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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, March 29, 1904, Night Edition, Image 8

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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<J , L -f —/? *■ Tin
< Bewitching Effects in Spring Millinery
*^ The Orent Hal» of n.i*trr Ituta continue* tomorrow. The. *ntlr« lino of Pattern lint* of mi |{ut
■ •>!■. MiiHt-.ny ll,ui-.- «,.» imi , 1,.,-t.l by ua and I* Hot* on **!• at about half th.ii* i«uinr prlora.
They in. iu.tr nil the Ulrat »n ,t tUintlnt BtylM «t ln.Mlnrm mi Iwnniik. all.l vomlni to you vi th«
"•F v *jy hrUht of Kaatrrtltlo. m»kr.t tliln one or (he !Ur»«t Mlllln«ry P|n>rtunltl*« »V»I had lit S. a»ll«<
f Cutnt—<v»i« tomorrow, mvi look tho kimkli ovtr; you will bit cltßrni«<l with i lie- M i'ililK> MM h«fauty.
J Tomorrow the Greatest Sale of Women's Suits We
5 Have Held in Seattle
lin.BO—think of 11. TM« low prici for L.^uiifui \li«.««l Eton Hutt*. Jn kill *l!k lln^d mut
r aklrt H:.t.ir In newrtt at>lr», Th» aulta r«>m« In plain color* Hint fancy lur.-.i i(fr.i«. «vrryoii» of
i thrm abaolutrly correct 111 rluth hiul •(>;< and 111. I value U Uiuibl.J. They ponlUvfly canuut In'
X Juj !H ii.-.i vi. I.i HOW and I.'jW,
{ $10.7.% i.« the wonderfully low |ui<-.> nf put M <•!•• IxtlMii.-* of our Hulta, Including bn<ailrloth«,
f ctamltir*. Hcutch t».v.!-«, «to. TbU pttce iiVv.» you your < Ih.uo of tiny Milt In th« «tur«. Valu* up
\ to tu.oo.
Alur*tloaa and flttlnr* Pit KB. __„__________
5 Our Easter Neckwear New Dress Trimmings
4r For Wemtn «nd Mrii la now >^>tti|>lrlr. «l\ln« \\ . ar* -' owlnir th« tatrat ronrrtta from th*
aA you an tin iiifim' iniiir of ntyU- ami j.rUrn- beat IJurop^an matin* In Appllijum. Inwrtlnni,
\ 1&« to ».*..m> r.,,1, II and Itulcarlnn, IVmi«ii and < l«l.».n Trlii.ii>i<««
IS: In the Big Bargain Basement
•* ' ' «ie for good JOo Japanned Du»t I A rood Croktnol* Board; rrmlar
I 'l!U 1100, f.i 03«
' JMy^^QpllS^ A H««vy 1O« f"r • ■"d S'"' Butch" ————^—————
> ' Tln Dln* Knlff, m*I"« nv. ''"n Mum* Time Choice of one
a^ KkL'* jf rrr I"-*1. ——————^———^——— l(|t of *5« Ilutglca n (Jo-('art*
i^HVfci^lJhkafllKr^U 1 lit.* rut
> HaMHIiW?^ , „ r... A till Mlii.t. Wood Pram*; f..r M>r
/ ■aayjaaaafflMm! fl'r •••8o rviulu Me. for tS« „
g# HR^aK^mia^ —^—^——.^—— ' lp fnr 9»i-'-i'"»> IMack Iron Pan,
\ ' '*• '"r ll llich ' "''l ll.iti.Ur rr«u!.ir . . ir.c
8t»*l F*ry I*»n; r.guUr £sa
a Groci?rv D.-c't Th" I-KADBR Ec loaf fnr....SH« catabllnhlna- a reputation for tit-
S viuvuj i^*^ The leader T»o-lay*rt*ak«« 15» rellrtic*. ThMW .'Kli.tlaa arr .1!
The Leader Creamery Uutter. The Leader JeUy Holla. *«th 74« made under our own «u(wrvUU»rt.
•r Pt»i.ularl«ln* Prtce. S lb« . ♦*• The leader Arple lnea IO« W« know they are pur« and
Fancy Wl«con»ln Cheeae. » Ih^. rttt '{^*a^r mrx*, l^mon mnA In every rnp*ct. We
< . ciuVomU Cr^nVui^'pVr Ib. £s2s^s Wh **" «««"«•- ««»«« our-ivr,.
A In, 6r«P* AIX LBAbEItS. at Low. APllll. rooi/8 PAY. Hped.l
C , u>)( . Ai-itu rooi s ■ ■ ■
Bakfrv Dcp't •** **t'c**> "Poor" fandk*. On a*l« toutur
> „ Pur. and WKolcMm*. We J Candy Dp * "*"• mcrllrntl)f ma<l<> Ul>- A
make THE HEST and NOfll- V^anoy l^cp I tbomuah «i-«l Joke. 30« poand
\ l.Nil lUT Till: l!i:sr. The leader Candlra ar« fast and •••I<l In amaller ijuanlUlea.
c www www vw^w w% wv% w%% w wv%^
President GUI of th» new cltjr
cooaclt made a pitifully poor start
last nUht. It would have rw.ti li/
flcalt for him to save acted more
unfairly to the Democratic mem
ber* of the new rnuncll and to 1 >r.
Oichton. his defeated rival for
presidential honor*, than he ha*
done In th» appointment of the
counrU committees, which w«re an
nounced last night.
H» carried out to th» letter tha |
threat which he made <lnrin* lha
munlclnAl R the Nipttl
%.&iA iWt I? th* culien* ih«re kept
Murphy, a Democrat, tn the coun?
ell for ano<her term h» would do
all In his power to "fit" him for th* '
jv*it two rears. '"rl-J): of the
r.ftchtfi ward, a Republican and the ;
f oldest member of the council, waa
also alighted. Dnutton was the or.Jy
Democrat who trot in,'! Ilk* a
fair shake In the committee ap
'Murphy, who In probably better
, Informed about the municipal !l«ht
: plant thai any other member of the
: round!, who has made aererat trtpi*
to Cedar fall* to personally Inspect
th* work, and who for the pun! four
year* has been chairman of the cltr
lljchta and Uirhtln* plant, wan taken
off that committee. Th* only com
mittee of any Importance -n which
he wan Riven a place was the street
committee, and he was not Riven \
a single chairmanship. He wan
, iriven a pi * on the Judiciary,
claims and labor committee*, which
handle generally nothing but routine j
Crichton. b»ln(r » Tl*publlcan.
earn* out Just a little better. II"
«ai put on th* flnane*, flr« and
water and parka committees and
vu mad* chairman of the beahh
end •-.?.» • ■: and labor commit
tees, He »;ii> formerly chairman of
No Pity Shewn
"FM years fate was after me con-'
tlr.'ioualy," writes V. A. Oulli
.Verbena, Ala. 'I had a terrible cam*
of Plies, running 24 tumors. When
•II fall* Bueklen's Arnlrn Balve
cured " Bfiually (rood for n>irrm
and all aches and pains. Only the. at
G. O. GUY, Inc., Second ivinui and
YasUr, >)iui( store. - „' -
• R»»*rv»-<1 stock * Port, Hh'-rrjr.
Angelica or Muacattl Wine ■!•
ways $2.00: now ♦1.50 per gallon.
104 First Aye. South
Frte Delivery.
th* fir* and wat»r rnmntlK- Owi
way of Ihr Firm, a t>vtno<-rst. rante
out but iiitf* ».rtn-r than Mur»-hy.
llonom wtr* h*ar*d uiwn itu-:«\
tnJ ut«n ftowtm. who live* to Olll**
want nnd Siullrn lit:!-- Ino l.iv
l.»h!>-. VUt'W w«« mad« chairman of
th« f!r..ir>- «• and harbor and wharv*«
committ*»a and mi aluo arr-'l'i'"!
on tb? »trt«t«f fir* an I water, cnr.
puratluna. civil «*r\i. « and uiarit*.
in,., and rroundjr and tngroniMfl
bill*. .- ,
- l'.t..\m ■ m made chairman of th*
coriKiraUun* rrtmniill «•■«•. Mullen of
Hw? street committee, ZMndrn of lh»
Hi* and «ral«r committee, Rurnett
of the police commute*, IJ<njarhTn of
the li<-*n»* •>' 1 revenue >mrtiltl**
and I<urn«tt or the city Ilirhtii and
Uuhtlnc and civil aarric*,,commit
Ju<llH«ry—Col«, chairman; Johnaton.
M 'irt>hy.
Finance—Had*, chairman: M lilrn.
Criihtnm, liuriirtt, P»i*ro. 7,ti-ui. n.
• • ■•— B*t) )a mI • rh,ilrm*:i, Mullen.
;'.l ir.li-o, i;:irnru. Murphy.
M!n»t»- >t iii-n. rhalrmaji; Zblnden,
Benjamin. Hud*, iluri .hr.
H*v*nt_Johiuntan. .irman, Cote,
I: in < it. Iln«r«rt. Molten.
Fire and Wat*r~ZMrH!*t». <-h«!rman:
Crtrhton. ltndfv IJrnJamln. tlurnrti.
Police— rturnMt, rha)rmaA; Zbln<t(m.
II .wrn. Cttim, l>.\iilinn.
!.!••«- Mr and Rrvrnu>»-{U>nJ«mln,
<-halrm*n; Howm, Uurnctt. J .ti!i«t»n.
Da. niton.
«*oriKirßtlon!> — Itowrn, '»..!) 'matt,
Zblntltn, I: !•!'. r)rn)»mln, Uullrn.
llrnith »n«J K:ti:i«nti<>n ftuhinn,
flulrni.n: Zhlrsdcn. tUnjamln, Hur
n»tt. Conwsy.
I'uSilli- Iliilftllnr* and Ormind*—John*
ston, rhairrnan: llu»<n. Mullen. Itu.li*.
ll»rt«.r and H>mv««-Ri)ij». chair
man: ZMniirn, JV.w.n.
AdfurtlrnUon—Cole, chairman; Mul
len, IJ«rw»n.
tity i.miii »n<l t.Uhtlnr Piant-n«r
n»tt. rhKlrm«n: Mullen. Zbltulrn. U*n-
Jimln, IxuStnn.
Mullrn. • t.airman,
»:i«ri!i.r.« anil nminilari**— Zhln<l#«,
rluilrm ir.: Ilowrn. Cole, Johnxtun.
Ilurn'ti. iVmtiiy.
I'» r • and Iloiilvvardfi —Daulton,
ehulrmiin; <'rlchtnn,* Johnston, llur
n*(l. Con way.
• Hervir<» snd Salary— T\urt<tlt.
rhalrmnn; Uowrn. Mullen, )tud«, H> n-
Jnmln, 7Ai\nA»n. (.'onway.
Huln and "r.l. r nf ltu«ln<>B»— I!. C
0111. rhatrmnn; 1. K. • rlrhl'.i,. K. I*.
Mullrn, ... .1.1 \V. Ilowcn, T. M Imul
Th« rn!in»«"» of Bam M. Piles'
••■iwitii'i.il ' .iinii.-iißn have tx'Kun a
shrewd movement to nt-i 111 c> ■
frtcn<lly KKtlotl to the rounty
convrntlon from the south district

i 'I h- i •?!!■•,i. ». •• forth thai to <i..
--i~"i-> In the vattvy th* >u»«rlnf
«f !.■>>.• Wnabtngtnn by Ib* ixm
•(ruction of i! • north canal and tht
.•>!,». „t( . -ii i(■ ».!■::..)< of annual
flood* 1* of i-nrui7H'iii.t importjuirt;
lUiaiI Uiai Ii!- m in firt- !»■:■:< ...,.!.!> «nj
th« r*fly ro(npl«tlun of th« ran«l
.(••-\f ail <!—, ..i) ! that It lii tr. —-
'"I* th* •;tit > of th« • ttu« t.» of th«
v«ll#y, trr.i;.- <is^ of party, to do
-.11 In their power lo ••- un- rin
»a«k T«Tr«f« la orcanlstnir ■
Roosevvlt-PU** •:■•'• at "rlliu „n l
th* mtm« kin.l of it club la now >•«•■
u.it orranlioit In th* Kliihth i tr.
clnct of the Ninth ward.
Th« AUakft Pa«ine NavtcaUon
Cs>mpanjr"« mmmm tomato, which U
•chrdulml ti> arrive M iti!« city to
day from San Fnnrtato. will |irln«
(he first ahii'itirtii of • ia.ooe-tc.-n . r.
4»f of California <*«iu*nt for th«
Ow«t XWthrrn •mM Th« \mm'.\
will h*v* :>« barrel*. and th. ,<•■«.
>*!>»••• iri ran • -i.UI. which
left Ban FrancUco th!» mnrnlnx,
rill brtnt a Ilk- amount. Thla U
th* nr»t CmUrorfila Mhm (•> b»
ii««-.S In th- tur.j.«.|. I'rlnr to tht«
Kurof*ar» cirmrnt ha« b««i umjJ. Th*
r»n»nl is mar.afanurH «t Pulaln.
WAHHINOTON'. 0 C March I>.—
On. ntahuxh I*i»yne. a fainou* Con
federate "Utack Him-' rstvalry
leader, who haa b«*n falling for *rv
eraJ <t.iy: I* very low tonight. It Is
not thought that he will survive tht
Outlet Clothing Co. Swamped
With Business
The aate nt the salvage stock trotn
the steamer Queen at the Outlet
Clothinit ' '"inii-iny ha* irown out o|
alt proportion in the capacity .-• th*
•tor*. H.itiH'l .y »'<.r<» of people
WT» turrvf'l ...» .)-. unable even to
s>t Inside the doorway, so great were,
lha crowds. An a matter of fact It
ha» (»••-»! found neresaary to build
extra shelves over the table* In or
der to dlaplay the rnortnoufl stnrk of
goods offered, and even now there
ar« pile* of boxes unopened. Of spe
<l.d lr>t• r>»i to women will b*> tht
•iji'-iilrin erf two ram of sw*at«rii for
little hoya and (Ma Each one In
boxed and all are unhurt. The < i<l
or* are a* pretty aa could be wlnhed
for and th* wool la of th* finest
•tut.ni>-. These arc »«>ld all over the
country at 11.60 and $2.00. They'll «<>
tomorrow at 77c.
h Inrr ||»l» «t<x hlnK*
will «'> hi !■■■ v 1 .11 r.
Cotton bach towel*, worth 15c
tnch, will X" nt TV^r.
lioy«' conluroy knee p«n«« wilt be
•old ■< 2Sc a pair.
I 11110 Ik.vh' f ),....! flultf, V
fI.M in. 1 $4 M, tm tl '"
ThM<- Jn addition to th« tremend
ous ttoch of boots, shoos 1111 i Rult*
and coats for m«>n. Thn ln«nnjcrm»nt
assures th« publla that th.m will
1., plenty of help to wait on those
who eom<« tomorrow.
Hale on each day from I «. m. to
S p. m. No wash goods will be on
snl* until further announced in the
Corner Occidental AT*, and Wash
ington Street.
Smart business suits mm]. to or
der, $25. lIKKAI.D, 132* 2.1. •••
■PiPR ElLjI ii 4 m^u b^B I 1 ~-1 r I 1 K« I */- a EjJjP^V emS kSh fEyu-w PiKi
cßka 1 .3 j^■ ■ p^» Emß K^3 B^n EwJI EaQI 111 ri •■ &>^3
pcj B^h bo! S2j nl d^l Kifll kQI SSI .fiP^^M EffESB
I^9 I fgff Via fctfCrobS I^3 I/3B will HP \Hh3bF Kj
The big Whatcom Bankrupt Stock places- a New Suit,
New Shoes, a New Hat, New Furnishings, Etc., within the
reach of everybody. The man of small means can dress up
the entire family for Easter for a very few of his hard earned
Attend the Sale
Men's Spring Suits
Fancy \Vt»nilc«!«, wofth $«>.or> .r. $U. 1).»
All Wool Worntfil Cheviots, Tweed*;detirable patterns, worth $9<x> SI <»."»
Men's 1: !■• rt"i \Vor»teiH, ■ .■ ttylc*, single and double breasted, worth $12.50; now
. , , , .........>.... ..........V<i.*>*>>« 00.85
Men's lJlueand IHack Serge, lundwxncly made, tlimniingj of the best, worth $io.oo;
now v • pv«Bs
Children's Suits*
Ch..dr.n'. Sul, g^, and M|sses ,
BuilK now ««!n« »!.... 11.23 ■»"•*' Jf •"*» ■■ "» ■w" " v
Childrm'* f. and i: Ruila. Hao-plrr* ■
Norfutk. h!.-« iwni* «H •■ -!. Shoes
«llh cr wltbuut •... r ruiUr,,... Jr^S lifi !j ir~ **
#2^3 Vli WVV
ChJMr«n"» J-lilrc* Hutu, worth H(* t\n^u' «-» nn Ct\( <S.^« »5 I I*l
In ...row-it. .n«l f.nry rh^tM*. • I*"} »52 OO Call >hoe». ftI;»
--rrcat twrfaln; wi* «ainc »!,,,. Mis!l*** $1."5 SciHKJI Shots «».I<*
.......|3.4a Mines' $j,;> Dress Shoes $1.15
Tnuth* 1 r«ivey rrajwrtr4 C»»!m»f# OlildrcnTi SI.CMj SJ:»>Ci •(!><?
■uJU. many t«lltrts» to etwu— n,;il..n'. <i -„^I, .« *4*l/*
"... *:i.34 < ,__^ 1 —
1,000 Pairs of Men's Shoes
..7V..r.7..\.«.48 '• M.T3 S» rnUn. Ix*c«W HlßhCut thit.
Urn ."0 I'aunl'ciklf'and Vk-I KU » t+ln Meaa t. «l Tan « > * aid« I'ououra. rtjuUr rrir«i »;
E)1M1 »i.85 «9iv« $113 lo«lo«» »* »"•
Furnishings ladies* Men's Pants
««■.» w-t *« 10- SHOES <„ 2 Worsteds for 69c
»«'iS«W«olfci. two pairs t&« I **gb M- »i 15 CM «**»»;• • 95r
M*n-8 IM OtHHt^ilhrr Olcvra 3O a *" " " * ' ,jjfl All Wool |1.:«H
Mrn'a II WIIa. k M,.n RhSiU 4B« 'IIM Viet Kid I! v All Wonl J .... >r,
Ucn'a ». >. W««l I t< l r -»f 85« . ■•»•• .f 1.05 » and H All Wool litt
ihe Big Monarch
Shoe & Clothing Co.
1317-1319 First Avenue
Half Block North of Pottofflct
Building Paper
800 60c 75c and $1.00 Per Roll
Tarred Felt $1.00 and $1.25 Per Roll
ERNST BROS., 506 Pike 'h~Xtfr*: m"'
.... Not In the Combine ... .
Queen City Laundry
Out Roto Off loom
Main Office and Plant Cor. First Aye. and Bell St.
Down Town Office Third Aye., near Pike St.
Shirts 100 Collar* 2c Cuff* So
V ■----■---.'.. No Wnrh PilMitrt a« Abo*» Trlf.
V.. am «lvln« such EXCELLENT VAM'KH In HriUN'O BUITa
•in.T.INT.HV, «to., arid our term*—sl,oo I'EH WKKK-aro *<> tnmy,
that w» li.v no flack llm# on our hand*. EV'I : IIINII In the way
HTVUHir. and i:i'-T< i-HATi: la r«preacntcd In our aturca,
COMB IN AND BE CONVINCED. .... l;i lV fr 1
Eastern Outfitting Co.
422-424 PiU» Strut, Corner Fifth.
AM others follow and pattern at
t«r htm In »very way posilbl*.
Any fo«| him ropjr or Iniltat*,
but It lakt-a brain* to originate
They ar« not pro«r«"»§lv», up to
data "i alive lii tbetr profcuMon.
If you hay* any trouble with
your Kl.lln.vn, Kladder or Or«
Kan*, rontult Syndicate Doctor.
Th« only true *pecUti*t In ii,-
Northwest In thaia .ilni-an- i.
Syndicate Doctor
109 Marlon St.
Seattle, --*■••- Wash.
- rllng Silver \v»i»t
#_\ Hi-ti«, Btrrtlrur Silver li.lt
UK I'liik, HlillltiK- Pllvrr
j^Jt^ ■ llr«HKhe«, Uoll rUlrW'HlHi
pv&Y\ Hl '*• llund l'atnlaJ \\'ui«t
VAj^ Houghton fi Hunter
704 Flrit Av.nuo
Easter stone, rtsher • Lane Easter
Costumes | : ".' 1 Millinery
Two Big Sales on
Bargain Square
Not only will you find upon bargain
square tomorrow money-saving bargains
but all over the store you will find the
highest class merchandise at prices that
mean much to the thrifty housewife.
$1.25 and $1.39 White Underskirts
98c Each
White Hkfr'« are to be mu<-h worn Ibla aeaaow. th« fa*hlon '1»
--msnda, too, much fullneaa at th« ... no that tin- ISM aklrt may
b« held away from the foot ft* much am poMribl*. For, your J:■««»■ r
buying tomorrow w« have arranged m number of pretty »m !■ « for
your • .hooalitK at thin popular prlre. Mkirti made of fln« • ,ti.f-ri-,
two f'.ui lard lawn mfin*«, with tarka ani b^tnatltrblna;. another
with deep flounce of embroldrrjr and a Ihtrd «tth •!'.[, row of lac«
ln«' its..!. nnd ■!■•!. 1.• ■■ Kljti». Many other atylra }u«t aa i<!tasna;
jrou can •• i.■< t loiitorrow at nineix-ela-ht centa <•»«»»-
--$1.25 Shirt Waists at 98c Each
The popularity'of th* Fhlrt Wulat la d* mon»tr»t»d by the throne*
ho 1...-,*• .•tti-'i'iy bin »>•:>■ inu th«> nrw a(>rlna; stylra. The •!.•; l.iy
on bargain miuar* muntrr la brlsht iinl aprlnit-llke and will int«r>
rat i.i. ! iii ••>■- ail «I. <otn**. You will flnj !!,•■ [>lulnr«t to the n> ?i
--<■><!. the in.,»t »l.' >.-»'.■ embroidery and tu':klnjca ii:a<l«» In the new
eat h'jlm. full front, ne*««t rut iileevv u/)d collar, |■l:n • <l U[on bar
train aquare for your chuoatus of. one day mix, at the popular price
of *l centa each. ; '_ t • ..
Home of Quality and Worth—Second and University
■ ■ . ■ .
Second Pianista Concert Takes Place at Our
Store Wednesday Evening, March 30th, at
8:30 o'Clock. It Is Free to All. WELCOME
_ ' i The second I'lanUta Concert
» ff^gfa^ X »til '"'"' place *' our store. 130'
JW^_.^^^»BpaJSrfV^-jftl Second ivi>, Wednrndar rrv
n WS^St^f^L "'"* at l:» o'clock. It i« fre»
%£?%KK*i|H >' v »rr welcome. Tin -re will t*
B^Bffi^fejjSgiM se*tt fur all thai if 'I hi r< flrnt—
|1 I^^^&c^Kß •<> '■*■ •■• of tti? nrat. The co*» I
B^l I^^* * i kg..in tw m»i-i«1 by
MB BNf ■*■'"■• 'ma Moftatl. and the
following jTcfciiia wlil be rcn
■ i^iX Hi d^red:
■<Wi^jgl*Wßl. 'Itubbtlns Pprinr" ....R«v*klag
MMM| |K£, i'i»iiiiu liino Player.
'iinclin" i iurt
rWmiKiWMOUmSSfkjaEm un Km in Hoffa't —
■fff PjWtMaJm liar.lntit Accompuulmmt.
Sb HNCSP^^kS "(>l<l "■"' Jr"' *;iratd
iffl MMM^VTfiftSfyflM • liminu l'Uno I't.ivir.
™ MSs*'^^^" -I'..o<Ui" J<an n»j».irt«
HfIEHBHUH Mr*. Emma Muf{alt—
W ~^^^MB^ Manlut* Accompnulment.
B| Hflfl^H B^3*S^^i| "Port nnl I'rajumt" Suj'p*
Sfl E|p£j£<nj9C9 l'lar.idA llano Player.
{& 9}&1%8 "!><ar 11.art" Mallei
tt^3l^^BsiiWKii vl^^b Mr* >;mm " **• ff«
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I'l.inlnta Piano Player.
Th(> Pi^nictA Pi-inn Second-Hand Pianos
me nanisia nano nunnlnit „ $158 i 169 $184
PmV?T 1248 and $277, tic. I-i»>- terms.
$10 Down and $7 Per Month
$£%£££ T:J%Z£ Takes a Piano to Your Home
mi will kni/«n !«>• ill mimic lovir« ■»«••» -
that It in ••€»» no I.thy Introduc- . nrmember thin sal* embrace* our
tlon at Hii» time. We will b« (Ud enUra line of lIU-h-Oni,!.- Planoa,
i.. have you look Ihoroo.bly Into ?r*™*- •"<» ***"<> ,I>u>:. eI7- '"fil
ing various make* In Weber. Kch
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PMMN that you can find none maun, S;nyv. »ar.t and 11. & 11.
»uj..rl..r In workmanship or ex- Cheabro 1 1""" Weaver Organs
pr~.lon-.nd very few it. equal. »nd H.nUta I-tano Pta*-.«.
Tin- PlantaUi la aold on easy month- «»34j^»-\
ly payments—<jultp within your a /ffflMUJi^fTll
reach. If you <lmlir to |>urchaae A KdßMHnw|
Turning to the Piano "wlsii^wi
Sale and Organ Sale Jm^f^M
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now mxl (!• -l In mi the aavlnei to yB PRMWWCWi V a
b* had? This mlo can't liuit much WHB^W!
longer, and it will pay you to lock Sififi^BS i'l^'m:\
i the mutter now. jff«KSgpll3 :'jK
Beautiful Pianos $176
1 InctoaH aF t'^^H Now '" thß llmo t0 f »our °«-
IHMtfIU UI «pL Jvf Ktinn. The- ult Include* all styles
and dr»l»;n.r IMcea run .1 $43.
, Beautiful hlgh-Brndo planoa at |ih. $57, $08, $72, etc Tsrma.
$17«. $22». $248, M«9, etc IJ, „. »i pir month. '
Writ* for Catalogues. " - . - «
Piano Deal. rs, 1207 Second Ay.

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