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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, July 20, 1904, Night Edition, Image 8

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The new passenger ferry between
Heal th- am West Seattle will begin
I'pcratii'ti* at t> ii. tomorrow nimu
lii... The much desired competition
against the monopoly of the West
■Seattle I .and a Improvement com
pany has now tttHtmie a reality, ami
the people of th* city are rejoic
ing. At the meeting of the city
rounc. lant night a permit was
Ktiiiitc.l to W. U. Thomas to nper
at* a steamboat ferry between Wr.t
"Seattle and Seattle and to ua* the
city dock for th* purpose.
The movement that eta crowned
with success at the meeting la-*t
night bt*gan a long time ago. The
people of Will Seattle claim they
hay* stood the monopoly enjoyed
by the old company lung rnough.and
B popular movement was started to
give the old ... ot
competition and an Idea what en
raged people could do whrn thi)
Certain cltlirns have been qulrtly
at work securing the boat and other
necessities to operate a competitive
line, to connect with the proposed
Street i __r line, that I* Bonn iil M
built by the town of West Seattle
After brief negotiations, the steam
er * i -..'''>• City, owned by Capl. C.
Men Only. Turkish Baths joe
HRADV'B. tUarrornl t>»strr llartna
liana, cor. I a.i .v.. and vv _„>>>.*
It it tl
Per Gallon OZiOl)
Absolute!) pur* for medicinal
or eoclal purposes. Ituy Iron,
first bands and sate the small
maa'a profit
104 First Aye. Sooth
Doth rhonee-Itnk 17.1.
Pre* Delivery.
8 Do Not Fail
ia tak> ... a. ar. making In all
I_At>!> AND UKNTST ...:ARtN<I APPARKX. The bigge.tb.r-
Bain* In SCITH, HI-IRTH. WAIHTH A.VH MiI.UN I'll V. sic, ev.r uf.
farad. Same easy term. 11.00 per weak.
\ Eastern Outfitting Co.
Cornar Tilth and Pitt*.
Just In— New i /TV E^^Awfl a€ J"»* In— '
Yachting fZ^_>V/_^_^s^i2c^/*0 French <
Caps, in _/^>^ZA^c///^/ 7 S_ilor Hah t
white, blue, j V B^-l*^a>X^<P><s^^-^' J of canvas. «
tan and ,%m\mw. _ , 11' # fiLm** 7."»e*
brown. -----g'-r.yyY^l A.*^ „,,: «♦*<«*
Fo* Two Cents and
Bigger Than Eve* i
That's how the Dutch Auction Sale stands for tomorrow. Just 2<* for your choice ,
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could for any reason take from our regular Mock lias been placed on the counters. IWre
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man and Child will find something thry want. Take advantage of the opportunity '
while it lasts— COME TOMORROW . , ' I
Tomorrow the Great Sale of Red Goods
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so low that substantial savings lar value |>. BAI.K PRICK. .'.. .ar value 11.25. HAI.K I'ltlt'B ,
are to be mad* o^ erery Hoe. 75
--far, ia, i n_A c-.-t .a , Garnet Hlnrm Merge I* Inch. ' " i
Uer, l.r ._,„* 2V "'mil" K**jular value He. HAI.K PRICK Win* Ilr.iadclc.th. C_ Inch. Ilrgu- ,
wucß ......... '... ii. • 08« lar "■■"* 1 169* "A'*l*' '•'"«'•
Garnet Aaabrt. SC Inch. Tlrgular Garnet Granite. 1.0 Inch. Regular 11.25
value lie, HALE PRICK... 35* falna ILM. BALE PRICE. ... lied Droadeloth, tl In. h negater *
Garnet Scarlet and Ked Cash- Win. Braa* I" '.., Inch. Reg,,- *»>»•»»•«»* BAUB PRICE 11.19 1
-Trr* iml^i* X' " Va'"'.__" ler value. 11.25. BALE PRICE Bad Venetian. M Inch Regular ,
BAI.I. llllt.l '"' If. I value |! 1... HAI.K PRICE BUB
Red Albatross .18 Inch. Regular n-i n. _ 1 ._ r. _ '
value tOe. BALE PRICE... so* Oaraet Basket Cloth, t. Inch «'*■' „r"''l oth 01 In. h. Regii-
Wine Cashmere 21 inch. Itegu- 'if*"'" "** IL» ™..K U,r *&• ,2,D HA,',: '„( ;ji
lar value-Or. HAI.K PRICK SO* * "'' '• lr'r " ,w* '
Scarlet Albatross. IS Inch. Regu- Red Krrge r,2 Inch. Regular .alii* Thl*«*|!loat. J*- *,or* '* r">»'l<*.l I
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ES__2 c. *' c*' TT.. W,,-r """~r *• * «=»»"" Maann Jar*, do" . \ OS* '
Mustard aaa 2* Steal Chopping Knife B» Tin top Jelly Glauses „a, v 2e i
Wilts Metal Tea Bpoons _. JOe |_.foot Clothe. Mn. ....5. Krtl | t j ar n „,. r ■™en;*'»«
Wire Kg* Heater 2* lot Tanplco Kcrub llrusb ...B« 2r,c Heavy Krull HtVaVnVr" Hi. '
lit llcrgman, waa secured and the
captain agreed to Kike Mock IB Hi.
new ..vi i'.nn to be known n* the
.'in in.-, 1 i an-j. 11 .11.11 ...ii.j.iin
of West Seattle, as his shut*.
Aa the li-ailrr .if the company. W.
.1 Thomas aaked fur a pel nut to
operate th* ferry and tv line the
city duck for Hit- purposi'. The
■ it.--, iifu of granting the itertnit
was brought up at thr in.. in. g last
vii M and i> t ••■! without any oppo
: in. ii Tbe compaii) for the pur
port' iif t'i" ■ ..• '...-. the ferry, will lie
formed «-,i in ii the ii. v i frw days
Meanwhile Ihe ferry will be run
under city supervision by t'apt
Ilcigman and Mr. 'lliomaa.
The |termlt granted i.i night ha*
a lite of two years, but the council
will probably later be asked to in
i i.-.m th* life of the franchise, nn
tbe on* title the company guaran
ties in operate a tmat line In .'on
to, tlun with the city itrert rail
way line, to be built; to allow th*
rlty two-fifth* ot all the money
paid for passage, and to allnw the
rlty to Issue and sell all th kcta for
the lorry and the car line.
It further will allow transfrrs on
■.-t.ti'.i• t-.-t'i .ii tickets on • —it fare
that will tie good for a ride from
Seattle to the end of the car line
as ft- as It I* In oitanralliin. All
transient passengers wtll be obliged
to t.av a & rent fare on both thr
ferry and the car line, but com
mutation llikrl*. good for thr
whole trip, will be Issue*! fur th.
benefit of r.fidcnta of the rlty.
Tb* city alto we th* ferry com
pany th* privilege of landing Its
boat* at Ihr city tin* k In Wr*l Heal
th' and wtll • 'in with thrm tn tbe
transfer sy.trm. whrn tb* car line
tt ready for operation.
The t'.ardrn City will leave We-!
Seattle at I'M on it* first trip In
the morning and make nineteen
' trips each day. For a short time
In the morning and evening, three
quarter hourly trips wilt be mad.
for the convenience ol tho** who
deslr* to rrstb Seattle early. Por
tb* rest of the day the inn* will
lie rra-le hourly. City Attorney I*e~
I Wolf aald this morning that n.tt
j year, beginning with Jnn* 1. trip*
jaould be made every half hour and
j probably rontlau* throughout the
I year, This service la said lo be
better than that of tb* present
I company, which makes only sixteen
[tripe per .lay and runs hourly.
"The city was forced to do thla
In order to make Ilie car line a
financial ■..!..■•.-■' said Attorney
11* Wolf thi* morning. II- old
company would nut give SI * good
show lv •In' matter mi.l we wet*
foiccil in take car. of ourselves.
The only offer the. old i.inipaiiy
would mnke to ii* was _S rente on
•-a. Ii psaasßger tarried ni> lbs bill
on our car line. That was In th*
QUeSOOD ill transfer.. Wa could
not run lbs Hn* successfully on
that ami mad* a much inure liberal
arrangement with the new COB.'
pany. They gave us two-fifths of
the money taken In fur fare*, whlih
wtll guarantee the line a* a success.
Tin. people are greatly Interested In
tho unit* and the new steamer will
Im* glvrn a royal stipiiort by the
resilient* of West Seattle.''
Work on the new car line will
begin Within th* next few week*
ami he rushed a* fast a. imwbllilc
The generators have been ordeled
from Ihe ra*t and wtll he here
within sixty day*. The Kllbouni*
Clark company Bay they can have
the line ready for operation wllhin
Brventy dsys from th* lime the
work I* begun and *v*t)thtng 8111
be, ready to ru»h till' woih very
Th» rlty council last night pur
i ha*ed two lota on the watrr front
fur th* purpose of building th*
power bouse fur the new line and
also for the location of the, new
proposed lighting plant. Hy next
year It l» ripe, ted that the city
will be supplying It* cltliens and
th* municipal depnrttnrnta wall
light from it» own power plant.
Another Improvement that will be
Inaugurated before another year I*
a city watrr system. It i» said that
the pumping station wtll be placed
on th* property purchased la*t
night and the water aupplletl from
welta, aa In Itallard. All Ihe other
municipal buildings and offices wtll
also b« constructed on thla pro
Elks Enjoy
rfly Bcrltrns N.ws A** .
CINCINNATI. O. July ro-Tb*
niks attending th* meeting of tbe
ri.ii 1 lodge her* spent th* day
making Yeaterday th* fol
lowing, officer* wer* *I*et*d:
Oraad exaltvd rul*r.W. J O 'Dries,
of lUltlmnrc. grand esteemed royal
knight, T. C. Torolinson, Wlnstos.
N. C: grant esteemed lecturing
hnlgbt. t'barlee W. Kauffman. llo
l<iken. N. J.: grand tyler, W, W.
McClellan. miaburg. Pa-: grand
treasurer, J K. Tenea. Cbarl*rol,
I'a.; grand esteemed leading knight.
It J, Woods. Hloug I'a;:. 8. I> :
gtand trustee. II K. MN.it. Baa
Antonio, Tei.
Butts to rerover damages against
the Heatle Kl.tri. Company wrr*
filed In the Buperlnr court y*et*r
day by Anna I'ark and Kllta Fltta
1 he fnr mer sued for ISD.CIS and th*
latter for l-.OM.
c ... ■
Sir.. Hat. Hslf Pre.
X N. Ilr.«.lts * Co.. .„— (tr ..i. t av
enue. Arcade building. ...
Three negtoes held up and rob
bed X Whitney, s teamster In Tv
..in. Monday night. The d*pr*<ln
lion of v.iv. ■ has been itt-aiiiiy
gitiwlng slue* the Iniiiili.iullini of
l.thluplntiß a few iimiitlm ago, and
Ihe lili.a k people an licgliiiilng to
become a problem.
While swimming In Hip Tuurhet
river iii-Bi I'reinult, Monday Bight,
Arthur Htour, a ranch band, was
m1..-.I wllh tramps ami drowned.
t ii.ni.- Uni ton, lhal ri.l with
in ..ii In th* burning of Ibe t'lm. k
ai.nl (-iii;.. at lit linn limit a few
week* ago, haa been tries**.! be
cause) of Insufficiency uf evidence,
Opcratloiia are to b* retiprned In
tbe near future In Ibe Italnry
nun.' In the Mont* Clirlsto dl*lrti t
A water plant 1* to be Installed.
t'hehalls, It la expected, will ship
more chltti-m, or (aat sra hark, th»n
any other point In Washington this
Th* Aberdeen Pally Ball-tin has I
been i'lt. I,a i.l by I' I i.ivy !••!.!
one of li* ftumer owners, and t' I.
Cotk. reteutly of Waukesha. Wl».
Mi i: tl it., , and John Nelson.
both of !*umsroy, w»re pronoun, t.l
laSSM laat week, and today they
were sent to the Insane a.ylnm at
Medical laike. In charge of a dep
uty slierlfT.
Joseph Weber, agrd _R years, and
an old pioneer nt Chrnry. died
Mnnday. I'ur ninny yrar. he ha*
been engagetl In thr brew ing bust
nrss here. Jlr Is survived by a
wife, a *.'ti end a danghtrr,
Oca, Joy*, whn ws* shot by Mr*.
llrr If title 1t,.1t fnr betraying her li
year.old daughter, died I .-t i. *'.'
at l*riivlileo. c ti..*iltal. .flrr linger
ing for Week*. A lliih.l.lr . halff
of liiiinler wlil be plated .g.in.t
Ihe n,.., ... ; ii. wit. tu enter Iter
plea tomorrow, having been given
on* wreh's tlm* l» da so by .).■_«■
tvn tb* .••...■-• ef Jun* 1 Mr*.
Iv la, fiist learned of her daughter's
■ h.tTt. Hh« in ■ i- I. ,t, ; , | „i » .a
ed a rev .Iver *nd met J«|t ss h*
• ••.;. 1 from Ihe ■•■ . . t Trlrgtaoh,
nn whlth hr tat rmi.ittv.il ** pttrter.
A few .ni. i* |„at I belwerti Ihern,
and then lh. « , drew lb* re
volver ffntti th* foi.| * nf her dress
*nl ' t-l *II ' 11. -..itlri ', I . ..- out
of five shot* i-ti* effrtt. On* enter
ed the „,.,- ittlumn which . ... i
his d.alh. Mis. I- •:. gave herwelt
up te an officer *f!.r tit* •' --- - _
• n • ■ i « that she had "' ' '• ■••
it fer he h.d llmi'li . hi* ..".,■ •....,•
with • "i . a t ,i ■ ■! !■■ ' daughter.
Jay. .dmltted hi. _ I.i I* I'hlef at
I- " . 1* .fi'l bul salit that he In
tended to marry Ihe *•••! Th* gltl
bore out th* .I.lem.nl. of l-a i Jay*
an] her malher. J<*»» was fir.l tak
en Is th. Vt'otljf Mi... ai l.'..;Mi .i.
but afterwards removed to I'r.rvl
!.-.. r hospital. Tb* i"«ri I •.•. llf
hla i-i, was i •■ • rs* t and lh*
f ,•'..' . Bad In be .»•.—! on aril
to i ■ it mat long ago he .... I la
a** th* girl h* ruined, bul th. m«th
»r r.fu**d t» allnw her is see him
tttnr* that tint* It. ha* been gradu
ally sinking, snd s few J. »• ago th*
r**ult i' .-. .ait. - 111* mnlher
arrived from t_*wlston. Id* hi. In |
tlm* In be i■■. .mi al his death.
Mrs t» 11 nahi nf rio ._,*• Mar*
'rr ,'r. • t was I.t Vt t fmi ' Ir .. I last
night shortly after 1 o'clork by a
l-urgtar. who tried to enter her
lioaie Ith* heard him nn lh* porch
and g'ft up and locked tk* I-. -
whlrb had lae»n left unfastened The
I orglar trlrd sevarßl dora. but f -nnd
th*r. i-k'i Mra Dal ran« up
th* i- '.. •• atatl'ia acd reported tb*
attempt at robbery. Bh* told th*
pollr* that sh* thought lb* man
wa* still In th* basement, but an
Investigation of th. premises fa. lnt
to revest the thief.
0. J. Kleburts. a rarpenter. work-
I'.g cm a house at Fourteenth ave
nue north and liny street, stopped
work yesterdsy to see Ihe Msrdl
flraa carnival parade. Ihirlns hla
alaenr* hi* "tlSait was brnarn '
open by thlevra and 137.50 wncth ol j
tools rarrletd oft. Other carpenter* i
report small lns«es frnm the samn .
place An investigation Is In prog -
raaa by th* poiic*.
Straw M.I, Half Pric*
X N. Ilrrtfika A <*o. •» . ■.-.... i ay
enue, AraaSs bulldlna. •••
L*vin*an's Quality St..-a All
Belli*. Fall M..tu-..
Levinson's Table Clare.
Per Full Quart Bottle
Thl* Win* Is way ahead In
quality of any Wine aotd any
where at that pries, THY IT.
Free delivery. Including (ireen
I.ai •■ and Mallard.
Phones. Main .... lad . i.ii
Complete Wine Catalogue Free
* *"" '
■ft*. n Srnrca and L'nlr.rslty.
Wholesale Btoro Catering to
Family Trade.
1 .<■•> HICCO.NI) AVKNCn.
it .I I l •«-»*t »♦»«>♦♦»*?' I vM-M*J • *4***+ •M M M "***
* This coupon snlltles lb* hoi di r to two fire allllriL'e tat on* -
c child iiiiiler *ll yeara of ng* al b.i our free plintogmpli 'I be all
► ling* nnd pholograph limy br had by presenting Ihla coupon at *
* the lleiplik Hlndlo, 11*% Marl mi street, between the hours "' "
.> 11 a. in. and 2 ail p m on Thursday, or Fridays.
p The only condition la that t In parents of the rblld. who.* •
. picture la to be Inkeii, iimrl he tegular subscribers of The "*
* Slat This offal I* good to all l:iw BUbacrtbars. »
!,, ■ »
' Th* '-"'ln American legation al Washington I* brightened by th*
'___"■*-" "' m *'"' *rrr """"ellhg young people Tbe above group
f-oriiprla. ih* family „f Kenor Arrtago. minister from tluatemala.
"" '"'■ n,» wlafortuns to lose hi* wife In Washington about four
years sgo.
* . I'AltliKN imsi:
w feet ... . --
• 53 :*:.:::::::::::::::: 53™
*" ,m ' • Site.
•3" 13.50.
•°* n.oo. li.io.
«__*. „_. ERNST BROS.
gfrfl p/ira Srr-mm, Phnrrap .)».i _*_t?f /-,-. 11/lft
waaaaaM Cr*.,t m.__, r*rr.,.,.„. hud-rick a nelson (Inc.) C-mpl.t. H.i.i .„_ Club Par*-*.**.
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M.l< i r.rint, .nd i.n..*.r... *•••• e*llta«Hrv»aularl» up to r'j'" r »°;' "'"* M•• •«'"'' "M tr.iiiniy ;,. ism w i, ,„.
selling regularly up to |1* on t... Hit nn l» ihwn unom In- .., i *, * . ■••• ■ *3.00 morrow, each filiwi
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ler T.hl, »nd a Parlor Ijtmttr.n «*!. and Mn lnn.hon.inv. havli.« I'l.-iu.r. ih.t Bell reaulsrty r..r Rapa Portieres l'ri_i s_ll'ree-Urlv
be hsd tomorrow for ...13.00 c..hl.ler. cane and won.] *eat*, I* on .nd 14(0 e.ich. tomnrrnw. tor 15 0. esrh tomorrow et.h
■L :*«*-* selllna- rr«„|-,|y up to |T*i Iff nt.ti $ .-|., M> ■i•» - "■'n. i-murroii, fI.I. (
/."is' .»m"r. w ■for'""'S3 IW """'"" ' ,3-°° '.?«'"' J«nilart, Iri.hPMntr^-eVnr-i.ln.-t-h:,^ *
». Mr ».1..l y imr f . niUn nnl , h ,,, ,„„,„,, for laOo „nd MOO ruch. I.iin.tr- i.-clirly r..r |l 00 a pair. Inn-nr
' I
r*o ircular II (. IttM-kei. ran he .'hair* are >0111* tnmiirrow fnr . r"w- **'" a i <mi rnvt. a pulr $3 tMI
hn,,,or *:»•<*> IS-tlO lit ft. Torch Wladr*. tomorrow, each ..." 13.00
:.____=. ~-? „: ■_ .., —r^ — * s ... .- ~ . . —- ——— __ __
I Rare Bargains In Crockery and Housefurnishings
Cooking Outfits tor $3.00 "El P rJ_,_* N. kk*' p|*,t? r°tte' r°* »n'l Tear»t. recur P ,i,-. ofi«hi,
w»vitiii|j uiiiniD iwi ww.ww heliiß t'.oo. lomorrnvv Imili fnr ".. j:i imi
Thl* oiitfll wniil.l in,! |5.71 If cur-chased at tegular |l Ire*. It run- Twelve-|tleie licroratrd Toilet Het, regularly selllit* for 11 00 tninnr
slsl* nf— row for * B3 OU
I ;,™;.^.M!r' °8" H,°V -■ H"' '" *'X ' '"' Ula" T«"»,'l«*-^ reguiai'lV s'.ni'n'g for' ic'df. n .H. i.,n„,r-
I '.•...1,1. |. ...ii . row. it set si IMI
I tlrsnlts Trsimt. u „ .... „ , „ . 5.1..M1
I llrsnlle l*nrfre Pot. ' "«»''»'«'h «™ '"». e.i.y lo oH-fnle ami roiiifiirtahle to rest up
.iiitfll us almve, lomorrow * I IMI l'"'i" X"""'" l't*"»»ire ii|.ni the root board is all that Is lie. -essarv lo
St.MI bvvliib, irautiir pries t.Oii. v. .mm »;iimi
™~"""—--———— Winner Ijivvn Mnvver^tvltli l«-lin-h Id.ides, tomorrow for J. (MI
Hay Man.l China Roup Turrcn*. rea-ulnrly priced Bt |l :0 each tonmrrnw 'h" „ t'■>,a, Dall.Uaarlaa .Uethes Wrliis.-r. with enclosed cog "w lv .1*
each ' S3 Oil * white rubber nillei*. tiiiii.iiili-r.l for five yrar*. tomorrow fm
* I (HI
'" '' ' » ""' » 1111.
| M.1..11. Range ( ; ... „,,, Sec()|ld tY6| H>J|S|)|) a[l(| $pr|ng S|s _ gyuiajuyuM Day |
The Busy Basement
A Carnival of Bargains
Jell, C 1...... flulrtl vi iitii, reg. , a/| „ _ s> ta a
niul |.fi.e ;-u i*r ii.,,.,, uni,..,. ] HlAfatiii | rult Jars
I.»H, laff il'i/rn ...... . . I It, I , , , , .
Macs. . c „ l-pllil *)«.. >l.._en r.Me
Ma. „i J*r Cov*rs, reg-Ulal *!,i j,. r i " "i»e
Soaea, li.iie.ni.vt. ilnsen lUa ' *!""' * *»»». >|i.«*n i.'i.
vVmtltt. '„ .... If. Inch** high, W-Sel. sis*, d 0... „if
opsn la SI ln.hr., regular .Or, flrwat reduction In 11-d___n lot■
liiinotlow, »pr,|.|, noli ITmi J.. Rubbsrt, 3 iV«*ii r.,r'.....5.
Dress Goods Section
Four Kxtra. Special Values
All Wool Canvas Clot ha a very All Wool Ch.v.ut., I: Inch** wide
«lyll*h, »i-rvl, nitilr fabric, lv in f Hr* rum] .pialliy black aad
him k. brawn .iityul. navy, t.... »tap|e roloi* to rbooss frufri,
anil amy. to llu In* wide, irgu- regular vain* .». p. r y*rt\,
lar viiiue |l.__ per yurd, t leur- tlraiaiue pries .lie
Slice prbe aa* Silk and Wool Cr»p* d. i Chin*
111 lil«J k filily, 11,. irlflitalril ||'
All Wool Ch.viot Mellon Cloth*, I'rlr.tley A tn. kind '1...1. lii,
-tt Im hr* .... a *l>li*h fabric pervious to all sorts of .rather
f-ir tailor m» .c nmi mil ing suits. —a v*ry styllah fabric, in a rich,
1.i..it.,, .nt) mod**, gut, .I. . ii« lustrous shaft, ot black, «t
only. I. rul"r value 1160 per Inches wide, regular value \ .••
yard, < leu re nee pri.e ••'■ ■ . , yard, rlesrarne price. SI..
The Modern Grocery
I. i. not ..n.ibt* to buy your groceries from * tliin ttfirt * Milt,
d.al fair b*t*us* Ihi. .l.r* .t absolutely clssn — aril bic.uM m. lit,
il.rm fit-.ri., A partial li.t of t.....i«( *...-* for .. i _„'. s.lling.
-0i,..t ihe ........ liriiiMt r *li* |,„. ROSSI A BLACKWELL'S EN
ported Quern Olive* - ISM PICKLES. CHOW
Refralsr let belles 05* CHOW. WHITE ONIONS—
tlrgulitr le. linitlrs aiVe Quail boltlr* ftfle
Itrifill.r Jfi, bottles Ita* I'lnl bailie* "1 I.
J. P. SMITH'S—This well known SARDINES lan. y !m|aut.d Kar
tiraift .tf Olives Is kiiuivn by cv- times, put Up In the best oil —-
*t»-r*dy~ CARIEL TRIAT a CO. - Kpf ial
1.. * i • SO.- bottle 0..* ISnneir** Hurdtrira. H-Ib. Unt,
Itrguliir lOc i.oiii. 3,%s i regular prli* 1f,.-, for this sair .
It'SUlar _*a h.illie !{..e _>.»_
staaiA. ... ■ i PURE p. TRIAT _ CO.—K.iu y Hardin**,
LUCCA OLIVE OIL— small fisti. |.it up In brwt oil —
Regular Tie bat tt* t*. a It * Regular pi I.c ?lc ran Mb
.". t]se E. Dl Ii i 'ill BRAND— Kan. y
):■..-.. t*r b.iltie f. * n nu I„, t lioneleas Harduies —
SO* j tlrrular !-r e*n '-Or
Regular •»-- brtltle «' A II -H LES JEANNE DARC—Kanry Im
• - - - ia?_e i portsd Hafillfies—
BARTON PILS PURE IMPORT- ! lle-uUf prl.. .!. ran . IRe
It.gul-ir ?Je lH,it|» nil AO* ey email fl.h
ltegul*r 18,- l^illl* nil 33s I Ilegutar itrlre lie. r_ n I2e
Itrsul.r ._> bottle nil __. , MARGOT BAVARIN —
CRESCENT OLIVF OIL — Pure i Regular lie Hardin, tan ln ,
fuliroff I. .Hive Oil- MAYFLOWER ItITTEI Is
i.i ■ ■ ,le bottle till ....... i.n, 1 in* |„( | i ,-... m! ,4^
I.i t ■■ ter i>.in. oil , . 30. j per !•.■•■ „.,
llZ.'J'yjml'*' h""'' "" *°* ! BON MARCHE FLOUR—c ull P.-
COFFEE—amir J snd M l-ofle. Is j tenl flmir. as good a* all |„p*je
nnal t« any lie nr t*c I'fiffee j lar brands —
Sfild in I ■■■■•■' — I fVr «ack SI go
I'rr pound ... 30* > WHY PAY MORE*

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