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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, April 06, 1904, Night Edition, Image 5

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Sherry, Extra, per
California Brandy
Per Gallon
Murphy Wine
& Liquor Co.
..Family Trad* • Specialty.
•M-410 Pika Gtr..t 6..tt1»
!f Hal few* • Watch
jJK (hi. »r«h. our price* will
-d^HHt-k lull you. aura
X i j) Hcughton i Hunter
704 firjt Avinut
Special Salt of
Unlv trial Steel Ranges
|-h©U H«m«. tM and up.
red Mont rrnNiTi'Hß c<x
m-ll« Second Av».u» South.
Brunner & Co.
403 Pike St.
Telephone Main 1060
I Navy White Blankets .''
I *u*:t r a ITwai w»l{wt ? is» ',
I $4.00 a Pair £
I W. S. Kirk, 1209 lit Ay. |
Klaa Drt«d Prune*. 11 lbs. for 25*
I Cans Carnatkm Creaua 2Se
D«M Oil t».- gal SO*
A Onr.a OoMt Coffee*, on* that win
■alt you. at p r Ib 23«
Wa tarry tb« H.wt Una of Teas and
C««.«* In th. City.
Try an Order and waa.
Seattle Tea, Coffee and
Butter Co.
7*. Pika street.
•toawaa. lad.. A 17«; B. a. Click 43.
Both Phones Main 1184
Free Delivery
Per Quart Bottle
Old Crow
Keystone Liquor Co.
Wha-laMal* and Family Trade.
1123 First Aye., Cor. Seneca
BJ>UI-"- 1 11/H/ I II fc
EstraeUd and filial without pain by
«'if taw eeUntil* method. UMd by urn
Nervous People
and tho»« who <lr»».l having their
t**U> fitriii-d ar« Invited to call at
our efftce. wbarc <*<• will demonstrate
ta th»!r «atlre satUfActleo our eJatm.
No Charge
For painless extracting when other
work la /< ,i » and a written guarant**
far U years,
. I'liowNl Aj
JWST.a without PLATES... V*»
tuXINOS ....COc
aw VffMuS£&£&^
• Pouri: •am '*• *p- mi Sunday*.
307 1 Str««t, Cor. Third ,
By W. B. Colvar, Spatial Commit
aionar af tha Navtapapar Bntar
priaa A*aa«ial>an in tha Far Caat.
KYOTO, Japan, March !».—ln
••wry Iwuaa, up and down th* street*
and alley* „f ihia old illy. th« l •<>•
Umomb an poking their ringers un
der id* matting on (ha floors and
i-iitli'.«Ujr lnap«t»tlrig the tiny (Hi
den*, lit* kitchens, and then admon
i<Mn» ■>• . Itlaan to "clean every
thine up for h« *mp*ror I* i^mlnii '
Kyoto la ■•ttlng a terrific acrub*
—and Ilka all Japan*** town*.
It needs It I.lit th« tr<nlMa la th«
clranlnf la only dona wher* Ita ra~
•ulla will allow and n<boly ••■•■<■ to
!>• trying to local* and rrn.li. *'• any
of the atnalU that hang au heavy In
tti» air.
Kyoto Is th* third largrst city in
Japan, and II la ruatotnary to refer
to It as th* "heart of old Jai>«u
The dty la 1.11 l years «M and for
over le centuries It was the) homa
of ■■• mlkadoa and the seat of gov
ernment. While tha coast cltl"«
have eagerly taken up th* reform*
of th* past M yaare Kyoto has hung
back and door to tha custom* of
Th«ra ara two fr«*t p«t»c»i her*.
on« tha mikado a !•!*»-th« horoa
Of his anc*itnr« loaf befor* William
th« CotMinaror rtaltad England—
the other la Nljl caatle, «h»r< for
two ccnturl* the f»-i !al kirdi who
aa4 atoUn tha rmparor*! powtr, bald
•wmy and r*ally ruled Japan. •'••
--aidea tha two p»:*c» th« emparor
baa two aummcr haniaa her*, and
ih««r» ar*
NEAni.T i.0«9 Tinfpt.ni
and ihrlnea In tha rtty. Roma of
tb* rr»at»r i-ir,[.ifm *r» In tha vary
heart of th« dty and the palace and
their broad a<T»a of aur round in c
parks almost cut th« dly In two.
Thla oil city la "'III th« MMM of
J«[,,i.i«#i. art and Industry* There !
ar« no gra*t factories h»ra, (rut In
•Mil llttla bouss la a pottar'a whaal.
m a lutm, or an embroidery fram«
that ha* b*«n thtr* for gararatloilA. I
In ona quarter of the city tha spin- I
ners live, in another th» pottvrs, the
metal-workers hava their section,
and the same tradea here run In tho
urn« families since long before any
body can remember.
Kyoto will feel th» war, for sh«
must s«nd her yoan« men In the
army and th* navy, and taking tha
brtad winner out of tha houia
m*an* hunger and prtT.iil"n. In
stead of working In factories nearly
everything ik mada at hnma. and tha
whole family from trembling grand
air* to toddling infant seem to help
in tha work.
In th*s* aqualld mud huta on* ran
see tha most exquisite bits of china,
th» moat
the moat cunning bits of metal work.
In !ha procena of construction, but
(<• csnnot buy here. Us must go to
the merchant, wh» buys of th»
Tha choicest of Kyoto's art treas
ures and manufactures do not go to
publlo kt all. Ona family haa
for a century male the itlk for th«
rini-'i»n'« tuiilcrwrnr. Uthvia arc
I iti.iu. ■• I by lloblaflMv and tlixlt
vitura or other work >!• lit.* i.-n
iiwiiy In th* rollectluna of the aria-
Im liu-y of J.i; an.
Ihuuik (ho *!■ yen rrnturlra that
1 «;i-ii tlvpit behind > ln»».| duura and
Ryuta hub tha mj'ltil th« t>hln*.u
ifliifiKii it i< hoi! Ita fliKxl (I !«•.
. i.li.ti, lluVihtKin i Bin'- In and
mi. H.-.i i!..,i i tl4i> and Hhlnto again
■ar ov«r It. A* M.i» ■>! I .ii v baa
!"»• ii id.' lnt«>ll»>tur«l. rrllgloua and
political b.'-t>ii)ti.-»rtt.m II la only
natural that tha tKtni'l<»a h<*r«
ahould !■- lha (rratcat and that
»n>-h ■«•< t ahould ae«-li to outdo th«
Hut n » ' <•
■ :
lie Is r*i'vt».i about April- la, and
treat prrparstlans are bring inn
Here .■•!•• the bone* of hi* ancestors
and tha ahrtn*>a of all the dead ml
ksilo*~who •' ' worshiped aa go<la.
The empemr «iii live in nig Rreat
palace (called Ooah'i). »M. Is a
va*i roiirrtiiui at rambling wooden
balldlngs covering a docen acres, ail
ttclW't. with » great i. irk and a
tw-uiilfijl garden, within four great
walla of mud and stone.
After nearly a week of r»i tap*
tha United BUUII minister ran gat
trvm th» autborltiea at Tokla per«
mission fnr nn American to visit ih-,a
palace and th« N'!J" r«<atl». on con
dition that tha visitor l-.iv.i hla
Masonia Temple Building
T«^th eitrarled and filled abao
lutely without pain, Our own prep
aration, which hum b**n kept teertt
ail of these years, being Imitated by
all otbera. all attempt* to copy prov- j
feW such failures, as *» are con- ■
• »<)» I to b« iha only palnleM •»*
tractors. The Modern iMintal Par
lors In H*fittl» »i« abunlutely the
only parlors that have this patent
preparation to extract teeth, fill
teeth and apply icoM crowna without
pair Gold crown* and teeth wlth
oat plates, gold fitting and all other
work don* painlessly and by sp«
»- - r
Oold Crowns S.I •>()
Full Bet Teeth t.Yoo
Ilrldgn Work |s.fMl
Onld rininc« ....ti.on
Kllv»r rillln«a , sOa
All work guarantead kM ten yeara.
Modern Dental
Steond and Pike tit.. Seattle, Wash.
Masonlo Ilulldlfif,
Main office, Fourth and Morrison
sts, Portland, Or.
The only office connected with u«
In ftoattf* Is the MODI hi:n-i ai, !
i-rtinera, hi* *hnr>ii nnd his nkel<hlnir
maierluls outalda. i:.i. h aimrtnivtit
or gT»ui> of apartments la a Mparata
imiMiiiit and th.-y i.iii»-r In «!.•■• from
a stngln roptotd «lli'»u»f tv an
mi'iifii. r> hall us
I. Mi. I \. A i NION I' I'" I'
Klnre llii« «-ni|>i-r«ir Is a «■•<! hi"
Ii .mi must hi' a trnt|i|n, m.l no there
can i.- no dceirrstlnn on tha ontr-r
walls—riot pven pulnt. All the riMifn
me of the fiiinllUr ■tvn)li.n h Hi in h
with pTOjMUBg riiVBM, aliawn In all
I'll im ■•- of Japun. Tha walls «r« of
wood and the ri.xim rest in "ii ill"
InM gruuud. Not the first effort Is
made tv hrat Iha bulldlna'* and they
Mm blruk nnd rheeileae.
:» and
ilKll). 111. IX are tilenty of priceless
screens nnd art I• «,-»• iii>-n-l
thrnuch the iambling structure.
Th" center of II nil of course. Is'
th« throne, but there ore quit* a Lit
of 11, m. There la a .llf'.-i.Mil throne
for the reception of each worl of
dppuutitm. They are all allkn
throuKh and could he bought it any
carpet store for uhuut 17 cants. 'I'll*
iimn.-. Indeed. Is nothing inora nor
Iran tli 11 > i aim pie square of matting,
such a* wa have on the floor of the
back hall upntnir*—an<l not much
better In quality either.
There la a rostrum about a foot
high and la f**t square-. On thst Is
another ii.«'. the name height
and half as Urge; in the center of
this Is a Uttla (-toot squart matting
corared box. and here the emperor
sits, cross-legged, with * tiny lac
<li<r atnnd, one althar stda. to hold
the royal sword and seal. In tha
' .1;. AT AUi'ir.NCß HALL
th* aqua:* of matting la replaced by
a big lacquer ■ hair, stiff and uncom
fortable, and flunk*.l not only by tha
ntanda. but by two ugly glided docs.
Th» chair and sareral of the mat*
ling W|gnrM ar* narreun l< 1 by can
oplea of heavy silk. Th» walla ar»
, iavlahly decorated with gold ana
pointed i>ani>le «nd screens and on
wary hand I* the tl-petaled chry-
I <i.in*h»n.iim of the empvror. Hut tha.
j thing that Impresses a foreigner
i most Is the utter cb*erfu!n*sa and
chill of th* shining, bure floors and
the absolute -ii I utter absence ot
furniture. ,
A doxen rooms are oil that the (
mikado will occupy, and thvaa ara
ii i i « ■ ■■■ ■ J
Union Bakery
and Caie
6 Loaves 25 Cents
We *li •'• loavr* of the test
home-made br»a<l In the rlty for SSc.
Watch Tterafrtng mi Manufarturing
W. S. Tarrant I Co.
netall JeweUrii,
Watchtt, Diamonds, Jewelry and ,
10* Cherry Rtreet. BmIII* Wn.
Originators and Manufarturors of
Eagle Buttent and Charms.
Any ahoe that you buy brre I* right
—at leant we think It la before we
e«lt It. If II turns out wrung, you gat
your money back.
jMWtr^n ■ H mii Mii Ijo
ID7 Second aye.. near Union.
nut shown to SlrmiiC'iiii. However,
they are an purely JupuniM uiiil urn
ch(i*i|i<KS us the raat The garden Is
mi'- "I <>■<' mMt "ii. li ill and moat
artistic—from JnpuiiMa Ideuls—ln
lit.- country.
I .klu and - HlllM '"* " '" '*
I II I I M.i 1 L . .Al. MIH.
of id.. J.,| .in. n ,i chiiiuitcr. Us nets
lha •••mm I" to his subjects, win.
I must itv>r MM times, mid hs also
ririlblt* piety in going to the old
li'ili... nn I | m "• ill tolnb of Ills •Mflml
limn, whose II he Invuk^a In
li«ti«lf of his army and navy.
Ii navy drjMtrtmeiita
and ilh- Ki-iicinl staff nil bs quar
tered at lli« Nljo caatla, which t'ov-
I ara nearly .<« much urouiid as the
j palace, Th* csstle Is rrally a furl,
• With hug* ai.ni. ami earth walls,
flunked by guard towna and sur
ruuiili-J by v girat mont. BntTUtca
Is r. iliir.l through rn.>ini»ua gate*
! waya, vtl.l. mi cluaai with hug"
. nall-studdad gules and reached by
i a dravt-brldga.
• >inra t» I
Wit.!. not nn mil.
by ti<i'i|i. il<i »1.l M.I- In ,1 Rtlnl'l"
Amvrkati <-|..»<«ij cmrrlac*, and h #
■uli* will follow In nliiillhi • in riur"»
Th« •-ii.i" i-.r win %\r ir his uniform
• • Mm ■ ••ii,n..iti.Ur of th« army mil
th» n<%v «n<l Dili* avoid vllhar *\i
i'»»iiiiK in » «ilk hat anil I'ilnc* ai
b«rt or In imtlv* <lr«»»
livery ' hllj 111 Kyoto will b« or
>«•■-! to li* at mi a««ticn*4 plaea »n>l
•buut awry . h!!J aa »el! »■ tvrry
irutj« »ikl wotnan la lit* city will t>«
m iiMi 1 <]r«*»a*4 In >>>■ "i *»••'
f WTi-n ll.i* •mpvror ro*« by tb*r«
win »>• no ch*»ra and not ft aotint)
nt*|>l a, alow itn<t aol«mn dapplnc
of hnn!< TMn alow haad>clap I*
i.t !d» tempi* mi J la tha only tribula
t:ia! ran b* paid th« ••;.i..r A*
11 .itwl lii r! |M through bl« em
(itra i unruaxd#d. for a, UapanM*
[t/u«|i Mt KHin think of (r)»""? »<> put
put 0«« »un aa to kill th« «r..N^>r.
' #>tly » few >MM !•«<> !b» >»i'>»
'»»ie «-un:j"-IS*- to clew* thtlr MM
•nt Kr.|. nii !!>• ont of atchl whan
l&o.ttnperor pa»»»d by. Tt»»jr c<Ml>l j
ro'.Mo-'k at him. Tlt« laat !lm« h»
VUittd oti« city the mayor notlfl*!
|h#*t*«tl* «hnl th»y M*4 not tear*
the sir it !» when th« emperor pajuietl.
[ has Riat •V.i« proper attitude la to
f!«i!, with l.w.i haoiftrc down,
h*a4 forward and *y«a down. »Mi. \
nMtlofilM*. No on* muit ralaa an
timbrtjj.» nor bind bla iin-k with a
• ■ »rf, tnJ bo on* mar amoaa while
i.i« m»J»atr p«aa«a by."
Bo Kyoto la claaalng up for tha
cmp«ror'a arrival, an! tb« oij«-«t in
habttanta am l«Uln« MM of th* do-
Ihx* of th* old rmparor and th« f»u
-iUI loi.:» an<l chl«-fa who ua*d to
•trUKSI* fur power and land In dayt
con* by. W. H ivil.VKii
OOlsn, Idaho, April (.—Town and
<Str «-Wtl«n» ware held throughout
Idaho jraaterday. *tf*ptlnc at Bate*
in.l t^wlit'm. In noarljr all plan-* •
U>* '<au«* w»r« local. |lH ■ bi»f on* ,
t»in«- that of •nfofdnff th« law '
aialnit ombllne. No far aa beard
I from. tb« antl-gamMlng candldataa
I bar* won quit* generally.
' ST. JOSEPH, Mo., April — Th»
IMnocrata *!»<'.( W. E. Sprntt
'I nny-ir and two councilman jmtrr
<i»v, Urn r*mnind«r of th» Itopuh- '
11. in i )l4at«* »«l!i* mi-,-.•►fill
1 Tho' re ■ant adinlnlslralton la It*- '
• publican.
KANSAH CUT, April *.- i:ic-.t|oni>
fnr minor offlcrK w«r* h»l'l In th»
i l»rn"*r •<!••• of Kuruiaa v»»|i>r«l.<v
In Ti.p'lu. LAwr«fir* and Wlchlti i
j thf Rrpuhllrana rlrcted •>!! Ihrlr
i r«n1ll,i(-» and In I^>avrnworth »'''l
, K•"»••• City, Kaa.. th# ttrpubllcana
' »i *-i»-1 a majority of »h- orflovra. \
UKNVKH, April (I — KWllntu w»ri»
hrll In th» clt!r» nnd • :\ rm of N»w
IMm vriit< r l.iy. Th« H<ipubllrani> '
' won vlctnrloua ..I I <• >•(•»» unit
i Hull nn<l Hi'- ••iiiiHiatN at Mull
Fe. ' --.-
COI-OX. April «-Th«> Mill Hall
r- .<■! • •■■n|>nti» • «t>-*m'r Allhtni ■• li:ia
iinii.-il h»r« with th* I'nltnl fliatra
canal commliwinn '" board.
KANHAM t'ITT, April 1-Jiui««ph W.
Polk .!»(•.I U*t nlitht ili.it he "Ml,!
not accept th<> nrmocrallr nomination
r r vlf* |irr»Mrnt of Urn I'liltnl Rtatva !
If ii wrre nff.-rr.l ta him
licit dinner In Mffit with San
trrn«« or flurcundjr, at klalaon Har
berla, B*r.<ind >■<! Jamra. tvrry •»»■ .
nlti«. II "0 ; , / —
— ■• —
Ilavi* row tried a "Bmooth Mlka"
at Tom WillUma, «14 First? Bit
llarda. ••
I\P • aim. April i.-Th« city halt
*.i« rruwded '" i'« M*JTI laat night
Wbrn lit* ■ri-nr|..ii of tha Mtarkey ran
• iii-n for furutahlna; llullnnl with llgbt
mi.l |m*»r r.-.im- ■ [. for Its tut i <■■»•!-
In* and final vulo.
I ha fiaiirlilaa ••■ (ranted by • vot*
of flva la Iwu, Ilia minority i»in«. ■■
of Itna waa >11 . i ir.i ► nrn- mi.l mid
T»l(l Tha ■•■■l'll wai< a Imilfl on«,
ml NTMtI cllllri i>u H< ip-ir.l In
iii. illbuiimlhii of tha proimacd fmi
I '„ n the vota nt about to ba
taknn, Atti>rn«y I. ■, noli)* |... tha
floor mii.l wama4 Hi* council against
too much haatr. aaylna; that Ilia «nnl
ln( of aui'ii a frail-hi** waa a matter
i>f cram Importanea I<> lha cllltcna »t
tha illy. Mr It. . | ..1.1. la • 1..-M) at
lom»>- for ilia Mn<«)u«lml* Ulaetrlo
oumpany and »>•• for about a year
\trr\l ■■ nt ..ting to git all ll'l'H'4
-11. in for hla principal* -.ri.u*ly con
■ldar*d by tha him II Ilia objacllon
, «»a r-«r.i.|..i »» natural, atttca th»
«n.i,iii,«- of ih« Htarkay fran.
would prscUratlr kill all tttliwn fur a
i Bnnqualml* fran<»ila«
M 11. Vi r ii. on* of Dallard'a l»«1
--i Ing ililirni. in»»i-ii-.i Hi" arg.mi- I of
Mr. ll»yn«ltla. Ha MM that <l.*ri> had
already l-"n aurrii-lnnl dolay la tha
1 bhii.i and that .v.rir Mrcaaary pre
. _ iiii.n had bc«n ta»»n aaainat any
(II that might •->.«,• of " - 'Htarkry
f rarwbla*. It hail been amandrd ao aa
to »»f.ir-l II.<• city rrmir prolaotloo
■ ■■Ilia! any .1.-l«n of aril, and th*
rlty would !.«• prolocted by • • a»h bond
of t:.i,». wnlch tha Htarkajr pwipla
would forfeit in caaa thay did not ful
fill th«tr contract. In view of thla.
Mr Vrrnon ar«ued th»f« til no n»««1
of further daisy and parlry, aa th*
cllr would ha tha b«t«rr for tleatrio
». rvl i- if iii» nurk*y fran«bU* pr"»»<l
a ►>!■ i «*a. a."i.l would ba Sl.«*' ahaal IS
MM It proved a ralluft Mi tb«»«bt
that mtffMattl «>i«ril had b««n pla««d
a«aln»t tha poaalblllly of a daatlla
Wl«-iiii.- owtnpany Ilni'rr In tha pla. and
tbat Hi. only thlna; that rt-malnad to
da waj to [iaaa lh<- franchla* and »*
--p«dlt* matlrra, ao that OaJlard coutd
U*g a aallafactury •-r*ls«.
Kir Itatron w»a nail 10 •[>•»'*. l!a
»«!m nUhrJ fuilar < «iald. railoo an4
Special Pi«3O\o
MHHb T&HffiH Offered by
■Wl i^s9^ IB J 1 w\ aOb "W^*^^^% «r% ♦*%
HS^SPaI Clay & Co.
711 Second Avc. Seattle
■^■fcg^gff^^jß^^^^Kj-j For- a month past we have had the car
■^^^^HH^P§K^^^^**"^TE3 P«ntcrs, painters and paper hangers busy
■oa| A renovating our store. We now present a
B A different appearance, and claim to have
HHHfIBHyHIHHMHI^HH the best appointed music house in the
Kort Invest.
We find, on rearranging our stock, that we have 24 fine new pianos, scratched, marred
and otherwise damaged. These we will put in first-class condition and offer as follows:
SPrafYinr ¥*«£», rtrtc Regular Price $350. Cases: Walnut, Oak and
cramer **«-Il Mahogany# $1000 downf $6 a month .
From $1205 to $12 < U
"7Rir>Ktnnn/1 Piannc Sam< M «old on the Club plan at $290. Latest
/ ivicniriorvu r-ianos dcgignSi line casea $ 10 ,oodown,$6imomh.
From $11)8 to 92-17
4 IT of AX/ Pi A nn<J Regular Prices from $400. $425 and $450. Hand-
H i^sxey x-iA.rios> some degigns^ $lOOOdowllf $3amontlu
From Sjs.ilO to $.£7B
3FmArQOn Piar»OS Rfgul" Pricel 5375. $400 and $435. Beautiful
r \2£- «;?, O2> design. $,0.00 down, $ 7 a nv>nth.
Prom 9(295 to $.><>!!
1 A. B. Cha^e Piano Handsome Piano, Mahogany case, beautiful
A. tt. utiase nano tone Regular pnce $47 K 5 .y
Only <poUn
1C*«« P«a n^ Small Size. Mahogany case. Good tone and action.
IManO Regular price $325
Only $24 3 J2 __,
Every piano as represented or no sale. If you can- PIANOS
not come in, ring us up, Sunset or Independent Mam —,^^ niTIUT
415, and we will hold any piano for inspection. 1U KJL^IN i
711 Second Avenue Seattle, Wa^sh.
,_, %J - u -. J -^-ui_ri_-..n.-i.i-..^^ J -.ri---n-i-^.rL-u-u-'-r<-r.r.-^ i- L r. -ii-ii «- -»-- -- — —-»^^-~w*>*w>*»^»~-^.-<'s>
Come in and Hear the Wonderful Victor Talking Machine
■«l<l Mm' the runnel) ahoutd not I" too
haaly In IU action, ■!>' eerlouj poa
albllltlra liu'l been called to attention.
H. »• iul otbrr ■ Ml;l»ri» ad'lr«-a«'<l the I
council »>t ' ,r« th« matter wae put to a
vote, and whin the volt *»■• Kit**.
••oh •■..Nnrllinaii. In m brief »ii»»o*l.
cave hi* reaaon fur vlm ■» h* did.
Tli« mlnda of the varloua eouncllmen
on th« •>/!/]<■.■) »■ i« well known, aad
III* vota ocrn«lon»d no aurprtae. Mr.
i I (( and Mr I'ltiri-raUl have bean
etubliortily oppnalng m ■ franchlae, and
tba <ri>>< r muni llnirn I'M. Zonk
hava been Ha p«r«tatantty urging It
ill. latter fa- linn have baen a-n*»<l
i.. I!" 1 former of being In league with
Uir IK.itti* >:i»Llrlo company, and '.
1 •■«« and Kltaxrrald iiava b>—
charged «!t|i l,«,«n« a Italian! Klec-
I'l company ax* to icrlad.
Starker >>"* ni«< to put up a X.MI
i.'ml and • un cash I* to bo paid to
thaoltt linni>>dlal«ly. Ths frwn> ht«« I*
fur fifty yrara, and after tha fir.'
flva v»»r» tba city la to rec*tv« l*»
annually during th« remainder of tb«
Ufa of tha franehlae, together with;
a p*rc«nla«Ta vf O.» «ruM racelpta.
Mr. ntarkay ilttM that hi* ooni(>any
will craft an lf» ml cold atorair* plant
In conjunction with tin airctrto piaat,
tha plant to bo aoa9|>latad by tl»« flrat
of MM Tika city la fuartntaad tU*
p)n«ri. «-*inll» power llchta ready
within (our monlha, and UICMt U«hU
wltbtn 10 i»>aatk>«. Iha plant la to coat
HB.«W and 1* guaranteed to i,» Hi.
i«h«4 within all ntootha.
Tha majofilr of Dallard'a clUxena
•Min<-<> much i>l»aa*4 with (ha irmt
leg of U>» friuicbl**. ** they regard
Ilia ll rttUiit at atrvlca now being fur
t i«Ha4 by Ik* IlaUard Kl«trir com
paar a* not only a p«raonal Inoon
vaalaaaa. but a drawtaek to th<- proc
r«aa u( tba t '<< .
Manager Blmpaon of the I* •Hard
Kl^.trJc company haa aalil that only '
»n<* tliruic oumpany ran llva In Bel- •
lard, and that In oaaa (ha Rtarkay
franohlaa »rr« granted, til* UalUrd
Hwltlc •O*Ja(«' • property would ba '
for aala. It la poaaible that (tia new
compass? will bur out tba old -com
Other ma'lara »■■ <c tliaa taken vp 1
by the council. |
OF A. 0. U. W.
One -if the Important tn«a«ore« to
ho takfn lip next \V«-<ln^»il«y at lh«
meeting Of tha •'.! '•■ grand lodge, of
tha A. 0 >' VV . In liesttle, Witt
I,* a meaaure to aulopt »!.• Inauranca
rat« ■<lo|''«<l by th* national gather-
Ing !.• II laat year. A«ld« from tha
new lIHIIHW rat.» lltttet work of
it»nc« >• to «iiii« up.
Read Your
g*^ • /
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Second and Union

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