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MAO TANO. Aug. T.-Ther* was
tto correspondent, Itrltlah or \,.,..,,
rati preaent st the battle or Wl
fancho oa J.in* 1.'.. it may be.
therefor*, that an account based
upon th* statement cf Ihe man who
planned the fight, an old comrade
In other wars, th* chlaf of staff of
ties Stakelberg. will even now be
deemed not too late fur presenta
The battle was designed by the
Rueatan* •• a second Magersfnnteln,
Th* infantry lay, etronely Intrench
ed In position* on the right of the
raltway. The guna were placed low
down on the ground st the foot of
the kopjes Ib the center of the gen
eral position.
Th* plan was to hold the Jape
e*ae with artillery and Infantry la
the valley while a strong force of
tnfantry made ■> turning movement
ob the left and permitted a general
stuck. The cavalry were held Is
raeerre on the right.
To that tad Gen. 3lk- •■, or
dared the Wlh brigade of gibertae
Rlflaa to mar- -, Ist daybreak east
ward aeatad the fi.ai Una of lulls.
to eactrete the Kirns so renter aad
the highlands beyond, and cc coma
la apoa the Jepaaese right about
the Unas th* mala attack ihliiild
hare developed.
The plan waa robbed of tv tf:i
rlea by the heavy r. *afor.-aaaeaU
received by the Japanese la the
rout** of the eight of Jnae It j
Fheee re-eaforcemenU added Sear
____wfy* " * Grew
_—rtA^__e T^m^^3, *, * ...l-jaSgiffiaar raa"?..^.! •*
--■M^ A \ * I**
9 ;/■ - \ ITSBtSBBI <»w tttva s n r
"Te.eee-ej . Saia MIS. a„.| fma .... i )...* t-»
/'l* ' / U "all .r..n.4 w**fc* »4 Hlnnltts far
'■* > ' ' r*e..lis allkae Vow will sate 1.,,,...,..
'■- oi.nts Ir.ot Iri. ..,- Brst *p|ill, alius.
mm it* _' i I *■ *■
f __tw aps^n »V w*r "
£\ M j a
fe ' lie, till. lake. „„ >.m I Its aa I
sr 1 Srs si BT I'- i». linf-' I •
-V I RM Jp It waa Ita-fir-.
-f^7*< ' as** ' *
ft, c '• tt teebfssias* l
**_________________M_tt_.__~ ' fIH See.ne.li.,
ti&Aa. I >*+v _ alii. Ills line elf 1,1
_\*______ abeawta* **nd'(fw*eetlbrlßacbsir
*"'»^F* II V "m'sV i.i s M.it
# j^V I 1
__*&& __________> aA
t^ t§A_ It a A_7 ilitmiiii.l. I, n,a tt,e l.otgaat
.:'_tjt__W' _____A li.lr.il lat. In ti., ».r|.|. n.sil. ... 1.,
■t_f_JSjLi tm* ths .... „t ikis 1.1..1 Hair Urewlag
W* \L_ _____-* \WW now wars...!., as .mi.m
iyf-1^ rf l-v^^ am emit, as i st.ooi*. •
V^fyslQlWV \y^a^*»Vii)l/ PRPr Tm'n-v hiw .j'll-klr l.sn.t.rliia ants
HHMmf waHaßyßypr rntt »c will seed elargesample free by re
"'••aaSa^ a ■•■BBS „,,„ m|l )| |„ »„j U [j» „!,,, ,a n ll till!
MISS MAY V-i?i_,.',Oß K. erfv.- v-™..... le the Ksoviiss iisn.t.rirt* <)•,
• hleagn, witrt IHM r tia-ea ami • 1 trr-itm 1 tin centi
SI MSaeeea Ita. .. < Mil A 1,1). 11 i. la tut 10l a'.ei.i. tI , | if I■ i" tig...
For Sale and Guaranteed by The Quaker Drue Co.. 101J anil 1015 First Avenue
{ >>•'*> to th* Jap*tt*s« light, and
doubted Its aliens!' ther*. At the
same tiro* men poured Into th* Jap
anese left and enabled the enemy to
occupy the village of TUutautae
with a force ot four tirlga.tr*, which
! the ItmstSßS had not prepared to
Tbe Unsalan fore* detailed to ef
fect th* turning movement on th*
Japanese right did not leave its
blvonac until t o'tlock In tha morn
ing, by which time the two armle*
were hilly engaged.
H» S o'clock It ".-am* apparent
to tien. Stakelberg that something
had gone wrong with hla brigade on
the left. He aent to demand an ex
planation, and at tbe aame Urn* le
sued ..nit IndtcaUag tie* of re
treat for the various units engaged.
Bhould a withdrawal be rendered
Tb* brigadier In command nf th*
SSth tulelntcrpreted thene tnatrur
ttona. and >'iiaara«d at once'to
fall ti.irk apoa his areaerv. position.
Dy th* HOB* this was .otre the
forenoon had practically passed, and
the v.th brigade came Into action
for th* ftr*t time a' 11 o'clock, when
It gave a welcome relief SB the Jap
aneae jflpSßT* on the *•»•».
' -••while the Japanese bad at
tacked our pnsftlaas with artillery
fro* a pais! la the leap of the
liver eeeM'-sMv to lie w*et and
south of the Russian Baste batter
ies. From there the enemy poured
a terrible fire, Burked by remark
able seraracy of ranee aad pre. i-
stun of aim, i".. .urn a ni*
la Ij nitnutea the lluaalau bntterlM
were allrmed nnd at V :u o'clock
were out of action,
The Japanese then, atiUttng their
quite to a i«t: uii.n between lha rail
way and th* river, bombarded the
station of Wafangho and the tt.»>i.a
In the valley, Ths ststlon buildings
were deitroyed. and the greater part
of a lied truss train In walling
there it I a shattered.
Urn Stakrlberg had not bean Id!*.
He had moved hla Infantry from
their position on Mi* aouthern
alopea of the hill to th* top of the
ridge to ih* right of, ami parallel
with tha railway Una.
At lb* aims lime, ..limit 11 o'clock
of the forenoon, be posted la ra
serves-ronalattng ml ons regtrarat
of tha ."..th Siberian division, rive
rompanlea ot th* Tnbolak regtmrut.
and ten batterlea of artillery—upon
the hills overlooking the railway
station of \v BtSt-r ■ .ii ! protecting
his retreat by rati.
Kreahly arrived re enforremenla
were detrained and marched atraight
from the railway wagona to ihe
tpnrt of tha Mil* Immediately .at
of the tin*.
At It O'clock, realising that he
was out numbered, and overweighted
In artillery, lien. Btakelberg ordered
the aotrp kftrhena and heavy Ire as
port to withdraw. Th* Seat raised
by the carta and mule tram* in
I formed the Japanese of the move
, ment, aad tbey at •cc pushed the
Infantry atUrk upon the ItOMlaa
rtgkt and oa tike rente* of tbe posi
tion. The Uth Siberian Hrtgade
withdrew too late from Its danger
out position mi the enemy i flank
tend Buffered e»v.t*Jy la IU tons
mar-h '*. award under fire to it
.gain the mala ralaaia
The Japsoeae terra from Ttaa
taate* soi i e«sf ally a. ■ uuipliabed. In
a wide turning movement, the ms
i nearer designed by (lea Hukelberg
I for his ewe left. The Ruastaa re
,' serves, bossier, mat arts lly .strength
Tm: skattt.tc htat?—Thursday, bkpt. ><). vtyif
tned by re-enforremenla, weie al.lo
to meet nnd In lopula* thla ullailt,
a..Hi. ftio Itni im pnsllliiti, and
I iiliiin-. flen It si. .-its. i,' etireeaa
fully to rjtiirtite hla truupa from
their awkward quarter* in the val-
At It O'clock 111 the lift. in....it the
engagement waa finished, and the
Japanese held the p.. 1t1.,n
The fight hud an Importance al
together outside if Ita Immediate
te nil', aim* It confirmed Ih*
,i.i|i.-in. nn In their determination In
tighten their graap upon the It mm
alan full .a. changing their sttark
from a number of laotated it ml' i
acting Independently Into mi com
bined force operating with a com
in, pin p.m.' Hi* i Instil tipnti
1,1. I.i Yang and Mukden. Iteftealy
It enjoined upon lisnersl Kuropst
kin tbe concentration which haa
characterised hla atrategy aver since
June 15.
Although the honors .if the battle,
which was mainly an artillery en
gagement fell to th* Japan***. It
amply demons! rated ths Uuaalan
foot a.ililli'i'a dngaged .pow*r "f re
alst.Hire and eitta.sriiln.lt y ability
to take punlahment from an >in***tt
enemy •* fling ahrapnel Uapoa hla
if there be one thing mora than
another that tnllttataa agalnat the
Hits -un troop* In 111 IB war, It la tb*
Imp..* .li,tiny of direct engagement.
The iii. are alwaya IMS the de
fensive, always opposed by *n 'IB
arm rn*my. A dlatlngulahed officer
remarked lo me the other day: "I
I have been la constant contact with
tbe enemy for two montha Bill a
half. flghllng 15 engagement*,
and hare only aeen the Japanese on
three orCASloaa"
Hmokslesa powder, modern was
apoua, long dtatanre artillery, affect
the morsle of sip* whi. art ron
atltuttonally brave .re thsn any
Incident of warfare. Men who will
■beer any amount ot f.uig-i*. ,*'",
will storm any redoubt, who will
face any odda. are, by very reaaoa
of their valor, the must difficult lo
maneuver when the enemy is hid
den and beyond poealblllty ef phy
si- al reach. , »' li.
_*."% -a
——— •'_;
To defend the municipality In a
taae that la to be triad la th* t'nli.t
melee ■iipretee rourt ivinlier 17.
C.ip-itiitlnn Cu'tn-el • ililum le Be
ing to ask the easel I to approprl
ale aufflrient funds to aend tim ta
Waahtngtoa. The as* '• OS* Is
whlrh tho rlty Is trying to recover
115.000 from Ilavld Kelleher admin-
Utrator of tbe Hill eaUta. ablrh
haa been in Ill's*' for eaara
Thla amount is due tfce rtt for
delinquent taiea oa the property,
but with .the accumulated Inlarrat
it runa up to M«"a»0
Tht district known a* Alkl was
yesterday ann*s»4 l» Ihe rlty ef i
W»st Beattle at the special •l*rttoe
held for he .purpose of voting oa
annexation. *n*» eliSitae waa one ef
keen tetwreat. earne epjwelt lon Ming
made on account of an alleged In
, ..s* of It mills ta tba lases on th*
eutiytes district, bat 'tie district
Itself voted 1? to It In favor of an
natation and lie West a*a . ret*
•teed II ta l».v -
Prof. Douthltt thla morning b»
>gsn th* phrs: al axamtnaUon nf the
numerous applicants for posltams
OB the apollre and fire departments.
at| will not be completed until seel
Week. The rapacity sad atrenr > rat
man's longs and at all his muscles
(a accurately aeeertalned by an in
atrument constructed for the yur
fins*, tiling Attorney R.nti hi*
■le. Mad that he will fill' « th* tital*
Si th* five gambler* * In, BBS now
bound over In th* *uperlor court and
will push |h* i •**• of th* three
oilier gambler* who ar* new await
ing preliminary hearing*.
H. nit hi* frequently been . >ie*d
of alii,,linn In" nil). Ih* gainl,lai a
and lha atatement that he i* to
bring th* gambling caae* to trUI
lief.n • hi* term of office expire* will
.•mn* a* good news to ths t ttl(*n*
Of i tile
A* a result of **v*r*l conf»r*nc*»
•'el* c. 1,, la- Tallman and m*m
bera nf th* flvte fnlon. Judg* Toll
man haa ai it. I lhat H.-01l wanta the
. ..t.-s hurtled to a lomlualon. Tail
man** at „, „,,i,i a lo Ih* t'lvlt: I'll Inn
wa* that * nil* the criminal docket
"•» badly crowded •.lit. caae* at
Wa-win-te-pe-koet Laments the Mamaloose of the Great Indian
General, Chief Joseph
(Bpselal I* lis Star.)
NKHI'IIKI.iM Wash . via Wilbur,
Wash.. Kept H. — Tar out arroaa the
t'lg N'-sp.-hiti on the hilltops wblrh
overtook II . deserted, « leal ramp
of tha Net Para as, a lime kloorh
man takea up a wrary vigil Just be
fore th* break of day
It la Wa aln-tepe-kuet, the aged
fits! wife .if Chief Joaepb. who, e». b
morning sine* Ike death of th*
great tyee, g,.*s to lament and to
pray to the floe-a-lee-tyee. Oreat
Almighty, that th* aoal of Joseph
may tie gives safe paaaage to the
great hunting grounds and that his
i.'.t.es may. at tbe final marsh kopa-
Ulahee. or burtal. be laid with tboee
of hie father and mother and chil
dren la lb* Wallowa country.
Through tb* ghostly dlatanrea of
Ike break dawn cornea the long.
vailing •ry at the ktnurhauin
Herring, thrilling, almost terrifying
at times—at intervale dropping to
a low crooning vaguely heard In th* I
stltlnrea, Wa-wtn tc-pe-koet'a la
ment peri' 1 r .it- • the pine 1. lardl and
cheese cloth linings of the Nt-apellm
hotel and a«ak*na th* unfortunate
"trederfouta" who are doubled up
la ',«!* beds in the attic
Juat aa the a.in aniwa the klooch
man aotrmnly salutes toward th*
*!«« filed for the dluppearaace of
Ike moon and i' . wall changes ta a
wild, ■ad greeting to th* an., tb*
symbol cf Hoc-a-lee-tyee, to whom
akhe relate* the warrior leads ef |
tha departed llal-ah-kalakaenr. or
s.ats fer Josef Hofmann'e recital
tomorrow evening st IBs rjrand
..j et * house will I- st a premium by
tomorrow afternoon, aa Seattle's
I music lovera are numerous and ail
ai* Intereeted In ths <t!att..gui»h*l
pianist, whose imn.li.ui I Lying as
a little child h*ld In Ihrsll vast an
lie.., es Muslrsl clrrles will A. well
represented end MM talented young
mualcian ..I tie warmly welcome*
The evening will ... feahteaabl*
I one and * »»- lai event
Tim ttatxs.
"Rarbare Frletchl*" haa »cor»d •
hit at Ih* aSeattl* theater IMB week.
a fact largely due lo the *sr*tl*nt
war* ef r.dytb» itißprnaa .» 1...
bara. Th* play IB elab«a
•taged and th* performenr* U well
wsrlh seeing.
Nest week, beginning -.'lb Pun- I
day msttne*. Ihe Jsmes N*IH rem
imsi will i i-senl A tjrntt*m*n of
■France.* a powerful drama In eight
a, BBSS depleting th* in 11 tea as of
court life In the r*lgn of th* .French
king. Henry of ... - One of th*
feeturea of thl* play is a i.l to
Ih* d**lh on th* broad atalrway ef
Ihe palace. James Nelll. who I*
ronredsd to t»* Ihe rlevereat aword*
man on th* American slags will
Sraas blad*s Wttfe an .■•■ pell oppo
"Michael .-...guff, lit* romantic ,
Itunlaa drama which haa thrilled
audience* for a dotibl* ncor* of
y.ais. la running at th* M .rar this
week and I* »arelle*illy handled by |
Ihe original Wiedemann company.
Ih» member* of whl'h hay* returned
| from thstr Forltand rn>gafemeril.
"Michael fttmgoff" ta drawing well
and la a.ertng plenty of applausa
with »v*ry p»r formanre.
N*»t w**k th* \Vl*drrrianns will
, reeei Ihe popular inelo-dratna.
"The Mllver King."
"A Romania of . '.ton Hollow"* will
, ei.ui through the real of tha
week nt tti* Third Avenun, a benefit
perf.iriiuin. * for th* House of flood
Hheplierd being billed for Friday
I .■funis "Coon Hollow" is • rural j
drams wllh many attractive novel
lies of etaglug and a ren-rvulr Bt-ene
of strong realism.
Neat week "For Her -«." a new
Itusau-HlberUn am*. will be pre
sented. ' I
Th* r»gular excursion train te the
Yakima fall yesterday nine rar
il*.| ttt i lima from Seattle and
im were ranted on another train
going from Tacoina. It Is estimated
that tha additional passengers
pit k"d up In ths <ni iller towns
■ welled tin. niiiiil.er of Hi* ISO trains
to about i I'll).
present, lhat It was .Us deilrs
that th* gambling i eaes should Im
brought to trial at th* *arlleal posal-
I.l* moment.
There I* Mill* . in. a. however,
thai the** nilri can com* to trial
befure Ihe latter part nf November
or ■■It In December. The I'lvlo
Union haa been keeping i Ins* watch
of (line* (-••*■ an.l hea exerted a vary
•ffoit lo see that nothing v,;. left
undone to bring tbe law-breaker*
lo Justice.
Hfott'a nil)." t In c luting lh*s*
■ *«*• brought t.i trial l.efn.e he re
tire* from offl. • is tinit ii* desire*
to make • good record from now on,
•nd lhat li* will endeavor to .oli
vine* th* taspayer* that h* ha* not
been as lat In hi* duty ** a county
■ .ffli .i us in* n*w •papers have ai -
. need htm of being.
.■act* Wing, tbe first war name of
Chief Joseph
Aa the friendly faeini of the
(irrat Almighty reach ami tutirb
and warn the lone mourner aba
alnga in* untratialaUble funeral
si'i.g of Ibe Net Pen rs and '!'•>• ends
Into Hie valley In take up her vigil
at th* fan-like apread of aah*e
which marks lb* spots where Chief
Joseph' tepee atood st his death.
TB* few Indiana remaining at the
.amp greet !.■ r rmpei-tfully aa the!
I »ar ihief a senior elf* p..e*e end
their lips move la aa Inrantatloa
over tbrlr departed illli. .... and bis
Juat '..if..,a ..,,..-. MM „' ... de
votes! women followers of the dead |
i lii, rr.iiti go 10 the temporary grave
on the aide aad take up the j
evening vigil. Th' prnrram Is faith
fully followed earh day.
Only on* of Chief Joseph's wives
waa with him at th* time of hla
death. She waa Wa-wln-U-ape-koet,
tb* oid*r kloochman. I • tii-ton-my,
the younger wife, areompantcd
Chief David William and the band
Into tba h"pf> Ma sear Yakima.
Ilefore kls ■!• *lb Cblrf Jos ph or
dered that tsoth of hla wfvea be .per
mitted to virw hla rorpae.
Wa-wln-te-pe-koet waa the one
Who found biia drill and through
her comes a etorf wblrh la „14 la I
wblapera aui"iig lb* chiefs foilow
era and relate to but one white !
msn. Henry M.Steele, Joseph's rloa
rat friend among the whites. To
tba India. 'tie story ,t:...« as fur- i
Fully ...riTtncted that they bed
j learned many thing* of Importance
! that will he of value to them In the
conduct of the municipal lighting
. plant, the men. of tba city coun
cil, accompanied by Assistant f.a
glneera Scott and Jeffrey and Free
Ident i nth of th- Seattle Electric
...mpany. returned from their tiro
day*' trip to Electron laat evening.
Tbry arrived cc Uta that they did
not feel Ilka meeting to take up the
city ball ordinance and other im-
I portant mattera aa > heduled laat
night Chairman Rode of the ape
dal committee will i all the meet
ing tonight or tomorrow.
The city falhera found that the
Rtona A W«hater ileal had a ca
pacity fire time* as great as that of
iii* municipal pleat, the output of
which wilt be 4.000 horse power.
The Fnyallup plant. on« of tha
greateat in th* weat, was complet
ed within IS months The municipal
■ plant haa bean under construction
for two years and Is no yet com
pleted. Every portion of the pow
e: bouse and the dam waa Inspect- 1
After picking out a nlra mil of I
clothes, a swindler, whose nam* Is'
unknown, sureeas^lly passed a
easck for ISO. 10, pocketed the
change and walked out of the estab
liatiiiient of Alex llri.lge a Second
• i.'.in* clothier, yesterday. The
spin lon* paper waa drawn on lha
Hrandtnavian American bank In
fa.or of A. Wldmer. It was signed
by Kllel Mi<>s. who. It baa been aa
certalned. have no account at the
Deputy County Auditor James P.
Agnew has sent out a force of eight
iti.-ii for the put I"** of eel*, ling the
polling places in tha county diatrlrts
for th* coming election. The coun
ty surveyor I is also been ordered
to prepare sups showing the bound
aries of tha different preclncU ot
the city which will be compieUd
tti'Un Hi- nett weak.
for Infants and Children.
The Kind You I Into Almiivh Bought li.m horn* Hie slf*
nature of t'lias. 11. Fletcher, ami hits been made under
Ills personal supervision lor over .'IO year*. Allow no
ana to ilniflve you In this, t.'oiiiitrrfilta, Imitation* and
".liial-as-KniMl " are but KsperlUH-nl*, Hint endangerth«
li.-.iltli of Children—Experience agaiiiat Kspcriment* »
The Kind You Have .Always Bought
jp Bean the Signature of -..
In Use For Over 30 Years.
RtDUctD ikilti!ll rails
On hbuaehelS gesSa t* alt *aat*rs
Batata Through cats. Bating ol .1
te ta pet rent
The Seattle Transfer Company
th*r proof of tbe claim that Ual-sb
ill. Li-.-tie waa a prophet ami a
Chief Joseph waa heated In hi*
tepee ■a Wa-wts-te-pe-koet entered
with a load of wood the afternoon
'Of .Hrp!*int>*r ZX.
"I am going to maraalooae (di*.
quickly ere anna have eOSBB many."
aald th* >•>*•■ to hla kin.,- limat, "Go
l» the lodge Lou.'" and bring me my
war suit that I may mamaloose as
' a great chief."
Tbe wife protested, but was stern
ly suppressed by tbe chief In a man
ncr aso vigorous aa to dtsalpa<ts Hi'
f' in of th* I.lis* httiati of hla Im
mediate death.
Wa-wla-te-pe-koet w.ent to th*
building '.--I by tba tribe aa a
storehouse ant pr, • ned th* trap
plugs of th* chiefs gala dress
Aa sh* staggered into the tepee
with her heavy burden aha MB
Joseph lying apartly on his side near
the .fire. The predicted raamaloose
had come. Joarph died aa he hid
foretold —suddrnly and alone.
No one here knows where tie
rreat marsh-kapa-Hlshee, or furi*r
sl, will take place.
Only s few ag.»d "kloochea," or
I squaws were here when Joseph
died. The band wrnt to the bop
f,- Ids and i-l.ir.il were left only, a
few ren*gade Baekae and aM m*n. I
The few Indiana here are mostly
Ohanogati" or "hrseaki ** Even the
children went to the bop flrlda.
where the "kloorbea" labor »>• the
' braves revel m gambling and
Urease lospertor Marsh dierov
*red yesterday that BO litenae was
row of rest, I*o- at 601 Third ave
ro wof realdencea at Sot Third ave
aue. He Informed the Ilreoae com
mittee st Its meeting last Monday
that a Urease wss wanted at the
above location, hot the proposition
deterred a. Mod tor a week. Now
Mr. Marsh has learned thai the pro
posed location Is aaroaa the street,
ta 60S Third .Mil' where there lis.
already been a saloon.
$300.00 cash and $20.00 PER MONTH will enable
you to turn your rent paying for a home. SEE THOSE
BEAUTIFUL 4 and 5-room cottages on East Union, be
tween aftth and 37th avenues; all modern. Bath, toilet and
electric light, etc. Open fire place, terra cotu mantle*.
Car pass door very soon.
. _^—~—a
-r^ .7
_____m I
'» WW__W *m*
On Initii of IIS down and 110 per month. Party ran ins*. tt.SAt a
year on this property in b*rrles and ',1 >*!.*. Kin* v(*w of H'.it.ls
and mountains Over 1.400 aorea of thla beautiful land haa been
•old in tb* laat 60 daya In >'. D. llillinati'a Ima* Waahington Her
den of I'll'-n addition.
City Offic«a, Rooms 1, 2, .1 Times Block, or take free boats at Tay
lor'* Sawmill, on Washington street Car L.m, Of flee en Grounds.
it lull J,, ttt try
706 Flral Ava.
If the band bee left Yakima, tl
la not known In .*.'.;..-itm, which it]
t,3 miles from a rsilrcad snd 21
miles from th* nearest telephone
station at Tipso, a. rose the Grand
Two days out of the world la Kes>
pelfm. snd not until the Indian run-
Bars and tbe young men arrive will
It lie known when be great funeral
alii occur.
It tat- 'i.-v.il part of tbe rere
i monies will be delayed c.:" weeks
or a month, to await the arrival at
tbe N. i Perce bands la the l-ayw*l
country In Idaho.
Red Thunder. Chief Jeaepb's
nephew and t. -led 11*111*. is In
Montana, where word ailing blm
haa been at r.t.
The belief la that tha funeral wilt
be held aa soon as Chief I »tvid Wil
liam and I-a-tu-ton-my arrive with
the band from Yakima. The "p0t
...ti11." or closing ritual of.death,
may l»* he'd a month later If prece
dents sre followed-- , . .
Meantime Jteapellra ta • n. »*t de
serted. A dozen white men," three
white women and t£e Indian sub
pg-nt. or "farmer," Thomas Me-
Croaals. and the staff correspondent
of The Ktar make up the white .pop.
Four renegades from other It '„
three old aquawa, 10 doga and IS
halfbreed rhlldren are <•-)» In the
brush .bowing up In the "city", at
irregular Intervale
Jamas Long, an old pioneer fed
.Florence, dropped dead y*»terdar
morning at ibe Providence hospital
while making hi* will Attorney I*
M Stern waa assisting him at the
time Ir, draw leg up his will. He waa
7t yeara of age- but very ecUve and
in good health eacept fet hla heart.
RrakemateA XV. Steele, who met
death thro.i* L a head-on rolltaloa
oa the Northed Pacific last Satur
day at North Yakima was haried
here Tueeday afternoon. A number
of relative* reside la thla city

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