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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, March 04, 1904, Night Edition, Image 4

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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•4 •
nr btau ruhushing ca
OmCGI ana IJM Seventh av.nua.
TKI.KI' IIONU9; *2©W^^|fc>
t!u*ln*«a l'fr»r(m«nt Fuii»l, Main 10*0; lnt»|i<"».l»nv .lit, *•«>£*»»*■
Kdltorlal DetM»rtm»nt—B«n»»t, Main lilt.
The Btar** Ea*t*rn offtrei: 101 ll.tttr.ird bulltiinc. Chicago: II
ffrlhvm* h«l!dlnir. New Tnrk. W. II I*ort*rn*l.l. M>.«r forelpn adv«rtUlßO,
UAI.I.AHU MMi AOKNCT— 111 Hallat.l me Bun**U Had HI.
On* cent ret rcpy: *t« .-inta par week 01 twenty-flvo e*nta p*t
wtftnth, tfettvered by mall or f»rrl*r*. No fr** eonl*a. _ J _^ Mm
"'OB!^^ rai'Al^Bl:il"iCllinEft«jriVh« Ja*i* "whrn"your"*ul>*vrli>tiuiV t»jiir*«"U
e.n th* addrvs* label of each paper, Wh»n that date arrive*, If your Bubaerin*
tt«n ha* not again been paid In «i!»a your nam* la takt a from th* 11*1
"A ch»n»** ef date en ih*Tkd4r«»* l*b*l I* a r*e»lpt. '__
t'T r' {..""""'. ""."L.-11' 'V * . ""'' """""'^. .If 'AY ' : i.l:;'!' }! '■ :_- ""■ '"^'^^S'^!. ,^'JS. I J^-V—.U«^TSEST
► ••<•.! at th* »V.«u.ffte« at i»*atti*. Waihlnston, la ■•oond-el*«* matt**
fA bi« national bank In Chicago hae **rv«d MMM that ••employ** of
thl» tank r«vrivii'.it a aalary of le»* than tI.WO a »-*ar muat not mart?
without first 6MHMn| th* bank official* unit obtaining Hi' ir approval."
Offl«;J*<» of th. Inaiitailsm e*pt»ln with the atai>>m<-nt that It l» fool
lan for • man to attempt hi Chicago to aui>i*>rt • wife, to »•> nuthlng
*>f a family . t .>.■!.:■.-, on tea* than th« Income named.
Th* eoultul Interval her.- ahowtt »>y th* bank offl< lal« In the welfare of
their t«i|io).» it touchtngty beautiful!
It might MM >»• expected th.it » *urpletarntary nolle* would follow
to the effect that all employ.* already marrlal wh.»* Ineotn** aw I«m
than the amount ntmnl may, by applying to the bank official*, have their
income* Increased.
Tin aweet «M theory that "two an lira <■!<•«(** than on*." aa pop
ular ever "i> • th« red ra«ia af lava ftr«t hea-an blooming In th* human
h«-«rt, la exploded tjr (Mi announcemeet.
i:«i rU h*v<s {tamed upon th« question and tbr *ettlem*nt la final. A
bank a fi«ur*a mutt b« accepted a* correct, and *me* It i» aria •*■■■*
that a "man «»f »(,«.■ matrimonial .-« p. ri.-r>r»" h*a don* th* figuring In ihla
MM*, tha reautt la not to t» dt*put*d.
.-, Wi, li might bf parUa«nl~<>r bi»»i.«« tmp*Mlit*nt~to :i..|.ilr* •>• to
what proportion ef Chicago Unmix actually da jit* on Imm than St. •* a
year. *
* In the atam..-* ef exact atattiltca. It la eaf* to ■<!•«• that at lt«at
hair i»i. r.miiK-* aj Chicago live >>■ |m loan that amount Th* a»«i
•s> iMcoaiii* of famUle* la tha I'i.ltr.l i>tal«a I* l.aa than ShM a } «»r
It to natural that tn a bank. wk*r» money ta th» •*»•!• thins, larom*
ahaultl fee r*«*r«»..l aa th* prims <a»atiU*l at hari man-lag*. Out. aa a
■tatter it actual fact, It, ta th« Waal Important.
' Who 11! mv thAt th* mtlllona in-, with hi. lmm*aaurabl« •uur<«« at
1n0vu.... v h«|>i'«'>' '" hta bom* lift t U«« tha ia«U«»ki wh« M Umtt«4 M
# *i« M -. (Say?
Th* peat ot in'try J»u»htrr— feu hear It com* *lva» ihe ■Mi<k»l.«u?
Or from th* c«ttaf« T. '■.!.»[
Th« r»>iiiin! .-ar.'-fn-* look •< > you ••• it tn th* fa#r of th* fin* lady
In b*r «irTtß(r*/*lth h«r k<Wtt>tx.ii<rd and K«nt*d pooaie >•. her '•.■' Of
In |h«. f»c« of th« wtirkincnMiii * «>f«. *!..•. with IkM t«ab« at h*r brraat,
•nd » ■: btr hourly taikt, fc*!» that the World hold* much for b«r worth
*ha*lo«T" ' "V - , '-■ .. \ ■ "..- ,•'"
, Th« thing* aha*: !--ly awa*U*l t« th* happy h.>m« »r* atran«*l> ISM
,Chief imni them ar« labor and lorn SVlthrr of th«a* eoata n»Rry,
But hath el tb*tn aftaai ftjr from it
.Th* ■Mtartal tbincs realty n«vfwitry Ms human Ht# ar« few Indeed,
•uj»t>urvd «.i>. th* thine* *»• »*»<• In crattfiratton of th* a*ni**.
»tk of ainfia ins;*, ah* lira clom la ulm and ar*4 p«<i(>S«,
whoa* Malawi patten* have ooetad, In • cento* i*u;j ea i.»n«ir amaH
; »*aiis.
Th* work! I* full of want, but af actual starvation thtr* l» * little.
I Want and o»»«! art by no mrar.» «r mT.ym»n»
It I* a iito* Qac*tton.wh*th*r thtr* *r« not roor* people who fea\M
more than la HB% goed for th» m than people «ho b**» not «-i»iu«h
A bank c!crk de*a not >t«d to rat »ny MT) than any olhrt warklnc
man; h* 4m net ts*c«l to wt«r any mom tl««th«-«; ha n»«ia M nor*
ahtlttr; no nier* warmth.
Bat b« pot* on men frtlla and Oath-r* ll* f«^4» bia vanity me*%
, - which . n*ta MorMT, S'.'t; *
ll* AMI net i»*d to, any mart than any other wwtUn«nuiA dot*. Th«
t financial »UUltty *4 th« land ik»<>» not d«p*nd upam th« iiutwui In th«
ahtrt front of th* (*hi«a«» hank c!*rk.
Th» world UMI S"in« to tmw to whirl If It ahou!4 lm««t known
that mom* OlUsco haak clerks ha** tewtrtd thra»»rlvra to th* rammum
■ i'Aaittitaa auttdard at ttTins and ar« auu^urtinc »hr» lu*ua4 »( «u(»
gfaife^Th* c««t of ltrl?<( cannot h« fixaal by any atajkter*. It t-art'a from
|SM a year for *<■■« prtaeh«ra to (Ha.**) a ><»ar (a* »em» faahlon trader*
»l NriFoit.
K**n a »r*at ChJc4*o bank kaa nut pow*r to Contrtil th* firian«tal
. ' affair* ef the htuaU««t family.
It li on* of th* otnmontat righta at the c;u«»n« of thai btetavvd . j«av
v try to" »p«Bd at: they*** get-
Crrtjtnly It i* a mini right. •*•!> If h- b» a ch|.-a«<> bank rlvrk. t»
aoppwt a wife en l«aa than aW » year. If the woman ■ *itltr.«.
Th" er»«t majority of marrWut mea In tti» ruuntrr 4" It.
Ar,>» th#y are the tst*li*ctaal. medal ana petttlral atay of the r. ihlla.
Whin a Physician or Specialist of 20 YtarV Experience
*l. WUI TUjJTTOUn BTES VHKK. Why goto a l*w«J«r?
BE.\TTI,K (• ti BAR. XOSC aSU TKItOAT INrTIIMAItV. «-j n,-i*r
' Block, corner !»■ iml anJ - ,mlii< at.
Free Rent
Free Water
Free Wood, Free Air
Wheat $1.07 a Bushel
Potatoes $30 Per Ton
you had a home at GARDEN
where potatoes JTOW free. Seat
tle's finest suburb. Lots and
houses almost given away.
Five-cent fare, or call at rooms
1-2 Times Block and get
Ail n j n# We HiVe no Students—All Oar Operators
n3rnin2 Art Lkented by the State of Washington
iT^t^Z\ **** "n»«««........ teas
mT**l2+m* *J*"'** r r-rc.l.ln Crown. ... 3SO
B^*K"s| tftafe Wr>"4R I Ool< Crown*. »k .... *50
HI I^Vw^^VC I Quarantta) B ru«. won. p.r tooth
m fifll .^a^^^ IAH Wart °«» *«*«<« vui«»« pi»«»«..
I I 1 _ .... i i ...«»•»• .....»*« ••«*•• 5.00
% A., «ur w«r* un<l«r ma »«rn«»»«1 Mi>*rvM«a a* Dr. ■ M. MJIn« and M.
O. HB4M. »eth holding lit* «»|tr.. of U. D • . O. D. ■ , «r,d both m«nik«ri »f
tk. R'.rai '' •(• tt Dental airt.om I^Mr «tt-n<S»nt »l»tyi pr...nt.
Boston Painless Dentists IgX'ZiZL
Kour»-«.t» a. di to «p. m. Ruodar*. • a m till 1 pay .- - - [
c^^^b^Yfenimore cooper
111 t;«a, .luring th* U«t yrara of |M
i»v.it 'it „, . war, a Mr. llarp*r I*
•'»»» i taiH«i by Mr, Wharton In ••>•
horn | r , northern New Votk. While
h*- »• there l'al>^ Henry '"" lv" a
ltrllUh ..ftu,-, win. the ii. Ip of if •>
V|ty ""•h. it twddUr, known aa a
llrltish bbv. vli.ll* hi. father, hi.
aunt. ttl| u ivjt..n. and hi* *l»l#ra,
rah aiicl r ritnrU| in dHsular Hal
P*r r«coirnli«a him and pramlnea lilm
a««l*Unca in c**« of troubl*. Ili-nr)
la armtrd a* a IW] "'V W»J. Uun
wotHll*, hla boyhood friend and
Francea' lover, who conunand* th*
Virginia Hare*.
In a >Hlail with the lirllUb Col.
■-liiii,! . a Hi Utah ortlcer whom
H.uuti lovea, la captured, and Capt,
Wnclaten, of the Virginian*, I*
wounded, lit* •lKt*r. who »• In lov*
with I>uuw iMiiitt*, mm to nur«« him
llar\.> Hirch la rartt«r«4 ty an I""
regular band known an the BkJnnar*.
II- la turned over to MaJ. Dun*
wo«>dle, hut tacapea.
Krancea bellev** thai Mti« Single
ton hat a prior claim to DunwaotU*'*
lav*, and aenda him away. Capt.
I.«w tun and t>r, tMtgrcave* atari for
Mr. Whartw's hou»e.
Mlrch «arna the troop* thai they
are needed by 1-al>t Law ton >' Mr.
Whartoti'a houae, CoL \V«llinere la
about to marry Sarah, wh»n lurch
appear* at the houte and reveal* I
in it Weltmere U already married.
CapL I-** itii challvnge* W«?Uraer* I
to a duel.
Th* Nkinnrr* attack Mr. Whar
: «on«* houae and •<•! It M rtre.
Th* house I* burned and rUrah
t<»*«i h»r mind. Th* family are re* (
moved to the quarter* of the troop*.
' WeHruere *arai> •
A bullet Intended for lawtnti kllla
Mlaa ■tnrtwton. Dcfore dylnc ehe
', ivll» l-"rani-«*« that While *h« ha*
•trlven for r>unwo«dle*» lov* IM ho*
never ai^'ti It to her, and that he
I lovea only Franc**, Wharton la
taken betar* a court to an*wer th*
charge -if t»cina' a epy.
Birch e#ca|<e« and aav«* t^awton'*
life. lie atao prevents a marriage
between garmh and Weltmere, ■ hit
itincady ha* a wtf» Capt. Wriarton !
t* <«n vi.-i » lof being aan *• ■«n m
telte iMiitwiaftti- cf Hatj.i-r'n jinimlae
and l'ur« ■ ««>n It will *aye
or ton a life. '
Mlrrh mpp**n dl«<rut*«d a* it mtn*
Ut«r and help* C»pt. Wharton lo ea
r-ape, leaving a negro In hi« place,
Ituti»oolk* falU to find Harper
•it 1 Krance* «...-, into th* mounUln*
to find Harvey Itlfi « cabin and
«»rn her brother that he I* In dan
i-r of being r**-«|i>iur*d.
In the tiWti Hhe find* Harper.who
tell* her that he arranged for her
brother* ■«. „p». Ska aim find*
ILenrey and Capt. Wharton.
I-"? in(*«i r««urna. afior pm-i-lalna
Harper to detain I>unwaodt». who I*
ih-»ut to yank fur I'm (it Wharton,
for two hour*. He will not >tit> and
In order to detain htm at agree* to
marry him at once.
H.VI'IKU XXVII .. uiit<nu»J>
Th<- i I.x «t.«»l litre, <■> bofor*
h«r «•}«•» and «i-.« lurHMl many an
•MIkKU l.itun nt th* dial, l>uf the
nl»mn liiikui«« a/ th« |»«l«-»t ti»n
cau*hi h»r attention and h*r mini
btratn* Intent upon th* vow* atir
«ra« >i!t»rin«, Th* (wnwny «m
quickly over, «n-l a* th- < l<-fK)man
. !<.•».! th« «•■»!« of benediction th*
flock told th* hour of 9. Thl« wn«
!h« Ha* that ll*rt*r hail il»mfl *o
l!;il»ii-t.inJ, and Wane** Ml mi If a
ntlfhtjr tna4 «*•• ill ante removed
fnro h*r hp«rt» *»
I>iinwm><lt» f(><•«.•■ j tn-r In his arm*.
«»!utHl th* aunt «*«in and »*»ir>
.-■iii't nhixik Mr. Whjtrtnn »■> th*
h imi* In the >.ilj»i of th.- f«Sl< I! »
lion, ■ tap wum hrarH at th» iM It
*v oj-»c».i and Maaon »Mw>«-'
**VV« ar* In lh« «*IIt»-. mm th*
Ui'uutvinr. •ml. with irwur pmnttm
■tun. I wilt t*ad on: you eaa over*
uk» .• at your Maura." -
"Y«»a, y»«. mart-h," •rivl Dun*
wjHxtl* "I will f*a«h )••() at th« flnit
Th» imbiil»«rn r»tlr*«l; ho mi fol
low »1 by Mr. Whartnn mil th" mln
■Now Peyton." «aW rram-m, "It
; Is lnd««d a l>r.i!J>«>r that v«n a«f>k;
I am «gr> I aati not mutton ran In
hi* behalf, should you urifortuniitp
ly rind him." -
"Say fortunately," rrl«-<l lhi> youth,
"tor I «m determined hp ati»li >•(
danes at my veddtßß." *
Th* nt>!•'» *of 1 a horseman mi
)-.<',irl apprwichtnK th» hmlaw nn.l
t>un«-««odl* »■»« >*• tnktn* !•«-, of
hit hrl.Je when an «ffk«r waa ahown
Into th* room by tiio own man.
lie wor» th* dress of an aide-il*>
' camp Mot Urn major at one* knew
him to b« on* of the military fam
ily of Washington.
"Ma.j. I»u!.« |i. ' h« said, Itu
command*r-in-chl#f has directed tnf
to aiv« you then* orders,"
It* executed hi* ml*' end took
hi* itatr* lmm*dlatfly.
"Here, In*- cried lh# major,
"I* an unexpected turn In the who]*
nttatr, but I understand It; Harper
has cot my letter and already vr« fact
his Influence,"
"liar* you news affecting Uni
ty?" cried Franeea.
"Ustcn and you shall judge."
"Sir: Upon receipt of thta you
will concentrate your squadron, so
us to Ix In front of a covering party
which th* enemy ha* tent up In
Kail /j\fity
(Jlll^w 'a '
1//.V Fi»sMvc.
! front of Ilia forager*, by 19 o'clork
tomorrow, on the height* of Croton,
where you will find >< body of foot
to auppurl you. Lite *■<*&(>• o( tin-
I'3riittl*h i>t>v ita* Im. n reported to
itte, but hla arre»t la unimportant
runipairii with the duty 1 now »»-
Rig! y»u. You will, therefore, recall
your men, If any are tn imi»uit, and
endeavor to defeat th«t enemy forth*
"Thank «i»l!" ■■■ I Duawoodle,
-HAfivKr mncii." UK kaitK
rriLvNOKfts." t •■
"ray handa ar* «ra»h*d of l!eary**~
kpllirv, I ran now mov* to my
duty with honor," 1 ; : ((
'tAnd miui i I to no*, too. viow
iv>ti,:j." aald iivn. "remember
you Mart Ixhlfid >uun*w tutiii» km
your life. 1* „ ; »;,
Aa he f >!!' I her to hi* h'nt he
"Fur your *ake, I will' KTf titin
adtthud a Mnriil M hla ImwMl »•• 1
hf lore hlniaelf from her §>*#•«•»■•,
cmF-rnrt xxrx. . f 1W
Th« t#i!ill«r and hta lorri^n ■ i
• •••hi rea«:h*>d the viillry. and h.-.ir
lag no BPtm l« »hi anm>vn<'r.| that
pttriKwra wrr* atirt.a<J, they «• -iI.-i»nl
th* highway. Bfr<'h led the wajr
with the lengthene<t utrlli•• that
• »i' |.~ uit.ir to the man. At tlm«pa,
when they apt „ h. 1 ii.. of Uu>H
ln«p«tor Brown Says yrf|*^S\
DO IT NOW /il§tf\
Xl«« <*«Uf«O\ Itri <h«! ««lr,« \n |tt« r^S^m 2jiN'*l
lalttt*** f«f U-.« •<■,*•.** In «tmth*r /V» ¥T B^l"™*» II
month u«*a win tw In l»*f •»..• 11 win JaV'A/aV '"* t< lm ~" trmj
lh»n Ni 100 )•«• It to of ur«tnt law- JVFj Z!E:5* IT*]
purl*a»a that Ik. *iT«rln« of all ~JM^i«.wW
kind* «»C irr.» a*J «},?•«»,• cboulit l»« f /I ■- n*l^l"^-ff7.
• i of«r». lie point* <»vi vi. !«i..fii «if / f^jg Iff "■* Pjk-- I«JL T
It * ,t(.rxm |.«i f .tin I;..! J l-*)-. » tl j i n'F ««CMSI"4IJ
«■•!!. -ipon ail »ho » ... l( | |>ro«wi Ih. IQfTAfVt^ W ""^^^mS\'W
• it* «mS (tuit nrr,, >. ■-•• «r-«ij m^fJlflßE^Cl
■ hrtiho from Inwrrl* nts-1 (!!»r,i>r. u> joRUO P'H H^^T *f
«••« )h» »vr»r «* r»»»» 11 (Hnwlblp, 1 erATTtt-i V 9^M«i}
Tti* t»»t ■utbitnii"* rn-«initirn>l I 5t I V^
wh*!«>tl •<»»? «ri4 <juit«l» chljw ■,tf^—-" 79^/ '^|B
rouotlf acHbt a* »m»n« !h« »nf'«t »nd' ii _^.|^A|Ks\v ■ H II •
m«l .ft''tl.- method* <>{ kiiiStx v.v •**"ll'* rPi^PijjKW
Th« go«k»r «^fr»r» «|wlil t»lcMi am . v v j IhV^B ■■
•IxHituirir i»t* n*i»rl«ta ,W» win \v\c^KM\B
quol* flrn l.m.r [.rit »•* on Utfrf fe
■I •i>tltt«a (l<*n thru below.) >^J^^Q
Whale Oil Soap, Caustic Soda
Ou*nau*4 • ptr c»*i pur* , Ot»«r»atf«l « p«>r r»n« pur* f<
i l»und iafW .... ir.a | t.|Kiund ran* . GO*
2-pound can* „ >»• J W^pouiid c*n» , tl.oo
IMMtnd can* , BO* "T -VT
Quuil* Chl|». 1 pou»4 .. 1.1. *P»CIBI
(jii4«.«u iTiifn, S jx>«.-r;J» 2&a i>i>r»v Pumpt for tr>r« «nd «brtibi<,
l)!isiMl] Chl|M. ( {Hiunda ..... 5O« | »"'d ««) »».<•»•■ f- r »!■•(, Qunkrr
f>*rr I patin4m. Ht. t »;^c:»i ..., ..........".OSa
Blue Vitriol Sulphur Chlorldt Limt
I pound ............ 10« i pound In, 1-pound rim ...... 10«
JtMrtjrMli .......... '""• S pound* r ... l:' 1 i»>ua4 can* 25*
» pound* :ll<k# 6 f#»'M ••• 38« — - -■ -■
Orer & pound*. C« "W 1 pound*, ft* ° und* or «v« Jo
(•••r pound. l>(r f'lur { ptr pi.vial
N w« pi»p*»- «).*r ■ wi «ift »n -• of &.90 or ninr* wlthlfl Ml mllr*.
Anti-RustSoap r|Ht.|loc
Prom Jln & (Sally by an .iiirßmniJ >ik and dem<intrator. . .
Parisian l*nmad« M.m»*««. •'■•«! j'u ...... . .........,,...,., sOr
To Jroilui « and |>r< »<!•• i- » •!■ l^iitii^
To i '.')•!> anil prawrifa a <t«*U •*• ■*•" and •Ifitant complnxlon, im«
HOTITIAN <'iimim,i;miiS 1-otJoN. afl#r a fAltiaiAN l-t»i.
■laawaC*. (iunr'int.f.l I •■«" IW il*a for .... *I.IM>
Dr. Charles- Flesh Food
Special for • Ftw Days 40c
KOTR.—An Th» Qimkpr l>r»t <"* ar« boI« '.ul,ir« for Srattt*. you
am iur< I" crt the grnuln*,
Jr. f il.Hvt y in all (. 11 |« .if lh>- clly, liu-!u<lldk <Ji.cn I^akr and !)«!.
lard Mail ••ill. >• filled tiFi-l ■* ■in i [>«<>• i-i(.t. «» or frvlght rttarg to .ill
point* within 106 mill"* of Brattle mi Mil order* of K>,(X> or nn r,
fits Quaker c^ ug
Phon«ti Main 1240; Indtp. 1240
1013*1015 First Aye.. Globe Block
mill. i<i»i« held by th* Ain»ili'iin
ii.i-I'» « nil M-M. '■ the lli«liliin<J»
•il»iiiiii<i>ii. hs would t;iUt» a iii mi ii
to avoid ih» - iillhi-Ib Hut th* I>»'l
dlnr vvnn rimllin! with .■■•■:> turn In
tiir-lr difficult n.iiii. After walking
Xt a great rate for thrr* hour*, th*y
•uddenly dlvrrnvd from th* road,
which Inclined ii. th* i-.i, and hnld
their roura* directly acroa* tint hllla.
In a dv« *outh«ly illr*rUon. Aft«r
rvat-hlng lh«summlt of a hill, liar
v<-> «.•>»,.! niiiinHf and «-nlnaT *
Wll<t. h* Invll hi* romrad* 10
i-.iriAkt of (ha cMrM far* II c»ji>- 1
•"Fallow my HMMBtI ''»;■♦. Wt»»r
--tOB," **lil III* K<tlVr, Ctmirn(tiCtllS
hi« fruirnl in- «l. If th* borM li»v<
■t«rt*4, II HIM b* in.ire than man
ran do to li*«tl Uh-iii. a»d If Ut<->-
liav* ii"!. w«ik U cut out f"> ibnm
that will drlvt till thoughts of you
mid int, f'Wn 11.< ii fcrnlna,"
*VotJ Hid youriwlf thut Iwn hour*'
.li-tt-tittciii wild ,M hiu.' i i.'in la v*,
•nd If w« loli'T lite, W wliiit tin*
Will I" ii.'- nl\aut.iK" lliut we may
hnv»» ulrmdy obtained T' 1
"Tim tlm« I* inial in. tl M.«J. inin
wtintllf think* IttU of r.iii-iv. in); 1*«
mm, vth^n hundred* nrn v ..iittu; for
him on Ih* l..>uii« i>f 1.. rlvwr."
Thert wan a cpmjw»*ur« in lh»
p»jaip^« ninnner thut en>-onra«9(l i
hi* 1-umpntilori, anil Henry uutttrml
liiu,r-]f to ba periuadosd Into n, i»t
--■ iniil" iupper. After rtunpieilnft
th«lr fimM. Ota p«d<ll»r re»um«a
hi» Jjumny. . _.■) i
H'hry followed in blind nubmla-
Hloti Ik hl« will
Throughout III" whole of thin iir
•Itirjti» fllitlit, Die |n l.lli r had i. itil
f"«i''«t « tooliieM and pr«*«nr« of
I mind that nothing np|Mwr*<] to li»
ti.iii. After several lioiiim & (IMP
nr.it laborious uimnt brought th«tn
from th» !- \. i of ii.• tliid-w^tfra to
i Hi.- high lamlx MMM form th« #aal
»rn »>.nii<» of th« iimiiioii. A my Of
th« ruins' HUH iil.iiilnjr<-.| the aquiue
V.trii" and lufiv nm«l« of a vi-m»«-l
of war, i I'lliik <♦ f«w inii'-n bolow
th-m. HOSRHJ
•There, '■i«l>< W»mrti.n " Mtii Ih
p«d<) "them la ■ itf* i«*iliwr
( plae« for you: Am«rlcft ).j« II" arm
that ran •«•»■ ti you If you gain the
iir, k of that »til|"
An aoon «a lh*y hud Minn ftt«»
roinmrm t-d their )ouri«»y at.»
in rotlowlnv Ihi bank of th* river
Itlrrb I«<1 th« way until they rent h«d
th« point -.i i ■••!••• to iii»- frigate,
when, by making- » aletml. a boat
va« Induced i" »it•"•"• •> Horn*
lime «a« »jit-ni before th» nwmen
would truM thrnta«lv»a »*hor», but I
H«-nry having" finally «ti« .«-i-ii In
I making th« officer «ho commanded
I tha i-«ii* ■ rctit hi* limn, h«
wu abl« to ..>inhiic«ii»iatuii<ii'
•i ma Hi *Af«t)
Th" boat pull« 4 from tht ahore
and fllrrh luiWHt on hla I" "I. draw*
In if liia breath '""• ■"" r»tl»y»d.
ft..l »(.<>t iif <»"• htllawlth tb« »ui«i»»
for wnlrh h» «w fainoui
ctur"r2n xxx.
■m« r»mn*»n<-«nt«i»| at th- follow
■ lac jr««r »-aa pmhhml, en tha part of
th« Amorlouta In making trnat
I prvp«r»tlon». In ronjumtlnn with
I htotl «!n-. to Urlng the war to a
New fork I m th* point that *•■
I thr«><itfn*d In 'hf «IM-<I »rinl<-«. »n.|
I W.«hlr.fii.T. hi rcltlhl a . <in»l«nl
I appreb'Mlou tot th* Mf*ty of thai
. - - .-■
Sickness, Decay
and Death
The Triple Punishment Meted I Young Men Middle-Aged Men
Out For Every Violation of xt hr your own ». •« !hr«nh th« «t>rtnrllm« «* youth with
dl-i.,.', I_ — „ lh* folly of rouih. you hava you ha* p*mwsl. l^fa !• a sober
i _■* n«lUr» > mil *k»l»««i4 • »!t «l. taw <»« natura reality. Tew »«*, feel an4 «■•
»—^—'——^———^ »«stiuit vxijp or ml ml by «■«■• il>rMii4 dlffar»Mly in* Yaw
If V... Naml JO/Z3&^. *"*" or ''"«»o»'•••""• «n>*«-iaH> know m««. looking W:k ev< r
II IBUnBW ItT^^^^^ lhr»y«h a«y h«Mt by <M>ri»taot« J row We yo\i ran point out tkt
8 DOCtOr r / ■ '* "I""1*' "'* ***■*. lh«a mmt«k»« you hare ma4<i. K«r
#»-j _ *. <y..^.,i C l»i»r« to r« MCipln* th« run- hik viel&ttona of miui. • lin
bti I uOOO <^ 4PVM|! t»hni<-r,t ;n»J« knl pruvijnl for In your youth you h*»» no
On* Tha ™ *'* f'§ »»rr>' lr»o»«r*««l«B, which M) : doabt paid Urn rwnaJtr. lor MM
vni*-IIW Ni fl*Af mcluicM. n«e«r er IV«th Th« puntnhmmt hi U\twm iru«r«t<
B(ft IS y -^dMiET litinniuM* !««• of r«tiir<-, |ov dona I* «<rlft Hut written «•>
--y - , >f\J^^Pi * »rt ir« «ad r*gulallt« th» unl- en n*tur»'» cai»nJ«r th*r» «r*
PIOOO 100 I * *#*•«, »r» ac Moat*' . »djualr4 ulhar and «rm»«r cti»rt>». for
QaaH ni«^^^7 V^HW^^. buth ln th* *nlm»1 •nd *•«»>• ' «hl< b you as* now probably
wwwu /A Y^BHI l«b*» h«ncd«m» lh«« for <*r»ry nuffrrtn*. For -i -««»• ttv-
V \ "B \tuUtlon of any law lh»r« la • du!in«l In not »»i > Inrc ago. und
AH t*T >*Wy|l B f!««J t>*' »)t> el ttieknr**, L»- whl- h you arc (till i>r\ (Kinc
W^M^PUkuJB irgß Lm r*r **J '"*••*• Thin '" «ji c«r- Nature will make no eompro~
fy^B laMal ITI LI l*'" *" "l-'lt '"'""■ <•»» And im»- In your rue; you mml
/^r^y**iPltaJl ! jtom. rounc man. tnuil r»r tha autf-r th* (x-naltr of kiwi.
/«flbgit^v4*aw4»wJlL a «jl I p«n«lty r'kM h«f in this <-arK ; r>oray or Death In thin life, aril
/ M H^^^BB Lm '■ •*'• '•'•> Mo"" or later. | Dot la th» Ufa ber«att«r.
rfm mfclMt 'jfjrii Ik How to Escapo This Purtlthmont -
i* f^^S^ i iLkakaS Lv ' k" i^^ 5*1 -^^is *-^J**ci .-^ ■- » ■ ■"■ ■■ ' " ■
(M Free Book
/«V It Will Show You the Right Road
/ to Health and Happiness
I ■ The wait hr process, causing the organs to bfccnisp
yi. B I H^^^H overworked, and lack of proper circulation and nourish
«■ f, JBJ ft mrnt. shattering tlic nervous system, impairing the mrm
* r jUßK^^^^b^^^ or.v> dulling the intellect ami preventing lice action c* the
tW j^^B^^^^^PSaSl brain, deranging Kth body ami mind, and the crisis soon-
Sp#- pl H *^^!^S CT or ] a |, r will surely come. How to check this wasting
Clal-^97 Examination prtnesn,, restipply the lost vitality, ,is to repair the injury
| s "•'' frmm that has been done. Nature is then given a chance to re
cuperate. The circulation is equalized and both body and
brain are given ■ new impetus by merely aiding nature at the right time and in,the proper
'way. My Private Medical Adviser, which I oner you free, is what you need. It wa» writ
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DISEASES we cure to stay cured — Rupture, Blood Poison and all diseases of a na
ture for which you dislike to jo to your family doctor. Every thing strictly confidential.
V 701 First Avenue, Foot of Cherry Street, Seattle, Washington
Office Hours— 9 a. m. to Bp. m. Sundays— to a. m. to lp. m..*
Largest and Wohest Modloal Institute In the West
city, prevented nu<-h rilntprc»m#nU
from t<«''iiK nent to t'oriiwultlM c*
would h«v« > n l|. I him to Improve
hlil nil. i if i.
At li kmi*i AN utitiiitiii H|.|.r«. >' li.-il.
♦very ||i'!trfitl"ti *«« given thitt the
in ft] ni'iiiiMil ti ill «rf Ivi-il,
II ,»>■ mi iiii> i|ii»i- f»| a utormy
liny in th« iri'intlt of H"pt<mib*r that
(I IltrKn n>iWfiiliJn|{M «'f nfflrura trim
rollwted war the ■ !*>**i uf a bull Urn;
Ihut WU i-iiii.iti .1 In the hrnrt of
His Amtrlraii iM.i'i*, who Im )■) U>*
Jriwyd, Tin" »g<", 1 hi* <lrp»* nii'l th»
dignity lit RK»t «>f tllfim » nil loin
Illilli lllnl Ih. la to !■'• If high Mink,
(it to "ii' In p«rtl< wui paid v
rtpfert-iirn and. obp«JUtn<l« thai on
noutund him to I" of ti,r- hlK)>«>t.
Ill» iii< <■« Him plain, but !' born thf>
UNU..I military dlitlnrtlonn of com
iii.ii'l. II- wilt mounted on ,i nobl«
hor*e fit ft d«-e*i bay, an<l * group of
young men, in jr»y»r uttlrf, wvl'lent
ly i<\v;iii>"i hi* il'-.ikuii- iiioi did 111*
bl']<tliiK, Many a hut warn l]n«'l sa
it» tWAN nf|(lr«>»KPiJ thl» offlrtr, and
when ho «[«.k- a t<rof»un<l •< i.Hoi!
Wan cxhlbltPd In every rountcnancf.
At It-rißth th« r>ar»y <ll»i»
--leaving the i.fn < without a »ln«l#>
»ttMidnnt, *icept i.i« body awvanta
•nd on* ui-ii •ii-i -.-. Nt fp. Dismount In g,
he I- ili'-'l into '>" building, fol
lowed by th.i* gentleman.
iin i-iitp-iitiK !»i«- apartment that
waa HptmrrnUy fitted for hla reci-p
--tion, In- look a *<-:it.
I .\ lntif'l tO
•»■<• II •
ii. » .hi. th- i,i- .- in -.r |
"I Hi !>>•!■•, unil
The aid J«>w«-<1 and withdraw. In
a r.'v. itilyuica Hi" door again ottenml
und i figure «iil"i Into Urn atmrt-
RMflt Hl* rntranre wail utibrard by
the • '<> ->, who «>' ftxlnc at tb«
lv.-, mill abaurbvd in hia own medU
tatlOM. Hi vrnil nttnUtMl p«a**(t,
>.-,ti'-!« in- BjM.ki- la hln »'lf In on un
"Tomorrow we muat rulim the eur
latn and *»!*>«• our plana. Ma >
heaven prtwper them!"
A alight movrm»m mad* by th*>
*trnligt»r caught bin t»r and h#
tin n.-'l tils !>•■.. 1 and uw that he w»i
not .r•>!■•. II- pointed to » v«« »n»
. hi.li. but the iimlkh x-ru — 1 It
with • mo4*«t »< Kaoali-JKUiTii.
Another 1 ..u»>- fuliovi- At kni(tb
'b* "f fi> »' aroM "'>■! ..i#t;ii.g a dnk
took from It * •irill. but iu>i'-»r'-nUy
henry \Mg.
"llarvpy rilrrh," h# wild, tumlnit
10 t!.- »ii/.in:'-r. "th* Mm* den »r
i lv*'l ttlwn • our < iini-< l\»n inu«! I
<.-.:»"; henceforth w« must b«|
•I r» Ml'"m
Th» p«-<J<ll*r dropr»«'l ihn Mia of
iha g-fat-mut that 00nee»t«4 hla
fi-uluii* mid ir<(k«4 f«r & moment
pnifMßtly ut the faro of thf ai^uknr;
(hen <ir>M'|iin« hid h*n4 upon hla
btmoftt, h# (aid, infekly:
"If It !.<• your exf-etlfncy'a plea*.
, "It fa n^cpaiiiiry. mnr« { haw filled
lh« nlJiN'jn which l now hold, It hna
!<•■■<,{!)• my duty in know many
irmn, Him, like >our»c|f, havn bp<>n
my fn*truni»nta In procuring IntHII.
K«rif»«. You hay* l ti imt.-t vi"i- than
llf cntiiwd and th»n rontlnu«4:
"I In-IJ"V- you «r» ona of th# verf
few that I h»v« ii!iili»><"d who hav#
m <•■■! faithfully to our „,..,. and,
whlia you have pasa«d aa a »(>y of
th« nntrny, havt n»-vrr irtv#n Int«lll>
g»nc« that you %<rn not permitted
to dlvulga. To m#, and to mm only
i of all Hi* Horld, you a«m U> lmv»
acted with a Itrniiir uttarhrn»at in
tin- iiin-rii'ii of Amwlra."
M.-irvcy irradualiy „...• hl« head
until It reached th« hlcheat point of
«(ovation; ii faint tlnirc «.iili»i»fj in
hta cheeka, and, aa it,. officer con
cluded. It warn (liffus«<l over hla
w hull- count«nanc« In a, dvep glow,
v.lv;.- i,. cttKid proudly nrtlll—
with hla rmotluna. but with «ry««
that modeatly »i)Uiflil tiM t— ■' of Itl"
«!>• il»»-r.
"It la now my duty to pay you tor
ih-t..- acrrlßca; hitherto yoru har«
poatponcd r»<»lvin* your reward,
and !h'- d«bt I,.in become a. li-;ivy
on- -I with not to undervalue your
dang*ra; tivra .»r« 104 doubloona:
yuu »II rMn»-iiit>«-r tht pov#rty 'if
your rountry and attrlbuta to It th
»iiiiii!l>:'•<» of your pay."
__-^. .
■ml rtlnr. r In (Wattle, with Rao
t»>n»Mi or '•'<n4v at Hiiivn Bar
tx»rl», brftid and J««»-«, #v»ry ev#
-,.4 tun. m
Dainty Lunches for
Dainty Ladies
no ts nil »■•» «n»r «»>.->pp»iiir
'!•>. CMTm or Ctao««i..i. with
Whtppm! Cream l'»»trf from a«f
own lukirv-
Restaurant and Bakery
It* H'-rntA »rTiii».
O|)lji>»m. Areada hiiiiujlnir ,

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