th* Unit
ed •tat**, with th* retult that after
January t*t. IMS. th* con«um*r who
(•>*• to pay hi» wat*r rat* ran do
M without any waltlnc for account!.
Hl* bill wilt b* realty for htm when
k* rail*
ln*t»« t of th* pr***nt l*da**r meth
od of k**pln( eonaumar'e imwnn.
tb* »«w «yat*m ha* a a*partla ac
count for *arh { l*r» of property u«
--n» tlty w»t«r. When th* property
owner call* to pay, the clerk turna
m all [.!»<• of property, th* aoount
for whlea la mad* out up la date.
"What to th« matter. Ida?" «l»«p
lly Inquired Dory O«yn*. a* b«r tu
tor suddenly tat up In bad.
'Only • alrana-* dream. ' antwered
Ha. pr**alna: h»r hand ov»r h*r beat
ln« heart and «p»»(tln« In fri«ht*n»)
tone*. '1 bar* dreamed It twice
alnr* we. ram* M bed.
"I 'hou«r' I wa* tying her* •mini
aj!**p. when a toucb on my for*
h»«<l «»«k»n'l m» I opened my
♦yea and found th* room brilliantly
lllumln«f»d. »N.i clo»* braid* m* th*
form cf i «f -i rob*d In aurh irarm*ntß
at w# mlih! lma*ln« war* worn by
th* r*d**m*<l. Ilia fare waa fhaatty
pal* and »ha.l >w»<l by Intent* menttl
ancui'h that wrung- my heart h»
y<m<t eipr***lf*n.
" 'Pat*'' I cried. in alarm, what
•Ha ro.r 1 . .•
" 'Iluth. rhdl. hn.h" h* tn*wrr*d.
baatlly, aria* and go down to ih»
library <ju!--k' quick! or It will >.»
too lat«!' '
"Th* *h■.' le v*y*'l by hl« man
ner awakened m*, (nil. ehaklna; ..ft
my horror, I turned over and went
to »l**p. only to have the dream re.
p*at»«l In *v*ry particular. I v» •
«T*»i mind !'. to down to th* lib.
rary "
■ Nonaena*'" an*w*r*d Fv.ry with
•l»»py p*lulanr* ' I,l* down and
I*l m» iro to *l-»>p li'« nothlnr hut
th* *ran*i*a you ale a dos*n or two
f.r >'ipp*r "
Id* lay <l»wn «K»ln ami noon f«'l
a«l»«T. flhe had sltpt but • few mln.
Nt««, however, when iwok* ahak-
In* with ■ nciiii terror.
"I mum ten." ahe » hl«|nr>"t. Map
ping nola»:<*nly out of bid. "Aicaln
he ha» commanded m» to *■> to the
library, and. with such a fare of
horror »nd <I*«p*lr|l<
(the hmiilly drew on h»r ■tnrklnna
and » [wlr of soft, rjullttd "i ir[»«-rp.
and Ih-n. wrapping a drraaln*; irnwn i
and. ahawi about her, lit » ran.ll*
and »tol» »offly dawn t.. th» library.
When ah* tot th*r* ah* found It :
tenantlmw and dimly, hut pleaaantly
l.irti»»<l by th« trate fire, fine irlanr. ,
*<i n<-rvoii«ly around, examined all
the window faitenlnfrs and then ex
"How foollah of m« to come down!
Of MM, li ■«■ th* wafnea," m
Dory ml>1; addlnic, with a (tanc* at
ttit tlmeplere .in the mantel, "Jim *
o'clock. Wall, now thai lam here,
I will atay and nap the nl«ht out nn i
th» aofa, and M he up (.right and '
early In the rrrornlmr"
Kxtlna-ulihlna* her rarrdle, nh* ■
threw h. r«»lf on a #ofa in « rnrner !
In th» library. nut ahe had not
lain there many mlnutea when ah* :
waa lerrtned tir the appearance of a
light, and th* aound of atealthy foot-
M»p* in th* room, followed by the
closing and king of the door,
"A burglar," ah* thought, utterly
Incapable of th* allghteat movement.
Him saw her father's great arm
.hair drawn In front of the desk, an.
th* Jingling of key*, with th* aharp
click of the lock. Then followed the
..|iriuii4 and cloalng of drawera, and
the rattling of paper and MX IMM I
Paralysed for th* time, with fear
and dread. ah* lav In breathlea* ai-
MM and listened, till a sudden
strange click shocked her, she knew
not why, Into renewed life. Instant
ly •fringing nolselrasly la her feel,
ahe peered toward th* form at th*
"l*apat" she whlepered. In amaae.
mull "only papa."
Hut the nr«t Instant aha darted
forward with a low. anguished cry,
and aelaed hla arm In a Arm, ateady
"I'apal papa!" ah* gaaped. burst
ing Into tears, "are you mad?"
Mr (Hivnr looked up In pal*, won
dering horror, and then, silently
throwing hi* other arm on the dtak,
bowed hi* head till It retted agalntt
"To kill youreelf. papal" Ida e»ib
bed on. "To kill yourself like a
coward and leave u« to bear the hor
rid misery! Oh. papa, how could
And a* ah* spoke ah* drew, with
a -iii. k ehudJer, ths ready-cocked
pletol from his llstleea hand.
"You know not what you do. Ma. '
he murmured, brokenly, aa she laid
It aalde. "We are beggara, and my
spirit la broken. 1 hay* no hear*
to commence the world over again."
*No»no,papa.!"crled Ida, her beau
tiful eyes sparkling with tenderness
and courage. "No, j.i« we are not
beggara, nor ever shall be while your
: daughter lives! What if you have
mat your money " Purely we ran
learn to live en a little, and also earn
Irat IMil* toy patient, honest labor.
We can. papa, and we will!"
"Hayed!" muttered Mr. Payne,
-Saved by ray daughter!"
"No. papa." corrected Ida. softly,
•V saved by your daughter, but by
heaven, through a dream."
And. lifting his bowed fare, Mai
covered II with kisses. ani between
•miles and teara. related her strange
McDonald Will Accept
H'>«»L-»NI>. II C. p*r. ♦—It la
•i|f»<-l»i! aanounc*d thai Bernard
Uacdonald. th* notxt mlnlna •*•
p»rt. haa b**n off*r*d ant will .<■•
c»pt th* poaltlna mad* vacant by
th* r**ta*natlon of \v. A. carlvl. a'
c*n*ral *up*rlnt*n<li>nt and mining
*n«ln*«r for th* I'mi.h Aaaattaaai
cornporallon In thla camp.
Survayora at Work.
OIIRHAUR. «aah t»«. »_ A
party lan in from th* Hi* IlottAm
r»pnrl» that at Morton. «» mil** *ait
of (*"h»hail» two Ure» parUn of cur
v»yor*ar*at work. It waa aal.l that
th*y w*r* <• it * m. turn, an I th*
HM they a*«m*d to b* runnlna wa*
in a north and a uih dlr*«tlon. Thar*
ar* many coal prospx-tora In th» »l
clnlty of Mort«n. ami aom» of th*in
ar« known mi.ii II * N. m»n.
TUB IMOI Dec. » -It I. aaa-rt
ml that whrn th* Kal**r vlattrd
Qur*n Wiinrlmlna at Flu*hln« he
»itr«f(«l a protnl** from h*r that
ah" would marry hla tan. Crown
ITln<» Kr«t»rkk William
Th* <iaa*n la It y*ara of ac». the
crown princ* not quit* I*
Vatselt Arriving.
■AN PT*A'N<-I»r-O. « All but
on* of th* ov*rdu* ealllna* (l»*t ha*
arrived. Th* Win* and Win*; I* •till
SI dayl out from Oray'a Harbor. Th*
arho<in*r H. I>am*i*on •» day* from
Tlltamook. artvrd today an th* Ah
'•lop* bound for Port I»a Anc*le*
from Coqullla river, put In abort of
Oor. Itoctra baa nfferxl lino re
ward far th* appr*h*n*lon of Jam*t
Womd. Wood waa parol*d from th*
p*ntt*ntlary, and la *uppo«*d to hay*
«on» to Alaska
Growth of Pert Arthur.
HAN THAN' MOO I""- ».—a tot*
t*r from Port Arthur, under la- Or
tob*r If. «lv-« lnt*r*»tln« detalla of
th* r*markabl* xrowth of th* town
during ih» lax f*w month*. aHhouah
th* n*w nu»*lan a»ttl*m*nt, on th*
hand aid* of Powder Macatln*
vall*y, haa not yet t>**n h*iun mil.
aide of,.' hi« alt*. ho»*v*r. many
hou**« and •• -• hay* b**n ron
•trurr»l. and barrarka for lI.OOA »ol
dMra hair* b**n built.
itAzurroN. ra.. r>w. »—n»or«»
ll«ld*nr*lch. of thla city, trcaaurra
aa a k»|mh> a email n»*dl*, which
ha« Jual complrtrd a JO »Mr trip
through hla body.
In I*7* h» Rl»pp*d on lh* n«^-il".
and It >•■ loat In th* fl.«h of hi>
foot. Th* wound at MM h*al»<l.
and h* f*lt no pain A frw day* fijto
h* frit « i-rt-kiinir In th* ml.Ml- at
hla bark, and th* point of th* n**
dl* wan found protruding. It was
•a.thy drawn out.
WAHIIIWITON, r>*<- 8 -n*n*r.il
Otto 1 r*port on th* I'hlllppln*a ihu
: mornlnx *«• of an *n^oiir«»lna' n-i
--tiir* ll* mv>: "A dlapatrh from
Youn« y*tl*rd«y. hv th* Vlran, aaya
I that h* m*t ftpanlah prl>nn*ra who
r*port a four hoiirn' *nKiiir*m*nl on
<h* third ln«t«nt. h*tw*rn Ma troopii
and Aa*<ilnaldo'a «unrd n*ar 'Vrvun
. t*a. nny ml)*« aotilh*aat nt Vlitan.
| with h*avy lo»a lo th* *n*my, who
'or* rM>ln( |.ur»ii"l Our lot waa
on* klll*d and nix wound*d.
"Th* Inhahltantu of thHr own «r
--cord »r» jolnlnic our <roop«, r»pnlr-
In* th* trail and varying «ul»lnf*n< •-
I have punh'd ii column to Hun .!<■•»
aouth of Il»n«u»d. How* 1! column la
on th* rear trail. Hntrh*lor'a battal
lon, th* 14th, tn out of r*mh north of
HnvomhonK, evidently di»«c«>ndlnnß
th* riviT Kailraa rrporl that n«tit
. inn orcurrpd twenty aritot north.
[/«wtnn l« In faluran provlnr* today.
. wWh aufflrlent troopa to overcome
oppoa4tlon and acatt«r th*. enemy."
Kama* City School Tcaohart
Muit Discard Thorn.
Wolfe, superintendent of schools at
Kansas City, Kan . haa MM thai
short skins aa a par! ot dM ward*
rtJMI of srhnnl-tearhers in 11*1 to.
Ills order will ..IT.-, tM young wo
men echool-learhera. ' When the «'if
•klrl "cam* In. ' the teachers thought
It would be a very serviceable gar*
ment for th* schoolroom. It would
not twerp up |M dual from the Hum,
and II had many oih'r advantage*.
Many of the tearhert bought golf
• kit la and appeared In the. school
room* with them.
Hupl Wolf* doe* not keep posted
.in fashion's chaining tide*, and was
•tunned when he saw a young «*••
man tracher wearing one of theee
aklila. which *•< very short, and
th* pattern of which waa a loud
plaid, lie saw another, and a third:
wh*reupon he ••■ wroth. He went
to the principal ■•( the school, and
"I wiah you would *p«ak to th»
young women under your charge
and admonlah them not to appear in
the schoolroom again In *urh shor!
•kirta It doe* not s»t a good -i
ample befttre the children."
The principal blu*bed and expostu
lated with the superintendent.
"Can you not •••♦ that ihla would
bo a moat painful duty to me" '""
•aid. "You know I am a bachelor,
and my modosty prevents me from
making suggestions abnut the rlalh
lag of the young women."
"Well, I will do It mjr**lf," *ald UM
• ui»rint*nl*nt. with emphasis, and
he did.
He tol<J at lean three of the young
women that the srort «kirt* wrre
not to hi* liking, and directed that
longer eklrt* be worn, at least during
school hours. That caused trouble.
The new* of the superintendent*
rule spread through the to ecboal
houa** It •■■ communicated to all
of th* 1W women t*ach*r*. Derision
and cold disapproval fillet] their
heart* when they beard it. tor all
of them had golf skirts or hoped
hoped to hay* them. They became
Indignant, but that I* all the good It
doe a.
Matter* rnnn«!»l with id* (imnui
Waftlner bullpen will all »•<- »»nl.-i
within * fnr •!•»•. when II will Ix
m*r*ty • matter nt hlatory, Alr*a4r
th» hull line I* il<-«cri».|. and «u«r !•
no loncer pac* about ll* "alia ••> •
th* Hi-'aan* kr.m«n Rarlaw.
T- • total number '»f prl*on*r* con
fln*4 In II ha* not ft '■»* n announc
ed, nut It will probably crowd »M.
Fifty r»r rrtii. nw>r* than tMa hava
b*#n ronftnwt, but msnr wer* ■!:•■
>-h»re» I bWar* thl« h-i.tlin* » •• •».
"•!<• I. whirh waa all »»•>.• «fi.r ih»
I Brat arrtata w»r* mad*. Bine* th«
trial an*l conviction of Paul Corror.
I an lh*r* ha« h«»n a •*«-«. \y d>^mH
In 111 population. BaTortf nt frl»n<l«
a*rur*d lh*lr r»tM«« an* by •>»".
• till* other*, held only a* a mllllary
nrfHtr. «*ra r»»«>aa*-! aa rnndi
fiona htrami >aa airalnM Thr***
month* ato th» nunit>«r had b**n r»
lur.l to !*•• than 100, which ha«
b«*B r»-lu<-» 1 w**kljr *lik*. only "<"•
cailonal arra«ia bavin* torn mad«.
utuatljr for to« bol«t*roua »«[.r»»
--•!»m In favor of th* rl.t»ra. which
mtaal ah ri Imprlaonmvnt.
ftt*am*r rarallon. Captain John
It r.*rla. aaU*4 for th* north lad
night with JV) t'.na of ceneral mer
rhandlt«>. ll* pa***n**r§ w*n» «a
follow* ii H Hharp D (lun*rn, <<
11. Jennlnct. l> A Caatleman, Ml**
11. naahai*r. Hrt A. W. ll 'an ■• arl
Mr* Illcka. Hob*rt I-**, I* \V. r, M
dy, 'win S'elnon. Carl ll»lh*alham
P Mlll»r. A Almond. W r llmm in|.
I Mailry. ] M riurincton. D t.
I'aiilimin. A P f,nm»r. Mr«
tl»man It Hlrka. M»fi* M»r«rr»l.
"' C Zurr.a II I. UmlMd, •« I'
'•arlaon. r H*!»r»< n X Hwll. J null
J M Morn/-. II hi <• air*, w I
Murray. J famptwll. i T Bmlth.
'• Fa.ilkn.r W *W-h»uman. X
K'«i«a Mrt fiarir l^nc J'«« ''h««
ly. Mlaa Audr*y B»ll. J >a*ph Mam
t.i.i. J A MrlMnald. ll»nry Kal*m.
r'rrd llarkart. <»*or«* ftonn*r
Cuvtoma lntp»(tor fUrv«nt ha« ar
r*at*d thr** Chine**, Ah Ju*n. Ah
Kin and Ah Toy, a* lh*y w*r* l*»v.
in« th* ilpinor Kkadt Qu*«n. Th*
<*hln»iM» claim th*y w*r» born In
Portland and w*r* on their way from
main* to that city Th*y at,.p at
Ml. V»rnon to •** If th*y could »•!
a chanr* m th* laundry bu*ln*a>.
Th*y will h» arralcn*d n*fnre UnlteJ
Plat** Commlaa(on*r K»tf»r n*«t
Tired of Darkness
Tirc<l of trying to rcH«l ur work by poor light
Immediately cured by
Try Wi'Ulnicli Ugbl f^r lli.it 11r< •• 1 feeli n^
LAMPS, $1.00
KIIIII iliinnr I tcrcniKi-r
-'IJ-UIU e'liKiuiv tnu 1 1
Dr. IS. 11. llnr.llliK. UM ■ •|.ll«ll»l
from "ili-ndlv.-, Muni . whi>*« wife,
rlnprii In Aln»ki> « Ilk M"i" ' ■ *lnii>
lirllr, k Kl.iinlllta r, lisa Irßif.l hi*
« ir.- to HK.ij'iv a) Hhn rrflinmt In r«
turn. \\ Bill at Hkacwwy Dr< II ■'
mx mid <*hap|i*llft limn- ti<i:> ili<-r In
«ii Mum. , and Hi. former. II I" | ,
«ni.|. unil » . MM la «■• ■•! i n. it.
WAHIIINiITi 1). C.. !>«•■ •— '
Director W. 11. Mrrrlmn. of Hi. On
r •lit lluii'itii. la him.■».■•! al lll>- I- < -
I >Hl>jJJI Of fntturi-H am»na th* a|ipll. I
Mints for pit., ii n i.' him. ii. mi > ,
Ttn-y HMM «p»ll and Ih'jr ■ inn i .
.1,. oiiiiiLirv arllhinMlr. Klfly i>*r (
• Mil fall, anil Hi.-v full bri-ati** ih> >
raiin.it .llvl.li* UK' i-«' by Ht*l that la '
lh«y . ami..l |*| ■ currtil rvault. II '
In (Imply marvrlou*. Hi. lark .■? .1 I
'ucatlon In ih. »■■ i uliin in .i > bin'h. (
m M..fi,i-iiiiim mupl >•>■ r.i.li'ully I
•» 1..|,« with ..ill m\ M< of ntm-allon. (
Our |iubllr •• hmila tmrh tMilanx .ml ,
I »>i ti"l"Ky and W«ln| ami lu.'ul.t j.
Ins. 'nil api>4rrntly ill. y ■< ■ nut l»*oh|'
■Irnpl* aiiilim.il. and ■t>*lllng" '
The h..u.r. nf Walla Walla arc to
!•<• numbrrrd.
Tim mm mow of hi. »«-a«on fi-ll •'
Walla Walla Monday.
a Spokane icna . .m.| •ny U atmut
to 11. 10 nillra of new ( •• main*
Th- Bn..h..mlah CoVStl Poaltiy A
1 ' a fa.f al
Captain Wain* r irt.i. X. H A . !•
In ihr Walla Walla country purrhaa*
ma* cavalry aarajag to bi arm to Matt
Onianvl i iJm !/*■•» I* at Waiiuta. hi»
ma Ir mi. dtarovrry near tin <- nf a
i..t .if linnttßH f.. in • brl^tiKlntf ti
tana prvhtffturic animal. 'I h' i-'ii.-»
• 'If found IS (*•! undrr thi- cround
(i«. Mit P. \|. dr.*. « h.i ««• arrr»l
--»l laal »ik on Ihr rrarfr >f ■■■
null, . ■•mil.lit. ■ 1 *ul<l<l* Sunday
ni»i ■ In In* N«w Whairom Jail t>
•luffllna' a bandana handbrrrhl"!
1m it hi* (hr...l TTi. r- la little
4 uihi lh»l h- dm Inunr.
Th* »ii|rtint< nl'iii .if th* Hj k«nr.
public *chonl« ha* rer«*tnrn<*n4f*«l th.»i
piil'lla of lh* hl«h whu»la I* rap*
i lirl with a «arm lunrh, a* ihry
nay* only half an hnur fnr n-—>i> In
UrmlMlon. Th* r<m>mm*n<lalKia ha»
b»*n r»f*rr*d to * rommltin».
Jo» Or*tt h«« *lat»4 to lb* ipnr(>
Inn rdlior of Hit- f>lar th »I h* «■•
*»r> am lou" lit mrot Tnunc Rnilmh
Ihl* month an I «<>uM Xmek h!m»»!f
far •■ tight or irn-roun<t •»,. ' I'm
nth has il*j ma ■ •tal>m<>ni on
th* hum manor ll* •<>• that hi>
m*t Indian J. In th* r)r*t t>)» In
•how thai hr «a» not afraM of him.
ll* ba« no amhtii"ii la b* a Oghtrr
ll* • learning h • ml-, an.! h»«
(-■»<• a<ltl*r<l by «<>■■! J.air.. M ■•?
•part, artv>n« lh**» I* D Hugh**,
tn* « »!: known atl»nM>x, 10 k»p out
of th- rln«. ■• thtr* I*. In lh« ml
nothing in 11.
%Vhll» a matrh k*tW«M Jo Oll||
■ M Rncllsk wnuM '■» a (real draw
in« m 1. a* hnth m'ti >>• har>l. riran
ft(lit«r«, Ihrr* l» no DM who will
no« at hurl, ailmlr* th» moral cour
a<* at th» man who <larra rrfuar to
WAI.I.A « W. 1.1 \V«»h.. I>rp. »-
Th» d!*i>alrhr« from ' •.!:• trllinii
nf ih- raptur* t>f -/.i IruurrvrtlonUia
by U»ul*nanl Km ro and U> w 1
■HI of ■ h Ihdti or<lln»ry Intcn-m
to th» i.»-..1.J» nf thla rlty. Dafafa
thi> t.ii-.k out .'■»)». H|.«nl/i> I
rrlr«ri war Uvulrnnnt Munrn » ■•
atatlonrd ii Port Walla Walla, mi
durlna; hi* t. »i |. 1 •• 1 M r- h# tm!»
many fr « n<lii In the cliy, hi» *rr*
plraa*il In nntr hi* «•'•>! work.
Mr« Marlon II ttnxtor. of Oilrii
r<\ will mMrrx. xhr- rrv-n riMy at ih-
V M '' A. 'tomorrow Artrriu»>>n ■!
Ir. o'rl.ick. 8h» ««. th. I- i.if-r "f
th* Wllinr'l hall Monday m<-«-'ln«» In
Chlrasn for nwrr than a jr«-*r. All
m'n ar> Invlixl U> «i<-nl
AMI «» HIM 111 II I iin
H!a. k
> ur*
* H..1 Old T I
i iI.M VlM'' TIIKATKII" V»ua<
vtll* anil mnvlnc pii-turvM
Mlntalur* t>a*«un «'lty —IK.T.,
*»■ ml Him,
I Of your Orocori<!« li wry
Important. Hut what you pit
for .your rnanoy i* itillnitoly
more ini|n>i (mil.
'I In lii'-i i- none too Rood for
our iii lii|iuir« ami our price*
are ri^lit.
Wm B. MA I II I.I),
FAMILY lilux Ml
l-1.n1.r l'ik»y. IW] r-ik. MtM
i • \V:im itit* Stt'Oll^'llHt Mil II (111 #
* Earth. l.lkf'WlKf* Is #
* \~~^~~~~/ t
I \ p^l ♦
* I a
J Crescent Baking *
# Powder (I
? Th* •lro*»««l H4klfif •**.• ■ cm '.
F ) ittl ll It ni>i "illy th» »tft>»|*bt #
I ) but II .■ Ik* I'.IIK •nil blgbrsl in * |
" . lr«*# Mine pbttrr J
DuinMauCaiiswiiiiF j:
'»-»►.«.. i— Main JBO <
' ' USm, cm iMi.Jxiul A" !
, , •■>'! «<■»•.« »tr«M ,
' *********** "'">»
IS-I l:K » il. 11, > ...in,.1...t, Arrl
drill A»*neUll»n. krorrt* f un-l,
J Jli <• •■ In 11 irnUd Illulrr th«
l«« • ill II.• Hi«'r ol \\ •■lilnitlmi. At. I
■lent and Hick twntfiu. A(»I)U nMM
i: W. UTDIIWI, PmlMi
R l~ Mil I. IK hrtrrl.fX.
llnin* offlc*. 341 olilii. Ulnrk.
UMiiit tin 1. «r. !.•••
ill Viilm \\ 'my.
Tnlophono Main 700
ta-i ■• »IU roll tol |«»l m4m
M la ill* I|UHI
v »
• 1020 First Ay». »
i nVf Qfw mnuHntni, I *t;y r*U
* »i it • ta >«» cbtr-f* i- f i rii i;^i•>« w
« M»n«rrr »
MR rtsmtr uißutm
tin «!•»* txi a r.:s mm
j| •
San Diego Fruit Co
(If Pike St.
I days make you
think of the warmth
in our Fine, New Furs.
111! Mi »•• ('. <\ HI M
Ale and Porter
On druuchl In flrat-ctuM calnntia or
<I<-livrr«-«l to im« in botttca or (am.
11v kr(> "I'hon* lUy H.
♦ Skin Diseases ♦
♦ 49 50-51 Bo.toa Block ♦
w'uii'i "v*
Roslyn or Qnecn Coal
At loan, FlrM avenur. Trie
plinnc Main «»».
I >> liv<t<ml to Any ; it ! of the
Ready to Wear Hats
At I M (>l>rnillK I'ihii
Friday and Saturday
At Mm
Lender Millinery
(111 «*n• 1 lifter \Vrilnrt.l l I »r. r iti I>•i '11
1 wilt l>e Wwntrtl In mv new qMf%|ti nt tin
I.I'.AUI;K, 71U v" ""'I Avcnnr.
Mrs. B. H. Johnscw
Superior Attractions
: Holiday Shoppers.....
Every department teeming with useful and appro
-1 priate Christmas Gifts. We cordially invite visitors,
confident that they will be delighted with our holi
• day display. Boy's clothing that parents recognize
| .is the best prices to make buying easy.

I ii..v. thr-r i-i. • - v.m.. Hull- of l.mllfV Pin* N«vy or Bla/-k flerge
I Fine Urnwn MUM Cheviot; pretty Marklntonhea; new wide, (weep;
i bralii iiluiiiiitiK on Mai ami mil mllltarr or double cap**; pretty
perfect nil In*. cheap at II.U, per plaid lining, perfect DMliii M«
■ nil. only . H.M value; each, only M.M>
' Ijh\l*w' Fine Illu* or Drown MUe<)
1 lloya' Fine All Wool T»«il Vt«le« rhfvtot Ma«klnto«hM; wld# >w*»p
i Miiiii. pri-tly brown Mi«.-t Pal- Military cape»; Inlaid v»lvrt ml-
I I'm double kMM .i.I mil |Br . „,.,,,, ,„,, w . Ur r .p.|||nf: XII
, drwwjr; un*qualr<l for hard a< hool value- rath, only „..1109
, Ml value; p.. MM. only L-(-1 i|-( — w , -(1 Tin OoJof#4
* i;iikll>)i '"overt Cloth Macklntoah;
Hoy,' Fine Wool Ml««1 l*o.pl«-e ***** l"'»" 1 v*""1 Pf^" »»«•
' rVho.,l huh.. H«i«n.-I an.l built »„ .««-!■ military rap... „,l»nrtdlr
. •l.nd hard ..,M. wear; KM "'■'•''-' 110.00 value; each, only
I value; (»r null, .inly lI.JI ' ' •'•••
M< ■'■ Fine Heavy Twilled Merge
llnye' Fine All Wool Kncllch Chev. Macklnlnnh; velvet collar; box
vlot two-t)l<-re MMil and !'!.»• coat atyle; aplendldty made; 14.M
Mm ii » pretty «r»y and brown value; each, only .....M.K
nin-l |«t*rn»; paMM w«Ul»»and; I >| m- , n# Wool Tan Colored F.n«
double kneea and Mil tailor made |„h Covert Cloth Hnx Coat «t>-l«
throuchout; 11.74 value; per »uit. ' Ma< Wnt>«h. handaome plaid lined;
only . M.M ,„,„ lallorrd throughout: $10 00
1,.,y. Fin. «...lf MM Cap.; lateat *•'«•• "l <"")P ■- •■; ■■ u |7)
„..u, „ - jr- MUiwa Pine Drown Chetked Mark
-7 ' *w )nlolh , doubt* raj*, velvet collar,
lloya* Fine Web flu(pend»ra; llarrl. perfect lilting; It 00 value; each.
Wire tlucklea; a i>alr..loc, iic. lie only 13 «
Toya at Dry <i.-<l. lYoflt I'rl. «■«. which mum money aavlng chan
.t. here.
H«l« agenta W. L. IK>LT.LAS' Men'a Celebrated 11.00, 13 M) and 14 M
lji'lir*. Men'a and Children* Holiday FU|.p»r»; better make your
HIM tmna now.
206, 208. 210 Pike St
• Popular Cafe for Oentlemen
Occidental Aye. and Washington St. \
MORAN BROS: company^
! Engine and Ship Builders S
! LUMBER mill - S
rvjUftlYliiVMiM... .••f.iiiiiinfr/^
I choice: lots
> IX 5
I Walla Walla Addition I
I Denny-Blaine Land Co. §
• Dexter Hortoii Hank Building. *;
<« vii* \U *re Uilors and know how to cut, fit, and
k-' ••' make a R.irment so it stays in shape. We also
do all kinds of cleaning, pressing 'nd repair-
in«. Figures tfll the difference. Will you
pay the difference, or buy from us and save
■«_•-•, the difference ? STANDARD TAILORING CO.
A" 1 111 ISII 101 2 Third Aye., near Third Aye. Theater.
■ -.
Makes Heat
Saves Money
Musical Instruments
offer a wide rang* of choice for
rhrHtm— Rift ■I'lertlnK. Kvery
■Oli of imiikli'iil InKtruinent 1* here.
And the pi I- i«4 hi. lower than at ,
any other ntnre In the. city.
Sherman. Clay & Go.
(14 buuul A»eui» • • Matin. '
I That Will be Irain- i
* Holiday *& propcfiy if 5
$ Picture broucht to us. ;j
5 Pacific Picture Frame Co. *
\ . Hid 11.1r.l Avenil*. 5
pp.-. -hninl l'lnnoe and or
iran" In exchanre for new
one*. Write or call.
"jUgMLi!! Ramalccr Music Co.
IBnltcrworiii&Sons^V^:::;.'"' 1 I
rillllll n i:l 111 a OUIIS u.,j.,t.», r. i
ii.'Aw.'- 11,, i.l <>.• Haarrli* Iritnr I
iiii'iita In »nr <'rinrlurr. Tel. TL 4U. f {
. I
. li AVERS D. M. i YMan
Telipboae Vim jji
W»»l Sr«tt!r Fun Building
root Marlon Mreet
In Our
Middle Window
W« hnve displayed a hind
tome collection ot framed
It* a alnrular taste that
mn't !>♦■ (*iiHiml in this most
varied aneortment rt M».Ui
llon*. I'll.tup, etc. Hear thr*e
In ml ml. They would make an
aceptable holiday sift.
Holdcn & Wilson Furniture fc\
1109-11-13 SfConJ Aye
Till- N. a CURTIS
THE \vAsiuu
AN th.me in which the ton* la tha
'li'.iroul, th<> norkmanahlp of th«
(iln)n-«t order, and the material use
nt the flnett quality. \\> aril all of
[h •*« celebrated make*, and at prlcea
Khi.'h place a rood KUttar within th.
rrnch of anyone. Step In and make)
your selection.
Winter & Harper
Ilurke liiilMltiß.
Second Avc. and Marion St. .
Beattl,e Wa»h. .]

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