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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, July 12, 1904, Night Edition, Image 8

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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Ptf Man Only. Turkish lathi 50c
1.1 ii
A Wonderful Opportunity
k VI I
\M > „ 1 \ I
$1 00 rrii w I i X
Eastern Outfitting Co.
Carntr Fifth and I
July Jk."big
these are busy da) here—
our July iiikiv is.mi sale makes them so.
the "Andrew «g
Jackson' chair Jf!
jf^Y - ... J"^^. '•" r«prcduc jn |U
I safe J D
P-V SS!/5 R^
Thl> t» an nitl dupllcat* »f th# ortgtnal
rtulm In which AnJrtw J«rli«vn i.- lto all Ju*l SO ptr <*"* <> b»
In thp long aummrr «Uya «n«l :..«• comfort u.«d If you bur a |c
In his dnllnlnc yrara. cart Htra n«««
hammecka art 2) p«r cent ••••—flat youra {SQ
right away P«
w^^^^h^y * m J. >y^ 3D par cant
* actual diKsgnt
"■*••*«•••« * on ou tto*«c
rolrig*rmtor% arm roUuaoo IB par aant
Standard Furniture Co.
L. Schocnfeld & Sons
1006 to 1016 Fir at Avenue
} ti.xsronwooL y^ £Moy"-¥JO/Y/j/Z/F*~\ »»• ro« women h <
> \ AUK $1.50. \ rOWS J*-*mm*~** ..tr^T VAIA X 6°*'
The Great 3-Cent:
| Sale Now on i
Pro»ri an OVCIIFOWKTUNO ATTRACTION—the onlr words (hut fitly deai-rltwi chit grett w>le. The <
novelty of It, combined with the ImmrnM variety of k<>■»•!» ),a» given everyone an opportunity >n<l
everyone has been pleased. We are prartlrally compelled to <on tin up and ha*« laid every depart- '
ment under rontrlbullua to the Out<-b Aurtlon Countrr* onrm again. NKVKII IIKFtYHIS. prrhaiM t
Ni:vi:il AGAIN will you bafp the rholre of »urh an lmm.-n«.- »arlely of f.t*v\*. cullwl from eiery
department cf the itore at iurh a prlre. Think of It—TllllKC CKNTA Ther*« wimethlnc you '
0 »nt Com* and %>• It. I
5 Great Hotisecleaning Sale !
\ In our rin:«-:iw.r to r<i the mi., v. Into chap* for Urn Inventory »•• bar* redure<] prices nn many '
llnea to merely nominal value* We don't want the i«i>hl»i to fljur* in the Inventory Not* tht fol- i
m lowing |irlie«. They are truly nc»>pt!onal. !■*?*
f 27e Mill bathing lulU, etc.; t»lu« Xc ular 2Jc quality; ppcrlal, |x>r I
£ To rlote out thft balanre of Silk yanl. pair 15a
Jlmllin. Paniceea and Waiih He YARD Two pair* !.!!a3e
Bllka; value*. i<V to Tic For 400 »r It of lit. Urea* (iIHK \W down Uoy» f Hwonda Ultra il
J 44» TAW) hfcmi Heavy Ulryi le KtiKklno. »ln- „
5 For the be«t Callcoea. ORHAT PAJ.R OF IIOSH. gle or double ribbed, remilar '
C air > Mi!) Mi^.>' Ml ii.tr In .• ml His. k 2> quality; on Rale tomorrow i
£ To r!o«e out a lot of plain All How. all *\%t* for girU ito 11 at the exieptlonal prlie of i«r
» Wool WaUtlßjca, ejufUlsat for years, beautiful pattern*, reg- . pair . i •>, '
/ Wednesday's Savings in the Big Bargain Basement i
_^______ r^k S-quart »ls». "Sr, for 55e Mm* .l-«u- •«, for Ac '
#T <s^!B2St!K!^» A few Items from our big bar- 7-Inch Ureakfam rifltes, |oc, fm 4
> ■* l'^';># 7r
' " "hakei Klfier for M»n » Ini h tMtinei I'lstei |Vr, fm tir *
* TP^t*'^W*^ 2 faat 8l«e| Hainnjti I'm X.c l-|m h Dinner Vlates. Ho, foi lor i
Jt •*T«in!w» I" Japanned fiu-i pan foi . r.r I'ItKMKIIVINfI NKKUH. t
. 40-foot llcttvjr 10c Clolhctllli* for MftSQa Plat'J«r», dOMtl Rl»e "
' 10-lnth rvrrrt fifeel flranlNi Col •'" Ma*»n Qitntt Jar*, iinxeri nils <
gp andcr, llk« cut. ZOr, tor... .lHe. China snd OlaHtiri In our ataaoa 2-tiunrl J«m. iln*i-n.. .OB« .
% I-guart lto>»l Hl*fl Granlt* T'» Hi* llarifaln way. Kjtrn I'aim. dox<>n Vsn '
V Kettle, 60c, for „...sß# Pretty Whlta nn.l'i',M Coffee ( "up Kittn* Heavy While Rtlbbtr, lfli- i
gP S-quart tlz*. (Or, fur i:i< und Hnucer, Up, for.,. hi. -i-aen. for s«i
J 4-quait sIM, iic, f0r......... 48« (-Inch Dcanvrt n»tes. In the Krult Jar Filler In "
■UTTI Ann.
•n IWniamlß \..rm«n
ii Hi.
1 ■
• .11 Hi
•» ■ llml
IIONOMTLU, July 12--When
D.ii.mxi 11^,i CaHM l*fl tin hi* lour
of Ih- t'rillr.l :-■,,,- and Inrldrntalty
*■ tirlrcalv to the iihll.hinl i; i „l.ii
ran < oimminn, he l*-fI government*
al affalra In the hand* of -Jura" At-
BinMin, hla lieutenant governor, AU
kln«..i, la a , ■ „ man, and of um
uaual •lerHtlt* abllttr. Tti« i»iplr
«f the IManda tar■ "W#tih j. ta
li- II i- i • . i from."
<Th#«« |*rirr« iir* lo any ttuyvr la
qunrif |iir« I'rlrra «»n Mnali i ,•....-%
lt>, *irrr b«*«-f. tr Ib. txal. iw», ih,
!'•• k > i ■ lb, mmt.m ««i«',- ib,
I" ■•■.»■- II ii- • r. .in ft;
'.'.-■ baton, ltr ||i, bciilca
fr»«J». n<- |b,
r«ii' ■ „-.... >\ „ . „. ii.
Yakltna {mtalo*a, i:a>» prr «««t;
rarrota, II »» pm r turk; m 1.►..!».,.►..!»., j«,
«J<- Ih. ru ll»l.«. |»,. rtcng butuhvai;
»••■•<, ... ...i.. |»r t»r ih»* i.-,vl».
.-•■-■. ||,l$ p, r . „ „ , „,,r
i'" «c Ib; ••« i . .. . ftt |b; 1,. •
I 'Ik
PUOI. Hf Ib.
Or*«n rruil. Kit.
*-.•-. v, ...... |i;-. .i if.
1 « | ...».| | „ |t.S« .!,.,.;, V*.
IrnrU i.r.n«r. no-> M.di«, rt „,,.,.
•>■'■' I | > l».. .... |.''"«llo
>• • I.:, k' -. Ii - i, I ;-, r raU*
IW.Un 1.t,. ii if . |^ |Unan*a,
I: :.ti."'. t.-ir-. i, «. ,1,.. n,,.!,,,.
firm, f -.., i >..-.. ..,.,..,;,
■i I 1 ■ ' |»r bnt, •... l ..,!•• II 1*
ii . ••■■ t»r rraM • •• ■-; t «. hm
i" ■ t .■- I >•■>.-.,.. ii ...i „. r » ...
•...'■■-. i..'.. V „|i „., „,
**•*■ \\ *<<■:<,. ■■■.- 1• ■ .1 ( „.! po t
do«. Hlmnnl i „,- . ||.}» , r . t..,,
Uuibanh. I' . „ • . i „,.■, nv.
HI &•: (Umax. II.M. lurnnll II M
»i i ■'■■ m ...... i *-..;.. |i n
lUa^brrttx, It io,
Mir. Or.U »»t r—4.
«."« i« p»' l»n: «hral. |J7 M |»r t»«
--<h»n. •■■•..-... |»r Ion; .'..,..
I::■••■■ r*»r t«n: bran. !:••« prt tarn:
oil n»MI. |lt»« p»r Ion: B. W. lim
««hr. ll««« t*F Inn: n W. ram
t""»l llmothv. Ui«e t« r !„„■ nrm
• l.».l 1 iv. 11 T M|, ■•. ..rt !„, „,,,
l'ua*i hmu'i-i in, ||}6« p*r t ■.
nil.llllnt«. ||« 00 p»r inn; rtnrk**
rorn. l:»»a p*r Inn: «lr«w, ||*a«
p»r ton. r- „ „. j Mm bo, »r; a-I,
Duller, Eggt, CKtfl*.
> v ~ __
Nallr* rr«-am»rr, ?•<■ prr Ih; r .••
»m rr»i»m»r*-, frriih. Sir Ib.
!:««*-Na• lr» i .! . i fie lion; Or».
«nn „..,>.. Sir. <|o»; m. sj c
• 'h****— N»(tv» nmh, •','.:• IU
Ctilrhit*. hit». He: •;■••», ?•<•
I'll.. llv#, 15c; .; . . . ! ||f| n c |ti
rith. Etc.
Ilalthul. ««M'iP l*r tb: •.: ■ ..n
Irnui. I'-.i li. |»r Ih; floun<t«ra, I*
r«"r Ih hiilmi, !>%r j»r |h; . ■ .in |.t
JJ l«W IU |*r Ib; amrlla, »car< ».
Wan(*rt~lr» drlr«T». f..!;,... tn4
»nKln«-«>r«. Otfod «„. , Rtrsdv
Per Full Quart Bottle
lauaawu. n i i
JU4 First Aye. South
Uotb I'h'.tK-'i rii.u IT.M.
Freo Delivery.
(SpteUl to The Star)
DAWBON, July |J.-Thf OMI
RKiilnitt I'ruf, Ihyitnn, Olbbi and
Smith, i i- „, „i Hiih (grimily know
i Hid Alia liatwl DiirmlilHon. a glil
under th*< a«p «.f nuiiriil, have i ome
to .< autiden halt. mi Oik airuard
In ihi> i,i . . havi< Iwen rtttiwd.
ICath *a» required to In- plant! on
i.i- own m-ocnltanre for »i,oo«.
ll( rcd.fiin' i.ii.i-, ami Hiiillh have
been under heavy tionda with alronx
mirrtlra „i,,| l|>->i|on haii Iwrn held
111 Jail 111 default of bend*
Til* auddrn halt In I lie prcweetl
tlona IU 1.1.,ui i,i „1,1,1,1 |, y frown
I'roaerutur I'allullo making tlir.ourt
In adjourn the »««» in.i. n,,it. h
Juilgn !><>>-.,-, «,,.. williriK to K rnnt
un ttdjournmrnt, hut aald lie would
be more • j!i- f.. ,i to i,.,,, || Ull( ||
Mini) •• i i.iiu date. Thr rruwn proa
•CtltOf agreed. and Auin»t I wan
fixed a* ihe date. What will b« In.'
line of action ut the CTBWfI at thai
lui.r rrrtulim In l.t aern.
The m., „v given by the ■m ii
|.ii«., 111..1 i n moving for an ad- |
journment ».,■. that three trial*
bare been brld. and the Jury haa
•ii-..«ir.-.t | n men, „,,,, „ .p^,,^
n»«lfa» i,> „, . i, «,|th any of the
• *—•* now, 1...... th^y „,, | o | rr .
woreo and •<>•-*>, » iof \ti« »ami
i !i»rm ti>r.
ThP last Jury to .is ■„>[..■ w u
««llrd In Ukt »v»nllil. The caar
VII it...! ..,:.,■.»• i.ii.i.. After tw
in I cmt for Home time the Jurora
returned with the dmlaratlon they
iboua ll ItnpuMlble tor them rvrr
to acre* .;, a, verdlrt The ■ ..i .■
tlrtually wm the itnUlon of th"
two Jurlea whlrh ul u.t «... „„
f • li. >.i. i „,.,■ Thecharcr atalnat
Smith did not fume to trial. Hralih
wii i., i..v. i,^,, , rtPl , n,,,,. j;,,,^,,
'■lw.l ■ .

Complete Met.l and Club F.rn-ihtn. FREDERICK A NELSON (Inc.) CompliU Hotel «nd Club furr «■••.
"I Never Saw Fine Furniture Sold
So Cheap!"
The above remark, made yesterday rooming »,y a man who hai bad TWBNTV-Fivn YEARS' KXTKRinNCn IN THE FrilNl-
Ti Id: |(Isim;:,s f t '.«k> n,i,. li for the sincerity of our statement Ih at all consideration* other than (hi> « a- of the good* »r<- totally ■•■•
r*«»n'».i IB thu wimderful Hto«k- l*rrp»i|n« Kale of furniture, The order h»» twen u»..» I to BELL TH X GOOD*, and the mm making the
pi i. r« ».t- rii-nii-ii to carry thl§ order out to the Ml«r, None will be held lo account for making a prl re lower than aeema necessary, but
WOK UICTIhK Till: MAN WHO HOI-HVT Mam: HIS !•!<!• i:< IjOW KNOICIf Those upon whom faJla the responalblllty of making
prices under ■■••• conditions tin ply stand In front of a pier* of furniture, am! without considering coat la the leaat— D fact. bo coat book
la carried with them THY TO IA XX A PRICE THAT WILL nmr i: THi: Mil:
"Heckless." jrou aay? Not In the i-.vm The moit progressive raerfbanta reallte that there are occasion* when one mum orb
MONEY In order to MAKI* MUM EY. We enjoy holding thla great carnival of bargain* Come In-tiring your friends. One lady staled
that thla store reminded her or a " great, big. good-natured animal." berause, despite crowding and Jostling, the be»t of good feeling seemed
always to be In evidence. Krom Ihe above rrmark we feel euiotiragtd to l>elleve that our effort* to cooduct ■ "lorafortable" atore —one
where tin alwaya welcome, and where no one will aak you to buy — are succeeding.
We Cannot Begin to Give an Idea of the Hundreds of Marvelous Bargains to Be Had in All Kinds of
Furniture. A Knowledge of the Scope of This Sale Can Only Be Gained by a Personal Visit
SPECIAL NOTICE.—The HI <xk Preparing Hale of furniture U conduct**] largely from the main floor and the windows. But a few
of the aale gooda ran be display rd Id urn thla large space, mi as fa »l aa aril. It* are sold they will be remo»ed and othera placed on
display. If you do not are what you want ou your flrat visit, .ill again—there'll be a rouitaDtl) changing array of barcalna.
All Goods Sold in Their Present Condition. No Exchanges. Delivery at Our Earliest Convenience.
The following Iti-ma are Minted at random from the lUDrnii »ho«ing of eale (.■•:■ Wo cannot guarantee, that any certain ar
ticle will be unMild when you call, but there air many ollirm plmilarly underprised.
•MM Mahocany M M I. si:\T for •34.00-Hent li roomy and atlrar- tl $12.00 Weathered Oak t.AOY'B DESK for tn.OO fittinl with plcpon
tltely »h«[>ed: baa ...ini^nmi for »hor», etc.; regular pru-e hole*, large drawer.etc.; regular prUe 112.00; Sale price. .10.00
|S*OQ; KUleprlre *" "" $38.i0 BCTTi:K for 119.5ft-(Jnldcn oak netlee, with ru»h Seat; regular
$»T5 MOICIIIH CHAIR for IS.SO-Chulr in of weathered onk and h»* price $3SiO; Sale price $lUSO
•«it^S^nl'!?il2 1.!i555 tay?. ri7 T/^m'T pr.l"l iVss' HO mm M)KA for •'•M-iJnMen ™»w .of., with npholatend mm and
IH.OQ TOILET TAII.K for •la.CKI-rhla to 1,-t table I. of rolden oak )^ rl( ; r ,. eular prl ee 113.W; Bale PH.* $7.50
• ■'I li equipped with a French bevel plate mirror; regular pilre ,„ , A „ , v.,,1, «i,. . . ..~ . ■ ■»••«»«
I-TOO Hale prim »1 (HI 122.50 Heed MOIUIIB CHAIH for $1 I 0.1 Ua» vclour covered cush-
MS.MTOI*LBT TADUB tot tlllHl Tbi« mah'.'.gMny toilet 'table ha» a iomt rr Kul" Prlr<% *"t0- $11
French bevel plate mirror ,m,i „ large drawer; regular price 111-*** Antwerp O«k HAf.l. BEAT for I7.SO—An utlr.cUve seal; regu
s;S«W; Hale prlre 914.00 lar prlre I1S.0O; Sale price 97.50
KG oo CHINA CLOSBT for IIN I M » This golden oak lionet U novel 13C.00 HALL LAMP for fIH.SS- Krame I* of weathered oak; regn-
In de«lgn. having glaxa doora and »ldic; tegular nrica S3&00; ular price $36.00: Sale price $1-
Hale prlre (18.00 IU.T3 HOCKKn for tS.OO-WeMh eretl oak rwkcr. with leather up.
fit 00 CHtr KONlnlt for •S&.OU-Thla mahogany chiffonier • .la a hoUtered «w*t; regular price $1 : 7.".; Hale price 98.00
round Kremh bevel plute mirror, four amull drawer*, three lurge 118.75 IIOCKKH for |10.50-Aut w«rp oak nxker. neat iiplmUtered
drawers and bat coaptrUßtat; regular pilce |IS 00 lale price.. »lth HpaoUh leather; regular price SIR 7.1; iwle price till .11
■"• ;■ 923.00 $1400 Hardwood C'IIIKKONIKII for 97.00; has five drawers; nerpen
|lJ 50 HKI» IKMiM Hl'lTn for 935.U0-Thl* natural n.i, milt* ronnUts tine vbape-d top nnd two upp* r drawers; regular price $14 00;
of bed, «u>li«t.iml an.l dn-iwer; regular price $|v SO; Sale prlre *•)« price 17.00
•• 125.00 $35.00 Combination IHK)KC'ASK for lIT.OO If of weathered oak and
IIVOO fJENTI.KMAN'rI IIIKFONII tl .mi This genllt-niHii a of quaint tleslgo; »cry roomy; leguUr price $3J 00 Sale price
chiffonier Is of gotden oak. and li a complete article, of Its kind; 917 OO
— V^?i", r.P2Sl,tJ*. 00:«!!!l-«£ H- 915.00 $10.75 PEDESTAL for 95.00- Weathered .^k pedestal of"quaint de-
M.&O HALL TIlLi: for $30.00-ThU goldi-n onk hall tree has large sign; regular price $10.75; SaleprUe 7. .95.00
French bev»l plate mirror, two drawers, two Miclvra. hat li<w>kP. $2G.00 WARDROBS for |1« ..I Mahugany flnlfhed wardrolw very
etr , elr ; regular price $7h Mt; Hale price *:iiiiki roomy; regular price $M 00. Sale prlc-i. 912 &0
tCI.OO Mahogany CHINA CLnsirr for »v.'h.(mi. i,., , I-.... tbalVM, Sic.f.o HALL PAN I) for 9H.00- Weathered oak hall stand ' rcsulnr
!•■■:> I i :.i r. .i...,i „t, I brnt traded *• l.i ■ - alilen; regular prim price $16.r,0; Sale price |hIHI
.*«*^,(f:, J "l^ l>! 1',r,.v::.-..^; > •;^-™ 928.ck» j Ho.ooAnMCHAinfor»t3^K>-U«th«r;tjpholiu™d; nguUr prtca
$525.00 JJolden Oak 111 ITBT for 90H.00-A very be.iutlful pI,. CP of $40; Sale prlco ... .... 92500
furniture; has glass nhelvei.. swell front, mirror liai k nnd ■ I-.* I $51.00 CHILD'S HUAS.S llt:i) for 9 27.00-In. luscd on all four tides:
feet; regular prlie $.'25 00; Hale prlcn »I»M Oil , rccular price $^4.00; Salo pile- " 987 OO
$JI.«KI Antwerp Oak CHAIIt f»r » m.no. lias hnnd-paintcd Knit. l.a. k $31.00 PAULUII ill Mil for 91O.O«-Mi.tiogany chair wttk nrh'i.l
and armii, regular prl.e $21.00; Hale price , st(" | ! stored ac»t and back; regular price 131.00; Bale price... .910.00
Attend the sale Frederick & Nelson Attend the Sale
_i ' > " (IncornoraJetl.)
Tomorrow * * complete credit housefurnishers. Tomorrow
, Second five, Madison and Spring Sts. l _J
The Hammocks Iheniselvcsare good and strong, but prices have all gone to pieces
*Mt'*< >t» jWfJ^KSI MAMMOCKS S ru w.,,,1 WOVEN MAMMOCK I
'X^« *^7p Jj Hi"l vnlun** 1; *|ii*-adfr hi Iii»(hI i-m, 'I***.)* vnlfirM** iiri'l re« llnlna*
JyYk 1 JQ iiml fool; ri«ulur «lw; viiluc pillow; „!, r«lru ipactel \"ilue;
KvvvTis^ >.• m ■ J fIL Ttl I-'.FiG, I'lrariiiii« nale iir !••".... worth MKi/lnily it.M); rlt-nr-
r / (H.JVO „.,..,,1,. , ... |2.0fl
- rXTRA 1,1 M .i' I ABLE HAM ' ' ",' *"'* \< WOVEN COT.
■H^Slfi^SWF^SS^*^ MOCK —In > -.■■ i ■ TON HAMMOCKS WHh .«-
K»««». t .- *>**"^^.w^S^ig ,_,,, „„., „, , „, „„, „ -ii Ml 1.-I fr.,r,
tilin laani . ..iT .il dfl HilllHl U.OO VullK-. .I. .>isii,i»
GENUINE EXCCLBIOR WEAVE | V '"' ' ' «i mi e«l»|.H. * ' 1!>
laitefUl roterlngll ni*«- St;.i« FINELY WOVEN MAM- MOCKb In r!• l> < <i!m inn:
111 !»'". HlUl |illlnw nil.l •i|ilta l |. MOCK—III '«>•■'? fluid i ••Ifirlimn; »|,| P IprMdVr*; f|>"-|i filliK'-d
er: h rnmfurUbl*, MrvkWstila larK* ■Unl Iteil; tart* reclining viluuf un e*lru citonit mid
Hammock: h. lually Miiith pllliiw »Hd .f-ep Vulhiiks ai-l. rjiu.,l,l* luimiriwk; l«-ieuiiir
II »»; clearanca aule |ul. »,.,. uul vrlii* 1 t-lrarani-*- «nl" v.iln.- I7!>H < |cnr«lice aal<- pilfe
11. lit price ...... „ (2.a0 .......... M.OH
We Do It for Less
EXPERT SERVICE All Work Gvjanvntccd for «v Ycsvr
watch. c:n^iMiv|n- c;n^! Watch iOr>
Cleaning sJ\JC\ Spring JUt Crystals Iv/C
Noii:~AII Other Work it Proportionate Small Prices
Seattle's Greatest Notion Sale
What 3c Will Buy I What 5c Will Bvjy
Reg. ValucK 10* Each Rcj|. Values Isc Each
l.lnrn Coravt bin Tatri.t : : ■ ■ k Curllnc Iron*..
I'a. fcni- Mi-ndIUK Tl»»u« Choice Metal Tl|.J*4 T»p« Meaiur»«. ChoiCO
Handy Mirror.. I^nOICO rub* linn. lai«e B ||» l'nolco
Palf Tubular Hh«M. Ijirea Hllk Wa»tlr l'»iwt Ixie»
Haul, 1 lutvi l«ii> E33HC ''' ' " ' ' ESB
M .-■■• 1.. I •■...■■- I»U(I»* Halrty flnm I "•
Kry ltln«a yrfc [% I rme do»>ri IVarl llutlitna P*^hk «T^
I f.'x I „3c l<ni I'atenl Trou*»r l)ij!i.in« .5c
fal lik 'H -I ■■■ - fm I Knalla . II#H l*o| 1 Mall IMn Jff I
A.m. i-in. i itia- IMnn ay Jf I - Tru. Inn \\ li«-«-I. \ a
I-,.- -■.... i i, V/ lUii Illnck Kndlnh Pirn X^
(trtii ■;....! I i 4 «r t-l.'H.li roiifl Hteria....
(••'•i •■ i .« l."*»#,K Patent Hi>rln« Tape Mea»ure». P..U
\ ..-i n; » ■ ■■• ) .•■ » I- • .■ r "OIH Pnlr Him hlm-t I>r»n Xhlrlln.. "ttl#ll
Yard Ittimh •■'!«•• I'.'n•!m; | I»,ipri Aluminum Itatr I'ltx...
Card lliHih* and Kytm irT «i
UMtv 4 1^ Will R.i,r f■'• »"- "• '•■'■"■' v '
Ho.! 1C Will Buy l-*l*r Adamantine I'm. fi _
■ .'i^rtrii t'urwl lan-i Sj AT
lies Jet Mead I'll f\ fS
Regular Values B»^±SEEE A^-^
5c 1< 5\ rh Aluminum Thimbu »;ach
JC ILrO.Cn „y , r d i to || rape h,a.C»l
G/icStoro "TUP*!..* m cv* iwit fftf 11** E**'Store
i: BOJimAKlpnC. !£

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