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(Sp*n*l to Th* 9*o
11.\1.1,Aß1\ ivi m Th.- i Ity of
V.ill.ml became the rictwr Li HMO
on Saturday, when 11. .. Starkey
forfeited his cash bond in i id,.
franchise ittveit him for the con
struction and operation of an elec
tric power ami light plant.
The franchise una bitterly fuiiaht
In the city council when the appll-
ration a/as made hy Mr. Marks)
- but ait Mini, thle settlement wat
fir. ill* hmuitht about by concessions
til ta* terms and by the agreement
that Mr. Starke) stum!.l deposit In
the city treasury |I.fasi in cash, \a
lie forfeited in rule the plant ahould
not t>e completed within am ilaja.
.The time limit rxplred yeaterday
atnl the money gm-s t.i tie* city. It
Is in.l. , .1 >.>.! that Sl.il l»r> a backers
failed htm ami that MB effort* t.i
Interest California capitalists In his
franchise have 1..-.-11 In vain.
The Ilailard Elk* chartered the
steamer Kalrhaven for to.l iv and
are conducting nn excursion to the
Tubillp reservation. They will atop
Cos. Plrat Are. '..! Cedar St
T.i customers buying to the
amount of |i>» in our Shoe and
Dry floods tvpartment, by pre
! senting thts sdvertlsi we
will give m
slb _9 _m^
x. 1 I __****.
cs lUC
Bargains in Ranges
Some tit-.tt-.R been used a little:
1 Ruck Range, oven liato
1 Bridge Resell, oven lTxtl
»351*1 l
I Garland Range, oven ltxXt
I Favorite Range, oven 1%x~...i
1 Jewel llant*. oven lliM
I 1 Majestic Range, oven 1?x51...
.... '..'....542.00
I Majestic •'.-.'■ .-■ Rsng*.
area 13 inches square original
cost lt_U». our price... » .-. •*•
I Ohio Range, on en Stall
.4 9-tftO
.We also hare a great number..
of Urge and small cask stove* st
a great earing. :
Dafcney &
Hole agents for ike Charter Oak
Phones—John ttl. Ind. A lit*.
Complete Credit Hon pet imßiurs
Closing Out the
■ s_. __ ' -a *g
Steel Range
We hay* too many kinds of Steel Rang** The display Is too
Urge for oar space and la really larger thsn any stov* house need
carry. W* show th- MAJRtmr STEEL AND MAI.I.KI
STEEL RAMOS and the 11K1.1.A 9TCKI. RANOH, besides
various styles of BTEEL COOK HT».%'KH and CAST IRON
UANOEH. Altogether the display conststa of Bitty-fear samples.
We hast concluded this I* too many and are closing out the Re
liable-no. Ln aiisi- It Is not good for Iks money, but simply suse
our assortment Is large enough without it.
In accordance with our custom when » >!■-• l*lon of -hi* natur* '
. it reached, w* have made prices on the Reliable Steel Rang* which
csnnot 'all to affect a clearance.
. The Reliable Range Is mad* In a first-' manner. Th* body I*
of polished steel. Range has duplet grata for wood or __■___, large
ash pat one-piece flrebock and sectional top pistes. Hot toni oven
plat* 1* riveted 01. all four sides arid Is of hesvy malarial, fully
braced to prevent buckling. Rear flue la mad* of sheet steel, with
cast-Iron elbow st bottom to prevent rusting out. Th* Rellsi Is
fully nickel trimmed and has spring-balanced oven door, with ex.
tension top shelf. Notice tbs prices:
No. 4*-ll—Has four 1-Inch holes. No. M-l«—Has sit l-lnch hole*.
oven Hil'-fxl-' >, Inch** and top oven Hil-il.", Inches and top
T7%xSZ Inches; regular pries nHxJI In. lies. regular price
tw.*!) closing out price tJt.OO; closing oat price
»2 I HO I • •'••827.50
No. M-l*— Ilia sit »-lnch holes. oven 18x1.1x11',, Inches and lop tV4%
... .17 Inches; regular price 141.00; closing out pile* SUM IMI
Complete Credit Houiefurnisheri
Second Avenue, Madison and Spring Street*
at Kvrr-tt. where 188 1t.11.i.l Ilka
sin play ii gun ii „.. ball wllh
tin- Kveretl Ilk*
The funeral of the 11ca\ J. t>. Rust,
who died Tuesday, M 1. h*ltl yes
terday nneritiion nt the Kltst Bafti
Hal church, ..I which lis w.ta Iha
lat* paster. I rtl ii.la of the tletid
iniiiisiii filled the church and Iha
cereiimtiy bam beiiutlful go* itn.
i,i.-»Hii,, Th* many ri,,, ii offerings
Wrt* ordered distributed suiting i he
various hoapliul* tad char Itt bit In
stitutions of i fie ctty upon the re
quest ,if Mi* Unit. The remains
will be ahlppsd .i.i i" llopkltiavllle,
Ky., the former 1101110 of tin- dead
Representative of International
Union Working Among
Sound Craftsmen
Wot the purpose of in-tieiing th*
fishing Industry on I'm. sminJ.
IMii.il Hosenbiirg, orgutilser ,ii -lie
Ktshernien'a Protective I'nton of 111."
Pacific Coast end Alu*kn. I* now
' working among 111 fishermen on
Puget aound with a view to enlist
j In* them In the union. There ars
I It the i-i.--.-ui tlin* about 1,000 flail
I ermen un the sound who nr* not
I nicmtiera of the union .iaihl the aev
| ret*i v of th.- I "la'i men's Protective
i I'nlon of the . ii i some time „,-,. ap*
I i>ealed to til- International Fisheries
ll'nlon. to take some slrp by whim
; the fishermen of the sound could be
•brought Into the union, with iii. re
i suit that Mr. Rosenberg was -1 ■ -
j tailed to place the matter before
j them.
"Unless something ts done to reg
: ulate fishing for stlmon otw ttie
sound, a few year* at lit suffice to
•-xt.-tii.lri it.- the- fish altogether."
i said Mr. Rosenberg this morning.
"und whal w* want to do Is to get
the men mauniar-l so tti.t they tan
work as a body for the protection of
the Industry."
Bo far fh* attempts on Ihe part
of All Rosenberg to organ!** lit*
| fishermen outside of the union have
t proved successful. At mass meet*
1 liias held st It ill.it.l and Tacoma
the man talked '.. signified their
I Wtlllltgllt'** I" enter the union.
A* soon as the ... « in tlon **
j complete dsman is will be made on
tine legislature to limit the catch
t Ing of ailmou st certain per hut*
'and appeal* will be also made for
'a larger fill' 1 for th* 1-!,'. -IS*! of
j the fish. The appropriation* mad-
J it present are *.v 1 lo be far too
aii ...
Beauties of Ravenna
i;.;A folder Illustrated with photo
[ | ulna" of til.ttirese|i»* spot* In
■ Ravenna park ha* beea published
' t.v W. W. neck, manager of thai
i around*. An appropriate political
c notation Is gl-.-cn with each picture
vera Lane, " "Mirror Leake" ml
tbe "Olanl Treeee" ape>ar 111 the*
f folder with It other flne> half tunes.
The Acme Business College team
will co to Hnotvioitah Krldsy sot
' play the Pugst Hound Acsdemy. It
la espsrlsrt that a Lara* . rs»d of
•_ookle*"* and sten.ig* ' 111 ae-
cosnfssn. th* Acmes.
Ouches*, one of Norrla A Howe's
biggest elephant*, and Sully, tt
clown dug. are In line. They are
--ii .i.miii together -ulin.iat na In
separable ... the Siamese twin*
They run r.tres together. Ihey play
rope* tin,! rubber balls ami nt night
the ting etifl* up al the side of lh*
elephant* big trunk mid thus they
-!. .i> till morning The dog slid 111*
elephunt met for the first time dur
ing the circus parade one morning
last month In I--. An*. !.■« II was »
ruse of love at first sight. Hully
sat with hi* master on the seat of *
butcher's wagon aa the puriule came
down ill* street. When h* saw
1 lurries* lumbering by m* wagged
We offer $1000 for a disease, germ that
Liquozone can't kill; and most* of the sick
are sick because of germs. One-bottle free.
We hat* purchased more thsn a
million •'■<> bottles of 1.1,.. ,1..11. snd
turn them free, to th* Sick. Initios
the past four month*, sr* hay* spent
over I .--I 'i'io to m.>un, r ant fulfill
thl* offer. \\i tie,.- don* thla te
ii'ruii't" Ih* sick lhat t.lquosott*
doss what te.e.ti. me rsntvnl do, ami
w* sr* witling to do th* same with
you, if yi"i need It.
What Liquozone Is
—laaoaom I* the result of a pro
.-*« which, for more than 10 years.
has been the constant subject of
scientific and chemical h-wjh lis
virtues ar* derived solely from gas
— largely oxygen g»e~-by a process
requiring Immense appsralu* and 14
•(.iv,. R.me Each ruble Inch of
l.toju=:on* represents the vlrt.ie* of
1.250 cubit- Inches of |h* «*a
Th* result la s product whlrh does
ah, oxygen does, < 'itfei Is the
nerve foeid. th* !.! 1 foot;, the -at -
ettgrr of the blood, tt Is the very
source of vitality, th* most saasatlal
•lenient of lir*. Hut osygen Is a gas
snd unstable; while t.tiiunson* la
fixed snd t-tineiilrsle.l. I: gets an
excess of oxygrn virtues Into th"
blood, to go Wiherever the blond goes.
Th* result I* a .Units , tonic with
whlrh no other known product ran
romps re.
Kills Inside Germs
Itnt the great value of masons
ll«-« In the fact that It kill* germs In
thi body without killing th«* tissues.
'"- There Is nothing else known
whtvh will do lhat. Any drug that
kills germs Is a tails.,, snd it csn
not lie taken Internally. Tor lhat
Children's Clothing B°ys' Clothing
All Wool Cheviot and Casalmeres. At" 7
All tVskil |-h»ti, Oas*lmer* and Serges. Two Iy~
and one-half to It yeara. j t" 17 rears. , ( ]
', Pt
1209 Hulls for 91.76 MM) Hulls for 9.1.80 j »»** Hulls for,.. 91.7.. 114 M Hults for 92.76
11.10 Hull* for 92 OO - lttt Hults tor 11no lilt Hulls fm*•'...f%*.oo $900 0090 for 93.60
1400 Hults for 12..-.0 17 00 Hults for 9«.60 11.011 Hull* for).. 92 Ml jI- 00 faltg for tI.OO
•4.t0 Hull* f0r.... 99.76 17.1,0 Hull* for... .96.00 „i 9 „„,,. t^.'.jft 94 IN)
"■ " SIII--SS _,- ll ■-,!■■ ■-IIS I! J- IIS . a __■■■ , „, _S *■...- ■ _ _. _oj____ |—-. ■-■ ■-- -.. -■ -....,-
Youths' Suits ~1
All mil Htngl* and Double. Dr tatted Suits. Ca**lm*r*B an.l cheviots, An-. It (o II yeara—llo.oo Hulls
'"' ...\r.',?e*t 97.00
■ '—| 1 ' " " ' -
Wash Suits for Boys
Mad* of dttik. tlenlin, nl.i'e-i snd similar wash mnterlal; trimmed neatly and tastefully. Th* colors
sr* desirable. In the different shade* „f brown. gr»y. Mat red. etc. Hettnsai'- pi.in, *<mi* »t.ii I some
figured. All are mndi* In Ih* beat manner nnd n*»e»t design. The aires will run so a* to fit boys from
I years to I years of age The prle-et Sl* re.lv. »d ss follows:
ll.it Roys* Wash "'« 09* I $J.«O Hoys' Wash fii,:, ... f l.ftO
11.75 Roys' Htl Hulls 91- 96 12.10 Hoy*' Wash Sulla . . 91.75
13.00 Hoys' -' ah Hull* , 92.00
- ,
A. Bridge & Co.
1415-1417 Second Avenue -*•*' •«*• ♦« D<"* March*.
THB SI Al II i Sf AH—MONDAY. MAY 30. 1904
hi* till wllh joy. Nil.! tin big • !'•
phiint play fully lifted her trunk nod
c.i.-... i the dog In her o»n peco
iiur fashion, Their kindred spirits
met and rrcitgnlsnl esich ntlirr. The
dog bounded from the wagon and
ti.;-- m. -t st the elephant's heels
All Hint day Ini' ti> •». mitt Sully
-tv- I. close logether, and llel*ler. Hie
superintendent of the rlephullt*.
H..i.i-..-.i ■ >i.-iv from on* end of Ihr
m< n nt, ii.- In th* evening he called
Ihe attention of Mr. Row* to ota
strung.- union. rt
"I caul lik. tl., help Htm fr«*m
her." explained llel*l*r. "When, 1
Iry II she howl* Ilk* it demon as 1
th* due whine* a* though hi* li-.r*.
reason, medietas Is practical!;?' help
lens In any germ tl.ee*.-
I.i i'i--/".. •■ Is so certain that we
publish on every bottle an offer iif
11 .-'". fnr s «'.!*• germ that It can
not kill. Th* tea a. it Is that germ*
are l.g.talil, • snd an ax.-re* of
oxygen- th* iiry llf* of sn animal-.
is .1.n.11> lo vegetal matter. I.lqttei
snn* la certain destruction to Hi
raas* of a renn trouble. yel to the
human body It I* th* most helpful
thine in th.- world.
W« i~.ll 1100.000 for the Ameri
can rights to I.l'|iii.s..n.- because
this product aloue rmn end a germ
Germ Oise rases
These tr* the known Be'- dl*
eases All thnt medicine m do for
the.- trodV.rs ts In help Nature
overcome lh* gsrrn*. snd suck re
sults are li, lli.-. t and uncertsln
I.l.|U.*r.|l" kill* the germs, wherever
Ihey sr*. snd ths results sre Inevit
able, Ity destroying the • .n.r of
Ih* troulil*. It Invariably ends th*
disease, and forever.
'Asthma II- Kever — lnfltt*ri*_
A bar***- A',, ml* Kldrte-y litaease*
lit* i„ 'III* I-.-.,- --. i li. .t
lltoori I'l.ta.tti l.a tlrtnpa
ll'ljtil t ..a.. Il.i I r.».1,1. s
It'.e.l ii,"i '.re statatia—N'euralcta
Coughs-Cold* •.In.. II- art Trouble*
l *„i sufnptlnll l!'*** —l*°SUßßS_tt
Cotk--<Y«tip feieuHay-AVtitrtsy
t',.i.ati-,,*i,,.ii niieumatism
Cstsrrh-i'awer akin M»e*s«-*
|iy**ntry-tHarrhes f- r r it* Hvphllta
I '.ii-ir ,'X lii. |a i gtomerh Trouble*
I i,*;-I ala ''•hr-'.il Trouble*
l.i.iii i:iui|"li'T'i'"-' il-i't
|e*vers-OsllSti«Ties Tuman-fleers
O.iitr* <; .in Vsrlos-oeels
Ounorrh** -Oleet Women* Illnesses
AM dl*e**e* lhat begin with fevtr—
tviiiiUl In ••nil."
The • ii.ii.a:. affection In retard •*
tin' ituys |m-. -I'l. :.iiiii bus mult' In
fill, me over Hut lies* ttin 11 lins 11, la
ter or ii] uf 1.,- .lulu, il inrit. ilu
•1, ni', hii forenoon romping with
hi* ponderous companion. Morris
0 Hutu-'* ahnws opened b three-day
engagement in their line tents op*
|mih||ii tlie baseball paik llil* rtfter
ittiiiri lo 11 Itttije ituilli-iii-e. There will
be 11 performance lanlght, i»n ptr?
f.,i in *s tomorrow 1111.1 Wtdnttday
W.iic!'.;...ut Rushes Down
Mountain Side, Sweeping All
I Hcfore It
. GKNEVA, M«y 30—A wdtsttpmil
Still, it I _.» a i.in ins, 11, ih>- IIIIHIII
lain*, ihl* nunttliia un.l H.I 1,000,090
funic* .I,.in. i| , a huge wall of
ti.tter ruahe.l ilnwn the iiiuuiitnltl
stile, lertrlng lonise* ftoiti lln it
foundation* .md destroying crops In
Ibe tidal iliiu I :
illy Btili.p* New* Ass )
IIKIU.I.V, lAgy 30 - Klein* Journal
today rtportt thai Hear Adtiilrul
ratoea I'clitniiialiy h.s been hanged
all'iirt Arthur for treason.
,A recital will be given by lb* ad
iii.i. I (.>>i il. of Miss laongat te in
\*j',, .- and ilruii..-ill. ,vi In the parlor*
nf the Mclli'i'llat Protestant church
t.Jtporrow evening.
alt Inflammation—all catarrh-all •"*•*•
tagltius disease-*-all tb* results ',f Im
pure rtr |„,i,.,i,,,i a htoiMt.
in twrvoua .1- .11111 l.ltjuosnn* acts
** a viiaitter, st«umplt*hlng wast no
drugs csn de.
50c Bottle Free
If >»-,i need lj.j'-.or..ii». ant ha-,*
never tried It. pleas* send us this
con jam Vs.- will hen mall you en
order un 1.,-..! local dm lata* for »
full-sin* bottle ale! we will psr your
druggist earaeivea for It. This is
our free gift, mad* to convince you:
to sh<>« v, ii what IJ..ii..rnne is. sad
what 11 rfttt do. In Ju.ti - r to >nir
•*lf. plea** a, ..-i.t It today, for it
Il t -.-* you in. ter Bo obligation
I.i.ri'ie. ne cat* Mc and It
Cut Out This Coupon
for thl* nffrr msy not sppesr
asstn. nil out tb* blank* ami
malt it to th* l.t'|..i-t liann* Co..
a* *» Ujm.li Aye, Mini'
Mv .',:•'.." IS
I have never tried !4o,u«»*"iie, hut
It ymi will supply ma a ltc bottle
fre* I will lake It.
Hit* full sddrea* Writ* plainly
Any ptijralrlan or hospital not >*t
using l.i-i'i • •"• .11 he gl*dl» sug
plied for a test.
The steamer Humboldt arrived In
port f null Kkuawiiv nnd «..ini,
em .Ai.i-ii 1 yesterday afternoon wllh
1111,000 In gold fiom Ibe Tl end well
mines ,1 that place und CI passen
gers. Commander .1. <*. Caiklnt, of
the llalilhoiiMti service, uml In. 11. N.
fi.le of tlm revenue i-utter Hush
were passengers down mi the vessel
There sere no pii»*.'ii|»et» front 111"
Interior, f'nptnlti Itinialiiitiui report*
A-ery warm wciillier fur this time of
11,, year la Iht Lynn i »*el dlßtrlct.
01 i i hi: i,<h.ii i:uniu:.i
ii mm i 111511A1.11. im zn.i •••
teit-ICIT First sv.-nu*,
llrtwsen Vine ami f'rdsr.
Reliable Dry Goods Store
Four Leaders for
llli-lltlieil PrPPerell Hlirellng.
Value tie, far M •
I.ia)'' Itutistf* iiiiii Figured Drtta
I. if. na. value ISc, fur U'r,m
Mia. i- and Yniltlis' liliirk Hose,
BOB* tlye, value l*tyO, fur
8 l-3o
l.it.inK ("amblics, all colors, valu*
to, fur . 4e
1,, , n
y tfi*
tjml (v ~i
-.f. f^r ,* 1. - a ' __________________________} _____
C mmmm*P^^£gr*m *¥%. "*^ 6&_^_u^^_^^^^'^^^t^M_^^^^^^^^^^_^^T^^__n Wktm
ea_HH_HUH_Va^_HBBB_B_I _.• '^___\ ff jdRQr _wHel__r>____________. _____\ t*A*m^maLm—\f **\m ' C '^~'•■^.^■■^■■■■■■^^^
/I IQl* /> ■__ W/-58 mmwlH wf_\
(mmmW*tm\Wo*p\, \ . ______■ Hflf j
r* *_! A^m "* i I ****v TMH
ma Aw t I t"XtVI ■ i •ntrtm^mm
,-al ■».« ' a*B '"
f__9 ffaWowtm ***_ *mm * I - *.g\ im^YmEf __W___Wi__\__\
Wp___l ______\ wl\. 4mW __&■ F-fv-fi-sfl-P-i HIIN
____P__________Han________l__lltm. JIB __B ftAw' f/*~WAmgA\\mAmWmt \ \_wm
-^ 4aA^L*___t___\_\ !_■ f i V-^Wh-S-, m_^l H|M -M
Sa Vn*'^' \S\ IH/
v '^^^^^°s__________r
/t __. AW m WT^b.
/in^ikV ____-*^# / \
A Piano Blunder
Through a very simple error Mr. R. Ramaker of the Seat
we have a very sin,, over- He house did the same.
Mock of pianos.' Result:
„ „.„ , „ . , Mure piano* than the Everett
Mr. Gilbert, of our Portland store could fVcr hold-much
house, ordered a shipment faff j cs% M .|) \\> have decided to
the Everett store. J sell them lure in Seattle at
•if 1 ■ ■ ' j' '
Savings Ranging From $75
to $95 On Each Piano
Bj reason of existing con- The salt- will last six days I
tracts tvith the manufacturers only, I
we arc unahle to advertise tin- I
name of tin- instrument- AT You can have this delivered I
THE CIT PRICE. ' in your home tomorrow. I
You Can Pay as Little as $10
Cash and $6 a Month Jjjft
It i- worthy of note that the The name of the piano is
reduction* are very 100*, plainly stated on the instrti-
I.arger price concessions .ire nirnt — it's a reliable standard
often offered in advertisements make.
—these exist in actual dollars Y.hi are invited to see it and
saved. hear it played.
This company is not Riven But it'< well to remember
to holding "sales" pt-i.in.tllv. that the sale lasts six days only.
Allen & Gilbert
Ramaker Co.
__S b At* a*a __*— , m m
1406 Second Avenue I
(lly H- rl|i|.s New* Aaa l
IIKIIMN*. May 30. Ttie Tiigeblntt
l. pot IS Unit it fier|inin mllitiiry „1
tin lie hus bttO llspati lie.l in the
m*o ————————a————*_____—_—i_a___aa___flßaßß_aaa__a_a_____a__a_aHi
We Make a Specialty of Gent a' Work
We hsv* a espaclty of 70.W0 collar* and ruff* and , OWI shirt* per
week lan tlve ymi any flnlah you desire. Work left st our Main lit- ft£S
' flee, rit.l aV*. and Hall St., or our Down-town Orflce. Third i*. near
„,k* "'■
Shir 10c Collar* 2c Cuff* -Mo
Queen City Laundry
WOltK fII.'AHANTKKD. Km ahi-ihiucm USD.
Bridges, Sfrucltira Iron Work, Men and Foundations, Dredging
by All Methods. SEA] lUi. WASH.
*> '. ———.a ! **t V" hay* successfully fitted over i*,- .*aW*oom
AlVl ■SFlDi*^*'V, rV. ' " persons V..11. ti_i.nn lii K. utile ant Am M_^
.Wj> mr* fi',i**t l •'•" Ci'tfl' Northwest. II 1 .JtSlSßrmk
jfWLI tF J *_4 >«\ Wi gusrantei yon a pair of i-t»»ae* .JAMJ*
iJr'k _ iftf? 'v' »'" f" i:vi:i'-H"i-i- optical I«lß3«*_9
*. 'irlNa. -**T*^F\ 'ii iMl'A.'.'y; phone James ItM. ~« Ceo- v**Sft^
»-A » tad Aye. New Tork block. -*—•.
llni -I .11 M.iii. liiiii.in lii ml.i'l-iil.rK \
with a long nutograbJi letter from |
th* kaiser to General Kuropatkln,, I
The knlser hn* ordered that vi... de*-",'
i slopments and report; be sent him
every six hours. ;v, s
I'l I'M Miiy JO.—irirand tfUr-o
Frederick Wiihelm of Mecklenburg*
Ktrelllx la dead.

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