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THE Only P*r**t In Seattk That
Dares to Print the News -*»
fro... .is -NO* 108.
■ 3,.'--: ...a .. — ■——
One Witness Testifies That News
1 of the Enemy Was Not Trans-
I: mitted Promptly to the Man
Accused of Cowardice
-cHDi-TOK. I*. Cm Oct. 13.
--•'' _r_-4«*tc»* resumed **** *"•'•• j
:■ ** * the Schley court this
_"* coansel Itaynor read th*
"_-**«.** Ohadwti*__ testimony
''■mtmmttT-'X* •»•*• cl'»Jwlc•**■,
-- _T^j ■*•-• he ***d t,rot**'eJ
i 2J7^Ss_il>son's congratu
Isssiui'l t* flchley wss certainly
mjaaa, *aA 1*" tha rscor-s in a
Is. 4*l*4.
f_lets*-*"* to sasw*r to * question
m tad the Ctenfuegn* bloc had*
Z^pti when he w*i* its* protest.
'„• -et prot4*t was particularly dl-
H_-ti_sir~t coßgrstu'.atlng Schley
I m. mm h*444ld aodeavor to coal
- tea th* M*rr.m*c and hold his po-
nNt-Cossandcr Staunton, assist- i
,_., thief ot the at*- ot Admiral
i-i_t*s-B,4ra* th* next witness . 11*
! r^btmeto* Information from in
„IXl— a th* Havana ©files to th* j
fefs- Hat Cerrrra was tn Santiago
pmrmtf *••»-* *** """'"••■ss said that :
lUs |_—_»l*»o was not tram
US' I* Si-ley until th* evening of
|ttt_l-t-4*."-? k '
feSf •*■_■» In Court
'-'. I*rtsg a sotto any between Kay nor j
4_—t^—t—tr-t-__^a--.-.- -
ft' ttSLiy, Oct. Chance!! Yon
i Buries his gun* to consult wtth tb* i
■__*- reg-a-iag th* attack at I -*r> '
! to Q-t-Uo, Vtr-sue.*. last Sunday, i
an tailors of th* German cruiser
I T_h_. by th coll.** and pop.: i
■(T — place. r Vect-suela win be .
I pre** io glv* action for th* .
'_-_>__-■ ■■•■■■.-- -
' Iw**^*-,',;-;!---^'.'::'^-.-!*.,.,..,.-,. --. ' .-.-«*■■ - .
fe- ■-,:■• '• i , -
l*oll_Oll. Oct. IS.—Th* preilmln
i *rj -taring of T_*od_r* and l_ura
Jiciuc— _*_-Oehait, was resumed
.t-i -.-—tag. > Miss Cr-tsdal*. who
| Jsstlfled at yesterday's session, mak.
■gs-BM rerr_-.ib:e admissions, was
. •*__ -died to the a land. She re
_."t__»d tk* eviler.ee addnead t*s-
I lertsy «g_r_lag the actions of Th*o
. tare J_clu«_.
'.At the coaelnslon of her testimony
sua ____*- was held under **»
Imi ts appear as a witness ln the
. 4T____l eo.rt. This Indicate* clear- ,
W ti_. the Jackson* will b* held for
: t__ ;-.
■a__44 Stat*s delegate* to th* T_n-
Inirtcan corlgr-s* departed today '
i tor ta* City of Mexico.
i -Th* first and most Important duty j
*s»B_i*d upon them I* to Impress the
tut upon the representatives of Csn
t*»l snd South America that th* Un
*** ttaies j, not land hungry, and
entertains no "dream of con.asst"
"> their direction.
The work of th* conference will, ,
"■sadly speaking, be upon two sub
•*«•: trad* relations, and arbitration
"* a-pates between nations.
_POnTSMOUTH.. England. Oct. 11
___-5_t ta _*1- •**»■■*• spldsmlo la
L___*!^« •"Sado-fcant He.t The
torpedo-boat destroy- Vulture Is the
Mtest v -„„_ tUI , uiMr «■ -*»'• S
»__ rtiJ: 0 "_-" t*' >»- "-"""tlon
was dls<:overed.
BAN FItANCTCO, CaL r,-. it
The trial of Walter N. Wmrnki ?.T
<hltl clerk of the k»_-_-_t_; l_».-
Proprlatlng government -Malt. __
e_,ch,'',''', on two r" ""r '^rge. w_!
»t noon -ir.l w,. n " ,' **"
has not yet be..
' heft
"",Uo"___,_ FLAMES
I*l Mutual Assurance buildings wers
t-urne, •2rt_____ U Jf£Mj^.^
■ V «.r,,r, ?: and
•urn*,] next w*e_ n„,ti ' b*» ***•
»nt and Cherry will ___f«?Jl___~"
tUlon about Oot. It n thelr *■•*
77-muvu* "ot. -*.
*__-*"--.: - ■■ ,je-3BWIW<MW.MfW*~S
and It anna, th* former state, that
Schley had received th* message
June 10, or two weeks after the in
formation had been received at Key
West. Thts message from Sampson
told Schley of the arrival ..f the
Spanish squadron at Santiago, ant
Instructed htm to pursue the enemy
If ho found they had left the har
bor. '
Hat) or and l.*m'*. engaged In a
heated argument over l'ayn.rs at
tempt to Intro-luce a cool chart, to
which I—inly objected. L-mly ac
cused l!,i)>. of Intentionally latsr.
ruptlng th* development of th* _.*•
ernment'e testimony, and said that
Raynor waa "very .urate."
Rayn.tr face flushed with anger.
ll* declared excitedly that th* state
ment that ha wa* inaccurate was
absolutely false, and that l-miy
"would not ro*k* It again.**
Just before adjournment, which
was taken a fsw moment later be
cause of lack of witness**, Itaynor
called th* court* attention to I—m
ly's conduct and demanded an *t
plaaaUon. Lenity said h* haul no
di tire to be offensive, but "spoke In
th* earnestness of debate "
TAr-OMA. Oct. 13.- In th* habeas
coitus proceeding* brought by th*
three sailors arrest*, at I*_rt Town
send for deserting from th* Herman
ship 1 .ra. Judg- li*.- .rd order*
Sheriff Hammond to produr* th*
prisoner* -.fir* him next Tuesday
*t Seattle. The men war* arrested
by Hammond without warrant,
Julg* Htnf-.r.l ■ order leave* Ham
mond In a pet-lUr position, as th.
men are now- in char*-* of an United
State* marsh*! here, luting been sr
retted on * warrant Issued ty Com
tr.__.onsr Clifford -Ml* habeas oat.
pa* proceeding- were pending.
Drawn in Consideration ef th.
Consi-inc Trial
The November jury panel was
drawn thts morning. Beveaty-flv*
extra Juror* were drawn from Judge I
Emory* department. In contempla- |
tion of th* Consldlns trial, which 1*
set for Nor. 4.
LONDON. Oct. 11.— Cecil Ilhodes ls
suffering from gout. Th* stories
that his alarming Illness Is due to
art trouble are untrue.
«_f_ir ,Ir. bank '•***•■***•• today are
*.*..»*.,14. balances 53„,11|.<-. Fo,
the we*k closing today the cles-inns
ars t1.„f).M4.„.
SHOUT HILI..M. N. J.. Oct. 13—
Miss Hecker today won th* woman's
golf championship by five up and
i three to play.
Miss Herron of Cincinnati was her
A* supplementary reading matter
for th* pupils of this county, Supt,
Hart ran ft has decided to hava *
largs number of copies printed of
Will li. Thompson's msgnlflccnt
speech delivered at th* Armory on
the • mlr.n of the Mclflnley mem
orial services. Bupt. Hartranfl be-
Usves that th* speech will mak* s
valuable addition to th* reading
course of the pupils.
There ts ons thief In Sesttl* today
who ha* stolen mm. than r,,, thought
at th* tlm-. A pair of light check.
Ed trousers which wers In ths room
of a man who recently died of diph
theria, were stolen from the fumi
gating root— Of Outterworth and
Pone' undertaking establishment this
The matter was reported to the
police through Officer Carr,
A Special Opportunity
Arrangements have been mads for
Hay. Horace W. Moulding and th*
other members of th* China Inland
Mission, who are soon to embark for
' _■-"•». '" be at the First St. B.
church tomorrow afternoon at three
•*_*•**. *•* meet ail who are Interest
ed In the missionary work. This
Is marl* an sspe. i*i opportunity for
•nlldren ____?__*• -"'■.•alnted with
he grata W^_ k. ,hat _ ***** .. rrli()
E?,,.S th* ,Cnr '""an field, and it ,_,
s_.v._ *--L n~J,y will av*v" ***•«• '
PA** riIAKCISCO. Oct. 1. The
del—l* on the marriags-dlvorc* _.».
on w*nt over until Monday, In th*
Kplseopal convrntioii today.
The house of deputise decided to
at on confirmation of th* newly
nominated bishop* at an executive
session *4 be he! I Monday.
Th* convention went for an MM*.
slori on th* hay thla aftsrt
Dl M. Mm, of Washington, D. C,
Introduced a resolution appointing a;
commit!*_, of three each of bishops,
presbyters and laymen, to act as a
standing commission upon th- rela
tions of capital and labor, and offer
their sen Ices 4a arbitrators If MMM
He Appoints a Committee of Five Well Known Citizens, With j
Ex-Gov. McGraw as Chairman, to Undertake Mediation Between . <
Employers and Employes— Time Opportune for Settlement •
Mayor Hume. this afternoon took action looking to the line of th. machinists' strike la thl* rl'y.
ll* Issued a call for a special committee of cllliens, all rrpresentallvs men, to meet and offer arbitration
between employers and employes. Th* men B-tccleo by the mayor for this Important duly ar* *s-i)ov.
Weirs*, chairman; C. J. Smith, It, It. Lindsay, J. >' Macl-aii-ell and l>. I- Frederick. All tlv* accepted th*
responsibility at. an agreement wa* quickly r*aeh«d '■> in..* "' 1. - ns, Monday tn th* •*» 9tt rt „.v.
McClraw. to consider way* and means of bringing the trouble t.i an end.
In hi* Instructions to the commute* Mayor Hume* said: It 1* th. feeling In the community that this
strike should not be protractsd. Th* .lit has been spiritedly fought to a flt-lih. and further delay in a set
tvtti.nt wtll not only work harm.to th" rl'.) ant to Its trade, but will be fruitless (_ sny advantage to .lib
er side. I Would therefor* urge that the committee tusk* a determined effort at one* to Secure an *ir.|. sloe
adjustment, which 1 am sura can b* i i.t tied." * • . _ "~-"
The new* of the action taken by the mayor will b* hatted with satisfaction by cltlsens generally. It has
been felt for MM days, as already stated *4tloriallr in th* Star, that th* Urn* was opportune for a final
settlement of th* strike on a basts satisfactory to all concerned. I
ii in - ii. I __-_,__, a, pm ■-..■ ii ■ i ii i in I I IT I ii ■ I ■ r I . ■ -s—**■ a
Will Hold a Meeting Monday Night
at Plymouth Church
Th* thirty foreign missionaries now
In r-titti*. en rout* to Chins will
conduct a meeting at I'lymouth
church Monday evening, th* 14th, un>
der th* aiisiiicr* of It. inert! union
of Christian Kadaaror. Hong s-ri
let from • ti to S:00. Meeting closes
at > 10. Rev. If. W. illlchrlsl will
In trod uc* the speakers.
*:-«_.---.Kto-jfy Kit* CR
P. Bchßfer. a teamster, was fin*.
110 ar. I 444*1 by Judcs Ottt-g* thla
morning fur driving on a blcycl*
County Notes
Th* county commissioner* yr*t*r
—ty appoint*. Alexander Allen In.
spector of the Spokan* avenue bridge
over th* riuwamlsh river, at li r**r
day from lb* dat* construction la
Arthur Parkhurst was em played 41
(4* per month to discharge various
duties around th* county hospital.
M* will have charge of th* ambu
la no*.
"The Voice at Central" Comes in for Blame and Defense- '
Excited Folk on the 'Phone—Prosecuting Attorney
Will Sue the Sunset Company for Damages i
to the Nugent House by Fire
Chief Cook, of the fir* department
has written a letter to ths superin
tendent of th* Kuns*t Telephone Co.
asking for an Investlgstlon of Cen
tral's conduct on the night of the
Nugent house fir*. Tin. chit ' now
believes that th* trouble waa not sll
th* fsult of the girls at central. It*
thinks th*' owing to th* excitement
caused at the time some mlsunder
standing may hays occurred.
fa ton Promises Suit
As soon ss he ran n.certain his ex
act personal loss st th* recent fire In
the resldenc* of Col. Jam** Nugent,
I'rosecuttng Attorney Fulton will
bring suit ag.iltisl the Sunset Tele
phone I^o. to recover.
Mr. Fulton said today that If
prompt service had been given at th*
cantral telephone exchange th*
alarm of fire would have been sent
In fully 10 minutes earlier than tt
was. If th* engine* i.-, i arrived
that much sooner, he claims, th* loss
wool I not have exceeded 130.
■' IB possible that the tnsuranc*
companies that are interested may
also bring suit against the telephone
Msnsge. Sends' flaws
In vl'rw if tin- criticism directed
Is Being Held Throughout King
Counly Today
Today th* annual election of road
supervisors Is belritr halm In th* dis
tricts of King county, and In many
of tha districts th* actual outcome
win b* unknown until th* lsst vote*
srs counted. There nr.* .» supervis
ors to lie chosen today, nnd exciting
contests are am to occur In seversl
districts where probably more Inter
est Is taken thsn In the ess* of a
Stnte or nstlonal election.
I'nrty lines are ssldom drawn at
these elections, th- choice of a su
pervisor being a case of Individual
preference *
The polls sre nt the school hOUSeS
In most Of th. districts. The ofllrlnl
results probably will not be In the
hands of the county commissioners
tor several days to com*.
SEATTI-K, WASHINGTON, RAT USD AT l.\ I NlNtt, OlTOltr.ll 12. ItfOl.
LONDON, Oct, 13.~I„rr* Kitchener I
i i'oi ts (hat Commandant f-rheepers, ■
chose fold for the past ait niuntTis
iss eludsd all i ffin of the lltltlsh '
o corner It, I ..a been iß|.tui,.l by (
■"reneh'a i-oliiiini | ,
The dispatch merely states that t
'Cheeper* has been raptured. It dues I
lot say whether or not his men wrrs '
iisle prisoners. As i- hoep*r* has!
teen very 111 lately It Is possible thst 1
To Bo Towed From Bal
timore to Algiers
WAPHtNOTON, I- C- Oct. 13—
Th* largest tryAM k in th* world -111
start from Ilalttmor* on th* Uth of
this month on a rather hassrdous
trip to Its nam steal at Aider*. La.
This .!». * hss a lifting rapacity of
11.(00 tons, and Is by far th* larg- I
est In the world. !• I* tnr dr.!, of
two English mis,. Clark snd Stan
field, ho are recognised as the lead
ing floating-dock builders if the
world. When drawing six feel cf
water, th* great bulk will present a
freetn.ard et nearly tt f**t to the
weather. tl li not i ■*.'.!>. It is
rliilm.d. for th' dock to '*» lost by
Th* great me.- of Ileal c. at the
govern over 11,050.c00. When
placed at Algiers It will sftord the
net a fine fresh-water docking sta
tlon. capable ot taking In th* larg
sit war lea* In th* world.
against th- management of the Sun. |
set Telephone Co- charging negli
gence In not responding promptly to
calls for th* fir* department head
quarter* on the occasion of the de
struction of the Nugent resldenc*.
Thursday night. District Manage! A.
C. Bands of the company was Inter
viewed by it Star reporter lay.
Manager Hands stated that he made
an Invesllgslion this morning and
found to his satisfaction that there
was not th* nerllgenc* that ha* been
claimed. Mr. Sands said
"Truly, ws received about M call*
from persons who wer* so exalts.
that they .ill scarcely speak.
'Fire! rire! Flre!-Qulckl* whs all
that could be learned from several
; who called us up first.
"Some wanted the police head
quarters, and sri It went, until some
one rsll'- ' who wns IMS • ii in .1 and
more able to mske his wants known.
"Notwithstanding this, however, I
believe tliat very llttl* delay occur
red on that account, and I think
the great delay In reaching the fire
Is properly attributable to the al
most Impassable condition of th*
Arrested lor Stealing $42-It's
Nell Pickerel., Again
Nell I'lckerrll, lies masculine young i
woman who Insists on wearing the •
apparel of the npposits *"«. Is In
trouble again. This time It la serious. ,
She tn accused by Joseph Harris, of
IM* Plks street, of stealing Hi In
money from him. Yeslerdny hs swore
out the warrant for .Nell* arrest, i
and It wss served by Detectives
.Iterhpe snd Tennant last night. '
,! The girl spent the night lii a cell
• at police headquarters, but was re
leased on |m> ball this morning. Her
, trtnl will probably come up early In i
tho coming week.
Flowers, lor Sympathy , i
The tensnts of Hi* Oolman build
ing this morning contributed a beau*
1 1 Iful Horn I "a- for the funeral of
, (lustav* Hahn. the 15-year-old son of
IC. A. Hahn, the Janitor of tin build.
'Ing. The boy una very popular
I among the tenant*. Hy the death Mr.
Hahn i. left child!*-*, his other son
having 1... drowned In Luke Union
I about a year -go.
he breams Isolated from his i"
in! thus was csptured atone.
Word i .oca from ("spa Town to
lav that Commandant U-ttar, th*
Cap* it-tiel who dared to acolt at
Kit. lien, r's in" lllllintllMl demanding
Hie surrender of sll Ho.rs under (tain
.f deportation, was shot yesterday
,it Mlddleburg. thus paying the psn
tlty for treason.
letter's reply to Kitchener's proc
t4in.ttt.iii was unfit for publication.
Return ol Family Scares Away
Thiol From Norman Horn*
Th* resldenc* "f T. D. Norman, on
riilrty • fourth avenu* and Norman
itrt.t. ll th* latest object Of th*
lira stuck, While Ik* Nor*
nan family was swsy last night a
hief gained intra in th* house
rr mean* of a bedroom door and ten
■ached several of th* rooms.
When tis. mema of lit* family
"tamed. th«y wers startled to nd
i lamp in tap dining room burning.
in in-. ...'. r*v*aled that a
Mrglar h v,t Just . (teperta., it ii
bought that he was seared tea.
i h*n hs heard the family returning.
ISeveral articles of Jewelry, a child's
•fit and a •*..'>. ti»n of old coins
sere stolen. Two gold wslrhis ly
ng In nt*. view, were overlooked
ly the thief. . _
.nd the Same I* Not Pleasing to
Green Lake Folk -Th*
B. P. ol VV.
A petition from IS residents . f
lreen I *_• was presented to the
kmird of pubtlo works today asking
hit nine additional str**t lit hts be
rstabl.'shed at different points In that j
tuburb. Tb* petitioner* claim that!
i li ti dark out there that It Is at.
lolutely necessary to carry a lantern
>r run < ham la of falling Into a hole,
ir I'-rli.t j • of being held up by foot
llngtneer Th -mi* Informed the
vetllloners that nothing rould be
lone un!;! the new tat levy Is Axed
• v council, which will i.- In about
wo weeks. Then It wilt take still .
'urther tlms to get tin- matter
1n..111 h, and It probably will tie the
lrst of January before more lights
-an be established at Oreen L-ike.
rhs petition wo* referred to Rupt. of
iVster and Lights Youngs, who win
nrlude the proposed nine lights In
its snnusl estimate .
Holt — McGulrs w*r* awarded the
mntrsrt 14 grail* Prospect street
'rom Queen Ann* avenue to Seventh
ivenue north. Ths eontra*t price la
HI la -s. wstsr mains on Twenty
iirth svenu* and Rainier avenue
sere ordered advertised.
Fifteen days' extension of time was
■ Unwed to the Pacific Ilrldg* Co. tor
he making of the tnvestlgstlnn
(long th. line of Ih* del river wi
ll supply system. According to the
ild permits, the time will expire on
Puesday next. The extension was
riven with th* understanding thst
he company pay the expenses of the
Th* Sunset Telephone Co. received
lermlsslon for th* *r*etlon of '4
noro pole*. ' '" ■■ ' requests for pole
t*rinlts were laid over.
J. D. Curtis wss given permission
n place a I""- fence two feet Inside
he parking Strip nt th* *outhwes|
■orner of Eleventh avenu* and Jef
erson street.
Ssiltl* Etsetrlo f**rmltt
I'srmtts '.. the fleattl* |!„, „ , Cn.
vera granted as follows: '!'■' renew
ml* line In the alley hetween Rrcnnd
.n.i Third avenues and Union and
'Ike streets, and a few permits fur
oattsrlna poles In different parts of
h* city.
Th* Independent Telephone Co it.is
liven permits to . .tend conduits ln
he alley between H. .mil and Third
venin** from i!:, center of the block
irtween Spring and fteneca to the
*nt*r Of Spring street.
Th following estimates on street
rnprove—ents were approved: Orad
ng, parking and let. Blkltis F.nst
,|*rcer street from ■istlnke av*nue
n Bslmonl avenue north, estimated
oat 14,1100, exceeds the charter limit
ij 12035; grading Metros* avenue
lorth from Denny way to Raal Hoy
treet, estimated cost SMOO.
A Church Reception
There was a large attendance Inst
light nt the reception given In West
nlnster Presbyterian church In hon
ir of the pastor. Hey. Hugh rill, hrlst
,n.I his wife. Mrs, Cillchrlst recently
sturned from a summer's visit in
ll* — US- _
' _ Apparently England's -miicy of
severlty7 ** Indlcuterf by Hi* icceTTl
• declaration of martial law tin.nigh
t out Mouth Africa, la now In full
; ' swing.
Ij in addition to Lett— execution
1 atii.l the sentencing to life tmprlsun
' tin lit of Hi. of his comrades, two
' young farmers have been hanged at
Vryheld for Joining tie enemy, and
- many let have been condemned to
Various terms uf pens! servitude,
Judge (lrtffln this morning rivalled
ludgs Taliman's divorce record of
Thursday, granting legal separations
to fly* couples. They weie all de
fault cases, based ui«on (he usual
complaint of desertion. The list wss
as follows!
Kmlly Jorgensen from Manln Jor
gensen; Hannah Cedar from Andrew
Cedar; May Landermtlk from J. I.
l.an drrmtlk; Motile Wright from
John Wright: J. a. Williams from
Mary I ma,
Probably Induced Robert Walker
to Attempt Suicide
Holieri Wnlker, th* man who al
tempted to •nd hi* life by Jumping
Into '.* bay lsst night, w-t ..,!,>•
removed to the county jail, where he
will b* kept 4 few day*. Walker
was questioned closely by Pr. Lud
low this morning, and th* man Is lie.
11*44- to be a victim of melancholia.
M* was born In Toronto snd Is a
nephew to 11. Men wen, a prominent
merchant of Tacoma-
Newsy Notes of the Harbor J
and Sea Vessels That
v*> ,-***. Come and Go
Hark St. James completed her car.
ro of salmon at the Oriental dock
'.sterdsy, .rtd last nighl went to
lllaln*. She will hay* a total *_!_—
it »_,!*«) ease* of salmon, of which
aVi.tasi cases wers loaded at Seal-*.
Steamer Skagit Chief 111 go on tb*
sail Monday night fur permanent
repair*. Hi)* -li! be given a tbor.
*ugh overhauling and painting I.e.
fan going on Iter permanent winter
run to I'ren.er.
Norwegian bark Saga cams over
from Tacoma in*! night, where she
tied lakun stiffening 14 load her car
ro of wheat at th* Great Northern
tlevstors. Hli* will take una tons of
ahest to Norway.
Steamer 'ir-eyhnaar, : relieved the
ateamer C!(y of Everett on th* Brer,
att run today. Th* tatter Teasel 1*
laid up for Inspect It. n and to wash
Steamer Clara Itrown la laid up for
"lain On account of a broken '•
lon-rot. she will be una! '■ to re
lume her run for several days.
The Wllley Navigation Co. has
placed steamer City of Aberdeen on
the Tac.-m* run This arrangement
"111 last during th* heavy freighting
buslne** now on.
C*nnery-tender Mary D. Hume
went on th* West Heattle way* at
high tld* Inst night. K-t.nsl re.
pairs are nttcesssry, because of her
long summer's work In Ataakan wa
ters She probably will 1 i- sent to
Han Francisco for i lie winter.
Preparing (or Seattle's Annual Show
Booked lor January
Preparations ar* being mad* by
the Seattle Poultry nssoclatlon for
the annual exhibition, which Is to b«
held In Jsnusry. it promt*** to be
one of th* most successful held on
th* Paclflo .-oast In years. M. W,
Hi owning of Og-den, Its'* and F. w, ]
Hitchcock, of I lento Col., both 0
them poultry Judges of wide reputa
lion, have been engaged to act upon
thla occsslon. Mr. Hitchcock makes
s specialty of Plymouth Hocks nnd
Mr. Drowning of the solid-color
ed fowl.
L> Iters ' IT* been received from
msny prominent breeders through
out the I'm I tic Coas( stattts and Hrlt
ish Columbia, who Intend to exhibit
st the show.
At a meeting Of the association |
held Thursday evening the e*rrelary
wss Instructed to purchas* 200 n.Mi
nimal coops, which wilt make 400 In
all owned by tho association.
All Is In readiness for the clerks'
ball next 'In Ida) evening 111 Link*
hull. The members have worked
hard to make It ii success, and they
are surs (heir efforts have not been
In vain. The floor, th* mils!.- and th*
program will be nil that can be de
sired. A most enjoyable occasion Is
looked forward to,
A Pleasant Surprise
After the regular business meeting
nf James A. Ssxton Post 107, (1. A.
It. last night, tha members were
.ilciiMintly surprised l.v the women of
the Relief Corps, who served re
freshments snd rendered * musical |
program, which tins followed by In
formal dancing. During the even
ing HllllreSßfß were mn.il* by Com
rade llrndley of Miller post, mill
Klelnscbu-dt of Sexton Post,
.. I -tT9*i SUITS at I
I. ft $12.50 and
W $15.00
\I / / v • i
H/ UL i
J* jCjt~ \f decidedly fashionable, <mr* hay* 4
ir *** thnt snap and life to them so char- 4?
Q I I. . . I in terl.tlc of the fin* merchant tailor /'
O sort—ln fact, your friends will never /
Jf guess you have on a ready-inm!* suit. At then* prices we are *.
O showing an unusually large rang* of new aad exclusive slyi's, €
A Linings, trimming end tailoring throughout will hear thsclo*- 2
X eat scrutiny. Most stores would ssk SIS.v. and 114.00 for th'lr 2
riiual. \
g Adams & Blanch ard j
<*( 7*9 Second Aye.. Hinckley Block 5
„____________._____.._■__..__,— _—„. .—__- ._. I ■——~~*'*^—'—*^-T*r~M*—tT^
HI., iglit —mmat A" l __K_ __r -e_r /J f-Ml*"*"V
\^r, // C^«Tr--»*M^; __*___£ _/ Crow.:
j Bankrupt Stock Specials for Saturday Evening
j and Monday Morning
1 Mr Tsble .-li Cle(h 18- j Sic School Dress Goods 10c
7o llest -Inghams •*4«« ( ' 40e Ilelt Velvet Ribbon •_„«*■
6c Cotton Towels *_.«• i 1 SOc Drab Corsets •__■_,.
tc Cotton Hocks *•■.«* _ li «" Percale Wrappers .... t.u,
lie Men's Suspenders lll'vf ' tie. Merino Hocks . ... 1-4**
la Toilet Boap its | 11.00 Fur Collarettes 91 .•_..•_,
40c Dsrk Work Shirts 80a ,' I*l.to Trimmed Pelt Hats . <.!>"
Tic Men's Cnderwrar '17c / too Men's Neckwear ... _.*•,,,
lie Mens Umbrellas I Hi- i| St. Fleeced Hhlrt Waists „..4t)c
tI.SO Hurnt Leather Frames.tiMe ( 11.0} It -Inch Hulllngs ..,,.
)5c Linen Collars f*J l-10.. j Sic Shopping Bag* *£*\e
We idles' Bstln Il*!ts ltlc , 74c Men's Sweaters .Vie
10c . ileum Powder -la. f lie Orange Wood Toothpicks..-Sc
«*~ Lowney's (_ocol.t. Bon.Bods>:
* *W-- _. Always Fresh „. C*
*J _k<-_-_-»_. Alvva >'s Ful* Weight tj°. f
f /7TI^W^ Always win Sm
.figr „.......■■ *___. m
I gS^^ Stewart & Holmes Drug Co.
► 6-7 First Avenue „
VO**9t9*****t>t*tC>r>t9t9*9*9t*t9a<>49t9 t.4»»
Another Lucky
? n
A Mlnnsspolis man, Mr. A. F. Smith, after looking over the city for
\7!** V ,a. ln*rstments. bought four choice corners In I'rtit's Addition
this week, for one of which be pal! an advanced price to former lurches
ar. This Is the second lot resold not ting 100 per cent, to first buyer
►"tics call for proof of thaw* statements. Adjoining property sold
10 yssrs ago as high a* 11100 per lot. The** lots are SO to 100 per cent
cheaper than any adjacent property today. If you hay* 1100 you can
Uitubie or thrlt.lil* it by Investing It here. Artists and lovers of nature
ar* continually photographing th* grand panoramic view from this lov*.
lvnit's sddltlcm is at the end of City Park car line. Agent on
ground Sunday afternoon. • Ar*nt on
Lota 1100. Easy terms.
PETTiT & SON, 523 New York Blocj
m Headache
or Glasses?
♦ hlch shsll It 1,.- Having trie, at'
other remedlrs, will t,,,i continua to
suffer through fslse pride? Repeat
ed headaches, which medicines fall
to relieve, "tually sap one's vital
ity and bring about a nervous break,
down. Let us relieve your headset),
by removing th* cause. Consult.
tlon free. «•-.._
'^*9m**aaam OMAta. O. HOLOOMQ __4*b—___.
fejk OPTICIAN <_S?4_
'_________ 414-414 »_rße lllrtg.. Cor Second ___ __--_»_ '**JH»TP_Ei_!C*
***ms&r^ Teieplione Ilia. Ml *—•-*•• v*\fe^<'-:
4>4>»44>* *********+****)99**999+99****9*********<ii
[ Below (ost This Week at Owen's, 50? Pike St. j
t»+»s_^s>i_*4«^»»«»»++»+ o^+^»o + o » o »»»+ o ++ o<> +++^ ><
**_ _- r*_ Th** 'ill'ol llint science Of optics Is NOT A SalDa- 18
___SLfV ■_*. ''•'"• "■•■• **' Thousands testify to our ability, si net
__Lf __T__^_t "'• nova 1i.i.l their ryes sclcniifl-nllv examined am
_l^l_ — _i^9___a\ I'l "I'l i.: 1 FITTI-D by us.
o*..v._-^ i 4gr'4**-_l 11. CLAY F.VF.HSOLIi, 708 Second Avenue. Seattle
*tt___-_-_!__J__. irsi THK NECK
NQfT '" "here you fit! It when your collars are sent
JWf .—. vßt borne from the laundry with a saw edge. When
'a I Pamsa*mt\ *•*■*• happens you soy to yourself I believe I will
(llX^/ Iff -take n change. I'll try the CASCADE LAUNDRY
_______ -T____a they advertise no anw edge* on Collars or Cuffs.
*B3|___?^_S_" Uptown Office, Sl? Second Avenue. Telephone,
If CCI CV •"'.•'""■' ""or the cure of Liquor. Morphine. Opium or Tobacce
IM-LLLI Habits only Keeley Instil In Washington
lIirtTITIITr and llrltlsh Columbia. Institute Kllttourne Aye. Taki
N,***. 111 11 I*■ linen Lake or Fremont car. Dtnc SO Sullivan Iluild
lllV* IHUIL .-_, Tel. Main JIB. Heattle. Wish O. T. I'mtl*. Mgi
■GUNS AND SHELLS ln-^^K.'" a
MUMP Hill/ JMLLLJ GulnyNorthrupCo. BQ4lBt
< 'VvAA***-»V*»-Ne*v-*/* v.*v'V.y**^iA»NStAt»V*-N**te*^V*V
I * COPY That's the Price J- ', ;
A Building
We will give you (he choice ' f any
lot on our ll.it, and re'.ulr* no pay.
ii, nt down. Will also lend you 4*
per cent, of BBS* of hous* to build
I with at a low rat* of Interest and
on long time.
If you want other terms, call In
arid see us.
»_• and IB c, Itruorm.n Oik.
fir* 4 vs. ond Charry
*» _*_**- -e___ __«, ____ *»-.-_%__
11 fee Best Light I
** FOR THE 8
I Least Money j
l\ Oetter Than Electricity fci
t* 41
|» " (We can furnish gas or .»
« electricity). The Humprey al
(We can furnisn _a» or
electricity). The Huinprey
J. Gas Arc has no equal as 'j
. a store light it
I Seattle Gas _. Electric Co. &■.
4J _M« Chsrry St let. Main M ,*>
_e__*a ___-^*i^____,_S__ _^_ __
- —__—____——______________
Come if you can, you'll
like the store; write or tel
ephone if you can't come—•
the service is just as good
the prices just as low, and
the drags just as pure, any-,
way. Note these prices for
Glycerine. 1 04. bottle I*4
Benslne, pint bottle 10.
Gasoline, pint bottle 14*
Ammonia, pint bottle 10*
Vaseline, .'!•— pound can _*•>
Beef, Iron and Wine &0o
Coke Dandruff Cur* *Sa
Castor-la ISO
Wright's par ilia 76.
, l*mulslon Cod Liver Oil with Hypo
phosphites 7(4
Telephone. Main TS7. ||3
B. B. cor. Plk* St. and Second A—
I We Have \ i
! We Have
; A large line of Syringes . j ;
! of all kinds at the foi- :;
lowing prices: j
I 2-qt. Fountain _.. — ....-Set '! '
S-qt. Fountain .... ....,.BRo ,
j S-qt. Fountain. __.<__*.._ 1.23 i
I l-qt. Combination .. ..tSl.oo I i
i S-qt- Combination _ ..»_._.-» '( '
' liulb Syringes .. .. _..... ' _
' Bulb Pyrlntes «.1_ _|
| Bulb Byrtnges .. .. "Sc [ |;
S 804 Sooond Avo. i
5 „ . P-on*. Mala S„. ' '| c.
i I'hone. Mala IM. , i
fc« *i-t-occcc-<>3 c.g _c**.e._»l I
4>B»aaca»Q —o———
Dental Parlors
512 Second Avenue .
Tou cannot get better work any. j
1 where, no matter what you ty. than I
41 our office. W* believe In thor
ough, conscientious DENTISTRY,
st pries* within th* reach ot ' all.
Our wotk la all guaranteed, g
Full Set Teeth, $4.50; Gold
Crown, $4.50; Bridge Work,
$4.50; Fillings, 50c
Office hours, . to 8; Sunday, 9 to _,'
Swoota That Mako Frlonda
M sve. and Columbia. Tel. Main 19S.
Waehlngton Tent & Awning
Company. ...no.)
Miinufnciurara of waterproof horse
snd wagon covers, dash aprons, wag.
on tops and umbrellas.
Tel. Main 1025. 82 Tester Way
■■■-■■--s**—M«»isaBBBBsaaBBBBBBBaiBB)B»»BBBa—— __« ais is-a—i nn uasaa sta maaamaa*
* Remington Typewriting*
2 Th* standard of excellence. *
J E_. C. N I L. ESj
9 Usneral Dealer, 4
m, 10} Cherry street, , p

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