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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, December 15, 1899, Image 4

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Who Are Securing Filthy Lucre in a
Most Unprofessional Way. ,
♦ It I* now said that ■ detective and • poll,-* court barrtater «* ♦
* working harmoniously together to fleece fallen women out of *
* their unlawful earning* In a ••>ni* what imvrl mann«r. *
* The effirtr In queetlon arrests th* wom*n on chargea that *
* will not hold gnod in court. Th* »u->in»> in *v*ry Inatanc* haa #
* th.< mm 1" defend an.l hla client* go free. Th* officer r*x-»lv*a *
* rrni.e for Mi ability an • prot*ctor of lh* public moral* and ihr *
* attorney smiles graciously »h*n told of hi* remarkable Burrow #
♦ a* a harrl»t*r. *
* When the fare* I* flnlahnl th» two conspirator*. me*t nit dl- ♦
* vide the-fee* which th* attorney rr.*iv»d ' *
* Colored women, v a general rule, readily fall Into tha net. *
* There, are several who are Mil Mbe among th* beat pickpockets *
* In the city. It la al*o known that there are a number of colored *
* female crook* who ha*e been Importrd from Chicago to ply their *
• avocation In Ih* tenderloin dUtrlct, Th« proceeds rom crime n*l *
* th* women considerable Mini per month. *
♦ The** women are regarded a* legitimate prey by th* ' *nter- *
* prising barrister ami hi* friend, the patrolman *
w Hevrral days ago It Is stated that a certain police officer ai *
* rro"ch«-1 Rascom Hmlth. well known In police circles, and Inform- ♦
* him that If h* would reveal the whereabouta of a number of men *
* . who ek* out an eitstenc*. from th* earnings of fallen women, co *
w that they could be arrested he (Smith) would be given a percent- ♦
* as* of th* attorney's fees earned for defending them. *
♦ It i. said that Smith refused to ar»pl thla offer and •as soon •
♦ arrested on a charge of vagrauo. ll* has since b**n forced to «
♦ leave, th* city. *
* Teelerday three men were brought before Judge <"*nn on a *
w charg* of •making opium. All were w*l| dreaaed. They had em- •
• ployed an attorney. Several hour* later they Informed th* man *
w of legal lore thai bis services wer* not needed. *
* It haa always been a custom In lv 1«» Csnn's court to assess *
* heavy fin** on all whit* persons arrfat»d on the charge *f amok *
* Ing opium. Th* men abov* m*ntton*4 all pl*ad*d guilty and w»r» •
* only fined IS apler*. *
* It was learned thla morning that several Pattern pickpockets *
• of reputation »i» now in th* city, and have already began op»r w
• atlona. m>v*ral day* ago a lady on a T»*l»r way car was relieved w
* of a porketboek containing gaM nuggeta and last alght another *
# lady walking on ftenec* street had a pocketbook containing I" *
* anatched from her hand *
• Th* question la b*lag ask*d by many good cltliens nt Veattle *
* Why la M effort mad* to check erlm» In this community?** •
* Th* plain answer I* that the p«llc« department la demorslls- w
* »d Crooks are protected. Th* patrolmen who dee-lre to d . their *
* «luty ate checkmated. *
♦ •a***********.**********************
TH* <**arr>*na<l<> n*ll«f riind «l
--r»»1v Ha* lak*a larir* proportlont.
Th.« m.irj:nj. c\»r ITS* had b**n
ran»i, Th» •!«!• K-l Croaa baa
tb* following commit!** at work on
tb* r»li»f m*a>ur*«: tin. Jn« H Al
len. Mrs. P. Rocb. Mr*. \\*. W. Rot).
lnai>ri. Jr. T>r. Harab KmUll. ir!
Mr*, Lyman lUnka. at Seattle: Mr*.
«>»* MrCuballron. Mr* I>r. R«la
banarr. Mr T. M. A*hton. Mr« O.
11. McO«»r, atil Mr* L 0 «utt«rl-*.
Tb« Mu»k-Un»" Hal will t» on* of
th* r,ia-*-«t affair* th* city ha* **«n
tor hum llm*. Th» irarlou* t*cr*t
• nil fr«l»rn»l orcanltatlon* ar* r»
a(-«n:inc nobly. Th* H.n«n Cm
tral Labor Union. In it* ln»»-1»)
rv»nln(T mr««ln«. call*] uj-x> au>
b-'r.«ta«t» untona In tk* city to con
trlbut*. Th* proceed* «i 10 th* C*'
bon*d.j auCfrrrra.
Tfc* r»oricanlt*tkm commttte*
which pur'-ha»»<l tb* pr«p»rty
of th« tv#r»tt Land Company
for ta* -. bondholder*, win m**t
after Chn<tm*i* at Everett and
decide what >» to tw don* wlih
th» «n-> f-iri.-ie 11. Hro«n-ll
(■I! In th» property for W. J.
Itucker, John b Ilockf*U«r. Edwin
11, Abbot aDd other E«at»rn capital
lata. It rentint* of th« Cv*r*tt w>•
trrwerka. a««*rai thousand arr«*
oT tide and upland*, rtty lot*, build
ing*, wharv** and war*boua*s. J. D.
F*rr*H, pr**ldent of th* Par in? Coftat
Company, la a member at thl* r»
orsaolxatlon comn>itt*o, Mr Far
rcll atatr* that the bondhoMtra*
name.* will be mad* public »ft»r lha
meeting of th*. rmr|in i«l,.in com
mittee. • . - ;- , „
Th* Northern Paelfie will open a
Ti*w iteneral offloe at Vancouver.
Ileretofor* th* mad ha* b**n repr*
a»nt»'l by a loral man at that ptac*.
Mtiafa< *ndlna; will result.
Th» Condurtora' nri«»»n<-» Com
mitti>^ I* at fit. Paul in ronnullatlnn
with General *)up*rtnt*nd*nt F. D.
Wood, It I* hnped by all. that a
actor y rruilnit will MM,
Th« Canadian r»vi>k>pm»rii Co.
will put » horiMt-r.afk train t«tw«*a
nawdin a,nd Knrt K»llilrli, with
madhouses. Contractor Heney, of
the Whit* Pa*» A Yukon, Intends t..
put **> packhortes on th* Canadian
Development Company's cut-off be
tween Dennett and I>.iw»on.
The r,iy Central T")emorrall- rlun
met lul nl«ht In roiiinn BulMln*
Amde from ahnrt ppeerhep by Tt>oa
T 11/irt. frank I'ierre. Juda;* fjeo.
ond«. and }• P f'orva.!. only
• •• buatDM* f.ok up th» union
The ">riKtltution waa adopted
-n for adml«alon in the r|uo
mu»t pled«e ihtm«f)vM to MpffMrt
demorrary In all three coming ' am
r> P. Poster, a carpenter living at
ITT. First avenue, ate a piece of
poisoned cake yesterday afternoon,
whk-h had Men baked for the pur
pose of killing rat» Mr Foster was
seriously 111 for a short time I»r
'7a**edy was aummoned. and soon
had the tick man out of danger.
'I he Masonic Tempi*, a three itory
brick building t,n th* northwest cor
ner of Becnnd avenue uni l"lk«-»ir<> t
ha* been »ol<l. The purchase price
was 1100.000. Th* properly goes In
to Col. Albert A. iv.pe, of Iloston.
The iritrinfiT Include* the tire lota on
which the building rent*. Col. ]'ope
In worth about t20.(>00,000, an<l ™n
template* makUitf other purchase! in
I).lit ciljr. . |
OOt^TAX. W»*h. D«. 11. — Hi*
P.>pu!l*t parly In Whitman county
la • thine of id* pa»l. Thai •••
..•» l»m«n»n«t».i Raturday by
th* •mail attendant* »t »h*> «!»•'•
me «nd lh» Mll»r farti mat as tall
thai IN b»ln« waged within th* par- j
lir linr* It »■• *vi.l»nl to »v*ty
(M fat th» popslUla pr»»*nt ra
ccgnlird tb* fact that Ib* part* bat
r«ut In b« • power in Whitman
county 'politic* Th* vet* on th*
r«aolutlnn* to di*b*nd •• a party and
Join Ih* tonal democracy •■• ear
ned by a majority of on*, although
II Urko<l Ih* o**e»*ary <«r».|hlr.|a ;
m" to r«»» orrr th» rutin* of th*
chair tbat It • «• out of or i»r.
I Th» eonv*ollon np»n> Ita tlm* In
1 uHini way* and fiwan* of »•!•
mi* tb* party oa It* f**( «««ln. and
finally d*«M)*4 tbat ih» only way la
r»»iv* It «ii IhrmiKh th* m*4ium of
gnu ptrliun <1lr»<*l l*cl>l*tlon cluba.
by «hi>-h It I* h<>r»i in acaln ft *
i iirin« organisation for futur* ram-
I palvui.
Th* foal m!n* of th* W«ii»rn Am
•n<-an company. lnrat*4 at Fairfax,
will tMvnm* a «htpp*r r.»»l Pun lay. '
On thai <]>y, a train carrylm too tani '
•111 l»av» th» ntln**. Th* prtrwli>«l
o»n»r of th* mm* I* II W, MrN'll.
of thi» city. Th* property la about
»«v»n mtl*a from Carbonado.
srmni*TOY>s, Dec. n.—with an
•xploalon. th* aanck of which »<•* •
felt In a r».liu« of M mil**. tc» •«• I
lenalv* powder mill* nt J. W. Mlll*r i
* Hint, at Humn»ytown. In Marl
boro* tnwnahlp. w*r* almrxt totally 1
deatroytd at l. *) o'clock thU aft»r- 1
noon Th*r* wer* a dftten wot*
m*n about th* tail Unit, a' th* Mm*,
and of that number thr** «it< 1.1
--atantly MUM. another ■« hn<tlr In- i
Jur'l thai h» cannot recover, an<l
••vtral other* allghlly Injured.
Saloons Mutt Close Doors
at Midnight.
•POKANB, Dee. U—Every bar In
Bpokan* will phut light thla cv.
• nir.r at 13 o'clock. Ii look* now '
•• If midnight closing will continue
I «'i lons a* th* present administra
, tion Mtnalns In pow«r.
Monday afitrneon Mayor Com
stork signed th» ordinance which
brings about such a radical <-h«n««
In th* saloon business. It goes Into
effect today — ju»i ID day* after
lla passage by the municipal <-nun- '
Th» mayor took plenty of tim» to
consider the matt'r. In1»<<1. not
' until %-\n •■clock Monday afternoon. '
Just h»fore Iravlna th» city hall for
th* day, did he «mi his signature to
the new measure. Meanwhile, the
alderman has been in caucus, and It
developed that an active and deter
mined majority would oppose any |
effort to change the hour of rlo«>
In* from midnight until 1 o'clock.
With that fact determined, tne '
mayor, although opposed to midnight
riiiMmt. signed the, ordinance and ,1
became i law.
Mr Oomstock subsequently declar
ed that he was In Ignorance as to
whether any ntiemp« would be made
In the council to cnang* the hour of
cloalng from midnight until : o'clock.
The mayor's own position In the
matter la well kjjown. Me bellevea
It doubtful whether the new ordin
ance can be permanently enforced,
but he did not cart to veto It over
i the heada of th« aldrrmen.
I Iluy ( acre*. Moor* Investment Co.
'A, (1. Mpllrlii* haa been appnlnt
eil United «lale* court commission
er by .ll|.||[r .l,.hM»iM Ml Mrllrld*
la now editor af th* IHiuglas Island
New* ll* Ml formerly assistant
proaecutlng allorney of thla coun
ty, lint. I the 111. 1,1.1! I. .if John
K. Miller.
floors'" <*«lcelt l who rooms at the
Hi'«i Northern lodging House, re
lit. I to Ornrer ft .■•■ man last night
that h* had MM rubbed of I* by I
colored woman in the I'«H» Haute.
Kitty Owena »aa arrestr<t. and a
rharg* of petty larceny placed
against her.
Impressive Masonic Service*
Held In This City.
Yesterday was the anniversary of
th* death of Washington. The local
Masons som* 100 in number, met in
th* First l'r.«h> irrlnn Church an 1
| held commemorative *ierc!*«s.
<lran>> Master W, V lUnehart pr*>
aided. Itev, lianirl I' ■«.<■» offered
the Invocation. Itev 11. 11. (lowan
mad* Id* addr*ee of th* evening on
i "Th* rersonat Character of Wash
-1 Ingtnn." II It. Ilunlley spok* on
! "Washington's >lw«m llUtory.**
Dr. Parker r«ad *itrarts fr ->m U'tm.
infi.»n •, diary. VS. V linirhart. Ji .
I read Washington's farewell address.
Th* i) A. 11. held services In their
I hall Judg* John V II .>t pr»»ld*4.
i: It. Ilulterworlh mad* introduc
tory remarks. Jostah Collin*. )• .
spake on Washington. Will 11.
Thompson delivered an oration on
"American History." Mrs E. !>>ula*
Ferry and Miss Katherln* iMlan
Th* Improved Order of Itedmen
h»l.| a session In their hall It. I'
Alb*rt«on gay* an a-Vlfrt» on Wash
• nitnaj M«rrls n Badis presided.
I. R. Wolf. I. 11. WooUolk an!
Judge W. 11. Moor* mad* short
• p**«hea. M E. Thorn** recite)
"Th* American Flag." Th* aa**m>
bly sung "America" and "The Pur
Mpsngled Banner" during th* even
O. \v. Nicholson, who live* at lit
fJ»i»«*a atr*»t, reported to OfScer
Tt pr la*l night that he had been
rablked of ISS by an Inmate of the
Yekobam* l>^lfin« how** ■
A ihi»f »nt»r»«l th* r*«i(J*nc* of
Mr. Vhik* at X* Colombia *tr**t, l*>t
if hi and ■ml* an avtrcoat and
umbr*lla from Ih* hall
A *h<H>lift»r carrl*4 off a wonl«9
■klrl valu*4 al II.TI from Mcl*4td*
dry rood* *lor* In th* tlurk* Illock
la*t night.
John Clnk. a lab«r*r wh > had hi*
rlfht i'c brokta VMM working in a
mln* at Index y»*;>r<lay aflrrnoon.
waa brought to iki* city thi* morn-
In* and taken In Provi4»nc* lie.
pllal. „ _
Th« Pr«»id.nt Will Act Upon
Sh*lUr'» ¥!••».
T. W. Prn»rh. a»»-r»iarr of th*
Chamber of • omiMf". ha» r«c»lvrd
a l»tl»r from r«r>il Cemmla>l»ii»r
nin«»r Ifjmann l»|«rlm»nl of lh»
' lniarw>r al Waihlnctnn. in? rmins
him that th* roolutiona lat'l> pa**
•d by In* Chamber of Commrrcr,
praying for th* rumination of r«t
tain lamin from to* <>l>n . fnrvat
I gar <», had b»n r#f»rr#<J to Com
mlHl»nrr D. II *h#lt*r of Ta*oma.
Th* matt*r will I* lnr«rperat*d by
him in a report upon th* •übjwt.
Mr. »h»li#r ha» completed tin. r.
port. »hich haa b**n **nt to th«
1 pr*al<S*nt, who win alon* act upon
I It. If th- rhar>(*« aak"t for at* rar
rl"l nut. th*r will hav> ih« »fr»>-i of
a*r*all|r *nlaratn( th* araM» land In
th* *outh*rn part of Jtfftrnon and
CUltam '-ountlMi It will r»")ii' <• the
limits of th* for*«l r»»rt» nearly
MM half It la liar!* that to* |»ll-
MM will ba arantrd m* th* prMM'nt
*rr»n*»m>-r>! work* a hardship upon
many farmrra A •' Wll»on, a law.
yer of thi» 'Hr, ha» t>«-«-n «in« In
behalf of th* |>r"i'><.iii,n for *nm*
llmo. h»n ***n tnday Mr. Wllwm
•all: "I b*ll*v* th* rhinm for tbla
p*tltlon b*|nic pa«a«d ar* exrellrnt.
If II la »i«n»<l by th« pre«ld*nt It
will r*»t«re to Jvfferaon aoiinty not
MM than 4tO.flnn ta>abl> arm .f
land, ami to Clallam rounly al*o a
very large area. Thin "111 *nahl*
th** fniinil»*. and **p#rlatly 1- ff
*ni<>ri rounty. to even up on their In
d*M*4inen* whlrh la at prevent much
In •!««• of what It nught to be.
"Dawson In Miniature," which •
being exhibited at 13:314 fleron4 av
enue. Is one of the most novel ■!!••
play* ye« seen here. The var • 1
aaf>«<*tp of winter life In th* Klondike
city art shown by numbers of me
cbanleal figures.
To witness the performance of
"Human Hearts" at the Third A».
enue theater this week Is one of the
pleasant things of the h"lli»y »»»«'n
• « It ilr"m* • on nearer akin to all that
Is good In the hitman heart. Only
three more performances of this
beautiful play remain, and those that
j have not seen It ahoutd endeavor to
do so. Many have seen It twice dur
ing th* week, an evidence of the In
lenae Interest that It has produced
on theatergoers. The usual marine*
will be given tomnrrnw and on Rat
ui'liv evening fur the Uat Urn .
when "Human Hearts" gives way to
"Urown's In Town," with the author,
Mark V. Bwan. In the cast, and IB
exceptionally clever company of
real comedians. "Urown's In Town"
Is not. a fnrce .him. Iv depending on
specialties, bill a clean-cut, Irlir'i
comedy, unlike anything seen here
this season. • * -
A Murderer Dies.
virrroniA. ■ i". Dec. If.—linnl'l
McDonald Oordon, a prlnoner under
n two month*' lenience, died In the
provincial Jail yesterday afternoon.
Th" police believe Gordon was the
in.in who murdered Mrs. Hlnics sev
.i ii months ago in "Jack the itlp
jper" style. ..-.,„. J
Pacific Coast Co's New
Th« Tarlfir C<MSI Pompanr can
ttmptatra Urcn improvonw OB Ha
water i .lit am! ii mini I iiroiwriy
In thla city. II la I <■•'■ I thnt 11km
|,i..|.,,«.. I ii, m,«.. in. |ii<|. ma tart'
Hi and r«trn*lv« |ltl|l"l 111 ■■■•
f»n tht* *•« fun «).,. k. a removal of i hi
pr.»rnl . ...il I.link. in. ml a MtlMtl*
tuiliui "f mnr« i...t' in bttnkafl i>t a
point "ii Hi. • niiij i ■<> i. proparlx
■"ill of Kins »tn .i.
\Vhf*n ankrd . -11-' f tilim thru** Im
|tri>vrm.-iii», J. ||. r.u i< n, prf«lt' lit
of the inn>|>anr, alatcd to ii Btnr r»
"Thr !•«' ID.- ■ "■• tot <*<impanv li.«»
lam* lfii|>rttM nit i ii' ronti-mpla
lion; I.lit .tiling <ti>nnlt» baa 1.. .1,
a«t*«l »nan >>-i Tit- imi.n
linn of aurh i imnm -i< p« n<la nn v.ti I
ou*oihrr mattrra, an I until Ihry nit.
a*ttl*d, I ran >a\ nothing at tg th«
♦ ll.nl of what «t » ..il Ilk.' !■ do."
Member* of the Majority
of Council Talk.
Th*f Claim That IN* T.bl.d *»•
tllton. «i« Hill Undsr
Th« <JU**tlnn ■' " hari.r am*u<|.
m»nl* la creating mi li,i.i.«t ..|
iMt Th* mail* meeting of rltlnrn*
c«nv*n*a tomorrow rvrnlng. At 111
•am* hour the r»un. »i« • i>l com.
mitt** nirria I" runaider . liiti. r
4111-ntm. nl» «n.| listen la an) vi »>•
car* i' aubrott •»< li
In •i-'«kln» •if tb* matter of th*
«'..:■- .i»uw-l by Ih* Commit
tr«- of One llumtx-d «n! other • 111 |
inn th* dirterrnt ifi'inl- •• of Ik*
majority ft th* reunrll Mty lhal .
lh*r* «r» >•! no ir«un'U for inm
Th» petitions art- tabled white th*
poropiroll*r founta th* ntimi- «f
al*n«lur.«. a. • r.llnir in th* pr.i» i !
MOM if tb* my < hail, r Kill' itlv*a
thirty <!<>• for th* council M con
sider tha {■niiimrn.
Th* m*mh*ra of ih* majority all
• tatr that th-» 1«1.|..| ih* petition*
with luat -hi. . nd In view, by advlr*
i-f th* iiiv attorn*y; an) with i»«
I>1'« or Intention of trampling on
any on* ■ rlchla.
J. A Jam**, In speaking „< th*
matter to a mar reporter. *»pre»ar»l .
th* above M. >• ail aald:
"■"> far aa Ih* auhmt**lon of th*
propnamt ■mrtilni*>i i !. to popular
»ot* la rnnr*rn*d. I do not think
that In Ih. ir pr***nt chap* >»< h a
court* would •■» l*<cal. Hut w* have l
■M imrh"! that point <.i \V* ar*
m*r«ly rarrylnc out th* pro< Irlnna
»f 111.- . har>' r and hay* i»i.|..t ih*
l>»li(l..nii whll* Mr, parry and hi*
rl«rk» rounl lh« *l«nalur*a "
Mr Parry mate I thla mnrnlnt that
th* rounlln* « .. i r.» .. !n, B aa f«»t
• • po*alhly rnuld 1..- .1 with ram
and »»a. in-
flan ry W Rmlth. of \>rr|..n.
rala»d a lurnli> «■ Shi .M', pounda.
A rnlony of *» paoeW I* <-«p*rt<>d In
■"airhavrn nut month, from Mlrh>
North Taklm* rlalaa I" hr mor*
ni>rl»hi In Us m»ral« than any rtly
on Ih* «-■•■>•!
It It *atlmat*d that Ihrr* ar* 12"
P*nalnni-ra In Thur» county, and
that th»y "Iran r>j\ quart rlj from
Ih' I'nll'.t f*lat*a lr*aaury.
A rhlnra« rook ».. k' I his roun
trym*n at Kalrhavrn for arviral
huinlrr.l dollar*. Ha >■• arrrati-d.
but rriurn. .1 t>-r ni' i ) and waa al
l»>w*d |.i g« frr#.
Th* poatofflr* nr.ipiii m What
rom for th* nvmlh* of Orioh«-r and
No»*mb*r a(«r*gat*d |; i:« r.t Th*
•am* months lan >.»r only reach*4
A p*tltlon Is h*lng rlrrulalrd at
Ab*rdwn for an apprnprlallon of
llß.noa to rl*ar th* North ri«. r . han
nr| of raoka and rift'<■» and m*k* it
navlgabl* for M mum
Dr. J. T. «t*wart. of Nob Hill. i,. „
North Yaklmii. ha* rji|ji«-d th* prUe
b*»t thl* y*»r. It la of a lahl* va
riety. m*asurlng 2% In km li rlr
rumf»r»n<-* hi, wrl*hi in, pnund«.
A meeting of th* Hrltlah-Amorlran
rltlsrna of N*w Whalrom and vicin
ity waa h»ld In that rlty on Thurs
day rvrning for th* purpose of or
ganlflng a llrltlah-Amcrlcan Hxrlrty.
lull.m« of sympathy with i:hk
land w*r* adnptxl.
Thrr» ar* I.MO mm ka of .>*•« nt
Kalrhav»n awaiting ihlpmrnt la
Ban Frin |ai a Th* oala . un« from
■Umlah Mala, 10 mil. • aoulh of P«ir
hav»n, and la only n »mall Inaliill
m*nt of what •In fall ■« Th* Kam
l*h flam ar* ptrhnpii ,|,,. grral«at
oat r.'mnii on I'uir. t . mi, I
TOKOIIAMA. Ja|«n. l»i-<\ 14—Th*
J»|"«nr|i* |tn»<Tnnuiil hna >■ ■ -I. .| to
build two. ii'»- orulMri in In own
dork yarda, on* .11 Kuro and th*
■ .in. pal rnkohama It rpnll«c» th*
?li I that thl* - innol h* duno at
anywh»rn mnr »o ■ hi ill a rnal m iii'
wnrk would , i,i.-Mi In for, i,.,, y«rd«,
but. U I nintl»r nl nntlntral „, „.
and for Ih* rnrniirngpinpnt of do.
nii'Hiir ImliiHlrl.•». |hi it*"|a|nn has
!>■ 'ii i.ik. ii
hum mi i in iii iin
Tin iuT'avknije TIIKATI II
"Human Hi irla."
v 111 • • and moving i>l< iiu.n
Mini.ll iii .■ I mmm City—l3l3ii
Second avenue.
Thrra'a something nil I 111 111 1,11 atuiul
Thai imikix Ihi in |.t i iiliuilv appro-
Mi,' fur
Christmas Presents
Tin- klvit roi-u 111 II li« l« (-•••iiinir
i (in worth of l"« moil ■'"' "'" re
clpianl known ihry ar« th-
Real Thing
J!?|tTJI3ITh« »tamp»d
Am wry ihr>«v and aro ("HM'l '• I
qulla Ihi |.in|'i'r thine
\V« make HO <li UK- for atamplnc
nam* on leathrr k...,i1«
W» Invll* your attention 10 'I" 1
l.mlics' Combination I'ursc
and Card CuBC. 7Ac to $<(
Lodien' lap Tablet*, from
11.2 Ato 94.00.
( pillar and ( nil Itoxcs, from
rra\clini;( 41 •*:•*. from $I. no
to ■*.».<»(».
Mask Rolls, from $1.(X) to
, Alan l'rayrr Hooka. ptbl»a and
llymnala, I'ui.k without number.
riioinn Oard Cim, etc., tie,
Denny ■ Coryell Co.
7U..ui«l 1221 First Avc.
I ...EitraordiDary... :
0F Royal _ I
I Japanese I
I Art Pottery j
• ComprUlng many vart*U*a •
S ft Hatauma, Kioto. Ar*ma, •
• Hlabu. Kutanl and Awata *
2 Vawa. Jar<llnl#rr., Koroa, •
• I'h'xoiat* and Tra rota, and *
• many attlclr* of bleb ail Jap- a
• an*** war*. J
2 liy or<l*r of K»«-«-lvfr. In •
• conjunction with tb* bank- •
2 rupl alork ft tb* N*w York a
• J. • ■ r> Co.'* »l» k of !•!«- •
• mon.li, Walrh' a. J*»Hry 1 *
• Hlltorwar*. •
2 N'i !:!..«».ItVK OH LIMIT I
• I \|.|| - it.. on hand t.i |-a.r- •
2 fit Hal" In Ihla arral nffrtti X 2
■ of Japan*** War*. •
• Hal.* ■ .unman. r« tftrnorrow 2
2 at io m. |;M and 7 JO p. m •
• „..*T THE.... 2
: 817 Second A.c. •
Trade With Us
Is Good
l!<cnt"" w<* aim l'» a*ll ((H>.la of
1.. »i quality, |;<'Nii» our prlr*a arr
rl»hl lIMtJI wo »|vr you th* brat
•vrvio*. Join th* huar throng. Com*
In. lonk around; trad* with up. and
you'll make no mlatak*. Our own
I drllv»rjr.
SLClalrt Baas, Bacon and Lart
■MMM Plkt 98 503 Plka St.
|« •
MM i.». >■ «•• l**>-
414 Vr.l.r W.it
Tnlnphon* IVlailn 700
Ai»l v* will > ftil lor your »r<lrr
M i*» $1t« iium
« a>
The Man
Thai •■■II" miirnr »ani» to aril
you hl*arh*d p*aph*a for It tak*»
a dnllar'a worth of It to kw*»t*n
in.' sulphuric arid In fifty r*nta'
worth of fruit.
You Can Get
The Very Best
Dried Peaches
Natural Flavor and Color
... AT T11K....
San Diego Fruit Co.
hi I "IKK BT.
Ami at tin- anm* Mm*, aav*, th*
danllat MIL
Hrriiinl-liiiii'l IManoa ami or
,- Ml In iX hunt'- for n«w
am i. Write or call.
MiiMcmin RauiHknr Music Co.
l'< Irplliillr WHIT* .til
Wot Until. Prrry iimMmi
*<Nl Marlea Street
II you don't know just What to buy for__ aa aMk_- ' "—
: •
1 GIFTS...
Maybe our sales people can suggest something. They're
experienced at it. It's worth your while to make this store a
visit he-lore buying...
mm Men's Presents
O»nli' ll«avy UUOCADJSD Mi.h MUFFLERS; b«au»iful dtiliaej
Jlc to 11.00 ■ m ii
Hrnli' Ml* QwUir HII.K KCrnUHI ll*ht or dark patterns;
bramiliil rich dtalfna; II Mi nn<l tut • «< ii.
O»nl»' Now IMI'KIIIA!, WI.K Tll.H a new nhlpm»nt. the !«t.»t cr»
--• ll'.n» ■•! ii,. V .-. York inniii.rariurrrii, (Oc and He rich.
OnU' N»w filytf TBCK «nd CLUB TIES; an Immense aa»orlm«ot
in cirri from; 2'«- and Ml each,
...1,1. Fin* IILiK KMrmOIDEItED m.'Hrr:Nr>EnS; workman»hl»
and mai«.tial» tIM t» m nalWI dralrabl* Xmaii «lfu. »V- and 11.00 a pair.
...t,i«' HM KID <i!.'i\r.H. rxc«ll*nt w»arln«. only Me a, pair.
■MMi Kin* MOCIIA «;l/i\i;s. llnrd; only 11.00 a pair.
l^.iir.' I- it.> l.rcil.l.K KII> OUOVKB; walloped wrlal: patent
rlaap; all Mian and Mark; aplrndld w*arlnr; only 11.00 a pair.
baifeM 1 rini> I*» CAPEL.UA KII> Ol>OVR8; mad* of th« fln»at
Krttirh kid tklna; brautlfully flnObcd; all color* and black; only II M
* |»lr. • ;.
I^dlx* niw MABCOT KID OLOVEH; perfect ftttln*; «rand w»»rln«.
anly f1.21 a pair.
Kln« n.AII> BILK WAIST I'ATTERNB; n#w«»t color combinational
Hr and »'«■ a yard.
I*r*tly AHT IIM/iWH In rich Mumml# Cloth patUrna; Me ••£&.
O«n(»" TMWI rUANNEL. NIOIIT OOW.NB; cut eitra full and
roomy; »rl*ndl<lly mad» •* and lie »a<-h.
O«ni»' rim WOtUM .Nl'illT GOWNB; pretty embroidered front*.
lie raeb. . • - v_ » » . -~ ■
. ■ ■ ■ ■■
206. 200. 210 Piko St
\ 1 Popular Cafe for Oontlomon
I :i l Occidental Aye. and Washington St.
# ; ' f"~'
i*; Engine and Ship Builders 3
! S LUMBER M" l- - 8
! miiititfiffltiiMl
ii choice: lots!
;«2 in m Sj
i| Walla Walla Addition 1
'% Denny-Blaine Land Co. 1
-"• Dexter Ilorton Bank Building. £»
' TIT! know the value <>( M nmnmi~ hIHERS cling to old
;W a well-pleased cus- AjNUTntiu I methods of K ettin*
i " tomer, and never let _.__„_._.„-_ v their customers'mon
i him leave us until he Is jJIFffiRISNIK «-y. «nd o'ten let themgc
pleased, so that he may ■ away displeased and de
tell his friends and thus Sill imtlllorill CO. nounce them to friends,
our trade grows. 1012 Third An.
by th* linen M »<«!• It* a; pearanr* depend* on th* l«undry.
Our work I* done to «»e Ih« mini fajtldlou*. Dorneitto flnlsa It
asked ron.
Mnntnin Otiilln M'llle '" "rtter> P*r<>uet floors; flooripol
110.1 llilr.l »<riu.r. npp. Trlrphnnr llalldln*
Makes Heat
Saves Money
♦#>««»»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦o>f «♦♦♦♦
' Beautify lJy luvm« >our :
'' TOUf .... Pictures Framed !
: ■ Home!!.". h>'us — :
■ I Pacific Picture Frame Co.
' ' in A Ttitrti Avflttia '
! »♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦••••♦#•♦♦♦•♦♦♦
Thfv M- not Included Id lltr trust, mil
Mcutlon Ihi MM)
Piano Offer
On th« rrnt rrntr»et plan, brine*
I • plan within th* r*«rh ef every
I one. Com* In mil talk It or»r.
Sherman. Clay & Go.
■1* Meaad A»»oo» * • •«•!««
* Why not buy a
Fancy Rocier.
Dininc Table or a
Christinas Carpet.
Thrpr arc KlftK not only or-
I namental but MMfut. GUta ■••
!•■• t.il now ran h« rmrrved for
the In'l i.ln >»
i Holien & Wilson Fiirnitars C«.
110911-13 Second Avo.

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