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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, December 26, 1899, Image 2

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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I II \\ vI -. ,\ i ■ • I'l 111 IVMI Ws
Iverv Atlfrreen tio'pl Sunda; Ttlephom Pl» • 150
r. lU.M«|i»lll> »mw« r r. I'KA'I »VIIIMWI Mil. .-.
<n* n||Hi«| i i,< „i, , ,»r «r*a. •« t*»nli-ltw itnu |«mr n ■ "v. OvlUtrtil ttr
Mjifr^ftitri, Ntv irr* . .•; '■•» .--^ -„^J - ^n_^i^i.^..^-i -.yy^^ -
liliwlnl Km*. .p..1 liilim liair. . Ma. 11*1 • i.ir.t (>.»«•
»niir..l«i -hr i ... -m. »■. *i i raltU, Wai ■ .« t <.■■.•.■.■■>'.■.*•» m«ti*f
Th» l.>-!> ef v ih» UriMth run* In th* battle of lIM Tim.it river, i» now
explalnrtl by the »!»l»n\.iii th.it <■>! Lone «Im rniuni.iii.lM Ih* «rlll
liry on that .>r.-«n,in. vi i- oblli'J <" su.li them to th* front to l"i nil
th*m wtthlif cftrctlv* rant*. Th* meiiltl •>< aiivanrtnn '•■■ arllllfry
within rani* of th* llovr rlfl« In .m It t« brim II into notion, r*ll«v*a
001. l..>n« of th« rhiri> .if havlna .■.■mnvi I. 1 an Idiotic blunter, and
lranaffr» in th* l»rltl«li war oltir* Ih' I.lame for hi\lnn made th* taking
of met Urrlbl* r ««« unavol.table. It I* plain that If thr llrltlih troop,
are M win b«ll>a ih»y mum b# provide with urnii of *<iual tflletoßcy
to MMM of th* lV>»r». ■An army of IM,(H m*n. ■•••*•*■ cannot b* "l" ;
pi #4 with an «ti»«jiMir protKtrtlan if M Asm artillery wltMn a (<•«
w**k». It l«Kf • i.in* to build up modrrn lilch |i.i»»r gun*. If th* r*c
p-i>inrn<ia!!on of Admiral Iterwfnrd that lh» *m»rgrncy b* met by mount-
In* on artillery tralla and Umber* all th« tuna that MM hi •i«i..l from
Ih* rt>»rv» and other ahlp* of the flrillah navy ah >ul.| I.- accepted, th*
difficulty m:[hi b* overcome. It would ■• • de»p»rate remedy, how.
ever, and would »»i>v>»» Or«»l Ilrltaln to a new dang*r. Whll* lh» like
lihood ef any other po«»r taking advantaa* of Ore^al Itrtlaln'a preo<^i|.
p-'tlon tor th* p\up.>*i- of furthering hiittll* dealma doe* ru>t ***m Im
minent, ther* I* a possibility which the lirltlah government cannot «1 t 1
to be unpt*var*d to m«#t. To cripple the navy I order to comp*n»at*
th* *hortcomlng% of Ik* ami) »hiMhr to mviir attack. Neverthelet*
It may become neceeVary for .((rent Urltaln M take that riak No re
commendation that would meet th* emergency, except that of Admir
al Bereatord. haa been.mad*. \Vh»t good la a• ar ..m <• however, which
la not prepared with *uch lndl>p«n*able Inalrunimia ■' war •• modern
hta-h-power «un»* T»i«iiaanurai.iß»hi.h th» Uritiah war mlnl*t«r
will flnd very hard to ana»rr
The mm meeting wiilch will be held In the Arm.irv hall thl* even-
Ing to MMM rtir*»urr« looking to the protection of Ih* water-front ;
from th- clutcre* M a railroad monopoly, wtll doubtlr • be well attend
ed. Th» cramill" of hgainraa men who have chare* of the matter ha<
I>»ue4 dfculafa to'the public which h*ve been distributed from houi*
to bout* In order that all ;>»-m>ir» might be Informed «a to what »aa In
tended, The !*iar haa l»a<r. the only paper in "eattl* la give notice* 'f
Ue mas* rneettng much space, the other* contenting themselves with a
ftw bref lin»« placed under little one or two-line head-lln**, *u«h a*
arr usually rraarvr I for amall bur<lart»* and *lmllar matter*
Th* public I* able M judge for itself nowadays a* to the truth nt Id*
oft-repeated a»*rtl«n» that Northern Pacific money haa recently been
placed In sf»tt!» where It would do the moat good.
The city cannot afford to allow the Northern Pacific to go quietly
alone with Its street-grabbing projecte upon th* water-front. Rvery
man In the community who (>•;> an Interest In the future welfare .if
the city, ehmiM attend the Armory meeting tonight.
Many Filipinos C Killed and
Supplies Captured. >
Maiiiua. Pa-- tt—ln a Scht b*- 1
tw**n th* Thlrty-«i«th Infantry and
about V* inaur**rU« n.ar Alahlnoa,'
• i of lb» *n«my »*r» kt!'»d <v«und {
rd or captured. , On* American wa*,
wounded, Hmall »n«»«*trt»nt« bit*
alao taken r'* r * at Ar:ta- and «*>l
amha. and tn th* mountalna near;
T>*m!'«rijan ■' In the** fla-ht* th* in-1
■urcent* loat **«*n kill* 1 and 11
wounded or captured. No American ,
Our troop* 1•* . a*d much ammuni
tlcn. many <ur< and lift read of cat
t> Han -°ala .aJan.i th* Panay da- 1
larhma.it nt th* Tw»nty-alxth In
fantry er<"urt»r»l a r*b»l fare*. ln»
fl'rtlnf limy punl>nm*n( Many
Panay r*b*l* ar* *urr*Dd*rlna' to th*
American . troop*, on th**l*tand of)
OBErWWOOD. B. C . D»e. M—A
lar»» amount of bjfd I* In pro
(re** all ever th* city. Hardly a
day B""*a by but on*' no*lc** th*
foundation* for a n»w hull Sin* b*ln«
laid, or men excavating ground pr*
paratorr to laylnf f .vin^atlon* T.r
--»n the cold »**th»T baa not re
tarded work. ' t'p til] th* flrnt
of the week, eonatructlon work wa*
tilndered fir want of lumber. Thla
ha.* b**n overcome for the i.m* b*>
Ina; by th« tlm«ly arrival it a train
toad. But a tratnload or half a dot
on tralirle«da form newb*r* when dl*
tnbut*d among contractor* who *r*
'•r*cting thr**-*tory fram* building*
. and r**4d*nc*« nt *v»ry at** and
description. It I* not by any mean*
a building hoc.m. but a at*ady
growth. n*ct«*Uat»d by th* rapidly
Increasing bu*ln*>* and by the many
new arrival* who have decided to
make Or*enwood their home.
Th. deb%(*. la«t week- In which
T>v. W. T. Kellogg appeared aa an
opponent ,and A J. Wolf aa th*
champion of th* air*'* tax, app«*r*
to -ay* «nded unaatlfactortly to
both dltputant*. but mor* especially
to th* r»v gentleman, who. at th*
end of hi* rtmarka, protMted that
he required mor* tlm* In which
to preaent hi* aid* of th» MM, add
In*; that he held In re**rve a-mi*
f>o4nta which w.r* ao ttronir and un
an«w*rahl* thai they would cruah hta
opponent. fly consent of both par
ti** each will r#* limited to four al
ternate periods of in minutes, at the
expiration of which time th* audi
ence will b* Invited to test the posi
tion of either of th* debater*.
Aa Dr. Kellogg I* very much in
earnest In hi* rejection of Henry
f*»orir*'* cure for Involuntary pov
erty, and a* Mr Wolf haa brought
with him from th* Kaat an *arned
reputation as an advocate of that
doctrine and *• an arcompllfhed or.
ator, th* *v*nt may turn out to b*
a <";ra#<-.,.Roman wreatllrg match,
catch-aa-catch-can. A v*ry enter
talnlnr evening I* promised both f'»r
th» frl*nda ond enemies of Mr
George* radical proposal. Th* event
will take, place on Wednesday even-
Ing. Dec. 27, at nrand Army hall,
Collins building. There la no charge
for admission.
■ , — •-
The employe* of th* fl*attle A
Tienton Hallway Co. wer* yesterday
prenented with $& In money and a
turkey from the manssrement. A
10 per cent, raise waa announced to
go Into effect th* first of fhe year.
ii ii O i H
Buy ft acres. Moor** Invest. Co.
Bodies Landed From Battle*
> ship Tciat Today.
' NrrwpoHT Sr*ll, Vi. rvc IB.— ,
I The bodlra cf tt* Main* d»ad w*ra
I broucht aahart from th* h«itl»«h p
I Tnu "' I mnrntn( by «ilflr.r» ml
| •»!!"■ • of (hat »•••♦!. inrludlnc Capt.
I «i*»b»» Th*y w*r* m*l at th» pi*r
i by many vn»r«r.» of th* Ppanlaa
i Am*rlran war. Th» r»ma na w«i*
' tmm*<llat*l]r placed on • ap#<-ial
j train far Waatitngton. wb*r* th*y
, "111 b* in<»rr»^ with full n*v«l h»n
--i ora in Arilncton r*m*t«ry Tburaday, '
' In th* j>r»»»nr* of in* pr*ald*nl ant
■ Ih* r*.bln*t-
) ••« r>ro«lf«l r.th.r,"
Th* Maor»-Itob*rta Rncll'h com.
j—ny. >l,r">"-i from Auatralla, op*n*<l
at tK* H*attl* lh*at*r Chrlatma* •'
ternoon In a matin** th* hou» tw
in* call Will Th* pHr of "Th*
I r-vl (a! F»th»r" >■• pr*«*ntad art
waa npttinl aratn In the *v*n!n(
Mr 11. ti. H*»r'« who MM th*
part of th* afrr*aai<l fithor p««f>
aa an EnclUh aulwral wlio M fond
of a hr**«y itm* wlrh fair tail**
■ aav** tally rn—iir opera >lne<r-. dm
, pit* th* fact that h* ■• a array ha r
'1 man of (arc* family. Ill* aon.
, h»ln»T a <-h!p of th* «M block, and
, worldly wi*». «»>• ml»»d up In an
affair with a danr*r at • fh**t*r an
finally marri** h*r. Rh* com** I ■»
hi" father* hou** to claim him, and
th*r* Maaayoan that pa ha* flirted
i with h*r hlm**lf Mi* at one* *•■
I tabllahe* h*r>*lf In th* hou**. <!»••
pit* th* old man • objection*, an I
j both fatlirr and a»n hay* a hard job
I nt r*ttln« rl I of her. In which under
taking lh*y Anally aaaaaati
•Th* Prodlaral Father" will b* r«
--p*«i*-1 tonlrht. On W»-In»a«lay and
Thursday th* play will h* "Th* 81-
I *n--* of r>*an MaHland." On Friday
and Saturday "David Hail Mil" and
"Ml* M"i !,»«■•■■ win end th* en
• • •
"lanantif th* Mala*."
Wbll» many fWaltl* UMt*r<rMM
I w*r» wltn»a«ln« Lincoln J. Carter*
play, •R*m*mr>*r th* Main* Chrlat- |
m«» Any, th* bodiea of th* murdered
i martyr* that <-aua»d th* war at
tween th* United Mlat»a and flpaln,
[ and mad* It pnanibl* for "Remember
the Main*" to be written, were, h*lnit
returned In fh*lr native land an I
received by their norrowlnc friend*.
"n*member th* Main*" Wtß llv* lon«
In American hlatory, and the play at
the Third Av*nu* theater th • week
I* an •«'-»ll*n» reminder and •*rv-»
to keep alive r>atrlotl«rn and the
memory of our martyred h*roe*,
• • •
Th* Olympic Th**t*r,
Th* I^n-lon O*lety 'Jlrl« are draw.
! In* lar«* audience* at the Olympic
theater. Th* company la nvlnf a
* (nod performance, of Ha kind. Th*
'■ burl»«qil*r« provoke round* of a[i
pla<m* for the many clever aperlal
■ tie*.
• • •
Mr,.,., Cihlbltlen.
Ther* waa perh«p» n» Chrlatmt«
novelty that waa an well palrnnlied ;
aa "rii»«.n In Miniature," which la
|on exhibition at 1321* H*...nd av
enue. Thla remarkable m*<»hanl^4l ■
'<r-'t "la a marvel of reallam, and iji
■md by old Klondlkeralo be a very!
accurate r»pmdii^Hon of the north
ern metropolis.
Hem ladiistrla. Introducad
TOnK. ■%., I>ee. 2«.—New Y*ar'« |
day will tee two new Induntrlea In
operation In York county. On that I
date Ih* Weaver Oman A Piano Co.
which ha* been running Its factory
thirteen hour* a day on account
of a larire number of order* received
at the Philadelphia Kxport npoal
tlon, will begin the manufacture of
j plane* Th* new nhnpa at Wrlirhtft-
VIII*. which will manufacture irano
line *n«ln*» and butM'ra' hardware,
: will aluo atari up at New Year*.
. Many of the. Induatrle* her* ara at <
pre«mt worklaf ovtrllma.
Have Not Organized tor
The 1,.nl prohlblllonlals are a* >■<•!
un.lr. a* iii th* • our»» Ih* parly
vltl'pUrfJua M the coming municipal.
• •■limy and state flections. Wheth-
M or 11..1 an Independent tlckrt nil
l" put In Mm (lrlil or with what 0f«
*-anli*tlun» th* prohtlilliontstfc may
• (T.l •!•>. mil |Vi.|iat>.\ depend large
ly on the movements of ih» Antl-fU
tea* l»-«»uf and of th* Otttatna 11.
form Association.
llr\ It. i: Ounlap I* at present
nHiainf an educational campaign
Ihroushout th* slat*. Whll* the
prohibitionist* have no bjBJM of car.
rylng *n> r!r.! >n> In ihi« sttte. th«y
hop* I" •' •• mullah a frtal deal fur
thrlr i>irt>' by mean* of !>■>■■« edu
cational campaign*. »hlcl> in the
m«ln feature of lh»lr pol|t|. »l work.
M'< Dunlap la pr*ald*nt of in.
ittata Acaticlatlon. C. I. llaggani
■•cretary. and John McOarvin IraaaV
urrr The county committee la com
posed of Chairman Kspy, awroUry
Homer null and Treasurer Thamp
i|> ...Labor Notes and News... i\
I >!<""or.l without »nd nt limit *»»iiiat
In prevail In tti* rank* o( the Amal
(imiiH An' llhit of Iron >nl
ami Worker*, owing to th* turn- '
In* down of th' Xallonal l*bor Tri
bun* ant (»• publication of Mi awn
I rap*r a* an official organ. Th* sit- '
uation t» further complicated by a
! bttl»r I'rwni 1 r«nlrever«y b«tw»*n
rrmttni HK»"»r and W. II t:\an.
1 of An4*r**>n. ln>l . »ir* riri.drnl al
ih» n;ui imri" rr*»!<i*ni «i«:-;
fa* charged th* lait*r with hindering I
tit* work of th* orranltallon. and
on Irltl b* <••» •u»rn»l»l for • «
• • •
Ku«»n» V. t>*bt wrtt»« th*' hla
. nrag'menta «11l prtvmi b;m fMM
:«* M up th» work of rcora-amilai I
th* American Railway Union.
•• • '
Th* f ..' ir»<ll Hut>r*m« court hat
.'<•■-: )«■■! aa unconstitutional ■ P*nv«rj
City otdlnaiMv prohibiting clotblft!
Hor** Irem op*ntag on Sunday*.",- > I
• • •
Pr*s!l*nl *!|'tld:nf of 1*» hlcyel"
traat. v ••«••■ to Mm promised
President Mulh-.;l*nJ. at ih<- Wo. *
Workers' Nat onal t'nlon. that ..»
would bring about « plan < ■ c«-op*r
-1 at* aril* th* worker*. Then th<l
trust pull*4 J "» traveling "'"mm
• T th* !■■»«!. rl'<a*4 down two plant*
tn T '1-. on* a I(i 1-if.• !-•!i«. an-!
other In K*n"*h*. Wla.. ami nn» 'nj
Philadelphia, throwing', a*%»r*l:
thousand mx-hanlr* out of work.
•• • *
W. c Pearr*. national I'rrrinrjr of
th* t'nitrd Mm* Worker*, win b»
pun!>»d by hi or*;* n! ta 11 in f >r fra
ternal I'l'jii' from th* A. T, A I.
In th* |inti«h Trad** t'r.. .1 Con
tr*t*. which m*»t* at Iludd»rsfl*ld,
I t «n«i in September not.
. . .
Th* Trade* and l»il~>r Council nf
j Toronto, Ont., (• considering th* ad
visability -f establishing ■ dally p»
• • •
• ' I
Th* Int*rnt'lonal Association nf
Machinists «r* prrpartnt* 10 Inaugur
al* lh* nln*-hour <J»y on May I.
• • •
On* hundred m»riih«nl» at TUnom
in«i"n. 111. h«»» »nt»r»-l Into an
a(r**m*nl to hand:* union clcara
, only.
"• • •
N*arly 1M N"»w Tork T'hvn-rn- '
«r«v*»« *mploy*d In th* romm*rrlal
h'"i"»«. have struck for an IMNM
of wa(*f.
x •i • •
I>»ylon. 0., huil-Urr niM-hanl' 1*
hay* p«rf«f«*>i th» for- «■ of iholr
bulldln* lra<l*« council. AM branch- i
Instead of Coming to Seattle
to Face His Acousers.
A<lv,<-*« from Victoria ari> In th*
efferl that th» I(»v. IMM Naylnr
him *-in» to Pan FraM^l* 1 0 ln»t».i.J
of eomlnir to HenMt*. an h* annmmc
"l. an-1 InMltutlnir •1111 for defama
tion of character. Th*> evan*eh»t
■II . h«r»»>l with prncurinc • ill
vorr» from hla wlf». »h'> llv*» In
Knilin'l. «n-1 m»rrv;n« a Ckllforatt
rlrl 10 il»v« after ih<- milt Itimni il
bnndji »»r" »»v»r«1. Th» mlnl»t»ri<
nf th* M»th'vll»! l•^l|rrh•■« In th*
Nartkirval «r<" divided at (» hit mill
or Innoren" 1 and Mr. Nnylnr said h*»
• i« Horn* to make vi >■ii«<t< ,
prov* their «»»»rt|on»
tnritai of i-»rryln* out '» puh
ll«h»'l plan, howfvrr, h* boa A*4 II •>
I Wall* Walla at Victoria, ■< I"' 1 ' n
r»r f.ir San Pranrla^o. 11.- had li'«
heard trimmed, which altered hlaap
' pearance »ome»"hat. but he wan eas
ily reeoirnlMd by Html nenllemen
» hi knew him. ll* ami h:« mm
! panlon did not *rrlv» ai the «!u.f
until a few mlnutff btfor* the
• learner *«• ready to (all
The m<Tiih«r« of the ■oclallll Iji
bor Party rave a banquet and hal
at th* Maannlc hall lam evenlnv.
Th" evenlnc'a entertainment »i«
opened with a concert, th* pronram
ron*l«tlnir of vocal and In"rumi>nt»l
rr,u«' The banquet wan xerveil At '
i o'clock, after which thoae » ho were (
prenent danced tin til nearly 3 o'clock I
In Hiln mornlnn Tht nut ball Will I
I *.<■ given March la. I
Tin: m:\ttm: ■TAR.'
Tin- Wmahlnginn Prat* !>iilrym*n'«
Aa»iu!atliin linl'U lln HTtnth ■ riu 11
m* > tini «t North v«kim» an D«e«m>
brr l. I. 39. 30 A numb ■ nf lucml
Halrynirn will nttend. "
Hr<ll|.'» Import! llikuikli Ilia I'llal-
I mm hnunc fur Nnvrinbrr «irr |S*l,
-, TM| tipenia I'm.in.
The Pops I- Quit* Wall
IH>.MI Vi: J«— The IV|w In fffl-
Ing M'llta- "I'll nfiii thi> f.ii Kii:n :
crrtmnnlr* uf Hundaj
. i
, I MOI X I'm LA la. Her. !«.-K*r>
ly Ihla niorrili paopl* In varloua
rtoinii I '«k..i i I.« I-. (ill .l.liii '
••■i t Ui'Ul.iki- ihcx kii III* rii«l cvrr ri*
p«rlrnr«d ii th«t ma' Ilrperla
. frnni Miii tifll aay Hut li,ii»'• »h,»iH
( ami « in.l ■« a rallied for ornrjl »f,'.
, «nd«. I'fiipl* ruxhrd fr«m iha-u
homo. At I i.ilkl.in th« ■Dock did
, ii.,i !-<•! in it. ihan an In-1 in!. I.lit
, dlahr* »• i - i.nM.- I frnm Ihrir pla<ra
and hoiMra «ho«k. "I .v r»p«rta all
, airrc lint Ihv hour waa * a. m
Funeral of Lawton.
: MANIUA, r>tr. M.-Th* r»malr,a of
I Urn l,l»! II Will laa- lak. n Ira Ilir
I'niir I Ktsta't on th« !ran>|«iri ,
Th.irri* Tlir funeral taka*« plac**
I n**t H«!ur«.|.|
c* of ih» mdu<lry ar*- fully r»pr»- \
• rlAf 1 ,
1.7 . . i
Th» prnfea.ora and atud#nla of po. '
lit r«l reonnniy in a numb«r of il.f
Ivadlna* unlvrrililea have taken up
ire en!.).-. i ,-• union !*!■<■• and Hi- r
lnflu*nr« un • urt
•• a «
Indlanapnlia labor i—>i le »re to
hay* a library. »ltn rra I m ronrna.
In rail n«t I»m Ifi.n HUH*. Th»
moiwf la l*lr>« i<l>'l by tTlvlnti
Kunday conrrrl* by profraatonat I*l- j
•nt at popular prlrra.
• • •
Th» 'lr. in 4' «'.ik- ■ of flrvat (
tiritaln ar« adttrtKlnc th» «».<1
pninla of aa r union* In the tfrhnl
ral tra<l« Jaurnala, The a'lv*rtlM>- .
men-, ar* «*ll written and oa-ru
iv pn>mln*nt i • em..i« and an fre- .
•pia-nit) rhanitrd, .
• ■ •
Th» Intrrnalkinal Printing Treaa
m*n'a u.i: ii !■■• on',! rh»r|er. t . ]
nr* unlnna at per itntnr* and l>u
b i«|ii». Iowa; Hi • iai v ■• : tlr<x k
Inn, Main, and Niagara fall*. T>*
iw«l rcnvrntlon tthl l«- hrld in Ml
• • *
F.l'r-n loral unlnn* In ih» build-
Us* tradea al 1 •■--.» L.it and All*
(heny ar* prrparlna* la make a tin i
»d dftnand ' < r the eight hnur day «>n
January I. to c- Into rffe«*t on April .
I. I*"". Th*l !in»<^na lnvolv»d Inrlud*
ih- .•I —mm brlrklayera. plaatvr
*ra. alonemaain*. free»ttin«- rutt*r».
• I'ira fllta-r*. iinb»m elertrlrlsna.
palnora. paper h«inireni. metal wurk
rra. tile a#Mem. . 'ural Iron work
er» atalr bulllrra, Intrrmr •!■■ >t*i ir«
in'l bod rarrler* In 111. mm* ll.onq
men. will be Involved In Ihe pr«po»
--e i movfmrnl.
• . .
Hi l/'U-i nnw h*a a lobarm work- ',
•m' union mail' up «nl,irely of col
ored men.
• • •
Th* Tenneane* rf.t»rai)"n of I*
h«r will mr«-t at Ja. i.« ti an M m lay,
January •
• • •
Th«» ar* IT mech»nla-a and |11 j
farm*r» in lh» lower houa*> of the I
<*onn*<~tlcul legislature.
• • .
In Polorado'a >* •latlirr there ar«
17 union men. and the lieutenant I
governor la a trade* unlontat.
. • •
Th« ninth annual bmbJm of the
M «»(i«irt Htale F«l>-ral|,.n of Uimr i
will meet at Hedalla on January X.
• • •
Neairly jn.tyio anihrarllr rnal mln.
era In Petin»ylvsn:a Joined the I'nlt- I
ed Mine Workers' I'nlon In Novem
• • •
Fifty new lodgra of th* Amalgam- j
ated A»«orUtlon of Iron and Hteel I
Workera have been formed atnee thai
flrat «f April.
I A Look !
! Tells the |:
| Story... ||
■♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦ •
: ****** :
J J Itrat for you to com* ami 5| J
S ) «m, In )mti"'|i. and coma and 2 '
■ ■ '
a) / aM '|iii* k. too. Yon know a ■ I
■ ; ffnod Uiliik dora ii"' Iniat long. • |
■ ) Hhri»\vd buyrra will •ppraolatc ■ ,
J j Hi. in Wr'vf nun .111, ■ j
2 ( 112.M and >>''"" Th- other" '
■ -i.iroa will 1-lnirKe you I:',« ■
■ more. If "'i i■■ ready fur ■ ■
■ Hiisiucss Suit ■
J Don't Ut IMb opportunity to by."
• w«w - ■
■ llraijul lop Co«l Hum. In Ida Stan ■
■ a. Co. :
I S icc-eoa IIKiT avi;., 1.01. COLI!IRU I
I .*.
d* ■ . JOT
|=^ This Week
. .^^fefiP^v % rMI v prt> ■""" Kwith :l rush!
&lt*^s£sfissl and are pretly sure, l°i
F^zSdM'W^*4^4'Mu> cleaned oul by Saturday,
v:;.\. .•"-■-.—- .•>- Our entire stock will be
| sold as rapidly as we can make you buy, because
j we ordered several carloads of new goods to take
! the place of those damaged by the
j fire
And Th Will Bi Her* Very Soon
Z. c. MILES co
A. L. PIPER, Receiver. 78-84 YESLER WAY
IMr Largest Stove I). •'!-.< 11l I! i Northwest
Thr fcltrlric- Worker*' i:nl<in No. 77
■In a •moktr SUM ' ' evening*.
!>'- 10. All nut 'if town Irli lana
•re i <>.-ilul!v w«lri>me. A «•• «1 i ">«•
tn 1 ■ flu* i>tt>nr UK la I'll tn I.
I '*** I
8 On arount of inn« not 0
»5 l.rln« ntlr in have their dental It
J< work don* during Iho .lay, I S
i* hay» arauKid Ilk lii« to work #
»{ al night. t**lh eitraeled I
S without |i«lii. Ji
S Dr. W. C Corr §
!♦ EMI U. r•!H ait cm: rs «
C ♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ » » ♦♦
: specialist :
: DISUSES OF women :
♦ •■ ♦
♦ Skin Diseases ♦[
♦ _____ •
♦ 49 JO II Botto* Bite*. *
■•eond-hand Piano* and or
icana In •xchang* lir n»«
MM Writ* or call.
Maw w "Rainier Mnsic Co.
_> Af(f ttrn spoiled
_j _{_• by poor frames. We
O ■—> make only the b«t
CD (—
<—• tj> P,:ii: ri:;:rj Fnit Co.
f> i*M TklrJ.
«.t»i llair .v ■:;i'".7, 1. 1. .*,.. •
to in Ntiuiai Colnt I m l,i« • tic«.
II »ii:i>m •><■!m<
Mrs. El G. Hanson
Wigs, Ilairbraitb, Etc
*h«tr»t* <■■ tic «n'l U«lr> atlttif for • 1 i»t ml
rhlMr»n ll*« 11. M •?! ittlr In tb« my
'».• tr*-t*»*nt. 'ii'kir.ri' ■ !«■•. •f
(or I •lon Ml, •■ ■! I lr*i %•*
Makes Heat
Saves Money
VI I Wt Umber . •■Mtiirr .tut li.rl
work rain h« Nautili l«i tin l.rl Irr arr. li #■
Army cavalry tidu>*r>. 12 *& a pair;
«a|»r-< tut •mall fliri. SO and 31 walott,
12:.'.. rubtwr l"i»nk»t» »nd |«'tirni.
from II :'■ up; Urn. MIU»* pattern
» ■nil and rlnuil «»«(li«r h.iihlkil :
roat, |I,U; bulTalo tUt nvrrroatu,
|t, r.irh: ov»rriim«. II M to II; ran
van li'iii'lu. 7(c Mfh; rhinrtlla h«*d
and nrrk prolwtor*. <*<• a>«oh; • >f!
black wool Mnurh h«t». <r>- rich;
!' iv v all-wool flnnnrl hlou»»a. II ta
II rarh: hravy all-wool flnnii'l nva-r
--•h '■ 12 (acbl dark navy blu« up-
iMhliln and drawer!. II r«rli; ran
van iivt-r.ill- and Jiimi'4'f». fit lull;
army carhlnra, ml. i\. |<; pr«Mii<r. »
ln« pack*. 11l Rnib line. He; hravy
. ml i" .''PKltiit". -•'"■ to SI. army i.>
volvim. l(riiiiiir,tnii iiiiniK. ll mi
..ill. fantrrn». !■'" 'I'll. mnaiiiulto
hum. .''>'. lh»lt«T ''ill". 75r; army
bu(l*l, •-' ■'■"" *allnm' nvrrrnam, at
19; 10,000 nil-wool natch rap*, at 2%' .
:.000 palm 111-Wool lOCka, at 18-;
100 pjlr* ranvnp lir«lng«. at TICI SMO
uru rcfruLiili'ii white Mil or milta, at
|l '." nnvy draw»r«, II ijimnW, Xc:
nil »ii"l owfit'TK, 12; tt'iVrrnmiMU
■hotli 13.2 R.
w. s. KIRK, IIH Hut Am
. r». IV IIV IV, iMtlla
Telrphone Win .1,11
Writ Srnlllr I'm v llilllillnK
li"ir MiirUin Mnil
Roslyn or Qaeen Coal
At I"'. 1 I'll "I tvanut, Tt-U
--a>i> Mi- Main M
I'r-hvri.'J to any Dart of th»
i.r» J. I', HUWI^ *l*n»**r.
Kit Niklilh iiti I TWO MfillnwM.
CoinmMXlnif M'«nd«y (Chrtai \
W Ittl It mat llt-«'.
Moors-Roberts Company
Direct from \,.-•■■■
• Tuemlay—"A Prodigal Father;"
Wednesday and Thura>lay — I". Mj-
Itnce if iM-m Man;,i Friday anj I
Baiurdaj ninl.l an'l Batutdai mat i
Inre, "David liartl. k
Prirea- Kvenlng, ISc, tAr, 75c an I
tl CO, Mnint' ::.r and Mr.
'I'aen* Mai* Ul.
w. M KbimU. W..«.«ui Mtn>(»r
''mil and Haturday Matinee*
I.mi "In J. Carttfl American Nu\.il
"Remember the Maine"
Startling In ita Iteallam! Novel in
ii (V.iirui!:«n' Plctureaiju* and ,
True to Life in It* Itendltlon.
(tee the .ir.Tru 'i of the MaJne, j
the Great Naval llattle if Manilla
Popular prloea, )Oc. UK-. Jo. 44c
and Ma,
The Miniature of.-
An exact reproduction af th* met
ropolla of the Klondike.aurora ll«ht«.
dayllrhi •'• evening effect*, produc
ed at a co*t of tic id AdmlHlon 10c.
Oa exhibition at i::» 4 Bocond
no« Kerond Aye.
lit'Kl.i:s<jt ;.
Xmaa Week— The bOßdoa Oalrly
i;iil». *moklng Concrrti; l'*ual
Bat A'lmtiti fir Ftstle Ainieieil
Roller Skating at trie Armory
IP! ar* now open to the l.ill.
Kvery afternoon and evening. Free
I Invtructlcn to ladle* rvrry forenoon.
Mum' \Wi!m«i:.»y and Saturday.
Adml*3lon 10c; *kate*. tic.
A. I). HTKNCKU Manager.
Sf>riAl, Funrtlon*. Wedding*,
llanquet. Private Theatrlrala,
-.riptntajt Tree* FlaahllKhted.
! Inquire for Prlaer at Im|>erlal <;•!■
I lery, Tit Third avenue, piiid —Mr—a
and I'll ■ all. aallafartlon or no pay.
I daysmakeyou
think of the warmth
; in our Fine. New Furs.
111! !»!*' «.. «\ «'. 11l Hi)
INHt'KK with th* Columbian Acci
dent A li»ori«tion. Kt.i-nc Kund,
•.'"••I Inrorpor*te<l under Hie
law •of the Plate "I \Va«hlncton. Acci
dent and Hick benefit*. Afenu waajtad.
li. W. AMDUWm, President.
X I. MM II I Secretary.
11..mc wlicr, M Collin* Wo. «
' »»aa*»aaa»aaaa»••♦♦♦»♦ -
p:»:fi.B:i«C!rjis;t::iiiT : j
Phona tVloln 180 , •
! ', >'«.<,•>, att UrelUrnui at*. !
, , >uil J»cki*>n vtraet , |
I »a-»»^»» > »»♦»»»♦ I
, A hard fuel
Confectioner*. .
f M Holler*.
Hot Water Furnace*.
All order* will be promptly
Seattle Gas &
Electric Co.
Sl4-:i« Cherry alrcet.
we sell WeUbacli'a and euarante*
♦ >VJ!.!'.I A'.il A'it«l|llltl ♦
I Blank Books :
♦ If you're mil already mad* .
♦ your Ml«e*ion« fur moo *m«-» 7
♦ tin- lima m do on. W» <«rry »
♦ •■... line. Hi»n:ial kind* 3
j ♦ made In nclT
(♦ 71(|«ii.l I'.'i'l Klr»t Avc. ,
Com* lo the KM and ■•■
|«cl the aovwrlßt >„<! Ilk" »ni>
hnvo mi mad* In .■■•,> d<»lr««J
HoldcD & Wilson Fnrnitors Cj,
1109-11-13 S*conl A»*.
rVl&in 700
| Our Prices Will Profit You
4.1 Vr.1.1 Way.
I • •
Tlioroilily BT
AN 11.. only kind you'll find at
Ihla *t«re. We lndor»« <•" writ
ten KtimariK-r of the manufac
turer. You get full value for «-v
--ery dollar apart at ihla alore for
■ piano. < 'own in.
Sherman. Clay & Co.
14 ■■»■'■■' *«»u«« * " *—Hl*
Want to Buy a Watch?
1 n't do it until you have
seen the "Louis KloJt"
Special. High grade toT
little money. '.~ ':
Louis Klodt
824 Second Aye.. cor. Maria*
NOTICE TO .<!"• 'i 'Kllol.DKUli.
NutlC* la hereby c*v«it that • ape
rial iii»-i'i!rn of ■!><• *torkholdera of
thi- I't-t'S '•" ■ Paving* Dank, a corpor
ation, will '■•■ l.li at tla banking
h»ua*. No. 11* Ye*ler way. In the
city of Km' U-. Mat* of Washington,
on the K>lh day of January. ISKXi. at
id. hour of 3 o'clock p. m . for th«
purpose of voting hi™ th«
question of adopting mental
;»lll<l— of tnror|>oratlon nf aald cor
poration an.l for ">"" further purpoa*
of r«-i>eallng the present bylaw* of
■aid corporation and adopting new
hylaw* In Had thereof and for th*
tratinactlon of auch other buslnen*
aa may properly come before the
Dated thin IMb day of l>ec«mber,
In the Superior Court of Klnir ■•..un
ly, -•,'.. of Washington. No 17.
--!,-,•• Hummona by publication.
Annie » \Vrl«ht. plaintiff, v* Ar
thur ••«rrii k1..». 11. V. Day, Fran
clr» It. I'm, C. ■ Hemaberg. Firat
Natlnnal Hink of Heattle, a cor
poration; Jame* A. Fllley, Arthur
E. Orl!!ln, f«amu»l Baker, Denny
t'lsy Pompany. a corporation, and
J. R Klllott. il«fa»rta«la
The Stute of U"a»hln»ton to the aaid
J.uik-h A. Fllley and Samuel Haker,
f> tulantp;
You and each of you are hereby
•ummoneil to appear within ality
.do daya arier th* date of the drat
publication of thla »iinimon«. to-wlt.
within mxly (««) clays after the list
day .' Novemtwr, A. IX, i"^». «■*! de
(mil the abort entitled action In
the above entitled court, which
ii hereby dralgnated by the plain
tiff herein ai the place of trial, ami
■ nanrr the complaint of the plain
tiff. md wrve a copy of your aniwer
upon the underalgned attorneya for
plaintiff, at their office below dated,
anil In ca»e of your failure ao to do
JuilKmenl will be rendered oruin«t
you arordtnc to the demand of com.
plain I which hna baaa filed with th«
clerk of aa'.d court.
The nature and object of thl« ac
tion la to foreclose the mortgnre re
cnnleii In the lit,.r> ofilre of ral,l
Km*; county. in vulume 104 of mort
k.i«.-si at pnfre Tfi of the record* of
i>nld luntj M eieoiite.l by paid
defendant". B. I*. I >>«v and Fr«ncle<
It. Day, h H nife. on April 2&, nw,
to J. B Bm»a4 Wrlrht, to liecure th»
payment of it note of the name date,
executed by '■ll'l defendant Arthur
Ilnrrlcklow to Raid Wright, for the
Finn of MM hundrt I aeventy-fl\'«
dollar* ,($175) and Interest, Mill
mortjrnfre hnvlnn been a«>litned ' >
the plnlntlff herein, and being upor\
the following (leßCrtbad premlae* lr»
aald KlnK rniimy, Wnnhliißton, to»
wit, li'ts *even (7) nnd cluht (») In
block two It) of 11. V. I'm El Dor
ado, mi addition to the City of Beat
Al»o for Judßment ,iKMin*t the Bad
defendant Harrlcklow In th« autn n
one hundred «n«l *»'venty-l\ve dollar,
<jiri with Interest Ihercon nt thi
rnte of two per cent, per month from
October IS. IJMi until entry of Judg
ment herein, '■'*:•' hi Mao with .in
a.ttornty'l t*i of ai > ant) a dol-
Inm. an.l plaintiff* mala I ■ pain; to-
Kother with any iumi of money pall
out !•>• plaintiff on account of tax?«.
„., i furlhermorp for irencrnl equit
able relief. Including the barring of
defendant! herein from any and alt
rlKht. title and Interest In and to
■aid preuil*c».
Attorney! for Plaintiff.
nnve and poetofflce nd<lrea%
Room! 41-48 Boaton Dlock, BaatUa^
li.it., of Brat publication, Novem
i.. . 21. 188».

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