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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, October 25, 1904, Night Edition, Image 4

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ii'.iria iw *r>4 U. -»•»>» Av«nu*>
R\l-;ill AHEHNOON KXi'ltlT H'NI'AT, -™^rr>^.
n:l.l:riion, .. atSSifti'i^^
BttStncca I' i« m' .' k .'>••» Mala It!*: l iaaaataal IHI '■J^*'^
Kdltortal |i.r.nim™i .vi...m. Main IIS).
Vlt* •iaiTr*K«BUrn"»fti«es.'l«« II ar"«ton»" buiiaids, Ctilfaaei • I' l lima*
••IMlna. New \«h W. It IVrtrrnei *. fortlsn advarUstai.
l«*r.l »til» KI'AR AiIKNCT-»:l Mahant •»• Bnt.»rl. I\r4 HI.
Cm .mi ;.»t repy. »ti r»nt» p«r week, ft lw*»t«-fHr* «•«!* p»r »•»»«*.
«•!(>. ,R. I by mall m I'nnl'ti N.> Cr»*__e«vle*.
TU MAIL Hl'|is»OniilKH»-Th» •»• t» when v«ur subwrlMlon esplres is
e« «h. ..Mtii l»b»t sl »*.-h r»rwr « b»" ">»« ««• arrl»«. If v«ut •"«»•■''¥■
Urn h«* MM «oin W»n |.»ia In ajvaii r«, >-ei;r Mim» i» t4k«n fr»m la* a*»
* .t,,.-, t . n," ,i«t» oh Hi* «i>.lrr»t lat*l l» * tfi- t l»l __^^_—
K«.trr».« m ih» IHi»lpff)f> at Mill ». WaaMnstan. an »>r«««« «la«« maIUT
■ And M gay* It far .his opinion that wheivtr ««uld make ty«*
sara •( corn, or two btadts of *« I* arow upon a spot of greund
«h*r* only *n« gi-«.- btfor* would daaarv* batter of mankind and
do mar* **s»nt!al strait* to hi* country MaM th* wih*l* race *f
patittciant put tog*th*r."—Jonathan S.>.i
This •torr—» fine MM with a lesson—-cornea twin Denver;
William 11. Belp has for nine year* been employed •» « street car
conductor In that i tty. IWiln ,» recorJ h» efficiency a* a conduit
or he U described a* a manly, hi eh mflWmt and true-hearted grutle-
Hutu him Rnld PheliM U * daughtcrof »>ne of lienver'a wealthiest
families. Ik* la a handsome^ cultural girl of Independent, spirit •ml
a warm heart. William B<Mp and Enid Phelp* are engaged 1" 1*
• • •
Mr Sclp h.\- saved HWltb from his »ala to buy the ilwk '' a
little corner grocery whkh he has transformed iulo a very attractive
»i,,i. Wheu his trail* i» sufficient to ,->it -» wife in • 'modest
ottsue Which he arid Mlsa I'helps have selected the wedding will
■ uk.« place. For Mr. Sctp will not accept a penny of mi« Phelpe'
mon<->. And because «>f the trade of the. street tar employes, old
romr»dr«. and 1-.. .him- or the strict attention that Mr. Bclp gives ''■"
bualne**. he ha.* already trebled the trail. of hi* store «nd the wed
dine Is not far away.
• • •
The romance betan with th« Intnvhullon of Mlaa I'hetpa '" the
conductor a couple of years ago. Acquaintance developed the »''
that the t.ute« of the two person • were similar, especially as In
music As tlmo went by It was noted thai Mica I'helps patronised
tae rar where Selp coUrvtcd tares. ThU young lady .area nothing
for the vapid society of th« 400. where she might ■ inn- did ah*
chouse. And aj for 8«lp. he would nnt be- a society man If he were
, vorth a million'—which i* may be Mar day, 80 Mlas Phelpa asked
th* conductor to call at the home. ll*. did set. One day he braced
her »■ iltii and .-.-'..• I her to marry him as noun as he COT support
her la a modest manner. She accepted. There was con»ldirable op
p»»ith»n hi ;h* I*l.. l»>* tamily, M first, but the man. ts all ar
ranced and t.ie bis l'i»-li« mansion (■«)• Its supplies, at the lilt Orip
grocfry. Ml*» Phclps »<•*» to that.
• • •
Why r. t. !l this story? Well, ii Is a beautiful story. And ottt of
the ordinary Thrt U why the Denver paper* prut a picture of the
Fhelps. mansion and the little grocery store. It renews one's fallh
In It; •inn nature. More than that. The engagement ■■( those '»"
a wealthy, sensible \o-int woman to a poor but upright an>l sturdy
yuuag man—ls a rebuke to the aptrtt of caste. Kveryuoe knows
that rhM distinctions are growing stroacer In this country and
everyone who care* about It deplore* this tendency toward the strat
ification of our society.
• • •
Some tweaty years ago General Oarfittd euloglted our society.
lit said. In effect, that It «a« different from that of Kurope which
«M like the strata at th« earth, each layer above, holding th* one
"Mne.ith It down; that oar society was like the rest leas waves of the
»»<•«, yielding and changing, to that the lowest drop might rise and
* tut en on the topmost wave. Tint ratnntrUon la still true to an
•stem Everyone ts able to see that •■nadltlona of birth an.l wealth
are tending toward' the establish men I 'if eirlttsive cliclej of society.
Thop rtachers feel called «;-on to rebuke the spirit of caste In the
church**— the last place on earth where It should appear.
a a a
"Democracy," •aid a great man. "means Dot I'm aa good aa
you are' but you are as good as 1 an,' * See th* distinction? Bald
Pbetpa said to William Belp, "yoa are as gnod as I am" Ma
wasted not wealth nor social standing M a man — a husband. And
la ar<«-p(in< her lover she dealt a god blow at the dangerous spirit
of i At.
Charles Warner the rartsUn eierrrman who writes and tatka
> about "The Simple Ufe." la making I Iwrture tour nt the I'nl'el
I ■tale* >iniultaneou»ty. with the campaign s|>e|!l>lnders. l(i to dale.
* Her. Charle* and Qenerat Apathy s*em to have a Uri>i following
I anuMig the conoaaa) people than have th« stremtoua stump perform
Kaiser WUhelm ha* b*< mm an adherent of the ImpreMtaahM
• •■-h»>l In art. Now the gentlemen of the murt will have •> fine time
gweaalng «bat In Bam Hill the emperor has Irle4 t.> pal> I 4 nl g«t*
Unit sent Ut the Jungtes hen they gumni wrong.
Thieves In New York set fir* to house* and burned th* Inmate*
; as th«-y rould rob; thl>> In Cleveland turned on the gas In order
to blow up people th-r h.i-l rubbed. Chicago criminals may lake a
:' back »eat for a few days.
■' w*iE»M mmm pwifl^^ffwPHlsMHMßßnHlwnjffH
Kansas couple who fear rallrrai<] arrldeitta will drive to lowa.
About th- time somebody's blue annlhlUtor holxt* them aver the trie
graph wires they will wonder whether the little old upper berth wasn't
the aafeet bet after all. ,
I A t«-r»»r-nia West Virginia girl has married Into the llatftetd
family. Clever maiden. ' The feud advertUln* she will grt will *n
tttil* her to go on the stag* by th. Urn* her hu*t> >t> 1 ha* been suc
cessfully assassinated.
Home of an alleged bank wr*ck«r was blown to bits with dyna
mite, out In Indiana. Borne depositor, doubtless, who wanted the
banker to get .< good Idea of hat his financial resources looked
EA Philadelphia singer has got a man larked tip on the charge
of stealing her Jewels. If said man la not at present the lady's press
■gent, he ought to land the Job when he acquires hi- freedom "gT|~
-"'.' .■;• ■
Chicago doctor*. It Is alleged, pay commissions to people Who send
patients to them. Well, why no . Medicine U only a form of Mb
■' Insurance, and the life Insurance bu*lr>ex* la „n commission.
Cleveland woman who marrl«d a milkman now wants a divorce
berauiw $« lets her do the work m% h- stays abed, i-. ,i,,. Ihs
; pf>or man Is merely trying to make up lost sleep.
I The unktss«.J Dowtl has pmwffj his h.ir rumination. Emottonal
l.idle* d»»trlng hot-house divorces will urarcrly seek out th* Ulrsute
.-.i. I cold blooded Gladstone ss legal adviser.
Candidate* are kissing helplem buMrs out i., Indiana, Four years
1 from now those babies will have one reason at least for being Kind
' they are four years older.
BRING IN YOUR EYES Glasses Fitted Free
I Kiamlnatlni
4-5 llalkr Ulo'k UeTMi H- <,wi awl i
*«~~~ MMHH>H MM
\\ i; inliN .n\
(v STAR DUST v")
ITo the Pvblle; The H tX M • 111
run a serlr* of WetwrfteMlaU lm»Be
Uiiguite ialk.a~<ine talk »v*rr' als
>rui» -liiiill ,ni,.i,.i or bus hla sal.
«r> ralaed.— », |i. Jt.J
' li'lliv i!i»»i if, » rtrrfutwiu In are
you H-iiiim ttlas nw>mln«*T"
I .mo .«> .1. i ».. > to gtt my hair
cud, ITrnll."
•U.nl. It laa -i.-f onlr *n« which
voawhaf l-r«. |i-«i !•■«, you might
i.:-«t to death."
' lt>n irr bartwr Us •! t> a nice
feller. He amis "tm up tv d*r bay
"Tens. I know htm. tle"a gut a
hoc which t«-l..i>K« ta me,**
I'm it |'>.ultii:il> -"
"\ -U. t |*f| ■«• to bone, tin.l h*
nofer glf BM drr rasor tt.i. k "
'Hi. ha. ha. 4"t reminds me,
When !•■• • a barber shopf
-It Iss *t»r. >Vhrn be scraps up
de? price."
"Tea, I know on* which Is*
• hat lua" up far <tirtstma*.~
, ' *■« • (ho was* dot tvil-r In der
Hi!.l.. «h«t MU SO balr . '
I .
"Tea. but do roo Vnow what
•fhiiikfi. . f be drank hard."
"Tou <tlnk >i.v are a>rhmart. don't
youT Maybe you bat** where
Tab* surety, I do. Where d*r
bullrMitiea." "
"Are y<Ni going to vole for
•rbml»'».-~ ■ He's my t.m i.i-i "
"Tea*. »»•««•» oaMerwlaw MM*
(''■illrtiiitna ' •
"I bed »>•• vlll l—d 4er polhl ....
elections Axf?
•"Oh, tf he Us a I'uie, I iob'l vot*
for him." ,
"Oh, be Isa not now. lie has*
1 .l-i. to show h<- H» 14 . i.- .nit . I •
"AH r-r-rlght— 1 forgif him, uml
Kill sign n |«tti;..i>« fur hla* | >r
iltHi.** ■»■—■'-■•
"He .- not In rhall. * l-.i l»< my
ml.ln-r bru'l'ler.™
"I 'aa*Maataß( you aae Mm ijiiHe
"tih. »«> dim't mind It, He vlfl hat
turnkey far fclss Thanksgiving din-
Public Gradually Awaksn* to th*
The latest fad In operations has
bern the appendicitis fad; befor*
that the fad for r•-• ■.»I operatkina
(piles, etc.) held sway. Hundreds
of i>atfenta were frightened and
liiinl*-il Into hospitals, operate*] up
on and robbed, of their la*t dollar,
when the trouble was a simple rase
if hemorrhoids or pllra only, easily
cured at home with a ample ren
< il>- costing but fifty cents a bos.
"I procured one fifty cent bos of
Pyramid I'lln t.'ur« of my druggUt,
with th* IntraHlon of buying a
larger box later, but til happily
surprised when I found that i waa
cured, and itlll have sis pyramids,
left •••!» nt tin- flnrt and only Ikis.
I have not had the leant sign of
piles since I used this one box,
whtih has been about two months;
previous to using Pyramid I'llcCur*
I had thn worst kind of bleeding
and protruding piles for over thirty
one years, »nil no onn knows, • \
cept those who have, had (h* pll<*.
th» pain and misery I suffered.
"I am a pour man, but have often
«altl 1 would give a fortune. If I tin'l
It, to be cured nf the iill» ■*. and „,,„
I hay» hern mi ml for fifty renta. I
should bo vc-ry ungrateful If 1 did
not ttinnk you and Xlv« you Firry
i.iiin.'Ki- to urn» my lUitii.' and tlili
I'lit-r, when I know tlirrn are no
many who miffi r aa I did." J, a.
Wrlnmlllrr, lI<HI HladirmhUrß tload,
Wanhlniclon. l» C
'lli<- I'jrrainld linn: Co.. Marshall
, Mich , puMUh a littli- hook <Ml I!..
« urn.i ■< and < hi •■ of pili-H. which they
will l»> Rlad to mall fnc t» im>- up.
plli ant. and w« adtrlxr all iiiffprcni
from thin palnrul ilim-am- to wrlta tv
id.mi for It.
Prof. W. O. Juhn«nn. of New
YulU, la (lip urn»l |.i ml- lin nl I till.
dldat* fur aimlaUnt secretary of ■«
rlculiur* now under tonnldri-atlun
at Waahtnctoo. !!■■ li the IBM
ing r.lilnr nf the- American Akil.hl
lurint anil lla kindled papers and
U »!■!•■!» am) in\ui,iiii> known
ilii.iiikliuiil Hi.- cnutidy.
11. «a» I'i'iii on n firm In I'lhlii
towuihlp. Franklin county, Ohio.
Jut) I, IHCii. In 'in' Unto tin look *
CBUTM In IN* iiiiin «Imi« itnlTrmlly
I and ■lei at i.'iii-ll and.lhrn a
I |»i-<l i i n'lmil f BMIM In Hi" 1 rliiii'l
I Hlanforii nnlvrrn||y of ('■lifnrnli
Mr wan !-»••-• kpptilntrd lo h |irnfr«
-mii-I.ui iii tin- In nltv of thn I'm
vrrslty of Illlnoln and toft thai |»<
■It lnn tn lnTiim* atat* •tntomoloßiM
or M.i! >iiiini
11. «,m imo uf tin- ftr« \in. 11. :m «
win. » ri« awaritrd Kuld iml.il. n> !
ili>- I'arlii . vi"i-.nii.ii for both ri.i
Hint anil » iruiiii. mark In »».ii
ruliurt<. ll« i» a ntftnlwr nf •(•*■
■ml axrli ulttiral and hortlrtittural
ci. leti. * and also nf the Drdrr of
I'atmnii of Mu*t>an<lry, ll« la an
lui.i.iUiiK imblle i"«k. i and bl*
mii'ii am In iir<i drroaud at
conventions. Instituted, grancna, rtr.
ner ■!'.» year, n.- Im lt bird **
"Waa* he mmjlllng when >•..■
•»»«! lilrn UstT"
"Wll. hla fe«Meis was a n in. n,f
fled. He told m*> h* wiisa going te
turn ..i.-i a n»w i. .r ». | t ,t,- him
■ art oof bnuks. I gue«* he'll hitrtlrt
"He n.i..i b« a bad egsj."
■VaO, I •<>■„; i earkl*."
(aluslc— J-ulrtbach.-)
1..,.., . i hi*ll(
This la eft* from the !.««**. i ,
•t, ..,1 „! (i,,. |, t f,, ! | fj .
'I *r> >' .-i >-...,••(„. i „ avnleat-e i-\
whkh the i «>•„..■ -bitter en*' i.
us*<l. „,,
W«lel Pupil-The armies f»ught
to the hitter en.t H | t<
In, 1,,, ■-„,,,.. yf ow f H B|
hear from another lltll* one, , 1%
UvcrronDdent IMp|l_Th# dn4 *i. I
the rat fought antl fought, mn<\ Ui«O
the dog ,!.■>.■ i i> .. ra t u-.. |. r a thalt
■M| bitter r,, |
Tht* atorf recalta ta the nwnt'<r
of the surr this .|...i.. s , lw between
tra<h»r and i ni-ii
Temcher—Juhnny. what d.i you
know nf |h« Ahgl«.tUton BJ r '
Johnny-N«tMn", ma'am. I was at
the '..ii game.
A WORD rit'i.l JOSH WWK.
BaM 11 »n wak« m.
an ftii.l tbrniartrri
tmmam ih.i. ca
I' a]»«|> acaln.
Atrxb-tr •■-»■ ■ train for Harbin
• ton 1..- 1,- Jr .l it,« rum* at Uuk<
•Irn. AM yrt llirr* n, ao*Vall«4
war mi-x, who mmy Al«tlrft ijuran'l
ktuiw t.ii bualnrsa.
ti»#-rjr tluaaUin ~,\,u<-, rmrrirm !0«
jM.on4ji nf (}w.<i woictit, 11..1 tMi.a
••I th.. I-I I Ir.ixi
Whrn i-.ta»i u«i« run liujr V!il»w at
thf tmtl of a ln«*r m h It'a s a!«n
!>••■» ti.r opraaitlun |a bink*.
A dUrpMfrh >.. t « t», ,« j.,,|«,. farktr
• «lk>4 • mil* Illin. . ti.>" I Hip i.tlt
r da> Ijodi wmrr, Alton. Mm*
thine liii-|i-i.r I to mm last »•»«.
I'AHIIIo.N' NoTK-atlk braKl la
•iiui h tta««l m> thr I.jffi-J* covrua.
.*-■• la ■••••1n..-.
"fan • iin.ii »!. ,ni hamT*"
r>->. but a ibtn »«.i:n j .11, -
men a «:irr..up.
• ..!..... 1 j . •;,,! |. n 1.,. 1 ii..,.r fun
than any oth»r man on tb* ground,
• Hi** h* li..|i-.«ri -jo" in a rai#
»h«i thi« )•<!.-■ « ..11 not. Tha r#.
aull waa that four 15.«. I tkNLU irn>
run. b«t onlr thrw ««utit».|.~lfjinr)"
I'ounly-, Ky, \,~ ,1
•-«-«—• t|
T1»» efptunl find* that l.rMkf.ist I
Though < rusty, him run ncrrr **rj
Ilia trunk «rovt» just «t»ovo li:»
Ami on It li a ■• «;;*-...;-- . ii. . k.
«'li«rli>)r Amii-mmi. tin- tnnn who
I-.mhi :» i.ii.i, „)., f., r !<=»• i.,.k
t*oo.ooo out uT It, ,i,.| lutcr ha<l a
<"■•''■■" t matiitnonlul oi|M>rlrnr«
which I. ft him mi hta hi v <■■. flamed
ihriiUKh lirre (In. inuriiiiiK m rotiti>
lo the outuMc. Ankc-I If he wn» ro.
ln« to in lii!k- In .mniin i niairliiiii'
nlal Vfiiturp. h- «..i.l "At» tntik «•
hacf mat ov i in, \ nun m« •■ ■ wiii! ■• -
h'Hii,- HI Mr,
A rltlxan who livoa In lh« Matnrn
Tho Kind You Have Always Bonght lias born* the iifna
lure of Chat. H Fletcher, and has been mad. under his ,
iit'isuual •upervliloa for ot«r 30 year*. Allow no on«
to deceive you in this. Connterfeiti, Iraltttloni »nd
"Juti-ui-KoiM" are but Experlmeota, and endanger tb«
health ot Children- Experience agalnit Experiment.
('.aitoni it n harmleu tul>ititut« for Caitor Oil, Paregoric,
. Drop* and Soothing Syrups. It ii Pleni&nt. It contain*
neitner Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic eabctanca.
IU as« It its ruarantee. It dettroyi Worms and allays
iialiliru It cures D'lurliiK and Wind Colic. It
rrlieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation and
Flatulency. It astiiuUi.irt tlio Food, rrgulates the Stomarh .
and Uowelt, giving healthy and natural sleep. The
Children's Panacea—The Mother's Friend.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
y^ Bears the Signature of _^
In Use For Over 30 Years.
! .ii nf luttn lili.. u> Hint Millirult*
HI I"• !■ making i.l.i" ..n hla . !..ili.-»
llnp. ii- aalil that If !'.■• i .< 1 1 who
mad* i.- raid had COIM to him \.
»nul<l hare given him ■■■>•»■- <luth-
InK. '(!.. iiioml t» I hi* ►(..•> Is*
l*n\"t |p««» jrtmr rluthra out all
nlcht Thry may be alul<ti.— l**v
■ ii n ..I 111 I!. 1...
I. lt011IN»0N, M«d tt. I la
!■• 1.1 • m;.i..i. Ila tiling a. dltrh In
'■i«- hup » »i.i» about unc mils i.. w>«
Orrgon City. Or*., «aa burled uno>r
•Ii tun. uf dirt and i.iiir.j j. »<<-i •
I •lay arirrii-kin.
JIMMIi:, th» Itttla • yi-ar <.UI kw
of I'alrltk Hairy, of Ilolllngbain.
had hla i< f i hand tiadly nuuigln} by
lb« ■•*(•>■ ".ii-u of a djriuußil* rap
Til TEN WEEKS' xhuol for
I farmrni. whlrh waa It* 1 arvrml
>r»t« ago at th« stata agrh-ultural
. .i!l«tr «.a i«- i.>i« l i thla jrrar at
the rallcgn. Toe arhnul will b* tur
l>ra< t!<al fajturra only.
A ur\NK-c tnllt «i. i at Muk
11!..> baa !■ [i fur IMH ><> jiiu tl.i
rwru- 11.- «.■>• known ■• Joha
and l-rfir.' ho If-ft .... glrrn a purse
odßn by hi- f« '.:■.» workmen. ll*
IravM • »itr In slaklllaok
'wins h*l4 in I'm—roy tbia tfrk
It <•■ ymtnrday and will ma)
llnuf unill Krlday, A larga nuß>
brr of trarhera from Uarfiri.i otm
it ara In atlroi..
Tin: lUTI.I.INCIUM Hay Limber
■ .itujun) hut f< iciw.i is,., award of
fursUalng th* lamb^r for th* Pun
am* raoal, Th- tint ord*r of th
• ••nfra-t rr<,mr«i t.OM.«M f*«t of
IT IS liKI.IKVKM now that ivtrr
l.arama. th* Arlington blrycl* man
who disappear*)] a *i*k ago taat
Sunday. l» near Mminr'Vrrrtun A
thorough ».at. h in t--(n« ma f-«
hint around tUmmt Vrrntm ami 11.-l
TUB I.ATiN(7"of~th* n««. lnt#r
national rabl* baa brim r«aiplr4nl.
It Ii fnr th" n«-w intfrnatl'ißal irl»
--■*•>•)• arstraa bstvaaai ll*Hlngham
and \lrtorla.
A mpfTUtr rontt Jury ywrtrnlay
awardnl J. it Agm>w 1 ;.:.■-• fur 10
f«'i takrn «rf l.v lot In the ») !• n-
IB« of lit »Jrrrl.
;'j§3v«|/? FOOD
'< m. aUKI.KM ' i.i *.il i <•.■!> in
TIIK ni(KATt.*T llKArrnrifcJH »-vrr
put on the i>m>kn It i« tli- •!.'»■
!■••! it.ti known In ln..!i il «■ I. i,.i
thai Wll.l. fllKim; «HKUI, »'IHM,
iu:.>l.'iih M.t.^ll. and ch-ar th
row •). \i..h of »vrry tilrraUh. »j- h aa
rim •)• « tilarkhrada, etc, without In
rrr. if m*"l<'tt ■
wiihmit an rnu»l
I. -I, rh.« • »«<l».l tirraat L-l It r,, >:h
( cn«i.» or «.«K-..--«. MAKINd THIN
■ i I i.i i.h PI.IMP ami fltllnir tttK liul.
lowa of a «•• i•• * m in. n ii,. ii la no
othrr pr»i"«failnn In tho wurlj dial
I *>•» any ■ .«v j *i'•* a
HI'KCIAI. dCKKK-Tb* rr«u!ar (irlct
■ r in < i, hi. •• 1 "(• -li I , ..I la I) >d ■
I."I. lint to h ii "In. - II Intn thiHisanfU
i.f »i> •» hunfa «r Knvr .1.. 1.1. .1 tn «■ i..|
i».> (ft !...».» to all «!,.. iniwr; (hli
l|.|lrll|ai|li lit UMl.minl <!• |l ■•• * All
I'l'iom "!•■ •■ r.i lii plain wrapper,
l>ii«tMit« |>rrpal«l
'i I.ln i i. i ir ii 1* on ...it., al all
Ihr i-fin. ij.-.s I" v fUmila n< .t.4 fid
l>rucKinta i:-i.<tu-h"-it tit* »..ii.i and
«• bavi- .ii.!• „.1 »lili |ho "Him
Mhi f - h it' 1, to fill orrtiTN aa j-. i
• hi vi. <\'■ •!•■. lit uffrr of two txtxri
for tt >'•
Mr » anmptr i. n which rnnlalm
mount! nf l»r. <"n«rl<-»' Mrah l-'ojxl fiif
•I. uk. tn .!*■> it,.in tin rr. it mcrlii
M'lll hr <" i.i l i ntn ii-l.ti. alHlnlutrty
f"— If 1., la arut In r■> fur nni of
in il li i; i imi Impolc. "Art of \\ i. !»-.■ '
v».|. h . >r I -In. all Mi. * ..ii.i I \.
i'i> Mt* fur iiif inrli.i/ Ilif* fnt'P, nrrk
anil nrtni, hm.i full tilrrcllmta fur -1'
..1..i.M,. the linal, will ilw !»■ Mnt
With Ililn »«nipl*.
Wrll* i...t .. tu
UK « II tut I M in ,
IM ri.l. Ii .N UI llh V I nkw vuuif
samt is
A 11...11 zniii.int. «'.-ii.. tii:i;iu from
th» suili »,ij.i. i. nun' I from •
tUII to Ni-liranka In tlm*> to h*v*
i! <• [.I. -..«-.ii .■ .if ».'.-lii4 Iba i mimll
(rant him > n< • is«•• fur hli aalooa.
the l.uM.y, |a«t night, ll'- It a* l» •!i
aliMut for Iwa wrrks. II? wr»* at
Iba world* fair at Hi. Ixmla for
Mrcral Amy*. LU •• Councilman
Murphy bb«l Mum.tt. lim rrpuru
ihii ili<- Washington rxhlblt. par
llmlarly that from S.-.-iHI-. la llttl*
I-..« than a dlm«.
■' I t.r Waahlngton building ilwll
In all right." h* uld Uat night, "trot
*!t«T« tli* tw>ri> appropriated foy
th« ■ li> and rounty for •■l»-iti«ln«
purpose* la t*>lßg «pc&l la murt>
than I ««wM rticar* out. Th«r* in
■ii xt'ill'nl . in»..!'ml' at HI
I .mi la to aba* ppupl* from all M
the world !h* advaoUgea of lhi«
tUf. but It I* bHog waatpd."
i. ii army m Co. have re .lvr-1
[ l«l«gra»hk- Infurmation from fun
Kr*nciw* thai the big atrasner
Korwood will "II '">"> •»*»• •">
Hatur4ajr sight, « !n!»r ."». for B«
Rose 4j|
Soap gjw
10131015 FIRST AVH
Doth I'hoya 12(0.
.Still limit!c r BhlpmrDt of lli>tuit
M. Cable I'lamta Ju»t .ami- In fur
li. a Join: lon Co., :<• -null- a blfK^St
and mnat piosmuiivr I'lano, Ursan
and tmall Muair*! m.ii mm nt ron
■ • mi. Tho»i« who atlmtro the brau
tlful, the attlitli- anil refined lone
quality, all romblni*<! In the highest
ili-kh-i Ir this fit rllcul lu-i: nun nt.
►linnlii not nilaa nn opportunity to
>.-.• l.i-u and I. • I thi- linn \KT M
CAUU3 I'lAN'O. In M ill- i piano
In thi tntrkrt Ii thrre icrratrr valun
offrrnl iuti-'i-t'iiK purrtaaKfra I 1 in
nur prii r« on this makr. Then. too.
you will Urn! nur terms ths must
fCqulUblr to Imth patties, not only
on the II il.iit M. Cnhlr, lull on our
mmptrtp Urn- of ChlrkrriiiK £ Bnna,
Klmtwll. l"«a*r, I). H Johnston Co.,
Mm/" nmi hi tn i I'm in i..
The Simplex Piano Player
H niiil.lnr. new •unl 11: m-». !i frlpnj*
niry <l.«>. li<m't 11-ml. of i.'i> lai
a I'l.iihi i'layi-r lirlore you we tile
Hf nhatl ul -ii I"- glad to Imvc you
I(mil< nil our big htmk nf talking
rUthißM atli -tv .11 m> li'imn t.t-.

Butk. Duildina.
. -
Wi' m<l< >our attelillmi li Ull» fiiikiwliut apfrla!* » or nrM .
itar •ml TtiurwUy ONLY, v. „ »!,.,-, th- rfclOMi arj, „,„ ff , r ¥ „r f
HttUl |irtic«, W* tirll'jf^ y.m will think at. t*>a * W |, Pn y.,,u „,.„ h,.
P^FmR rWi 1> i Solid O*k
Bw • Il\ ilmlUr to tbt UluMraUoa. Tli<-l«p
uElilili. . .if H '" tHtil> Inihrn. It i.», thr»«> Urg«
ift™^- 1*1 ■»»■*• yfl. rtrawr-r», with l>r«>m hinrllr*. Tb«
gEKlt.W^f, *ri ■. |***J^S mirror U I.- >> -|.-i Krrnrli (ilata,
If* l''VliilMi"'isiii»wTii—i—'■)> IW*2l# ln< lien In »!)"•. It Is ■ w*ll
«- i
J^^Kv^vx •*& • I On Wcdncnlay and Thursday
ygi^l =$7^50 =
I his Is a S)li(l Oak K tmi%^ams9tlmi
Kocker rmri
\VIU> lobbler w«t. It ha« rod- R UuUMM fjag*
ilt-i| «rm» ami la an ripwUllji C^ff?f^ll_ m^Jf^M
wrll mad* ■" litill.i.t .hah "" Vy\ \P£f* '"^uJImA
l.ui;<-, roimj nut «otnfort*t>l« - iVmA v"" ' '"jnd)
■ n-al .ui.y iliuir. Tb« r. i; lUr ififn ■ _ nM^a^T^BBI
wllln« prlcf t* $2.50 -X^*'^^2"^^^^
On Wednctday and 1 liur«<lay ' jk ■ ■ li
Of FurnltuiA Kill ' it •<-!» «nd |i)i;irrln I* • rr«u!«r mienet—
atiraiU • •.. i >i». i-.. >.>w thlor* ara suleg on exhibition all tb«
time. \V« hi. > I.i to IfiM 1 ■ t iln'in.
W* hare «r. **rrpUan»Hf Urit«> *i»^k of Mf^tfra of rrety Af
»-.ii;,ii-iii at prior* from $-• up. Tilt", KAMOt'.H IIOWAItn <>\ i;h-
I»HAKT Hi; VlT.it IS THE HKST MAIJK-112.50 TO »3O.O«.
Arorn J! n •«■ > and 1... !»■!» r...!. K .«. fully «o:imi,iH: •>• up, I
I I* 4a«n, M • njonth.. HI4 r»t>t» Uk«» In part payment.^ J
:, : _ -
llOHlO3-1105 SECOND AYE.
ItH»<■«■•.! r.riiUi and Filth A\'
417 I'IKK. •.!«»•» tiom iUiik* hi.!.
>.) \>tf ir.il b( llr».j»<l ■ »•
c*bm<l by i:»o Htralo.
Cur^t [>rrui»a*:»ll) by our ■€!••■
Uflcally flttwl l*n»«*.
11. A. LtNDAOSft.
By* BiwcUIUU
Tb# HouKhlon *
Hunter ( k-. tal IT-Jr«
--£% .■! \V«i. ii during Octo-
J9* brr !■ ftO.OO.
rinrot »a(rh In Ih^
P"T^ «rxl for aarthluc Hkr
B*' that ni<m>y.
\Mr out:mam *
HUN I in
704 Fir.t Avtnu*. Saaitl*.
*.;/•*'■ O DENTISTS
Firtt In p"lnt of (netiltne*
• r,l durability of work.
ImiUttd h) in iiij; called
by n«n'.
Painlata, perfect work al
I : ■ i'is;* lit-- •
»'. m ilniM.ii,. (1,.-,
m:>. i rui!nK« 35e
it..>■.!.« and |trtdc«*oik. trom
» I .11 to $5.(K>
11,I 1, nriii'tii I'latrn (that mi
$5 (HI
T«<«lv«>->par in.i! it.!■■••,
1..1 ly :il|i'li'l:tlilH.
Hour*— i:JO «o «; Snn-Lm. •
to 11. Iloth phones.
Opp. 11. Ml Marciie.
- • -- * _ -L*, * - - -* _. - :^
- II ■■! ■ —-■ ' ' I ■ " I ■!■
* .-* - - - > - r . .* ' - ~
1107 V» »"'KI: BTKKET.
V'-mp> iMi.iii.il mil) (illrd uiKniiiii |y
without |Mtn.
Nervous pMnnt* •""' thun* who
norvous rnopio drcilll lllUll|
Ihrlr t»rih pxtmptnl nr» invin.i to
i ill at our ">in,-,. wii!.- w•- Kill »(r-m
--iuwlru- In thrlr . i,in.' >'iiiir,t>'iMn
<<tir i -lalm I"' |..m.'i •!< '•v'ri-lini;.
No Charge »,„,, „,h , ,r worlt
tlonr. 13 )..>i!'. liiiurtutce.
S!k •:i< t ' l i'mimii" CO cfl
Tirth Witlnmt IM.itf«...^^C«»*M
rilling* .".Or
\\ li.l. lu'LO Jilut'-K with lii-M 1.. ll'
'"' •.'•(Ml iii> nut covtr root ol
lluum: • a. m. M I p. <•> . Huu<tay«,
» to I.
Best Flour
Makes More Bread
Makes Lighter Bread
Makes Whiter Bread
Makes Sweeter Bread
Makes Better Bread
Than Any Other Flour
Ho Wo Chlness Medicine Co
-_Jsl«^ Cnr« all cliionlo
jfj&f£irj&\ distaste of men
jSHHB and women with
■^^ k~*^H| out operation.
Bit Curcl by power
r*"^a '/•*" a '"' l-*'lln'*<> roots,
Mjßl »£^ M herbs, balks. bud*
[ BY ;iil U[f tfcblea.
JB Thrsit won
> H*» . mm* Ctlne»e rcmrillei
i^T^P* Hiitic i i:r«l him-
SlMj^x^Jwlhal *'■*• l>'<*l'
tKSV^i-^y f> >en up to die.
10 11110 tuiuiUam, n«tlini*. m
urrh. euimach, klrtn'T ltver, fe
male Win— and all private din
race*. all and ere thin «ondci(ul
Chines* medicine. Have a talk vlth
11. Wo betor* rlvliik up your ram
a* hoi>rU-K«. Consultation FHE&
Mb M •& M f» Many n»v« t.lm-
U La U W t3 » <>"' wonUdi*.
f«»« on f»Hh.
POISON >!' r<<r" WIIKN
111 ill. muulh. ulcers, f«llln( ti»ir. ban*
pains, catsrrh, uml dun't know II If
IHA>OI> »t)18ON. Bend to nit.
IiIIOWN. Mb Arch «i I'hlladrlnhla.
I'i-iiii,. tvr lIItOWN'H lII.UUD Cl'ltU.
f:OU |>rr bottlr; la*t» nnc ni.mili. Hold
i n 8r*ltl» i.nly ■>( The guak.T Drug
Os . lllt-MU riTSt ay«.. UlulM U,wv.

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