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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, December 15, 1899, Image 2

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tvtry Altrrnoon l*c»pl Sunday T(l*pk«*e Ilk • 151
« H «m- wki.Uv Rhto* . . . "^"^T^TT^Tiia»k. . .him., lUataai
'>• imt f*f "'fi 1 111 <♦»(• l*r otrl. wr iMimt Dlw .«ii .l» r uikiiili ilrlllnut fey
r^JJ^or t»trl»r«, S.i "*" r< i..r.« ,— r , nj^J - u -,.- tJ - 1 .- VJ - u - >r . J T.
Kr'linii.i 11.-...,. ami t1..... . M i.m. . , . ho. I lot Thlr.l «>•««>
*i*wr**i m th« f««t«fne«, »i r»»nt». Hnhin.»iii>n..*<pn<i >>iii< m»H«r
Wi ar« Inclined to think that ih.- Mil< itr.^tv which Uric il^n. ■
Hat** n'cor)at*d Aiiaum 10 laal with the Nultan of >*iilii. I* bound ' I
raut* our rhl»f m«iil»lr«i». rnor* than MM uiii'lmmiii |MltM nf an j
hour." In th»>« da>'i hot drbatr go** Mln comtreia and nut of 11. fon.
rvrnlnc K»b«rt» of I'tnh nil hi* right, having MM* bMM a |i»l)rir«ml«t. I
to alt In oo«(rn«a. Th* Sultan of Hutu ip Ml only a i> l\«.\nil»t In «■•• '
llv» pr«.li<-». but ni»«im to takr y.'t MM wlvr>« If h* llv*t ami ha* hi*
hoatth. Mor*ov»r. Ml M^hammnlan frim.l holda lll»— tOMttklM of
which th* tnu?h-a»alle4 Mr. llnb«rta, of t'i»h certainly has not bMn
A* a purely military mraaur*. pfrhitp* tin- «n-rallr<l treaty with
On nal»» n*cotlat*d with th* Muhammrdan ruler of tho Htilu lnliili.il i
may b* )u«i Mr.l Wi ar* all hoplnc howrv«r. that th* day «h. » •
tnu»l r»lv upon mlltlary MMM to maintain American novtrelxnty In
th* Philippine* will soon b» over. What then? Will thu trraty mad* on
Kvhalf of (I'll Ihln wHh th* sult.«n ■! Hum •>» rallflrHl by rnnitrru?
And if not to ratified, how la the rharit* of bad faith on thta rountry'a
part in dtallnc with the. ruler of the Joto ar.-hl|>»l»« • 1' Ml «»<-m.-|-
The Star yesterday printed a •Unrii communication from Mr. Dwltt
Xorton, prilt»iln« acainat th* prvpa***l enrroachmrnt Ol the Northern
Pacific natlroad upon th* water-front. Today Attorney \V. II White fo|.
lowa with a alatement o( Mi vlewa upon the *uti)*ct.
Bold of th«»« citlltm ar» MMI knnvn In P*«ttl« lit nrr,\ any In
tro<lU'*ti^n. Th»y ar*- r»pir«»n« i'i\f mm, an»l ih#tr opinion! .**rry
**l(hl. Th» Bur h»« r»<*»i\ <■.! ."th.T .■.immun!.-»tifm» upon ihi* all Im
portant matltr. which »ill b« prlnlni a* »«.>n •■ poMlbl*.
Thr pwopla ar» ara n« thr N I' • p.lirmr
"t r-ai Mr. D«(l«r Uorton'a loiter In laat nr«hf§ Star and I ml •-■
•very word that th* oil pioneer tail
It* might hay* »dd*i that af*r th* railroad «a« located at Tacoma,
th* N. P. built * branch Une to Seattle, which It refuted I" operate af
ter two or thre* >»*r«. In order to bui.l up a r > »l city at T»'»mi
"Berlou* qu«tlona of • financial natur* will arlne should thla rtty at
tempt to vacate th* i: «[i a«k«d lor by Ih* Northern I'arlltc llallro* I
Company. Son-.e of the>« atrevU at* outlet* to ti.le w*t*r, an I I •»••
ll»v» mat a proper cat* belnx ma.t* by part .am nwnlna propvrty, not on
th* wat*r>front,~ but on the** atr*«t>. they would h»ve a tax right in
complain and to rfonr damacea »hou.d th* rlty attempt to turn »v h
public hlchwayt over to thli railroad rorporaMon
1 am not acquainted with i*r**ld*nt Hill, <if th* Or*«t Nnrthern,
•nd am not In any way under obti<atlona to hi» rompany. What I—y
la uninfluenced by any mtrrenery matlvc «hat*vrr
"I haT* read what Prem>(rni 111 ! baa aatd on ml* aubjert, and I N-.
ll*t* h# la rlcht wbtn he »ay* that th« water>front ahould b* preaer**
•d f»r th* ordinary ruKtt *«und ateamboat tr«m-
-If tbt N. P. wiahei to build a depot for th* accommodation of l"»
own pasaencer traffic, on on* of in* blork* own*4 by that company .n
th* water-front. It would be tufftrlenl for many y««r* to root*.
•'T»« bribe h«M out by th* Northern Paetfle Italroad Company '•> In.
due* th* cilliena to vacate our turn*. I* (imply '•■ enable that com
pany to bottle up th« water-front of th« city of Boat lie a* th«y ha**
bottled up the water-front of T-iCorrw.
•■.V»«r for an'lnsunt ibould our i*o;l* coo-i It th* propoiKlen."
!•• W. it. WHITE.
0. R. & N. LINE
PENTJLfTTON. or D*e. li— lt I*l
conceded that the butldtn* of a rat'- |
road Into Oraaite tftnrtrt would re
ceive a patronage of no amall mac
nitude from the mine* alette. With
th* timber to furalah Immma* <]uan
rtiea of lumber for ahlpment, th*
bu*ln*aa would b* •till more aug- j
mented. *•■ * '• ■•
But the cr»a|e*t Inducement for '
th* conatmctlon nf th» road would 1
b» th* llveatock Intereat*. Were a >
branch llo* 10 be built from Pendl*
ton to that region. It would necea- '
aarlly , paea through th* vreateat
■tock r*«lon 00 the Pacific <-o4it. I
*tom» Idea of the Importance ef thl*
Induatry may be gained from the |
(tat*mant-rouche4 for by local rail- i
road office* that from Pendletori
alone over TOO can of livestock f:ar*
gen* to tk« **a?o**t and th* Ka«».
All of thl* com** frem th* country
»-.uth of pendlcton. through which
the propeaed road would run
Th* Great Northern overland w*a I
• > hour* late In ltavlnc. on accouat
of *llde* at *lul!>n and Index.
Th* ITlopla brought down a heavy
mail from Chin* and Japan. whl<:h
came to Victoria via th* Bmpreaa
Th» fun»ral nt Henry Phillip Plrhi
took plact yraurday afternoon fro-n
n«i r're«byterMn church, K»v Mr. j
Chan«y and R»v F. J. Rdmunda I
emdatlnr. Th» church w»« ■ r.m I- I
»d durlnv th» *arvlc»a by frlenda of !
th» derea«*d. Th» Interment wu in I
Ml. Pieaaant cemetery, th» Inde- '
pendent Order of Good Templara
and the Ordar of Plndo holding »»r- .
rle« at the »rare, Tlie p«ll-lM>ar*ra
were all membrra of the local branch
of th* Preatmen'a Union. Many
beautiful floral efferlnira t*atlfled to
th* *«te*m In which Mr. Plcht wag
held by hi* friend*.
WA*HTN<T7ViN D. C. lire. IS.-
Th» p'i«im«M«r (moral h» »,..u. I
a «»n»r»l oril*r announcing; th* <!»•
termination of th» department to
provide for 'h» rtflatratlon of valu
«hl- pap»ri an nr»t-rliii matter ..y
Inter rarrltri on their route* of do.
livery In ruin Thin n«w Mrrlca ,
will be; Inaugurated In aom« of th»
l»«'lin« <•;'.»» aiH extrndA<l to nth*m
aa rapidly *■ poniilbl*. At fimt It
will h* e<infln«d to tha j-"tr< Iy rm\.
dtptlal dlatrlet, «•*<-! u<iini, bualncn
h->u»»« and Indlvlduala who havi
lire number of l»lt»r« for r»*!»tri
tlon at »ny one tlir» Th« extanalon
of th* »y«t»m to the builn^na 'll«
trlcta la left to th» sound dlacretlon
of th» poa^maatcr. *
CIHCAOO. Dm. U -What in J»
|clar*d to b« a mountain of gold ha*
(■♦•n <liarovrr*4 In Southern Illinois,
near Cairo, and ••■viral Chicago mrs
I arc developing the Immena* • turn
Though It In nearly a year «ln » th*
j ■llnrovery wu mad*. Us ezlalenc*
■has lrak*4 out through the nrganl
tatlon of a company « hi- ha* ac
quired control of th* property, with
an option upon other tract* in la*
K«>r month* thoae lnter*at*d ha**
be*n hawking little ►>««• of i'mili
•and amen* th» aaaayer* In i'h''n«o.
getting mm and anal) at* Th • mii.
pirn m.re r'pr»i»nifl mnwtlnm aa
; coming frnm Colorado, and attain aa
from California, M from th- Klon
j dike. Th*> •»••>• in every ra«e •row.
'•1 larg> yield* "f (old. and in MM
Inatanre ran a* high aa MM to th*
Thr*e of Prof. >;ih«nn'a t»eta
• howed a yl»ld of |2M to th* ton.
Th* Iml whtch *•»• th* mailmum
vl-ld of IMS «■•• ma by George it.
Kill* It la aald that th* ith- m*
la In I'ntnn county, and It la hinted
that In* epot la Union Mill at Mill
WAJUIIS'iT.N D. C. Dec. !».—
Some Inlereatlng light I* thrown <>n
I th* Boer »i'i»a'i'.n from Confut Ch»«.
I Macrum, of Ohio, at Pretoria, pub
' li»h»<l In th* aoßMla* report*. In
dealing with th» gold and dlamonl
output! of th* Tranavaal. hi- nay*:
"Th» total <juani!t> of diamonds
i found In !«»*. in th» Trananal wu
22.M1 rarata, valued at 1112.(11.01.
Although th- Induatry la not develop.
i Inir with /it.normal rapidity, there I*
I every ctuae for «'iifnfll.,n. th* flr«t
aion* h«vlne born dlarnverrd In Auk.
l**7 Th* average value of atone*
fnund In thla dLatrlct !• tt *'• ( » r ear.
•t. th* av*m«# v»lu* of X rr,t.»rlfy
diamond" I* 3.1 p»r raral, and thi«»
found at Ttf)irf'illlllii. In th« '>mn«"
Fr** fltat*. t* 27 p*r rarat.
Th» »tiii»n>'ni of th* rhamb*r nt
Mln»a of th* Houth African lt*pu>>lli<
ahowa th» av>l<l prodaetlon in July
1»»», In whlrh month 47* i cmnctl
of bullion w*r* rxtrarlrd, equivalent
In fin* fold to 409.127 ounrra, of it
total valua of ttXtt.iii."
ON THE B & 0.
MAN«riKI^D, 6., !■<•• 18.-A »*rl
om wreck orrurred about 4 O'clock
thla afternoon on the II * (1 tlir.-.
-mllea weat of her*.
A work train en rout* to Newark
rraahed h*ad end Into «#•»•• ■•>]
freight No. M, which wa« tearing
th* riding
r*. U. Woodard, of Newnrk, eon
ductor of th* work train, vim killed
Inatantly, ll* leavea A widow j,nr|
children. Harry I'elerman, of New.
ink engineer, won fatally Injiirrrt.
11. wax brought to thla city. II- If
4] yean old and married.
Fancy Cannes
We Have Many Kinds
\\ . 1...M ,11111, V
■I \ km.i „i . ..,,,11. rnadi Im lv IIH|
! „1
ih. -• < • .i i % ,hrr. i. in al;- ■ \\ i,. n
l,',| U,,H, ' . ,|t M
M:..« 17 Klrit AVfliltr..
Where One Lights I
I* ■> |r. i' r.» ■ I I.l' , « I), ii II
••«n»fn (i> i.Him: out V"ur
money fof l»»a and roffrrn.
The »l.i|r at hl< h you trade
ehould bo on» thil rrturn»
you volu«-»; tin' k i - yuu
th* U-«t that '<U -i» to >•• ir
IIHn- ' Yuur '■"• i> ■•. »h»uld
•w •!(!>. <. .1 l.mill III* !< I•■
that nr.it. tl inert* tii> - ■ con*
Th.-r.- i* ii > <<•* In l.uy-
Inc her*, for "your mt»n<*y
tit. If iiol .1 rain*," "" i the
tir«ri«-r qttAlli We ,■•>.,!
»nte«- run tr .>► .. • h.ri „» t.i
|>rlr<> art<l quality, I
Try our I)lnnrr Tattr !
ll!rri.|.--« I'ndw; S*>; • <l<-ll
• i»'i< and i I". • -i.- drink I"-.
vqualrtl (n nip >|uitllty.
East India" Tea Co.
T»l. iirrm 903. 222 Pike St.
MAY (m\)
Where Girls Drink
With Men.
mm v.\\\ l.:in; ()I\Mm
Proariator Shout* Ala* 0«l» a Call
From th* 0" •■ of
Mm law.'
Two rnnotrt halla whlcS ' h»*v !
I" n running In -.n- l< i< !■ i••••» <!!■• '
lrl«-t for month*, contrary in t*v \
•tat* law, may •■-n l>* la a 1 • *■ at
Ilillc* Officer M M. Fiwnwn h»a
■Worn to complaint* lit Jutlic* Aua< :
tin* court, charging Hermann (
gmril' proprietor nf th# U<fll»i
I'nton *al<»n and ronrwrt hall, an-1
«'. W. Httamn. pfoprtctOt ..f the !
Klondike Mloom, with "i'l '■•> ■>■«
women In pl»r*« wher* ll'iti'.ta ar»
Th la* under ohlch Quandt and
■bomo will I- |.f.r i vii I. h»« not ■
b**n forced alnc* It* paa*a«*. but'
lla validity ha* b**n pmiwl »i ■■•'
, by th* *uprem* Mfl M th« atat*.
flrtth placea are of a, nolorlou*
rharactrr and hi" given th* pntk-»
; a «r.-«t d»al •■' trouble.
i In Quandt* "Jil.it" a 6MM yung i
' «irl« nr.- rm| |. v-'l to drink with the
men and ar* given a pertenlnte of
all arad)ta dv« In th-lr efforta.
From . oVlwk In thf evening tin
-111 the early hour* of th* morning
th* atraln* of a nnlur plnno
annnun> <• to IMM' •' that '•' ■
"concert" la on anil their patronnar*
Many girl" of *<ar<-*ly eighteen
year* nf ag«> cm I" Ban In thn rmim
drinking and playing earda with
men old enough Is *w th"lr father*.
At •n» tin ■> <Juanlt ran ih ' lt..i»
klller" In Chlragn, all-g-l to l
one of the moat pronounced affair*
! of Ita kind In that brergy city.
I Quandt lii« !•■•• n mt'■«(■ I *ral •
I time* by the K'nltlr- pnlli* fur em
ploying girl* In bin aalonn, wh'i were > 1
1, ,1 It v. ;ir« of ace, but ha* n*v«r !
been ronvlctnl. |
I**"! week h» nrna n>rr?atcd by !>•■ ,
tec live Tudlhee on a warrant rhnrir- h
: Ing htm with 111 larceny of »•■". A M
woman IV the name of Thntch^r'
claimed that ahe Intruatnl IhajJ
money to hla keeping. i 'i- wast,
' drinking and Quamlt rlnlm* thitp
ah* authorlfed him to u«<- the money i'
to pay her hill*. Judite. farm din- ,
charged (Juann.
Hhomo'a ■aloon la an *11 ■■>■• ■ ■! hnnK
..ut for illrk 11 1 II haa brrti '
charged that a number of negro
women, who are In !h» city at i>r. • |i
ent, wer* Imported by n lertaln po- '
lice court barrMer from <"hl<a«<» to
rob returning Klondtkcra. Th'-a*' \
women have been arr**ate«l l.ii* n*v- i
*r convicted. Their hall la In n*«rly I
every rune furnlnhod by the Ktan- I
dlka lajooti, where it la all«K»'l thiit |
they niak* lh*"lr head'iuarli-ra. Thla
place hn< never been "inill^d" by
the |>ollre.
Gold From Sea Water,
I/iNt" ■■ Deo. 15.—A prnvlnlon.il |
|i»t»"nt haa born (truntcil by llp I
British Kiivrrnmrni for th<- rxtr«r- I
lion of Bold from ura wnlrr. Tin- j j
|illlent«'«>n ' l.'l I Irl to ll I. •■ illnrnvrrnl l|
a ' '■mt'ttni t It.ii nt i Imml' alt hi* hI I
will prpflpltnt* not only "i nrirnnlr ]'
mnttor In mo wHtcr, but ihi K-ililjj
nlM'i without (hi umo Of tlactrlrlty, I
A mint nun I■, t ' rt If1»■« thai ■ nam I
i.ir of piii'iK"-. rcprra«ntlni u> ml* I
lona of wall contained 0.150 gralna |
of X..1.1. i
Church on a Roof.
XXXV t< ■!■ i: 13*0. li.—Tha new |
Ptoplafl Church will bo hut 11 nn h
rnnf of one of Naw Vriik'd dky
arrnprra, ■* tl'l will lie i --ii-t M !. i of]
Klnpia walla -»H'l roof that may '"■
(irstllrnlly rrmnvfcl In Ihf inrni
month". IT. A. C DlK'in aiiya thnt |
li<- t-''iir<'l llf tdi i Of th- roof .111 1!- j
torlum from the lh*»tere. |
TUB si \ i ri.i; si \is.
111 Xk .I iiihßON MARuHI
■ *^J:.-"'-%^'/^l^S^'2^S^Mv^l A" SeaVc' ami everybody beyond our
*■ wtk' [[''■' t '''■ "F/ v£HC~''^^^•'a'^>'■ borders who un, must conic to this store and
|r-.^ —:'-*;>'''sy^ Js^ •—* —\>^§' '^TJ enjoy the Don Marchc's^Christnia*. If there is
fflv!-'{'/" '^'AA^iK^l (Zir^^^^ J| any one time when business is carried on in
|/^x|yl-^ V V|| A Most
f^lp^ij^^^^^vl^^ Unbusinesslike
■^* V/ "^^ 'f*-«JP 11-'^w It is during the month of December, ami yet we
W'' *">%*. j£js ••• ry itdaw^/'^B were never so busy, we never worked so hard,
y^j_> - ' /,^~ ■ ' iS "a? ' c :|lU'< st ran nest of all, no tank ever rested so light*
¥} \V^/y<^> tvS (jOP^J k\- ■ Iv on hand and brain. What philosopher said:
|i£§psicsS> fei ' "love
1^ ;;-.;% t?^-^- 1 Labor?
W^tnrftcMitliilillil^M News 10-lav o! «ilts lor lW Iwyw* May
W''#^\u/jib t'hulliii 1 k >or do -your Bbopping early.' It will
H^/.-JH '^\\M\Mll f/M 9 be handier for you and for us, for we are ii>m«
i^-/tf////r^i M v •sy^'w i ill honm now, and it looks as if we'd have to
p!S<Sw^ I We vc a Real, Live Santa Claus
B&**s^&y^-■%f'^'ff I aiul generally a hundred little excitables run-
Kif^^^^^'-'-^^^'^'jM 1 ning up and down stairs to catch a l(K>k at him.
W*&&!^::\'' £z£s^ 'jrfJ ' I The letter box has been filled twice already, and
y^zy^-^^'/^^^yMl n we shall have to get more stenographers, for
a I*l '-'y ~JK • » D every letter will be answered, for we promised
|:-;;''"'/" &' •- V " li - f-ct the children write and send their letters
"' ..«:,;;.•< '(i%\ ¥/& :%;". ■'. 1 by mail if they can't come to the store. They'll
ll*^'^£lM>.<vx^MßSnaß7 eiljo> a visit- though, and everybody is very
wtfiwirv „ AJMSfii^mrf.,nrwfw*w »** welcome.
And a Novel Artist in Smoke
Mr W I Warden takes a white China Placquc. covers it with soot from a
common' match flame and with wonderful quickness draws thereon a picture. He
treats them chemically, s:»'s they'll wash, and we sell them tor
25 Cents Apiece
Whether you buy or not, the exhibit is interesting and you are welcome.
~~T^^ r | Open Every
Sewing Machine BON^Anunt \ Night !
$19.50 ™*9f*® Till J) o'clock
' \ 1419 to 1429 Second Avenue and 115-117 Pike Street I
Wo- U on a Cr«»t Fort.

this —■ :
Store's Clothes!
Must :
Fit. j
To t«-ll thr iruth. we'r* nm nn«- •
loui '■■ maka "I.HiUTNIS'il B
HAI.KH." We lire particular »•■
f., Hi.- 111 of ■
' Am you "I •■ B
i llvtry Kiinni'tit ImiiKtii In lhli>»
1 ratabllihmenl I,lll*l IIANd „n.i 2
I Bi:T IIIUIIT. Tlml'n 111- rimill-B
1 lion on In. I, w» l.i I for your!
I |<iilrtinni(<*. No on€ qu'ptloriN ours
1 vhlu<-:<. ho W* nuikf h point ■>! ■
Ihi . Mnny n Irian llimu* it X"'"1 ■
I lull ot clothe* to on« uliln •«•-■
I cauae, v* h" p"iy», "IT l>fiS"T»
I FIT." No such ciilaniity ll- I. ■
I itrongtil lop Coal Hum* In lh> llali ■
! fCC-802 riHST AVI,, ('Ol. COLCKIiIA. ■
j Ready to Wear Hats
At t'.JT <•; ■ l| I'r ..*•
Friday and Saturday
Leader Millinery
(hi •' nftfr Wr<lnrt.UT 1* Hitter 'Ih
i I will t-9 locntnl in ■* n*w loartm «i the
' n.{ Alrnur
Mrs. E, H. Johnson i
I lih'l ■ <li. ttn I In- i'llht iiIkIH,
iv:.. i, ,Ii Monad tM mill:
I enw hi Hie I. imimm v white,
Ktßiut up on I >• MM' Hill:
ii. xniil in loud nti'i ntlrrlnt
tnnm: "To M■■ v h- .iih.-u l\ i-«
Of baking powdw tnnkf n chnlr».
cnrcBCKNT i« th« •».•»».■•
\ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
i * See the Washington Slate *
i * Souvenir Spoon ♦
: the :
I: Rhododendron:
! * For Sale by all the X
\ ♦ Lcuiilng Jewelers ♦
] * in the State of *
! ♦ Washington ♦
■- ♦ *
♦ n : uGnifeKUß! :;
X Phona IVlailn 3SO I i
T » r cm. cut LKct<!#iili. AT*. , ,
I Ml I '»• k»>in J

INKt'Hi: with the ('otiiniliiiin ArH
•lrnt Axuciation. Krtrrvc Fumi,
i f. 1"."" tnrorr>nralc<l mi'ifr tho
i lawn of th» flair ol \Vi>«liitiirion Arrl-
I ♦ iint and Hirk brnrftu. A^rittii want***).
K. W. ANDREWS, I'rtuMenU
V. L. MII.I.XX, Bwrrtary.
Horns ..Hi r, "ji| Collins 111... k.
___^_—^— ————^-^_—
♦ ♦
♦ ...,AK» ... ♦
♦ skin Diseases ♦
♦ 49-50-51 Boston Block ♦
♦ «
Oral llit !:*-»hit«< I I I»«uk.. Kir., all rnlon
In II- Salunl < ■•.!-.» I lit I.m I'rtual
II > Kill.l HI M,
Mrs. EL. G. Hanson
»»Kir»cTim« or ...
Wigs, llairbraids, Etc.
■1. •1111-OulUB nail lit If • Ullilii; Inr 1n.11... 1.11,1
■ hll'lii-n. Ilia mn«l •mill.' in lh« rii>
Hcalp Irmitn-lil thru ■ rl. Nt wltf«, «lr.
I or ■ In lull HI. .iii.l I lr«l Air..
Want to Buy a Watch?
! ton 'l Jo it until you h ivs
MCII the "Loull Kl^.l!"
Spi'ii.ii. Hi^h grada i^i
iittii' mom v
Louis Rloilt
024 Srronil Avi*.. cor. Marlon
I l>< M Mala B*7
W. M. Ruuvll. Lmmm tad M«nt«»r
Wn k i"n!iinii-n< ln< Humbly. Dec NX.
W3I. E. NANKIN 11 1.1.
PriWßtl that (Iranj mil lii.iiit.r I
I'lnjr, the Idyl or the Ar
kanitaa Hill*.
"Human Hearts"
Th<- Companion and Sii''r»-ni<ur to
B) an exceptionally strong com
pany, with Bp#< ill Si .n*ry for evefy
net Mill exactly it-* produced at tri*
Fifth Avi-nu<» Theater. New York
300 i-onspcutlvc iiltchtn. (Tiual prior*.
\. r •» ' - I III) -r..>ml Alimn
11. 11.I 1. Kunkler, Manager. "
dbmct>\> Company....
Superb Solo Ovcbcotra
The Miniature
Dawaon City
An iuii rtproductlon of-(h<> met*
ropolla of tin- Klondlkt llunlre.l-i
of tnovlni i li.ir.n-ii-i». actually •■»-
KHRPit In buila -."■•».
Aurora I.iitlits
D.i\ fjghi ami
Evening Effects
J'rmliucd (it n cunt of 110,000.
on exhibition at i.i:;i' a Si-.-nn.l
i \ i nut) a
ADMISSION*. 10 cent».
CIIKIt 10 li do "drug »«rk" In mir *h< t*.
\\> i,ivt« you th« «>-i «lu«u promt*
«t, mul wr rhmirf only what li fulr run*
■ftlprtng our I.ilmr nitd mon<*y savlnr fn
rllltli*fl \\ brii il**ltnj with hm you «lii
Dot hai • to j> m th»» bill .'■''" "man
in* is « | ii. town** — hi* ih.ln't ok*
u« niiv t hirti ■. Nli kind Of people |<n\ in
In ndvnmT or we don't do flip work.
f i ititt A French Printing Co.
104 W." Wuhlß|tM si , Seattle, W«»l»,

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