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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, November 17, 1903, Image 8

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OMAHA, Neh., Nor, li-The entire
Middle Wr*t ta tn th* CT**p uf a bus
-1.1.1 Is Nebraska the trmprralure
has .'a "i-i •-l unusually tow for this
tlm* rt the yvrar and the reports frum
over the etate linlt, at. that If Ihe
sti'itu keeps up aunt damage Will lie*
KANHAtI OITT. Nov. tl-A eutd
**tev* arrived here this hh.v aril la
felt all over I:.i-i.. -, Kansas and West
ern Missouri There le every prospect
af a severe bltttardand unusually In*
t.n.e cold mi' Tur this ai-aeun of
th* year.
TANaiEnjt, Nov. U.~r»n* hn*.
dred Moorish Jew fugitive* from
Tata, have arrived at Marina. They
say the sultan's 11*0*9* *( Via t.i maa-
NEW HAVEN. Conn.-*l»r*r* <rt[
fin. tings a 111 have an opportunity
this w ii'.tr* to *cc for the firs! tlm*
In th* lr—n. h ahows, acme geautaa
Import! J tt.-irx.-il or Itusslan wolf
hound*- Heretofore th. unlit. .Is
shown In this ctaa* In ihla country.
hai- been reared In th- . t'ntt. t
Stat... si,J do not esius) in Bl** or
beauty the native of Ituasta.
Three year* ago J. H, Dodg-e, It
H. Mosam.n. IL I. IdcKnlght and
i'_ J Hamlin, atudenta attending
Taj* university, conceived ■.•i.l car-
He ' oat tha '.-a of establishing a
Itiitiiat kennel. bey tho** a all* In
ftlmebury. Conn, and purchase..!
How Fickle Is Fashion ?y*
Today ahe places th* mark ef approval upon on* thing, to*****
row it ts another. Fur Several season* «tie has smiled only on plain
dress material*, sh* now cast* winning glance* on material* of
rougher sort, not e.treme fane's., but cloths of'rough surfat* and
neat hairllnee aad Invlstbl* check* and pl-vKl*. All the*e> ar* worthy
of her attention and have become general favorites. W* anticl paled
her mm. and have on hand a complete Una of ladlea* and genti*.
nisei's clothing that can comply- with fashlon'a demand* and we sell
them on a deposit and the balance In ems'. weekly or monthly pay
. merits that will amount to nothing more than a small portion of your
spending money. -,--.--■
one pnicn-cash on cnr.nrr.
'■ .' !_i_l.K**'i_.J*fTH^yT ' '-M 7 l!F;i! I'.iiri
j *|*,?!"^^^^^^" l™*"ll,,"''^™,"""™™"*"—*aa—____■________■____■■-_-__■_a___m__-__—-—__a —m^aaaaaaa*—*mmmmmmm*mammaammmpgmmmmmß
MH _■ ——r m ■——f 1 mm Am mm '■„ ■tt-' Am* J' Am __—'
M—l *_■■_ *^W At ___r _H 4m ————a ■—I -__r * ———' - ■ _—v
_r __■ —H mWm^Amw __■ _risr o^Lw _\__W Am
U W li llm on.account of bad weather
! I fl lal IW we will extend or a few days
I fl HI /Hi the 10 per cent, discount sale of
I 11 If //yf I ,J,S in Westlake Boulevard Ad
\f_\\\anjli i •'on* A number of our cus-
VI I wimmmmWrm 'l>mers who have not been able
ill -\mmm\nTJl WW to take ,C husband or wife out
mUrfmil/l l* on o'-'"* of extreme bad
l\_\_wy\miw\jll/i weather have asked us to extend
rtimTiM 11/ the time until they could take
w\Wlw\mm*fl A their wives or husbands out over
m***__l\V^_wl a the property which we have
f II Tt_\_ml m agreed to do and are therefore
if wltmWwlmW determined to keep the sale
M __ff_f_fl__f open giving everybody an equal.
■ flfff/f At the rate our sales as been
wMUmaiM K°'inK we will close out the en
\_ni_m_J_f *'re -addition before Thursday
I. L FIriREN Vie* Prsildsn. 010 A. ViRTUI, PrssMwrt
' 230-23' Pioneer Bulldlof 301-305 Boston Block
•acred many Jew* and ii.tnn-.i and
kidnaped many Jewish sill* nn.l
"Miss Rooney,". Long One til
Seattle's Odd Characters
DM last Week

Annl* i:...n-v _ the harmless ttlpsn.
nm mi. who fur years w .a nne nf
Hc»ttlt>'s ivililo.t . |. n.i. i.'i., died last
mark at the I'tellm-tsnn in aay.
lutn, t« whh-h she wn* recently com
mitted. Whiskey killed h»r. To the
I last she kept the «-. i.-i of her real
name and i lontlty, and ni.-i.-w.is
not nt.* friend or relative to (end n
flower oj follow her plnln. wooden
casket to Its last rest In*- place tn the
Annie ram* to Heattle shortly af
ter the his fire of tssa. Then she
was youn* and rather attractive,
with a pe*llte flsure and rcaily alt.
Time lone airo deatroyed the first
named attribute, hut was nut able
to dull the edge ot her wit.
No nne knew frnm where she rame
or why, Hhe said her nam* wa*
"Annl* RiMill.j, ami a. Annl*
Rouiiey she waa until Ihs .11.. ef th*
At ou* time In her life Annie waa
a musician of ronalderubte ability,
and alien not tn jail earned a gag
by playing 11l tenderloin dance halls
Mtrba ftn*' *t>*i_*lfrien*. which hay*
been constantly added to until to.
day the Valley kennel boat* of IS
ftpe canine*. . ,
Th* limit.l first atrarted gtlen-
Hon outside of HuseU by traveler*'
vtorle* of th* animal* wonderful
«!>., strength, speed, endurstnte and
fighting qualltl^. Tarn* were spun
by tduhe trotters about sr-elnr a
bound pull anas ii a full grown, fight,
lag Ituaslan timber -.If and dla
patching th* animal almost aa a ter*
Her would a rat
The ilir boast* of a pack of *•
an.l •■* al-.ri.t Duke Nichols lead*
his Imperial relation hy IS. In th*
kennel of the latter ar* th* srand*
est 111.1t.'1 111 111. world, lie has
won sii nut of ih. m i.n medal*
Sl- en In live last to >• .H.s li.i flu*
hi ...Una
When the experiment "With the
Valley kennel proved a success and
the n.i c. is had established thalr
reptiiallon aa wolf-killer* on* th*
I'l.ains 11l th* west, 111.. oft ner* d»
tided io improve th* «in. k a* much
na possible. With this In view J I-
Thomas, Jr., lrfl fur.lCnslund, U*r-
I*.mil Stilt Una"l.l
In the first two named countries
he failed I.i find a dos Hint came Up
lo the ii. iinn -in. nie Neither did he
tn the tmpeil.il li.nn.ia. Finally,
after 54 hours In t» railway coach.
«.-il..w. I by a CO*mile ride over the
worst roads Imaginable Thomas
reaihod I'enhliin, where lh* hunt -
Ins li-rlife ■ the grand duke Is lo
cated. il.i.* i* the finest llorsol
kennel In the w .h i,i and from aim.
the ion htlUnda "I'll -11. secured
"Itlstrl" by i'itiin,|.i..ii "Almas,"
tins latter ■* Inner uf the medal this
year and considered th* fine*! .!••*. m
ien In ma
"lllstrt' Is s royal lnoklns animal.
st:,ini'i, K is Inches, rnvered wtth *
great ruat of pure white, wonderful
head, ftn* Irs* and setter*! confor
mation, cumin* up to the hlsh
-i in Iml set in- the Russians ror
their champion*.
M. li •"..I !.-ii tf. ronaldered th* most
expert Juatge of Itoranl'* In the
world. i*i.nn.un- r,t "ttlstri" th*
eighth ties! In the world. *nal .- ii,,
other seven ir.nnot he had for love
or money, tt I* tvtd*ut that th* Rus
- .1- aolf bound* of Ihla country
hay* had ml.mi In their family M
wondtar.'ul entmnt.
In addition to "lllstrl** Thomas
iui. 1.i..1 "Atomha" and "'Hotbe."
th* l.ittur winner of th* *tlver medal
at Moscow thl* y*ar for fetnalea.
lloth are imn ii larger than Ihe Mm -
sol's now In this country, and their
tint mt itii-n Wilt time great flu -
enre on th. breed.
Hlla-' the Introduction of th* Itu*. I
si.vi hound In the West, he haa be*
i-aaini porular with ranchmen and
■heeptnen. especially In New Mu.
tco, which wa* overrun wtth waive*
and tnvi.tr. Ills antipathy for theee
animal* t* hsreltary *ml thry »i»
I.e. umliie ararre wh*r*ver a Itorsol
IS making hi* headquarter*.
To sak th* bark of nn* of the**
sneaking thieve* of th* plain la only
a befor* breakraat frolic for a full
grown hound, which will pull down
th* Insr.t and fierce*! wolf as aure
a* a 111.
When rnlsed from i pup, th* Iter.
gol hecoines all* chad 1.. members
ef the family and I" as reliable and
faithful as a ii.lii. Ills great
atrength, courage and lighting pro
clivity • nkn him feared by man
and bt-sst. As a watih -tog I* Is
without a rival. Th. baby left in
hta rare ta safer than 111 the h.in.ls of
the flirting nur**. When full grown
ha I. . noble 'king antra*l and
command* a high prlc*. j
'■:.-■ " . ■ ,
•While banting In the woods near
I*reaton yesterday afternoon. J. 11.
"Staph* mm 90*4 by hi* brother,
|D A. Stephenson, who mistook hint
for a deer. It. wa* wounded thrse
I Is— and died thla morning at 3
o'clock. I'rrstnn is a small village In
j the northern part of tht* county.
The men start..l out in search of
gam. shortly after noon. Pouti they
e-p* rated and took different trait*.
Half an hour after they separaleo
ft J. ist.j.h.t-.wm heard a *!l(ht not**
In th* brush and thinking It «•• a
ilrrt shot Ihrea tlmee. Then he
beard his brother cry out In pal*
;Me ran to the spot and found hi*
brother dying. The threw shots had
, taken effect, on. In th. head, one
, shattering the eighth rib and one In
' lb* right arm.
. Th. .lung man wa* at once tak*n
to hi* home and medical aid gttett
faint, but be never regained con.
BCll.USll.es. _ - - ,
i 'ori.ner liny, was notified yeeter
| lay afteraoon and last night Deputy
Coroner Isbam went to Preston.
Th« .brother 1* prostrated with
! grtsf over th*. affair anil can make
no •; (.nation ..«» that be shot at
what he thought wa* a 'leer.
MADIUD. .Vie ll.— A high au
thority say* Ihs queen mother wilt,
within two month*, leave Hpaln to
make her future he.in. In Austria, as
a result of repeated quarrel* with
King iron*—.
Dolphin Reports Strenuous Ex
perience in Queen Charlotte
Sound t
Th* steamer Dolphin, Captain Hun
ter, arrive.l st noon today from Skag
way, with ill passenger* and S*,*** In
i gold dust On her trip up to flkag
war the li-.'pliln ran Into a terrible
storm while crossing Queen Charlotte
sound. Whin th* Dolphin st.ri.il to
rrcsa the sound an ordinary eea wa*
running, hut when sl-.. was about half
I way across ah* struck th* full fury
of the st.nni. hugs seas swept har
deck* cpntlnuatly and one monster that
swept over the side, carried away part
lof the superstructure. Otherwise, there
wn. Utile damage done.
Amine th* *aaa*SM*r* who ram.
tl- wn on the Dolphin mar* V. .inian.
T. a; Davis, who represent, th. differ,
set large Jobbing houae* In' Alaska,
n.i '1...r«. V. i^mti. an Alaska mln-
I.g operate*. - . '«
Dental Monarchy *
The State Board of Dental Examiners try this, but it will not work, ftach antl every
Applicant V In. wishes to tn 1. enter the Ring of "Mental Ma.ii.it. is required to ( <., be
fore a notary und swear that lie or she will not sdvertise, or slate to a patient tlie amount "I
their lull, until work is finish that they may extort exorbitant prices, or word* that may
'•• > instruct! us stub. Then each applicant is required to swear that be will not patron
ize (be His newspaper ndvcrti<.ing columns.
ONCE MORIS— '• .ii! upon tin* public to in.i. th. following words construed in
the Monarch Cods ! We hereby swear ami agree that if one of our patron* become injured,
maltreated or damaged by a member of this society of would-be monarchs, wt each and
every ""a- <■! ii- agree to stand by "i" another and give our evidence to protect all mem
bers, irrespective "i thejights of the injured patient.
„.'-_"- , .1
Not Far Sighted
'I I"- Dental M nan lis *_*** not far-sighted enough to see that their evidence would be
.ill thrown out of court, on the grounds of conspiracy. Our courts do not allow evidence
vrijifa.l before the crime is'committed. Consequent the "Monarchs" who arc trying to
drive the advertisers out of business, must not figure without their host." The doctors
who .in now being sua mined are, a great many of them, qualified to give the examinations
instead of taking them, and are nil graduates from reputable colleges, but must sweat i"
the "code" made by tbe Monarchy of Dentists before being licensed by (he State of Wash
ington Dental Board Thry are not left- to their honor to practice Dentistry honestly, but
must swear that they will conspire to injure any one's business srho does not do as tbey
do—charge exorbitant prices, not advertise and live up to their code in toto,
Board members may say ih.il tin code belongs to the state, but the State of
Washington would look with shams upon the words found within the Monarch*' Code.
The Net* York Dentists are not ashamed to state their prices plainly to all patrons,
and will continue to treat all patients with greater skill than their competitors Our Den
tists ate all graduates from reputable colleges and licensed by the State of Washington,
and the prices follow. 'an methods are known and used by the Wen York Dentists only.
All of our old, time-tried special ita are at work, as usual. Tbe same doctors who work
ed for you in times pas* at the New York Dental Parlors are still there.
wast ii. iu---es *__**. mmmm Teeth et tracte* rre* without pain
c t * ▼ ii. ffT' mW^ Aml&mim TFf TM when ..iher ».,ik is artier**-!.
ael ot Teotn W>jL^ _gm mMS**OA '" Vatim. "*"• •'" «••'• "** "• *on>p*t* **■<>■
Gold Crowns /f|?J >_N___?f»i"vfn^ A J eh'«»* «,rnt*' wotk
u.iu -wiuwni _vlß*t M o*o __90 .si*** {-*$*_-_ **ar«**i .Ur.tai parlor* and best
. ,—,. r —.*wP **%gaW m imtLW^ "* r^-_~*_W^ aiitilppad op*ratti g mnn,* in th*
GOLD KILLING . $1.00 \L Z ___J___\___\___f^ H"*# *"*«""••»**•> ",l( ,n •*••* wen.
SILVER I 11.LING .. .* .50 MUfadJ_a«r*^'^ aamVtay 1? "" *"* '"" °"M °"
Our |-i lees nre* th* It.tt.s! e—aatat.a with fli.t il.ts. work. We are Hashing a tpa—_a!tr Of jr<-l-l trim til
and In -is. .-its Oar it—ate siseir «• I. n suirmit.. that j <>nr work will tie of t» - 1.. .i _ Wi have a
S|»~rUUsl In eacii tlrt-artinetit. Ileal operator*, best gold workmen and estra.i-tt.re uf teeth; In fart, all
th* *i*rt ar* twtenttir* of modem de-ntte-try. ***** 111 tali you in »dv*nc* whal your work will cost by a
far.* esamtnstion. Otv* v* a .alt and ye* will tail w* do tmiii a* w* advert!**.
A i-iui'ii.a'Tivi: •;t*.\tt.\.N*ri:i: gUatt with ail -are for ten ara.
614 First Avenue, Seattle, Wash Main Office, Portland, Oregon
lli.tins iiia. m to *!• te. Sunday*, llt a. in. to S.SS p. m.
Miller and Johns, Accused lof
Postal Frauds, Again Face
a Jury
CNCfNNATI. O. X.,-1 11—Th* Bar- I
i'li.l trial nf ii»ilil V 'Milter, termer |
ssslslsiit attorney sere;.l erf the - pi.st- I
t.fr.i-e department, and Attorn** J. M. !
Johns, l h»rs"l with conspiracy tn Be
cur* a bribe from i!et.?u<h-i/_itk !
Ityan. rammenced Oils morning *e
titr Judge Thnmpsi-n in the United
(itslis circuit court.
M'tier and John* were recently, tried
on the charge, hut the Jury Is •— to
agree, several member* I*trial »*• ta
•lllon that there ws* a **'..*_>
tlmiit as In their guilt
Final Connection Will Be Made
on Alaska Cable
The stesmshtp American, Captain
Colccrrd, arrived yesterday with the
last consignment nf th* Ai«-. ru
ble. The American la trom New
Tork via Ban Francisco and Il.l* i? 0
miles ol Ik* deep sea cable and 173
mils* Of cable, to be use.l bei.eeli
thia pt.it, and a'sl*. Klaltery Phe I*
II day* out fr...- New .irk
Th* work of tranaferrlng th* cable
from the American to the cable ship
Hun,.lil. was commented this morn
ing, .i.l will tela. Mart) two weeks,
after which the Uurnside will pr..
....I north still begin laying th* ra*
ble back ta this port from where left
Off about ISO mile* south a.f links,
Th* fli il connection -.HI I— made
off West I'ltint light house, and
about January I th* cable -sill he
open for bunlness.
■ -- ■-■._
Missouri Governor Issues Re
V 7 *„:",
qu-iaition Papers for Extra
„ A * '*
c dition of Head of the Bakin(
f " -
I. Powder Trust
tr' ,"
It • *•',.•>'■■ -
jnKI'KnRON I'ITV Nov. llf.— -dot
Dockery today signed th* t**'|illsll|.il
paper* nn New York (or th* extra
dltlam i.r William Elegler. head a
the baking powder trust, In-lit te.
Haturday (or bribery In connectlot
with th* nntl-iiluiii baking i-ovi'li
bill at th* last legislature.
Th* case nf HIM* Senator Math
rial, charged with bribery, *eva* .ill
ed this morning Judge Hasell an
nounced that he wns disqualified t.
When You Go to
the Postoffice
MOneti orrt window
Pore Scotch
Malt Whisky
bkst Qt'AMTT.
Quart Bottle 75c
Keystone Liquor
I—3 litst Aye. Corner Seneca I
lioth I'hone*: Main till.
sit In the esse. A.tvr the announce
mant th* tie mm. eel over to lie
cember I*
Plucky Woman Will Take Her
Suit for Million Dollar Mine
to U. S. Supreme Court
BAN FHANaim-a (ML, Sot, ll.—
. Plucky I_ena ft. Walton, aha. Is fight.
Ing Charles D. lesiie for a million
dollar Num. mining < lulm, was tht*
morning granted a (9-day slay by
the circuit court of *pp» ala. Phe
will appeal lo the l'nlt*_ Mat* • su
preme tmi i for ai writ of i.rl.ir
OMAHA. Neb.. Nor. ll.—The
Methodist Mtsst.tiiai v convention
thla morning derided to hi.l Its next
meeting at Huston. It apportioned
I sa" '"ao for work among th* various
- foreign .peeking mission* In Hi.
j it.lt. I Btatrs. Including 120.000 l"l
I'nit.i llko. and iirv.ooo for Hawaii.
Notice to Subscribers
If. *Ny evening, your copy of The
ftsr has not arrived at 1:10 o'cloi-k.
telephone*—-Bun**!. Main 1010, or In
dependent 1131, any till '• between
<:I0 and " J" at '1 a copy will b* situ
you at once, I.v special messenger.
15470 Suit*
Of Navy Whit* Underwear;
light and heavy weight.
W. S. Kirk, 1109 Ist Aye.
Stone, Hsher & Lane, Second and University
j— ______—-.—,._—.1- mwtmm — - — —*—' ■*■■* ———■——
On Bargain Square
11.28 for L.a 60s Oolf Cloy**, 75e Oulin o
glnfl Dr*w*r* Ml Gowns, 64*
Knitted Ing- Women', * **"
gltig lir-iwe,. M.,ln notoi «*-«'»« "•"•"*'
for I'l.li.iren 0,, I f .Stoves, *"£+*{_*>,
,i n ii ii i ii ••.
with feet tn fancy ambroid- .ni,,. made In
1 white, red and ered backs, latest at I*, cut
blark. Inns wrist. lull >•'•■! long.
mi^*^*^***^m*n*wat****.*^^^ m*****^***^^*** - - -***m*>i^*^ ,-> *-*
I IlirilC for the Thanks
* LlNtnl3-S ivin S 80ard....
The Amies has gathered a smut. Block or th* hand
soitissl IJnens ror the festive season, and r_.nsrk*b!y
low prices |irevall all through. Ther* are no MS—I
"for Instance—
nOe Vsrd-t»-lneh T*bl* I.lnen Bleached, four pretty,
new designs fo choose In.an.
$1 tl* Yard—72-Inch Htrtclly AH Linen Hatln Da
mask, perfect grass bleached and latest scroll pat
terns, also th* new plain center »nd fancy border*.
HSia Yard-M-lneh Hatln Damask Table Linen, per
fed K.a.ss bleached, »l» new and pretty de*lgn* lo
■ „<-..-.■ from.
05* Y»rd-«-ln**h Mercerised Damask, entirely new
and attractive design*, graaa t.!-.-,. i,. <i.
$12.*. Y*rd—7l-Inch Hatln Damaak Table Linen,
•trletly all linen, lira variety of new IW>3 designs;
borders particularly pleasing.
91.1 D Yard—72-Inch Hatln Damask Table IJnen.
grass bleached, iilaln and fancy center with pretty
new designs on border.
And You Ought Not to Miss These
Linen Sets
Table Cloths and Napkins to match. In charming
pattern* made with .... the newe»t Idea*
ir the plain cent*r wllh Ihe richly figured border.
Hare Inklings of a splendid gathering—
Irish Damask Hels, full bleached doubt* satin cloth,
p. 4 sis*, end one dosen ... .... 1% else; pi"!£"7 tor
th* *et •____••'••_ _. _
Hue 10-4. with ■**. napkin*, one cloth and <*" l^l'fi,
tiatiktns ............... .......... ............90'to X.
line lil.h Linen. 10-4 cloth and li napkin*, plain-ten-
I.r and fancy border; the *et t* marked to *•*.! at
.-. „ alt.ii,
* Irish' Linen t'iotb/s-4 and li-l. on* fl""- and ««*,Jos
k m % napkins, the *#t '.'.*.
IJ«7J l*ur* Irirh Mnen Bldebo*rd Oyer*, aide hem
•tucked -edg* and pretty floral center*, perfect lawn
Stli 1 ■ I »» .1 en
I***** !■• ••!' bal* prlc* . ..Sl.*>"
llsTl Heavy Htesched AH IJnen Hltl.lKl.irrl < overs,
with h-mstltched border an* tmnry crochet etrlt.*
running all *round sbeAit two Inche* D*oin th* *o**
very pretty florel designs; price ■•••■•■V•••••• •■*"»
JOtli All Ut'.en Blanch*. Hldeboard Cover* *nd hem
stitched *dg«, -very pretty patterns to select from,
at .'.__._
On Bargain Square I.
$1-3 Dr-..,ng Lasts Werth »L? 0»c h* * I
Sseques. I*l.lo : up 4* 15*-. at 7* Tama, **»c
~^-, _„_ Yard Children** or. 1
Women new Kngllsh Tor- , „ .
Blderd'awi, chon and Nor- Ml**** Ilea
Hat-siue*. red mandy Va 1. Camel* Hair
and gray, I. a c and _____________
aei.im finished pretty edging* »Tarns, all sire*,
with black .Ilk and Insertion*. . UJ| , , h( , ,j,„,,
applleju* and from 2 to I". mi_t*___i
c-iur. In«he» wld*. .for whiter wear '
_______§ mv ii .-" - * i
Stone, Fisher & Lane
Second Avenue and University Street
V Am mT\ - 'S?*%t
Is the Best and
--*.... , ,^ , ■. _, . .
| | Cheapest
dk Light...
I ' • t*,*■■. -..'?
I I This Heater
I Complete $2.50; for
I tK-Ckt cold room **< **<
Kfo Mivrvy other styles of
*ff W he-fitters In stock h;.
We connect your house with our
mains free of charge. ;' / '•*-
Humphreys Gas Arcs both inside
and outside. All Gas Appliances.
iinn I, .*. *
Seattle Gas (&
Electric Co.
Exchan*o 27 -Ind. 96

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